Groveport Messenger - October 2nd, 2022

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October 2-15, 2022 www.columbusmessenger.com Vol. XL, No. 8

High flying dog

Messenger photo by Rick Palsgrove

Dogs from Team Zoom Canine Entertainment performed before a delighted crowd

at Groveport’s KidsFest 2022 in Groveport Park on Sept. 17. Several dogs from

the troupe performed a variety of stunts and tricks. Pictured here is Icon as he

flies through the air to catch a Frisbee tossed by lead handler Danielle O’Neill.

KidsFest also featured Touch-a-Truck, various demonstrations, kids crafts and

activities, giveaways, and more. Additional photo on page 12.

The Ohio Department of Education released its newest version

of the State Report Card, which moves to a five-star rating system

to represent student performance measures in the following:

Achievement, Progress, Early Literacy, Gap Closing, Graduation;

and College, Career Workforce, and Military Readiness.

The new star-ranking system generally equates to earning

three stars as meeting state standards, with five stars represented

as significantly exceeding state standards and one star defined as

needing significant improvement. Unlike in previous years, there

is no “A to F” scale, nor is there an overall grade or score issued

for the school or school district.

Groveport Madison’s 2021-22 State Report Card results are:

•Achievement — Two Stars

•Progress — Five Stars

Hometown Realtor

Marylee Bendig

580 Main St., Groveport, OH 43125

(614) 218-1097


South end theft ring

Sain Insurance Agency Inc.

Lisa Sain, Agent

Groveport, OH 43125


Bus: 614-830-0450

A name you KNOW,

the name you TRUST

caused millions in losses

By Rick Palsgrove

Groveport Editor

Groveport Police and other law enforcement

agencies recently uncovered a theft

ring whose criminal activities resulted in

$19 million in financial losses to citizens.

These financial losses included property

damage, insurance costs, and thefts of


According to Groveport Police Detective

Josh Gilbert, the three month police investigation

that sifted through 16 months of

data and nine search warrants discovered

the theft ring which allegedly stole up to

13,000 catalytic converters from vehicles.

Other items seized by police from the theft

ring included zero turn lawn mowers, trailers,

bank accounts, investment accounts,

flat bed tow trucks, entire vehicles, Bobcat

loader, and 50 weapons, of which 13 were

stolen from many jurisdictions including

one from Groveport.

Gilbert said police are seeking indictments

for six members of the theft ring

including charges of operating under corrupt

activities, receiving stolen property,

money laundering, and scrap yard law violations,

as well as other pending charges.

“They (the theft ring) made a lot of

money doing this, but now they have a

price to pay,” said Gilbert.

The theft ring, which Gilbert said operated

out of the south end of Columbus, targeted

Groveport and the surrounding area.

The thieves would hit warehouse and

school parking lots as well as other areas.

“We focused on the source where the

stolen catalytic converters were being

Groveport Madison State Report Card results

•Gap Closing — Four Stars

•Graduation — One Star

•Early Literacy — Two Stars

•College, Career Workforce, and Military Readiness — not rated

until next year

“The district continues to do exceptionally well in the area of

student progress (value added), where students are achieving

more than a year’s worth of academic growth for the year,” said

Groveport Madison Superintendent Jamie Grube. “We also have

made significant improvement in closing the learning gap between

various subgroup populations in the areas of English language

arts and mathematics.”

According to district officials, the district has struggled with

See RESULTS, page 2

taken and sold for scrap,” said Gilbert of

the investigation.

He said the theft ring established itself

as a business LLC (limited liability corporation)

in order to sell the stolen property

in scrap yards.

“The main suspects received about $1.5

million in the last 14 months,” said Gilbert.

He said the theft ring organizers

allegedly used people with drug issues to

steal the items.

“They (the theft ring organizers) would

pay these people - who sought money to

feed their drug issues - about $200 to $500

and then the suspects would turn around

and have the LLC sell the items to a scrap

yard and get $300 to $1,500. The main suspects

would have the drug users take the

risks. They fed off people with drug habits.”

In addition to the estimated 13,000

stolen catalytic converters (which are valued

for the precious metals they contain)

ran through scrap yards for money, the

theft ring also allegedly stole 300 entire

vehicles by using flat bed tow trucks.

Gilbert said these vehicles were then damaged

through the use of a Bobcat loader

and then run through a scrap yard to be

crushed for money.

“The scrap yard would crush the cars

down like a pop can,” said Gilbert. “They

(the suspects) would get $400 to $900 per

vehicle and it is estimated the theft ring

took in $250,000 doing this.”

Gilbert said, by establishing a business

LLC, the theft ring was able to skirt

around scrap yard laws.

See THEFT, page 2

Being there

is why I’m here.

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PAGE 2 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - October 2, 2022

eft from mail boxes

The Groveport Police reported that on Aug. 29 unknown individuals

pried open both blue mail boxes that sit outside behind

the Groveport Post Office and stole all the mail they contained.

According to Groveport Police Sgt. Josh Guiler, later that day the

Groveport Police were contacted by a Missouri police department

who advised that they found several checks from Groveport on an

app for sale. Groveport Police downloaded the app and located the

checks. They identified 44 victims’ names and addresses from the

checks and contacted them within 48 hours so they could notify

their financial institutions.


The Gilmore Group

Office: 614-834-HOME (4663)

Cell: 614-774-4416


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Food drive

Photo courtesy of Eastland-Fairfield Career Centers

On Aug. 30, the Fairfield Career Center chapter of the National Technical Honor Society was named a

2022 recipient of the Silver Star of Excellence Award by the NTHS national organization. This award is

presented to NTHS chapters that distinguish themselves through their consistent excellence in careertechnical

education and is a reflection of their commitment to community service, chapter advancement,

and active civic involvement. During the past school year, Fairfield Career Center’s NTHS chapter

has participated in philanthropic food drives, donut sales, and educational activities. Their members

collected approximately 3,000 boxed and canned goods for a local food pantry during the 2021 holiday

season. Additionally, last year’s members raised over $1,200 to be used for membership fees and educational

field trips that will benefit NTHS students during the 2022-23 school year.


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Continued from page 1

getting students caught up to grade level for early

childhood reading/literacy. Based on the

“Kindergarten Readiness Assessment -Revised,”

approximately 79 percent of the district’s kindergarteners

are behind before their first day of school.

The district implemented new programs and increased

the amount and quality of professional development

provided to its elementary teachers to help address

this issue.

District officials are focusing on increasing graduation

rates, which have dropped more than two points

since the onset of COVID-19. The district’s four year

graduation rate is 83 percent and its five year graduation

rate is 84.9 percent.

The district is retooling its high school pathways

program and high school counselors have created

graduation plans for each student. The plans closely

monitor each student’s progress toward graduation.

Efforts are also being made to allow students to obtain

apprenticeships in various skilled trades, which also

count toward meeting state graduation requirements.

“The past two-and-a-half years have been hard on

students and staff alike,” said Grube. “Our goal for this

year is to recreate the sense of stability and normalcy

that were present in our classrooms pre-COVID. I’m

confident that once we have accomplished that, we will

have the right ingredients in place to drive our student

Continued from page 1

Law enforcement officials want to see the state

revise existing laws that would place catalytic converters

into a special category, like was done with copper

when copper thefts got out of control.

“This would put additional requirements in place

and put a burden of proof on those taking catalytic converters

to the scrap yard for money,” said Gilbert.

Joining the Groveport Police in the investigation

were the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office,

Reynoldsburg Police, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal

Identification, the National Insurance Crime Bureau,

and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

achievement goals.”

Ratings compared to area schools

Canal Winchester:

•Achievement — Three Stars

•Progress — Four Stars

•Gap Closing — Five Stars

•Graduation — Four Stars

•Early Literacy — Three Stars

Hamilton Township:

•Achievement — Three Stars

•Progress — Five Stars

•Gap Closing — Four Stars

•Graduation — Two Stars

•Early Literacy — Three Stars


•Achievement — Four Stars

•Progress — Five Stars

•Gap Closing — Five Stars

•Graduation — Four Stars

•Early Literacy — Three Stars


•Achievement — Two Stars

•Progress — Two Stars

•Gap Closing — Four Stars

•Graduation — Four Stars

•Early Literacy — Two Stars


October 2, 2022 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 3

Council approves more money for Main Street buildings

1847 Main Project

buildings could open

by the end of 2022 or

January 2023; tenants

still sought for second floor

By Rick Palsgrove

Groveport Editor

Groveport City Council approved an

additional $1 million for constructing, furnishing,

equipping, and improving the new

Wert’s Grove and Rarey’s Port buildings on

Main Street.

The additional money brings the city’s

total not-to-exceed cost for finishing the

buildings’ interiors to $2.2 million. Council

took the action at a special meeting Sept.


“This money is for the landlord’s (which

is the city of Groveport) portion of the tenant

build out of the buildings,” said

Groveport City Administrator B.J. King,

who added that inflation and rising equipment

costs contributed to the need for

increased funding.

King said the equipment includes things

like standard kitchen items, such as sinks,

hoods, walk-in coolers, etc., adding that the

build out of the remaining 2,000 square

feet of the Rarey’s Port building is also

included in the funding.

The city is providing basic fixed equipment

that will stay in the buildings in the

event one of the tenants leaves.

King said any other special equipment

or decor items for the buildings are the

responsibilities of the buildings’ tenants.

“Anything they do that makes the space

their own,” said King.

“The city is not paying for interior

design,” Groveport Development Director

Jeff Green said earlier this year. “The city

has negotiated with the tenants to provide

a ‘warm vanilla shell’ that will include restrooms

and drywall. Then tenants will pay

Wert’s Grove building.

for their own designs and ‘front of house’

finishes and all furniture and fixtures.”

King said Construction One is expected

to begin work on the buildings’ interiors by

late September and the construction

process could take 13 weeks with estimated

completion by late December.

This would put the potential opening

dates of the buildings at the end of 2022 or

early 2023.

The two, new city owned buildings are

part of the city of Groveport’s $8.5 million

1847 Main Project, which includes the

14,145 square foot Rarey’s Port (674 Main

St.) building and the 12,184 square foot

Wert’s Grove building (480 Main St.).

Delaney’s Diner — a breakfast, lunch,

brunch restaurant — will occupy space in

the Rarey’s Port building. Little Italy

Pizza, which has operated at 619 Main St.

for 43 years, plans to move into the Wert’s

Grove building.

Little Italy will occupy the entire first

floor of the Wert’s Grove building.

Delaney’s Diner will occupy 4,958 square

feet of the first floor of the Rarey’s Port

building, or Units A-D on the west end of

the building, including the patio.

In early September, Green said the city

has “strong prospective” tenants lined up

for the remaining first floor 2,059 square

feet of the Rarey’s Port building.

As of early September, Green indicated

there were no tenants lined up yet for the

second floors of both buildings.

“The buildings were financed with a

mixture of taxable and non-taxable bonds,”

said Green. “Essentially non-taxable bonds

are paying for the first floor retail space

(which means income tax dollars cannot be

used to repay the debt) and taxable bonds

for the second floor space. Using taxable

bonds means we have to declare the second

floors of both buildings as government


Green said the city’s first priority was to

get the first floor spaces filled with restaurants

and or retail businesses the community

has desired.

“Once the first floor spaces are complete

and the businesses have opened, we’ll be

turning our attention to the second floor

spaces and determining how best to use

them,” said Green. “Small business development

and incubation is a strong possibility

for at least one of the buildings.”

Once the buildings are set to open, city

officials are planning for ribbon cutting

events and will participate in any grand

opening celebrations the businesses want

to plan in their respective locations.





3246 Noe Bixby Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43232



8000 Factory Shops Blvd.

Jeffersonville, OH 43128



Rarey’s Port building.

PAGE 4 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - October 2, 2022

Groveport history films

Two documentary films on the history

of Groveport, produced by the Groveport

Heritage Society and Midnet Media, are

now available for viewing online on

YouTube. The films are: “Groveport: A

Town and Its People” and “The Story of

John S. Rarey and Cruiser.”

Letters policy

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Letters that do not have a signature, address,

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pseudonym, will be rejected. PLEASE BE


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Small decisions and timing can have big


Recently out of the blue I decided to take a

day off on a beautiful September Tuesday.

A mid-week day off is special because it

feels like one is playing hooky while everyone

else is working. There I was, just hanging out

while postal carriers delivered mail, workers

replaced sidewalks, and people busily going

about their day.

A day off allows one to have a slower pace

to notice things. For example, I sat under my

dogwood tree in the backyard and marveled

at the fleeting sunlight illuminating the red

and gold leaves still hanging from the tree’s


That slower pace also enabled me to see a

praying mantis in distress.

The praying mantis is one of the coolest

insects in the bug world. Not only do they

look great, but they are to be admired for

their ability to catch prey. They can remain

still for long periods of time waiting for

unsuspecting prey to happen by or they can

slowly, stealthily stalk their meal and then

strike quickly and efficiently.

A cosmic day off

Editor’s Notebook

But even a creature

of praying mantis’

capabilities can face a

struggle and need a

helping hand as I discovered

while walking

around on my day off.

As I strolled along,

a slight twitching

movement caught my

eye at the edge of the

sidewalk where the

concrete meets the

grass. I bent down for

a closer look and saw a



praying mantis

trapped on its back with its hind legs entangled

with a small bit of stringy plastic.

At first I reached down to free him and set

him right, but then I thought how terrifying

it would be to be trapped and have a giant

reach toward you with hands that could


crush you in an instant.

So instead I picked up a small twig and let

the praying mantis grab it with its forelegs. I

lifted him up and placed him in the grass

upright by a tree.

Once there he released the twig, which I

then used to gently unravel the stringy plastic

from his hind legs. He stood still while I

did this and was soon free. I told him to,

“Carry on,” and left him there in the safety of

the grass and tree cover to live his praying

mantis’ life.

Later in the day as I thought about this

encounter, I pondered this question: what if,

in the whole scheme of things, the purpose for

me taking a day off was not to relax and

recharge? What if, instead, my decision to

take the day off came about because the cosmos

needed me to be on that sidewalk at that

time and place to save that praying mantis?

A small act for me, but a monumental and

timely one for the praying mantis.

Thoughts like this keep life interesting.

Rick Palsgrove is editor of the Groveport


The changing face of the land

A parable for today:

“Tall timber stood here once, here on a

corn belt farm along the Monon. Here the

roots of a half-mile of trees dug their runners

deep in the loam for a grip and a hold against

windstorms. Then the axmen came and the

chips flew to the zing of steel and handle—the

lank rail-splitters cut the big ones first, the

beeches and the oaks, then the brush.

Dynamite, wagons, and horses took the

stumps—the plows sunk their teeth in—now it

is first class corn land—improved property—

and the hogs grunt over the fodder crops. It

would come hard now for this half mile of

improved farmland along the Monon corn

belt, on a piece of Grand Prairie, to remember

once it had a great singing family of trees.”

Those words were penned by Carl

Sandburg in 1922 in his poem “Improved

Farm Land.”

This was life at the turn of the 20th century.

Forests gave way to farm land as a

growing nation continued to push its

boundaries into areas once populated with

mighty timbers.

Within a few short years, the dominance

of rural America was quickly usurped by the

lure of city life and industrial progress.

Farm lands giving way to streets and towns,

trains rolling across the landscape, cars

belching out fumes and, in the air, birds on

the precipice of losing their supremacy.

Turn the clock ahead 100 years into the

future–our present–and borrowing liberally

from Sandburg, albeit with a few

tweaks, this is today as I look out the living

room window of my Hamilton Township

home: Improved farm land stood here once,

here where concrete bunkers now house

the trappings of 21st century life along the

Chesapeake and Ohio train track. Here the


roots of corn, wheat,

and soybeans dug

their runners deep

into the soil for a grip

and hold against

drought and groundhogs.

Then the developers

came and the

asphalt poured hot in

the summer like a

black river of tar–for

the cars that brought

the people to work in

the warehouses to

satisfy the insatiable

hunger of consumers

across the land.



Concrete, asphalt, and trucks covered the

crops and made an early grave of farm land

that once fed the hungry. Exhaust now perfumes

the air where corn stocks stood

board straight in military rows leading to

the horizon. It would come hard now for

this 1,000-acre plot of concrete bunkers

along the railroad, on a piece of the Ohio

heartland, to know it once held the heart of

family farms.

According to Ohio lore, at one time a

squirrel could hop from a tree at Lake Erie

and never touch the ground until it reached

the Ohio River. This was the world first pictured

in Sandburg’s “Improved Farm Land.”

While the poet questions the improvement

of land where trees are uprooted and

replaced with fields of tilled soil, it still

remains within the natural world.

There is nothing natural about warehouses,

diesel fumes, and high wattage lights creating

an artificial noon at midnight.

This is our “Improved Farm Land”

where the trees are but a memory and the

sun kisses pavement, not soil. This is our

legacy, our homage to the growing need to

feed a machine consuming rural plots,

parcels, and acres in the name of bigger

and better cars, clothing, and technology.

Progress is inevitable and people need

jobs, but how many warehouses does it

take before the Big Bang of consumerism

begins to implode on itself? Retail and commercial

arms continue to spiral outwards,

but vacant shells of stores and warehouses

gather dust as economic inertia changes

with the times.

Do we really need more shopping centers

and the complexes that support them?

When will we reach the black hole of development

where improved farm land gets

pulled into a vortex so strong, there is no

more to support what we really require?

Rural homes and family farms perched

on the border of big cities are aging

dinosaurs as municipal boundaries and

borders swallow up land.

Whether through threats of eminent

domain, aging owners, or the lure of offers

too lucrative to pass up, houses are plowed

under, like the crops that once covered the

terrain. Their existence masked by bulldozers

and plastic drainpipes resculpting the

landscape as workers in yellow jackets

hoist signs stopping motorists while massive

earth movers crisscross the roadway.

Will our “improved farm land” be as sad

a legacy as Sandburg’s was to him? Time

will tell.

Linda Dillman is a Messenger staff writer.


Ken Realty

Our Pictorial Past

by Rick Palsgrove

Photo courtesy of the Groveport Heritage Museum

Ken Realty, operated by Kermit Alspaugh, once operated on Groveport’s Main Street across from

Groveport Elementary. The business was noted for the large boulders that were placed around the parking

lot and for the distinctive eagle on its roof. This photo is from the mid-1960s. The site is now approximately

where the new Rarey’s Port building now stands.

Groveport Police statistics

October 2, 2022 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 5

August crime statistics, according to the Groveport Police: 13

arrests, 22 accidents, 1 assault, 0 burglary, 6 domestic disputes, 2

domestic violence, 1 OVI and alcohol, 11 thefts/robberies, 0

stolen/unauthorized use, 0 missing persons, 1 weapon related

call, 4 narcotic related offenses, 3 parking, 5 threats, 3 vandalism,

3 juvenile complaints, 38 traffic citations, 0 sex related crimes, 5

school related dispatched calls, 2 suicide/attempts.

Income tax revenue

The city of Groveport’s income tax revenue year-to-date as of

Aug. 31 was $14.3 million, which is 23 percent higher than the

same time in 2021, according to Groveport Finance Director

Jason Carr. Carr noted the general fund balance was $8 million

as of Aug. 31 or $2.2 million higher than the same time last year.

Income tax revenues year-to-date comprise 55 percent of all city

revenues, the largest part of all the city’s revenues.

Senior Services levy

Voters will decide on the proposed Franklin County Senior

Services levy renewal on Nov. 8.

The proposed five year tax levy renewal is for 1.75 mills,

$0.175 per $100 of valuation, commencing in 2022. Officials state

it is not a tax increase. The levy provides funding for Franklin

County Senior Options and its services designed to help seniors

remain safely at home. These services include meals-on-wheels,

transportation to doctor appointments, and emergency response

buttons. The existing senior services levy will expire at the end of

2022. The senior levy is the main funding source for Senior

Options programs.

Wagnalls Memorial Library

Wagnalls Memorial Library is located at 150 E. Columbus St.,

Lithopolis. all (614) 837-4765 or visit www.wagnalls.org.

614.574.4100 Grades K-4 614.574.0037 Grades 5-8

4485 S. Hamilton Rd., Groveport, Ohio 43125

Groveport Community School

Developing Character

and Enriching Minds

Now Enrolling K-8

Check out our Facebook Page or our website

www.imaginegroveport.com to see what we are all about.

• All Day Kindergarten

• Free Breakfast and Lunch

• Free Tuition

• Individualized and small group instruction with rigorous curriculum

• Dress Code

• 1:1 Technology will be offered for all students

• We also offer Gym, Spanish, Music, Technology, Art and Life Skills

PAGE 6 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - October 2, 2022


SWACO working to help families reduce food waste

As inflation increases food prices,

SWACO is renewing efforts to help families

save money and reduce their reliance on

the landfill by helping them avoid throwing

leftovers and other food in the trash.

“We may not be able to control rising gas

and food prices,” said Joe Lombardi,

SWACO’s executive director. “But each of

us can commit to making the most of our

resources and ease the burden felt by our

family and the environment when food

waste is sent to the landfill.”

Reducing food waste remains an important

issue for central Ohioans. In a public

opinion poll conducted earlier this year, 83

percent of residents were concerned with

the amount of food wasted every day in

central Ohio. A 2019 Waste

Characterization Study, published by

SWACO, documented that nearly a million

pounds of food arrives at the county landfill

every day, and a large portion of that food

comes from households.

Kyle O’Keefe, SWACO’s director of innovation

and programs, said the average

Franklin County family is spending nearly

$2,000 a year on food they purchase but

never eat.

“Leftovers and spoiled produce make up

the majority of what individuals throw

out,” said O’Keefe. “Families can easily

save money and keep unnecessary food

waste out of a landfill by making small

improvements in the way they manage


SWACO’s Save More Than Food (SMTF)

website offers ideas on making those simple

and intentional steps part of anyone’s

daily routine:

• Fridge Night prompts families to collect

leftovers and look for creative ideas to

bring them together. It also lets families

properly freeze and date any leftovers a

family can’t use.

• Label foods and leftovers that need to

be eaten soon or place them within eyesight.

• Make leftovers new again by visiting

SaveMoreThanFod.org to find a leftover

recipe to demonstrate or try.





on system installs

$100 Preventative Maintenance (tune up)

Expert service - affordable prices - Locally owned from Groveport

Mention this ad and get $20 off a $110 service call.

• Shopping more frequently and with a

list reduces cost and waste. Creating meal

plans makes those trips much easier.

• Proper food storage allows herbs,

milk, cheese, fruits, and vegetables to have

a much longer life in refrigerators.

SMTF pilot programs are already paying

dividends, reducing household food

waste by more than 20 percent in areas

where food waste drop-off sites and educational

programs that encourage food waste

prevention are available.

The Central Ohio Food Waste Initiative

published a food waste action plan in May

2019; it has 20 specific initiatives for preventing

food waste, rescuing and redistributing

edible food, and recycling food

through composting and other technologies.

Overall, the SMTF campaign hopes to

help reduce food waste by 50 percent by


“When families come together and use

food responsibly, it creates better health,

environmental, and economic outcomes,”

said Lombardi. “We can blaze a trail

toward a healthier future, one bite at a


By Rick Palsgrove

Groveport Editor

Groveport’s Blacklick Haunted Park

returns for its fifth year with a host of

ghouls, monsters, and other assorted

things that go bump in the night to give

visitors a Halloween fright.

The scary event, sponsored by the city of

Groveport and Groveport residents, will be

held Oct 14 and 15 from 7:30-11 p.m. A

special afternoon event for younger kids

will be held Oct. 15 from 1-4 p.m.

Blacklick Haunted Park is held in

Blacklick Park, 799 Blacklick St. (The park

is located at the eastern end of Blacklick

Street in Groveport.) Cost is $5 per person

with proceeds going to Groveport Madison

Human Needs and the Groveport Food

Pantry. Organizers said the night event on

Oct. 14 and Oct. 15 is very scary and

parental discretion is advised.

However, the special afternoon session

for the younger kids on Oct. 15 will be a bit

less scary. Kids at this event must be

accompanied by a parent or guardian. The

first 200 kids at the Oct. 15 afternoon

event will receive a free goodie bag.

The idea for Blacklick Haunted Park

arose in 2017 from three friends who share

a love of Halloween — Bruce Smith, Scott

Clinger, and Larry Geis. They came up

with the idea for the haunted park as a

way to raise money for Groveport Madison

Human Needs and the Groveport Food

Pantry while also providing an outlet for

frightening fun.

“Each of us has set up elaborate ‘haunted

houses’ at our own homes during trickor-treat

in the past and we always wanted

Residents and businesses alike can visit

savemorethanfood.org for information to

help reduce food waste at home and work

The site also features an online food waste

quiz and shareable resources for co-workers,

students, and communities.

About Save More Than Food

Save More Than Food was developed in

2019, following several months of collaboration

among more than 100 partners in

the Central Ohio Food Waste Initiative collective.

Initiative members created the

Central Ohio Food Waste Action Plan

which includes 20 solutions for reducing

food waste, including the creation of a consumer

action and education campaign.


SWACO serves Franklin County and

neighboring areas with solutions for solid

waste. It is one of 52 solid waste districts

created by the Ohio General Assembly in

1989. These districts were established with

the mission of reducing reliance on landfills.

Acting upon that mission, SWACO

provides consumers with recycling and

waste diversion opportunities throughout

Franklin County.

Haunted Park returns

Messenger photo by Rick Palsgrove

Blacklick Haunted Park returns for its

fifth year of frightening fun in Groveport.

to do something bigger like this,” Bruce

Smith, one of the organizers, said in a past


Blacklick Haunted Park consists of a

large area at the park’s shelterhouse and a

haunted trail filled with relentlessly scary

costumed monsters, as well as fearsome

scenes and eerie music.

“People have fun, we have fun, and

we’re able to help out Groveport Madison

Human Needs and the Groveport Food

Pantry,” said Smith. “We love to do it.

We’re thankful to the city of Groveport for

its help in enabling Blacklick Haunted

Park to be successful.”

For information call (614) 836-3333.


October 2, 2022 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 7

Apple Butter Day

Apple Butter Day celebrates fall and community

By Rick Palsgrove

Groveport Editor

Groveport’s traditional fall festival,

Apple Butter Day, will celebrate its 49th

year and will be held on Oct. 8 from 10 a.m.

to 6 p.m. in Heritage Park, 551 Wirt Road

in Groveport.

“Apple Butter Day is an annual tradition

that brings the community together to

celebrate Groveport’s heritage and reflect

on simpler times,” said Groveport

Community Affairs Director Jessica Wyke.

“What makes it a special event is the educational

aspect for younger generations

with pioneer demonstrations, a primitive

play area, antique tractors, and the opportunity

to experience apple butter being

made the old-fashioned way.”

Apple Butter Day history

The festival has been a mainstay and

focal point for the community since October

1974 when it began as a simple gathering

of friends cooking apple butter over an

open fire in a church parking lot.

Apples were important to Ohio’s and

Groveport’s pioneer agricultural economy

and daily life. Apples could be stored year

round and travelled well when shipped

over the rough roads or the slow moving

freight boats on the Ohio and Erie Canal.

Apples, in addition to being a treat

picked right off the tree, could be used in

many products used by the pioneers like

dried apples, apple butter, cider, hard

cider, apple brandy, apple chips, and vinegar.

They were even fed to hogs, which

were important livestock to the Ohio pioneer.

The Groveport Heritage Society created

Apple Butter Day to pay tribute to the

town’s pioneer past and to educate people

about what life was like in Groveport and

nearby farms in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The festival strives to remain true

to the area’s historic roots. Apple Butter

Day has a relaxed atmosphere and it’s a

day to be spent outdoors reveling in what

fall has to offer before gray, cold November

drives everyone indoors.

People who have long moved away from

Groveport stop by the old town to see family

and friends on Apple Butter Day. For

those who have remained in town, it’s a

chance to get reacquainted with neighbors.

Apple Butter Day encourages us to slow

down, enjoy the pleasures of simple foods,

and reinforces our link to the past.

Apple butter for sale

You may purchase a jar of apple butter

for $7 per jar or get a slice of bread with

apple butter for $1. Cash only.

Music and entertainment

Music at the festival includes Wade &

Darr from 10-11:30 a.m., Sodbusters from

12:15-1:30 p.m., Pickin’ Pair from 2-3:30

p.m., and Barefoot McCoy from 4-5:15 p.m.

There will be a performance by the

Wagnalls Community Theater on stage

from 5:30-6 p.m.

Apple Butter Day activities

The day features homemade crafts, historical

demonstrations, hayrides, handmade

crafts, pony rides, children’s activities,

and food vendors. There will also be a

display of antique tractors.


The cane pole fishing derby for kids age

15 and under will be held at Palm Pond

from 10:30-11:30 a.m. (sign up at 10 a.m.).

The first 50 kids get to fish with a cane

pole. Bait is provided.

The Groveport Log House

A center piece of Groveport history is

the 1815 era Groveport Log House.

The log house originally sat on the

southwest corner of Main and Madison

streets, where the Groveport Post Office is

now located. Workers discovered the log

house as they were dismantling it in 1974

to make way for the Post Office. Volunteers

from the Groveport Heritage and

Preservation Society pitched in to preserve

the house and in 1974, with help from the

United States Army Corps of Engineers,

moved it to its present location in Heritage


Over the years the log house has under

gone historical restorations and renovations,

but it remains a historical focal point

for Groveport and serves as an example of

See APPLE, page 8


























- - -










PAGE 8 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - October 2, 2022


Apple Butter Day


Continued from page 7

our pioneer ancestors’ way of life. If you are

taking a walk around town, take a peek at

this piece of tangible history.

Apple orchard

A few years ago, the Groveport Parks

Department planted 30 apple trees in the

Palm Pond area of Heritage Park. The

trees offer a variety of apples including

Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Wealthy,

Haralred, Gravenstein, Honey Crisp, Red

Delicious, Zestar, Gala, and McIntosh. The

hope is to use some of the apples from

these trees at future Apple Butter Day festivals.

Visit the orchard and check out the

trees’ growth.

Sharp’s Landing building

From 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. get a glimpse of

the area’s Ohio and Erie Canal past by visiting

the Sharp’s Landing building across

Wirt Road from the log house and Heritage

Park. The Groveport Heritage Society

reconstructed the 62x21 foot, one story,

brick, 19th century canal era building from

original materials. The building is believed

to have been used as a smokehouse, bakery,

and ice house. It sat along the Ohio

and Erie Canal in what was once Sharp’s

Landing at the corner of Rohr and Pontius

roads. The building represents the commercial

life that once operated along the


Groveport Heritage Museum

The Groveport Heritage Museum, located

in Groveport Town Hall, 648 Main St.,

features photographs, newspapers, maps

and historical artifacts of Groveport’s history.

No dogs allowed

Per city ordinance, people are prohibited

from bringing animals to city sponsored

event and festival areas, which includes

Apple Butter Day. The law does not apply

to guide or service dogs, police dogs, animal

exhibits at the events, or pets on residential

properties within the event area.




Protecting Ohio families • Focusing on Fairness

Bringing common sense values of Mom and A Good Neighbor

On November 8, Vote for Tina Maharath

a common sense mom who fights for and protects our families.

Proudly supporting our troops

and their families.

Remember our Military Men and Women

All Gave Some and Some Gave All!

5075 S. Hamilton Rd.

Groveport, OH



Messenger photo by Rick Palsgrove

Joanne Casserly stirs a fresh batch of apple butter at last year’s Apple Butter Day.

Enjoy 2022 Apple Butter Day!


650 West Waterloo St.

Canal Winchester, OH 43110




October 2, 2022 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 9

Apple Butter Day

Photo courtesy of

the Groveport

Heritage Museum


it all


Photo courtesy of the Groveport Heritage Museum

The Groveport Log House in Heritage Park as it looked in 1978. Back then, the rear

portion of the house was detached.

The first Apple

Butter Day

took place 49

years ago in

the parking lot

and around



Church on

College Street.

It later moved

to Heritage


Hometown Realtor

Marylee Bendig

580 Main St.

Groveport, OH 43125

(614) 218-1097

A name you KNOW, the name you TRUST

Messenger photo by Rick Palsgrove

Dan Foor sits in the seat of his 1952 Oliver tractor at last year’s Apple Butter Day.

Antique and classic tractors will be on display again this year.


Sain Insurance Agency Inc

Lisa Sain, Agent

152 E. Main St., Groveport, OH 43125

www.lisasain.com 614-830-0450

Thanks, Groveport-Madison.

I love being here to help life got right in a community where people are making

a difference every day. Thank you for all you do.

1601480 State Farm, Bloomington, IL


726 MAIN ST.



Shop Ace for all Your

Hardware Needs.

Have Fun at Apple Butter Day!

PAGE 10 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - October 2, 2022


Township to provide SRO to CW School District

By Linda Dillman

Staff Writer

Students will soon see a pair of school resource officers

in their hallways following Canal Winchester Schools’

agreement with the Madison Township Police Department

to add another officer to their SRO staff.

During an early morning special Madison Township

trustee meeting on Sept. 19, prior to the Canal Winchester

Board of Education meeting that night, the trustees

approved providing a Madison Township Police officer as a

school resource officer for the 2022-23 school year.

The agreement is similar to one the township has with

Groveport Madison Schools.

According to Madison Township Police Chief Gary

York, following school board approval and per a Fraternal

Order of Police agreement, the job must be posted in-house

for five days for officers with at least three years of service

with the department.

“This is a pretty quick-moving process,” said York. “I

anticipate this to be a smooth transition like we had five

years ago with Groveport. I think that transition went


The Madison Township officer will work in tandem with

a Fairfield County deputy sheriff covering the high school,

middle school and elementary schools. York anticipates his

officer to start off at the middle school and elementary


“We are not disciplinarians,” said York. “We’re there for

the kids.”

According to the agreement, violations of the student

code of conduct or school rules that are not criminal matters

will be handled by school faculty and staff, not SROs.

The officers are told they should not directly intervene

unless the situation directly affects an imminent threat to

the health, safety, and security of the student or another

person in the school and will employ de-escalation techniques

as appropriate.

School discipline is the responsibility of the appropriate

school administrator.

York expects his Madison Township officer to start as

soon as Oct. 3. While the Canal Winchester SROs are contracted

by the district for the school year, they return to

their regular department positions for the rest of the year.

For the current school year, Madison Township is being

reimbursed for school services at a prorated amount for

the first year since the memorandum began after the start

of the 2022-23 year. The cost is based on a fixed percentage

of the SRO’s current department salary and benefits,

depending on who applies and is chosen for the position.

“I was approached by Canal Winchester Schools,” said

York, “and learned they have been looking for a second

SRO for some time. It’s also something I’ve been thinking

about for some time as well. I’m very excited about this

opportunity. I know we have a successful program at

Groveport. I think SROs are very important in the community

and the bond our Groveport SRO has with the kids is


All SROs appointed after Nov. 2, 2018, must complete

an additional 40 hours of school resource officer training

within one year of appointment.

SROs are encouraged to receive additional training

each year on topics such as trending school-based law

enforcement topics, child development, adolescent psychology,

trauma, conflict resolution, mental health and addiction,

children with disabilities, juvenile and education law

and policy, and cultural competence.

SROs also engage in traditional criminal investigation

and report-taking. They have the authority to issue warnings,

make arrests, and use alternatives to arrest at their

discretion, mindful of the common goal of supporting student


SROs are not involved in searches conducted by school

personnel unless a criminal act is involved or unless school

personnel require the assistance of the officer because of

exigent circumstances, such as the need for safety or to

prevent flight.

They are allowed to participate in a search of a student’s

person, possessions, locker, or vehicle only where

there is probable cause to believe that the search will turn

up evidence that the student has committed or is committing

a criminal offense.

While the employment of a school resource officer by the

district for the school year diverts the officer from regular

township duty, township trustees approved hiring a new

officer effective Oct. 3 contingent upon successful completion

of all required testing and evaluations.

“We also have two more in the pipeline,” said York, who

asked for patience as the department works through the

hiring process.




Pick-Up At These


Groveport Senior Village - 5124 Hendron

Madison Township Office - 4575 Madison Lane

Paddock Pub/Groveport Golf Ctr. - 1005 Richardson Rd.

Southeast Library - 3980 S. Hamilton Rd.

Asbury Methodist Church - 4760 Winchester Pike

Groveport Municipal Building - 655 Blacklick St.

Groveport Town Hall - 648 Main St.

Flyers PIzza/Groveport - 296 Main St.

Ace Hardware - 726 Main St.

Little Italy Pizza - 619 Main St.

Huntington Bank/Groveport - 556 Main St.

Groveport Recreation Center - 7370 Groveport Rd.

READ US ONLINE: www.columbusmessenger.com

Halloween Block Party

around Groveport and Madison Township

Groveport’s annual Halloween Block Party will be

held Oct. 31 from 5:30-7 p.m. at Main and Front

streets by Groveport Town Hall, 648 Main St. The

event features free Little Italy pizza slices, popcorn,

goodie bags, and music by the Groveport Madison High

School band. The block party is courtesy of the

Groveport Police, Madison Township Fire Department,

Groveport Town Hall, Paddock Pub, and Groveport

Moose Lodge. For information call 614-836-3333.

Groveport trick-or-treat

Trick-or-treat will be held in Groveport on Oct. 31

from 5:30-7 p.m.

While trick-or-treating can provide a lot of fun, general

precautions should be taken. Some basic safety

tips to follow include:

•Have an adult accompany children while they


•Only let children visit houses of people they know

who have turned on an outside light to welcome trickor-treaters.

•Inspect all candy before eating, and throw out any

open or suspicious looking candy.

•Tell children to walk instead of run and look both

ways before crossing the street.

•Encourage children to wear reflective costumes or

add light sticks to their costumes to help make them

more visible to motorists.

•Be extra cautious of children crossing the street if

driving during or shortly before or after trick-or-treat


Trick-or-treat in Obetz

Trick-or-treat in Obetz will be held Oct. 31 from 6-8


Halloween in CW

The city of Canal Winchester will hold trick-or-treat

rain or shine on Halloween, Oct. 31, from 5:30—7:30

p.m. Immediately following trick-or-treat at 7:30 p.m.,

VFW Post 10523 will host a Halloween party in the

Community Center, located at 45 E. Waterloo St. The

free, family-friendly party will feature a costume contest,

magic show, and goodie bags for all. Canal

Winchester Human Services will help sponsor entertainment

for the evening.

Upcoming events

Upcoming events in Groveport: Oct. 8 from 10 a.m.

to 6 p.m., Apple Butter Day in Heritage Park; Oct. 31

from 5:30-7 p.m., Halloween Block Party at Main and

Front streets; Nov. 11 at 11 a.m., Veterans Day ceremony

in Veterans Park; Dec. 4 from 3-6 p.m. Heritage


Golden Cruiser Club

Groveport Madison Schools invites senior residents

of the district to attend athletic and performing arts

programs showcasing the talents of its students. The

Golden Cruiser Club is a free program for residents of

the Groveport Madison School District who are age 60

and older. Club membership provides free access to all

school and district sponsored athletic contests, plays,

concerts, and other events.

To become a member of the Golden Cruiser Club,

obtain an application at www.gocruisers.org, at any of

the school offices, or call (614) 492-2520.

The requirements for membership are that applicants

be age 60 or older and be a resident of Groveport

Madison Schools (verified by the Franklin County

Auditor’s website).


“Lou” is a compelling character thriller

More than a decade into her career as an actor,

Allison Janney finally started to receive some recognition

within the entertainment industry when she was

cast as C.J. Cregg, the savvy and quick-witted press

secretary in Aaron Sorkin’s television series “The West


Knowing they had a great actress on their hands

but not quite knowing what exactly to do with her, she

was promptly offered roles in a similar vein as her

famed characters from the now iconic show that had

its debut in the late 1990s. Despite the lack of original

offerings that were sent her way, Janney has managed

to consistently deliver great performances across a

range of genres throughout the years, proving that she

has the skill and the chops to overcome whatever box

Hollywood tried to fit her into.

In her latest film “Lou”, she kicks out that box,

throws it over some heads, and proceeds to strangle

people with it. And if you think I’m taking dramatic

license with the description, well, I am just a bit: Her

character much prefers other household items.

Directed by Anna Foerster and written by Maggie

Cohn and Jack Stanley, “Lou” is an action-thriller that

manages not to feel as if it is just another cog in the

revenge movie machine. With a focus on internal pain,

this Netflix original is more contemplative as it prefers

to take a deeper look into the consequences of one’s


When the film begins, Lou (played by Janney) is

somewhat enjoying her solitary existence on an island

in the Pacific Northwest with her loyal companion Jax,

a very good boy who only gets scolded when he licks

the blood of the deer she kills for him. Even though her

devoted pup loves her to pieces, the first few minutes

establish that the humans do not feel the same way,

giving her a wide berth as she makes her way through

town. This is not to say that she immediately gives off

dangerous vibes, but more like “Watch out, here comes

that old grump that is likely to push you down if you

make too much noise — or small talk.” Essentially, her

inability to be personable makes the townsfolk uneasy,

so they keep it at a respectful distance.

As a way to make a little bit of extra money, Lou

rents a trailer to Hannah Dawson (Jurnee Smollett)

who is raising her young daughter Vee (Ridley Asha

Bateman) sans partner. Lou appears to care very little

for the duo, but she does offer a bit of sound, worldly

advice to Hannah after almost hitting her child with a

car — “The world’s not a playground. Teach your kid

how to take care of herself.”

During the interactions with Lou and a potential

paramour, it is made clear that she is recovering (hiding?)

from a dark past. Naturally, that dark and hidden

past springs back into the forefront when her violent

ex Philip (Logan Marshall-Green) kidnaps their

daughter during the most vicious storm the area has


Columbus Chorus performs

Rise and shine for brunch with the Columbus

Chorus Sweet Adelines at Groveport Town Hall, 648

Main St., on Nov. 19 from 10:30 a.m. to noon.

Admission is free. RSVP by Nov. 16. Call 614-836-


Historic Ghost Tour

On Oct. 21-22, the Canal Winchester Area

Historical Society, in partnership with Canal

Winchester High School Performing Arts, will bring

history to life for the 16th annual Historic Ghost Tour.

Event-goers will be guided through a short walking

The Reel Deal

seen in decades.

Since the film is set in the

1980s, Hannah rushes to Lou’s

place to use the phone and discovers

that not only is her line down

too, but she just interrupted a suicide

attempt. Feeling as if there is

way too much going on, Hannah

manages to rattle out what happened

and gives an abridged version

of the criminality of her exhusband

despite knowing that

Lou likely has other things on her



mind. And although she does — and although she

states that she doesn’t care too much about the kidnapping

that took place — Lou decides she wants to do

everything within her power to get Vee back safely to

her mother.

As someone who presents themselves as the societal

version of an elderly woman — Lou’s hair is a deep gray

and her hands are slightly gnarled with arthritis —

Hannah is skeptical of her ability to help. But Lou

proves to be quite adept at tracking, even in the pouring

rain, and skillfully using her appearance to get the

drop on men working with Philip. Quickly, Hannah

comes to the startling realization that there is much

more to Lou than meets the eye, and how they are such

similar people despite living such dissimilar lives.

As I stated before, “Lou” is not a revenge thriller in

the traditional sense, instead focusing more on two

women with secret pasts bonding in a highly intense

setting. Although there are a few fight scenes that are

exciting and very well done (it has a particularly epic

battle that takes place toward the end), it largely

builds on the growing relationship between these

women who are filled with secrets and a determination

to try to make things right in the world.

While there were some issues with the plot — it has

a twist that I wasn’t particularly fond of — and while

some of the script could have been sent to the revision

workshop for another round of edits, overall “Lou” is a

compelling character thriller that is made extremely

watchable thanks in part to the chemistry of the two

most talented actresses working today. They propel

this movie, making you root for their characters and

their budding friendship every step of the way. It’s not

your typical action flick, but it’s a very good one,


Grade: B

Dedra Cordle is a Messenger staff writer and columnist.

tour as they are entertained by actors depicting people

from Canal Winchester’s past. Tours will last approximately

90 minutes and will begin at 7 p.m. each night,

with the last tour departing at 7:30 p.m. All tours will

depart from the Canal Winchester Historical Complex

at 10 W. Oak St. Tickets will be available each evening

beginning at 6:30 p.m., or anytime online for pick up at

will call (25 cent transaction fee). Tickets are offered

at $10 per adult and $5 per student aged 6-18; children

5 and under will be free. Please leave pets at home.

Proceeds from all of these events help support the

Canal Winchester Area Historical Society's core programs

and preservation projects. Visit cwhistory.org.

October 2, 2022 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 11

PAGE 12 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - October 2, 2022


pets of the week

Jumping for joy

Messenger photo by Rick Palsgrove

Danielle O’Neill of Team Zoon Canine Entertainment jumps rope with stunt dog

Vibe at Groveport KidsFest in Groveport Park on Sept. 17.

Ariel is a beautiful torti

who is 5 years old. She

loves attention and

loves to be petted. She

likes to explore and she

drinks her water from

the faucet. Her favorite

spot to nap is in a sunroom,

up in the cat tree

where she can watch

the birds. Ariel does

well with other cats, but

she has not been

around dogs. She is up for adoption through

Friends for Life Animal Haven.

FYI: www.fflah.org

Birdie is on the hunt

for the family and

couch of her dreams.

At 14 years old, she

may not be winning any

fetch awards, but she

will definitely win over

your heart. If you are

looking for a sweet and

easy going girl to take

leisurely strolls through

the neighborhood with, the county shelter has

the perfect girl for you.

FYI: franklincountydogs.com

Harlow is one of the sweetest girls you will

meet. She has been stressed at the shelter

but recently went to a

home for a sleepover.

Right away, Harlow

became relaxed and

calm. She is housebroken,

has no troubles

sleeping through the

night, and will curl up

next to you on the

couch for snuggles.

Adopt her from the

county dog shelter.

FYI: franklincountydogs.com

Gillian is a 2-year-old

female orange tabby.

She is ready for fall and

says her coat matches

the fall foliage purrfectly.

Gillian is eager to

find her forever home.

She is available for

adoption through

Colony Cats and Dogs.

FYI: colonycats.org

pets of the week

These furry friends are available

for adoption at local rescues and



for More Qualified Employees?

October 16 th , 2022

Deadline: October 7 th , 2022 At Noon

Special employment Section Featuring:

Job Openings

Job Fairs

Full and Part Time Employment

Seasonal Job Opportunities and more

ALL ADS ARE IN FULL COLOR. Contact us by phone or online to discuss special

advertising rates that are available for this section as well as combination rate

discounts for advertising in multiple coverage areas.

Canal Winchester • Grove City • Groveport • Madison • South • Westside





October 2, 2022 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 13


Deadlines: Grove City, Groveport & All editions - Mondays at Noon.

West, Canal Winchester, South & Madison editions -Tuesdays at 5 p.m.





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PAGE 14 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - October 2, 2022





The South-Western City School

District is currently hiring drivers

for the 2022-2023 school year

$18.25/hr Plus Bonuses


Available positions are for substitute

drivers that can develop into

“Regular” positions with benefits.

Interested individuals can call

614-801-8550 to set up an interview.

Applicants should have an excellent

driving record and must submit to

drug, alcohol, and background

screening. A high school diploma or

equivalent is required. EOE


Directv Stream - Carries

the Most Local MLB


Package, $89.99/mo for

12 months. Stream on 20

devices in your home at

once. HBOMax included

for 3 mos (w/CHOICE

Package or higher.) No

annual contract, no hidden

fees! Some restrictions

apply. Call IVS 1-866-629-



Replace your roof with the

best lookng and longest

lasting material -- Steel

from Erie Metal Roofs!

Three styles and multiple

colors available.

Guaranteed to last a

lifetime! Limited Time

Offer - $500 Discount +

Additional 10% off install

(for military, health

workers & 1st responders)

Call Erie Metal Roofs: 1-



Become a Published

Author. We want to Read

Your Book! Dorrance

Publishing-Trusted by

Authors Since 1920

Book manuscript submissions

currently being reviewed.

Comprehensive Services:

Consultation, Production,

Promotion and Distribution. Call

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HughesNet - Finally, superfast

internet no matter

where you live. 25 Mbps

just $59.99/mo! Unlimited

Data is Here. Stream

Video. Bundle TV &

Internet. Free Installation.

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Safe Step. North

America’s #1 Walk-in Tub.

Compreshensive lifetime

warranty. Top-of-the-line

installation and service.

Now featuring our free

shower package & $1600

off - limited time!

Financing available. 1-


Donate Your Car To

Veterans Today! Help and

Support our Veterans.

Fast - FREE pick up.

100% tax deductible. Call




may be entitled to substantial

money and improved credit if

your vehicle was

repossessed between after





CDL Drivers and

Diesel Technicians

In Canal Winchester, OH!

$5000 Sign-on Bonuses!

Competitive Pay, Great Benefits!


18+ years of age

2+ Years of Experience

Call or apply online for

immediate consideration!



Equal Opportunity Employer Minority/



Update your home with

beautiful new blinds &

shades. Free in-home

estimates make it

convenient to shop from

home. Professional

installation. Top quality -

Made in the USA. Free

consultation: 877-212-

7578. Ask about our


Don’t let the stairs limit

your mobility! Discover

the ideal solution for

anyone who struggles on

the stairs, is concerned

about a fall or wants to

regain access to their

entire home. Call

AmeriGlide today! 1-844-




MARTIN, Etc. 1930’s to

1980’s. TOP DOLLAR





**American and Foreign**

Any Condition. Buying

entire car collections.


Please call 717-577-8206


Put on your TVEars &

hear TV w/unmatched

clarity. TVEars Originaloriginally

$129.95 - now

w/this special offer only

$59.95 w/code MCB59! 1-


Protect your home from

pests safely and

affordablly. Pest, rodent,

termite and mosquito

control. Call for a quote or

inspection today 844-394-



Aloe Care Health, medical

alert system. The most

advanced medical alert

product on the market.

Voice-activated! No wi-fi

needed! Special offer-call

and mention offer code

CARE20 to get $20 off

Mobile Companion. Call



USERS! 50 Generic pills

SPECIAL $99.00. 100%

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Hablamos Espanol

Prepare for power

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GENERAC home standby

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Elminate gutter cleaning

forever! LeafFilter, the most

advanced debris-blockiing

gutter protection. Schedule

Free LeafFilter Estimate

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$$ $$


The Advertising Department at the

Columbus Messenger Newspapers

is seeking a

Helper for the Sales Department.

No Experience Necessary

Duties include: Set Appointments,

Make Calls, Run Errands, etc.

Salary plus auto allowance.

Seniors welcome to apply.

Please send your resume to:

Doug Henry, Advertising Manager

Columbus Messenger Newspapers

3500 Sullivant Ave.,Columbus, Ohio 43204

or e-mail to doughenry@columbusmessenger.com


Eliminate gutter cleaning

forever! LeafFilter, the

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Attention oxygen therapy

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DISH TV $64.99 FOR 190

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Some restrictions

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The National Trade Association

we belong to has

purchased the following

classifieds. Determining

the value of their service

or product is advised by

this publication. In order

to avoid misunderstandings,

some advertisers do

not offer “employment”

but rather supply the

readers with manuals, directories

and other materials

designed to help

their clients establish mail

order selling and other

businesses at home. Under

NO circumstance

should you send any

money in advance or give

the client your checking,

license ID or credit card

numbers. Also beware of

ads that claim to guarantee

loans regardless of

credit and note that if a

credit repair company

does business only over

the phone it’s illegal to request

any money before

delivering its service. All

funds are based in US

dollars. Toll Free numbers

may or may not

reach Canada. Please

check with the Better

Business Bureau 614-

486-6336 or the Ohio Attorney

General’s Consumer

Protection Section

614-466-4986 for more

information on the company

you are seeking to

do business with.



The following states: CA,




SC, SD, TX, VT and WA

requires seller of certain

business opportunities to

register with each state

before selling. Call to

verify lawful registration

before you buy.


Dental Insurance -

Physicians Mutual Insurance

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xPublic Notice



By Resolution, Madison Township, Franklin County, Ohio will list

surplus items via online auctions through Govdeals.com.

During the online auctions, the following will be offered from

8:00 pm. October 16, 2022, through 8:00 p.m. October 30, 2022:

• 2005 Chevrolet 4500 1-ton Dump truck 1GBE4C1E45F500693 with

Western 9-foot Pro Plus snowplow serial number 66901, and

Swenson Salt Spreader

• 2007 Chevrolet 2500 4x4 Pickup 1GCHK24KX7E574512 with 7’ 6”

Western Snow Pro Plus #64750

Complete auction details can be accessed on the Govdeals website

at Govdeals.com

All inquiries and questions must go through Govdeals.com

For a complete description and step-by-step instructions on how to

find these items on the auction site please visit:


click on Administration, and then Auctions

Public Notice

xCome & Get It!


Need to Get Rid of Something Fast - Advertise It Here For FREE!

Deadlines are Mondays by Noon

Call For Publication Schedule 614-272-5422

FREE Garden Straw for gardens or bedding. Call for appointment for pickup.

Circle S Farms, 9015 London-Groveport Road, Grove City, 43123

Grove City - 614-878-7980

FREE - Metal from old camper frame, Need a truck to pickup..

CC - Obetz - 614-632-1013

Baby Grand Piano, Mahogany wood w/bench;

Futon Frame & Mattress w/suede-like cover, full size, gently used.

N/B - Grove City - 614-875-8860

FREE - Children’s Wooden Play Set - Good Condition w/Sand Box under it, Step Ladder up

Slide to go down & a rope swing. Also separate Swing Set w/4 swings.

190 Inah Ave., Cols, 43228 near the Fire Dept.

West Columbus - 614-878-1930, ask for Linda

. Come and Get It! is a bi-weekly column that offers readers an opportunity to pass along

surplus building materials, furniture, electronic equipment, crafts, supplies, appliances,

plants or household goods to anybody who will come and get them - as long as they’re

FREE. NO PETS! Just send us a brief note describing what you want to get rid of, along

with your name, address and phone number. Nonprofit organizations are welcome to

submit requests for donations of items.

Send information to The Columbus Messenger, Attention: Come and Get It, 3500

Sullivant Ave., Columbus, OH43204. Deadline is Mondays at NOON for following

Sunday’s publication. Messenger Newspapers is not responsible for any complications

that may occur. Please contact us when items are gone. 272-5422


DISH TV $64.99 for 190

Channels + $14.95 high

speed internet. FREE installation,

Smart HD DVR

included. Free Voice Remote.

Some Restrictions

apply. Promo Expires

1/21/23. 1-866-590-5561

Come & Get It!


Internet &WIFI Starts at

$49 Call us Today to Get

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Protect your home w/home

security monitored by

ADT. Starting at $27.99/

mo. Get free equipment

bundle including keypad,

motion sensor, wireless

door & windows sensors.



Looking For That

One Special Piece of

Furniture, Appliance, Etc?

Or Have

Something YOU

Want To Sell?

Check Out The




Hope UM Church in Canal

Winchester needs to hire

a new Choir Director and

Pianist (2 positions). If

interested, please call us

at 614-837-7548 or

email us at


We are now hiring for

Medical Transportation

Drivers. Candidate must

be at least 23 y o with 4 or

less points on license and

able to pass criminal

background check.

Interested parties please

conact Dale Kuhn at 740-

972-0895 for more info.

Kings Kids Daycare

in Grove City is hiring Fun,

Loving Teachers for PT &

FT shifts. Please email

sarragc@outlook.com or

call 614-539-0349


Crafters/Vemdors needed

FHHS Fall/Winter Craft

Show, Franklin Heights HS,

Sat. Dec. 3rd. Register

today! email for application



Trash & Treasure Sale

Oct. 7th & 8th, 9am-6pm


83 E. Columbus St.,

Canal Winchester

Held for over 50 years!

Any questions, please

call us at 614-837-7548 or

email us at







Call anytime 614-774-6797



Victrolas, Watches,

Clocks, Bookcases

Antiques, Furn.

Jeff 614-262-0676

or 614-783-2629

We Buy Cars & Trucks


We Buy Junk Cars &

Trucks. Highest Prices

Paid. 614-395-8775



Spring Free R79 Medium

Round Trampoline, 2 yrs

old, like new. $500 OBO -

Cash Only. 614-619-4038

Wood Shop Equipment:

Sanders, Scroll Saw, Buffer

& Stand, & Much More.

Call to see. 614-829-5522

October 2, 2022 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - PAGE 15

xClassified Services





Free Estimates

Cell 614-599-0262


Sealcoating & Services LLC

Quality Materials Used


Driveway Seal & Repair!

Top Seal Cracks!

Residential & Commercial

Mulching, Edging & Clean-ups

“Ask for whatever you need.”

BBB Accredited-Fully Insured

Call or text for Free Est.




Gray Saxony

270 sq.ft. w/6 lb Pad


Other Carpet AvailableA

Phone or text Ray


Delivery & Inst. avail.





Driveways & Parking Lots


AJ’s Concrete,


Good Work - Fair Prices

Block Foundations

Driveways • Sidewalks

Epoxy/Overlay Floors

Bonded-Ins. • Free Ests.



Driveways & Extensions

Patio & Walkways,

Porches & Steps,

Garage/Basement Floors

Hot Tub/Shed Pads,

Stamped/colored concrete

Sealing of new &

existing concrete.


Contact Adam






Quality Concrete Work

Lt. Hauling & Room Add.,

Block Work & Excavation

Stamp Patios,

Bsmt. Wall Restoration

36 Yrs Exp - Lic & Ins.

Free Ests. 614-871-3834



All Types Concrete Work

New or Tear Out-Replace

40 Yrs. Exp.

(614) 207-5430

Owner is On The Job!

10/23 e/se

10/23 A


Looking for Mrs. Clean?

For excellent cleaning serv

at reas. rates w/great refs,

dependable. 10% Seniorr

Disc. Free Est. Also runs

Errands - Gwen 614-226-5229

20 y rs Exp. Commerical

& Residential Cleaning.

Call Judy 614-746-0273


Bates & Sons


5 ★ Google Reviews




Complete System Clean & Check


Free Carbon

Monoxide Testing

Gas-Oil-Electric Heat/Pumps

All Makes • All Models

46 yrs exp. • Sr. Discount





Services LLC

Minor Plumbing & Electric

Install Hot Water Tanks,

Dishwashers & Disposals

All Interior Remodels

Also Fencing &

Interior/Exterior Painting

Free Est. ~ 18 Yrs. Exp.

CDC/EPA Approved Guidelines







Earn FREE Seamless

Gutters with Siding Over

1000 Sq. Ft.

FREE Shutters with

Soffit & Trim

EPA Certified

Member of BBB

Financing Available

Over 20 yrs exp. • Free Est.


Owner & Operator

James 614-419-7500

SINCE 1973

Phil Bolon Contr.

Windows & Siding

Decks, Kitchens, Baths

Room Additions,

Flooring, Roofing

Bsmt Waterproofing

Deal With Small Non-Pressure Co.

47 Yrs. Exp. - Refs. Avail.




Free Est. - Financing Avail.

Member BBB Of Cent. OH

O.C.I.E.B. ID #24273


or 614-863-9912

10/23 A

7/17 A

10/9 A







Charlies Handyman


Over 40 yrs. exp.

Hot Water Tanks

Door Locks

Kitchen/Bath Remodels

Roofmg * Siding

Porches & Decks



MultiCraft Const.

& Handyman Services

All Types Handyman Services:

Decks, Fences


Window/doors installed

Interior Painting

Drywall Repairs

All Types of Flooring

Call/Text 614-774-2923





For This Ad In Our

South/Canal Winchester

& Groveport

For Info Call





Family Owned

Serving Central Ohio

Since 2004

Bed & Yard Maint.

Weeding, Mulching, etc.

Hedge/Shrub Trimming

*Stump Removal


Insured - Free Est.


The Lawn Barber

Cut, Trim, Blow away

Hedge Trimming, Edging





Summer, Spring,

Winter or Fall


Lawn Cuts, Edging,

Trees & Shrubs, Garden,

Mulching, Hauling,

Garden Pond &

Home Maint.

Free Ests. Low Rates

$20 & Up

Kevin - 614-905-3117








Textured Ceilings




Classified Services

10/23 A


Painter Over 30 Yrs. Exp.

Free Est. Reas. Rates

Daniel - 614-226-4221




Exp. Expert Plumbing

New Const. & Fast Repairs

Lic. - Permit Available

Water • Sewer • Gas


All About Drains & Plumb.

Will snake any small drain

$145. 614-778-2584



“Plumbing & Drain Professional

That You Can Count On”

24 Hrs., 7 Days/Week

No Overtime Charges

24 Yrs. Exp. in Plumbing &

Drain Cleaning Field

Call For A Free Phone Estimate

$100.00 For Any Small Drain


30% OFF with AD



K&L Spa Cleaning

Hot Tub Cleaning and

Weekly Maintenance

Keith 614-316-9809


Bates & Sons

Soft Wash & Powerwash

5 ★ Google Reviews



Any house wash $149+tax

Single deck $69+tax

2 Tier deck $99+tax

Best Wash in Town

Over 45,000 washes

Ashley 614-771-3892



REPAIR all makes 24 hr.

service. Clean, oil, adjust

in your home. $49.95 all

work gtd. 614-890-5296



Trimming, Removal &

Stump Grinding.


Warren Brewer Tree Service

• Tree Removal

• Tree Trimming 9/11


• Stump Grinding

• Bucket Truck Services

Best Prices • Same Day Service




Family Owned

Serving Central Ohio

Since 2004


Insured - Free Est.

10/235 A&M

10/23 A&M

10/9 A

PAGE 16 - GROVEPORT MESSENGER - October 2, 2022

Groveport Heritage Museum

The Groveport Heritage Museum contains

photographs, artifacts, and documents

about Groveport’s history. The

museum is located in Groveport Town

Hall, 648 Main St., and is open during

Groveport Town Hall’s operating hours.

Call 614-836-3333.

Boy Scout Troop 71

Groveport area scouts of Boy Scout

Troop 71 meet at Groveport United

Methodist Church, 512 Main St. Cub

Scouts, boys and girls in grades K-5, meet

on Mondays at 6:30 p.m. Boy Scouts ages

11-18 meet Tuesdays at 7 p.m. The Girls

Troop ages 11-18 meets Tuesdays at 7 p.m.

For information visit Beascout.org or contact

Tina Dillman at


Groveport Garden Club

The Groveport Garden Club meets the

first Tuesday each month (unless otherwise

announced) at Groveport Zion

Lutheran Church, 6014 Groveport Road.

Anyone interested in gardening welcome.

Call Marylee Bendig at (614) 218-1097.

Library School Help Centers

The Columbus Metropolitan Library’s

School Help Centers for grades K-12 open

Aug. 22 with staff and volunteers are ready

to help. These after-school spaces give your

students access to technology, resources

and the library’s catalog of books and


Visit columbuslibrary.org/school-help

for information. Local School Help Center:

Southeast Branch, 3980 S. Hamilton Road,

Groveport. Monday-Thursday from 4-7

p.m. and Friday from 3-6 p.m.



424 Gender Rd., Canal Winchester

Telephone: 614-833-0700

SUNDAY SERVICES 9:30 & 11:00

Fall Women’s Conference

Coming Oct. 21 & 22

Guest Speaker:

Amy Davidson of Mama Bear

Apologetics - Cost $25.00





Christ Centered, Mission Driven

Traditionally Grounded

6014 Groveport Rd., Groveport, OH 43125

(Across from Kroger, main parking in the back)

PHONE: 614-836-5611


Sunday Worship 11 A.M.

In person service in sanctuary, or in

parking lot via radio (92.7)

Cruisers take the field

Messenger photo by Rick Palsgrove

Michael Robinson III leads the Cruisers on to the field prior to the start of a recent

game at Cruiser Stadium at Groveport Madison High School. As of press time, the

varsity football Cruisers’ record was 3-3 with wins over Worthington Kilbourne,

Westland, and Reynoldsburg and losses to Canal Winchester, Gahanna, and Upper

Arlington. The remaining schedule is: Sept. 30 at Lancaster; Oct. 7 vs. Pickerington

Central; Oct. 14 at Newark; and Oct. 21 vs. Central Crossing.



4760 Winchester Pike

Columbus, Ohio 43232

Telephone: 614-837-4601

Rev. Sherri Upchurch Blackwell

Sunday Worship 10 a.m.

Inside and Parking Lot

Sunday School 9 a.m.

Be a Part of Our Local Worship Guide

Our Worship Guide is geared toward celebrating faith and helping readers

connect with religious resources in our community. Make sure these readers

know how you can help with a presence in this very special section distributed to

more than 19,000 households in the Groveport area.

Contact us today to secure your spot in our Worship Guide.

614.272.5422 • kathy@columbusmessenger.com



Please visit the

Groveport Church

of your choice.

List your Worship

Services here.

For info. call 614-272-5422

Baker Creative honored

Baker Creative, 386 Main St.,

Groveport, received a 2022 Graphic Design

USA Health + Wellness Design Award for

the firm’s Ohio Health Diversity Education

and Outreach Project.

“From among the more than 3,500

entries in this competition, we are honored

to be among the top 10 percent recognized

as a winner,” said Michele Cuthbert, creative

director of Baker Creative. “As the

founder of a diverse firm myself, this

award is especially gratifying as it recognizes

our telling the story of Ohio Health’s

commitment to diverse suppliers and communities.”

The firm entered the DEI (diversity,

equity and inclusion) category in the contest.

By highlighting case studies representing

Ohio Health’s diversity champions,

their successful outcomes and contributions,

the Baker Creative strategic content

and storytelling approach enabled Ohio

Health to utilize the campaign as the foundation

for its community outreach initiatives.

Cuthbert honored

Michele Cuthbert, founder and creative

director of Baker Creative, 386 Main St.,

Groveport, was selected by Ohio Business

for inclusion in the magazine’s Ohio 500

feature highlighting 500 of the most powerful

and influential Ohioans. Cuthbert is

listed in the information/tech/media category.

Additionally, Ohio Business selected

Baker Creative among the Best

Workplaces in Ohio in 2021 and 2022

based on company size, employee engagement,

benefits structure and past awards.

Groveport city council

Groveport City Council holds its regular

meetings at 6:30 p.m. on the second and

fourth Mondays of the month. Council

holds its committee of the whole meeting

on the third Monday each month at 5:30

p.m. Meetings are held in the municipal

building, 655 Blacklick St., Groveport.

School board meetings

The Groveport Madison Board of

Education meets the second and fourth

Wednesday of the month at 7 p.m. at the

District Service Center, 4400 Marketing

Place, Suite B, Groveport. The board may

also schedule special meetings, as needed.

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