Interior Design Made in Portugal Olympia, London 9-12 October 2022

Interior Design Made in Portugal
Olympia, London
9-12 October 2022


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OCT 2022

AIMMP's mission is to represent, promote and protect the interests

of Portuguese companies from the five sectorial divisions that make

up the wood and furniture sector: wood cutting, felling, sawing and

wood packing; panels, pannelled wood and energy; carpentry and

alike; furniture and alike; export, import and distribution of wood

and derivatives. These industries export ¤2.6 billions per year.

Inter Wood & Furniture is a structured intervention program

that supports portuguese companies interested in developing

internationalization strategies in order to expand into new growing

markets. Over the years, this program has supported more than

300 companies, through more than 140 actions in more than 20

markets with incentives up to 50%, having certainly contributed to

the growth of the sector’s exports by around 1.000 million euros in

the last 9 years.



Rua Álvares Cabral, n.º 281

4050-041 Porto - Portugal

+351 223 394 200 aimmportugal AIMMP

AIMMP Portugal

The texts and images showcased by each company in this catalog are of their entire responsibility and AIMMP cannot be held responsible.

Limalha is an artistic metalworking company

specialized in the production of metal structures,

hardware for furniture, doors, stairs, curtains,

among other architectural elements. We also have

a collection of handles with more than 250 years

of history. All pieces are chiseled by hand, giving

them a unique value and high-quality details.


Achilles Showroom

Rua de São Marçal, nº 194

1200-424 Lisboa



+351 256 848 100

Rua da Liberdade, n.º 22

3700-360 SJM - Porto - Portugal



A Freitas

A Freitas

& Barbosa, & Lda. Barbosa, Lda.

A. Freitas & Barbosa, Lda is a company founded in

1989 and results from the vision of Mr. Agostinho

Dias de Freitas who started his business activity

in the area of ​commercialization of wood-based

products. Its headquarters are in Paços de

Ferreira, district of Porto, in Portugal. Currently

we are engaged in the wholesale trade of wood

products for furniture, veneer of wood derivatives

and manufacture of components for the furniture

sector. A. Freitas & Barbosa, Lda. has a group of

professionals with extensive experience in the

wood derivatives market and today is recognized

as a reference in the sector. The products and

services are used by different types of companies

from the furniture industry, carpentry, civil

construction, interior decoration, passing through

architecture and engineering.



+351 225 871 784

Avenida Alto Rio, 67 - Vila Nova

4595-140 Frazão Paços de Ferreira - Portugal

Duquesa & Malvada is a luxury furniture,

upholstery and lighting brand and which is

especially designed for a cosmopolitan, irreverent

public with a determined aesthetic sense. We

create harmony with cosmopolitan elements,

trends and luxury, with a special focus on the

personal style and identity. The production is

handmade and completely made in Portugal by

artisans with high technical capabilities.




+351 221 107 237

Rua Roberto Ivéns nº 100, 1º FN.

4450-246 Matosinhos - Portugal

Formefeitos is a Portuguese company founded

in 2003, with a strong position in furniture and

decoration tendencies.

We are characterized by offering innovative

and exclusive solutions, which continue to be

the choice of several customers at national and

international level.

We create, produce and install all types of projects

for the residential sector (household furniture) and

contract (hotels, restaurants and offices).





comercial PT: +351966906119 / +351910677537

comercial UK: +447739913272

comercial FR: +351910677523

A meticulous fusion of traditional Craftsmanship

and forward-thinking sophistication. FRATO’s

unique interior lifestyle concept is inspired by the

world’s rich mix of cultures and most magnificent

places. Characterised by luxurious levels of

quality and comfort, our international aesthetic is

sought-out by discerning and distinguished clients

across the globe, from Europe and America to

Asia. Established in 2010 in the merchant city of

Porto in Portugal, FRATO is proud to be a familyrun

company in a world full of corporations and

conglomerates. In fact, this is such an important

and empowering part of who we are that it

inspired our insignia. A unique portmanteau,

FRATO is a combination of the names of the

founders’ two sons and a playful take on the

word fraternity. It is a moniker with lineage, one

that perfectly encapsulates our business values,

and our desire to nurture integrity, authenticity

and honesty in all of our endeavours. It also

represents our appreciation for all those that

work with us, each valued employee and their kin

regarded as an extension of the FRATO family.

From its beginnings as a high-end jewellery house,

over time FRATO organically grew into a luxury

interiors label, one that applies the same artisanal

approach and jeweller’s eye for detail to each

of its exquisite furniture pieces. The result is a

carefully crafted collection of pieces for the home

that reimagines heritage shapes and glamorous

materials in a way that feels both refreshingly

original and eternally elegant.




+351 229 617 400

Via Central de Milheirós, N.º 810

4475-330 Maia - Portugal


was created taking into account the training,

preparation and knowledge of its partners,

particularly in the areas of administration and

attracting and managing commercial relations

with the partners involved, as well as the desired

global positioning. In this autonomous manner, it

was possible to isolate the commercial interests

of the parties and the specialisation of their

resources for the exercise of a core business of

representation and international marketing of

forest-based products, mainly panels, other wood

derivatives and biomass energy.

With a cosmopolitan vision, IVP is committed to

representing different brands and differentiated

products which complement the offer to its

customers, both in terms of quality and in terms of

sizes, specifications, finishes and design, as well as

competitiveness and prices.

It intends to assure a logistic procedure of the

type key in hand and to guarantee the offer

intended by its customers.

In addition to the high quality of the service and

products it intends to transact, the company's

management is committed to its customers and

business partners, preserving the values of loyalty,

transparency, seriousness and compliance with the



be at the service of its clients and partners as a

way of making favourable business deals happen

for all parties.




Rua do Cais, 20

4515-488 Melres - Portugal

MAMOA is a Portuguese furniture design brand

that is defined by a custom-made production, in a

manufactured process that combines the talent of

new designers with the timeless wisdom of local

artisans in a symbiosis that seeks to create pieces

with character and superior quality.

We work daily to present the best solutions

throughout the production follow-up of each

work, in a tailored approach as well as through

the creation of products that are part of our

collection, always keeping a careful selection

of materials and a vigilant choice of the best

production techniques.

With the mission of establishing a perfect

partnership in a business-to-business context,

MAMOA proposes to affirm itself through high

quality production assisting exclusive interior

projects and responding to each challenge

according to your needs.




+351 220 936 912

Rua Prof. Correia de Sá, n.º 276

4445-516 Ermesinde - Portugal




Since 1980, Móveis Barbosa Neto, has been

growing gradually, thanks to the market vision

and knowledge of its founder. The dedication

and daily commitment to quality, improvement of

manufacturing processes and to modern design,

have been pillars of the company. This way MBN

accompanies the current reality and has great

capacity to adapt to distinct markets. To follow

market evolution and increase its production

capacity MBN has built modern and functional

facilities. A space properly equipped with

technology and skilled human resources, which

allows meeting the needs of our customers.

Dedication, experience, retirement, passion

for art and production are the key words to

the success of MBN. By having an excellent

team of professionals with a taste for art, the

company´s day to day is invaded by great activity,

experiences and good mood.




+351 913 766 324

Rua do Monte n.º 278, Frazão

4594-164 Paços de Ferreira - Portugal

Muranti is a furniture brand that creates a balance

between the mind and heart of any interior

decoration, currently with 3 collections. We design

and produce luxury pieces that bring color and

contemporary style to any interior. We are a

unique, reference design brand, recognized for

the harmony between design, color, materials and

perfect manufacturing. We have the best team

that only works with high quality materials.




+351 255 871 273

Rua do Industrial Nº 9

4590-079 Paços de Ferreira - Portugal


Founded in 1971, Safina is a Portuguese company

producing, developing and marketing textile

flooring solutions, with particular emphasis on

Artificial Grass. It is currently one of the most

relevant players in the Iberian Peninsula market,

selling also to other markets.

There were numerous successes in the past 50

years, including:

• The ISO9001:2015 Standard certification of the

organization's quality management system, together

with the execution of a comprehensive strategy to

update the production processes and technology;

• Safina's signing in the first Portuguese soccer

artificial turf supply tender;

• The cooperation with FIFA-certified suppliers and

integration as an ESTC member (EMEA Synthetic

Turf Council).

Quality, dedication, and proximity are principles

that ensure a company's longevity and ensure

that it retains its core values even as it grows. The

proximity with which they still treat one another

differentiates them despite having a staff of more

than 100 employees and a portfolio of roughly

500 national and international clients.




+ 351 256 790 120

Travessa da Gandara N.º 65

3886-908 Cortegaça Ovar - Portugal

SENTTA is more than a furniture design brand.

SENTTA is about legacy.

With the savoir-faire from internationaly renowned

product designers, the boldness of emergent

talents and the industry’s knowledge acquired for

more than 30 years, SENTTA creates sumptuous

and distinctive pieces.

Contemporary, modern, minimalist or industrial

design styles can be perceived in SENTTA’s

collection. It’s a wide variety of pieces that

can easily be adapted to the most unique and

demanding ambiances and cultural patterns.

Portuguese by birth, SENTTA speaks many

languages and travels the world getting inspiration

from the most simple to complex details that can

carry its identity. Diversity is the motto.

Traditional craftmanship techniques and certified

materials are combined with innovative finishes

and fabrics to manufacture impeccable design


SENTTA’s collection production line follows a zero

waste policy and all the designs are registered

next to the responsible entity.




+351 224 119 120

Via Rota dos Móveis I, 624

4585-850 Rebordosa - Portugal

SERIP’s design consists in nature-inspired organic

shapes where the disproportionate and uneven

forms set SERIP’s design apart as exclusive and

unique, based on nature’s powerful distinguished

elements, bringing to life the concept of Organic

Lighting. Founded in 1961 SERIP’s heritage holds

three generations of Portuguese craftsmanship

highlighting a creative bridge between artisans

and designers.




+351 212 488 840

Rua Augusto Gil, 31

2650-373 Moinhos da Funcheira - Portugal

The brand Wewood - Portuguese Joinery was

founded in 2012, to raise a design house proud

of its heritage and grounded in the principles

of quality of the materials, durable construction

and timeless design. We produce for those that

appreciate the rigorous process required for highquality

manufacturing and renewable resources.

Our pieces are crafted in small production runs,

as we strive to maintain the artistry and grace in

traditional high-quality craftsmanship at a viable

human scale with ethical methods of production.

Our ambition is to create timeless, functional and

aesthetically intriguing furniture that promotes

Portuguese culture and design. That’s why we

try to identify and nurture talent both in the

inspiration and creativity of a carefully chosen

group of international designers and the hands,

wisdom, and experience of our craftsmen.




+351 223 162 723

Rua da Piedade N.º 80

4050-625 Porto - Portugal

Since a gentleman always needs an environment

that can match his lifestyle, Wood Tailors delivers

a range of furniture products that provide a classic

silhouette with a modern touch.

Gentlemen are portrayed by their status, so the

prestigious Wood Tailors’ craftsmen continuously

tailor an exclusive legacy.

Wood Tailors Club is completely dedicated

to detail and precision, conceiving a premium

category of pieces. In order to tailor them, it’s

fundamental to combine a set of highly technical

wood skills.




+351 220 992 658

Rua António Costa Viseu, 2

4435-104 Rio Tinto – Portugal

X8 Solutions Group is a company that produces

wooden furniture and upholstery with more than

two decades of experience in the sector, during

which time it worked to make the company one

of the market leaders combining, for this, the

know-how (know-how how) of the most efficient

traditional methods, with permanent research and

implementation of the most advanced technology.

Motivated by the desire to be increasingly

competitive in its market, it seeks to combine

capable human resources with the offer of high

quality products.

Control throughout the different stages of

production allows you to reach the highest

expectations, in addition to satisfying the needs

of your customers. Currently, it is a medium-sized

company that produces and sells its products

nationally and internationally.




+351 224 441 862

Rua Zona Industrial, n.º 1220

4580-565 Paredes - Portugal



Photo ® Robert Stead - "Olympia, August 1920"

Cover Photo © Simon Lee @ Unsplash


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