Kew House School Newsletter Summer 2022

The termly newsletter of Kew House School, a co-educational, independent senior schools for 11-18 year olds

The termly newsletter of Kew House School, a co-educational, independent senior schools for 11-18 year olds


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<strong>Summer</strong> Term Issue | July <strong>2022</strong><br />

Geography Iceland Tour…03 Year 12 Trip to Oxford University…07 Drama Success…08 Sporting News…10<br />

<strong>Summer</strong> Music Festival and The 39 Steps<br />

Words by Mr Gardner, Director of Music and Ms Vincent, Teacher of Drama<br />

<strong>Kew</strong> <strong>House</strong> <strong>School</strong> is part of the<br />

The summer started in style with <strong>Kew</strong> <strong>House</strong> <strong>School</strong>’s inaugural <strong>Summer</strong> Music Festival. The<br />

Friday festival-goers were treated to a live stage of music ranging from Grieg to Good Vibrations.<br />

With so many stand-out performers from the Guitar Ensemble opening with a Beatles song to the Senior Choir closing with the<br />

Beach Boys, KHS musicians put on two hours of professional performances leaving the crowd shouting for more, to which we duly<br />

acquiesced, the Year 11 band even prepared an encore! The final act of the summer term saw an impressive array of KHS drama<br />

talent on show. Pupils from Years 7, 8 and 9 walked the boards for the summer drama production, The 39 Steps. Over 50 pupils<br />

were involved as both cast and crew, working as a team to produce a fantastic show for the KHS community. Pupils, parents, and<br />

staff were equally proud and elated by their performance. Mr Lowe commented on how impressive it is to see pupils performing<br />

with such confidence and comic timing.

Welcome to our<br />

<strong>Summer</strong> Term<br />

newsletter.<br />

Geography Iceland Tour <strong>2022</strong><br />

The return of real Public Examinations this term has been<br />

a final signal to us all that <strong>Kew</strong> <strong>House</strong> <strong>School</strong> has returned<br />

to normal after the tumultuous years of Covid mitigation<br />

and lockdowns. A return it may be, but back to how things<br />

were, well not quite. All of the postponed trips from the<br />

previous 18 months have been added into the year, with<br />

the summer term seeing a peak of calendar entries. From<br />

various Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, through to the<br />

geography excursion to Iceland, the pupils have relished<br />

the chance to get active, get together and experience their<br />

world.<br />

As a young school, celebrating its tenth anniversary, we<br />

are proud that we can innovate and challenge ourselves<br />

as an instiution, as much as we nurtutre and challenge our<br />

pupils. This termly newsletter demonstrates the range of<br />

pupil activities with a focus on the creative, sporting and<br />

academic successes since Easter. We are all justly proud<br />

of both the achievements and the manner with which the<br />

pupils have worked individually and collectively to reach<br />

those outcomes.<br />

Words by Ms Lawrence, Head of Geography<br />

After a long three year wait, the geography department finally<br />

saw the return of the Year 10 KHS Iceland Tour. And what a<br />

tour it was; our largest yet with 59 pupils, our first experience of<br />

the never-ending summer daylight, and the first opportunity for<br />

many to do a school trip abroad.<br />

What a delight to see our pupils revelling in the diverse, aweinspiring<br />

landscapes in the company of their friends and teachers:<br />

from learning about the country’s volcanism in the Lava Centre,<br />

to visiting Iceland’s youngest eruption, from viewing Iceland’s<br />

most epic waterfalls, to bathing in its geothermal pools. And the<br />

experiences didn’t stop there; they saw a black sand beach,<br />

explored a plate boundary, visited a glacier at the mercy of<br />

climate change, viewed an exploding geyser and explored the<br />

beautiful sights of Reykjavik. A memorable trip for all involved.<br />

“Photos don’t even do it justice, what an incredible place”<br />

Ambrose<br />

“The best trip I’ve ever been on!”<br />

Priya<br />

This term has seen <strong>Kew</strong> <strong>House</strong> <strong>School</strong>’s first ISI inspection<br />

of teaching quality. This significant stage in our journey<br />

has involved a great deal of planning on the part of all<br />

staff members within the community. The final report<br />

paints a vivid picture of a school that is striving for and<br />

achieving excellence. As outcomes go for the school and<br />

its community; “excellent” sums things up rather nicely.<br />

Academic year 2021/22 closes for us all on a high.<br />

Will Williams, Headmaster<br />

Scan the QR code for the video highlights!<br />

“Interesting, educational and<br />

beautiful.”<br />

Zara<br />

“Simply tranquil. Would<br />

recommend to all geographers!”<br />

Sammy<br />

Year 9 Blood Brothers Workshop<br />

Words by Eva C and Olivia D, Year 9<br />

Innovation, imagination, and creativity - this workshop gave us a chance<br />

to explore these elements in the complex world of Blood Brothers. Mike,<br />

who has played Sammy for 11 years in the West End guided us through<br />

the various skills performers require, such as how to portray emotions in<br />

an authentic way. Later on, Mike shared tips and tricks from an inside<br />

perspective of a Scouse accent. Despite our feeble attempts trying the<br />

accent, it’s safe to say we still had lots of fun. The games, activities and<br />

laughter enhanced and deepened our understanding of the play. We are<br />

sure any future years will enjoy this workshop just as much as we did.<br />


Sixth Form Art Exhibition<br />

Words by Ms Hodgson, Head of Art<br />

Year 7 Science Fair<br />

Words by Shio Y, Year 7<br />

The art department was joined by students, parents and staff to celebrate<br />

the outstanding accomplishments of our Sixth Form art cohort. Both Year<br />

13 and Year 12 art work was exhibited in the ILC for all to admire. This<br />

year, we have students taking their education further with studies in fine<br />

art, photography, fashion journalism and art history. We couldn’t be more<br />

proud of them and wish them all the best of luck!<br />

Last Friday, we had the Year 7 Science Fair, where we presented the projects<br />

we have been working on this half term to parents, teachers, and students. In<br />

the weeks before we developed and researched scientific questions, before<br />

conducting experiments in small groups to answer them. The projects I saw from<br />

my classmates during the fair were fascinating.<br />

My group’s project was about how tablets dissolved in liquids with different pHs,<br />

recording the time it took for a tablet to completely dissolve and relating that to our<br />

measurement of pH. We really enjoyed creating our display board and presenting<br />

our project on the day!<br />

Scan the QR code<br />

“Looking through the different projects and sketchbooks, I can’t<br />

imagine the amount of time and hours dedicated by these<br />

artists. Honor’s “loss of function” performance, and Maisie’s wax<br />

paintings really captured my eye and imagination. As a GCSE art<br />

student, I aspire to these A Level students, and I hope that one<br />

day I’ll have developed my work enough to stand side by side<br />

against impressive outcomes such as these.” Oliver, Year 9<br />

Young Writers Competition<br />

Words by Ms Close, Head of English<br />

Congratulations to several of our Year<br />

12 English Literature A Level students<br />

who have been published in the<br />

Young Writers poetry anthology, titled<br />

‘Empowered’!<br />

Well done to Joe, Priya, Carlota, Fleuve,<br />

Lara, Annie and Isobel.<br />

Year 13 pupil in final of Big Bang<br />

Competition<br />

Words by Ms Hall, Head of Design and Technology<br />

The Big Bang Competition is a national science<br />

and engineering competition for secondary school<br />

students to compete for the title of Young Engineer<br />

(or Scientist) of the Year, as well as an array of other<br />

prizes.<br />

One of our Sixth Formers, Josie M, has made it to the<br />

final with her project on wearable tech. Her light-up<br />

running jacket was also shortlisted for the Intellectual<br />

Property Award for Outstanding Innovation. She<br />

has been given the opportunity to showcase her<br />

project to the 20,000 visitors at the Big Bang Fair in<br />

Birmingham this month.<br />

“The Big Bang competition runs every year and any pupils that are<br />

interested in STEM should check it out.” Josie M, Year 13<br />

4 5

Year 12 trip to Oxford University<br />

Words by Alice T, Year 12<br />

We started the day early, meeting at the Oxford Tube bus stop in<br />

Shepherd’s Bush. We then spent a little over an hour making our<br />

way to the university. Upon arrival, we were given a short amount<br />

of time to look around at different colleges and libraries before<br />

our tours started. Our first tour was in one of the more modern<br />

colleges, St. Catherine’s (“St. Catz”). We were initially taken to<br />

a lecture theatre where we received a talk on Oxford admissions<br />

and later, a personal statements workshop.<br />

A Grand Day out at the Palace... Year 7 visit Hampton Court Palace<br />

Words by Mr Cook, Teacher of History<br />

One could have forgiven the disconcerted look on the faces of the entire Year 7 cohort as they descended on the base court of<br />

Hampton Court Palace, they had not come for a UB40 concert. What they had come for was for someone, ever so slightly older<br />

than Ali Campbell, they had come for Henry, William, Mary, and George, as part of their historical studies.<br />

Year 7 have enjoyed an in-depth case study of Hampton Court Palace and how monarchs over time have demonstrated their power<br />

there. During our trip to Hampton Court, Year 7 toured the vast palace and made note of the beautiful, practical, and extravagant<br />

renovations, items and objects that showed the wealth and power of the most famous of English monarchs, Henry VIII.<br />

Furthermore, Year 7 groups explored the Stuart and Georgian renovations and drew comparisons with other royal residences<br />

such as Kensington Palace and the Palace of Versailles. Lunch was had in the former Tiltyard where Henry had enjoyed many<br />

jousting tournaments. After lunch, Year 7 explored Henry VIII’s kitchens and were informed helpfully by the palace staff of the<br />

sheer amount of food that Henry consumed daily, some 40 dishes and 5000 calories! Although none of us consumed quite as<br />

much as this, the day was certainly fit for a king and all had a right royal time.<br />

Year 8 Enterprise Fair<br />

Words by Ms Tolley, Teacher of Art<br />

The end of June brought about the annual <strong>Kew</strong><br />

<strong>House</strong> Year 8 Enterprise Fair. Over the course<br />

of the summer term, pupils in art, food science<br />

and nutrition, and design and technology were<br />

busy creating an array of products - from posters<br />

and cards drawing inspiration from pupils’ large<br />

scale mural paintings, to bubble tea and tea light<br />

holders. Pupils then showcased these products<br />

and their excellent entrepreneurial skills at the<br />

fair, selling to staff, pupils and parents alike.<br />

The event was a great success, which raised<br />

hundreds of pounds for charity.<br />

Scan the QR code to see a<br />

video of the event!<br />

St. Catz library<br />

My favourite part of this was reading all the annotations made<br />

by students in the margins of the library books. After the tour<br />

we went to the lunch hall to have something to eat. It was buffet<br />

style catering and we unanimously agreed that we really enjoyed<br />

the food. After lunch, we made our way to New College, which<br />

is ironically one of the oldest in Oxford. Seeing the two different<br />

sides to the university gave us an idea of what kind of college we<br />

may want to apply to.<br />

The obligatory Radcliffe Camera photo<br />

The workshop taught us how to tailor our statements to<br />

fit an Oxbridge/Russell group specification and how they<br />

differ from other universities. We then began the official<br />

tour, walking around the college while receiving a talk on<br />

the architecture and history of the college. Our guide also<br />

spoke to us about the numerous facilities and general life<br />

as an undergraduate as well as those on postgraduate<br />

courses. We then had a tour of the library where we were<br />

given the chance to look around quietly.<br />

“New” college<br />

On our tour of New College, we visited some of the filming<br />

sites for Harry Potter, which most of us geeked out over,<br />

although a large portion of our time was spent teaching us<br />

the importance of not stepping on the grass. We finished<br />

the tour in the beautiful gardens and a race up the mound,<br />

which offered us a pretty view of the university. After taking<br />

a group photo we were given some more time to explore<br />

the colleges. My friend and I decided to tailgate our way into<br />

the parts of Hertford College that were closed to the public,<br />

despite there being numerous warnings to students about<br />

tailgaters.<br />

Having a Harry Potter moment<br />

This gave us a more insightful look into the day-to-day life of the<br />

students and how the college functions away from the public eye.<br />

Before meeting up with the rest of the group we went postcard<br />

shopping for a souvenir of our trip. I think my favourite part of this<br />

experience was realising that our college application shouldn’t be<br />

solely based on academics, but also on what we want our home<br />

to be like for the next three to six years.<br />

6 7

More news from the Drama Department...<br />

National Youth Theatre Audition Success<br />

Words by Mrs Mannion, Head of Drama<br />

Congratulations to Amelie G and Morgan T who successfully auditioned for<br />

a place in this year’s National Youth Theatre company. <strong>Summer</strong> W in Year<br />

11 also received a place on the waiting list – very well done. The process<br />

is hugely competitive and highly selective, so we are so proud of all our<br />

drama students who auditioned and took part in the workshop. To have three<br />

students in the company from one school is very rare indeed. Break a leg for<br />

your future performances!<br />

Lamda Examination Results <strong>2022</strong><br />

Congratulations to the following students for<br />

achieving such excellent results. Many thanks to our<br />

Lamda teacher, Anita, for all her work to enable the students to excel.<br />

Grade 8 (Gold Medal) A/S Level equivalent qualification<br />

Distinction: Ash P (90), Morgan T (89), Ava N P (85)<br />

Merit: Joshua S (76)<br />

Grade 6 (Bronze Medal) GCSE equivalent qualification<br />

Distinction: Ava B (83)<br />

Merit: Bert S (77), Naama N (76), Olivia D (76), Henry A (74), Annie H (72)<br />

Grade 5 Distinction: Kira B (80), Merit: Monty A (73)<br />

Grade 4 Merit: Rosa C (75)<br />

Grade 3 Distinction: Daniel C DM (92), Livia C (82), Thomas B (84)<br />

Grade 2 Merit: Daniel W (75)<br />

Entry Level Distinction: Lara A (86)<br />

Food Science and Nutrition<br />

Words by Ms Earle, Head of Food Science and Nutrition<br />

The department has had another busy term continuing clubs and<br />

visits as part of the enrichment programme.<br />

Year 12 students enjoyed an afternoon watching chef<br />

demonstrations and taste-testing dishes from some of London’s<br />

best restaurants at Taste of London in Regents Park.<br />

Year 9 Author Talk with Simon Green<br />

Words by Lauryn M, Year 9<br />

On the 29th of June, Year 9 were given an engaging presentation<br />

from author Simon James Green. He discussed his first attempt<br />

at writing a book, the editing and publishing process, and the<br />

inspiration behind the first book he published, “Noah Can’t Even”.<br />

At the end we were given the chance to ask questions and received<br />

many insightful answers. This talk was beneficial because it helped<br />

us understand what it’s like to be a writer and how we could pursue<br />

a career in this field if this is something we were interested in.<br />

Simon’s talk also explored diversity in literature, with LGBTQ+<br />

leads and love stories. We were allowed to buy a copy of any of his<br />

books and had the opportunity to get them signed! Simon stayed for<br />

lunch with the KHS LGBTQ+ club, where he answered even more<br />

of their questions.<br />

Year 9 took up the challenge to compete in a<br />

Platinum Jubilee Bake Off! They also visited<br />

Mercado Metropolitano, London’s first sustainable<br />

community market, to participate in a filled pasta<br />

making workshop.<br />

Year 10 completed independent projects preparing, making, and<br />

serving high-skill dishes with the theme of ‘celebrations’. Once<br />

more, Year 8 designed and made products that were sold at the<br />

Enterprise Fair.<br />

Economics and Business A Level Grade Booster Workshop May <strong>2022</strong><br />

Words by Mr Lafaury, Head of Economics and Business<br />

At the beginning of May, the Year 13 Economics and Business students attended a grade booster revision workshop in London,<br />

designed to prepare them for their upcoming A Level exams. Both the Economics and Business workshops consisted of sessions<br />

designed to help students improve their quantitative skills, how they manipulate data, their use of technical terms to support their<br />

analysis, and to develop their essay writing technique, something that will be very useful in their future academic careers.<br />

Business students had a close look at the sport industry through case studies on Gymshark and JD Sports to prepare for Paper 3<br />

which this year was focused on sports businesses. Economics students spent time improving their awareness and understanding<br />

of the UK economy by looking at macroeconomic policy decisions including recent changes in fiscal and monetary policies.<br />

Valuable time was also used to compare trends and developments in the world economy over the past 15 years. A big well done<br />

to all students for their hard work in their exams!<br />

8 9


Athletics <strong>Summer</strong> Review<br />

Words by Ms Berger-North, Teacher of PE<br />

It has been another fantastic summer athletics season with over 30 athletes taking<br />

part and six competitions. For the first time in <strong>Kew</strong> <strong>House</strong> history, not only have we<br />

had athletes qualify for the ISA National Athletics and Triathlon Championships,<br />

we now have four National medallists: a tremendous achievement. The athletics<br />

club has really gone from strength to strength this year and the athletes must<br />

be commended for their continued hard work, dedication and determination to<br />

succeed. Aside from national medallists, we have had a record number of <strong>Kew</strong><br />

<strong>House</strong> athletes representing at Middlesex county schools, London West Champs<br />

and London Youth Games, as well as numerous personal best performances.<br />

Middlesex <strong>School</strong>s’ Athletics Championships<br />

A record number of <strong>Kew</strong> <strong>House</strong> pupils qualified to represent Hounslow Borough at the Middlesex <strong>School</strong>s’ Athletics Championships.<br />

17 athletes took part over two separate days of age group competitions. The Year 9 and 10 competition saw the <strong>Kew</strong> <strong>House</strong><br />

borough representatives take on some tough competition from the seven other Middlesex boroughs. Rory F had a commanding<br />

win in the U17 1500m, narrowly missing his PB, whilst Louis M demonstrated his consistency with another strong run and equal<br />

PB in the U15 1500m. In the U15 800m, Alice B showed fantastic determination from the gun to finish 3rd in her heat and qualify<br />

for the final in a huge PB time. Isabella S demonstrated equal strength in the U17 800m against some tough competition. Nicole E<br />

continued her great form in the U17 high jump to equal her PB and win the bronze medal, whilst in the sprints, Charlie D displayed<br />

excellent sprint technique to qualify for the U15 200m final against some tough opposition.<br />

There were more successes in the Year 7 and 8 competition with Jake D winning his 100m heat convincingly and following this<br />

with a bronze-medal winning run in the final. Elsewhere in the sprints, Laila H and Ali A demonstrated some great bend running<br />

and technique in the 200m, whilst Olivia LL and Arlo L displayed speed, endurance and strength in the 300m. The middle-distance<br />

athletes met challenging opposition with determination in the 800m and 1500m events. Jemima S and Zachary M demonstrated<br />

good pacing and resilience within tough fields, whilst Josh C, Isabella C and Lara M fought off some fast-finishing opposition with<br />

equally strong final laps. In the field events, Roxy A had a personal best equalling performance in the high jump and Jake D had<br />

another consistent performance in the shot putt. Well done to all of our county schools’ qualifiers!<br />

ISA London West Athletics Championships and National Finals<br />

We had a great day at the ISA London West Athletics Competition in Windsor with 21 athletes across Years 7 to 10 taking part<br />

in numerous track and field events. It was a glorious, sunshine-filled day with the whole team performing brilliantly. Nine athletes<br />

received medals and many more achieved personal best performances.<br />

Congratulations to Laila H, Oliver B, Isabella S, Jude J-M and Louis M who were selected to represent London West at the ISA<br />

National Athletics Championships in Manchester. It was a fantastic day and the first time we have had qualifiers at this event. Oliver<br />

B was the first to compete in the shot putt. He demonstrated<br />

excellent technique, achieving a PB putt of 9.75m to win<br />

the competition and be crowned National champion. Louis<br />

M was up next in the 1500m. He had a strong race from<br />

start to finish, showing real determination to work his way<br />

through the field. Louis had a brilliant final 600m to claim the<br />

bronze medal. Laila H was last to compete, waiting all day<br />

for her opportunity to race. Laila had an incredibly strong run<br />

in a close 200m race to finish in 4th place. The day ended<br />

on a high, with Laila running an amazing relay leg to help<br />

the London West team take 2nd place in the 4x100m relay.<br />

A massive well done goes out to Oliver, Louis and Laila for<br />

their incredible efforts and performances. Congratulations<br />

also to Jude J-M and Isabella S who were selected for the<br />

competition but were unable to attend.<br />

<strong>Kew</strong> <strong>House</strong> <strong>School</strong> Boat Club<br />

Words by Mr Graham, Teacher of PE<br />

And just like that, <strong>Kew</strong> <strong>House</strong> <strong>School</strong> Boat Club’s <strong>2022</strong> rowing season<br />

comes to a fantastic conclusion. After ten months of training, rowing<br />

and competing, KHSBC raced four crews down the historic 2,112m<br />

course at Henley Royal Regatta (HRR). After a four year build up<br />

since our club first affiliated, two junior men’s and two junior women’s<br />

crews represented KHSBC in the following HRR Qualifier events:<br />

The Princess Elizabeth Challenge Cup (<strong>School</strong> Boy Coxed Eights)<br />

The Temple Challenge Cup (University/Second <strong>School</strong> Boy Eights)<br />

The Diamond Jubilee Challenge Cup (Junior Women’s Coxless<br />

Quads)<br />

KHSBC are also immensely proud of our coaching team who competed at HRR <strong>2022</strong> including Henry, Holly & Josh. Congratulations<br />

to Rufus for winning the Thames Challenge Cup. KHSBC celebrated the <strong>2022</strong> season and finished the season with a spectacular<br />

BBQ at HRR and the <strong>Summer</strong> <strong>House</strong> Regatta. Well done to Yew <strong>House</strong> for beating Ash, Elm and Oak to win the <strong>2022</strong> <strong>House</strong> Cup!<br />

ISA National Triathlon<br />

Congratulations to Year 11 pupil, Isla S who<br />

competed in the Senior Para Aquathlon at the<br />

ISA National Triathlon Championships in May.<br />

Following her success at the ISA Swimming<br />

Finals, Isla has gone from strength to strength<br />

this year and continues to progress at a national<br />

level. Supported by a Team GB Paralympic coach,<br />

Isla triumphed once more. Following a 200m<br />

swim and a 1.8km run, Isla won the overall title<br />

to be crowned National champion, an absolutely<br />

fantastic achievement. Well done Isla!<br />

Boys’ and Girls’ Games<br />

Words by Mr Kinsella, Teacher of PE<br />

This term our pupils have performed admirably in their cricket fixtures and have produced<br />

some brilliant results. Notable performances include victories against Isleworth and<br />

Syon under 15s and Harrodian under 13s. Every pupil who selected cricket has had the<br />

opportunity to represent the school; I can confidently say they have done this with pride and<br />

displayed the attitude we expect as a community. We had some standout performances<br />

this season with a fine batting performance from Benny R against Grey Court, hitting 88.<br />

Benny is one to watch out for as he slowly begins the transition into senior cricket. In<br />

addition to this, a special mention must go to Jake O who hit an impressive 67 runs against<br />

Teddington <strong>School</strong>, showing sublime technique and calmness under a fast-bowling attack.<br />

Girls’ football has continued to grow from strength to strength, enjoying solid wins over<br />

Radnor <strong>House</strong> and Ibstock Place. We have had a consistent number of girls turn up to football club every Tuesday morning and<br />

this has allowed key development which can be seen in fixtures. A special mention to Alice B who scored four goals in one match<br />

this term. Next season we have entered our under 13s and 14s into the ISFA national cup - exciting times for our girls’ football<br />

teams.<br />

10 11

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