Selwyn_Times: October 01, 2022

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<strong>Selwyn</strong><br />

Gardening<br />

Spring <strong>2022</strong><br />

published by & <strong>Selwyn</strong> <strong>Times</strong><br />

gARdeN TOuRS | PLANTS<br />

NuRSeRieS | LANdSCAPe deSigN<br />

iRRigATiON | OuTdOOR SPACeS<br />

guide<br />

Step into another world with this<br />

delightful garden in Kirwee<br />

Page 4<br />

A passion for native plants<br />

in West Melton<br />

Page 10<br />

Go in the draw to win a 12-month<br />

subscription to kiwigardener<br />

HEY KIDS<br />

WiN a fun-filled<br />

Gardening set<br />


1-Ma ip<br />

Bruce Bretchill<br />

3-As rh 2-Vi od 3-As ca 2-As rh<br />

plicatum Pink Beauty Olivia<br />

9-Heu<br />

2-Heu 2-Pi go<br />

2-As rh<br />

1500<br />

HP<br />

750<br />

1750<br />

Prunus Thundercloud<br />

1-Vi od 1-Cra pa sc<br />

Viburnum plicatum Pink Beauty<br />

2-Tr ja<br />

3-Pi go<br />

3-Ma st<br />

Vulcan<br />

56.841sqm<br />

700<br />

20.78sqm<br />

600<br />

900<br />

Allwood Trees, 913 Shands Road,<br />

Prebbleton 7676<br />

Phone: (03) 349 9240<br />

allwood.co.nz<br />

allwoodtrees<br />

1200<br />

500<br />

5-As ca<br />

Transnokoensis 1.8m centers<br />

3-Fe ap<br />

1200<br />

2-Ma st<br />

Koban Dori<br />

11.83sqm<br />

500<br />

400<br />

900 500<br />

500 3000<br />

1-Pr sh<br />

1-Pr sh<br />


25 YEARS<br />


1.8m High Timber Fence.<br />

Set back 3m from<br />

Boundary.<br />

Rear Retaining Wall.<br />

Relocate Heatpump Unit in<br />

behind fence..<br />

ROAD<br />

17.58m BOUNDARY<br />

Decorative Stone Chip<br />

1050<br />

Letterbox with Plaster<br />

Finish to match House.<br />

1200<br />

2800<br />

2310<br />

1000<br />

4000<br />

Please note: Driveway measurements New Property<br />

have changed. Currently at 56.841sqm, ID Qty Latin Name<br />

less than initial 58.29sqm allowance on<br />

plan, have also included saw cuts<br />

As ca 8 Assorted Camellia<br />

at<br />

700mm centers with central line from As rh 7 Assorted Rhodos<br />

Entry door as indicated.<br />

Cra pa sc 1 Prunus Thundercloud<br />

Fe ap 3 2x Feijoa apollo x1 Unique<br />

Heu 11 Heuchera<br />

Ma ip 1 Malus ioensis plena<br />

77<br />

Ma st 5 Magnolia Cleopatra<br />

Pi go 5 Pittosporum Golfball<br />

Pr sh 2 Prunus Shirotae<br />

Tr ja 2 Trach. jasminoides<br />

Vi od 3 Viburnum Odoratissimum<br />

1.8m High Timber Fence. Decorative Stone Chip<br />

With Single Access Gateway.<br />

Please note new fence layout option to<br />

Set back 3m from<br />

Increase usable space<br />

Boundary.<br />

Tree and Shrub<br />

Nursery Garden<br />

Consultations<br />

Experienced, knowledgeable staff will<br />

give information and advice via email,<br />

phone or in person at Allwood Trees.<br />

Send us your landscape plan and we<br />

can advise on plant selection.<br />

Soft Landscape Plans<br />

This is a plan with detailed specifications<br />

related to your property. Showing both<br />

botanical and common names of trees<br />

and shrubs, as well as quantites and<br />

other relevant comments (eg spacing).<br />

Delivery & Planting<br />

We can deliver and plant trees<br />

purchased from Allwood Trees. We do<br />

everything from digging the hole to<br />

staking the tree and adding slow release<br />

fertiliser.<br />

Quotations<br />

Send us your plant list and we will<br />

quote as quickly as possible. We are<br />

able to provide different tree and shrub<br />

size options and suggest alternatives<br />

if particular trees or shrubs are not<br />

available.<br />

Garden Maintenance<br />

We have a great garden maintenance<br />

service. We liaise with you regarding any<br />

changes required with your garden and<br />

can implement a great maintenance<br />

programme to keep your garden looking<br />

pristine all year.<br />

Landscape<br />

Construction<br />

Allwood has a great Landscape<br />

construction service specialising in<br />

soft landscape work. From planning to<br />

completion, Allwood can transform<br />

your property.

selwyn gardening guide spring <strong>2022</strong> | 3<br />


Star Media<br />

A division of Allied Press Ltd<br />

PO Box 1467 Christchurch 8140<br />

AdvERtISIng<br />

Lynette Evans - Ph 03 364 7434<br />

email: lynette.evans@starmedia.kiwi<br />

EdItORIAL<br />

Fiona Maddison<br />

Rosemary graham<br />

Fiona Robinson<br />

dESIgn<br />

denise Crawford<br />

Spring is the time for plans and projects<br />

Spring is a great time to renew your love of the garden. It’s a time of new<br />

growth and great possibilities – check out our guide for some great inspiration<br />

and help to make your gardening and landscaping projects a success!<br />


• 12-13 Oct - St John Garden Fete<br />

allevents.in/methven/st-john-garden-fete/200022779655148<br />

• 23-24 Oct 10am – Little River Flower Power Garden Trail eventfinda.<br />

co.nz/<strong>2022</strong>/little-river-flower-power-garden-trail/banks-peninsula<br />

• 27-30 Oct - Hurunui Garden Festival hurunuigardenfestival.com<br />

• 2 Nov - West Melton Native Plants with Dr Colin Meurk at Nut Point Centre<br />

eventfinda.co.nz/<strong>2022</strong>/west-melton-native-plants-<strong>2022</strong>/<br />

• 19-20 Nov - Akaroa Inside Out Garden and Home Tour <strong>2022</strong> visitakaroa.<br />

com/see-do/events/event/284-akaroa-inside-out-garden-and-home-tour-<strong>2022</strong><br />


Broadfields Garden Club will celebrate its 30th anniversary with a luncheon<br />

and guest speaker on March 14, 2023 at the Broadfield Hall. Past members are<br />

warmly invited to attend and can contact Zelda on 021 036 8315 or Sandra on<br />

021 754 114 for further information.<br />

Sheffield Garden Club will celebrate its 70th anniversary with a high afternoon<br />

tea, activities and guest speaker on May 6, 2023 at the Sheffield Community<br />

Hall. Past members are welcome to join the celebrations. To find out more<br />

email the secretary at Sheffieldgardenclubnz@gmail.com or phone Fi<br />

Maddison, 021 047 0066.<br />

Gardens to discover<br />

©Kurt Langer Photography<br />

Discover 13 diverse gardens and more<br />

this Labour Weekend on Sunday 23<br />

and Monday 24 <strong>October</strong> at the Little<br />

River Flower Power Garden Trail on<br />

Banks Peninsula.<br />

Featuring planting styles that range<br />

from rhododendron shrubberies<br />

to banana palm fringed ponds,<br />

there is something to interest<br />

everyone. Several properties operate<br />

commercially, growing flowers, berries<br />

and nuts such as Janet and Peter<br />

Wills’ Country Nutters and Glynis and<br />

Tom Dobson’s Protea Cottage, both in<br />

Okuti Valley.<br />

Experience a native bush backyard<br />

by checking out the bush covenant<br />

managed by Bernard Shapiro and<br />

Amy Huang, while inspiration for a<br />

lawn-free cottage garden can be<br />

found at Lily Cottage. At Birdlings Flat,<br />

Geoff Spearpoint surprises with what<br />

can be achieved on a small coastal<br />

section.<br />

©Kurt Langer Photography<br />

Fancy music to accompany your<br />

garden stroll? The Botanical Cellist,<br />

Janet Cubey, will be playing<br />

on Sunday only at Tarawāhi, a<br />

woodland-style garden bursting with<br />

rhododendrons.<br />

Native plants will be available<br />

to purchase from Living Streams<br />

Community Nursery, while a bargain<br />

of a different sort may be found at<br />

Revival Op shop, housed in historic St<br />

Andrews Church. There will also be<br />

opportunities to buy drinks and baking<br />

so bringing cash is recommended.<br />

This is a self-drive trail so take your time<br />

and visit as few or as many gardens as<br />

you wish.<br />

Gardens will be open Sunday and<br />

Monday 10am-4pm. Tickets $15 per<br />

adult, children free, are available from<br />

the Little River Craft Station (open 7<br />

days including Labour weekend) and<br />

eventfinda.co.nz. Proceeds will go to<br />

community groups.

4 |<br />

selwyn gardening guide spring <strong>2022</strong><br />

Paradise in Kirwee<br />

Words: Fi Maddison | Photos: Fi Maddison & Moira Farrell<br />

Knot garden<br />

Fastigiata oak tree avenue<br />

Needing something to do was how half a<br />

hectare of rural land was transformed into a<br />

stunning paradise in the years following the<br />

Canterbury earthquakes.<br />

After the 2<strong>01</strong>1 earthquakes, Kirwee gardener Moira<br />

Farrell found she had time on her hands while her<br />

damaged home in Christchurch went through the<br />

long claim and repair process.<br />

When she suggested to her partner, David, that she<br />

create a garden in his back paddock in Kirwee, he<br />

wasn’t so keen. But Moira soon convinced him that<br />

she needed something to do and could visualize a<br />

beautiful garden where his sheep once grazed.<br />

She began creating her gardens slowly, digging<br />

and planting, working only weekends. At first, Moira<br />

could only take over half the paddock and when<br />

she ventured that “it just looks wrong” only half<br />

planted, David finally agreed to the full garden<br />

conversion. That was over nine years ago.<br />

Asked if she had a plan, Moira says, “no, there was<br />

no real plan – it just grew.” However, there was one<br />

garden design element that she did want to include<br />

- a round hedge inspired by the famous rondel in<br />

Sissinghurst.<br />

“I knew I wanted to include a rondel of English<br />

Beech,” says Moira. “We planted 120 trees over a<br />

weekend. They’re around three metres high now<br />

and don’t take too much looking after.”<br />

Luckily the garden, now named “The Back<br />

Paddock”, already had plenty of shelter from the<br />

Nor’ West winds to help it become established.<br />

Moira says the easy part is looking after it and adds<br />

that she gets help from her ‘significant other’ –<br />


hail, leaves, snow & vermin from<br />

blocking & damaging your spouting<br />

Quality materials: BHP Colorbond steel mesh with unique patented louvre<br />

will even keep out pine needles. Will not rust or sag with age or load.<br />

10 year warranty, range of colours.<br />

Proven in Australia & New Zealand over the last 15 years.<br />




Call Rohan anytime Mon-Sat for a<br />

no-obligation assessment & quote<br />

03 982 8850 0800 486532 www.gumleaf.co.nz<br />

Sharon CroftS<br />

LandSCape d e S ign<br />

• Consultations • Design Concepts • Planting Plans<br />

P. 329 6229<br />

M. 0274 311 558<br />

s-crofts@xtra.co.nz<br />


selwyn gardening guide spring <strong>2022</strong> | 5<br />

English Beech Rondel<br />

David, who cuts the lawns and edges<br />

and does the annual hedge trim with<br />

the tractor.<br />

The large garden includes several<br />

formal elements besides the rondel.<br />

There is the buxus knot garden, where<br />

Moira grew numerous cuttings for the<br />

hedge, and the avenue of fastigiata<br />

oak trees, which she was warned<br />

against planting but is now pleased<br />

with their vigorous upright growth.<br />

There is also a small vineyard, where<br />

pinot noir grapes have already been<br />

harvested into three bottles of wine –<br />

yet to be tasted<br />

Naming some of the gardens has<br />

helped Moira keep track of them<br />

and her whereabouts. Some are<br />

based on colours, while others are<br />

based on what is in them such as<br />

the Spanish bluebell garden under<br />

the nuttery – many of the bluebells<br />

came from her mother’s garden; the<br />

hosta and hellebore garden; the dark<br />

leaf garden, which looks stunning<br />

when the mauve rhododendron is<br />

flowering; the rose garden; and two<br />

woodland gardens. Each has its own<br />

personality and beauty at varying<br />

times of the year. There are also some<br />

playful quirks to discover, such as the<br />

miniature golf green complete with<br />

bunker, and the hedgehog house, a<br />

gift from David.<br />

The generous grassy path leading<br />

to The Back Paddock garden is<br />

sheltered and features an avenue of<br />

Jacquemontii birches, known for their<br />

striking white trunks. Moira says some<br />

people like to bleach the tree trunks<br />

with soap and water, but she prefers<br />

to leave them natural.<br />

While Moira says there was no initial<br />

plan, she has created a beautiful,<br />

peaceful, and natural space with<br />

paths to wander and dream, areas<br />

to sit and contemplate, gardens to<br />

watch the seasons come and go, and<br />

a place where she and visitors can<br />

escape the rest of the world.<br />

“We’ve even had a visit from the<br />

white heron that’s been in the area,”<br />

says Moira. And who could blame the<br />

kōtuku, if it thought it had just landed<br />

in paradise.<br />

For more information about opening<br />

times and fees to visit the garden,<br />

email Moira at: moira_farrell@hotmail.<br />

com.<br />

Moria Farrell<br />


Be in to win a 12-month subscription to Kiwi Gardener (valued at $80.50) to<br />

continue your growing journey. Every issue is packed full of practical advice for<br />

real gardeners, to guide beginners and extend experts. kiwigardenermagazine.<br />

co.nz<br />

TO GO IN THE DRAW Email your name, address and phone number to<br />

giveaways@gardener.kiwi with <strong>Selwyn</strong> <strong>Times</strong> in the subject line.<br />

Entries close 22 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

For the Outdoor Space<br />

of your Dreams...<br />

Paving, Irrigation, Lawns, Planting,<br />

Fences, Pergolas, Water-features,<br />

Outdoor fires, Raised Vege beds,<br />

Decks, Artificial grass, Garden<br />

maintenance & more...<br />


A DECK?<br />

Call Aaron & the team today!<br />

Phone: 03 347 4422 or 021 542 402<br />

Email: Aaron@theoutdoorspace.co.nz<br />

www.theoutdoorspace.co.nz<br />


See us for all your timber and hardware needs.<br />

Canterbury<br />

Timber & Hardware<br />

Call in today for your free quote!<br />

167 Manion Road, Rolleston<br />

P 03 347 7465 E sales@cthl.co.nz<br />

www.cthl.co.nz<br />

Mon-Fri: 7am-5pm Sat: 8am-12pm

meet us in<br />

the Country<br />

Garden<br />

open days<br />

Visit <strong>Selwyn</strong>’s award-winning<br />

gardens opening in spring.<br />

Get a group of friends together<br />

and explore beautiful gardens and<br />

nurseries in bloom . There are plenty<br />

of open days to choose from with<br />

great walks and cafes nearby.<br />

For garden opening times and<br />

addresses go to <strong>Selwyn</strong>.nz/spring<br />


You’re in for a treat with this tour. With five gardens and<br />

nurseries in this itinerary, you will truly get to experience<br />

how special spring is in <strong>Selwyn</strong>.<br />

Saturday 22 <strong>October</strong>, times vary per garden<br />

Price $0–$15 per garden<br />

TOUR: Cedar Park, Dalkeith, Broadfields, K&L Nurseries,<br />

RhodoDirect, Herbal garden, Casa Rossa, Hauora<br />

Produce-at RhodoDirect.<br />


Follow the footsteps of early settlers, as they moved out<br />

onto the Canterbury Plains. Start your day at Stoneycrop<br />

followed by RhodoDirect; where you will discover beautiful<br />

rhododendrons growing in <strong>Selwyn</strong>. During your stop,<br />

staff from Hauora Produce will be providing tasty fresh<br />

strawberries. Visit the historical woodland gardens of Terrace<br />

Station which was once owned and curated by one of New<br />

Zealand's historic politicians, one of New Zealand’s historic<br />

politicians, Sir John Hill and his wife Rose, Lady Hall. Finish<br />

off your journey by stopping in at Nat’s Nursery where you<br />

will find locally grown native plants to take home.<br />

Sunday 2 <strong>October</strong>, times vary per garden<br />

Price: $0–$15 per garden<br />

TOUR: RhodoDirect, Stoneycrop, Hauora Produce-at<br />

RhodoDirect, Terrace Station, Nats Nursery Hororata.<br />


Immerse yourself in a garden curated by historical politician<br />

Sir John and Lady Rose Hall. Delight in the woodland garden<br />

and mass planting of spring bulbs. Just around the corner,<br />

you will find Gunyah Country Estate. One of New Zealand's<br />

grand old homesteads rich in history that is linked to Terrace<br />

Station. Enjoy 12 acres of gardens that have matured over<br />

the past 100 years. You may find some delicious preserves<br />

and products made from the orchard. On your way home,<br />

stop in at Nat’s Nursery to find locally raised and grown<br />

plants to take home.<br />

Sunday 30 <strong>October</strong>, times vary per garden<br />

Price $0–$10 per garden<br />

TOUR: Terrace Station, Gunyah Country Estate, Nats<br />

Nursery Hororata.<br />


This open day is being offered twice in the month of <strong>October</strong><br />

- on the Saturday 1 and Saturday 8.<br />

Venture through Cedar Park and discover 1.5 acres full of<br />

a variety of vibrant plants, trees, and shrubs. Then as you<br />

are travelling out of Rolleston, your next stop is Dalkeith<br />

Garden. Described as a tranquil oasis of sunshine, birdsong<br />

and peacefulness, this four-acre garden on Boundary Road,<br />

dates back to 1955. Next, see how spring has brought the<br />

award-winning Broadfield Garden to life. Before you finish<br />

for the day, visit K&L Nurseries, and be inspired to grow your<br />

own flowers and plants.<br />

Saturday 1 <strong>October</strong> and Saturday 8 <strong>October</strong>,<br />

times vary per garden. Price: $0–$15 per garden<br />

TOUR: Cedar Park, Dalkeith, Broadfields, K&L Nurseries.<br />


Discover the transformation of an old quarry at Casa Rossa<br />

into an established award-winning garden. Right next door<br />

you will find The Herbal Garden with a mix of medicinal<br />

herbs and plants grown for health and wellbeing. Enjoy the<br />

splendor of Stoneycrop which has wheelchair accessible<br />

paths. Not far down the road is RhodoDirect where you will<br />

discover some of the most beautiful rhododendrons growing<br />

and for sale in <strong>Selwyn</strong>. During your stop at RhodoDirect, staff<br />

from Hauora Produce will be selling delicious strawberries<br />

for you to take home.<br />

Wednesday 19 <strong>October</strong>, 10am–4pm<br />

Price $0–$15 per garden<br />

TOUR: RhodoDirect, Stoneycrop, Herbal Garden, Casa Rossa,<br />

Hauora Produce-at RhodoDirect.<br />


RhodoDirect has been supplying rhododendrons throughout<br />

New Zealand to keen gardeners for over 20 years. Check<br />

out their fine collection, and taste fresh strawberries from<br />

Hauora Produce. Wander through Stoneycrop; a garden<br />

which has been carefully created to provide year-round<br />

interest from the first English snowdrops (Galanthus) in July<br />

through to the dahlias, asters and other perennials flowering<br />

until the first frosts in May. Stoneycrop has wheelchair<br />

accessible paths.<br />

Sunday 9 <strong>October</strong> and Wednesday 12 <strong>October</strong>,<br />

10am–4pm<br />

Price $0–$10 per garden<br />

TOUR: RhodoDirect, Stoneycrop, Hauora Produce-at<br />

RhodoDirect.<br />


Your first stop on your botanical experience is Cedar Park<br />

where you will discover 1.5 acres of vibrant plants, trees and<br />

shrubs. Next is the beautiful oasis - Dalkeith Garden where<br />

you'll find birdsong, rhododendrons, camellias, maples<br />

and magnolias. Discover Broadfields where you will roam<br />

through 3.5 hectares of blossoming plants and flowers. Then<br />

stop at K&L Nurseries and stock up on plants and supplies.<br />

Travel out to West Melton for your two final stops. Find<br />

organic and handcrafted herbal teas, salts and skin at the<br />

Herbal Garden. Finally finish off at the Shakespeare inspired<br />

stunning garden of Casa Rossa. You will never know it was<br />

once an old quarry!<br />

Saturday 15 <strong>October</strong>, times vary per garden<br />

Price $0–$15 per garden<br />

TOUR: Cedar Park, Dalkeith, Broadfields, K&L Nurseries,<br />

Herbal garden, Casa Rossa.

selwyn gardening guide spring <strong>2022</strong> | 7<br />

Gardening made easy<br />

Words & Images: Fiona Robinson<br />

Day 1. Day 11. Day 18. Four weeks after planting<br />

Fiona Robinson delves into the joy of planting above the ground.<br />

The ads and reviews sounded too good to be true. However, I researched the<br />

pros and cons, tips and tricks, and decided a Vegepod would be my birthday<br />

present. Stiff knees and sore muscles after digging, planting and maintaining<br />

the garden had recently hampered my joy in gardening and growing<br />

vegetables. So, having a raised gardening bed with everything at a higher<br />

level sounded perfect.<br />

In January <strong>2022</strong>, I purchased a large Vegepod kit and what I would need to<br />

fill it: quality potting mix, compost, and perlite. Perlite is as light as polystyrene<br />

but is made from volcanic rock and provides good aeration and drainage. The<br />

large pod comprises four individual sections joined together and is covered<br />

by a semi-transparent canopy with internal spray nozzles. The mesh canopy<br />

lets through sufficient light while preventing pests from attacking plants and<br />

provides a beneficial micro-climate for increased growth and a lofty perch for<br />

my cat!<br />

The instructions were easy-to-follow, and I constructed the Vegepod in a<br />

couple of hours on my own, without needing an engineering degree. I learned<br />

from previous kit-building exercises that a solo effort is often less stressful and<br />

better for relationships!<br />

Due to Rolleston’s well-known wind, I chose a sheltered but sunny spot to set up<br />

my pod on a stack of pallets. You can buy a trolley or stand for the small and<br />

medium kits, making them easy to move.<br />

I filled the Vegepod according to instructions on the website and the valuable<br />

tips I had gained from a Facebook group. Then my excitement built as I<br />

planned out where my plants would go. First, I determined which plants would<br />

grow the highest and which would need more depth for their roots before<br />

planting them, although it was a challenge not to get carried away with my<br />

choice of plants.<br />

Next, I sowed carrot seeds, planted beetroot, dwarf broccoli, red cabbage<br />

and bean seedlings, and strawberries and then gently watered them from a<br />

watering can. After that, I connected my hose to irrigate from the overhead<br />

sprinklers and occasionally manually added some liquid seaweed for a boost.<br />

The pod is self-watering as the plants wick the moisture up from the reservoirs,<br />

and several drainage holes ensure the soil doesn’t become flooded.<br />

Most days, I excitedly checked my plants and was rewarded with a fantastic<br />

growth rate beyond my expectations. I had no failures and harvested my<br />

fresh vegetables, bottled beetroot and froze broccoli and beans to use later.<br />

Subsequent plantings later in the season meant I was eating lettuce leaves<br />

throughout winter when others were paying nearly $5.00 a lettuce!<br />

Due to the warmer soil in the off-the-ground gardening bed, I’ve already<br />

planted this season’s dwarf broccoli and lettuces, so “bring on the veges!”<br />

I’m happy to say with the ease of use, speedy growth and lack of bugs<br />

and pests on the plants, my vegetables were the envy of many, and I am a<br />

Vegepod convert!<br />


Direct from the grower<br />

We’ve got<br />

you watered<br />

Landscape planting<br />

advice given<br />

Onsite consultation<br />

Growers of perennials,<br />

natives and Buxus<br />

Topiary<br />

Loads of ground<br />

covers and plants<br />

for the heat, shade,<br />

screening and for<br />

pops of colour<br />

BUY THE<br />


FOR THE<br />


Best Water Solutions<br />

P: 0274 676 183 E: bws2<strong>01</strong>1@xtra.co.nz<br />

www.bestwatersolutions.co.nz<br />

Phone 027 255 7917<br />

Email: info@plantz.co.nz<br />

Follow us on<br />

1453 Christchurch Akaroa Road, Motukarara

Spring iS the perfect time to chooSe<br />

a flowering rhododendron.<br />

Looking for a low maintenance easy care plant then rhododendrons are for you!<br />

Why plant<br />

Rhododendrons?<br />

PuRPLe<br />

SPLendouR<br />

KaPonga<br />

FaSTuoSuM<br />

FLoRe PLeno<br />

jingLe beLLS<br />

bLaCK MagiC<br />

oSTbo LoW<br />

YeLLoW<br />

Their blooms are bold and beautiful<br />

Rhododendrons bloom once a year in spring and they<br />

certainly make their presence known when they start to<br />

flower. Their flower clusters tend to range from 5-9 inches<br />

across so they are difficult to ignore. They come in a wide<br />

range of colours including white, pink, blue, red, yellow,<br />

apricot and blends of colours.<br />

They are evergreen and eye-catching even<br />

without flowers<br />

As well as fantastic flowers, rhododendrons also make a<br />

statement with their foliage. Their attractive large, dark<br />

green leaves is what most people think of when describing<br />

rhododendron leaves. However, they come in a variety of<br />

leaf sizes, colours and textures.<br />

Low maintenance<br />

Generally after planting and mulching, all that is required<br />

is fertiliser in spring and keeping them well watered in<br />

summer to encourage flower buds for next season.<br />

Rhododendrons are great for shaded gardens<br />

It can be challenging finding colourful and dynamic plants<br />

for a shaded garden. This is where rhododendrons really<br />

come into their own. They provide reliable structure when<br />

not in bloom and they brighten up shady spots when<br />

they are flowering. They look great planted under any<br />

deciduous tree.<br />

Choosing the right rhododendron<br />

for your site<br />

With over 450 different varieties of rhododendron grown on<br />

site to choose from Lisa and the team are able to assist you<br />

in ensuring that you select the variety of rhododendron that<br />

is going to perform best in your planting location. Catering<br />

for all budgets with smaller plants starting from $25 to more<br />

mature plants to create that instant fill in effect.<br />

3/377 halkett road, weSt melton, chriStchUrch<br />

open to the pUblic 7 dayS 10am-4pm Sept to chriStmaS<br />

(Thurs, Fri, saT 10am-4pm Jan To aug)<br />

021 746 368 | 0800 315 6555 | rhododirect.co.nz | @ rhododirect

selwyn gardening guide spring <strong>2022</strong> | 9<br />

Make every<br />

drop count<br />

Everybody knows that using water<br />

wisely is essential for the environment<br />

and your pocket. Local company<br />

<strong>Selwyn</strong> Irrigation opened in July <strong>2022</strong>,<br />

providing solutions for all your irrigation<br />

and outdoor water needs while caring<br />

for the environment and saving you<br />

money.<br />

With a highly qualified team with<br />

over 24 years of combined industry<br />

experience, Simon and Jeff service<br />

Canterbury-wide, from Residential to<br />

Commercial or Lifestyle properties.<br />

They work well as a team, love what<br />

they do, and pride themselves on<br />

providing the best outcome for<br />

their clients from an onsite and<br />

environmental perspective.<br />

Simon brings eighteen years<br />

of irrigation experience to the<br />

partnership in a senior management<br />

and technical role. Together with<br />

his vast technical knowledge, he<br />

provides quality workmanship and<br />

an eye for detail. He previously spent<br />

twelve years working on golf courses,<br />

including Russley and Queenstown,<br />

gaining a Trade certificate<br />

qualification in Turf Management.<br />

Jeff has over six years of irrigation<br />

experience, working alongside Simon<br />

and brings twenty years of experience<br />

in a customer service-based industry.<br />

With good old-fashioned hard-working<br />

ethics and practical thinking, Jeff<br />

ensures positive outcomes and gets<br />

stuck in completing the job on time<br />

and within budget.<br />

<strong>Selwyn</strong> Irrigation provides water<br />

management solutions for lawn,<br />

garden, water conservation or<br />

landscape planning for existing or<br />

new homes. For a “Greener Today<br />

for a Greener Tomorrow” approach,<br />

the team designs and installs smarter<br />

irrigation systems that reduce water<br />

costs and are environmentally friendly.<br />

They use innovative equipment to<br />

install underground irrigation pipes<br />

with no trenches or digging, meaning<br />

less mess. Water-efficient products<br />

and the latest controller technology<br />

from manual to automated (WIFI)<br />

management of irrigation systems<br />

ensure every drop counts.<br />

For service and maintenance of<br />

quality-driven irrigation solutions,<br />

visit admin@selwynirrigation.co.nz or<br />

phone 0800 ADD H2O.<br />

Quality Outdoor Water Irrigation<br />

Solutions for Residential,<br />

Lifestyle and Commercial.<br />


Environmentally friendly ways<br />

to irrigate your lawns and<br />

gardens with economic water<br />

management solutions<br />

Every Drop<br />

Counts<br />

Phone 0800 ADD H20 • Mon – Fri 8am – 4pm<br />

www.selwynirrigation.co.nz<br />

VIEW OUR<br />


PLANTS<br />

Spring<br />

Gardening<br />


OPEN WEEKDAYS 8:30–5PM<br />


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selwyn gardening guide spring <strong>2022</strong><br />

A passion for natives<br />

Words & Photos: Fi Maddison<br />

A West Melton landowner has turned his property<br />

into a sanctuary for native plants and wildlife.<br />

When John Allan first moved to his property near<br />

West Melton in 20<strong>01</strong>, he never imagined he would<br />

be involved in a long-term native planting scheme.<br />

In fact, he originally planned to plant his 10 acres<br />

out in walnuts, hence naming the property Nut Point<br />

Centre, but instead went on to develop the centre<br />

to showcase visual arts, host chamber music and<br />

hold charity events.<br />

It wasn’t until 2006 that John was introduced to the<br />

idea of growing native plants on his land. A lady<br />

knocked on his door asking if she could take seeds<br />

from an old kowhai tree in the paddock. When<br />

John showed interest in her request, she offered to<br />

help get funding to plant some of his land in natives.<br />

“I really didn’t know what I was doing in those<br />

earlier days,” says John. At the time, the land was<br />

leased out for sheep grazing, but he soon fenced<br />

off part of the hill for his first project.<br />

“I received a small grant from Landcare Trust in<br />

conjunction with the <strong>Selwyn</strong> District Council. Our<br />

aim was to plant 600 plants.” Back then, he was<br />

advised not to spray; he had no irrigation, no<br />

supplements, and no plant guards.<br />

When planting day came, another expert looked<br />

over the site and declared that he doubted<br />

whether 5% of the plants would become<br />

established. The group duly arrived to help, but by<br />

the time they toured the property and had lunch,<br />

they’d had enough. All left except for one hardy<br />

couple, who stayed to help John get the plants in<br />

the ground.<br />

Making your great outdoors greater<br />


50/50 Screened topsoil / compost blend<br />


$316.25<br />

5m 3<br />

Free delivery<br />

$517.50<br />

10m 3<br />

Free delivery<br />

Check out our all new website<br />

www.mainscapegardensupplies.co.nz<br />

Contact Us<br />

1543 Springs Road, Lincoln 021 241 7908 sales@mainscape.co.nz<br />

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm Saturday 8:00am - 3:00pm

selwyn gardening guide spring <strong>2022</strong> | 11<br />

By the end of the weekend, John’s introduction to<br />

the world of native plants had begun.<br />

While many of those first plantings died due to an<br />

initial lack of understanding, John soon picked up<br />

the essential knowledge he needed by trial and<br />

error – diligently digging up stones and rocks in<br />

sandy soil and adding much needed mulch and<br />

watering systems.<br />

Now 16 years later, John has approximately 10-<br />

15,000 native plants in the ground over a six-acre<br />

site. What started as a small project developed<br />

over the years into something much greater – an<br />

opportunity to transform the property and help<br />

educate others in the benefits of growing natives.<br />

Along with his own plantings over the years, John<br />

has also had some help along the way. Areas of<br />

diverse plantings include a site where Plant & Food<br />

Research researched plants that attract native<br />

pollinators such as the native Leioproctus and<br />

Lasioglossum bees. He was also put in touch with Te<br />

Ara Kākāriki Trust, a charity whose goal is to increase<br />

biodiversity in Canterbury.<br />

“They are a wonderful organisation,” says John.<br />

“Their main support is help with planting and also<br />

providing some funding.”<br />

Funding from Te Ara Kākāriki has been a four-year<br />

project, where 500-700 plants are planted each<br />

year at a cost equivalent to $4-5000 a time. The<br />

group arrives with volunteers, shovels and plenty of<br />

energy to get the job done.<br />

John’s commitment to native plants has become<br />

a lifelong passion, albeit one that is demanding<br />

and needs constant attention – weeding, watering,<br />

mowing and spraying on a weekly basis – but John<br />

can see the benefits of his work when wandering<br />

through the walkways amongst numerous varieties<br />

of native plants while listening to the birds.<br />

“Native plants are not only beneficiary to the<br />

property and wellbeing of people but also to the<br />

birdlife,” says John, keen for people to understand<br />

just how valuable native planting can be.<br />

To find out more or to contact John, visit: www.<br />

nutpoint.org<br />

OPEN 7 DAYS<br />




40 Hoskyns Road<br />

Rolleston<br />

Phone 03 242 0421<br />

Mon - Fri 8:00am - 5:30pm. Sat 8:30am - 3:00pm. Sun 10:00am - 3:00pm<br />


12 |<br />

selwyn gardening guide spring <strong>2022</strong><br />

Ride-on zen<br />

Words & Photos: Fiona Robinson<br />

A ride-on lawnmower brings happiness and beneficial<br />

therapy to its owner.<br />

Most people find mowing lawns a chore, no matter how<br />

good the lawnmower is. However, <strong>Selwyn</strong> resident Sheryl<br />

Riddle, a stroke survivor, finds the opposite. She finds her<br />

“happy place” using her Husqvarna Zero Turn ride-on<br />

lawnmower, and for Sheryl, the chore of mowing lawns is<br />

therapeutic and calming.<br />

Ten years ago, a stroke changed Sheryl’s life. She had to<br />

relearn how to walk, talk, read, write and drive. One new<br />

goal was to see if she could mow the lawns. It was initially<br />

a challenge, but Sheryl now finds the simple process<br />

relaxing. Using the ride-on lawn mower is a task she can<br />

do, and it gives her the satisfaction of completing and<br />

making it look good.<br />

It is a process she focuses on while giving her a great sense<br />

of achievement. Sheryl suggests others may use a stress<br />

ball, and the ride-on is her stress reliever. She puts on her<br />

headphones and says it’s her chance to shut everything<br />

else out, and “the world goes away”. Taking about 2.5<br />

hours to do lawns around the house and another 3 hours<br />

for the roadside berms gives her the time out she needs.<br />

Sheryl’s been using the Husqvarna for the past seven<br />

years, choosing it for its reputation, cost and service. Now<br />

“queen of the ride-on”, she loves how easy it is to use and<br />

states,” You don’t have to think what gear you need to<br />

put it in”. Sheryl won’t share the lawnmowing duties saying<br />

she knows her mower’s quirks and capabilities best.<br />

However, she once misjudged the nearness to a tree and<br />

damaged her Husqvarna, and without realising it, ripped<br />

off the side shoot, leaving an extremely long “trail of freshly<br />

mown grass” behind her. Sheryl confessed, “The tree has<br />

been there longer than the mower; I just didn’t see how<br />

near I was”. Slightly hesitant afterwards, she advised,<br />

“You’ve just got to get on and do it and not let it get the<br />

better of you.” There’s no stopping Sheryl, evidenced by<br />

more scrapes and numerous cable ties holding panels!<br />

After relearning how to drive and being fully assessed,<br />

Sheryl also drives an automatic 4-wheeler, motorbike and<br />

personal vehicle. However, her husband has said a firm<br />

“no” to driving his tractor (his baby!). Watch this space,<br />

though! Her message to women is, “Go and do it and<br />

don’t be afraid to ask for a try”. Her suggestion for stroke<br />

survivors is, “Ask for the help and support that suits you and<br />

don’t exclude people who want to help. However, you<br />

need to define what is helpful for you”.<br />

Sheryl’s determination, independence and strength of<br />

character have enabled her to make the most of her life<br />

and enjoy the satisfaction of her successes.<br />

Create better gardens<br />

with Garden box!<br />

Proud to have Christchurch’s largest range of<br />

Compost, Bark, Decorative Stones, Permeable<br />

Paving and Landscaping Supplies. Conveniently<br />

based in Middleton on an easy-to-access site,<br />

Garden Box can help you “Create Better Gardens”<br />

The experienced team can help you select the right<br />

products for your spring garden. For large projects<br />

like new builds, a Garden Box team member can<br />

visit your site to review options, measurements and<br />

access options.<br />

With over 80 bulk bins of garden and landscaping<br />

supplies including compost and soils, bark and<br />

mulches, construction aggregates, decorative<br />

Stones and Firewood<br />

Key services include hard fill and green waste<br />

recycling, plus hire equipment specialising in the<br />

tools to get the perfect lawn – scarifiers, turf cutters<br />

and aerators.<br />

Need some structure in your landscaping we have<br />

pavers and permeable paving options, old railway<br />

and new macrocarpa sleepers and corten edging<br />

from Straight Curve.<br />

Seven days-a-week delivery can normally be<br />

achieved within 24 hours of ordering, plus Garden<br />

Box has over 20 hire trailers to help get your<br />

purchases home.<br />

Check out their website or pop in to view their<br />

expensive range. Garden Box accepts Afterpay,<br />

Genoapay, ZIP and Laybuy deferred payments.<br />

“As a locally owned and operated business, we are<br />

a proud supporter of local community and school<br />

gardens.”<br />

Visit Garden Box at 57 Lunns Road Middleton (just<br />

off Curletts Road), Ph 03 3482915, email: ask@<br />

gardenbox.co.nz or order online www.gardenbox.<br />

co.nz<br />

What is your Spring Project?<br />

57 Lunns Road, Middleton. Ph 03 348 2915

selwyn gardening guide spring <strong>2022</strong> | 13<br />

West Melton native<br />

plant project word find<br />

Below are just some of the native plants that can be found at Nut Point Centre.<br />

To find out more about native planting schemes in Canterbury,<br />

visit: www.kakariki.org.nz<br />





MATIPO<br />




KOWHAI<br />




KARAMU<br />


TI KOUKA<br />



KANUKA<br />

Answer key<br />

© thewordsearch.com<br />

Your organics bin is only<br />

for the following items...<br />

Garden prunings,<br />

clippings and leaves<br />

Meat, bones<br />

and fish<br />

Fruit and vegetables<br />

It’s organic collection time<br />

Bread, pastries<br />

and dairy products<br />

Spring is the perfect time to get back<br />

into the garden and start filling up your<br />

organics bin again.<br />

The <strong>Selwyn</strong> District Council’s green<br />

organics bins can be utilised for<br />

garden prunings, weeds, leaves and<br />

grass clippings.<br />

Food items such as bread, dairy<br />

products, fruit, vegetables fish, meat,<br />

bones, coffee grinds, as well as foodsoiled<br />

cardboard containers and<br />

paper towels can also be placed in<br />

the green bin.<br />

Here are some useful tips to ensure<br />

your bin is fully emptied every week:<br />

• Keep the bin weight under 60kg. If<br />

you find it difficult to move the bin,<br />

then you may find it exceeds the truck<br />

lifting limits.<br />

•Keep the bin contents loose. Don’t<br />

compact your material by standing on<br />

it (it may not come out when tipped<br />

by the truck).<br />

• Place weeds, branches or<br />

newspaper at the bottom of the bin<br />

before filling with grass clippings. This<br />

reduces the likelihood of the grass<br />

clippings getting stuck.<br />

• Organics only! No plastic bags<br />

(including those labelled as<br />

compostable, degradable or<br />

biodegradable), metals, timber,<br />

sawdust, glass, rocks, stones or bricks<br />

as these cause considerable damage<br />

to the organics shredder.<br />

• Flax and cabbage leaves need to<br />

go in your red rubbish bin (as these<br />

get caught up in the shredder).<br />

• Make sure your bin is not overflowing<br />

– the lid needs to close.<br />

For townships with organic collection;<br />

why not swap your 240 litre rubbish<br />

bin for a 240 litre organic bin and an<br />

80 litre rubbish bin? You’ll save money<br />

and the environment!<br />

Unsure about an item? Check out<br />

selwyn.govt.nz/organics.<br />

Tips to ensure your bin is fully emptied:<br />

· Keep items loose.<br />

· Keep the bin weight reasonable.<br />

· Place weeds, branches or newspaper<br />

at the bottom of the bin before filling<br />

with grass clippings (to avoid contents<br />

getting stuck).<br />

selwyn.govt.nz/organics<br />

Coffee grinds<br />

Food soiled cardboard<br />

containers and paper towels<br />

· No plastic bags (including compostable<br />

or biodegradable), metals, glass, rocks,<br />

stones, bricks or rubbish.<br />

· Flax and cabbage tree leaves should go<br />

in the red bin.<br />

· Make sure the lid closes.

in the garden with intelligro<br />

Spring is a wonderful time of year,<br />

with warmer days and longer<br />

daylight hours, there are plenty<br />

of things that can be done in the<br />

garden. A time of new growth,<br />

spring is great for establishing and<br />

repairing lawns, refreshing existing<br />

gardens, and preparing new ones.<br />

Intelligro has an extensive range of<br />

quality products that will see you<br />

through your growing season.<br />

Refresh and<br />

Rejuvenate<br />

Garden beds will benefit from an<br />

application of Organic Compost<br />

and Sheep Pellets to give them a<br />

boost of nutrients in preparation<br />

for planting.<br />

Lush Lawns<br />

From establishing new lawns or repairing<br />

and fertilising existing, spring is the time<br />

to get stuck into your lawn. Intelligro<br />

have a great new range of products that<br />

will have your lawn looking fantastic in<br />

no time.<br />

Get Growing<br />

Garden Soil Mix is excellent for establishing new<br />

gardens. With an even blend of soil and organic<br />

compost, this will be excellent for a wide range of<br />

plants, trees, and shrubs. If you are creating a space<br />

to grow your own veggies, we suggest our Veggie<br />

Garden Mix. Packed with nutrients to support healthy<br />

plant growth, you are sure to love this mix. Intelligro<br />

has a variety of raised garden beds, Vegepods and<br />

planters to help you create a space to love.<br />

Intelligro Hire<br />

Got a DIY project on the cards<br />

but need some tools to help?<br />

Check out our hire range!<br />

Safety in the garden<br />

Keeping yourself safe in the garden is important, especially at this<br />

time of the year. Legionnaire’s Disease is one of the main risks in the<br />

garden, so protecting yourself is key. Below are some precautions<br />

you can take to reduce the risk of contracting Legionnaires:<br />

• Open bags with a sharp knife – away from the face - in open<br />

spaces, not in enclosed areas like sheds or greenhouses<br />

• Remember to use gloves and masks when handling the mix<br />

• Dampen any dry mix – taking care not to inhale dry, dusty mix<br />

• Store bags out of direct sunlight<br />

• Always wash your hands after gardening, and before eating or<br />

drinking<br />

If you develop any flu-like symptoms after working in the garden<br />

head to your doctor immediately. Make sure you let them know you<br />

have been gardening and need to get tested for Legionnaires.<br />

261 Manion Road, Weedons 7677<br />

P: 03 347 9<strong>01</strong>2<br />

E: info@igro.co.nz<br />

www.igro.nz /igro.co.nz /intelligro_nz<br />

August – April Hours:<br />

Monday – Saturday: 7.00am – 5.30pm<br />

Sunday/Public Holidays: 8.30am – 4.30pm

selwyn gardening guide spring <strong>2022</strong> | 15<br />

HEY KIDS!<br />

WIN a FUN gardening set<br />



Colour in the pictures<br />

and circle the differences.<br />

There are seven to find.<br />

HAVE FUN!<br />

Name:<br />

Age:<br />

Address:<br />

Phone:<br />

Post or deliver your entry<br />

to: Intelligro, 261 Manion<br />

Road, Weedons 7677<br />

ENTRIES CLOSE 22 <strong>October</strong> <strong>2022</strong> The<br />

winner will be notified by phone and<br />

must collect their prize from Intelligro.<br />

Bring your dreams<br />

to reality<br />

Adding a pool to your outdoor area remains a<br />

popular option for many <strong>Selwyn</strong> homes and local<br />

company Lagoon Pools continues to be busy looking<br />

after residents’ needs.<br />

They not only install the pools in a range of sizes but<br />

can help with organising pavers, pool surrounds and<br />

fencing.<br />

With sizes and shapes ranging from three metres<br />

to 12 metres, there really is a pool for every site in a<br />

range of colours. Other additional features include<br />

fountains, spa jets and swim jets and they can even<br />

add pool lighting.<br />

“It is best for anyone looking at installing a pool to<br />

work ahead and get it locked in early,” says Lagoon<br />

Pools owner Julie who runs the business with her<br />

husband Warren.<br />

It takes around five days to install a pool and then<br />

the finishing touches takes from around 6 weeks<br />

depending upon the design.<br />

Lagoon Pools is the Leisure Pools dealer for most of<br />

the South Island. Leisure Pools feature 100% per cent<br />

composite fibreglass and, with patented innovations,<br />

every swimming pool is supported by their lifetime<br />

structural warranty and a lifetime osmosis warranty.<br />

Contact Lagoon Pools by phoning Julie or Warren on<br />

0800 927 282. You can also visit their website www.<br />

lagoonpools.co.nz to find out more about their range<br />

of pools and other services they offer.<br />

www.lagoonpools.co.nz<br />

03 349 2160 or 0800 92 72 82

16 |<br />

selwyn gardening guide spring <strong>2022</strong><br />

10 ways to hygge<br />

your garden for spring<br />

Create an atmosphere of intimacy and warmth outdoors while you wait for<br />

the arrival of summer with these simple ideas.<br />

Hygge (pronounced hoo-guh) is part of Danish culture and is about creating<br />

and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. While it generally means cosiness, it<br />

encompasses more than just a word; it is a feeling or mood, a sense of well-being<br />

and mindfulness, belonging, contentment and happiness.<br />

1. COMFY SEATING Settle back for a bit of stargazing while seated in the style<br />

and comfort of an outdoor lounger. And while you’re at it, why not learn the star<br />

constellations.<br />

2. COSY FIRE Sitting around an outdoor campfire is a favourite pastime of New<br />

Zealanders, however there is no reason why you can’t do this all year round<br />

with a purpose-built fireplace or fire pit in your backyard. If your budget doesn’t<br />

reach that far or space is limited, try a brazier, a Spanish style chimenea, or a<br />

good old-fashioned metal drum.<br />

3. ALFRESCO DINING Eating outdoors is another summer activity that can be<br />

continued right throughout the year. Just choose a sheltered, sunny spot to set<br />

up your table and chairs and remember to leave out blankets for each guest to<br />

help them stay cosy and warm.<br />

4. FAIRY LIGHTS Add some festivity to your backyard with a string or two of fairy<br />

lights, guaranteed to bring an element of fun and magic into your outdoor living.<br />

5. ATTRACT NATIVE BIRDS There is nothing nicer than waking up to the sound<br />

of birdsong in the morning. Plant native trees and shrubs to attract native birds<br />

to your garden – plant species that offer nectar, seeds and berries all year<br />

round. Try offering fruits such as oranges, apples, and pears cut in half to attract<br />

silvereyes, bellbird, and tui.<br />

6. CREATE A THEMED GARDEN Bring some whimsy into your life with a fairy<br />

garden, or how about planting a tea garden to create your own specialised<br />

herbal teas or plant a luminous white flowering garden that really pops in the<br />

moonlight.<br />

7. INSTALL A SWING Let nostalgia take over and install a swing in your garden,<br />

not just for the kids but for adults too. Try a single swing or a romantic swinging<br />

garden seat.<br />

8. GARDEN ART If you love garden art, then place some well-chosen or<br />

homemade artistic pieces in amongst the plants.<br />

9. LAWN GAMES Bring out the boules, croquet, golf putters, and oversized chess<br />

pieces for some healthy outdoor competition and fun.<br />

10. PLANT AN EDIBLE GARDEN Fill up spaces in your garden with edible trees<br />

and plants – consider a mix of fruit trees, fruiting shrubs, herbs, and vegetables.<br />

Remember to include space for a compost bin, too.<br />

Look local for<br />

electrical needs<br />

By choosing a locally owned and operated<br />

company, Juice Electrical, Rolleston residential<br />

customers will not be charged for vehicle costs –<br />

just one reason why they have been the choice of<br />

<strong>Selwyn</strong> residents for over 17 years.<br />

Greg Horton and his team of master electricians<br />

provide a professional and timely service whether<br />

it is residential, commercial or industrial, indoors or<br />

outdoors.<br />

“We are experts in fault finding, and our day-today<br />

work in Rolleston is residential, commercial and<br />

industrial repairs and maintenance,” says Greg.<br />

Heading towards summer is a great time to think<br />

about your outdoor areas and how they could be<br />

enhanced with lights. Integrated LED lighting, says<br />

Greg, is becoming very popular as it is a lot easier<br />

and less expensive to install as there is no need to<br />

dig trenches for wiring.<br />

Outdoor options include up-lighting trees and<br />

buildings, deck lighting and floodlights as well as<br />

security lighting. They advise on the best type and<br />

where they should be placed.<br />

“We discuss the customer’s ideas with them, show<br />

them photos of other gardens with attractive<br />

outdoor lighting and make suggestions on how<br />

they can make the most of their outdoor area with<br />

a range of LED lighting options,” says Greg. He also<br />

recommends installing sensors so lights come on<br />

automatically as it gets dark.<br />

“We also have Juice “pips” for turning them on from<br />

your mobile phone.”<br />

Next time you need an electrician look no further<br />

than Juice Electrical. You’ll see them out and about<br />

in their brightly coloured vans as they work hard to<br />

look after the <strong>Selwyn</strong> district’s electrical needs. Call<br />

Greg and the team on 03 379 6644.<br />

Need A Spa Pool Installation<br />

Or Some Outdoor Lighting?<br />

Then you need to call us.<br />

We are the experts when it comes<br />

to lighting up and cooling down<br />

your outdoor area this spring.<br />

Call us today to discuss getting<br />

your outdoor area sorted today.<br />

No service fee for our Rolleston clients -<br />

because we’re locals.<br />

0800 277 275

selwyn gardening guide spring <strong>2022</strong> | 17<br />

Salmonella, the unseen killer<br />

at bird feeders<br />

Words: Ian McLean, Auckland Regional Representative for Birds New Zealand<br />

Feeding birds in the garden is a favourite past time for many New Zealand<br />

households however few people realise that feeding birds combined with poor<br />

hygiene can contribute to the early death of these birds.<br />

Fluffed-up feathers are a common feature of birds with salmonella and<br />

diseases like chlamydia psittaci, a type of bacteria that often infects birds.<br />

Bird poos in and around food can cause salmonella infections and intestinal<br />

parasites. Salmonella is an absolute killer of birds, but those birds affected do<br />

not drop dead around your feeder, they die unseen under bushes hundreds<br />

of metres away. To many, it is an unseen problem and there is often an<br />

unawareness about the need to clean bird feeders.<br />

Daily cleaning of bird feeders is essential, but unfortunately, daily cleaning is<br />

not a normal practice for many. A study by Josie Galbraith from the University<br />

of Auckland found that only 29% of people cleaned the feeder after two to<br />

three days of use, whilst an additional 25% cleaned it at least once a week.<br />

That leaves 46% of others not cleaning them after a week of use. Can you<br />

imagine eating your dinner off the same uncleaned plate for a week?<br />

What is clear is that bird feeding is becoming very popular and it is a large<br />

multi-million-dollar industry. There is a belief that feeding massive amounts of<br />

food to birds is a good thing, but is it?<br />

Bird feeding should be done in moderation and hygienically. Below are some<br />

suggestions on good practices with a few alternatives.<br />

Sugar water feeders should be cleaned every day with hot water and if you<br />

are not prepared to do that, you shouldn’t be feeding birds.<br />

Do not use open feeding dishes, as they rapidly (sometimes within minutes) get<br />

bird poo in them. Bird poo in the food can rapidly create a problem with both<br />

salmonella and intestinal parasites.<br />

Bread is junk food for birds, it’s full of carbohydrates, yeast and sugars and<br />

should never be fed to them. Bread and food scraps only attract problematic<br />

house sparrows, feral pigeons and mallard ducks<br />

Any bird feeding should be done in moderation. Birds are more than capable<br />

of finding their own food and daily feeding is not required.<br />

Birds do not need to be fed more in winter; winter weather in this country is not<br />

that harsh. As an example, tui, korimako/bellbird and tauhou/silvereye all live<br />

on the subantarctic Auckland Islands and survive naturally without any food<br />

from people.<br />

Mass concentrations of birds around feeders cause aggression. Certain<br />

species, like sparrows, pigeons, and starlings dominate the feeder (depending<br />

on what you are feeding), whilst the insect-eating grey warblers and fantails<br />

are pushed out of your garden by these more aggressive species.<br />

Feed only natural foods. Tauhou/silvereye, do not scavenge the carcasses<br />

of dead animals, so why would you feed them rancid balls of fat? Also, note<br />

that commercially made energy logs and cakes are made-for-profit human<br />

inventions that are nothing like natural bird foods.<br />

Congregations of 10 tui or 40 tauhou/silvereyes around one feeding<br />

receptacle might seem great, but it is a completely unnatural situation. It does<br />

not compare to 10 tui in a large kowhai tree taking nectar from 5,000 individual<br />

flowers. An issue with unnatural congregations of birds is that it is a sure way to<br />

increase the spread of viruses like avian pox.<br />

Rather than putting out bird food, plant trees, shrubs and flowers. A layered mix<br />

of ground covers, shrubs and trees in your garden can provide insects, nectar,<br />

fruit, seeds and shelter for many species of birds. These include the insecteating<br />

grey warblers, fantails, welcome swallows and shining cuckoos that are<br />

ignored and even disadvantaged by other species when you feed seed and<br />

sugar water in your garden.<br />

Install a bird bath in your garden. This is great for the birds, whilst it provides<br />

you with an excellent opportunity to view them without the bird versus bird<br />

aggression associated with bird feeders.<br />

Let’s all make an effort to improve the health and diversity of our birds!<br />

Tailored shade<br />

for your outdoor area<br />

Protecting your outdoor area from the elements during<br />

summer or any time of the year can be as simple as giving<br />

Mark a call at locally owned company Shadecraft.<br />

Shadecraft specialises in custom-made shade options that<br />

are both affordable and attractive, tailored to suit your<br />

needs. Options for protection against the weather include<br />

shade sails, louvres, wave shades, eclipse canopies,<br />

umbrellas and drop blinds with a large range of sizes and a<br />

myriad of colours.<br />

The high-quality Eclipse canopy is extremely popular,<br />

protecting an outdoor area from all weather conditions,<br />

but still allowing for natural light. These can also be fitted<br />

with drop blinds to fully enclose the area.<br />

Shade sails are another popular choice; they provide<br />

protection from the sun during the hot Canterbury<br />

summers and visually enhance the area while you are<br />

outside relaxing with family and friends.<br />

If you are considering enhancing your outdoor area for the<br />

warmer months or need some advice on what would work<br />

in your space, contact Shadecraft at 0800 742 332, 0274<br />

981239 or visit their website at www.shadecraft.co.nz.<br />



Shadecraft is a<br />

locally owned company<br />

who specialise in<br />

shade and weather<br />

protection products to<br />

enhance your homes<br />

design and use of<br />

outdoor areas.<br />

ShadeCraft (SI) Ltd • 0800 742 332 • Cell 0274 981 239 • www.shadecraft.co.nz

18 |<br />

selwyn gardening guide spring <strong>2022</strong><br />

Smashed flower art<br />

Smashed or pounded flowers are the latest craze for people who love flowers and crafts. Not only do they make wonderful cards and prints to frame but they<br />

are also cheap and easy to do. Have fun experimenting with different flowers, plants and papers.<br />

1<br />

Collect a variety of flowers<br />

to smash. Pansies work<br />

really well – their delicate<br />

lines and colours transfer<br />

easily onto paper.<br />

3<br />

Carefully<br />

remove the<br />

paper and,<br />

using a knife<br />

with a pointy<br />

end, gently<br />

remove the<br />

flattened flower<br />

pieces.<br />

2<br />

Remove the stems and<br />

place the flower heads face<br />

down onto paper. Arrange<br />

in a pleasing design and<br />

cover with another sheet of<br />

paper – baking paper or a<br />

paper towel. Hold in place<br />

and gently tap your hammer<br />

or mallet over them, taking<br />

care to make sure the flowers<br />

are completely flattened.<br />

4<br />

Voila! You now have your smashed flower design.<br />

Outline with pen to create a unique piece of art.<br />

Try different flower and leaves to create a variety of patterns and<br />

arrangements – carrot tops make an excellent foliage design.<br />

When you’re<br />

in the zone and<br />

need to get jobs<br />

done, drop into<br />

Our Zone for all<br />

your hire needs<br />

and landscape<br />

supplies.<br />

Your friendly, locally owned and operated machine hire<br />

and landscape supplier located in Rolleston<br />

www.73hire.co.nz<br />

03 347 0450 | hire@73hire.co.nz<br />

790 Jones Road<br />

03 347 0560 | sales@73hire.co.nz<br />

1 Hoskyns Road<br />

(next door to 73 Hire)<br />

Get into the zone<br />

From a blank canvas of a new build<br />

or a refresh of your garden, 73 Hire<br />

now has the answer for all your<br />

landscaping needs at their newly<br />

opened Landscape Zone on Hoskyns<br />

Road, Rolleston.<br />

With the addition of the Landscape<br />

Zone, local owners Les and Cath<br />

Barnett have provided a onestop<br />

shop for your landscaping<br />

requirements. The zone stocks a large<br />

range of landscaping products, with<br />

the hire yard conveniently located<br />

next door supplying any equipment<br />

you might need.<br />

You can buy mulch, bark, topsoil,<br />

compost, CalciZest, crusher dust,<br />

decorative stones and chip by the<br />

scoop (0.3 or 0.5 cm³) and hire onsite<br />

trailers specific for transporting<br />

landscape products or discuss delivery<br />

options. The Landscape Zone also<br />

stocks bagged products, including<br />

lawn seed, Flower and Garden<br />

Restore, Vege Grow, potting mix,<br />

cement and even kiln-dried wood.<br />

If you’re looking to add something<br />

different to your garden, sleepers,<br />

decorative wagon wheels, or wine<br />

barrels are stocked. The Landscape<br />

Zone is always on the lookout for a<br />

garden art piece or quirky item to<br />

cater to individual tastes.<br />

With such an extensive range of<br />

products, there is plenty of choice for<br />

home gardeners to get their gardens<br />

growing and looking fantastic.<br />

For all your landscaping needs, visit<br />

the team at the Landscape Zone at 1<br />

Hoskyns Rd, entrance 2nd drive on the<br />

right from the Hoskyns Road lights, next<br />

to the 73 Hire yard. Open Monday<br />

to Saturday 7.30-5 pm. For queries,<br />

phone 03 347 0560 or visit www.73hire.<br />


LANDSCAPE, timber & firewood SUPPLIES<br />

We supply<br />

& deliver<br />

We welcome<br />

retail & trade<br />

customers!<br />

Landscaping<br />


TIMBER<br />

Our wide range includes:<br />

• Compost & soil conditioners<br />

• Decorative stones / boulders<br />

• River stones<br />

• Sands, basecourse & aggregates<br />

• Barks & mulches<br />

• Bagged cements<br />

• Pavers / Westland schist<br />

• We supply and deliver firewood<br />

• Yard sales<br />

• Bagged wood<br />

• Boot loads<br />

• Charcoal – Restaurant / Domestic<br />

• WINZ quotes available<br />

• Residential fencing<br />

• Structural<br />

• Stakes & pegs<br />

• Decking<br />

• Hardware<br />

• Sleepers – Macrocarpa<br />

• Planter boxes<br />

1St fOR yOuR gaRden all yeaR ROund<br />

gardenmakers<br />

4 Parkhouse Rd Wigram Phone: 341-5688<br />

Locally owned & operated<br />

sales@gardenmakers.co.nz<br />

www.gardenmakers.co.nz<br />

Open 7 days Mon-Sat 7.15am-5pm Sun 8am-4pm

Your local<br />

spring planting<br />

specialists.<br />

Southern Woods, proudly part of the <strong>Selwyn</strong><br />

community for over a generation.<br />

Southern Woods Nursery prides its team on their local<br />

knowledge and is the place to go for all things plant<br />

related.<br />

<strong>Selwyn</strong> homeowners are lucky to have virtually have<br />

everything they need to beautify and extend their gardens<br />

right on their doorstep. A visit to Southern Woods can<br />

provide plenty of inspiration - and expert advice from the<br />

friendly team.<br />

“Many of our staff live nearby, which means that<br />

have an understanding of which plants suit your<br />

property’s location, soil type and aspect,” says Business<br />

Development Manager Rico Mannall. “<strong>Selwyn</strong> is a diverse<br />

district, with plenty of tricky planting sites.”<br />

“It’s been great to see all the growth across <strong>Selwyn</strong>, we<br />

really appreciate the support from all our customers,” Rico<br />

says. “Our local commitment extends to sourcing from<br />

<strong>Selwyn</strong> suppliers and businesses where we can.”<br />

The purpose-built retail store is filled with a huge<br />

range of options for ground cover, hedging, deciduous<br />

trees, bushes and grasses, along with spots of colour<br />

to add focus. Two demo Winter Gardenz architectural<br />

glasshouses have recently been installed as a great New<br />

Zealand-made option for frost tender species.<br />

Millions of plants are grown on site and looked after by<br />

the team of 50 dedicated staff who are on hand to help<br />

and provide great advice based on their many years in<br />

the business.<br />

If you are unsure exactly what you are looking for,<br />

Southern Woods’ team of landscape architects can<br />

help make your selection even easier with on-site<br />

consultations and planting plans. Another option is to take<br />

in your existing landscape plan and they can help with<br />

plant sourcing and species suitabiliity for your section.<br />

Southern Woods stocks a great selection of products<br />

to refresh your garden, including premium tools, bark,<br />

fertiliser, compost, disease control products and potting<br />

mix.<br />

Delivery can be arranged across New Zealand and is a<br />

popular option for many customers.<br />

Visit the Southern Woods website at southernwoods.<br />

co.nz or give the friendly team a call on 0800 800 352.<br />

Or, even better, pop in for a visit at 1002 Robinsons Road<br />

for some inspiration and new ideas for your next planting<br />

project.<br />

/ southernwoodsnursery<br />

Visit our<br />

Great Plant Centre<br />

Child and Dog friendly<br />

Open 7 days<br />

Spring planting tips<br />

Spring is the one of the best planting seasons. This time<br />

of year is an ideal time to plant most species.<br />

Preparation is everything<br />

Remember to prepare your soil before planting. You may<br />

need to dig out marginal soils and bring in extra nutrition.<br />

Mix in plenty of compost and gypsum for best results.<br />

Protect from pests and diseases<br />

Pests and diseases thrive as your garden grows.<br />

Use Neem granules and oil to help ward off any nasties.<br />

It’s the perfect time to mulch<br />

Keeps the moisture in and the weeds out. See our friends at<br />

Intelligro for great advice and mulch supply.<br />

A great time to fertilise<br />

As plants re-enter their growth phase, they need lots of<br />

nutrition. We recommend Grotabs slow release fertiliser and<br />

Yates Thrive Liquid Fish & Seaweed.<br />

Need help?<br />

See our expert team for free quotes, plant sourcing<br />

landscape design, consultations and much more.<br />

Open 7 Days - 1002 Robinsons Road, Between Templeton & Rolleston - Phone 0800 800 352 - Order Online New Zealand Wide southernwoods.co.nz

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