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Resource Guide - Missouri Department of Corrections

Resource Guide - Missouri Department of Corrections

Resource Guide - Missouri Department of

OFFICE INFORMATION District Administrator: Rodney Collins Clerical Supervisor: Barbara Brauch Office Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm M-F Emergency After Hours Telephone Number: 1-888-869-3195 Probation Officers: Main Ph 417-678-0832 Molly Johnson Ext. 221 Chris Burton Ext. 227 Valerie Garoutte Ext. 224 Jerami Hurst Ext. 229 Joy Lombard Ext. 231 Shelly Leonard Ext. 230 Danielle Maez Ext. 234 Darrell Tabor Ext. 228 Lorrie Tennison Ext. 223 MISSION STATEMENT The Missouri Board of Probation and Parole, as an essential part of the criminal justice system, is to provide for the professional assessment and release of offenders and their supervision in the community, using appropriate treatment, sanctions, and controls, with the primary consideration being promotion of public safety. INTERVENTION FEE Under Missouri law, all persons under supervision are required to pay a monthly fee of $30.00, due the 1 st of each month. Payment options are: by money order, phone, online or Kiosk in District Office. Intervention Fee Payment Information 855-DOC-IFEE 855-362-4333 Your Probation and Parole Officer (Staple Business Card Here) MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS Board of Probation and Parole DISTRICT 43 27 W. Locust Aurora, MO 65605 Telephone 417-678-0832 Fax 417-678-5892

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