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the bit you

came for

part 1


guicookie explains


linkzzyy digs deep





zenin - eyes open



degen apes - history

& MUCH more



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UPTOBER insights

Linkkzyy looks at what is coming up #alpha

Still Early

NFTNEWB216 on why Zenin is worth your time #alpha


Bardstocks.sol - the history of Degen Apes

The Bit You Came For

Linkzzyy analyses what to look for ina

project. Part 1 #alpha

Critters Cult

SubaruImpreza09 rates the project #alpha

888 Anon Club

Block_Degen deep dive #alpha

142 CrowdSurf

ThesisInvestor deep dive

Golden protocol

ThesisInvestor deep dive #alpha

Whale investors jump on board #alpha

Great Bazaar

Weekly wrap up


Weekly review by the Novus team


NFThinks interviews the project #alpha

150 BeverlyKILLS

L0SxS0L analyses BeverlyKills #alpha



LIVE gaming on Solana #alpha

Guicookie talks tokenomics & value

distribution #alpha


Issue 77 - 1 year on from when #SHILL fist launched back in Oct 2021. 77 magazines archiving the Solana

ecosystem, the NFT scene and stories from Tweeps across the world.

Has #SHILL zine achieved much in this time?

Still independent

77 magazines

Average 8000 views per week

467,708 views across all magazines

Issue 25, 40, 52, 55, 56, 57, 61, and 62 each have 10k+ views

Special Edition printed for Sydney event

Still grinding after 52 weeks!

And we are still forging ahead. #SHILL zine is still delivering content, nfts, and alpha as we enter our 2nd year

of publication. You along for the ride anon?

A couple of pieces locked away in the #SHILL vault this week, including Cool Cat 2, Random Freak #3 and 2 mini

mini pieces.

#SHILL has its own NFTs up for auction on Exchange.art, proceeds go to helping this magazine grow and

become better. All the World's a Stage is live now https://exchange.art/pixeltoy/

A whole lot of content in this issue. NFTs to tickle your senses. Alpha to contemplate. Stories you may have

missed. It's good to know that at the end of the week you can rely on #SHILL zine to package it all up in one

convenient magazine that you can access when you are ready.

Ready to dive in?

Enough said. You know the drill.


mini mini 14 & 18 @NingcakeNekoMeaw

Random Freak #3 @RaulVongal

Cool Cat 2 @Mr_KJ09




Had a bullish call with

@Simpl3r_BH the other day. The

amount of shit they have in the

pipeline will make your head


Keep your eyes on...



Secret Sphinx Society


Retro Glider

Introductory Information:

This is one of the projects previously mentioned where there’s a lot of ambiguity on the website surrounding its

intentions and goals. However, without an announcement of mint price / date I’m assuming there can be more

to expect here as they gear up to launch while planning a more fleshed-out idea.

The thing I find most bullish here is the art, I think it adds a twist to that bored-ape-esque art style.

Marketing graphics and websites are also clean.



• Relatively active discord which looks to have been grown naturally.

o Bonus points for active staff pre-mint.

• Meta-style but unique art.

• Offering some form of animation service.

• Solid marketing department.

• Roadmap exists; inbuilt con, it’s confusing.

• Totally ambiguous, more clarity needed.

• No idea who the team members are / experience in the space.

• Like con one: there’s very little voice behind this project from the team.

• Lack of meat to it imo, needs something more fleshed out.


Feels very speculative and still very early. Would love to see the team get into Spaces, market heavier, and

eally put a voice and a figure behind the project itself.

If things begin to flesh out towards a mint date, I see this to be a very promising project in terms of the PFPable

quality. Being early never hurts, but don’t find yourself slaving for it just yet!

Skull Vibe

Introductory Information:

Core goal of this project is to really tap into the importance of community in this space. I like this a lot. In a

TLDR format, #1 Learn high-income skillets through Vibe DAO via video documentaries of creating profitable

income streams from scratch. #2 ‘Billionaire Bits’: a holder exclusive daily newsletter which will document all

the important and less important news in the space to keep you updated in a concise manner. Goal of this

VibeDAO is to get the community active, thinking and building together. They’ll also have some other interesting

steps involved such as direct consulting, stock standard WL and alpha stuff. But they do offer something

interesting: PFP 2 Earn. Not exactly sure how this will work, but it could. I don’t like pixel art a great deal, but I

would say this sits in the higher threshold and the more intricate roadmap images are nice.



• Marketing: specifically, the roadmap has been cool, I expect them to keep experimenting.

• A learning opportunity for some new to the space.

• Very community focused which I favour.

• Somewhat unique ideas.

• Good art.

• Mint is free (I think)

• Twitter followers could be botted; unsure.

• Lack of discord activity, still very early.

• No website.

• Lack of voice from the team.

• Concern with securities law surrounding passive income streams being built and shared with holders.


If the mint is free as one of their tweets suggests then I see no reason not to get in this discord and just learn,

take the opportunity to join a community and meet people, there’s 0 downside realistically. If you want to dump

for 0.5 SOL sure, but I think if this succeeds with the goals of such a strong community, this could go nuts, who






I have written many times about @InfectedMob and @BountyHunterNFT, but I rarely discuss nother

@XLabsNFT project - @ZeninNFT. That ends today.

Right now @ZeninNFT I the cheapest entry into @XLabsNFT. That alone should put them on your radar. With the upcoming

$X and XHub, all @XLabsNFT projects are on the precipice of greatness. With @TheGentlemonke and @I0Hal at the

helm, you can truly trust the builders.

While every one of @XLabsNFT projects has their unique benefits, @ZeninNFT brings you @BoltByZenin. This bridges

the gap between discord and twitter allowing unique ways of communicating and collaboration between communities.

@ZeninNFT is also starting their #Zenlife program where they are offering $1000 to a member each month. There is an

application process showing that @ZeninNFT is truly giving back to the community.

@MetaCrypto1000x @solanodegen @2foot_dragon and the whole team embody that spirit

The bottom line is, all @XLabsNFT projects - @BountyHunterNFT @ZeninNFT @XinDragons and

@InfectedMob share a common goal - bettering the #Solana ecosystem. If you are looking to jump in, @ZeninNFT is a

good entry point! #SolanaNFTs.

magiceden.io Zenin



The first rendition of the Degenerate Ape Academy, created by artist “Minweee”

It was just another Friday…

It was August 13th, 2021, 7:28pm. The smell of pizza and a freshly opened Guiness permeated my humble Austin

apartment as I sat at my computer and very intently watched the SOL/USD chart; I had opened a long position equal to

around half my net worth just a week before in Solana, a cryptocurrency.

“You can’t lose what you don’t put in the middle, but you can’t win much either.” — Mike McDermott, Rounders (1998)

Yeah, I’m a huge degenerate. The truth is, I had a ton of confidence in Solana as a relatively new layer 1 blockchain. At

the time, Solana was flipping the script on smart contracts platforms; the successful creation of Serum (an on-chain DEX

which serves as the backbone of Solana) as well as other decentralized applications such as “Mango Markets” and “Raydium”

made Solana a very obvious bet when considering its high transactions per second and extremely low fees. Given

the problems every other smart contracts platform was

having with either setting up infrastructure, high fees,

and/or low TPS, Solana was a huge breath of fresh air in

the race to successfully scale smart contracts platforms

for worldwide adoption.

So there I was, sitting in a big long position in Solana,

chowing down on a nice slice of pepperoni and bacon

pizza. I finally decided to take a break from watching the

charts and turned to check Twitter, and that’s when I saw

this tweet:

Anyway, it was all anyone was talking about on the timeline,

so I went ahead and joined the official Degenerate Ape

Academy discord. The mint had been postponed until August

14th, so I figured I would stick around and try my hand at

minting the next day.

August 14th came around 24 hours later, and it was finally

time for the mint to happen. Almost immediately, the site

ended up crashing because of a massive influx of users trying

to access it. This massive influx of site traffic served as an

inadvertent DDoS, and the mint was postponed once more.

Then, around 2 hours later, in a surprise twist, the mint went



your twitter feed is about to get filled with either angry or

euphoric apes you’re welcome

To be honest, I had no idea what Raj Gokal, co-founder of

Solana Labs, was talking about at the time.

“A bunch of angry apes?”

About an hour later, a ton of furious Crypto Twitter influencers

I was following began simultaneously voicing their

frustration regarding a Solana NFT project called “Degenerate

Ape Academy.” Apparently the mint (the process of

paying a fee in order to generate an NFT within an NFT

collection for the first time) had been delayed again. Let

me tell you, hell knoweth no fury like Crypto Twitter after

an NFT mint gets delayed.

To mint a Degen Ape, you needed to enter a password into this computer on

their website.

An announcement was made on the official Discord that the

mint was live, and fortunately I had Discord notifications on,

so I was able to react quickly enough and was lucky to have

minted 8 apes.

Degenerate Ape Academy’s brand logo

I had heard about NFTs in passing earlier in the year but

didn’t think too much of them at the time. I would later

learn that NFTs are interesting and have all sorts of use

cases, but the most common one involves using them to

create unique tokens on-chain with an assigned picture

accompanied by metadata to serve as a collectible within

a collection. Think of them as like unique trading cards,

or like a set of rare paintings with a limited number, but

instead of being physical things you can hold in-person,

they’re on the blockchain and exist in your crypto wallet.

The 8 apes I minted

It was not the most fantastic minting experience for

many due to all the delays and mishaps. However, for

those that stuck around for the mint, many of their lives

would be changed forever; several apes that were minted

ended up selling for well over $100,000 USD, one of

which sold for $1.1 million USD at the peak of the Solana

NFT bull run.

The highest USD sale ever for a Degen Ape the first-ever

$1 million dollar sale as well for a Solana NFT

On the surface it may have seemed like Degen Ape Academy

was just another NFT mint, and let’s face it, these

apes looked pretty goofy; the apes have this juxtaposition

of being both very serious and very silly at the same

time. For example, you’ll often see them chugging glue

or eating crayons with very serious expressions, it’s very

contradictory. However, what many of us didn’t realize

at the time is that DAA was causing a massive paradigm

shift for the Solana ecosystem in numerous ways. Some

have equated DAA’s mint and the era that followed it as

the “Cambrian Explosion” of Solana NFTs, and really, for

the entire ecosystem.

Brand logo for Solana

Let’s dial this back a bit and talk about everything that

was happening beyond the average user’s knowledge at

that time before the Degenerate Ape Academy mint completed,

then we can tie it into why it ended up being such an

important mint.

Before the DAA mint happened, Solana had created its fair

share of decentralized applications, most notably the Serum

on-chain DEX that we talked about earlier. Raydium (which

we also talked about earlier), which facilitated AMM swaps

and DeFi staking had also just been established on Solana.

So, in short, Solana was getting places with its dApps and

DeFi, but it was still having trouble organically generating

user interest and high volume.

Let’s face it, if you’re creating a new layer 1 blockchain, you

have a lot to prove with a lot of competition, people aren’t

just going to come to you because you ask them to. You must

be able to offer a compelling reason as to why people should

use your new layer 1 blockchain to begin with. DeFi and an

on-chain DEX were a great start, but by themselves they

weren’t generating quite as much volume and interest as one

would hope.

Transaction volume on Solana at a low point during Summer 2021

Anyway, as this was all going on and Solana was still trying to

find its footing, NFTs were taking off like a rocket ship on the

Ethereum blockchain with total USD volume reaching high 8

figures daily. NFTs had suddenly become interesting due to

becoming a somewhat new killer use case for blockchains. I

say “somewhat new killer use case for blockchains” because

NFTs have existed as far back as 2014 according to data

provided by NFTTimeline. It’s weird in hindsight that NFTs

had only really explosively made their way into the limelight

in 2021 (heck, even Crypto Punks came out in 2017, four full

years prior to becoming a massive success), but it is what it


To illustrate the sudden prominence of NFT hysteria during

2021, here’s some sources that showcase the NFT boom that

was happening on Ethereum during this time:

The highest

USD sale

ever for a

Degen Ape

$1 million

Naturally, because Solana is a competing blockchain, it makes sense from the point of view of Solana Labs (the creators

of the Solana blockchain) to capitalize on NFTs as a popular trend to acquire more users and volume. Thus, Metaplex studio

was born with the goal of essentially setting up NFT infrastructure on Solana. Specifically, it was to help “facilitate

self-hosted storefronts for independent artists that were publishing open editions and limited editions of their art [on

Solana],” according to Stephen Hess, CEO of Metaplex.

A slide presented at Breakpoint 2021 by Jordan Prince, known on Twitter as “Redacted_j” who was also a part of the “OG Metaplex crew.”

“The mission for Metaplex in the beginning was to elevate independent artists and creators above traditional gatekeepers

(still very much our DNA but the scope has increased quite a bit...). We were speaking to creators that wanted to

drop on Solana but had no way to do so, and on Ethereum

[the creators] were subject to launchpads that

would take high fees and make them wait long periods of

time to drop (if ever). It was really a play on accessibility

which is why everything was open sourced and could be


The current CEO of Metaplex, sporting an Aurory NFT as

his PFP on LinkedIn

At the time many Solana users didn’t know it, but Metaplex

would end up helping break the Nifty Gateway model

of high fees and long waiting periods because of open

sourcing all their work (including their token contracts as

well as Candy Machine, which we’ll talk about later). It

would take some time before the work of these unsung

heroes would really catch steam, but it absolutely played

a huge role in the imminent “Cambrian Explosion” of the

Solana ecosystem that would ensue soon enough.

Samples from the following collections: 1. Solana Monkey Business, 2.

Solarians, 3. SOL Punks, 4. Kreachures

Finally, along came our protagonist, an NFT project named

Degenerate Ape Academy. Monoliff, who was and still is the

head artist of DAA, along with his band of entrepreneurs,

were fans of the Solana ecosystem and felt that they could

really make a splash as being the first major NFT drop on

Solana with a 10,000 NFT collection.

Metaplex’s current brand logo

Before “the Metaplex standard” for Solana NFT token

contracts was adopted chain-wide, a few attempts at NFT

collections had already been made on the Solana blockchain;

Kreachures, Solarians, Solana Monkey Business,

and even an almost complete copy of Crypto Punks called

“Sol Punks” had risen to the surface, but none of them

had managed to gain much traction at the time. Many of

them also had issues with their token contracts, albeit

fortunately it was possible to update some of their token

contracts later to the Metaplex standard.

Degen Ape #2214, owned by Monoliff

At the time, there was no standardized method of performing

a drop of 10,000 NFTs due to the lack of NFT infrastructure

on Solana, and there also wasn’t really an agreed-upon

consensus for a Solana NFT token contract standard.

Additionally, there was at the time no smart contract for

safely performing a trustless mint; when users mint new

NFTs for an ongoing mint, typically there is a guarantee that

when they send their funds using a smart contract, they

will receive an NFT within the same transaction, otherwise

the transaction should fail. This is done to avoid a situation

where users have to trust the person, they are sending their SOL to and hope that they receive something in return (a

big part of the ethos of Crypto is to remove middlemen, after all).

To be the very first, the DAA team took the Metaplex token contracts (which were open source) and, in a very gung-ho

manner, attempted to create a program that would allow people to mint, at scale, a Metaplex standard NFT within a vast

collection size in exchange for SOL per NFT. This type of minting program was already figured out on Ethereum (as well

as having an established NFT token contract, dubbed “ERC-721”), but it hadn’t quite been figured out yet on Solana since

Solana’s NFT infrastructure was very much bare bones.

So, the DAA team believed they had successfully created an ironclad solution for minting a big drop, and basically most

of the devs in the Solana ecosystem were cheering them on from the sidelines. Finally, August 13th came, but when they

tried to break ground on main net with their minting contract, it went horribly wrong.

Basically, the ironclad solution they believed they had created was not so ironclad. The website got very overloaded from

traffic, and the minting contract they were using ended up not working either as almost all users that were able to access

it experienced several failed transactions. 700 tokens (not just 500 tokens as the team previously believed) of the failed

contract mint did end up getting minted (dubbed “the Exiled Apes”) but with missing images, missing metadata, or both.

These tokens did not have proper update authority either, meaning the original tokens could not be fixed at that point in

time, so the team ultimately decided to treat the 700~ extra tokens as void.

In layman’s terms, it was a colossal disaster.

At this point, the DAA team wasn’t sure what to do to fix their minting contract and were prepared to shut down and

fold up. The truth is that their engineers were out of ideas, and frankly only a handful of devs existed that could successfully

fix and execute such a monumental task on the Solana blockchain in such a short amount of time.

Then, suddenly out of nowhere, their dev team became “fully stacked with legitimate professionals and not crayon eaters.”

What ended up happening behind the scenes is that Raj Gokal, co-founder of Solana Labs, decided to deploy Jordan

Prince (redacted_j) and Bartosz Lipinski (baalazamon), two of the “OG Metaplex crew” devs, to save the DAA mint. Raj

ultimately made this decision for a few reasons, the main one being that if the DAA team gave up during such incredible

demand and interest, people probably wouldn’t take Solana very seriously as a platform for NFTs going forward. The

stakes for this mint had gotten way too high to let it crash and burn.

Terribly captioned clip art by yours truly

According to Raj, the estimated number of users that got onboarded to Solana as a direct result of the Degenerate Ape

Academy mint was around 250,000. Yeah, you read that correctly, that’s a quarter of a million users for exactly one project,

a completely unprecedented level of user interest for Solana at the time. This is predominantly why the DAA mint

and the era that followed it was so incredible for Solana; Solana had finally been able to acquire tons of user interest and

an insane level of transaction volume as a result of the DAA mint.

Raj Gokal speaking on the BanklessHQ podcast about the significance of DAA and Metaplex

So, to save the DAA mint and ensure Solana’s newly acquired users would be satisfied, Jordan and Bartosz needed to create

a minting solution on virtually no sleep, and it had to be done within 12 hours to ensure user retention and interest

in both the project and the Solana ecosystem. Eventually they came up with what would come to be known as the first

version of Candy Machine, a fully off-chain minting solution that would get the job done. With only 12 hours to execute

the mint, they had to resort to using this method as opposed to a more reliable and traditional on-chain smart contract.

Jordan Prince talking about the first version of Candy Machine which he often refers to as “Candy Machine V.0”

Thanks to the efforts of Jordan, Bartosz, and Metaplex, the DAA mint was successful, and it completed within 8 minutes

after launch on August 14th, 2021. This was a monumental breakthrough for Solana; a fast mint for a 10k drop with extremely

low fees and no chain slowdown was an impressive start compared to known smart contract platform competitor

Ethereum which tends to suffer from extremely high gas fees and major slowdown during desirable mints. It proved the

viability of Solana as a smart contracts platform in the eyes of the average onlooker as well as institutions who were on

the fence about the relatively new layer 1 blockchain, and almost immediately there were hundreds of thousands more

users piling into Solana. It was no surprise what happened next to the price of Solana as well as transaction volume:

SOL soared from $43 to $216 in the span of 3 weeks immediately after the DAA mint

Solana transaction volume soared to all-time-highs after the DAA mint completed

Yeah, that’s right. These dumb, goofy, crayon-eating apes would end up being a powder keg that would set the entire Solana

ecosystem on a path where there was no looking back. The importance of the Degenerate Academy mint in relation

to Solana cannot be overstated. It was an extremely significant on-chain event. While it’s important to build out infrastructure

(dapps, defi, various smart contracts, etc.) and a working chain, you need users. Users give value and meaning

to the chain as well as its infrastructure. Without users and community, a blockchain is an empty kingdom without

people. DAA brought the people.

DAA also paved the way for all other collections that followed, having popularized Metaplex token contracts and inspired

the creation of a streamlined minting process via Candy Machine. This led to what has been dubbed as “the Solana NFT

bull run,” whereby artists were able to utilize Candy Machine’s open source code to release their own collections quickly

and efficiently with low fees, and users were able to mint these NFT collections at minuscule costs. Billions of dollars

traded hands during this time in the ultimate trading frenzy to capture value from the first generation of Solana NFTs.

Degen Ape #9137, Rank 15, owned by 0xDutch

To me, Degenerate Ape Academy is one of the most important NFT collections (if not -the- most important) on the Solana

blockchain. Incredible 3D rendered art that is rich with provenance and technical innovation; DAA deeply impacted

the Solana blockchain forever in an irreplicable way. In the words of Jordan Prince, “people were in doubt about whether

Solana could be a viable NFT chain, but after that day, they were never in doubt again. I think [saving the mint] changed

the future of Solana.”

And that, my friends, is the story of the Degenerate Ape Academy mint.

In my next article, I’m going to talk more about what Degenerate Ape Academy is about (as well as the Degeniverse),

what it has been up to since the epic launch, and what its plans are going into the future, so stay tuned.

Oh, and before I forget…

Welcome to the Academy.
















































The bit you came for, not inspiring speech about thinking


Below I will try to encompass the areas I believe to be

truly important to have when looking to succeed with

trading NFTs both pre-mint and on the market, followed

by tools to use and ways to find things early.

Social Sentiment.

To me, this is THE MOST IMPORTANT factor when researching

any NFT and is something I admittedly have

lost gains on from fading. NFTs are driven by their communities,

although devs can do tremendous things, ultimately

the community’s dedication and the sentiment

that follows in social hubs will make or break a project.

How do we observe this?

On a basic level, look at the activity in discord, look at

the activity on twitter. Are there influencers with eyes

on them, is there a large flood of tweets about them?

Do the masses receive them well?

On a deeper level, tools like NFT Inspect allow you to

track more specific numbers, engagement on profiles

repping a community, global reach of a community,

number of people repping a community.

But we can see it on a more personal level. What are the

individual community members like?

Are they going crazy? Did some dude just jump out of

a plane in honour of the collection, is someone making

custom shoes, custom sweaters, a coffee brand, an NFT

project or platform that supports the initial project?

Another valuable way to directly view community

sentiment is through the twitter specific search options

which I will highlight later in this piece.

Here’s the important part: connect it. If the research you

do suggests the current position of the project is solid,

begin to look for the reasons it can keep moving.

Is the project following a market trend, does it blend

to the broader sentiment of the ecosystem? Are there

strong figureheads that echo and enrich the positive

sentiment in the community? Do metrics keep increasing?

Are more influencers talking about it? What about

the emotions of community members, do they appear

riddled with conviction, are they in wars on the timeline

defending it? Question. Question. Question. You must

always be inquisitive to reliably succeed.

Note; Social Sentiment only works for you if you’re looking

at it in the right way for the given context.

Let’s examine $DUST as a recent example, an amazing

team with true ambitions. However, the play seemed to

be flipping at ATH around the y00ts mint, which never

came. Why though?

In this space you need to assume if you intend to make a play

and see a large group of other people intending to make the

same play, someone, likely a bigger fish, has already figured

out how to extract the most value from those making the

same play. This is the nature of the open markets, someone

must win, someone must “lose.”

Learn to contextualize sentiment to the research you wish to

do, rather than the belief you wish to reenforce. You might

want the project to be bullish; but look for the things that

suggest otherwise, try to tear down your own position and

discuss how things look.

Friends, Information Hubs, Group Chats.

I cannot state the value of this enough, find a group of people

you gel with and believe you can trust. Learn from them,

discuss with them, and ultimately bond with them.

For me this is just a groupchat of 11 raging degenerates.

Not only will this make you money from the plays, projects,

and research you will have capability to share, but it provides

MORE if done right.

From my group chats I’ve learned things about:

• Coding, Rust, SOL Programming, Security, Botting.

• Community Management, Time management in doing


• ETH Projects, Communities, Climate.

• Mental health, raw life advice.

You can only research and learn so much through trial and

error as a singular individual. However, surrounding yourself

with the right people will tenfold the capacity of knowledge

and research you can consume in a much more time efficient


On top of this, you will always be more grounded and less biased

in your trading when you can seek external counsel you

trust, value and can listen to.

Make sure you pick people you do truly get along with and

trust, it’s a generally anonymous space; so, trust is the only

social currency to run on.

Analysing A Team.

There are some very basic factors always worth dissecting if

you’re looking to speed through research:

• Past experience?

• Do the team members have a reputation in the


• How do they sound? Are they motivated, dedicated


• What values does each member bring, does it

balance well?

• How big is the team? Do they have the funds to

manage such a team?

Building your own credit/rating system.

This can help condense research very quickly; I’ve made my

own in the past, but I feel as if it’s out of touch with the current

sentiment. If I had thrown you a filler one to use for your

own modification it would be something like

Social Sentiment - x /5 stars

The Team - x / 5 stars.

Art - x / 5 Stars

People may say doxxing, but from my experience it rarely

adds any true value except less chance of an immediate


I think the biggest IT factor of sought when looking at

a team is identifying if they have a vocal leader which

generates some sort of rallying effect. Acts as a voice that

really explains the thoughts of not only the community

but the brand itself in an active matter.

To name a few of the best examples, check out Liberty

Square, Frank, Peblo, and Solport Tom.

In this space it’s also important to inspect the marketing

side of the team and ask some questions about it. Marketing

dominates in this space so don’t fade the team

members leading it.

Importance of exit strategies;

Don’t see influencers talking about this enough, if you

buy let’s say 10 NFT’s for 2 SOL. The FP pumps to 2 SOL

/ NFT. You’ve got profit now, but don’t know what to do.

There’s a basic way to go about this.

• Sell one NFT to cover your entry, IMO if you have

more than 2 NFT’s you should ALWAYS sell one to

cover entry if it’s possible.

• You’ve covered your entry, so now it’s time to

extract value. NEVER just slap 10-20 NFTs on the

floor, this adds unwanted resistance and may

reduce potential buyers. Instead, consider listing


• Now you’ve got a neat profit on your trade, you

must make the decision as to how further you

think it can go. Assuming you have 10 NFT’s

you’ve sold 4 so far, with the remaining 6 you

can choose to leave 2 of them as moon bags and

slowly offload the other 4 across days, weeks,

months, etc.

Exit strategies are very reliant on the price action of

whatever you’re selling; but they are important to keep

in mind to extract the most potential value on the trades

you’re making.

Note regarding entry strategies: Everyone has their own

buying strategies and it’s entirely dependent on their

available liquidity, but also try to be critical of the price

you’re trying to enter at; “They are 13.5 SOL rn, I may

wait on a pull back to 12 to enter.” It’s always worthwhile

to try and maximize potential gains in this space.

Original Qualities (Website design, marketing stuff, Idea’s,

Art, etc) - x /5 Stars

Core Goals/Roadmap - x / 5 Stars.

I think teams being Doxxed & Roadmaps are unnecessary,

which is an absolutely 180 from the opinion I used to hold.

Roadmaps constrict a project’s ability to pivot with market

trends or set them. Doxxed devs is nice, but it’s not needed

or shouldn’t be demanded imo, let em build.

This is an on-the-fly filler system, feel free to optimize and

evolve this!


For those of you very new to the space, you want two things.

A burner wallet & a cold wallet.

Your cold wallet should never interact with anything at any

point. It should only be used to store NFTs. Hardware wallets

are optimal for this, such as Ledgers.

Your burner wallet should only ever have enough funds in it

for minting or an NFT you’re selling.

The wallet is essentially used to minimize the monetary

damage of malicious minting protocols and so on. Prioritize

getting a Ledger the bigger your portfolio gets!

Analyzing A Project’s Merit’s Post-Mint.

The Fun Bit.

Social Sentiment

To avoid rewriting the whole bit, apply this stuff here. Who’s

looking at the project, what’s got people excited about it,

how many people and so on.

Under this I would also keep my eye out for expansive projects,

by this I mean things like DeStables. Community ran

projects which add onto the expansion of the brand/project

itself. Additionally look for things like custom items/collectibles

being made; custom versions of NFTs, custom shoes,

clothes and so on.

Numbers & Metrics

Prefacing this by saying, personally I hate TA for NFTs. I don’t

think charting NFTs is a valuable way to trade specifically

when they generally cycle around news rather than anything


If TA still fancies you, the one value I find is figuring out

which price barriers have the largest number of listings (aka,

resistance). I would recommend doing this regardless as it

offers you an opportunity to sell at the resistance and rebuy

on a potential drawback for cheaper and netting a neat profit


One thing to note when looking at resistance is the speed

of liquidity. If you hit some form of resistance in FP and liquidity

flowing in begins to slow its worth listing. It is very

likely that trading bots and people will see the halt and

begin listing/dropping the floor. However, if liquidity is

high; you may just get steam rolled out of your position.

NFT Inspect: This can be a very valuable tool for reasons

beyond influencers swinging their willies in a battle of

who’s more narcissistic. Observe the community rankings

category. It gives you access to how many unique individuals

are rocking a PFP under this collection but also the


If you have a collection of, say 10,000 and 60% of the

collection is uniquely rocking their PFP with a community

reach of 30% but their floor price is 2 SOL it would be a

buying indicator alone.

However, if the project has a large community reach but a

lacklustre amount of unique PFPs; this is not particularly

a buying indicator, it’s more likely that an influencer or

person with a large platform is rocking it, which can be

nice, but it is nowhere near as useful as 2-6,000 people

on the timeline marketing the project with each tweet,

reply, Twitter space, etc.

HelloMoon Smart Money

This one is a given nowadays, so I won’t go into depth,

but it has its strengths. Make sure you don’t get caught

in a short-term play that will dump on your head. Be



This is the most important thing with NFTs because it

dictates the value of literally everything. Your floor can be

any price but if there’s no liquidity purchasing at that set

price, it’s not really the floor price. Always keep track of

liquidity flowing into the things you are interested in buying

and if you see slow trends or a gradual daily increase,

it’s a good sign that there might be more coming soon.

Ask Questions: Try to talk with the team, talk to influencers,

talk to people on the timeline, try to perceive what

the mood is towards the collection. Why are people buying,

why are they bullish and talking about it?

Buy the Rumor, Sell the News

This is a common trading style and is usually successful.

I would not advise following it word for word, but the

general premise is useful in this space.

If you see a project that might be under the radar or

slowly creeping up in terms of volume, NFT Inspect or discussion,

it’s a great opportunity to investigate the project

and figure out what’s coming next. Almost every bit of

big news/announcements for projects results in a positive

price action even if it’s 10-20%. Taking advantage means

you’ve just made a neat 10-20% for simply being aware

and selling to the latecomers.

Quality Assurance

I talked about this briefly in pre-mint analysis, but it’s

always good to look for quality insurance on the things you

buy into;

- Are the marketing graphics dated?

- How does the website look?

- Discord ugly as shit and hard to navigate?

- Is the staking platform well made?


This is something I don’t see talked about enough with

projects implementing staking and native tokens. Why. The.

F*ck do you think tokenomics made from anything less than

a professional athletics gamer is worth betting on?

It is such a core and key component of their ecosystem, and

it requires INTENSE math and thorough design to make not

only a unique but sound tokenomics structure.

Don’t have faith in some monkeys releasing a coin without

proper design. If they are cutting corners, being lazy, or

overtly stingy with their funding, none of these are good


Overlap w/ Pre-Mint

There’s some themes which obviously overlap which are as


• Is the art good?

• Is the team experienced?

• Are their plans worth buying into?

• Is there a vocal leader?

• Socials? (Discord, Twitter etc)

Long Hauls

If you have conviction on a project, then I wouldn’t concern

yourself with trying to get a bottomed price. Make the

market come to you. Bid, wait for drops and so on, but don’t

keep yourself waiting on something you wanna vault, it can

burn you.

Quickfire/Basic Advice.

• Don’t fade metas and market trends. If you see it

forming, follow it. E.g., the early 2022 Branding

hype. Late 2021 Utility hype. Going against the grain

won’t necessarily burn you, but it will restrict your

ability to make money.

• Don’t fade 1/1 Art. This is a subjective thing, but

check it out, it may be worth it down the line.

• Organization is key.

• If you hate reading, use Chrome extensions such as

Swift Read to speed up the process.

• If you can code, I’m sure you can build programs to

speed run processes and organize better.

• Always try to ask the team questions. Put the gas

on them a little bit. You may not like their answer

but if their response feels controlled and calculated,

assume they’ve got a good pulse on what they’re doing or will present it as such.

• Always think in the mindset of the general population. It’s not truly about whether you really like the art, the

ideas, or the team. It’s about if they are consumable on a broader scale.

• Don’t avoid placing bids, there’s always an opportunity to snag an NFT cheaper by slapping a bid on.

• You’re not bound to sell the top; you’re supposed to sell for profit. If you hit the top great, if you sell before the

top, you’ve still profited, don’t be harsh on yourself.

• Have clear goals in mind when trading. What $ Value or $SOL value do you aim to hit? Work towards it. If you hit

it, celebrate it, and set a new goal. I found myself constantly moving goalposts and felt an endless cycle of “I’m

not doing good enough”. Avoid this.

• Security is paramount in this space.

• Don’t click random links. Ignore any NFT you receive that you didn’t buy or trade for. Legitimate projects do NOT

randomly drop NFTs. Always check with the project before interacting. Generally, avoid 2FA linked to a phone,

opt for email. Use a hardware wallet if possible.

OG Solana Alpha Hunter Turned Builder.

Work w/ @TrippyBunny_NFT @TheAlphaDAO @SolApeFinance






























CultureHacker - Odyssey suit - xZD1

CultureHacker - Odyssey armor - exoskeleton #1

CultureHacker - Odyssey suit - xBD1

CultureHacker - Odyssey weapon - Sonic #1

CultureHacker - Odyssey pet #1















Critters Cult took CT by storm as soon as it minted. Despite a rough mint experience, sentiment held relatively

strong; the community seemed to have faith things would turn out positive. A quick pivot and expanded supply

got the project back on its feet. The unique art and limitless world building and storytelling potential make this

an extremely promising project.


as far as I know, the artist is the only core team member. This is mildly concerning, especially since the lack of

tech support led to a rough mint experience.

However, the artist was able to pivot quickly, listen to the community, expand supply, and continue. In the future,

if the project intends to add any additional features that require devs, I would hope that the artist uses mint

funds or royalties to hire someone trustworthy.

Additionally, the artist is well-connected and respected, and this could serve very useful in the future if the project

aims to utilize collaborations.


this project is young, but its community is not. Solsunsets, previously released by the same artist, is an art-based

project that has formed a strong community who is interested in art for art’s sake.

The Solsunsets floor price was not particularly high until Critters Cult was announced, but this means that former

holders are members of the community for more than just a flex or the potential to get rich quick. Shortly after

reveal, critters flooded Twitter, and many holders were using their critters as pfps, showing that the community is

proud to hold.

The top-tier art creates a dynamic where buyers shop for aesthetics. This is a great sign that the community is

looking to relate to the art and find their “forever” critter. It strengthens the bond between the holder and their

NFT, making it harder for them to part ways with the project.


this is not a utility-focused project in the tech or finance realms. However, uniting holders through art and lore is

a sophisticated and simple way to build a strong community. Additionally, “storytelling NFTs” are all the rage right

now; it is the first project to boldly commit to this as its only facet since this idea grew in popularity in the prior

months leading up to launch. Additionally, the art is innovative in and of itself.


the art is the biggest draw to this project. The artist is experienced and clearly very talented, and his range is

displayed through the different works he has created.

There are many traits in the critters collection, many of which Solana has not seen before. Despite the novelty of

the art, it also is reminiscent and comfortable,

including the fact that the art

is pixel-style, which pays homage to the

history of NFTs.


though this project is young, it feels

like the sky is the limit. Many important

voices in the NFT space are

on board, which is necessary for a

project to get full traction. The rel- a-

tively uncharted space of world building

and storytelling lends


wide-open field for Critters Cult


explore and shine.


SHILL Issue #77


TLDR - exclusive small collection of 888 Anons with a large focus on blockchain privacy. Big brain holders that

could benefit from more active marketing by the team


This one is difficult as I don’t know much about the team as individuals normally that would be a bad thing but

for the case of 888 Anons it fits into the theme of anonymity.

A stumbling block the project has is in its public reach as the effort on marketing could be increased to create

larger awareness of the project


There are no influencers rocking an Anon Club PFP but I feel a sense of trust in a community members opinion

when I see them rocking their anon club which is huge in my eyes and something I look for when considering

investing in a project. Again, more exposure would be good but any exposure the community has is high class


The main purpose of Anon Club is the utility they create, and it is all focused around anonymity which ideally is

why many of us got into crypto in the first place

They have built the following protocols all that are powered by the $dark token that Anon holders get for staking

Dark Bank - The Dark Bank is designed to provide a simple method for Depositing and Withdrawing Solana or any

other SPL token into the Light Protocol Shielded Pool

Dark Swap - Dark Swap is built on top of the Jupiter Aggregator’s API Framework to provide users with the closest

possible swaps for liquid pairs across many exchanges!

Dark Markets - The Dark Markets is a simple solution for collecting wallet addresses when building an allow list

which is like BlockSmith Labs Mercury

Project Blackhole - Still a secret for now

They also have a direct connection for holders to Yami Finance which is a purely permission-less solution for

point-of-sales, token swaps and private transactions that is launchable in only 10 seconds. Yami is building the

future of in-person digital payments leveraging privacy for realistic user experience. Yami is designed to act as

an all-rewarding alternative to traditional gated financial systems. Yami could be huge as a protocol once more

business start running their sales using crypto and decentralised


One thing to note for a project that has had very little to almost no marketing it has held its floor price surprisingly

well during this current bear market which tells me that the current holders are super confident in what the

founders are building and happy to hold long term (or know something we don’t).

Where I see the most potential in this

project is if the governments start to really

crack down on Crypto taxes and transactions

and more members feel the need to

keep their movements private.

Also, not aware of any other project that

is based on Solana that is building something

along these lines which means first

mover advantage and little competition


As always art is subjective. Absolutely

nothing excites me about this artwork.

It works and is original but is very boring

and hard to differentiate between pfps.

SHILL Issue #77




They have built three novel market viable products

pre-mint that could reshape the NFT buying landscape.

The first is an NFT pledging system that allows users to

commit to holding an NFT for 10 or 30 days. If successful,

the user increases their Investor Scoring rating and can

pledge more NFTs. This scoring mechanism could be

used by upcoming projects to provide whitelist access

to proven holders. They have also created “pledging as a

service” that other projects can leverage to incorporate

time-based staking. Third, they created a pre-pay minting

feature that they used for their own upcoming mint and

can allow other projects to utilize. The products each

look and function well on desktop and mobile. The team

has also been excellent with communication outlining

next steps and engaging the community. Checking all the

boxes so far.


It’s too soon to tell since we are pre-mint, but so far,

the community has been very active and authentically

engaged in what Crowdsurf is building. The team

deserves credit here as well for leveraging the community

to test their various products and they have also

frequently created incentives for the community to buy

on secondary to access raffle prizes. Since Crowdsurf is

building out a product that could yield lucrative whitelist

access I see some strong potential for the community to

stay active and engaged discussing upcoming mints and

continuing to be early and rewarded for product testing

future features.


Only time will tell, but I think Crowdsurf’s tools could be

massively successful. Everyone in NFTs knows that the

current whitelist allocation model is broken. Allocating

WL to a bunch of other NFT projects doesn’t create any

loyalty to the NFT. Allocating WL via pre-sale can lead

to huge pumps and dumps without proper

vesting rules. Allocating via scholarships or

other proof-of-work methods is extremely

time consuming. Crowdsurf’s pledge portal

theoretically helps streamline this process

by creating a data collection scheme to

determine which buyers are more likely to

HODL their NFTs. And the more people and

projects that use Crowdsurf, the better the

data will get, incentivizing future projects

to allocate significant WL spots to proven

diamond handers. The expansion into

time-based staking as a service through

their pledge portal and pre-pay features

are also sneakily killer products. Timebased

staking could be the new meta

with y00ts going in that direction and pre-pay adds

convenience for buyers and may even incentivize buyers

to accumulate a mint at a discounted price while also

providing valuable data to projects in determining how

to price their final mint and conduct outreach (rather

than waiting until mint day to see if enough people will

buy into the project). And utility? If they pull this off this

could be a great source of whitelist access which we

know is lucrative based on the success of Blocksmith

Labs and Bot Head. And Crowdsurf claims they will share

50% of all revenue streams with holders. It’s not entirely

clear to me how this will work - is this direct revenue

share or revenue share tied to their utility token $SURF

that they plan to introduce post-launch?


The art is solid. It’s simple yet distinctive and full of

personality. I like that they split the mint into two

sections: Deadsurfers as the OGs and Crowdsurfers as

the bulk collection. If this project takes off it could really

be desirable to hold a Deadsurfer as a flex. I appreciate

that they did a PFP rather than an access card, as the

market has clearly indicated that a PFP is far more

desirable for building brand and community.


This project has already accomplished more than most

NFTs pre-mint. They have built market viable products

and appear to have product market fit helping address

several very relevant pain points in NFTs, namely whitelist

allocation, time-based staking, and tools like pre-pay to

help upcoming projects mint out. Since they are utilizing

a SaaS model and have proven an ability to build useful

stuff, there’s no reason to believe they won’t continue to

layer on new functionality and tools down the road. I’m

very excited to watch this project grow and think it could

be an A-tier utility play in the same vein as Blocksmith

Labs, Famous Fox Federation, Atadia, or Bot Head.


SHILL Issue #77

a16z leads $40 million raise

for crypto protocol - Golden

The Block • by Catarina Moura

Quick Take

• Golden has raised $40 million in a series led by a16z crypto.

• The Series B round included high-profile investors such as Solana co-founder Raj Gokal and Matt Bellamy,

the lead-singer of Muse.

Golden, a crypto firm building a data protocol with web3 tools, raised $40

million in a Series B funding round led by a16z crypto, bringing the total

amount raised to date to $60 million.

Other participants in the round include Solana co-founder Raj Gokal, Dropbox

co-founder Arash Ferdowsi and Postmates founder Bastian Lehmann,

the company announced Monday. Also among the investors was Matt

Bellamy, the lead singer of rock band Muse and a partner at Helium-3


Ali Yahya, a general partner at a16z, will also be joining the board and sitting

alongside current board member and a16z co-founder Marc Andreessen,

the company said.

The funding will help the company’s efforts to build a platform that it says

centralizes data using technologies and mechanics from Web3. The protocol

financially rewards correct data and disincentives incorrect data, with

the use of tokens.

It’s now in a testnet phase, with 35,000 individuals submitting facts and

validating information, via the Discord community, a live decentralized

app, APIs and early governance in action. The protocol is expected to go

live on the mainnet in the second quarter of 2023.

“This is not simply a ‘web3 Wikipedia,’” the company said. “Having accurate

data in a deeply-linked knowledge graph allows for the creation of

new applications and insights that are not currently possible.”


accurate data in

a deeply-linked


graph allows

for the creation

of new


and insights

that are not



SHILL Issue #77




— GMers BREAKS OVER $1M in Secondary Sales! —

What’s going on with Solana NFTs? Let’s find out!

GMers is a 50.000 free mint NFT collection that was

minted on Sept 13th founded by @Ace0fTrades, full

of fun colorful stick figures and vibrant art! GMers

reached a floor price of around 0.49-0.60+ SOL, on

Sept 14th.

According to @SolanaFloor Solana NFTs have made

$4.39M in volume during the last 24 hours, and $43M

in the last 7 days

GMers has made around 31.8k SOL in secondary

market sales volume according to Magic Eden, around

1.090.864,48 USD

Sol Sniper

GMers is a fun collection with an active social media

presence that took a risk: launching 50k NFTs. Solana

has never seen a collection that big, and so far the

sentiment on social media has been great! GMers main

goal is to become the World’s largest DAO!

GMers listing count went from 7k+ peak on Sept 15th,

to around just 3.7k+ at time of writing. Just around

7.6% of the collection is listed, which is a nice % for

such a big collection.


SHILL Issue #77

Sol Sniper

At time of writing, GMers are at a 0.345 floor price. Awesome charts by @solsniperxyz: https://solsniper.xyz/collection/gmers…

SHILL Issue #77



Coral Cube join the 0% royalties club

Coral Cube has also hinted that more exciting news is

on the way, fighting its way back into relevance as a

Solana NFT marketplace and aggregator.

Froots release staking after long-awaited roadmap


Ever Since Yawww launched their “Your NFT, Your

Choice” campaign, introducing the Solana NFT ecosystem

to a marketplace that bypasses creator royalties,

various NFT marketplaces on Solana have followed

suit, in a bid to steal market share from the dominant

Magic Eden.

Coral Cube announced today that they would be following

the trend, allowing sellers to choose to list their

NFTs with 0% creator royalties.

“Since day 1 we have been here for Solana traders,

enabling them with the fastest and most reliable NFT

marketplace aggregator with the best offers. As other

marketplaces are introducing the same functionality,

we want to ensure we are ready to serve our users the

best we can.”

This comes after Coral Cube partnered up with Magic

Eden to create the hugely unpopular Metashield, a

protocol that made it easier for NFT projects to punish

those who sold their NFTs on marketplaces that allow

sellers to bypass creator royalties. Coral Cube acknowledges

that the community has not liked the product

and will be working closely with creators and traders to

set a new standard for the space.

Coral Cube used to be the second most popular place

for sellers to sell their NFTs. In recent times, the competition

has heated up, with marketplaces not only

offering sellers all the functionality they need. This has

led to Coral Cube slipping in terms of volume.

After delivering a new and improved roadmap 2 days

ago, staking of Froots is now live, allowing NFTs to earn

$PULP, the utility token of the Froots project.

The Food and Beverages-based NFT project released

a roadmap just 2 days ago, in which they outlined

their plans going forward, such as transitioning into a

DAO-controlled project, and a potential art upgrade

around the corner too.

The team also released their tokenomics today, outlining

how $PULP will work. $PULP will purely be a utility

token. Froots is going with a gamified staking system

for $PULP, where holding a full set (Tomato + Orange +

Lemon + Apple) grants them bonus $PULP. Holders can

get an even bigger bonus if they include a rare body

trait in their staking set. The staking will take place in

the Arena once that’s released. Sneak peeks for the

Arena should be available later today.

SoDead NFT plans to increase royalties for NFTs to

66.6% for Purification Event


SHILL Issue #77

Earlier today, Sodead NFT made the announcement

that on Full Moon, royalties for all NFTs would increase

to 66.6%. The announcement follows Ghost’s disclosure

of details regarding $HEM, SoDead’s native coin.

SoDead holders will also be able to purify their NFTs

on the full moon. Holders will be able to receive an

increase in the staking multiplier through the purification

process. On October 9th, the increased royalties

for NFTs will take effect.

On Twitter, the announcement received a mixed

response. Some users praised the ingenuity, while

others noted how many previous attempts had ended

in failure.

PEEPL: Team behind Stoned Ape Crew announce a new


“We want to have fun with the most interesting of traits in

humankind — curiosity & passion — in an NFT to build a

global community of Peepl finding their own way in life.”

More information regarding this new venture should be

revealed in the coming weeks.

Handsy owners to get whitelist spot for new Divine

Dogs collection

A new Twitter account, PeeplNft posted its first post

today; a thread explaining what its project is about and

its links to Stoned Ape Crew (SAC).

Stoned Ape Crew is an NFT project that has done

well since it was minted. Though it has come down a

lot from its highs, the project had a successful event

recently, with $puff week and PayLeaf catapulting their

name back into the talk of the town.

It appears that the team from SAC will be starting a

separate venture. PEEPL is a new NFT project focused

on culture, curiosity, and passion, as they seek to forge

a global community.

Though not directly linked, SAC holders will be glad to

know that the mint will be in $puff, the native utility

token of the SAC ecosystem that can be earned from

staking your SAC. The tentative price is 1950 $puff,

which translates to $78 or 2.5 Sol. Holders of the Apes,

with certain configurations as shown in the image

below, will get a whitelist for the project automatically

as well.

Hyblinxx has announced today that holders of her first

edition piece, Handsy, will receive whitelist spots for

Divine Dog’s upcoming NFT launch: Transcendents.

“Dear Handsy Edition Holders, I want to thank you

for your patience and offer you a DivineDogsNFT WL

spot for holding my edition and believing in the hyblinxx

brand. I’m so grateful for all your support!

All of my love,Hyblinxx”

Transcendents is a collection of highly customisable

dogs that are hand-drawn by Hyblinxx herself. Traits for

the dogs will be made by 1/1 artists around the space,

allowing holders to dress their dogs up however they


SHILL Issue #77



Q: Can you provide a brief overview of the project?

A: More Monkes is a unique project in its own right. It

was spawned from a generative collection that Purple

made to test his abilities. The massive community

support and speculation of his 1/1 skills provided a lot

of different paths to choose from, and now to continue

forward we have hired a developer to create a verification

tool and build future experiences for the Monke

holders to gain exposure to 1/1 artists. Being a holder

of More Monkes will unlock these experiences.

Currently we have enough collaborations for a full

“Season 1” of airdrops and are starting to structure our

“Season 2” for artists that are currently too busy.

Q: What made you decide to start MM?

A: Purple wanted to test his generative capabilities as

an artist. Over the past year we have seen collections

come out incomplete or unrecognizable due to how

hard layer generation can be for some artists. Coming

from a 1/1 background he wanted to see if he could

generate this and gauge the difficulty himself. Under-


SHILL Issue #77

standing the lack of funding for “art” based projects we priced ourselves accordingly. What followed afterwards

was completely unexpected, and now we pivot into providing more to our holders. Where it was simply 1 airdrop,

now it’s more. Where it was 1 artist, now it’s more.

Q: What was the inspiration for the art?

A: What’s most recognizable in the ecosystem at this point? Monkes. More Monkes everywhere. Ours though

are unique. SMBs are pixel, DAA is 3D, SAC are more realism - so Purple decided to do his own style that was

native to him.

SHILL Issue #77



Art that is clean, iconic, and thought-provoking, with

anti-authoritarian tones that are confronting, witty and

sophisticated all in the same stroke.

@beverlykillsnft is a quickly rising star in this space,

and this is a quick on what I love about this particular

style of art

It’s instantly recognisable. The use of a pink background

in most pieces adds to the subversion by

creating an innocent feel to the art, but it also makes it

iconic af. Anyone who has come across @beverlykillsnft

once will forever be able to spot his work in a sea of


It’s deceptively simple. But each piece will take you on

a journey. The commentary on darker aspects of our

society cut deep, though often hidden in plain sight.

Pulling this off with such bold subversion is a skill that

@beverlykillsnft has mastered beautifully.

It’s not afraid to go there @beverlykillsnft is arguably

at its best when the art is blatantly controversial. Being

clean, iconic, and thought-provoking is one thing, but if

you can get people talking then communities can form,

and real change can happen. It only takes a spark


SHILL Issue #77

There’s so much more to this story, but these are the things I believe form the core of @beverlykillsnft iconic art.

Like many others, I’m looking forward to following this journey as it evolves and unfolds. In the meantime, I’ll be

rocking this pfp till it’s no longer relevant!

SHILL Issue #77


Gaming is for Everyone

Mushroom Party @medium.com

Corey Passarella, Co-Founder

We build the future of online gaming on the common ground between dedicated online gamers and

crypto enthusiasts. Online players have always valued cooperative ownership and decentralization

which is the foundation of Web3. They prove it in the hours spent community building and creating in

their game ecosystem. Cryptocurrency evangelists appreciate data privacy and accessibility as the new

way forward. Gamers practice anonymity, and, in its purest form, a come-as-you-are approach to play.

However, where people gather, high-stakes monetization is never far behind. Online gaming is not an

exception to the rule. Game developers design sticky models to extract attention, money, and data from

players. These practices drive unhealthy social behaviors, more in-game transactions, and intrusive

advertising. In some environments, players fight to navigate the game without spending on expensive

in-game assets and upgrades.

Mushroom Party is our slice of the internet where we develop games differently. Our goal is to lay

the foundation for a gamer-friendly future of online gaming with every game we release. We focus on

values like community-owned development and a consistent, user-centric experience. We want every

player to win based on their skill and understanding of how our games work — not how much money a

player spends.

We lower the slope of the learning curve by developing fun games that put a Web3 twist on familiar

gaming experiences. For example, instead of charging fees to gain an advantage, our games are

played in SOL and allow players to win SOL based on their performance. Our games include the social

sharing elements of culture-shaping games like FarmVille and Wordle. Mushroom Party players have

access to gameplay strategy discussions on Discord instead of endless in-app/in-feed notifications.

MP’ers can also share their successes (and failures) on the social platforms of their choice.

Crypto gaming takes advantage of the unique qualities of digital currency so players can earn crypto

and convert it into cash. Low fees and public transactions allow Web3 game developers like us to eschew

web2 monetization and keep players anonymous. Super users get rewarded for their contribution

to the community.

We are inspired to build these experiences by the 75% of players who repeat play with us after their first

game. And we’re excited to see the space growing: Front Office Sports reports the blockchain gaming

industry grew 2000% in Q1 2022. The investment in this space means soon there will be games for everyone.

Check out our games and become part of our Discord community at the links below. Let’s play!


Mushroom Party Landing Page




SHILL Issue #77

SHILL Issue #77












Diamond Hands Crew


Diamond Hands Crew Gen2.0

Diamond Hands Crew Gen2.0


A crisp outline of what I have learned about the vision, roadmap, tokenomics and value distribution for

SoDeadNFT, @ArsensNation, @blackmagic_gg and @immortalincweb3.

@SoDeadNFT offers a profit share with Holders. 90%

of profits generated by the project are distributed via

staking rewards paid in $HEM.

$HEM pegged at a minimum price of $0.01 USDC.

Fully collateralized by USDC reserves. Reserves will be

seeded by corporate capital and presale buys of HEM

by Holders of assets with specific traits over the next

48 hours at a discount of 10% i.e. buy $HEM presale at


Holders generate $HEM by staking or by hunting.

Staking requires a coffin. Hunting requires participation

in gamified activities that drive awareness or demand

for affiliated assets and projects. Demons and some

other assets with certain traits can hunt on an

automated basis.

$HEM minted at a constant velocity with different

asset stacks generating at different rates. USDC

reserves increase with revenue and underwrites mint

of $HEM staking rewards.

Hunting rewards allocated at a magnitude that reflects

periods of outsized revenue return and through

treasury staking rewards. Hunting will drive bigger

rewards to some participants using a lottery system.

@SoDeadNFTassets are the token printer.


SHILL Issue #77

The underlying vision and intent is to build an

ecosystem of projects that address broader web3

infrastructure, entertainment and IRL utility through

internal development, partnerships and incubation.

@blackmagic_gg is the LaunchPad for the native eco.

Projects will be funded and resourced by

@immortalincweb3. Projects will denominate in

$HEM. Velocity of $HEM supply constant, demand for

$HEM increases through consumption of incubated

products and services.

@SoDeadNFT are aggressively building a pipeline

of partner brands and propositions. These are cross

chain, not limited to SOL. Upcoming example in

gambling domain. Services denominated in $HEM.

@immortalincweb3 is building a foundation layer on

top of L1s comprising infrastructure and economy,

allowing builders to bootstrap their development and

GTM. This is inspired by Ethereum’s enablement of its

DeFi eco and the Layer stacks on top.

At a point in the roadmap, @immortalincweb3 will also

invest in a L0 protocol to drive portability of its L2 stack

to enable cross chain propagation of the infrastructure,

servicing and economic activity.

There will be continual demand for $HEM given it

is the denominating asset for transacting on the L2.

The bigger the native eco, the bigger the cross chain

distribution, the bigger the demand for $HEM.

HEMX is a token gated DEX for trading $HEM for

$USDC. Only SD Holders can access. This is the only

mechanism for converting $HEM that is generated

at wholesale prices through staking and hunting into

USDC at the retail rate based on secondary demand.

The bigger the gap between wholesale price and retail

price, the greater the demand for SD assets which

enable generation of wholesale $HEM and access to

HEMX. Projects, marketers and consumers transacting

at high values may prefer staking to secondary buys.

Transacting in $HEM is further incentivized through

gameified mechanics such as airdrops to wallets that

transact in $HEM on any given day and within any

given month. Non-trivial payoffs.

@arsenaharonyan comes from the gaming world. It

shows in his tokenomic and incentive design. There

will be a significant focus in driving $HEM as the

denominating crosschain asset for GameFi broadly.


@SoDeadNFT are the value accrual layer for the eco,

$HEM has the potential to be a broadly distributed

asset for transactions across a range of industries,

@ArsensNation represents and shares in @

arsenaharonyan’s personal revenue streams.

All this fits together to create a significant flywheel.

The BIG IF, is in the execution. This is an extremely big

vision. There is inherent risk and uncertainty. If it lands,

the relationship between supply and demand and the

impact on FP and $HEM retail price is v big.

Ty for listening to my TED talk. Hear it from

Arsen himself here: https://twitter.com/i/

spaces/1DXxyvkDzDYKM?s=20… Or wait for the

Whitepaper to drop later today. It will be better than

my humble attempt at explaining the jigsaw.

SHILL Issue #77



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