Dirt & Trail SEPTEMBER 2022

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Ride More Stress Less





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Leatt is thrilled to announce our 2022 knee brace collection, and trust us we have everything you need. This knee

brace range comprises of the c frame, x frame, x frame hybrid and z frame, which are all medically certified to the

highest standard. All our knee braces can be adjusted for ultimate comfort and can fit any rider. Our knee braces are

CE certified and impact tested to ensure top notch quality. So get protected, gear up and go get dirty. Visit your local

dealer or check out Leatt.com to find out more.



















The reason is simple, premium quality, unmatched reliability, long life and

advanced engineering with years of application expertise.
















011 869 2022

011 795 4122

012 342 7474

011 867 0092

011 467 0737

011 425 1081

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011 234 5275

011 025 8272

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031 566 7411

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Intro. Keeping the wheels turning...

SEPTEMBER Issue 2022

We wanna hear from you info@motomedia.co.za

Read our back issues at www.motomedia.co.za

Our bike industry is a busy place at

the mo - events and racing are literally

flat out with stuff going on just about

every weekend.

New venues are making themselves

motorcycle friendly - and of course

the importers and manufacturers are

rolling out bikes that are - well, quite

frankly, spectacular.

Its a great time to be a motorcyclist in

SA for sure!

In the great days of the British Empire,

a new Commanding Officer was sent

out on his Triumph Super Cub to a far

flung outpost to relieve the retiring


After welcoming his replacement and

showing the usual courtesies (gin and

tonic, cucumber sandwiches, etc.) that

protocol decrees, the retiring Colonel

said: “You must meet my adjutant,

Captain Smithers, he’s my right-hand

man, he’s really the strength of this

office. His talent is simply boundless.”

Smithers was summoned and

introduced to the new CO, who was

surprised to meet a humpbacked, one

eyed, toothless, hairless, scabbed and

pockmarked specimen of humanity, a

particularly unattractive man less than

four feet tall.

“Smithers, old man, tell your new CO

about yourself..”

“Well, sir, I graduated with honours

from Sandhurst, joined the Regiment

and won the Military Cross and bar

after three expeditions behind enemy

lines. I’ve represented Great Britain

in equestrian events, and won a silver

medal in the middleweight division of

the Olympics. I have researched the

history of.....”

Here the colonel interrupted, “Yes,

yes, never mind that Smithers; he

can find all that in your file. Tell him

about the day you told the sangoma to

“Bugger off.”


Glenn Foley




Sean Hendley



071 684 4546




anette.acc@ mweb.




Kyle Lawrenson



Cape Town Sales and


Lorna Darrol



074 122 4874


Stefan van der Riet


Shado Alston

Donovan Fourie

Tristan Foley

Kurt Beine

Mike Wessels

Morag Campbell

Kyle Foley

The Garth Taylor


Have some fun

Challenge yourself

What? A lekker, challenging day in the saddle!

Not hard enduro. All rideable and not a bike breaker.

Loop? Roughly a 30 kilometer Enduro loop that

incorporates elements of Enduro & off-road

Classes: Ysterman & team entries & more

Note: Young riders are welcome

All Brands Welcome

Booking queries:

foleyg@mweb.co.za (072) 177-0621

anette.acc@mweb.co.za (083) 314-2203


admin2@traxktm.co.za (012) 111-0190

Copyright © Dirt And Trail Magazine: All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced,

distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, articles, or other methods,

without asking nicely...





R169 950.00











7 - 8 HRS




E@OE/Please ride responsibly/Offer valid until 31 August 2022.


Dirtbikefest @ Legends: 30th September

The Famous Legends riding park on the Rayton

Road is hosting a dirtbike festival on the weekend

of the of September

Details are still in the grinding mill, and as they

become available, we’ll keep you posted. MX.

Enduro and Cross country events are planned and

we are told that most motorcycle importers and

distributors will have their wares on display.

Sounds great!

See you there.


Motorrad Tech

Nestled in the small industrial hamlet along Golden

Drive Benoni is the best kept secret on the East

Rand, well… as far as we are concerned anyways.

A neat professional GS specialist workshop run by

a 20 plus year experienced and qualified Motorrad

Technician. Our office Orangutang needed

some urgent work done on his old R1150GS and

made enquiries as where to take his bike for the

best service, pricing and quality workmanship.

Somebody out on the West Rand recommended

Justen Seager at Motorrad Tech in Benoni. And

thus the old 1150GS ended up there and was

found to have a litany of age induced problems.

Justin mentioned that it may take a while as he

was packed to the rafters with work and he works

on a first come first served basis, so, we made

arrangements for other wheels while we waited.

Less than a week later we got a call, “Your bike is

ready for collection, I’ve spent a few days riding to

make sure it is sorted and it is running beautifully.”

So, we asked for the invoice to be emailed through

and waited in trepidation wandering where we

could sell a kidney or an arm quickly… and we

didn’t have to. For the amount f work done and the

quality of workmanship and service we received

the invoice was surprisingly reasonable. And the

Orangutang says his beloved pride and joy has

never run so beautifully ever. So, if you are looking

for a top notch mechanic to look after your GS give

Justin a call on 083 283 3636 or drop him a mail on



True Wheel

You need that smiley taken out of your spoked rim

or some serious repairs don’t to a spoked rim?

Well, we have just the man for you. He cold rolls

any spoked rim back to perfection, relaces it and

reconditions it back to better than new. When we

say ‘ANY’, we mean any, from dirt bike wheels to

adventure bike wheels and even classic car wire

wheels. Andrew Hamer is a long time qualified

BMW mechanic, but has been lacing spoked rims

since he was about 4 years old with his dad. If

you can’t get to the East Rand, just about every

dealership in the country sends their spoked rims

to True Wheel for repairs for a small premium they

can send yours as well. Give Andrew a call on

084 290 6350.







Please make no attempt to imitate the illustrated riding scenes, always wear protective clothing and observe the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations!

The illustrated vehicles may vary in selected details from the production models and some illustrations feature optional equipment available at additional cost.


With decades of race-winning credentials under its belt,

the KTM 85 SX fears nothing. Thanks to adjustable

WP suspension, top-shelf components and unmatched

2-stroke performance, it represents the ultimate

mini bike package for all riders.

Photos: F. Montero

RACESHOP and Bike Kings join hands

In a joint effort to deliver the best products, brands, &

highest levels of service On Track & Off, Louis (Owner

BIKE KINGS) & Ryan (Owner RACE SHOP) have once again

joined forces!

Their goal is to assure the racing fraternity has all the

essentials on Race Day for the Riders & their bikes, plus

the coolest Apparel & Casual Wear for all who attend SA

Motorcycle Racing. BIKE KINGS MOBILE will be a truly fun

Trackside Shop stocking the latest & greatest Protective

Gear & Apparel currently available in SA.

In Addition, Tyre Sales & Fitment Services will be

reintroduced at all Gauteng based racing & most of the

events BIKE KINGS MOBILE attend.

A genuine One Stop Bikers Shop coming to a Track near



Photo: R. Schedl, KISKA GmbH

Stylmartin Motorcycle shoes:

The Stylmartin brand is linked with the epic deeds

of the U.S. riders of the 1990s, like Eddie Lawson

and John Kocinski.

The brand owes its rebirth to Antis, a company

founded in 1970 in the heart of the Montebelluna

sports footwear district. Antonio Binotto, the

founder of the company, acquired the historic

Stylmartin trademark in 2007, updating it and

bringing it back to life.

These guys have a huge range of footwear for road

and adventure use.

And they are at stockists nationwide.

Trade enquiries: 0729124658. steve@


Please make no attempt to imitate the illustrated riding scenes, always wear protective clothing and observe the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations!

The illustrated vehicles may vary in selected details from the production models and some illustrations feature optional equipment available at additional cost.



to outperform.

There’s no such thing as “good enough”

in motocross. Constant progression

is essential. The all-new 2023 FC 450 is

engineered to outperform the competition

and the level you were at yesterday.

Please make no attempt to imitate the illustrated riding scenes, always wear protective clothing and observe the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations!

The illustrated vehicles may vary in selected details from the production models and some illustrations feature optional equipment available at additional cost.

Photo: R. Schedl, KISKA GmbH


Launch Control

Traction Control

Adjustable WP XACT suspension

Class leading power and torque

FC 450







Motocomp: www.motocomp.co.za

Looking for anything from Carb kits, Air filters,

Electrical parts, Rear pegs and all sorts?

Try Motocomp.

MotoComp is a parts importer for Japanese and

European bikes based in Kwa - Zulu Natal South


MotoComp are dealers or agents for: Keyster Carb

Parts, Sudco International, K&L Supply, Scotts

Performance, Z-Power, Electrex World, Dynatek,

Boyer Bransden, APE Raceparts, PC Racing, Nex

Accessories, Z1 Enterprises, B & H Specialties,

Euro Carb, Burlen Fuel systems, Hawks Head Tyre

Pressure Monitoring Systems and more…

Perrys Bikes: 37 years in the trade:

This month Perry Bikes is celebrating an impressive

37 years in the motorcycle industry.

“Man, what a ride it has been! As family-owned

business, we have experienced many bumpy roads

throughout the years, but one thing that’s remained

constant is our passion for life on two wheels, and

the incredible customers and friends we have picked

up along the way.”

Perry Bikes has have achieved the title of 1’ST in the

country for Husqvarna Motorcycles (year-to-date), as

well as the number-one SYM dealer for 2022.

“As a team, we are constantly working on ways to

better satisfy our customers’ needs, and found that

one of those areas is stock. Therefore, in order to

offer you the widest variety of sizes and styles, we

source and hold more stock than anyone else in the

province, and in order to guarantee faster turnaround

times on repairs, we make sure we are loaded up on

common servicing parts.”

“ Gear, spare parts, sales, servicing, or finance, We

focus on it all!”.

Open 6-days a week at 1 Sneezewood Lane, Glen Anil.

@perry_bikes or visit www.perrybikes.co.za for more.

2023 sx range

now available



Paarl Junction, Business Park R101

Old Paarl Road

JHB: Corner Rivonia and Witkoppen Road, Sandton

Phone: 011 234 5007 Email: info@radmoto.co.za

Paarl: Paarl Junction, Business Park R101 Old Paarl Road

Phone: 021 879 4630 Email: info@ktmpaarl.co.za



Don’t be fooled into thinking that all clutch packs are

the same. Find out how big a difference quality can

make to your ATV or dirt bike with Premier Clutch Kits.

Premier Clutch Kits greatly eliminate clutch fade with

their kit’s pin-planished steel plates. They tell us that

these plates resist heat and distortion better than OEM

alloy plates and increase the amount of oil inside the

pack, keeping the clutch from burning up and fading

when it’s hot. Premier’s fiber plates are built with

an array of long-wearing but super-grippy materials

for absolutely positive hook up without sacrificing


Most importantly, Premier clutch kits keep the same

overall stack height as your OEM clutch for the exact

tolerances it needs to operate properly. All of these

plates will be held together by the included heavyduty

springs so you get the most from Premier’s high

standard and innovations.


Pin-planished, heat dispersing steel plates

Heavy-duty springs included

Maintains OEM clutch stack height

Increased oil flow through clutch pack

Includes friction plates, steel plates, heavy-duty clutch

springs. Available from Autocycle.

Cliqr Phone Holders

CLIQR range is manufactured from glass-filled nylon due

to its superior mechanical properties, light weight and


CLIQR uses a dual locking, fail-safe mechanism to mount

almost any device in the most convenient position for

you. Simply stick the CLIQR device adaptor onto the

back of your device and CLIQR it into the mount in the

orientation that suits.

The CLIQR Handlebar Mount allows you to position your

device beside your controls for convenient viewing at a

glance, perfect for navigating on the move.

Key Features

• Universal adaptor with VHB 3M tape

• Designed specifically for 22mm handlebars

• Hinged clamp and M5 bolt for secure hold

• Shared base mount

What’s included

• 1 X Mount

• 2 X Device adaptors

• 1 X Silicone insert

• 1 X Alcohol Wipe

ANSWER SYNCRON Gear just landed

The Syncron line is the perfect blend of function, style and

affordability. Answer has been outfitting riders since 1976 and

the Syncron line makes it easy to carry on the heritage of MX

roots. Feel great, look great, ride more.


Self-Fabric Collar

Performance Moisture-Wicking Polyester Fabrics

Fade-Free Sublimated Graphics

Stretch Polyester Cuffs

Lightweight / Low Profile Adjustable Velcro Strap Closure

Durable Mutli-Denier Poly Oxford Fabrics

High Performance Durable 900D Woven Inner Knees Fabric

Flexible / Breathable Knee, Fly And Rear Yoke Panels

Attack Position Pattern Provides Comfort And Mobility






Contact Sparx Distributing - steve@sparxdistributing.co.za.

Continental Red Impact RS Navajo Low

JUST1 J38 Helmets

JUST1 has launched an entry level helmet with an great

quality versus price ratio making it easier for anyone to

wear a JUST1 helmet.Featuring modern design principles it

finds its true strength in simplicity. Only one graphic, BLADE,

in seven colors, with only one cap from XS to XL and ECE

homologation. Also available in Rockstar Energy graphics,

matt, gritty and always fashion.


Technical High quality thermoplastic resin shell

Multiple and effective ventilation system

Anti-intrusion metal mesh at the air intakes

Removable and washable interior

Prepared for neck brace

Adjustable peak

Double D retention system


Product Details

Weight 1.320gr +/- 50gr (ECE)

Approval ECE 22-05

Shell ABS

The latest Festool Cordless Percussion Drill

TPC 18/4 Basic QUADRIVE by Vermont Sales

Pure power, controlled in four gears, with intelligent

kickback. The Festool TPC 18/4 is considered the best

drill that Festool has ever built, it is a powerful, versatile

compact unit, with four gears for every application.

Whether you are working on wood, metal, or masonry,

thanks to the axial impact feature that can be switched

on. The TPC is extremely durable thanks to its brushless

EC-TEC motor, which has extreme resilience and

endurance. The substantial number of attachments,

combined with perfectly matched accessories, make

the QUADRIVE a great choice for a wide range of uses.

What about your hand twisting dangerously if the

tool suddenly jams? Their intelligent kickback stop

minimizes the risk of this happening.

Its list of strengths and benefits include:

• Power for work with screws and drills with

larger diameters, rapid for clean work progress when

working with small diameters

• Maximum performance thanks to the

extremely powerful, brushless, and long-lasting, EC-TEC


• A robust resilient four-speed metal gearbox,

also fully covered by the comprehensive support

provided by Festool Service

• For an even wider range of applications there

is an Axial impact function that can be activated for

drilling into masonry

• The QUADRIVE with four gears for every

working situation from screwdriving with 50 Nm torque

in first gear to precise drilling at 3600 rpm in fourth gear

• It is versatile thanks to the FastFix interface,

quick conversion without the need for tools for drilling,

screwdriving, angular drilling and angular screwdriving

• The depth stop and eccentric adapter also

enable depth-limited screwdriving close to edges

• The flexible cordless system for applications

with high power needs, the 4.0 Ah Li-High Power

Compact battery pack provides a powerful, compact

and lightweight solution The 5.2 Ah battery pack is

the right choice for even more power for particularly

difficult drilling and screwdriving applications.

• Fully covered, by the comprehensive support

provided by Festool Service which also applies to

battery packs

• The QUADRIVE comes in a Systainer³ and

so can be seamlessly integrated into the bott vehicle

equipment for easy transportation from the workshop to

the construction site

• A full all-inclusive warranty

The main area of use is for production of wooden

substructures, and frame structures, the Installation

of doors and windows, drilling and screwdriving in

wood, metal, and plastic, driving screws into wood

up to 10x300 mm, drilling in wood up to 70 mm with

Forstner drill bits and drilling with impact in brickwork

or masonry. Options are available for the basic model

and the full sets. For more information about the

unique Festool products contact Vermont Sales on

0113147711 or visit their web site www.vermontsales.

co.za Trade enquiries welcomed.




Photos: Sebas Romeo, Mitterbauer H.



G A S !

We’ve ramped up the red to ensure no-nonsense enduro riding and well-proven performance

looks a whole lot louder for 2023! Purpose built for pure riding enjoyment, GASGAS EC enduro

bikes put high-performance into the hands of everyone from occasional weekend warriors

to those chasing extreme enduro glory. Wherever you decide to ride, GASGAS EC 2-stroke

and 4-stroke enduro bikes are super versatile, ready to get you through the hardest rides

and to the top of the gnarliest climbs!



Please make no attempt to imitate the illustrated riding scenes, always wear protective clothing and observe the applicable provisions of the road traffic regulations!

The illustrated vehicles may vary in selected details from the production models and some illustrations feature optional equipment available at additional cost.





Honda Road to Quest 2023:

True Adventure comes to you!

As you may know, the Honda Quest is an adventure

challenge designed to give motorcycle enthusiasts

a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s not often that

the chance to ride a Honda Africa Twin in its ideal

environment comes along and with Honda Road to

Quest, Honda will bring “True adventure riding” to a

town near you.

We met the Honda team out at the ADA facility for a

meet and great around this event and – we are happy

to say, that Honda has a plan to really put Quest on the

map for 2023.

The plan: A national Roadshow:

The national roadshow, comprising of four fully kitted

Africa Twins, will be made available to test ride at

Honda dealerships for a week each across the country,

culminating with advanced sessions in key locations

like ADA for their Gauteng customers.

The Honda Quest is not a race or a rally. It is an

adventure to self-discovery, designed to test human

endurance and adaptability. You need not be a

hardened adventure motorcycle enthusiast to partake.

Honda is looking for individuals who prefer to choose

to take the road less travelled. If you are resourceful,

independent, yet mindful of your fellow man, then

Honda Quest is for you. All interested customers will

be required to produce a valid motorcycle license.

You will get the opportunity to meet past Quest

contestants who will share their Honda Quest

experiences while honing in on rider developments and


Details: Follow Honda Wing SA on Facebook,

Instagram and Twitter for all details as to where the

road show will be next.

Follow Honda Wing SA on Facebook, Instagram and

YouTube for all details as to where the roadshow will

be next or learn more here:



be b





he h

An A

Ho H

on o








To Quest








Specialization may be fine for something like golf clubs, but we think great motorcycles should

be able to to do do it it all. all. Case Case in point: point: The 2021 The Honda 2021 Honda NC750X. NC750X. This is a bike This for is a motorcyclists bike for who motorcyclists who

appreciate both both versatility and virtuosity and virtuosity in their in adventure their adventure machines. machines. This year, we’ve This given year, this

Do you have what we’ve given this it

model some big big improvements. More More power. power. A larger A integrated larger integrated storage area. storage Lighter area. weight, Lighter weight,

and a lower seat seat height. height. Plus Plus some some huge technologic huge technologic upgrades upgrades like throttle like by wire, throttle selectable by wire, selectable


riding modes, new new instruments, a new a frame, new frame, upgraded upgraded bodywork, bodywork, and standard and ABS. standard At its ABS. At its

heart, the twin-cylinder engine engine produces produces a broad a torque broad curve torque as well, curve making as well, it a joy making to ride. it a joy to ride.

And you can choose from from two transmissions: two transmissions: a conventional a conventional manual-clutch manual-clutch six-speed, or six-speed, or

Honda’s revolutionary automatic automatic DCT. Either DCT. way, Either this way, latest this NC750X latest is going NC750X to be is the going perfect to be the perfect

one-bike choice for for the the rider rider who wants who wants to do it to all. do it all.


Comes To You

Follow Honda Wing SA on Facebook,

Instagram and YouTube to find out when we will be in a town near


#HondaWingSA #RoadToQuest2023



Specialization may be fine for something like go

be able to to do do it all. it all. Case Case in point: point: The 2021 The Honda 2021 Hond NC750

appreciate both both versatility and virtuosity and virtuosity in their adventu in their

model some big big improvements. More More power. power. A larger A int l

and a lower seat seat height. height. Plus Plus some some huge technologic huge techno upg

riding modes, new new instruments, a new a frame, new upgraded

frame, up b

heart, the twin-cylinder engine engine produces produces a broad a torque


And you can choose from from two transmissions: two transmissions: a conventio


Honda’s revolutionary automatic automatic DCT. Either DCT. way, Either this wa


one-bike choice for for the the rider rider who wants who wants to do it all. to do it

Pics By: Will Venter | Kalon Films

Randburg: Gezina:065 011 795-4122 855-2935


Brits: 011 795-4122

Randburg: 011 795-4122


KTM Paarl moves to new premises.

To celebrate the opening of the new KTM Paarl

dealership, the team hosted a breakfast run from the

new shop to Bike Forge via Bainskloof Pass.

A great turnout for a brand new store.

Watch this space for more news...

Paarl Junction Business Park, R101,

Old Paarl Road, 7646

+27 (0)21 879 4630

Email: info@ktmpaarl.co.za






Water Rite Motorcycles now Polaris, Linhai

and Kawasaki agents

A month or two ago we wandered down to the little

Hamlet of Fochville in south western Gauteng, about

an hour and some change from the East Rand. Paul

Perufsky had just taken over the reigns from his Dad

and was in the process of upgrading and renovating the

shop as well as locking down some premium agencies.

Well, he gave us a call the other day to come and have a

look at the progress he has made. They are now official

Polaris and Linhai dealers with full workshop and parts

back up and does specialise in hop up modifications

and race preparations on side x sides, ATV’s and

motorcycles. Paul is passionate about race and does

compete in off road racing as well as road racing, so

you know you’re in good hands. On top of his SYM

agency and BIKEWISE agency he has also locked down

the Kawasaki agency for the area. So new Kawa sales,

parts, warranties, workshop… in fact, anything Kawasaki

is also now available from Water Rite Motorcycles.

The shop is well stocked with quality pre-loved bikes

of every description and they buy superbikes, road

bike, cruisers, adventure bikes, dirt bikes, quads and

side x sides countrywide. Give them a call if you are

looking at selling your bike or if you are in the market

for a new machine. Over and above all that they have a

fully stocked aftermarket department as well with such

prestigious brands as Bridgestone, Pirelli, Michelin,

Motul, HJC, SBS, DID, EK and the like on offer… and if

they don’t have it they will find it for you. Oh, and they

are also full BIG BOY dealers as well. Basically your

one stop motorcycle destination store. Visit them at 23

Skool street, Fochville or give them a call on 018 771

5050 or 072 542 8630 or drop Paul a mail on






ai16608208869_Dirt & Trail Advert 2022 August MP Ntali.pdf 1 2022/08/18 13:08:25









www.suzukimotorcycle.co.za suzuki_za_motorcycles @MotorcycleSA


Yamaha Models


It’s nearly 50 years since Yamaha won its first ever World Motocross


Yamaha offers a wide range of highly competitive motocross and

enduro bikes – as well as line of youth machines including the

legendary PW50.

Following recent major upgrades, the 250cc, 125cc, 85cc and 65cc

motocross models and the 450cc and 250cc enduro bikes are fitted

with new graphics.

For 2023 Yamaha focussed their attention on the development of an

all new YZ450F motocross machine that is lighter, faster and easier to

ride, and is designed to live up to its distinguished heritage.

The Big News: All-new YZ450F

Equipped with a lighter and more powerful new engine as well as a

newly developed lightweight chassis and all-new ergonomic bodywork,

the 2023 YZ450F represents a major step forward for Yamaha’s flagship

motocross machine.

On every motorcycle the rider and machine must work in harmony

to achieve optimum performance, and this is particularly true for a

motocross machine where constant body weight shifting is required

when accelerating, braking and cornering. A successful Off Road

Competition bike needs to behave as an extension of the rider’s body

and mind, and for this reason the YZ450F development team started out

with the needs and expectations of the rider as their primary focus.

5% more power across the range and weighing just 109 kg with a

full tank of fuel.

All new YZ450F engine: Lighter, faster, easier.

For 2023 the YZ450F’s engine has undergone a total redesign,

with every component reviewed and analysed, making this the

most significant change to the powerplant since the original

reversed-head layout was introduced in 2010.

Lighter and more durable, they say the new engine is designed to

deliver more linear output characteristics for stronger and better

pulling power with improved driveability, making the 2023 model

easier to ride at all engine speeds.

New piston, lightweight cylinder and redesigned crank assembly

The reversed-head engine has an optimized combustion chamber

and a newly designed piston, as well as a lighter weight cylinder

body that enhance power output and behaviour. To accommodate

a 500rpm rev limit increase, the new engine is equipped with a

high-precision, low-friction cam chain – and for increased running

efficiency the crank assembly and con rod is redesigned, and a

lighter plain bearing replaces the previous needle roller design. A

new single balancer weight features a new hollow balancer shaft,

and this improved lighter design reduces vibration.

Increased air intake volume

For 2023 the intake design is further improved by a reshaped

intake port with a straighter passage to the cylinder head and the

use of larger diameter 39mm titanium intake valves that increase

air intake volume by 9% at maximum valve lift. To complement the

improved intake layout, the exhaust port’s shape is also revised to

give a smoother connection to the exhaust.

New air intake routing with vortex airbox

There is a completely new air intake path, with fresh air now

channelled through the space between the fuel tank, frame, seat

and sidepanels. This re-routed airflow helps to prevent water, dust

and mud from entering airbox, and results in a lighter and slimmer

machine with more compact bodywork.

The 2023 model is also fitted with a highly efficient airbox

design which creates a vortex so that dust is separated from the

incoming air by centrifugal forces before it enters the new round

three-dimensional filter.

Newly designed transmission and lightweight clutch

To match the engine’s 5% increase in overall power a newly

designed transmission is fitted. The distance between the drive

shafts has been widened and the diameter of each gear increased

to reduce weight and enhance the strength of the 5-speed


The previous model’s 2-piece steel/aluminium clutch is replaced

by a durable and lightweight one-piece steel design with disc

springs instead of conventional coil springs. They say that the

new clutch is significantly lighter and slimmer, weighing 0.75kg

less – and there’s a more direct feel and lighter pull at the lever.

Increased durability

For increased durability across the more powerful engine’s wider

rpm range, the new YZ450F engine is equipped with an updated

cooling system as well as a new dry sump lubrication system.

Redesigned aluminium bilateral beam frame

Yamaha’s engineers have focused on redesigning the aluminium

bilateral beam frame to provide a lighter feel, increased agility and

improved stability.


Feeling lucky?

Stand a chance to

win 1 of 3


plus other amazing prizes!

Buy any MICHELIN motorcycle tyre or

a Bib-Mousse and use the QR code to


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The character and behaviour of a bikes chassis is determined by

many factors, including the geometry, specific rigidity balance of

each separate component, and the way the components interact

with each other. A significant change for 2023 is the relocation of

the joint between the tank rails and head pipe, which is now 15mm

lower than previously – and the joint between the frame tubing that

connects the tank rails to the downtube has also been lowered by the

same amount.

Other important changes include increasing the rigidity of the

downtube as well as the cross tube and swingarm pivot area – and

the new frame now features a 4mm thick steel front engine mount

with three through bolts – as opposed to an 8mm thick aluminium

engine mount with one through bolt.

Compact, slim bodywork

The YZ450F is equipped with completely new ‘Horizontal Movement’

bodywork that gives this flagship motocross machine a sleek and

tight new look. Every single exterior panel is redesigned, and the

result is a slimmer and more compact body with a seamless and

rounded finish.

A new fresh air supply route to the intake enables the elimination

of the front air ducts, and this has allowed the fitment of much

more compact shrouds with a reduced width of 50mm, as well as a

narrower new fuel tank – giving a much slimmer centre section.

The compact front fender is matched by a new shorter rear fender,

and together with the new seat, air filter cover and fuel tank, the

YZ450F has a flatter horizontal profile and a much shorter front to

rear body length. New sidepanels and fork guards complete the new


Revised rider triangle

The relative positions of all three elements of the rider triangle –

namely the seat, handlebars and footrests – have been changed.

The seat height is increased by 5mm and features a much flatter

surface. Another change is the more rounded profile of the seat’s

left and right sides, making lateral body movement easier and more


Footrests are now positioned 5mm lower, giving a total increase of

10mm in legroom to accommodate larger riders, and the 4-position

adjustable handlebars are moved to give a more natural riding

position – while the rubber handlebar mounts ensure riding comfort.

Updated KYB front and rear suspension valving

R 1





New suspension valving and for easier set up the KYB forks are

equipped with a hand-adjustable compression damping adjuster.

Riders can now access clear information and recommendations on

suspension settings via the Power Tuner app on their smartphone,

taking the guesswork out of adjustments.

Improved rear brake feel

The new model is equipped with a new rear hose with reduced

rigidity that improves the balance of the brake input and gives the

rider more accurate control.







New adjustable Traction Control System

This electronic control system offers two levels of assistance as well

as an OFF function, and by preventing the machine losing traction

entirely it enables the rider to fully concentrate on the track ahead.

The YZ450F’s new Traction Control System is controled via the

Power Tuner app, enabling the rider to select their own preferred

degree of intervention to match track conditions, changing weather

and skill level.








Refined Launch Control System

The Launch Control System features a new ‘Rev limit’ function that

can be set with a maximum rpm between 6,000rpm and 11,000rpm

in 500rpm increments, allowing the rider power off the line at full

throttle and concentrate on getting the holeshot. When the launch

control system recognizes that the start has been completed the Rev

limit function automatically turns of and when 3rd gear is reached the

Launch Control system is deactivated.

Less weight

A new fuel pump, airbox and chain guide make significant contributions

to the lower weight . Even the smallest parts – including the throttle

cable, handlebar switches and water pump impeller – have been

redesigned to get weight down to just 109 kg wet – a reduction of 2,3


More intuitive new Power Tuner app

Technical Highlights

All-new lighter, slimmer and more compact 450cc engine

Increased linear power at all engine speeds, and 500rpm higher rev limit

Increased air intake capacity with 39mm intake valves

Revised 5-speed transmission and new lightweight clutch

New dry sump lubrication system

2,3 kg overall bike weight reduction to 109 kg wet with full tank of fuel

Redesigned bilateral aluminium beam frame with revised rigidity


Updated front fork and rear shock internal valving

New hand adjustable front fork compression damping adjuster

Slimmer and more compact bodywork for increased rider agility

Flatter and narrower seat for greater freedom of movement

New 3-mode adjustable Traction Control System

Updated Launch Control System

New more intuitive Power Tuner app with Quick Tuning

New lap timer feature and more

FAQ-style suspension set up guidance

For 2023 Power Tuner app has been upgraded and features an intuitive

‘Quick Tuning’ function that makes it much easier and quicker to select

the desired engine characteristics by sliding a scrollbar that runs from

‘Smooth’ through to ‘Aggressive’.

The new app includes additional functions including a lap timer, rpm,

fuel consumption, speed and other data, and there is also a suspension

FAQ page that helps the YZ450F owner to achieve their best set up.

R R18, 1250 First RT 2020

Edition 2020

14 4,000km 500km

E X Demo

R249 R280 000


S1000 R1250 RR, RT 2021


45,000km 27 R119 R279 000

R1250 RS, 2022


10 2 300km 000km

Top Box

R199 000

R 1250 RS, 2019

S1000 100km

XR 2016

43 R215



R159 000

R1250RT, 2019

S1000 18 000km

XR 2020


R230 000

R259 000

C400 X 2020

R 1,300km

1250 GS 2019

17 R109



R259 000

Vespa 300 GTS, 2018

R1250 13,500km GS 2021

2 R99 300km


R279 000

Vespa 250 GTS, 2011

C600 13, 000km Sport 2012

25 R89 000km

R85 R105 000

BMW Motorrad Fourways

R1250 GS Adventure 2013

R 1250 GS 2019


17 000km

R245 000

R249 000

Cnr Witkoppen and Cedar Road.

Fourways, Gauteng.

Tel: (011) 367-1600

Email: rodney.serfontein@cedarisle.co.za

Enduro Bikes:

The YZ250FX, YZ450FX, WR250F and WR450F all return unchanged for


Yamaha’s WR450F and WR250F enduro bikes have been developed from

the motocross machinery, and benefit from specific enduro features

such as a wide-ratio gearbox, revised intake and exhaust systems,

special mapping and cooling systems and more to ensure strong and

useable performance.

The new 2023 YZ125X offers a completely new, more powerful 125cc

2-stroke engine, revised suspension damping, improved brakes,

enhanced ergonomics and a new look, which Yamaha says makes it the

perfect option for young enthusiasts looking to move up to a full-size

2-stroke cross-country bike that is ready for competition.

For riders looking for big 250cc 2-stroke power in the ultimate crosscountry

racer, the new 2023 YZ250X features updated brakes, revised

suspension, race-inspired ergonomics, and aggressive new styling.

Kids bikes:

Yamaha’s TT-R kids bike range features a model to suit riders of all

ages. Powered by 4-stroke air-cooled engines, the TT-R50, TT-R110 and

TT-R125 provide years of fun.

And, of course, there’s the legendary PW50 2-stroke, with fully automatic

transmission, shaft drive and handlebar mounted brake levers.

With sales of around 400,000 units, it’s been the number one choice for

kids for 40 years and counting!

Availability, colour options and price

The bikes are supplied in Yamaha’s latest generation Icon Blue racing

colour scheme with new graphics and will be available at your Yamaha


Yamaha Genuine Accessories

Yamaha Genuine Accessories features a range of premium off road

riding gear and leisure clothing for adults and kids – as well as

individual accessories, in addition to the GYTR® Performance Parts

and kits, and a full selection of Yamalube lubricants. Yamaha owners

can be sure that every item in the Yamaha Genuine Accessories line has

been designed to offer the best performance with premium quality and

the perfect fit.









To find your nearest ANSWER Dealer visit www.dmd.co.za or call 011 792 7691











A weekend of Adventure

and Exploration in Lesotho

Lesotho will be taking centre stage during

a rider’s bucket list adventure, the muchanticipated

Roof of Africa. The Mountain

Kingdom, known for its vast mountain

landscape will be giving ride fanatics a

weekend of adrenaline pumping adventure

allowing them to explore the country.

Avani Lesotho Hotel & Casino and Avani

Maseru Hotel will provide a stylish base for

visitors to enjoy some hotel amenities and city

explorations for those looking for additional

experiences during the Roof of Africa event.

Experiences to enjoy during your Roof of Africa


• Flirt with Lady Luck at Avani’s

casino, whether you’re rolling the dice or

stacking up against the deck on the tables, a

game at the Avani Lesotho Hotel & Casino is

sure to keep you entertained.

• Visit the Thaba Bosiu cultural village,

just outside of Maseru, and learn about how

the country of Lesotho was formed. You can

also visit the remnants of an ancient Basotho

village, consult a traditional doctor, sample

Sesotho beer and take in the sights, sounds,

smells and tastes of traditional Sesotho life.

• Visit the Maletsunyane Falls to

behold the wonder of a 192m waterfall. There’s

no doubt that if it were more easily accessible,

it would be as famous as the Niagara Falls,

which are a little less than one quarter of its

height. A hike here provides for exploration in

a magnificent scenery. If you’re looking for a

quick adrenaline rush, the Maletsunyane Falls

is home to the longest commercially operated

single-drop abseil in the world – 204 metres of

pure adrenaline rush.

• There’s no place like a golf-course

for an unmatched combination of fun, exercise

and strategy – play nine or 18 holes. Catch tee

time at the Maseru Golf Club.

• If you’re up for a pony trek don’t

miss an afternoon of horse-riding and hiking

through the majestic Lesotho mountains.

• End off your exploration of Lesotho

with a traditional Basotho blankets “lobo”

presentation and learn about the different

designs and their meanings.

• Enjoy a delicious lunch of traditional

food or international flavours at The Pantry or

Nala Café.

• A sundowner under the African sun

at the hotel pool is a perfect way to wind down

after a day of exploration and adventure.

• For a good night’s rest Avani

Lesotho Hotel & Casino and Avani Maseru

Hotel provide rooms with comfortable beds,

sound and lighting all geared towards a restful

stay. This is where dreams are made.

For reservations contact:

T: +266 2224 3000 or +266 5222 3000

E: lesotho@avanihotels.com or maseru@


About Avani Hotels & Resorts

Launched in 2011, Avani Hotels is part of the

global hospitality group Minor Hotels (BKK:

MINT) and was designed for the millennialminded

traveller whose priorities are style,

value and comfort. Avani is an upbeat and

contemporary hotel concept that delivers

the perfect balance, with a focus on good

sleep, designed social spaces, locally inspired

sustenance and friendly service.

Avani welcomes guests to over 30 properties

in Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia,

Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand,

Seychelles, Mozambique, Botswana, Lesotho,

Namibia, Zambia, the United Arab Emirates

and Portugal, with a rapidly growing pipeline

across Asia, the Indian Ocean and the Middle

East. Avani is a member of Global Hotel

Alliance (GHA), the world’s largest alliance of

independent hotel brands.

To learn more about Avani Hotels, visit www.

avanihotels.com. Follow Avani on Instagram,

Facebook or YouTube and engage with


Full Video




This is an MX event like no other in this country.

Just under 300 entries from across our beautiful land

meant that just about every class had full start gates.

Wandering around the pits, the atmosphere is electric.

The Western Cape crowd rocked up in a huge big rig

with music pumping out and a festive vibe of note.

The Yamaha Out Of Africa team had an even bigger Big

Rig, and teams like RTR/Tork Craft had great pits as


The local Bloem lads all had their very fancy private

pits with the rest of the crowd all jockeying for position

on the green lawns under the trees… and that was just


Final preparations happened flat out on the track,

making sure it was in the best possible condition for

race day.

Saturday RACE DAY!

With the sun peeping over the horizon and mist rising

off the frosted ground, the queue to get into the track

snakes back down the road towards Bloemfontein and

the queue in front of the Coffee van almost as long to

fight off the early morning chill.

If the atmosphere on Friday was electric, Saturday was

positively Nuclear.

After a few quick sighting and practice laps it was

off to the races. With the 50cc seniors kicking off the

action followed in short order by the 50cc juniors, 125’s,

Ladies, 65cc’s MX2, MX3, Support class, 85cc’s and


Racing was wild, hard and fast through all the classes.

A very notable performance from Kayla Raaff lapping

almost of the entire field with apparent ease was

spectacular to watch.

The 65cc class took off at such a rate that they had

everybody on the outside of holeshot corner cowering

behind the berms as they flew past fighting for

holeshot. The 85’s were just as eager and the 125’s,

fuelled by teenage hormones launched over everything

with gusto… and so it went on through all the classes.

Pure adrenalin filled action and excitement everywhere,

excited spectators shouting encouragement at the top

of their lungs to their favourite rider or riders.

After a quick lunch break and parade of the provincial

teams it all kicked off again with the final racers

challenging the setting sun. Motocross is very much

alive and well in South Africa.

A big mention must go out to the organisers of this

event as well as all the sponsors. There were one or

two big offs and a multitude of ER24 medics descended

on each scene within seconds with the Marshalls

professionally and safely diverting race traffic around

the fallen rider and medics without a break in play.

This is one pro race series for sure!

Well done to everybody involved, we are already making

plans and eagerly looking forward to next years event.


Full Video



Husqvarna 2023

MX range – First Ride.

Last month we attended the very swanky launch

of Husqvarna’s MX 23 range at a local top notch

restaurant and then this month we were all invited

down to Terra Topia to throw a leg over each of

the models and see what they were all about on

the track. This month, we got to ride them…

We gave our office hooligan Kyle the privilege and backed him up

with our very experienced MX man Mike ‘Maverick’ Wessels. Mike,

as we are sure you are all aware, is a moto crosser extraordinaire

and freestyle rider with tons of international experience. He also

has a very technical understanding of the inner working of things

like suspension and suspension set up versus chassis and engine


Present for duty was the 2-stroke TC125 and then a Bevy of four

strokes in the form of the FC 250, 350 and 450.

It was a beautiful sunny Gauteng winters morning at Terra Topia

with most everybody wandering around in short sleeve T-shirts and

shorts for the most part. Kyle managed to snag Grant Frerichs of

Husqvarna SA for a quick chat between rides and this is what he

had to say:

Kyle:- “On the four stroke side what are some

of the big changes?”

Grant:- “Pretty much everything. It’s a brand

new motorcycle from front to back, the only

parts it shares from last year’s models are the

fuel cap and the front wheel. New frame and

new swingarm, paired together with a new

linkage which gives the bike a much better

geometry for the suspension which gives the

rider a better forward position giving him/her

a better rider triangle. As far as the rest of the

bike goes, the engines are completely new

on the four strokes and two strokes. The rear

shock is brand new as well with a different

ratio than what it had. It has a really plush

feeling and most of that is attributed to the

new linkage.”

Kyle:- “Take us through the two strokes. What

has changed?”

Grant:- “The power delivery on the new 2

strokes is completely different to how it

was on previous models. Now, thanks to

direct injection it is immediate power. The

powerband, when that kicks in it is a lot less

noticeable because you now have continuous,

smoother power delivery throughout the curve

thanks to the electronically activated power

valve, which, incidentally you can adjust… you

have to be really clever to do it, but you can

do it to suit your riding style. All the other

upgrades done to the bike to make a huge

difference there. The electronic power-valve is

huge difference and improvement along with

the direct fuel injections on the two strokes

which is literally a first of its kind… A fuel

injected motocross bike that works.”

You’ll have read our intro on these bikes a few

issues ago, so we won’t bore you with all of

the info – but here’s a quick recap with some

comments from our riders…


The biggest news for the 2023 two-strokes is

the addition of throttle body injection (TBI) on

select models. Both of Husqvarna’s two-stroke

motocrossers, the TC 125 and TC 250, come

equipped with this new technology.

TBI is an electronic fuel injection (EFI) system

that uses a Keihin 39mm throttle body injector

to deliver fuel in the traditional manner through

a reed valve to the engine.

Husqvarna’s TBI system requires riders to

premix fuel in 40:1 (TC 125) and 60:1 (TC 250)


The battery for the new system allows for

electric starting and there is no kickstarter

option on either the TC 125 or TC 250.

The power valve is also electronically

controlled for 2023, while the injection

system has dual injectors to facilitate optimal


Ergonomically, the 2023 machines are a

marked improvement. The seat has more

padding and a better shape; the rider contact

points are designed with grip in mind; and even

the footpegs are engineered differently.

To say that the bikes are all-new is an

understatement: The 2023 two-strokes look to

be game changers…

Husqvarna TC125

While the rolling chassis and much of the 2023

Husqvarna TC 125 is shared across the board

with even the big FC 450, the new 125 has its

own engine that is entirely different from the

TC 250 (and, of course, the four-strokes).

Displacing 125cc via a 54.0 x 54.5mm bore

and stroke, the revised motor with its casereed

induction gets the same electronic

newness as the 250: EFI, electronic power

valve, choice of two engine maps, and electric

starting. Rather than a linkage, the throttle

cable directly activates the Keihin 39mm

throttle body.

Although the basic WP Xact fork and shock

are the same as on its bigger brothers, the TC

125 gets its own settings to correspond to

its lighter weight. Other commonalities worth

mentioning are the new bodywork that makes

it easier for the rider to move around plus

service the toolless quick-access airbox,





S O U T H A F R I C A ' S B I G G E S T D I R T B I K E F E S T






30 Sep - 2 Oct 2022


Gauteng - R515 Rhino Park, Pretoria, 1001

7:00am - 19:00pm






and the new footpegs that have 26.8 percent

more contact area than before while being

tucked further inboard, thus reducing the

likelihood of snagging.

Kyle says:

“It’s a very small bike, but in the high revs it

really pulls big time! She loves to be ridden

hard. When you think it’s about to slide out…

it doesn’t, as you get that feeling that you are

about to lose the rear it just finds traction and

it pushes and goes. As a package it is a little

dynamo, a pack of dynamite just waiting to

go Ka-Boom as soon as you hit that power

band. It’s got everything in the chassis and the

suspension to keep you straight on the rails…

it’s crazy fun to ride!”

Mike Says:

Every MX rider should start on a 125cc


There are riding techniques and fundamentals

learned on the small-bore two-strokes that

riders keep with them for decades to come.

Proper shift timing, gear selection, weight

transfer, and the importance of body positioning,

along with the pace at which everything

happens all at once…

“Super fun, reminds me of my childhood,

bringing back so many memories, super fun.

You have to keep it in its power band to get

max out of it, the moment you tap off you have

to rev it up again and it does bog just a little

bit, but that is normal for a 125 two stroke.

There’s still a 125cc powerband, but it’s nothing

like years past. The hit is tamed, but tractability

is higher than ever before. Essentially,

the power curve is more usable and broader,

which means less mistakes. I had to get used

to that again after having been on a four stroke

for a long time, I forgot how that feels. There

is a big difference between the Husky and

KTM, I thought they might feel so much alike

being a 125 from the same group, but WOW! It

is actually a very different bike, the handling,

the geometry, the overall feeling it gives you

is completely different. The power delivery is

smooth on the bottom end and once it is going

it has a huge top end. A very different set up -

an awesome bike – I love it!”

The Four Strokes:

For 2023, the four strokes are all new with

a new hydroformed chromoly steel frame

designed to combat a bike’s natural characteristic

of squatting while under heavy

acceleration. In addition, Husky switched to a

combination aluminum/polyamide-constructed

subframe as well as die-cast aluminum swingarm

to optimize overall chassis rigidity and

durability while keeping weight to a minimum.

Meanwhile, new bodywork is even more rider-friendly,

permitting the sudden gymnastics

that are sometimes required when attacking

a track. That bodywork includes a new airbox

whose inlet ducts are designed to reduce

drag and airflow deformation. No tools are

required to access the Twin Air filter and each

bike comes with a vented side panel/air box

cover should the rider desire snappier throttle


You’ll also find the latest WP Xact suspension components

front and rear with the shock both shorter and, thus, lighter

while permitting damping adjustments with just your fingers.

The top shock mount is reconfigured to also combat

acceleration squat while the linkage is tucked a bit farther

out of the way. In front, the 48mm fork legs house new

hydrostops that provide a more progressive feel at the bottom

of the stroke to eliminate harsh bottoming. Travel is

12.0 inches front and 11.5 inches in back (this despite the

shorter shock). Dunlop provides the tires, all of them the

popular Geomax MX33, while D.I.D furnishes the 520 ERVT

X-ring chains. The four-strokes get a suite of electronics. In

addition to the two-stroke aids, the FCs also boast launch

control and the quickshifter (QS). Just keep it pinned and

nudge that shift lever.

Husqvarna FC250

It’s powered by a redesigned 250cc engine with its new

81.0 x 48.5mm bore and stroke dimensions. The titanium

intake valves are still 32.5mm, but the exhaust valves are

larger at 27.5mm—an indication of potentially increased

scavenging effect for more power. DLC-finished finger

followers help control those valves via cams with updated


While Pankl also manufactures the FC 250′s gearbox, its

five ratios are completely different to match the smaller

engine’s power curve; final-drive gearing is slightly taller

at 14/51. However, the 250 does get the same DS clutch

operated by a Brembo hydraulic system as on all Huskys.

Kyle says:

“Even for an endure guy like me, the 250 feels so user

friendly and so easy to ride. You can be a proper weekend

warrior, get on this bike and you feel fast and feel

comfortable. The one thing with these’23 models is that if

your are under jumping and hit a knuckle or something you

tend to have the bike go squirley on you and nine out of ten

times that is when you generally fall… because of the bad


These new Husky’s are soaking up all the short landings

that I am doing, the suspension just soaks it all up and it

doesn’t throw you squirley and out of place or anything,

it holds its line and keeps it pointed the right direction…


Mike Says:

“First impressions, when I swung my leg over the bike I

could immediately feel it is a little bit shorter, Husky says it

is 15mm’s lower on the seat, which is nice for me because

I am very short. That helps a lot with getting on and off the

bike and on the starts of course which is quite handy. It’s

been said that the pegs might catch in the ruts but I didn’t

experienced that at all. Personally I don’t think that it’s an


I am really impressed with the bike, it is really powerful…

very similar to its orange cousin we tested a little while

ago, lot of low down power… a very definite upgrade to

the outgoing model which I have back home… chalk and

cheese really.

This ‘23 stock bike out of the box runs like an older bike

that has had huge money spent on it - a pipe and a fied cylinder



A really awesome feature is the switchable maps which

you can switch between on the fly. I could feel down the

straights switching to map 2 how the extra grunt kicks in

out of the corners and hitting the jumps especially in quite

muddy conditions it comes in really handy. I didn’t really

notice too much the rigidity on the frame and if we get this

bike for a bit longer test I would really like to experiment

with suspension settings.



There have been some mixed reviews on the

WP suspensions but it is the most workable

and adjustable suspension on the market

today. I think with a little bit of adjustment and

testing every rider can find that perfect sweet

spot for them.

Straight out of the box I was well impressed

with the FC250 and love the new look and

especially the much more responsive power

delivery and significant differences between

map 1 and map 2.

The traction control is really awesome and

that quick shift… Pinned flat out on the throttle

and just clicking up, you don’t have to worry

about the clutch, that is such a cool feature…

especially in the mud.

I am really, really happy with the new Husky’s –

Go get yourself one… No Really, just go do it!”

Husqvarna FC 350

Of the Huskys, the FC 350 may be the most

changed, especially in the motor which is

essentially a complete redo - starting with its

internal dimensions of 88.0 x 57.5mm for a

displacement of 350cc. Unlike the 450, the 350

utilizes a DOHC head for its four lightweight

valves with low-friction finger followers.

Also unlike the 450, the 350 comes with a

Diaphragm Steel (DS) clutch; it still uses a

single diaphragm pressure plate instead of

coil springs but is an undamped unit. It does

feature the same five-speed Pankl gearbox as

the 450, but final gearing is 14/52 versus the

13/51 on the 450.

The FC 350 frame also rotates the engine

backward two degrees for improved handling,

Kyle says:

“I had an orange 350 enduro bike so I was very

interested to see the power delivery bearing in

mind that it is a motocrosser and a lot more


In map 1 it is so user friendly you don’t realise

you are on a 350 until you open it up, however,

when you put it in map 2… hold on, you could

swear you are on a 450. The frame is nice and

tight, even though it is a bigger bore bike it is

narrow, it is compact and it is just so rideable,

so easy and manageable under your ass….

Mike Says:

“The 350 is a great bike and my personal

favourite out of the range. It’s a bit more

‘de-tuned’ compared to the 450 which, let’s

be realistic, is a bit of a handful. So if you are

not riding the 450 to its full potential this is

the bike for you. If you are veteran rider and

still want to go fast and still be competitive in

the 450 class just with a bit more manageable

and controllable power the 350 is the right

bike for you. I am really impressed with the

bikes power, again a big difference between

map 1 and map 2. As with all the bikes I would

like to experiment a bit more with suspension

settings to get the most out of the 350.

Other than that it has a similar, familiar feel

to me to the older bike, we are told that is

marginally heavier but I did not notice that.

Even though the new 350 feels very similar on

geometry to me as the old bike, it does however

feel a lot more ‘grippy’ on your body, so

when you are riding you can grip it a lot easier

with your legs… if that makes sense.

The power is there, the handling is top notch,

definitely my favourite of the bunch and as I

said earlier, if you are a weekend warrior or

just don’t want to hang onto a 450 anymore,

the 350 is the perfect bike for you.”

Husqvarna FC 450

Husqvarna also redesigned the 450cc engine

(the result of its 95.0 x 63.4mm bore and

stroke) to place both the updated camshaft

plus the crankshaft closer to the ideal center

of gravity—another nod to improving handling.

That cam, by the way, activates the four valves

via rocker levers.

Inside the cases of the most powerful engine

in the line is a Pankl five-speed gearbox as

well as a Dampened Diaphragm Clutch (DDC),

which employs a single diaphragm pressure

plate instead of the usual coil springs. That’s

claimed to improve both traction and durability.

Externally, you’ll find service markers on the

cases to ease normal servicing.

The exhaust includes a two-piece header with

flow-designed resonance chamber for robust

power while allowing removal without needing

to move the shock. It terminates in a compact

muffler that not only tones down the roar, but

moves weight closer to the center of gravity.

Like all three FCs, the 450 comes with EFI

via a Keihin 44mm throttle body, though the

electronic wizardry doesn’t stop there. The

rider can choose either of two engine maps

and take advantage of launch control, traction

control (TC), and QS, while a combination

hourmeter/fuel level indicator/FI status is also


Kyle says:

“The 450 is not as much hard work as you

might think. On a big track like Terra Topia it is

very user friendly, but then again the entire ’23

Husqvarna MX range is user friendly. But what

I noticed is that the, the bigger the bore the

easier it is to ride. No matter what corner you

are in the 450 always seems to find traction

no matter what you are doing. You open it up

and expect the rear to slide all over the place

but it just finds traction. The one thing that all

of us here today have commented on is the

cornering capabilities of all these bikes is very

definitely a top feature that we all appreciate…

I would hazard that they are almost Japanese

in their frame and suspension set up, they

corner that well.

The power modes… that 450, when you put it

into ‘Beast mode’ it is a beast, almost like an

old school 450 where there is nothing and then

everything. In the standard mode it is really

good fun to ride whether you a beginner or

intermediate rider and if you are a pro racer

this machine is going to do wonders for you.

Mike Says:

“The 450 was a bit of a handful after a whole

days riding, but what a bike! What a machine!

Getting over these jumps here at Terra Topia I

was just using quarter throttle only, there is so

much power in this bike, it’s ridiculous… I love

it! I started out riding on map 1 and even that

is a bit of a handful for me, map 2 is a huge

difference for sure and is definitely the way of

the future, so much more power at the flick of

a switch, coupled with the quick shifter, map

2 is really on fire. By the time it really starts

kicking in properly I’m already tapping off,

there is plenty, plenty power here and definitely

quicker than the previous without a doubt.

This bike handles absolutely amazingly and

very comfortable to ride, naturally I would like

to experiment a bit more with the suspension

settings a bit, just to tweak them to suit my

personal style of riding and try different tracks

and terrains to see how the new chassis

performs. The rigid chassis does put more

emphasis on the suspension, especially

on the harder pack compared to the

deep sand. This is a big upgrade

compared to the outgoing

model for sure.”

So there you have it,

the new generation

of Husqvarna TC

and FC motocross

machines are fully

equipped with the

latest technology

and electronic





swingarms, and

bodywork across

all five models.

And did we mention

that they are flippen


You bet your ass they are!

Get down to your nearest Husqvarna dealer

and see for yourself.





Willow Rock Shopping Centre

Solomon Mahlangu Drive, Willow Acres,

Pretoria East

Tel: 012 111 0190



for Choice

Scan to Find us

The 2022

Linex Yamaha Junior Development Series –

Round 8 – 21st of August 2022


Words: Uncle X

Pics: Cloud 9

It was another cold and windy Gauteng

winters morning at the ERORA MX Park in

Kempton Park that saw around 60 Junior

and Novice riders lining up for this popular

motocross series.

The classes for the day and the fastest

rider per class were as follows:

50cc PeeWee Axell Sutherland

50cc B class Ronald Venter

50cc A class Wilco du Plooy

65cc B class Milan Brand

65cc A class Wilco du Plooy

85cc B class Joshua Needham

85cc A class Dineille Serfontien

With great racing in all the classes, Axell

Sutherland No.212 was crazy fast on his

Yamaha PeeWee 50. There were a lot of

new comers including 4 new young ladies in

the various classes.

The day without any major incidents or

injuries, (always a plus), and all the juniors

receiving their medals and participation

certificates from the guys at Inland MX and

ATS Timing.

See you at the next one.



are calling...


in the Cape

What! You’ve never ridden the

Suzuki DL650? Best you get

your hands on one and send us

a feature! That was our directive

to regular contributor Wilhelm

Lutjeharms when he called us the

other day.

He tells us the story…

Few things are more enticing than pulling

your helmet down, putting your gloves on

and heading out on a cold winter’s morning

in search for some adventure. We explore

a small part of the Elgin Valley outside

Somerset West.

Words: Wilhelm Lutjeharms

Pictures: Wilhelm Lutjeharms (action shots:

Ian McLaren)

There are very different views among motorcycle

riders and owners when it comes to off-road

riding. There is the crowd that enjoys trail riding

or enduro on the tracks. On the vastly other side

of the spectrum the tourers would easily opt for a

KTM 1290 Super Adventure or a BMW R 1250 GS.

You can continue to split this pie into smaller

segments. What if you going to spend most of

your time on the tarmac but going to venture offroad

on selective occasions, or only do that one

or two long-distance trips throughout the year?

This is where a motorbike like the Suzuki DL650

steps in. I’ve done a decent amount of mileage

on- and off-road in the saddle of its bigger

brother, the DL1050. However, as good as it is,

I was wondering how the smaller 650 would do

in a similar environment, as I’m a big fan of sub-

1000 cc motorbikes.

(Incidentally, when the guys from Dirt And Trail

heard that I have not yet ridden the 650, they

made this feature compulsory!)

Visually the 650 looks just as good as the 1050,

especially in the yellow colour (one of three

available colours) this test unit came in. Having

the smaller engine, there is more empty space

around the front of the engine behind the front

wheel. However, the engine and exhaust manifold

are protected by a very sturdy bash plate and

crash bars.

The moment you swing your leg over, start the

engine and pull off, you realise there is less

weight to manage versus the 1050. There is the

perfectly beating twin-cylinder engine sound

as you start the engine, while in front of you is

the small windscreen and below that the single

colour screen giving you the basic information

you need.


This includes a fuel gauge, fuel range and a trip computer. To the left

is also a 12 V socket should you wish to run a device or two from this


The seat is comfortable and relatively soft. Even after three hours in the

saddle, with regular stops, I still found it very comfy.

On the road, I was immediately impressed with torque that this engine

offers. It is in the mid-range where the 90-degree, V-twin engine felt at

its happiest to me. You can rev it out to the redline at 10 000 r/min, but I

rarely felt the need or urge to do that. It is the middle of the rev range that

small twists of the wrists result in decent acceleration. It is here, at 6 400

r/min that the 69 N.m of torque is delivered, while the peak power of 50

kW arrives at 8 000 r/min.

Leaving Somerset West I headed up Sir Lowry’s pass with my first stop at

the lookout point at the top. It is truly a gorgeous view of the Helderberg

region all the way to Cape Town. The sun was still hidden behind the

clouds and the wind was pumping and it was only 11 degrees Celsius. As

I headed down and over the Steenbras Dam, the wind dissipated and only

a few kilometres later, you can either pull over at The Orchard farm stall or

carry on and stop at Peregrine farm stall.

This area is much loved by trail riders, but the road I have in mind is a

much easier piece of gravel.

If you turn off the N2 onto the Viljoenshoop Road you will note that one

of the next turn offs are Appletiser Road, (yes, this is apple country).

Continue straight on Viljoenshoop and this twisty road leads to the

Highlands Road. The first part is tarmac that twists between the farms

and then it turns into gravel as it heads up the mountain.

The moment I hit the gravel I switched the traction control off. There is

a “1” and “2” setting, but these settings are irrelevant for gravel riding as

they are still too intrusive. This specific mountainous area is not very high,

but within 1 km you are at the lookout point. Here you have a near bird’s

eye view over the beautiful Elgin Valley.


Time to park the bike, and sit on a rock a little

and think about what Robert M. Pirsig wrote

in his book, Zen and the art of motorcycle


“Once there, they become more aware than

any of the others that there’s no single or fixed

number of routes. There are as many routes as

there are individual souls”.

It is a clear winter’s morning, the air is crisp and

clean and there is very little traffic, especially

on this gravel road. I continue along with it as it

dips down through some Eucalyptus plantations

before it opens up again with some fynbos on

each side. It is not a long stretch and before you

know it you’ve reached the end where it meets

the R44 tarmac road, close to the Arabella Golf


I can head along this stretch and enjoy the

gorgeous stretch of tarmac that snakes along the

False Bay coast line.

But, I opt to turn around and enjoy the mostly

smooth gravel piece once more.

The bike is fitted with road biased tyres, but they

still offer, from my experience, reasonable gravel

road grip. Obviously there is nothing more fun

than twisting the throttle a little and allowing the

torque to spin the rear wheel! The ride quality,

both on and off road I find to be quite good. The

suspension is absorbent while the seat assists

with the final absorption of the road irregularities.

I pass some of Tokara’s vineyards as well as Iona

wine farm, the latter offering a wonderful tasting

experience if you have a designated driver on

hand. As was the case on the tarmac, the DL650

feels light and nimble. Soon, the tarmac road

starts and this time I pick up the pace and enjoy

tipping the bike into corners and using more of

the rev range. Even after enthusiastic riding I was

impressed by the average of 5.3 litres per 100 km

the trip computer indicated.

If you are planning on loading your bike with

three panniers for very long trips with a pillion,

I can understand why you would opt for a larger

capacity motorcycle. However, I also understand

the lure of picking a smaller capacity unit like

this DL650. I know that I personally feel more

comfortable piloting this bike than larger

capacity units on tricky sections.

My thoughts on the DL650:

Overall, on power there is always enough on offer,

its comfortable to ride on- and off-road and you

can outpace basically all the traffic all the time.

It is not intimdating in any kind of way and there

is honestly almost nothing to find fault with.

The clincher is when the DL650 throws its valuefor-money

Joker card your way.

At R144 500 you can simply not argue against it,

it offers what several other manufacturers can

only give buyers higher up the price range.

It remains the case that this bike does exactly

what it says on the tin.

This one came from Mad Macs Motorcycles in

Somerset West.

Somerset West Tel: 021 852 4851

Website: www.madmacs.co.za

M o t o r c y c l e P a r t s & A c c e s s o r i e s

8 to 5 Monday to Thursday & 8 to 2 Friday

Carb Rebuild Kits for Off Road & Quad Bikes

Honda Kawasaki KTM Suzuki Yamaha

Parts for Gas Gas Honda Husqvarna Kawasaki KTM Sherco Suzuki Yamaha

& others using Keihin & Mikuni carburetors

Pilot & Main Jets Air Screws (& related parts) Float Bowl Gaskets Float Valves (needle & seats)

Drain Screws Jet Needles Needle Jets

Genuine Replacement Keihin & Mikuni Carburetors & Parts

Made in Japan

JD Jetting Distributor for SA

Website www.motocomp-online.com

Courier Delivery Countrywide

tel 073 750 9697




It’s about the training...

Coetzee Zietsman

Photo byline - Coetzee Zietsman

I’ve been riding adventure bikes for many years,

mostly without incident. I’m by no means a champion

rider and had to learn the hard way that riding a big

adventure bike off road safely, you have to get proper


Let me begin the story one afternoon in Lesotho, about 17 years ago,

on a cattle trail between somewhere and nowhere. I was gunning my

Suzuki DL 1000 down the road, standing up on the pegs and scanning

the road ahead. A friend told me that’s the right way to do it.

The next moment I was flying over the handlebars and landed in a puff

of dust and on my left shoulder. To this day I don’t know what went

wrong and it took me two years of therapy, after surgery, to get the full

use of my left arm back.

I realised, while working with a physiotherapist to get my shoulder

moving again, that I should probably get some training to learn how to

ride my bike properly.

Friends and fellow riders suggested Country Trax outside Amersfoort

in Mpumalanga. The then Yamaha marketing team helped by making a

brand new Yamaha 660 Tenere available for the course. Three days later

I could not believe that I ever rode my bike on dirt roads without this

training. I was literally doing everything wrong before. After the training

I could now start practising the techniques that would make me a better

and safer rider. It was the start of my love relationship with adventure






In September last year, my friend Maarten

Willemse, also in his mid fifties like me,

decided that it was time to buy a bike. With

some nudging from me he decided on a

Yamaha XT1200Z, or Super Tenere as they are

better known. I think the decision was an easy

one after he rode mine on a dirt road trip to the

Eastern Free State.

Maarten had the same problem I had many

years before. He felt uncomfortable on

the bike and not sure what to do about it. I

suggested we do a Country Trax course in

Amersfoort. It worked for me and I was sure

it would work for him. He called me a couple

of months later with the news that he had

booked. There was no way I was going to miss

out on the trip and I offered to go with.

Through the years Jan du Toit, founder and

head trainer at Country Trax, and I had become

good friends. I did the course many times

at Amersfoort and at some of their other

academies around the country. There are 12

of them. I pitched the idea of a story about

Maarten’s training to Jan and he thought it was

a good idea.

The course starts on a Friday morning, so you

will have to travel to Country Trax on Thursday.

It takes about three and a half hours to get

there from Johannesburg. Jan used to do most

of the training himself, but over the years he

had trained a group of young instructors to

take over from him. Gerhard, his son, was one

of them and he was going to be our instructor

for the weekend.

Becoming an instructor is no easy task. All

the Country Trax instructors are registered

as official BMW Motorrad trainers with BMW

Motorrad in Germany. They are considered

some of the best in the world. Although BMW

accredited, the training is open for all bikes.

The course Maarten signed up for was the

“Intermediate Weekend Course”. They also

have an introductory course and an advanced

one. In my opinion the “Intermediate Weekend

Course” is the one to go for. I’ve done it 4

times already.

Gerhard started with the very basics of

balance and weight distribution while riding.

He explained in detail why you should be

standing up, looking up and opening up when

you are riding on a dirt road or even off road.

Then he covered traction. Riding on dirt

roads with a heavy adventure bike is all about

traction. With your weight in the right place,

your gaze where you want to go and a little bit

of the adventure spirit, you will get there.

From basics he migrated to bike recovery. How

do you pick up a 250kg bike when it’s lying

on its side? Turns out there are two schools

of thought; the German one and the one for

the rest of us. The Germans like to use the

handlebars as a lever whereas the rest of us

use our legs to “walk” the bike upright. It’s



072 177 0621





Weekend of the

12th November


Come and explore beautiful Van Reenens.

From the historic Green lantern Inn

Dirtbikes, Quads and Side By Sides all


Full day in the saddle on Saturday. Lunch up

in the caves.

Shorty on Sunday before you head for


Optional tech sections for bikes only.

A seriously social dirtbike weekend away!



call fo

22 b

amazing to see how easy it is to pick up a heavy bike when you use the

correct technique, be it German or not.

After this, the group of students got to do some riding. They started

with a “launch and stop” exercise where they had to start the bike

moving and get in the standing position as quickly as possible. Then

Gerhard tested the group’s ability to actually go where they are looking

by making them cross fences using low and narrow bridges. Like with

all things adventure biking it looks daunting until you have done it. The

students passed with flying colours.

The rest of the morning was spent riding through cones, practicing

the figure of eight, jumping a log and riding through parallel poles. The

latter always presents a great opportunity for an action shot. If you

don’t do it right, there is a good chance you will also learn the basic

rules of gravity. I got a great picture of Enrico Porelli in full flight after

misjudging the exit. It was all good fun and Enrico was fine; not even a

bruised ego.

The real fun starts Friday afternoon in the sandpit. Learning to ride in

sand is one of the fundamentals of adventure biking. Somewhere in

your riding life, you will encounter sand. With the correct tyre pressures,

weight way back and a steady hand on the throttle, you can get through.

If you are going a little faster than what feels comfortable, you’re doing

it right. This is where I realized the value of a well designed training

course. After spending the morning learning how to balance, move your

weight on the bike and where to look, the sand becomes just another

rideable obstacle you can enjoy on your adventure bike. Sand is the

place where all you have learned comes together.

Another scary thing on a bike is to go up and down steep inclines. Again

it turned out not to be an issue for the students. Weight at the back, with

brakes applied to regulate your momentum going down, and the reverse

when you are going uphill will do the trick. Going uphill you have to

move your weight forward and give a bit of steady throttle to make sure

you keep the momentum.

Before the Country Trax course, Maarten had never stood up on his bike.

Now, after one day of training, he was making emergency stops, riding

through thick sand and “riding on the range” all while standing up. I

could see he was having fun.

Saturday was spent repeating what was learned the previous day and

moving on to some more advanced riding. It’s a tough and busy day, but

like the previous day, it was incredible to see the improvement in all the

riders. By the end of the day some had no qualms jumping their bikes at

the top of a steep incline.

Sunday is the fun day of the course. It’s designed to put what you

learned the previous two days into action. It starts with laps around an

oval track. After going around twice, Maarten was drifting his Yamaha

through the corners. He would not believe me when I told him he was

drifting. I had to show him a picture to prove I was right. The smile on

his face told the whole story.

The last exercise of the day is a water crossing. Again, I don’t think I

have ever been on an adventure trip where there is not some sort of

water crossing. I think route masters plan routes to make sure you

go through water. I know I do. The scary thing about water is that you

cannot see what is underneath. So it’s a leap of faith. You have to trust

the bike and your skills. You also have to look where you want to exit,

otherwise you will be picking up the bike in water. That’s also fun, but

it’s more fun to get through.

Around 11 the course wraps up. The group of students gathered around

the table at the training centre where they each received a certificate

stating that they successfully completed the “Intermediate Weekend


Who should do this course? Well, you should. Even if you have been

riding for many years, it’s good to learn and understand the science

behind it and improve your riding skills. If you are a beginner, you will

start your riding career by doing things right, right from the start, which

means there will be no bad habits you have to unlearn later. It’s even

helpful for more experienced riders to sharpen up and be reminded

about the basics of riding.

Trust me, we can all do with a bit of training and Country Trax is one of

the better places to get it. You can find them online at www.countrytrax.


you a better and safer rider. I’m not mad about the complex variety of

rider modes, but they work and you should take one for a test ride.

KTM 890 Adventure

This is a serious off-road machine. It’s nimble, light and fast as

lightning. It carries its weight low, because of the fuel tank wrapping the

engine and is therefore very stable in all riding conditions. Definitely the

most off-road capable bike on the course. It had no problem keeping up

with the larger bikes on tar back to Johannesburg. It might be the best

of both worlds bike we are all looking for.

The Bikes

There were two Yamaha XT1200Z’s, a BMW GS Adventure, Honda Africa

Twin with the automatic gearbox and a KTM 890 Adventure on the

training. They are all very capable bikes, but also very different bikes.

Yamaha XT1200Z

It’s coming to the end of its production run of 12 years. They are

bulletproof and can handle anything you throw at them. It’s heavy and

not really built for highly technical stuff. But if there’s a road, no matter

how bad, the Yamaha will get you there. You will run out of talent long

before it runs out of ability.

BMW GS Adventure

This is the bike that started the craze of large adventure bikes way back

in the previous millennium. The current model is loaded with electronics

and rider assistance. They outsell all other adventure bikes in South

Africa and the rest of the world. It’s big, heavy and expensive, but still

the bike riders dream to own. It’s that good.

Honda Africa Twin

A serious contender in the adventure market. The one on training was

the automatic version. You think you don’t like it until you start getting

used to it. It works and coupled with the bike’s traction control makes

bmw tyre pressure


call for pricing and availability

quality motorcycle parts, accessories and riding gear


ranger & motoz

tyres available

call for pricing and



air flow



desert air jacket


call for pricing and


octane adv

jackets available




starts here

Oxford adv jacket

call for pricing and availability

call for pricing and


22 blesbok ave, koedoespoort industrial, pretoria - 012 333 6443


Husqvarna Racing Triumphant

at Winterberg National Enduro.

The National Enduro Championship travelled

to the Eastern Cape town of for the second to

last round of the season. Husqvarna Racing

secured a significant feat with their riders

finishing top of the class as well as sliding

into an impressive 1, 2 on the overall results

of the day.

The route is in the picturesque area of

Bathurst and flows through the hills and

valleys. The guys at Rover Motorcycle Club

set a fantastic loop that incorporates all elements

of Enduro riding. The river beds are a

technical challenge to get through quickly but

easy enough for all to navigate through. The

flowing sections through the natural forest

are a lot of fun to race though while trying to

keep your flow and rhythm. There are some

tricky exits out of the rivers and technical

climbs to keep everyone busy. Added to all

the fun in the river beds and forest they had

some fantastic open sections to get your

breath back.

The Bathhurst route is a rider favourite

on the National Championship circuit and

it was clear that Brett Swanepoel felt the

same, wringing his FE350 unchallenged to

Winterberg’s top spot. “I started off first and

managed to stay out in front all day, though

I normally struggle to find speed on the first

lap but I have been trying to get that sorted

and seems to be working,” Swanepoel said


FE 350 rider Swanepoel went on to say: “The

track was awesome and definitely one of the

best Enduros I’ve raced, the guys down here

are really passionate and there is also a lot

of racing heritage at the Winterberg and that


The FE 250 mounted Kyle Flanagan was

brought in to fill in for the injured Heinrich

Aust… But nobody told him that. He took the

fight straight to the boys with a seriously

impressive performance.

He was beaming after the event and went as

far as saying he even had some gas left in

the tank. He continued: “The track was really

cool. In CPT we have pretty limited riding

places and the terrain doesn’t change too

much, so to be back in a wet, slippery river

bed made me feel at home!”

“I think that kept me going even when I started

getting a bit tired on the last 2 laps,” he

said. He finished by saying: “Overall, the bike

was a lot of fun to race, I think the organizers

did a good job of putting the event together

and it was great to be back banging bars with

the boys!”

Grant Frerichs, Group Marketing Manager

commented: “Winterton was a perfect day

for Husqvarna racing. Brett cemented his

dominance in the 2022 season by winning

once again and extending his championship

lead and the fill-in ride for Kyle Flanagan

couldn’t have gone any better with a class win

and second overall. We are extremely happy with results and look forward

to the last round of National Enduro where Brett Swanepoel looks set to

claim his 8th South African championship.”

KTM’s Blake Gutzeit set the field alight with the fastest time of the first

lap after starting in the second row. “It was really difficult to fully charge

from the second row because of some technical bits and riding in Brett’s

dust,” Gutzeit said afterwards.

Gutzeit commented that the roads were very fast and after trying to pass

for some time, the jeep track took a sharp left into some natural bush

which he did not see coming “I went straight into a washaway ditch and

the bike stopped abruptly sending me flying over the bars”.

Team mechanic Kevin Tyrer said “Blake really had his bell rung there” and

Gutzeit was forced to retire due to injuries to his wrist and the hit to his


“That was it for me, which was obviously not what we were looking for

as I felt really good at the start and KTM South Africa supplied me with

everything I needed, really such a great bike and such a great team to be

part of” Gutzeit commented. He went on to say: “I can’t thank Franziska

enough for putting everything in place and really just believing in me, but

it’s time to regroup and move forward onto the next race.”

Brad Cox, back from injury struggled in the early hours of the race, but

managed to claw his way back after regrouping at decontrol.

“I’m not super stoked with 2nd of course but that’s all I had out there

today so I’ll take it as it comes” he said. “The bike was really amazing

and it was so good being back with my orange family on the weekend” he


Young Matthew Stevens said the Winterton event was another awesome

event and that it was the perfect enduro loop that encouraged close

racing. It was evident after four hours of racing with just 10 minutes

separating the top 5 riders.

“I really felt strong all the way through and I’m happy with my progress

keeping the gap close to the big boys in front,” Stevens said. “I’m pleased

with my P5 in J1 and it feels like I’m getting there” he said in closing.

The Throttle


Womans Day


You’ve met the clan from Grotto To

Gravel - the guys responsible for

the Gatskuur feature over the last

few issues?

That will continue when we have

space - but they hosted a very

cool initiative the other day, and

our Stefan, Rene’ and Morag went

along to help out, take pics and

have some fun...

Stefan and Morag tell the story.

Pics by Blackrock Creative Studio’s

The call went out to the ladies:

Come and have a lekker ride and, while you

are at it, please donate a bra for CANSA and

sanitary products to donate to underprivileged


More than 200 people showed up in support

of woman’s day on well over 100 bikes, for an

event that was only planned a few weeks ago.

We rode with the gravel rider group, there

were also 2 tar groups leaving from separate

locations; one from Ducati Centurion and the

other from KTM Raceworx in Roodepoort. It

was great to see around 60 adventure bikes

get together at BMW Motorrad to go on a

lekker ride.

Open Riders Morag Campbell was the gravel

ride leader for the woman’s day ride, and

after we all warmed up with a cup of coffee

and signed the register, she started the rider


A very relaxed ride from Motorrad Centurion

onto the freeway, off at Diepsloot and onto

the R511, meet again at ADA and then hit

the dirt all the way to Grotto to Gravel Bikers


Some rules that Morag mentioned during the

briefing; to ride at your own pace, with a fast

medium and slow group on tar, wait for the

people behind you when turning off, stick

together on the gravel but leave a dust gap,

and have fun!

It was a great ride for everyone, the beautiful

flowy curves of the R511 through the

mountains made for a relaxing start. We got

onto the gravel about 5 k’s from ADA, which

was another greatl ride through the Magalies


It was a green route, easy enough for even my

inexperienced riding ability with a pillion. There

were some lurkers and lots of potholes but all

in all a great ride.

We rode through the mountains and around

a nature reserve, and if your eyes were quick

enough you would’ve spotted some Impala and

a few baboons.

The gravel road came up to a tar road just 500

meters from the Grotto to Gravel venue, where

more than 150 bikes showed up from all over.

Cycle Technology ccT/A

If you’re looking for a nice end destination on

an adventure ride, definitely make a plan to visit,

they have a great bar and restaurant as well as

camping and glamping facilities for adventure


They threw together a great get-together at their

little place in the Magalies Mountains. With a

three-course meal for everyone, live music, a

cash bar and an entertaining raffle draw done by

Altus Thiart and Pierre Breytenbach of Footpeg

Diaries You Tube fame.

Their varied and vast collection of bikes are on

display in every spare spot, and each has an

entertaining story attached,

Big thanks to all the amazing sponsors of the

day, many of the ladies left with some nice raffle

prizes ranging from power banks and stainless

steel motorcycle braai’s, to R8000 bike wrap

vouchers from Ink

Monkey and riding lessons from iRide.

Thank you Peter Dixon and team for emergency

response support, and Percy from BMW Motorrad

Rustenburg LMG dealership as the back up

vehicle (which was ultimately required for a ural

sidecar ,,, no surprises there J

Every rider brought along a bra to donate, (One

of the ladies, Annemien collected from all her

friends and arrived with over 30 bra’s in her

backpack) to CANSA and sanitary products to

donate to underprivileged girls. There were also

some goodies for sale of which all proceeds

went to charity.

It was great, fun and a heartwarming experience.

A massive success for the Throttle Angels and

Grotto to Gravel.

This event is an introduction to Throttle Angels,

which Mariette is initiating, which will have a focus

on all things associated with women riding.

Accessorising of all

makes of Adventure


EST. 1978

Adventure, Classic and

Custom Motorcycle and

Accessory Specialists

Battling to find BMW

Motorcycle Parts?

Exclusive stockists of a

comprehensive range

of New, Aftermarket,

Reconditioned and

Used Parts from 1950

to current Models.

Professional Restoration, Custom

Building, Servicing and Repairs

of all BMW Motorcycles

Stockists & Fitment of

proven Adventure

Motorcycle Equipment

& Accessories

Prepare & Equip all types of Adventure


Service & Maintaining of BMW Classic,

Touring and Adventure Motorcycles

Tyre Stockists, Recommendation,

Fitment & Electronic Wheel Balancing

Manufacture & Design Parts to Specific


Customisation Consultancy

Repairs, Trueing and Lacing of Wheels

Tubeless Conversion

Puncture Repair Kits

Officially Appointed

Distributors for

Motorcycle Equipment,

Accessories and more


(011) 433 8850 info@cytechmotorcycles.co.za

61 Port Road, Robertsham, Johannesburg


Inland MX



Mayfair Gearbox Inland Motocross Championship

Round 8 – 20th of August 2022

Terra Topia

Words: Uncle X

Pics: Sean Versfeld - Cloud 9

The motocross competitors, their back up teams and spectators

were greeted with windy and icy conditions on Saturday

morning which persisted throughout the day. However this did

not dampen anybody’s spirits or the red hot racing.

With approximately 160 motocross riders from 4 years old up

until 72 years old, (we reiterate that you are never too young to

start racing and never too old to carry on racing), Round 8 of

this popular series was as exciting as ever.

Our winners for the day were:

50cc Juniors

50cc Seniors


85cc Jnr

85cc Pro-mini’s

125cc high school

Support class

MX 1

MX 2


Grand Masters


Bjorn Roets

Parker Cik

Cassie van Zyl

Ethan Louw

Ashton Martin

Lucas Venter

Jordan Kelly

Dean Wheeler

Marco de Vrye

Ty Taylor

Adriaan Maguire

Brooklyn Lilford

We will see you at the combined next round of the Mayfair

Gearbox Inland MX and Dragon Energy NIMXC hosted at ERO-

RA MX Park on the 17th of September 2022.



2016 POLARIS RZR XP 1000 Turbo

4 580km’s/195 hours, fully serviced!

Pro Armour harnesses, Upgraded suspension

(extra strength A-arms), Rock sliders

Aluminium roof, Custom air intake

Additional fuel tank , Door bags

Rear-view mirror, Beadlocked rims

Price: R345 000.00

2021 POLARIS RZR pro XP sport

470 km’s (Like NEW)

181 HP, Vented ½ Doors, Spotlight, LED dust

lights (front and rear), Bolstered Bucket

Seats, Aftermarket twin exhaust, Super ATV

harnesses, Beadlocked rims, Custom decal

kit, Roof, Rear view mirror, Go-pro mounting

12V power outlet, Door bags

Price: R545 000.00

2013 bmw f800 gs

36 509 km’s

Price: R99 000.00

2020 yamaha yz450 fx

Low hours

Price: R119 000.00

2011 kawasaki kx250

(Fuel Injection)

Price: R42 000.00

ktm sx125

Price: R23 500.00

2007 suzuki rmz450

Price: R40 000.00

2010 suzuki rmz450

Price: R46 900.00

Aeon Crossland 400


400KM(like new)

Price: R35 000



Split seconds count



Split seconds count



World Leader in Sport & Recreation Side-by-Sides

Continuously breaking new ground with innovative performance

to help you push boundaries. With superior control for

unmatched confidence, we don’t just deliver the ultimate sport

riding experience — we define it.





S.A’s best selling quad brand

South Africa’s number #1 selling quad and side by side





Road confidence, race winning performance.

Delivering thrills and confidence in equal measure. Each

carefully crafted component and every mechanical or

electronic rider aid having just one aim: to enhance your

riding experience.







23 skool street - fochville

018 771 5050

072 542 8630 - perufsky.qsp@gmail.com

17D_Q3+_SalesBull_2pg_r2_Layout 1 4/13/17 3:08 PM Page 1











Great Handling at an

affordable price.








E T L..




Offers a balance of

ire achieves lean angles up to 62 degrees*.

in the wet

oved for street-legal use.

and dry

require tire warmers, and runs at street

ed for chassis or electronic



carbon black like Dunlop’s racing slicks for

conditions with


y uses a continuously wound strip compound


) uses carbon fiber reinforcement in the

ering performance, braking stability and Sfeel.

P O R T M A X Q 4



grip across the rear tread profile.

















More than 80% of the Q3+

has been redesigned

compared to the Q3





20% MORE






Performance touring tyre

that not only lasts longer,

but performs at higher





maximum grip.



Great Handling at an

affordable price.

Offers a balance of

• This purpose-built track-day tire achieves lean angles up to 62 degrees*.

in the wet

• The Sportmax Q4 is DOT-approved for street-legal use.

and dry

• The user-friendly Q4 does not require tire warmers, and runs at street

pressures, eliminating the need for chassis or electronic adjustments.

• Rear tire compound contains carbon black like Dunlop’s racing slicks for

conditions with


• Jointless Tread (JLT) technology uses a continuously wound strip compound

to optimize stability, flex, and grip across the rear tread profile.


• Carbon Fiber Technology (CFT) uses carbon fiber reinforcement in the

sidewalls for exceptional cornering performance, braking stability and feel.

• Dunlop branding on the tread area.

• Made in the U.S.A.






l Dunlop retailers, as well as race distributors.

• The Q4 is available through all Dunlop retailers, as well as race distributors.

ze Load/Speed Part Number

0/70ZR17 (58W) 45233176

0/55ZR17 (73W) 45233177

0/60ZR17 (75W) 45233131

0/50ZR17 (73W) 45233060

0/55ZR17 (75W) 45233074

0/55ZR17 (78W) 45233092






Size Load/Speed Part Number

Sportmax Q4 Front 120/70ZR17 (58W) 45233176

Sportmax Q4 Rear 180/55ZR17 (73W) 45233177

180/60ZR17 (75W) 45233131

190/50ZR17 (73W) 45233060

190/55ZR17 (75W) 45233074

200/55ZR17 (78W) 45233092






Sportmax Q4


Sportmax Q3+

Sportmax GPR-300

Sportmax Roadsmart III




©2018 *As tested Dunlop by Motorcycle Dunlop on a Tires. 2017 Suzuki GSX-R 1000 RR on a closed track at Barber Motorsports Park.


DunlopMotorcycleTires.com. ©2017 DUNLOPTYRESSA

Dunlop Motorcycle Tires.

©2018 Dunlop Motorcycle Tires.


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