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Front Cover<br />

Happy Halloween, art work &<br />

lettering by Peter Nadal.<br />

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In this issue<br />

4: Peter’s desk<br />

6: Biz Cards board!!<br />

Hey it’s free<br />

7: Hey Pete! Makeup and gore<br />

11: Beware of those ghouls<br />

Ghostly Websites links<br />

13: Pumpkin Carving Templates<br />

20: 40 Haunted House Ideas<br />

27: Something Scary to enlighten<br />

you up!<br />

Famous Paintings That Will The<br />

Scare The S**t Out Of You<br />


Celebrate Halloween with a Vet!<br />

To all veterans we thank you for your service!<br />

Semper Fi!<br />


Pete’s Desk<br />

Thank you for entering my office of no end, please sit, oh, the last<br />

group became food to the ghouls and don’t you worry, the spiders, bats<br />

and wolves are harmless. So, I wish all our readers a Scary and<br />

Frightful Halloween! When getting ready for trick-or-treating and<br />

dressing up in all sorts’ of costumes, before you go, before children go<br />

out make sure you have your cell phone fully charged and install<br />

tracker apps in your kids phones so you know exactly where they are or<br />

you are, AND WEAR YOUR CORONA VIRUS MASK for safety!<br />

This Halloween <strong>edition</strong> is about Gore, from makeup to décor outside<br />

and inside your home. In<br />

me and my ghoulish staff<br />

went through the internet and found some very bloody ghoulish How-<br />

To’s.<br />


Our Halloween story for this issue is “Ar-Bar from Egypt” was<br />

inspired by me, mean I meant Princess of the Disco! Somewhere during<br />

the night when writing her story she transformed and the seductive<br />

look in her eyes, I’m the master of this domain and… sorry, my<br />

apology, I just got to stop drinking that bottle of Halloween, I just get<br />

carried away, the story is rated @ PG!<br />

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If you have a computer question that you can’t find an answer to,<br />

email us at computers@juno.com have a full staff of computer techs<br />

that will find you an answer and even How-To if need to.<br />

Well my readers on spook night beware for the ghouls, vampires and<br />

the rest that feed in the night are watching you and now I most go, all<br />

this Halloween stuff is making me hungry!<br />

Ink supply by Vampire Blood Ink Corp<br />



So, you want a great horror makeup job for Halloween eh! Well the<br />

staff and I combed the internet once again and here is some of the very<br />

best for spook night. Just click on the blue underline links for more on<br />

makeup and gore<br />

From Pinterest.com rated by CE staff<br />

35 Disgusting and Scary<br />

Halloween Makeup Ideas on<br />

Pinterest That Will Give You<br />

Nightmare – Easyday<br />


easyday.snydle.com<br />

Scary Halloween Makeup<br />

Tutorials – Easyday<br />

Share this on WhatsAppHalloween is fast approaching and as<br />

we all know, the holiday favors monsters over mortals,<br />

hellhounds over humans, and carcasses over common [...]<br />


Lifestyle<br />

FROM: Click the below link<br />

for more of this article how-to<br />

43 Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas for 2019<br />

By Rebecca Puttock | August 8, 2018<br />

Want to give everyone who sees you a fright this Halloween? Then you are in<br />

the right place. We have put together 43 scary Halloween makeup ideas. We<br />

have gory makeup, unique ideas and makeup that looks straight from a<br />

nightmare. Take a look if you dare.<br />

1: Gory & Scary Halloween Makeup<br />

The first scary Halloween makeup idea we have to show you, is this gory<br />

masquerade mask. This is a very unique and horrifying makeup idea that will<br />

look amazing at a party. For the blood and gore Ben Nye Makeup Nose & Scar<br />

Wax, Liquid Latex, Scab Blood & Stage Blood was used.<br />


Beware of those ghouls, spooks and the<br />

dead who wants to reach out and grab<br />

you especially if you walk right into a<br />

horror rising dead!<br />

This warning brought to you by Witches & Spooks council<br />


1- 260 Of The Creepiest Halloween Makeup Ideas<br />

2- The Scariest Halloween Makeup Tutorial<br />

3- Quick Easy Scary Halloween Makeup Tutorial<br />

4- 29 Hideously Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas<br />

You Can Borrow From the Web<br />


Pumpkin Carving Templates<br />



AR-BAR<br />

From Egypt<br />

In the year of 850 BC a 30 something man was a looter of burial wealth<br />

from Pyramids, his name was Ar-Bar and he use to be a looter.<br />

And here is the Story told by him!<br />

Ar-Bar was told of a cave entrance covered with large stones and the rumor<br />

was of gold and diamonds, some of the raiders found a crack in the stone<br />

and manage to get in, but, none of them ever came out. Ar-Bar was<br />

intriguing, so, got his tools and camels and off he went to the mountain, on<br />

his arrival he found the crack. He looked and said ―well, easy enough to<br />

slide in!‖ and with his tool sack he got in. He lit a torch and went his way<br />

and he was fascinated with the cave, he was never in his life seen such<br />

engraving on the ceilings and walls and the light from the torch reflect all<br />

over. He walked ever so slowly admiring such work he continued walking<br />

and stumbled on skeletons, Ar-Bar was shocked and said ―Well I found<br />

them!‖ then he looked up and saw something and ran away to the next<br />

chamber. Ar-Bar called him ―HEY!!! I JUST WANT TO TALK TO<br />

YOU!!!‖ Ar-bar stood and watched this critter come to him.<br />

The (for purpose we will address this as a person), Ar-Bar noticed<br />

his right arm was giving him problems.<br />

So, Ar-Bar fixed his arm and told him to keep the arm wrapped. He<br />

looked at Ar-Bar and showed the way to his queen, so, Ar-Bar<br />

gathered his tool bag and followed him to see the queen.<br />

They walked through a few short tunnels and Ar-Bar was shocked that all<br />

the engravings are all over, he recognized math, science, history of the<br />

underground warriors and their battles and everything else he could not<br />

make out.<br />


They finally reached the chamber of the queen and she turned around<br />

armed and ready to slice Ar-Bar!<br />

―Who are you to enter my domain?‖ the Queen snapped.<br />

―Your Highness, my name is Ar-Bar and I am here to see<br />

the wonders of your work you and what your army have<br />

done!‖ Ar-Bar said with real dignity addressing the<br />

Queen<br />

As the Queen relaxed she looked at her worker and the<br />

wrap on his arm and she said:<br />

―Mr. Ar-Bar I thank you for your kindness taking care of Tow-Waa, come<br />

sit with me and I will tell you about this cave…<br />

1000 yrs ago our ancestors had to find some place to make it through the<br />

shifting of continents on the planet, we or our ancestors were the kingdom<br />

of the world all over the civilizations was one, one language, science and<br />

everything else that made that time. But, the cave ‗s, the shelter of our<br />

ancestors saved us from extinction, as you can see all the walls and ceilings<br />

writings are all the books of our past.<br />

Mr. Ar-Bar, may I offer you a drink to help you understand as we need an<br />

outsider!‖<br />

Ar-Bar thought about it and said yes, he drank it and things started to take<br />

place and he collapsed in a deep sleep. About over a thousand yrs later Ar-<br />

Bar (Hister was his new name) woke up and got out of the sealed coffin and<br />

needless to say Hister was shocked to learn the year he started and he<br />

learned ten languages including Queens English. In his travels he learned of<br />

the stealing, shootings, rebellions and you can name whatever else, I‘m just<br />

the writer sitting here as Ar-Bar or his new name Hister. I asked him ―Do<br />

you have an alter ego when you got to deal with the scum on our world?‖<br />

―My dear friend I do not get violent, I vaporize them for the super bad ones<br />

and with the light ones I show them the likeness, oh, of Hell or Heaven‖ as<br />

Hister drank his coffee (new for him)<br />


I‘m somewhat curios did the Queen of that cave plan to put you in Trans for<br />

her and her workers?<br />

―Yep!... I said yes when she asked me and all I can say is Viva La<br />

Reina!!!!‖ Hister took another sip of coffee and smiled.<br />

I asked him to give me something of his alter ego when on the job?<br />

Hister stood up and looked down for a few seconds then slowly raised his<br />

head and his eyes was yellow shining brighter then the<br />

Sun, he looked at a metal trash can and melted it in seconds and with that<br />

done all I could say is…<br />

Holly Molly!!!<br />

All I can say now is watch when you go trick or treating with the kids on<br />

Halloween night, be extremely safe listen to Mom and Dad and you will<br />

have a great Halloween!<br />



Party City<br />


40 Haunted House Ideas<br />

Designing your own haunted house takes a lot of planning, but it's always a labor of<br />

love. Besides, we can't think of a better way to celebrate Halloween than scaring the<br />

heck out of your friends, neighbors, and haunted house guests alike. These clever<br />

haunted scenes are just the trick for going above and beyond with your Halloween<br />

haunted house decorations. Whether your haunted house sticks to one terrifying story<br />

line or changes themes with each room, make it a night of happy haunting with<br />

macabre mantels, a spooky secret library and many more ideas that go bump in the<br />

night! Read on...if you dare.<br />

Idea 1: Terrorize With a Twisted<br />

Bloody Scene<br />

Put together a gory and gruesome<br />

basement display that will give<br />

visitors a bone-afide scare! Dangle<br />

severed hands, feet and heads by<br />

cuffs and chains to make the room<br />

look like a torture chamber and drip<br />

some fake blood on the ligaments<br />

for realism. A trash bin full of<br />

bloody bones and skeletons<br />

covered in blood-spattered plastic<br />

wrap will show that other victims<br />

didn‘t make it out of the basement<br />

either! We created blood-spattered<br />

walls by smearing fake blood on<br />

clear plastic table cover that comes<br />

by the roll. Be sure to wear gloves – you wouldn‘t want to be linked to this crime!<br />

See all the grisly details in our Bloody Basement How-to.<br />


Idea 2: Gory Girl in the<br />

Window<br />

Put a possessed girl in the window for<br />

some sweet revenge! Transform a<br />

creepy doll into Lizzie Borden by<br />

attaching an axe to her hand with<br />

bloody gauze looped multiple times<br />

and tied tight. Don‘t forget to place<br />

blood-dripped candles in the window<br />

and tuck her in front of the drape so<br />

everyone can see her before they dare<br />

to enter your haunted house.<br />

Idea 3: Get Royally Scary with<br />

an Evil Egyptian Mummy!<br />

Open the tomb and the treasure may<br />

be yours... but only if you can<br />

outsmart a striking cobra, Cerberus<br />

the guard dog and the pharaoh's<br />

bloodthirsty attendants. This scary<br />

Halloween haunted house decorating<br />

idea takes it over the top with a<br />

fogger attachment and cool themed<br />

props. Oh no... get out quick – or stay<br />

for eternity! Consult our Mummy<br />

Crypt How-to to see how we set up<br />

this display.<br />


Idea 4: Scary Lurker in<br />

the Corner Prop<br />

Your front room is said to be<br />

haunted by a spirit that can make<br />

you scream, a thing of darkness, a<br />

creature that waits patiently for<br />

blood. She materializes in haunted<br />

places, in corners, hallways and in<br />

closets. If you choose to create this<br />

freaky haunted house decoration,<br />

beware. We can't guarantee it won't<br />

scare the life out of you! Want to<br />

know how we set this up? Read<br />

the Something Dark in a Corner<br />

How-to...if you dare.<br />

Idea 5: Chilling Skeleton<br />

Band Scene<br />

Draw a cackling crowd and rattle<br />

their bones with some terrifying<br />

tunes! To create this deathly stage<br />

presence, start by hanging<br />

skeletons off a garden hook.<br />

Position some standing and<br />

another seated at the piano. To<br />

give them instruments like an<br />

accordion or violin, use heavy<br />

weight fishing line or rope tied to<br />

the garden hook. To finish off the<br />

venue, add in some spooky<br />

decorations and effects like a fog<br />

machine or creepy music floating<br />

through the Halloween night.<br />


Idea 6: Wrap a Skeleton Decoration in Webs<br />

Wrap a skeleton in webs to signal that this spider's prey has no escape. Secure him by<br />

attaching to a metal garden hook (from home supplies store) and stretch a clear table<br />

cover out so he is comfortable for his eternal rest. Run long stretches of spider web<br />

across his lair and all over your yard to let visitors know they should be very careful.<br />

Top off the haunted house illusion by hanging a giant black spider above victim<br />

number one. Then run for your life! For more creepy crawlies, see our Halloween<br />

Spider Decorating Guide!<br />

Idea 7: How to Use Dry Ice in a Witch’s Brew<br />

Make this brew or be turned to a shrew! Are you ready to brew, my pretty? Creating<br />

a foggy concoction for your haunted house is easier than it looks! Start the recipe by<br />

placing dry ice into soup cans. Add almost-boiling water and you'll hear bubbling as<br />

the smoke starts to rise! Next, garnish the brew with a mixture of your favorite herbs,<br />

bones, and critters. For an extra eerie<br />

touch, add a few glow sticks to create<br />

an ominous glow.<br />

Idea 8: Invite Flying Ghouls<br />

to Haunt the Stairs<br />

The witch is in! Make it a night of<br />


happy haunting with freaky flying ghouls waiting to greet visitors at the stairs. Hang<br />

skeletal reapers in ghostly robes at varying heights with tattered gauze for the<br />

banister and a creepy cat. The leader of this group of malevolent misfits is a sevenfoot<br />

witch waiting to cast a spell with her messenger raven perched on her withered<br />

hand. Something wicked this way flies!<br />

Idea 9: Slime for an Evil<br />

Scientist's Lab<br />

Easiest Haunted House decoration<br />

ever: take jars, add slime and<br />

creepy crawlies. Eyeballs, skulls,<br />

snakes, body parts and spiders are<br />

just the beginning. Create a DIY<br />

label to let passerby know what's<br />

going on in your laboratory, or let<br />

them peek in and decipher the<br />

contents for themselves. You can<br />

use a slime kit or follow our<br />

Halloween Slime Tutorial to learn<br />

how to make your own!<br />

Idea 10: Impress the Spirits<br />

with a Stack of Spell Books<br />

These boneheads wouldn't be<br />

caught dead without a good book!<br />

Arrange skulls on and around<br />

stacks of aged and weathered<br />

novels covered in cobwebs, with a<br />

couple lurking crows to keep<br />

guests from pawing your precious<br />

spell books. Set the mood for a<br />

spooky book club – or a seance! –<br />


with a vase of black roses and battery-operated candlelight.<br />

Idea 11: Throw a To-Die-<br />

For Gothic Dinner Party!<br />

Be the spirit guide to a gathering<br />

of skeletons, spooks and things<br />

that go bump in the night!<br />

Skeletal gents like this one make<br />

the atmosphere for your dining<br />

room along with candles as mood<br />

lighting, a centerpiece of skulls<br />

and a dapper dinner guest - he's<br />

been waiting a long time for<br />

dinner to be served!<br />

Before you go the next page you still have 29<br />

more gory pictures to look at and press the price<br />

tags that pop up in the pictures along with other<br />

GORY STUFF, to see it you will need to click on<br />

the link: 40 Haunted House Ideas<br />


I SEE YOU!!<br />


Something Scary to enlighten you up<br />

Famous Paintings That Will The Scare The S**t Out Of You<br />

Happy Halloween, art history nerds.<br />

By Katherine Brooks<br />

Wikimedia Commons Vincent van Gogh, “Head of a skeleton with a burning cigarette,” 1886<br />

What‘s more frightening than a ghoul who sits on your chest as you sleep? How<br />

about a hairy gentleman with a penchant for eating offspring? A bird-footed demon<br />

that enjoys stomping on condemned souls? A pile of limbs left to rot in room<br />

temperature? A public flaying?<br />


The short answer is: art history is terrifying. Because all of the above and more take<br />

place in the canvases of painters past, from Henry Fuseli to Francisco Goya<br />

to Artemisia Gentileschi to Katsushika Hokusai.<br />

Since Halloween is less than a dozen days away, we couldn‘t help dedicate this<br />

week‘s roundup of overlooked and adored paintings to the scariest themes in<br />

art. Forget binge-watching horror flicks on Netflix — just scroll through this<br />

collection of scream-inducing artworks. Happy All Hallows‘ Eve!<br />

Horse: Phil, is Gretchen awake yet?<br />

Phil: Silence, Horse, I’m stealing her soul.<br />

Wikimedia Commons Henry Fuseli, “The Nightmare,” 1781<br />


Brad the lamprey is a surprisingly skilled painter.<br />

ADRIAN DENNIS via Getty Images Francis Bacon, “Three studies for a Self-Portrait,” 1944<br />

“Saturn, this is why we don’t let you babysit.”<br />

Wikimedia Commons<br />

Peter Paul Rubens, “Saturn, Jupiter’s<br />

father, devours one of his sons,” 1636-1638<br />


At Jen’s party, there’s going to be a bird eating a human whose ejecting birds<br />

from his butt.<br />

Wikimedia Commons Hieronymus Bosch, “The Garden of Earthly Delights,” details, 1480-1505<br />

For rest of the Famous macabre paintings just click<br />

on the link below, IF you dare HAHAHAHA!<br />



PRRRRRRRRRR don’t mind him – again -<br />

Thank you for reading CE Magazine<br />

And remember<br />






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