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Happy Halloween, art work &

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4: Peter’s desk

6: Biz Cards board!!

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7: Hey Pete! Makeup and gore

11: Beware of those ghouls

Ghostly Websites links

13: Pumpkin Carving Templates

20: 40 Haunted House Ideas

27: Something Scary to enlighten

you up!

Famous Paintings That Will The

Scare The S**t Out Of You


Celebrate Halloween with a Vet!

To all veterans we thank you for your service!

Semper Fi!


Pete’s Desk

Thank you for entering my office of no end, please sit, oh, the last

group became food to the ghouls and don’t you worry, the spiders, bats

and wolves are harmless. So, I wish all our readers a Scary and

Frightful Halloween! When getting ready for trick-or-treating and

dressing up in all sorts’ of costumes, before you go, before children go

out make sure you have your cell phone fully charged and install

tracker apps in your kids phones so you know exactly where they are or

you are, AND WEAR YOUR CORONA VIRUS MASK for safety!

This Halloween edition is about Gore, from makeup to décor outside

and inside your home. In

me and my ghoulish staff

went through the internet and found some very bloody ghoulish How-



Our Halloween story for this issue is “Ar-Bar from Egypt” was

inspired by me, mean I meant Princess of the Disco! Somewhere during

the night when writing her story she transformed and the seductive

look in her eyes, I’m the master of this domain and… sorry, my

apology, I just got to stop drinking that bottle of Halloween, I just get

carried away, the story is rated @ PG!

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If you have a computer question that you can’t find an answer to,

email us at computers@juno.com have a full staff of computer techs

that will find you an answer and even How-To if need to.

Well my readers on spook night beware for the ghouls, vampires and

the rest that feed in the night are watching you and now I most go, all

this Halloween stuff is making me hungry!

Ink supply by Vampire Blood Ink Corp



So, you want a great horror makeup job for Halloween eh! Well the

staff and I combed the internet once again and here is some of the very

best for spook night. Just click on the blue underline links for more on

makeup and gore

From Pinterest.com rated by CE staff

35 Disgusting and Scary

Halloween Makeup Ideas on

Pinterest That Will Give You

Nightmare – Easyday



Scary Halloween Makeup

Tutorials – Easyday

Share this on WhatsAppHalloween is fast approaching and as

we all know, the holiday favors monsters over mortals,

hellhounds over humans, and carcasses over common [...]



FROM: Click the below link

for more of this article how-to

43 Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas for 2019

By Rebecca Puttock | August 8, 2018

Want to give everyone who sees you a fright this Halloween? Then you are in

the right place. We have put together 43 scary Halloween makeup ideas. We

have gory makeup, unique ideas and makeup that looks straight from a

nightmare. Take a look if you dare.

1: Gory & Scary Halloween Makeup

The first scary Halloween makeup idea we have to show you, is this gory

masquerade mask. This is a very unique and horrifying makeup idea that will

look amazing at a party. For the blood and gore Ben Nye Makeup Nose & Scar

Wax, Liquid Latex, Scab Blood & Stage Blood was used.


Beware of those ghouls, spooks and the

dead who wants to reach out and grab

you especially if you walk right into a

horror rising dead!

This warning brought to you by Witches & Spooks council


1- 260 Of The Creepiest Halloween Makeup Ideas

2- The Scariest Halloween Makeup Tutorial

3- Quick Easy Scary Halloween Makeup Tutorial

4- 29 Hideously Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas

You Can Borrow From the Web


Pumpkin Carving Templates




From Egypt

In the year of 850 BC a 30 something man was a looter of burial wealth

from Pyramids, his name was Ar-Bar and he use to be a looter.

And here is the Story told by him!

Ar-Bar was told of a cave entrance covered with large stones and the rumor

was of gold and diamonds, some of the raiders found a crack in the stone

and manage to get in, but, none of them ever came out. Ar-Bar was

intriguing, so, got his tools and camels and off he went to the mountain, on

his arrival he found the crack. He looked and said ―well, easy enough to

slide in!‖ and with his tool sack he got in. He lit a torch and went his way

and he was fascinated with the cave, he was never in his life seen such

engraving on the ceilings and walls and the light from the torch reflect all

over. He walked ever so slowly admiring such work he continued walking

and stumbled on skeletons, Ar-Bar was shocked and said ―Well I found

them!‖ then he looked up and saw something and ran away to the next

chamber. Ar-Bar called him ―HEY!!! I JUST WANT TO TALK TO

YOU!!!‖ Ar-bar stood and watched this critter come to him.

The (for purpose we will address this as a person), Ar-Bar noticed

his right arm was giving him problems.

So, Ar-Bar fixed his arm and told him to keep the arm wrapped. He

looked at Ar-Bar and showed the way to his queen, so, Ar-Bar

gathered his tool bag and followed him to see the queen.

They walked through a few short tunnels and Ar-Bar was shocked that all

the engravings are all over, he recognized math, science, history of the

underground warriors and their battles and everything else he could not

make out.


They finally reached the chamber of the queen and she turned around

armed and ready to slice Ar-Bar!

―Who are you to enter my domain?‖ the Queen snapped.

―Your Highness, my name is Ar-Bar and I am here to see

the wonders of your work you and what your army have

done!‖ Ar-Bar said with real dignity addressing the


As the Queen relaxed she looked at her worker and the

wrap on his arm and she said:

―Mr. Ar-Bar I thank you for your kindness taking care of Tow-Waa, come

sit with me and I will tell you about this cave…

1000 yrs ago our ancestors had to find some place to make it through the

shifting of continents on the planet, we or our ancestors were the kingdom

of the world all over the civilizations was one, one language, science and

everything else that made that time. But, the cave ‗s, the shelter of our

ancestors saved us from extinction, as you can see all the walls and ceilings

writings are all the books of our past.

Mr. Ar-Bar, may I offer you a drink to help you understand as we need an


Ar-Bar thought about it and said yes, he drank it and things started to take

place and he collapsed in a deep sleep. About over a thousand yrs later Ar-

Bar (Hister was his new name) woke up and got out of the sealed coffin and

needless to say Hister was shocked to learn the year he started and he

learned ten languages including Queens English. In his travels he learned of

the stealing, shootings, rebellions and you can name whatever else, I‘m just

the writer sitting here as Ar-Bar or his new name Hister. I asked him ―Do

you have an alter ego when you got to deal with the scum on our world?‖

―My dear friend I do not get violent, I vaporize them for the super bad ones

and with the light ones I show them the likeness, oh, of Hell or Heaven‖ as

Hister drank his coffee (new for him)


I‘m somewhat curios did the Queen of that cave plan to put you in Trans for

her and her workers?

―Yep!... I said yes when she asked me and all I can say is Viva La

Reina!!!!‖ Hister took another sip of coffee and smiled.

I asked him to give me something of his alter ego when on the job?

Hister stood up and looked down for a few seconds then slowly raised his

head and his eyes was yellow shining brighter then the

Sun, he looked at a metal trash can and melted it in seconds and with that

done all I could say is…

Holly Molly!!!

All I can say now is watch when you go trick or treating with the kids on

Halloween night, be extremely safe listen to Mom and Dad and you will

have a great Halloween!



Party City


40 Haunted House Ideas

Designing your own haunted house takes a lot of planning, but it's always a labor of

love. Besides, we can't think of a better way to celebrate Halloween than scaring the

heck out of your friends, neighbors, and haunted house guests alike. These clever

haunted scenes are just the trick for going above and beyond with your Halloween

haunted house decorations. Whether your haunted house sticks to one terrifying story

line or changes themes with each room, make it a night of happy haunting with

macabre mantels, a spooky secret library and many more ideas that go bump in the

night! Read on...if you dare.

Idea 1: Terrorize With a Twisted

Bloody Scene

Put together a gory and gruesome

basement display that will give

visitors a bone-afide scare! Dangle

severed hands, feet and heads by

cuffs and chains to make the room

look like a torture chamber and drip

some fake blood on the ligaments

for realism. A trash bin full of

bloody bones and skeletons

covered in blood-spattered plastic

wrap will show that other victims

didn‘t make it out of the basement

either! We created blood-spattered

walls by smearing fake blood on

clear plastic table cover that comes

by the roll. Be sure to wear gloves – you wouldn‘t want to be linked to this crime!

See all the grisly details in our Bloody Basement How-to.


Idea 2: Gory Girl in the


Put a possessed girl in the window for

some sweet revenge! Transform a

creepy doll into Lizzie Borden by

attaching an axe to her hand with

bloody gauze looped multiple times

and tied tight. Don‘t forget to place

blood-dripped candles in the window

and tuck her in front of the drape so

everyone can see her before they dare

to enter your haunted house.

Idea 3: Get Royally Scary with

an Evil Egyptian Mummy!

Open the tomb and the treasure may

be yours... but only if you can

outsmart a striking cobra, Cerberus

the guard dog and the pharaoh's

bloodthirsty attendants. This scary

Halloween haunted house decorating

idea takes it over the top with a

fogger attachment and cool themed

props. Oh no... get out quick – or stay

for eternity! Consult our Mummy

Crypt How-to to see how we set up

this display.


Idea 4: Scary Lurker in

the Corner Prop

Your front room is said to be

haunted by a spirit that can make

you scream, a thing of darkness, a

creature that waits patiently for

blood. She materializes in haunted

places, in corners, hallways and in

closets. If you choose to create this

freaky haunted house decoration,

beware. We can't guarantee it won't

scare the life out of you! Want to

know how we set this up? Read

the Something Dark in a Corner

How-to...if you dare.

Idea 5: Chilling Skeleton

Band Scene

Draw a cackling crowd and rattle

their bones with some terrifying

tunes! To create this deathly stage

presence, start by hanging

skeletons off a garden hook.

Position some standing and

another seated at the piano. To

give them instruments like an

accordion or violin, use heavy

weight fishing line or rope tied to

the garden hook. To finish off the

venue, add in some spooky

decorations and effects like a fog

machine or creepy music floating

through the Halloween night.


Idea 6: Wrap a Skeleton Decoration in Webs

Wrap a skeleton in webs to signal that this spider's prey has no escape. Secure him by

attaching to a metal garden hook (from home supplies store) and stretch a clear table

cover out so he is comfortable for his eternal rest. Run long stretches of spider web

across his lair and all over your yard to let visitors know they should be very careful.

Top off the haunted house illusion by hanging a giant black spider above victim

number one. Then run for your life! For more creepy crawlies, see our Halloween

Spider Decorating Guide!

Idea 7: How to Use Dry Ice in a Witch’s Brew

Make this brew or be turned to a shrew! Are you ready to brew, my pretty? Creating

a foggy concoction for your haunted house is easier than it looks! Start the recipe by

placing dry ice into soup cans. Add almost-boiling water and you'll hear bubbling as

the smoke starts to rise! Next, garnish the brew with a mixture of your favorite herbs,

bones, and critters. For an extra eerie

touch, add a few glow sticks to create

an ominous glow.

Idea 8: Invite Flying Ghouls

to Haunt the Stairs

The witch is in! Make it a night of


happy haunting with freaky flying ghouls waiting to greet visitors at the stairs. Hang

skeletal reapers in ghostly robes at varying heights with tattered gauze for the

banister and a creepy cat. The leader of this group of malevolent misfits is a sevenfoot

witch waiting to cast a spell with her messenger raven perched on her withered

hand. Something wicked this way flies!

Idea 9: Slime for an Evil

Scientist's Lab

Easiest Haunted House decoration

ever: take jars, add slime and

creepy crawlies. Eyeballs, skulls,

snakes, body parts and spiders are

just the beginning. Create a DIY

label to let passerby know what's

going on in your laboratory, or let

them peek in and decipher the

contents for themselves. You can

use a slime kit or follow our

Halloween Slime Tutorial to learn

how to make your own!

Idea 10: Impress the Spirits

with a Stack of Spell Books

These boneheads wouldn't be

caught dead without a good book!

Arrange skulls on and around

stacks of aged and weathered

novels covered in cobwebs, with a

couple lurking crows to keep

guests from pawing your precious

spell books. Set the mood for a

spooky book club – or a seance! –


with a vase of black roses and battery-operated candlelight.

Idea 11: Throw a To-Die-

For Gothic Dinner Party!

Be the spirit guide to a gathering

of skeletons, spooks and things

that go bump in the night!

Skeletal gents like this one make

the atmosphere for your dining

room along with candles as mood

lighting, a centerpiece of skulls

and a dapper dinner guest - he's

been waiting a long time for

dinner to be served!

Before you go the next page you still have 29

more gory pictures to look at and press the price

tags that pop up in the pictures along with other

GORY STUFF, to see it you will need to click on

the link: 40 Haunted House Ideas




Something Scary to enlighten you up

Famous Paintings That Will The Scare The S**t Out Of You

Happy Halloween, art history nerds.

By Katherine Brooks

Wikimedia Commons Vincent van Gogh, “Head of a skeleton with a burning cigarette,” 1886

What‘s more frightening than a ghoul who sits on your chest as you sleep? How

about a hairy gentleman with a penchant for eating offspring? A bird-footed demon

that enjoys stomping on condemned souls? A pile of limbs left to rot in room

temperature? A public flaying?


The short answer is: art history is terrifying. Because all of the above and more take

place in the canvases of painters past, from Henry Fuseli to Francisco Goya

to Artemisia Gentileschi to Katsushika Hokusai.

Since Halloween is less than a dozen days away, we couldn‘t help dedicate this

week‘s roundup of overlooked and adored paintings to the scariest themes in

art. Forget binge-watching horror flicks on Netflix — just scroll through this

collection of scream-inducing artworks. Happy All Hallows‘ Eve!

Horse: Phil, is Gretchen awake yet?

Phil: Silence, Horse, I’m stealing her soul.

Wikimedia Commons Henry Fuseli, “The Nightmare,” 1781


Brad the lamprey is a surprisingly skilled painter.

ADRIAN DENNIS via Getty Images Francis Bacon, “Three studies for a Self-Portrait,” 1944

“Saturn, this is why we don’t let you babysit.”

Wikimedia Commons

Peter Paul Rubens, “Saturn, Jupiter’s

father, devours one of his sons,” 1636-1638


At Jen’s party, there’s going to be a bird eating a human whose ejecting birds

from his butt.

Wikimedia Commons Hieronymus Bosch, “The Garden of Earthly Delights,” details, 1480-1505

For rest of the Famous macabre paintings just click

on the link below, IF you dare HAHAHAHA!



PRRRRRRRRRR don’t mind him – again -

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