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Cardboard book<br />

Picture book

Picture book Children' book


Opa hat seinen Hut vergessen<br />

by Elena Berz<br />

Illus. by Marine Ludin<br />

978-3-948417-23-9<br />

32 pages<br />

220 x 280 mm (L x H)<br />

Mar. <strong>2022</strong><br />

Ages 4–8<br />

EUR 16.00<br />

Ida loves to swing - especially with her<br />

grandfather. When he dies unexpectedly one<br />

day, family and friends answer Ida's questions<br />

honestly, mostly gently, sometimes childishly<br />

bluntly. Immortal jellyfish are just as much a<br />

topic as people in heaven, and bit by bit Ida<br />

comes to understand what dying and death<br />

are all about.<br />

Elena Berz has written a touching book about<br />

the loss of a human being. Enchantingly<br />

illustrated with watercolors by Marine Ludin.


Wir warten auf den Schnee<br />

by Anna Lina van Geuns<br />

Illus. by Anna Zörner<br />

978-3-948417-19-2<br />

32 pages<br />

225 x 295 mm (L x H)<br />

Oc. 2020<br />

Ages 4–6<br />

EUR 15.00<br />

Waiting - that's not always easy for children ... Emil waits longingly for<br />

the snow, even in kindergarten he keeps looking out of the window. At<br />

home, he makes himself comfortable with his mother. Together they<br />

watch the clouds in the sky and see how it gets darker and darker. And<br />

then it actually starts to snow ...<br />

When quiet comes, there is time for magical moments, time to relax and<br />

yet discover many things: the safety, the warmth and the shared<br />

anticipation. The book is about mindfulness and the peace that (even)<br />

children should feel every now and then, despite all the hustle and<br />

bustle. The illustrations are also magical, integrating a real cloud photo<br />

on each page. They show how the sky changes and thus develop a<br />

unique charm.



Alia am Ort der Wunder<br />

by Annette Mierswa<br />

Illus. by Stefanie Harjes<br />

978-3-948417-11-6<br />

226 pages<br />

210 x 145 mm (L x H)<br />

Nov. 2021<br />

Ages 8–14<br />

EUR 13.00<br />

Alia suddenly learns that her father has cancer, and this changes her life<br />

completely. She tries to find out what is behind this illness and discovers<br />

that the adults around her are also overwhelmed by the situation. With<br />

her persistence and warmth, she manages to make the daily hospital life<br />

of her father and his roommate Theo a little more colorful. But because<br />

she feels guilty about the illness, wants to do everything right and can't<br />

allow anger and sadness, she reaches her own limits.<br />

A touching children's book that very authentically reflects how children<br />

think, that they often blame themselves for illnesses and try to make<br />

everything okay. At the same time, it is a cheerful book that, despite the<br />

threatening illness, allows for positive thoughts and joie de vivre. With<br />

colorful illustrations inside.


Lola auf der Erbse<br />

by Annette Mierswa<br />

Illus. by Stefanie Harjes<br />

978-3-948417-12-3<br />

196 pages<br />

210 x 145 mm (L x H)<br />

Oct. 2021<br />

Ages 8–14<br />

EUR 13.00<br />

Lola lives with her mother on the "pea", a houseboat down by the river.<br />

Ever since her father disappeared, Lola refuses to grow and lives in her<br />

fantasy world. No wonder she is horrified when Kurt, her mother's new<br />

boyfriend, shows up. But then she meets the mysterious Pelle ...<br />

The novel "Lola auf der Erbse" (first published in 2008) was nominated<br />

for the Catholic Children's and Young People's Book Prize, the Prix<br />

Chronos and the AKJ Young Author's Prize and has been translated into<br />

several languages. It is on the Stiftung Lesen's recommendation list. The<br />

film version was released in German cinemas in 2014 (rating<br />

"particularly valuable").


Wenn Tiere träumen<br />

by Laura Tschorn<br />

978-3-948417-09-3<br />

32 pages<br />

240 x 280 mm (L x H)<br />

Feb. 2021<br />

Ages 4–6<br />

EUR 15.00<br />

Can animals dream? And what do they dream? In dreams, animals<br />

can do what is otherwise impossible: the mole dreams of seeing and<br />

reading books, the birds dream of seeing snow and ice instead of<br />

always flying south, and the dirty little pig dreams of a wonderful<br />

bubble bath.<br />

When we dream, we can be anything. Together with the children,<br />

discover dreams and consider what of them might come true, and -<br />

this is the end of this wonderful picture book - how everyone can<br />

live their dream.


Hase und Mond<br />

by Ruth-Johanna Benrath<br />

Illus. by Lucie Göpfert<br />

978-3-948417-15-4<br />

52 pages<br />

170 x 220 mm (L x H)<br />

Oct. 2020<br />

Ages 5–8<br />

EUR 15.00<br />

"Write me a story!" wishes Odilia. And so her mother's friend tells her<br />

about the rabbit with the much too long ears and the curious moon,<br />

who actually only wanted to take a quick look in the window of the<br />

house that lies on his way home. But then he is supposed to help the<br />

rabbit in the big super-rabbit race, even though he has to do his duty in<br />

the sky. And then the supervisory authority comes to check whether he<br />

is also working properly ...<br />

A story on two levels, which gets a very special dynamic through the<br />

accompanying dialogues of Odilia and the narrator. "Rabbit and Moon"<br />

is suitable as a read-aloud book as well as for more accomplished firsttime<br />



Lotte und Max besuchen<br />

die Bienen<br />

by Michaela Rosenbaum<br />

Illus. by Marisa Oeker<br />

978-3-948417-01-7<br />

32 pages<br />

210 x 210 mm (L x H)<br />

Nov. 2019<br />

Ages 4–6<br />

EUR 15.00<br />

Why bees are so essential for us and our environment, how honey is<br />

made, and what we can do at home for the bees and other insects is<br />

shown to children ages 4 and up in this lovingly written and<br />

beautifully illustrated picture book.<br />

Lotte and Max love honey for breakfast. But where does it actually<br />

come from? Florian, the beekeeper, knows. During a visit, he shows<br />

the kids his beehives and explains to them how honey is made. In<br />

the process, the children learn a lot about the busy little insects. In<br />

the end, the family builds an insect hotel for their own garden. When<br />

will the first hummers move in?


Sophia & Paul - Zu viel Müll<br />

by Michaela Rosenbaum<br />

Illus. by Isabella Roth<br />

978-3-948417-13-0<br />

32 pages<br />

210 x 210 mm (L x H)<br />

April 2020<br />

Ages 4–8<br />

EUR 15.00<br />

What happened at the playground? There is trash everywhere. Sophia<br />

and Paul's kindergarten group decides to do something about it ...<br />

How is trash sorted properly? How can trash be avoided? The children<br />

then learn a lot about waste from a waste advisor. Sophia and Paul put<br />

some ideas directly into practice.<br />

Garbage and plastic - hardly a day goes by without a discussion about<br />

how we can all make a contribution to reducing the amount of waste.<br />

The book "Sophia & Paul - too much trash" helps to sensitize even young<br />

children to waste disposal and avoidance. With a comprehensible story<br />

and simple recommendations for action, an important and current topic<br />

becomes comprehensible.


Die Glockenelfen<br />

by Gabi Deeg<br />

Illus. by Friederike Ablang<br />

978-3-948417-08-6<br />

32 pages<br />

240 x 210 mm (L x H)<br />

Apr. 2021<br />

Ages 4–8<br />

EUR 15.00<br />

In a land that is far and near, imagined and real, live bell elves. The<br />

elf couple Firella and Amander ardently wish for a baby - but it<br />

doesn't happen. Time passes without the blossoms in Firella's<br />

garden beginning to glow and fulfill her wish. When a little bird<br />

offers unexpected help, the two bell elves set out on a long journey.<br />

A poetic elf story or a fable for children who have stepped into this<br />

world in an unusual way? "The Bell Elves" is both. It shows how a<br />

pair of bell elves take a new path to finally become parents. With<br />

love, courage and perseverance.


Die Geschichte von<br />

Herrn und Frau Igel<br />

by Michaela Rosenbaum<br />

Illus. by Claudia Fries<br />

978-3-948417-16-1<br />

32 pages<br />

210 x 210 mm (L x H)<br />

April 2020<br />

Ages 4–8<br />

EUR 15.00<br />

Mr. and Mrs. Hedgehog wish for a teeny tiny baby, but unfortunately it<br />

doesn't want to work out. They ask the other animals of the forest, the<br />

rabbits with their little long ears, the wild boars with their freshlings and<br />

finally the wise owl. All of them give well-meaning tips, but what suits the<br />

other animals does not help the hedgehog couple. When they finally<br />

return to what hedgehogs like to do, the wait is finally over ...<br />

Sometimes it is difficult to have a child. Or it takes a long time to get<br />

there. Many couples have to find their own way here. The not-so-simple<br />

topic is explained in this animal fable in an easy and child-friendly way.<br />

And conveys two important messages: "Everyone is different" and "Stay<br />

true to yourself".


Milli & Emil ist gar nicht<br />

langweilig<br />

by Anna Marshall<br />

978-3-948417-14-7<br />

14 pages<br />

180 x 180 mm (L x H)<br />

Apr. 2021<br />

Ages 2–4<br />

EUR 9.00<br />

Milli and Emil are thinking, "What should we play?" The first thing<br />

they do is jump over the fence - Emil lands in the tree. But where is<br />

Milli? Then they jump into a puddle. But where is Emil? They play<br />

hide and seek. Where is Milli hiding now? The two animal children go<br />

from one game to the next. No, they are not bored. Especially not<br />

when they visit Grandma Moo at the end ...<br />

The little readers can go in search of Milli the pig and Emil the<br />

donkey behind flaps. In the process, they discover many loving<br />

details on the wonderfully designed pages. The typography in handlettering<br />

style and the special mixed technique of hand-drawn and<br />

collage make the book an experience beyond the typical toddler<br />


10 LITTLE KIDS<br />

10 kleine Gören<br />

by Alexandra Fauth-Nothdurft<br />

Illus. by Anke Dammann<br />

978-3-948417-04-8<br />

14 pages<br />

240 x 210 mm (L x H)<br />

April 2020<br />

Ages 2–4<br />

EUR 8.00<br />

There lies a dragon and sleeps. Slowly the children creep up: first 1 little<br />

kid, then 2, then 3 ... On each side one joins and they start to play. They<br />

paint on the dragon's belly, are wild pirates or climb over the prongs on<br />

its back. And the dragon? He sleeps and dreams a dragon dream. Until<br />

suddenly ...<br />

Rich in detail and lovingly drawn, this book is a fun way to practice the<br />

numbers from 1 to 10. In addition, there are many small additional<br />

stories, such as the squirrels' picnic, the mice's bath in the goldfish bowl<br />

or the rabbit's vegetable garden. The illustrations are complemented by<br />

short rhymes. With a lot of fun, the book encourages learning to count<br />

and incidentally also trains the attention of small readers.

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