O-Ringen Magazine. Nr 2 - 2022

The worlds biggest orienteering adventure. The mountains awaits! O-Ringen Åre 2023. July 22-28.

The worlds biggest orienteering adventure. The mountains awaits!
O-Ringen Åre 2023. July 22-28.


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NUMBER 2<br />

OCTOBER <strong>2022</strong><br />

Mountain stages<br />

and wonderful<br />

SAVE<br />

20%<br />


NOV 1<br />

views<br />



O-RINGEN<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 1

The mountains awaits!<br />

Yes, there you have our catchwords about O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre 2023. And you are<br />

welcome to the mountains next summer. We promise that you will make<br />

many wonderful memories and enjoy what you experience here.<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson<br />

O<br />

rganizing a giant event like<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> in a small village like<br />

Åre is not easy. But we have been<br />

planning this for many years and<br />

now we think we have a concept that all of<br />

you who love orienteering and O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

will like. I know it will not be like Uppsala or<br />

Norrköping. It will be different and different<br />

is often good. Those of you who visited<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Sälen in 2008 and 2016 know<br />

what I am talking about. I must admit that<br />

I was sceptical before I ran in Sälen 2016.<br />

What would the community be like when<br />

we all stayed in apartments and cottages?<br />

What would it be like to stay maybe 10–20<br />

kilometres from O-<strong>Ringen</strong> square? The answer<br />

to that question is that it went perfectly<br />

well. That is why we now dare to arrange a<br />

different O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre next summer.<br />

The accommodation part has been a<br />

difficult nut to crack but a lot of work has<br />

been put in and I think all clubs will have to<br />

put in a little more work than before to find<br />

accommodation. But there are plenty of accommodations<br />

for everyone. And there will<br />

be an O-<strong>Ringen</strong> camping! Maps, courses,<br />

and the terrain will truly be an experience.<br />

For the first time, a group of Norwegian<br />

organizing clubs have been involved in<br />

planning. All our course setters are from<br />

Norway and what a job they have put in.<br />

The pandemic, early snow, late spring, two<br />

cancelled stages and much else have made<br />

the work more challenging. But believe<br />

me, there will be fantastic courses and nice<br />

terrain for everyone next summer in Åre.<br />

Together with all the voulenteers, I welcome<br />

you to Jämtland and Åre next summer.<br />


Project manager O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre 2023<br />

niclas.lidstrom@oringen.se<br />

2 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong><br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 3


O-<strong>Ringen</strong> AB<br />

Heliosgatan 3<br />

120 30 Stockholm<br />

info@oringen.se<br />

Contact O-<strong>Ringen</strong> AB<br />

Claes Forsberg | CEO<br />

070-492 14 50, claes.forsberg@oringen.se<br />

Niclas Lidström | Project manager O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre 2023<br />

070-810 06 66, niclas.lidstrom@oringen.se<br />

Mats Adolfsson | Sales<br />

070-394 50 71, mats.adolfsson@oringen.se<br />

Anna Wennertorp | Marketing, Experience<br />

& Competitior services<br />

070-952 54 78, anna.wennertorp@oringen.se<br />

Magnus Johansson | Competition & IT<br />

070-381 03 56, magnus.johansson@oringen.se<br />

20 281<br />

8<br />

participants<br />

in Uppsala<br />

Conny Gunnarsson | Logistics<br />

070-8107349, conny.gunnarsson@oringen.se<br />


O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

The magazine is produced and<br />

published by O-<strong>Ringen</strong> AB<br />

Responsible publisher<br />

Claes Forsberg<br />

@oringen<br />

Layout<br />

Martin Hammarberg, Adshape AB<br />

Cover<br />

Photo: Johfors Productions AB<br />


STAGE 1–5<br />

16<br />


25/7 • ELITE SPRINT<br />



Photo: Per Danielsson<br />


26/7 • STAGE 3<br />

13<br />

The pieces are starting to fall into place<br />


26/7 • STAGE 3<br />


44–45<br />

Nowegian coursesetters<br />




25/7 • STAGE 3<br />

28/7 • STAGE 5<br />

The Öberg<br />

sisters likes<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

38<br />

PHOTO: Peter Holgersson<br />

Different<br />

sprint in Åre<br />

24<br />

29–29<br />

Stage areas – Trillevallen, Järpen and Ånn<br />



32–33 STAGE 1–5<br />

MTBO in Östersund<br />

40–41<br />

The landowners are preparing for next summer<br />

23–24/7 • STAGE 1–2<br />

MÖRSIL<br />

48–53<br />

27/7 • STAGE 4<br />

Discover Åre,<br />

Östersund and Krokom<br />

56–63<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> 2024 and 2025<br />

66–74<br />

Registration guide<br />


23–24/7 • STAGE 1–2<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 5<br />


Kryssade du<br />

i rätt ruta?<br />


Läs mer och beställ på www.bagheera.se<br />

Motionsloppsförsäkringen ger dig en<br />

ny chans att delta i O-<strong>Ringen</strong> om du<br />

skulle bli sjuk eller skadad.<br />


Du väljer till Motionsloppsförsäkringen<br />

när<br />

du anmäler dig.<br />

Gäller för obegränsat<br />

antal lopp under ett år.<br />

Kostar endast<br />

155 kronor.<br />

Anmälningsavgiften<br />

tillbaka vid skada<br />

eller sjukdom.<br />


DAM/HERR<br />

Våra underställ i seamlessteknik är mjuka och<br />

funktionella, allt för att göra din aktivitet så<br />

behaglig som möjligt.<br />


DAM/HERR<br />

Trainer Pro Pants är den perfekta byxan<br />

för utomhusträningen där komfort och<br />

prestanda är viktiga parametrar.<br />






Redan anmäld till O-<strong>Ringen</strong> men missade<br />

att köpa motionsloppsförsäkringen?<br />

Ingen fara, du kan köpa den i efterhand på<br />


SUMMARY OF O-RINGEN UPPSALA <strong>2022</strong><br />

20 281<br />

participants<br />

320 000 km<br />

Yes, that is how far all participants ran<br />

in total. Calculated as the crow flies<br />

- so there may have been quite a few<br />

kilometres more, when adding route<br />

choice and looking for controls.<br />

77 000<br />

starts<br />

41<br />

countries<br />

1244<br />

clubs<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson<br />

8 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 9

Huvudpartner O-<strong>Ringen</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

– a certified sustainable event<br />

In the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> magazine from this<br />

spring, you could already read about our<br />

focus on being a well-known sustainable<br />

experience and how we within O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

work with sustainability issues - both<br />

social, environmental, and financial<br />

sustainability. In the same article we<br />

wrote about our path towards becoming<br />

a Certified sustainable event.<br />


Tack, alla ni<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong>hjältar<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />

The certification is designed to push organizers<br />

to act more sustainably, and we succeeded.<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> <strong>2022</strong> was approved as sustainable<br />

according to Greentime's standard for<br />

sustainable events. What, then, in brief, is<br />

required to obtain this certification?<br />

To achieve the certification “Certified<br />

Sustainable Event”, an event must meet<br />

a number of sustainability requirements<br />

(according to the tools associated with<br />

the certification) and be audited by an<br />

independent auditor. In the certification<br />

tool, there are a total of 30 criteria that are<br />

mandatory to obtain the certification. In<br />

addition, the event must achieve at least<br />

50 % of the total points according to the<br />

certification tool. An independent auditor<br />

reviews the event descriptions and verifying<br />

documents. The auditor also conducts<br />

a site check during the event to ensure<br />

compliance with the description provided.<br />

The organizer then receives a short report<br />

with observations and possible deviations/<br />

improvement proposals from the site<br />

inspection. An approved result from the<br />

auditor gives the organizer the right to<br />

communicate that the event is a Certified<br />

Sustainable Event.<br />

The actual audit of the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> was done<br />

on July 28, <strong>2022</strong>, through a site visit by an independent<br />

auditor and the overall assessment<br />

is that we can call ourselves a certified Sustainable<br />

Event. Valerie Hasler was the auditor<br />

responsible for the inspection on site:<br />

– Congratulations for the certification,<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala! It was my first visit<br />

to O-<strong>Ringen</strong>, and I was impressed by the<br />

gigantic event with its complex logistics.<br />

During my visit, the mood was at its peak<br />

among participants and officials.<br />

– My impression was that the local organization<br />

in Uppsala worked in a structured way<br />

to reduce the negative impact on the environment<br />

and to contribute to personal health,<br />

inclusion and community, Valerie continues.<br />

Of course, there are things that can be<br />

improved, and some of the things that<br />

emerged were that we must become even<br />

better at including all officials and employees<br />

in the local sustainability plan so that<br />

we enable everyone to act sustainably based<br />

on our plan and strategy. Our kiosks can be<br />

improved by adding Swedish organic fruit<br />

and increasing the proportion of healthy<br />

snacks, food, and drinks. We could also run<br />

our grills with biogas instead of normal gas.<br />

Regarding the packaging in our kiosks, we<br />

received the recommendation to reduce<br />

plastic and disposable packaging and instead<br />

look at more sustainable alternatives.<br />

– A tip for the organization in Åre before<br />

2023 is to set clear sustainability requirements<br />

for partners and suppliers and to<br />

follow up on these requirements through<br />

audits. I would also like to see more eco-labelled<br />

products on the market as well as<br />

more locally produced, eco-labelled food<br />

and drink, Valerie says.<br />

Submit suggestions for more improvements.<br />

To get even further ahead in our sustainability<br />

work, we are now using this summer's audit to<br />

find ideas for improvements.<br />

This is of course done in consultation<br />

with all our partners and suppliers as<br />

they are a large and important part of the<br />

O-Ring as an event - we want all products<br />

offered during the week to be sustainable.<br />

We would like to include you participants<br />

in our sustainability work as well. We can<br />

only get better, and we do it together. If you<br />

have a suggestion or thought of something<br />

we can do differently next year - please<br />

contact us at info@oringen.se.<br />


Within Swedish orienteering, we also work<br />

with sustainability through the strategy<br />

Compass Direction 2030. Within the field<br />

we want Swedish orienteering to be one of<br />

the leading players in the world of sports in<br />

terms of economic, social, and environmental<br />

sustainability by 2030. BY 2030 we further<br />

want to see that the members of orienteering<br />

should reflect the population of Sweden<br />

and that everyone should have the same<br />

opportunities to participate in orienteering<br />

activities. Finally, within the area of ​<br />

sustainability by 2030, we want to conduct<br />

orienteering events in a sustainable way with<br />

regard to the environment and nature.<br />

Nu hittar ni till oss och våra utbildningar<br />

– med kraft att rädda världen<br />

10 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong><br />



OCH ALLA<br />


The pieces are starting to fall into place<br />

– THANK YOU for letting me share the joy with you!<br />

I started my new position as CEO of<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> on May 1st, and it is early<br />

on very clear that it is not long until<br />

a new O-<strong>Ringen</strong> is to be inaugurated.<br />

The expectations from you<br />

participants are high, but also from<br />

everyone who longed and waited for<br />

so long to deliver their O-<strong>Ringen</strong>; both<br />

employees and all the 1,250 officials.<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson<br />



Tack till dig som kom förbi Suzuki-Center och provkörde och visade intresse för våra<br />

elektrifierade, terrängsmarta bilar med fyrhjulsdrift som standard.<br />

Extra stort tack till dig som lämnade input i vår frågelåda, där vi bad dig skriva hur din<br />

vardag med bil skulle kunna bli ännu enklare. Vi fick in en massa bra svar, som vi<br />

tänker ta hand om med start NU.<br />

Etapp 1 i resan mot det krångelfria billivet är härmed inledd. Hoppas vi ses nästa år(e)!<br />

Läs mer om Sveriges enklaste bil att ha på suzukibilar.se<br />

Stolt tävlingspartner<br />

till O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

In the time before the inauguration,<br />

we also allocate hours and energy to<br />

solving both large and small challenges.<br />

We are grappling with projects such<br />

as building bridges (if the road at Arena<br />

Flottsund had not been able to be closed,<br />

we would have needed a bridge for the<br />

crossing), getting all permits in place and<br />

trying to predict weather forecasts. We also<br />

spend time trying to understand how the<br />

post-pandemic trend of possibly fewer participants<br />

could affect us just as it has affected<br />

other exercise races. But I do not feel that<br />

concerned about unresolved issues as all colleagues<br />

and local official management teams<br />

show a commitment and level of ambition I<br />

have rarely experienced before.<br />

All the planning is managed very<br />

professionally and the desire to deliver at<br />

the highest level is strong. The opening at<br />

Studenternas, on Sunday July 24th will be an<br />

important memory for me and my first two<br />

days at Arena Pattons Hage made me begin<br />

to understand what a fantastic and unique<br />

arrangement O-<strong>Ringen</strong> is. No one seemed to<br />

care that it was raining on the first morning<br />

at Arena Pattons Hage. Everyone focused on<br />

performing at the highest level as officials<br />

or participants in a lovely (and barrier-free)<br />

race in the first stage. I myself made my<br />

debut on O-<strong>Ringen</strong> as a new orienteerer at<br />

Arena Sävja. It was an amazing and educational<br />

experience that gave a desire for more.<br />

I want to express my gratitude to all of you<br />

who guided me professionally and engagingly<br />

to the start line, officials as well as<br />

other participants. Now I know how to act<br />

naturally until the start and thanks for the<br />

tip about going to the lavatory and drinking<br />

water before the start. Now I also know that<br />

I should not “crumple up” my paper cup<br />

after drinking water.<br />

I also want to take the opportunity to say<br />

hello and thank you to all my new friends<br />

I met in the forest. You know who you are -<br />

thank you! The award ceremony on Saturday<br />

was another strong experience that also gave<br />

me a good insight into the breadth of participants<br />

we are under one O-<strong>Ringen</strong>.<br />

I was extremely proud to have the honour<br />

of presenting awards to both the elite and our<br />

future with groups of young participants. My<br />

most tangible moment of joy on stage was<br />

when I presented awards to the participants<br />

in the DH90 class. So, all of you over 20,000<br />

participants and 1,250 officials - thank you<br />

for letting me experience O-<strong>Ringen</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

together with you! I look forward to seeing<br />

you in the mountains in 2023.<br />


CEO O-<strong>Ringen</strong> AB<br />

claes.forsberg@oringen.se<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 13

Vinter<br />

i Åre!<br />

O-ringen till fjälls i samarbete med HO liday Club Åre<br />

Bokningen för O-<strong>Ringen</strong> 2023 är öppen men varför inte passa på att besöka Åre redan i vinter.<br />

Här öppnar vintersäsongen i mitten av december och du har tillgång till fina längdspår, storslagen skidåkning,<br />

flera restauranger, bad, gym och aktiviteter. Välkommen att ta del av våra erbjudanden på www.holidayclub.se<br />

lundstams.se<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 15



STAGE 1–5<br />



26/7 • STAGE 3<br />

SAVE<br />

20%<br />


NOV 1<br />


25/7 • ELITE SPRINT<br />



26/7 • STAGE 3<br />




25/7 • STAGE 3<br />

28/7 • STAGE 5<br />


27–28/7 • STAGE 4–5<br />


23–24/7 • STAGE 1–2<br />

MÖRSIL<br />


27/7 • STAGE 4<br />


STAGE 1–5<br />

0 1 2 3 km<br />

Travel<br />

Travelling to Åre is easy by train, plane,<br />

or car. Once here, if you are participating<br />

in the orienteering, you can take the bus<br />

to the respective arena with our five<br />

bus routes. These go from Åre Björnen,<br />

Åre village (Kyrklägdan), Duved (outside<br />

Hotell Renen), Undersåker (the railway<br />

station) and the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> camping at<br />

Molanda.<br />

Those of you who stay elsewhere in Åredalen<br />

are referred to our satellite parking lots in<br />

Undersåker and Duved, and then the bus or<br />

train to the arenas. There will be no parking<br />

facilities adjacent to the arenas.<br />

For those who compete in MTBO or PreO,<br />

there will be parking spaces near the arenas.<br />

However, there will be no bus transport out<br />

to these arenas.<br />

Bus and train<br />

To travel to Åre with train is simple.<br />

A good choice is to take the night<br />

train to Åre and back.<br />

Travel time with train:<br />

Stockholm-Åre: about 7 hours<br />

Göteborg-Åre: about 10 hours<br />

Malmö-Åre: about 11 hours.<br />

Car<br />

You can drive to Åre via the<br />

International E-road network.<br />

E14 takes you to Åre both from east<br />

and west. If you drive through the country you<br />

can take E45 north up to Svenstavik and turn<br />

west to Åre and Trondheim.<br />

Plan<br />

I close vicinity to Åre there is two<br />

international airports. One hour from<br />

Åre is Åre Östersund Airport and two<br />

hours away is Trondheim Lufthavn Værnes in<br />

Norway. Pre-book your taxi from the airport so<br />

it will wait on your arrival.<br />


23–24/7 • STAGE 1–2<br />


23–24/7 • STAGE 1–2<br />

Distances to / from Åre<br />

Distance to Åre from:<br />

Distance to Åre By from:<br />

Trondheim 168 km Duved<br />

10 km<br />

Sundsvall<br />

285 km Järpen<br />

25 km<br />

Stockholm<br />

630 km Trillevallen<br />

25 km<br />

Oslo<br />

660 km Ånn<br />

35 km<br />

Göteborg<br />

890 km Undersåker<br />

13 km<br />

Malmö<br />

1 120 km Edsåsdaen<br />

21 km<br />

Molanda<br />

18 km<br />

Vålådalen<br />

40 km<br />

Ottsjö<br />

30 km<br />

Other distances:<br />

Åre Björnen – Åre by<br />

Undersåker – Trilevallen<br />

Undersåker – Järpen<br />

Järpen – Molanda<br />

6 km<br />

10 km<br />

12 km<br />

8 km<br />

Note!<br />

First day of<br />

competition in the<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> 5-days<br />

is on sunday<br />

23/7<br />

16 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 17

Which accommodation<br />

do you choose?<br />

Book your<br />

accomodation<br />

online!<br />

oringen.se<br />

Photo: Niclas Lidström<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson<br />

In beautiful Åredalen, there are lots of<br />

cabins, apartments, schools, hotels,<br />

and boarding houses where all you<br />

participants can stay. We also offer<br />

a campsite at Molanda and a smaller<br />

campsite in Järpen for those who arrive<br />

with a motorhome, caravan or tent.<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> camping Molanda<br />

At Molanda airfield, 3 km west of Järpen, we<br />

will set up a campsite with approximately<br />

1,000 pitches. This means that we have a slightly<br />

smaller campsite than “usual” but with the<br />

same service as we usually have and of course<br />

you stay together with the club. We offer<br />

approximately 400 pitches with electricity and<br />

600 pitches without electricity for caravans,<br />

mobile homes, and tents. One of our bus lines<br />

will take you directly to the stage, so leave the<br />

car. If you want to take the car, do so to one of<br />

our satellite parking lots in Undersåker or Duved<br />

and take the bus from there to the stage.<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> camping Järpen<br />

At Röjsmons sports ground in Järpen, there<br />

is a smaller O-<strong>Ringen</strong> campsite with around<br />

140 pitches. Here, all pitches have electricity,<br />

and you stay with your club. In addition<br />

to the range of services that an O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

camping offers, you are also within walking<br />

distance to the center of Järpen. To get to the<br />

stage, you need to drive from this campsite<br />

to our satellite parking in Undersåker and<br />

take the stage bus (Trillevallen and Ånn)<br />

from there. Stage buses depart from central<br />

Järpen to the stage in Järpen.<br />

Rent private accommodation<br />

During O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre 2023, you will have<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson<br />

the opportunity to stay right next to lofty<br />

mountains in one of all the cosy accommodations<br />

that are scattered along the beautiful<br />

Åre Valley and the surrounding area. You<br />

will be able to stay in private apartments<br />

and cottages, as well as in hostels, boarding<br />

houses, and hotels. We will also offer hard<br />

surface accommodation, partly with own<br />

mattresses, but also with the option of renting<br />

your own proper bed if you do not want<br />

to sleep on the floor.<br />

Hard/soft beds<br />

In Järpen, you can live very affordably in<br />

dormitory rooms at Racklöfska school,<br />

Jämtlands Gymnasiet, Lunden and Culture<br />

School. The accommodations are next to<br />

each other. Soft beds mean that you live in a<br />

dormitory with 15–20 places. You get your<br />

own bed, duvet, and pillow. (bring your<br />

own sheets) Most of the sleeping places<br />

are in Lunden and a smaller number in the<br />

Culture School. About 210 soft beds. Hard<br />

beds mean that you live in a dormitory with<br />

5–20 places. Here you are assigned your own<br />

sleeping place and you bring your own bedding,<br />

blanket, and pillow. About 200 places.<br />

Toilets are adjacent to the dormitories and<br />

showers are nearby, in Röjsmons Sports<br />

Hall. There is also one of our O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

campsites in the area. There will be barbecue<br />

areas for cosy barbecue evenings. Outdoor<br />

furniture will be available, but feel free to<br />

bring your own folding chair! Indoor cooking<br />

facilities are not available. Refrigerators<br />

and freezers will be available to a limited<br />

extent, as well as freezers for ice packs.<br />

Motorhome stopovers<br />

In addition to our O-<strong>Ringen</strong> campsites,<br />

we have several stopovers available in<br />

different areas. At some of our private<br />

accommodations, including also boarding<br />

houses/hostels, there are sometimes<br />

stopovers available.<br />

Hotels, boarding houses, and hostels<br />

Åre and its surroundings offer a variety<br />

of hotels, boarding houses, and hostels.<br />

You are guaranteed to find something that<br />

suits you and your traveling party. All<br />

accommodation is booked via our booking<br />

portal which you can find at oringen.se.<br />

New accommodation is being added all the<br />

time, so stay updated if you have not already<br />

booked your accommodation.<br />

Photo: Febrian Zakaria on Unsplash, Peter Holgersson<br />

18 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 19

O-RINGEN ÅRE 2023<br />


& stage areas<br />

FOOT-O<br />


SAT 22/7<br />

Åre by<br />

Bagheera<br />

youth relay<br />

SUN 23/7<br />

Trillevallen<br />

Stage 1<br />

Long distance<br />

Trillevallen<br />

Stage 1<br />

Long distance<br />

MON 24/7<br />

Trillevallen<br />

Stage 2<br />

Long distance<br />

Trillevallen<br />

Stage 2<br />

Long distance<br />

TUE 25/7<br />

Activity day<br />

Åre by<br />

Stage 3<br />

Elite sprint<br />

WED 26/7<br />

Järpen<br />

Stage 3<br />

Middle distance<br />

Activity day<br />

THU 27/7<br />

Ånn<br />

Stage 4<br />

Middle distance<br />

Ånn<br />

Stage 4<br />

Middle distance<br />

FRI 28/7<br />

Ånn<br />

Stage 5<br />

Long distance<br />

Ånn<br />

Stage 5<br />

Long distance<br />

When O-<strong>Ringen</strong> comes to Åre, you are invited to orienteering in beautiful and<br />

varied terrain. The proximity to the mountains is felt in various ways during<br />

most of the stages, not least through the view. Despite that, the terrain differs<br />

quite a lot and to succeed in the orienteering you will need require broad<br />

technical and physical skills. Read more about the different competition areas<br />

on the following pages.<br />

MTBO<br />

TRAIL-O<br />

Östersund<br />

Stage 1<br />

Middle distance<br />

Vålådalen<br />

Stage 1<br />

Östersund<br />

Stage 2<br />

Long distance<br />

Vålådalen<br />

Stage 2<br />

Röjsmon<br />

Stage 3<br />

Sprint<br />

Activity day<br />

Fröå gruva<br />

Stage 3<br />

Mörsil<br />

Stage 4<br />

Röjsmon<br />

Stage 5<br />

Photo: Frida Berglund<br />

20 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong><br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 21

During the second<br />

stage, all the courses<br />

will reach the mountains<br />

above the tree line.<br />

STAGES 1 & 2<br />


Photo: Niclas Lidström<br />

Stage 1, long distance, Trillevallen<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre begins with a long distance<br />

stage that mostly runs in the area where<br />

many of Trillevallens cross-country ski<br />

trails run. The ski tracks are prepared from<br />

November and usually well into May. Here,<br />

touring skiers with lunch bags and seating<br />

pads in their backpacks meet both elite<br />

skiers and exercisers with tight kilometre<br />

times as their goal. Early spring usually offers<br />

fantastic days with well-prepared tracks,<br />

sun, and fantastic views. Closest to the tree<br />

line, the area is dominated by mountain<br />

birch forest where visibility is usually good.<br />

The undergrowth is usually easy to walk<br />

through, but where the forest becomes<br />

sparser there can sometimes be denser willow<br />

thickets to get through. Further down in<br />

the terrain, there are mountain forests with<br />

mostly spruce and birch. There is also some<br />

pine, becoming more and more common<br />

further down the mountain. There is very<br />

little forestry in the area and the few new<br />

and grown-up clearings that exist will only<br />

be reached by the longer courses.<br />

The youth classes up to and including<br />

DH14, the open classes, the recreational<br />

classes and the short classes will start in an<br />

area with many ski tracks and hiking trails<br />

with some bogs. Here, the terrain is at first<br />

moderately hilly, but the longer courses<br />

pass sections with more significantly hilly<br />

terrain. Towards the arena, the hills increase,<br />

but the courses mostly run slantwise so it<br />

shouldn't be too tough. Other classes start<br />

in sparse mountain birch forest just below<br />

the treeline. Here, the terrain is very hilly<br />

from start but most of the courses run at<br />

the beginning before entering the same area<br />

described above.<br />

Stage 2, long distance, Trillevallen<br />

During the second stage, all courses will<br />

reach the mountains above the tree line. The<br />

very shortest courses come to just above the<br />

tree line, while the longer ones have most of<br />

the courses higher up on the mountain. On<br />

this stage, some courses will pass the top of<br />


the mountain Välliste, at the foot of which<br />

the arena is located. The all-time highest<br />

placed checkpoint on an O-<strong>Ringen</strong> will be<br />

one of the checkpoints on this stage, with<br />

an altitude of just over 1,000 meters above<br />

sea level.<br />

The elite classes and the longer difficult<br />

courses have the toughest time as they start<br />

a bit below the tree line with a string climb<br />


at the beginning of the courses. For these<br />

classes, the courses start in an area with mostly<br />

mountain birch, but with parts where fir<br />

trees restrict visibility. The runability is really<br />

good here. The difficulty lies in handling the<br />

varying visibility, it is important to maintain<br />

your orienteering when the visibility suddenly<br />

becomes worse. Other courses start higher<br />

up and have an easier start. On the mountain<br />

» Arena Trillevallen<br />


Sunday 23 july 2023<br />


Sunday 23 july 2023<br />


Monday 24 july<br />


Monday 24 july<br />

above the tree line the surface offers fast<br />

runability. Here, you have to be careful with<br />

the compass, as it is sometimes rather poor in<br />

detail. Of course, it becomes extra important<br />

to keep the direction when the sections go at<br />

an angle. It is no fun to have lost altitude and<br />

have to climb back up. The climbing is strong<br />

for all courses, but when fatigue sets in towards<br />

the end of the courses it is mostly downhill.<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson<br />

22 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 23

It will be difficult<br />

and different compared<br />

to other elite sprints<br />

at O-<strong>Ringen</strong>.<br />

Tork ® hälsar dig<br />

välkommen<br />

tillbaka!<br />

Äntligen kan vi leva lite mer normalt igen. Med oss har vi dock en stor erfarenhet – vi vet<br />

vilken skillnad god hygien gör. Tork har allt som behövs för att hålla både händer och<br />

ytor hygieniska.<br />


ÅRE BY<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson<br />

Kika in på vår hemsida och kolla hur vi kan hjälpa till på din arbetsplats: www.tork.se<br />

The village of Åre will host the<br />

Elite Sprint in 2023, which will be<br />

something extra to bite into for all<br />

elite runners. It will be challenging<br />

with slalom slopes in the area which<br />

means that some parts will be tough<br />

on the sprint course.<br />

– I don't want to reveal too much,<br />

but there will be some parts that go<br />

uphill, says Hector Haines, one of two<br />

course setters for the Elite Sprint.<br />

Hector Heines is a British national team<br />

runner who moved to Åre a few years ago<br />

and here, together with David Lundsten, he<br />

has been tinkering with courses that will be<br />

challenging and put the runners to the test,<br />

both in terms of orienteering skills but also<br />

physically.<br />

– So far, the work with the course setting has<br />

gone very well. We have worked with a great<br />

map that is newly drawn and we have been<br />

able to work with the course setting very well<br />

in a very interesting area, says Hector.<br />

Åre village is located on the slope with<br />

Åresjön below the village and the slalom<br />

slopes above the village. It will be crowded<br />

between the houses, just like it should be on<br />

a sprint course.<br />

– It will go up and down. There will be an<br />

incredible amount of people standing in the<br />

area watching and cheering on the runners.<br />

It will simply be difficult and different compared<br />

to other elite sprints at O-<strong>Ringen</strong>, says<br />

a secretive Hector.<br />

The elite sprint will be decided during<br />

the activity day, which next year will be on<br />

Tuesday, since the first stage of O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

will already be decided on Sunday July<br />

23rd, 2023.<br />

» Arena ÅRE BY<br />


Tuesday 25 july 2023<br />

Photo: Niclas Lidström<br />

Love your<br />

#trangia_moment<br />

24 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 25

The easily<br />

runnable heights<br />

are finely cut<br />

in parts.<br />

Athletic Frameless<br />

499 SEK<br />

Athletic Full Frame<br />

599 SEK<br />

Rosse Jacket M<br />

999 SEK<br />

Rosse Jacket W<br />

999 SEK<br />

STAGE 3<br />

JÄRPEN<br />

Photo: Niclas Lidström<br />

Rosse Pant M<br />

699 SEK<br />

For stage three we head east to<br />

Järpen. The area north of the village<br />

of Järpen offers good orienteering<br />

terrain. The arena is high up and the<br />

terrain is less hilly than in Trillevallen.<br />

Here, it is important to be able to vary<br />

the pace of orienteering between the<br />

detailed and finely cut high sections<br />

and the more easily runnable and less<br />

detailed finish towards the finish line.<br />

Here it is a mixed forest with spruce, pine,<br />

and deciduous trees. Active forestry is carried<br />

out in the competition area, so there are<br />

both newer clearings and some green areas.<br />

Visibility varies greatly, but there is a<br />

greater element of poor visibility than on the<br />

other stages. Part of the forest is set aside for<br />

conservation and is fantastically beautiful.<br />

Here there is sparse pine forest with only a<br />

little lichen or low bilberry bushes on the<br />

ground. The easily runnable heights are<br />

finely cut in parts and are perfectly suited to<br />

the medium distance.<br />

This fine area is reached by the slightly<br />

longer courses. Most courses finish through<br />

an area with overgrown clearings where visibility<br />

is sometimes down to a couple of meters.<br />

Here it is important to be careful with<br />

the direction. It will be extra difficult to keep<br />

the speed down and sharpen the orienteering<br />

technique for those who come from the<br />

finer area where the speed has been turned<br />

up and the visibility has been very good. The<br />

terrain is weakly to moderately hilly.<br />

» Arena JÄRPEN<br />

JÄRPEN<br />


Wednesday 26 july 2023<br />

Rosse Shorts W<br />

599 SEK<br />


26 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong><br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 27

The course<br />

setters from<br />

Trøndelag felt<br />

at home<br />

in Ånn<br />

STAGES 4 & 5<br />

ÅNN<br />

Photo: Niclas Lidström<br />

ÅNN<br />

Stage 4, middle distance, Ånn<br />

Arena Ånn is located some distance from<br />

the nearest mountain, but the terrain still<br />

gives a feeling of being close to the mountains.<br />

The forest is mixed deciduous and<br />

coniferous forest with several large open<br />

bogs. In parts of the terrain there are larger<br />

clearings of varying age, while in other parts<br />

there is a large and untouched spruce forest.<br />

There are several forest vehicle roads and<br />

a couple of snowmobile trails through the<br />

area, which otherwise has few trails. For<br />

those who have time, you can enjoy a view a<br />

fantastic view and look out towards both Åreskutan<br />

and Sylarna. Most courses start with an<br />

easy climb and then turn downhill. Towards<br />

the finish, the terrain flattens out towards the<br />

beautiful meadow lands around the arena.<br />

As a runner, you will encounter several<br />

different types of terrain and have to master<br />

different techniques. There will be a need for<br />

both pace changes, being able to keep the<br />

direction in both denser and less detailed<br />

forest and daring to keep the speed up in the<br />

more easily runnable sections. Contours are<br />

very detailed in parts, while the topography<br />

is very smooth in other areas. Transitions<br />

between forest and marshland can be<br />

blurred in western Jämtland and the ability<br />

to assess these can be decisive for whether<br />

the controls are taken without loss of time.<br />

Easier courses use larger bogs, paths, and<br />

roads as handrails, and they also come<br />

into contact with a power line that crosses<br />

through the competition terrain.<br />

Most of the coursess have not hilly terrain.<br />

Stage 5, long distance, Ånn<br />

The fifth stage runs partly in the same type<br />

of terrain as the fourth stage and has the<br />

same arena. Like the previous day, the area<br />

contains several different types of terrain.<br />

The competition terrain is varied and has<br />

some large and open marshes. The course<br />

setters from Trøndelag have felt at home in<br />

the area around Ånn. Harån, which flows<br />

ÅNN<br />

from the mountain down to Ånnsjön, will be<br />

passed by most of the runners. On the last<br />

day, all courses also go through an exciting<br />

area of ​sand ridges, ravines, and plateaus.<br />

The forest in the area varies between largestemmed<br />

spruce forest, open marshy areas<br />

with pine and more deciduous forest closer<br />

to the finish. In the terrain for the fifth stage,<br />

there is also active forestry and there are both<br />

open areas with good visibility, which are<br />

interspersed with some denser areas.<br />

The courses that reach further into the<br />

competition area will encounter slightly hilly<br />

terrain with many small bogs and minor<br />

elevations. At the end, the courses pass the<br />

aforementioned ridge and ravine terrain.<br />

Here, it is important to make the right<br />

choices, and if you make the right one, it can<br />

be decisive in the fight towards the finish.<br />

The terrain will present runners with the<br />

choice of simplifying or relying on the compass<br />

and managing to stay on course. Should<br />

you run across or around bogs? Daring to<br />

keep a high speed and at the same time be<br />

disciplined in denser areas and when taking<br />

control will be important factors for success.<br />

» Arena ÅNN<br />


Thursday 27 july 2023<br />


Thursday 27 july 2023<br />


Friday 28 july 2023<br />


Friday 28 july 2023<br />

Shorter and easier courses use paths and the<br />

road network closest to the finish line. Large<br />

parts of the competition terrain are slightly<br />

hilly, but there are steeper sections.<br />

28 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 29

Spring inte vilse<br />

i CMS-skogen<br />

SÖT<br />

Sitevision är Sveriges mest omtyckta<br />

CMS för webbplatser och intranät.<br />

Det är ingen slump att O-<strong>Ringen</strong> har valt Sitevision<br />

som publiceringsverktyg (CMS) för sin webbplats.<br />

Det har till exempel Scania, Skatteverket, Nordnet och<br />

fler än hälften av Sveriges kommuner också gjort. I<br />

Sitevision finns allt du behöver för att enkelt skapa<br />

kommunikation som blir av – idag och imorgon.<br />


Läs mer på sitevision.se<br />



När livet leker

For those who compete<br />

in MTBO and TrailO, there<br />

will be parking areas near<br />

the arenas. However, there<br />

will be no bus transport<br />

out to these arenas.<br />

» Program O-RINGEN MTBO 2023<br />

MTBO STAGE 1 – Sunday 23 july<br />

Arena ÖSTERSUND<br />

Middle distance.<br />

MTBO STAGE 2 – Monday 24 july<br />

Arena ÖSTERSUND<br />

Long distance.<br />

MTBO STAGE 3 – Tuesday 25 july<br />

Arena RÖJSMON<br />

Sprint.<br />



MTBO<br />

Big picture: Stage 1 and 2 of O-<strong>Ringen</strong> MTBO<br />

will be held at the ski stadium in Östersund<br />

Small picture: James Turton and Helen Hanstock.<br />

Photo: Niclas Lidström<br />

The first MTBO stage cover a medium distance<br />

in the area around Östersund's ski stadium.<br />

Here there are fast roller ski tracks mixed<br />

with tricky and sometimes difficult to cycle<br />

smaller trails. The second stage starts from<br />

the same arena but is long-distance and uses a<br />

significantly larger area east of Östersund with<br />

alternating dirt roads, larger easy cycling paths<br />

and smaller, more technical paths.<br />

The third and final stage will be decided at<br />

Röjsmon in Järpen. The stage will be a sprint<br />

distance and will largely pass through the town<br />

with paved streets as a surface. The beginning<br />

of the courses will be in the forest with illuminated<br />

tracks, trails, and a roller ski track as<br />

a base. The participants ability to make quick<br />

decisions will really be put to the test here.<br />

MTBO in Östersund and Järpen<br />

The mountain bike orienteering at O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre 2023 offers several novelties and<br />

lots of challenges. Helen Hanstock and James Turton, two Britons, will ensure<br />

that the participants get a wonderful challenge in the forests of Jämtland.<br />

The international element among the<br />

organizers of O-<strong>Ringen</strong> in Åre next summer<br />

is significant. All the course setters on the<br />

orienteering part are from Norway. A total<br />

of four Norwegian clubs are included among<br />

the officials’ clubs. The course setter for the<br />

Elite sprint is a national team runner from<br />

Great Britain and the duo who are responsible<br />

for MTBO are also from Great Britain.<br />

Helen and James are the married couple<br />

who both left England for Östersund. Helen<br />

moved to Sweden and Östersund in 2015<br />

and James chose to follow two years later to<br />

live with Helen in Östersund.<br />

– I got the opportunity to come to Sweden<br />

and work at Mittuniversitetet and didn't<br />

hesitate to take it. Helen works as a lecturer<br />

in sports science at Mittuniversitetet and at<br />

the National Winter Sports Centre located<br />

there. Helen conducts research in sports<br />

medicine on issues related to athlete health.<br />

– We are researching why so many elite skiers<br />

develop asthma during their career. James is an<br />

electrical engineer at a company on Frösön and<br />

develops vehicle computers for public transport<br />

and emergency vehicles. Now the couple are<br />

homeowners on Frösön and the planning for<br />

next summer’s O-<strong>Ringen</strong> is in full swing.<br />

– Unfortunately, we can only get three<br />

stages of MTBO in Åre. There are simply no<br />

more areas that we can use, says Helen who<br />

is convinced that the participants will have<br />

three exciting and challenging stages next<br />

summer. The first two stages are decided<br />

The area to<br />

the east of<br />

Östersund´s<br />

centre and ski<br />

stadium is rich<br />

in trails<br />

at the ski stadium in Östersund, the same<br />

area where the world's best biathletes ski<br />

and shoot in the World Cup every year and<br />

where two events have been decided in<br />

recent years.<br />

What are the big challenges<br />

for you as organizers, James?<br />

– Partly because snow cover limits the season<br />

to be out in the terrain quite a lot this far north.<br />

It may be May before the snow is gone which<br />

gives little time for the last check of the terrain<br />

before everything has to be ready next summer!<br />

We get out on MTB<br />

and ride the super<br />

nice trails on Frösön<br />

as often as we can<br />

– Also, Jämtland is a small county for<br />

orienteering and the season is short, which<br />

means that many orienteerers in Jämtland,<br />

just like us, do some other sports to fill the<br />

annual calendar. It will be a challenge to<br />

find officials and not least those who have<br />

knowledge of MTBO in particular, but<br />

we will gather lots of experience by being<br />

organizers! The first two stages are therefore<br />

decided in an area rich in trails in the terrain<br />

eastward from the centre of Östersund and<br />

the ski stadium. An area that also offers a<br />

lot of elevated and tricky sections. The third<br />

stage is decided in Järpen and is run on<br />

the activity day. Here, too, in an area with<br />

many ski tracks and with the arena next to<br />

Röjsmons Idrottsplats. Helen tried MTBO<br />

as early as 18 years old but still feels like a<br />

beginner in the sport.<br />

– I had some friends from the UK who<br />

trained and competed at a high level in<br />

MTBO (including Emily Benham Kvåle<br />

who is now multiple world champion) but<br />

there were few competitions and although I<br />

thought it would be fun to try again, I didn't<br />

really get the chance very often. Now in<br />

Sweden, Helen and James have participated<br />

in some O-<strong>Ringen</strong> competitions and a couple<br />

of competitions in the Swedish Cup.<br />

– But we get out on MTB and ride the<br />

super nice trails on Frösön as often as we<br />

can. It is exciting that the map of the large<br />

ski stadium area in Östersund is being<br />

developed for O-<strong>Ringen</strong> and we hope that<br />

interest in the sport can grow in the area,<br />

now that we are gaining race management<br />

experience and maps that will remain thanks<br />

to O-<strong>Ringen</strong>.<br />

32 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 33

A different<br />

Trail-O at<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre<br />

» Program O-RINGEN TRAILO 2023<br />

PREO STAGE 1 – Sunday 23 july<br />

Arena VÅLÅDALEN<br />

PREO STAGE 2 – Monday 24 july<br />

Arena VÅLÅDALEN<br />

PREO STAGE 3 – Wednesday 26 july<br />

Arena FRÖÅ GRUVA<br />

PREO STAGE4 – Thursday 27 july<br />

Arena MÖRSIL<br />

PREO STAGE 5 – Friday 28 july<br />

Arena RÖJSMON<br />



TRAILO<br />

For those who compete<br />

in MTBO and TrailO, there<br />

will be parking areas near<br />

the arenas. However, there<br />

will be no bus transport<br />

out to these arenas.<br />

The first two stages of the trail orienteering<br />

will take place in Vålådalen. One of the stages<br />

will go up on beautiful Ottfjället with a view of<br />

the mountain world. Here, the participants are<br />

met by occasional low mountain birches, open<br />

calf mountain and extensive bogs. One of the<br />

two stages in the Vålådalen will go down into<br />

the valley itself with a completely different<br />

terrain than above the tree line.<br />

The third stage will be an evening stage at<br />

the Fröå mine. In the old mining environment,<br />

you can hear the beat of history as you wander<br />

between mine shafts and preserved buildings.<br />

Most impressive is the restored shaft that<br />

powers the pump that keeps one of the mines<br />

dry and is in turn powered by a large water<br />

wheel.<br />

Stage four will be run in Mörsil and the final<br />

fifth stage will run from Arena Röjsmon in Järpen.<br />

The TrailO at O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre 2023 will<br />

be a bit special.<br />

– The terrain will be incredibly<br />

exciting and varied, says Owe<br />

Fredholm, responsible for the TrailO<br />

course setting.<br />

From Uppsalaslätten plain to Årefjällen<br />

mountains. Yes, there you have the differences<br />

in TrailO between O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Uppsala<br />

<strong>2022</strong> and O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre 2023. Both areas<br />

have their charm and the TrailO gang spent<br />

two weeks in Åre during the late summer to<br />

complete all course setting and everything<br />

practical that needs to be fixed for the TrailO<br />

stages in Åre to be as good as possible.<br />

– The challenge in Åre is the long distances<br />

to check the terrain and courses. It's<br />

not possible to just go out one evening and<br />

check some details, but here we had to work<br />

through a course completely, which takes<br />

one to two full days, says Owe Fredholm.<br />

Owe and his wife Ewa are retired and has, together<br />

with his son Martin, worked hard with<br />

everything about courses, maps and more at<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> for many years. When it was time<br />

for O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre 2023, it was obvious that<br />

Owe should be involved in the work.<br />

– Compared to Uppsala and other places,<br />

the conditions are completely different when<br />

it comes to the terrain. We have had to work<br />

with different areas, and it has sometimes<br />

been difficult to make everything perfect.<br />

But we think that we now have five really<br />

good stages. In addition to the three Fredholm<br />

family members, Göran F Andersson<br />

has also been involved in the course setting<br />

work on site in Åre.<br />

– We have been up here and been<br />

fantastically lucky with the weather. We have<br />

met many nice landowners and received<br />

good support from O-<strong>Ringen</strong> organization,<br />

says Owe.<br />

What can the participants<br />

expect at TrailO in Åre?<br />

– It will be exciting and varied terrain and<br />

it is important to master different forms of<br />

TrailO. One stage runs in an old mining<br />

area, two of the stages on classic sports<br />

ground in Vålådalen. One of these stages is<br />

decided entirely on the mountain above the<br />

tree line.<br />

– It will be a great experience for all<br />

participants. O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre 2023 has had a<br />

good dialogue with the landowners and with<br />

the Sami, and to have the opportunity to be<br />

up above the tree line will be something new<br />

for most people, says Owe.<br />

Owe Fredholm, Martin Fredholm, Göran F Andersson and Eva Fredholm are all experienced when it comes to<br />

TrailO. The course setting work for O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre 2023 is now almost complete. Photo: Johfors Productions AB.<br />

The rod passage from the water wheel to the pump at<br />

Fröå Gruva, stage 3 for TrailO. Photo: Wikipedia.<br />

34 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 35

sca.com<br />

Ställ in kompassen<br />

på klimatsmarta val<br />

Många av framtidens lösningar har sitt ursprung i skogen.<br />

Visste du att den svenska skogen<br />

bidrar med en klimat nytta om 90<br />

miljoner ton koldioxid varje år?<br />

Skogen ger oss klimatsmarta<br />

produkter, exempelvis virke,<br />

träprodukter, förpackningspapper<br />

och biodrivmedel, som i sin tur kan<br />

ersätta fossilbaserade material<br />

såsom plast, stål och cement.<br />

Samtidigt ska skogarna fortsätta<br />

att vara en bra livsmiljö för skogens<br />

växter och djur och en plats där<br />

människor kan söka upplevelser och<br />

rekreation.<br />

Läs mer om SCA skogsbruk och<br />

arbete för biologiskt mångfald på<br />

www.sca.com. Välkommen ut och<br />

besök våra skogar!<br />

Hyr dina maskiner<br />

hos oss!<br />

Hos oss hittar du Sveriges största utbud av små och stora byggmaskiner,<br />

ställningar, liftar och allt som behövs för ditt byggprojekt. Besök något av<br />

våra 80 kundcenter eller slå oss en signal så hjälper vi dig att hitta precis<br />

det du behöver.<br />

Du hittar ditt närmsta kundcenter på ramirent.se<br />

Välkommen!<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 37

The Öberg<br />

sisters love<br />

for O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

is great<br />

We are used to seeing them with skis on their feet and a rifle on<br />

their back. But sisters Hanna and Elvira Öberg know what it's all<br />

about when it comes to orienteering too. The whole family ran<br />

orienteering during the sisters' upbringing, and O-<strong>Ringen</strong> was of<br />

course an important feature every summer.<br />

– Biathlon and orienteering have a lot in common, says the two<br />

biathlon stars in an interview with O-<strong>Ringen</strong> magazine.<br />


Olympic medals, World cup medals<br />

and world championship victories.<br />

The list of successes for Hanna<br />

and Elvira Öberg on the ski track<br />

is long, but there was a time when summers<br />

were devoted to other things than bare ground<br />

training before a biathlon season.<br />

– I ran a lot of orienteering until I started<br />

high school. The summers where devoted<br />

to running orienteering, says Hanna Öberg.<br />

The whole family ran orienteering and<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> was important to us. The sisters<br />

tell us that as they lived in Norrbotten they<br />

travelled quite a bit in car and caravan to<br />

competitions around Sweden.<br />

– I have run O-<strong>Ringen</strong> six or seven times.<br />

The last time was in 2013 when O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

was held in Boden. I got to run D18 elite<br />

and if we put it this way, there is a reason<br />

why I am doing biathlon and not orienteering,<br />

says Hanna with a smile.<br />

Elvira does not have the same experience<br />

in orienteering as her older sister, the World<br />

Cup runner-up in biathlon from last season<br />

was more interested in football.<br />

– I know how to read a map and how to<br />

get around, says Elvira with a laugh.<br />

Since older sister Hanna turned 18, the<br />

commitment to biathlon was total and orienteering<br />

had to take a back seat. But Hanna<br />

still has something dreamy in her eyes when<br />

she talks about her orienteering memories.<br />

– I have always enjoyed orienteering.<br />

There are so many similarities between<br />

orienteering and biathlon. It's not just about<br />

having the best physique. Just like in biathlon,<br />

it's not about who runs the fastest, but<br />

it's also about keeping your wits about you.<br />

Hanna talks about how much fun it was to<br />

travel to competitions together with the family.<br />

Even though the distances where long, it<br />

was an important part of her and her sister's<br />

upbringing that she looks back on fondly.<br />

– The time together with the family, meeting<br />

friends who also orienteered from other<br />

parts of the country.<br />

Elvira also emphasizes the community<br />

from camps and competitions.<br />

– I made many friends in orienteering.<br />

There was a lot of time in competitions and<br />

time with the family.<br />

Can you, Hanna, consider taking<br />

up orienteering again after your<br />

biathlon career is over?<br />

– Yes, I have actually thought about the<br />

fact that after my career, I would like to run<br />

orienteering again.<br />

Hanna does not run any real competitions<br />

in orienteering, but she appears from time to<br />

time at smaller competitions in Östersund,<br />

especially sprint orienteering.<br />

– I've probably increased my running<br />

speed since I stopped competing in orienteering,<br />

but I haven't gotten better with the<br />

technique, says Hanna with a smile.<br />

– I also ran a sprint competition in<br />

Östersund last spring and it was the first<br />

time in a long time. I am a fast runner, but I<br />

don't have time to read the map. And that is<br />

usually not a good combination.<br />

Elvira, what is it about orienteering and<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> that makes it so much fun?<br />

– It's this thing about not just running.<br />

Running training has never been my forte,<br />

but as soon as I have a map in my hand,<br />

it has become so much more fun to train.<br />

There is an interruption, and you get to<br />

think about something else.<br />

The love for orienteering and for<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> be found in both girls. Maybe<br />

we'll see them at O-<strong>Ringen</strong> in the future.<br />

It's not impossible!<br />

38 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 39

We have received<br />

good information<br />

from O-<strong>Ringen</strong>,<br />

and we feel safe<br />

lending our land<br />

No O-<strong>Ringen</strong> without support from the landowners<br />

Without officials, no O-<strong>Ringen</strong>. But there is one group that is at least as<br />

important as the officials, namely the landowners. Before O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre 2023,<br />

the organizers have signed agreements with close to 90 landowners in the<br />

various areas where the competitions will be decided next summer.<br />

– For us, it was a given that we help by lending our land, says two of the<br />

landowners, Ragnar and Stina Bergstedt in Trillevallen.<br />

Organizing orienteering<br />

competitions is becoming<br />

increasingly complicated.<br />

There are lots of permits to be<br />

arranged and, above all, it is important to<br />

get permission from all landowners in the<br />

area where competitions are to be arranged.<br />

For O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre 2023, it has been extra<br />

difficult. The corona pandemic has meant<br />

that the event that was to be arranged in<br />

2021 has been moved twice and in the<br />

summer of 2023, it is now finally time.<br />

– Since we signed land agreements with<br />

the first landowners, a lot has happened. A<br />

lot of properties have been sold, some have<br />

changed character and for the landowners<br />

it has been uncertain whether the<br />

competitions in Åre would take place or not,<br />

says Niclas Lidström, project manager for<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre 2023. The agreements with<br />

the approximately 90 landowners have had<br />

to be rewritten twice, two stages have had to<br />

be cancelled and moved to another location.<br />

But now all land agreements have been<br />

signed and the competition will be decided<br />

in the summer of 2023.<br />

Agreement with O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

All landowners involved have signed an<br />

agreement in which O-<strong>Ringen</strong> promises to<br />

take care of their land and compensate for<br />

any damage that may occur. The landowner<br />

has promised not to clear or alter the land<br />

they lent to the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> organizers.<br />

– We talked to the organizers early on and<br />

thought it was great fun that they wanted<br />

to organize O-<strong>Ringen</strong> in Trillevallen, says<br />

Ragnar Bergstedt, landowner in Trillevallen.<br />

Together with his wife Stina, they have<br />

several forest parcels around Trillevallen<br />

and were among the first to say yes and<br />

sign the agreements.<br />

– We have received good information<br />

from O-<strong>Ringen</strong>, and we feel safe lending our<br />

land, they both say.<br />

In Ånn, Hans Olof Henriksson and Lasse<br />

Eriksson will have around 25,000 people<br />

on their farm. They own the land where the<br />

arena for stages 4 and 5 will be built.<br />

– It's fun that the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> is coming to<br />

Ånn. We were visiting Uppsala this summer<br />

and looked at the event to get to know what<br />

awaits us next summer, says Lasse Eriksson.<br />

Now the landowners are preparing<br />

for next summer and have come up with<br />

suggestions and helped when the organizers<br />

planned the arena, laying out electricity and<br />

water, et cetera.<br />

– It will be a fantastic experience to be<br />

part of O-<strong>Ringen</strong> in Ånn. We are really<br />

looking forward to that, says Hans Olof<br />

Henriksson at the farm.<br />

40 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> Photo: Niclas Lidström<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 41

Liniment är en salva<br />

med antingen kylande eller värmande<br />

effekt. Den masseras in i huden<br />

för att öka blodcirkulation.<br />

Det finns flera olika typer av<br />

liniment som varierar i styrka,<br />

ingredienser och effekt.<br />

ormsalva.se<br />

Alltid på väg...<br />

Nu även Gröna transporter<br />


Snällare orm<br />

får du leta efter<br />

Ett Jämtländskt transportföretag.<br />

70 år på väg...<br />

Klart du har<br />

hittat hit!<br />

Det är här<br />

det händer.<br />

Norra Sverige är mitt i en grön revolution.<br />

Det investeras mångmiljardbelopp i industrin,<br />

inflyttningen ökar konstant och rekryteringsföretagen<br />

jobbar övertid. Tro det eller ej,<br />

Åre och Östersund utgör bara sydspetsen<br />

av denna glödande marknad i norr.<br />

Diös finns mitt i hetgröten – i tio städer, från<br />

Luleå i norr till Borlänge i söder. Vi brinner<br />

för stadsutveckling som möter den moderna<br />

stadsbons önskemål och behov.<br />

Vi vill skapa Sveriges mest<br />

inspirerande städer.<br />

dios<br />

Vill du också ha moderna lokaler på Sveriges<br />

hetaste marknad? Mejla oss på:<br />

Ormsalva Insane Stick biter hårt, men är galet snäll på stela och ömmande muskler.<br />

hyrlokal@dios.se<br />

Stela muskler och träningsvärk är nästan lika<br />

vanligt som ormfobi. Ormsalva är dock inget<br />

att vara rädd för. Tvärtom! Släpp loss. Rör<br />

dig fritt och prestera på topp när du slingrar<br />

dig fram i terrängen. Alltid på bettet i skogen<br />

med Ormsalva Insane Stick. Det är det är<br />

mycket 42 enkelt O-RINGEN att använda MAGAZINE det NR kraftfulla 2 • <strong>2022</strong><br />

linimentstiftet* och du behöver inte kladda ner<br />

händerna, varken före, under eller efter loppet.<br />

Ormsalva är stolt sponsor till O-<strong>Ringen</strong> och<br />

är ett av Sveriges mest kompletta sortiment<br />

av liniment* för många behov.<br />

Pssst... Ormsalva tillverkas i Borlänge och<br />

finns att köpa på t.ex. Apotea.se<br />

Fagerbacken 64, Telefon 063-55 61 80<br />

E-post: trafik@sandberg-jonsson.se<br />

dios.se<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 43

Norwegian course setters have been working for several years<br />

Photo: Niclas Lidström<br />

The view<br />

from the top<br />

of Välliste is<br />

one of the most<br />

beautiful views<br />

in the history<br />

of O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

Map from<br />

Trillevallen<br />

scale 1:7500<br />

The work to prepare O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre 2023 has been going<br />

on for a long time. For the first time in O-<strong>Ringen</strong> history,<br />

all the course setters for the five orienteering stages are<br />

from Norway.<br />

– It is an honour to get to organize the world's largest orienteering<br />

competition together with Swedish orienteering clubs, says Morten<br />

Strand from Wing OK in Trondheim, who planned the courses in<br />

Trillevallen.<br />

In total, there are seven course setters who over the course of a<br />

few years have worked on the course setting for the five stages of<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> in Åre 2023. Twice the event has been postponed due to<br />

the Corona pandemic. In addition, the course setters were prohibited<br />

from travelling across the border to Sweden for just over 1.5<br />

years. That was, obviously, a challenge, but still manageable.<br />

Morten, how is the course setting in Trillevallen going?<br />

– The course setting is going well, during the summer we have<br />

carried out test runs of almost all courses. It has been incredibly<br />

important for us to get feedback on the work we have put in,<br />

says Morten. Together with the course controllers, we have gone<br />

through all the courses and control points, says Morten.<br />

What can participants expect in Trillevallen?<br />

– Runners can look forward to experiencing untouched mountain<br />

forest, hilly mountain terrain with few trails in the area. Runnability<br />

in the area is consistently good and up above the treeline it will<br />

be fast. Morten tells us that the area around the mountain Välliste<br />

will offer demanding slope orientation and easy-to-run bogs on the<br />

downhill slopes.<br />

– The mountain forest consists of spruce and birch forest and<br />

can in parts be difficult to overview, and here you have to be careful<br />

when orienteering.<br />

The runners simply have to adjust their speed to take all control<br />

points without misses. Course setter Morten Strand has also found<br />

a favourite position in the terrain.<br />

– I would like to say that the view from the top of Välliste is one<br />

of the most beautiful views in the history of O-<strong>Ringen</strong>. Here you<br />

have a magnificent view from Riksgränsen in the west to Östersund<br />

in the east.<br />

Will there be one or two mountain stages in Trillevallen?<br />

– The first stage will be decided in the demanding mountain forest on<br />

the south side of Välliste and on the second stage, many of the courses<br />

are on the top of Välliste with tough slopes and a lot of slope running.<br />

How does it feel to, as a Norwegian,<br />

be part of organizing O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre 2023?<br />

– It was with joy mixed with fear that I agreed to the course setting<br />

work on O-<strong>Ringen</strong>. O-<strong>Ringen</strong> is also the Nordic region's biggest<br />

sporting event and known throughout the orienteering world,<br />

explains Morten Strand.<br />

He also believes that orienteering is a small sport in Norway and<br />

there is no similar event with the same media focus and status.<br />

– It is therefore an honour to be invited to this as an official club<br />

and to have an opportunity to collaborate with our Norwegian and<br />

Swedish clubs in this huge event.<br />

How many course setters from Norway<br />

are working on the courses for O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre?<br />

– We are a total of seven orienteering enthusiasts from central<br />

Norway who work with course setting on five different stages.<br />

There are three course setters from Freidig Orientering, two from<br />

Wing OK and two from Stjördals-Blink. In addition, we have one<br />

that plans the courses for MTBO.<br />

What has been the difficulty in laying courses for O-<strong>Ringen</strong>?<br />

– The scale of O-<strong>Ringen</strong> cannot be compared to any other<br />

orienteering event that I know of. A lot of time goes into planning<br />

because there are close to 130 classes at different levels and 225<br />

control points. In addition, there are eight different starts, as<br />

well as the design and the adaptation to the arena. We must also<br />

consider any sensitive nature areas in the competition area.<br />

– The work could be compared with laying a very difficult and<br />

complicated jigsaw puzzle. In Trillevallen, it has been difficult to<br />

plan courses for the youngest youth classes, it is important to find<br />

the right level of difficulty in an area with few paths.<br />

– We have benefited greatly when we have met and discussed<br />

the courses in groups. We have also had very good documentation<br />

from previous O-<strong>Ringen</strong> events.<br />

How do you think the participants will react?<br />

– We hope that the participants will experience mountain orienteering<br />

at its best and that they will have great sporting memories<br />

from O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre.<br />

44 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 45


SAVE<br />

20%<br />


NOV 1<br />

Upplev Östersund i samband med O-<strong>Ringen</strong> 2023.<br />

Bara en timmes bilväg från Åre och O-<strong>Ringen</strong>arenorna<br />

hittar du sommarstaden Östersund och det är också här<br />

som O-<strong>Ringen</strong>s två första etapper i MTB-O avgörs. Boka<br />

några dagar hos oss och ladda energi inför tävlingsdagarna<br />

eller besök oss under den lediga dagen. Här finns<br />

massor att göra och vi vill gärna dela med oss.<br />

Välkommen till Sveriges mysigaste stadskärna. Här<br />

hittar du små unika butiker, innergårdar med restauranger,<br />

caféer och gallerier - och massor att göra för<br />

hela familjen. Vad sägs om adrenalinfylld downhillcykling<br />

eller kanske Sveriges bästa stigcykling med utsikt<br />

över sjö och fjäll. Vackra vandrings- och traillöpningsstigar<br />

och mer än 100 klätterleder. Mitt i stan kan du<br />

paddla kajak, hyra SUP-bräda och åka wakeboard på<br />

Storsjön, Sveriges femte största sjö, och de fiskeintresserade<br />

får sitt lystmäte av ädelfisk i älvarna strax utanför<br />

stan.<br />

Under sommaren vaknar Jamtlis hus och gårdar till liv.<br />

Med några steg förflyttar du dig från 1700-tal till 1970-tal<br />

och möter människor från andra tider än vår egen. På<br />

Nationalmuseum Jamtli visas konst ur Nationalmuseums<br />

stora samlingar. Gillar du lokal mat kan det vara<br />

bra att veta att Östersund är utsedd till Creative City of<br />

Gastronomy av UNESCO och här finns flest småskaliga<br />

mathantverkare i hela landet. Samtidigt som O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

2023 pågår Yranveckan – 10 dagar av kulturhappenings<br />

och inte minst Krogstråket med fantastiska restauranger<br />

i hamnen. Och den 28-30 juli intar artisterna Yranscenerna<br />

runt om i stan. Välkommen till svårslagen stämning!<br />

Östersund – en unik puls av stad och fjäll!<br />

visitostersund.se<br />

nestorville.se<br />

Sign up at oringen.se<br />

46 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 47


Åre municipality<br />

– more than just skiing<br />

Photo: Diana Westöö<br />

Photo: Niclas Lidström<br />

Åre municipality offers so much more than just skiing.<br />

The snowless season is growing strongly and there are<br />

plenty of activities and places to discover here.<br />

Here you can find everything from hiking above the<br />

tree line, fantastic waterfalls, exhilarating adventures,<br />

world-class bike trails and a vibrant Åre village with<br />

gastronomic experiences.<br />

In the municipality you will find several different districts. All<br />

with their unique experiences and popular haunts. For example,<br />

beautiful Kallbygden. Kallbygden is a mountain paradise that offers<br />

magnificent hiking areas, beautiful places for swimming, fantastic<br />

fishing, horseback riding, good locally produced food, cosy accommodation,<br />

and local handicrafts. In Kall, the Västgård Game Fair is<br />

held at the end of week 30 every year. A leisure fair with everything<br />

from hunting, fishing, horses, forests and agriculture to food and<br />

crafts. It is a very popular fair that offers good food and exciting<br />

performances.<br />

A little way south from Kall you will find Järpen. Here you must<br />

not miss the opportunity to visit Järpen's roller ski track and exercise<br />

track, work out in the outdoor gym or discover the newly built<br />

cycle trails in the area around Röjsmon. Storlien is the classic ski<br />

resort located next to the Norwegian border, 60 km from Åre.<br />

In addition to border trade, Storlien offers plenty of nice hiking<br />

and cycling trails. In the immediate area, you can fish for trout and<br />

char in mountain lakes and ponds in beautiful mountain surroundings.<br />

Here you will also find is the classic Högfjällshotellet, which<br />

has been closed for a few years but now has new owners. The hotel is<br />

being renovated and will open again for the winter season 22/23<br />

Summer activities around Åre<br />

The village of Ottsjö is beautifully situated by lake Ottsjön, 30<br />

kilometres from Åre. We recommend that you experience the<br />

valley from a kayak on the lake, framed by Ottfjället. Or take the<br />

opportunity to hike across the historic ford Ridvadet, the only<br />

hiking trail in Sweden where you wade across an entire lake. In<br />

Ottsjö we also have the finish line for the Fjällmaraton, an 8-day<br />

running festival in a mountain environment that is organized on<br />

29/7–5/8 2023.<br />

Vålådalen is a place where training and outdoor life meet. Here<br />

you will find the 5 km long roller ski track with a connection to<br />

the biathlon track, a sports venue for track intervals, while you<br />

can also learn more about nature with a visit to Naturum. In the<br />

area you will find starting points for hiking and trail running to<br />

mythical places such as Gunders Mosse, Nulltjärn, the pyramids in<br />

Isjödalen and Ottfjället.<br />

In July, Åre municipality is in full swing and many places are<br />

bustling from early morning to late evening - this is a fantastic<br />

month to experience, among other things, the lovely summer<br />

atmosphere in Åre village. Here you will find hiking, cycling, trail<br />

running, canoeing, paragliding or perhaps a visit to the Åre museum<br />

among other activities. Åre beach and the marina are popular<br />

places for swimming on hot summer days. After an activity-packed<br />

day at Åreskutan, the village's outdoor restaurants attract with a<br />

relaxing "after mountain" and tasty dinners in the evening sun.<br />

High rope course and cable car<br />

At Björnen you will find the high rope course where you can<br />

challenge yourself with climbing, ziplines and other tricks. There<br />

is something for all ages and comfort zones here. If heights are<br />

your element, there is also a zipline in Åre where you can whiz<br />

down the mountain in the long stretches that run criss-cross across<br />

Susabäcken. Perfect for feeling the butterflies fluttering in your<br />

stomach.<br />

Åre Kabinbana cable car is perhaps the most well-known symbol<br />

of Åre. Since 1976, the two cars run summer and winter and transport<br />

us from the village to the mountain station at 1274 meters<br />

above sea level, almost all the way to the top of Åreskutan. It is a<br />

must to ride it at least once. During the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> week, the cable<br />

car and most of the lifts will be open daily until 20.00.<br />

Go up and hike down or hike further up to get all the way to the<br />

top of Åreskutan at 1420 meters above sea level. Visit Toppstugan,<br />

the highest altitude café in Sweden, for a fika with waffles before<br />

heading back down!<br />

Cycling on the mountain<br />

Åre Bike Park on Åreskutan is a favourite place for downhill<br />

cycling. There is also the newly built tarmac pump track circuit<br />

where you can hone technique and cornering to perfection. The<br />

area for cross-country cycling in Björnen is also growing every<br />

year and offers fun and easily accessible trail cycling for the whole<br />

family in a fantastic mountain environment. We promise that there<br />

is a lot of cycling to discover in Åre!<br />

Photo: Diana Westöö<br />

48 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 49


– a unique pulse of city and mountains<br />

with adventures for the whole family<br />

Historic Frösön<br />

A thousand years ago, people where already gathering on Frösön<br />

for markets and things. Frösö Church with its fantastic view is built<br />

on top of a pagan sacrificial place. Next to the Frösö bridge stands<br />

Sweden's northernmost rune stone which tells about the Christianization<br />

of Jämtland, and the composer Wilhelm Peterson-Berger<br />

was so captivated by Frösön's beauty that he had his home<br />

Sommarhagen built here. Today it is a museum, cafe, and popular<br />

destination. There are also plenty of cosy summer cafes on Frösön<br />

and nice paths for walking, cycling, and running.<br />

In Östersund, only an hour's drive from Åre, you are never<br />

far from a magnificent natural or cultural experience, but<br />

here you can also find restaurants, shops, and a nice city<br />

hangout. Here we have collected seven tips for your visit.<br />

Cycling for everyone<br />

It is said that Frösön has Sweden's best trail cycling and the SM in<br />

XC cycling has been held here several times. The Swedish elite in<br />

enduro cycling regularly visit Östberget with their competitions<br />

and the lift-borne downhill cycling on Östberget is open several<br />

days a week. In addition to the advanced trails, there are also simpler<br />

paths and trails that suit both beginners and the whole family.<br />

Just outside the city is the Fugelsta cycling El Dorado, where<br />

enthusiasts build fantastically flowy trails, and Östersund's ski stadium<br />

is the starting point for two of the MTBO stages. Those who<br />

want to take it a little more leisurely can rent a bike and explore<br />

some of Frösön's many summer cafes.<br />

Explore the Great Lakes<br />

Water sports are popular and in the middle of town you can kayak,<br />

rent a SUP board and go wakeboarding. Just outside town, Locknesjön<br />

attracts with its green calcareous water or Andersön with its<br />

mountain view. Those interested in fishing will find their fill in the<br />

rivers just outside town. M/S Thomée makes trips out on Storsjön<br />

every day of the week.<br />

City life & Gastronomy<br />

Östersund is designated Creative City of Gastronomy by UNESCO.<br />

The area has the highest number of small-scale food artisans in the<br />

whole country and many exciting restaurants, cafes, and courtyards<br />

to discover. Östersund's city centre has received much praise<br />

and here you will find a number of popular small and unique<br />

shops mixed in with the big chains.<br />

Storsjöyran<br />

There are many festivals but none like Storsjöyran. Since 1983,<br />

Storsjöyran has been one of Scandinavia's largest music festivals<br />

with around 40 artists on seven stages, where national and international<br />

big names meet local acts. Yran begins with the 10-day<br />

long Yran week (July 21-30), which consists of art, film, theatre,<br />

exhibitions, and happenings, while Östersund's harbour is being<br />

rebuilt into Krogstråket with restaurants and entertainment before<br />

it's time for the artists to take over the Yran stages July 28-30.<br />

Jamtli Historyland<br />

Jamtli Historyland is a popular destination for all generations. With<br />

a few steps, you move in time from the 18th century to the 1970s.<br />

Among Jamtli's old farms and city blocks, you will meet actors who<br />

tell you about what it was like to live in the old days. Learn about<br />

lean years of famine, take a ride on the bus from 1920 or stop at the<br />

service station from 1956. Don't miss the 1970s counterurbanizers<br />

and the tv-show “Five ants are more than four elephants”. At Jamtli<br />

you will also find National Museum Jamtli with exhibitions.<br />

Östersund for kids<br />

Visit the Moose Garden and meet the tame moose. Teknikland mix<br />

technology, aviation, and military history with play. At Jamtli you<br />

travel back in time. Multi Challenge is Sweden's largest adventure<br />

house with Boda Borg, playland, laser tag, bowling, climbing and<br />

much more. Östersund is located by Sweden's fifth largest lake,<br />

there are plenty of lovely swimming spots here, and the Storsjöbadet<br />

water park has both indoor and outdoor pools.<br />

50 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 51

Vi skickar<br />

ett magasin gärna<br />

hem till dig!<br />

om drömlivet*<br />


*<br />

Orientera dig<br />

vidare i livet!<br />

Vi vill bjuda dig på inspiration och information från<br />

Jämtland Härjedalen, ett livsstilslän utöver det vanliga.<br />

Håll kontakten med oss inför O-ringen Åre 2023!<br />

Företag & inflyttare - allt fler tar steget till Jämtland Härjedalen. Sida 32–33<br />

*<br />

Engagemang<br />

föder nytt engagemang<br />

Kristina Ernehed: Landsbygden är en del av lösningen för<br />

framtidens hållbara samhällen. Sida 40–41<br />

"Ett levande syd Saepmie"<br />

Samtal med Patricia Fjellgren om<br />

språket och kulturen – ett sätt<br />

att hitta hem. Sida 23–24<br />

Drömliv för dig som vill toppa karriären med omedelbar närhet till fjällen, skogarna och sjöarna. För dig som vill ha äventyr året runt och fyra riktiga<br />

årstider (vi bjussar på en femte – vårvintern). För dig som längtar efter en hållbar, påhittig landsbygd och stadsmiljö med event- och matupplevelser i<br />

världsklass. Helt enkelt för dig som vill ta steget till en skönare tillvaro där tiden räcker till mer.<br />

52 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong><br />

"Många vill lämna ekorrhjulet"<br />

Lars Blixt om hur byn Borgvattnet<br />

vände utflyttning till inflyttning.<br />

Sida 10–11<br />

Vi ses till fjälls i Åre!<br />

Det ska vara enkelt att flytta till drömlivet* i Jämtland Härjedalen.<br />

Just därför finns sajten tasteget.nu där du får personlig flyttvägledning<br />

och lär känna den plats vi kallar hemma. Under O-<strong>Ringen</strong> i Åre vill vi träffa dig<br />

och prata om jobb, boende och om alla möjligheter en flytt hit innebär.<br />

Få inspiration redan nu genom att maila namn och adress till<br />

hej@tasteget.nu så skickar vi vårt magasin kostnadsfritt till dig!<br />

Väldigt bra grej,<br />

eller hur?<br />

Discover, experience and enjoy Krokom<br />

Welcome to Krokom municipality, a place in between the<br />

urban pulse of Östersund and the mountain peaks of Åre.<br />

The place that is unaffected and a bit opposite. Only 80<br />

km and 60 minutes from Åre – a walk in the park purely in<br />

terms of distance (remember that you are in Jämtland)!<br />

Here in Krokom there is something for everyone, there is always<br />

something to do with nature as an ever-present source of power.<br />

You don't have to register or stand in line; all you have to do is get<br />

here and be who you are. Let Krokom inspire you to adventure,<br />

recovery, pleasure, or culture.<br />

For the lone wolf<br />

If you want to walk untracked and on unmarked trails, then Oldfjällen<br />

is something for you. A vast mountain area. Bring a tent, sleeping<br />

bag, gas cooker and compass. When you come back, you will have a<br />

backpack full of unique mountain experiences, krokom.se/oldfjallen.<br />

For the children<br />

Follow the tracks of the lake monster Storsjöodjuret, watch out<br />

for the lake monster's poo and grab a snack while you scout for a<br />

giant tail fin, krokom.se/odjursspaning. Explore the thousand-meter-long<br />

open-air museum Glösa Älgriket, eat a Stone Age cake in<br />

the café and be fascinated by rock carvings, krokom.se/glosa.<br />

For the fisherman<br />

In the municipality of Krokom, there are almost more waters than<br />

inhabitants and many of them offer world-class fishing. Here there<br />

are lakes, ponds, and waterways in magnificent nature, from vast<br />

mountains, through dense old-growth forest to water near roads in<br />

lowlands. Some waters are easily accessible, but some you can only<br />

reach by hiking in roadless country, with the reward that you are<br />

usually completely alone by the water, krokom.se/fiskeparadiset.<br />

For the connoisseur<br />

There are plenty of small-scale food crafts, locally produced products,<br />

and farm shops in the municipality of Krokom. Swing past<br />

“Ost- och Bryggstubua” where you can buy cow's and goat's cheese.<br />

Experience the luxurious flavours of spruce bud syrup, cloudberry<br />

chutney and birch leaf oil at “Vallgården's bär”. For those who love<br />

ice cream, it is mandatory to swing by Glass Å Parken in Ytterån,<br />

20 meters from the E14 on the road to Åre. We promise you won't<br />

be disappointed! Discover, experience and enjoy Krokom.<br />

Read more at: www.visitkrokom.com.<br />

Follow us on Instagram: @krokomturism.<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 53<br />

Photo: Krokoms Kommun

Butiken för alla<br />

mat- och livsnjutare!<br />

Upptäck vår stora delikatessdisk och njut av smakerna<br />

med ett glas vin. Kanske i vår vinbar LaVin. Välkomna!<br />

Mer tid på fjället, mindre<br />

i butik – handla online!<br />


PÅ 54 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 55

Welcome to<br />

Smålandskusten 2024<br />

Along rounded rock outcrops and fairy-tale forests,<br />

we find the coastal municipality of Oskarshamn and a<br />

beautiful place we call Smålandskusten, the coast of<br />

Småland. A playful and powerful region that annually<br />

welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors to our<br />

popular destinations such as Glasriket, Kalmar Castle,<br />

the Västervik Archipelago, Öland, Blå Jungfrun and Astrid<br />

Lindgren's World.<br />

We long to become the hub of fine orienteering during a hot summer<br />

week in 2024. We welcome all the world's orienteerers with<br />

open arms and we intend to give you the best conditions for a great<br />

competition and community. Here the brackish water of the Baltic<br />

Sea meets classic Småland countryside and forest. Fresh Småland<br />

air and adventure around every corner. Are you ready?<br />

Hop the bilberry<br />

bushes, smell the<br />

sun-bleached pine,<br />

and breathe in<br />

the sea breeze<br />

These are the top 3 things that<br />

should make you book a visit with us!<br />

1. A classic O-<strong>Ringen</strong> camping directly adjacent to the town<br />

2. Archipelago terrain<br />

3. The very first time that O-<strong>Ringen</strong> is held in this region<br />

Terrain<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Smålandskusten offers orienteering terrain that is considered<br />

among the best in Sweden. An extra plus is that at least one<br />

stage is planned to be laid in a coastal environment with great variations<br />

in terrain. The rest of the terrain is typically Småland. Partly<br />

hilly, rich in detail but also features with very good accessibility.<br />

Scenic accommodation<br />

Stay in beautiful Döderhultsdalen within walking distance to the<br />

town centre. A large, classic O-<strong>Ringen</strong> camping will frame the event<br />

in a fantastic way with access to everything you could possibly need<br />

for a nice stay and community with other visitors. If you would rather<br />

live in a cabin, a hotel, or a family home, that is also an option!<br />

Photo: Blå Jungfrun, Stensjöby, Bodabukten samt Kalmar slott, Alexander Hall. Västervik, Nathalie Chavez. Astrid Lindgrens Värld, Magnus Römbo.<br />

Dressin i Hultsfred, PerPixel. Gunnarsö, Amanda Hedberg.<br />

FOOT-O<br />

SAT 20/7<br />

Training<br />

courses<br />

SUN 21/7<br />

Bagheera<br />

youth relay<br />

MON 22/7<br />

Rosenfors<br />

Stage 1<br />

Long<br />

TUE 23/7<br />

Rosenfors<br />

Stage 2<br />

Middle<br />

WED 24/7<br />

Activity day<br />

THU 25/7<br />

Gunnarsö<br />

Stage 3<br />

Long<br />

FRI 26/7<br />

Havslätt<br />

Stage 4<br />

Middle<br />

SAT 27/7<br />

Flathult<br />

Stage 5<br />

Long<br />

For the whole family<br />

Småland is known as an idyll where there are kilometres of<br />

gabled farms and red cottages along gravel roads by a small lake.<br />

The persistence and fighting spirit here have been around since<br />

time immemorial. Can't wait for the adventure? Come and get a<br />

taste of Smålandskusten now! Here we have some suggestions of<br />

things that you can discover, experience, and appreciate. Chill on<br />

the rocks along the coastal strip, take off your shoes and feel the<br />

soft white sand between your toes at Böda sand, play with Pippi<br />

Longstocking or why not pet a moose. We are ready to entertain<br />

the whole family. Welcome!<br />

Photo: Cornelia Höglind<br />


MTBO<br />

TRAIL-O<br />

Rosenfors<br />

Stage 1<br />

Long<br />

Långehäll<br />

Stage 1<br />

Middle<br />

Målilla<br />

Stage 1<br />

Activity day<br />

Långehäll<br />

Stage 2<br />

Long<br />

Oskarshamn<br />

Stage 2<br />

Oskarshamn<br />

Stage 2<br />

Elite sprint<br />

Activity day<br />

Activity day<br />

Gunnarsö<br />

Stage 3<br />

Long<br />

Havslätt<br />

Stage 3<br />

Prolonged sprint<br />

Högsby<br />

Stage 3<br />

Havslätt<br />

Stage 4<br />

Middle<br />

Kronoparken<br />

Stage 4<br />

Middle<br />

Oskarshamn<br />

Stage 4<br />

Flathult<br />

Stage 5<br />

Long<br />

Skorpetorp<br />

Stage 5<br />

Long<br />

Oskarshamn<br />

Stage 5<br />

Specific areas for the TrailO stages will be presented later.<br />

56 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong><br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 57

Experienced organizers at Smålandskusten<br />

Terrain<br />

Rosenfors (Hultsfred) – Stages 1 and 2<br />

Trail-rich and moderately hilly woodland area. Accessibility is<br />

variable with rocky ground mixed with denser foliage between the<br />

heights. Some detailed areas occur.<br />

Photo: Cornelia Höglind<br />

Gunnarsö (Oskarshamn) – Stage 3<br />

Woodland with small to moderate hills and areas rich in detail.<br />

Accessibility is generally good with a large element of bedrock outcrops.<br />

Towards the arena, all courses pass through a trail-rich area.<br />

Stadsparken – Elite Sprint/Bagheera youth relay<br />

Combination of park area and city offers exciting sprint orienteering<br />

for both elite and young participants in the Bagheera relay.<br />

Orienteerers from the club Ankarsrum OK.<br />

Anne Lindell from Kalmar OK is the person in charge of<br />

volunteers at Smålandskusten. But Anne started her<br />

orienteering in Rånäs OK in Uppland when she was<br />

11 years old together with her siblings.<br />

So, she has been “stuck” in the sport for a long time, but she only came to<br />

Kalmar and Småland in 2003. In Kalmar OK, she started as a youth leader<br />

and has been involved with it ever since. Anne has also been a leader<br />

in the Småland OF youth and junior committee. As a youth leader, she<br />

meets many children and parents who are curious about orienteering<br />

and come into contact with our fine sport for the first time. Sometimes<br />

they may only be with us a few years, sometimes a parent becomes more<br />

interested and sometimes a whole family.<br />

– The more people who try our sport the better, I am completely<br />

convinced that those who tried as children/youth often come back to<br />

orienteering as adults. When it became clear that O-<strong>Ringen</strong> would come<br />

to Smålandskusten, it felt natural to Anne to get involved in the project<br />

and preferably in the management team. The role of function manager<br />

felt like an exciting and important task for her, and she has many fond<br />

memories of O-<strong>Ringen</strong>.<br />

– O-<strong>Ringen</strong> is such a fantastically fun competition that I tried for the<br />

first time as a 15-year-old in 1981 in Hälsingland. Since then, there have<br />

been many O-<strong>Ringen</strong>, this year it was especially fun to return to my home<br />

region and magical Lunsen. Her regular job is with IT and more precisely<br />

the statistical system at Kalmar Region. In addition to that, she will also<br />

be responsible for managing the officials and that is a job that can now<br />

finally take off after the move and the pandemic. The work this autumn<br />

is to visit organizing clubs and talk to club boards and officials to attract<br />

those who want and can take a position of responsibility and to inform<br />

about the various assignments before and during O-<strong>Ringen</strong>. Many are<br />

experienced organisers*, but it is difficult to understand how big the<br />

event actually is. - I hope that many in the clubs will take the chance and<br />

join in creating a fantastic O-<strong>Ringen</strong> at Smålandskusten in 2024. We have<br />

such a good arrangement with proximity from the O-<strong>Ringen</strong> city to 3 out<br />

of 5 stages, proximity to the sea and competitions in fun terrain.<br />

*Associated official clubs at Smålandskusten are SOK Viljan, Ankarsrums OK, Västerviks OK,<br />

Gamleby OK, Vimmerby OK, Hultfreds OK, Målilla OK, Nässjö OK, OK Njudung, Kexholms SK, IF<br />

Stjärnan, Berga SOK, Ålems OK, Kalmar OK, Nybro OK, Emmaboda Verda OK, Torsås OK, Eksjö<br />

SOK and Alstermo IF<br />


In charge of volunteers<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Smålandskusten 2024<br />

Havsslätt (Oskarshamn) – Stage 4<br />

Trail-rich and moderately hilly woodland area. Accessibility is<br />

variable with stony ground mixed with denser foliage between the<br />

heights. Some detailed areas occur.<br />

Flathult (Oskarshamn) – Stage 5<br />

Overall good accessibility, but denser stands and regeneration areas.<br />

The terrain adjoins stage 4 and consists of moderately hilly woodland.<br />

The last stage is less detailed than stages 3 and 4.<br />

MTBO<br />

All stages in trail-rich areas except the last stage in Skorpetorp.<br />

Here we find more dirt roads and a smaller number of trails.<br />

TrailO<br />

The five stages offer trail-rich forest areas, near city environment<br />

and city environments. One stage will be held in Högsby municipality,<br />

one in Hultsfred municipality and three in Oskarshamn<br />

municipality. We will get back to you with more specific stage<br />

areas, but we already know that four of the arenas are brand new<br />

for TrailO and that lovely Småland coastal terrain awaits. TrailO is,<br />

of course, also included as a try-on activity!<br />

58 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong><br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 59

SAVE<br />

20%<br />


NOV 1<br />

Sign up at oringen.se<br />



Välkommen till Åre!<br />

Vår turistinformation guidar dig genom det stora utbudet av friluftsliv, kultur,<br />

historiska miljöer, aktiviteter och upplevelser i våra byar och bygder.<br />

www.smellwell.com<br />

Följ oss på sociala medier: facebook.com/visitare.tourism visitare_com<br />

60 Webb: O-RINGEN visitare.com MAGAZINE | E-post: NR visit@are.se 2 • <strong>2022</strong> | Tel: 0647-163 21<br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 61

Welcome to Jönköping 2025<br />

Photo: Destination Jönköping.<br />

Jönköping – home to magical scenery<br />

and diverse landscapes centered<br />

around Lake Vättern. Beloved hikes,<br />

quiet nature reserves, fascinating<br />

boglands and liberating bike trails.<br />

Memories are created. Feelings are<br />

felt. Stories are told. All these experiences<br />

are waiting to become a part<br />

of you. Living and exploring is easy in<br />

Jönköping.<br />

Along the southern shore of Lake Vättern,<br />

lays the largest city of Småland. In this area,<br />

the city and nature are combined in a perfect<br />

symbiosis. Wherever you are in the city, nature<br />

is always nearby. The region is a paradise<br />

for both nature lovers and botanists, with<br />

nature reserves, beautiful views and one of<br />

Sweden's largest oak forests. There are plenty<br />

of hiking trails and charming country roads<br />

to cycle along in Jönköping.<br />

This summer we finally got to enjoy events<br />

again. There have been many dear reunions<br />

that have become something of a classic in<br />

Jönköping, as well as some new events.<br />

In June, the first full-scale DreamHack<br />

festival since the pandemic took place. This<br />

time, the world's largest digital festival attracted<br />

approximately 30,000 visitors. If you<br />

ask the younger generation what they think<br />

of when they hear Jönköping, the answer is<br />

often DreamHack.<br />

In July, Ironman 70.3 attracted a large<br />

crowd, the mood and atmosphere make<br />

the city vibrate. The start in the center of<br />

Jönköping has a 1.9 km swim and then<br />

continues with a 90 km cycle through the<br />

biosphere area Östra Vätterbranterna and<br />

Äppledalen. The race ends with a 21 km run<br />

with the finish in Rådhusparken.<br />

A couple of weeks later, the same park was<br />

the arena for the Swedish Championships<br />

in Boule with 1,500 participants and great<br />

audience interest. The summer ended with<br />

the Jönköping Marathon, where about 2,000<br />

participants ran the beautiful course that<br />

partly runs along our three lakes with the<br />

finish on the bridge over Munksjön, full of<br />

cheering audiences.<br />

Now we are charging up for a fast-paced<br />

autumn with the Nordic Championships<br />

in Powerlifting, Swedish Championships in<br />

Sprint rowing, Jönköping Horse Show and<br />

DreamHack Winter. On the other side of the<br />

year, the preliminary rounds of the Handball<br />

World Cup awaits in January, when the<br />

city is expected to be filled with handball<br />

supporters from all over the world.<br />

In other words, we are used to big events<br />

in Jönköping and thrive best when our city<br />

is full of life and movement.<br />

A city full of life<br />

With an international university and a bit<br />

more than 140,000 inhabitants the city of<br />

Jönköping is full of life. The city center consists<br />

of cozy alleys and canals that open onto<br />

three lakes. Restaurants, museums, skate<br />

and bike parks are just a few blocks away<br />

from any of the city's hotels. A dinner by the<br />

pier to watch the sun go down among the<br />

sailboats or perhaps an evening hanging out<br />

in the thriving Match stick area is a perfect<br />

way to end the day. Perhaps the biggest<br />

advantages of Jönköping is the proximity to<br />

nature. With its soft paths, beautiful views,<br />

John Bauer forests, vast bogs, lakes and<br />

mountains, this is a perfect place to experience<br />

the Swedish nature.<br />

Welcome!<br />

Experience Jönköping in 2025<br />

We have now decided where to have<br />

our arenas in the summer of 2025.<br />

All were chosen with good logistics<br />

solutions, experience, and varied<br />

terrain for the various stages in mind.<br />

What is left now is to collaborate and sign<br />

contracts with all the landowners and<br />

hunting rights holders in the areas. For<br />

some areas there are verbal agreements with<br />

landowners/lessees, and these must now be<br />

realized into contracts.<br />

- This is necessary for us to be able to<br />

produce good maps for all disciplines in<br />

good time and to be able to present our<br />

concept during O-<strong>Ringen</strong> in Åre, says Göran<br />

Carnander, chairman of the Association<br />

Council. A major task for the Association<br />

Council will also be to find good and competent<br />

people for the management group.<br />

In parallel with that recruitment, a number<br />

of course setters and other people within<br />

the competition level must also be recruited<br />

to start working on courses in the spring of<br />

2023. About O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Jönköping 2025 we<br />

already know that we will O-<strong>Ringen</strong> City<br />

around the Elmia area with its wonderful<br />

view of Lake Vättern. We will offer varied<br />

terrain with Vätterbranterna in the east,<br />

typical Smålandic moraine terrain in the<br />

west and international terrain in the south.<br />

The fact that the region, in addition to this<br />

terrain box, offers many tourist destinations<br />

in the form of moose parks, climbing,<br />

apple groves, Store Mosse, the Husqvarna<br />

factory museum, baths and shopping centres<br />

means that we can really look forward to<br />

a fast-paced week. Welcome to O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

Jönköping 2025.<br />

Photo: Sofia Beijer.<br />

Kartutsnitt från tävlingsterrängen.<br />

62 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 63


En nyhet god att<br />

njuta av i det fria.<br />


Fotograferat vid Ulvi slogbod. Väl värt ett besök.<br />

64 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong><br />

Fröigt med en nypa salt<br />

Hej! Här är vårt klassiska trekantsknäcke i en ny spännande tappning. Vi har<br />

kavlat degen tunt med rosnagg och toppat med en härlig fröblandning med<br />

svenska ugnsrostade rapsfrön, linfrön och hirs. Grunden till brödet är friskt vatten<br />

från vår egen källa, och rena svenska ingredienser, alltid utan onödiga tillsatser.<br />

Den mustiga smaken förhöjs av krispig sälta från havssalt. Resultatet är ett fint<br />

och frasigt knäcke fullt med naturlig smak som du kan njuta av i varje tugga.


SAVE<br />

20%<br />


NOV 1<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson<br />

Levels of difficulty - Main-, Short-, Recreational- and Open classes<br />

Level<br />

Description<br />

Beginner<br />

The course is in terrain with clear and connected features such as roads, larger paths, buildings and open land. The controls on a green<br />

course must always be placed on handrails and must provide reassurance that the competitor is following the correct route. Control<br />

features may be path bends, path junctions, telegraph posts, buildings or other clear features or objects.<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson<br />

Very easy<br />

Easy<br />

Moderate<br />

The terrain is the same as for green courses, i.e. clear and connected features, e.g. roads, larger paths, open land and buildings. The controls<br />

on a white course must mark only the end of one leg and the start of the next. The control features must therefore be easily identified<br />

and distinct. As well as green course features, controls on white courses may also be on e.g. boulders, crags, fences and similar features.<br />

Yellow courses can be in more difficult terrain but runnability and visibility must still be good. The terrain must have a connected network<br />

of roads, paths, fences, waterways, open areas etc. Control points may be on more difficult features, for example on the top of a very<br />

distinct hill, but must always have a clear attack point. There must be a clear catching feature behind controls.<br />

Orange and red courses must use runnable terrain, with gentler hills and forest, preferably with areas of cultivated land. Terrain details<br />

must be clear. Compared to green, white and yellow courses, more difficult control features may be used, for example larger re-entrants,<br />

distinct ridges, hills and crags. There must be a clear feature a maximum of 200 m before the control and a clear catching feature behind it.<br />

Moderate<br />

Same as for orange courses but you can encounter all types of terrain.<br />


Moderate<br />

All types of terrain may be used. Very physically tough terrain should be avoided. All types of control feature may be used. Compared to<br />

orange and red courses, purple courses place higher demands on, planning skills, choosing quick routes ahead of safe routes and finding<br />

controls without clear catching features behind them.<br />

There will be many different finishing areas when we meet in the<br />

mountains! The first two stages are decided in Trillevallen at the<br />

foot of Välliste. The third stage is decided in Järpen, about 25 km<br />

east of Åre village, and the last two are decided in Ånn, about 30<br />

km west towards Storlien.<br />

For MTBO, Östersund is the competition area for two of the<br />

days and Järpen for one day, and you can find TrailO in Vålådalen,<br />

Fröå mine, Mörsil and Järpen.<br />

As usual, you register via our booking portal, which you can find<br />

at oringen.se. In 2023, the opening ceremony of O-<strong>Ringen</strong> is on<br />

Saturday July 22 nd , which means that the first day of competition<br />

is Sunday July 23 rd (not Monday as it was in 2019 and <strong>2022</strong>).<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson<br />

Difficult<br />

Difficult<br />

On blue and black courses, the difficulty should always suit skilled orienteers, even if anyone can compete. The increased difficulty level<br />

compared to other courses is because more of the orienteering uses contour features, detailed terrain and smaller features.<br />

Same as for blue courses but you can encounter all types of terrain.<br />

66 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong><br />

O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 67



5-DAYS<br />


Program Elite tour<br />

Stage 1 Long Sunday 23 july Arena Trillevallen<br />

Stage 2 Long Monday 24 july Arena Trillevallen<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong>s biggest and most classic competition is<br />

to compete over five days.<br />

The winner for many of the classes is determined<br />

by an exciting chasing start on the final day of<br />

competition, available for Foot-O and Trail-O.<br />

Programme 5-days OL<br />

Stage 1 Long Sunday 23 july Arena Trillevallen<br />

Stage 2 Long Monday 24 july Arena Trillevallen<br />

Stage 3 Middle Wednesday 26 july Arena Järpen<br />

Stage 4 Middle Thursday 27 july Arena Ånn<br />

Stage 5 Long Friday 28 july Arena Ånn<br />


Compete on shorter and easier courses in classes divided by age and<br />

gender. Open start times every day and no chasing start the last day.<br />

Class Middle Long Difficulty Class Middle Long<br />

D21 Motion 3,7 5,5 Medelsvår H21 Motion 4 6,6<br />

D35 Motion 3,2 4,6 Medelsvår H35 Motion 3,8 6,3<br />

D40 Motion 3 4,4 Medelsvår H40 Motion 3,6 6,1<br />

D45 Motion 2,8 4,1 Medelsvår H45 Motion 3,5 4,9<br />

D50 Motion 2,7 3,8 Medelsvår H50 Motion 3,3 4,7<br />

D55 Motion 2,6 3,6 Medelsvår H55 Motion 3,2 4,6<br />

D60 Motion 2,5 3,4 Medelsvår H60 Motion 3 4,3<br />

D65 Motion 2,3 3,2 Medelsvår H65 Motion 2,9 4<br />

D70 Motion 2,2 2,9 Medelsvår H70 Motion 2,6 3,8<br />

D80 Motion 2 2,5 Medelsvår H80 Motion 2 2,5<br />

The competition where the world’s orienteering<br />

superstars compete with Sweden's elite. The<br />

Elite Tour is open to Foot-O classes DH21 Elit,<br />

DH20 Elit and DH18 Elit.<br />

The Elite Tour is open for registration. The 80 best<br />

runners from DH21 will be selected and the 120 best<br />

runners in the junior classes. Additionally, O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

exclusively invites the world’s top orienteers to participate<br />

in the DH21 Elit classes. The competitions are<br />

specially monitored throughout the week. Prize money<br />

is awarded in all classes, with the greatest focus on the<br />

total result.<br />

Stage 3 Sprint Tuesday 25 july Arena Åre by<br />

Stage 4 Middle Thursday 27 july Arena Ånn<br />

Stage 5 Long Friday 28 july Arena Ånn<br />

Class Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Difficulty<br />

D18 Elit 5,0 7,7 2,9 3,9 7,0 Difficult<br />

D20 Elit 5,7 9,3 3,0 4,5 8,5 Difficult<br />

D21 Elit 6,6 13,2 3,2 5,2 12,0 Difficult<br />

H18 Elit 5,7 9,3 3,4 4,5 8,5 Difficult<br />

H20 Elit 6,5 11,5 3,5 5,1 10,5 Difficult<br />

H21 Elit 7,7 15,4 3,7 6,1 14,0 Difficult<br />





Our main classes with five days of competition attract the most participants.<br />

Main classes have assigned start times for stages 1-4. For our<br />

younger participants there are introductory and development classes;<br />

Introduction (Inskolning) and Youth (U-klass). In these you have<br />

open start times and get a result, but only Youth has a list of results.<br />

Everyone participating in the Introduction class gets a prize. The final<br />

stage is a chasing for all main classes, except Introduction, Youth and<br />

DH10 – DH12.<br />

Class Middle Long Difficulty Class Middle Long<br />

Inskolning 1,5 1,5 Beginner U1 2,0 2,0<br />

Very easy U2 2,5 2,5<br />

D10 2 2,5 Very easy H10 2 2,5<br />

D11 2,5 3 Easy H11 2,5 3<br />

D12 2,5 3 Easy H12 2,5 3<br />

D13 3 4,4 Moderate H13 3 4,4<br />

D14 3 4,4 Moderate H14 3 4,4<br />

D15 3,5 5,5 Moderate H15 3,5 6<br />

D16 3,5 5,5 Moderate H16 3,5 6<br />

D18 3,5 5,5 Difficult H18 3,5 7,1<br />

D20 3,5 6 Difficult H20 3,5 7,7<br />

D21 3,5 7,7 Difficult H21 4,5 9,9<br />

D21 Lång 4,5 9,3 Difficult H21 Lång 5 12,6<br />

D35 3,5 6,6 Difficult H35 4,5 8,8<br />

D40 3,5 5,5 Difficult H40 4 8,2<br />

D45 3 4,9 Difficult H45 4 7,1<br />

D50 3 4,4 Difficult H50 3,7 6,6<br />

D55 3 4,4 Difficult H55 3,6 6,1<br />

D60 2,5 3,9 Difficult H60 3,5 5,5<br />

D65 2,5 3,8 Difficult H65 3 5<br />

D70 2,5 3,3 Difficult H70 3 4,4<br />

D75 2 3,1 Difficult H75 3 3,9<br />

D80 2 2,5 Difficult H80 2,5 3<br />

D85 2 2,5 Difficult H85 2 2,5<br />

D90 1,5 2 Difficult H90 1,5 2<br />

D95 1 1,5 Difficult H95 1 1,5<br />

Shorter stages than our main classes but the same technical<br />

challenge. Short classes for ages 12–20 years has assigned start for<br />

the first four stages (12 years also on the fifth stage). From age 21<br />

and up our short classes has free minute start, meaning you get<br />

your start minute when you get to the start. Chasing start at the<br />

last stage.<br />

Class Middle Long Difficulty Class Middle Long<br />

D12 Kort 2,0 2,5 Very easy H12 Kort 2,0 2,5<br />

D14 Kort 2,5 3,0 Easy H14 Kort 2,5 3,0<br />

D16 Kort 3,0 4,4 Moderate H16 Kort 3,0 4,4<br />

D17-20 Kort 3,0 4,5 Moderate H17-20 Kort 3,2 5,5<br />

D21 Kort 3,5 5,5 Difficult H21 Kort 4,2 8,3<br />

D35 Kort 3,2 4,5 Difficult H35 Kort 4 6,3<br />

D40 Kort 3 4,1 Difficult H40 Kort 3,8 5,7<br />

D45 Kort 2,8 3,9 Difficult H45 Kort 3,6 5<br />

D50 Kort 2,6 3,7 Difficult H50 Kort 3,2 4,8<br />

D55 Kort 2,5 3,5 Difficult H55 Kort 3 4,6<br />

D60 Kort 2,3 3,2 Difficult H60 Kort 2,9 4,3<br />

D65 Kort 2,2 3 Difficult H65 Kort 2,8 3,8<br />

D70 Kort 2,1 2,7 Difficult H70 Kort 2,6 3,3<br />

D75 Kort 2,0 2,5 Difficult H75 Kort 2 2,5<br />

All lenghts of<br />

the courses are<br />

preliminary and<br />

may be adjusted<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson<br />

We have 12 open classes for Foot-O. Select courses with a variety<br />

af lenght and dificulty letting you challenge your self during the<br />

whole week. Open start times for each stage.<br />

Class Middle Difficulty<br />

Lätt 2,5 2,0 Easy<br />

Lätt 3,5 2,8 Easy<br />

Lätt 5,0 4,0 Easy<br />

Lätt 10,0 6,0 Easy<br />

Medelsvår 2,5 2,0 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 3,3 2,5 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 4,0 3,0 Moderate<br />

Class Middle Difficulty<br />

Medelsvår 5,0 4,0 Medelsvår<br />

Medelsvår 6,0 4,5 Medelsvår<br />

Svår 2,5 2,0 Svår<br />

Svår 3,5 2,8 Svår<br />

Svår 5,0 4,0 Svår<br />

Svår 7,5 5,0 Svår<br />

In the Trail-O competition map knowledge is in focus. Each<br />

control has up to five alternate control markers. You must remotely<br />

determine which control marker is correctly placed according<br />

to the control ring on the map and the control description. You<br />

compete in a class determined by its difficulty level, rather than age<br />

and gender. The competition takes place in easily passable terrain.<br />

Program Trail-O<br />

Stage 1 Sunday 23 july Arena Vålådalen<br />

Stage 2 Monday 24 july Arena Vålådalen<br />

Stage 3 Wednesday 26 july Arena Fröå Gruva<br />

Stage 4 Thursday 27 july Arena Mörsil<br />

Stage 5 Friday 28 july Arena Röjsmon<br />

Class<br />

Pre-Elit<br />

Pre-A<br />

Pre-B<br />

Pre-C<br />

Photo: Andreas Davidsson<br />

68 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 69




3-DAYS<br />

With the Stage Start option, you can choose the course<br />

you want to run at each stage of O-<strong>Ringen</strong>. The Stage<br />

Start option is available for each orienteering discipline<br />

that is offered at O-<strong>Ringen</strong>; Foot-O, MTBO and Trail-O.<br />

For our younger orienteers we offer Introduction and U-classes.<br />

Theese classes can also be booked for 5 days main- and short classes.<br />

Free start times apply to everyone so you can start when it suits<br />

you. If you are an adult and a beginner, there are Try-it out classes<br />

to start with. Then you can gradually choose a more difficult and /<br />

or longer course.<br />

For MTBO, both orienteering technical difficulty and cycling<br />

technical difficulty are indicated. Class/Course indicates the<br />

orienteering technical difficulty. Bicycle level indicates the bicycle<br />

technical difficulty.<br />

If you are new to the sport of orienteering, you can get help with<br />

the basic skills and with finding the right course for you through<br />

our orienteering school, located at each of the arenas used for foot<br />

orienteering.<br />


Class/Course Middle Long Difficulty<br />

Mycket lätt 2,5 (prova på) 2,5 2,5 Very easy<br />

Mycket lätt 4,0 (prova på) 4,0 4,0 Very easy<br />

Inskolning 1,5 1,5 Beginner<br />

U1 2,0 2,0 Beginner<br />

U2 2,5 2,5 Very easy<br />

Lätt 2,5 2,0 2,5 Easy<br />

Lätt 3,5 3,0 3,8 Easy<br />

Lätt 5,0 3,7 5,0 Easy<br />

Lätt 10,0 6,5 10,0 Easy<br />

Medelsvår 2,5 2,5 2,5 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 3,3 2,5 3,3 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 4,0 3,0 4,0 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 5,0 3,7 5,0 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 6,0 4,0 6,0 Moderate<br />

Svår 2,5 2,0 2,5 Difficult<br />

Svår 3,5 2,7 3,5 Difficult<br />

Svår 5,0 3,7 5,0 Difficult<br />

Svår 7,5 4,8 7,5 Difficult<br />


Class/Course<br />

Öppen Pre-A<br />

Öppen Pre-B<br />

Öppen Pre-C<br />


Class/Course Sprint Mid. Long Level<br />

Mycket lätt kort (prova på) 2,5 4,5 6,0 Easy<br />

Lätt mellan 3,0 6,0 10,0 Moderate<br />

Lätt lång 3,5 7,0 15,0 Difficult<br />

Svår kort 3,5 4,5 6,0 Moderate<br />

Svår mellan 4,3 6,0 10,0 Difficult<br />

Svår lång 5,5 7,0 15,0 Difficult<br />

MTBO will take place during the three first days of<br />

O-<strong>Ringen</strong> Åre at own arenas in Ösersund and Järpen.<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson<br />

For MTBO, Östersund is the competition area for<br />

two of the days and Järpen for one day.<br />

MTBO is fast-paced and is very much about making the right path<br />

and making quick decisions. The map is similar to the one used in<br />

regular orienteering. The biggest difference is how paths and roads<br />

are shown on the map. The road and the path's ride are reported<br />

where you can simply say that the longer the lines on the map, the<br />

faster the path can be cycled.<br />

Program MTBO<br />

Stage 1 Middle Sunday 23 july Arena Östersund<br />

Stage 2 Long Monday 24 july Arena Östersund<br />

Stage 3 Sprint Tuesday 25 july Arena Röjsmon<br />


Class/Course Sprint Middle Long Level<br />

Lätt mellan 3,0 6,0 10,0 Moderate<br />

Lätt lång 3,5 7,0 15,0 Difficult<br />

Svår mellan 4,3 6,0 10,0 Difficult<br />


If you only want to participate during the last<br />

three days; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,<br />

we offer several open classes.<br />

Choose the lenght and difficulty that suits you.<br />

Our open classes have free starting times.<br />


Class Sprint Middle Long<br />

D12 2,5 3,0 5,5<br />

D14 3,0 5,0 8,5<br />

D16 4,0 5,5 10,0<br />

D20 4,5 7,0 14,5<br />

D21 5,5 8,5 20,0<br />

D35 4,5 7,0 13,0<br />

D40 4,5 7,0 13,0<br />

D45 4,5 4,5 14,5<br />

D50 4,0 6,0 11,0<br />

D55 3,5 6,0 11,0<br />

D60 3,5 5,0 9,0<br />

D65 3,5 5,0 9,0<br />

D70 3,0 4,0 7,5<br />

D75 3,0 4,0 7,5<br />

D80 2,5 4,0 7,5<br />

Class Sprint Middle Long<br />

H12 2,5 3,0 5,5<br />

H14 3,5 5,5 8,5<br />

H16 4,5 7,0 13,0<br />

H20 5,5 9,0 18,5<br />

H21 6,0 11,0 25,0<br />

H35 5,5 8,0 17,5<br />

H40 5,5 8,0 17,5<br />

H45 5,5 8,0 17,5<br />

H50 5,0 7,5 15,0<br />

H55 5,0 7,5 15,0<br />

H60 5,0 6,0 13,0<br />

H65 4,0 6,0 13,0<br />

H70 4,0 5,0 11,0<br />

D75 3,5 5,0 11,0<br />

D80 3,5 5,0 11,0<br />

Class Middle Long Difficulty<br />

Lätt 2,5 2,0 2,5 Easy<br />

Lätt 5,0 4,0 5,0 Easy<br />

Medelsvår 3,3 2,7 3,3 Moderate<br />

Medelsvår 5,0 4,0 5,0 Moderate<br />

Svår 3,5 2,8 3,5 Difficult<br />

Svår 5,0 4,0 5,0 Difficult<br />

Svår 7,5 5,0 7,5 Difficult<br />

70 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 71




The traditional youth relay is organized in conjunction<br />

with the opening ceremony July 22. The relay is between<br />

club teams but you can also create a combination team<br />

between clubs. Teams consists of four runners, one from<br />

each classes D14, H14, D16 and H16.<br />

Bring your club and support your team!<br />

Legs Length Start procedure<br />

H16-D14-H14-D16 4 x 1,8 km Mass start<br />



Get ready by taking one of our training courses with timing.<br />

during the period Wednesday July 19 - Saturday July 23 in Ottsjö.<br />

Registration in our booking portal or our Competitor services.<br />

You will pick up your map at Competitior services. Ottsjö is<br />

located 30 km from Åre by.<br />

Branch Class/course Length Difficulty<br />

OL Mycket lätt 2,0 2,0 Very easy<br />

OL Lätt 2,5 2,5 Easy<br />

OL Lätt 4,0 4,0 Easy<br />

OL Medelsvår 3,0 3,0 Moderate<br />


The map scale varies depending on which class you have entered.<br />

Here you can find the map scale for your class.<br />


For Inskolning, U1, U2, DH10-DH14 (short classes included) the<br />

map scale is 1:7500 for all stages.<br />

DH15-DH16 (short classes included) have map scale 1:10 000<br />

for all stages.<br />


DH18-DH21 (short and elite classes included) have map scale<br />

1:15 000 for the long distance stages and 1:10 000 for the middle<br />

distance stages.<br />


DH21 Motion, DH35-DH40 (short and recreational classes<br />

included) have map scale 1:10 000 for all stages.<br />

DH45 and older classes (short and recreational classes included)<br />

have map scale 1:7500 for all stages<br />


Lätt 10.0, Svår 5.0, Svår 7.5 have 1:10 000 for all stages. All other open<br />

classes have 1:7500 for all stages. The same map scales apply to the<br />

open classes regardless of you enter for 5-days, 3-days or stage start.<br />

For Training courses with timing, the classes Svår 5,0 and Svår<br />

7,5 use map scale 1:10 000 and all other classes have map scale<br />

1:7500.<br />




During O-<strong>Ringen</strong> we offer child care for kids aged 3-8 years at<br />

Arena Trillevallen, Arena Järpen och Arena Ånn.<br />

Pre book your child care at oringen.se. You can leave your child<br />

with us for up to 3 hours at a time (while you race).<br />


For the youngest orienteers there are daily Miniknat, or String<br />

courses, at Arena Trillevallen, Arena Järpen and Arena Ånn. In<br />

Miniknat, kids follow a streamered course between check points,<br />

which feature different activities, challenges, and fun surprises.<br />

They do, of course, get a map to follow and a SI card.<br />

There is no timing or results list, but all children get a prize<br />

when they finish.<br />

You can pre book Miniknat at oringen.se or book it directly at<br />

the arena.<br />


Have you never tried orienteering but want to try? Or re you a former<br />

orienteer and want to refresh your skills? At the Orienteering School,<br />

we will cover all the necessary skills that you need in order to set out<br />

by yourself on an easy-level O-<strong>Ringen</strong> course. We will then come with<br />

you to the start and help you get going.<br />


- to be selected at<br />

the same time as<br />

you book your start<br />



Folksam motionsloppsförsäkring is for participants in<br />

exercise and competition events and gives you back the<br />

entire registration fee if you become acutely ill or injured<br />

and can not participate. The insurance also includes an<br />

olycksfallsförsäkring (accident insurance) when you are<br />

training. Only valid for Swedish residents.<br />


Rent your punsching card for one or all stages.<br />



Start with another club than your own.<br />


You start on different times during the day. Only avaliable<br />

when you compete in the same dicipline.<br />


Help to punch, only for Trail-O.<br />


Transport help, only for Trail-O.<br />

SAVE<br />

20%<br />


NOV 1<br />

OL Medelsvår 4,0 4,0 Moderate<br />

OL Medelsvår 5,0 5,0 Moderate<br />

For MTBO, the map scales have not been decided yet. Information<br />

will be updated at oringen.se.<br />

OL Svår 3,0 3,0 Difficult<br />

OL Svår 5,0 5,0 Difficult<br />

OL Svår 7,5 7,5 Difficult<br />

Follow us!<br />

Instagram: @oringen<br />

Facebook: O-<strong>Ringen</strong><br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson<br />

Photo: Peter Holgersson<br />

72 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong> 73



Tack Uppsala!<br />

Product Prize category 1 Nov<br />

-20%<br />

Elite tour<br />

5-days<br />

3-days<br />

Stage start<br />

Main- &<br />

Short classes.<br />

TrailO<br />

1 April<br />

-10%<br />

1 June<br />

ordinary<br />

After<br />

+30%<br />

Up to age 20 2010 2260 2510 3260<br />

Age 21 and up 2480 2790 3100 4030<br />

Introduction and U-class 500 570 630 820<br />

Up to age 16 820 920 1020 1330<br />

Ages 17-20 1120 1260 1400 1820<br />

Age 21 and up 1720 1940 2150 2800<br />

Recreational classes Age 21 and up 1630 1840 2040 2650<br />

Open classes<br />

Open classes<br />

MTBO-klass<br />

Up to age 16 700 790 880 1140<br />

Ages 17-20 1010 1130 1260 1640<br />

Age 21 and up 1540 1740 1930 2510<br />

Up to age 16 420 480 530 690<br />

Ages 17-20 600 680 750 980<br />

Age 21 and up 940 1050 1170 1520<br />

Up to age 16 500 560 620 810<br />

Ages 17-20 670 760 840 1090<br />

Age 21 and up 1040 1160 1290 1680<br />

Try it out (all ages) 110 120 130 170<br />

Up to age 16 110 120 130 170<br />

Ages 17-20 140 160 180 220<br />

Age 21 and up 190 220 240 310<br />

Bagheerastafetten Per lag 320 360 400 520<br />

Training courses<br />

with timing<br />

Up to age 16 50 60 70 90<br />

Ages 17-20 80 90 100 130<br />

Age 21 and up 90 100 110 140<br />


1 Nov<br />

ordinary<br />

1 April<br />

ordinary<br />

1 June<br />

ordinary<br />

Folksam motionsloppsförsäkring (Insurance) 155 155 155<br />

Folksam motionsloppsförsäkring plus (Insurance) 275 275 275 275<br />

SI Punching card rental, per stage 40 40 40 50<br />

SI, SIAC (MTBO) Punching card rental, per stage 60 60 60 70<br />

Start times blocked with another club 120 120 120 140<br />

Split start time 120 120 120 140<br />

Punch help Trail-O 110 110 110 130<br />

Push help Trail-O 110 110 110 130<br />

Jubilee plaque (order before 1/6) 0 0 0 -<br />

Visa 0 0 0 0<br />

Customized map (order before 1/4) 0 - - -<br />

After<br />

+30%<br />


1 Nov<br />

ordinary<br />

1 April<br />

ordinary<br />

1 June<br />

ordinary<br />

Child care 60 60 60 70<br />

Miniknat 40 40 40 60<br />

Bagheera orienteering school 0 0 0 0<br />

After<br />

+30%<br />

Nu längtar vi till Åre 2023!<br />

Terms for registration at oringen.se<br />

74 O-RINGEN MAGAZINE NR 2 • <strong>2022</strong>

HOST<br />





Photo: Peter Holgersson

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