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22 Impact Report

C H I L D R E N ' S C H O I C E F O R H E A R I N G A N D T A L K I N G

A Letter from our Board Chair

and Executive Director

C H E E R S T O 2 5 Y E A R S , H E R E ' S T O 2 5 M O R E

When CCHAT opened its doors in 1996, a group of 12

children with hearing loss and four staff members

embarked on an unknown journey. With listening and

spoken language (LSL) as the goal, this team was hopeful

but likely had little idea just how powerful the CCHAT

program could become.

Now 25 years later, we are seeing the immense impact of

CCHAT, as children from that first class, empowered with a

foundation of communication skills, are now thriving

adults. Will Andes works for the U.S. Navy. Morgan

Rosenberger became a marketing professional. Krista Rey

returned to CCHAT as a teacher, guiding the next generation

of students who are deaf and hard of hearing (DHH).

With our staff's commitment, our families' hard work and

the generosity of a community of supporters -- like you --

CCHAT is well-positioned to continue improving the lives of

children with hearing loss and their families. This year,

CCHAT oversaw the deliverance of service to more than 300

children, through center-based programs and mainstream

support in local school districts. These kids will have every

opportunity to succeed in a hearing world, much like Will,

Morgan, Krista and so many others previously.

Thank you for playing such a key role in our program. As we

have seen firsthand, your support has a lifelong impact on

CCHAT students and our community. Let's continue

teaming up to give our children who are DHH all of the tools

they need to flourish in every aspect of life.

With sincere appreciation,

Diane Durston

Chairperson of the

Board of Directors

Laura Covello



25 Years of Hearing and Talking

Victoria Zeigler

Student, Sacramento State

Communication Sciences

Ian Mook

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Henderson, Nevada

Dominique Smith

Instructional Aide

CCHAT Center

Aieden Hensley

Elementary School Graduate

CCHAT Event Emcee

Elizabeth Cocker

Customer Service Agent

Southwest Airlines

Anmol Singhal

Senior, Mira Loma High School

International Baccalaureate

CCHAT's goal is to prepare children with hearing loss for success.

Over the past 25 years, our graduates, equipped with a foundation of

listening and spoken language skills, continue to achieve their goals

-- educationally, socially and vocationally.

Finding CCHAT for Our Family

Kristen, Brendan and Lucas Kelly

For Kristen and Brendan Kelly, their story starts

off like that of many CCHAT families. When their

son, Lucas, was diagnosed with hearing loss at

birth, their image of Lucas' future was suddenly

filled with question marks.

"Being the parent of a child with hearing

differences can feel very overwhelming,"

Kristen said. "It can be difficult to even know

where to start with providing them with the best

resources possible."

In December of 2021, Kristen and Brendan found

CCHAT. Lucas, 2, was enrolled in the program's

Toddler class, and his development of listening

and spoken language skills began immediately.

"It has truly been incredible seeing the academic, social and

emotional growth that Lucas has displayed since starting at

CCHAT," Kristen said. "He absolutely loves going to school, and

his confidence increases every single day."

Lucas' teacher, Leah Lind, has been with the program since

2004. She has watched Lucas blossom since arriving on


"Lucas is a joy to have in class," Leah said. "He loves listening

to stories and music, and it has been so rewarding to watch his

language grow as he's gotten comfortable at CCHAT."

With CCHAT services in place, Kristen and Brendan feel secure

that Lucas is on the right path to building a foundation of

communication skills that will carry him throughout life.

"We are so grateful for the amazing support the CCHAT

community has provided for our son and our whole family,"

Kristen said. "We appreciate the amazing faculty and staff that

have contributed to this program, going above and beyond to

provide our family with the support, resources and guidance to

successfully navigate our son's educational experience."


2021-2022 School Year


2021-2022 School Year

CCHAT Services (# of children served)

Transition Kinder/Kinder/Primary Grades


0-3 Early Intervention Program


Students Receiving Mainstream Support





of students primarily speak a language other than English at home

of students are a racial/ethnic minority

of students travel 100+ miles daily to attend CCHAT

CCHAT Staff Composition




Teachers of the Deaf

CCHAT teachers deliver a language-rich, classroom experience with

curriculum that mimics that of a mainstream school

Instructional Aides

CCHAT aides assist teachers and students with a variety of tasks,

from hearing-assistive technology care to classwork preparation

Speech-Language Pathologists

CCHAT SLPs provide 30 minutes of daily speech therapy that focuses

on a variety of critical elements and is individualized to each student

2 Audiologists

CCHAT audiologists work on-site and ensure that students have

functioning equipment and consistent access to high-quality sound


2021-2022 School Year


2021-2022 School Year

The CCHAT Audiology Department is led by Dr. Katie Isbell. In addition to

providing daily services and support to students at CCHAT, Dr. Isbell serves as a

vital community resource for children with hearing loss throughout the region.

During the 2021-2022 school year, CCHAT's Audiology Department performed...

Auditory Brainstem Response

52 (ABR) and Newborn Hearing

250 Audiograms



Hearing aid and cochlear

implant appointments

Continuing to Enhance Service for CCHAT Students

CCHAT is constantly striving to provide the most comprehensive LSL program for its

students with hearing loss. With that in mind, CCHAT's Audiology Department amplified its

support services for children in the Baby & Me and Toddler classes.


additional hours over the course of the school year were dedicated to consult and

observation of CCHAT students, ages birth to 3 years old. This included regular

audiology checkups, speech therapy observations and parent conferences.

This focus led to several notable benefits, including:

Earlier detection of

issues with hearingassistive


Better communication

between audiologists

and CCHAT staff

Stronger rapport

between students and


Increase in

opportunities for

parental interaction

Optimal sound access

and quality for children

with hearing loss

More personalized care

and individualized

services for students

Higher comfort level for

children and more

effective testing results

Enhanced preparedness

and peace of mind for

CCHAT families


2021-2022 School Year


2021-2022 School Year

Daily Musical Experiences

Research has demonstrated that the area of the brain

responsible for the interpretation of music overlaps

with the area where language acquisition occurs.

CCHAT offers a daily 30-minute music session to

capitalize on this natural educational opportunity.

Children are able to increase their listening and

communication skills in a fun, interactive setting.

Bilingual Speech Therapy

To capitalize on the many benefits of

bilingualism, CCHAT offers a full range of

Spanish speech-language pathology services

for students who are deaf and hard of

hearing. This service is intertwined with each

child's existing speech therapy schedule.

Developing a second language can help

enhance communication within the family

and facilitate improved parent participation,

as well as increase opportunities for each

child within his/her own community.

Parent Education

Starting with our Baby & Me Program, CCHAT aims to

provide support and resources for parents as they

navigate their family's hearing loss journey. CCHAT staff

members and parents work hand-in-hand to provide the

best possible educational outcomes for students in the

program. With CCHAT's guidance, families feel

empowered and have the tools to continue their child's

learning at home and eventually in the mainstream.

CCHAT Community Sponsors,

Partners and Donors

CCHAT aims to be a community pillar for families in need of

our services. We are fortunate to have wide-ranging support

from several local businesses, organizations, foundations

and donors who allow us to carry out our mission.

CCHAT Sponsors

"It is important (for us

to support CCHAT)

because we have a

business in Sacramento

and feel that

businesses should give

back to their

communities. With our

personal relationship

with one of your

students, it seemed like

the right organization."

Kevin Lund


Lund Construction Co.

2022 CCHAT Uncorked

Presenting Sponsor

CCHAT Grant Initiatives

2021-2022 School Year

As a non-profit organization, CCHAT has developed a history of

successful grant procurements and fundraising to support the

financial needs of its mission. This year, CCHAT grant proposals

focused on funding two vital services within the program.

Newborn Hearing Diagnostic Program

CCHAT is certified as a California Children’s Services (CCS) Type C

Communication Disorders Center. As such, CCHAT and its on-site

audiologists perform newborn hearing screenings and diagnostic

evaluations, consult with families and fit assistive listening devices.

CCHAT aims to mitigate the negative impacts of hearing loss on

speech/language acquisition, academic achievement and

social/emotional development. CCHAT’s Newborn Hearing

Diagnostic Program helps meet the regional demand for infant

hearing health, with referrals coming from prominent hospitals like

Mercy, Sutter and UC Davis, as well as private birthing centers,

midwives and other births outside of the hospital system.

Funders for this program included the Kelly Foundation and

the TEGNA Foundation Community Grant.

K-3 Readiness Project

Successful outcomes for children who are DHH are possible when

hearing-assistive technology is accompanied by specialized training

in LSL, which are precursors to literacy development. While CCHAT

serves children as young as newborns, the most vulnerable

population is Kindergarten to 3rd grade, as many times, these

children were late arrivals to the program. Students in this group are

at a disadvantage to their typical-hearing peers, having missed out on

critical early developmental instruction. CCHAT’s K-3 Readiness

Project aims to accelerate development and help these students

attain listening, language and literacy skills needed to thrive in

mainstream schools.

Funders for this project included the Golden 1 CU Community Grant,

Beneto Foundation, ECMC Foundation and Setzer Foundation.

CCHAT Fundraising Events

2021-2022 School Year

Bike 4 Fun

Students joyfully returned to the CCHAT track for the

15th annual Bike 4 Fun on Oct. 19. Children spent the

morning racking up laps on their bikes, scooters, wagons

and strollers, while our amazing families, sponsors and

donors helped raise an event record $57,650.

Holly Jolly Holiday Celebration

On Dec. 2, the CCHAT community came together for a

festive evening filled with food, drinks, raffles and fun.

Presented by McCoy Fatula, APC, the 8th annual Holly

Jolly Holiday Celebration helped raise $22,000 in

support of CCHAT children with hearing loss.

CCHAT Uncorked

On Mar. 12, the 10th annual CCHAT Uncorked, presented

by Lund Construction, lit up our community. With nearly

300 attendees enjoying a Western-themed night of live

music, spirited auctions and delicious food, wine and beer,

CCHAT tallied $125,000 in funds raised for our program.

Big Day of Giving

CCHAT highlighted its 25 years of service provision while

participating in Big Day of Giving on May 5. This 24-hour

fundraising event featured more than 700 local nonprofits,

and through the generosity of our community of

supporters, CCHAT accumulated $42,908 in donations.

2021-2022 CCHAT

Governing Board of Directors

Diane Durston

Elizabeth Marwaha,


Bindu Jaduram

Derek Cressman


Past Chair



John Porteous Jeanie Simpson Ben Balough, M.D. Erika Fatula

Devin McBrayer

David Zeigler

Kirsten McWilliams,


Kathy Sussman


11100 Coloma Road

Rancho Cordova, CA, 95670



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