Staunton - The Highway Scanner - November 2022

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The Highway Scanner

A newsletter for and about the people of

VDOT’s Staunton District





Chandler Jordan hasn’t even had

his Commercial Driver's License

for a full year, but the 21-year-old

took his tandem-axle dump truck

skills all the way to Baton Rouge,

Louisiana, for the 2022 Southeastern

Regional Roadeo. He was among

five competitors from the Staunton

District – including Kenny Coffey,

Jeff Oczkowski, Willie Ruleman

and Scott Showalter. Staunton’s

five made up nearly half of VDOT’s

team of twelve.

“I think the Staunton District

takes pride in being able to help

represent the state. Just goes to

show we’re the best district out

there,” Barth Estes said with a

chuckle. He had the distinct honor

of being a judge at this year’s

regionals. It’s his second time

serving in that role.



Virginia competitors in the 2022

Southeast Regional Roadeo (inluding

the five men representing the

Staunton District) enjoy dinner at a

restaurant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Alleghany • Augusta • Bath • Clarke • Frederick

Highland • Page • Rockbridge • Rockingham • Shenandoah • Warren


Out of 11 states, Virginia finished 6th in the Regional Roadeo. “Man, it was

great. We had a good time and I feel like we represented Virginia well,”

Coffey said. “The competition was just so stiff this year, it was crazy!” Coffey

earned a perfect score in the motor grader competition. His fifth trip to

regionals, he was hoping to take top honors, but it came down to six seconds

– the difference between 1st and 5th.

This wasn’t Oczkowski’s first Roadeo either. He still feels the pressure after

six times competing at the regional level. “You’re in the spotlight when you’re

up there,” Oczkowski said. He made a rare mistake on his first backhoe run.

“I would have loved to have gotten that ball back. I just laughed, gave a

thumbs up and shook it off.” In order to get a perfect run for the team,

he slowed down slightly and finished at 55 seconds, pushing him back to an

8th place finish.

Veterans Coffey and Oczkowski, who live right down the road from each other

in Shenandoah County, have something else in common. “We were the first

ones ever to walk across the stage at a regional roadeo and get an award.

First ones ever to place in the top three.” That was in Tennessee in 2017. They

were the first not only for the Staunton District, but Virginia. “That was pretty

cool,” Coffey said.

This was Jordan’s first time competing at any level. The Rockingham County

native, who grew up operating farm equipment on his family’s dairy farm,

finished 4th. “Being that it was my first year – and up against that level of

competition – I’m very pleased with myself,” Jordan said.

Also a Roadeo rookie this year, Ruleman maneuvered his low-boy tractor trailer

to a 9th place finish out of 22. Showalter competed in his third regionals with

the single-axle dump truck, and reiterated that the competition was serious.

They mean business. Of course we all do the same thing,” Showalter said,

“but they approach Roadeo like it’s a war.”

But when the equipment is turned off, it’s clear the roadeo is as much about the comradery as it is the competition. “We just enjoy

each other’s company and have a good time,” Oczkowski said. “Some of us hung out with the guys from Tennessee, Georgia,

everywhere.” Coffey added, “I met some new friends from Mississippi and some old friends from West Virginia. We also met

some great guys from Alabama, which was competing for the first time this year.”

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BELOW: Scott Showalter, Jordan Chandler, Willie

Ruleman and Jeff Oczkowski getting ready to drive to

Baton Rouge, La. RIGHT: The team representing

Virginia in the 2022 Regional Roadeo in Louisiana.

ABOVE: Kenny Coffey on the motorgrader and

Jeff Oczkowski on the backhoe - practicing

before regional competition.




Not to mention the relationships

formed with their counterparts within

the Commonwealth. “The VDOT

teams form statewide relationships

that are beneficial when crews are

moved around the state in response

to major weather events,” said

State Maintenance Engineer Robert


Team VDOT also networks with their

counterparts from other states when

talking about safety. “Equipment,

hard hats, and how we do things in

Virginia,” Coffey said. “It’s always

good to share and learn from each

other.” Ruleman says a Roadeo

speaker that resonated with him

talked about complacency and what

that means. “Just getting too comfortable and letting your guard down.” The Roadeo is also an opportunity to learn about some of

the advances in safety. “Like portable stoplights instead of flaggers, new equipment, and different types of PPE,” Showalter shared.

The team arrived home from Louisiana with a sense of gratitude. “It really means a lot to be able to go and represent Virginia. It takes

money and time for that, and I appreciate everyone giving us the chance,” Coffey said.

“In both the competition and additional event activities,” Prezioso added, “the VDOT Team performed in a manner that evokes

respect for Virginia from its neighbors across the southeast.”

Coffey, Jordan, Oczkowski, Ruleman and Showalter already have their sights set on the future. “I had a great time,” Jordan said.

“I want to go back next year.” Between now and then, he and Ruleman plan to hone their equipment skills. “Parallel parking – just

getting closer to the line,” Ruleman said.

They also encourage other operators in the Staunton District to take a chance. “Look at Chandler,” Oczkowski says. “He’s the perfect

example of why you should take a shot at it.” Jordan says he’s been trying to get some of the younger guys to take part in Roadeo.

“You get to talk with people from other headquarters that you might not otherwise see. And you get fed.” •

ABOVE: The Virginia team during some downtime along the Mississippi River in Baton Rouge. BOTTOM LEFT: Competitor Kenny

Coffey watching participants in the Regional Roadeo. BOTTOM CENTER: Scott Showalter, Jeff Oczkowski, Barth Estes (judge),

Willie Ruleman, Kenny Coffey and Chandlar Jordan representing the Staunton District in the 2022 Regional Roadeo. BOTTOM

RIGHT: Willie Ruleman holding a gift basket.




> >

Have all PPE: chaps, gloves, wrap-around safety glasses,

hard hat, face shield, steel-toe boots and ear protection.

> >

Make sure the chain is sharp and that the bar and

bolts are tight. Check the chain-break and other safety


> >

Even during emergency response, take the time to look

for power lines and other potential hazards.

> >

Remove all slip/trip/fall hazards from your work area,

and make sure you have an “escape route.”

> >

Don’t cut down a tree unless you have received proper

training in advance.


> >

The Three-Cut Tree Pruning

Method is not only good for the tree but

also SAFETY. It ensures the limb drops

straight down instead of a hinged action,

which could result in worker injury.

> >

Trimming trees within 10 feet of a

utility line can be fatal. Never trim branches

or limbs near a utility line. It’s the law: only

OSHA-certified line clearance workers are

authorized to trim near power lines.

Monthly Safety Report September 2022

Staunton District

Data Last Refreshed

Oct 24, 2022 11:33:56 AM

District Name

Staunton District

Edinburg Residency Wide

Harrisonburg Residency Wide

Lexington Residency Wide

Staunton District Office

Hours 12mo






OSHA Recordables







OSHA Recordables







OSHA Recordable

Rate 12mo






Lost Day Cases







Lost Day Cases







Lost Day Case

Rate 12mo

Total 1,158,266.10 1 12 2.07 0 5 0.86 135






Lost Days







OSHA Recordable Rate 12 Month Rolling Average

Residency Edinburg Resid… Harrisonbur… Lexington R… Staunton

Lost Days Rolling 12 Month Totals

Residency Edinburg Resid… Harrisonbur… Lexington Re… Staunton

Total Injuries by Causes

OSHA Severity Non-Recordable Recordable





October 20…

4.29 4.30 4.34



2.21 2.21 2.21 2.20 2.19

1.88 1.88 1.90 1.85 1.93

1.92 1.92

November 2021

3.04 3.07


1.17 1.17


6.18 6.15 6.09

5.25 5.36 5.34 5.33

0.77 0.78 0.78 0.78

December 2021

January 2022

February 2022

March 2022

April 2022

3.86 3.85

3.33 3.34

2.88 2.90


May 2022

June 2022

July 2022

August 2022

September 2022





0.39 0.39 0.39 0.39 0.40








October 20…





0 0 0 0 0

November 2021

December 2021

January 2022

February 2022



150 150 150 150 150 150 150












March 2022

April 2022

May 2022




19 19 19

0 0 0

June 2022

July 2022

August 2022



September 2022





Struck by/against






Overexertion 2


0 5

Injury by Work Task

OSHA Severity Non-Recordable Recordable

Hearing Conservation Threshold Shift

Brush removal




Ditching/shoulder operations 2


Material handling


0 2 4



Randy S. Kiser, PE, announced in September that he would be retiring from VDOT by the end of 2022. Kiser has served as Staunton District

Administrator since 2011, and has a total of 35 years of service with the agency. He earned a Civil Engineering degree from Virginia

Tech in 1985, and joined VDOT two years later as an engineering trainee. Upon completion of that program, Kiser was named Assistant

Residency Admnistrator in Dillwyn (Lynchburg District). He became Luray Residency Administrator in 1992 and served in that capacity for

11 years. Kiser then moved to the Staunton District office, where he was District Construction/Preliminary Engineering Manager and finally

District Administrator.

Below are selected photos from Kiser's time with VDOT, and words from some of the people who have worked closely with him over the

years. Enjoy your retirement, Randy!

I have known Randy for over 20 years and throughout he has

been consistent in his character – steadfast, professional, and an

exemplary leader. He has been a strong advocate for our field forces

and keeping us on a path that made sense. All the best transitioning

from a stellar VDOT career to a well-deserved retirement.

Susan Hammond

Lexington Residency Administrator

Randy, you have always remained steady and calm in the face of challenges.

I appreciate your common sense approach, strong leadership, and support in the

challenges we have faced together as a district. Staunton District will continue

to move forward and be the best we can be. Best wishes on your retirement!

Lisa Bottenfield

Staunton District Business Administrator

Randy is constantly focused on safety, district progress and fostering an

open and collaborative environment. The district is full of opportunity, ethical

and dedicated employees who enjoy great mentorship - highlighted by close

fellowship – all made possible by Randy’s leadership. We all wish Randy the

absolute best in happiness and health as he begins his VDOT retirement!

Sandy Myers

Staunton District Communications Manager

Thank you for your outstanding leadership while at VDOT. I always

appreciated your common sense approach to issues. You have been

a very positive leader for the Staunton District, and I appreciate all of

your support throughout my time here. I wish you all the best and

hope you enjoy every minute of retirement. No one deserves it more!

Brandi Baylor

District Human Resources Manager

Randy has been my supervisor for 18 straight years. I don't think I would

be where I am today without his mentorship and encouragement. His

integrity and dedication is unquestionable and I am a better person

and professional for having worked with him.

Todd A. Stevens

District Construction Engineer

I went to work for Randy in the late 1990's as his Assistant Residency

Administrator at the Luray Residency. He was a good man, leader, and

mentor to work for and I will always appreciate the opportunity he gave me

to advance my career. Randy, please enjoy your much-deserved retirement!

Bob Childress

Construction Manager

I am very grateful for Randy’s guidance and leadership over the years.

His professionalism, work ethic and dedication have always been

inspiring. Congratulations on your retirement and I wish you much

happiness in the years ahead!

Robert Good

District Project Controls Engineer

Best wishes on your next career move and a well-deserved retirement.

Staunton District has always set a high bar for performance and innovation,

and we have consistently met that while under your leadership. Thank you.

It has been a pleasure serving under your guidance and direction.

Matt Shiley

Staunton District Traffic Operations Director




"If I had it all to do over again, I'd do it"

Barry Sweitzer remembers his first day working for VDOT like it was yesterday. “Chief said,

‘Here, put these on.’ They were hip waders, and I was scared to death of water. I said, ‘Uh-oh,

what have I gotten myself into?’” Barry says through laughter. With a 50-pound stake bag over

his shoulder and an ax in hand, Barry waded into the Rappahannock River. He was just 17 years

old and shaking in his boots when he drove stakes to lay out the Robert O. Norris Bridge.

That was 1953, and Barry had just graduated from Edinburg High School when he was hired

by Central Office to be on a survey crew in Saluda. Today, Barry has wrapped up 70 years

with VDOT. “That’s a remarkable accomplishment to say the least,” proclaims Staunton District

Engineer Randy Kiser. “They don’t grow people like Barry anymore. I’d like to see a hundred

more Barrys coming through the VDOT organization.”

During the early years, Barry worked throughout the Commonwealth until the military

called him to serve in Korea. “They took advantage of what I’d already learned in Survey

and put me in what they called the Fire Direction Center.” Barry describes his work as

calculating data for artillery batteries.

Shortly after Barry’s two years in the U.S. Army, he was promoted to Survey Party Chief

in Winchester. Most chiefs got their own survey party in about 20 years, explains Barry,

who calls it a “mark of pride” that he managed to do it in just nine. He attributes

the opportunity to “the most magnificent road system ever devised” – the interstates.

“Most of 81 right through here (from West Virginia to Rockingham County) and all of

66 toward Front Royal, including the river crossings – that was mine as a Party Chief,”

Barry recalls.

Barry went on to become a transportation engineer in Richmond and then the Staunton

District until his first retirement in 1991. But Barry couldn’t stay away. He came back

to VDOT part time reviewing plans and right-of-way questions in his hometown of

Edinburg, where he worked until his final retirement in September 2022 at the age of 87.

The retirement system didn’t expect me to live this long, and I fooled ‘em,” he jokes.

ABOVE and BELOW: Barry during

his earlier years at VDOT.

Friends and colleagues describe Barry as a walking encyclopedia and a kind man. “Everybody who’s ever worked with Barry loves

and respects him,” says Edinburg Residency Administrator Ed Carter.

Jerry Copp, retired Edinburg Residency Administrator who has known Barry for a half a century, says he does a lot for the

community. “He’s an outstanding engineer, he’s always proved his word, and he’s a God-loving person.”

Edinburg Residency Assistant Engineer Matt Smith says a lot of history is leaving the building. “Barry is just a great person and

we all benefit from him being around. He’s going to be missed.”

Barry will stay busy with church and the Ruritan Club, where he’s a charter member. “But I’m really going to miss the people,”

he shares. “It’s been a very rewarding career for me. If I had it all to do over again, I’d do it. I’d even go out and wade the

Rappahannock again.”

LEFT: Randy Kiser presenting Barry with an award celebrating 70 years of service. CENTER: Barry keeping the crowd laughing

during a celebration party at the Edinburg Residency September 30. RIGHT: Barry with a congratulatory cake.




When you’re responsible for hundreds of bridges and culverts, it pays to look ahead.

All five bridge-maintenance crews in the Staunton District do that through careful

planning and scheduling, as well as stockpiling materials for the following season.

Rehabilitating or replacing a structure requires project scoping, design and engineering,

environmental permits, hydraulic plans and sometimes utility relocation. This work

may start 2-3 years before construction, so bridge crews routinely juggle dozens of


Verona Bridge, for example, has already scheduled the replacement or rehabilitation of about 10

structures in Augusta and Highland counties during 2023. Their storage yard has the box culverts,

pipes and concrete slabs that they need for all those jobs. “We don’t want to close a bridge when

we don’t have what we need to replace it,” explains Verona Bridge Supervisor Nick Simmons. “We

try to get one done and go immediately onto the next one.”

Verona is among three locations in the district (along with Lexington and Harrisonburg) where

bridge crews pour concrete slabs during the fall and winter. Inside large equipment bays, crew

members build concrete forms from wood and steel rebar. They’re moved outside for concrete

pours on mild-weather days, but crews can take steps to keep the material warm while it cures.

Steve Malcolm, Staunton District Bridge Maintenance Manager, says it’s the ideal way to spend

the cold-weather months. “During construction season, you don’t want to take three weeks out

to go pour the slabs,” he notes. “You want to have March to October booked.”

The concrete slabs that are poured and stored by Staunton District bridge crews are used to

replace small bridges on secondary roads. The old structures, typically constructed with steel

beams and timber decking, last an average of 30 years. Their concrete replacements have an

expected lifespan of 75 to 100 years.

“That’s part of the innovation,” Malcolm says. “We’re definitely increasing the life of the structure.”

The Verona Bridge

Crew pours concrete

into a half-dozen

forms. The resulting

slabs will be part

of a new bridge

along Route 607 in

Highland County.

Moving Forward – Focus on Innovation


Interchange improvements at I-81 Exit 205 in Rockbridge County were completed

in late September. Three projects under a single construction contract combine

to improve safety and traffic flow near several truck stops and other businesses

in the Raphine area. Contractors extended northbound and southbound

acceleration lanes, widened off-ramps and constructed new turn lanes. SMART

SCALE and the I-81 CIP provided funding for the improvements. The photo at

bottom left shows traffic approaching the intersection of Route 606 (Raphine

Road) and the northbound I-81 ramps.

In October 2022 VDOT requested proposals for the Staunton-area widening

project (exit 221 to 225) from qualified design-build firms. A contract could be

awarded in April 2023, with construction to follow later in the year. The designbuild

method allows the contractor to begin work on the project's early phases

while assisting with the design process. This will be the first I-81 CIP widening

project in the Staunton District to go under construction.

The I-81 CIP communications team has refreshed the appearance and function

of Improve81.org. The dedicated website now includes more traffic information,

corridor-wide alerts, and project listings that can be sorted by mile marker,

schedule or cost. The home page also includes links to Improve81 videos,

podcasts and quarterly newsletters.




The Staunton District has brought home two Commissioner’s Awards this year

– both for their courageous actions during emergency situations.

Jeff Boyer, Incident Management Coordinator for the Edinburg Residency,

displayed bravery earning him the Commissioner’s award for heroism.

In October 2021, Boyer was on the scene of a multi-vehicle crash on a bridge

along I-81 in Shenandoah County. A truck driver involved in the accident was

trapped in the burning cab of his tractor trailer. Boyer helped to battle the blaze

with fire extinguishers saving the life of the driver.

From the Fancy Hill Area Headquarters, three transportation operators acted

quickly and decisively to help save a driver’s life after a crash in Rockbridge

County. Their selfless efforts earned each of them the Commissioner’s Award

for heroism.

In July 2021 while working in the area, John Montgomery, Steve Cales,

and Fred Bryant helped on the scene of a vehicle crash involving a fully

loaded dump truck overturned on a bridge over Buffalo Creek and a pickup

that had been pushed through the concrete railing. The pickup went over the

side of the bridge and landed 40 feet below, upside down next to a creek.

Montgomery grabbed a first-aid kit to assist the dump truck driver while Cales

used a traffic vest as a makeshift tourniquet to help the driver of the pickup

who was bleeding profusely from his upper arm. Cales and Bryant helped to

carry the victim out of the embankment extending his life.

ABOVE: Jeff Boyer

BELOW: Montgomery, Cales and



The Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB) held its two-day September

meeting in the city of Staunton, giving the district a chance to showcase its

natural beauty and diverse transportation network.

The 17-member board oversees the operations of VDOT and the Department

of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT). Three of its members are from the

Staunton District: Mark Merrill of Winchester, Thomas "Ty" Lawson of

Winchester and Randolph "Randy" Laird of Staunton.

Following a work session on September 20th, CTB members boarded

a special excursion run of the Virginia Scenic Railway (photos at right).

Buckingham Branch Railroad launched the passenger service in August

2022 and already has plans to expand in 2023. The railway makes threehour

trips between Staunton and Goshen or Ivy. The CTB's ride included a

"lights-out" passage through the Blue Ridge Tunnel under Afton Mountain.

Near the end of its

action meeting on

September 21, CTB

members and the

audience offered a

standing ovation to retiring VDOT Staunton District Engineer

Randy Kiser (bottom left photo).

"You are very well respected here in the department as well as

the district. I want to thank you for your service," said VDOT

Commissioner Stephen Brich.





Veterans Day is Friday, November 11. Below are some of the VDOT Staunton District employees who have served

in the armed forces. Join us in honoring their service and sacrifice by saying "Thank You for Your Service!"

Jon J. Carter

Staunton District Pavement Marking & Signs

United States Marine Corps – 1975 to 1981

Merril McGee Jr.

Lexington Residency Sign

United States Air Force – 1986 to 1990

Jackie Christian

Regional ITS Maintenance Monitor

United States Army – 1967 to 1969

Faron Ocheltree

Incident Management Coordinator

United States Coast Guard – 1983 to 1988

C.J. Duffy

Staunton District Traffic Signal Technician

United States Air Force – 2002 to 2006

Rex Pearce

Staunton District Bridge Engineer

United States Navy – 1979 to 1982

Gordon Ellison

Senior Engineer, Staunton Bridge

United States Army – 2012 to 2020

Roy Reid

Staunton Traffic Operations Center

United States Air Force – 1987 to 1993

Dominick Formato

Transportation Operator II, Mint Spring AHQ

United States Navy – 2009 to 2021

Patrick Shuman

Staunton District Construction Inspector

United States Army – 8 years

Timothy Hall

Transportation Operator II, Stephens City AHQ

United States Air Force – 1980 to 1994

Rodney "Scott" Snider

Permits Eng. Technician Sr., Harrisonburg Residency

United States Air Force – 4 years

Keith Harrop

Staunton District Construction Manager

United States Army National Guard – 17 years

Jay Strong

Environmental Specialist, Lexington Residency

United States Navy – 1987 to 2015

Alan Johnson

Assistant District Bridge Maintenance Engineer

United States Army – 1992 to 1996

Michael Surratt

Staunton District Traffic Engineering

United States Navy Seabees – 1980 to 2000

Tanya Johnson

Financial Accounting Manager

United States Army – 2011 to 2013

Joel Taylor

Staunton District Construction Inspector

United States Marine Corps – 1991 to 1995

Doane Lam

Transportation Operator II, Mauzy AHQ

United States Army SPC – 4 years

April Truxell

Maintenance Supervisor, Warm Springs AHQ

Va. Army National Guard – 2002 to 2008, 2015 to 2022

Burgess Lindsey

Harrisonburg Assistant Residency Administrator

United States Air Force – 8 ½ years

Gary Via Jr.

Superintendent, Mount Crawford AHQ

United States Army – 4 years



The VDOT Staunton District has kicked off its 2023 fund-raising events for the Commonwealth

of Virginia Campaign (CVC). About 800 charitable organizations benefit from CVC, many of

them in the Shenandoah Valley and Alleghany Highlands. Go to www.cvcgives.org to find out

more and to sign up for online giving.

VDOT employees teed it up alongside contractors, consultants and friends

October 8 at Gypsy Hill Golf Course in Staunton. The golf tournament offered

fun and fellowship while raising $2,110 for the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank,

one of the Commonwealth of Virginia (CVC) charities. VDOT Construction

Inspector Joel Taylor organized the golf outing, which drew a total of 18

teams – and strong interest in making it a regular event.

The VDOT Staunton District complex hosted

a CVC Carnival on October 25.

The event featured skill games from

several VDOT sections, a pumpkin carving

contest, raffle tickets for prizes, pork

barbecue sandwiches and a baked-goods

competition. The district Location &

Design team organized the event, which

raised $1,088. The Fiscal Section's cake

walk raised the most money, giving those

employees the choice of which CVC charity

would benefit from the carnvial. They

chose Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation

for Childhood Cancer.


Employees from the Harrisonburg Residency gathered October 27 for their

Safety / CVC Day. Highlights included safety and wellness presentations

from CommonHealth and the Department of Wildlife Resources. The day

offered several fundraisers: a cornhole tournament, silent auction, raffle

tickets, and the "Crockpot-Luck" competition. Organizers also honored

veterans, presented service awards, and provided a flu shot clinic. The event

raised about $1,650 for CVC charities.

The VDOT Edinburg Residency is hosting a CVC/Safety Day on November 4 at the Winchester AHQ.

More events and opportunities to support CVC are on the way - so keep your eye on email and EBBs!







November and December 2022

VDOT'S 2023 Safety Excellence Award

Program (SEAP) is officially underway!


Online Safety Training

Field Employee Training

» Field Safety

» Safety Reporting

» VDOT Fire Equinguisher Training

» Construction: Caught-in or


Office Employee Training

» Office Safety

» Safety Reporting

» VDOT Fire Equinguisher Training

» Active Shooter 2.0

To begin this year's training modules

visit the VDOT-U website

Safety Videos

Creating engaging safety training videos

that demonstate useful safety practices in a

compelling and creative way.

*Need help getting started? Have questions?

Contact Chris Testerman at 540-480-8900

or Janice Ramsey at 540-332-8934

1 Year

Melissa Harper

Adam Neil

Jared Madison

Matthew Ulmer Jr.

Evan Vaus

Mark Kapp

Cathal Duffy

Wesley E. Elmore

Daniel Victor Moroz

Brandon Wease

Jordan Chandler

3 Years

Christopher M. Payne

Wayne A. Keister

John W. Smith

John M. Selby

Joseph R. Stacey

5 Years

Trent J. Dudley

William H. Beatty Jr.

Colton D. Henry

Lester E. Miller Jr.

Ronald E. Bowman

Ray N. Moyer Jr.

10 Years

Willard K. White Jr.

Thomas L. Bohrer

Robert D. Moore

Joshua W. Dunlap

Aaron P. Warr

15 Years

William P. Falls

Larry W. Bogan

David C. Morris

Garry L. Thompson Jr.

Lenford S. Morris Jr.

30 Years

Raymond W. Lightner

William R. Gehman

David A. Dean

Douglas L. Howell

35 Years

Gregory T. Hoffman

Rhonda L. Funkhouser

45 Years

Ricky L. Fultz


September and October 2022

Training workshops throughout Virginia

both in person and online.

Right now, there are open spots in 19 online

courses and 2 in-person courses in Harrisonburg.

With a variety of traffic related topics

including safety, pavement basics,

work zone traffic control and more.

For more information or to register go to:


New Hires / Rehires

Mark Wolfe, TO II, Millboro Springs/Warm Springs

David Tyree, TO II, Fancy Hill

April Truxell, TO II, Millboro Springs

Jonathan Dean, TO II, McGaheysville

Amy Henderson, Fiscal Tech, Staunton

Bryce Fruck, Operator SB, Luray

Vladimir Sholomitskiy, TO II, McGaheysville

James Bennett, TO II, Winchester

Michael Cather, TO II, Berryville



It is hard to believe this will be my last newsletter as

Staunton’s District Administrator. It has been a pleasure

serving you and I have been truly blessed to work with

such an amazing staff. I have enjoyed the past 12 years

as District Engineer, eight years as District Construction/

PE Manager and 11 years as Luray Resident Engineer.

Mount Crawford AHQ crew resurfacing

on Route 726 (Apple Valley Road) in

Rockingham County on September 26.

Toms Brook AHQ crew skin patching

on Route 678 (Fort Valley Road) in

Shenandoah County on September 27.

My job was easy compared to other VDOT Districts

because of the strong work ethic and desire to be the

best by most District employees. Missing the people has

made the decision to retire from VDOT a lot harder than

I ever imagined.

As I reflect, I’m very proud of our consistent performance of leading the state

in developing and delivering the program with quality and safety in mind. We

continue to proactively manage and lead the state in pavements, bridges and

our ordinary maintenance tasks. We are leaders in prompt pay, inventory, safety,

low vacancy rates and – as this newsletter reveals – leaders in the statewide

and regional Roadeos. We have accomplished too much to mention here.

I'm very optimistic about the future of VDOT. Revenues are strong to support our

maintenance and construction needs. I'm confident more funding will be directed

to maintaining our roads and bridges.

It has been an honor and privilege serving as your District Engineer and I

will deeply miss serving you in this role. I have learned a lot because of you.

I will look back at my role as District Engineer as one of the most satisfying parts

of my working career.

I plan to continue to work in the transportation industry next year in the private

sector, I hope our paths cross again. I'm confident the new District Engineer will

be strong and experienced to lead you forward. I expect the announcement of the

new District Engineer sometime in November. Please continue to be the best as

you move forward with new leadership. Your hard work and focus will continue

to Keep Virginia moving safely!

Harrisonburg Residency trainers putting

chainsaw safety training into action

on VDOT property along Route 262 in

Augusta County on September 29.

Best wishes and be careful and safe in everything you do.

Randy S. Kiser, P.E.

Staunton District Administrator

Transporation Operator Brandon

McDonald helping an 8th grader

experience a simulated loader at

the 'Worlds of Work' career fair in

Winchester on October 13.

Staunton District Office of Communications

811 Commerce Road, Staunton, VA 24401-9029

© 2022 Commonwealth of Virginia

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