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blood bits


subey art


nft comeback


what i found







& MUCH more



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CultureHacker update #alpha


StepanHlinka on doing it better.


nft_god with writing tips #alpha


LamboLandNFT looks at what it takes to

make it.


SquadsProtocol announces major

facelift. #alpha


L0SxS0L looks at what makes Subey special

BLOOD bits

The_AO8 looks at NFT through a different

lens - literally #alpha

96 GHOSTkid


pixelbatu explains the benefits of being a

Ghostkid holder #alpha


Bearlabs review #alpha


Issue 80

#SHILL has its own NFTs up for auction on Exchange.art and now Formfunction! Proceeds go to helping this

magazine grow and become better. All the World's a Stage is live now https://exchange.art/pixeltoy/ and Do

You See Me? https://formfunction.xyz/@Pixeltoy.sol/

A special shoutout to @alphaomega8 for their current SINUS RHYTHM 2 edition mint. AlphaOmega has DM

#SHILLzine to offer sales profits to support the magazine. Totally out of the blue and greatly appreciated.

Here's to hoping the 10 editions mint out!

A hectic week. A few purchases for the #SHILLzine vault (as shown here). I had 2 magazines to publish for IRL

work plus an all day zoom meeting on Saturday meaning I lose about 8hrs that I would have put into the zine.

PLUS, it's my birthday!

Ready to dive in?

Enough said. You know the drill.


Sinus Rhythm 2 @alphaomega8

Eating Colors @arielgricio The Justice @arielgricio

Cyberobama @mirandaparkerart

My robbery @ArielGricio




Talked with a number of project founders

who received 0 royalties since ME's

update. Many have revenue streams built on

B2B which are nose diving because projects

are cutting out services while royalties

dry up. Mods and CMs the first on the

chopping block as projects make cuts.

f@#k art

Keep your eyes on...



Secret Sphinx Society


As I prepare to drop MAYHEM on OCT 26th. A dark & twisted tale that is told through 1/1’s, 12” vinyl & limited

editions I wanted to share my experimentation in the space & what I’ve learned.

I got into NFTs almost 2 years ago. I consider minting to be an extension of my creative process. I feel that creativity

rests at the edge of failure and I often find that you learn more from what breaks.

For instance, I tried to do an everyday art project in 2019 and failed, tried in 2020 failed again. But have been

going strong since 2021. Today marks my 662 day! Hard at first but over time has become part of a daily routine.

It’s freeing not to worry about perfection.


SHILL Issue #80

I’m a storyteller having worked as a writer/director/producer of films, tv and games for over 20 years. The development

process within the entertainment industry is slow and exploitative.

I’m currently using NFTs to R&D new storyworlds, IP and methods to reach and collaborate with communities.

Web3 enables a rapid iterative development cycle for storytelling/entertainment that is at odds with the traditional

permission-based culture that exists in Hollywood.

My experiments have shown me the value of storytelling, immersion, and community. My focus is connecting

virtual and IRL I believe that’s how more people will enter the ecosystem. To me that is utility.

Back in the summer I released ODYSSEY a deep space psychological thriller meets escape room where 1/1’s and

limited-edition art impacts the experience. What you collect and who you play with makes the experience different

each time.

SHILL Issue #80


I’ve learned that agency is critical. That mixing something

innovative with something familiar can greatly

enhance engagement. If something is too innovative

you loose people and if it’s too familiar it’s boring and

people detach.

After a number of successful escape room prototypes

I’m going to expand the project. I’m currently taking

what I’ve learned and will be releasing ODYSSEY 2.0 in


The result is a glitch art inspired experience where

players immersive themselves in the ODYSSEY storyworld

as they play, they unlock opportunities to collect

pieces that are uncovered throughout the experience.

of decentralized art.

The first wknd of each month we invite artists to join

us in creating a new DAM issue of the magazine. Each

issue has a different theme. We’re about to start the

6th issue #DAMselfie

By coming together monthly we learn from each other

and experiment with how we make and sell work. We

also amplify each other’s art - together we bring more

attention to artists working at all levels.

If you’ve read this far thank you! I’m always up for a

collab so if you want to experiment my DM is always


I’ve also come to learn the value of community. When

@lowbrownative and I started @DAMzine the goal

was to celebrate the creation, discovery and collection


SHILL Issue #80







































This took me 5 years to learn. I’ll teach it to you in 2

minutes Here are 42 sentences that’ll make you more

money than a $131,600 business degree:

Your customer’s fear of loss is more

powerful than their desire for gain.

Don’t sell the product, sell the outcome.

Don’t lower your prices, increase your


Start with a narrow niche first and expand


Desirable outcome + proof + scarcity +

urgency + guarantee + bonuses = irresistible


Don’t rely on social media, build your

email list.

Story is the most powerful marketing


If you try to appeal to everyone, you’ll

end up appealing to no one.

Ask for the sale every single day.

100 ideal followers are more valuable

than 10,000 random followers.

Use retargeting ads to show content and

offers to all website visitors & followers,

it prints money.

Email your list at least 1x a week.

Always pre-sell your offer before building


The greatest skill you can develop is

decreasing the time between idea and


People buy with emotion (stories), then

justify with logic (statistics, graphs,


Study psychology, persuasion, and copywriting.

98% of people are not ready to buy now,

but if you keep showing up, they might

buy later.

Most money is in the follow-up.

The goal of your front-end offer is to

acquire new customers, not to make a


The goal of your back-end offer is to

make a profit.

Focus on building a monthly recurring

revenue so you don’t start each month

at $0.

The goal of your marketing is to make

your prospects feel understood.

Respond with “I completely understand”

to every objection from a prospect.

Your job on a sales call is to ask specific

questions, shut up and listen.

Best-known product will beat the best

product every single time.

It is not how much you make; it is how

much you keep.

He or she who can afford to spend the

most to acquire a new customer win.

Never compromise your reputation for



SHILL Issue #80


Action items: 1. Use white space 2. Shorten sentences

3. Vary sentence length 4. Eliminate blocks

of long text 4. Ascending sentence sizes look cool

Punchiness The number one rule in life is don’t be

boring. You need to feel like you’ve been slapped

in the face when you read your tweet Use words

that aren’t boring: • Critical • Instantly • Simple

Action Items: 1. Review all tweets before posting

2. Make sure the first and last lines punch you in

the gut 3. If they don’t, either reformat or reword

the tweet

Simplicity > Complexity Don’t try to outsmart

people on Twitter People aren’t on this dopamine

factory to feel dumb They want to get information

as quickly and simply as possible If the choice is

between simple or smart, always go simple

Action Items: 1. Eliminate long or complex words

2. Eliminate anything that isn’t the core concept

of your tweet 3. Get rid of descriptors and details

that don’t matter 4. Get to the point as quickly as

you can

Replies I’ve long preached replies are critical for

Twitter growth in order to expand your audience,

you need to be viewed on other accounts Quality

is important not just for tweets, but also replies

Replies need to: • Stand alone • Be retweetable •

Slap hard

Action Items: 1. Apply all the previous rules to

replies 2. Make the reply stand alone. If people

didn’t see the original tweet, would they still

understand your reply? 3. Make a daily routine of

replying. I set aside 10 minutes a night for replies.

Writing is a skill just like anything else Improvement

requires repetitions Take these tips and I

promise your skills will improve over time Just

remember: a good idea written poorly will lose to

a bad idea written magnificently.

SHILL Issue #80





DeGods is the #1 NFT project on Solana. But did you

know they initially failed so bad that the founder @

frankdegods was receiving death threats? Here’s the

greatest NFT comeback story:

It wasn’t just clown emojis though. Frank was receiving

death threats. “Right after mint we didn’t have the

marketplace ready, so everybody hated me and my

team. They were sending me death threats on Discord.”

- @frankdegods

Two days later the DeGods marketplace launched. But

it was filled with bugs. Which resulted in some people

losing their DeGods or their $SOL. This marked a turning

point for DeGods...

DeGods was the most hyped mint of October 2021.

So hyped that it minted out in under 10 seconds. But,

there was a problem.

The people who minted a DeGod had no way of selling

it. See, Frank & his team were building their own marketplace

for DeGods. But it wasn’t ready yet.

They were no longer the most hyped Solana NFT project.

People had lost faith in the team. DeGods were

once again, the underdogs.

Quote Tweet

And people were pissed. They thought they just got

rugged. Any time Frank would type in the Discord it

would be spammed with clown emojis.

Frank @frankdegods

Feels good being the underdogs again.

Frank needed to win back the community. So, he

started by refunding everyone who lost money on the

DeGods marketplace. And he reassured people that

the team is still building. Then Frank did something

nobody expected.

He hired the biggest DeGod fudders. “We basically

made a decision at the end of December, to take all top

10 of our fudders and hire them as mods” - @frankdegods


SHILL Issue #80

But why did he do this?

Well, to quote Frank. “I realized that the people who might be talking the most shit about you are actually people

who care the most.” Yes, the fudders were saying negative things about DeGods. But that’s because the team

was fucking up and they didn’t want to see DeGods fail.

And that decision was a game changer. With the help of the fudders, Frank made a game plan for 2022. And what

they delivered next, not only won back the trust of the community...It turned DeGods into the #1 NFT project on


They decided to remake every single DeGod trait. See, a lot of DeGods were ugly. And this was holding back the

project. So, on January 26th they announced DeadGods.

DeadGods isn’t a new collection - it’s an update to the DeGods metadata So, the team would make $0 from this

“We we easily could have made fucking m’s dropping a second collection, but we were like man, we want to

make DeGods the best project, we don’t want to dilute the supply”

And yes, the lead up to DeadGods was fucking hyped. The floor pumped to all-time highs. But that wasn’t what

won back the community...

What won back the community was that the team delivered dope fucking art that didn’t dilute the DeGods supply.

This showed that the DeGods team was continuing to build despite all the fud.

Frank went from being clowned on by thousands of people. To the founder of the biggest NFT project on Solana.

This story shows that you don’t need to have a Cinderella start to be successful. Don’t let some failures or some

fud get to you, keep fucking building.

That’s it. I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it.

SHILL Issue #80




Today, we are proud to announce Squads V3, a new multisig standard for teams and individuals looking to securely

manage their on-chain assets. Let’s explore what V3 is about, and why we believe it will become the go-to

multisig solution for the @Solana ecosystem.

Every blockchain ecosystem needs a reliable multi-signature wallet standard. Multisigs are used by individuals,

teams, DAOs, and institutions looking to securely manage their on-chain assets without relying on a single point

of failure.

Our vision for Squads was always about bringing a reliable and user friendly multisig experience to the Solana

ecosystem. With Squads V2 mainnet launch on February 24th, we embarked on a path to realize this vision.

V2 allows users to spin up a multisig wallet in seconds, store and send digital assets, do swaps, and earn yield. In

less than 6 months over 2.5k multisigs were deployed with V2. In the process of developing and iterating on V2,

we came to several core realizations.

First, multisigs go far beyond treasury custody & management. They are the core infrastructure for web3 native

teams to manage all kinds of on-chain assets such as programs and tokens, making multisigs an essential part of

the workflow tooling stack for web3 native teams.

Second, most teams on Solana rely on centralized entities for treasury custody due to a lack of a reliable Solana-native

solution. They also choose to upgrade their programs with a single key usually stored on a Ledger.

Third, Solana needs a multisig standard that the ecosystem can unite behind, one which does not make tradeoffs

when it comes to satisfying the security criteria for a reliable multisig standard, those include making codebase

open source, multiple audits, peer reviews and more.

These realizations have prompted us to get back to the drawing board and design a new multisig standard as well

as a new product experience to support it. This is how V3 was born.

To ensure the security of the V3 standard we did the following: - audits by @BramahSystems and @osec_io- new

program written in @anchorlang- peer reviews by experienced teams in the space - @Sec3dev premium tool

running for any changes to the on-chain code.

The on-chain code for V3 was purposely made minimal so it would be easier to audit and review. The code

is already open-source and Anchor verified, you can review it right now on our Github: https://github.com/


Squads Multisig Program Library. Contribute to Squads-Protocol/squads-mpl development by creating an account

on GitHub.

We could not have missed the opportunity to rethink the user interface and user experience for Squads V3. The

new interface is clean, simple, and agnostic, with numerous design choices guided by the extensive feedback we

got from our V2 users.


SHILL Issue #80

As of today, core features of V3 include: - basic multisig functionality - program management allowing to upgrade

Solana programs together with your team - transaction builder for initiating custom transactions with arbitrary


For the launch, we’ve also completed numerous integrations: - @saydialect notifications to stay up to date with

events in your Squad - @bonfida’s SNS domains - @MagicEden integration to buy listed NFTs directly from your

Squad - @cardinal_labs identity integration.

Our price feeds are of course powered by @PythNetwork.

The cost of network fees for Squad deployment as well as any transaction initiation has been significantly optimized

and made dynamic. Setting up your multisig with Squads is now by far the cheapest option in the ecosystem.

SHILL Issue #80


Finally, Squads V3 is available on mobile starting from today!

And this is just the beginning of our journey. Here’s some of what’s coming: - treasury management features

such as batch payments, streams and yield vaults - token management support so you can mint fungible tokens,

NFTs and manage their properties all from your Squad - our long awaited @Realms_DAOs integration - @xnft_

Backpack & Android mobile app to make sure that Squads users have an intuitive native mobile experience when

@solanamobile arrives.

To help us refine the V3 standard, we have formed a collective of teams called the “Self-Custody Society” (SCS).

They are our trusted partners and allies in the goal to create a multisig standard that the Solana ecosystem can

rely on.


SHILL Issue #80

Join us for DAM #6 the

portrait issue. Reimagine the

self portrait - paint,

illustrate, glitch, collage,

photograph and/or

use AI.

Subvert, parody, reclaim

& have fun w/ creating


-kickoff twitter space Nov 3rd

@ 6:30pm PT / 9:30pm ET
























Stumbling upon the concept of string theory while watching The Big Bang, @subey_art chose to rethink her traditional

approach to ink drawings. What has emerged has arguably become her best work yet. Come with me as I

untangle this artists’ stunning ode to raw emotion.

Her series ‘String Theory’, @subey_art reflects on the scientific theory which implies everything in our universe

is made up of tiny one-dimensional strings. Her art focuses on how these strings interact as they connect everything

to everyone, including ourselves.


SHILL Issue #80

‘It got me thinking of making art with scribble techniques and watching each character interact with themselves,

their emotions and events from their lives.’ @subey_art

SHILL Issue #80


These ideas continue to evolve as @subey_art encourages the viewer to address their own emotions when

viewing her art. ‘If I could understand other emotions outside of mine, if I could create a clear depiction of what

someone out there feels, they might feel less alone.’


SHILL Issue #80

This thought experiment has led to profound insights which are reflected in @subey_art’s work. ‘Even when at

rock bottom, when you have resigned to faith - life still finds a way to burst that bubble. I’m trying to drag that

emotion out and stretch it as much as possible.’

This desire to create pieces that speak intimately to our deeper emotions, to quietly draw them out then leave us

to unravel them in our own time, is executed beautifully.

@subey_art stands out in this space; her art is bold and tugs on emotional strings like no one else.

SHILL Issue #80



“Blood Bits” Digitally colored broken red blood cells on paper. New work from “Tales from the clinic” series Reserve:

0.1 sol Tick size: 0.25 sol 24h, starting at 8 pm UTC on @exchgART

(link below together with a short thread) 50% of proceedings to charities #NFTs #SolanaNFTs


SHILL Issue #80


Blood Bits - Alphaomega8 | Exchange Art

A schistocyte (a blood bit) (from the greek σχιστός, “divided/broken”, and κύτος, “hollow” (then “cell”)) is a

fragment of a red blood cells. The presence of these broken cells is a common finding in conditions called “microangiopathies”.

SHILL Issue #80


In these diseases, the coagulation is activated inside intact blood vessels, this forming clots. The lumen of the

vessel is thus greatly reduced, and well red blood cells pass through they break up.


SHILL Issue #80

It is easy to identify them at microscopy on a peripheral blood smear. Normal red blood cells are biconcave disks

and at light microscopy they appear as round shaped, with a clear center.

Instead, the shapes schistocytes assume are varied, from the classical “helmet cells” to more curious ones.

SHILL Issue #80


Microangiopathies can be extremely dangerous, even hematologic emergencies. Thus, the importance of recognizing




SHILL Issue #80

@yobaninja& @alphaomega8

SHILL Issue #80



What is the success reason behind @GhostKidDAO?

In this family, which I recently joined, I saw a feature that I had never seen before in my one past year. The more I

thought about it, the more I realized it was more than a utility.

First, GhostKid is a pixel art pfp project consisting of 5K supply, 6 SOL floor price and a total volume of more than

100K SOL

Highlights - Boonties - Raffles - Staking - Meme Generator - Community


What is the first thing anyone interested in NFT learns? The more tweet engagement you have, the more recognition

you get. The same rule applies to projects. Projects with high engagement gain more new buyers and gain

reputation by raising the floor price.

GhostKid knew this well. For this reason, they combined the community with the boonties system. As you can

see below, a bountie has been opened for the new owner for 1/1 GhostKid. The task is simple, show this new

owner some love!


SHILL Issue #80

Since your social accounts are linked to the site, the interaction you give to the tweet is checked within seconds

and you are entitled to collect your Spookies. A small reward for an easy task. So where will you use this award?


Of course, in the raffles, which is another utility. As hard to believe, you can get a raffle ticket for just 5 Spookies

or $BOO tokens. These giveaways are not as small as you might think because GhostKidDAO is a huge community.

Check out the latest giveaways!

SHILL Issue #80


Incredibly large prize pools from incredibly big projects! The prize pool is almost over 2000 SOL The system is

simple, the more you raid, the more Spookies you earn. It is possible to increase your chances by buying more

than one ticket to a raffle!


Don’t like to raid? So, don’t just increase the project value thanks to staking and spend the $BOO tokens you get

in the raffles.

Meme Generator

This is my favorite Look at this meme generator on website! Incredibly useful for keeping the community together.


SHILL Issue #80


High prize pool, raid for all members and a constantly updated roadmap.

@GhostKidDAO is open for anyone who needs a family and a home.





SHILL Issue #80


















BearLabs @bearlabs.medium.com

While the Cryptocurrency sector and its sub-niche

“NFT” space are undoubtedly unique, the platform

BearLabs is covering today — Scalp Empire, has a story

that we believe genuinely encapsulates and portrays

the true essence of what crypto stands for.

It’s a story filled with heartaches, setbacks, roadblocks,

more setbacks, passion, determination, perseverance,

and inspiration. It’s one that our core team, who has

over two decades of combined experience in the

cryptocurrency sector, has never seen even remotely


Core Team

Kind3r - Leader / Main Dev

Bibise — The “Real Boss” (And perhaps the most

supportive wife ever)

Adurnam — Community lead


Discord - https://www.discord.gg/uBVgnSWydc

Twitter — https://www.twitter.com/ScalpEmpireNFT


Website — https://www.scalp-empire.com/

Initial Release

Scalp Empire, founded in 2021, was created to support

NFT swing traders and/or “scalpers” (those seeking

to buy undervalued positions with the goal of a quick

entry and exit for small yet consistent profits), gain an

analytical edge over those who were manually trading.

At first, Scalp Empire launched as a free tool that

strictly provided analytical data to its users. Shortly

after, two weeks to be exact, it became a paid tool,

and a “gold” native coin was released as the primary

payment form.

Transition to Paid

With the move to a paid platform, Scalp Empire also

began adding additional features to their platform,

such as a mint bot. This allowed traders to take advantage

of NFT mints or the day the collection hit the

markets for public purchases and trading.

This was towards the end of 2021, and little did the

team know at the time that come to the turning of the

new year, the trajectory for the company would be

completely altered.

January 2022

The Scalp Empire team had a new advantageous plan

for the new year. They strategically planned to roll

out a secondary coin, a silver coin, that, similarly to

the gold coin, would grant access to the platform with

certain restrictions (mainly access or lack thereof to

the mint bot).

Although those holding the gold coins at the time

were awarded whitelist privileges (guaranteed mint),

it was a public mint. With that said, it turned out that

the large majority (nearly all) of those who minted the

silver coin were also the ones holding the gold coins —

in short, not many from outside the community joined

in on the silver coin mint.

Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned. As soon as

the mint was complete, those holding the new silver

coin rushed to list them for sale on the market. With

each new listing came a lower FP or floor price (the

price of the cheapest coin on the market).

The panic set in, and the race to offload the freshly

minted silver coins intensified as the holders began

competing for who could sell theirs for the lowest

price. Eventually, the coins became near worthless.

They made it past this dreaded date, but as they would

soon learn, they were not out of the woods yet, in fact,

nowhere close to it.

Towards the end of January, the well-known decentralized

NFT marketplace, Magic Eden, with whom the

Scalp Empire tool connected directly with to receive

their data feed via API (application programming interface),

had enhanced their security measures.

This essentially blocked data from flowing back and

forth to the platform and near instantly made the

analytical side of Scalp Empire obsolete, as it was no

longer functioning correctly (if at all).

The Developers (Devs) had a hard time keeping up and

even stated, “It was like Magic Eden (ME) was trying to

block us.”

January was a long and turbulent month.


SHILL Issue #80

February 2022

Not much after this event took place, a community member/holder (who also happened to be a Dev), going by

the username Kind3r, stepped up to the plate and offered to provide a solution to the roadblock for the team to


While Kind3r’s proposed solution and efforts were indeed paying off, the main team (excluding 2) started losing

momentum and faith in the project’s future.

The team dev also quit responding — At this point, it seemed as if the two community moderators “Adurnam,”

and “Ery”, along with Kind3r (a community member), were the only ones who were trying to save the

project — because they were.

After providing consistent solutions for a week, Kind3r was left with an ultimatum presented by the rest of the

team, who no longer wanted anything to do with Scalp Empire — they would either all step away and let the

project die, or Kind3r could purchase the rights and take over.

A Change is Coming

At this point, Kind3r was caught between a rock and a hard place. He was passionate about Scalp Empire, but he

also had a full-time job, and this would require him to step out and transition to a full-time business owner. A role

that would be completely new to him — not to mention he had very limited (to no) capital.

But along with Adurnam and Ery, (the ultimate trio), the mission to push Scalp Empire forward had begun.

First, they started by:

· Revamping the old liquidity pool and swapping out the native coins for new ones

· Purchased the rights to the newest addition to the platform (an NFT collection), “Nestor”

Nestor is the “Pet” or collection (NFTs) of Beavers that grants full access to Scalp Empire’s platform. Nestors are

traveling between the realms of “Midgar” and “Asgard,” and as they travel through universes, they change or

evolve into different shapes and colors.

Each Nestor has its own unique traits, making them part of a larger NFT collection.

However, regardless of shape or color, each Nestor provides the same value and the same access to the platform.

Nestor’s Price:

· The Floor Price (FP) of one Nestor was 9.34 Solana (SOL)

SHILL Issue #80


· Reached an FP in the high 14 SOL range, nearly

breaking 15 SOL around late May

You can also “Adopt” a Nestor for those looking for

more cost-effective methods while testing the platform.

For a portion of the price it takes to acquire a

Nestor, a user can adopt a Nestor for a pre-determined


Once you pay the adoption fee

· A Nestor is temporarily deposited into your wallet

· Once in that wallet, he cannot be transferred to

another wallet

· You must use that wallet to connect and trade with

· Nestor cannot be placed for sale during this adoption


This method mainly benefits those looking to become

more familiar with Scalp Empire and to experience its

platform before deciding to purchase a Nestor outright.

Although the fee to rent a Nestor is significantly lower

than the overall FP, the user should not plan on renting

a Nestor for long durations as it would be more advantageous

to purchase it outright. This is because over

a month’s time, for instance, the adoption fees would

surpass the total cost of a Nestor.

The newly established team kept things moving, and


· Moved away from using the back-end API to grab

information directly from Magic Eden (ME) and instead

pivoted to grabbing information straight from the onchain

data itself.

· Disabled the mint bots, which turned out to be a

good thing as many projects didn’t want to do business

with them due to the stigma of a project having a Mint


This move came also turned out to be a double positive

as Metaplex had changed their contract making

it less advantageous for mint bots. (If the transaction

failed due to too many attempts, the trader would be

charged even if the trade wasn’t placed — cost traders

money with no results)

Team Expansion

In May of 2022, Kinb3r’s wife “Bibise” — perhaps the

most supportive wife ever — joined the trio to help

assist with documentation creation/review and social

media support (Twitter and Discord).

As the community grew, so did the questions and need

for support, so this was truly a “healthy” sign that the

team and company were headed in the right direction.

A New Focus

A transformation was in process ever since the new

team took over. They, slowly but surely, were evolving

into a true trader’s platform. They honed their focus

on improving and streamlining data and tools so that

traders would be able to capitalize on each trade.

The team shared the vision of scaling (adding features)

while maintaining platform integrity (not jeopardizing

security and/or speed.)

They Soon:

· Listed on https://www.yawww.io/

· Listed on https://solanart.io/

They made these strategic moves to help gain momentum

at such a “renewed” early stage.

Months passed as they continued investing their money,

energy, and nearly every waking hour into Scalp


But traction was being made, and the proof was in


· Announcement of their first collaboration with

“Trading Apes Gang”

· Begin implementing notifications into their platform

· Continually worked on increasing the sniping

performance of their tools

· Broadened their customer base by offering a

subscription-based model — however, these

customers have restricted access to the full features

offered on the platform.

Not Out of the Weeds “Yet”

While things were headed in the right direction for

Scalp Empire, they were by no means clear of turbulence.

In fact, the company itself was rugged twice during this

growth period! The first rug was not as bad, a learning

lesson indeed, yet one that was a “minor” blow.

Unfortunately, the second rug wiped them completely

out. Their company wallet was imported into Slope

Finance, which in early August of 2022, endured a

multi-day, multi-million-dollar exploit. It is estimated

that over $4 Million in funds were stolen from over

9,231 Solana wallets — sadly, Scalp Empires’ entire

funds were one of those compromised wallets.

At this point, the company was completely drained of

funds, and if weren’t for one move, then this would be

an entirely different story. Thankfully, they had paid

their infrastructure invoice right before their wallet got


The true meaning of building from the ground up


Platform Features


First and foremost, Scalp Empire is a big advocate of

security and protecting your assets — and their “Main


SHILL Issue #80

Wallet” feature proves that.

This feature allows a trader to safely store a Nestor in

their main wallet (cold storage if preferred) while using

another wallet to trade out of, almost like a mirrored

wallet. It’s a great safety measure that adds another

layer of protection.

· Custom RPC, or Remote Procedure Call — Used to

collect on-chain data as well as sends transactions

directly to the blockchain.

· Privacy Mode — This allows one to temporarily hide

their total wallet balance and the balance of individual

NFT items. A perfect option for those streaming or

screen sharing

· Clear Cache — A useful feature that allows one

to clear their cache without clearing their other in

platform settings such as their main wallet settings and

watchlist items.

· Clear App Data — This feature will clear all of your

custom settings and inputs back to the default settings.

Trading Features

As time progresses, Scalp Empire continues to add,

refine, and re-refine its trading tools and features

provided to its customers. The following is just a brief

overview of a few features offered; in the next section,

we will elaborate a bit more on them.

· Load NFT Images — We shop with our eyes, it’s a

known fact, and this feature allows you to do just that

by loading the images of each NFT into the Scalp Empire

Analytics or Sniping screen.

· Chart Display — This option, on the sniping tab, allows

you to see the chart and candle formations for said NFT.


Everyone has different preferences when it comes to

making the “perfect” snipe, and the following metrics

are used to help each user identify those opportunities.

· High Royalties Threshold — This filter allows the

trader to set the royalty limit or ceiling for said trade.

If a trader set’s this limit to 8%, the Snipe feature

will automatically dismiss all NFTs that have a royalty

of greater than 8% and instead focus on NFTs with

royalties sub 8%.

· Whale Threshold — Whale watching in this industry

is truly a thing, and this feature makes that experience

easier. The Whale Threshold is a setting that allows you

to track wallets that are being used a specific number of

times for trading activities (you determine the number

of times). This will help the trader determine whether a

project is being scalped by a whale or just regular users.

· Limit Live Chart Rang to FP — Since the price action often experiences spikes and surges, the range variance

can greatly differ, making it hard to understand the true median price range for said NFT. This feature pegs the

price action to the Floor Price (FP), giving a clearer representation of the true price.

· Staking Detection — Dedicated to Scalp Empire collab partners that leverage staking. This only applies to those

using Scalp Empire through a collab and have their NFTs staked. This option can be found and activated under


Scalp Empire’s detailed White Paper can be found Here for a deeper understanding of these features.

Platform Views

Analytics Tab: On this tab, you will find, yes — analytics — on NFT collections.

A high-level view of the analytics tab inside the Scalp Empire platform

SHILL Issue #80


Displaying NFT collection information

To the far left of this page, you will find specific information on the NFT collection, such as the name, mint date,

total items in the collection, number of holders, as well as the total listed percentage.

In the middle, information such as the total trade volume and listed and de-listed items can be found with various

time intervals to choose from.

This column highlights the current FP and the 24H FP in a chart view.


SHILL Issue #80

The icons towards the very end of the page: A shopping cart that takes you to the sniping page, a bell that enables

website notifications, a ME icon that, if clicked on, takes you directly to Magic Eden, and a Cube icon that

takes you directly to Coral Cube.

FFF Tab —

This tab provides an overview of the FFF token market and all assets trading on it.

You will find the coin ticker symbol and full name to the far left.

The Address field displays the coin address to ensure the user is referencing the accurate one to help avoid scams

(Scalp Empire is all about safety!).

The four columns following the address field display information such as volume, sales, and listed and delisted


SHILL Issue #80


The last column displays the number of coins and the floor price or spot price.

Portfolio -

The Portfolio tab displays all the NFT’s in your connected wallet.

The “Show hidden” feature allows you to hide “defected” collections, such as ones that have been rugged, have a

large number of items, or have had previous issues.

The “Show full stats” feature toggles between displaying information such as the collection / rank FP and your

initial buy price versus your break-even price.


SHILL Issue #80

An expanded view of full stats shown

The far-left column displays the NFT collection, the number of items, the percentage of collection items listed, as

well as the number of holders.

The middle columns display information such as Volume, sales, and items listed and delisted in various time intervals.

The FP is also listed towards the end.

In the last column, you can find information such as the total value of your items from this collection and your

average buy-in.

Sniping View:

SHILL Issue #80


The sniping screen can be accessed by clicking the yellow “Sniping” icon with the shopping cart.

Per request, the Scalp Empire team added the “Unified Analytics & Sniper view” toggle option, which can be

found in the settings tab. This option allows one to quickly access “Purchase Mode” as well as displays the image

of each NFT from the snipe screen.

Original sniping view

Sniping screen with “Unified Analytics & Sniper view” on


SHILL Issue #80

The far-left section of the sniping screen shows information relative to the collection, such as the mint date, price,

number of collection items/holders, total volume, 24h volume, royalty percentage, floor price, total PnL (profit

and loss) as well as the 24h PnL.

Most of the screen displays this information in a chart view, along with a color-coded bar graph showing the volume

and number of ranked items.

SHILL Issue #80


The bottom left “Purchase Mode” section provides various modes or strategies to which you can place buys —

this includes “Auto-Buy”, “Sweep”, and “Bid.”

The columns to the right give you a high-level overview of specific items within the collection and the ability to

quickly purchase them by clicking buy.



SHILL Issue #80

Once drilled down on the Auto-buy option, you will see metrics to establish the type of items you want to purchase,

such as the rank filter and your desired investment range (low to high).

Below this section are additional options or “Attributes Filters” dynamic to each collection. For example, if you

are looking to buy Nestors with brown fur, you can set that here.


Much like the Auto-buy tab, you will find similar options. However, they are limited to just the Rank filter and

desired investment range.


The bid tab allows you to select the number of items to bid on, the price in SOL, as well as the rank filter and

price range.


Scalp Empire’s current team represents the true meaning of a product of value backed by leaders who want to

see their customers succeed.

They’ve been tried, tested, and pushed to their limits (multiple times), and sometimes past that point, yet they

always seem to emerge from the fire stronger than before.

Unfortunately, the stigma from the past team and their rugged encounters still come back to haunt them from

time to time, but to us, the team’s “actions speak louder than past events.”

They are committed to improving their platform, tools, and services as time progresses.

A part of their vision for the future is to offer their services to multiple ecosystems, not just Solana.

Their biggest message to others is to be cautious, take your time and practice good safety habits.

Don’t be in a rush to sign transactions; take a second to review them before approving. Don’t store your private

keys on the web, such as Google docs.

We here at BearLabs do believe that Scalp Empire will continue to do great things — continue to evolve with and

perhaps even create their own industry-leading trends.


SHILL Issue #80




































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