Songs from the Acid-free Paper Box

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Songs from the Acid-free Paper Box

Calligraphy by Nobuyoshi Araki

Lee Ka-sing

Songs from the Acid-free Paper Box

Lee Ka-sing

First published in Canada by OCEAN POUNDS

November, 2022

Paperback edition

ISBN: 978-1-989845-47-9

Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in


Art, Photography, Poetry

Title -

Songs from the Acid-free Paper Box

Author -

Lee Ka-sing

Copyright ©2022 OCEAN POUNDS

Individual Copyrights belongs to the Artist

All Rights Reserved

For information about permission

to reproduce selections from this book,

write to mail@oceanpounds.com

Design by DOUBLE DOUBLE studio

Songs from the Acid-free Paper Box

read-on-line edition at Reading Room


Published by OCEAN POUNDS

50 Gladstone Avenue, Toronto,

Ontario, Canada M6J 3K6


Songs from the Acid-free Paper Box

An Installation-On-Paper by Lee Ka-sing, 2022

A suite of sixty photographs in sequence.

Fifty two Fragments of photo paper test-strips from the

80s-90s archive of Ka-sing and Holly’s studio.

In addition, eight new photographs on Kai Chan’s

sculptural objects.

These test-strips included Cibachrome photographs,

fibre-based silver prints, and Chromogenic

colour photographs.

The work was created, on the occasion of

“2K 4.0”, the fourth collaborative exhibition

in Toronto by Kai Chan and Lee Ka-sing.

Songs from the Acid-free Paper Box”,

an original work in the format of a book, is

12x12 inch, 106 pages, with linen hardcover.

Printed on 216 gsm matte paper,

in a seven-colour digital offset process.

Book issued in Limited Edition of Five.

In this Facsimile Edition, the book

was reduced to 8x10 inch, and photographs

are approximately 65% to the original book.

a poem

Songs from the Acid-free Paper Box

for Holly

An Installation-On-Paper by Lee Ka-sing, 2022

A suite of sixty photographs in sequence

Lee Ka-sing 李 家 昇

A photo-based artist grew up in Hong Kong and resides in Toronto, Canada since 1997. He was the

co-founder of DISLOCATION (1992, with Lau Ching-ping and Holly Lee). In 1995, Ka-sing and Holly

founded OP Print Program, covering a cross-section, with original prints produced by Hong Kong

contemporary photographers in the nineties. Lee Ka-sing was awarded “Artist of the Year” (1989) by

Hong Kong Artists’ Guild, and the Fellowship for Artistic Development (1999) presented by Hong Kong

Arts Development Council. Selected monographs include Thirty-one Photographs (1993, Photo Art),

Forty Poems, photographs 1995-98 (1998, Ocean & Pounds, Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Publication Grant), The Language of Fruits and Vegetables (2004, Hong Kong Heritage Museum),

De ci de là des choses (2006, Editions You-Feng).

In Summer 2019, Sotheby’s gallery Hong Kong presented “Vision of Hong Kong from Two Generations:

Yau Leung and Lee Ka-sing”. The exhibition included two series of Lee Ka-sing’s creative work on Hong

Kong - diptychs (2016-17) and vintage silver photographs (1996-97). Lee Ka-sing’s work is in private and

public collections, and in museums such as Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, M+ Museum

and Hong Kong Heritage Museum.


(selected monographs and exhibition catalogues)

Thirty-one Photographs

Photoart, 1993

Foodscape (with poems by Leung Ping-kwan)

The Original Photograph Club, 1997

Forty Poems (Photographs 1995-98)

O P fotogallery, 1998

The Language of Fruits and Vegetables

(with poem by Leung Ping-kwan)

Ocean Pounds / Hong Kong Heritage Museum, 2004

De ci de là des choses

(with poems by Leung Ping-kwan)

Editions You-Feng, 2006

Revisiting with Yasi

BeingHongKong, 2018

Visions of Hong Kong from Two Generations

(Photographs by Yau Leung and Lee Ka-sing)

Sotheby’s, 2019


Ocean Pounds, 2020

Eighty Two Photographs

Ocean Pounds, 2021

Swan House

(A two-day visit to Swan House at Napanee)

Ocean Pounds, 2021

Time Machine

(with haiku by Gary Michael Dault)

Ocean Pounds, 2021

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