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the museum


coin_vs - bullish


time to look




time to fix the space


layers_jpg - myth


238_whmy thoughts

the fracture

LH_exe i call bullshit



& MUCH more








10 BeverlyKills

238_wh dispels the myth


238_wh dispels the myth #alpha

coin_vs_nft analysis #alpha

not brain dead

LH_exe about SOLgods #alpha



66 Particles




AndrewwwSol writes about rebirth#alpha

Partnership and growth and more. #alpha


How is rarity calculated?

Layers_jpg looks at this photographic collection

120 Sorcies

BerkaySol_ is bullish #alpha

122 revolution

New builders on Solana #alpha

166 wildtribe

Something new- eyes open #alpha


Issue 81

October draws to a close and November opens its doors to us. As we near the end of 2022 we draw ever closer

to #SHILLzine issue 100 AND YOU keep breaking records with 17 issues now with over 10k views each. Over

507,844 views in total across all #SHILLzine issues.

Every issue is jam-packed full of articles you may have missed, nfts you may have skipped, and alpha that you

haven't heard. Every issue. Every week. Tell your friends. Spread the word. 10k views per week by the end of

2022 is within sight. Let's get it!

A few pieces went into the #SHILLzine vault this week (as shown). Every piece ever collected by #SHILLzine is

still in the vault. Never traded. Never sold. Collected.

A heartfelt thank you to all those that have bought a #SHILLzine nft over the past 2 weeks. Every little purchase

helps make this magazine worthwhile. Listed on both FF and Exchg. Proceeds go to helping this magazine grow

and become better. All the World's a Stage is live now https://exchange.art/pixeltoy/ and Do You See Me?


This issue has been a blast to put together. Lots of new names and new pieces that will definitely have you

flicking through the magazine more than once.

Ready to dive in?

Enough said. You know the drill.


IODA Death To All Robots @JohnLe

Into The Darkness @dulfariz



Confront @arunica





The 20 richest tech billionaires have

collectively lost nearly half a trillion

dollars this year amid the stock market’s

sharp tumble, a loss of wealth that is

more than the market values of all but

seven companies in the S&P 500.

f@#k art

Keep your eyes on...

Rejected f00kers


Secret Sphinx Society


My thoughts on @beverlykillsnft I’ve noticed opinions on this guy change daily, so I thought I’d give my

honest views on why I collect his work and why I think he is an asset to the space

His early works were heavily influenced by Banksy, but I think in most cases they were better An example

of this is Little Man Syndrome (not owned by me) which is based on Banksy’s Bomb Hugger. It’s a

brilliant piece that I prefer over the ‘original’

Later works stepped into a light of their own Like the series Make Art Not War (on ETH) a clever depiction

of how powerful art can be ART.19 is antiwar while echoing the adage “the pen is mightier than the



SHILL Issue #81

When the mainstream has their hands tied and cannot state the truth, sometimes artists need to speak

out The COVID narrative really got under my skin for the unfair treatment of people REBEL shows just

how ridiculous it got

SHILL Issue #81


BKs works are assembled to be understood at first sight, even when the message is complex. He has

mastered the importance of showing only what is required, using vast areas of pink as a spotlight. This

makes his work instantly recognisable.

To be truly political IRL is difficult, as artists rely on gallerist to promote their work. These people need to

be comfortable with it and the work subdued to fit Web3 is therefore, the perfect outlet for this type of

art And BK is helping pave the way in this space.


SHILL Issue #81






































If you aren’t #BHullish on @Simpl3r_BH then you need to read this: Note: The analytics was done

using @SmartSeaSociety as well a project you need to check out.

Simpl3r has several tools in the pipeline. And not to be developed and wait for another 6 month or 1

year to deliver, its tools are already implemented within their ecosystem, working, and live.

First tool I want to mention is V3rify. V3rify is an advanced holder verification system designed to

onboard members with just a simpl3r account, which take few moments to create. Combining V3rify

& Prot3ct which is the second tool I will mention will add additional benefits

When used in conjunction with prot3ct, v3rify will automatically redirect any new member with a

deactivated NFT from your collection to your http://simpl3r.com project royalties page so that the

outstanding royalties can be collected before the NFT is reactivated.

This will protect royalties and verification at the same time. A lot of people wonder if this is something

which is worth mentioning? Well, many projects especially small projects do need royalties to

thrive to build and grow the communities.

More established projects don’t need royalties, or they have other sources of income hence the 0%

royalties don’t really impact them. However, Simpl3r identified an issue and ensured to focus on resolving

it. And this one simple reason why I’m bullish on Simpl3r.

They do have other tools which are the Raids utility and others which you can check out on their

discord and official links.

I urge you to look at the project, understand it and if you believe in it like I do, then welcome to the

#bountyhunter club.


SHILL Issue #81


This is not a victory lap... However, today I have been told I am not active enough, not enough ‘marketing’

so it’s kinda funny our volume pumps 2000% and we’re top 15 traded today “Holders don’t care

about the project, they just want to see numba go up” I call bullshit...

Look, I may be an idiot, but I’m not brain dead. I know there is a disproportion amount of people in NFTs

that just want to click buy on JPEG with their magic internet coins and sell it a day later for 10x

However, what we have with the @TheFracture_ community is also disproportionate. I am straight up

just telling you that is a fact. From the outside, yeah of course, we’re just another NFT project that isn’t

giving passive income from the ever reliable? source?

From the inside, something very different is happening This community is a special group of individuals

that can see past the bullshit, has a grander vision than just a JPEG flip If all your product is a vehicle for

just more exit liquidity, you were dead before you began

We have the goal of being a globally recognised IP with the emerging culture we see in NFTs Who fucking

knows what the future of this space looks like, roadmaps will be fluid, but valuable IP is forever.

Our community is simply built different. If you’re here to flip a JPEG and demand passive income, I am

kindly turning you away. There’s a million and one projects better suited for your needs.

However, if you see the vision. The possibility of becoming _the_ fantasy franchise of this entirely new

movement and social hub that is web3. Join in.

I am willing to go to the ends of the earth to get as close to that reality as physically possible. We got

some WORK to do.

SHILL Issue #81





Everything you should know about @CyberFrogsNFT

In this thread I’ll be educating you about one of the most successful derugs on Solana. With the project pumping

a lot I’m sure many of you have seen the project... and are now wondering what it is about.


The leader of Cyber Frogs @AndyRewNFT has taken over CF on December 14th. The developer of CF is @cryptosile

and he’s capable of building a lot of quality things. And then there’s the team of mods etc that are all volunteers

to support the project.

Utility / THOR

They have developed an automated trading bot that has over 10 Years of historical trading data. Fully automated

trading with integrated risk profiles. You invest X amount of Solana and the trading bot does the work for you.


SHILL Issue #81

Utility / Sniper

One of the fastest and best NFT sniper bots for Solana. Snipe based on floor price, individual traits and automatic

bids on new listings. You only need to hold one CyberFrog to use this Sniper.

Utility / Frog Machine

Enabling blending two NFTs into one while also being able to individually select preferred traits. PFP Customizer,

Metadata Modifier, Staking Modifier, Dynamic Ranking and much more.

Utility Merchandise / Missions

Their own token market to buy and sell utility tokens on / Raffles / Market / Staking / P2P marketplace.


The community of Cyberfrogs is strong and active. They raid actively and the Discord is active. They get good

engagement on announcements / Tweets.

SHILL Issue #81



We are excited to announce the next phase for particles. An infinitely expanding collective and museum of onchain


TL:DR Particles is becoming the first on-chain museum and non-profit supporting the 1/1 ecosystem. Collaboration

particles are auctioned for SOL, and added to the official NFT collection (eligible for $OOO staking.)


SHILL Issue #81

We have some of the finest artists on Solana currently designing their own. If you’d like to be a part of the digital

renaissance, create a Particle in your artistic world. Collaboration form below:

SHILL Issue #81


If you’re interested in becoming a Particles artist and collaborating with us, please fill out this form:


We are excited to be partnering with @metaplex for the release of this series. The creator studio by metaplex is a

no-code suite of NFT tools that unlock new opportunities for artists. If you want early access too, sign up for the

waitlist here: https://studio.metaplex.com)


Creator Studio


SHILL Issue #81

Join us for DAM #6 the

portrait issue. Reimagine the

self portrait - paint,

illustrate, glitch, collage,

photograph and/or

use AI.

Subvert, parody, reclaim

& have fun w/ creating


-kickoff twitter space Nov 3rd

@ 6:30pm PT / 9:30pm ET










Fede Lauersdorf

































Calculate NFT


Knowing an NFT rarity will help you to be one step ahead of other traders as it provides you information

on which NFTs might be more valuable in the future. Let’s find out how to determine NFT rarity and

discover some NFT rarity tools.


Collecting NFTs can be an exciting practice. Some collectors compare the feeling of minting NFTs to

opening a fresh pack of collectible cards - the outcome is never certain, but there’s always an opportunity

to stumble across something rare and valuable.

One way to be the first to mint new collectibles, is to sign up on desired NFT whitelists.

However, there are others who want to approach collection by using more precise methods such as

calculations or using NFT rarity tools, and get their NFTs off the secondary markets.

Such approaches help you to discover opportunities where an NFT rarity (or in other words, market

value) and list price are off-balance.

As rarity is one of the most important factors in determining the value of an NFT, it’s important to understand

how you can figure out how rare an NFT really is. In this article, you will find some methods to

calculate NFT rarity as well as find some Solana NFT rarity tools.

Traditional Methods to Understand the Rarity of an NFT

Usually, there are three methods used to understand NFT rarity, which take into consideration attributes

or traits such as clothes, fur, hat, glasses, background, necklaces, etc.

Let’s look at the traditional rarity calculation methods in more detail.

Trait Rarity Ranking

The trait rarity ranking is basically comparing the rarest attributes of each NFT from their collection

and establishing which items are more valuable than others.

When you go on an NFT marketplace such as MagicEden and select a collection and find an NFT that

you like, various traits of this collectible are displayed.

You can see some rare traits of the DeGod #5313 NFT. The rarest attribute for this specific NFT is the

“Supernova” background as only 2.6% of this collection’s NFT have this trait.

Now, let’s compare this NFT to another one from DeGods collection.

The rarest trait in DeGods #6076 NFT is its “Radioactive Tee”, as only 1.2% of NFTs in the collections

share the same attribute.

Using the trait rarity ranking method, DeGods #6076 would be higher up in the ranks as its rarest trait is

rarer than the rarest trait of DeGods #5313.

However, this method’s weakness is that it considers only the rarest attribute of each NFT and the rest

of traits are overlooked.

Often when comparing several NFTs, you need to take a deeper look to determine the remaining traits

too as using only the rarity ranking method the overall rarity of the NFT is left unanalyzed and you just

look at a single value for every NFT.

Average Trait Rarity

Average trait rarity considers all the attributes of an NFT and compares the average rarity of all

the NFTs from the collection to help you understand, which is the rarest.

Let’s assume that an NFT has only two attributes to make the example simple.

• An attribute with 50% of rarity


SHILL Issue #81

• An attribute with 15% of rarity

The Average Trait Rarity of this NFT would be 32.5% and calculated as follows - (50+15)/2.

SHILL Issue #81


So now let’s take a look at DeGods NFTs #5313 and #6076 again.

• DeGods #5313 average trait rarity = (2.6 + 11 + 4.7 + 4.3 + 55 + 3 + + 54 + 7.3 + 91 + 89)/10

= 32.19%

• DeGods #6076 average trait rarity = (2 + 2.5 + 54 + 1.2 + 5.7 + 3.4 + 2.1 + 4.2 + 91 + 89)

= 25.51%

By using this method, we can see that overall, DeGods #6070 would be considered rarer. And while

comparing these two NFTs, we got the same result of which NFTs of this collection are the rarest, it’s

not always the case.

The weakness of this method is that it ignores the value of an individual rarest trait and only shows the

overall average rarity.

Statistical Rarity

Statistical rarity method multiples all the trait rarities to get the overall rarity of an NFT. Often

communities put these statistics into a spreadsheet to get a good overview of what the collection has to


To calculate the statistical rarity for an NFT that would have two attributes, one at 50% rarity and other

at 15% rarity the calculation would be as follows.

Statistical rarity = 50% (0.5) x 15%(0.15) = 0.075%

So once again, let’s take a look at the DeGods NFTs discussed above.

• Statistical rarity of DeGods #5313 = 2.6% x 11% x 4.7% x 4.3% x 55% x 3% x 54% x 7.3% x

91% x 89% = 0.000000003044838832%

• Statistical rarity of DeGods #6076 = 2% x 2.5% x 54% x 1.2% x 5.7% x 3.4% x 2.1% x 4.2% x

91% x 89% = 0.0000000000042717858%

By using the statistical rarity method, once again we can consider DeGods #6076 rarer.

This method is rather simple and straightforward, and many believe it to be more reliable than other

traditional rarity calculation methods.

However, each community has its own preferences on which aspects to prioritize when ranking NFTs as

the rarest.

If using traditional rarity calculation methods seems too much work, the easier way to check the rarity of

your NFTs on the Solana blockchain is simply using rarity rolls that collect data of all NFTs in collection

and give them rarity rankings.

Here are some of the rarity tools that can help you determine your Solana NFT’s rarity.

Hyperspace NFT

Hyperspace NFT (formerly known as Solanalysis) is one of the largest and most popular rarity tools

on the Solana blockchain. Their platform collects data from every Solana NFT from all the Solana

NFT Marketplaces helping users understand how rare their (desired) NFT is.

Moreover, their Solana NFT analysis dashboard includes a calendar with upcoming SOL mints, which

easily allows users to keep an eye on new projects and potentially be part of something exciting.


HowRare allows users to discover the data behind the NFT market that runs on Solana blockchain.

Besides data visualization, they also offer a Rarity Calculator, which gives an estimate of a specific

NFT’s rarity.

Rarity Sniper

Rarity Sniper lets users explore data on Solana NFTs as well as NFTs on other blockchains like


To find the collection you are interested in, you can browse their database and select your desired

blockchain to filter the results, or simply type in the collection you are looking for information on.


SHILL Issue #81

Final Words

While rarity plays a big role in determining the value of NFTs, the rarity score should not come in the

way of you grabbing the NFT you feel good about - the one’s whose art resonates with you and who as

a team you strongly believe in.

So remember that even when rarity checking tools help you pinpoint the rarity or NFTs, it cannot be

used as an investment advice as after all, other factors like aesthetics and stories also contribute to the

value of an NFT.

SHILL Issue #81



The pieces and the inspiration behind in Ielele are imaginary beings from Romanian mythology. Usually appearing

as beautiful women in white, luring men in with their chants and hora dance.


SHILL Issue #81

The place where they had danced would remain carbonized, the grass incapable of growing on the trodden

ground, with the leaves of the surrounding trees scorched. Later when the grass would finally grow. The animals

would not eat it but instead mushrooms would thrive on it.

Ielele are spellbound, bad, and rebellious spirits of the dead that cannot find peace. They have a tight connection

to the moon and its phases, laying spells on the ones that fall in their toils.

To appease them, people would give them euphemistic names like Fairies, The Saints, Beauties, Them, The

Ladies, Empresses of the Air, Ladies of the Fields. These names must not be used flippantly, as they may be the

basis for dangerous enchantments like stealing of the voice.

SHILL Issue #81


They appear only in odd numbers, in secluded areas such as forests, lavender fields, wild seashores or hill tops. 5

of the nymphs will appear on @formfunction

The origin of these beliefs is unknown. The noun “Iele” is phonetically close to the feminine plural form of the

Romanian word for “they”. Their real names are secret and inaccessible.


SHILL Issue #81

SHILL Issue #81



SHILL Issue #81


IELELE | Formfunction - NFT Marketplace

SHILL Issue #81



If you’re wondering why I am so bullish on @SorciesNFT. If you’re wondering why I bought too many sorcies and

why I bought my pfp for 30 SOL when FP is 2 SOL... Here’s a little thread for you.


@SorciesNFT has managed to make a unique and exceptional art. I’ve seen too many nfts with animal , robot and

human looking concept. This is one of the rare times I see something different and unique.

Community is strong. These are dark times for solana after

aptos hype and 0% royalties issue. Yet community stays

strong despite everything and @SorciesNFT still manages

to stay above mint even though there has not been any

major announcement after mint.

I’ve stayed away from brand projects for so long because I

thought they’re all same and doing nothing in the name of

brand after mint. This is the first time I see a brand project

recruited someone who has been fortune 500 brand manager

irl for 20 years.

Gamified rank up system. I know what most of you think

about this but look at this from another perspective. Think

about your current pfp. You love it and you’d never sell it

right? Would you rather increase your pfp’s rarity and the

amount of tokens you earn or to dump tokens?

I assume you’d rather increasing your pfp’s rarity. Because

it’s like @DegenDaVinci once said. There is one utility has

fully proven itself and that’s social signaling. Most people

in @SorciesNFT community loves to rep their pfp and

they’re not planning to sell like me.

After ranking up your sorcies to master you’ll reach ascension.

We don’t know what ascension is yet. It could be an

art upgrade it could be your way to get an airdrop which

will be exclusive to only holders who reached “Ascension”

Idk. I just know founders said it’ll be worth it.

Rank up system is not going to be the only utility for $SOR

token. -You’ll be able to buy exclusive top-of-the-line

clothes and accessories. -You’ll be able to spend them for

Raffles, Auctions, Exclusive collab drops, WL spots and valuable


Team looks like they know what they’re doing. Everything

looks well prepared. They don’t rush major announcements

and they don’t care about fp. They haven’t even done any

marketing yet. They just do their thing and waiting for the

right time when their product is ready.

Mint went smooth despite the market conditions which

forced every other hyped mint to cut supply. Still staying

strong despite no support from people who have influence

in the space.


SHILL Issue #81

I think these dark days for Solana has come to pass and volume will come back to Solana like it always has. Only

strong communities and strong founders will be able to step up when that happens. I think @SorciesNFT has

both. So why wouldn’t I be bullish?


The next wave of revolution is slowly building up in SOL. Have you been paying attention anon? Here are a few

you can look at.

subber.xyz and 7 others


A tool providing Pre-mint Allowlists, Collabs, Twitter Memberlist & Token-Gated Content Many OG projects have

already started using this tool for its utilities.


SHILL Issue #81


Next-generation derivatives trading platform for NFTs. Evolution of financial trading instruments has been huge.

Long/short major collections with up to 10x leverage.


A DAO-governed collective of builders, investors, degens, and operators. Motley Labs’ solutions strives to create

platforms that are value additive & not value extractive.


The first Web3 game engine for the metaverse. Future of gaming seems more realistic in a ecosystem , that is

sustainable with builders.

SHILL Issue #81



Making Solana development easier, faster, and cheaper. Providing Webhooks, APIs, and RPCs , with a top development

team. Watch out for this one.


Decentralized sports exchange powered by liquidity pools on Solana Summer Camp


Decentralized website hosting for a decentralised world. Powered by Solana and $SHDW. Adopting solana’s native

storage further strengthens the decentralization narrative.


SHILL Issue #81


A fully trustless and dynamic mint security protocol that funds projects in phases as they deliver. An anti-rug protocol

much needed in the solana space right now.


A web3 accelerator & launchpad for solana. Objective : catalyze quality growth of the ecosystem by merging venture

capital values with degenerate ones. And helping founders onboard the next billion users onto the network.

SHILL Issue #81







































The Wild Manifesto

Last year as a community we supported and funded 100’s of high-value projects, builders, and creators, forming

one of the best communities in Web3 and bringing NFT’s to the mainstream.

Now our community is filled with endless rug pulls, fake influencers and low utility projects; creating little to no

long-term value. This has resulted in huge declines in trading volume, loss of trust in the NFT’s and difficult conditions

legitimate projects to launch/grow.

Time to fix the space

If nothing is done soon to change this situation, the

Solana NFT space will cease to be relevant, as legitimate

builders and creators choose to go elsewhere.

That’s why WildTribe is on a mission to empower

high-value projects, creators and builders to launch,

grow and succeed in the Solana NFT space, driving longterm

value creation, supporting eco-system and market

growth, stability and innovation.

Project Highlights

Accelerator Programme > Funding, support and mentorship

for early-stage technology projects building in the Solana NFT space.

Creators Bootcamp > A training programme for creators (artists, designers…) to learn business skills and business

model creation.

Team-Builder > Forum and regular events for project team creation, allowing builders, developers, marketers and

community to connect.

Advisors Club > A network of advisors in the NFT space for builders and creators to gain expert feedback, forum

and regular spaces.

WildFund > An early-stage investment fund (5-10M) for Web3 businesses fundraising, developing or marketing in

the space.

WildToken > A utility token to support the growth of the Wild-

Fund and share success with the community.

Scholarship Programme > Micro-grants for super early-stage

builders and creators for learning, building & experimenting.

Partners Network > A network of partners across the Solana

eco-system, enabling early access/discounts for services (TBD).

Holder Benefits

Exclusive access to industry experts through the Advisors Club

forum, events, and spaces (across marketing, development,

creative and more).

Alpha/whitelist on early projects that come through WildTribe

programmes (Accelerator, Team Builder…).

Privileged access to funding including grants, investment &


SHILL Issue #81

other sources.

Exclusive access to apply for WildTribe programmes

(Accelerator, Creators Bootcamp, Team


Early access on partners services/products, with discounted

rates (where agreed).

Voting rights and regular holder’s meetings (with

bi-annual/annual meetings to review progress, generate

feedback and vote on strategic matters/direction).

Become part of an organically grown community made

up of the best talent in the space (collectors, Artists,

Founders, Enthusiasts, Builders, Investors, Marketers,


Be part of a project with a long-term outlook and experienced

Web2/3 team with an extensive background

in education, venture capital, development, marketing,

and sleep deprivation.

PFP’s with over 180 hand-drawn unique attributes, 9

legendary characters, 5 levels of rarity and many wild

combinations to be minted.

WildTribe Lore

The year is 2092, in the remnants of New York (known now as WildCity), an intelligent race of raccoons has

evolved, they are led by the legendary Gary Big Brain and are known as the WildTribe.

For decades, Gary ushered in a period of growth and prosperity in WildCity, but without warning 20 years ago

he disappeared, following a completely unsuspicious lawnmower accident, witnessed only by his brother Shillin


Ever since, Shillin Frank has savagely oppressed the WildTribe, creating poverty, despair and FUD by shilling sh*t

NFT projects.

In response to the oppression of Shillin Frank, fierce members of the WildTribe known as Warriors have ventured

out, into the desolate wastelands, in search of Gary, hope and decent NFT projects.

Unfortunately, so far they have only discovered the horrors of the Wasteland radiation fields, slowly causing them

to change into violent and vicious beasts, known as the Savages.

As their numbers have grown, the Savages have begun to attack and slaughter WildCity residents, the age known

as “The Wildening” is now truly upon us, the battle for the survival of the WildTribe has begun.

As prophesied in the Book of Gary, we can only hope that he will return with enough WAGMI to fill our bags and

save us all, it’s time to join the fight, save the WildTribe, Solana and the NFT universe.

SHILL Issue #81



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