APS Sixth Form Prospectus 2023

APS Sixth Form Prospectus

APS Sixth Form Prospectus


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Thank you for your interest in Alexandra Park

Sixth Form.

Our sixth form is thriving; we have more than

650 students studying A Level and BTEC


Since opening in 2004 we have worked

tirelessly to develop our provision to ensure

the best possible outcomes for all students.

Ofsted confirmed that the effectiveness of the

Sixth Form is “outstanding”. This judgement

was based on the “outstanding teaching” that

students receive, the “exemplary care, guidance

and support” provided and the “outstanding

progress” students make, both in terms of

examination results and in moving to Higher

Education, training or employment.

Last year’s examination results were once again

impressive; more students than ever studied

with us and achieved the grades to move onto

their chosen courses at their chosen university.

All students progressed to either a University, an

Apprenticeship, further training or employment.

More than 73% of our students were accepted to

their first-choice university and over 65% going to

either a Russell Group university or one ranked in

the top 30. National comparison and independent

analysis places our results in the top 5% of Sixth

Forms in England and Wales.

We are immensely proud of our students’

university success. They are reading a range

of subjects including Architecture, Biology,

Chemistry, Classics, Dentistry, Economics,

Engineering, English Literature, History, Law,

Medicine, Physics and PPE at institutions across

the country. Ofsted recognised the success of

our Sixth Form in ensuring students have ‘high

aspirations’. This is shown, in part, by the success

of our students applying to Oxbridge.

Alexandra Park Sixth Form provides students

with an exciting opportunity to continue their

education in a calm and caring environment which

has a culture of learning at its heart. We view each

student as an individual and will do all we can to

help them realise their full potential.

We understand that academic success is about

more than just intelligence, which is why we do

as much as we can to develop how our students

work and support them to create the routines,

strategies and habits that ensure they achieve as

highly as possible.

I look forward to reading your application.

George Stratis

Director of Sixth Form

The Sixth




Humanities &

Social Sciences Languages


& Maths


Art & Design Business French Biology Product Design

Drama Classics Mandarin Chemistry Textiles

Music Economics Spanish Computing

Photography English Literature Turkish Mathematics



Media Studies




Religion, Philosophy

& Ethics


Further Maths



Business Studies

Health &

Social Care








At Alexandra Park Sixth Form we offer our

students a broad and balanced curriculum

of more than 30 different subjects. Course

descriptions are available from the Sixth

Form website, including specific subjects’

entry criteria.

To study any course at A Level, students

must have at least a grade 5 in both English

language and Maths and a minimum of

three other GCSE grades of 5 or above.

The majority of our A Level subjects

demand a grade 6, in that or a related


All students will concentrate on Level 3

courses (A level or BTEC) starting four

subjects in Year 12. The pursuit of four

subjects offers flexibility and breadth,

ensuring each student can pursue a course

which meets their interests and maximises

their options for further study. In Year 13

students are required to complete at least

three subjects at BTEC or A level. High

achieving students are given opportunities

to complete additional

qualifications such as the

Extended Project.

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further information



Alexandra Park Sixth Form aims to consolidate ongoing Relationship,

Sex and Health Education (RSHE) learning for our students via our

Personal Development and Careers programme. Our key objective

is to ensure students are fully equipped with the necessary skills for

life beyond school and enable them to take their place as successful,

confident, responsible and respectful citizens. The Personal

Development and Careers curriculum has been designed and planned

to develop the skills, abilities and traits that produce tolerant and

rounded individuals. This is achieved by ensuring access to a wide

range of formal and additional learning opportunities.

These are delivered primarily through the following themes:

• Relationships, Sex and Health Education (RSHE)

• Living in the Wider World

• Progression Pathways

Throughout our programmes of study, every attempt is made to

imbue students with the attributes and habits that give them the best

opportunities for successful progression outside school whether this

is to work or future study.

These include:

• Aiming high, staying positive and being resilient

• Communication skills (listening, speaking, presenting)

• Teamwork and problem solving skills,

• Creativity and thinking skills

• Self-management and leadership

The values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual

respect of those with different faiths and beliefs are also the focus of

explicit teaching and these values are reinforced throughout the sixth


All students attend Tutorials and have one formal Enrichment

lesson on their timetable which is led by a team of specialist

teachers. In addition, there are a number of extra

opportunities to engage in enrichment activities

throughout the year, including presentations from

external providers.

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Outside the


All of our students undertake enrichment during Wednesday afternoons

where they are encouraged to choose one of a number of exciting

activities. Most recently these include Mandarin, Debating, Sports

and Well-being, Fundraising Society, Diversity and Equality Society,

Sustainability Society, Year 7 Reading mentors, Book Club and the

Royal Institute Teaching Programme. Furthermore, there are inter-form

competitions which focus upon a range of sporting and mental challenges.

Students are also able to apply to numerous national programs such as

the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, National Citizenship Service, The Turing

Scheme and the Chrysalis or ORBYTS projects with Highgate School and

UCL. Opportunities grow every year and we are keen to respond to the

interests of our current students as well as encouraging them to discover

new activities which will broaden their interests. We also provide

guidance for students to read around their subjects and support them in

completing courses with EdX and Open Learn.

We encourage departments to pursue opportunities for their Sixth Form

students outside of the classroom. In recent years this has included

international trips to New York (Product Design), Iceland (Geography),

The Alps (Skiing), Switzerland (Hadron Collider –Physics), Geneva (Model

UN), Athens (Classics) and Pembrokeshire (water sports).

Students in the Sixth Form are encouraged to adopt leadership roles

within the school. In Year 12 students are encouraged to support staff

with break time duties, assist with lower school tutor groups and support

the work of specific departments. In Year 13 students are able to apply

for the role of Senior Student, a prestigious role which carries a number of

key responsibilities. Our Sixth Form students are also regular performers

in our drama and musical productions, and our impressive range of choirs

and orchestras.

To support students’ ability to achieve well in the work place we organise

many career-related events and presentations, provide careers guidance

and strongly promote work experience for all students. The final week of

the summer term is an opportunity for all year 12 students to undertake

work experience. In addition, as an INVESTIN School Partner our

students have access to numerous seminars with industry leaders and

personalised career coaching.

These experiences will help students develop their knowledge, skills

and better prepare them for University (UCAS), CV writing and other




Our Progression Pathways Programme ensures our

students benefit from our extensive links with academic

institutions. This ensures a wealth of exciting studybased

opportunities in the UK, and the following are

now part of an established programme we offer our

students: Cambridge University (Maths), Oxford

University & Highgate School (Chemistry), King’s

College, London (Medicine), Brilliant Club (Mentoring

by doctorate students from leading universities) and the

Duke of Edinburgh Award. We have also established a

partnership with the Prince’s Teaching Institute aimed

at developing our A level teachers by giving them

opportunities to collaborate with academics from

leading universities.

Students receive regular updates on mentoring

opportunities offered by universities. We encourage

students to become keen participants on these

programmes, particularly for those considering

medicine, law or Oxbridge applications.

Students have access to UNIFROG, an online platform

that supports them with exploring, applying and

preparing for their chosen progression pathway.

We encourage students to set themselves high

expectations for future education and careers. For those

planning to go to university, a significant emphasis is

placed on the UCAS application process, completing

personal statements and where relevant, preparing

for interviews. We also organise trips to university

open days, and our numerous partnerships ensure

our students benefit from a variety

of opportunities to gain work


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The vast majority of our students choose to

apply to university after completing their A

levels or vocational courses. Our students

have been extremely successful in securing

places on a variety of courses at a range of

institutions across the country. This year

all of our students received at least one

offer with 73% securing places at their first

choice of university.

We are proud that 65% of our students

have moved on to undergraduate study at

Russell Group / Top 30 universities. We

have experience of placing hundreds of

students at these top universities including:

Edinburgh, Warwick, Manchester, Leeds,

King’s College, Imperial, LSE, UCL,

Nottingham, Bristol, Sheffield, York, and

Bath. In addition, every year students

secure places at Oxford and Cambridge

University, reading a wide range of subjects:

Architecture, Astro Physics, Computer

Science, Economics, Engineering, English

Literature, Law, History, Maths, Modern

Languages, Music, Natural Sciences, PPE.

University Destinations 2022 No. %

First Choice 183 73%

Insurance 27 11%

Clearing 41 16%

Deferred Entry for 2023 14 5%

University Subject Choices 2022 No. %

Science, Maths & Engineering 121 48%

Law, Humanities & Social Studies 64 25%

Business, Economics & Management 37 15%

Arts 28 11%

Other 3 1%

University Destinations 2022

No. %

Russell Group 88 35%

Russell Group + Top 30 163 65%

Most Acceptances 2022

City, University of London 12

University of Westminster 11

Loughborough University 10

Warwick University 10

University of Nottingham 8

Queen Mary London 8

Kings College London 7

University of Sheffield 7

Cambridge or Oxford University 3




The featured students on this page are

now studying at top universities on very

competitive courses. It’s easy to look at

their success and imagine that they were

born to it. But their grades are testament

to an enormous amount of hard work from

the very first day of their year 12 courses.

We are proud of their successes, and the

achievements of their peers, but recognise

that whilst we provide an outstanding

eduction they went the extra mile, took

every opportunity presented to them and

have been justly rewarded.




Anais joined our Sixth Form from a local

school and is now studying Law at Aston

University. Diligent and hardworking,

Anais applied herself fully to all aspects

of her course in Health and Social Care.

Her outstanding work ethic and drive to

improve her understanding and respond

to feedback saw Anais excel. During her

studies Anais developed a keen interest

in the legislation surrounding Health and

Social Care, which she analysed in depth

throughout her coursework assignments

and exams. Her thorough approach

to research and wider reading helped

Anais gain a Distinction Star. Anais is

a very good example of how the Sixth

Form Personal Development Programme

at APS helps our students to flourish.

Her daily attendance to Tutorials and

extra-curricular activities developed

her independence, and the mindset

to succeed. Anais’s drive and positive

attitude will see her flourish and succeed

at Aston University and beyond.

Esha’s outstanding results of A*A*A*

ensured that she secured a place on her

first choice of course, Psychology at

Bristol University. While her academic

prowess was evident throughout her time

at school, it has been our pleasure to see

her confidence and maturity develop in

the Sixth Form. Esha’s natural interest in

human behaviour, alongside her keenness

to acquire new knowledge will ensure that

she becomes an asset to the university

and any future employer. All of her

teachers would agree that she has been a

joy to teach - inquisitive, resilient, caring,

perceptive and conscientious. Esha bears

all the hallmarks of a successful academic

and potential Psychologist.

A passionate and well-rounded musician,

Megan joined APS in Year 7 as a rather shy

pianist and, over the years, has expanded

her skills to become a talented orchestral

percussionist and a fine French horn

player, as well as an excellent pianist and

choral singer. Megan played in the school

orchestra, show bands and performed in

numerous concerts. She also took part in

residential school music tours and joined

the Haringey Young Musicians Symphony

Orchestra, where she worked her way

up to Principal French horn. Megan

is a shining example of how studying

Music, and taking advantage of every

opportunity that came her way, helped

her to build not only musical skills but

grow in confidence, self-assurance and

maturity. We were delighted when Megan

secured her offer from Homerton College,

Cambridge and even more so when she

auditioned successfully for a choral






Jaid is an exceptional student who is now

studying Medicine at UCL. Jaid’s quietly

determined approach to his studies is

truly one of a kind, and much admired by

staff and peers alike.

Jaid has consistently demonstrated all

of the skills needed to be successful.

A combination of unwavering drive,

resilience and hard work ensured he was

able to meet the significant demands of

studying all three Sciences and Maths,

whilst also successfully applying for

Medicine. Jaid is not only exceptionally

bright, but also open-minded, always

welcoming and acting on feedback from

teachers. We are proud to have supported

Jaid to develop his successful application

to UCL, which was built upon his

volunteering and utilising the APS supercurriculum

on offer in our Sixth Form.

We know that Jaid’s determination and

commitment to his studies and beyond

will help him to excel even further in his

future studies and chosen career path.

Thant has the proud honour of becoming

the first APS student to read Ancient

History and Archaeology at Oxford

University – he also features in the

Classics film on our website. Thant

arrived at APS in September 2020 and

immediately impressed his subject tutors

with his ability to write superbly argued

and insightful essays. Thant possessed

a natural drive and determination

to succeed, and he readily accepted

his teachers’ advice to engage with

challenging texts beyond the A Level

curriculum. Thant will undoubtedly thrive

at Oxford academically, and he hopes

to continue his campaigning against the

military dictatorship in Myanmar.

One could argue that Helen was

always destined to become a Classics

undergraduate at Cambridge. Since

joining the school in Year 7 she readily

engaged with our KS3 Latin programme

before progressing onto Classics GCSE

and A Level. Helen possessed a unique

ability to interpret both ancient and

modern texts, and impressed both her

English and Classics tutors with her

original and insightful understanding of

different literary genres. Helen utilised

the Progression Pathways Programme

at APS, especially the online platform

UNIFROG. She had easy access to

many online courses and journals that

expanded her knowledge and contributed

to a fantastic Extended Learning Project.

During her interview at Cambridge, she

was able to draw upon her independent

research and blew the admission tutors

away! We are certain Helen will continue

her love of Literature and Classics and

certain a bright future lies with this field.

Abilina is studying French & International

Relations at the University of London

in Paris where she will be developing

her linguistic skills and deepening her

understanding of the Social, Political and

Cultural issues in France. During her

A level studies at APS, Abilina showed

an impressive ability to grasp difficult

concepts. As a talented critical thinker,

she always looked for ways to broaden

her knowledge beyond the curriculum,

reading about French politics and the

challenges in French society. As an active

participant in class discussions, Abilina

was always open and interested in the

ideas and perspectives of others. Her

intellectual curiosity and growth mindset

makes her well suited to her chosen

course in International Relations, where

we are sure she will excel.


Alexandra Park Sixth Form examination

results have been consistently outstanding

for more than a decade. High quality

teaching from experienced teams across

a full range of more than 30 different

courses ensures consistently impressive

examination results. The grades students

achieve at A level places our Sixth Form in

the top 5% nationwide, for both progress

and attainment. Alexandra Park Sixth Form

has been awarded ‘World Class Quality

Mark’. This World Class status is given

to a limited number of high performing

institutions providing the very best in


Top 5%


Since 2018

A Level 2022

A Level 2022

Vocational Qualifications



































A*-A 29% 37% 45% 42% 36%

A*-B 64% 68% 74% 67% 62%

A*-C 87% 90% 92% 88% 88%

A*-E 100% 100% 100% 100% 99%















National Average

A*-A A=A* A*-B A*-B A*-C A*-C A*-E A*-E




Dis*-Dis Dis*-Dis Dis*-Merit Dis*-Dis Dis*-Merit Dis*-Dis Dis*-Merit Dis*-Pass Dis*-Merit Dis*-Pass Dis*-Merit Dis*-Pass Dis*-Pass A*-E Dis*-Pass A*-E A*-E A*-E














National Average

















“ The effectiveness of the Sixth Form is outstanding (Ofsted 2011).

This judgement is based on consideration of the 'outstanding teaching'

that students receive, 'the exemplary care, guidance and support' that is

provided to them and the 'outstanding progress' that they make, both in

terms of examination results and in moving on to Higher Education, training

or employment.”

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Headteacher: Michael M c Kenzie Director of Sixth Form: George Stratis

Alexandra Park School, Bidwell Gardens, London, N11 2AZ Phone: 020 8826 4880 Email: office@alexandrapark.school

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