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DISCOVER MORE TITLES AS YOU LEAF THROUGH THE PAGES. Meet more authors, to wit: Adorial Maxwell-Hazell, Akutra-Ramses Atenosis Cea, Alinda C. Daniels, Alvina Y. Platt-Gregory, Andrea Davi Werner, Ann Caughman, Barbara Williamson, Batya Casper, Benessa Harrison, Beverly K. Plauché, Bryan D. Sisson, Bruce Bentz, Calista Helen Harvey, Christine Elsa Koppel, Christopher W. Hussey, Clement Falbo, David Gideon, David L. Hawk, Deborah Worley, Douglas Bosack, Elizabeth Clayton, Ernesto Zollo, Ex_Turpi, Herta Rousseau, Jack Lorenz, Janice E. Holliman, Jan Jones Evans, Joe Gilliland, Jon Hooks, Kathryn Leo, Karen Moore, Lana Mourning, Lillian McKoy, Lloyd Hulcolm, Lois Lund, Lorna Griess, Lyle Oelfke, Marilyn B. Wassmann, Molly Prickett, Raju Ramanathan, Robert Berry, Robert W. Knutson, Rosemary J. Fisher, Tony Jaksa Sr., Zavin Lyte And see you as we parade in America’s finest book festival!


Meet more authors, to wit:
Adorial Maxwell-Hazell, Akutra-Ramses Atenosis Cea, Alinda C. Daniels, Alvina Y. Platt-Gregory, Andrea Davi Werner, Ann Caughman, Barbara Williamson, Batya Casper, Benessa Harrison, Beverly K. Plauché, Bryan D. Sisson, Bruce Bentz, Calista Helen Harvey, Christine Elsa Koppel, Christopher W. Hussey, Clement Falbo, David Gideon, David L. Hawk, Deborah Worley, Douglas Bosack, Elizabeth Clayton, Ernesto Zollo, Ex_Turpi, Herta Rousseau, Jack Lorenz, Janice E. Holliman, Jan Jones Evans, Joe Gilliland, Jon Hooks, Kathryn Leo, Karen Moore, Lana Mourning, Lillian McKoy, Lloyd Hulcolm, Lois Lund, Lorna Griess, Lyle Oelfke, Marilyn B. Wassmann, Molly Prickett, Raju Ramanathan, Robert Berry, Robert W. Knutson, Rosemary J. Fisher, Tony Jaksa Sr., Zavin Lyte

And see you as we parade in America’s finest book festival!


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4 <strong>Featured</strong> Author: Celebrating Moments and Milestones With Author Keith Johnson<br />

8 Why Kids Need to Know About Mom's Breast Cancer Diagnosis by Diane Davies<br />

15 A Triumphant Journey From Hell and From Hell to Redemption: New Edition by Lori Cameron<br />

17 God, The Here, And The Hereafter: The Way To Heaven by Norman B. Talsoe<br />

19 Unbelievable Delusions of the Infamous John Calvin: Expanded Exposure Of<br />

Demonic Calvinism by Ron Craig<br />

21 When I Was Young by Joe Estacio<br />

23 Legend, Monsters, or Serial Murderers?: The Real Story Behind an Ancient Crime by Dirk C. Gibson<br />

25 Dark Nights: First in the Until Dawn Series (New Edition) by Jordan E. Walker<br />

27 Model to Trust HO by Jorge Farias Arizpe<br />

28 Sunday Worship: God's Unchanging Order by Augustin D. Etienne<br />

29 Doomsday Warriors: Dawn of the Guardian by D.C. Corrigan<br />

31 Keeping in Touch with the Other Side: True Inspirational Stories by Pauline Dibenedetto<br />

33 Be Inspired Again: Poems, Prose, Praise, And Prayers by Shawn N Graham<br />

35 The Space of Miracles: A Journey With a Gypsy Samurai by George J. Tani, DDIV., MBA, LCSW-R<br />

37 A Child’s Guide to Wisdom by Everton A. Robinson<br />

39 Gotta Text!: Reminders to Live Out the Gospel Through Every Day Encounters by Julia A. Brooks<br />

41 God’s Grace, Not My Disgrace by Claudette Inglis<br />

43 Separated Lives by Lynn Assimacopoulos<br />

45 The Concept of the Trinity is Not Biblical and God's Dinosaurs: A Biblical Study by Allen Nance<br />

47 The Secret of Chasadeana’s Doll: Nobody Listens to Angela by B.J. Barnett<br />

49 Brittany’s Rose: Finding Peace After Losing a Loved One by Mary Jane Clayton<br />

51 My Doll, Dollie by Sandra Kirwan-Mason<br />

52 Seven Minutes by Linda McClung<br />

53 My Sister, My Twin by Linda McCLung<br />

55 How to Live With a Virgo: A Survival Guide by Daniel T. Darmody<br />

57 Abstraction, A Letter to Emily and Evensong by P. Joanne Marchant<br />

59 I'm Katie's Mom: Pointers <strong>for</strong> Professionals and Parents of the Disabled by Barbara B.<br />

Holdcroft, Ph.D.<br />

61 Me and the General by Rosemary Valenti Guarnera<br />

62 Open Your Heart by Ruth Cherry Ph.D.<br />

63 Where is the Justice? by WIlliam Hill<br />

65 My Peekaboo Moon by Karen Hill<br />

67 More on Life by Richard G. Wanderman, M.D.<br />

69 Thlewiaza-Seal Rivers: Challenge of the Ice by Fred Nelson<br />

70 Author Jean Murray Munden<br />

72 The Star Fairy and Smoke the Dragon by Chris Zuschlag<br />

73 The Bride of Christ: The Bridegroom and His Bride by Christopher W. Hussey<br />

74 Drow Heritage Unleashed: Son of Light, Son of Darkness by Bob Perrill<br />

75 The Unexpected by Chris Dawson<br />

76 Grandmother Moon & Roy G. Biv: Seeing Without Seeing by Katharine Anne Young, RN MSNH<br />

77 Thoughts on the Origin of Life by RB Raikow<br />

78 <strong>Books</strong> by Pamalamadingdong

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Meet more authors, to wit:<br />

Adorial Maxwell-Hazell, Akutra-Ramses Atenosis Cea, Alinda C. Daniels, Alvina Y. Platt-Gregory,<br />

Andrea Davi Werner, Ann Caughman, Barbara Williamson, Batya Casper, Benessa Harrison, Beverly<br />

K. Plauché, Bryan D. Sisson, Bruce Bentz, Calista Helen Harvey, Christine Elsa Koppel, Christopher W.<br />

Hussey, Clement Falbo, David Gideon, David L. Hawk, Deborah Worley, Douglas Bosack, Elizabeth<br />

Clayton, Ernesto Zollo, Ex_Turpi, Herta Rousseau, Jack Lorenz, Janice E. Holliman, Jan Jones Evans,<br />

Joe Gilliland, Jon Hooks, Kathryn Leo, Karen Moore, Lana Mourning, Lillian McKoy, Lloyd Hulcolm,<br />

Lois Lund, Lorna Griess, Lyle Oelfke, Marilyn B. Wassmann, Molly Prickett, Raju Ramanathan, Robert<br />

Berry, Robert W. Knutson, Rosemary J. Fisher, Tony Jaksa Sr., Zavin Lyte<br />

And see you as we parade in America’s finest book festival!<br />

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birthday party? Who had the first birthday, even? Author<br />

Keith Johnson’s son, Joshua, pondered on the same wonder<br />

during his younger sister, Kylee’s, first birthday party. From<br />

one child’s straight-up curiosity, a concept was born; after<br />

many more questions asked over the years, a story grew.<br />

Johnson brings to life the best of both entertainment and<br />

educational worlds in an engaging children’s book, The<br />

First Birthday Party Ever!<br />

One’s birthday is one of the most meaningful days of the<br />

year—acknowledging birth, marking yet another year spent<br />

here on Earth, and perhaps a chance to start anew. The sheer<br />

delight that a birthday brings, so bright and beautiful, simply<br />

calls <strong>for</strong> a celebration. And as we celebrate this moment each<br />

year, we big up the “milestone” ones. A milestone birthday<br />

merits more than just a fleeting greeting, those particular<br />

ages worthy of the extra party poppers, honoring the past<br />

year’s successes and welcoming a new phase in life, one of<br />

which is the first birthday.<br />

Celebrating all the firsts of a child in the first year, counting<br />

from months to a year and from moments to a milestone,<br />

the first birthday is indeed a big day <strong>for</strong> a baby and an<br />

entire family to celebrate life. So, one might ask, how was<br />

the first-ever birthday celebrated? Who threw the first-ever<br />

The First Birthday Party Ever! is a heartwarming story<br />

of celebrating life as one dino community weaved with<br />

enriching lessons in vivid, adorable illustrations. From the<br />

thoughtful Party Pals throwing the first birthday party<br />

ever <strong>for</strong> the baby Pterodactyl Archie in the enchanting<br />

land of Chuckle-Giggle-Nu, it has been Johnson and his<br />

team’s collaborative ef<strong>for</strong>t to dedicate the book to everyone<br />

with a birthday, celebrating life’s special moments and<br />

milestones, starting with the very first birthday beyond the<br />

pages of the book. After its publication’s success, The First<br />

Birthday Party Ever! has bagged several awards, prompted<br />

additional stories, products, and services, and graced the<br />

radio, television, fairs, and events across the country—now<br />

attending the <strong>Miami</strong> Book Fair.<br />

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>, in partnership with Writers’<br />

Branding, takes delight in the opportunity and privilege<br />

to have an insightful virtual conversation with none other<br />

than Keith Johnson. Get to know the visionary author<br />

in this exclusive feature, marvel at his clever take on how<br />

birthdays were brought to life, and appreciate life better as<br />

you celebrate moments and milestones starting with The<br />

First Birthday Party Ever!<br />

Editor: In this fast-paced day and age, what does<br />

a day in the life of a Keith Johnson look like? How<br />

do you savor the extraordinary of every day and<br />

celebrate even the most mundane of it?

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 5<br />

Keith: Every morning I wake up at about 9:00 am, I<br />

rarely use alarms. Without fail, at 11:00 am, I pray and<br />

meditate <strong>for</strong> an hour or until the waterfalls from the pool<br />

automatically turn off. I then go to work as I have, over<br />

the last 30 years, inventing and creating new and useful<br />

products and services <strong>for</strong> companies such as The Walt<br />

Disney Co., Michaels Arts and Crafts, and numerous other<br />

companies, as well as private clients. While I am working,<br />

I listen to the news and the stock market reports; it’s not<br />

<strong>for</strong> the news that repeats but listening <strong>for</strong> breaking news.<br />

I was taught by my Uncle Wallace, Lead Architect of the<br />

Clinton Library in Little Rock, Arkansas, that in<strong>for</strong>mation<br />

is the controlling factor in life. In other words, “The most<br />

in<strong>for</strong>med is the most successful,” as he would say. One<br />

of the most important things in the book business is to<br />

understand the changing consumer and create a continuum<br />

of literary works designed to last beyond a lifetime.<br />

I spend my afternoons feeding and watching an assortment<br />

of wild birds while sitting poolside, writing business plans,<br />

screenplays, and the remaining 7 books of this ten-book<br />

series. My evenings are often spent with family, friends,<br />

and limited socializing be<strong>for</strong>e studying <strong>for</strong> my MBA and<br />

strategizing on how I am going to advance this project to<br />

its highest level.<br />

Helping people is very important to me; whether it is<br />

assisting children with reading or promoting financial<br />

literacy/independence, it’s the collective humanitarian<br />

ef<strong>for</strong>ts that advance society. By creating the tools necessary<br />

to advance the lives of people worldwide, I am doing my<br />

part in eradicating poverty and hopefully contributing to<br />

a joyful childhood <strong>for</strong> all. Zig Ziggler said, “People really<br />

don’t care about how much you know until they know how<br />

much you care.” Zig also said, “You can have what you want<br />

out of life if you help enough people get what they want<br />

out of life.” Helping people with economic development<br />

in our domestic emerging markets, AKA Small Towns<br />

and distressed communities, is what’s most important in<br />

my life’s work! Enjoy your best life; it’s right be<strong>for</strong>e you.<br />

Remember this, it’s important to slow down and notice the<br />

rainbow simply because they don’t appear everyday. Then<br />

think about this passage and smile.<br />

How did you become a writer? Were you always fond<br />

of writing? Have you always known you’d become<br />

a published author?<br />

I now believe we are all writers! The question is, when did<br />

I start creating and sharing stories. As a child, my friends<br />

and I created riddles, jokes, and songs to make each other<br />

laugh. Two or three of us would hold water in our mouths,<br />

and the other ones would tell a joke and see who would<br />

laugh first. Ain’t no faking it! Eventually, someone is going<br />

to burst out in laughter and lose all of their water.<br />

Ironically my best friend always talked about being a<br />

writer, and I couldn’t understand why anyone would<br />

want to do that. At the time, I could barely spell due to<br />

dyslexia, and I would cross up many of my letters. I was<br />

a superstar in math, and I wanted to be an aerospace or<br />

broadcast engineer. After 8 years working in aerospace<br />

and becoming a broadcast engineer, I began consulting<br />

as a writer of sophisticated business plans, and I naturally<br />

migrated into books. I never contemplated being a writer<br />

and definitely not a published writer. Today I understand<br />

the importance of creating literary works that expand the<br />

imagination of the reader. Einstein said, “Imagination is<br />

more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.<br />

Imagination encircles the world.”<br />

The First Birthday Party Ever! is a fun and engaging<br />

children’s story. How did you come up with your<br />

book? What inspired you to produce this?<br />

As I was preparing <strong>for</strong> my daughter’s first birthday party,<br />

my son asked me this question, “Dad, who had the first<br />

birthday party?” At the time, I was in the greeting card<br />

business, and I pointed to the latest greeting card that I had<br />

produced, which featured four dinosaurs, and said, “They<br />

did,” and that was the start of a new franchise. It evolved and<br />

became a bedtime story and then a live show, and finally, a<br />

book. The inspiration came from my children. My son was<br />

telling me about the Quactapus in his book, and I could not<br />

understand what he was talking about! Then I realized he<br />

was trying to describe an Octopus. Eventually, it became a<br />

character in my second children’s book titled Welcome to<br />

Chuckle-Giggle-Nu. It is the prequel to The First Birthday<br />

Party Ever! We promote child safety awareness and focus<br />

on water safety, stranger danger, and internet awareness.<br />

Remember! A birthday party is a celebration of life.<br />

Your book wraps up an entirely creative work. How<br />

long did it take <strong>for</strong> The First Birthday Party Ever! to<br />

come to fruition? Can you tell us a fond memory from<br />

working on your book? What challenges, if any, have<br />

you encountered and how did you overcome them?<br />

The actual book was in the works <strong>for</strong> nearly 15 years<br />

be<strong>for</strong>e the first edition was published in 2013, and over<br />

the years, there have been several revisions. My greatest<br />

accomplishment with The First Birthday Party Ever! was

6 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />

publishing an early Award Winning addition to the book<br />

in The People’s Republic of China in 2015. This was one<br />

of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. It was my<br />

belief that if I could publish and sell the book in China, I<br />

could sell the book any place in the world. With nearly a<br />

million books being published every year, everything step of<br />

the way was and is challenging. The fastest way to overcome<br />

the competition is to meet the competition head-on, and<br />

this can be accomplished by entering book festivals until<br />

your book wins. I got reviews and made adjustments to the<br />

book where it was necessary. After winning the Hollywood<br />

Book Festival in 2020 and again in 2022, I released the<br />

book that readers enjoy today!<br />

The delightful story of The First Birthday Party Ever! is<br />

wonderfully set millions of years ago when the world<br />

was dominated by dinosaurs. What inspired you to<br />

label the setting as Chuckle-Giggle-Nu? Is there a<br />

meaning behind the name of this enchanting land?<br />

The enchanted land of Chuckle-Giggle-Nu means the<br />

land of “New Happiness.” This is the place where children<br />

can enter into this new land and enjoy spending time with<br />

their newfound friends while reading. Every child wants<br />

to know who had the first birthday party and how it came<br />

about. In fact, we dedicated this book to everyone with a<br />

birthday. Our book titles are primarily derived from themes<br />

and songs that we have created and have become popular<br />

with the children, thus sparking their interest in reading<br />

our books with similar names as the songs. Welcome to<br />

Chuckle-Giggle-Nu is an example of one of our books<br />

that started as a song; it is the prequel to The First Birthday<br />

Party Ever!<br />

Animals are classic adorable characters from<br />

children’s books. In tandem with the imaginative<br />

illustrator Steve Harpster, you have brought to life<br />

extinct dinosaurs in entertaining and vivid illustrations.<br />

How did you go about it—smoothly presenting an<br />

archaic animal to children?<br />

The characters are based on actual dinosaurs, and most of<br />

their names stem from their scientific names. By doing<br />

this, the children have a better chance of remembering the<br />

actual type of dinosaur name. Albert is an Albertosaurus,<br />

their bones are found in Alberta, Canada, and Rexton is a<br />

Tyrannosaurus Rex meaning “Terrible Lizard.” I conceived<br />

the concepts <strong>for</strong> the illustrations and made sketches; I<br />

also made all of the post-production additions and color<br />

adjustments myself to make the dinosaurs have a slight<br />

flair and distinction. My job is to make everyone envision<br />

themselves climbing into the book. Steve Harpster is one<br />

of the greatest children’s book illustrators of all time, with<br />

over 100 published titles by the leading book publishers in<br />

the world. Collectively we created tier 1 creations via work<br />

<strong>for</strong> hire and limited partnership agreements through up to<br />

the year 2020; now, we use a diverse team of up-and-coming<br />

illustrators and designers from around the world. Steve<br />

and I worked together <strong>for</strong> more than 20 years, creating<br />

several new books that I converted into thousands of<br />

derivative products and services. In fact, during the late 90s,<br />

I purchased a new computer system <strong>for</strong> Steve to enhance<br />

and speed up the process of our early collaborative works.<br />

Collectively we have created hundreds of characters and<br />

landscapes to maximize the books, movies, and franchise’s<br />

success. These premium intellectual properties are now<br />

being used in the design and development of indoor theme<br />

parks and Family Entertainment Centers worldwide. It is<br />

the dynamic teamwork that produced such clean and clear<br />

images combined with the expertise of Dreammation EFX<br />

Studios Inc. enhanced color correction and modifications,<br />

thus producing exciting and out-of-this-world graphics.<br />

Today’s young readers seek graphics comparable to video<br />

games. John & Carolyn Grossman from the Gifted Line was<br />

one of my early mentors in the fine arts industry; together,<br />

we designed and developed several products that were<br />

phenomenal. They taught me the importance of imaging<br />

and consistency, and that is why our products emit a soft,<br />

classic flow that engages and entertains the consumer. They<br />

explained to me how people pick up greeting cards <strong>for</strong> the<br />

picture and purchase them <strong>for</strong> the words. We find this to be<br />

true <strong>for</strong> books also, and that’s why I hired Steve Harpster<br />

as our lead illustrator in 1997. It is important to grow with<br />

the consumer. Catch the consumer’s eye, and the heart will<br />

follow. On every page, we wanted to deliver select/specific<br />

emotions, including but not limited to excitement, sorrow,<br />

strategy, and more than anything fun!<br />

What sets The First Birthday Party Ever! apart from<br />

other children’s books? What would you wish kids<br />

to experience when reading it? Would The First<br />

Birthday Party Ever! also meet the eye of adults?<br />

The First Birthday Party Ever! was written and dedicated<br />

to everyone with a birthday. It doesn’t matter what age a<br />

person is; the story is designed to bring joy and excitement<br />

to children of all ages worldwide. The First Birthday Party<br />

Ever! is the equivalent to the story of Santa’s Christmas<br />

Story, except this story is played out every day all over the<br />

world. This is what sets it apart and makes the difference.<br />

The dinosaurs are of all colors, sizes, and shapes, and they

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 7<br />

all get along <strong>for</strong> the most part, Rexton and Albert can be<br />

troublesome at times, but they are loveable characters as well.<br />

Filbert and the Party Pals successfully threw the first<br />

birthday party ever <strong>for</strong> the baby Pterodactyl, Archie. You<br />

have written, “The Party Pals made it their mission to<br />

celebrate all birthdays in a special way.” Did the mission<br />

transpire beyond the enchanting Chuckle- Giggle-Nu?<br />

Can you share the initiatives and engagements of your<br />

book after its publication’s success?<br />

Once we acquired the mascots <strong>for</strong> the primary characters,<br />

partygoers began to request jumpers, tents, chairs, and live<br />

shows. Since then, we have developed hundreds of products<br />

and services, including but not limited to board games,<br />

toys, plush toys, shoes, textiles, foods and beverages, and<br />

a fantastic assortment of ice cream. We are in the early<br />

stage of preproduction <strong>for</strong> the 3D Animated Feature Film,<br />

and we are taking the necessary steps to earn an Academy<br />

Award <strong>for</strong> our work!<br />

The First Birthday Party Ever! has become a direct<br />

STEM innovation foundational tool <strong>for</strong> children and<br />

communities worldwide, which now comes with a<br />

free Party Pals Play App on Apple and Google Play<br />

Stores. Was this a vision from the get-go, or was the<br />

concept of an app only considered over time? Can<br />

you share some snippets of this upgrade, perhaps<br />

a little backstory?<br />

is based on the science of transportation, as Trudy and her<br />

mom use several <strong>for</strong>ms of transportation to get to their new<br />

home. With the new space race going private, we need to<br />

prepare our children <strong>for</strong> jobs of the future that will depend<br />

more on intellectuals. We have downloadable coloring and<br />

activity sheets that have STEM activities.<br />

I hope to help children to get involved in all <strong>for</strong>ms of<br />

science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The app<br />

is an on-ramp to curiosity and understanding the ability<br />

of bending light to create optical illusions of the dinosaurs<br />

having fun. The question is, how is this done?<br />

Your book is a huge success. Do you plan on<br />

publishing another title? What else would you like<br />

to do at this point in your life? What do you look<br />

<strong>for</strong>ward to the most?<br />

Yes, we have ten titles scheduled to release over the next<br />

five years, and we intend to produce a 3D Animated<br />

Feature Film derived from each book. Most of the books<br />

have already been written and will be processed in the<br />

order conceived. Writing is a lifelong journey, and I never<br />

intend to ever stop. I intend to write a book that entails<br />

the story of this grand venture to share with the world to<br />

encourage other writers to never stop sharing their stories.<br />

My grandest hope is to promote literacy and expand joy,<br />

happiness, and fun to all of the inhabitants on earth and<br />

promote the mantra, “Never give up on [your] dreams.”<br />

As a child, I was fascinated with the original pop-up<br />

books; I played with them until they fell apart. I’m always<br />

thinking out of the box, and the key to that is to adopt<br />

new technology to old products. This proactive approach<br />

is the key to being on the leading edge and becoming a<br />

trendsetter. By infusing technology into traditional<br />

books, it has rejuvenated digital natives with<br />

a fascination that has increased the desire to<br />

retain a physical copy of the book while using<br />

their cell phones or tablets to interact with the book.<br />

Literacy is the basic foundation <strong>for</strong> economics and STEM<br />

(Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics). The<br />

basic word “stem” means to come from or derived from;<br />

the more we understand the science of ancient life, the<br />

better chance we have at extending present life. NASA<br />

has launched many <strong>for</strong>ms of life into space and has tested<br />

monkeys, dogs, lizards, turtles, and even squids in zero<br />

gravity to study how each creature adapts to zero gravity.<br />

NASA has studied all of these <strong>for</strong>ms of life in space in<br />

hopes of developing colonies in space that are com<strong>for</strong>table<br />

and adaptable <strong>for</strong> humans. Welcome to Chuckle-Giggle-Nu

8 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />





Award-Winning Author of the book<br />

Jeannie Ann's Grandma Has Breast Cancer

“You have breast cancer.” Hearing my doctor say<br />

those four words in connection with my body was<br />

devastating to say the least. Let’s try overwhelming,<br />

shocking, shattering, damaging, or even ravaging. None<br />

of those words come close to describing how I felt<br />

when I received that diagnosis. With my husband and<br />

adult daughter by my side, the consultation continued.<br />

I never heard a word of what was said as I was planning<br />

my funeral!<br />

Here I am, however, eighteen years a survivor and<br />

breast cancer patient advocate trying to make the journey<br />

less lonely and less scary <strong>for</strong> those that come after me.<br />

My intent in writing Jeannie Ann’s story was to create<br />

a tool <strong>for</strong> families facing a breast cancer journey to<br />

use when they needed to start the conversation where<br />

children would be told about the loved one's diagnosis.<br />

Reading Jeannie Ann’s story will serve as a stepping<br />

stone to creating an atmosphere where truth will be<br />

told and questions answered.<br />

“Wait! I don’t want my children to know that I<br />

have cancer. I want to protect them from the harsh<br />

realities of life. I don’t want anybody to know. I want<br />

to keep this diagnosis a secret. I especially don’t want<br />

to feel or appear weak, or scared and I certainly don’t<br />

want to cry and really scare my kids.”<br />

I get it. I do understand. I've been there. My<br />

husband’s first wife lost her life in an accident. When we<br />

married and had our daughter, we never even thought<br />

to tell her about this tragedy as she grew older. Great<br />

Grandma passed away and the minister leading her<br />

funeral was a member of the family. He was talking<br />

about this wonderful 101-year-old little woman and<br />

all of the changes she had witnessed in her century of<br />

living. He mentioned the accident among other family<br />

trials and incidents that Grandma lived through. My<br />

twelve-year-old daughter was distraught and shattered.<br />

She explained to us that she felt abandoned by her<br />

family and alone. We had lied to her by never telling her.<br />

My husband, along with his mother and I, spent many<br />

hours helping her understand the terrible oversight.<br />

Children need to know they belong and that they are<br />

important enough to know the whole story, good and<br />

bad, that we share together as a family. We learned<br />

that one the hard way.<br />

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 9<br />

So let’s focus on this “WHY” it is important that<br />

children know about a loved one's diagnosis. First of<br />

all, children are very perceptive. They thrive on routine<br />

because it makes them feel safe knowing what is coming.<br />

Any break in routine, no matter how small, is upsetting<br />

<strong>for</strong> them. In Jeannie Ann’s story, the break in routine<br />

comes when she gets home from school, a longer,<br />

tighter hug from mom, no snack, and baby brother<br />

still in his pajamas from the night be<strong>for</strong>e is her tip-off<br />

that something is not right. Dinner is a quiet affair -<br />

another hint. Anything out of the ordinary takes the<br />

safe out of the routine.<br />

As hard as the truth may be, children imagine it<br />

worse. Jeannie Ann overhears Mom and Dad whispering<br />

after she leaves the table. She hangs around the doorway<br />

and hears the word CANCER! Now her imagination<br />

goes wild. Who has cancer? Is it me? My baby brother?<br />

Mom or Dad? What will happen to me? Who will take<br />

care of me? With the lack of in<strong>for</strong>mation, children fill<br />

in the blanks themselves, often in scary, unhealthy ways,<br />

totally missing what is really happening.<br />

Keeping cancer a secret can make the child feel shut<br />

out and abandoned as we learned with our daughter.<br />

Jeannie Ann even imagined that she was the cause of<br />

the cancer and the pain because of something she’d<br />

<strong>for</strong>gotten to do or perhaps because of bad behavior<br />

that she did do. The illness came as a punishment. This<br />

kind of thinking is not unusual and becomes another<br />

stress in the dynamic of the family, causing a closing<br />

of the lines of communication. When trying to keep a<br />

secret, the child may hear about the diagnosis from a<br />

well-meaning neighbor or even other kids on the bus,<br />

destroying the trust that the child has in the parent.<br />

This can lead to the child thinking that her/his family<br />

doesn’t even love them enough to let her/him in on<br />

the secret.<br />

As hard as we as parents try, it is impossible to<br />

shield our children from the stressful parts of life. If<br />

we were successful, I’m not sure that would be a good<br />

thing anyway. Our job as parents is to teach children<br />

how to manage such challenges in life by modeling <strong>for</strong><br />

them what works <strong>for</strong> us.

10 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />

Being honest and truthful with children is<br />

important during the good times as well as the bad.<br />

When a child thinks the parent is not being truthful,<br />

it becomes difficult <strong>for</strong> them to know when they are<br />

being told the truth. The effects of treatment, loss of<br />

hair, exhaustion, nausea, sleeping all the time, can be<br />

terrifying <strong>for</strong> children without knowing the facts behind<br />

what is happening. Talking about feelings make feelings<br />

less overwhelming, upsetting and scary even <strong>for</strong> adults.<br />

Your child depends on you. A cancer journey<br />

can be a loving, growing opportunity <strong>for</strong> the family.<br />

It takes work and planning at a most difficult time,<br />

however. By letting our children in, we as parents are<br />

allowing them to learn how to care and provide support<br />

and com<strong>for</strong>t <strong>for</strong> others and <strong>for</strong> ourselves. This is an<br />

important life lesson.<br />

As parents we must remember that we are training<br />

our children to become adults. They need to know that<br />

they belong within the family. We do this by building<br />

trust, by being honest and as truthful as age permits, and<br />

by making them a part of the process of being family.<br />

Here is something to think about. KidsGrief.<br />

ca talks about the Four C’s of Child Concern When<br />

Someone They Love is Diagnosed With Cancer.<br />

one with the diagnosis should be the leader, with all<br />

members of the immediate family in attendance, even<br />

the very young. Add others only if they increase the<br />

child’s com<strong>for</strong>t. People outside the family could possibly<br />

add more stress <strong>for</strong> everyone. I’d be real deliberate about<br />

who should be there and why.<br />

If you are the patient, practice saying out loud, "I<br />

have cancer.” That is a tough one. For me, once I gave<br />

voice to it, it became reality. I highly suggest practicing<br />

it so you are able to control your own response. It’s okay<br />

to cry. You should be honest with those you love and<br />

crying is an honest response. Remember, there is no<br />

age limit <strong>for</strong> the need to cry. Allowing emotions<br />

to be expressed honestly help the children<br />

to feel safe and secure.<br />

Be prepared with all<br />

of the facts as you never<br />

know what questions will be<br />

asked. It is important to share<br />

what part of the body is affected<br />

and simple details regarding the<br />

treatment plan. Listen carefully to<br />

what the child is asking. There is no<br />

need to talk beyond what is being<br />

asked or to go into details that may<br />

1. Did I CAUSE it?<br />

2. Can I CATCH it?<br />

3. Can I CURE it?<br />

4. Who will take CARE of me?<br />

Keep these four questions in mind as you plan the<br />

conversation with your children regarding the diagnosis<br />

of a loved one with cancer.<br />

Choose a time when you can focus all of your<br />

attention on the conversation. Make it a quiet time<br />

with as few distractions as possible. Turn off all radios,<br />

TVs, cell phones, and other devices to make <strong>for</strong> less<br />

interruptions. Plan <strong>for</strong> the time to be a long enough so<br />

all questions can be answered. The best place to hold<br />

this conversation is at home where all involved are<br />

com<strong>for</strong>table and feel safe. If at all possible, the loved

just add to the fear. Being honest and hopeful is the<br />

best approach. If a question is asked that you do not<br />

know the answer to, assure them that you’ll find the<br />

answer and share it at that time.<br />

“Will you die?” is sure to be one of the anxieties<br />

on everyone’s mind, so spend some time thinking<br />

about how you will answer that one. Dying is always<br />

a possibility, so be careful not to make a promise that<br />

is actually beyond your control.<br />

Be sure the children understand that they are<br />

not responsible in any way <strong>for</strong> Mom having breast<br />

cancer. They did not cause the cancer by their actions<br />

or inactions. And just as important, they cannot<br />

“catch” cancer - it is not contagious.<br />

“Who will take care of me?” is<br />

certainly a topic not to skip over with<br />

children. "Where will I be while you<br />

are sick or in the hospital? Where will<br />

I eat? Where will I sleep?" If possible,<br />

allow the children to have a voice in this<br />

plan. Be sure to reassure that no matter<br />

what happens, the child will be cared<br />

<strong>for</strong> and that you will try to keep their<br />

life as normal as possible under the new<br />

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 11<br />

circumstances. At the same time, model <strong>for</strong> them that it<br />

is okay to laugh and be happy during this time of illness.<br />

Children can share in the experience with you by<br />

assigning them tasks to help with according to their age<br />

level. Teens, of course, can take on more responsibility but<br />

still need to have their own time and space if possible.<br />

Here is a reminder list <strong>for</strong> parents <strong>for</strong> after the<br />

conversation and as the journey continues:<br />

• Make time <strong>for</strong> continued conversations with the<br />

children and the teens.<br />

• Put time on the calendar <strong>for</strong> each child.<br />

• Encourage the children to do his/her<br />

everyday things.<br />

• Check in with the child on an ongoing basis.<br />

• Include child in a clinic/treatment visit if possible.<br />

• It is okay to say “I don’t know!”<br />

• Telling children that a dying patient “is going<br />

to sleep” can make bedtime confusing and frightening.<br />

Your own beliefs will guide you in this matter.<br />

• If the child seems withdrawn, has an ongoing<br />

behavior change, or prolonged disinterest in normal<br />

activities - seek professional help. Your health care<br />

team will have suggestions <strong>for</strong> you as to who to see.<br />

Don’t let this slip through the cracks. Alert the child’s<br />

daycare/school to help watch <strong>for</strong> signs of needing help.<br />

Listening to your child is the most important<br />

advice when a loved one is diagnosed with any cancer.<br />

Listening is a vast part of communication and good<br />

communication helps everyone in the family cope with<br />

the changes that lie ahead. Talking with your children<br />

honestly and helping them express their emotions will<br />

help them feel safe and secure and continue to build<br />

trust in you as the parent. Honest communication<br />

with your children throughout the cancer journey is<br />

of utmost importance. Don’t go it alone - reach out!<br />

There is plenty of help <strong>for</strong> those of you who are strong<br />

enough to ask <strong>for</strong> it.

12 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />



By Diane Davies<br />

Genre: Children’s Book<br />

Kindle | $9.99<br />

Hardcover | $15.95<br />

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Publisher: Authors Press<br />

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By Diane Davies<br />

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Publisher: Beaver’s Pond Press<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1643439648<br />

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By Diane Davies<br />

Genre: Children’s Book<br />

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Hardcover | $15.95<br />

Publisher: Beaver’s Pond Press<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1592986903<br />

Dimensions: 8.2 x 0.4 x 10.1 inches<br />



By Diane Davies<br />

Genre: Children’s <strong>Books</strong><br />

Kindle | $8.99<br />

Publisher: Dianedavies.com<br />

ISBN: 978-0996637640

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By Molly Prickett<br />

Genre: Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Myths<br />

Kindle | $3.99<br />

Paperback | $9.99<br />

Publisher: Writers’ Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639450817<br />

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By Alinda C. Daniels<br />

Genre: Christian <strong>Books</strong> & Bibles<br />

Kindle | $6.66<br />

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Paperback | $25.95<br />

Publisher: Covenant <strong>Books</strong><br />

ISBN-13: 978-1638850472<br />

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New Edition<br />

By Lori Cameron<br />

Genre: Christian <strong>Books</strong> & Bible ><br />

Christian Living<br />

Kindle | $3.99<br />

Hardcover | $15.99<br />

Paperback | $9.99<br />

The author explores her own life and the need <strong>for</strong> belief<br />

in Jesus Christ during what is described as tumultuous<br />

times from a young child to middle age. This is a<br />

powerfully told story of the author's life. The events<br />

showcase a life of hardship and struggle that reflects<br />

sadly on the challenges of many people in the world.<br />

Lori Cameron recalls her journey from abuse and danger<br />

to a new life of faith and hope in this emotional memoir.<br />

Lori was born in Ireland to a hysterical and abusive<br />

alcoholic mother and a kind but an undemonstrative<br />

father. After a teen romance that blew apart, she<br />

married an older man and moved with him and her<br />

two boys to Canada. But her husband became perverse,<br />

<strong>for</strong>cing her into degrading sexual activity. This led her<br />

to become suicidal. Through the retelling of her life,<br />

Lori showcases strength and conviction.<br />

Publisher: Booktrail Publishing<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1637676400<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.3 x 9 inches

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By Janice E. Holliman<br />

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs > Survival<br />

Kindle | $7.49<br />

Hardcover | $32.00<br />

Paperback | $25.00<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1954341012<br />

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DANIEL 11:20-45 - A HISTORICAL<br />


By Robert W. Knutson<br />

Genre: Christian <strong>Books</strong> & Bibles ><br />

Churches & Church Leadership<br />

Kindle | $3.99<br />

Paperback | $10.99<br />

Hardcover | $34.99<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639452118<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.91 x 9 inches

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GOD, THE HERE,<br />


The Way To Heaven<br />

By Norman B. Talsoe<br />

Genre: Religion & Spirituality<br />

Kindle | $6.99<br />

Hardcover | $30.99<br />

Paperback | $24.99<br />

Publisher: N Talsoe Publishing<br />

ISBN-13: 979-8986428307<br />

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Christian engineer Norman B. Talsoe has been graced with visions in his senior years and believes that the<br />

return of Christ, which brings <strong>for</strong>th the end times, is nigh upon man. One of the visions asked him to author<br />

a book to prepare mankind <strong>for</strong> Christ’s imminent return and the inevitable Final Judgment.<br />

After devoting 11 long years of in-depth study of the Bible, Talsoe shares his vivid vision of the second coming<br />

of Christ in God, The Here, And The Hereafter: The Way To Heaven. The author ushers readers into Daniel's<br />

Seven-Year Timeline, which will serve as an instrument <strong>for</strong> correct interpretation and complete understanding<br />

of the rapture-tribulation timeline to enable mankind to realize what is ahead in the final days. God, The Here,<br />

And The Hereafter: The Way To Heaven by Norman B. Talsoe will prepare oneself <strong>for</strong> a journey toward Heaven.

18 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />





By Ron Craig<br />

Genre: Religion & Spirituality<br />

Kindle | $2.99<br />

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Hardcover | $13.99<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

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REVEAL!<br />

By Ron Craig<br />

Genre: Religion & Spirituality<br />

Kindle | $2.99<br />

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Hardcover | $12.99<br />

Publisher: Writers’ Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639452491<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.28 x 9 inches

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 19<br />




CALVIN:<br />

Expanded Exposure Of<br />

Demonic Calvinism<br />

By Ron Craig<br />

Genre: Christian <strong>Books</strong> & Bibles > Bible<br />

Study & Reference<br />

Kindle | $3.99<br />

Hardcover | $14.99<br />

Paperback | $9.99<br />

Publisher: Writers’ Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639454174<br />

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After 50 years of personal Bible study and two decades of research on Calvinism, Pastor of Living Way Fellowship<br />

Ron Craig shares the revelations given to him by Jesus Christ in Unbelievable Delusions of the Infamous John<br />

Calvin. Craig seeks to reveal the true nature of the theological system of Calvinism and debunks the doctrine of<br />

John Calvin on predestination. Committed to his arguments, Craig writes with clear conviction and integrates<br />

Scripture passages to communicate the lessons he has learned from God over the years.

20 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />

HIDDEN:<br />

NISTAR<br />

By Batya Casper<br />

Genre: Literature & Fiction<br />

Kindle | $2.99<br />

Paperback | $9.99<br />

Publisher: Author Reputation Press, LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1649611727<br />

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ISRAELA:<br />


By Batya Casper<br />

Genre: History > Middle East<br />

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Paperback | $9.99<br />

Publisher: Inks and Bindings, LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 979-8886150490<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.71 x 9 inches

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WHEN I<br />


By Joe Estacio<br />

Genre: Children’s <strong>Books</strong><br />

Kindle | $6.95<br />

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Publisher: Palmetto Publishing<br />

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This unique and colorfully illustrated children's rhyming book was inspired by Joe Estacio's childhood<br />

memories of growing up in Brooklyn, New York. Each page is a nostalgic journey, telling about his life as a<br />

child and how different it used to be in simpler times—playing with neighborhood kids, walking to school,<br />

shopping and doing laundry with mom, and learning to say his prayers at night. The book expresses the joy<br />

of living in and enjoying the world around us. The tone is light, with a twist in the middle and a very hopeful<br />

and uplifting ending. Kids ages five and up will enjoy reminiscing with parents, grandparents, and teachers<br />

who will be inspired to tell them stories about their childhoods.

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By Calista Helen Harvey<br />

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LEGENDS,<br />



The Real Story Behind an<br />

Ancient Crime<br />

By Dirk C. Gibson<br />

Genre: True Crime<br />

Kindle | $40.72<br />

Hardcover | $53.00<br />

Publisher: Praeger<br />

ISBN-13: 978-0313397585<br />

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Do you believe in vampires and werewolves? Read this book to see if your belief is accurate.<br />

The majority of serial murder studies support the consensus that serial murder is essentially an American crime, a flawed<br />

assumption as the United States has existed <strong>for</strong> less than 250 years. What is far more likely is that the perverse urge<br />

to repeatedly and intentionally kill has existed throughout human history, and that a substantial percentage of serial<br />

murders throughout ancient times, the middle ages, and the pre-modern era were attributed to imaginative surrogate<br />

explanations: dragons, demons, vampires, werewolves, and witches.<br />

Legends, Monsters, or Serial Murderers? The Real Story Behind an Ancient Crime dispels the interrelated misconceptions that<br />

serial murder is an American crime and a relatively recent phenomenon, making the novel argument that serial murder<br />

is a historic reality and an unrecognized fact in ancient times. Noted serial murderers such as the Roman Locuta (The<br />

Poisoner); Gilles De Rais of France, a prolific serial killer of children; Andres Bichel of Bavaria; and Chinese aristocratic<br />

serial killer T'zu-Hsi are spotlighted. This book provides a unique perspective that integrates supernatural interpretations<br />

of serial killing with the history of true crime, reanimating mythic entities of horror stories and presenting them as real<br />


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By Ann Caughman<br />

Genre: Business & Money > Job Hunting & Careers<br />

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HENRI:<br />


By Douglas Bosack<br />

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Publisher: Stonewall Press<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1948172240<br />

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First in the Until Dawn Series<br />

(New Edition)<br />

By Jordan E. Walker<br />

Genre: Literature and Fiction<br />

Paperback | $8.99<br />

Publisher: Writers’ Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1954341159<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.41 x 9 inches<br />

The newest and the first offering in the Until Dawn Series, Jordan E. Walker’s Dark Nights (New Edition):<br />

First in the Until Dawn Series unfolds Jayde Henryk’s story of survival in her search <strong>for</strong> truth. Her family died<br />

<strong>for</strong> a secret. When Jayde relocates with her father, she encounters some interesting characters along the way<br />

to the strange land in which they go. Not only does she find kindness and protection in some of the people<br />

she meets, but she also becomes aware of the fantastical creatures who live in the area. When the assassin<br />

who murdered Jayde's mother and brother catches up with the pair, Jayde is <strong>for</strong>ced to flee <strong>for</strong> her life, more<br />

determined to find the truth. She met a fairy, and they came closer together as they fought <strong>for</strong> their lives.<br />

Jayde’s story started with a fairytale but ended with a bang. Mystery, magic, and loss lie within the darkness<br />

of night, until dawn.

26 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />


By Ex_Turpi<br />

Genre: Poetry<br />

Kindle | $4.99<br />

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Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

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By Robert Berry<br />

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Publisher: URLink Print & Media, LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1647530334<br />

Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.15 x 11 inches

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MODEL TO<br />


By Jorge Farias Arizpe<br />

Genre: Business & Money ><br />

Business Culture<br />

Kindle | $3.92<br />

Paperback | $9.99<br />

This book explains 20 factors to build trust. These<br />

factors apply personally and to a company. Applying<br />

this model will develop institutional leadership, and has<br />

excellent results in quality, efficiency, of the organization,<br />

and human satisfaction and motivation.<br />

Publisher: Independently Published<br />

ISBN-13: 979-8780121978<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.62 x 9 inches<br />

Our philosophy is to create good results in terms of<br />

benefits to the customers and to create great satisfaction<br />

in people who work as human resources. Happiness<br />

in creating benefits <strong>for</strong> others with reliability.<br />

Jorge Farias Arizpe<br />

I created my consulting company MGT, and I have<br />

been collaborating with many companies <strong>for</strong> 33 years<br />

to enhance their organization and human capital with<br />

excellent results in product quality, human development,<br />

and satisfaction. I have recently <strong>for</strong>med the People<br />

Management Institute with my partners to support<br />

companies, families, and institutions in developing trust.

28 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />

SUNDAY<br />

WORSHIP:<br />

God’s Unchanging Order<br />

By Augustin D. Etienne<br />

Genre: Christian <strong>Books</strong> & Bibles<br />

> Theology<br />

Kindle | $9.99<br />

Paperback | $15.99<br />

Publisher: Xlibris<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1436374286<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.14 x 9 inches<br />

The discussion rages as many continuously seek to reestablish Saturday as the day of worship. The contention<br />

is that the day has been changed by post-Apostolic "detractors" who, in keeping with God's warning in Daniel<br />

7:25 that days and laws would be changed, have changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday. The day has<br />

not been altered, and worshiping on Sunday is not a fulfillment of that warning in Daniel 7.<br />

It is not necessary to keep the Sabbath to be saved; neither is worshiping on Sunday a sign of honoring the<br />

beast. The Old Testament is a <strong>for</strong>eshadowing of what was fulfilled in the New. Every move of God had a<br />

specific purpose, and some have fulfilled their purpose. Sunday was one of those Symbols. The Scriptures and<br />

the writings of the Apostolic Fathers clearly show that while Saturday was the Sabbath Day of Rest, the early<br />

Christians worshiped on Sunday.<br />

Sunday Worship leads us from the Old Testament type to the New Testament reality.

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 29<br />



Dawn of the Guardian<br />

By D.C. Corrigan<br />

Genre: Action & Adventure<br />

Kindle | $5.99<br />

Paperback | $18.99<br />

Publisher: Writers’ Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639455249<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 1.53 x 9 inches<br />

Markus, a champion of the Guardian Knights and hero of Kadema, is a legend among the inhabitants of<br />

Anastia. A man of conviction who believes in freedom and justice, he earned renown during the Guardian War,<br />

a terrible conflict that ruined and devastated the world. Divided and at war, the two continents of Kadema and<br />

Nodis fought one bloody battle after another until a promising warrior emerged from the land of Khandra<br />

named Tanor, chosen to wield a weapon known as the Angels Blade.<br />

From the shadows, evil conspires to end Tanor’s bloodline. Tasked with protecting newborn twins, Markus<br />

must raise and instruct them in the ways of the Guardian Knights so that Anastia may remain safe. The twins,<br />

Mikiel and Syrra, grow stronger each day and inspire friends and allies to join them in their mission to defend<br />

the world from the growing darkness.<br />

With so much at stake and time running short, it soon becomes apparent that even with the mighty Angels<br />

Blade, Mikiel and Syrra may not have the strength to hold back the doom that has been let loose upon Anastia.

30 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />




By Lyle Oelfke<br />

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs<br />

Kindle | $9.99<br />

Paperback | $16.95<br />

Publisher: Covenant <strong>Books</strong><br />

ISBN-13: 978-1638140962<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.41 x 9 inches<br />


By Zavin Lyte<br />

Genre: Religion & Spirituality<br />

Kindle | $5.99<br />

Paperback | $10.99<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639453283<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.23 x 9 inches

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 31<br />




True Inspirational Stories<br />

By Pauline Dibenedetto<br />

Genre: Christian <strong>Books</strong> & Bibles<br />

Kindle | $9.99<br />

Paperback | $17.95<br />

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1098011147<br />

Dimensions: 5.98 x 0.5 x 9.02 inches<br />

Pauline Di Benedetto, who was raised in Brooklyn, New York, and now resides in North Attleborough,<br />

Massachusetts, says she received her gift of writing at the age of fifteen. While she was saying her prayers, her<br />

words began to rhyme. That was when she knew that writing was her purpose in life. She has written several<br />

poems and songs in her life, which she shared with her family and friends. Through her trials in life, Pauline<br />

felt the need to help others by inspiring them to have faith. She published her first book, Faith Through the<br />

Eyes of a Child, which is available on Amazon and can be ordered in any brick-and-mortar store. Pauline<br />

believes this book, Keeping in Touch with the Other Side, is "the one" that was truly "meant to be written." In<br />

this book, she has included Bible verses, along with a poem after each chapter, which gives an inspirational<br />

message. Although she hesitated to write this book, she felt she was "pushed" into it when she fell and fractured<br />

her foot. That's when she finally "got the message." Although she would like to keep her private life "private,"<br />

Pauline says that she must follow her "inner spirit." She also states that she didn't write these books alone.<br />

She believes "St. Therese" is her ghostwriter and guardian angel who guides her through these books and her<br />

life. Is she "right"? Who will be the "judge"?

32 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />


By David Gideon<br />

Genre: Self-Help<br />

Kindle | $3.99<br />

Paperback | $9.99<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639452675<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.31 x 9 inches<br />


By Herta Rousseau<br />

Genre: Business & Money<br />

Kindle | $1.99<br />

Hardcover | $29.99<br />

Paperback | $21.99<br />

Publisher: Global Summit House<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1636846071<br />

Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.17 x 8.5 inches

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 33<br />


AGAIN:<br />

Poems, Prose, Praise, And<br />

Prayers<br />

By Shawn N Graham<br />

Genre: Christian <strong>Books</strong> & Bibles<br />

Kindle | $6.16<br />

Paperback | $11.99<br />

Publisher: Trilogy Christian Publishing<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1647730741<br />

Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.35 x 8.5 inches<br />

Who promised that life would always be easy? I have questioned my existence. Have you questioned yours?<br />

Good, then we have something in common already. Life can sometimes leave you feeling like you are left<br />

hanging. But somehow, deep down inside, you recognize that there is still even one more reason to push harder<br />

or go further or even travel a little longer.<br />

Journey with me, and be inspired again to fight some more, to <strong>for</strong>give, believe, trust, and love some more as<br />

God turns our light bulbs on and aah! There it is; another reason to smile and look to God as He allows us to<br />

live our best life. Let's pray and praise, and declare through poetry and prose, that God is the I AM, and in<br />

Him, we have everything; we lack nothing.

34 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />

M*A*S*H VIETNAM:<br />


By Lorna Griess<br />

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs<br />

Kindle | $2.99<br />

Paperback | $9.99<br />

Publisher: Laylor Press<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1732900028<br />

Dimensions: 5 x 0.36 x 8 inches<br />



By Lillian Mckoy<br />

Genre: Religion & Spirituality<br />

Kindle | $6.99<br />

Hardcover | $34.99<br />

Paperback | $17.99<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639454976<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.8 x 9 inches

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 35<br />



A Journey With a Gypsy Samurai<br />

By George J. Tani, DDIV., MBA, LCSW-R<br />

Genre: Religion & Spirituality<br />

Kindle | $3.99<br />

Paperback | $13.99<br />

Publisher: Balboa Press<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1982278380<br />

Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.38 x 8.5 inches<br />

Do humans 'hear' messages about others that they may need to know? Follow<br />

George as he realizes these messages keep coming and coming. Hear his<br />

constant inner debate about whether to share this in<strong>for</strong>mation with strangers<br />

and others as the space of miracles appears.<br />

George Tani is a social worker, psychic, and therapist. He’s been working<br />

in the Human Potential Movement <strong>for</strong> over five decades. In this book, he<br />

shares some of the successful methods which have contributed to thousands<br />

of his patients.

36 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />


A ROAD THERE...<br />


By Lynn Assimacopoulos<br />

Genre: Christian <strong>Books</strong> & Bibles<br />

Paperback | $16.00<br />

Publisher: LASA <strong>Books</strong><br />

ISBN-13: 978-1575792064<br />



By Elizabeth Clayton<br />

Genre: Self-Help<br />

Paperback | $18.30<br />

Publisher: Traf<strong>for</strong>d Publishing<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1426969928<br />

Dimensions: 5 x 0.69 x 8 inches

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 37<br />



By Everton A. Robinson<br />

Genre: Self-Help<br />

Kindle | $2.99<br />

Hardback | $22.99<br />

Paperback | $9.99<br />

Publisher: Laurcan Publishing, LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 979-8987147801<br />

Dimensions: 6.00 x 0.18 x 9.00 inches<br />

A child's mind is like a freshly plowed field with rich topsoil ready <strong>for</strong> planting. As a parent or guardian, you<br />

have the responsibility to decide what seeds will be planted in this field. If you plant nothing, all kinds of<br />

weeds will automatically begin to take root and grow. The seeds you plant will determine the crops you and<br />

your child will reap. So, why not plant good seeds?<br />

A Child's Guide to Wisdom can serve as an incomparable tool <strong>for</strong> parents in the personal development, instruction,<br />

and correction of their youngsters. Along with giving the child encouragement, affirmation, and praise <strong>for</strong><br />

'being wise,' the fifty principles of wisdom presented in A Child's Guide to Wisdom can be a significant catalyst<br />

in helping your child <strong>for</strong>m good habits, develop good decision-making skills, exhibit sound character traits,<br />

and model good behavior—all key factors in nurturing a healthy, well-balanced, productive, and responsible<br />

individual. This has been my experience with my children. And the best part of the entire journey has been to<br />

enjoy conversations with them—now as adults—and hear the beautiful pearls of wisdom that proceed from<br />

their mouthts!

38 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />


By Jon Hooks<br />

Genre: Romance<br />

Kindle | $3.99<br />

Hardcover | $28.95<br />

Paperback | $18.95<br />

Publisher: iUniverse<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1491789704<br />

Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.67 x 8.5 inches<br />



By Jan Jones Evans<br />

Genre: Engineering & Transportation<br />

Kindle | $2.99<br />

Hardcover | $12.95<br />

Paperback | $9.95<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639454631<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.5 x 9 inches

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 39<br />

GOTTA TEXT!:<br />

Reminders to Live Out the<br />

Gospel Through Every Day<br />

Encounters<br />

By Julia A. Brooks<br />

Genre: Religion & Spirituality<br />

Kindle | $3.91<br />

Paperback | $9.95<br />

Publisher: Westbow Press<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1973601074<br />

Dimensions: 5 x 0.22 x 8 inches<br />

People of faith are very much a part of the masses of people engaging in social media today as a way of life.<br />

Culturally ingrained as a method of quick and succinct communication is the advent of text messaging, which<br />

seemingly has begun to replace routine telephone communication <strong>for</strong> many. Yet the greatest message of all<br />

was sent thousands of years ago to humankind and remains accessible to everyone who desires to read it. It is<br />

God’s text message written in the scriptures <strong>for</strong> our daily use. Gotta Text! is a thirty-one-day devotional that<br />

members of the body of Christ can use to encourage one another. It becomes a vehicle to connect people to<br />

the Gospel message through everyday encounters. This book is an interactive devotional in which the reader<br />

has an opportunity to “text” a friend or group of friends with a selected verse of a scripture-inspired message<br />

that compliments the devotional of the day.

40 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />


By Bruce Bentz<br />

Genre: Humor & Entertainment, Romance<br />

Kindle | $2.99<br />

Hardcover | $14.99<br />

Paperback | $9.99<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639452132<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.48 x 9 inches<br />


By Jack Lorenz<br />

Genre: Mystery, Thriller and Suspense<br />

Kindle | $3.99<br />

Hardcover | $28.99<br />

Paperback | $19.95<br />

Publisher: AuthorHouse<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1496949462<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.73 x 9 inches

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 41<br />

GOD'S GRACE,<br />


By Claudette Inglis<br />

Genre: Religion & Spirituality<br />

Kindle | $2.99<br />

Paperback | $9.97<br />

Publisher: Writers’ Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639454846<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.13 x 9 inches<br />

He looked beyond my faults and saw my needs. God’s grace, not my disgrace; these words were given to me<br />

by the Holy Spirit. When I received the unction to write this book, it allowed me to be free. It allowed me to<br />

release the bondage of abuse and suicide, the self-blame, the hurt, the denial of who I was as a human being<br />

of all as a child of God.<br />

Many women and men of all ages have been silent in the face of physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and<br />

sexual abuse. There is also a great deal of human trafficking going on, and we keep silent <strong>for</strong> fear of torture,<br />

ridicule, and embarrassment. But we have to speak up and be bold, <strong>for</strong> the only fear should be of GOD, not<br />

man. God accepts us with all our imperfections; He accepts us as His children and will restore us. He says<br />

fear not, <strong>for</strong> I am with you. For He has not given us a spirit of fear! But be<strong>for</strong>e power, love, and a sound mind.<br />

Stay focused and strong, <strong>for</strong> God’s grace gives us the <strong>for</strong>titude to move on in Him.

42 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />


Find Your Fragrances By Blood &<br />

Personality Parallels<br />

By Deborah Worley<br />

Genre: Non-Fiction; Health & Beauty; Self-Help #Fragrance<br />

Kindle | $2.99<br />

Paperback | $8.99<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639451937<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.31 x 9 inches<br />



By Kathryn Leo<br />

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy<br />

Kindle | $1.99 Paperback | $17.99<br />

Publisher: STAMPA GLOBAL<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1951585693<br />

Dimensions: 5 x 0.35 x 8 inches

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 43<br />


By Lynn Assimacopoulos<br />

Genre: Parenting & Relationships<br />

Paperback | $9.00<br />

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1480912472<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.08 x 9 inches<br />

After discovering that her son's friend, Ryan, is on the search <strong>for</strong> his birthparents, Lynn Assimacopoulos<br />

decides to use her skills as a genealogical hobbyist to find them. Delving through phone books, sending letters,<br />

and searching everything from the local library to the National Archives, Lynn is defeated by the lack of<br />

in<strong>for</strong>mation she has to go on. However, a random search <strong>for</strong> Ryan's birthmother's name in an internet search<br />

engine yields a family photograph. Could this be the correct person? If so, will she even want to revisit her<br />

past and get to know Ryan?<br />

Lynn Assimacopoulos is a retired healthcare worker. Although she wrote <strong>for</strong> professional nursing journals<br />

in her adult life, she has been writing poetry and short stories since she was eight years old. When she is not<br />

writing or reading, she enjoys fossil hunting and archeology.

44 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />


By Akutra-Ramses Atenosis Cea<br />

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense<br />

Kindle | $2.99<br />

Paperback | $9.99<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639453399<br />

Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.37 x 8.5 inches<br />



By Lana Mourning<br />

Genre: Christian <strong>Books</strong> & Bibles<br />

Kindle | $3.99<br />

Hardcover | $19.99<br />

Paperback | $13.99<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639455157<br />

Dimensions: 6.00 x 0.62 x 9.00 inches

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 45<br />



By Allen Nance<br />

Genre: Religion & Spirituality<br />

Kindle | $8.00 Paperback | $13.00<br />

2 Timothy 3:16 tells us scripture is profitable <strong>for</strong> doctrine. This Trinity<br />

doctrine, though, has extra-biblical origins. Yet, it is one of the most widely<br />

taught and accepted doctrines of the Christian church. The oxymoron:<br />

God-given scripture does not teach the concept, but man uses scripture to<br />

teach the concept. The only thing God calls Jesus is “My Son.” The only one<br />

Jesus refers to as God is “My Father.” However, Trinity teaching has added<br />

the Holy Spirit to the group and calls all three God. The Holy Spirit, The<br />

Spirit of Truth, has revealed to Allen the reality of how the Trinity became<br />

a Christian doctrine. It was not so when the New Testament scriptures were<br />

written. So, how could an erroneous teaching have survived <strong>for</strong> so many<br />

centuries? The revelation of the truth is within. It is time to let go of the<br />

rudiments of men and return to God.<br />

Publisher: RoseDog <strong>Books</strong><br />

ISBN-13: 979-8885275361<br />

Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.18 x 8.5 inches<br />



By Allen Nance<br />

Genre: Christian <strong>Books</strong> & Bibles<br />

Kindle | $9.95 Paperback | $13.95<br />

A public debate of yore sparked about which is true—creationism or<br />

evolution. The discussion is no longer being waged publicly, but a single<br />

answer acceptable to both sides has not been found. Evolution stays in the<br />

lane of public education; creation stays on the side of religious teaching. The<br />

problem we, Christians, face in the debate is the lack of an explanation <strong>for</strong><br />

the existence of dinosaurs. The entire argument of evolution is made up but<br />

includes a creative basis <strong>for</strong> the dinosaurs' existence. We know God created<br />

all life on Earth, yet the traditional creation stories do not have dinosaurs.<br />

This book will guide you to read the creation story in God's Word as it is<br />

actually written. The true story is surprising and intriguing and does include<br />

the dinosaurs. The Bible has had the answer the whole time.<br />

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1098029579<br />

Dimensions: 5.98 x 0.26 x 9.02 inches

46 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />



By Lois Lund<br />

Genre: Children’s Book<br />

Kindle | $3.73<br />

Hardcover | $14.99<br />

Paperback | $9.99<br />

Publisher: Lois Lund<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1088036716<br />

Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.08 x 8.5 inches<br />


By Rosemary J. Fisher<br />

Genre: Christian <strong>Books</strong> & Bibles > Christian Living<br />

Kindle | $4.99<br />

Hardcover | $25.99<br />

Paperback | $17.99<br />

Publisher: Riverview Press<br />

ISBN-13: 979-8986772509<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.76 x 9 inches<br />

Customer Reviews: 4.9 out of 5

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 47<br />




By B.J. Barnett<br />

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy<br />

Paperback | $19.99<br />

Publisher: Xlibris US<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1984533869<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.61 x 9 inches<br />

What are demons? Demons are spirit beings that do not have a body of flesh and blood. Since demons are<br />

fallen angels, like angels, they are immaterial and are not usually subject to human visibility or other senses. They<br />

are dwellers in an unseen world. To manifest themselves among men, they must possess or control a physical<br />

body of a person, an animal, or even a doll. As they possess people, their power has its effect in different areas.<br />

Star Child would enter Chasadeana’s spirit, and they would hunt lonely and lost souls.

48 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />



By Alvina Y. Platt-Gregory<br />

Genre: Poetry<br />

Kindle | $4.99<br />

Hardcover | $20.00<br />

Paperback | $10.00<br />

Publisher: Only God Publishing<br />

ISBN-13: 979-8986807805<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.16 x 9 inches<br />




By Clement Falbo<br />

Genre: Business & Money<br />

Kindle | $5.00<br />

Paperback | $34.00<br />

Publisher: Clement Falbo<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1087884127<br />

Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.65 x 11 inches

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 49<br />


Finding Peace After Losing a<br />

Loved One<br />

By Mary Jane Clayton<br />

Genre: Self-Help<br />

Kindle | $3.99<br />

Hardcover | $33.95<br />

Paperback | $14.99<br />

Publisher: BalboaPress<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1452551456<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.52 x 9 inches<br />

When someone you love passes away, a part of your heart goes with them, and when a part is missing, your<br />

heart doesn't beat the same. How do you accept this great loss and find peace? How do you bring back the<br />

happiness you once had without feeling guilty? As you move through this journey, you will understand that<br />

healing is about everyone and not just the sick; experience God's magic at work; learn to recognize messages<br />

from loved ones on the other side; become aware that miracles happen when you believe they can. Those who<br />

have passed on are still within your reach. You just have to learn to touch them in a different way. As you look<br />

up and accept Divine guidance, you will learn to let go of doubt and fear; feel anger and sadness disappear;<br />

experience happiness making its way back into your life.

50 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />


By Karen Moore<br />

Genre: Children's <strong>Books</strong><br />

Paperback | $14.00<br />

Publisher: Page Publishing, Inc.<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1662424267<br />

Dimensions: 8 x 0.08 x 10 inches<br />






By Christine Elsa Koppel<br />

Genre: Christian <strong>Books</strong> & Bibles > Christian Living<br />

Kindle | $12.99<br />

Paperback | $22.22<br />

Publisher: Trilogy Christian Publishing<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1637697702<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.9 x 9 inches

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 51<br />


By Sandra Kirwan-Mason<br />

Genre: Realistic Fiction<br />

Kindle | $9.99<br />

Paperback | $18.00<br />

Publisher: AuthorHouse<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1420834819<br />

Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.07 x 11 inches<br />

One scorching summer day, a girl named Katie decided to take her favorite doll, Dollie, to the park. It was a<br />

fun-filled day <strong>for</strong> Katie to play with Dollie on the slides, swings, and monkey bars until she <strong>for</strong>got her beloved<br />

doll in the park overnight.<br />

Author Sandra Kirwan-Mason was a kindergarten and first-grade teacher <strong>for</strong> seven years be<strong>for</strong>e becoming a<br />

reading specialist. Reading to her students aloud and discovering what story contents engaged them helped<br />

her get ideas <strong>for</strong> writing My Doll, Dollie. She is still in the field of education.

52 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />


By Linda McClung<br />

Genre: Children's <strong>Books</strong><br />

Kindle | $2.99<br />

Hardback | $30.95<br />

Paperback | $13.95<br />

Publisher: WestBow Press<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1664224346<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.32 x 9 inches<br />

Mick Carter is a rising star in the contemporary music world. He loves the crowds, the singing, and the praises<br />

he leads in the concerts. A man of God who has spent his life inspiring others, Carter is jolted by events that<br />

send him to prison <strong>for</strong> fifteen years <strong>for</strong> a crime he did not commit. His faith in God is challenged by the<br />

men he meets in prison, but they are all he has, and he learns how thirsty they are <strong>for</strong> meaning and purpose<br />

in their lives.<br />

He discovers God’s plan <strong>for</strong> him among the lost, angry, and afraid souls in the prison as he begins to share his<br />

faith. Like Joseph in Genesis, Carter finds God’s purpose <strong>for</strong> him is greater than anything he could have planned.

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 53<br />


MY TWIN<br />

By Linda McClung<br />

Genre: Religion & Spirituality<br />

Kindle | $1.99<br />

Paperback | $9.95<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639453634<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.35 x 9 inches<br />

Linda McClung, in her second book, My Sister My Twin, tells a story in a contemporary novel that weaves<br />

truth from Scripture to survive and flourish in this difficult and confusing world. Alex and Kate are twins who<br />

have competed all their lives. They no longer depend on each other until tragedy strikes and they are <strong>for</strong>ced<br />

to reevaluate their lives. Life teaches them hard lessons as they learn how to <strong>for</strong>give each other and trust God<br />

to heal broken hearts.

54 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />



By Raju Ramanathan<br />

Genre: Religion & Spirituality<br />

Kindle | $2.99<br />

Hardcover | $15.00<br />

Paperback | $9.95<br />

Publisher: Mercury Man Publishing<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1777598709<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.63 x 9 inches<br />


By Marilyn B. Wassmann<br />

Genre: Literature & Fiction<br />

Kindle | $3.99<br />

Hardcover | $14.99<br />

Paperback | $10.99<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639451708<br />

Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.09 x 8.5 inches

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 55<br />

HOW TO<br />



By Daniel T. Darmody<br />

Genre: Self-Help > Relationships<br />

Kindle | $3.99<br />

Hardcover | $18.99<br />

Paperback | $8.99<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639455058<br />

Dimensions: 5 x 0.25 x 7.5 inches<br />

How To Live With A Virgo: A Survival Guide is a humorous look at life with Virgos, but it is also a self-help<br />

book <strong>for</strong> anyone trying to deal with a Virgo in their life. Whether you are aware of them or not, their presence<br />

affects you daily. This book is an essential tool <strong>for</strong> learning to deal with the Virgos in your life—whether you<br />

are married to one, you work with one, the Virgo is a member of your family or just an acquaintance.<br />

This book is a quick read and visual representation of the odd and eccentric behavior of Virgos. It is designed<br />

to expose the Virgo to themselves as well as to others. With this book, perhaps an understanding of Virgos<br />

will emerge that was designed <strong>for</strong> all of us to enjoy and benefit from. Okay, sure, there is the dark side…

56 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />



By Marilyn B. Wassmann<br />

Genre: Children's <strong>Books</strong><br />

Kindle | $3.99<br />

Hardcover | $12.99<br />

Paperback | $7.99<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1953048080<br />

Dimensions: 8 x 0.11 x 10 inches<br />




By Marilyn B. Wassmann<br />

Genre: Poetry<br />

Paperback | $14.99<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1953048325<br />

Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.43 x 11 inches

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 57<br />




By P. Joanne Marchant<br />

Genre: Literature & Fiction > Poetry<br />

Kindle | $3.99<br />

Paperback | $8.99<br />

Publisher: LifeRich Publishing<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1489733320<br />

Dimensions: 5 x 0.16 x 8 inches<br />

Poetry inspired by poet Emily Dickinson.<br />

Now 78, I wrote these poems between my mid-teens and mid-<strong>for</strong>ties, gathering them into manuscripts in the<br />

early ‘80s. I was briefly published in two unpaid journals in the early ‘80s but made the decision not to publish<br />

further. For the most part, I have not written since then. My paid career of 23 years was spent as a clinical<br />

social worker, working with Child Protective Services. I am now retired and decided to publish these works<br />

after being “nudged” <strong>for</strong> several years. I hope you find them pleasing.

58 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />


By David L. Hawk<br />

Genre: Education & Teaching > Schools & Teaching<br />

Kindle | $4.99<br />

Hardcover | $31.99<br />

Paperback | $14.99<br />

Publishing: Brilliant <strong>Books</strong> Literary<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1641338271<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.73 x 9 inches<br />


By Benessa Harrison<br />

Genre: Literature & Fiction > Genre Fiction<br />

Kindle | $3.99<br />

Paperback | $11.99<br />

Publisher: Writers’ Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639450985<br />

Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.09 x 11 inches

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 59<br />

I'M KATIE'S MOM:<br />

Pointers <strong>for</strong> Professionals and<br />

Parents of the Disabled<br />

By Barbara B. Holdcroft, Ph.D.<br />

Genre: Self-Help<br />

Paperback | $11.00<br />

Publisher: Vantage Press<br />

ISBN-13: 978-0533157891<br />

DImensions: 5.49 x 0.24 x 8.06 inches<br />

A truly valuable book that provides advice and encouragement to anyone—family, professional, or friend—who<br />

assists the disabled while offering help toward becoming a knowledgeable and balanced individual.

60 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />

$10 SAVE ME<br />

By Lloyd Hulcolm<br />

Genre: Business & Money > Industries<br />

Paperback | $10.99<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639453368<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.17 x 9 inches<br />



By Bryan D. Sisson<br />

Genre: Self-Help<br />

Kindle | $3.99<br />

Hardcover | $15.99<br />

Paperback | $8.99<br />

Publisher: Writers’ Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639454556<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.47 x 9 inches

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 61<br />

ME AND<br />


By Rosemary Valenti Guarnera<br />

Genre: Biography - Crime<br />

Softcover | $17.99<br />

Hardcover | $27.99<br />

Publisher: Rosemary Valenti Guarnera<br />

Softcover: IBS 978 17355 746-15<br />

Hardcover: IBS 978 17355 746-08<br />

Dimensions: 5.98 x 1.16 x 9.02 inches<br />

Me and the General is a story finally being told after many years. It is the biography of a man named Ralph<br />

Liguori, whose life was intertwined with the "infamous" Charles "Lucky" Luciano and a would-be president,<br />

Thomas E. Dewey. It relates the twists and turns that change the course of his existence. As a young boy, he<br />

suffers his first heartfelt tragedy of the loss of his beloved father—which changes his life <strong>for</strong>ever.<br />

Segue the Roaring Twenties, an era in which he slowly begins to find himself. In the following years of the<br />

Great Depression, there were struggles to find work—only to succumb, at times, to an easier path in the socalled<br />

rackets.<br />

His good looks, winning personality, and talents brought him to the attention of the "big boys," who befriended<br />

him, and Ralph learned of their nefarious ways.<br />

But more importantly, is his lifelong friendship with "Lucky" Luciano, the GENERAL and GODFATHER,<br />

linked to the betrayal of Thomas E. Dewey in the famous 1936 New York prostitution trial—a trial that reveals<br />

the machinations which caused the incarceration and subsequent exile to Italy <strong>for</strong> both Ralph and Luciano.<br />

In prison, as well as in exile, we find incredulous episodes—fantastic tales—while many loose ends come<br />

to fruition.<br />

It is a compelling yet sad story that illustrates the fine line between good and evil.

62 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />


“Open Your Heart is a masterful work of spiritual fiction that explores<br />

the trans<strong>for</strong>mative power of love,” writes Diana von Welanetz<br />

Wentworth, New York Times bestselling author of eleven books and<br />

founder of the Inside Edge.<br />

By Ruth Cherry, Ph.D.<br />

Genre: Spiritual Fiction<br />

Kindle | $2.99<br />

Paperback | $6.99<br />

Publisher: <strong>Books</strong>ide Press<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1990695100<br />

Dimensions: 5.5 x 0.26 x 8.5 inches<br />

Open Your Heart offers readers an engaging story and a personal growth experience as they learn to trust their<br />

inner world and to listen to its wisdom. Solidly grounded in Jungian developmental theory, Open Your Heart<br />

educates as it entertains. One reviewer wrote, “An uplifting work of fiction . . . Cherry has constructed this story<br />

as a gentle teaching tool, adding just the right guidance at the right moment <strong>for</strong> the development of Anne’s<br />

new, stronger self. Writing the book as fiction has allowed Cherry to open the narrative in a way that is more<br />

engaging and more persuasive than other books in the genre. Open Your Heart is an effective and inspiring<br />

novel that will appeal strongly to those seeking new paths and new goals.”<br />

Ruth Cherry has practiced as a clinical psychologist <strong>for</strong> <strong>for</strong>ty years, specializing in the merging of psychological<br />

and spiritual dynamics. Rules become irrelevant when the unconscious thunders and roars and demands that<br />

we STOP. Listening to the unconscious and trusting its guidance offer the keys to a joyful, creative, and deeply<br />

meaningful life.<br />

Her works of non-fiction, Living in the Flow: Practicing Vibrational Alignment and Accepting Unconditional<br />

Love, present Trans<strong>for</strong>mational Psychology in easily applicable terms to the sincere seeker. Her inspirational<br />

novella, Open Your Heart, appeals to anyone caught in a re-examination of her life experience.<br />

Ruth writes from her heart and has devoted her life to help and to inspire those in need. She hopes <strong>for</strong> your<br />

consideration to publish Open Your Heart.

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 63<br />


JUSTICE?<br />

By William F. Hill<br />

Genre: Self-Help > Motivational<br />

Kindle | $2.99<br />

Hardcover | $22.99<br />

Paperback | $16.99<br />

Publisher: Inks and Bindings, LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 979-8886150018<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 1.38 x 9 inches<br />

I have always felt that we have the greatest country in the world. It has always given me great pleasure to see<br />

honest, hardworking people willing to take risks to get ahead and succeed. I always felt that America got to be<br />

great and that we all should be working hard to help improve our own lives and the lives of others by carrying<br />

on this great American tradition.<br />

To see people succeed in their life goals has always been gratifying. However, many of these new generations<br />

of do-gooders seem to think that everybody should live on handouts and that anyone successful should be cut<br />

down and not allowed to succeed without their input, as this is unfair to the less <strong>for</strong>tunate in this country. They<br />

do not seem or don’t want to realize that the more successful people probably do more to help the less <strong>for</strong>tunate<br />

than all the government and giveaway programs can ever hope to do. From paying property taxes that generate<br />

public wealth to creating jobs to take care of homes and properties or work <strong>for</strong> businesses, I think that to get<br />

people off welfare and off the government rolls, we need all the successful people we can get in this country.

64 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />



By Beverly K. Plauché<br />

Genre: Religion & Spirituality<br />

Kindle | $5.99<br />

Paperback | $5.99<br />

Publisher: ReadersMagnet LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1959165040<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.1 x 9 inches<br />


By Adorial Maxwell-Hazell<br />

Genre: Literature & Fiction > Short Stories & Anthologies<br />

Kindle | $3.99<br />

Paperback | $12.99<br />

Publisher: AuthorHouse<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1452010939<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.32 x 9 inches

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 65<br />


MOON<br />

By Karen Hill<br />

Genre: Arts & Biography ><br />

Graphic Design<br />

Kindle | $3.99<br />

Paperback | $7.99<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639452880<br />

Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.08 x 11 inches<br />

Author Karen Hill’s love of children and storytelling allows her to see the world through the eyes of a<br />

child. Her ability to draw children into her stories is demonstrated in her latest book, My Peekaboo Moon. A<br />

whimsical story <strong>for</strong> little ones learning to read, Karen brings her own childhood experience to life of riding<br />

in the family car and watching the moon seemingly follow them wherever they want. The story comes alive<br />

with the illustrations of Virginia Beach artist Deborah Wong who piques a child’s interest by incorporating<br />

hidden elements in each picture <strong>for</strong> little readers to find.

66 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />



By Andreah Davi Werner<br />

Genre: Religion & Spirituality > Worship & Devotion<br />

Paperback | $27.68<br />

Publisher: Traf<strong>for</strong>d Publishing<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1466905504<br />

Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.16 x 9 inches<br />


By Ernesto Zollo<br />

Genre: Religion & Spirituality<br />

Paperback | $29.00<br />

Publisher: AuthorHouse Pulishing<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1456774455<br />

Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.17 x 11 inches

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 67<br />


By Richard G. Wanderman, M.D.<br />

Genre: Poetry<br />

Kindle | $2.99<br />

Paperback | $10.95<br />

Publisher: Writers’ Branding<br />

ISBN-13: 978-163945520<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.45 x 9 inches<br />

Be in the present. Come pass the day with me. Sit and absorb the beauty surrounding you. Let your emotions<br />

be engulfed by the latent energy of life, begging to be acknowledged by your smile. Meld with the breezes as<br />

they caress your skin and the fragrances as they soothe your soul. Unleash the sublimated emotions yearning<br />

to be felt, and live, live the life as it was meant to be.

68 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />


A MEMOIR<br />

By Joe Gilliland<br />

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs<br />

Kindle | $1.99<br />

Hardcover | $36.99<br />

Paperback | $27.99<br />

Publisher: Global Summit House<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1636492223<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 1.44 x 9 inches<br />

BUG, IN THE EYES!:<br />


By Tony Jaksa, Sr.<br />

www.kidssafetysquad.club<br />

Genre: Education & Teaching<br />

Kindle | $3.99<br />

Paperback | $12.50<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639454525<br />

Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.07 x 11 inches

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 69<br />



Challenge of the Ice<br />

By Fred Nelson<br />

Genre: Sports & Outdoors ><br />

Water Sports<br />

Kindle | $3.99<br />

Hardcover | $30.99<br />

Paperback | $20.99<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639455102<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.34 x 9 inches<br />

Author Fred Nelson participated in 19 canoe trips in the wilderness of northern Canada. The trips ranged<br />

from 11 to 36 days and totaled about 4,500 miles. Most of the trips ended at either the Arctic Ocean or<br />

Hudson Bay. This book is about one of these trips, better described as an adventure rather than a trip. You can<br />

read about the adventure in the warmth and com<strong>for</strong>t of your home. The six canoeists who participated in this<br />

canoeing adventure planned a 450 miles trip down the Thlewiaza River to Hudson Bay and then north on<br />

Hudson Bay to Eskimo Point (presently Arviat). However, upon arriving at Nueltin Lake, they found that it<br />

was still covered with eighty miles of ice because it had been the coldest winter in <strong>for</strong>ty years. Consequently,<br />

the canoeists worked their way seventy-five miles overland to the North Seal River and then south on Hudson<br />

Bay to Churchill. The story tells of the many difficult portages, running extreme rapids in near-freezing water,<br />

encounters with bears, and a night in a storm on Hudson Bay.

70 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />


MUNDEN<br />


The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 71<br />


By Jean Murray Munden<br />

Genre: Religion & Spirituality<br />

Kindle | $2.99 Hardcover | $29.99 Paperback | $13.99<br />

Louise, an elderly woman, had lived a meaningful and grateful life. But<br />

when her granddaughter Lulu visits, asking <strong>for</strong> advice on matters of the<br />

heart, she is pushed to reminisce on the opportunities and experiences she<br />

had to let go of in the past.<br />

Lulu and Louise’s conversation explores the experiences and memories of<br />

Louise’s past, from falling in love, becoming a nurse during the war, traveling<br />

across the continent in service to the country, and losing love along the way.<br />

Louise’s reflections bear wisdom to the advice she offers her granddaughter.<br />

Told from the perspective of several characters, I’ll Remember April is a love<br />

story that spans seventy years and three generations of a family. The story<br />

chronicles several intertwined stories of love, loss, family, and history. Set in<br />

eastern Canada and the province of Prince Edward Island, the events and<br />

tragedies of World War I influence the changes that occur in Louise’s and<br />

her sisters’ romantic life and career.<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1953048004<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.8 x 9 inches<br />

Customer Review: 4.6 out of 5<br />


By Jean Murray Munden<br />

Genre: Romance > Romantic Suspense<br />

Kindle | $1.99 Paperback | $9.99<br />

Meeting against the magical backdrop of Scotland, what could come from<br />

a widow and widower meeting? A story of love, passion, grief, suspense,<br />

and mystery.<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1953048028<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.65 x 9 inches<br />

Customer Review: 4.1 out of 5<br />

On a trip to Scotland, Robin Lindsay, a 45-year-old Canadian widow, meets<br />

James Maclachlan, a Scottish widower. The two are drawn to each other and<br />

fall in love. Together, they travel through the complexities of life and love.<br />

But their budding romance does not come without its complications. James<br />

is haunted by his poor relationship with his wife, who died under mysterious<br />

circumstances nearly 10 years ago, leaving a daughter and infant son. Inquiries<br />

into the nature of the mysterious recent death of an acquaintance of Robin’s<br />

deceased husband further complicate matters.

72 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />


By Chris Zuschlag<br />

Genre: Children's <strong>Books</strong><br />

Kindle | $2.99 Hardcover | $13.99 Paperback | $8.99<br />

A little girl's wish <strong>for</strong> wings is granted by the garden Fairies in<br />

the garden she cares <strong>for</strong>, but the Fairies' magic is only so strong.<br />

During her adventures of flight, she meets the Star Fairy only<br />

to have to cut her adventure short. Will she get her wings back?<br />

Will she ever see the Star Fairy again? Join Thyme on her journey<br />

where, if you believe, anything is possible.<br />

Publisher: PageTurner, Press and Media<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1643762333<br />

Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.09 x 8.5 inches<br />


By Chris Zuschlag<br />

Genre: Children's <strong>Books</strong> > Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Myths<br />

Kindle | $2.99 Paperback | $14.99<br />

Publisher: PageTurner, Press and Media<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1649089113<br />

Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.11 x 8.5 inches<br />

This story is about a boy with the uncanny ability to find heartshaped<br />

rocks, even where there seem to be no rocks. One of<br />

the rocks he finds turns out to be a special rock with a very<br />

interesting creature inside. Calvin's adventures begin with the<br />

nurturing of this creature. Follow along as Calvin takes care of<br />

and learns the secrets of Smoke.

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 73<br />


CHRIST:<br />


By Christopher W. Hussey<br />

Genre: Religion & Spirituality<br />

Kindle | $8.49<br />

Paperback | $12.95<br />

Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1635758450<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.28 x 9 inches<br />

Right from the very beginning of eternity past, God had planned history with His Son having a bride, a<br />

companion that would co-reign with Him and enjoy Him <strong>for</strong>ever. That is the eternal purpose of God in<br />

creating a bride <strong>for</strong> His Son.<br />

If you read the Scripture from cover to cover, you will discover that God teaches us in various ways. This book<br />

highlights how God gave us an example of an ancient Jewish wedding ceremony correlating with Christ, the<br />

Bridegroom, and His bride, the Church. From the father choosing a bride <strong>for</strong> his son, paying the bridal price,<br />

the bridegroom snatching his bride and bringing her to the bridal chamber, and then finally co-reigning in<br />

their household with him as the head. It is absolutely amazing the correlation between the two. What was a<br />

mystery to the Jews has been revealed. The mystery was that both Jews and Gentiles called the church would<br />

be the bride of Christ.<br />

The Bride of Christ describes the kind of relationship we can have with Jesus. God is seeking willing lovers,<br />

who would voluntarily seek His heart, voluntarily surrender to Him, and voluntarily love Him with all their<br />

heart, soul, mind, and strength.

74 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />

DROW<br />



Son of Light, Son of Darkness<br />

By Bob Perrill<br />

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy<br />

Kindle | $2.99<br />

Paperback | $12.99<br />

Publisher: Writers' Branding LLC<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1639455188<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.91 x 9 inches<br />

Drow Heritage Unleashed: Son of Light, Son of Darkness is a multi-faceted exploration of life from the perspective<br />

of both good and evil; a certain duality of existence permeated not only the real and imaginary societies we live<br />

in but the soul that makes us who we are. Through the eyes of Connate Brogan, who has been raised as a sylvan<br />

elf with a great affinity <strong>for</strong> the healing powers of nature and magic, this wondrous journey of discovery, where<br />

an uncertain future awaits him in the dark and magical underworld that inextricably calls <strong>for</strong> his attention.<br />

The discovery of Connate's true origin provides the impetus <strong>for</strong> this adventure, and his father accompanies<br />

him as they travel deeper and deeper into a labyrinth of strange and enchanting creatures, places, societies,<br />

and dangerous encounters neither may survive. The only certainty about this voyage is that Connate and his<br />

father, Dradamus, will arrive at their respective destinations greatly changed by the experience; life carries no<br />

guarantees. Added to this wealth of material is an underlying starkness about real human behaviors, where<br />

the psychological reactions of the players in various circumstances call into question our thoughts and beliefs.<br />

These life and death occurrences carry reverberations into the future no one can know, and how Connate faces<br />

these are very on point with the reality of our existence.

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 75<br />


By Chris Dawson<br />

Genre: Romance<br />

Kindle | $2.99<br />

Paperback | $14.99<br />

Publisher: PageTurner, Press and Media<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1643766126<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.86 x 9 inches<br />

The author recommends that all men read the epilogue—the reasons why wives have affairs.<br />

Marriage is very complex. Many people get married with so much love and happiness yet end up cheating in<br />

the course of a marriage; Chris Dawson’s book, The Unexpected, is a classic example of this.<br />

This wonderful book tells us that it is clear that most women marry <strong>for</strong> love and may still love their husbands.<br />

Still, <strong>for</strong> various reasons, she finds herself unexpectedly seduced or seeks sexual gratification or stimulation<br />

from other than the man she married. The reasons a wife chooses to start an affair or is seduced into an affair<br />

are many and varied and may surprise all who have either been curious or have lived this experience. For sure,<br />

do not discount the frequency of this phenomenon. Dawson’s objective is to in<strong>for</strong>m and open the eyes to the<br />

reality of life as a couple in a very competitive world.<br />

The Unexpected is filled with a lot of imaginative illustrations written in well-structured and simple English.<br />

It is guaranteed to wow its readers and keep them on the edge of their seats in agitation as they pace from<br />

page to page.

76 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />


MOON & ROY G. BIV:<br />


By Katharine Anne Young, RN MSNH<br />

Genre: Children's <strong>Books</strong><br />

Hardcover | $23.99<br />

Paperback | $13.99<br />

Publisher: AuthorHouse<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1728327259<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.44 x 9. inches<br />

Roy G. Biv settled under his cozy com<strong>for</strong>ter, the skylight was bright, and the stars were dancing. Roy shook<br />

his head, got a grip, then envisioned himself 10 years older. Not a nice sight! He sat upright and prayed <strong>for</strong> a<br />

better life; <strong>for</strong> sure, he wanted to shed the feelings of boredom and his lackluster attitude. But how? Within<br />

minutes, Grandmother Moon's light shone directly onto Roy's bed. She spoke quietly to him, tried to muffle<br />

her excitement, and offered Roy 7 monthly sessions with lessons that date back from ancient cultures.<br />

Grandmother Moon set out to uncover any method to support children diagnosed with learning disabilities—<br />

from exploring options and searching <strong>for</strong> and defining subjects to acquainting herself with Holistic Practitioners,<br />

Nurse Healers, Holistic Nutritionists, and Practitioners from Chinese and Ayurveda Practices. Over time, an<br />

unexpected therapy revealed itself as a non-invasive, hands-on family therapy.<br />

Almost a year later, Grandmother Moon and Roy celebrate with each other at their last meeting. In honor of<br />

the beauty of nature, they celebrate at the top of Blue Hills with hilarious outbursts and flooded tears. Roy<br />

stayed with Grandmother Moon til early dawn. As he descended the hills, Roy set off to the University of<br />

Mass Boston to prepare <strong>for</strong> his future as a Holistic Physician.

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 77<br />



By RB Raikow<br />

Genre: Science & Math<br />

Kindle | $3.99<br />

Paperback | $6.99<br />

Publisher: The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong><br />

ISBN-13: 978-1959151005<br />

Dimensions: 6 x 0.17 x 9 inches<br />

Essays are a means of putting one's thoughts on paper. So this book reflects that now my thoughts, though<br />

still steeped deeply in science, tend mostly to religion. In the title essay, trying to make a case <strong>for</strong> the creation<br />

of the human soul, I felt it necessary to show my background knowledge of the relevant science. The same<br />

logic applies to the short essay on water, but I get more philosophical in the third essay about the difference<br />

between humans and other animals. My philosophy becomes more personal in the two essays on theological<br />

virtues and birth control. I hesitate to call the final item in this collection an essay because it is largely a quote<br />

from my father's diary. However, I include it because of its relevance to current huge world problems with<br />

refugees and totalitarianism.

78 | The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore<br />


Appalachian/Tennessee Style<br />

By Pamalamadingdong<br />

Genre: Education & Teaching<br />

Paperback | $14.99<br />

All children learn to speak from adults. We all come from different<br />

countries and speak a "crackpot" of mixed languages. In English or Amerikish<br />

(Appalachian/Tennessee style), the author delights in teaching your child and<br />

yourself the differences in expressions <strong>for</strong> the same meanings. A fun reading<br />

and a TRUE STORY! My grandson gave me the title of this book, English,<br />

Danish, Swedish, Turkish-well, to a six-year-old is Amerikish. Children<br />

can be so inspiring at any age. Enjoy!<br />

Publisher: Independently Published<br />

ISBN-13: 979-8686211728<br />

Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.1 x 11.5 inches<br />


By Pamalamadingdong<br />

Genre: Children’s <strong>Books</strong><br />

Kindle | $3.99 Paperback | $14.99<br />

Scattergorious depicts different characters. All children are different in looks,<br />

personalities, and abilities. It is the author's passion to encourage children to<br />

accept one another unconditionally whilst at school, at play, and in friendships.<br />

Young readers will relate to one another's problems and appreciate the<br />

message this book has to offer.<br />

Publisher: Xlibris US<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1669844518<br />

Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.11 x 11 inches

The Reading Glass <strong>Books</strong>tore | 79<br />


Starring: Ozzie, Jerome and the Twins<br />

By Pamalamadingdong<br />

Genre: Teen & Young Adult > Literature & Fiction<br />

Kindle | $3.99 Paperback | $10.99<br />

Imagiland starring Ozzie, Jerome and the Twins is the second book in the<br />

Always Believe Series by Pamalamadingdong.<br />

2 imaginary friends, Ozzie and Jerome, take the twin sisters on an amazing,<br />

fast, action-packed, thrilling journey to their homeland. The author delights<br />

in inspiring children and young teens; in fact, adults and all ages and abilities,<br />

imagination, and creativity through an inner Xbox experience whilst meeting<br />

all the characters there!<br />

Underlying morals and values are paramount in this fantasy whilst encouraging<br />

them to believe they can achieve anything in life in all situations through<br />

raising self-worth and confidence-building and assisting them to dream big<br />

and make their passions a reality at a young age!<br />

Publisher: Litprime Solutions<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1953397485<br />

Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.15 x 11 inches<br />


By Pamalamadingdong<br />

Genre: Literature & Fiction > Humor & Satire<br />

Kindle | $1.99 Paperback | $14.99<br />

Adventures of Ozzie & Jerome take us on their first journey through an<br />

incredible imaginary and extremely creative fantastic voyage with adorable<br />

twin sisters who learn and discover challenges, fears, struggles, and the<br />

satisfaction of the thrill of achieving success, self-esteem, hope, and happiness.<br />

This incredible story is timeless, ageless, and a colorful journey that takes<br />

everyone, young and old, on a vivid and memorable imaginative adventure.<br />

This fictional book is a true, fun, humorous read!!! Enjoy the Ride…<br />

Publisher: Pamela Young<br />

ISBN-13: 978-1733570527<br />

Dimensions: 8 x 0.06 x 10 inches

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