SleepTech November-December 2022

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November - December 2022


Trading with

Russia and

Mebel Expo

Türkiye has become an important supplier for

Russia. As many authorities confirmed, confirmed,

the Russian demand has been shifting

toward Türkiye in the wake of the sanctions.

European companies want to use Türkiye as

“a warehouse and a bridge” to do business

with Russia, while Russian companies want to

buy goods from Türkiye, said Çetin Tecdelioğlu

from TIM (Turkish Exporters’ Assembly), adding

that this represents an opportunity for the

Turkish industry and exports.

Türkiye’s exports to Russia increased from $417 million in July 2021

to $730 million in July 2022, accounting for 3.9 percent of all exports.

In the first seven months of 2022, exports to Russia climbed from

$3.05 billion to $3.64 billion in the same period of last year.

Mebel Expo of Moscow will be a good opportunity for the furniture industry

and for the sleep products sector. Conscious of this fact, over

60 Turkish exporters will be exhibiting their innovative and competitive

products in the fair to expand their existing trade and to find new opportunities.

In addition to exhibiting companies, there will be a great

number of visitor flow to the show. We will also be there to distribute

free copies of Sleep Well and Sleep Tech magazines and to cover the

event in our following issue.



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8 SleepTechNovember - December










6 Trading with Russia and Mebel Expo

10 100 billion liras loan package for

tradesmen takes effect

12 Mebel Expo Moscow to showcase

trends and innovation in furniture,

interior and design

16 Elektroteks wants to increase its

effectiveness in the American market

20 EU warned Germany about Hamburg

port Chinese investment

24 Precision Textiles debuts at IBIA Expo

26 Doqu Home wind is in IBIA Expo


30 Why Automation in Mattress


34 Intermob and WoodTech Fairs, the

biggest meetings of their sectors,

opened their doors on October 22

38 Mattress Market Industry Analysis

Report: 52% of growth to originate

from APAC, continuous development

of new products to fuel the market

growth - Technavio

44 Sano Yay: Our 2023 target is to gain

momentum at home and abroad

48 Coop unveils its most innovative

bedding solution to date – The Exhale

All-Season Adjustable Comforter

52 Ryan Trainer addresses Turkish


56 EDR Kimya / Kayteks: We consider

adhesives and felt as inseparable parts

of each other

60 India Mattresstech + Upholstery

Supplies Expo 2023 – the harbringer

of new trends, connections, business

opportunıtıes and technology

66 The star of the mattress sector is


68 Visitors from 91 countries dıscovered

the innovations of the world mattress


84 The Modern Back Announces the

Addition of Personal Comfort Number


92 Does mattress sewing machine need


96 Freight prices have dropped more than

50 percent this year

102 What Are The Best Mattress


110 Do Box Springs Wear Out?

114 Mattregate: We are aiming for

expanding our sales networks at home

and abroad thanks to the fairs

120 NuLiv Science’s Sleep & Mood

Ingredient Zylaria Exhibits Strong

Neuroprotective Activity by Improving

GABA Release in New Study

124 Hologenix and Unifi Partner to

Introduce New Product

128 CIFM/interzum guangzhou 2023 to

continue focus on innovation, spotlight

upholstery accessories with upgraded

exhibition space

136 Durak Tekstil carries its innovative

vision to IBIA EXPO 2022

138 CNET’s Sleep Expert Reveals Her

Favorite Bed Material (And It’s Not

Memory Foam)

144 $250B export target reachable despite

global headwinds


Boyteks...................................................................... Back cover

Form Sünger........................................................ Front cover ear

Elektroteks........................................................Inside front cover

Elektroteks................................................................................. 1

Aydın Tekstil............................................................................2-3

Mert Makina............................................................................4-5

Foam Home............................................................................... 7

Özen İplik................................................................................... 9

Nova Sünger............................................................................ 11

Fayteks............................................................................... 14-15

Seta Elyaf............................................................................ 18-19

Durak....................................................................................... 21

Özay Grup..........................................................................22-23

MattreGate............................................................................... 25

Doqu........................................................................................ 27




Marsala.................................................................................... 39

Apex........................................................................................ 41



Feltturc..................................................................................... 55


Night Comfort.....................................................................62-63



IBIA Expo................................................................................. 81

Metal Matris........................................................................82-83


Kimyapsan............................................................................... 87





Marsteks......................................................................... 100-101

Luda...................................................................................... 103

OSA....................................................................................... 105

Jakarteks............................................................................... 107

GizGrup.......................................................................... 108-109

Armador........................................................................... 112-113

NewTech........................................................................... 116117


Nerteks.................................................................................. 121

Milkay..................................................................................... 123

Nefin............................................................................... 126-127

MTT................................................................................ 130-131

Bedcover........................................................................ 134-135

Qbond................................................................................... 141

EMR....................................................................................... 143

10 SleepTechNovember - December


100 billion liras loan

package for tradesmen

takes effect

The government’s Treasury-supported

loan package

scheme for tradesmen

and craftsmen has taken effect

following a presidential decree,

Treasury and Finance Minister

Nureddin Nebati has announced.

State lender Halkbank will provide

a total of 100 billion Turkish

Liras ($5.4 billion) to the businesses

at an annual interest rate

of 7.5 percent to be paid back in

60 months, Nebati said.

Under the scheme, the limit of

loans with no interest to be made

available to young entrepreneurs

has been increased from

100,000 liras to 300,000 liras,

while the age limit to be eligible

for those financing has been

increased from 30 to 35, the

minister added.

Meanwhile, President Recep

Tayyip Erdoğan said that interest

rates in Türkiye are coming down

toward single digits.

“Hopefully, interest rates will fall

to single digits, and we will save

our investors and citizens from

the oppression of interest rates,”

Erdoğan said in a speech he

delivered at a ceremony marking

the inauguration of several facilities

in the province of Malatya on

Oct. 22.

Private banks have also started

to lower their interest rates, the

president added.

“We did this in the past, lowered

[the rate] down to 4.6 percent

and inflation then dropped to

5.6 percent. We will increase the

income level of all people.” Erdoğan

has been long advocating

for lower interest rates to ignite

the engine of economic growth.

Earlier this month, he said that

interest rates should come down

to single digits by the end of the


The Central Bank lowered its

benchmark interest rate for the

third month in a row.

It slashed the one-week repo

auction rate from 12 percent to

10.5 percent but signaled that it

may end the rate cut cycle.

“The committee evaluated taking

a similar step in the following

meeting and ending the rate cut

cycle,” the bank said in a statement

released after the Monetary

Policy Committee (MPC) meeting

held on Oct. 20.

12 SleepTechNovember - December


Mebel Expo Moscow

to showcase trends and

innovation in furniture,

interior and design

EXPOCENTRE will once again bring the industry professionals

together under the current difficult circumstances, 21-25

November 2022. Turkey is among the leading participants in

terms of exhibiting and visiting.

Mebel fair is a key annual

event for professionals

in the furniture industry.

Every autumn, the world’s leading

furniture manufacturers and

designers show new collections

and the best pieces of furniture,

generate sales leads and sign

contracts on Mebel’s show floor.

As the largest fair in the region

in its field, Mebel is a furniture

show for the manufacturing and

the main industry. Every autumn

Expocentre brings together

leading global brands and manufacturers,

designers and interior

decorators to showcase new

collections and the best items of

the furniture fashion. Participating

in the exhibition everyone gets a

great chance to enjoy business

communication and find new

opportunities for development.

EXPOCENTRE has been organising

Mebel for more than 40 years.

This is a unique project where

furniture industry professionals

can see trends in furniture and interior

design, and the production

innovations that they can use.

The exhibition presents the latest

trends of the furniture market and

brings together manufacturers

and distributors with customers.

The exposition includes a great

variety of elite and budget furniture

for bedrooms, dining rooms,

living rooms, nurseries and kitch-

14 SleepTechNovember - December

ens, as well as couches and armchairs,

fittings, finishing materials

and various decor items.

Supporting events

• RusMebel Forum. Efficiency in

Today’s Environment with participation

of representatives of the

Russian Ministry of Industry and

Trade, the Association of Furniture

and Woodworking Enterprises of

Russia, and experts from related


• Forum of Directors of Small and

Medium Enterprises “Furniture as

a Business”

• Panel on development prospects

of the board industry

• Workshops on franchise management

and development in the

furniture industry

• Design tours

• Russian Cabriole National

Award for Furniture Design

• Workshops on interior and furniture


• WoodworkingSkills, the championship

for young professionals

in the furniture and woodworking

industries, held according to

WorldSkills standards

• International Competition in

nominations Best Consumer

Properties and Successful Promotion

of High Quality Goods

Mebel promotes the development

of the furniture industry, generates

fresh ideas, opens up new opportunities,

and helps to expand

practical connections and consolidate

the professional community.

Despite the economic difficulties

in Russia and a drop in people’s

purchasing power, the industry’s

enterprises will manage to motivate

the industry with charming


SleepTechNovember - December



Elektroteks wants to

increase its effectiveness

in the American market

Osman Güler, Chairman of the Board of Elektroteks, one of

the leading companies in the mattress industry, stressed that

the American market is a large and value-added market in the

field of mattress production machinery. Güler conveyed that

they will make nearly 50 percent of the total exports here this

year and that they have established a company in the USA to

be more effective in the market.

Elektroteks, which is among

the few companies in the

world in the field of mattress

production machinery, has

a share of 70 percent in the world

in the field of integrated mattress

production facilities. The export

kilogram value of Elektroteks,

producing special machinery for

needs with quilting, packaging

machines, mattress production

line, mattress glue line, border

machines, is 35 dollars. The

company, which recently started

to establish turnkey foam factories

by adding foam machines to

its production, is trying to catch

up with a large number of orders

from abroad as well as from Turkey.

Osman Güler, Chairman of

the Board of Electroteks, stated

that they made a rapid entry into

the foam field as they received

a high demand, said that they

will complete the product range

in this field by producing all the

necessary machines, except for

foam casting. Güler, reminding

that they have recently built a

fully automated foam warehouse

that can be controlled by a single

person on an area of 10 decares

abroad, also declared that they

have developed the production

of machinery parks and that they

have received two new foam

storage area projects.

IT increases export to the American


On the other hand, Osman Güler

stated that they are continuing

their investments to become an

integrated facility and that they

have moved 90 percent of the

18 SleepTechNovember - December

production to the new facility

that was established on an area

of 40 thousand square meters,

and that they have productions

that are mass production in the

current area of 15 thousand

square meters, which need less

follow-up. Güler expressing that

especially the American market

stands out in export, said that

they made 38 percent of the total

export here last year, and this

rate will increase this year. Osman

Güler stated that they attach

great importance to the American

market, which is a value-added

market, conveyed that they established

a company in the USA

in order to penetrate the market

more. Güler, pointing out that

they produce machines suitable

for Industry 4.0, stated that their

goal is to establish unmanned

production facilities, dark factories

and increase the use of

robots in mattress production facilities.

Osman Güler, pointing out

that there is a demand shrinking

around the world, said “It is a

little more obvious in our sector.

There was also the expectation

of recession. It is because there

was a sudden demand burst

during the pandemic period. I

think the sector will get through

this process with little damage.”

“We made Turkey’s presence felt

in the sector”

Osman Güler, who also serves

as the Chairman of the Board

of the International Mattress

Industry Association (IBIA),

stated that they aim to increase

production from 3 billion dollars

to 4 billion dollars and exports

from 2 billion dollars to 3 billion

dollars by the end of 2023. Güler,

reminding that they held the IBIA

Expo-Bedding Sub-Industry and

Technologies Fair, which is the

first and only fair of its sector in

Turkey, this year in this context,

made the following assessment:

“Visitors from 91 countries came

to the fair where our 120 companies

participated. It was held on

an area of 15 thousand square

meters in the first year. We will

hold a fair on an area of at least

25 thousand square meters with

the participation of more companies

between September 28

and October 1 next year. In fact,

we plan to organize a fair abroad

with fewer companies participating

in the coming period. With

this fair, we showed that Turkey

has a strong presence in this

sector. We need to promote and

explain our country and our sector

in this area faster and better.

We hosted many visitors especially

from America. We became

more prominent than the fairs

around the world with our variety,

quality and price advantage.”

SleepTechNovember - December



EU warned Germany

about Hamburg port

Chinese investment

The European Commission

warned Germany months

ago against Chinese investment

in Hamburg’s port, a source

close to the matter told AFP

on Oct. 22, as Chancellor Olaf

Scholz faced criticism for reportedly

backing the transaction.

The source confirmed information

in a report by the Handelsblatt

daily that the EU executive had

in spring given Berlin a thumbsdown

to Chinese shipping giant

Cosco taking a 35-percent stake

in the port under a deal agreed

last year but not yet authorized.

The commission was worried

that sensitive information about

activity in the port - the third busiest

in Europe - could be relayed

to China’s government.

Its recommendation was

non-binding, with Germany having

the final say on the deal.

German broadcasters NDR and

WDR reported that Scholz’s

office is planning to approve the

deal despite opposition from six

different ministries in Germany’s

coalition government. According

to the report by NDR and

WDR, the deal would effectively

be approved automatically if the

government does not intervene

by the end of this month.

Scholz, who was mayor of Hamburg

between 2011 and 2018

before becoming vice chancellor

and then chancellor, announced

after attending an EU summit on

Oct. 21 that he would visit China

in November.

He said that “nothing is decided”

about the Chinese investment,

but noted there were Chinese

stakes in other European ports.

The EU’s stance against China,

however, has hardened since

those other stakes were made.

At the EU summit, leaders

agreed they did not seek confrontation

with China, wanting its

cooperation on climate change

and other issues.

But they also expressed discomfort

at China’s increasing assertiveness

in many areas, including

in trade, and its bond with Russia,

which is waging war in

22 SleepTechNovember - December


Precision Textiles debuts at IBIA Expo

Precision Textiles showcased its lineup of FR solution products for the

first time at IBIA Expo 2022 in Istanbul, Türkiye, last month (October 6–9).

With more and more Turkish based mattress suppliers looking to import

finished mattress products to the U.S., Precision Textiles comprehensive

assortment of CFR 1633 solution product offerings was a welcome

addition for this first-time show.

Precision Textiles displayed

it’s IQ FIT ® series of products

which are produced

using Glass Free, Chemical Free

technologies are also USDA

“Bio-Preferred” certified products

that can deliver worry free CFR

1633 compliant solutions to finished

mattresses. Precision also

featured their PurLoft ® and Pur-

Loft ® Organic FR barrier that are

produced with naturally crimped

wool fibers and offer both compliance

and comfort enhancements

to quilted mattress designs; The

Endure IFR product line was also

on display along with the company’s

Celluloft FR fiber barrier

materials. Both allow mattress

designers FR solutions for their

mattress under panels, borders

and top panel applications.

The annual IBIA Expo mattress

fair brought together professionals

from the bedding, textile, machinery,

and equipment industries.

With over 150 exhibitors from

14 countries and nearly 20,000

domestic and foreign buyers, it’s

one of the premier mattress and

technology fairs, featuring some

of the world’s leading mattress


“With a rapidly expanding list of

Turkish manufacturers from the

region exporting product to the

United States it made sense for

us to be there to speak directly

with customers that may not have

the complete picture on US government

regulations for mattress

products” said Gerry Welkley, national

sales manager at Precision

Textiles. “We are looking forward

to assisting our new customer

base in Turkey better navigate

the complexities associated with

CFR 1633 compliance requirements,

as well as help them avoid

the ever-expanding U.S. state

regulations governing the use of

flame-retardant materials.”

Totowa, New Jersey-based Precision

Textiles exhibited at Beli-Plast

LLC, which was located at

the main entrance of foyer 2 in the

Istanbul Expo Center. Those who

are interested in learning more

about Precision’s products can

contact Nasif Akin at nasif.akin@

beliplast.com for more information.

26 SleepTechNovember - December


Doqu Home wind is in

IBIA Expo exhibition

Doqu Home is strenghtening value added product range

which will gain acceleration to the Export while they are

contributing to sustainable manufacture .

IBIA Expo - Mattress Sub-Industry

and Technologies Fair,

with the participation of over

300 leading companies and manufacturers,

hosting nearly 20,000

domestic and foreign buyers

from 14 countries, İBİA Expo

offers a unique meeting platform

to private buyers and leading

manufacturer brands by creating

a business network .

Doqu Home as new and dynamic

brand of the sector took part with

its home textile , fiber , bed products

in IBIA Expo . Doqu Home

took its place among the most

powerfull brands in home textile

area and in 32 category with its

1686 product quality , yearly 3

million pieces product power and

in fiber area Daily 30 tonnes poliester

processing capacity .

Doqu Home general manager

who shares his evaluations stated

that “ we are extremely appreciated

for attending to IBIA Expo

Exhibition which is organized for

the first time . We spent a nice

four days in terms of providing

our Doqu Fiber brand recognition

, gaining new customers ,

and meeting with both bed side

industry and different sectors

in IBIA Expo Exhibiition . It is

satisfied for us to get attention

from both domestic and foreign

customers and companies in the

exhibition which we attended as

fiber manufacturer for the first

time .We are noticing that there

is a tendency to natural product

group when we look at the sector

and the market in general . Our

brand which adopts modern and

innovative approach is supplying

automotive sub-industry ,insulation

and textile sector besides its

production that we carried out on

bed and furniture sector “

28 SleepTechNovember - December


Why Automation in

Mattress Production?

The word “automation” is a

broad term that conjures up

a different image for different

people. Thanks to futuristic tales

of science fiction 50 years ago,

many still think it means the total

conquest of the manufacturing

factory by full-scale robots. In

truth, there are many degrees of

automation and most are much

more attainable than you imagine.

In the purest form of the word,

automation does imply using

mechanical means to replace or

reduce your reliance on human

activity to perform a task. Your

“automatic” garage door opener

is a popular example of automation,

and that’s not so intimidating,

is it?

Let’s look at the manual steps this

simple automation has replaced:

• Temporarily Park the car

• Get out (possibly in the rain) and

walk to the garage door

• Raise the garage door

• Return to the parked car

• Drive the car into the garage

• Get out the car and return to

the garage door

• Pull the door closed

Like your garage door opening

activity, we need to identify repetitive

human activity in your factory

and see what can be replaced

with automation. Be sure to analyze

the sub-tasks involved with

the process to make sure nothing

is taken for granted. Notice that

in the garage door example, only

steps three and five add any value

to the process. The other five

steps are non-value-add activities

that offer no benefit to the outcome.

As far as our mattress industry is

concerned, the bed-in-a-box is an

example of how automation has

changed the mattress industry.

Our ARP-20 Model is capable of

Automatically wrap, compress

and roll the mattress which is

simply removing the human

work of putting the mattress in

a plastic bag and then bringing

the mattress to a compressor

and then rolling it by hand. We

have secondary roll pack options

available with Atlanta Attachment

which does secondary rolling to

make the length of rolled mattress

to half. So in a truck where you

can put only 110 mattresses can

be filled with .510 mattresses,

basically 5times more!


• Optimize Labor

• Inventory Reduction

• Productivity Increase

• Deskilling Operator

• Multi-tasking Equipment

• Material Handling

Optimize Labor

Workforce optimization is the

biggest goal of automation.

Efficiency still greatly depends

on the employees operating

32 SleepTechNovember - December

the machines and making their

way around the factory floor.

To increase labor efficiency, it’s

crucial to place workers in the

right place at the right time with

the right resources. One of the

big segments of resources is

machines. For example, our K-25

semi-automatic mattress tape

edge machine, the worker needs

to sew, move around the table,

flip it with hands, etc. Producing

90 to 100 mattresses in a shift

Now if we replace this machine

with K-40 Fully automatic model,

the worker needs to just focus on

sewing which improves the efficiency

of labor as he is producing

more mattresses in much lesser

time. We can produce around

160 to 240 mattresses in 8 hours

depending on different sizes.

Inventory Reduction

Reducing and optimizing labor

leads to a reduction in inventory.

For example, every operator

needs at least 3 pieces. 1 piece

in the process, 1 piece waiting to

be processed, and one piece after

the process. means if you reduce

this operator, you have at least 3

pieces less in the process. In our

factories, we use bundles, which

means at least 20 pieces’ lees per

operator. So a machine covering

4 operations reduce 4 operators

which means around 60 mattresses

less. hence a great reduction in

inventory. In the picture, you can

see the units are laying on conveyors

because you only can add

a particular amount of mattresses

that can fit a conveyor which

means one piece of conveyor

can just have one mattress, not a

bundle of mattresses lying.

Productivity increase

Automatic machines increase the

speed of the process leading to

great output capacity. An example

of the same is our Full Border

solution machine 3261P from

Atlanta Attachment USA. A single

unit is doing automatic serging or

overlock of both the sides of the

border, measure, marking label

cutting, and losing it. We can

make 100 to 120 finished borders

in just 1 hour.

De-skilling operator

If it’s not possible to replace the

labor with full automation, simply

making the task easier and safer

for the employee is a beneficial

step. The 4300BN Automatic

Vertical Handle machine is a good

example of the same. A worker

just needs to press a button and

the machine will do automatic

overlocking, measuring, attaching

vertical handles, and cutting.

Multi-tasking equipment improves

productivity exponentially

Machinery makers like UMIT Makina

and Atlanta Attachment have

identified many ways to combine

process steps to fewer machines

can perform all the tasks required

to create the product.

This type of machinery typically

performs repetitive tasks that

are easily computer-driven like

measuring, cutting to size, electronic

sensor-controlled sewing,

and much more. Most can store

hundreds of programmed dimensions

in the computer’s storage

SleepTechNovember - December



HCA is being associated with

Atlanta Attachment for years.

Their mattress manufacturing

machines are considered to be

one of the highest quality materials

and workmanship. They

utilize heavy-duty industrial

sewing machines for building their

workstations. Founded in 1969

as an innovator of custom-made

sewing machine attachments,

folders, hemmers, binders, and

other labor-saving devices for

apparel sewing equipment. AAC

is now one of the industry leaders

in developing sewing automation

for mattress production. Their

technology solutions extend to

mattress packaging equipment,

quilting machines, decorative border

workstations, and other mattress

manufacturing machinery.



aim to reach every mattress maker

and help them in their journey

to make their mattress-making

facilities automated and affordable

with our 24 x 7 service and

after-sales support.

for batch processing. Our TH-40

Automatic Mattress Gluig line is

one of the best examples of it

has endless mattress production

recipes of gluing applicable from

multi-layer to single, Bonnell to

pocket even Allows Hybrid mattress

production as well.

HCA with Atlanta Attachment

and UMIT Makina are capable to

automize any mattress factory

across the globe.

Umit Makine is an equipment supplier

based in Istanbul, Turkey has

been supplying machinery to the

furniture and mattress industries

for more than three decades. It

exports to more than 100 countries.

The brand Umit Makina has

become one of the most known

and reliable firms among mattress

machinery manufacturers. Umit

Makina’s strategy towards the

customers and manufacturing

processes helped a lot to match

the brand name to trust, high

quality, and innovation.

Umit Makina has managed to

export 95% of its production to

numerous countries. They have

more than three thousand machineries

operating in the mattress

production industry throughout

the world.

34 SleepTechNovember - December



We support you globally and optimize your adhesive

application from the pocket spring to the finished

mattress production. Contact us for expert advice on

automatic and manual gluing.



Intermob and WoodTech Fairs,

the biggest meetings of their

sectors, opened their doors on

October 22

WoodTech and Intermob Fairs, one of the important

meetings of the wood, forest products and technologies

sectors and the furniture sub-industry sector, opened their

doors simultaneously once again at Tüyap Fair and Congress


The fairs, which took place

in a total of 14 halls and will

remain open until October

26, attracted intensive attention

of the visitors on the first day.

WoodTech - 35th International

Woodworking Machinery, Cutting

Tools, Hand Tools Fair and Intermob

- 24th International Furniture

Sub-industry, Accessories, Forest

Products and Wood Technology

Fair that were organized by Reed

Tüyap Fuarcılık and realized with

the cooperation of Woodworking

Machinery and Sub-Industry

Businessmen Association (AIM-

SAD), Furniture Accessory Manufacturers

Association (MAKS-

DER), European Woodworking

Machinery Manufacturers Federation

(EUMABOIS) and the

support of the Republic of Turkey

Ministry of Commerce started to

host its visitors on October 22,

with all 14 halls full as in previous

years. More than 60 thousand

qualified industry professionals

from nearly 120 countries are

expected to visit the fairs, which

attracted great interest from the

first day.

Reed Tüyap Fuarcılık General

Manager Ali Muharremoğlu

expressed his satisfaction with

the interest on the first day and

underlined that they have received

positive results from their

effective promotional activities.

Muharremoğlu said “We are

expecting visitors especially from

the Balkans, the Middle East, the

Turkic Republics, and North Africa.

With our brand value increasing

every year, we are being a

platform for many new business

connections. We are taking firm

steps towards our goal of being

the biggest fair of the sector with

the innovations we make. Our

fair makes a significant contribution

to the export target and the

country’s economy every year.”

İsmet Toktaş, Chairman of the

Board of AIMSAD, expressing

their great satisfaction with their

contribution they made to the

organization of the fairs, said

“WoodTech Fair is the biggest

meeting point of the woodworking

machinery sector in Turkey.

As AİMSAD, we are very pleased

36 SleepTechNovember - December

to contribute to the organization

of the WoodTech Fair. I am sure

that we will put our signature under

a very successful fair together

with our member companies

this year as in previous years. I

wish all our participants to have

an auspicious and profitable fair

in advance.”

Tekin ÇINAR, Chairman of Board

of Directors of MAKSDER, said

“As MAKSDER, I would like to

express our satisfaction as an association

for the contributions we

have made to the Intermob fair

and our cooperation with Reed

Tüyap as MAKSDER since the

day we were founded,. Intermob

fair, which is an effective platform

for the Turkish furniture sub-industry

to reach global markets

and is the largest specialized fair

of the sector in Eurasia, is the

biggest meeting point of our sector.

As sector, we have been exporting

to more than 100 countries.

Like every year, we have

been aiming to have a successful

fair this year as well. I wish all our

participants to have a better fair

than the previous years.”

More than 60 thousand visitors

are expected

Last year 584 companies and

company representatives from

26 countries participated in the

fairs and a total of 52 thousand

visitors, 10 thousand of which

were foreign visitors from 112

countries, were hosted. This year,

425 brands, 673 companies and

company representatives will

participate in the fairs, and purchasing

delegations from more

than 20 countries will take part.

More than 60 thousand people

are expected to visit the fairs

where visitors from many different

countries, especially countries

such as Germany, Azerbaijan,

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria,

Morocco, Palestine, Georgia,

Iraq, Kosovo, Libya, Lebanon,

North Macedonia, Egypt, Uzbekistan,

Romania, Russia, Serbia,

Tunisia, Ukraine, Jordan are

being expected, until the last day.

The potential customers and new

business partners are one click

away with the Business Connect

Program. WoodTech and Intermob

fairs are held physically and

online in hybrid form. Exhibitors

and visitors can talk to each

other both physically at the fair

and through the online platform.

The exhibitors and visitors can

come together in the digital environment,

arrange meetings and

maintain their communication

from here through Business Connect,

the online business network

platform offered within the scope

of WoodTech and Intermob

Hybrid+. Thanks to the Business

Connect Program, exhibitors and

visitors can view each other’s

online profiles, send requests

to each other for meetings they

will hold in the fairground and

on the digital platform, and have

one-on-one video calls. Visitors

can easily filter the products

and services they are interested

in through GLOBAL, the digital

platform of Tüyap, and reach

the right product and company


SleepTechNovember - December



Mattress Market Industry

Analysis Report:

52% of growth to originate from APAC,

continuous development of new products

to fuel the market growth - Technavio

The mattress market

industry analysis

report is segmented

by the Product


mattress, Memory

foam mattress,

Latex mattress, and

Other mattresses),


Channel (Offline

and Online), and

Geography (APAC,

North America,

Europe, South


The mattress market share

is expected to increase

by USD 14.36 billion from

2020 to 2025, and the

market’s growth momentum will

accelerate at a CAGR of 7.73%.

The continuous development

of new products will fuel the

global mattress market growth.

Vendors are increasingly focusing

on expanding their product

lines by launching new variants

of mattresses. They are trying

to increase their sales as well

as improve their market share

in the global mattress market

by launching new products.

They are focusing on integrating

new features in their mattresses

to ensure improved comfort

for end-users. Such increasing

availability of new variants

of mattresses will encourage

more commercial and individual

end-users to buy such models.

For instance, in April 2019,

Saatva announced the launch

of its precision adjustable Solaire

mattress. The new mattress

features a 100% natural Talalay

latex comfort layer with five-zone

lumbar support. Due to this, the

growth in the number of new

product launches will have an influence

on the sales of mattresses,

which will drive the growth

of the global mattress market

during the forecast period.

Mattress Market: Segmentation


Technavio report extensively

covers mattress market segmentation

by product (innerspring

mattress, memory foam mat-

40 SleepTechNovember - December


tress, latex mattress, and other

mattresses), distribution channel

(offline and online), and geography

(APAC, North America,

Europe, South America, APAC,

North America, Europe, and

South America).

• Revenue Generating Segment

- The mattress market share

growth in the innerspring mattress

segment will be significant

for revenue generation. Another

segment offering significant

growth opportunities for vendors

is the latex mattress. Latex has

elastic properties, and it can easily

respond to end-users weight

and movements. This elasticity

helps to support the heaviest

parts of the body for pressure

relief and ensures reduced stress

on pressure points. Also, the

structure of latex ensures resistance

to dust mites. This helps

maintain a fresh sleep environment.

These factors help in increasing

the sales of mattresses

during the forecast period.

• Regional Highlights - 52% of

the market’s growth will originate

from APAC during the forecast

period. India is the key market

for the mattress market in APAC.

Market growth in this region will

be faster than the growth of the

market in other regions. The expansion

of commercial end-users

will facilitate the mattress market

growth in APAC over the forecast


Mattress Market: Major Growth


The mattress market reports the

following factors as major growth

drivers during the forecast period:

• Expansion of commercial


Technavio has announced its latest market research report titled Mattress Market

by Product, Distribution Channel, and Geography - Forecast and Analysis 2021-


• Growing demand for smart


• The rising popularity of

eco-friendly mattresses

Mattress Market: Vendor


The mattress market is fragmented

and the vendors are

deploying organic and inorganic

growth strategies to compete in

the market. The mattress market

report also offers information on

several market vendors, including

Casper Sleep Inc., King Koil

Licensing Co. Inc., Kingsdown

Inc., Kurlon Enterprise Ltd.,

Leggett & Platt Inc., Paramount

Bed Holdings Co. Ltd., Saatva

Inc., Serta Simmons Bedding

LLC, Sleep Number Corp., and

Tempur Sealy International Inc.

among others

• Casper Sleep Inc.- The company

offers some variants of mattresses

offered by the company

are The Wave, The Casper, and

The Essential.

42 SleepTechNovember - December

a brand of


Sano Yay: Our 2023 target is to

gain momentum at home and


Ahmet Fatih Köroğlu, owner of Sano Yay Company, stated that

the goal of Sano Yay, which they established under the roof of

Enfemed, is to have a larger share in the mattress spring industry

in the coming years.

Speaking to Sleep Tech

magazine, Köroğlu said

that Sano Yay had a limited

area of influence as a newly

established company, but they

wanted to maximize customer

satisfaction by applying R&D

and innovation methods in their

production processes in order to

expand and develop this area of

influence as of 2023.

Could you tell us about the history

of your company and your

personal business life?

Fehmi Köroğlu, who started his

commercial life in 1993, established

his first company Enfe

Yapı. He produced products on

bathroom accessories, which he

sees a gap in the market, and

received various patents. With

the onset of the economic crisis

in 2008, he founded Enfemed

Medikal but he turned to the

health and home textile sectors.

Today, he produces approximately

450 thousand bed covers,

pillow covers, patient protection

systems and quilts per year in

Istanbul Sultanbeyli campus with

a professional staff consisting of

100 people. In 2022, Sanoyay

and Sanospring, an Enfemed

brand, were established and they

started production.

Let me tell you about myself

briefly; I was born in 1990 and it

would not be wrong to say that

I have been in business with my

father almost since I was born.

I completed my education at

Istanbul University, Department of

Business Administration. I started

my professional career by working

at Enfemed Medikal. I am

currently working in the position

of General Manager.

What is your export potential in

the bed spring sector and what

are your targets in the next 2023

in this subject?

We export to Germany, UK,

Belgium, USA and other countries.

The rising energy costs

due to the Ukraine-Russia war

affected Europe a lot. Therefore,

they started to turn to markets

outside the borders of Europe

in order to produce products

at more affordable prices. And

this event caused an increase

in the demand for Turkish products.

This gave us the courage

to open the Sano Spring. Our

targets in 2023, are to increase

our production capacity with the

investments we will make, and to

quickly catch up with the package

spring needs of our domestic

and foreign customers. In addition,

it is to have a large share

in both domestic and foreign


Could you tell us about the R&D

(Research&Development) and

innovation studies you follow in

spring production?

In order to meet the ever-changing

and developing customer

needs; Our team members are

constantly conducting R&D and

innovation studies. In this regard,

studies and researches are

carried out to determine the raw

material properties at the optimum

level (to ensure longevity,

ergonomics and anatomically),

and to ensure that the materials

used are cleaner (especially

solvent-free and carcinogen

substances-free). In addition to

46 SleepTechNovember - December

our standard products produced

in the light of the data obtained,

we can also carry out boutique

special production for customer


What do you think about your

company’s position in the spring


Currently, we mainly meet the

needs of mattress manufacturers

in the Marmara region in the

domestic market. In the foreign

market, we started our international

activities with Macedonia

and Germany. In addition to this,

we are currently exporting to

England, Belgium, USA and other

countries. Since our company

has just entered the spring

sector, it currently does not have

a large market share. However,

in the light of our quality policies,

we fully believe that our share in

domestic and international markets

will increase rapidly, as we

blend the products we produce

with our innovative and innovative

approaches and offer them to our

customers without sacrificing any


Do you have any other production

line investments for bed

components other than spring


Apart from our spring production

facility, we produce approximately

450 thousand mattress covers,

pillowcases, patient protection

systems and quilts per year in

our Istanbul Sultanbeyli campus

with a staff of 100 professionals

under the name of ENFEMED,

a group company. In addition

to these products, we serve

our customers on the basis of

all kinds of products with our

frequency and ultrasonic printing

line, especially for products that

require liquid-proof printing, for

customer specific needs.

Could you tell us about the companies

that you are a solution

partner in the mattress industry

or that you are at close interval?

Currently, our biggest solution

partner is Enfemed Medikal, our

parent company. With its experience,

production quality and

methods that have proven itself

in the market for years, it is very

helpful and guiding especially in

our special product production

or prototype works with its wide

machine park.

In which fairs will we be able to

see your company at home and

abroad? What are the advantages

and benefits of these fairs?

We see fairs as a very important

tool to learn about customer

expectations and needs. In addition,

it is a nice platform where

we can come together with both

raw material suppliers and the

segments we address and can

reach in the market. For this reason,

fairs are of great importance

both for us and for other companies.

For now, we are planning to

attend the Ibia fair in 2023. Our

research and negotiations about

other fairs continue.

SleepTechNovember - December



Coop unveils its most innovative bedding

solution to date – The Exhale All-Season

Adjustable Comforter

Exhale is the first ever truly adjustable comforter that

transforms the sleep experience with “Dual Climate Control”


– Coop Home Goods,

a leading digitally native

designer and marketer of the

first fully adjustable pillow and

ingeniously designed bedding to

meet the unique needs of every

type of sleeper, announced today

the addition of its most innovative

sleep product to date, the first

ever Exhale All-Season Adjustable


Exhale arrives on the heels of

the massively successful launch

of the Retreat Mattress Topper.

Exhale will address several

universal issues that consumers

have always encountered with the

comforter, such as…I’m always

hot, and my partner is always

cold, what can we do? How can

we use just one comforter during

every season rather than switching

it out based on temperature?

Exhale is equipped with adjustable

panels that can be removed

or added on either side making

it the perfect temperature to

satisfy each sleeper, therefore

allowing for flexibility from season

to season. Now, couples with

different sleeping preferences no

longer have to compromise on

their sleep experience. With its

baffle box construction, Exhale

maintains even distribution of fill

and fluffiness, prevents fill migration,

allows for maximum loft and

eliminates cold spots.

“Exhale was carefully crafted in

an effort to not only innovate a

product that has been the same

for decades, but to bring our

customers a functional alternative

that delivers an unmatched sleep

experience, said Mike Crowell,

CMO, Coop Home Goods. “Our

goal has always been to produce

products that will leave customers

feeling more rested and revitalized

than before, and we feel the Exhale

All-Season Sleep Adjustable

Comforter will do just that.”

Made from only the best materials,

and engineered to perfection,

Exhale incorporates polyester

microfiber fill and T300 cotton

sateen to create not only a holistic

product, but one that makes

you feel like you’re sleeping on a

cloud. Additionally, Exhale’s baffle

box construction keeps everything

in a consistent fill with no gaps or

cold spots, equating to the perfect

comforter on each side of the

bed and for every season.

The Exhale All-Season Adjustable

Comforter is available in Full/

Queen and King/California King

with varying prices for each component.

50 SleepTechNovember - December


Ryan Trainer

addresses Turkish


Visiting IBIA Expo in October as the guest of the organizers,

ISPA President Ryan Trainer delivered a speech at the fair and

summarized the industry highlights with special attention on

briefing the American sleep products industry.

The fact that stress is a part

of our daily life, of course,

also affects our sleep.

Sleep disorder or poor-quality

sleep can upset our entire

balance. One of the important

factors of sleep is that your bed

is suitable for you.

Ryan Trainer, President of ISPA

(International Sleep Products

Association), in the IBIAEXPO

seminar, where he was a guest

on the American sleep industry

and mattress market, said, “The

American mattress industry has

shrunk in the last 12 months.

“People can delay changing their

beds when the economy slows,”

he said.

Trainer, who stated that although

the U.S. bedding industry did

very well during the pandemic,

he is not sure how the American

economy will perform over

the next 12 months as the U.S.

central bank attempts to reduce

inflation and slow the economy. “

U.S. legal authorities also have

a number of important requirements

that Turkish component

manufacturers should consider

when deciding whether to export

to the American market. For example,

the United States requires

54 SleepTechNovember - December

that all finished mattresses meet

two federal flammability standards.

Therefore, if you want to

sell mattress materials to U.S.

manufacturers, you need to know

how your materials will perform

when a finished mattress that

uses your material is tested under

these flammability standards.

In addition, U.S. law places

important limitations on health

claims that manufacturers can

make about their products. For

example, a U.S. mattress manufacturer

cannot claim that the

fabric on its mattress has anti-viral

properties unless it can

persuade U.S. legal authorities,

based on extensive testing data,

that those materials are in fact

effective in achieving the claimed

health benefit.”



ISPA was founded over 100

years ago and is the trade association

for sleep product manufacturers

and suppliers – uniting

the industry’s voice and creating

a stronger mattress industry.



MRC is a nonprofit organization

created by ISPA to develop and

implement statewide mattress recycling

programs. Known as Bye

Bye Mattress to consumers, the

MRC manages and executes the

programs in the states that have

enacted recycling laws.


• Boxed bedding

• Online retail

• Imports

• Motion foundations

• Shift away from mattress/foundation


• Consumer preferences




• Increased opportunities for

online sales and imports

• Lower price points

• Different materials and product


• Longer return periods, higher

return rates

• Shorter replacement cycle

• Supply and distribution channel


• Traditional supplier/manufacturer/retailer

roles blurred

SleepTechNovember - December




Since 1996, ISPA’s Better Sleep

Council has conducted research

to understand and track

changes in consumer attitudes

towards sleep and health, and

their mattress purchasing decision-


The overarching objective of the

research has been to inform the

industry’s communication strategy,

to educate consumers about

the health benefits of sleeping

on a quality mattress and the

importance of regular mattress


Trainer noted consumer survey

data which shows that that

younger consumers are inclined

to discard their mattresses more

quickly than older generations of





• CPSC Flammability Standards

- Smoldering cigarette

- Open-flame

• Children’s products

- Lead

- Phthalates

• Health claims


• State content labels

• Chemical content requirements



Proactive program designed by

to help mattress manufacturers

reduce waste, emissions and energy

consumption while increasing

operational efficiencies.

Includes –

• Working with manufacturers to

develop process for continually

reducing their environmental


• Developing greater awareness

of end-of-life recycling challenges

when designing new products

and materials

• Monitor new product features

to identify future recycling needs

and challenges

56 SleepTechNovember - December


EDR Kimya / Kayteks:

We consider adhesives and felt as

inseparable parts of each other

Eren Çelik, Owner

of the Company,

said that EDR,

where they

produce adhesives,

and Kayteks,

where they

produce felt, act

together in terms

of both customer

satisfaction and the

correct use of cost.

sThe two brands operating

in the chemicals and felts

industry have been supplying

quality products for mattress

manufacturers. We made an

exclusive interview with Eren Çelik,

proprietor of the company to

highlight their superiorities:

Can you detail your products

addressing to the mattress manufacturing


Like the BONE-MEAT, adhesive

produced by EDR Kimya and Felt

produced by Kayteks are both

products that complete one another.

When the last one is used

the first one must be there as

well. MEAT must be as healthier

than the BONE if both are used

together. If the choice is for high

quality adhesive, felt must also

follow the same trend.

In recent years, the pace of the

change in world supply chain

has deathly affected the sector

actors. To revert this negative

impact into an advantage, a ‘’

NICHE/LOCALE’’ service has

come to life from international


Taking into account this quick

change and to respond quickly

and cost efficiently to the expected

services, gathering ADHESIVE

and FELT under the same roof

for a WIN – WIN goal has been


As the adhesive is a chemical

product with a limited end use

date, to supply it to clients with a

necessary quantity at cost effective

way is to deliver it with felt.

58 SleepTechNovember - December

Buying the

Adhesive and

Felt into the

same truck bring

the advantage of



and this leads

Mattresses and

Sofa Producers

to be more

competitive in

the business

by taking

advantages in


Choosing the right procurement

strategy by combining into same

Truck ADHESIVE and FELT helps

to Get rid of 4 main risks:

- High Stock Risk

- High-Cost Risk

- Risk of Passing End Use Date

- Supply Delay Risk

Buying the Adhesive and Felt into

the same truck bring the advantage


FRESH and this leads Mattresses

and Sofa Producers to be more

competitive in the business by

taking advantages in quality.

Do you have any new investment

plans or increasing your investments

in the mattress components


As stated above, we are obliged

to align ourselves to the fast

change of the world. New

investments are a MUST and

ended, this has already started

by increasing our production capacity

and widening our product

ranges. At the moment, we have

over 7000 sqm production space

that is being built at Kahraman,

Kazan. With our new investments,

we aim to achieve wider

range of customers but with a

local / niche service process.

Can you tell us about the domestic

or foreign brands that you

are in contact with or partner

with in the mattress industry?

With our current production

capacity, we have reached over

the past 20 years 55 countries

where we are exporting on a

Daily basis. To bring this success

to another level, with the help

of our new investments, we are

aiming the loyalty of big brands

of the sector. In order to push

big brands like SEALY, TEMPUR,


and SILENTNIGHT to get Supplied

by us, we are strengthening

our basement.

Which fairs do you exhibit at

home and abroad?

We participate in INTERZUM



Can you tell us about your

export range and foreign trade

marketing tactics?

Fast response, niche services,

international trade, closer relations

with clients and meat-born

example activities that are united

with each other.

How do you think EDR Kimya

and Kayteks are positioned in

the mattress components industry?

We believe to be at a good

level in the sector but this is not

enough, we are aiming to be a

leader in both products especially

in the world market.

SleepTechNovember - December



India Mattresstech + Upholstery

Supplies Expo 2023 – the harbringer

of new trends, connections, business

opportunıtıes and technology


SUPPLIES EXPO emerged as India’s biggest and most

important B2B exhibition for the sector.

Held in Bengaluru from

the 2nd-5th June, 2022,

the event welcomed

nearly 5200 attendees, and had

product and technology display

from over 100 companies from

countries including India, Egypt,

Italy, Turkey, Taiwan, Germany

and Sweden.

The growth of the Mattress Industry

is being defined by several

factors including entry of new

players, rising demand for quality

mattresses, a booming online

market and the demand for innovative

products. According to the

Industry experts, India Mattress

Market is poised to grow at a

CAGR of 5% by 2027. New-age

mattress brands are able to deliver

products at lower price points

by taking control of the entire

consumer journey – from product

discovery to post-sales support.

The upcoming 7th edition of

IME will be an ideal platform for

showcasing the latest technology,

trends, innovations and product

development in one of the

fastest growing sectors in India.

The event will be held from 2-5

March, 2023 at India Expo Mart,

Greater Noida, Delhi NCR.

The 4-day exhibition will have

on display- mattress production

machinery and supplies, mattress

finishing machinery and supplies,

62 SleepTechNovember - December

production tools and equipment,

upholstery production technology,

machinery and supplies, bed

systems, new materials, trade

associations, business services

and media.

The mattress industry in India

is positioned at an interesting

juncture, where growth is spurred

by changing customer dynamics

and technological innovations.

The last two years have been a

major factor to bring about this

transformational shift as consumers

have become increasingly

aware and conscious about the

health benefits of using the right

mattress and the functionality of

the overall product. In a bid to

meet increasing demands and

offer customers a seamless experience,

mattress manufacturers

today are relying on technology

and digital initiatives to enhance

the entire production and buying

experience. With increased

demand for better products and

innovative companies entering

the mattress technology space,

the market in India is expected

to change substantially in the

coming times.

Event Highlights:

• India’s only sourcing point for

quality Machinery & Materials for

Mattress & Upholstery production

• Presence of major National and

International industry leaders

• Hosted Buyer Program

• Trade Visitors from India and

neighboring countries

• Technical seminars by Indian

Sleep Products Federation (ISPF)

• Latest Industry Technology and


About NuernbergMesse India:

NuernbergMesse is one of the

15 largest trade fair companies

in the world. Its portfolio covers

around 120 national and international

trade fairs and congresses

at the Nuernberg location and

worldwide. It is the people, their

ideas and products, which have

made NürnbergMesse a globally

successful trade fair company.

Every year, about 35,000 exhibitors

(international share: 44%)

and up to 1.5 million visitors

(international share of trade

visitors: 26%) participate in the

own, partner and guest events

of the NürnbergMesse Group,

which is present with subsidiaries

in China, North America, Brazil,

Italy, India, Austria and Greece

(Forum S.A). Worldwide, the

NürnbergMesse Group has a network

of about 51 representative

agencies which are active in over

116 countries.

With 17 shows spread across

different Industry verticals, today

the offerings of NürnbergMesse

India are varied and versatile, in

sync with the trends of the time

and deeply rooted in Industry

awareness and development.

Exhibitions have played a vital

role in facilitating trade, communication,

networking and

above all relationship building

since decades. They have been

a harbinger of trends and innovation

and their significance has

witnessed a stupendous rise over

the years. We at NürnbergMesse

India are committed to creating

forums which are relevant, timely,

knowledge-rich and beneficial for

the industries we serve.

SleepTechNovember - December


Hekkehorst 16/18 7207 BN Zutphen

The Netherlands

Mimarsinan OSB Mh. 23 Cd. No:54

Melikgazi / Kayseri / TÜRKİYE



The star of the mattress

sector is shining

Mustafa Varank, Industry and Technology Minister, speaking at

the opening of the fair, conveyed that the latest technologies and

innovative products were exhibited at IBIA Expo 2022, where

visitors from 24 countries, special procurement committees

from 10 target countries, over 25 thousand visitors, professionals

from Europe, Middle East, America, North Africa, Russia and

Commonwealth of Independent States took part.

The sector professionals

showed great interest in

IBIA Expo-Bedding Sub-Industry

and Technologies Fair,

the first and only fair of its sector

in Turkey, which was held in

Istanbul Expo Center between

6 and 9 October, and held with

the participation of Industry and

Technology Minister Mustafa

Varank, and organized by Birleşik

Fuar Yapım, Inc. (BİFAŞ) and with

the support of the International

Mattress Industry Association

(IBIA), International Fair Producers

Association (UFYD) and


Praise from Minister Varank to

the sector

Mustafa Varank, Industry and

Technology Minister, speaking

at the opening of the fair, conveyed

that the latest technologies

and innovative products were

exhibited at IBIA Expo 2022,

where visitors from 24 countries,

special procurement committees

from 10 target countries, over

25 thousand visitors, professionals

from Europe, Middle

East, America, North Africa,

Russia and Commonwealth of

Independent States took part.

Varank said “The fair is the first

fair of our country on mattress

components and technologies.

Although it was held for the first

time this year, it is the largest fair

in Eurasia and the second largest

in the world in its sector. We

believe that the fair will be one

of the most important meeting

points of the sector from now on”

and added “It is easy for Turkey

68 SleepTechNovember - December

As of today,

the turnover of

our sector is 3

billion dollars; its

export is around

2 billion dollars.

We employ 25

thousand people

in our sector. In

the light of these

data, our sector

that supplies the

mattress sector

ranks second in

the world after

China in terms

of technology

and sub-industry

to dominate the mattress sector,

mattress sub-industry and technologies

in the coming period.”

Minister Varank added that for

this, it is necessary to integrate

artificial intelligence and digital

technologies into mattresses.

The hidden heroes of the economy

Osman Güler, Chairman of

the Board of IBIA, expressing

that the opening of the fair is

a historic day for their sector,

said “Our sector, which provides

technology and raw materials

to mattress manufacturers, is

among the hidden heroes of our

country’s economy. We brought

our sector, which is not very

well known in our country, to

the stage with our international

fair, which was held for the first

time in Turkey.” Osman Güler,

sharing the knowledge that the

sector includes about 10 different

branches with machinery, fabric,

spring, foam, yarn, chemistry,

fiber and other auxiliary products

that supply the mattress industry,

said “As of today, the turnover of

our sector is 3 billion dollars; its

export is around 2 billion dollars.

We employ 25 thousand people

in our sector. In the light of these

data, our sector that supplies the

mattress sector ranks second in

the world after China in terms of

technology and sub-industry.”

SleepTechNovember - December



Visitors from 91

countries dıscovered

the innovations of the

world mattress industry

IBIA EXPO 2022-Bedding Sub-Industry

and Technologies Exhibition,

which is the first and only

Exhibition of its sector in Turkey,

received great praise. Industry and

Technology Minister Mustafa Varank

said that visitors from 24 countries

had the opportunity to meet with the

latest technologies and innovative


IBIA EXPO 2022, which opened

its doors on October 06-09 at the

Istanbul Expo Center with the organization

of BİFAŞ, one of the largest

exhibition companies in Turkey,

achieved significant successes. As

it is known, IBIA EXPO 22 is the first

in Turkey in mattress components

and technologies, as well as being

the largest exhibition in Eurasia and

the second largest in the world at

an international level. Industry and

Technology Minister Mustafa Varank,

who attended the opening of the

Exhibition emphasized that the latest

technologies and

innovative products

were exhibited at

IBIA Expo 2022,

in which more

than 25 thousand

visitors, professionals

from Europe,

Middle East,

America, North

Africa, Russia and

Commonwealth of

Independent States

participated, with

special procurement


from 10 target





Minister Varank also drew attention

to the fact that IBIA EXPO 22 is

Turkey’s first exhibition on bearing


and technologies,

and said:

“Despite being

held for the first

time this year,

it is the largest

Exhibition in

Eurasia and the

second largest

in the world in

its sector. We

believe that the

Exhibition will be one of the most

important meeting points of the

industry from now on.”

70 SleepTechNovember - December



Minister Varank, who said, “It is easy

for Turkey to dominate the mattress

industry, mattress sub-industry and

technologies in the coming period”,

added that for this, it is necessary

to integrate artificial intelligence and

digital technologies into mattresses.



Osman Güler, Chairman of the Board

of Directors of IBIA Association,

made the following statement regarding

the Exhibition: “When we look at

the numerical size of the mattress

sub-industry sector in Turkey, we are

faced with a very bright picture. The

production of sectoral companies in

our country is 3 billion dollars and

their exports are 2 billion dollars. We

have a huge employment of 25 thousand

people. Our goal is to reach

new records, 35 thousand jobs and

an export figure of 3 billion dollars.”

Güler added that they will hold the

IBIA EXPO 23 between September

28 and October 01.

Ümit Vural, Chairman of the Board of

Directors of BİFAŞ Exhibition Organization,



in his speech at

the opening, said

that although it is

the first and only

Exhibition in its

sector in Turkey,


gained an international


in a short time

and became the

largest Exhibition

in Eurasia and the

second largest

in the world in its

sector. Vural said,

“One of our most

important goals

is to help the

Turkish mattress sub-industry sector,

which has an important place in the

world, to become a global brand.”

IBIA EXPO 2022 is Turkey’s first in

the field of mattress components and

technologies, as well as being the

biggest Exhibition of Eurasia at the

international level. It can be seen with

numbers as well. IBIA EXPO 22 was

visited by a total of 22 thousand 467

people, both domestic and foreign.

Again, a total of 156 companies, 146

of which are local and 10 are foreign,

took part as participants.


IBIA EXPO 22 was also remembered

as an important organization

that included special procurement

committees from 14 target countries,

22,467 visitors, professionals from

Europe, Middle East, America, North

Africa, Russia and Commonwealth of

Independent States.

The most important and striking part

of the Exhibition was the participation

of visitors from 91 countries. A

total of 91 countries participated in

the Exhibition, mainly Canada, Italy,

Egypt, Iraq, Bulgaria, Iran, Algeria,

Greece, USA, Argentina, Armenia,

Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belgium, Bosnia

and Herzegovina, China, Czech Republic,

Denmark, England and Hungary.

IBIA EXPO 22, where the latest

technologies and innovative products

are exhibited, is the first Exhibition of

our country on mattress components

and technologies. Although it was

organized for the first time this year,

it is the largest Exhibition in Eurasia

and the second largest in the world

in its sector. The Exhibition, which

lasted for 4 days, proved to be one

of the most important meeting points

of the industry from now on.

SleepTechNovember - December



Armateks: IBIA EXPO Fair is

a professionally prepared


Eyüp Can Çolak,

saying that they are

very satisfied with the

fair, in his interview,

said “Even though the

fair was held for the

first time, there is an

atmosphere as if it

has been held many

times before. There

is a very professional

team at the fair, both

in terms of organization

and participants. Especially the foreign customers

from visitors are better than we expected. Although there

are global problems such as war and epidemics in the

world at the moment, our fair is going very well. We are

also very satisfied. We see that the visitors coming to our

stand have a good feeling for the fair. The organization

continues very smoothly.”

Ömer Can Çolak, drawing attention to the export potential

and foreign visitor rate at the fair, gave the following

statements in his interview; “I hope it will be fruitful for

everyone. IBIA organized the event very successfully. We

are very satisfied with the rate of foreign visitors.

We see that there are visitors coming from almost all over

the world to visit the fair. They are already planning to

participate in the fair to be held next year. I can really say

that the fair is going well for everyone.”

Ay Yay: As if IBIA EXPO has

been held for years

Katırcıgil, pointing out that the

fair received visitors from many

countries, stated that they were

satisfied with this issue and said

“Although the IBIA EXPO Fair

is held for the first time, there

are many visitors from different

countries as if it has been held

for many years. There is participation

not only from mattresses

but also from other furniture

fields. In terms of the first two

days, it goes very well. We think

that the next two days will pass in the same way. Considering

that the last two days will coincide with the weekend,

I believe that it will be even more intense. “

Atlas Matress: If IBIA Fair

can keep its stability, it can

leave global fairs behind

Ali Can Karaca, who gave an

interview to Sleeptech magazine at

the fairground, said that they met

new visitors from different markets

at the fair and that big players from

America and Englandv were in the

fairground. Karaca, expressing that

they did not expect the fair went

so successfully, said; “First of all, I

have to say that this fair is a first for

me as well. IBIA Fair was the first

fair I attended on my own behalf with my own company.

Frankly, I did not expect the fair to be so different and so

successful. The fair is very well prepared and there are

only glitches. Honestly, I didn’t expect so many visitors to

come. As far as I saw at a high level in fairs in general, we

would encounter customers we already know and know

in the sector. Unlike other fairs I attended, I met a lot of

new people. In addition, I realized that very serious buyers

from far away countries participated in the fair. I saw that

big buyers and big players, especially from the UK and

the USA, were at the fair and I was really impressed. Mr.

Ali Can expressed that IBIA EXPO Fair can surpass the

global fairs in this field if it progresses by making addition

of it. Karaca repeated his previous criticism about space

distribution related to the fair organization, used the

following expressions in his interview; “Of course, there

are other points that I would like to mention. I had said it

in my previous reviews. I had a criticism about the place.

I think it is correct to place the big players that are in the

Turkish market in different parts of the fairground instead

of positioning them in a single spot at the next fairs. Since

the visitors will visit them directly, I think they can visit

other companies on the walking routes. I think this will be

an opportunity for medium-sized companies that stand by

the big players. Also, I am not sure about its clarity, but it

is said that the fair will be held every other year. Personally,

I am in favor of organizing the fair once a year. If this fair

continues like this and advances by making addition, it will

be much more successful than the Interzum Cologne Fair

held in Germany. It is because I saw, for the first time, a

fair that was organized specifically for the mattress sector

and was so successful.”

Aydın Tekstil: IBIA Fair

is going very well

Özalp said in his evaluation “We were frankly

a little nervous since IBIA Fair was held for

the first time, but we have never been idle

from the first day of the fair until this minute.

Thankfully, a very good fair is going.”

72 SleepTechNovember - December

Bedcovers: We regained the

fair atmosphere we missed


Duygu Günaydın, Deputy

General Manager of Bedcovers,

conveyed her evaluations about

the IBIA EXPO 2022 Fair for our

magazine. Mrs. Duygu, in her

interview with our magazine,

said that they will meet with

their customers at the fair 3

years after the pandemic, gave

the following statements in her

speech; “As of the second day

of the fair, the fair has been very

enjoyable until now. We got

the B2B meetings we missed

and the network connections

we missed. After 3 and half years, we are meeting with

our customers again. It is very productive, we have new

networks, and we have new customers. We are at a very

successfully organized fair. Thanks a lot to those who contributed.

We expect better one for the next years, but for

now it is going very well. We have two more days ahead of

us. I think it will be even better.”

Berfa & Fanuva: We had

visitors from many countries


Berfa & Fanuva Company Partner

Fatih Mutlu made evaluations

to Sleep Tech magazine

on the second day of IBIA EXPO

2022 Fair. Mutlu, conveying his

thanks to the IBIA management

in his evaluations about the fair,

made the following statements

in his interview; “The first day,

it went well intensely. We had

visitors from many countries.

We are on the second day and

this intensity still continues. We

are getting very positive signals. We hope that these visits

will return to us as orders. I would like to thank especially

our IBIA President, his management and all those who

contributed. It’s really a good organization. I hope the next

fair will be even better.”


having a lot of promise for

the sector

BES Kimya Sales Manager Hakan

Temel shared his thoughts on the

IBIA EXPO 2022 Fair with Sleep

Tech magazine.

Temel, sharing his predictions that

the fair will light the way for the

sector for the next years and that

it will carry the Turkish mattress

industry forward globally, included

the following sentences in his

interview; “As the fair is the first in

general, it is very good considering

these. It is a promising fair for the next years. We thought

at first that we did not get the attention we expected,

but after seeing that the visitors were not crowded and

there were serious customers looking for alternatives to

their business, this situation made us feel that we were in

an organization where we could share more productive

work. So we are happy, we are hopeful. We hope that the

coming years will be much, much better than this. If we

consider the global problems, and if you consider that we

have started the fair for the first time, I think that we will

become more popular in the next years.”

BOR-SA: Our sector needed

the IBIA EXPO Fair

Mehmet Köksal, General Manager

of BOR-SA Metal, shared

his feelings and thoughts about

the IBIA EXPO 2022 Fair with

Sleep Tech magazine.

Mehmet Köksal, stating that as

BOR-SA Metal, they had the

opportunity to meet with visitors

from the markets they targeted,

said in his statement to our

magazine; Our sector needed

this fair very much. It is a fair

organized on a professional

level, for exhibitors and visitors.

Especially the visitors coming from abroad helped an efficient

fair realize. We also had visitors from the markets we

targeted. We also have customers who can’t come during

the week and expect them to come on the weekend.

In this respect, we think that the weekend will be more


SleepTechNovember - December



Boyteks: We are very pleased

with the IBIA EXPO Fair

Boyteks representative Sedat

Güler said that as a company,

they left IBIA EXPO 2022 very

satisfied. Güler gave an interview

to Sleep Tech on the last

day of the fair, made the following

statements in her statement;

“We are now on the last day of

our fair and we are closing our

stands today. We have successfully

completed the fair, we are

happy. We had more visitors

than we expected. Hopefully, we

expect better fairs in the future.

We are generally satisfied with the fair. Whether it is visits,

hot sales, domestic and foreign customers, we leave the

fair very satisfied.”

Comfytex: Thanks to the IBIA

Fair, the eyes of the world

turned to Turkey

Comfytex General Manager

Recep Kezik said that they

were very satisfied with the IBIA

EXPO Fair and that they gained

serious customers, especially

from European countries. Kezik,

made a statement to Sleep Tech

magazine regarding the fair, said

that there was more intensity

at the fair than they expected

and that they reached a serious

foreign customer portfolio.

Recep Kezik expressing that

Turkey has gained importance

in the global sense gave the following statements in his

interview; “IBIA Fair is going very well. The organization

has been very good. It was planned beyond what we

expected. The number of foreign customers coming is

quite high. A fair has not been held in this area for a long

time. It is also organized by IBIA for the first time. We think

it’s very nice. There is more density than we can imagine.

Especially on the second day, our foreign customers were

quite a lot. We had good sales abroad. The eyes of the

world turned a little towards here. With the increasing

importance of Turkey, European faced forward here. We

had a lot of customers coming from the USA and UK. We

found a very performing fair. We are also satisfied.”


We will make the IBIA EXPO

Fair the largest exhibition of

the global mattress industry

Osman Güler, stated that he thinks

that the fair went very well in

general and that, as the president

of the association, he gained from

the ideas of the companies, the fair

will make a significant contribution

to export and domestic production

in terms of both the number of

visitors and the quality of visitors,

gave the following statements in

his interview; “We thought much to

organize this fair. This fair is a fair

that conduced to establish the IBIA Association. As soon

as the association was established, one of our first duties

was to organize a fair. We worked hard for the organization

of this fair. All of my board members, my colleagues

and the fair organization committee, we attended many

sectoral fairs. We held B2B talks at these fairs. In these

meetings, we introduced this fair in detail to the mattress

manufacturers. Our expectations were high in this sense.

As for how the fair is going as of now. Actually, it wouldn’t

be right for me to comment on this. Our participant friends

will make the most accurate and unbiased interpretation of

this. But I wanted to visit all the exhibitors one by one and

get their comments on the fair for two days, almost without

stopping by my own company’s stand. I visited all the

companies one by one to see if they had criticisms about

us, if we made a mistake, or if there was anything we

could do about the organization for them. Everyone congratulated

us and our team very much.” Güler, stating that

they were very tired during the organization of the fair, but

thanks to the positive comments they received from both

the participants and visitors, it was worth to be tired, continued

his words as follows; “We’ve heard some foreign

visitors said “We don’t need to go to other fairs anymore.

We saw that we can find everything in Turkey. After that,

you need to enlarge this fair much more. We think that

this fair will be very effective”. And let me tell you here for

the first time; I aim to make this fair the biggest fair of the

global mattress industry. I am excited and confident about

it. Up to now, I’ve accomplished everything I believed

in. But of course I am not alone this time. Together we

will achieve this. I think you, as Sleeptech magazine, will

contribute a lot to this issue. As of this morning, a friend of

ours who has been dealing with fair organizations for years

told me “I have been dealing with fair organizations for

years. I have never seen before that a fair, held for the first

time, was so full”. I am quite happy with the results. As

for my own company, Elektroteks, we are achieving very

good results as a company, according to the information I

received only from the company’s authorized colleagues”

74 SleepTechNovember - December

Elmas Malzemecilik: IBIA

EXPO 2022 was a very

productive fair

Turgut Çelebi, Chairman of the

Board of Directors of Elmas

Malzemecilik, spoke highly of

the IBIA EXPO 2022 Fair in his


Turgut Çelebi, said that the

companies had reservations

about the fair before the fair, but

the fair was very productive by

invalidating all the reservations,

gave the following statements

in his interview; “Because it

was IBIA’s first fair, there were

some reservations for me and other colleagues. We were

worried about whether there would be demands from

domestic and abroad. But at the end of the day, we saw it

was a very productive fair for all of us. Our hope is that our

next IBIA Fairs will be even better.”

Giz Grup: We wish IBIA EXPO

Fair to continue for

many years

Karakaşlar mentioned the

need of the sector for the fair

in the interview he gave at the

fairground, emphasized the

unity and solidarity spirit of the

fair. Karakaşlar also conveyed

his predictions that the future

of the IBIA EXPO Fair is bright,

said the following in his statement;

“The fair started well,

it is going well. The sector already needed such a fair.

It was very beneficial for such a fair to be held only as a

mattress sub-industry. It is because there are very serious

finished product manufacturers, namely mattress producers

in Turkey. But apart from that, there are also mattress

supplier manufacturers. Almost all of these manufacturers

are world-class manufacturers. For that reason, I think it

is very beneficial to organize such a fair in Turkey in unity. I

think its future is very open. We hope that we will continue

this fair for many years. As the industry, association and

stakeholders of the industry, we hope that this fair will

continue for many years in unity.”

Hasplast: IBIA EXPO 2022

became a very productive fair

Serkan Elitaş, Chairman of the

Board of Hasplast, stated that the

expectations before the fair were

generally low due to that IBIA

EXPO 2022 was held for the first

time, but the fair proved all the

negative expectations to be in the

wrong and it was very productive.

Elitaş, expressing that the fair

will undoubtedly make a great

contribution to our country, gave

the following statements in the

continuation of his interview; “First

of all, we would like to thank our president and everyone

who contributed to this fair. As you know, as the fair was

held for the first time our expectations were a little lower.

But we see that it became a very nice and productive fair.

Although it is the first year, we see that there are visitors

and that the stands are full as a great success. And we

anticipate that it will progress exponentially next year. We

hope that this fair will be much more next year due to the

importance of our country in terms of geopolitics and that

as country our contribution to such an important industry

branch is more.”

Hastech Makina: the IBIA

EXPO is one of the most

global fairs of its sector

Daşdemir, answering the questions

of Sleep Tech magazine at

the Istanbul Expo Center, gave

the following statements in his

speech, describing IBIA EXPO

2022 as one of the most global

fairs in the sector; “We are a

newly established company; we

have just entered this sector.

Of course, we had a lot of

experience in this sector in the

past. This is the first time a fair has been held in this area

since the Sleep Well Fair held in 2018. As someone who

has participated in big fairs before, we see all the big and

serious companies in the world related to mattress production

here. In a sectoral sense, we can say that it is one

of the rare fairs that can gather so many global customers

in Turkey. In this sense, we are very happy. We also have

valuable domestic customers, but very serious customers

came from almost all over the world. All of these are big

companies in their fields. For this reason, I congratulate

both the IBIA management and BİFAŞ, and congratulate

the efforts of the colleagues in the organization.”

SleepTechNovember - December



Huzur Malzemecilik: IBIA

EXPO visitor consists of

serious buyers

Huzur Malzemecilik Finance

Manager Sami Ergüneş said

that the visitors who attended

the IBIA EXPO 2022 Fair only

attended the fair for investment

and business deals.

Ergüneş, speaking to Sleep

Tech magazine at the Istanbul

Expo Center, where the IBIA

EXPO 2022 Fair is held, described

the visitors of the fair as

serious buyers and gave the following

statements; “As we can

see, the fair is a technical fair.

Every visitor is either here to invest or to make in-depth

business deals. It’s going pretty well and professional. We

participated with two companies and we are very satisfied.

The comers are serious and potential buyers. This is very

gratifying for us.”

İridere Kimya: We hope

that IBIA EXPO will witness

positive developments for

our country

Fatih Öztürk, stating that the fair

they attended as a participant

was generally busy and they

were very satisfied with this

situation, said the following in

his entire interview; “From the

first day, the fair has been quite

busy. The intensity decreased

day by day. We were able to

reach a customer portfolio that

exceeded our expectations.

We made good connections.

I hope we can develop the fair further in the next years. I

did not see any deficiency related to the fair. Our sector

experience has expanded with foreign participants. I hope

the returns from our meetings will also be good. We hope

that the fair will also lead to positive developments for our

country. As a sector, we have a large volume globally and

I think that a good step has been taken to expand this

volume. I hope this situation will come to a better place

from year to year.”

Innova Bedding: We wish

IBIA Fair to continue for

many years

Önder Honi speaking to Sleep

Tech magazine at the fairground

said that they were satisfied with

the fair and wished the fair would

continue for many years. Mr. Önder

made the following statements

throughout his interview; “We

have participated in all mattress

industry fairs held in Turkey so far. Previous fairs were also

very successful. But we are at a fair organized by our IBIA

Association. We are at a much more organized and more

participatory fair compared to previous fairs. We were very

satisfied with the fair. We hope that the fair will continue

for many years. We are also planning to support the fair

individually and as a company. As Innova Bedding and

Inno Yatak, we supply natural materials for the mattress

industry. As the mattress industry grows, the mattress

manufacturers are trying to offer the products to their customers

by making more synthetic products cheaper due to

the necessity of making it economical. But in the meantime,

the use of products such as horse mane, latex, wool,

cotton and coconut, which have been used for centuries,

has become difficult both in terms of supply and price. We

offer these materials to the mattress industry through both

Inno Yatak and Innova Bedding. Thus, we ensure that both

mattress manufacturers produce better quality and natural


İki Yıldız: IBIA EXPO 2022 is

quite satisfactory for us

İki Yıldız Örme Tekstil

Manager Furkan

Nam made a statement

to Sleep Tech

magazine regarding

the IBIA EXPO 2022


Nam, expressing

that the fair was

quite satisfactory in

his statement he did

on the first day of

the fair, said in his

interview; “The first

day of the fair was

quite good for us, it satisfied us. Our existing customers

visited us. We had the chance to meet with visitors we

didn’t know. These were good experiences for us.” said.

Mr. Furkan also stated that they wish the following days

of the fair to be as busy and productive as the first day.

76 SleepTechNovember - December

Kar-As: It is indispensable

to organize the IBIA EXPO

every year

Mr. Önder, conveying his

evaluations of the IBIA

EXPO 2022 Fair to the

Sleep Tech magazine,

emphasized that the fair

was organized after the

pandemic and that the

sector eased in this sense.

Aslan also talked about

the quality of the audience;

said “The fair is going very

well. After the pandemic,

there was a lot of demand

for the fair. Because many

fair organizations could not

take place during the pandemic

period. The organization of the IBIA EXPO 2022 Fair

is also important in this sense. The fair became a fair with

many quality participants and serious buyers. There was

a serious crowd on the first and second days. I was very

pleased to see the quality of the masses, their capacities,

the demands in the mattress industry and the potential

in Turkey. Currently, there is a huge potential in Turkey in

terms of the sector. When we consider the world crises

such as war, occurred after the pandemic, pandemic and

container crises Turkey has a very critical importance. That

many companies gathered and united under single roof

and realize this organization by evaluating this type of fairs

became a wonderful situation for our sector.”

Önder Aslan, touching on the technical details about the

fair, gave the following statements on the subject; “The

region where the fairground is located is in the center of Istanbul

and is a convenient area in terms of transportation.

The visitors coming to the fair on the first and second days

were export customers. As of the third day, we see that

a little more domestic customers dominate. I think it will

be the same tomorrow. In general, we are very satisfied,

it goes very well. I think that organizing the fair every year

has become indispensable for our industry.”

Kırayteks: Buyers from all

over the world came to


Kırayoğlu, touching on that the

fair attracts serious visitors even

though it is a sectoral fair in his

evaluation, explained his thoughts

with the following sentences; “Although

the IBIA Fair is held for the

first time and is a specific fair, there

is a serious crowd here. In general,

large crowds are not expected at

sectoral fairs. More key players

and key customers are expected

in such fairs. But seriously, buyers

came from all over the world.

Among them, there are visitors that we know very well in

the sector and that we do not know at all. We understand

from this that both IBIA and BİFAŞ have done a preliminary

study on this and they have carried out the preliminary

preparations for the fair very well. We are very pleased”

Kesimoğlu: IBIA EXPO Fair is

a perfect organization

Kesinoğlu, saying that visitors

will be able to find all kinds of

mattress-related component

products at the fair, described

the organization as perfect.

Kesimoğlu, adding they had a

very successful fair, said in his

interview; “As Kesimoğlu Tekstil

and İpekçe Home brand, we

are mainly engaged in home

textiles, and as you know,

IBIA is an fair focused on the

mattress industry. The number

of foreign visitors in this fair,

which consists of 3 halls in total,

is quite high. There are many companies, large and small,

that want to supply all kinds of components related to the

mattress from home and abroad. We also participated

in the fair with home textiles. We are satisfied as follows;

every mattress company also has retail stores. We also

sell many products from bed linen to carpet, blanket to

bathrobe. And since mattress companies also have retail

stores, we also benefited from these. The high number

of foreign visitors made us very happy. We had a very

successful fair. The organization was truly flawless. Thank

you very much.”

SleepTechNovember - December



Lineer Makina: IBIA EXPO

can gain upon global fairs

Yaşar, gave an interview to

Sleep Tech magazine at the

fairground, made the following

evaluations; “If I make the first

evaluation of the fair on behalf

of the Lineer Makina which I

depend on, it became a fair

that we were very satisfied with

the number of visitors and the variety of countries and the

orders we hereunder received. While we were preparing to

host visitors mainly from the Middle East and the Balkans

due to the geographical location of our country, we hosted

our visitors from the USA, South America, European countries

and even Africa beside the Middle East countries. The

visitor portfolio mostly consisted of decision makers, and

the majority of them were companies that were market

leaders in their own countries. General opinion of us in the

meetings, which I did with other participating companies,

is that this fair has a high potential to surpass ISPA and

Interzum Koln Fair in the next years. I think this fair will be

an international fair more with the participation of leading

foreign companies in the mattress sub-industry (I think

these companies will want to participate in IBIA EXPO) and

a wider visitor portfolio. I wish success to the participants

of IBIA 2023 fair in advance.”

Marsala Home:

All participants receive a

recompense for their work

for the IBIA EXPO

Marsala Home CEO Mustafa

Yıldırım made a statement about

the IBIA EXPO 2022 Fair, they

participated as a participant.

Yıldırım, in his interviewed to

Sleep Tech magazine, spoke

about the fair with praise and

included the following statements

in his speech; “First of all,

we would like to thank the IBIA

board of directors for organizing

this fair. They really endeavored

at this job. They made a great effort. And as far as we can

see, all participants receive a recompense for their work.

I can say that we had a very good fair. IBIA Fair is the first

fair we attended. In other words, it is both the first fair of

our company Marsala Home, which was established 1.5

years ago, and the first fair organized by the IBIA Association.

In fact, we can say that it was a kind of coincidence,

even a beautiful conformity.

Marsteks: We are satisfied

with the orders we received

at the IBIA Fair

Yılmaz, expressing that the

fair was very productive in his

evaluation to our magazine, said

that they were very satisfied with

the visits to their stands and

the orders they received. Yılmaz

gave the following statements in

the continuation of the interview;

“First of all, I would like to thank everyone who made us

participate in the IBIA Fair. I think it’s been really effective.

Today is the second day and I think it’s very good

especially today. I hope the weekend will be better. So,

we think it will be. We are very satisfied with the current

situation at this fair, as foreign customers generally come

rather than domestic customers. The fair is very satisfying

for us both in terms of the orders we received and the

agreements made. I hope that we will stop by all of our

customers one by one after the fair and we will receive our


Mavera Kimya: IBIA EXPO

is a great organization even

though it is the first time

Muhiddin Ergüneş,

Mavera Kimya Officer,

conveyed his thoughts

on the organization of

the IBIA EXPO 2022

Fair to Sleep Tech


Ergüneş, expressing

that the organization

went very productively

and it was very

important for our

country, used the

following expressions

in his statement; “Even

though it was the first time, it is a great organization as

everyone who visited and participated predicted and said

to us. The profile of both visitors and exhibitors is quite

sufficient and it is a satisfying fair. We will see the results

as soon as possible. I would like to say that it is a very

important organization for our country.”

78 SleepTechNovember - December

Mert Makine: IBIA EXPO has

the capacity to compete with

global fairs

Mehmet Demirok, stated that

the fair was very good for

Mert Makine in his evaluation,

expressed in his speech that

he was satisfied with his foreign

customers and said “The fair is

obviously going better than we

expected. It seems that it will be

a fair that will be a serious competitor

to the fairs held in Europe

and America. I can clearly

say that it goes much better

than the fairs held in America

at the beginning of this year. Most of our visitors are from

abroad. We got good requests. After the pandemic, the

fair met our needs very well. We wish it to be even better.”

Microfiber: The population at

IBIA EXPO is satisfactory

Sedat Şen, Microfiber Sales Manager,

said that they were satisfied

with the visitor density of the IBIA

EXPO 2022 Fair.

Şen, speaking to Sleep Tech on

the first day of the fair, made the

following statements in his speech;

“IBIA EXPO 2022 Fair was the first

fair we attended as a company

as well as being the first to be

held. In particular we wanted to

see what we could do in sector

distinctions. Yesterday and today, it seems that a business

connection opportunity will arise between foreign visitors

and exhibitors at the fair. We are very satisfied with the

current population. In general, we expect it to be busier on

the weekends, especially local customers to come on the


Milkay: IBIA Fair is going

better than we expected

Nursaçan, speaking to our magazine

at the fairground, stated

that the IBIA administration

made a great effort for the fair.

Milkay Board Member Nursaçan

said in his statement; “We came

to the fair with great expectations,

and we see that our expectations

were met. We already

thought that the fair would be

good, but it is going better than

we thought. As you know, this

fair is being held for the first time yet. I hope it will be even

better in the next years. A lot of effort has been made for

this fair, and the efforts did not go down the drain.”

Nano Yay: IBIA EXPO 2022

Fair succeeded

Kır, answering the questions

of Sleep Tech magazine at the

Istanbul Expo Center, used

the following expressions in

the interview in which he said

that the fair was intense and

efficient; “IBIA EXPO 2022 is a

fair held for the first time. But

even though it is organized for

the first time, it is going very

positively for us. There is a

really good interest in the fair. The portfolio of customers

especially coming from abroad is very wide. We are having

a very good, very busy fair. This fair was very important

for our IBIA Association as it was organized for the

first time. We also think that he has succeeded. Hopefully

it will continue growing. The predictions we receive from

our customers in this direction. They are also very satisfied.

We got what we wanted. We are very happy with

that too. We hope it will be arranged again.”

New Tech: IBIA

Fair was very

productive in

terms of market


Akgöz, stating that they are very satisfied with the number

of visitors and the diversity of the market at the fair, gave

the following statements in his interview; “The fair went

much better than we expected. It was very productive in

terms of both the number of visitors and market diversity.

I’m sure other participants think the same as me. I hope

that the return we received from the customers we met

on the return of the fair will be good and we will increase

exports together on behalf of our country. As New Tech

Makina, we would like to thank everyone who contributed

to the preparation and promotion of the fair in every


SleepTechNovember - December



Namlı Tekstil: We believe

that IBIA EXPO will be one of

the few fairs in the world

Namlı Tekstil Company

Owner Birkan Karapınar

conveyed his

evaluations about the

IBIA EXPO 2022 Fair

from the fairground.

Karapınar expressing

that the fair was successful

in his interview

with Sleep Tech magazine,

pointed out this

situation as a symbol

that the fair will reach

higher levels in the next

years. The interview

of Karapınar who says

that they believe the

fair will be among the

other global fairs held

in the same area, is as

follows; “First of all, I would like to thank the IBIA team

who contributed to the organization of the fair. This fair is

a very important fair in terms of our integration with the

world as a sector. As manufacturers and exporters, we

always try to support the fairs for the development of our

country and opening abroad. Beside this, we especially

participated in the IBIA Fair, which was held for the first

time this year. We made such a start in order to reinforce

our belief that the fair will come to good places in the

world in the next years. And we believe that this fair will

be among the fairs such as ISPA, Interzum and Heimtextile

in the world. Because we, as a company, participated

in many fairs in Europe and America, and as we can

see in this fair, serious preparations were made for the

fair. The fair is really productive in terms of the sector. If

we look at it from our point of view as a company that

exports to nearly 20 countries, we welcome and guests

from different markets and getting in contact with them.

I believe that these talks will yield positive results. There

has already been a period of stagnation due to problems

such as global war and pandemic. But I believe that this

fair will be a serious breath for the sector representatives.

I fully believe that after the first of this fair; the second

and third ones will take place and even become a tradition

after a while. For this reason, we would like to thank

the IBIA Association, the president of the association, our

members, other participants of the fair and our guests.

Hopefully, we, as representatives of all sectors, will continue

to work to support our exports.”

OSA Kimya: We hope

that IBIA EXPO will be

a global fair

Orkun Ataman, OSA Kimya

Company Owner, conveyed his

evaluations of IBIA EXPO 2022,

in which they participated as a

participant, to Sleep Tech magazine.

Ataman, in his evaluations

to our magazine, requested that

the fair be held in a wider area in

the next years, said the following

statements in his interview;

“Although IBIA EXPO Fair is organized

the first time, I consider

it a fair with a wide participation.

We are very pleased to have the opportunity to introduce

our products to our domestic and international customers.

We request the organization managers to organize the

fair in the coming years as well. We even demand that the

number of halls be increased as well as the arrangement.

We hope that the fair will grow and be organized in the

future and become a global fair.”

Night Comfort Bedding: IBIA

EXPO has the potential to

reach global fairs

Night Comfort Bedding

Company Owner

Atakan Turhan made

a statement to Sleep

Tech magazine about

the IBIA EXPO Fair,

where they participated

as a participant.

Turhan pointing out

that the IBIA EXPO Fair

has the potential to

reach global fairs in his

speech, included the

following sentences in

his interview; “Although

it is such a young fair, it is going very well. We are now

on the 2nd day and there is a 200% increase in the

visitor rate compared to yesterday. The number of visitors

is increasing and the fair continues to give good signals.

As someone who has participated in many international

fairs, I can say that IBIA EXPO 2022 is a fair that has the

potential to reach the size of Interzum Fair, and this is a

satisfactory situation for us.”

80 SleepTechNovember - December

Özen İplik: IBIA EXPO will be

the most important fair in

this geography

Engin Kalkan, who played an effective

role in the fair as a member

of the IBIA Association Board of

Directors and also participated in

the fair as a participant, stated that

he thinks the IBIA EXPO Fair will

be the most important fair of its geography

in the next years. Kalkan

made the following statements in

his interview; “The fair is frankly a

fair held for the first time. It is a very important fair that has

a wide range covering both Europe and the Middle East

in this geography and appeals to the mattress industry.

Frankly, we made a great effort for this first fair that took

place under the wing of the IBIA Association. The organizers

of the fair, BİFAŞ, IBIA Association, members of

the board of directors of the association and all members

of the association gave an incredible support. And to tell

the truth, on the second day right now, very serious buyer

delegations came from the Middle East, Europe and America.

And we had very serious talks with them. Namely,

although we are organizing the first fair, we received very

serious returns. Hopefully, I think this fair will be the most

influential mattress industry fair in this geography with the

fairs that we will hold in the next years,.”

Ümit Makina: The customer

mass coming to the IBIA EXPO

Fair is quite high quality

Ümit, thanked everyone who contributed

to the organization of the

fair, especially Osman Güler, President

of the IBIA Association, in his

evaluation from the fairground, used

the following statements in his interview;

“We held our first domestic fair

after 3 years. The last time, we did

it in 2019. As sector, we organized

this fair ourselves, under the leadership

of the association we founded. Everyone did their

job very well. I would especially like to thank Osman Güler,

the President of the IBIA Association; he contributed a lot

to the fair. And believe me, this fair continues as if it has

been there for years. We did not experience any mishaps.

I’ve been here since Sunday. Everything went pretty well.

We are very pleased. The customer mass is quite quality.

There are, maybe, few in number but very high quality

customers. The target audience has arrived. So everything

is going very well.”

Plassan Ambalaj: We had

the opportunity to meet

new customers from new

markets at IBIA EXPO

Mr. Nazım, speaking of the fair

with praise and mentioning the

importance of such an organization

for the post-pandemic

sector, gave the following statements

in his interview; “The first

two days, the fair went very well.

The third day continues at full

speed. We had the opportunity

to meet new customers from

new markets. We have customers

both at home and abroad.

Such an organization has not been held for a long time

due to pandemic conditions. As you know, this fair is a

great organization held after the pandemic. We hope that

it will continue growing in the future.”

Robatech: Although IBIA

EXPO was held for the first

time, it reached its goal

Tanrıöven, stating that although

the fair was held for

the first time, it fulfilled its mission

and that the visits, made

in the fair, turn to orders is up

to the companies, generally

made the following statements

in his interview; Thefair

is very positive for us. In the

first two days of the fair, we

had the opportunity to meet

with many companies that

come from abroad, are in the

sector, and are manufacturers

in the sector. Of course, we are an old company in the

sector. In the meetings we had with our other colleagues

who participated in the fair, they expressed to us that

the leading companies of their countries in the mattress

sector are currently at this fair as visitors. This shows that

although IBIA EXPO was held for the first time, it reached

its goal. We have two more days for us. During these two

days, new visitors will come. I now define this fair as follows;

this was the first round. We got the first round, after

that, all the participants re-connect with the customers

they met and turn these productive conversations into


SleepTechNovember - December



Boyçelik: IBIA EXPO

2022 is a very well

organized fair

Boyçelik Sales and

Marketing Manager

Feridun Tosun said

that the figures they

received at the IBIA

EXPO 2022 Fair

were above global

fairs such as ISPA

and Interzum.

Tosun, speaking to

Sleep Tech magazine

at the fairground,

gave the

following statements

in his interview; “If

we need to evaluate

the fair in general, it

obviously became a

very good fair. We are at a fair that was organized

for the first time. I don’t know what the expectations

of the other participants were, but it exceeded

our expectations. Although the customer portfolio

we expect in general is companies from the Middle

East countries, we witnessed that the companies

came from all over the world. There were many visitors

coming from the USA, South America, various

European countries. The second day of the fair was

particularly busy. As of the fourth day, there are

110 companies abroad, which we met. Although

most of them are already our customers, of course,

there are also new companies joining them. As for

the domestic market, we met with approximately

60-70 companies. When we collect these numbers,

we have made 170-180 talks. When we look at the

numbers in fairs such as ISPA and Interzum, which

we have attended before, the IBIA figures are above

them. We are very happy with this situation. We got

very good orders. We are happy to meet our customers

again. Thank you to the IBIA Association.

The fair was very well organized and presented very

well. I think the next fair will be better. Only, I would

like to make a suggestion about the next fair; I think

the number of participants should be more.”

Gemba Makina: We had very

good impressions at IBIA EXPO

Kazım Sezerkan, said in an

interview with Sleep Tech

magazine that the fair was

instrumental in good orders for

them, included the following

statements in his statement;

“The fair is going very well for

us. We welcome visitors from

all over the world. We see that

all of the visitors we host are

serious customers and business

people who have invested

in the mattress industry or are

considering making one. We spent the fair with very good

impressions and orders. Our next desire is to turn the fair

into a long-term trade. We hope that the fairs to be held in

the next years will be held in larger areas, with more foreign

exhibitors and more visitors. As the owner of Gemba

Makina, I would like to thank everyone who contributed to

the fair. Let’s have many fairs.”

Özay Grup: Alternative to


I think that the fair will make

a serious contribution to

our country rather than our

expectations. The point we

have reached in the 1-year

period from the establishment

of the association to

the organization of the fair is

proud. I think of this fair as

an alternative to the Interzoo

Fair in Germany. That should

be our goal. It is because all

manufacturers are in Turkey. There is no reason why we

can’t be like Germany. Everyone has this excitement. All

companies participated in the IBIA Expo, which was held

for the first time, by making sacrifices.

Although we have different production areas as a company,

we manufacture mattress covers for the mattress sector.

We are the first and highest capacity manufacturing

company in Turkey in this field. We have been continuing

our production, which we started in 1986, with a more

professional team and mentality as Mavi Ay Yatak Kılıfı

since 2000. We are exporting almost all of our production

to more than 20 countries. We are working with the

world’s largest companies in the field.

82 SleepTechNovember - December


The Modern Back Announces

the Addition of Personal

Comfort Number Beds

The Modern Back now offers Personal Comfort Number Beds,

made with a combination of the highest quality materials and

state-of-the-art technology to redefine the perfect sleep system

with Number Beds that are built to exceed expectations.


– The Modern Back, Boynton

Beach and Sarasota

Showrooms now feature the

NEW Rejuvenation Series Number

Beds by Personal Comfort.

The Modern Back offers nationwide

shipping and has two convenient

locations on the east and

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state-of-the-art Personal Comfort

Number Beds. No need to ever

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no more buyer’s remorse, and

no more stress about making

the most important purchase

anyone ever has to make. After

all, the average person spends

25 years of their lives in bed,

so it’s essential to pick the right

type of mattress. The patented

technology built into the Personal

Comfort Number Beds allows

complete customization of the

sleep experience with the touch

of a button. The New Rejuvenation

series mattresses are

infused with copper to provide

countless health and wellness

benefits including improved circulation

for the ultimate restorative

night’s sleep. Personal Comfort®

Number Beds are designed in the

U.S.A. and have been manufactured

for almost fifty years by the

producers of the Original Number

Bed®, American National

Manufacturing. Personal Comfort

proudly stands behind their

products and wants each and

every customer to have the most

fulfilling experience possible,

which is why they created the

industry’s best 25-year limited

lifetime warranty. And, as leading

mattress producers, they combine

the highest quality materials

with cutting-edge technology to

redefine the perfect sleep system

with Number Beds that are built

to exceed your expectations.

Personal Comfort spares no

86 SleepTechNovember - December


expense in their materials or

craftmanship and no other

leading manufacturer has higher

standards than those set forth by

Personal Comfort, making them

the absolute best value available

in the mattress industry. The

Personal Comfort R15 Number

Bed is their top-of-the-line model

overall with multiple layers of

plush bouncy memory foam that

gives the feeling of sleeping on

the clouds. The R15 has been

specially designed to energize

and slightly soften in response

to body heat with copper-infused

memory foam which is the

key to providing highly adaptive

comfort, ease of movement, and

excellent pressure-relief. Get the

most out of a daily sleep experience

in addition to all the benefits

of copper which makes the body

feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and

energized when waking up for a

new day.

The Personal Comfort R13

comes with just the right amount

of medium support memory foam

for any kind of sleeper combined

with an adjustable level

of firmness and softness with

45 unique number settings per

remote and a range from five to

fifty in increments of one. Personal

Comfort Is the only mattress

in the industry that combines

medical-grade accuracy with a

nearly unlimited number of customizable

comfort settings. Save

two Number settings for quick

access and a completely personalized

sleep experience with

the new fully digital innovative

pump system, air control unit,

and included wireless handheld

remotes. Each user can adjust

their mattress to contour to their

body’s own unique curvature

for more optimal pressure point

relief and improved blood flow

and circulation to get the best

quality of sleep possible. The

new Ultra-Flex Air Chambers

can flex and contour better

than standard air chambers for

ultimate flexibility and comfort.

Each Personal Comfort Number

Bed was designed to perfectly

accommodate an adjustable

bed with the ability to bend and

conform to the various shapes

and elevations. The Modern Back

offers a wide selection of Adjustable

Bases to choose from made

with the latest in sleep innovations

and equipped with a broad

range of features.

The Personal Comfort R11

88 SleepTechNovember - December

We Are Bonding

The Bedding Industry

Let's plan your

business's future!

















K-102 WM 4 kg 13 kg

K-71 S





0-5 / 0-15 min

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4,60 15 225 1.200

K-73 0-3 / 0-7 min

kg kg kg kg

K-85 0-5 / 0-10 min

800m Pas

± 100

380m Pas

± 50

520m Pas

± 100

560m Pas

± 100

60 ± 2

38 ± 2

42 ± 2

47 ± 2


65 °C



We're here to help!

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HM-080 - PSA

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HM-090 - PSA

HM-095 - PSA

BOX : ~10 kg

2000 mPas ± 500

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HMP-180 - APAO PILLOW : ~ 40 ± 3 gr

95 ± 5 °C

HMP-250 - APAO 4000 mPas ± 500 100 ± 10 °C

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Demirciler Mahallesi, Recep Yazıcı Cad Gebze Kimya

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Number Bed has the lowest

height in the Rejuvenation Series

with eleven inches of comfort for

more of a medium to firm level

of support. This sleeping surface

is ideal for those who like

sleeping mainly on their backs

or stomachs. This mattress was

designed to help keep the spine

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a feeling of floating on top with

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90 SleepTechNovember - December










The mattress tape edge

machines are made for the

industrial work floor of businesses

to withstand thousands

of hours of use without needing

repair or maintenance.

The mattress sewing machines

are dedicated to the consistency

and evenness of stitches, regardless

of the thickness of the fabric.

Does the mattress sewing machine

need lubricating?

Yes! In the case of lubricants, two

types of lubricants are used in the

mattress sewing machine. First is

the metalworking or cutting fluid

that is used on the cutting surfaces.

The second is the lubricants

that assist the internal machinery.

Making the right choices for

both is essential to maximizing

mattress sewing machine performance

and lifespan. Using the

wrong lubricant has the potential

to be disastrous, as it not only affects

the lifespan of the mattress

sewing machine but also directly

impacts products’ quality.

Extreme heat and friction can

quickly lead to a broken tool mattress

sewing machine. However,

these can all be avoided by using

the proper metalworking fluid.

Lubrication helps the mattress

sewing machine to work more

easily, which generates less heat

and friction and clears the chips.

How to deal with the problems

of mattress sewing machines

due to lack of lubrication?

Most of the mattress sewing

machines are stuck between

the feeding eccentric and the

tooth-lifting link.

First, check the feeding eccentric

wheel. Loosen the nut and take

out the shaft screw of the lifting

rod. Take out the feeding connection

at the lower part of the

feeding rod. Then roll the handwheel

back and forth by hand. If

it can roll to drive the tooth-lifting

link and the feeding link, it can be

seen that the lower ends of the

two links swing with the rolling

of the handwheel at the same

time. if it is found that the upper

shaft rolls with the swing of the

94 SleepTechNovember - December

Use oil according to the grease

grade specified in the mattress

sewing machine. Ensure the

amount of refueling in the lubricating

parts of the mattress sewing

machine to prevent extravagance

and manage oil leakage.

The lubricating mattress sewing

machine must be on schedule.

Refuel and clean the oil according

to the operation instructions


Following the business philosophy

of integrity, professionalism,

united wisdom, sharing, and winwin,

Infinity Machinery insists on

innovation to pursue excellence

and high-quality mattress sewing

machines for customers.

Click to jump into details of mattress

tape edge machine : IF-T3 Chain

Stitch High Speed Mattress Tape Edge


two connecting rods, the feeding

eccentric wheel has been stuck.

Fully add oil to the eccentric

wheel so that the oil can penetrate

in. Otherwise, a sponge

can be used to absorb enough

oil to put on the eccentric wheel

for hours. Turn the lower end of

the two connecting rods in turn

until the two connecting rods

move to roll the handwheel for a

week. When the V-belt can drive

the handwheel to roll, refuel all

the rollable parts of the mattress

sewing machine.

How to lubricate a mattress

sewing machine?

Determine the lubrication part,

point, and inspection point of the

mattress sewing machine by the


SleepTechNovember - December



Freight prices

have dropped more

than 50 percent this year

Freight prices on major maritime trade routes continue to decline

after high inflation decreased consumer demand and global

supply chain problems eased.

The Baltic Dry Index (BDI),

known as the indicator

of transportation charges

in the freight market, started a

downward trend after reaching

the highest level since 2008 with

5,650 points at the beginning

of last October. While the index,

which is one of the leading

indicators of the global economy,

was at the level of 2,200 points

at the beginning of the year, it

remained at the level of 1,213

points as of September 9.

The value of the Freightos Baltic

Global Container Index (40-

inch HC container cost), which

measures the container freight

rates on 12 important maritime

lines of global trade, was $9,293

at the beginning of this year, but

dropped below $5,000 as of

September 9.

Again, according to the index,

the cost of containers from China

to the West Coast region of the

USA decreased by approximately

60 percent compared to January

2022, to the level of 4 thousand


The cost of a container sent from

Asia to Europe fell by more than

50 percent to less than $8,000.

More than 90 percent of goods

are being transported by ship

Globally, more than 90 percent of

all goods are transported by ship,

and for that reason, container

shipping is seen as the lifeblood

of world trade.

Experts stated that a potential

global recession ground caused

by high inflation dragged down

freight prices, and the slowdown

in demand growth for consumer

products after COVID-19, and retailers

and manufacturers supplying

their goods earlier than usual

contributed to this decline.

On the other hand, while China

currently controls about 54

percent of the container ship

capacity ordered, the disruption

in China due to Beijing’s ‘zero

COVID-19’ policy is negatively

affecting the global supply chain.

Ship traffic continues in some

important ports

According to the Kiel Institute for

98 SleepTechNovember - December

the World Economy (IfW), one

of Germany’s leading economic

institutes, about 11 percent of all

goods transported globally are

stuck in major ports as of September


IfW makes assessment that

although freight rates have fallen,

such jam and high fuel costs

have prevented freight rates from

returning to pre-COVID-19 levels,

and higher shipping costs have

suppressed further recovery in

global trade.

Furthermore, that the shipping

companies invest billions in new

technologies and fuels that will

significantly reduce their carbon

emissions is preventing freight

prices from falling further.

On the other hand, while the

World Trade Organization (WTO)

expects global goods trade to

grow by 3 percent this year, it declared

that the uncertainty about

this forecast has increased due

to the ongoing Russia-Ukraine

war, increasing inflationary pressures

and expected monetary

policy tightening in advanced


Container crisis in the COVID-19


With the new type of corona virus

(COVID-19) epidemic, the ‘empty

container’ crisis started on the

sea route, where approximately

90 percent of world trade is carried

out. The increases in freight

prices (the ship’s freight charges),

which first started in the Far East,

America and Europe markets,

were felt almost all over the


While freight prices increased

by 10 in the mentioned period,

it was also difficult to find containers.

Freight prices on the Far

East-Europe line, which were at

the level of 2 thousand dollars

Globally, more

than 90 percent

of all goods are

transported by

ship, and for

that reason,


shipping is seen

as the lifeblood

of world trade.

before COVID-19, reached 20

thousand dollars.

While strict restrictions on economic

activities to prevent the

spread of the epidemic led to

a large decline in retail sales, a

sharp economic recovery was

seen as the restrictions were

eased and countries started to

open up again.

SleepTechNovember - December



Because the ships coming especially

from China to the USA could not

unload their cargo, they could not

return in a short time and this deepened

the supply problem. Hundreds

of container ships especially in the

USA and China waited in line to

reach ports.

Many industrialists, from automotive

to consumer goods, from textiles

to furniture, could not deliver their

orders on time due to logistical problems,

and had to delay or reduce

their production because the distribution

of intermediate goods could

not be made on time.

Today, while large ships can carry 24

thousand containers, the construction

of a new ship takes 2-3 years.

Therefore, the orders for new ships

and containers could not help the

crisis in the short term.

In addition, the anticipated new carbon

emissions regulations for shipping

have made some companies

cautious about expanding their fleets.

Meanwhile, while many global shipping

companies are having a profitable

year, they are expected to add

new vessels to their fleets.

Many industrialists,

from automotive to

consumer goods, from

textiles to


could not

deliver their

orders on time

due to logistical

problems, and had to

delay or reduce their

production because

the distribution of

intermediate goods

could not be made on


100 SleepTechNovember - December


What Are The Best

Mattress Accessories?

Congratulations – you finally

bought the mattress of

your dreams. And even

better, now you have the opportunity

to carefully select the

best pillows, the best sheets,

the best frame, and all the other

goodies that can help you create

a wonderful sleeping experience.

Of course, starting with a great

mattress is the most important

decision you can make, but

please don’t cheat yourself out of

enjoying the finest accessories.

Quality accessories last a long

time, and they’ll be worth every

penny every night they pamper


Stop – Do Not Buy a Mattress


Would you put a band-aid on a

broken limb? It might make you

feel like you’re fixing the problem,

but you’re just covering it up. It’s

the same with a mattress topper.

If you’re considering a mattress

topper because you’ve noticed

your mattress has somehow

changed, this is a clear sign you

need a new mattress.

It could also be that your body

has changed or your needs have

changed. Either or, a mattress

topper will likely only cover up a

deeper issue rather than resolve

it. High-quality sleep is too

important to your physical and

mental health to mess around

with mattress toppers.

Mattress Toppers Can Be Expensive

If you’re thinking of buying a

queen or king-size mattress topper,

get ready to spend hundreds

of dollars. Some memory foam

toppers are over $1000.00.

Of course, you could spend a lot

less, but are you sure it’s going

to work? Everyone has a friend

that swears by a miracle-mattress-topper

as soon as they buy

it but ask them about it again a

month later, and the story will

have changed. Somehow that

mattress topper they spent all

that money on usually ends up

on someone else’s bed, and now

that same friend is looking for

a new mattress – albeit with a

thinner wallet.

Every Good Night Starts With the

Right Pillow

There’s no better example of a

personal preference than a pillow.

It’s the reason why you see

so many people refuse to travel

anywhere without their cherished

pillow. It’s special to them, and it

should be.

104 SleepTechNovember - December


The trouble is even a favorite

pillow can fail over time. Just the

thought of searching for the exact

same pillow can be scary, let

alone trying to choose an entirely

new one. When they find the

perfect pillow, some people buy

a spare and lock it away.

You may be one of the lucky few

who don’t even realize how important

a pillow is until they try to

sleep without it. I know this may

sound silly. Lucky you. For the

rest of us, finding the right pillow

is like finding a buried treasure.

Mattress Pad Or Mattress Protector

People in different parts of the

country say “mattress pad,” while

others say “mattress protector.”

Whatever you call it, it’s not a

mattress topper, so please get

one for your new mattress. Accidents

happen, and it would be a

shame to stain your brand-new


Of course, if you have young

children or young guests, a

LiquidBlock Mattress Protector

can save some embarrassment

and money in the long run. Even

if you have teenagers who like to

play pranks on each other, like

dunking a sleeping person’s hand

in a glass of warm water, the

right mattress pad can save you

from this college humor prank

that really works.

Bye-Bye Box Spring – Hello Mattress


The vast majority of mattresses

you can buy today do not use a

box spring. In fact, most mattress

manufacturers recommend

against them. Instead, there are

a variety of mattress foundations

you can choose from.

Some foundations use wood

slats to promote airflow while

they support you and the weight

of the mattress. Other foundations

are more traditional in that

they feature steel wire mesh and

a sturdy steel frame that provides

plenty of room under your bed

for storage.

Adjustable Bed Frames Can Be

Game Changers

They may sound like an unnecessary

luxury, but once you try one,

you won’t want to sleep anywhere

else. If you toss and turn

through the night, an adjustable

bed frame and mattress can put

106 SleepTechNovember - December

you in a position so comfortable

you’ll probably wake up in the

same position you fell asleep in.

No more pillow propping necessary

or wedges under your legs.

No more pressure points to worry


An adjustable bed frame takes

care of it all for you. When you’re

buying an adjustable bed frame

from a mattress store, please

check to see if the mattress you

have in mind will work with it. It’s

not necessarily just the type of

mattress. Even if you’re buying a

hybrid mattress or a firm or medium

firm mattress, double-check

its suitability for an adjustable


The Long History of Headboards

Headboards and canopies have

been around for at least as long

as the pyramids. And it’s not

all about looks. In 17th Century

Europe, upholstered headboards

were used to keep drafts away

from, you guessed it, your head.

Today a headboard can frame a

beautiful bed to make it a focal

point in your room.

Bed Linens You Can Buy Online

If you’re absolutely sure which

bed linens will match your bed,

you can find great sources to buy

them online. A lot of people buy

them from the same store where

they buy their mattresses and

bed frame. It can save you some

awkward conversations with

customer service people when

you try to explain that the luxury

sheets you bought for your new

mattress don’t fit – especially

when you did your best to wrestle

them on.

Ask a Sleep-Expert

Not only does The Bedding Mart

make all their own mattresses

in the USA, but the people you

meet at The Bedding Mart are

also trained sleep-experts. They

understand how overwhelming it

can be to pick the right mattress,

foundation, and accessories with

the huge number of options available.

Drop by one of the several

convenient locations today.


Do Box Springs

Wear Out?

Box springs can be an essential

part of a mattress

set up, but they can also

bring a lot of questions. If you’ve

found yourself wondering, ‘do

mattress box springs wear out,’

‘how long is a box spring good

for,’ or ‘is it time for a box spring

replacement,’ you’re in the right

place! Consider this your ultimate

guide to the box spring.


First, let’s break down what a

box spring is: a box spring is

a base that goes under your

mattress, but on top of your bed

frame. Typically, a box spring

is made using a wooden frame

with coils on the inside and fabric

covering the outside. The purpose

of a box spring is to provide

support, improve airflow to your

mattress, and protect your mattress

by absorbing impact to the



Yes! On average, box springs

last 8-10 years. The purpose of a

box spring is to provide support

to your mattress. Because box

springs absorb motion while you

sleep, they can wear out over the

years, even as they extend the

lifespan of your mattress. The

stress they take will impact the

wooden frame, the coils, and the

fabric covering.



There are a variety of reasons

why box springs can wear out.

Let’s assess where things can go


112 SleepTechNovember - December

The Wooden Frame

Different types of box springs use

different types of wood. Higher

end box springs are made with

hardwood, which can last several

years. Less expensive box

springs are typically framed with

plywood, which can start to deteriorate

in as little as two years.

The Coils

The coils in a box spring are

usually the reason a box spring is

past its prime. The coils are the

main component of a box spring,

absorbing most of the shock that

occurs when there is movement

on your mattress. If your box

spring is sagging, that’s a clear

sign that the coils are the issue.

The Fabric

Just like the fabric on your

clothes, the material covering

your box spring can deteriorate

over time. Frequent moving of

the box spring, broken coils, and

repeated pressure on the box

spring could cause the fabric to




If your sleep is becoming more

uncomfortable, you can see your

box spring sagging, or there’s

other visible damage, it’s time to

replace your box

spring. It’s also

a good rule of

thumb to replace

your box spring

at the same time

you replace your


SleepTechNovember - December 113


Mattregate: We are aiming for

expanding our sales networks at

home and abroad thanks to the fairs

Tayyip Tanrıöven, CEO of Mattregate, operating in the mattress

sub-industry and contributing to the sector with the production

of mattress springs, stated that they, as a company, are aiming for

increasing their product diversity and adding new products to

their production portfolio.

Tanrıöven, stating that they,

as a Mattregate Group

Company, have invested

in a company and a warehouse

in the USA, gave the following

statements about the companies

they have contacted at home

and abroad; “As a company, we

are in close contact with all kinds

of companies, taking place in

the sector, addressing to wide

audiences in terms of quality and

vision, for both production and

supply. Because we know very

clearly that solidarity and cooperation

within the sector

is essential for developing

both our company and our

country in a global context.”

Mr. Tayyip, can you mention

history and establishment

story of your company

and your personal

business life?

If we start with

my education

life, after completing

the International Relations

department mainly in Arabic and

English, I had the opportunity

to start my business life in the

field of export / sales and marketing.

In the following process,

I received different trainings and

conducted potential research

studies in various regions of

Russia. Since 2017, I have been

continuing work in the mattress

sub-industry and technologies

sector. As Mattregate, we have

been making more innovative

and useful production with 100%

export and a broad vision within

our own structure since 2021.

We are currently working with

approximately 20 different countries.

Our target is to increase

this number and product range

day by day. Besides, Mattregate

is a group company. Energate,

which is the other company of

our group, produces photovoltaic

solar panels, which is one of the

leading branches of renewable

energy. We are aware of the importance

of renewable and clean

energy for the world, our country

and our sector in connection with

our group company and accordingly

we are acting. We know

that the companies attach more

attention to factors such as clean

energy and carbon footprint while

choosing business partners rather

than quality and price that foreign

market demands. As group

companies, we are continuing

our work without compromising

this mission in this direction.

You provide services in many

areas of the mattress sub-industry.

Can you mention the R&D

and innovation studies you follow

in the manufacture of these


Mattregate has been observing

the needs of the global sector every

passing day. In this context,

it has been planning on various

machinery and modernization

systems in order to increase

116 SleepTechNovember - December

its production diversity. Beside

the diversity of the products we

produce currently, we are working

harder to add more different

products to our product range.

Furthermore, our engineers

have been spending more and

more effort every passing day to

ensure continuity at the point of

quality - production and to offer

our new products to the market

in properly marketable way.

Do you think to make new

investments in the mattress


As I mentioned, Mattregate is a

group company. We have both



company and

a warehouse

in America on

behalf of the group

company. Because we have

an export-oriented policy as a

company, our team continues

to research for new markets

and opportunities every passing

day. We have investment plans

both in production and in some

regions abroad, with our sales

network developing in this way.

Can you mention the companies

that you are a solution partner

or that you are in contact with in

the mattress sector?

As a company, we are in close

contact with all kinds of companies,

taking place in the sector,

addressing to wide audiences in

terms of quality and vision, for

both production and supply. Because

we know very clearly that

solidarity and cooperation within

the sector is essential for developing

both our company and our

country in a global context.

In which fairs will we be able to

see your company at home and

abroad? What are the advantages

and benefits of these fairs?

We are planning to take part in

all the fairs planned for the sector

both at home and abroad. In the

planned period, we will participate

in the Interzum / Cologne

fair on 09-12 May 2023. The

fairs are of course very valuable

for our company, which both

produces and exports these

products, and of which vision is

to constantly develop, grow and

renew itself. Although the world

trade has become globalized

and online, it is because it is very

important to meet face-to-face

with our current customers and

suppliers, as well as our target

customers and suppliers, to meet

and listen to their demands. We

are aiming to expand our targeted

sales networks both at home

and abroad by capturing the

dynamics of the sector by participating

in these fairs.

SleepTechNovember - December 117


NuLiv Science’s Sleep & Mood

Ingredient Zylaria Exhibits

Strong Neuroprotective

Activity by Improving GABA

Release in New Study

Nuliv Science announced the findings of a new study on its sleep

and mood ingredient, Zylaria. A recent study in the Journal

of Biochemistry and Biotechnology examined the effects of

three different botanical compositions. The Zylaria (XPCE)

composition showed the best holistic neuroprotective and

GABA-releasing properties. “Zylaria is a research project we’ve

been working on for years, evaluating different formulations

for a balance of efficacy and serving size. We’re excited to share

publicly our latest research findings.” - Richard Wang, CEO of

NuLiv Science

122 SleepTechNovember - December


Factory: Nurettin Sözen Cd. Bakır Sk. No:4

Hadımköy / Arnavutköy / İstanbul / TURKEY P: +90 212 771 2279

Warehouse: Pirinççi Mh. Pirinççi Köy Yolu Sk. No:35

Habibler / Sultangazi / İstanbul / TURKEY P: +90 212 771 3070

info@ner.com.tr | www.ner.com.tr



Nuliv Science announced

the findings of a new study

on its mood and sleep ingredient,

Zylaria. A recent study in

the Journal of Biochemistry and

Biotechnology examined the

effects of three different botanical

compositions Xylaria nigripes

extract (XE), Xylaria nigripes

+ Panax notoginseng extract

(XPE), and Xylaria nigripes+Panax

notoginseng+Cuscuta chinensis

extract (XPCE) on γ-Aminobutyric

acid (GABA) content, GABA

transaminase (GABA-T), Glutamate

decarboxylase (GAD), cells

viability, and Amyloid-β protein

(Aβ) aggregation levels in PC12

neuron cells. PC12 cells synthesize,

store, and release norepinephrine

and dopamine.

All three compositions could

effectively improve GABA production

and also increase the

activity of glutamate GAD along

with decreased GABA-T activity

in PC12 cells in a dose-dependent

fashion. Out of the three

compositions, the Zylaria

(XPCE) composition showed the

best holistic neuroprotective and

GABA-releasing properties than

XE and XPE. The researcher

observed and suggests that the

improvement of GABA levels and

strong neuroprotective activity

makes these novel compositions

(XE, XPE, and XPCE) a potent

candidate for supporting insomnia,

depression, and various neurological

conditions. “Zylaria

is a research project we’ve been

working on for years, evaluating

different formulations for a balance

of efficacy and serving size.

We’re excited to share publicly

our latest research findings.” Said

Richard Wang, CEO of NuLiv


The company looks forward

to continuing its research and

development of Zylaria as it is

gaining popularity in the market

among leading brands for mood

and sleep products.

The company showcased is

innovation at SupplySide West in

Las Vegas November 2-3, 2022.

For more information about NuLiv

Science, visit http://www.nulivscience.com.

124 SleepTechNovember - December



and Unifi

Partner to


New Product

Materials science company

Hologenix, creators

of Celliant, and global

textile solutions provider Unifi,

makers of Repreve, have teamed

up to introduce Celliant with


The new performance fiber has

the infrared properties of Celliant

infrared technology and the

sustainable footprint of Repreve,

one of the world’s leading brands

of recycled fiber.

“We are honored to partner with

sustainability leader Unifi and its

Repreve fiber,” said Seth Casden,

co-founder and chief executive

officer of Hologenix, based in

Pacific Palisades, California.

“Celliant with Repreve marries

self-care and sustainability for a

new generation of products.”

Celliant is a blend of infrared

radiation–generating bioceramic

minerals, which, when embedded

into textiles, allows them to

convert body heat into infrared

energy, returning it to the body

and temporarily increasing circulation

and cellular oxygenation,

according to a news release. This

process can aid in muscle recovery,

increase endurance, and

improve overall performance in

126 SleepTechNovember - December

healthy individuals, among other

benefits, officials said.

Repreve recycled performance fiber

consists of high-quality fibers

made from 100% recycled materials,

including post-consumer

plastic bottles and pre-consumer

waste. It is also certified and

traceable with U Trust verification

and FiberPrint technology

to back up customers’ recycled

claims. Compared to virgin fiber,

Repreve helps to offset the use of

petroleum, emitting fewer greenhouse

gasses and conserving

water and energy in the process.

Both Celliant and Repreve are

used in many brands across

many sectors, from apparel and

sportswear to upholstery fabric

and more, so the new partnership

opens an array of possible


“We’re excited that the infrared

component of Celliant with

Repreve provides enhanced

health and wellness benefits

and that we are expanding the

use of sustainable fiber options

that positively impact our planet,

both now and in the future,”

said Eddie Ingle, chief executive

officer of Unifi, headquartered

in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Celliant with Repreve’s official

North America knitting partner is

Beverly Knits, one of the largest

circular knitters in the United

States, developing fabric for all

markets including intimate apparel,

activewear, outdoor products,

mattress and bedding, automotive,

industrial and medical.

Based in Gastonia, North Carolina,

Beverly Knits also operates

Creative Dyeing & Finishing, LLC.

The new three-way partnership

allows the production of finished

goods to take place within a 300-

mile radius, from Celliant mineral

processing to final product.

“It is a core part of our ethos to

provide Made in U.S.A. products

that support American manufacturing,”

said Ron Sytz, chief

executive officer of Beverly Knits.

“To further this aim while simultaneously

creating products that

are both better for the consumer

and better for the earth is something

we can all be proud of.”

SleepTechNovember - December 127


CIFM/interzum guangzhou 2023

to continue focus on innovation,

spotlight upholstery accessories

with upgraded exhibition space

Asia’s largest furniture manufacturing event - CIFM/interzum

guangzhou - will take place once again in China from March

28 to 31, 2023. As the weathervane of the furniture industry,

the exhibition attracts more than 1,000 leading companies to

participate every year.

The industry celebrates

positive signals on development

following the recent

release of an action plan by the

Chinese government to promote

high-quality development of the

home furnishing market.

The upcoming CIFM /interzum

guangzhou will also continue its

focus on presenting innovative

furniture production technologies

and applications to provide new

momentum for industry growth.

A gathering of leading companies

CIFM/interzum guangzhou 2023

will cover 330,000 square meters

in space and feature over 1,100

exhibitors, including about 200

international leading companies.

More than 140,000 trade visitors

are expected to walk the exhibition


Product exhibits cover hardware

accessories and components,

interior decoration materials and

accessories, upholstered furniture

production machinery and

accessories, wood products and

panels, adhesives, coatings and

other chemical raw materials as

well as woodworking furniture

production machinery, equipment

and accessories.

Originating from interzum Cologne

- the world’s leading exhibition

in the industry - interzum

guangzhou entered the Chinese

130 SleepTechNovember - December

market in 2004 and has been

joining forces with the China

International Furniture Fair (CIFF).

As one of the few international

platforms integrating innovative

technologies and applications in

the furniture industry in China,

CIFM/interzum guangzhou brings

together furniture manufacturers

with international influence

and the promising Chinese and

Asian furniture markets, providing

exhibitors with more exposure,

attention, and cross-regional


The industry heavyweights to

exhibit at the event in 2023


* Machinery and Equipment for

Woodworking: Freud, Hiteco,

HSD, Paolino Bacci, SCM, Wemhoener

* Hardware and Components:

FGV, King Slide, Reggar, Repon,


* Decorative Papers, Decor

Surfaces: Ahlstrom-Munksjö,

impress, Interprint, LamiGraf, LX

Hausys, Rehau, Schattdecor,


* Wood, Wood Products and

Panels: American Hardwood

Export Council, American Softwoods,

DECOSPAN, Kronospan,

Quebec Wood Export Bureau

* Materials for Upholstery and

Bedding: Coolist, Love Home

Fabrics (GTA, Symphony Mills,

Ter Molst, Artilat, Talalay Global)

* Adhesives and Chemical Products:

H.B. Fuller, Henkel, IWG,

Kleiberit, Simalfa

SleepTechNovember - December 131


* Machinery and Equipment for

Upholstery and Bedding: Adler,

DewertOkin, limoss, LINAK,


Anticipating market demand

Participants can expect an

expanded and upgraded upholstery

accessories zone in Hall

14.2, Zone C for the new edition

of CIFM/interzum guangzhou to

accommodate more new technologies

and products.

According to statistics from

iResearch, the post-80s and 90s

consumer segment have become

the backbone of the market.

Their demands for variety, customization,

and environmental

sustainability of furniture are constantly

emerging, presenting new

business opportunities, pushing

traditional furniture makers to

think out of the box, integrating

advanced technologies and

applications from abroad to

enhance competitiveness, and in

turn driving the recovery of the

entire industry.

The well-received Vitality of Sustainable

Innovation to Life (VSIL)

Forum to be held during the exhibition

will also launch a dedicated

session on furniture upholstery

accessories, and feature experts

and scholars at home and

abroad to discuss and share their

134 SleepTechNovember - December

industry insights alongside key

opinion leaders. Cutting-edge

solutions and hot topics such

as material innovation, product

R&D, and cross-border technical


Celebrating outstanding furniture


Originating from the famed

interzum Award, the interzum

guangzhou AWARD - 20 PLUS

20 Outstanding Furniture Accessories

Annual List is the Asian

equivalent attracting the active

participation of leading furniture

accessories enterprises at the

exhibition annually. The winning

list has been serving as a constructive

source for guiding and

shaping the development of the


The Awards is open for nomination.

Selections will be made

based on the innovativeness,

sustainability, safety and functionality

of the nominated products.

A special exhibition area will

showcase the winning products

throughout the entire exhibition

period, and winning companies

will also be honored at the 2023

awards ceremony.

To learn more about the event,

visit www.interzum-guangzhou.


SleepTechNovember - December 135


Durak Tekstil carries its

innovative vision to


Durak Tekstil, drawing an innovative vision with the

principles of technique, art and sustainability, introduced its

advanced solutions and shared its inspiring perspective with

the entire supply chain of the mattress industry at the IBIA

EXPO 2022.

Industrial sewing and embroidery

threads manufacturer

Durak Tekstil strengthened

its ties with the mattress and

mattress sub-industry by participating

in the IBIA EXPO 2022

held at IFM on October 6-9. The

company, coming together with

professionals and decision-makers

from the supply chain of the

mattress sub-sector throughout

the fair, managed to attract great

attention from the visitors with its

stand concept and design-oriented


Durak Tekstil Board Member and

Marketing Director Yiğit Durak

said that they came together with

numerous visitors at the stand

G13 in Hall 6 and underlined that

the fair, which was held for the

first time, is an important event

for the sector. Durak disclosed:

“Organized by IBIA, of which we

are one of the founding members,

IBIA EXPO 2022 filled a

gap that we felt was missing for

the mattress side industry and

became a platform to present

innovations and increase interaction

within the sector. We

believe that the fair will turn into

an indispensable event of our

industry in the future with the opportunities

it offers to exhibitors

and visitors.” Reminding that the

mattress industry is an important

business line that creates employment

for 25 thousand people

in our country, Durak noted that

the fair is also important for the

Turkish mattress industry, which

has an export power of 2 billion

dollars, to open up to the global

market and gain a more competitive


“We shared our technical, artistic

and sustainable vision”

Yiğit Durak stated that Durak

Tekstil, celebrating the 50th anniversary

of its establishment this

year, clarified its future perspective

with a strong experience,

and noted that they sum this

up with the three slogans they

determined. Durak said: “We

have already started to take our

steps beyond being an ordinary

manufacturer in the market solely

with our industrial sewing and

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embroidery threads. Our investments

and R&D studies offer us a

stronger vision. We have determined

three slogans to share this

with the industry: ‘Experience

Technology with Durak’, ‘Experience

Art with Durak’ and ‘Experience

Nature with Durak’. These

three slogans will become more

visible in our market activities in

the coming period because they

reflect our corporate character

fed by our deep-rooted past.”

Durak noted that they exhibited

numerous products at the IBIA

EXPO 2022 and relayed that in

addition to the main products

such as Durafix, Duratex and

Polystrong, solutions such as

Duma and Duraless also attracted

great interest. Durak, saying

that they receive a high demand

for threads that have technical

features and add value to the

mattress industry, shared that

Fire Safe aramid threads, which

are fire and flammability resistant,

drew attention in this area.

The artistic work named Morphose,

exhibited at the Durak Tekstil

stand, was another frequent

destination for visitors. 18,720

meters of Durak Tekstil threads

in 97 colors were used for the

work, which was produced by

the design house Ropenroll using

Durak Tekstil threads and the 3D

string art technique.

Durak Tekstil received the Turquality

Brand Support Certificate

Durak Tekstil, offering solutions

for numerous different sectors

with its technical threads and

sustainability-oriented products,

as well as advanced sewing and

embroidery threads, also carries

out important studies to reach

a more competitive and strong

position in the global market. In

this context, it was entitled to

participate in the Turquality Brand

Support Program of the Ministry

of Trade of the Republic of


Briefing on the subject, Yiğit

Durak said that their Turquality

works are progressing successfully

and the participation in the

Brand Support Program confirms

this. Durak stated: “A total of 377

companies in our country receive

Turquality support and continue

their activities abroad more

strongly. We expect to make

very rapid progress, especially

in certain regions where we

see great potential and where

we have started to work. This

support will provide us with great

convenience in both established

sales and marketing investments

and participation in fairs. We believe

that this support is of great

importance not only for us but

also for the development of the

Turkish economy. We know that

every added value we provide

in exports will add value to our

country’s economy.”

SleepTechNovember - December 139


CNET’s Sleep Expert

Reveals Her Favorite

Bed Material (And It’s Not

Memory Foam)

One of the comfiest bedding materials may be something

you’ve never heard of before.

People spend a ton of time

on their beds but rarely

think about the materials

inside them. Memory foam is

a popular material that you’ve

probably heard of as it’s one

of the most widely used in the

industry. It was first invented

by NASA and is a comfortable

foam, but it also has downsides.

The resistance created by the

slow-responding foam can make

it difficult to switch positions, and

it also has a reputation of sleeping


Instead, there’s a type of material

that I think doesn’t get the recognition

it deserves. It offers health

benefits, is a lot more breathable

than memory foam and can

be sustainably sourced. As a

mattress tester in a warehouse

stacked with over 100 different

beds, I chose mattresses with

this material as the top two most

comfortable. I hope I’ve hyped

the reveal enough. I’m talking

about latex foam!

Learn more about the bedding

material below, why I think it’s

so great and why you should

consider a latex foam mattress

as your next bed purchase.

What is latex foam?

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about

a bed made with stretchy, shiny

black material. Instead, imagine

a bed-sized sponge that’s supple

but a bit more supportive and


There are two types of latex

foam. Organic latex foam begins

as a liquid sourced from

the sap of a rubber tree, aka the

Hevea Brasiliensis tree. The sap

140 SleepTechNovember - December

is whipped until it has a frothy

consistency, poured into foam

layer molds and baked to create

latex foam.

Synthetic latex foam is made

in a factory using petrochemicals.

It looks and feels similar to

natural latex foam, but it’s a little

less bouncy and durable. It also

doesn’t have the eco-friendly

characteristics of natural latex

foam, and omits more of an

off-gassing smell once it’s unpackaged.

Whether organic or synthetic, the

material comes out looking like

a large, yellow sponge with little

holes perforated in line formations

across the surface. It’s light,

springy and breathable.

The benefits of latex foam

Organic latex foam has a host

of different benefits and really

sets itself apart from most other

SleepTechNovember - December 141


foams that go inside the layers of

your mattress.

It is:

• Hypoallergenic

• Antimicrobial (helps prevent

bacteria, mold and other household

allergens from growing


• Eco-friendly

• Durable

• Supportive

• Breathable

• Cooler than other mattresses

since it doesn’t retain heat

This makes natural latex foam

especially ideal for people who

suffer from allergies and/or sleep

hot during the night. Synthetic

latex foam has some of the same

benefits like durability, supportiveness

and breathability. However,

it’s not hypoallergenic, antimicrobial

or eco-friendly. On the

flip side, the benefit of synthetic

latex foam is that it tends to be

cheaper than organic material.

So you can still get that latex

foam feel without paying top dollar.

One of the most popular beds

that utilize this type of latex foam

is the GhostBed mattress, and

it’s a super comfortable bed with

a mixed foam feel.

What does latex foam feel like?

One reason why I love latex

foam is because of its light, airy

and bouncy feel. Latex foam is

142 SleepTechNovember - December


often paired with a pillow top

that contains wool and organic

cotton, a magical trio that makes

sleeping enjoyable (and easy).

The pillow top makes a bed feel

fluffy and plush, while the latex

foam is breathable, bouncy and


I don’t feel stuck inside the foam

like I do with latex foam, and it’s

a bit more breathable than memory

foam and polyurethane foam.

It’s also a heck of a lot more

durable; a plus if you have pets

who like to claw and crawl their

way into bed with you.

I have noticed that latex foam

used to lean toward the firm end

of the spectrum, but I’m seeing

more and more brands make

latex foam beds with a medium

firmness or softer. I personally

sleep on the Brooklyn Bedding

Bloom mattress and as I’ve said

before, it’s one of the best beds

I’ve ever tested.

Final thoughts

I didn’t know what latex foam

was before I started testing

mattresses, comparing and

researching bedding materials.

Just the sound of “latex” foam

may put some people off, but I

think many will find it pretty comfortable

if they give it a chance.

Keep in mind that most latex

foam beds you buy online come

with a risk-free trial, so you can

make the switch back to the kind

of mattress you’re used to if you

don’t like it.

For more information on choosing

the best products for sleep,

take a look at our post on how to

choose a mattress type and how

to pick the perfect pillow.

The information contained in

this article is for educational

and informational purposes only

and is not intended as health or

medical advice. Always consult a

physician or other qualified health

provider regarding any questions

you may have about a medical

condition or health objectives.

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$250B export target

reachable despite

global headwinds

Türkiye is aiming for $250

billion (TL 4.55 trillion) in

exports this year, Trade

Minister Mehmet Muş said,

stressing that the country maintains

the goal despite signs of a

global slowdown and inflationary


Muş was speaking at the 4th Türkiye

Export Mobilization summit.

The event was organized by Türkiye’s

leading media group and

Daily Sabah’s parent company,

Turkuvaz Media, in the southeastern

province of Gaziantep.

The minister separately wrote

on Twitter that exports in August

hit an all-time monthly high

yet again, reaffirming the views

that the annual target would be

achieved even before the yearend.

Foreign sales jumped 13.1%

year-over-year to $21.3 billion,

Muş said. Imports rose at a much

faster pace, jumping 40.7% to

$32.6 billion

Exporters have managed to

achieve record sales in each

month so far this year and in 22

of the last 24 months.

The trade deficit surged by

162% to a record $11.3 billion in

August, data from the Turkish Exporters

Assembly (TIM) showed.

The shortfall in the first eight

months jumped by 146.4% to

$73.4 billion, mainly due to rising

energy import costs.

Deteriorating global conditions,

exacerbated by the war in

Ukraine, have raised concerns

for the rest of the year. Russia’s

invasion of its neighbor has sent

global commodity prices soaring,

endangering Türkiye’s economic

program that aims to tackle high

inflation with a current account

surplus. Exports had ended 2021

at $225.4 billion, a figure that

government and economists expected

to reach $250 billion this

year. Muş said that they want to

diversify the regions that Turkish

businesses export to, focusing

on North and South America and

East Asia, not just Europe.

More than half of Türkiye’s export

is destined for Europe, he said,

however, the uncertainty in the

region produces obstacles.

“Compared to the 2021 period,

our exports to this region increased

by 17.2% in the January-August

period,” the minister

said, but this increase “is in a

moderate trend compared to

months.” “The uncertainty and

slowdown in Europe weaken

demand. For example, while our

exports to the EU increased by

17.8% in June compared to the

previous year, the increase was

5.2% in July and 2.7% in August.”

“We are trying to diversify the

market. We want to focus not

only on Europe but also on North

America, then on Latin America,

some countries in the Far East.

This will take some time, and expectations

such as the slowdown

in the world, the uncertainty in

Europe and whether there will

be a power cut or not inevitably

pull down demand.” “The slowing

demand there is pushing down

our exports here,” he said.

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