SLOAN! Winter 2022

In this issue: EXCLUSIVE interviews with Ollie Ollerton, Verity Bowditch and Mark-Francis Vandelli plus Christmas Gift Guide and much more.

In this issue: EXCLUSIVE interviews with Ollie Ollerton, Verity Bowditch and Mark-Francis Vandelli plus Christmas Gift Guide and much more.


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Winter 2022








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Inside this issue:

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Xmas Gift Guide











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Gifts for Her

Check out our Editor’s Top Picks

from the world of beauty, skincare

and fashion that are under £50


Lash Coat Waterproof Topcoat Mascara

is a simple yet effective way to turn your

everyday mascara into a smudge-proof

waterproof formula in one easy stroke!

£4.50 from www.w7makeup.co.uk


Lashtastic Mascara gives falseeffect

lashes thanks to its thick

barrel wand and short bristles for

big, bold and beautiful lashes.

£4.50 from www.w7makeup.co.uk

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Hey You, You’re A Bright

Light Kit promises luminous

skin with Guava Vitamin C

Bright-Eye Gel Cream, Guava

Vitamin C + Ferulic Dark

Spot Serum and Plum Plump

Hyaluronic Cream.

£44 at www.cultbeauty.co.uk


After The Rain Hand Care Gift Set

with hand wash and hand cream

in the sensual signature scent

of rose petals, musk and floral

citrus, mixed with the soft notes of

Arran’s precious woods.

£30 from arran.com


Skin Base Pressed Powder has a

smooth velvet-matte finish and

silky ultra-fine formula to help

blur imperfections and absorb

shine. This pressed powder blends

easily to set your base make-up

for a flawless complexion all day.

£30 from www.illamasqua.com


Olverum Body Cleanser was created

specifically for dry or dehydrated skin but

we can all enjoy the mild luxurious lather

and celebrated aromatic blend of essential

oils synonymous with the iconic Bath Oil.

£26.50 from Harvey Nichols, SpaceNK

and olverum.com


These stunning IKRUSH Gracie

Velour Knee High Boots have an

elasticated back, platform base with

a cleated sole and zip closure up the

side. Great teamed with skinny jeans.

£24.99 from www.yumi.co.uk


My Atlantis Pressed Pigment Palette

contains 18 opulent shades of soft neutrals,

blushed pinks and delicate purples.

£9.95 from www.w7makeup.co.uk


Just Tinted Natural Skin Tinted Moisturiser for

those no-makeup makeup days is formulated with

Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide to hydrate and

brighten skin whilst giving soft light coverage.

£6.50 from www.w7makeup.co.uk


Photoshoot Foundation is a

creamy foundation for longlasting,

budge-proof full coverage.

£4.95 from www.w7makeup.co.uk


Legend Lasting Wear Foundation has a

dewy feel that leaves a matte finish with a

medium to full coverage. Lasts for hours

whilst sitting comfortably on the skin.

£4.95 from www.w7makeup.co.uk

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Gifts for



From luxury jewellery to life goals musthaves,

we’ve got you covered this Xmas


Find inspiration in the

Rocketbook Panda Planner’s

reusable monthly, weekly,

and daily planning pages

which help you take back

control of your life, one

page at a time. Then, use the

innovative synthetic paper

which allows you to write

smoothly with a Pilot FriXion

pen, then magically wipe

your planner clean with a

damp cloth to crush your

life goals year after year.

The Rocketbook system

connects traditional

handwriting surfaces with

the power of the cloud.

£38.99 at Amazon, WH

Smiths and Currys

A must-have addition to every

jewellery collection, this beautiful

sterling silver cubic zirconia three

row ring is feminine and elegant.

Designed in a cross-over style,

the two cubic zirconia encrusted

bands are separated by a polished

silver band, which accentuates the

ring’s dramatic sparkle perfectly.

An ideal addition to your every day

wardrobe, this stunning ring will

complement any of your styles.

£125 from Beaverbrooks

CIGA Design

Created by CIGA Design,

the R Series Denmark Rose

Quartz Edition watch is

a fusion of Scandinavian

minimalist design and

oriental imagery combined

to create to classic beauty of

the Danish rose. Featuring

natural mother of pearl to

capture the light, each watch

features the natural texture

making every piece

unique. A timeless and

elegant watch that will

go with anything.

£179 from



REHAB. your hair bundle is

the complete package for hairconscious

humans everywhere.

It contains everything you

need to revive and restore your

personal hair routine.

£73 from


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YSL Beauty

Libre Le Parfum makes an

olfactive statement with its

unapologetically spicy notes.

Crafted exclusively for YSL,

the saffron accord is at the

heart of the fragrance and

harvested directly from the

Ourika Gardens in Morocco, a

tribute to Mr. Saint Laurent’s

favourite ‘fleur de feu’, the

saffron flower. The spice of the

key notes is set against a smooth

and velvety base which fuses

delicious vanilla and honey

with warm vetiver for depth and


£62 from yslbeauty.co.uk

Make your journeys more

comfortable with the HoMedics

Gel Shiatsu Portable Pillow with

soothing heat function. Whether you

have a long flight or a train journey,

you can count on its Shiatsu massage

technology to relieve your tensed

muscles and knead away the everyday

aches. Ergonomically designed for multiple

use on legs, lumbar, shoulders and neck.

Comes with rechargeable batteries.

£99.99 from Homedics.co.uk and Amazon

Huda Beauty

The EM[POWER]ED Eyeshadow

Palette boasts a luxurious line-up

of buttery-smooth golds, coppers,

browns, and neutrals in a variety

of textures including intensely

pigmented mattes, creamy gel-liner

hybrids, foiled chrome metallics, and

a blingy wet-look shimmer. Effortlessly

easy to apply, build & blend, this palette

is perfect for creating a number of looks

from smoky eye to metallic and more.

£58 from Sephora.co.uk

Pen Heaven

Pen Heaven

Matching a tapered barrel with

sweeping curves, the Hugo Boss

Essential Ballpoint Pen has an

elegant, modern feel. Finished

with an intricate diamond pattern

engraved into the matte black cap

and barrel, and combined with a

flash of rose gold, the pen exudes

understated luxury. With a pleasing

weight, the pen has a timeless appeal.

£90.25 from www.penheaven.co.uk

Make a statement in glitzy rose gold with

the Filofax Saffiano Special Edition A5

Organiser. It’s packed with useful features,

such as the clearly laid-out diary with a

double-page spread for each week, coloured

notepaper and more, whilst the cover

features card slots, pen loop and somewhere

to tuck your notepad. Pen Heaven also offer

an in-house engraving service.

£47.50 from www.penheaven.co.uk


A top feature of the stylish

Libertto leather boot is

a herringbone patterned

elasticated panel, allowing

for the perfect fit for all

day comfort. Libertto also

has a full-length inside

zip which will make

getting out and about so

quick and easy. With their

wonderfully wearable

shape and brilliantly

flexible sole you’ll find

this long boot super

comfortable for

all day wear.

The Moshulu

designed textile

lining makes

for truly happy

feet that can

stride in style!

£170 from


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Top Ten Fragrance Faux Pas

8 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Here are the top ten fragrance mistakes you probably

didn’t even realise you were doing wrong as

highlighted by the experts at The Fragrance Shop.



Although an excellent pulse point to spray perfume

on, rub your wrists together after you spray creates

friction and generates heat, which breaks down

the fragrance’s delicate notes and makes it develop

in a way that was not intended. When you spray a

fragrance, the top and middle notes should appear

(and disappear) first, while the base notes will last

the longest. Don’t damage the fragrance profile by

slamming your wrists together. Just spritz and let it




When applying perfume, you should layer it and

spray on various pulse points. Fragrance is activated

by heat, and different parts of the body warm up

at different times, meaning your scent will be

regenerated throughout the day. As a general rule of

thumb, apply on pulse points: below earlobes, inside

elbows, back of knees, ankles, base of neck, inside

wrists. Other good places to apply are on the chest,

on shoulders, and back of the neck at the hairline.

Spray about 20cm away from your skin as an even

spray over a wider area will help your fragrance last

longer than a generous amount in a small area.


It’s very easy to get trigger-happy with your favourite

fragrance and spray it continuously all over. But one

short spritz per pulse point is all you need as you

don’t want to overpower passers-by. Also, if you’re

using a cologne or EDP you can spray on less than

you would when wearing an EDT or body mist. This

is because an EDP typically contains 15-30% and

can last up to 8-10 hours, compared to an EDT which

typically contains around 8-15% fragrance oil and

lasts around 4-6 hours.



Sometimes our fragrance can get lost amongst the

other scents of our other body products. This includes

deodorant, body cream, body wash face oil, etc, these

are all competing with your perfume to step into the

fragrance spotlight. If you want your scent to stand

out, use odourless or fragrance-free deodorants and

body products.


The oils in our skin actually help a fragrance last

longer, this is because the oils dissolve and retain

scent molecules. Therefore, the oilier your skin, the

more intense a fragrance will be and the longer it

will last. The best time to spray perfume is actually

straight after coming out of the shower. This is

because the moisture gives your scent something to

hold on to.

But if you have dry skin, you’ll need to add

something to act as a barrier between your skin and

your fragrance, such as a Vaseline on your pulse

points, a fragrance-free body lotion, or a matching

moisturiser to your perfume that can double the life

of your liquid fragrance on dry skin.


Heat, light and humidity can all affect your perfume.

Your fragrances may look pretty on your vanity or

bathroom shelf, but to preserve them, store them in a

cool dark place away from heat and direct sunlight.

If a fragrance gets hot and cold a lot, it causes it to

‘sweat’ and condensation can get into the fragrance

which can ruin it.



Whilst a blotter can be an excellent indication of

fragrance notes, it’s not going to show you how a

fragrance works on your skin. To be sure a fragrance

is the right one for you, you need to test it on your

skin and then leave it on for a few hours to see how it




Oily skins hold fragrance differently to dry skin

types. Skin oils seem to enhance notes and boost

lighter notes, whilst sweet notes can almost turn

sugary. Fresh citrus notes on oilier skin types really

pop and are long-lasting. Heavy fragrance notes such

as oud are beautiful on dry skin types, deep base

notes sit without becoming overbearing.



Your PH level and body chemistry are also believed

to affect the way your perfume smells on you in

comparison to another person. Your PH level can be

affected by what you use when showering and even

the warmth of your skin can make a scent deeper.


Perfume is very sensitive to climates and in colder

temperatures, the evaporation rate slows down, so top

and heart notes last much longer and you might find

that your scent doesn’t project as much in the winter.

This is because the perfume molecules move at a

much slower pace in cool air.

As well as this, our bodies change to be less

hospitable. Our skin tends to become dryer in the

cold which can make it difficult for scent to ‘stick’

as scent molecules are attracted to oils. Receptors

in our nose instinctively bury themselves deeper in

protection from the cold, which can mildly suppress

our sense of smell.

So there you have it. Now you’ll never knowingly

make a fragrance faux pas again!

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People just think

they know me

for being on TV.

Once they delve

a bit deeper, their




10 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

SLOAN! chats to Verity Bowditch about life after

reality TV, the story behind Clean Kitchen Club

and the challenges & joys of being an entrepreneur



What was the inspiration behind

creating Clean Kitchen Club?

My business partner, ex YouTuber

V Mikey Pearce, went back to his family

house in lockdown, started eating

more vegan food and lost a lot of weight.

He thought if a normal guy like him could

benefit from swapping to vegan food and

see a benefit for himself and the planet,

then the mainstream market should too.

I am really passionate about the benefits of

plant-based food. Firstly, it’s cruelty free

(I am a massive animal lover). Secondly,

it’s the easiest way to lower your carbon

footprint. And third and finally, it has so

many health benefits. This is my inspiration

to drive the brand forward.

So, we decided to bring vegan food to

the mainstream and change perceptions

by linking vegan food with influencers,

brunch parties and popular culture.

We now have six sites in London and our

new Battersea Power Station restaurant will

be our flagship. It’s going to be so cool,

anyone coming to London has to check it

out! It’s the future of food and you would

never know it’s all vegan when you taste it.

You mentioned Mikey Pearce, your

S business partner for Clean Kitchen

Club. What are the 5 key traits you

look for in a business partner?

Loyalty. Ambition. Hard working.

V Thinking outside the box. And finally,

you can get along with them and have

a laugh as you’ll be spending a lot of time

with them!

It’s a big jump from a science degree

S to reality TV to being an entrepreneur.

What have been some of your most

memorable challenges on that journey?

A big one used to be being taken

V seriously in business. People just think

they know me for being on TV. Once

they delve a bit deeper, their preconceptions

change and we could talk on a business

level. Now I am a bit more developed in this

world, it doesn’t happen so much!

Another challenge was having to

understand different industries quickly!

Reality TV is a weird one to get your head

around. It’s a big learning experience about

yourself as you are put into exaggerated

situations you would never be in in real

life. Then you add raising money to get the

investment needed to expand your business

to the mix, and having to understand

the finance & investment side of things.

Although I have to say this was an aspect

I actually really ended up enjoying! Not to

mention having to learn on the job while

you create a quick service restaurant chain

and getting to grips with the operational

side of the business. There have been so

many challenges!


What advice would you give to

anyone wanting to change their career


Like a lot of people, I used to think I

V would have one job for my whole life.

I thought I wanted to be a doctor, and

then a lawyer. But in life one thing leads

to another and I have ended up saying

yes to most opportunities. I’ve never

turned anything down because I love to be

challenged. This has led me to where I am

now and I’m so happy for it. So the advice

I would give is never say no if it makes you

feel uncomfortable or is a risk, it could lead

you to being even happier and fulfilling

your true passion. And don’t agree to things

to make someone else happy in your career.

Do it for you, I have learnt that!



What would you say are the benefits to

following a plant-based diet?

Most importantly for me it’s the fact

that it’s cruelty free and no animals

were harmed in the process.

With regards to healthy living, a plantbased

diet is rich in antioxidants which

are great to keep you young, healthy and

able to combat disease. It is also low in

saturated fat and cholesterol. Swapping to a

plant-based diet will make you feel so much

healthier. Just make sure you are getting

enough protein through healthy meat

substitutes, protein shakes, lentils, pulses,

nuts etc.

And not forgetting its impact on the

environment. Swapping our factory

farmed beef in particular for a plant-based

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alternative has a massive positive impact on your

personal carbon footprint.


In your opinion, how do you see the Plant Based

Dining Out trend developing in the coming


A study showed 30% of ‘young people’ (Gen

V Z) say that they are trying to be vegetarian

or vegan. With a further 10% saying they are

cutting down on red meat. We expect to see supply

and demand kick in, so be prepared to see a lot more

plant-based options out there.



Which three people (dead or alive) would you

invite to your dream (plant-based) dinner and


David Attenborough - he is my specialist subject

on Celebrity Mastermind so I could do with

some knowledge!

Kim Kardashian - she has nailed her empire, knows

how to create a brand and never stops hustling.

Ellen DeGeneres - she has made some amazing

contribution to animals, donating millions of meals to

shelters and campaigning. And she must have heard

some great stories during her time.

We hear you are very much into Pilates. For

S someone who is over their desired weight with

aches and pains, what top tips would you give

them on how could they get into Pilates and what

results they could expect?

Pilates is definitely for you! It’s for everyone.

V Start with a beginner’s class in person with no

more than 12 students. The teacher will look

after you - and do let them know of any injuries you

have. You’ll see results after your first session. And

it’s great for back pain, feeling stiff, muscular pain,

the lot.





Who are your role models (not including family)

and what is it about them that you admire?

It has to be Elon Musk. His vision and how he

can constantly innovate and take his brand to the

next level is just admirable.

Everyone encounters disappointment along their

life’s journey. What is a recent disappointment

you were faced with? How did you overcome it?

Setbacks are everyday occurrences in business,

a site falls through or a product didn’t take off as

we thought it would.

You have to accept it, admit that you have failed (if

that is the case), learn from the experience, try and

see the positive in it and move on!

Social media can be both amazing and mentally

S challenging. How do you deal with any

naysayers in your life and/or anyone who may

approach a situation with a bit of toxicity?

Luckily, I don’t get so many negative comments,

V however if I do it goes straight over my head

these days. After my first year of being on the

TV, I got used to it, it’s second nature. I don’t read

any comments from anyone who doesn’t know me.

It’s a waste of energy when they don’t have the full

picture and 9 times out of 10 would never say it to

you if they saw you in the street.


Tell us all about the charities you support and

why they are close to your heart?

Margaret Green Animal Rescue, where my mum

V rescues her animals from. We have had countless

sheep, ponies, a goat, chickens. They do amazing


Compassion in World Farming are on the mission

to stop factory farming, one thing I cannot stand. I

am for everyone making their own choices. However

I doubt most would still want to support such an

industry if they had seen how animals are treated in

these places. If you are going to eat meat look at the

labelling and make sure its free range. CIWF do a fab

job of educating and tackling problems at grass roots



If you were to choose four items that you could

not live without, what would they be and why?

(1) My phone obviously, I constantly work on the

V go; (2) My air pods, how materialistic of me, but

I love to be able to exercise with them. I usually

have lost one of them though!; (3) My dog! An

RSPCA rescue; (4) Clean Kitchen chicken nuggets –

you have to try them!


Who was the last person to text you and did the

text make you laugh?

Probably my business partner about our flagship

V launching in Battersea Power Station. It’s all

we are talking about at the moment. It’s located

at UG19 in the re-developed power station. Expect

bottomless brunches, live DJs and even me teaching

some (rescue) puppy Pilates!

To find out more about Clean Kitchen Club, please

visit www.cleankitchen.club

Verity Bowditch & Mikey Pearce

are co-founders of Clean Kitchen Club

12 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

I am really

passionate about

the benefits of

plant-based food.

It’s cruelty free,

lowers your carbon

footprint and has

so many health


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for all the



From multi-award winning children’s craft company

toucanBox, The Very Merry Advent Calendar is stashed

with 24 boxes of festive fun. Featuring exciting Christmas

crafts such as a snowball juggling bear bauble

and snowman puppets,

scrummy recipes for

gingerbread reindeer,

hot chocolate spoons

and more, plus five

enchanting STEAM

inspired story books.

£35 available from



Behind each window of the wonderful PLAYin

CHOC advent calendar is an organic chocolate,

puzzle toy to assemble and fun facts card. This

brand is plastic-free, zero waste and 100%

recyclable, plus their ethical chocolate is free-from

the top 14 allergens!

£49.95 from www.playinchoc.com

Smith and Sinclair

We love Smith and Sinclair’s edible cocktail sweets

which are good stocking fillers, Secret Santa gifts

and are deliciously tasty too. Their Naughty or

Nice? countdown calendar has 24 cocktail sweets

so is perfect for those who love a cocktail or two.

£49.99 from smithandsinclair.com


Enjoy the countdown to Christmas (and New Year’s

Day!) with Niederegger, the world’s leading marzipan

brand established in Germany back in 1806.

Behind the beautiful illustration of their café in the

heart of Lubeck you will discover a selection of their

treats. From marzipan, truffles and pralines, this 32

window advent is jam packed, with often more than

one goodie per day!

Niederegger marzipan carries that Christmas

nostalgia your grandparents and great-grandparents

would remember. Using the finest Mediterranean

almonds and their secret ingredient, the famous

Niederegger recipe has remain unchanged since 1806.

£36 available in-store at John Lewis & Partners and

online at www.johnlewis.com

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The Whisky Exchange

The 25 Spirits for 25 Days

Christmas Advent Calendar is a

very special set of 25 spirits from

around the world – each hidden

behind a door, ready to be opened

each day of Advent, with an extra

one for Christmas Day itself. A

great gift for a spirits lover or

explorer, or the perfect way to treat

yourself to a huge range of different

flavours, from rum and gin to

amaro and Calvados.

£175 from thewhiskyexchange.

com or available in The Whisky

Exchange stores in London

Baylis & Harding

Baylis & Harding’s best-selling Jojoba, Vanilla &

Almond Oil Beauty Advent calendar is back filled

with a selection of 24 iconic bath and body treats to

surprise and delight a loved one this festive period or

simply just as a treat for yourself. Behind each door

are mini body washes, hand creams, bath crystals,

bath bubbles and shower cremes, all in an assortment

of Baylis & Harding’s signature scents. Beautifully

feminine, this range is complimented with timeless

pretty pinks and trending teal for an opulent finish.

£45 from Amazon, Boohoo & Ocado


The SOCKSHOP Advent Calendar is

available in sizes 4-8 and 7-11 with

10% of sales donated to Emmaus UK.

Available in versions for ladies and

men, the calendars include a pair of

socks for every day of December

leading up to Christmas with festive

and quirky pairs behind each door.

The socks all feature SOCKSHOP’s

signature bamboo socks and there

are classic styles included too for

everyday wear.

£59.99 each from sockshop.co.uk

ARRAN Sense of Scotland

Embrace the magic of Christmas with the

ARRAN Sense of Scotland Advent Calendar.

Find a little sense of Scotland behind each door

every day in December until Christmas Day,

with an extra special treat behind door 25, to

transport you to ARRAN’s island home.

£70 from arran.com

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Discover the best tech designed for

you and your life as chosen by SLOAN!



Lines are a sleek addition to its existing range of

smart light panels. With built-in backlit modular

lighting, users can create stunning and futuristic

ambience. Choose from or create unlimited

dynamic lighting animations with two vibrant

colour zones per line. Have your lights react to the

beat of your music in real time, or sync with your

screen for an immersive gaming or movie-watching

experience. The Nanoleaf Lines Starter Kit (9-

pack) allows you to deep dive into smart lighting.

£179.99 from Amazon and nanoleaf.me



Jabra Elite 7 Active true wireless sports

earbuds have an ultra-compact design

and active fit, built to withstand even the

toughest workouts. One of the features our

Review Panel loved was Jabra’s unique

ShakeGrip technology which provides

the ultimate secure fit. Active Noise

Cancellation and the MySound feature in

the Jabra Sound+ app provides incredible

sound and clarity. Up to 8 hours listening

time sets you free to hit the gym and push

your limits on even the longest workouts.

£169.99 from Amazon, Currys &




The DuoCast is a USB microphone with

standout style and sound. Featuring an

elegant design, low-profile shock mount, and

customizable RGB light ring, the HyperX

DuoCast’s a full-featured USB microphone built

for gaming, working, and content creation.

The Tap-to-Mute sensor and vibrant LED

mute indicator are just some of the features

our Review Panel really liked in addition to

the low-profile shock mount which reduces the

pick-up of vibrations and the internal pop filter.

Compatible with PC, PS5 TM , PS4 TM , and Mac.

The included adapter fits most mounts.

£159.99 from Game

16 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com



The Cloud Alpha Wireless headset is the first gaming headset with

over 300 hours of battery life on a single charge, meaning you’ll get

weeks of of wireless gaming without having to think about charging.

The detachable boom mic cancels out background noise and the

Dual Chamber Drivers produce full and clear sound for when you’re

listening to music or watching a movie after gaming.

£189.99 from Currys and Argos



The CoreCam Wireless Security Camera is one of the latest additions to

Swann’s award-winning lineup of DIY home security systems, making

it easier than ever to keep your home safe.

The new Wi-Fi security camera offers up to 90 days of battery life,

TrueDetect technology, and wide viewing angles. Additional features

include heat and motion-sensing, night vision, Smart Mobile Alerts,

2-Way Talk with a siren, free cloud, and local storage of your recordings.

£129.99 from www.swann.com/uk



The HyperX Alloy Origins 65 is a balanced

keyboard which blends compactness and

functionality, but compromises nothing. The 65%

form factor frees up more mouse space than a

ten keyless keyboard, but keeps dedicated arrow

keys, Page Up/Down, Home, and Delete keys.

£109.99 from Argos



Ideal for teens and content creators, the Pivo Pod Lite, in conjunction with

the Pivo + app, turns a phone into your personal camera crew. Powered by

AI technology, the Pivo mount, which can rotate 360 degrees, automatically

tracks your face and body movements, following you at all times and

zooming in and out to make sure you’re always in focus and in the frame.

Capturing high-quality video and images with minimal effort, you no

longer have to worry about the camera rattling, shaking or if the person

filming you has missed the best shot. The Pivo Play app makes it easy to

create playful, share-worthy content without any editing experience.

Pivo Pod Lite comes in six different colours and accessories such as

tripods, a remote control, a smart mount and protective cases are also


£69.99 from Amazon and uk.pivo.ai

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The Sensilight PRO uses highly-effective, FDA-cleared RPL, Reactive

Pulsed Light, technology, that is based on IPL, which is the same technology

used by professionals. RPL is a combination of IPL and a unique skin tone

and contact sensor that reacts to your skin tone and condition. This nextgeneration

of permanent hair reduction offers a range of innovative benefits

to ensure you always get a safe, personalized and professional treatments and

it has an unlimited amount of flashes to last you a lifetime of hair reduction

treatments. Features we loved include the device’s cordless functionality and

up to 600 flashes between charges - an outstanding feature unmatched by

any other device on the market.

£379 from sensica.co.uk, Boots, Look Fantastic and Current Body



By using the cartridge-free Epson EcoTank ET-4800 printer, you

can save up to 90% on printing costs. Supplied with high yield ink

bottles, the integrated ink tanks are easy to fill thanks to the specially

engineered ink bottles. With no cartridges to replace, flexible

connectivity features and fax, this is the perfect printer for anyone

looking for high-quality prints at an incredibly low cost per page.

£319.99 from Epson



The Doro Watch is designed to inspire and encourage senior users to stay

active and nurture their wellbeing. With a unique, simplified navigational

display, large icons, and two tactile and textured buttons, the device is

ergonomically designed with seniors in mind. The device comes with

activity tracking and health monitoring capabilities built in, allowing users to

monitor their step count, workouts, heart rate, blood oxygen, sleep, and more.

Notifications can be set up to notify users of alarms, calls, messages, calendar

items and activity targets - supporting seniors in reaching their activity goals

and milestones, no matter their fitness levels.

£120 from www.doro.com and Doro Amazon UK Store



Groov-e Milan is the perfect gift for those who enjoy radio and music while

on the move or outdoors thanks to its portability and splash proof rating.

Enjoy crystal clear audio when listening to music, sports and other radio

shows thanks to DAB audio quality featuring 30 DAB and 30 FM presets. It

also has Bluetooth connectivity, so it can easily be used as a wireless speaker

with your smartphone, tablet or laptop. It also has a built-in alarm, clear

LCD display and rechargeable battery offering 15 hours playback per charge.

Charging via the included USB-C cable means there is no need for batteries.

£34.99 from Argos, Currys, Amazon.co.uk

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Urbanista Los Angeles are the world’s first selfcharging

solar-powered, wireless active noise-cancelling

headphones powered by Powerfoyle solar cell material.

For the first time ever, you can experience virtually

unlimited playtime with solar charging. Los Angeles

never stops charging when exposed to light, both

outdoors and indoors, providing a nonstop audio


Using ground-breaking green technology, Los

Angeles converts all light, outdoor and indoor, into

energy to deliver virtually infinite playtime and a

nonstop audio experience.

To allow you to enhance your experience with

Los Angeles, Urbanista have launched a mobile

companion app that is available for both iOS and

Android users. The app provides information on

how to get the most out of the product’s playtime,

including visual indications of solar charge

levels and usage, and the option to customise the

headphones controls.

Key features we loved include 80h battery reserve,

hybrid active noise cancelling, ambient sound mode and

on-ear detection.

Urbanista Los Angeles are available in two

stylish colours - Midnight Black and

Sand Gold - and cost £169.99 from



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My proudest

achievement is

coming back

from hitting rock

bottom. This would

be my greatest

battle. But also my

most incredible



20 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

SLOAN! chats to former Special Forces operative,

best-selling author and motivational speaker Ollie

Ollerton about his passion to improve people’s lives



Tell us more about BreakPoint and the

coaching it offers to individuals and


BreakPoint stemmed from the feeling

O I got after a mission in South East

Asia, working for a company called

The Grey Man. The mission led to the

freeing of 22 kids from a child slavery and

prostitution ring and the thought that I’d

possibly changed those kids’ lives gave

me a real sense of fulfilment, purpose and

belonging. It was like no feeling I’d had

before, and I wanted more of it.

It created a spark, a passion to improve

people’s lives, and I realised that helping

other people was my therapy and my forte.

For the first time in my life I had a clear

idea about who I was and what I wanted.

The idea of BreakPoint grew from there

and the mission became to create a globally

identifiable brand recognised for the

positive growth and development of others.

But the important thing about BreakPoint’s

development programmes is that they aren’t

gruelling like Special Forces selection –

if you can walk to work, you can do the

in-person events, and we also run a range

of online courses – rather they’re simply

focused on unloading unhelpful behaviours

and creating positive new habits in their

place. We help people unlock ‘infinite

potential’ and see the value in themselves.


How would you define “infinite

potential” and what can unlocking it do

on a personal and organisational level?

The trouble with today’s society –

O and indeed our whole evolution – is

that we’re wired for survival. When

we were living as hunter gatherers there

was so much that could go wrong, that

the tendency is now to look for things to

go wrong. We spend so much time in that

survival default mode, that it takes work to

build a positive mindset.

This means we’re programmed to not

believe in our true potential. When faced

with difficulties, we panic, we go into

our shells, we complain, ‘Why is this

happening to me?’ Most of this negativity

comes from an unwillingness to accept

change, but that negativity doesn’t allow

for learning and growth and that leads to

a position of discomfort. And change is

inevitable; so we have to be willing to step

into the discomfort of change to reach our

goals. BreakPoint teaches people that this

is possible, and that when you step out of

your comfort zone, you move forward and

grow as a person. It’s this discovery that we

don’t have to be constrained by our limiting

beliefs that unlocks infinite potential and

allows us to go beyond what we thought we

were capable of.

“I AM” is a very powerful statement.

S What five words would you describe

yourself as that would each follow the

statement “I am...”?

This is something I could write a

O whole book on, since I’m a fierce

advocate of the power of visualisation.

I’ve always believed that by visualising

your deepest desires – what you want and

who you want to be – you start to breathe

life into them. It may sound like hocuspocus

but everything I’ve done since seeing

my path laid out before me as a teenager – I

was in the Royal Marines careers office

and saw a photo of a Special Forces combat

swimmer inside a mini-submarine – has

happened because of visualisation.

If you visualise what you want and who you

are on a repeated basis, you impress these

desires upon the subconscious mind. You

become the gatekeeper of your thoughts

and you begin making decisions in line

with where and who you want to be. It

makes you unstoppable.

Clarity is key, though, in terms of what

you want – you can’t have wishy-washy

goals. So, I am clear about the goals I want

to achieve and I am dedicated to achieving

them. And I am amazing and strong and

have infinite potential, the same as every

other person on this planet.

Resilience often comes to mind when

S people mention the Special Forces.

How would you cultivate resilience in

a child compared with an adult?

There’s a misconception that Special

O Forces operatives are impervious

to difficult situations. But we’re not

superhuman and certainly not bullet proof.

Follow us on social media @sloanloves 21

What we are is impeccably well trained and therefore

able to deal with whatever is thrown at us. Our lives

literally depend on being able to think on our feet and

make snap decisions under intense pressure – and the

saying goes that ‘a plan never survives first contact

with the enemy’. This is a major part of the resilience

mentality; being able to deal with whatever is thrown

at you.

I mentioned the survival blueprint; this means we’re

programmed to worry about all the things that could

go wrong and focus on them when they do. So, out of

ten situations, when we get nine wins and one failure,

we focus on the failure. But that negativity doesn’t

allow us to move forwards.

For kids, it’s even harder, especially with everyone

faking perfection on social media. They see this

as the norm rather than being taught that the root

to success is a series of failures. But it’s how you

perceive failure that’s key; used in the correct

way, failure is a powerful weapon. If you’re never

willing to risk failure because you’re scared of it,

you’re never going to learn and you’re never going

to grow. But if we’re willing to step into short

term discomfort, we can gain confidence through

experiences; good ones and bad ones. That’s what we

should be teaching our kids.


What is a struggle that really got you down in

the past but in hindsight made you grow so much

you can now see something positive in it?

A lot of the stress in the Special Forces is caused

O by the to-ing and fro-ing of emotions. We would

go from the boredom of waiting for the next

mission to eye-popping excitement in the click of

a finger and it’s difficult to wind down from such

extreme exhilaration. That’s why I took to drinking

so heavily, because it helped me relax, but it quickly

got to the point where alcohol was controlling me.

Curbing this helped me realise that a lot of my

spiralling also stemmed from being unsettled and

unsatisfied throughout my time in the military. It

taught me that purpose is created, not discovered and

you won’t find that through playing safe.

From there I learned that the more we focus on

anything, the bigger that becomes, positive or

negative. I started to build an image of who I wanted

to be and what I wanted to do with my life. That

became my dominant visualisation, regardless of

the mind assassin telling me the opposite message

and it sparked the realisation in me that anything is



What advice would you give to people who feel

overwhelmed by everyday life?

We live in a society that offers minimal

O challenges; a society that has been programmed

to cry before we feel pain. It is deemed that the

right path is to play it safe and not venture from the

well-trodden path of security. We also have instant

gratification all around us, faking perfection on

social media and getting instant ‘likes’ for it. But

it’s throwing ourselves into something that doesn’t

guarantee such an outcome that takes real courage.

Change is stressful but showing willingness to

embrace this discomfort and the associated stress is

not only good for us in respect of our mental strength

and resilience, but it also actually engages our

immune system and keeps us performing to the best

of our ability.

And we all face break points every day. They don’t

have to happen in dramatic circumstances, while

you’re wearing a balaclava and wielding a lasersighted

weapon. It might be a crisis that needs

solving in the office or even more mundane, like

being faced with a mountain of dirty dishes and the

decision to do them before bed or wake up to the


Dealing with these moments when you feel

overwhelmed is about understanding that struggle

needn’t be a bad thing. If you can see a challenge as

an opportunity and act on that opportunity … that is

the moment you make a conscious decision to pursue

your dreams. That is BreakPoint.

What skills from the military did you use in

S writing, publishing and marketing your books?

How did you transfer such specialised training

into civvy life?

The skills that have really transferred well to

O this day, not only in my writing but in every

part of my life, are discipline and process. No

one has consistent levels of motivation, regardless of

who you are and this is when discipline and process

get you over the line especially when we are heading

into uncharted territory. This is the BreakPoint

ethos; embracing discomfort in the knowledge

you are creating a change in habitual behaviour.

Switch off the emotion and follow the process. That

is something that the Special Forces gave me the

courage to embrace and is the ethos for all I do in

life. Comfort ends and change begins.


What is your most vivid memory from your time

in the military and what did it teach you?

One of the clearest memories from my military

O days wasn’t a gunfight or a night ops mission, it

was my first attempt at passing Special Forces

Selection. This came to a crashing halt just days

before completion because we were caught on the

final exercise making contact with civilians. That

wasn’t allowed and we failed the course. I was one of

seven that got RTUed (Return To Unit) and there was

no negotiation, that was it. Finished. Everything I’d

worked so hard for went up in smoke.

Having invested so much in the six-month course and

with its physical and mental demands, that was the

lowest I’d felt in my life. That failure made me doubt

my military career and could have been the end of it.

22 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Ollie Ollerton is the Founder of

BreakPoint, which delivers a range

of corporate and individual training

programmes that help people change their

limiting beliefs and unearth their potential

Instead, it made me more resolute and more resolved

to pass second time round and taught me that

resilience comes from failure and how we learn from

it. If you have a strong enough ‘why’ then the ‘how’

will become clear, especially if you’re willing to learn

from mistakes and adapt. But if the ‘why’ isn’t strong

enough, the ‘how’ is harder – you’ll end up focusing

on every obstacle.

Going through Selection again was tough, however

I hadn’t given up on the goal – my ‘why’ was even

stronger so the ‘how’ became easy.


Out of all your many achievements, what are you

most proud of?

My proudest achievement is coming back from

O hitting rock bottom. In a dark place, drinking

heavily and struggling to find any meaning in

my life; this would be my greatest battle. But also my

most incredible discovery.

When I was finally able to take responsibility for

where I was in life, I realised that the answers to my

issues were not external. I could no longer blame

the outside world for my failures and this forced me

to look within, where the answers were hidden all

along. This, together with identifying and exposing

my weaknesses, sparked huge change for me in a

relatively short space of time and became the touch

paper that lit a fire in me to use my learnings to help

others. This was the birth of BreakPoint.


What charities do you support and why are they

close to your heart?

BreakPoint’s supported charities are the Royal

O British Legion and the Midlands Air Ambulance

Charity. We recently worked with the Air

Ambulance at a big event they hosted locally and

to commemorate Remembrance Day I’m climbing

Ama Dablam with a group of ex Special Forces guys,

including record-breaking mountaineer Nims Purja

from the hit Netflix documentary 14 Peaks. We’re

planning to lay a wreath when we summit on 11th

November, commemorating our fallen brothers in the

military and raising awareness of the work the RBL

does to support the Armed Forces community. We

like to work with different charities each year and

help as many people as possible.

To learn how a BreakPoint course could help

you and your staff unlock infinite potential, go to


To read the full in-depth interview with Ollie

Ollerton, go to sloanmagazine.com/ollie

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Active Affluent

Here's some of our favourite outdoor

gear & kit for adventures from the

urban streets to the hillsides

Perfect For Hard Winter Rides

The Proviz PixElite Performance Men’s Cycling Jacket is a high

performance winter cycling jacket that gives you warmth, breathability and

features new highly reflective PixElite fabric in the arms, sides, shoulders

and lower back. The performance fit gives you everything required on your

rides without being a super tight race fit, but if you like a little bit more

room it is best to move up by one size. The bulk of the jacket is made from

a soft-stretch mix of polyester, elastane and brushed thermal microfibre.

Together they block the wind, keep you warm and regulate heat build-up on

a hard winter ride.

£119.99 from www.provizsports.com

A Backpack For All Your Gear

The new REFLECT360 Explorer Backpack is a true multi-purpose 30 litre

day sack that includes a spacious main and secondary compartments and

multiple internal and external pockets to provide you with an extensive

amount of storage for all of your gear. It also has all of the extras you’d

expect on a backpack that is as suitable for commuting to work or spending

the day in the mountains with ample storage for your gear and laptop.

£64.99 from www.provizsports.com

Keep The Elements Out

The REFLECT360 Men’s Waterproof Trousers are rugged, hard-wearing

waterproof trousers designed specifically to ensure you arrive at your

destination dry on those wet and windy days. The elements will be kept out

yet the breathable fabric will enable heat to escape. Designed specifically for

cycling and cut accordingly, the lower leg has a 30cm (size variable) zipper to

allow you to quickly get them on/off over your shoes. The zip has a protective

waterproof velcro flap to ensure no water can access the zip. An additional

velcro adjustable leg band gives you flexibility to ensure no excess material

will get caught up in your chain.

£54.99 from www.provizsports.com

Road To Recovery

As industry leaders in active compression-sportswear, CEP have recently launched

their Infrared Recovery Compression Socks. With compression and heat-reflecting

Smart Infrared technology within these socks, recovery from a tough run or workout

has never been better. The socks aid fast muscle recovery through medi compression,

and boast blister prevention, joint stabilisation and musculoskeletal support. They are

also highly breathable with moisture management and of course, a comfortable fit.

£44.95 from www.cepsports.co.uk

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Get Changed Anywhere

Designed to let you get changed anywhere, whilst

protecting you from the elements, dryrobe®

Advance is an essential piece of kit for all outdoor

activities. The long sleeve design provides extra

warmth and is ideal for those waiting to compete or

watching sporting events. The dryrobe® Advance

can be used multiple times throughout the day, over

wet kit, without the need for drying between uses.

£160 from dryrobe.com

Campfire Cooking

This heavy-duty Vango Camp Chef Pro 30 single burner

stove will cook anything from pancakes to hamburgers.

It features a side shelf, perfect if you need a little extra

cooking space or if you have a small group to serve. You

can use a variety of Camp Chef accessories with the Pro 30

to tackle breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. It is compact

and portable and comes with a 1m gas hose, with threaded

connection to the stove. it can be used with either propane or

butane gas. Regulator not included.

£140 from www.vango.co.uk

Get Grilling In The Great Outdoors

The Vango Camp Chef BBQ Grill Box gives you the ability to grill

your favourite foods to perfection, every time. It has been designed with

Camp Chef’s patented heat diffuser system that minimises hot spots

and converts flames into infrared heat. This vaporises grease drippings

and infuses your food with the richest flavours. The pre-seasoned cast

iron grilling surface holds and distributes heat evenly making your

grilling experience even better. The Vango Camp Chef BBQ Grill Box

is designed to be used with the Camp Chef cooking system (above).

£145 from www.vango.co.uk

Lightweight Shoes That Pack Flat For Travel

Craghoppers Women’s Lady Eco-Lite Low Shoes are mesh low-rise

trainer-style shoes that feature an elasticated NosiLife anti-insect

treated collar, Arneflex Eco Hi-Density insole made from recycled

foam, EVA midsole and TREADLOCK interlocking outsole that makes

it easier to pack shoes flat for travel. The recycled knit mesh upper

delivers lightweight breathability and the shoe is also antibacterial.

£85 from www.craghoppers.com

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Active Affluent

Here’s some of our favourite outdoor

gear for cold weather adventures

from the city to the mountains

Protection With Urban Style

Modern, warm and weatherproof, the

Men’s Nordsjo Winter Parka from Helly

Hansen combines urban style with cold

weather protection inspired by professionals

working in the Arctic.

The HELLY TECH® Protection

construction makes it waterproof and

windproof yet still breathable.

Those looking for environment friendly

apparel will be pleased to learn that the

parka’s water-repellent treatment is PFCfree

and the insulation is made from 100%

recycled materials.

Features we love include fold-up reflectives

on the sleeves for visibility and knitted

wrist gaiters for extra warmth. The

detachable faux fur on the hood combines

style and functionality by creating a warm

microclimate around your face when you

put your hood up.

£300 from www.hellyhansen.com

Merino Wool Warmth Plus Wicking

The Men’s LIFA® Merino Lightweight Crew 2-in-1 Base Layer

from Helly Hansen is ideal for all cold weather activities on the

slopes, on the water or even on the wintery city streets.

Using their proven 2-in-1 layer system, this versatile base layer

combines LIFA® Stay Warm moisture management with the

natural warmth of merino in an extremely lightweight crew. The

LIFA® Merino Lightweight Crew 2-in-1 Base Layer delivers all

the great benefits of merino wool fibres plus the unique wicking

properties of technical LIFA® fibres

We were impressed at how warm and durable this base layer is

even though it is extremely lightweight and extremely breathable.

£70 from www.hellyhansen.com

26 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Stay Outside Longer

The Men’s LIFA® Merino Midweight 2-in-1 Base Layer

Pants from Helly Hansen keep you warm and dry during any

type of cold weather activity, so you can get outside and stay

outside longer.

These winter base layer pants combine a 100% merino

wool layer with proven LIFA® fibre technology in a 2-layer


The Men’s LIFA® Merino Midweight 2-in-1 Base Layer

Pants deliver all the breathable warmth of merino fibre, plus

the unique moisture management properties of LIFA® fibres.

These base layer pants come in a choice of four colours and

are fitted for optimal mobility without bulk

£75 from www.hellyhansen.com.

Socks For Your Best Performance

These Technical Alpine Socks are Helly Hansen’s most technical

Alpine sock in traceable merino wool for warmth with technical

details that provide a great fit and comfort.

Built for giving you the best performance with a shin protector for

added support including extra integrated ribbed panels around your

ankle and foot for the best support. Mesh panels added at top foot

for extra ventilation with a terry heel and toe for functional comfort.

This style comes in right and left socks for the best fit.

£30 from www.hellyhansen.com

Socks For The Slopes

These Alpine socks in medium insulation are great socks

with a yarn mix of traceable merino wool combined with

polypropylene and polyamide.

The merino wool provides a great insulation while the

lightweight synthetic yarn is breathable and sweat-repellent.

Perfect to hit the slopes in this style, featuring a full

terry sole for protection and comfort while you have the

ventilation mesh on top foot. The socks come in right and

left to give you the perfect fit.

£25 from www.hellyhansen.com

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Five ways to enjoy the

water this winter

By James Foot – on-the-water expert at Borrow A Boat – one

of the world’s leading yacht charter marketplaces

Spending time on the water has so many physical and

mental health benefits. On top of the simple joy of

being outdoors, you will also reap the benefits of the

blue mind.

The blue mind is a calming, meditative state we

fall into when near, in, on, or under water. It is an

antidote to the ‘red mind’ – the over-stimulated,

stressed and anxious state our brains are usually

forced to function in as part of modern life. And

73% of Brits believe being on or near the water is

beneficial to mental health. It certainly works for me!

Spending more time on, in or near water means

more time outdoors, soaking up natural light, which

is never more important than in winter, when we’re

naturally exposed to less daylight. Sunlight helps

your body produce vitamin D, supporting bone

health, lowering blood pressure, and promoting good

mental health.

So, if you’re confident on the water, you should

continue your regular sail or swim even when the

mercury drops.”

Here’s my guide to water-based activities to enjoy

throughout the winter.



Swimming is one of the most popular sports

in the UK, with 7.5 million Brits enjoying

outdoor swimming. And while outdoor swimming

in the winter months may not be everyone’s idea of a

good time, it boasts significant mental and physical

health benefits.

Immersion in cold water forces your body to react

to the changing environment, helping increase your

white blood cell count, and over time boosting your

immune system. It also activates endorphins, giving

you a natural high, improves your circulation and

reduces stress.

So, whether you choose to enjoy wild swimming or

a trip to local outdoor pool, just remember to enjoy

yourself and soak up the benefits of your time in the




Whilst scuba diving typically conjures

up images of coral reefs and tropical fish,

diving can also be enjoyed below the ice.

Divers, clad in drysuits, are tethered before dropping

through a single entry and exit point in the ice,

in order to explore below. The ice slows water

circulation, letting debris settle on the depths of the

ocean floor offering enhanced visibility. And because

of the different climate to standard diving, you will

have the chance to see a range of magnificent sea

creatures – leopard seals, penguins and even whales.

A unique adventure for advanced divers that can be

enjoyed everywhere from Alaska, across Scandinavia

and Antarctica.

28 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com



If you’re not ready to take the plunge,

consider stand-up paddle boarding instead

and reap the benefits of a full body workout,

combined with the effects of the blue mind.

Surprisingly easy to learn, stand up paddle boarding

can be enjoyed in the sea, on lakes, lochs or on rivers

meaning there are plenty of clubs across the UK

where equipment can be hired, from city centres to

seaside hamlets.

If you’re hoping to enjoy some paddle boarding on

a weekend escape, consider heading to Cornwall,

which is much quieter out of season but still enjoys

sunny spells and gentle waves that are ideal for

beginners. If you’re more experienced, head for the

white sand beaches and quaint coves of the Hebrides.



If you’re a thrill seeker looking for

something a little more high-octane,

consider snow kayaking – an adrenaline pumping

ride through fluffy snow, around berms, banks and

bumps, topped off with a plunge into an icy pond.

Whilst snow kayaking is a fairly new sport, you can

find dedicated courses across Europe, the US and


Alternatively, stick with a traditional kayaking trip

offered at outdoor sport centres across the country.

If you’re keen to travel for the experience, head to

Norfolk where you can enjoy sea kayaking on the

beautiful North Norfolk coastline, or explore the

Norfolk broads, 200km of navigable waterways and a

protected wetland home to a host of wildlife.




If you’d prefer to stick with a more traditional

pursuit, consider a sailing trip. Whilst most

people picture blue skies and a sun-soaked vista,

there are plenty of reasons to enjoy a winter sailing


If you’re keen to learn a new skill, you can head to a

local water sports centre and learn to sail at any time

of the year.

Alternatively, consider chartering a skippered boat

in the UK or abroad. Whilst you will need to ensure

you’re appropriately wrapped up, winter is a beautiful

time to explore the beautiful UK coastline and offers

up the chance to see a range of wildlife – think

whales, seals and sea birds – you would miss at other

times of the year.

Or, head further afield and enjoy the awe-inspiring

backdrop of snow-covered mountains, cascading

waterfalls and some of Europe’s most dramatic

coastlines in Norway. You may even be treated

to a spectacular light show courtesy of the famed

Northern Lights.

For more information or to charter your own boat

for a winter sailing adventure, please visit


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Gifts For Him



This traditional unisex Aran jumper from Glencroft is

ideal for the colder winter months. Made from 100%

British Wool, this jumper is a classic ‘cream nep’

colour and features a roll neck collar - perfect for outdoor

activities and winter walks.

£79.95 from www.glencroft.co.uk


ARRAN Sense of Scotland

One of ARRAN’s most popular men’s

fragrances, the Machrie Eau De Toilette

boasts layers of sea salt and rockrose,

creating a refreshing scent when sprayed. A longlasting

aroma that is perfect for using day or night,

apply the Machrie

men’s fragrance to your

pulse point as desired

to enjoy this delicately

blended fragrance at its


£42.50 from arran.com


The Sock Butler

The Sock Butler, is a sock subscription service for every

personality that provides a delivery of new socks every month,

straight to your door. Championing socks as the unsung heroes

of our wardrobes, the service offers a choice of 1, 2 or 3 pairs per month

and the opportunity to select from different categories every month e.g.

Classic, Fashion, Sporty, Fun.

From £6.49 at thesockbutler.co.uk



Pantherella’s cashmere Waddington socks bring together the luxury of

cashmere in a range of bold colours. They’re made from the finest yarns,

are exquisitely soft and hand-finished for the premium quality finish

Pantherella is renowned for. The cashmere is sourced from Italian mills, and is

three times warmer than normal sheep’s wool.

£44 from www.pantherella.com

30 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com



Providing a balance between relaxation,

AVI-8 Watches

relieving tight knots and recovery, the Pro

Physio Massage Gun can be used before

or after working out - or to simply

enjoy a focused massage. Featuring

Tru Heat technology, the gun’s

head can heat up to 47°C in under

two minutes, providing relief to the

body and promoting blood flow. It’s

rechargeable, lightweight, cordless

and very easy to maneuver.

The gun also comes with

six interchangeable heads,

to ensure all muscles can be

targeted. All in all it provides

up to three and a half hours

of run time and has three

intensity settings.

£299.99 from Homedics.co.uk,

Argos, Amazon, very.co.uk

6The Flyboy Royal British Legion

Falklands 40 Meca-Quartz Limited

Edition has been designed as a tribute

to the brave and courageous men and women

who served during the Falklands Conflict

40 years ago. The watch, produced in line

with Remembrance Sunday, supports and

commemorates the Royal British Legion.

Impeccably balanced and legible, the dial

features thick applied Arabic

indexes with Swiss lume,

framed by a concave metallic

chapter ring. Stamped at the

6 o’clock position are the

coordinates of the Falkland

Islands, to remember those

who served 40 years ago.

Completing the dial is

the iconic Royal British

Legion two petal poppy

on the elegant, sweeping

seconds hand commonly

found in high-end

automatic timepieces.

£160 from avi-8.co.uk



IKON 906 Eau de

Parfum is a spicy

blend of nutmeg

and pepper on a lush

floral heart of tuberose

and ylang with vanilla

and addictive tobacco,

for a fascinating and

dramatic scent.

£60 at The Fragrance Shop


Hugo Boss

BOSS Bottled Eau de Parfum awakens the senses with a burst

of apple and bergamot, contrasted with essence of black pepper.

The spicy heart unfolds with warm and addictive cardamom

and cinnamon oils. Exuding a powerful balance of strength and

sophistication, base notes of dark vetiver and musk evolve through time,

delivering a leathery and smoky signature.

£80 from The Fragrance Shop

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Mark Francis


Never wear


unflattering; Time


is not forgiving, and

neither are one’s


32 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

SLOAN! chats to Mark Francis Vandelli of Made In Chelsea

to discover more about the man behind the bespoke suit

You recently won The Strongbow ULTRA

S G.O.A.T. debate about MIC being the

G.O.A.T Reality Show over TOWIE, what do

you think won it for you?

I was a member of the debating society at

M school, where I learned from a young age that

conviction and incisiveness are, together with

an appropriate degree of wit, essential in getting

one’s point across. Look your opponent in the eye

and before long he too will be convinced you’re


Would you identify any MIC current or

S past cast members as role models? What

characteristics do you think role models have

that gives them the edge in life?

Anyone who is able to share their passions,

M vocations or interests, however obscure, is in

my opinion a role model. Someone who leads

by example and is capable of openly discussing

emotive, social or topical issues with an informed

opinion, a willingness to learn and an open mind.

These are some of the characteristics that make

someone a role model in my opinion.


Debating is an art form, what advice would

you give of how to prepare for and handle

yourself in a debate?

Confidence is the key. Make your point

M succinctly and intelligibly whilst engaging

with the audience. And don’t forget to make

them smile.


What’s it like being a Godfather? What do

you think every good Godfather should

possess or do?

Being a Godfather is, or at least should be,

M the best preparation for parenthood. It’s also

a marvellous opportunity to impart wisdom

and passion on a young protégé. Paired with a

touch of mischief and a side of spoiling excess,

Godparents should prove themselves to be the

influence no parent can allow themselves to be.



What are your style secrets? Which items of

clothing could you not live without? What

item of clothing would never touch your skin?

They’re secrets for a reason…

Never wear anything unflattering; Time is

not forgiving, and neither are one’s friends.

A bespoke Cifonelli suit and a Loro Piana baby

cashmere jumper - two things I could truly never

live without. An item of clothing that would never

touch my skin? The list is endless…

Chivalry seems to be dying out, what

S behaviours would you like to see the younger

generation returning to, with particular

reference to manners and decorum?

Gallantry, of course. A gentleman who knows

M how to behave in any circumstance. Not

because it’s prescribed, but rather because

elegance is an irrevocable part of his nature. I

don’t think society will ever tire of such a person.






When cooking at home, what is your go to

dish to cook yourself?


What are five things you see on Made in

Chelsea that you would never do or put

yourself through?

The list is endless. The situations


What advice would you give to our younger

readers to help them in their quest for


Believe in yourself, always. Equally, seek

M the advice of those you admire and respect.

Never be afraid to ask. Trust your instinct.

And never stop learning.




What is the most embarrassing thing that has

happened to you and how did you get over it?

Did I read that right? I have never been

knowingly embarrassed.

What has been your biggest challenge in the

last 3 years and how did you overcome it?

Starting a new business in such challenging

M times has helped me overcome hurdles and

fears I didn’t expect to encounter at such

an early stage. It reaffirmed the importance of

surrounding oneself with the right people - true,

loyal, reliable friends. People to look up to and





What advice would you give your teenage

self about life?

Start lying about your age now.

What charities do you support and why are

they close to your heart?

Rays of Sunshine are a wonderful charity that

M put the greatest of smiles on children’s faces.

Centre Point do extraordinary work for those

most in need here in London. And of course the

Prince’s Trust.

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at Home

With its inviting texture, the

gorgeous Sketch Rhombus Multi Rug

from Carpetright will add style and

texture to your décor thanks to its

elegant design.

Fusing several colours, from pinks

and golds to blues and greys, the

precisely coordinated geometric

pattern gives this rug its special

charm. Perfect for fulfilling bland

spaces, this rug will complete

any home with its personality and


Crafted from 100% Polypropylene,

Carpetright’s Sketch range has a

sumptuous 13mm loop pile, featuring

an amazing easy-clean attribute,

promoting great suitability for busy,

modern homes. This machine-woven

rug range showcases a variety of

great value 3D carved abstract

designs, executed in on-trend pastel


The Sketch rugs offer a sleek finish

suitable for various spaces such as

the living room, dining room or

bedroom. This magnificent rug is

sold in various sizes and is currently

available to order at Carpetright.

Rug grip is available as an optional

purchase to keep it safely in place.

Sketch Rhombus Multi Rug

(2m x 2.9m) is £244.99 from


Affordable Snuggling

with Carpetright

By Jemma Dayman, Carpet Buyer at


With the nights drawing in and energy costs still rising, it’s more

important than ever to ensure that we are insulating our homes as much

as possible to prevent heat loss.

What you might not know is that our floors account for up to 10% of

the heat lost from our homes, and this is especially true if they are

uncarpeted, such as tile or hard wood flooring.

For a cost-effective, simple and quick solution to this problem, you

should consider investing in a rug or two to help trap the heat and make

your floors and rooms feel warmer.

Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, patterns and prices, so ensure that you’ve

considered all the possibilities before making your choice.

Here’s a good checklist to follow.


Apart from its snuggle-factor, what else is the purpose of your rug? Do

you also want it to sit like an art piece and make a statement? Or would

you like it to unify or break up parts of the room?


When it comes to composition, wool rugs are the best for keeping warm

and creating spaces perfect for snuggling in, but they can be at the more

expensive end of the scale. Cotton or polyester rugs are usually less

expensive and easier to clean.


The size of the rug will largely be determined by the dimensions of the

room and your personal preference. Consider if you want to be able to

place all your furniture on it, or just a few pieces?


The fun part is picking out the colour and pattern for your new rug.

Carpetright stock a huge variety from captivating geometric patterns and

bold stripes to plain traditional styles or soft shaggy rugs, so there really

is something for everyone.


Rugs will inject personality and add comfort to your home, but you

also need to consider their aftercare. Hoovering your rug regularly

and quickly blotting up any spillages is a good place to start. For more

in-depth information, check out Carpetright’s rugs care guide on their



Last on the checklist is price. A quality rug will last for years so if you’ve

considered all the options above, think of it as an investment that will

provide you with affordable snuggling for many seasons to come.

For Rugs Care Guide, go to www.carpetright.co.uk/rugs/rugs-care-guide

34 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com


Gifts for the



at Home


Snuggly Blanket


Luxury Fragrance


Weighted Blanket gives the sensation of

being hugged to improve sleep quality.

£54 from Argos


Traditional Cards


TULIÀ Reed Diffuser - an uplifting blend

of Neroli, Orange Bigarade and Bergamot.

£79 from www.nadrasafiri.com


Pop Up Cards


Christmas Tree Luxury Boxed Christmas

Cards are embossed & foiled in fine gold foil.

£9.99 from www.bellybuttondesigns.com


Spritzmas Scents


The Snowman Christmas Pop Up Card is an

officially licensed keepsake card to cherish.

£10.00 from cardology.co.uk


The new before-you-go toilet sprays are Spritzmas

Spice, Frosty Flush and Oh Spritzmas Tree.

£7.99 from www.poopourri.co.uk

36 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com


Smart Lighting


Cosmic Bedlinen


WiZ Connected LED Smart Strip Light

Wifi & Bluetooth has 16 million colours and

64,000 shades of white and is dimmable.

£44.99 B&Q, Wickes, Robert Dyas


Reversible glow in the dark Space Explorer

Single Duvet Cover & Pillowcase Set

£20 from www.happylinencompany.co.uk


Enjoy Sound


Plastic-Free Wreath


Sonos Move is a durable portable speaker so

you can enjoy sound in and around the home.

£399 from www.sonos.com


One-Stop Shop


The UK’s leading multi-store gift card to let

your loved one choose what they really want.

From £10 to £120 at one4alldigital.com


The Mulled Festive Luxury Christmas Wreath

is available in three sizes from £110 to £150

Available from www.bybloom.co.uk

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Ask The Expert

Five Ways To Take Home Office

Storage To The Next Level

Craig Sammells, Country Manager UK & Ireland at Orthex

Group, shares his expert advice with SLOAN! on how to get

the most out of storage in your home office environment

For several years Working From

Home ‘WFH’ became more than a

phrase which entered the English

language; it became a way of life

for so many of us. Even when

offices did reopen, the concept

of a more flexible working

routine was something that many

employers embraced and now it is

quite usual to find team members

working from home for a good

proportion of the week.

The key to making your home

office environment the most

efficient it can be rests with

making sure you can easily find

everything you need. This is

particularly significant if your

home office is actually the end of

your dining table and everything

needs putting away (sometimes

in a hurry) when it’s the kids’ tea


If you are lucky enough to have

a separate room you can use for

your home office, whether spare

bedroom or separate garden

building but basically a place you

can shut the door on, then a good

storage system just helps keep

everything neat and tidy. It also

means it is not such a mammoth

task if you need to reclaim that

room for its original purpose at

any point!

Here are our top 5 tips to get the

most out of your home office



This is probably the key to

successful storage! Choose storage

boxes that you can write on with

dry eraser markers, or those you

can buy labels for which in turn

you can write on/wipe off.


Don’t get carried away and create

your own Leaning Tower of Pisa!

But have boxes that you can stack

say three or four high, which helps

reduce floorspace and can even

work well in forming a usable

office area in a room, particularly

if it’s a shared space like a living

room or bedroom. Stackable boxes

can fit well under desks or on

shelves too and choose modular

boxes that mean you can fit

several smaller boxes in the space

on the lid of a larger box.


Maximise the space inside your

storage boxes by buying inserts

to split them up e.g. a set of six

means you can store all sorts of

stationery items including fiddly

paper clips or chargers in their

own section.


Save time by using transparent

storage so at a glance you know

what is where! Again go modular

to maximise what you can store.

38 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com


If you prefer to hide items from

view then choose solid storage

and you could use small sticky

labels for colour-coding – blue for

stationery, red for accounts etc.


If you are going to be moving

your home office storage out of

the way quite frequently then

durability is key. To keep them

secure from tiny hands, pets or

just the contents spilling out if

they’re knocked over then choose

storage with clip-close lids. If you

are storing some of your home

office gear in a damp space like

a garage or shed, then choose

water-resistant storage so you can

ensure the contents remains clean

and dry. This sort of storage will

keep out damp, humidity, dust and

insects. It needs to be durable too

and resistant to temperatures.


Craig Sammells is Country

Manager UK & Ireland at Orthex

Group. Orthex is a leading Nordic

housewares producer that strives

to make consumers’ everyday

life easier with its products

that are presented under the

consumer brands SmartStore

in storage products, GastroMax

in kitchenware and Orthex in

home and plant care categories.

Orthex aims to be the industry

forerunner in sustainability. The

company has customers in more

than 40 countries.

UK stockists include Homebase,

John Lewis, A Place for

Everything and Not a Boring Box

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Kitchen Companions

The Art of Loving Food

The new KitchenAid Design Series Blossom is a soft

thyme green with a velvety finish. The trim band,

a unique contrasting shade lighter, with botanical

illustrations and the petaled hub cover all draw

inspiration from the array of herbs and edible flowers

found in the kitchens of makers around the world.

We love the exceptional styling of this ultra-chic model

complimenting the soft thyme green with an elegant

hammered, copper bowl. It has pot-style, riveted

handles and a food-safe stainless interior.

As always with KitchenAid stand mixers, the results

speak for themselves. We wholeheartedly recommend

this new addition to the KitchenAid family.

£749 from kitchenaid.co.uk

40 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Indispensable All-Rounder

The Gastroback Design Multi Juicer Digital Plus is

a real indispensable all-rounder. Not only preparing

juices of fruit, greens and vegetables, but the Multi

Juicer will become a blender, mincer, chopper, and

grinder as well freeing up your kitchen counter

and saving money otherwise spent on

several machines.

£199.90 from


Tried & Tested

by the


Review Panel

Must-Have Kitchen Gear as

chosen by SLOAN! Magazine

Bakeware Built To Last

The KitchenAid Aluminized Steel Non-Stick Bakeware

Collection is made of 0.8mm thick aluminized steel

which is scratch and corrosion resistant. It’s extremely

durable, maintains its shape and won’t warp or bend.

Aluminized steel is known to heat up quickly and evenly

for perfect results. Oven-safe to 230°C. All items have a

PFAS-free non-stick coating for effortless food release.

Right: Mini Rectangular Cake Pan 8 pcs £30

Bottom left: Springform Tin 20cm £24

Bottom right: Tulband Cake Form Tin 24cm £30

Available in-store at John Lewis & Partners

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Kitchen Companions

Some Like It Hot

Bringing a contemporary touch to the kitchen counter,

the Honeycomb collection from Russell Hobbs comes in a

premium black plastic with a textured, honeycomb inspired

design. With a repeating hexagonal pattern and stainless

steel accents, the matching kettle, toaster and microwave

oven all bring a little style to everything made in the

kitchen from morning cups of tea and hot buttered toast to

microwave meals in minutes.

We think this is a great trio to get for your children at

university as a much-needed addition to student digs or the

perfect house-warming present for those leaving the nest

and moving into their first home.

Toast With The Most

The Honeycomb Kettle (£29.99) is approved by

Good Housekeeping Institute and features a Perfect

Pour Spout that prevents any splashes and spills.

The kettle’s internal Rapid Boil Zone Markers

let you only the water you need for 1, 2 or 3 cups

saving you time and money.

The Honeycomb 2 Slice Toaster (£29.99) has a

High Lift Feature, Variable Browning Dial and

Removable Crumb Tray.

Available in Black, White, Cream or Grey from

Amazon and uk.russellhobbs.com

Oven Ready

Inspired by the geometric pattern of

honeycomb, the 17 Litre Black Honeycomb

Manual Microwave Oven is part of

a premium Russell Hobbs breakfast

collection, designed to complement the

Honeycomb kettle and toaster.

Simple and easy to use with 700 watts of

microwave power, this microwave fits a

round dinner plate up to 10.5” (26.5cm).

It has 5 power levels and a defrost setting.

The internal microwave light is illuminated

when the cooking cycle is in progress and a

handy ringer function sounds to alert when

the cooking cycle is completed.

The 17 Litre Black Honeycomb Manual

Microwave costs £89.99 and is available

in Black or White from Amazon and


42 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Gourmet Grating

Microplane® combines two of the most frequently

used grating sizes – the fine blade and the coarse

blade - to create the new Microplane® Gourmet

Series Dual Grater.

The fine blade is ideal for zesting citrus fruits and

grating ginger, garlic, and peppers to give flavour

and aroma to many dishes as well as for grating

chocolate and spices - such as nutmeg, cinnamon

and tonka bean – for adding flavour to hot drinks

and decoration to cocktails and puddings. It’s also

the go-to blade for creating the perfect pillow of

Parmesan or any hard cheese.

The coarse blade works beautifully with chocolate,

coconut or nuts for desserts as well as onions,

shallots, ginger and all kinds of vegetables (carrots,

potatoes, beetroot,) to add a pop of flavour to stews,

frittatas and salads and makes light work of fruit

(apples and pears) for quick baby purees.

£34.95 from hartsofstur.com

A Helping

Hand in the


Every Day

Create the culinary space you deserve

with these cool kitchen companions

Perfect Tool for Epicureans

The new, beautifully crafted, Microplane® Master

Series Truffle Tool 2in1 Slicer & Grater, with a

famously elegant walnut handle and steel frame,

effortlessly and precisely prepares truffles for

exceptional, flavour and aromatic results every time.

There are two functions, one on each side. The

Straight Slicer Blade and Fine Blade Grater can each

be used independently and risk-free of the other with

the Straight Slicer Blade for slicing and Fine Blade

Grater for grating By simply turning the screw, the

Microplane ultra-sharp Straight Slicer Blade is easily

adjusted to the desired thickness to create everything

from uniform paper-thin slivers to wafer-thin

shavings. Use the Fine Blade Grater to grate truffles

with speed, precision and ease as the photo-etched

micro-teeth ensure that the precious truffle does not

stick or block.

But it’s not all about truffles. This clever little tool

creates delicate decorations from slices of mushroom,

radish and strawberries and the grating surface is

perfect for ingredients such as ginger, chocolate and


£49.95 from divertimenti.co.uk

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Next2Stars night light from Chicco comforts

babies as they drift off to sleep. With one push of

a button, Next2Stars projects a starry sky across

the ceiling. A second mode is activated with two

pushes of a button, transforming Next2Stars

into an atmospheric bedside lamp. With three

pushes, the moon night light mode is activated.

Next2Stars has a musical button that provides

the choice between classical, new age or nature

sounds, with volume control settings. It features

a universal attaching mechanism that attaches on

to both a travel cot and crib. Available in neutral,

light pink and light blue colour options.

£29.99 from Boots


Little ones can hibernate from the hustle and

bustle and reflect on the day’s adventure under this

Cosatto Days Out Blanket - perfect for boys and

girls who adore cars and things that go!

“Dream Big, Stay Cosy” with this gorgeous

blanket from Ziggle’s collaboration with Cosatto.

The brand’s innovative products perfectly pair

with Cosatto’s brilliant British designers, creating

these soft and cuddly blankets. Made from 100%

combed cotton, these large, heavy weight blankets

are ultra-cosy.

£24 available online at ziggle.co.uk and in retailers



Nuna has collaborated with Italian Fashion Designer,

Influencer, Stylist, and Entrepreneur, Georgette Polizzi to

design a limited-edition rainbow splash collection which

will be available from November 2022 exclusively at

Harrods and online at www.harrods.com.

Attention to detail was important for both Nuna and

Georgette – the design was crafted using a combination of

both print and embroidered rainbow splashes, and woven

fabric with luxe textures was used to highlight Georgette’s

stylish and modern design. The travel system’s tasteful

details like the zipper and leather trim were intentionally

kept subtle to let the colours of the collection shine

through. Each product in the collection is also detailed with

Georgette Polizzi’s embroidered signature.

The collection sees the launch of the TRIV next (£650) in

the UK, which will then be adopted into Nuna’s main range

from early 2023. The updated model has larger rear wheels

made from tough, foam filled rubber, making them ready

for any terrain and the new all-wheel suspension provides a

smoother ride. Nuna has also updated the design of chassis

and handlebar for better manoeuvrability and comfort.

44 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com


Why does the SLOAN! Review

Panel recommend the Axkid ONE 2

as our favourite car seat this winter?

It’s because the Axkid ONE 2 is the

only ISOFIX car seat on the market

that allows rear-facing travel up to

approximately 7 years of age - up to

125cm or 23kg.

The new and improved version of

the Axkid ONE, this innovative

seat has had more than 150 updates

focussed on guaranteeing both

maximum safety and comfort for

your little one plus peace-of-mind

and ease for you as their parent.

£625 available online at

axkid.com/uk and in retailers


Follow us on social media @sloanloves 45


Waterproof Adventures

The EcoSplash Puddlesuit is the all-in-one waterproof

for adventurous toddlers and younger children (up to

age seven). Designed to be incredibly waterproof – it’s

been tested and withstands 10,000 mm of

water (!) whilst also being highly breathable

(3,000g/m2) this is an ideal piece of kit that

will last all season and is bound to be so

loved you’ll want to pass it on to a new

owner when it’s been outgrown. For

older children, there’s the option of

an EcoSplash jacket instead which

features the same brilliant design.

Lined with soft fleece, with the

outer shell made from 100%

recycled polyester, the EcoSplash

Puddlesuits and jackets are available

in four different designs, three with

bright and colourful patterns and a plain

navy option too.

£59 from muddypuddles.com

Initial Fun

This Boys Initial Cord

Backpack features cool

block colours in a cord

finish made from recycled

polyester fabric. Perfect

for small bits & bobs.

£20 from


Bright & Cosy

This awesome dinosaur

print deerstalker hat has a

fun fur lining that will keep

kids snuggly and warm all

day long and what is more,

the hats are all made from

recycled materials!

£15 from


Splish Splash Splosh

The 3-in-1 Scamp Suit is an all-in-one

waterproof for adventurous toddlers and

younger children (up to age six). As well

as being able to withstand up to 10,000

mm of water, the 3-in-1 Scamp Suit

includes a removable fleece lining to keep

little ones dry and comfortable on both

cold and milder days. Its highly breathable

design (3,000g/m2) also ensures little

ones won’t get too warm running about.

The elasticated cuffs, dual storm flap, and

fold over feet and hand warmer features

(0-12 months) make sure even the littlest

hands and feet stay warm, and rain is kept

out and stays out! It’s easy to clean too as

it’s machine washable.

Cheeky Foxy

£80 from muddypuddles.com

JoJo has livened up a

classic pair of navy joggers

with fox appliqués on

the knees. The stretchy,

drawstring waist ensures

a comfy fit as your child

grows. Plus, there’s a little

friend hiding in the pocket!

£18 from


Cashmere Christmas

A winter wardrobe wouldn’t be complete without a Christmas

jumper, and this fun version offers an adorable layer to your child’s

look. Made with a supersoft cashmere mix knit, the Navy Reindeer

Jumper is a lovely option for colder days this festive season. And

because it’s machine washable too, it’s as practical as it is adorable.

£28 from www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk

46 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Snuggle Spanish Style

This stylish Color Block Hoodie

Set from Bobo Choses is made in

Spain from 100% organic cotton in

a navy blue, black and white block

design. The hoodie and jogging

pants are perfect for lazy days and

winter snuggling.

€126.35 from bobochoses.com

Dino Fingers

These fun embroidered patch

detail gloves are perfect for

little dinosaur lovers.

£10 from


Shorts Story

New this season, these navy

corduroy shorts (above)

and these blue cord shorts

(below) have front pockets,

belt loops and button and

fly fastening, with an

adjustable waist band for

the perfect fit.

£49 each from


Terrific Tartan

Another new style, the softest cotton flannel makes this Red Flannel

Tartan Shirt super comfy and cosy for winter. Team with a pair of

navy corduroy shorts or trousers for the perfect outfit, or layer up with

one of Rachel Riley’s cosy knitwear pieces.

£45 from www.rachelriley.co.uk

Dapper Little Chap

SLOAN! loves this new Blue

Check Flannel Tartan Shirt from

the AW22 collection at Rachel

Riley. It’s the perfect partner to

a pair of blue cord shorts for a

dapper little outfit for your little


£45 from www.rachelriley.co.uk

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Clothes That Grow

Amazon Launchpad, the one-stop shop for unique and

unexpected finds from startups, has announced the annual

Innovation Awards recognising UK-based small business, Petit

Pli, creator of clothes that grow with your child, as the 2022

European Startup of the Year. Their Clothes That Grow Pullover

is £65 and their Clothes That Grow Bottoms are £49.

To celebrate the Innovation Awards, Amazon Launchpad ran an

“Amazon Launchpad Innovation Week”. The event will feature

a curated collection packed with forward-thinking products

designed by the UK-based winner and other European finalists

available to shop at: amazon.co.uk/launchpad/innovationweek

For Young Explorers

Keela thinks we should start

our explorers young, and the

Puddlebug 3-in-1 suit is perfect

for protecting the little ones

amongst us from the cold, wind

and rain. The outer shell makes

it excellent for exploring the

great outdoors in the rain, while

the zip in fleece transforms this

suit into a snug thermal layer for the

colder months.

£84.95 from keelaoutdoors.com

Jean Genie

These versatile black

kid’s slim fit jeans

are a bestseller at

Polarn O. Pyret and

its easy to see why.

The smart slim fit

jeans are made from

robust organic cotton

fabric to withstand

lots of play.

£32 from


Festive & Funky

SLOAN! loves this festive grey

marl jumper with its appliquéd and

embroidered soft fleece reindeer

motif. Matching leggings and socks

are also available.

Festive Sweater is £20, Festive

Leggings are £10 and Festive Socks

are £3.50 from bladeandrose.co.uk

Wet Walks

These funky navy

and white striped

kid’s wellies have

reinforced toes for

better durability

and a sturdy sole

for better grip.

£26 from


Funky Hat Made for Maximum Adventure

Little Hotdog Watson’s award winning Arctic Cub cold weather

trapper hat is water resistant with a cosy thinsulate lining and

reflective trim. The faux fur lined ear flaps can be worn securely

fastened under the chin to protect from windchill or can be worn up.

Can easily be packed away ready for the cold weather, rain or snow.

£30 from www.littlehotdogwatson.com

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Racing To


A restful night is guaranteed

in these fun racing car print

kid’s pyjamas, the highquality

organic cotton is made

to last and last, regardless

of how often they go in the

washing machine. They are

soft and cosy for comfort

right through the night

while the foldable cuffs give

valuable growing room so

they can be worn for longer.

£30 from polarnopyret.co.uk

Crafted for Cosiness

This Portmore zip neck jumper

(from £29.95) has a quarter zip

and a ribbed, oversized collar and

ribbed cuffs that make it perfect

for layering over a top or under

a coat. It’s machine washable

and oh-so-snuggly and warm.

These Forester pull-on trousers (£29.95)

are made from a soft jersey and are

part of the official collection with The

Gruffalo. They have an elasticated

waist with functional drawcord ties,

elasticated cuffs, two side pockets

and reinforced knees.

Available from www.joules.com

Cute & Cosy

Cold days are no match for

this cosy kid’s sweater made

in organic cotton. Featuring

a fun Nordic animal print

it’s kinder to the planet and

soft to wear. Pop it on when

there’s a chill in the air.

£30 from polarnopyret.co.uk

Foxy Sleepwear

Soft against your little

one’s skin, these Fox Print

Pyjamas offer a perfect

night’s sleep. They’re made

from MORI’s breathable and

thermoregulating signature

organic cotton and bamboo

fabric and feature a fun

woodland print.

From £32.50 available from


Comfy Time

Made from sustainable

fabrics, the Ribbed Roll

Neck T-Shirt & Comfy

Joggers Outfit has a high

neckline to keep out the

chill and the joggers

have plenty of wiggle

room to fit comfortably

over nappies too.

£42 from babymori.com

For Muddy Splash Wars

Kidunk’s tops and trousers have

ingenious zips so that they can be zipped

together to make an all-in-one, to ensure

that no puddles get inside. Clothing

is made from recycled plastics woven

into a smart eco fabric which is 100%

breathable and coated with a plant-based

waterproofing called Teflon EcoElite.

From £27.49 at www.kidunk.com

Start Your Engines

SLOAN! loves this red top from Blade & Rose with its cool yellow monster

truck print on the front. It’s made from brushed cotton to make them extra soft

on your child’s skin and has a contrasting inner cuff for when they want to roll

their sleeves up. The neck line has been specially designed to stop irritation

and it has contrasting poppers to make getting dressed easier.

£14 from bladeandrose.co.uk

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Ask The Expert

How To Help Your Child

Decompress After School

By Isabell Fisher - co-founder of Little Hands Learning, an educational

and eco-friendly subscription box which helps nurture healthy minds and

encourages literacy skills, giving children the best start to their education

Before my son started school,

I had images of picking him

up from school, getting a huge

cuddle and spending the afternoon

chatting about what he had learnt

that day… Our reality couldn’t be

more different! On a good day, I

may get a grunt when I pick him

up. My sweet, happy, easy-going

little boy turns into the Incredible

Hulk after school and I have a

huge target on my back!

But I know I am not the only one.

From talking to other parents and

carers, the majority of children

at the end of the school day turn

into monsters. To be honest, it’s

not surprising, since nursery and

school are full on. All day our

children have been following

instructions, compromising with

friends and their sensory systems

have taken a battering. Remember

how you feel after a long day at


So, these are top tips for taming

your mini-Hulk.


I quickly learnt to give my son a

snack as soon as he leaves school.

The quicker I feed him, the better.

He will often have a sandwich, a

piece of fruit, crackers, flapjack

whatever it takes to prevent his

blood sugar levels hitting rock




I always ask my son how his day

was but unless he offers up more

than a “fine” I leave it at that.

I also don’t ‘chat’ about my

day because when I have had a

long day at work I don’t want to

listen to someone else’s chatter.

Sometimes we all just need and

want some quiet time to switch off

and decompress from everything

that has happened. I have found

it is the same with my son. I have

noticed that as he relaxes from

his day at school, he slowly offers

up more and more nuggets of

information. I relish every one of



When we first get back from

school, my son does exactly what

he wants; colouring, TV, running

around the garden. Whatever will

help him to start to unwind. I

often find that after he’s had some

time, he will want to do something



From the moment our children

wake up they have been told what

to do. “Brush your teeth, eat your

breakfast, sit on the carpet, eat

this lunch…” So, give them some

control back and allow them to be

in charge of what they get up to

after school.

At home we have a jar filled with

lolly sticks and on each lolly stick

I have included simple after-school

activities that I know my son

enjoys. So that when he is ready,

he can choose an activity for us

to do together (or separately if he


All of these activities are openended;

they have no rules and

there is no right or wrong way to

interact with them. Now is not the

time for handwriting, phonics or

sums! They include:


Playing with playdough is a

wonderful way to release tension

and can calm stress away. Add

cinnamon, rosemary, jasmine to

your playdough to give the activity

an extra calming element.


Water play is wonderfully openended

and there is no right or

wrong way to engage with it. It

doesn’t need to be complicated.

Simply fill a tray with water and

add some jars and ladles and pour

water from one jar to the other.


There is something really soothing

about someone reading to you. Let

them choose the book, cuddle up

on the sofa together and escape to

wherever the story is set.


Small world play is a wonderful

way for children to act out and

process any difficult situations

that may have happened. So just

put out some playdough and some

figures and see where you both

end up.


Getting some fresh air can help

us all feel calmer and happier. If

my son chooses to go for a walk

after school, he will choose which

direction we head in and will often

return with our pockets full of

various natural treasures.


My son enjoys arts and crafts

50 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

after school and when his hands

are distracted with drawing or

crafting, he will often share

more about his day. Doodling,

colouring, painting with

watercolours and cutting and

sticking can all offer creative

outlets to destress. However, my

son will stop the activity and

move away if I give him too much

direction about what he is creating.

The process is much more

important than the end product!

Lastly and this is important!

Please remember not to take your

child’s irritability personally. You

will see the very worst of your

children because you are their safe

space and they know that you will

love them no matter what. They

are showing you how they feel

through their behaviour because

they love you. Remember you

are the person that your children

can show their vulnerability,

frustration and anger to.

However, parents are human too

and there will be times when my

son is shouting and stomping

his feet that I will be hiding in

the fridge, desperately shoving

chocolate (or wine) in my mouth

whilst banging my head against

the wall. So don’t beat yourself

up if you too find yourself in the

fridge from time to time!


Isabell Fisher is co-founder

of Little Hands Learning, an

educational and eco-friendly

subscription box for children aged

three and over. Every month your

child will receive an exciting gift

in the post containing a beautiful

book and everything needed for

engaging and fun activities linked

to the book.

The fun and meaningful activities

are designed by teachers to focus

on key areas of the National

Curriculum. The curated books

together with the activities

help nurture healthy minds and

encourage literacy skills, giving

children the best start to their


For further information, go to


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Christmas Toy Guide

Hours of Imaginative Play

Kids can create their own busy city with the

Hape Mega Metropolis Bucket Set. This fantastic

80-piece wooden railway set provides hours of

imaginative play as children connect scenery with

bridges and rails, play with the restaurant, shops,

construction site, fire station and airport, and

populate their small world with people and vehicles.

This educational yet fun railway set is suitable for

age 3+.

£99.99 from Hape.co.uk

Invest in Their Future

The Genio My First Laptop from VTech comes complete with

word processor, diary, calendar, art studio, calculator, clock

and more. Includes 50 interactive games and e-books with

access to more via the VTech Learning Lodge. Includes 20

printable revision sheets, SD

card and rechargeable battery.

Invest in this sleekly designed

laptop this festive season - your

child’s future will thank you

for it!

£119.99 from Smyths Toys


Make the Most of Playtime

Lovevery stage-based subscription Play Kits, designed

by child development experts, help parents make the

most of playtime at every stage and support child brain

development from infancy through toddlerhood. Each

of the 18 stage-based Play Kits is packed full of expertdesigned

Playthings and information, delivered at just

the right developmental window every 2–3 months.

The Play Kits for babies include toys and tools for

building new neural connections and practicing fine

and gross motor skills. The Play Kits for toddlers

support a child’s natural curiosity by building new

skills and encouraging exploration. The Play Kits for

two to three year olds encourage a child’s budding

independence and teach early science and math lessons.

Lovevery personalises each subscription to a child’s

birth date/adjusted birth date and families keep the kits

for more advanced learning and play as a child grows.

From £80 at www.lovevery.co.uk

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Travel the World from the Playroom

Young explorers can travel the world and see everything in it with the Magic Adventures Globe. Using the

stylus, children can tap on the 10” interactive learning globe and experience new places, languages, cultures,

animals, geography, habitats and more through high-quality BBC videos. Featuring an integrated video

screen, animations and live-action videos.

£89.99 from Smyths Toys Superstores

Bring Books To Life

Our top picks from the LeapStart system’s library

of replayable activity books include Spiderman

Vocabulary Adventure (£13.99), Read & Write

3D (£10.99), Mickey & The Roadster Racers 3D

Story Book (£13.99), Peppa Pig: Playing Together

3D Story Book (£13.99), Disney Princess: Shine

with Vocabulary 3D Activity Book (£13.99) and

Learning Friends 200 Words in English & French

3D (£10.99). Available from leapfrogstore.co.uk

Switcheroo To The Rescue

This Christmas’ must-have interactive coding robot

toy for preschoolers, the new Switcheroo Coding

Crew from Learning Resources® will fuel your

child’s imagination. Available exclusively at Amazon

this Christmas, Switcheroo Coding Crew helps

youngsters learn STEM skills through fun, handson

play. Inspired by community helpers like the

police and fire fighters, children aged four and older

explore screen-free coding and STEM concepts while

navigating fun-filled rescue missions.

£67 from Amazon

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Christmas Toy Guide


Dance & Play Bluey Plush

This Dance & Play Bluey Plush dances and plays songs for

hours of playful fun. Bluey hops on one leg, dances, and waves her

arms in the air. She has 55+ phrases, four songs to sing and dance

to, and three games to play including Copy Cat and Statues. This

is going to be a must-have Christmas toy for all Bluey fans and as

if things couldn’t get better, the toy comes with batteries included

- for real life!

£49.99 from Smyths and Argos


GeoSmart RoboRacer

Get ready to boost your child’s STEM skills as they build their

very own speedy magnetic Roboracer to be first across the finish

line! With a double safety system, GeoSmart offers unsurpassed

safety and durability. Inside the box are 14 squares, 10 triangles,

4 isosceles, 2 pentagons, 4 wheels and 2 wheel boxes for endless

playing pleasure.

£44.99 from smarttoysandgames.co.uk



Preschooler fans of CoComelon will adore listening to the new

CoComelon Tonie on their Toniebox as they join JJ and his family to

learn about colours, numbers, letters, animal sounds and more with

over 60 minutes of catchy sing-along-songs they’ll recognise from the

popular TV show. There’s a whole world of Tonies to discover from

Disney classics like Toy Story to the ever-popular Peppa Pig and more.

tonies® is the fastest growing preschool toy brand of 2022.

Toniebox Starter Set is £79.95 and each Tonie is £14.99 from tonies.com


Geomag Glow

Geomag Glow consists of three sets of different sizes

of glow-in-the-dark natural magnetic rods. These rods can be

arranged in any shape or structure that lights the imagination.

Because of their lightweight design, and flexible nature, you

can arrange your Geomag set anywhere in the room. You can, if

you like, even arrange them into something spooky, or exciting

like a ghost, a skull, or even a zombie. The sky, or rather your

imagination, is the limit here.

The Geomag Glow 60 costs £39 from Coolshop.co.uk

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SumBlox Mini Starter Set

SumBlox Minis offer a unique way of learning through

play. The original blocks have been used by educators,

parents and children to develop a wide range of skills

for years. The SumBlox Mini Starter Set includes a solid

beechwood box for holding the blocks when they’re being

put away. Also included is the all new deck of 36 Early

Childhood Activity Cards to develop an incredible range of

mathematical skills, ranging from math concepts, problem

solving, races, games and brand new imaginative creations.

The New SumBlox Mini Basic Set includes 38 solid

beechwood blocks which have been specially designed so

that they stack just as well as the original set.

£35.49 from yesbebe.co.uk


Katamino Family

Get your fingers ready for the 2D and 3D world of the awardwinning,

eye-catching logic puzzle Katamino. With over 500

puzzles, the kids will always have something new to solve so it’s

perfect for satisfying any gaming addictions! Katamino Family is

for ages 3+ and features 3 games in 1 and solo 3D modelling mode

for non-competitive play making it perfect for for your child’s

independent play whilst being versatile to turn into a two player or

teams game with other family members.

£35 from www.amazon.co.uk and all good Hobby Stores


Super Mariokart Racing Deluxe

Super Mariokart Racing Deluxe is an exciting action circuit

racing game designed and inspired by the world of Mario Kart with 6

Gimmicks and Lap Counter. Quickly but carefully drive the playing

kart-figure using the 3 buttons, slider and tilt trever going through

the 6 tricky gimmicks to reach the goal! Who will make five laps

first? Suitable for age 4+.

£34.99 from Amazon, ASDA, The Entertainer and Selfridges


RC Buggy Remote Control Car

Speed into action with RC! Inspired by Andy’s remote

control car, this RC Buggy comes with a steering wheel-shaped

remote control. Perfect for little fans of Toy Story who love cars.

£30 from www.shopDisney.co.uk

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Christmas Toy Guide

Check out these cool toys and fun games & activities for kids all under £30

1 2 3


Similar to an egg and spoon race,

the edx education® Balancing

Ball set is a fun game for children

to improve their hand-eye


£28.99, www.shopedx.co.uk


Kids can grow new language

skills with the letter recognition

activities in this Alphabet

Garden literacy activity set for


£28, www.learningresources.co.uk


​Count down to Christmas and a

complete play set with the Disney

and Pixar’s Cars Minis Advent

Calendar Playset.

£27.99, Amazon


The edx education® Place Value

Abacus Set is an engaging

way for children to learn and

identify numerical values and

mathematical concepts in a hands

on and visual way.

£26.99, www.shopedx.co.uk


Alphablasters! Letter & Spelling

Game is an educational toy for

4 year olds and up that builds

school-ready language skills.

£20, www.learningresources.co.uk


Kids press the heart on Sleepover

Peppa’s chest to hear a lullaby and

see a soft night-light glow.

£19.99, Smyths Toys Superstores


Magicolour Peppa Pig is a brandnew

way of colouring in all

of child’s favourite Peppa Pig

characters. It’s super easy to use,

just load the coloured in sheets

into the Magicolour unit and slide

the button to see the pictures come

to life.

£19.99, Amazon


This Personalised Arts and

Crafts Wooden Storage Crate is

the perfect sentimental gift for a

budding artist and a great way of

storing one’s art materials.

£19.95, Amazon Handmade


The perfectly formed Eco Gruffalo

Head is designed to turn heads and

bring adventure to every scooter

ride. Attaches quickly to any

Micro scooter with strong Velcro


£16.95, www.microscooters.co.uk


Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall

down! Little ones will have lots

of wibbly wobbly fun with Peppa

and her friends. This 4 pack of

Weebles figures includes Peppa

Pig, Suzy Sheep, Danny Dog and

Rebecca Rabbit.

£14.99, Argos


Each Dino Ranch Vehicle has a

unique feature and includes their

Dino Rancher Figure sidekick.

£12.99, Amazon, Argos, The

Entertainer, Hamleys, Selfridges

& Co


Help children with identifying

emotions and learning about

themselves and others with Who’s

Feeling What?

£12.50, www.learningresources.



These specially designed Gruffalo

scooter gloves are perfect for

scooting, cycling and blading.

£10.95, www.microscooters.co.uk


This mini Joseph Joseph Nest 9

is made to look and work just like

the real thing but for little hands.

£10, Smythstoys.com


Fraction Circles make learning

maths hands on and fun.

£9.99, www.shopedx.co.uk

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4 5 6


8 9

10 11 12


14 15

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To d d l e r Pr e s c h ool


Put their best foot forward with this season’s awesome boys shoes from

the likes of Start-Rite, Schuh, Deichmann and more

Above: These adorable Start-Rite x JoJo Maman Bébé Chums first walking pre-school shoes are designed

for all-terrain fun with a lion-tastic design kids will love.

£45 from www.startriteshoes.com

Right (top to bottom):

1. Start-Rite Lucky Boys’ School Shoes, £45, www.startriteshoes.com

2. Start-Rite Meteor Boys’ School Trainers, £46, www.startriteshoes.com

3. Explore red leather boys riptape pre-school shoes, £45, www.startriteshoes.com

4. Bobux Timber Boot, from £47, www.bobux.co.uk

5. Moshulu Nemo Welly Boots in Indigo Woodland, £35, www.moshulu.co.uk

6. Joules Kids Roll Up Tiger Rubber Wellies, £29.95, www.allsole.com

7. Polo Ralph Lauren navy & white Sayer Boys Junior Trainers, £55 from Schuh.co.uk

8. New Balance navy & red 327 Boys Junior Trainers, £60, Schuh.co.uk

9. Hush Puppies Junior Boys Leather Sporty Twin Strap School Shoes, £29.99, www.deichmann.com

10. Paw Patrol Boys Blue Touch Strap Trainers, £14.99, www.deichmann.com

11. Moshulu Mini Glace Kids spotty felt slippers, £29, www.moshulu.co.uk

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8 9



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Haven of Festive Yumminess


The Box of Delights Hamper from SLOAN!

favourite Dukeshill includes savoury delights like

Boneless Wiltshire Ham, Oak Smoked Salmon,

Colston Bassett Stilton, Extra Large Melton

Mowbray Pork Pie, Chicken Liver Pâté with Port,

and Boxing Day Chutney. Sweet treats include

Extra Large Christmas Pudding, Classic Mince

Pies, Handmade Scottish Shortbread, Turkish

Delight Selection. A bottle of La Grande Marque

Saumur Brut rounds things off.

£250 from www.dukeshillham.co.uk


Copas have been providing turkeys to an evergrowing

legion of satisfied customers for over six

decades. Their award-winning free range whole

bronze turkey feed a crowd with plenty of juicy meat

and a rich traditional flavour. It’s safe to say that

Copas turkeys truly are the cream of the coop, free

range, hand plucked and game hung for two weeks.

Each bird comes boxed with giblets, recipe leaflet &

handy pop-up timer. Whole turkey start from £92.25.

Available from www.copasturkeys.co.uk

Devon Hampers

The Caring Package Hamper is filled with a

carefully curated array of treats that will make

the recipient feel very spoiled and cherished.

They’ll enjoy the sublime tastes of fudge,

chocolate, biscuits and popcorn, all made by

carefully selected artisan producers from Devon

and Cornwall, and the incredible flavours of

Tarquin Cornish Dry Gin mixed with Fevertree

Tonic Water.

From £89.50 at www.devonhampers.com


A breathtaking centrepiece, the Belgian Chocolate

Assorted Fruit Luxury Selection is a real feast

for the senses. Packed with fruity goodness, the

luxury gift box includes, premium real pate de fruit

raspberries, dark chocolate crystallised ginger sticks,

sweet dark chocolate pears, delicious dark chocolate

candied orange sticks, juicy dark chocolate amarena

cherries, divine dark chocolate covered figs, sweet

milk chocolate candied orange sticks and finally

tangy lemon slices dipped in dark chocolate.

£60 from www.farhi.co.uk

Two Magpies

Two Magpies Bakery in Suffolk has created a

range of goodies for Christmas that make perfect

stocking fillers or gift ideas for those who like the

finer things.

The treat-packed Sweet Hamper is brimming over

with scrumptious handmade goodies produced

by the expert Two Magpies team. Each hamper

includes three jams, Florentines, Christmas

Pudding, Spiced Gingerbread Granola and Milk

Chocolate Fudge & Pretzel bark.

£60 from www.twomagpiesbakery.co.uk

60 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

From traditional turkey and luxury hampers to Belgian chocolates

and handmade goodies, there’s something for everyone to enjoy eating

during the festive season in our top five foodie favourites

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Festive Fizz

1. Champagne Laurent-Perrier Cuveé Rosé

This year’s Cuveé Rosé Bamboo Robe, inspired by the rich flora and fauna of

the tropical jungle, is an ornate addition to any festive occasion, whether serving

an aperitif pre-Christmas dinner party or gifting to a loved one. The Cuveé Rosé

serve itself is renowned for its exceptional complexity and noteworthy smoothness,

made from an 100% Pinot Noir blend.

£74.99 from The Champagne Company

2. Champagne Lallier Grand Rosé

Fruit dominates the fragrance of Lallier Grand Rosé with

of fresh cherries, redcurrants and raspberries, combined

with notes of fresh apple and mandarin. On the palate,

greediness sets the tone with red fruits and floral notes.

Intense freshness takes over to finish with a delicately

acidic and salty length.

£57 from The Whisky Exchange

3. Pommery Brut Rosé NV

This fine and fruity champagne is distinguished by its fleshy note while

remaining lively, fresh and highly subtle. A blend of rosé and Pinot Noir of

Bouzy Grand Cru. Its colour comes from Pinot Noir grapes. The

champagne is stored in a cellar for three years to

develop the distinctive properties of Pommery

Rosé. Delicate pale pink with light salmon tones.

£49.99 from Ocado, Waitrose and Majestic

4. Pommery Brut Royal

Lively and cheerful, this wine is fresh, light-hearted, delicate and generous in

taste. Very aromatic, with notes of yellow, fleshy apple, ripe citrus and a touch

of brioche, vanilla and almond. With a focus on elegance and length the

wine offers a clean palate at the end without any dryness. Everything is

in harmony and never tires the palate. The wine is pale yellow with

slight green reflections.

£40 from Waitrose, Ocado, Sainsbury’s and Majestic

5. Ridgeview Fitzrovia Rosé


The Fitzrovia Rosé is a delicate salmon colour with an abundance of fine bubbles and

a fresh fruit finish. Serve as a refreshing aperitif or it can pair beautifully with smoked

salmon dishes or prosciutto.

£35 from www.ridgeview.co.uk







6. Hattingley Valley Classic Reserve NV

The award-winning Classic Reserve is pale gold in colour with delicate and

fine long-lasting bubbles – the perfect drink for a Christmas celebration. The

beautifully complex bouquet combines aromas of green apples with creamy nougat, freshly baked

brioche and delicate toasted notes from ageing in bottle. On the palate, the complexity continues with

notes of soft lemon sherbet, biscuit and a subtle oak character. Refreshing and perfectly balanced, with

a delightfully long finish.

£32 from Waitrose and hattingleyvalley.com

62 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com




7. Chapel Down English Rosé NV

A classic blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Blanc,

this rosé sparkling wine has aromas of redcurrant, strawberry and rosehip. A

delicate rose petal pink, the fine and persistent bubbles within pair wonderfully

with light canapés to kick off the festive celebrations.

£29 from Ocado and Amazon

8. Heidsieck Monopole Blue Top Brut

With Heidsieck Monopole Blue Top you see structure, roundness and

complexity emerge throughout the entire tasting. Initially, through the nose,

you are given yellow fruits and in particular peach. The promise offered by

the aromas in the nose is more than delivered by a round

mouth, subtle attack and good length. The mouth, like

the nose, is dominated by fruit – peaches, cherry plums

and then oranges. The wine is pale yellow in colour with

brilliant reflections.

£28 from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Co-op, Morrisons, Asda and Ocado

9. Graham Beck Blanc de Blancs 2017

Bright lime green colour with rich aromas of fresh limes, green apples, pears

and lemon zest on the nose. Delicately balanced flavours of succulent citrus,

brioche and spice combines with yeasty complexity, broadening the palate

with layered textures and leading to a long finish.

£19.99 from Majestic, Handford Wines, North and

South Wines, Simply Wines Direct, Frontier Fine



10. Bolney Wine Estate Cuvée Rosé

Bolney Wine Estate in the heart of Sussex is one of the oldest commercial

vineyards in the UK, and is also celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

The vineyard is known for its innovative and pioneering winemaking

techniques, beautiful location, and as a leader of the English winemaking

industry. Cuvée Rosé is fresh, delicate and crisp. It has lovely red fruit

flavours of cranberry and red apple.

£38 from bolneywineestate.com


11. Della Vite Valdobbiadene

Prosecco Superiore NV

Della Vite is a wildly delicious and sustainably produced Prosecco created by

the Delevingne sisters that is available on Vivino. Vivino is the world’s largest

online wine marketplace and most downloaded wine app with a community

made up of millions of wine drinkers from around the world.

£21.99 from www.vivino.com


12. Ridgeview Bottle Stopper

The perfect stocking filler this Christmas, available in four colours including

black. Once you have opened your bottle of bubbly, this clever little stopper

can be used to maintain fizz and flavour. The airtight seal is strong enough for

the bottle to be transported or stored on its side, allowing you to savour your

celebration for longer after the cork goes pop!

£5 from www.ridgeview.co.uk

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Luxury Life


Frimley Hall Hotel & Spa is a perfect romantic hideaway and for those mixing business with pleasure

Frimley Hall Hotel & Spa is a striking and spacious Victorian

manor house set in its own beautifully landscaped gardens. It

is the ideal destination for those looking to relax and unwind

64 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Frimley Hall Hotel & Spa is a striking and spacious

Victorian manor house set in its own mature and

beautifully landscaped gardens in Surrey, only 45

minutes from London. This delightful hotel is the ideal

destination for anyone looking to relax and unwind

in a setting which feels truly luxurious, secluded, and


The perfect romantic hideaway, Frimley Hall Hotel &

Spa is also well located for those combining business

with pleasure, with easy access to the M3 and M25,

London just an hour and 15 minutes by train and

Heathrow Airport only 16 miles away. The hotel is

also just 10 minutes from Farnborough Airport.

Elegant, stylish designs, plush fabrics and rich, soft

furnishings combine with original period features and

furniture for a delightfully authentic stay in the English


Whether you opt for a standard room, deluxe room or

a suite, you’ll find inviting beds, flatscreen TVs and

spacious en-suites with separate showers and luxury

ELEMIS toiletries as part of a memorable break.

Frimley Hall Hotel & Spa’s talented chefs create

a wonderful selection of dishes using impeccably

sourced ingredients, combining immaculate

presentation with fabulous flavours to offer seasonally

inspired menus for lunch and dinner.

The Linden Restaurant is the perfect setting to enjoy a

menu featuring traditional British food with a modern

twist, while the Sandhurst Bar and Gold Room Lounge

is the ideal location to enjoy your favourite cocktail or

draught beer in a relaxed atmosphere.

Business executives needing space to reflect and plan

will appreciate the range of meeting and conference

facilities on offer at Frimley Hall Hotel & Spa.

The hotel’s three flexible, air-conditioned meeting

spaces can be adapted to suit any style of business

meeting or corporate event, in rooms which retain their

original character and benefit from natural daylight


Whether you’re looking to work up a sweat in the

fitness suite, relax by the pool or indulge in a luxurious

ELEMIS spa treatment, Frimley Hall Hotel & Spa’s

leisure club has something for everyone.

Frimley Hall Hotel & Spa is proud to partner with

Jennifer Young – the founder of Beauty Despite

Cancer – and to be one of the first hotel groups in the

UK to offer spa treatments to people living with and

beyond cancer. Guests will always have the option of

substituting ELEMIS treatments with Jennifer Young


Read the full review on sloanmagazine.com

Frimley Hall Hotel & Spa

Lime Avenue, Camberley, Surrey GU15 2BG

0344 879 9110


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Lexus RX

Over two decades since the launch of the original RX, this

worldwide best-selling model continues to push boundaries

The RX is one of the most

significant models in Lexus’s

history. The original RX,

launched in 1998, was a unique

proposition in its day: an SUV that

was luxurious, comfortable and

easy to drive, particularly in urban

environments where conventional

4x4s proved unwieldy.

Lexus has constantly improved

the RX which has quickly become

its worldwide best-selling model.

Cumulative global sales to date

have reached three million units.

Its importance to the brand is

witnessed by the fact it became

Lexus’s – and the world’s

– first luxury self-charging

hybrid vehicle, with the market

introduction of the RX 400h in


In 2020 the RX benefited from

further improvements in a

series of design, technical and

dynamic upgrades that go well

beyond the usual level of changes

implemented in a product’s

mid-lifecycle, in line with

Lexus’s determination to exceed

customers’ expectations.


Chief Engineer Takeaki Kato said:

“In developing the new model

I was determined to keep and

further refine the ‘one-of-a-kind’

value that only the RX could

create, something which has been

cultivated since the first

generation.” The changes he

and his team have delivered are

led by new, evolutionary styling

that maintains the RX’s powerful

and sporty appearance, while

introducing more elegant elements

and creating a coherent flow from

front to rear, giving the vehicle a

stronger, unified look.


SLOAN! got behind the wheel of

the RX450h Takumi. One of our

favourite advanced driver assist

features is the Adaptive Highbeam

System (AHS) with a worldfirst

BladeScan technology. This

Lexus created the concept of the luxury SUV and was the

first to bring electrified power to the premium car market,

17 years ago. The RX 450h+ plug-in hybrid electric SUV is

poised to become the top choice for European customers

66 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Behind The Wheel

provides even better illumination

by adjusting light distribution to

avoid dazzling other road users,

instead of switching the headlights

to low beam. It gives the driver a

wider field of illumination than

conventional LED array-type

headlights, with smooth and fine

light distribution. The technology

addresses the fact that many

pedestrian accidents happen

during night-time driving, making

it easier for the driver to see

pedestrians on the road margin

further ahead.


We also loved the 360-degree

Panoramic View Monitor,

standard on the RX Takumi. This

uses an array of cameras that give

the driver an all-round view of the

vehicle’s location, plus a bird’s eye

view for even better sight of the

vehicle’s immediate surroundings.

The Panoramic View Monitor

can reveal obstacles, hazards and

other vehicles that may be hidden

from view from the driver’s seat,

eliminating any blind spots. When

steering the car into parallel or

series parking spaces, the Parking

Assist Monitor can add guidelines

to the real-time camera images

to help the driver steer precisely,

while front and rear sensors will

We put the Lexus RX450h Takumi through its paces including a trip to

Tylney Hall... Mini Sloan couldn’t wait to get in the driver’s seat!

sound an alert as the vehicle

moves closer to another car or



LexusLink gives the RX excellent

connectivity, accessed via a

dedicated app. It’s introduced

with a range of useful functions,

including Find my Car, Driving

Analytics, Last Mile Guidance

and Active Safety Plan to

automatically notify a chosen

contact via SMS in the event of an



The Mark Levinson Premium

Surround System in the Takumi

grade model was designed

specifically to work within

the interior architecture of the

vehicle to ensure the best possible

listening experience throughout

the cabin. It comprises 15

speakers: front and centre Unity

9cm tweeters, a front elliptical

woofer, two rear 2.5cm tweeters,

two rear 17cm full range speakers,

two 9cm satellite mid-range units

and a 20cm rear sub-woofer.

The Lexus RX450h Takumi starts

from £67,265 OTR

Discover more about the Lexus RX

at www.lexus.co.uk

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Tylney Hall Hotel

Sitting in 66 acres of countryside

near Hook, Hampshire, Tylney

Hall Hotel & Gardens is a grand

Victorian Grade II listed house

with the longest uninterrupted

view in Hampshire, lined by giant

Redwoods. Tylney Hall served as

a hospital for soldiers in the first

World War and eventually became a

school before opening as a hotel in


The Gertrude Jekyll-designed

gardens are a real highlight, with

striking water features and lakes,

an Italian Garden and a wild orchid

meadow plus azalea and rose

gardens. There are walking and

jogging trails, and garden tours

in the summer months with Head

Gardener Paul Tattersdill.

Guests enter the hotel via Tylney

Hall’s Great Hall, panelled in

exquisite Italian walnut. The hotel

has 112 individually-designed

bedrooms and suites – all decorated

in traditional style, in keeping with

the hotel’s heritage – with some dogfriendly

rooms available. Afternoon

Tea (from £35 pp) is served in front

of a roaring log fire in the elegant

lounge, which features an ornate

ceiling that was originally designed

for The Grimation Palace in Florence

and which was carefully relocated,

piece by piece, at Tylney Hall.

Dinner is a grand affair in the

2 AA-Rosette The Oak Room

Restaurant. Overseen by Executive

Head Chef Mike Lloyd, feast on

signature lunch and dinner dishes

with a British twist plus seasonal

specialities such as Cornish Scallops

or Châteaubriand. A carefully-chosen

wine list complements each menu;

expert pastry chefs enjoy creating

celebration cakes such as White

Chocolate & Raspberry Ripple

gateau (advance booking required).

The hotel’s Health Suite features

an indoor pool, five treatment

rooms with a Manicure & Pedicure

studio plus a gym. There is a

superb outdoor heated pool (May-

September) set within a private

walled garden, plus croquet, a hard

tennis court and a snooker room.

Archery, clay pigeon shooting, and

even hot air ballooning can all be

arranged and there is a nearby golf

course too.

To read the full review, please visit


Rotherwick, Hook RG27 9AZ

+44 (0)1256 764881


68 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com


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Tasty Tipples


Our favourite rum is £60 from Waitrose Cellar


Our favourite Spanish brandy is £72 from

Amazon, Whisky Exchange and Master of Malt


The world’s first smoked

silver tequila is £52 from

Harvey Nichols


Letterbox-friendly ready-to-serve

cocktails expertly crafted by master

mixologist Patrick Pistolesi. Box of

6 is £39 from niococktails.co.uk

70 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com


Our favourite gin liqueur is £37.90 from



This Passion Fruit Martini Bottled

Cocktail is our favourite ready-to-serve

Pornstar Martini. £24 for 500ml from



Our favourite plant-based mixed spirit

cream liqueur made with tequila is £16.50

from goodtimein.co.uk


The perfect option for adding a tropical

twist to your tipples this festive season. £10

from Amazon and Waitrose & Partners

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Country Life

Barnett Hill

Barnett Hill is a 56-bedroom 4-star luxury hotel

nestled in 26 acres of gardens & woodland in the

Surrey Hills, just south of Guildford.

Barnett Hill was originally the private home of the

famed Thomas Cook family. Perched atop a hill with

panoramic views and revealing itself at the end of a

winding tree-lined drive, this Queen Anne mansion

is ‘a gingerbread-brick palace’ according to The


Contemporary and design-led, the boutique rooms,

suites and residences are appointed with chic

designer furnishings and spread across the main

Mansion House, Gardener’s Cottage and Courtyard,

there is something for everyone. Couples can enjoy

a romantic getaway in a fabulous four-poster suite.

Outdoor lovers can enjoy a countryside escape with

their four-legged friend whilst staying in the dogfriendly

Courtyard rooms. The hotel is also family

friendly. Kids will love sleeping and relaxing in their

very own teepee.

Guests can enjoy a seasonally inspired menu in The

Oak Room restaurant. The 2-AA rosette restaurant

is perfect for a posh date night or equally good for

a more casual evening. There’s plenty to admire

from the stylish and generous food to the cosy open

fireplace and garden views.

Barnett Hill enjoys breathtaking views of the Surrey

Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Situated in

a peaceful rural setting the hotel makes for a perfect

getaway and is at the heart of some beautiful cycling

and walking routes.

Barnett Hill launches its festive afternoon teas on

December 5th. From delicate finger sandwiches

to homemade scones and freshly baked Christmas

treats, it’s the perfect festive indulgence. Beautifully

decorated, the hotel has cosy log fires a plenty and

plenty of nooks and crannies to snuggle in or catch

up with friends.

Read the full review on sloanmagazine.com

Blackheath Lane, Guildford GU5 0RF

+44 (0)1483 893361


72 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

A family friendly

hotel to revel

in life’s little



and design-led,

the boutique

rooms, suites

and residences

are appointed

with chic


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Party Season Drinks

From top shelf tipples to super

soft drinks, don’t miss

these SLOAN!

favourites off your

festive drinks list












9 16

1. Hattiers Resolute Navy Strength Rum £56 www.hattiers.com | 2. PATRÓN Añejo £48 Amazon and The Whisky

Exchange | 3. H by Hine Cognac £38 Master Of Malt, The Whisky Exchange & bbr.com | 4. Smoked Old Fashioned

One-Litre Cocktail Pouch £37 www.thecocktailsociety.uk | 5. Starwood Left Field Single Malt Australian Whisky £35

Waitrose, Master of Malt and The Whisky Exchange | 6. The Balvenie Doublewood 12 Year Old £41 Harvey Nichols

and The Whisky Shop | 7. Cove Passion Liqueur £33 www.devoncove.co.uk | 8. One Eyed Rebel Fiery Spiced Rum

£34.99 Selfridges | 9. Bumbu Cream £29.99 Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Master of Malt and Amazon | 10. Wild Turkey

£27.50 Amazon | 11. Sicilian Lemonade (12 x 27cl) £21.30 luscombe.co.uk | 12. Cranberry Crush (12 x 27cl) £21.30

luscombe.co.uk | 13. Damascene Rose Bubbly (12 x 27cl) £21.30 luscombe.co.uk | 14. Hot Ginger Beer (12 x 27cl) £21.30

74 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com













22 26

luscombe.co.uk | 15. Duppy Share Rum Pink Ting-A-Ling Cocktail (6 x 250ml cans) £13.50 www.theduppyshare.

com | 16. Ginger Beer Gift Set £12.99 luscombe.co.uk | 17. SWISH Cocktails from £3.50 swishcocktails.com | 18.

Belvoir Farm Non-Alcoholic Lime & Yuzu Mojito £2.95 Ocado and Waitrose | 19. Belvoir Farm Non-Alcoholic

Passionfruit Martini £2.95 Ocado and Waitrose | 20. Crème de Cacao à la Vanille £30 bbr.com | 21. Spirit of

Yorkshire Cream Liqueur £25.50 www.spiritofyorkshire.com | 22. Soberano 12 Gran Reserva £20 Ocado, Amazon,

Master of Malt | 23. Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge £19 Sainsbury’s | 24. Gonzalez Byass Nectar Pedro Ximenez

£18 The Whisky Exchange, Ocado, Simply Wine Direct, Master of Malt | 25. Truffle Gin £80 cambridgedistillery.

co.uk | 26. Kentucky Owl The Wiseman Bourbon £60 Master of Malt, Amazon, The Whisky Exchange | 27.

Salcombe Rum ‘Island Street’ £35 for 50cl www.salcombegin.com

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Situated in a traditional Grade

II listed building, The Georgian,

Coppa Club channels its own

distinct character and identity.

Taking inspiration from Tudor and

Georgian architectural movements

- which inspired the property’s

name - The Georgian, Coppa

Club is defined by a seamless

combination of the traditional

and contemporary style, blending

interiors that nod to the building’s

history with modernist flares.

The Grade II listed property is

laden with charm, featuring a

garden terrace with a large fire

pit, three iconic pods and a series

of events designed specifically

for locals to enjoy throughout

the seasons. The Georgian,

Coppa Club is an escape for

the community of Haslemere,

a destination which belongs to

everyone and where visitors

and locals alike can enjoy these

exceptional facilities to work, eat,

drink, meet, relax and stay. Those

who choose to stay overnight at

the clubhouse will find all they

could ever need at their fingertips,

in a location that skilfully balances

Coppa Club’s escape-from-home

ethos with practicality and style.

Providing guests with a

welcoming, relaxed atmosphere

matched with great experiences,

The Georgian, Coppa Club offers

the very best food and drink

options that Coppa Club is known

and loved for. Complete with

a café, bar, restaurant, lounge,

terrace and private dining space,

available from morning to night,

visitors can pop in with their

laptop for a morning coffee or a

casual business meeting, sit for

cocktails at the bar or in a cosy

booth for an indulgent dinner.

Guests staying in the individually

designed hotel rooms can enjoy

a delicious breakfast through to

an evening drink in one of the

clubhouse’s cosy corners.

Fun interior design features

include: a Georgian inspired

patterned floor and strong deep

green of the Georgian panelling

in the Entrance Bar; ‘Bonbon’

lanterns in the Restaurant creating

an atmospheric glow; and an

inside outside feel in the private

spaces a snug with terracotta floor

tiles and panelling to match, an

encaustic tiled fireplace, creating

the perfect place for a private

party. In the Bar Lounge, a snug

feel is emulated through dark

panelling offering the perfect

place to have a cosy drink or dine.

Taking the lead in pet friendly

hospitality, the ground floor is a

space for dogs as well as humans.

A seasonal menu features a

modern take on British and

Mediterranean classics. From

a 10oz Ribeye to Cauliflower

Shawarma there is something for

everyone. Healthy specials include

Coppa Club highlights such as

Sea Reared Trout on the Plancha,

Pea, Broad Bean and Courgette

Bruschetta, and a Chopped Green

Goddess salad. Further options

include a great selection of fresh

pasta and sourdough pizza, perfect

for devouring at any time of day.

Coppa Club provides an inclusive

dining experience by catering

to a wide range of dietary

requirements, including vegan,

gluten-free, and nut allergies.

Diners looking to add further

flair to their meals will enjoy an

inventive cocktail menu, with

no and low cocktails on offer in

partnership with Trip CBD and

Crossip. An emerging trend that

enables people to unwind and

relax, Trip CBD cocktails have

genuine health benefits that reduce

stress, enhance sleep and boost the

immune system – enabling guests

to feel better than they did when

they arrived. A Coppa favourite

is the ‘Peach Trip’ cocktail which

has been curated with TRIP

peach and ginger CBD infused

oil and apple juice. Non-alcoholic

cocktails also include the

‘Sanguinello Spritz’ – a delicious

combination of Crossip Pure

Hibiscus, Fever Tree blood orange

soda, rosemary and a citrus twist.

Read the full review on


High St, Haslemere GU27 2JY

+44 (0)1491 525 879



The Georgian, Coppa Club is

the tenth property to join the

brand’s portfolio of clubhouses

and third hotel location. – offering

an all-day lifestyle venue and 13

individually designed bedrooms.

With ten separate locations now

currently found in the South-

East and West of England, the

brand has a private members’

club feel, without any members

club fees. Each venue reflects its

individual location and offers an

informal, welcoming, and relaxed

atmosphere with Streatley-on-

Thames and Sonning-On-Thames

offering riverside hotel bedrooms


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Balmer Lawn Hotel & Spa

Balmer Lawn is a luxury 4-star hotel & spa

nestled in the heart of the ancient New Forest

offering guests a relaxing retreat from busy lives

Located at the edge of

Brockenhurst, Balmer Lawn

Hotel & Spa ensures the perfect

combination of old-fashioned

values with a modern twist with its

tasteful blend of contemporary and

traditional décor.

Less than a 2-hour drive from

London and half an hour from the

coast, its New Forest location is

perfect for a relaxing retreat from

the hustle and bustle. Steeped in

history, this iconic hotel is home to

54 comfortable rooms and prides

itself on welcoming families and

even their four-legged friends.

Serving locally sourced

ingredients and seasonal dishes, its

award-winning restaurant bears a 2

AA Rosette for fine dining. While

its cosy outdoor bar, the Lodge

Kitchen and Bar, is equipped with

outdoor heaters, fluffy blankets

and comfy seating to help you

relax with your friends and family.

Whether you’re looking to warm

up after a day’s walking, or

you’d simply like to enjoy some

delicious cocktails, the restaurant’s

floor-to-ceiling windows will

allow you to take in the beautiful

surrounding views.

Guests can also indulge in bespoke

treatments from the Saltus Spa;

with 6 modern treatment rooms

and a relaxation room. The perfect

antidote after a long day of

woodland walks.

In addition to their stay, families

have plenty of things to do around

the hotel from exploring the

grand Beaulieu Estate to taking

a leisurely hike through the

New Forest or even visiting the

National Motor Museum.

Read the full review on


Lyndhurst Road, Brockenhurst,

New Forest SO42 7ZB

01590 623 116


78 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com

Holiday Inn Oxford

Close to the city centre and within easy access to

Oxford Parkway train station for direct links to

London and designer outlets at Bicester Village

The Holiday Inn Oxford

has unveiled a £1million

refurbishment to transform its

public spaces and showcase a

brand new Open Lobby concept

on the ground floor.

The stylish Open Lobby, designed

to provide guests with one multifaceted

public space to eat, meet,

relax, socialise and work as they

choose, will revolutionise the

way guests live and interact at the

Oxford hotel, just three miles from

the town centre.

The Holiday Inn Oxford is ideally

located, close to the city centre

and within easy access to Oxford

Parkway train station for direct

links to London and designer

outlet shopping at Bicester Village

Retail Park. Popular nearby

attractions include The University

of Oxford’s historic buildings, the

Ashmolean Museum, birthplace

of Winston Churchill and baroque

Blenheim Palace which is just a

10-minute drive from the hotel.

The Holiday Inn Oxford offers

free on-site parking for hotel

residents, free WiFi, 24-hour

room service, a mini gym and a

restaurant. The hotel is also very

family friendly, where children

can stay and eat for free. The

hotel is also well equipped to

host meetings and events with

11 modern meeting rooms at the

Academy Conference Centre.

Read the full review on


Peartree Roundabout, Oxford,


0371 942 9086

The traditionally separate zones

of a reception, lobby, bar, lounge,

restaurant and business centre have

been merged into one cohesive ‘Open

Lobby’ space where guests can operate

in a more instinctive, flexible and

homely way

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Have An Enchanting

Christmas With Your Family

From Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park in the award-winning New Forest

National Park to Christmas clothing from Disney and the latest Play Kits from

Lovevery, we have got you covered this festive season

Paultons Park at Christmas

Internationally acclaimed attraction, Paultons Park, has announced

the return of its popular ‘A Celebration of Christmas’ extravaganza,

with tickets on sale now.

Throughout December, Paultons Park will be festooned with magical

illuminations to celebrate Christmas on selected dates from Saturday 3

December until Friday 23 December 2022.

Peppa Pig World will become a festive wonderland as one of the

UK’s most loved pre-school characters greets guests in her unique

seasonal attire. The park’s newest themed land Tornado Springs

will also be draped in merry decorations with selected rides open

for Christmas including those in Lost Kingdom and Critter Creek.

Back by popular demand, the entrance plaza will host an

enchanting light show featuring a giant musical Christmas tree

coming to life every 15 minutes. Father Christmas will make a

special guest appearance in Santa’s Christmas Wish show and

Santa’s Storytime show, and guests can pre-book a brand-new and

exclusive Santa ‘meet and greet’.

With a special meet and greet ticket add-on, families will have the

opportunity to spend quality and guaranteed time with Santa Claus

and have a professional family photo taken to mark the moment of

meeting the man himself.

James Mancey, Operations Director at Paultons Park, said: “Each year

our team works hard to create a family friendly winter schedule of

events. Families enjoy a magical day at Paultons Park all year round,

and for the festive season we aim to ensure the park is fittingly

enchanting. It has become a tradition for many families to return,

year after year, to experience how we have tailored the park to

help our guests celebrate their favourite winter holiday.”

All festive live entertainment runs daily throughout the event

from the park’s comfortable undercover seated arena.

Situated in the award-winning New Forest National Park,

Hampshire, Paultons Park has been recognised as one of the world’s

leading attractions by Tripadvisor and held the title as the UK’s

best-rated amusement park for an unbeaten five years in a row.

Tickets can be pre-booked online for ‘A Celebration of Christmas’

and early booking is advised to avoid disappointment.

To find out more information and book tickets, please visit the

Paultons Park website: www.paultonspark.co.uk or visit

www.paultonsbreaks.com to explore short break deals.

80 SLOAN! www.sloanmagazine.com | E-mail us at editorial@sloanmagazine.com


Lovevery, has expanded its subscription Play Kits program for

three to four-year-olds. Each of the four new Play Kits is packed

full of expert-designed Playthings and guidance for parents,

delivered at just the right developmental stage.

The Play Kits include books to reflect real-life experiences,

in addition to Playthings, activities, and parent resources for

purposeful play and STEM learning, such as the Squeeze &

Spray Mop, Plan Ahead Weather Board, Wooden Emotional

Dolls, Montessori-inspired Maths Bars & Number Tiles, and the

Red Dot Award-winning Modular Playhouse. The Play Kits

by Lovevery are available from ages 0-48 months

and deliver at 2-3 month intervals with

a subscription.

£120 from www.lovevery.co.uk

Disney Pixar

Cars Organic

Cotton Pyjamas

£15 from


Mickey & Friends

Vintage Christmas

Sweatshirt for


£28 from


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Inspired by the compact luxury of first-class air

travel, YOTEL is for those who are seeking a

different type of travel experience

Inspired by the compact luxury of

first-class air travel, YOTEL is for

those who find traditional hotels

uninspiring and are seeking a

different type of travel experience.

Each YOTEL space is unique with

its own personality, connected by a

sense of community where guests

can work, rest, and play.

YOTEL’s distinct, compact rooms

are cleverly designed to maximise

space, offering guests everything

they need without excess.

YOTEL is the ideal hotel for busy

people on-the-go who value time

and efficiency.

Dedicated to creating the world’s

smartest hotels, YOTEL features

contactless self-service stations for

check-in, check-out, and upgrades.

They even have luggage and room

service robots at select locations.

Perfect for people who want to

get up and go, YOTEL’s signature

SmartBed transforms from a

comfy couch to a slumber-friendly

flatbed. The rooms also feature

adjustable mood lighting to help

you relax even more. For those

wanting to keep their finger on the

pulse, there is also super fast WiFi.

YOTEL is the perfect balance

between efficiency, technology,

and style, combined with great

locations all over the globe.

With ambitious plans for rapid

growth to open 50 hotels by

2025, the brand currently holds

22 properties in sought after

cities worldwide across YOTEL,


In our wonderful capital city, there

is YOTEL London Shoreditch,

YOTEL London City in

Clerkenwell and for those jetting

off on business or pleasure, there

is a landside YOTELAIR London

Gatwick Airport.

We reviewerd YOTEL London

Shoreditch, a mere one minute

walk from Bethnal Green tube on

Cambridge Heath Road. Read our

review on sloanmagazine.com


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Aptel East

Located in the popular Spitalfields area of East

London, Aptel East has 33 spacious suites for solo

business executives, couples and families of four

Founded by credible entrepreneur,

Karan Uppal, ‘Aptel’ is a new

and innovative aparthotel brand,

which sets out to provide both

corporate and leisure guests with

a modern and comfortable ‘home

away from home’ via stylish and

fully serviced apartments with

high-tech energy efficient systems


Committed to creating a smooth

experience on arrival and

departure, guests are provided

with a unique access code to their

designated suite via a touchscreen

device - which can also be

accessed via their smartphone

- whilst also benefitting from

the added security a 24-hour

concierge service.

The first Aptel site, Aptel East,

opened its doors in October 2021,

with additional Aptel sites forecast

to open in London and other UK

city locations in 2023 and beyond.

Aptel East is a short distance

from Whitechapel and Aldgate

East tube stations and popular

London neighbourhoods such as

Shoreditch, Tower Bridge and

St Katharine Docks. There are

33 spacious apartments with a

luxury yet welcoming feeling

bedroom, kitchenette, living space

and bathroom with spa quality

monsoon shower. contactless

check-in, air conditioning, high

speed wi-fi, high-end appliances

and bespoke designer furnishings.

Guests are also provided with

fluffy white towels and luxury


169-171 Commercial Rd, London

E1 2DA

+44 (0)20 7052 3140


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Originally opening its doors in

October 2021, Chourangi is a

leading Indian restaurant which takes

discerning Londoners on a culinary

journey into India’s unexplored

cuisines, especially from the heritage

city of Calcutta’s rich heritage and

artistic cuisine.

Taking its name from Chowringhee,

the oldest and most vibrant quarter of

Calcutta, the restaurant brings alive

a unique culinary tradition that has

been born of centuries of overseas

traders leaving their mark on this

vibrant culture. Just a stone’s throw

from Oxford Circus, Chourangi is

situated at 3 Old Quebec Street,

bringing the distinctive Calcutta

cuisine to Marble Arch right in the

heart of London.

The offering is a unique blend of

British, Dutch, Armenian, French,

Portuguese and Chinese flavours

that have descended over a 300-year

history. The innovative dishes and

recipes have been carefully curated

by Chef turned restaurateur Anjan

Chatterjee, partnering with his dear

friend Aditya Ghosh (lawyer turned

airline entrepreneur). Anjan and

Aditya came up with the concept

over a meal in one of Anjan’s

restaurants a few years ago and it

was Anjan’s dream to put forth the

heritage cuisine of Calcutta on the

global food scene and what better

way to do it than to showcase it in

London – the food capital of the


Highlights on the menu include Tiger

Prawn Tandoori, Welsh Lamb Chops,

Tiger Prawn Malai Curry, BNR

Mutton Curry, Saffron & Pistachio

Kulfi and Langcha Randi.

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3 Old Quebec St, London W1H 7AF

020 3582 2710 | chourangi.co.uk



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London is said to be

the Food Capital of

the World.

Here are a few of our

favourite restaurants,

some you may know

about and some you

should know about!

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YOPO at The Mandrake

Exporting the bold flavours of

Buenos Aires, Santiago and Lima

and bringing them to London,

YOPO showcases these alongside

the very finest seasonal and regional

produce available. YOPO is open

for breakfast, lunch and dinner and

the lounge, with its own entrance on

Newman Street, is open all day with

a light snack menu and coffee and lunches available for take away.

The Mandrake Hotel, 20-21 Newman Street, London W1T 1PG

020 3146 7770 | www.themandrake.com/yopo-restaurant


Artesian has partnered with chef

Angelo Sato, of Humble Chicken in

Soho, to create an exciting new food

menu for The Langham’s celebrated


Launching on 10 November 2022,

the menu has been inspired by

traditional Japanese dishes and

ingredients. Angelo has worked

incredible depth of flavour into the dishes, pushing the boundaries of

conventional bar snacks whilst also retaining the moreish, easy to eat

style that is so well suited to bars.

The Langham, 1C Portland Place, London W1B 1JA

020 7636 1000 | www.artesian-bar.co.uk


Offering a taste of Sicily in Fitzrovia,

Norma is a fabulous restaurant with an

amazing Front-of-House team that clearly

not only adore food but were included

by the Executive Head Chef Giovann

Attard in the experience he was creating

for his diners. Every member had tried

the dishes, even the vegetarians had tried

some of the fish/meat dishes.

The food is spectacular but the team

make this an experience that would keep

you coming back time and time again to

join their raving fan base of regulars.

Full review on sloanmagazine.com

8 Charlotte Street, London W1T 2LS

0203 995 6224 | normalondon.com

Yauatcha City

Yauatcha is a Chinese dim sum

teahouse with two restaurants in

London, in the heart of Soho and

in the City, offering an all-day

grazing experience. Launched in

Soho in 2004, Yauatcha gained

immediate critical acclaim and

received numerous prestigious awards

including a Michelin star.

Yauatcha City opened in May 2015

following the success of the Soho

restaurant. Yauatcha provides a unique

dining experience, offering authentic

dim sum with a contemporary

influence. The renowned menu

includes a wide selection of dim sum

and a list of over 24 types of tea.

The full view of the kitchens allows

passers-by to witness the preparation

of the expertly made dishes.

Full review on sloanmagazine.com

Broadgate Circle EC2M 2QS

0203 817 9888



Wagtail Rooftop Bar & Restaurant is

nestled in the eaves of one of the City of

London’s grandest art-deco buildings.

Foodies and cocktail connoisseurs

are invited to escape to the sky with

unparalleled views, fine wine, exquisite

cocktails and delicious food - morning,

day or night. From breakfast to latenight

suppers and bottomless brunches,

the restaurant and bar provides the

perfect backdrop for any occasion.

Split over two floors, Wagtail includes

a restaurant with two private terraces,

an elegant fully heated and covered

rooftop terrace bar, and an exclusive

private dining room in the cupola,

crowning the building.

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68 King William St EC4N 7HR

020 8161 4442 | wagtaillondon.com

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Award-winning, celebrated chef Aldo Zilli has

designed a signature menu of family-favourite Italian

dishes for the new Lucarelli Restaurant on the iconic

Fifth Floor at Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge. With

room for 60 diners, the Italian restaurant offers guests

an authentic Italian terrace dining experience.

Lucarelli Restaurant is founded by the Sacco Family

and in keeping with their heritage, all dishes on the

menu use ingredients sourced directly from Italy. It

is the perfect setting for families, ladies who lunch,

business dining and couples in a flexible setting for

every person and occasion.

The sophisticated interior is designed to bring

Mediterranean alfresco dining to West London

complete with an open kitchen. This allows diners to

witness cookery theatre while mouth-watering aromas

fill the authentic restaurant.

Dishes are inspired from different regions of Italy

including bruschetta, signature seafood dishes, freshly

made pasta and risottos as well as pizzas topped with

the finest delicacies.

Harvey Nichols, 109-125 Knightsbridge SW1X 7RJ



Quaglino’s, the historic and stylish restaurant located in St James’s,

first opened in 1929 and remains a prominent restaurant in the West

End today. The food menu, created by Head Chef Jack Smith, features

contemporary European cuisine, vibrant dishes and seasonal ingredients.

Guests can sit back and revel in a hard-to-forget sensory experience;

absorbing fantastic live music, 7 days a week, in one of London’s most

elegant settings whilst sipping delicious cocktails and feasting on the

finest food. The limited edition Art Within Mixology cocktail list has

been inspired by the four corners of the globe; East Asia, South America,

Northern Europe and the Mediterranean - making for an exceptional,

unique concoction. Renowned for its legendary, innovative and ever

developing cocktails, this new menu will not disappoint. Head Chef Jack

Smith has expertly created a mouth-watering bar snack menu inspired by

these four regions, that can be perfectly paired with each of the cocktails.

16 Bury St, St. James’s, London SW1Y 6AJ

020 7930 6767 | www.quaglinos-restaurant.co.uk

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As the days get darker

and the temperature

starts to plummet,

Chinatown is the perfect

destination for steamy

soups, hearty hot pots

and lavish laksas all

best enjoyed in good

company. Hot pot consists of a large steaming bowl

of broth that sits in the centre of the table; meats,

vegetables and noodles are then submerged into the

soupy bath and cooked to your preference. Check out

New China for some of the best hot pot in town and

work your way down through Chinatown for Viet

Food’s Rare Beef Pho and the finest Malaysian laksa

at C&R Café. A favourite amongst Chinatown visitors,

Bun House is the go-to spot for steamy bao buns.

Read the review on sloanmagazine.com and discover

more about Chinatown London at chinatown.co.uk


PocketSquare Skyline

Bar and Terrace is the

perfect destination for

fun, expert cocktails

and unbeatable views

this winter. November

sees the launch of

PocketSquare’s most

exciting and playful cocktail menu yet - inspired

by iconic fictional characters – and a new ‘Light &

Warmth’ winter terrace for cosy nights in East London.

9th Floor, Hyatt Place London City East, 45

Whitechapel Road, London E1 1DU

020 8159 1234 | pocketsquare.london

Honest Burgers

The brand new ‘SMASHED by Honest’ burger

will offer a lighter option from £8.50 including

chips across its 43 restaurants up and down the

country. The burger is big on flavour thanks

to the way Honest’s signature beef patty is

smashed and cooked into the grill, locking

in the juices as it’s seared. Inspired by the

popular speedy serves in North America, the

‘SMASHED by Honest’ burger cooks in less

than 2 minutes offering a lighter, lower calorie

burger ideal as a lunch option or for those

looking for a tasty bite on the go.

Read the full review on sloanmagazine.com


3rd Half Bar

Located in the beating heart

of central London, just off

Oxford Street and Park

Lane, steps from Hyde Park

is the brand new sports

bar at Hard Rock Hotel

London, 3rd Half. Offering

an international menu of

burgers, pizzas, spare ribs

and more; 3rd Half is the ultimate place to kick

back and enjoy a wide variety of live sports on hi

resolution tv screens, beer in hand. Just landed in

Hard Rock Hotel London, it is the ultimate place to

enjoy all sports, from football to boxing, rugby to

golf, NFL games and more on SkyTV live sport.

Hard Rock Hotel London, Great Cumberland

Place, London W1H 7DL | 020 7479 5078


Oche The Strand

Oche combines the

excitement of digitised

darts using state-of-theart

technology along

with a mouth-watering

selection of dishes and

cocktails as the perfect

no-compromise way to

enjoy a night of gastro

gaming. For those special

romantic occasions, Oche

also offers a Date Night

Package which includes

85 minutes of darts, the

delectable Chef’s Menu,

and a bottle of sparkling wine for £90 per couple.

105 Strand, London WC2R 0AA

020 4540 5603 | oche.com

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