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nft on sol


is it over?



an intro

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Solana Journey

r0b0sapiens so far.

NFT on Solana

SolscanOffical writes #alpha

Solana Journey 2

NFTPit so far.

80 Sorcies

What to expect

What to expect #alpha


SenoraCrypto review

107 BackPack

SubaruImpreza09 review

108 XCorp


Linkkzyy review

Quest: Citizens

Linkkzyy review

Is it Over?

StackerSatoshi sheds light


Issue 83

The boy stood on the burning deck,

Whence all but he had fled;

The flame that lit the battle’s wreck,

Shone round him o’er the dead.

Alas, it's not over yet. There is a distinct musky smell in the air reminiscent of 2018. If you were there you will

remember it well. Fear. Usually preceding capitulation. Any reprieve will be slight and short lived. Look for the

bottom, you'll know it when you see it. Just like that boy standing on the deck waiting for the call as all around

his world was burning and crumbling.

Another bumer issue to keep you entertained with over 170 pages. Over 100 NFTs curated from the 2 major

exchanges Exchange and Formfunction. I'm sure you have noticed the *new* EDITIONS section that kicks off

each issue of #SHILLzine. The section is a representation of edition nfts available that allow anyone to enter

the scene without breaking the SolBank. Pieces that run at 0.1Sol all the way to 3Sol as an entry to collectible

artists. If you are going to start anywhere then start with an edition.

This issue's main NFT section contains quite a few FLASHBACKS to the OG artists that have been in the space

for 6months or more. Their pieces are still available. Timeless. ZeeWhyEl, LowBrowNative, Caro, FLGArt, Lit

Jesus, GlitchStroke, PinkSkullQueen, Polyline, Ch1llArt, Hipocreate to name a few. If anything give them a

TWEET telling them you saw their piece in #SHILLzine.

And the cover? Something different. Bendolgasm takes the honours this week with a black and white piece.

A few project reviews worth reflecting on. Consider that these were written in Oct 2022. Look at where they

are now. The current state of the market has really hit everything, knocking the wind out of the sails. Will

projects survive?

#SHILLzine still has pieces listed for auction. Every little purchase helps make this magazine worthwhile. Listed

on both FF and Exchg. Proceeds go to helping this magazine grow and become better. All the World's a Stage

is live now https://exchange.art/pixeltoy/ and Do You See Me? https://formfunction.xyz/@Pixeltoy.sol/

Your support via retweets helps #SHILLzine reach a broader audience. Every retweet is greatly appreciated. It

has helped this magazine achieve 525,765 Views across 82 issues. That has to be something?

Ready to dive in?

Enough said. You know the drill.

#SHILLzine is INDEPENDENT. Pixeltoy puts it together. The content used is IMPARTIAL. #SHILLzine neither

AGREES nor DISAGREES. It is presented in these pages as a reflection of the sentiment of the time. Sometimes

controversial. Sometimes exciting. It is presented in these pages so that YOU make your own mind up.


The following 2 pieces is what #SHILLzine collected over the past week.

Revolver #010 @octav





Anyone find it ironic

that two titans in legal

compliance ended up

birthing the complete

opposite of what they stood

for? #ftx

Keep your eyes on...

Rejected f00kers


Secret Sphinx Society


It’s my turn to write my #SolanaJourney . Or how a crypto atheist has been converted and what I believe is the

future of crypto.

When I first heard about crypto my childhood friends were mining BTC on their personal computers. Because

they came from a hacking background, they had been exposed to other previous proto-currencies rugs, so they

sold 800+ BTC at the excellent price of $3/BTC.

As I am a circumspect man, Satoshi’s story seemed suspicious to me and I was sure that at some point it would

all go to zero. But I believed that until last year when I decided to study the crypto industry in depth.

Realising the opportunities that the crypto industry offers, I designed a coin-issuing model based on the number

of kilometres driven by an electric car driver.

All well and good until my then partner told me on the last day that he no longer had the money to start the

project and that I should put up the funds and he would give the money to me later. LOL.

Disillusioned with the time wasted in this business and realising that the time for ICOs has passed, I have refocused.

On the bright side, I discovered Solana and was exposed to #SolanaSummer from the beginning.

There was a time when they minted OG collections and I remember not wanting to mint @thugbirdz because I

didn’t like the art. LOL! A mistake I continued to make, my art-director background pushing me to judge NFTs by

art more than community. Back then DigitalEyes was being built and I remember the many conversations I had

with @jemmmyjemm and @A2KDeFi and the FOMO I had about launching a generative poetry collection. I’m


SHILL Issue #83

eferring here to #NFTPoetry. It was one of the first 10

collections on DigitalEyes.

The success of the collection was quite big and among

the collectors were @Pixeltoy & @StephenCurry30.

@0x_thug saw the collection and asked me to put one

of the poems as background for his @thugbirdz. I happily

sent him a NFTPoetry & he sent me a @thugbird in

return. WOW!

I released a series of 50 of these masks that I either sold

or gave as gifts. I was experiencing enormous joy and

was willing to dedicate myself to the community. That’s

how I got the CAW CAW series of banners out, how

many of you still have them?

I accidentally sent an NFT to an ETH address and that

NFT was gone forever. But I resurrected it as #Phoenix-

NFT and put it up for sale on Digital Eyes.

That NFT was bought by @0xCelon and the artwork

featured on the NFT got me thinking about what was

to become the MF DOMM (all caps!) mask. I mean

the first accessory for another collection, namely @


Seeing that there is a need for accessories for those

thugz who are birdz (or vice versa), I created a series

of accessories for thugz. Thus @PimpMyThug, the first

collection of accessories on $SOL, was born. Or maybe

in the entire history of NFTs? Correct me if I’m wrong.

The original idea was to build a protocol for composing

NFTs but the same “friend” who rugged me in the above

lines, rugged me again. So, I manually placed accessories

over thugz and made lots of friends. Always the bad

is for the better, is my philosophy of life.

It seems like an eternity ago but it was only a few

months. Then @Henry_DeFi (who the fuck is Henry?)

invites me into what was to become #MoustacheDAO

and I set about making 1:1 PFPs for all the members

based on the model I had prepared for #Renegades.

SHILL Issue #83


Then comes HH Lisbon (thank you @larisaNFT) and I’m

glad to meet my fellow @exchgARTcompatriots (no, I

haven’t forgotten! let me know when you have time).

I meet up with brother @Ogibx (the French and the

war, it must be comedy!) and meet @MetaPsilo.

Thanks again for the invitation to the dinner, it was one

of the best evenings in Lisbon where I had the chance

to meet @basketNFT, @SolanaInsiders and all the

other drakes.

At HH roof top party I meet @pit_the_panda, scan it

with @broken_scanner and tell him the idea of the collection

with a single NFT. Remember “King of the Hill”?

If not, even better. You’ll be among the first to know :)


SHILL Issue #83

Not to forget! A BAYC writes me on Telegram “Looking forward to meeting you, old friend”. And I reply “Me too,

@sainteclectic”. In the tent on the ground floor I meet in the flesh one of the most remarkable people in SOL .

Back home with the idea of a product that helps mass-adoption (thanks for the help @0x1dad). I’m getting ready

to launch the #Rengades collection (the MVP of the product I have in mind) but I’m sidetracked by the bad news

that has shaken the entire crypto landscape.

It’s okay, we’re big boys and we can do things better this time. That’s why I’m planning to launch a series of public

audits for the big $SOL products and services to improve the UI/UX user experience and prepare the market

for mass adoption.

I firmly believe that DeFi and NFTs have paved the way for the entire industry for what is to come. And what’s

next is #mass_adoption in crypto. LFG!!!!

SHILL Issue #83







Degen Poet


































LowBrow Native




A Recap of NFT

Movement on Solana

Part one

A coverage of the big moments for Solana NFTs in recent months.

New Developments for NFT Market on Solana:

The recent conversation in Solana NFT Twitter, and more broadly Crypto Twitter, has been fascinating.

Royalties are once again at the heart of the discussion between web3 ethos and practicality in periods

of volatility, while the recent downfall of FTX cast a wide gloom on the ecosystem, with participants taking

taking different options for their own projects.

In this article, we’ll go through the moments that spark the conversation, and how the developments


The big debate on Royalty:

In many ways, NFT is considered one of the more innovative use cases for blockchains. The ability

to have digital ownership, while simultaneously reshape how businesses and culture go together, is a

combination that is primed for social changes. As the Solana market gets more efficient, it seems that

the conversation has gradually shifted in web3, from honouring royalties to making it only optional. Below

here, we recap the conversation and the moments in full.

The Innovation Spark

Innovations in NFT Trading have brought back the conversation on NFT royalty fees for artists. Given

that Solana’s NFT activities are a lot more vibrant than Ethereum, such debates held a broad reach

within the ecosystem.

What’s innovative about these new protocols is their ability to make NFT-Trading more liquid, and a lot

more trader-friendly. Users/projects can create a trade pool AMM-style and let traders ape in and out of

the collection without fear of high volatility and illiquid action. The prime example of this is HadeSwap.

With HadeSwap, artists/users can deploy the collection as LP with concentrated liquidity. Rare items

will only be triggered at specific sections of the price curve.

Another model to this was an order book style, pioneered by TensorHQ. Instead of AMM, the NFTs

essentially are deployed in an order book fashion. Buy-side and sell-side will match for instant liquidity,

as well as price discovery.


SHILL Issue #83


Tensor HQ

Community Reaction

While innovation is generally considered a positive thing, royalties for NFT transactions on these platforms

are also not enforceable, due to the implementation of the Programs. This is a good thing for

traders, especially in a bear market where the royalty fees eat up traders’ profit margins. The roll-out of

the product has enticed a lot of NFT traders, with examples that can be seen here, and here. Comments

from others, as can be seen here, shows that progress in this direction is inevitable, given that NFT is

essentially a token, to begin with, and can be enforced and modified as such.

SHILL Issue #83


On the other hand, this goes against the original ethos for NFTs, which allows artists to earn consistently

on their creations. Projects that utilize and mint through Metaplex Auction House still have royalty

fees enforceable in this regard.

The debate got heightened when Dust Labs (the team behind DeGods and subsequently, y00ts) also

went forward with 0 royalties.

This series of events forced Magic Eden, the biggest NFT marketplace on Solana, to make royalty optional

via its partnership with Coral Cubes, as reported by DeCrypt.

The Solana sentiment on these events has been far and wide, and the development that follows seems

very exciting to watch. For artists, some have been vocal about the significant drop in their revenues,

and others have been concerned about the potential of precedence for other projects to follow, and fully


SHILL Issue #83

divert away from the ethos of Web 3. Metaplex also has gone on and affirmed that enforceable royalties

are in the works, and royalties should be protected.

A more nuanced look comes from Anatoly Yakovenko, the Co-founder of Solana Labs. He argues that

market efficiency will mean royalty goes to 0, given that crypto is a lot more economically motivated,

and there are implications for enforcement of ownership at the base layer. The notion of transparency,

defined by code, will signal a change in the definition of ownership, as a third party›s “force royalty”

function during a secondary market transaction muddle with the current definition.

Potential Directions:

While we have yet to have any concrete thoughts on the matter and maintain our position as a neutral

infra tool, we would like to show full support for the decisions made by projects, especially in a crucial

time like the bear market.

Potential directions, however, seem to be already in the work and are gaining traction amongst the community.

The most notable are Simpl3r and Cardinal Labs (in collaboration with Hyperspace). Given community

backlash, Magic Eden is also hosting hackathons to figure out a possible solution to the problem.

This conversation would be a healthy start to innovations in blockchain applications and initiate experiments

for better business models. Blockchain is a technology for change, like how social media changed

businesses, and should be utilized as such.

What’s interesting to look at is the sentiment on-chain, reflected by the data. Here are some of our findings:

As the first mover of NFT marketplace on Solana, Magic Eden still enjoys its dominance of the market

share. This is reflected by the data on its monthly transactions and daily active wallets.

SHILL Issue #83


Outside of Magic Eden, however, we do begin to see the “optional royalty” narrative taking shape, with

Coral Cube taking dominance over the other exchange options. This is followed by Exchange Art and

HyperSpace, but the scope is nowhere near in comparison to Coral Cube. The movement is most visible

during October, when the conversation actually takes place.

It would be interesting to see how this would play out in the long run, given that the NFT market is

driven by both speculation and art appreciation. The unique selling points for NFTs are ownership and

removal of middlemen, in exchange for the art and culture to prosper. A more balanced model for both

traders and artists is much needed.

NFTs after the Crash of FTX

The insolvency of FTX in the last few days has been eye-opening, and the damage is yet to be accounted

for. Given the early support from FTX on the ecosystem, we anticipate major changes from

participants as well as resilience from the ecosystem. All of this will be discussed in greater details on

part II of the series.


SHILL Issue #83


Thought I would give this a blast a thread about my Solana journey, how I got here, the good, the bad, and what I

have learned. Also can’t believe I have been here so long #particlesbounty #SolanaJourney ….

My journey starts back in 2021 (Jesus), I had heard of NFT’s and was intrigued by the concept. I start doing a little

bit research into crypto and how it worked. I was scrolling on Instagram when I came across an add for Moon

Boyz, an NFT on ETH (major red flags now) …

I downloaded discord and started my journey. Big, hyped mint, got WL, won a free NFT, was loving it, then price

dropped after mint straight away, problems with team members and the time never been right for marketing,

finally it clicked it was a pump and dump,

When I tuck my rose-tinted glasses off I realised it was a scam, (the team had even purchased Google adds to

hype the mint) nothing happened and the community eventually tuck over the project. I did however win so usd

from the project and decided to investigate solana

Gas fees where the main reason I made the move. I came across a project called bounty hunters, via a mate from

Moon Boyz. I minted and loved the community (still solid community). I became a DAO council member, to be

more involved. After some time, I stepped down from the council as had managed to get a MOD job with crypto

straps. A project that offered unreal ROI with their coin, when it came apparent that of it sounds too good to be

true it is, I left for a loss. I again had a wakeup call that most of the time it is.

I was put on to particles from another ex-council member and have never

left. The community is strong, and all are in it for the art. From some bad

experiences I have learned community make a project what it is. And if

your in it for the art you will not go wrong.

The best thing about the art 1/1 scene is you go for what you like. You’re

not in it for the illegitimate promises you get sold. 1/1 art and particles is

my safe place. I have met so many amazing people here, and throughout

my journey in the space and learned a lot of valuable lessons. I am always

up for giving things a go (trying to improve my skills, art, coding, learning).

And only ever invested what I’m prepared to lose. Interacting with

like-minded people and learning from them keeps me here.


SHILL Issue #83





What is Sorcies?

Sorcies is a collection of 7,777 unique Solana NFTs looking to Build a Better Tomorrow. Sorcies will build

themselves as a community-focused PFP project through a combination of branding, fashion, storytelling,

and game theory.

Holding a Sorcie will grant you access to many benefits including, but not limited to:

A community created through love and the goal to Build a Better Tomorrow.

An exclusive Fashion Brand.

Exclusive storytelling campaigns.

A stable influx of Sorcies’ token, Soranium ($SOR).

An opportunity to help write history by creating an empire that will become a dominant force within

the NFT ecosystem.

Building a Better Tomorrow.

The Sorcies beliefs can be summarized with one phrase “Building

a Better Tomorrow”.

Sorcies was created with one goal in mind, to Build a Better Tomorrow.

“Build a Better Tomorrow” has taken the role as Sorcies’ vision statement

and is a direct manifestation of Sorcies’ goals and beliefs. What does it

mean? Every day should be better than the last. Sorcies is here to better the

ecosystem for YOU and EVERYONE who is involved in web3.

“Building a Better Tomorrow” means two things -- improve the quality of the

ecosystem, and create a better future for our holders by providing real value.

Global Brand

The Sorcies brand will start out by building on Solana, but eventually,

the Sorcies brand will be recognized across all chains,


What is a global brand anyways?

In the eyes of the Sorcies team, it’s an idea that anyone can get behind, and believe in. It’s a symbol that is recognized

by individuals across the globe. It’s something that you WANT to represent.

How will Sorcies create a global brand?

A key factor in creating a brand around Sorcies is the art. The Sorcies minimalistic style of art should be appreciated

by everyone. It’s simple, fun, and easy to understand. The art used for NFTs, graphics, logos, clothing, etc.

will always stay consistent and unique because consistency and uniqueness will instill a sentiment that will lead

to global recognition. Sorcies will reach global recognition by deploying a top-of-the-line fashion brand, hosting

IRL and digital events, curating unique marketing campaigns, and becoming the catalyst of a Better Tomorrow.

Why do Sorcies need to create a global brand?

Branding helps us acquire, but more importantly, retain investors. With strong investors comes a strong community.

With a strong community comes desire. Desire to join the community and become a strong investor. This

cycle will grow exponentially as the Sorcies team works to create a Better Tomorrow.

Fashion Brand

Limited, Top-Dollar, Unique, Designer. The 5 words Sorcies will base their entire clothing line

around. Sorcies’ clothing items will become your favorite wardrobe piece.

Why a Fashion Line?

Sorcies are going in a different direction when it comes to “merch”. Sorcies’ fashion line will be a consistent

clothing line that acts as a pillar of support for the Sorcies brand and will supply web3 users with all their clothing


Fashion and NFTs are very similar in the way they are both an expression of your imagination because they are so

similar, Sorcies strives to become the gateway for fashionistas into web3.


SHILL Issue #83


Consistency is key for the Sorcies brand, and this also

applies to the fashion line. Sorcies will have consistent

drops every X weeks/month (TBD). The items included

in each drop will be carefully picked and designed by

Sorcies’ in-house

designers, as well

as collaborative

parties. Each drop

will include a multitude

of themed

clothing items as

well as the occasional


This allows the

Sorcies brand to

release a variety of

designs and items

to make sure everyone

can find something they love on their journey

of Building a Better Tomorrow.


Sorcies’ native token, Soranium ($SOR), will create

the economy within the Sorcies community. The

value is decided by the people.

Soranium ($SOR)

Sorcies’ native token, Soranium ($SOR), will be a utility-based

token and help create the economy within

the Sorcies community. The people will decide the

token’s value based on their valuation of its utility.

$SOR has no economic value and should not be considered

an investment.

Inflation & Deflation

New $SOR will be minted strictly through training

(Staking). Sorcies will earn 10 $SOR for every day their

NFT is in training. Staking multipliers are available to

increase your daily rewards (Read “Rank-up System”


To create a stable economy, $SOR will have

many valuable use-cases, such as:

Fashion Brand - Spend your tokens on exclusive top-ofthe-line

clothes and accessories.

Rank-up System - Spend your tokens to upgrade your

Sorcies and eventually reach Ascension (Read “Rankup

System” below).

Raffles, Auctions, & Mystery Boxes - Spend your tokens

for a chance at a plethora of valuable items including

NFTs, Tokens, WL Spots, Exclusive Collab Drops, and

much more.

More to be revealed soon...

Rank-Up System

Sorcies will all start out as Travelers. As you spend time

training and learning at Sorvale (Staking), you will have

the opportunity to Rank-Up your Sorcie, which will

result in many benefits!

Here is a brief rundown on the Sorcies Rank-Up


Travelers earn 10 $SOR per day.

Travelers can use 300 $SOR to upgrade to an Apprentice.

(30 days worth of training)

Apprentices earn 12.5 $SOR per day.

Apprentices can use 500 $SOR to upgrade to an Elder.

(40 days worth of training)

Elders earn 15 $SOR per day.

Elders can use 900 $SOR to upgrade to a Master. (60

days worth of training)

Masters earn 20 $SOR per day.

Ascension comes next...


Soranium’s starting supply is 0.

Soranium’s maximum supply is 25,000,000.

There will be 3 halving events to reduce the amount of

$SOR that is entering the ecosystem.

Halving Events TBA.

Each halving event will reduce $SOR staking rewards by



Sorcies will strive to build a strong, loyal, and

devout community. This will include a community-ran

DAO with elected Board Members to

help build the gold standard of web3.


A strong community is the foundation of every single

successful project. This will be the case with Sorcies.

Sorcies will support and help build its community starting

on day ONE.

Sorcies’ community should be seen as a family-friendly,

safe space for anyone who has an interest in Sorcies.

Sorcies’ community members should benefit through

exclusive alpha calls, whitelist opportunities, networking

opportunities, and much more.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Sorcies’ DAO (SorDAO) will be an exclusive group that

is only accessible if you own a Sorcies NFT.

The SorDAO will be primarily run by the community,

and the community will elect strong members to become

the DAO Board.

More info will be released as we get closer to the

launch of the SorDAO.

The Goal

The Sorcies community

should become

an essential

place for everyone

-- web3 investors,

connoisseurs, and

even noobs.

The Sorcies community

should be

a social hub where

like-minded NFT

enthusiasts can

come together to

bond and build


The Sorcies community should consist of members

who believe in Sorcies, and who will provide their honest

opinion to help us Build a Better Tomorrow.

SHILL Issue #83







Ali Saei

Ali Saei










Chris McCann

Chris McCann







Popheadz first was a 1/1 art collection being sold

at auction, now they aim to bridge the gap. Merging

1/1 art with its higher quality and attention to detail

+ 10k collection. Plus all the benefits and bigger

business opportunities

that come

along with it. Emphasis

on looking

to elevate the

types of things a

10k generative

pfp collection is

capable of. Using

its art and culture

as functional

business tools.

They have not yet released an official roadmap it

should drop any day now with a mint date of November

11th fast approaching. There are still lots of

facts and speculative details to be gathered around

twitter and recently recorded AMA's with the team.

After more time and research than I even want to

admit, this is what I have found:

This project overall has many different aspects.

-They are building a Metaverse of sorts called "Neo

SOL". HOlders will have avatars and be able to

function within it but it will not be a traditional real

estate type Metaverse. Full details and infrastructure

are still being decided.

-Brand building and plan to launch products like

toys, books, and merch. The merch itself will be

available almost immediately after mint. Thats pretty

exciting considering some of the wait times we

have endured for other projects. Also included in

this list are Digital Products available for purchase

I watched several videos and animations on how

they are putting these pfps together. When they say

they want to elevate a generative pfp collection that

is underselling it. The time and effort on each piece

is absolutely crazy. I suggest taking the time to look

over tweets and art reveals to get a sense of it for


Overall I would say a lot of this is still incredibly

vague. My guess is there is a much more solid

plan and idea in the works. Really looking forward

to the Roadmap/Whitepaper. Mint was slated for

mid September, but the team has been forthcoming

about art delays and amount of work being put into

pfps. Now with the solidified date the information

in regards to the

project should

start becoming

more clear.

One thing that

has me looking

forward to this

one is how very

genuinely excited

the Solana Artist

community is for

the mint. Even

the most pessimistic and picky Artists I know are

talking about it.

The potential is huge if executed correctly. I hope

that the time and effort put into the art itself translates

into the scope of the business end as well.

-Artists involved have a vision of a full creative studio

available as a revenue stream. They are basically

building it while building Pop Headz. Allowing

their projects needs to dictate how and what to build

that will be essential to a successful digital studio.

-There is also mention of some type of game and

helping onboard people to Trad-Fi

106 SHILL Issue #83


ONE is the NFT collection released by Backpack,

an upcoming cross-chain wallet that functions

like an operating system.

Backpack is a new way to conceptualize NFTs

and crypto, as everything a user interacts with

will be in the same place and NFTs can become

executable (xNFTs). Staking, selling, sniping, analyzing,

chatting, can all be done inside of Backpack.

This ease of use is a very natural progression

of the space for a more user-friendly method of

operating. I am confident Backpack will make

waves in the whole NFT and Web3 ecosystem,

even beyond Solana.

Team/Devs: the team is clearly competent, as

they are about to shake up the entire space with

their product.

The team is also very active on Twitter and responsive

to its community in Discord. However, it

is a bit unclear if the team is capable of smoothly

running an NFT community, which tend to be extremely

demanding and fast-paced.

Art: art sneak peeks are not available, but from

the profile picture on Twitter, the art appears to

be PFP-able and well-done. Three stars was

given as a default.

Achievements/Potential: as stated previously,

the potential for Backpack is nearly infinite. However,

this does not necessarily equate to success

in the NFT project itself. The success of the

actual NFT project will depend on the economics

and how it is connected to backpack, community

engagement, and the team's ability to leverage

the community.

Though it is unclear what the actual utility of the

NFT is, it is definitely worth getting an access

code in my opinion. This is based on the fact

that Backpack has the potential to change the

space for the better if it is adopted, and because

it solves so many problems and increases convenience

massively, I have no doubt that it will


Community: the way to obtain whitelist

for the project is to get an access code,

either from community events or from

guessing the AI prompt of a displayed

image. Both of these ways are engaging

and fun for some users, but somewhat

ostracize people who do not spend much

time in Discord.

Again, it is unclear how the community

will be leveraged in the progression of

the project.Innovation/

Utility: Backpack is one of the most innovative

ideas I have seen since joining

the space many months ago. It truly has

the potential to change the way we interact

with our NFTs and communities and

make it easier to onboard new users. Additionally,

it has a very clear implementation

for mobile devices, which is a necessary

step to adoption.


Competition in the market is important and I believe

Xcorp is ready to compete. Recently we’ve seen

Liberty Square’s mercantile make some big moves

in terms of intention to integrate the importance of

fashion in Web 3.0 Culture.

Xcorp looks to be a promising competitor in this

field. Xcorp plans on building pretty premium merchandise

that can be worn in the real world without

looking corny or obviously NFT/Crypto native.

Beyond this I think they want to keep integrating a

lot of fashion culture into Web 3.0 culture beyond

better quality clothes, designs and so on.

• Decent marketing, could use some more activity.

• Art for the NFTs themselves is pretty dope.

• Connected to the culture.

• Actually advancing the space.

• Rev share to holders on their services.


I’ve seen some leaks of really dope ideas they’re

considering producing such as Anti-Dox hoodies

similar to the BAPE zip up style.

I’ve also heard some kudos from trusty people such

as Marc Cooler who called it the comfiest/highest

quality merch he had received to date.

Beyond this I’m unsure if there’s any more ambitions

as the roadmap is ambiguous as per standard

right now.


• Kudos from public figures on their goals already.

• Vocal-ish and active team.

• Website not up (in development)

• Lack of background on the team’s experience in the industry.

• Pay to mint and pay for merch potentially?

• Roadmap is ambiguous, I want some more juice even if it's

just speculation/direction.

• Legal issues with rev sharing the profits from services.

• Lack of community inclusion in the roadmap


Overall I’ll probably mint and I think those who don’t will

likely end up buying a piece of merchandise from these

guys anyway; I'd assume at a baseline they’ll have discount

codes so you’d probably come out on top long term.

I also just want more competition in this market and I think

it’ll be dope to see merchandise suppliers popping up and

working to move fashion culture into the space.


There’s a lot of goals and ambitions behind this project

but ultimately it seems very deliverable. They

have a huge team of staff with solid backgrounds in

this space alongside a deep understanding. Alongside

this they’ve got a list of notable investors already.

All in all, this project is rooted in a deep level

of understanding of this space, but taking things to

a professional level. Litepaper.

On top of this they have very solid art that will gel

well with the current metas of the ecosystem.

But what are they building?

There is a lot more depth to this but it will take too

much space to break down, check out their Litepaper

for full breakdown of mechanics and versions.

• P2P Solana-Fiat trading, goal is to allow people to

trade nft’s through the use of paypal and bank transferring.

Pretty dope for onboarding rookies.

• VispX Launchpad access; via the Executive Lounge,

all holders gain exclusive access to token offerings

on any VispX project.

There’s also a bunch more bits n bobs across the 3

phases of the roadmap, all in all very stacked team,

very well funded, very primed to build some incredible



• Stacked team and well funded.

• Good art

• Clean interfacing for their products.

• Already delivering things pre-mint.

• Rewarding holders throughout the roadmap.

• Onboarding Web 2.0 options of purchase.

• Tapped into the ecosystem

Glad you asked, they’ve got five core features now;

• Review aggregator, allow content, such as this doc,

to be posted into one discussion board of upcoming

and existing projects. UI and previews look clean

and well done.

• Community building tools; Live already. These being

Quests, a primarily marketing focused tool, Holder

Directory, allowing communities to use the platform

and have members recognised by the NFTs they

have and make profiles and Holder’s Map, allowing

holders to pin their country/location for a global map

of all holders!

• Quest Borrow, allowing holders to access uncollateralized

and collateralized lending via a marketplace.


• I want more Twitter spaces, wanna hear the

passion and the reasoning behind this stuff for

the team themselves.

• Bit lacking in the marketing department for the

sheer amount of crazy stuff they're producing.

• Private funding raised, is there a need for the



For me this is a huge mint, I think there’s just so

much to gain that the risk is likely entirely outweighed.

It’s also uplifting content just like this doc

you’re reading and will allow people to get tipped

and paid for things like this, will lead to better content

and more incentives for intelligent discussion


SHILL Issue #83




God Particle

God Particle












Due to the FTX/Alameda situation $SOL has crashed over 50% in the past week and fears have risen that the price of

SOLANA, as well as the Solana ecosystem, may never recover. Here is everything you need to know about the situation.

To be clear, Solana will need to overcome some huge challenges if the ecosystem is going to survive, so let’s start off

with a look at what those challenges are.

FUNDING: Everyone knows that Alameda/FTX were huge supporters of Solana. As a result, they invested in and advised

many projects native to the ecosystem. This is a problem now for two primary reasons.

First, any tokens received from investing in those projects will almost certainly be sold off as FTX/Alameda have declared

bankruptcy. Second, any projects holding treasury funds on FTX are now without that funding to continue development.

WRAPPED ASSETS: Many protocols support wrapped versions of non-native assets such as BTC and ETH to allow for

their use on Solana. One of the top providers of those assets, Sollet, held their backing with FTX, meaning those assets

are likely now backed by nothing.

SELL PRESSURE: FTX/Alameda were massive holders of SOL, with a leaked balance sheet valuing their position at over

$1.1 billion. At least some of that position belongs to the massive amounts of SOL we have been watching be unstaked.

Whether some of this SOL has already been dumped or not, there is certainly a large amount left to be liquidated.

While there is a possibility of it being sold OTC, it is absolutely something to monitor before making any decision to

invest or not.

DEFI: Solana’s defi TVL has decreased by over 50% this week as asset values crashed and users withdrew from protocols

amidst the chaos. With defi being a driver of on-chain activity, this is not a good sign.

While all of these are serious challenges, there are still some positive factors to be aware of that could help Solana to

rebuild and possibly even one day emerge stronger from this incident.

The Solana team did not lose their funding. The co-founder confirmed they held no assets on FTX and still have ~30

months of runway under current conditions. In crypto, 30 months is plenty of time to turn a project around and make

some major moves.

Prior to this event, Solana had been seeing some impressive growth in several areas. The number of validators is increasing,

the chain has 11.5 million active users, network performance has been improved, and the number of devs

building there has grown rapidly in 2022.

Solana has also been making a name for itself in relation to NFTs, as the chain has grown quickly this year to obtain a

large volume of secondary market NFT sales.

An interesting factor to consider is that Solana may be better off without FTX/Alameda once everything settles down,

as more and more information is being revealed about just how bad of players they were in the crypto space.

Last, and perhaps most importantly is the community. If the ecosystem is going to survive this, then users will need to

remain active and teams need to keep building.

So far, most projects have promised to keep going, but it will be important to watch metrics such as active users and

social activity as we progress.

HOWEVER: The contagion from FTX/Alameda is not over. We will almost certainly see more companies/platforms/projects

being revealed as insolvent or missing funds in the coming weeks. As this takes place it will likely affect the price

of SOL and the crypto markets in general.

With that in mind, if you believe in Solana long term, while you wait for everything to settle down it could be a good

time to be doing research into what projects are still devoted to building there and have potential if the ecosystem


126 SHILL Issue #83

Matrica Labs














The Artful Aaron



































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