NADO Annual Report 2021-2022

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<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22<br />

annual report

<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 1<br />

TABLE OF<br />

contents<br />

reports<br />

President’s <strong>Report</strong>.........................................................................................4 - 5<br />

Chief Executive Officer’s <strong>Report</strong>.................................................................6 - 7<br />

Treasurer’s <strong>Report</strong>.........................................................................................8 - 9<br />

Governance Board....................................................................................10 - 11<br />

Strategic Plan <strong>2022</strong>/2025...................................................................... 12 - 13<br />

Service Delivery <strong>Report</strong>........................................................................... 14 - 15<br />

Human Resources <strong>Report</strong>...................................................................... 16 - 17<br />

Accommodation <strong>Report</strong>......................................................................... 18 - 19<br />

Community Programs <strong>Report</strong>...............................................................20 - 21<br />

Support Coordination <strong>Report</strong>.........................................................................22<br />

Plan Management <strong>Report</strong>..............................................................................23<br />

Marketing <strong>Report</strong>...................................................................................... 24 - 25<br />

Community Engagement and Sponsorship <strong>Report</strong>.......................... 26 - 27<br />

Quality Assurance and Compliance <strong>Report</strong>................................................28<br />

Sensory Store <strong>Report</strong>......................................................................................29<br />

programs and stories<br />

Share My Ability Official Opening..................................................................32<br />

Contribution, a Photovoice Gallery Event....................................................33<br />

Achieving Independence.................................................................................33<br />

All-Abilities National Touch League..............................................................34<br />

Community Programs Participant Achievement....................................... 35<br />

financials<br />

Extract Financial <strong>Report</strong>......................................................................... 39 - 41<br />

community<br />

Friends of <strong>NADO</strong> Charity Golf Day........................................................ 44 - 47<br />

Friends of <strong>NADO</strong>...............................................................................................48


eports<br />

<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 3

4<br />

president's<br />

REPORT<br />

Percy Madon<br />

President<br />

The world has emerged from the<br />

pandemic a little scarred, a little<br />

damaged but on the whole a lot<br />

stronger for the experience.

<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 5<br />

As I reflect on the last 3 years for<br />

<strong>NADO</strong> I can truly say that we have<br />

grown, become more resilient, but<br />

most importantly have learnt just<br />

how vulnerable our participants<br />

are and the role we have to play in<br />

taking care of them.<br />

In about 6 months the NDIS will be<br />

10 years young, and as Australians<br />

we have so much to be proud<br />

of in the way we care for people<br />

of all abilities. I am sure over<br />

the coming decade the scheme<br />

will evolve further and provide<br />

continued support to those in our<br />

communities who need it most.<br />

I have referred in past reports<br />

around the growth of our<br />

organisation, and with immense<br />

pride and joy I report that <strong>NADO</strong><br />

has been certified as a “Great<br />

Place to Work”. This in addition to<br />

being recognised it as a winner<br />

for “Employer of Choice” in the<br />

Australian Business Awards <strong>2021</strong><br />

is a testament to our people and<br />

the passion they bring to everything<br />

they do.<br />

We continue to invest in our<br />

communities and “Share My Ability”<br />

has been a very welcome addition<br />

to the Penrith local area. We further<br />

recognise our role in connecting<br />

our communities, and to this effect<br />

we are committed to making this<br />

endeavour a success.<br />

Our CEO Denise Heath and the<br />

extended executive team continue<br />

to inspire the organisation to<br />

reach new heights and serve the<br />

community to the best of<br />

its abilities.<br />

Regeneration and evolution of<br />

the Board remains a constant.<br />

I’d like to give my thanks to<br />

Sue Fryer, outgoing Director and<br />

I am delighted to welcome Susan<br />

Rochester to the board as a new<br />

Director. Susan brings with her<br />

tremendous experience around<br />

work place culture and its role<br />

in our lives. I would also like to<br />

acknowledge and thank my fellow<br />

board members Ray Dyer, Anil Puri,<br />

Vanessa Griffin and Sam Arnold for<br />

their continued investment<br />

in <strong>NADO</strong>.<br />

Let me close by quoting Churchill<br />

“We make a living by what we get ,<br />

but we make a life by what we give”,<br />

a credo by which we live at <strong>NADO</strong>.

6<br />

chief<br />

executive<br />

officer's<br />

REPORT<br />

Denise Heath<br />

Chief Executive Officer<br />

In August <strong>2022</strong>, NDIS reported<br />

on its ninth year of operations,<br />

announcing that at the end of<br />

June <strong>2022</strong> there were 535,000<br />

participants in the scheme<br />

nationwide with expenditure<br />

of $27.6b.<br />

It would be fair to describe the<br />

past year as one of contrasts with<br />

many achievements as well as<br />

challenges.<br />

This year COVID-19 presented a<br />

more difficult set of circumstances,<br />

with a lock down of our communitybased<br />

services in the months of<br />

July through to the end of October<br />

<strong>2021</strong>, directly impacting our ability<br />

to provide community-based<br />

services for that period as well as<br />

in the subsequent months when<br />

the virus was still circulating quite<br />

widely.<br />

Where possible, we supported<br />

some participants with on-line and<br />

outdoor activities, but in the main<br />

staff effected by the lockdown were<br />

provided opportunities to work<br />

with our accommodation service<br />

or relied on leave provisions and<br />

Government support.<br />

Vaccines were mandated, permits<br />

were required for staff living or<br />

working in some suburbs and

<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 7<br />

specialist COVID teams and<br />

procedures set up. It was a tough<br />

time for many people.<br />

The lifting of restrictions in late<br />

October coincided with another<br />

overwhelming spread of COVID-19<br />

over the Christmas period, affecting<br />

some group home residents and<br />

placing pressure on our rostering<br />

system.<br />

We were able to overcome the<br />

challenges put before us because<br />

of our ability to pull together,<br />

problem solve and successfully<br />

implement responses to problems<br />

we haven’t experienced before, the<br />

success of which was only possible<br />

because of outstanding individual<br />

and team efforts.<br />

Our ability to sustain and rebuild our<br />

services throughout this tumultuous<br />

time are attributable to the support<br />

received through the NDIS COVID-19<br />

funding initiatives together with<br />

<strong>NADO</strong>’s COVID-19 financial strategy,<br />

where provisions were set aside<br />

in the prior year to ensure service<br />

continuity in pandemic conditions<br />

in future years. Our end of year<br />

surplus of 4.9% maintains <strong>NADO</strong>’s<br />

healthy position for future growth<br />

and renewal.<br />

With the pandemic as a backdrop<br />

to life as we knew it, we were<br />

still able to maintain our brilliant<br />

staff culture, achieving both the<br />

Employer of Choice Business<br />

Award and Great Place to Work<br />

certification, more about that later<br />

in this report.<br />

We also proudly opened Share My<br />

Ability, a sensory activity centre<br />

based in Penrith. What I love about<br />

Share My Ability is the way it<br />

continues to evolve as we seek to<br />

meet the needs of our community,<br />

with an inclusive approach that<br />

offers a welcoming space that all<br />

members of the family can enjoy.<br />

This year, to further enhance<br />

our growth in accommodation<br />

support, <strong>NADO</strong> purchased a large<br />

5 bedroom property in Colyton to<br />

be renovated to a high standard<br />

of accessible housing. We look<br />

forward to the property becoming<br />

a beautiful and functional home<br />

for people seeking supported<br />

accommodation.<br />

<strong>NADO</strong>’s Board and executive team<br />

resolved the new Strategic Plan for<br />

<strong>2022</strong>-2025, with considered plans<br />

for growth and sustainability. An<br />

outcome of the planning process<br />

was the renewal of our Vision<br />

statement; “Changing Lives through<br />

Connected Communities”. This<br />

clearly describes the way <strong>NADO</strong><br />

works to bring opportunities and<br />

achieve goals through the strong<br />

connections we have built over<br />

many years of working in the<br />

Nepean community.<br />

Together with a new Vision we set<br />

to work on revisiting our Values.<br />

Through workforce consultation<br />

our new Values were agreed as<br />

Respect, Teamwork and Inclusion.<br />

These Values are our guiding<br />

principles and beliefs, defining<br />

who we are as a disability service<br />

provider, an employer and as a<br />

community partner.<br />

We are grateful for the generous<br />

support from our Friends of <strong>NADO</strong><br />

program, business sponsorships<br />

as well as Government and<br />

Club grants, all of which is put<br />

to projects and resources that<br />

enhance our services for people<br />

with disability.<br />

I would like to thank the Board<br />

of <strong>NADO</strong> for their commitment<br />

to excellence as both a service<br />

provider and as an employer.<br />

Their steerage of <strong>NADO</strong> is a critical<br />

factor in our success.<br />

I would also like to thank everyone<br />

on the <strong>NADO</strong> team this year, more<br />

has been asked of you than ever<br />

before and each person has risen to<br />

the challenge. In particular, I would<br />

like to thank the executive team,<br />

Brooke Wilkie, Mark Heinz, Julia<br />

Tierney, Ellen McFarlane, Deborah<br />

Ferreira and Linda Wilson who go<br />

over and beyond every day for the<br />

betterment of <strong>NADO</strong>.<br />

Looking forward to the year ahead,<br />

I know that we will continue to<br />

work through every challenge that<br />

comes our way. We will return to<br />

the vibrant community focused<br />

service we are known to be and<br />

continue to Change Lives through<br />

Connected Communities.

8<br />

<strong>NADO</strong> experienced a solid result in<br />

a challenging year, with continued<br />

growth in income, being 4.4%<br />

higher than FY<strong>2021</strong>. Total Income<br />

was $19,081,618 for FY<strong>2022</strong>, with<br />

a healthy surplus of $942,541<br />

(down from $1,287,199 in FY<strong>2021</strong>).<br />

treasurer's<br />

REPORT<br />

Anil Puri<br />

Treasurer<br />

Despite it being a challenging year<br />

for <strong>NADO</strong>, with COVID impacting<br />

many of our services, we ended<br />

the year with a sound result with<br />

the aid of government and NDIS<br />

COVID support, plus operational<br />

adjustments to manage our financial<br />

position while still supporting our<br />

participants and staff.<br />

And while our financial position<br />

is important to ensure that <strong>NADO</strong><br />

can continue to invest in and<br />

provide the high standard of service<br />

expected by our participants, I<br />

would like to start my report by<br />

acknowledging the hard work and<br />

dedication of the entire <strong>NADO</strong> team<br />

as they showed resilience and<br />

flexibility in coping with the COVID<br />

disruptions during the year.<br />

We had an extended lockdown from<br />

July to October which meant that<br />

many staff were displaced, plus<br />

Sydney had a further COVID wave<br />

in December and January which<br />

affected participants and staff alike,<br />

especially in our accommodation<br />

settings. All of these disruptions<br />

meant a lot of extra effort from the<br />

management team and the entire<br />

staff to adjust and make changes<br />

to ensure that our participants were<br />

kept safe and provided with the<br />

care and support that they needed.<br />

These COVID disruptions had a<br />

major impact on our Day Programs<br />

and Connect services during the<br />

year with these services suspended<br />

or greatly reduced for several<br />

months, and it took an extended<br />

period for participants to slowly<br />

return. The Connect service also<br />

shifted to more 1:1 and smaller<br />

group formats which meant higher<br />

staff costs to provide this service.

<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 9<br />

On the flip side, our accommodation<br />

services were busier during the<br />

lockdown as more clients were<br />

confined to their homes and needed<br />

additional support during this time.<br />

We also had new homes becoming<br />

fully operational during the year<br />

which made a further positive<br />

contribution to the overall result.<br />

Our accommodation services<br />

are an increasingly important<br />

part of our service mix, and they<br />

are another important part of<br />

helping our participants to lead<br />

independent and fulfilled lives.<br />

During the year, we also launched<br />

our Share My Ability sensory<br />

activity facility. This has been a<br />

substantial investment for <strong>NADO</strong>,<br />

both during its construction and<br />

during its establishment phase.<br />

The facility is growing in popularity<br />

and continues to receive fantastic<br />

feedback from those visiting and<br />

using the facility. It is another<br />

important service for our clients<br />

and another way for <strong>NADO</strong> to<br />

broaden its range of services and<br />

foster connections throughout the<br />

community.<br />

Our overall result, while down on<br />

the previous year, is still a healthy<br />

margin of 4.9% of total revenue.<br />

And this is after the substantial<br />

disruptions <strong>NADO</strong> experienced<br />

during the year, the launch of<br />

the Share My Ability facility, and<br />

the investment in new homes to<br />

service the community.<br />

Our balance sheet position<br />

continues to remain healthy,<br />

with cash reserves growing<br />

slightly during the year despite<br />

the investments made. The<br />

government’s Job Saver COVID<br />

support assisted with this and<br />

allows us to have reserves in<br />

place to continue to support the<br />

organisation as we rebuild certain<br />

services after the impact of COVID.<br />

It also provides us with the ability to<br />

better cope with any further COVID<br />

disruptions in the future.<br />

The board continues to closely<br />

monitor the changing competitive<br />

and regulatory environment<br />

that <strong>NADO</strong> operates in and is<br />

committed to ensuring that the<br />

organisation remains financially<br />

strong and stable. This not only<br />

means monitoring operational<br />

results but also regularly<br />

reviewing our strategic direction<br />

and opportunities to invest in<br />

projects to diversify <strong>NADO</strong>’s<br />

range of services in a prudent and<br />

responsible way.<br />

Mark Heinz<br />

Chief Financial Officer<br />

The year ending June <strong>2022</strong><br />

has been another difficult year<br />

adapting to the changes that<br />

COVID has presented us with.<br />

Both my team and myself<br />

managed to work flexibly over<br />

much of this time with the need<br />

to work remotely for extended<br />

periods which required good<br />

communication between us all.<br />

Although the year was challenging<br />

the end result was that all<br />

deadlines were met and the end of<br />

financial year went very smoothly.<br />

We are fortunate to work with a<br />

CEO, management team and staff<br />

that are cohesive and committed<br />

to the high standard of service<br />

and care that <strong>NADO</strong> is well-known<br />

for. We are hoping that the COVID<br />

disruptions are behind us as we<br />

look forward to continued success,<br />

growth and new opportunities into<br />

the future.<br />

I would sincerely like to thank<br />

my team Bhaumika Patel –<br />

Finance Officer, Brigitte Sirocic –<br />

Bookkeeper, and Lisa Devery –<br />

Accounts Officer for their continued<br />

hard work and dedication that they<br />

constantly display. It is a pleasure<br />

working with them all. We also<br />

welcomed Andrew Cleary who<br />

commenced at the end of June as<br />

Property and Fleet Manager.<br />

I would like to thank the executive<br />

team for their support throughout<br />

the year, especially Denise Heath as<br />

always for providing such fantastic<br />

support and guidances, as well<br />

as Anil Puri – Treasurer, for his<br />

continued support.<br />

<strong>NADO</strong> has made a healthy surplus<br />

for the year considering the<br />

challenges that COVID brought<br />

to the organisation. The financial<br />

assistance received through the<br />

NDIS and the Federal Government<br />

allowed <strong>NADO</strong> to continue its<br />

service over this period as well as<br />

allowing provisions for future years.<br />

I look forward to the year ahead.

10<br />

Percy Madon<br />

President<br />

governance<br />

BOARD<br />

Percy Madon commenced on<br />

the Board of <strong>NADO</strong> in 2013 and<br />

specialises in business leadership<br />

and management. Percy has<br />

worked with multinationals<br />

including SAP, IBM, PWC and E&Y<br />

and holds a Masters in Business<br />

Administration (MBA). He brings<br />

commercial experience and a<br />

passion for supporting people with<br />

disabilities. Percy’s commercial<br />

experience assists <strong>NADO</strong>’s<br />

transformation into a market-driven<br />

model under the NDIS.<br />

Anil Puri<br />

Treasurer<br />

Anil Puri commenced on the Board<br />

of <strong>NADO</strong> in 2014 and specialises<br />

in business development, financial<br />

management, organisational<br />

systems and team development.<br />

He is a trained accountant with<br />

a Masters of Management and<br />

has many years of experience<br />

working in corporate businesses.<br />

Anil is passionate about helping<br />

individuals and is committed to<br />

assisting <strong>NADO</strong> adapt and grow in<br />

a changing environment.

<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 11<br />

Vanessa Griffin<br />

Vice President<br />

Vanessa Griffin commenced on the<br />

Board of <strong>NADO</strong> in 2019. Vanessa<br />

practised as a Registered Building<br />

Surveyor for over 20 years prior to<br />

specialising in the field of access,<br />

which was her passion and interest<br />

and is now a registered Access<br />

Consultant with AACA. She brings<br />

a skill set and knowledge to ensure<br />

the built environment is accessible<br />

for all and inclusive. Vanessa is<br />

a parent to a child with a genetic<br />

disability.<br />

Ray Dyer<br />

Secretary<br />

Ray Dyer commenced on the Board<br />

of <strong>NADO</strong> in 2010 and was President<br />

between 2014 and 2019. Ray has<br />

been a long-time <strong>NADO</strong> supporter,<br />

bringing a well-rounded background<br />

of relevant professional experience<br />

in human resources, management,<br />

worker's compensation and training<br />

together with a personal interest in<br />

supporting people with disabilities<br />

to be included as valued members<br />

of our community.<br />

Samuel Arnold<br />

Director<br />

Dr Samuel Arnold commenced<br />

on the Board of <strong>NADO</strong> in 2017.<br />

He is a registered psychologist<br />

and works as a lecturer in the<br />

Department of Developmental<br />

Disability Neuropsychiatry (3DN)<br />

UNSW Sydney. He is currently<br />

the convenor of the Australian<br />

Psychological Society Psychology<br />

of Intellectual Disability and Autism<br />

Interest Group. Sam is passionate<br />

about the empowerment of people<br />

with disability to pursue a chosen<br />

valued life.<br />

Susan Rochester<br />

Director<br />

Susan Rochester joined the Board<br />

in <strong>2022</strong>. Susan has a Masters in<br />

Human Resource Management<br />

and has run a HR consulting and<br />

coaching practice since 1998.<br />

As a parent of an adult living with<br />

a disability, Susan is motivated<br />

to apply her business and personal<br />

experience to helping <strong>NADO</strong><br />

achieve its Vision.


<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 13

14<br />

service<br />

delivery<br />

REPORT<br />

Brooke Wilkie<br />

General Manager - Operations<br />

It’s impossible to report on the<br />

21/22 year without reference to<br />

the significant impact of COVID-19<br />

on our services.<br />

As with the rest of the community,<br />

restrictions and closures were<br />

imposed on all of our communitybased<br />

programs and a great deal<br />

of effort, ideas and teamwork were<br />

employed to ensure the safety of<br />

participants and staff, as well as<br />

continuity of critical services.<br />

Online Zoom meetings became the<br />

norm and together with facetime<br />

and phone calls we stayed in<br />

touch with staff, families, and<br />

participants.<br />

Difficult times often bring out the<br />

best which was evident with the<br />

flexibility and commitment that our<br />

team showed with their availability<br />

to work in different locations,<br />

train up and implement infection<br />

control procedures and continue<br />

to provide services to people who<br />

were positive to COVID or a close<br />

contact. The Coordinators also<br />

worked flexibly, changing plans<br />

at short notice due to the ever<br />

changing restrictions.

<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 15<br />

Our COVID-19 Team was<br />

established to manage programs<br />

and infection control, cover day<br />

to day rostering requirements,<br />

and provide a constant stream of<br />

communication, vital to the team<br />

effort. Vanessa Vella-Adams,<br />

Jessica Spiteri, Jeremy Voorn,<br />

Kylie Loadsman and Carey Tidyman<br />

thank you for your assistance<br />

during this time.<br />

A restructure identified the growing<br />

need for additional management<br />

support across our growing<br />

community program services.<br />

In February <strong>2022</strong>, we welcomed<br />

Brendan Oldman to the new role<br />

of Community Programs Manager.<br />

Brendan brings a wealth of<br />

management experience across<br />

a range of community service areas<br />

including Child Protection and<br />

NDIS services.<br />

The restructure saw an initial<br />

reduction of my direct team<br />

including Brendan Oldman,<br />

Vanessa Vella-Adams, Vanessa<br />

Santucci, Sharon Mason and Trudy<br />

Smith; however, the gap was soon<br />

filled by the realignment of Share<br />

My Ability to my management<br />

responsibilities.<br />

I would like to thank Tracy Smith<br />

for her work in the shaping of Share<br />

My Ability and support of the Allied<br />

Health Team.<br />

I would also like to mention<br />

the significant efforts of the<br />

Accommodation Team led by<br />

Vanessa Vella-Adams. <strong>NADO</strong>’s<br />

accommodation services<br />

commenced six years ago, prior to<br />

that, our focus was on communitybased<br />

services. In those six years,<br />

under Vanessa’s management,<br />

we have seen year on year growth<br />

as we aim to meet the requests<br />

for support and unlike many<br />

accommodation providers, we have<br />

experienced minimal periods of<br />

vacancies because of the interest<br />

in our services. Last year we also<br />

increased our capacity to provide<br />

short term accommodation which<br />

continues to support families with<br />

a respite effect, but more and<br />

more the focus has turned to the<br />

participant seeking a break for<br />

themselves as well as trialing a<br />

more independent life.<br />

<strong>NADO</strong>’s Plan Management Services<br />

took a positive step forward with<br />

the introduction of software that<br />

provides an interface for the<br />

participant so they can see how<br />

their funding is tracking. The new<br />

software should also streamline<br />

our processes enabling further<br />

growth of this service. I’d like<br />

to thank Vanessa Santucci and<br />

Bhaumika Patel for their caring<br />

and professional approach to<br />

customer service and their patience<br />

and perseverance with the new<br />

software implementation.<br />

It was also wonderful to see the<br />

opportunities for development in<br />

our Support Coordination Team, led<br />

by Sharon Morrison, with new roles<br />

created and filled after an open<br />

process by <strong>NADO</strong> staff seeking<br />

opportunities for professional<br />

growth. It's great to see that we<br />

can recognise our talent, retain and<br />

grow our people into the future.<br />

I look forward to the next 12 months<br />

of growth and new ventures.<br />

Thank you to all the team and<br />

my colleagues for working<br />

together tirelessly during our most<br />

challenging year to date.

16<br />

human<br />

resources<br />

REPORT<br />

Julia Tierney<br />

Human Resources Manager<br />

Another fantastic year at<br />

<strong>NADO</strong> with great achievements<br />

accomplished for the team to be<br />

proud of.<br />

In my last report, I mentioned<br />

that <strong>NADO</strong> was being considered<br />

for the Employer of Choice<br />

Business Award. The Employer of<br />

Choice Award recognises leading<br />

workplaces that maximise the<br />

full potential of their workforce<br />

through established policies and<br />

practices. We had to demonstrate<br />

our achievements across key areas<br />

such as, organisational culture and<br />

leadership, employee education,<br />

training and development,<br />

employee health and safety,<br />

performance management and<br />

recognition and remuneration.

<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 17<br />

We are proud to say, we received<br />

the Employer of Choice Award.<br />

We also took the opportunity to<br />

survey our workforce to see if we<br />

would be eligible to receive the<br />

Great Place to Work certification.<br />

A great place to work model and<br />

methodology is one in which you<br />

trust the people you work for, have<br />

pride in what you do, and enjoy the<br />

people you work with. Aligned by<br />

three key relationships that makes<br />

a great workplace, Management,<br />

Job and Employees.<br />

We are proud to say that our<br />

employees trust the people they<br />

work with, they have pride in what<br />

they do and they enjoy working<br />

with their colleagues. This has then<br />

enabled us to receive the Great<br />

Place to Work certification. The<br />

voice of our people has spoken.<br />

By receiving these two awards,<br />

it demonstrates the strong culture<br />

we have embedded within the<br />

workplace from all levels within<br />

<strong>NADO</strong>. We are very proud of our<br />

team and are fortunate to be part<br />

of an environment where no matter<br />

which title you hold, each and<br />

every one of us, make it a great<br />

place to work.<br />

Congratulations team <strong>NADO</strong> on<br />

receiving these meaningful and<br />

valuable awards.<br />

Every year, our employees vote for<br />

who should receive the Employee<br />

of the Year Award based on the<br />

Quarterly Employee Excellence<br />

Award recipients. This financial<br />

year, the votes where so close that<br />

we ended up with two Employee of<br />

the Year recipients. Congratulations<br />

Ann Schmitz - Customer Service<br />

and Rehana Buksh - Team Leader<br />

for St Marys Day Program, both<br />

taking out the Employee of the<br />

Year Award proudly sponsored<br />

by Reozone. Your colleagues see<br />

great value in the work you do and<br />

the <strong>NADO</strong> values you demonstrate<br />

daily. Congratulations also to all the<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong> nominees.<br />

We have participated in local events<br />

which have presented the chance<br />

to expand the awareness of the<br />

<strong>NADO</strong> brand through our local high<br />

school communities and career<br />

expos. These events help spread<br />

knowledge of opportunity within<br />

<strong>NADO</strong> around work experience<br />

and create awareness for future<br />

employment as part of <strong>NADO</strong>’s<br />

recruitment strategy.<br />

Before I close off, I wanted to<br />

take the opportunity to thank<br />

each and every employee at<br />

<strong>NADO</strong>. Their continued support<br />

during challenging times and the<br />

commitment to their position,<br />

is what makes <strong>NADO</strong> a great place<br />

to work. We value each and every<br />

one of you.<br />

Lastly to my team, we welcomed<br />

Gillian Venturoso into the <strong>NADO</strong><br />

HR team in November and she has<br />

shown dedication and a hunger to<br />

learn and grow. Her promptness<br />

and efficiencies have created solid<br />

administration and compliance and<br />

her efforts are greatly appreciated.<br />

Thank you.<br />

To Ann Schmitz, thank you for<br />

your ongoing support, you are<br />

always there to help no matter<br />

what the task is, you are pleasant<br />

with a wise nature which is next to<br />

none and of course, being one to<br />

receive the Employee of the Year<br />

Award is next level.

18<br />

accommodation<br />

REPORT<br />

Vanessa Vella-Adams<br />

Accommodation Manager<br />

<strong>NADO</strong> currently supports 35<br />

participants to live in Supported<br />

Independent Living (SIL) across<br />

the Penrith/St Mary’s region.<br />

With a diverse range of support<br />

needs, each participant is<br />

supported to build independence,<br />

be active in decision making and<br />

to be an integral member of their<br />

community.<br />

A new SIL property in Glenmore<br />

Park opened in October <strong>2021</strong> with<br />

three young women settling well<br />

into their new home, attaining<br />

their goal of moving into SIL<br />

accommodation. In preparation for<br />

their transition, they resided in our<br />

short-term accommodation, where<br />

they were able to get to know each<br />

other before moving in together.<br />

Purchasing furniture in the midst of<br />

a pandemic was not the easiest of<br />

tasks, but without a doubt we knew<br />

we could make a beautiful home<br />

and what a beautiful home it is.<br />

Before we knew it, Christmas was<br />

here between decorating the house<br />

and tree and buying presents for<br />

family and friends, they were excited<br />

to have their first Christmas in<br />

their own home together. Together<br />

they bring to their home creativity,<br />

laughter and a sense of belonging.

<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 19<br />

The mid to end of <strong>2021</strong> and into<br />

<strong>2022</strong> has seen yet another year of<br />

disruption with COVID pandemic.<br />

This time with some of the hardest<br />

lock down restrictions placed on all<br />

of us. At times it seemed it would<br />

never end and looking for the light<br />

at the end of the tunnel seemed far<br />

away! But as always, we made the<br />

best we could of the situation and<br />

persevered and supported each<br />

other through the restrictions.<br />

Each week we would set an “around<br />

the world theme” to have the<br />

residents participate in a themed<br />

dinner and/or activity and the<br />

response and involvement was<br />

that of enthusiasm and energy<br />

from everyone including the staff.<br />

There was great creativity and<br />

competiveness in each home,<br />

even though not being present, the<br />

excitement was evident when it<br />

was time to reveal the “theme” and<br />

then even more excitement when<br />

the winner was announced.<br />

Some days were harder than<br />

others, keeping everyone safe<br />

was our main priority. We<br />

banded together to ensure that<br />

continuation of supports was<br />

provided as close as possible<br />

to each of the participants daily<br />

routine and that each day was seen<br />

as a new day with new in home<br />

adventures.<br />

<strong>2021</strong> drew to an end and as COVID<br />

restrictions eased, we saw new<br />

places and opportunities in our<br />

community that felt like something<br />

of the distant past! Just as we<br />

settled into Christmas and excited<br />

for what the New Year would bring,<br />

we were hit yet again with another<br />

COVID wave. Now you would think<br />

that having just been through this<br />

that it would be easy to revert<br />

back to restriction life! No, not in<br />

the slightest. But we ensured we<br />

made the best of the situation and<br />

provided enjoyment and activities<br />

in each of the homes.<br />

Early <strong>2022</strong> saw COVID restrictions<br />

mostly lifted, and routines and life<br />

gradually started to go back to pre-<br />

COVID ways.<br />

Holidays were a must for some<br />

of our participants who had been<br />

eagerly awaiting, some of them up<br />

to 2 years, to be able to relax and<br />

enjoy time away.<br />

Others it was to spend time with<br />

family and friends. One thing that<br />

was greatly appreciated was being<br />

able to be out in the community<br />

and to be with friends and families.<br />

Short term accommodation<br />

continued to provide services<br />

throughout the COVID outbreak<br />

late <strong>2021</strong> and into early <strong>2022</strong><br />

to participants and families in<br />

need. Whilst managing the risk of<br />

COVID and maintaining the safety<br />

for all participants and staff at<br />

both St Mary’s and Winmalee, we<br />

successfully ensured availability<br />

and continuation of these supports<br />

in what was challenging times.<br />

Short term accommodation is<br />

an opportunity for people with<br />

a disability to have time away<br />

from home, it provides people<br />

with a caring, safe and supportive<br />

environment where their daily<br />

routines are maintained. Short term<br />

accommodation also provides<br />

opportunities for participants<br />

who are looking for suitable<br />

long term SIL placement to be<br />

supported whilst options are being<br />

explored. Over the past 12 months<br />

St Mary’s and Winmalee short<br />

term accommodation have been<br />

the steppingstones for several<br />

participants as they seek SIL<br />

housing, offering opportunities to<br />

gain independence and learn to live<br />

an adult life away from their family.<br />

Short term accommodation is an<br />

invaluable service to people with<br />

a disability and we look forward to<br />

continuing to provide service and<br />

supports to all our participants and<br />

families over the next 12 months.<br />

I would like to thank the<br />

Accommodation Team Leaders<br />

who continued throughout COVID<br />

to work from the houses and<br />

support not only each of our<br />

participants, but also all of the<br />

staff and each other; Victor Santos,<br />

Narelle Henderson, Michelle<br />

Edwards, Wendy Scott, Michelle<br />

Felstead, Deepak Saxena, Danielle<br />

Privett, Karen Daly, Courtney Vitek,<br />

Lynelle Rafter, Donna Newton, Tina<br />

Carroll, Lydia Ho, Brian Anderson<br />

and Dannielle Merritt.<br />

Our Accommodation Coordinators;<br />

Kylie Loadsman, Aga Rogoz,<br />

Limcy Sunil, Yusdi Maksum,<br />

Jeremy Voorn and newly appointed<br />

Donna Newton thank you –<br />

you have continued to lead,<br />

work together as a team and<br />

ensure that we continue to provide<br />

quality supports.<br />

A special thank you to Carey<br />

Tidyman who stepped in to assist<br />

during COVID restrictions.<br />

A big thank you to all our support<br />

staff, the past 12 months have<br />

brought challenges that we would<br />

never have thought we would be<br />

presented with. Each and every<br />

one of you have turned up to work<br />

each day with the goal of ensuring<br />

our participants are provided with<br />

a safe and supportive environment.<br />

You are the essence of what we do.<br />

Thank you again.

20<br />

community<br />

programs<br />

REPORT<br />

Brendan Oldman<br />

Community Programs Manager<br />

The last twelve months has seen<br />

us go from the extremes of a<br />

COVID world, with lockdowns,<br />

heavy restrictions, then coming<br />

out of lockdown finally at the end<br />

of October. In this time <strong>NADO</strong> has<br />

pulled together and come out<br />

charging into the new world of<br />

living life with COVID-19.<br />

Prior to my commencement in<br />

February <strong>2022</strong>, I had only heard<br />

great things about <strong>NADO</strong>, and how<br />

it’s the place to be as far as working<br />

in the Community Sector. Since<br />

starting, my initial positive thoughts<br />

of how great <strong>NADO</strong> is have been<br />

greatly exceeded.<br />

Adapting to COVID-19 was not<br />

without its challenges. With a<br />

lockdown to bring in the new<br />

Financial Year <strong>2021</strong>-22, the team<br />

were already off to a tricky start.<br />

All Community Programs were put<br />

to a halt until October <strong>2021</strong>, with<br />

a very limited amount of supports<br />

occurring. In saying this, our staff<br />

never stopped working. We had<br />

a number of Coordinators, Team<br />

Leaders and staff put their hand up<br />

to help out in our Accommodation<br />

programs. A credit to all involved<br />

in working through this period<br />

in our houses, and those who<br />

assisted with the COVID-19 on-call

<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 21<br />

taskforce. The flexibility shown<br />

by staff throughout the lockdown<br />

period, and periods with heavy<br />

restrictions prove how people<br />

can come together in times of<br />

unprecedented adversity. Even now,<br />

the willingness from the team to<br />

jump in, help out and get on with<br />

the job is always a marvel to watch.<br />

Our Day Programs are back in action!<br />

The work that our committed<br />

Day Program Coordinators are<br />

putting in has been amazing.<br />

Suzanne Giordano, Tina Khalifeh<br />

and Carey Tidyman have been<br />

working extensively to get our Day<br />

Programs up and running after our<br />

summer lockdown ended. We’ve<br />

seen some familiar participants<br />

return, and new participants join<br />

the <strong>NADO</strong> family. We saw Suzanne<br />

tick over 25 years of service with<br />

<strong>NADO</strong>, and Carey Tidyman has<br />

excitedly accepted a permanent<br />

role of Day Program Coordinator.<br />

With some consistency coming<br />

back into play after a COVID<br />

dominated couple of years, we<br />

know that our Coordinators, along<br />

with their trusted Team Leaders,<br />

Cherry Silvero, Celeste Bucknall,<br />

Rehana Buksh, Harmony Lebens<br />

and Julie Jardine can further grow<br />

our programs across the Nepean<br />

and Blue Mountains, helping our<br />

participants to thrive in life and kick<br />

some serious goals!<br />

Our ‘Team You’ program, led by<br />

our Coordinators Megan Hayes,<br />

Jackie Long and Anabelle Wells<br />

has grown exponentially. The team<br />

have been focusing on helping our<br />

participants identify their goals and<br />

matching the right support staff<br />

to help them achieve these. To<br />

say this has been a success is an<br />

understatement, with the program<br />

continuing to thrive, we can’t wait<br />

to see the growth that will come<br />

with it. The team aim to continue<br />

providing a tailored, personalised<br />

service, all the while looking<br />

forward to new participants and<br />

support staff joining the team.<br />

After a rough trot of having nil to no<br />

services due to COVID, our <strong>NADO</strong><br />

Social Club has kicked back into<br />

swing. Our Coordinator Rebecca<br />

Smale, has been recently joined<br />

by Team Leader Janelle Butfield<br />

who have both been exploring new<br />

activities, helping participants try<br />

new things, facilitating people to<br />

maintain friendships, and make<br />

new ones.<br />

Our regular activities such as<br />

Bowling, Social Dinners, and<br />

Rugby League have been popular<br />

choices. Whilst some other popular<br />

activities have been Putt Putt Golf,<br />

a Prince Tribute Show, along with<br />

other exciting performances and<br />

activities. Our tailored Adult Flexi-<br />

Groups have also gained some<br />

traction, with services getting back<br />

on track heading into the <strong>2022</strong>-<br />

2023 financial year.<br />

Children Services have been once<br />

again a popular choice for families<br />

in the Nepean/Blue Mountains<br />

region. Our Coordinator Jessica<br />

Spiteri has been working tirelessly<br />

to build our Saturday KidZone<br />

groups, as well as finding new ways<br />

to help our 1:1 kid services grow.<br />

Whilst our January school holidays<br />

program was marred by COVID, our<br />

April school holidays program was<br />

a huge success. I was able to sneak<br />

into the program a few days myself<br />

to see what the fuss was about.<br />

The smiles on our participant’s<br />

faces (and even our staff) were<br />

infectious. With the program<br />

having such high interest, we will<br />

be advertising for a new part-time<br />

Team Leader role to commence in<br />

August of <strong>2022</strong>. There is no doubt<br />

we will be heading into 2023 bigger<br />

and better than ever where our<br />

child-related services are involved.<br />

I have mentioned our amazing<br />

Community Programs Coordinators<br />

and Team Leaders. I also need<br />

to mention our amazing Support<br />

Workers. Without them out in the<br />

community, we wouldn’t have<br />

the opportunity to provide the<br />

high-quality services we do. I’ve<br />

observed our Support Workers<br />

with our participants and have<br />

witnessed first-hand the positive<br />

work that goes into helping them<br />

achieve such meaningful goals, and<br />

support them to simply have some<br />

fun when out and about.<br />

With our new financial year<br />

commencing, we have some<br />

extremely exciting things happening<br />

across our Community Programs.<br />

I’ve certainly enjoyed the first few<br />

months of my journey with <strong>NADO</strong>,<br />

I’ve been able to spend time with<br />

many amazing participants and<br />

their families. <strong>NADO</strong>’s slogan is<br />

‘Live Your Way’, the programs I have<br />

the privilege of overseeing certainly<br />

allow people to do just that.<br />

To wrap it up, I’d like to thank<br />

Brooke Wilkie for her support and<br />

guidance in the first few months<br />

I have been in the role. I truly look<br />

forward to the next twelve months<br />

and what we can achieve as a team<br />

and as a community.

22<br />

support<br />

coordination<br />

REPORT<br />

Sharon Morrison<br />

Support Coordination, Team Leader<br />

The Support Coordination team<br />

started out our year heading into<br />

COVID lock down and learnt to<br />

adapt to different working styles<br />

working from home to supporting<br />

our participants without being<br />

able to meet face to face<br />

throughout the months from July<br />

to November.<br />

At this time there were lots of<br />

changes happening not only around<br />

the world, but in our participant’s<br />

lives with some programs and<br />

supports not being able to continue<br />

and families being left with the<br />

uncertainty around the changes that<br />

were happening within the COVID<br />

space. The Support Coordination<br />

team where lucky enough to be<br />

able to continue to provide ongoing<br />

support to our participant’s families<br />

and carers during this difficult time<br />

and were still able to achieve some<br />

fantastic outcomes.<br />

November hit and it was time to<br />

head back into our office, only<br />

this time we relocate to a new<br />

office space in Penrith. The team<br />

was very excited to be able to<br />

start transitioning back together<br />

on a rotating roster, however,<br />

unfortunately, the building was<br />

severely damaged due to a fire and<br />

we were unable to return. The team<br />

worked from home for the next few<br />

months and in March returned to<br />

the Lemongrove office space.<br />

The Support Coordination team<br />

consisted of five team members in<br />

the early part of <strong>2022</strong> and due to<br />

the increase in referrals for Support<br />

Coordination services, this allowed<br />

for growth and we were able to<br />

recruit and now have six fulltime<br />

team members. With the continued<br />

referrals that are being received to<br />

our service we will continue to grow<br />

our team in <strong>2022</strong>-23.<br />

The Support Coordination team<br />

continues to learn and navigate<br />

the ever-changing NDIS, as at<br />

times this can be challenging for<br />

our participants.<br />

Support Coordination is also very<br />

rewarding when you are able to<br />

support a participant in achieving<br />

their individual goals whether that<br />

be disability related or main stream<br />

community supports.<br />

I would like to finish by thanking<br />

the Support Coordination team,<br />

Bianca Hearnden (Xuereb),<br />

Jess Burnic, Alex Stevens,<br />

Morgan Carbone, Riana Stevens<br />

and Marlin (Spencer) Nau for all<br />

of your ongoing support that you<br />

provide our participants.

<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 23<br />

plan<br />

management<br />

REPORT<br />

Vanessa Santucci<br />

Plan Management Coordinator<br />

A busy and challenging year for<br />

our Plan Management team that<br />

saw an expansion in growth.<br />

Plan Management gives people<br />

more choice and control, without<br />

the extra burden of managing their<br />

NDIS funds.<br />

The Plan Management team<br />

manages NDIS claims and<br />

disburses funds to providers<br />

for services delivered. Our team<br />

also manages and monitors our<br />

participants’ budgets, as well as<br />

provide them with detailed monthly<br />

statements.<br />

This last financial year has been a<br />

busy time for the Plan Management<br />

team with 145 Plan Management<br />

Participants.<br />

The first four months of <strong>2022</strong>-23<br />

saw us adjusting to new ways<br />

of living and new ways of<br />

working which included; online<br />

zoom meetings in our homes to<br />

overcome the challenges of COVID,<br />

and to maintain our services for our<br />

Plan Management Participants.<br />

As the pandemic continued, our<br />

team continued with ‘check ins’<br />

with our participants whether it be<br />

a phone call, online zoom call, or a<br />

cuppa with a friendly face.<br />

Fortunately NDIS adopted a flexible<br />

approach with low cost Assistive<br />

Technology items which saw our<br />

participants purchasing smart<br />

devices which enabled supports to<br />

continue via telehealth and video<br />

conferencing platforms.<br />

April <strong>2022</strong> was an exciting month<br />

for the Plan Management team<br />

with the introduction of our<br />

new Plan Management Portal –<br />

Careview Advantage, offering<br />

an interactive screen allowing our<br />

participants to view all the data<br />

in real time associated with their<br />

NDIS plan.<br />

Lastly, I’d like to thank Bhaumika<br />

Patel and Lisa Devery in our<br />

Accounts department who work<br />

tirelessly to ensure our plan<br />

management invoicing runs<br />

smoothly. Know that all your<br />

hard work is recognised and<br />

greatly appreciated.

24<br />

marketing<br />

REPORT<br />

Deborah Ferreira<br />

Marketing Manager<br />

As the pandemic and lockdowns<br />

continued into the following<br />

financial year, it provided a<br />

different flavour of marketing<br />

opportunities for <strong>NADO</strong>.<br />

Communication with our key stake<br />

holders remained a priority during<br />

this period to ensure everyone was<br />

kept well informed of our service<br />

availability and the steps we were<br />

taking to ensure the health and<br />

safety of our staff, parents/carers<br />

and participants. As restrictions<br />

eased, we saw a movement<br />

back into a sense of normality,<br />

where digital and print methods<br />

were re-instated to promote the<br />

organisation and extend positive<br />

brand awareness.<br />

A major project that Marketing<br />

helped to facilitate this year was the<br />

opening of our new Sensory Activity<br />

Centre, Share My Ability, an inclusive<br />

recreational centre that is available<br />

to people of all ages and abilities<br />

and the first of its kind within the<br />

Nepean / Blue Mountain region.<br />

From providing support in the early<br />

planning stages and continuing<br />

into the opening of the centre in<br />

February <strong>2022</strong>, Marketing set about<br />

creating a strategic advertising plan<br />

that covered a robust degree of<br />

touch points with the focus to attain

<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 25<br />

maximum brand awareness during<br />

the early opening phase to capture<br />

the attention of our local community.<br />

Although being a relatively new<br />

business, the data collected thus<br />

far regarding feedback from the<br />

community and participants has<br />

been very positive and encouraging.<br />

Future plans for the centre include<br />

developing a new sensory room,<br />

extending allied health opportunities<br />

and creating an exciting range of<br />

new programs that are suitable and<br />

engaging across all age groups.<br />

One of the highlights was at the<br />

official opening, where we came<br />

together to celebrate the success<br />

of our hard work. <strong>NADO</strong> Board<br />

Members and dignitaries including<br />

Stuart Ayres, MP and Deputy Mayor<br />

Penrith Councillor John Thain also<br />

attended this event in support of<br />

the new centre.<br />

In conjunction with HR, Marketing<br />

was thrilled on achieving the<br />

<strong>2021</strong> Employer of Choice and<br />

Great Place to Work certifications.<br />

The attainment of these awards<br />

strengthens the brand and<br />

credibility of <strong>NADO</strong> in addition to<br />

providing a sense of pride across<br />

the organisation.<br />

Throughout the ongoing challenges<br />

of the pandemic, a focus for<br />

Marketing was to provide a<br />

continuance of communication<br />

to all our key stake holders to<br />

keep them informed of what<br />

services were available, how we<br />

were supporting our participants<br />

and families, as well as following<br />

national and state directives to<br />

ensure the health and safety<br />

across our organisation. This was<br />

completed in the form of direct<br />

communication and consistent<br />

messaging across social channels<br />

and websites.<br />

As restrictions started easing,<br />

planning commenced for our<br />

in-person event exhibiting at the<br />

Sydney and Nepean Disability<br />

Expo held in December <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

The creation of print material,<br />

promotional items and exhibitor<br />

stand design are all key parts of<br />

what Marketing contributes to these<br />

events. This year we promoted<br />

all three of our brands including<br />

<strong>NADO</strong>, Sensory Store and Share My<br />

Ability. Even though it was the first<br />

“in-person” event in nearly 2 years,<br />

attendee numbers were higher then<br />

expected and we enjoyed having<br />

the opportunity to be able to talk to<br />

people in person whilst promoting<br />

all the great services and products<br />

that we have on offer.<br />

The Sensory Store, now in its fourth<br />

year of operation continues to<br />

grow and flourish. In March <strong>2022</strong><br />

the current retail space located<br />

in head office was expanded as<br />

consumers still have a preference<br />

to ‘see and feel’ during the decisionmaking<br />

process. The product range<br />

of the Sensory Store continues to<br />

expand as trends and new products<br />

become available. We have also had<br />

the benefit of consulting our Allied<br />

Health team and key staff members<br />

for their feedback into items that<br />

are relevant to our specific audience<br />

and target market.<br />

As we move into the new financial<br />

year, there are several exciting<br />

projects that are currently in<br />

momentum. We will be exploring<br />

further into online paid advertising<br />

for both <strong>NADO</strong> and the Sensory Store<br />

with the aim to capture more of our<br />

direct market. We will be nominating<br />

Share My Ability into the Local<br />

Business Awards <strong>2022</strong> in addition<br />

to filming a new and fresh corporate<br />

video to showcase our team and<br />

services that we provide. Our<br />

photoshoot that has been delayed<br />

for more than two years has also<br />

been scheduled for late July <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

A re-fresh of the sensory store<br />

website will commence from<br />

October <strong>2022</strong> and a new chat bot<br />

will be implemented onto the <strong>NADO</strong><br />

website early 2023 with the objective<br />

to increase functionality and provide<br />

a positive customer experience with<br />

a faster response time.<br />

The new vision statement<br />

“Changing Lives through Connected<br />

Communities” along with the new<br />

set of values “Respect, Teamwork<br />

and Inclusion" that have been<br />

collaboratively agreed upon by<br />

all key stake holders will also be<br />

implemented across all touch points.<br />

Marketing is constantly growing<br />

and presenting new and diverse<br />

challenges - so adapting to a<br />

changing market is critical.<br />

Therefore - in summary and as<br />

Steve Job states “Master the topic,<br />

the message, and the delivery.”

26<br />

community<br />

engagement<br />

and<br />

sponsorship<br />

REPORT<br />

Linda Wilson<br />

Community Engagement and<br />

Sponsorship Manager<br />

Despite COVID-19 still playing a<br />

huge part in our lives going into<br />

the <strong>2021</strong>/22 financial year, this<br />

has been one of the best years<br />

for our fundraising and brand<br />

awareness.<br />

With lock down forcing office staff<br />

to work from home, this again<br />

hindered my ability to network<br />

and bring awareness to our local<br />

business community of the<br />

wonderful work that our staff do<br />

and organise our annual events<br />

we normally attend throughout<br />

the year. With the reduction of<br />

my normal duties, I was happy to<br />

support the HR department for a<br />

time with the onboarding of much<br />

needed staff.<br />

Fortunately, things started to get<br />

back to normal towards the end<br />

of <strong>2021</strong> with a number of events<br />

that continued to get moved back<br />

further and further in the year.<br />

Finally we were able to hold them<br />

early December which certainly<br />

kept me busy with our AGM and<br />

Leadership Conference being<br />

held the first week of December<br />

and then the much anticipated<br />

and needed Sydney and Nepean<br />

Disability Expo’s were both held a<br />

week a part on the first and second<br />

weekend in December.<br />

After moving our <strong>2021</strong> AGM back<br />

a few times to meet with COVID-19<br />

restriction guidelines, we were able<br />

to hold our event with minimal<br />

numbers to welcome in our new<br />

Board of Directors.<br />

Unfortunately, we were not able to<br />

hold our <strong>Annual</strong> Staff Conference<br />

for a second year, and although<br />

our <strong>Annual</strong> Leadership Conference<br />

was also delayed by a couple of<br />

months, we were eventually able to<br />

hold it in December. It was so good<br />

to get together as well as have an<br />

informative and motivating day<br />

with Di Tapp, CEO and facilitator of<br />

World Class Teams.<br />

The Sydney Disability Expo, held at<br />

Homebush, was a great opportunity<br />

to promote <strong>NADO</strong> and the Sensory

<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 27<br />

Store. We had a fantastic turnout<br />

despite COVID-19 restrictions<br />

for events just being lifted. The<br />

following weekend, we promoted<br />

our services at the Nepean<br />

Disability Expo, even with the<br />

extreme weather conditions, our<br />

staff were run off their feet talking<br />

to people about what services<br />

we provide, selling sensory store<br />

products, as well as promoting the<br />

opening of our new venture – Share<br />

My Ability – Sensory Activity Centre<br />

located in Penrith.<br />

This year we were fortunate to<br />

receive two significant grants<br />

which contributed to the fitout<br />

of Share My Ability. Through the<br />

NSW Government Community<br />

Builders Grant, we received $25,000<br />

to assist with the build of the<br />

accessible facilities. We are grateful<br />

to Stuart Ayres, Member for Penrith<br />

for his advocacy for this project. We<br />

were also thrilled to receive $23,705<br />

from St Marys Rugby League Club<br />

through ClubsGrant which helped<br />

to purchase a Liberty Swing, a<br />

swing that is built to accommodate<br />

wheelchair users. Additionally, all of<br />

the money raised from last year’s<br />

Friends of <strong>NADO</strong> Charity Golf Day<br />

also contributed towards the fitout<br />

of Share My Ability.<br />

We are grateful for the support of<br />

our Friends of <strong>NADO</strong> Charity Golf<br />

Day sponsors, as well as Stuart<br />

Ayres MP and St Marys Rugby<br />

League Club.<br />

We were extremely excited to<br />

officially open our latest initiative<br />

Share My Ability – Sensory Activity<br />

Centre in February <strong>2022</strong>. We were<br />

joined by our Board Directors,<br />

the Honourable Stuart Ayres,<br />

Member for Penrith, Deputy Mayor<br />

John Thain, staff, participants and<br />

their families. The down pour of<br />

rain on the day didn’t dampen our<br />

spirits and we thank everyone<br />

who helped us celebrate and for<br />

showing their support.<br />

Each year the NSW Government<br />

awards two recipients from each<br />

local government with the NSW<br />

Government Community Service<br />

Award. This was the perfect<br />

opportunity to recognise Jason<br />

Roberts, owner of Elite Sand and<br />

Soil. Jason supports various<br />

organisations, schools and sporting<br />

groups within our local community<br />

as well as <strong>NADO</strong> through<br />

donations, where he donated a<br />

defibrillator for Share My Ability as<br />

well as being our key sponsor and<br />

supporting partner of our Friends<br />

of <strong>NADO</strong> Golf Charity Day. Jason<br />

recently arranged for <strong>NADO</strong> to be<br />

co-branded on their newest<br />

100-year edition Mack Trident<br />

semi-trailer. This is business<br />

supporting community at its best!<br />

At a surprise ceremony, Stuart<br />

Ayres, Member for Penrith<br />

presented this award to Jason<br />

Roberts. Congratulations Jason, we<br />

are grateful for the support that you<br />

give <strong>NADO</strong> and acknowledge the<br />

support you give to the community<br />

as a whole. We look forward to<br />

continuing our partnership into the<br />

future.<br />

One thing at <strong>NADO</strong> we pride<br />

ourselves on is that it is not<br />

aways about receiving from our<br />

community, we also like to give<br />

back where we can. This year<br />

we were delighted to host our<br />

first Biggest Morning Tea. We<br />

would like to thank everyone who<br />

attended and supported our event.<br />

We raised $600 which we were<br />

pleased to donate to the Cancer<br />

Council. Thank you, Mayor Tricia<br />

Hitchen and Stuart Ayres, Member<br />

for Penrith for participating and<br />

supporting our event.<br />

Another event that has become a<br />

part of our annual calendar is the<br />

Greater Western Sydney Careers<br />

Market. As a certified Great Place<br />

to Work and Employer of Choice,<br />

our HR team was super excited<br />

to meet over 5000 students over<br />

the 2-day event, by providing<br />

information about an exciting,<br />

rewarding and fulfilling career with<br />

our organisation.<br />

It’s fantastic to see that events<br />

are now all but back to normal.<br />

We have a jammed pack <strong>2022</strong>/23<br />

of events ahead of us, and I’m<br />

excited to be introducing two new<br />

events later in the year which I look<br />

forward to reporting on next year.<br />

I would like to thank the Executive<br />

team for their support throughout<br />

the year, in particular Denise Heath.<br />

Again, your leadership throughout<br />

this unprecedented time has been<br />

nothing short of inspiring. I’d also<br />

like to thank Deborah Ferreira,<br />

Marketing Manager who I work with<br />

closely for every event. Ann Schmitz<br />

for your administration support<br />

throughout the year as well as<br />

Vanessa Santucci for your support<br />

in particular for our Friends of<br />

<strong>NADO</strong> Charity Golf Day – your help<br />

on this day is greatly appreciated.

28<br />

quality<br />

assurance<br />

and<br />

compliance<br />

REPORT<br />

Ellen McFarlane<br />

Quality Assurance<br />

and Compliance Manager<br />

Similarly to all other corners<br />

of the country, work this year<br />

required adjusting to COVID-19<br />

related tasks. We found ourselves<br />

developing new policies,<br />

processes and forms to support<br />

safe and effective services for<br />

both participants and staff in this<br />

new environment.<br />

The change to working offsite<br />

was the perfect time to set up<br />

systems to support implementation<br />

of electronic signatures for<br />

agreements and was widely<br />

appreciated by participants, families,<br />

and staff. Our average agreement<br />

signoff turnaround time dropped<br />

from weeks to minutes, and paper/<br />

ink consumption decreased by<br />

approximately 23%, contributing to<br />

our sustainability measures.<br />

We successfully re-badged<br />

policies and procedures with the<br />

newer <strong>NADO</strong> logo and layout<br />

in the process of making them<br />

available to all staff on a web-based<br />

platform. This software enables<br />

all staff to access policies at any<br />

time, and generates information<br />

that assists our compliance<br />

reporting. We maintain an ongoing<br />

program of reviewing policies and<br />

procedures according to their risk<br />

rating, or as a need arises.<br />

Technology plays a large role<br />

in compliance systems, so we<br />

used existing software to enable<br />

safe, secure and temporary<br />

access to essential participant<br />

risk documentation for children’s<br />

programs during activities<br />

in the community.<br />

A big project this year was the<br />

NDIS re-certification audit which<br />

examined all registration codes<br />

across <strong>NADO</strong> services. This was<br />

an opportunity to conduct some<br />

granular reviews of processes and<br />

documentation through extensive<br />

internal auditing and implement<br />

improvements where required.<br />

It was also the first year we were<br />

audited under the new NDIS Quality<br />

Standards and we required only<br />

two process improvements for<br />

services we may deliver in the<br />

future. We received encouraging<br />

feedback from the external auditors<br />

and are keenly waiting for the new<br />

certificate to arrive in late <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

The tasks of a quality assurance<br />

worker cannot happen without<br />

extensive support across the<br />

organisation and I count myself<br />

lucky to work with a committed<br />

and supportive team at <strong>NADO</strong>.

<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 29<br />

Sensory Store<br />

<strong>Report</strong><br />

The Sensory Store is now entering<br />

its fourth year and from quite<br />

modest beginnings has seen<br />

substantial growth. It continues to<br />

provide a range of developmental,<br />

sensory and therapy products both<br />

on a national and regional level.<br />

Marketing efforts from this year<br />

saw a range of multi-channel<br />

initiatives including social media,<br />

SEO content writing and direct<br />

email marketing. Competition<br />

is increasing year on year in the<br />

sensory sales space with new<br />

businesses consistently entering<br />

the market and requiring new ‘’out<br />

of the box’’ ideas and strategies be<br />

brought onboard.<br />

To improve customer engagement<br />

and ensure a hassle-free customer<br />

journey, an AI powered chatbot<br />

was implemented into the website.<br />

This ensures 24/7 availability,<br />

instant response, and consistency<br />

of answers. This new initiative has<br />

proved successful with generating<br />

leads, reducing staff resources and<br />

providing a friendly and interactive<br />

feel to the website.<br />

Even though sales from the<br />

Sensory Store were 7.5% less than<br />

from the previous financial year,<br />

this was still a significant figure<br />

during the challenging times of<br />

COVID where in-person sales were<br />

reduced due to ongoing lockdowns<br />

from July to December <strong>2021</strong>. It<br />

wasn’t until February <strong>2022</strong> that<br />

we could re-open the doors to the<br />

public so throughout this period the<br />

decision was made to increase the<br />

retail floor space and extend the<br />

product range. This decision proved<br />

to be beneficial with in-person sales<br />

increasing from 12% to 30%.<br />

A segment of the Sensory Store has<br />

also been positioned at Share My<br />

Ability, <strong>NADO</strong>’s new Sensory Activity<br />

Centre located in Penrith. This<br />

location was chosen due to being<br />

exposed to the direct target market<br />

who may be seeking educational,<br />

therapeutic or support products.<br />

As the world opened again and<br />

restrictions started to ease, the<br />

opportunity to exhibit at both the<br />

Sydney and Nepean Disability<br />

Expo occurred in December <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

It was a positive experience and<br />

a great opportunity to increase<br />

the brand awareness of <strong>NADO</strong>,<br />

Sensory Store and Share My Ability.<br />

A lead generation activity was<br />

generated at these events with<br />

a $200 giveaway pack on offer.<br />

Congratulations to Brittany and<br />

Maria on being the winners.<br />

A partnership with Hoyts Penrith<br />

was initiated in May <strong>2022</strong> in<br />

alignment to their Sensory<br />

Screenings, which provides a more<br />

comfortable sensory environment<br />

to viewers with lower volume and<br />

dimmed lighting. Attendees of these<br />

sessions had the opportunity to<br />

enter a giveaway, with Julie being<br />

the lucky winner (pictured above).<br />

Moving forward, plans for the<br />

Sensory Store include a reskin<br />

of the website to improve its<br />

e-commerce components, refresh<br />

the overall design, continue with<br />

SEO content and implement<br />

marketing automation. Google<br />

Adwords will also be a new initiative<br />

next financial year with the aim to<br />

remain competitive online.<br />

Big thanks to Vanessa Santucci for<br />

all of her assistance in the logistics,<br />

inventory and customer service<br />

components of making the Sensory<br />

Store the success that it has<br />

become today.


<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 31<br />

program<br />

and stories

32<br />

Share My Ability<br />

Official Opening<br />

It’s been something that the<br />

community of Penrith has been<br />

desperately seeking – it’s very own<br />

indoor inclusive recreational facility<br />

for people of all abilities.<br />

Earlier this year <strong>NADO</strong> launched<br />

Share My Ability, a purpose built<br />

Sensory Activity Centre which<br />

provides a safe play space for<br />

people of all ages to enjoy and have<br />

fun in a supported environment.<br />

The new centre provides the<br />

local community of Penrith and<br />

surrounding areas a recreational<br />

space that is inclusive, engaging<br />

and interactive. The state-of-theart<br />

equipment is accessible to all<br />

abilities and some of the features<br />

include; a Liberty Swing, Interactive<br />

Projector, Inflatable Bagjump,<br />

Sensory Room, Wheelchair Spin,<br />

Climbing Wall and an onsite<br />

Sensory Store and Cafe.<br />

The centre easily lends itself to<br />

school holiday programs, with Kelly<br />

Sibald, Team leader and Diversional<br />

Therapist developing programs for<br />

Creative Kids sessions, Active Kids<br />

as well as creative art, music and<br />

dance for adults with a disability.<br />

NDIS and Allied Health support<br />

services are also available at<br />

the centre and include both<br />

Physiotherapy and Diversional<br />

Therapy sessions that are available<br />

to the public.<br />

The official opening of the centre<br />

was held on Saturday 26 February<br />

<strong>2022</strong> with special guests including<br />

Stuart Ayres MP, Deputy Mayor of<br />

Penrith John Thain together with<br />

local families and participants.<br />

Grants from local businesses<br />

including St Marys Rugby League<br />

Club, the NSW State Government<br />

and funds raised from our Friends<br />

of <strong>NADO</strong> Charity Golf Day has<br />

helped in assisting the formation<br />

and equipment of the new centre.<br />

“We are very proud to see our new<br />

initiative come to fruition. It has<br />

been challenging over the COVID<br />

period to get the centre up and<br />

running, but we are extremely<br />

happy to be able to offer our<br />

local community for people with<br />

disability a fun and engaging<br />

space to enjoy”<br />

- Denise Heath, <strong>NADO</strong> CEO.

<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 33<br />

Contribution,<br />

a Photovoice Gallery<br />

Event<br />

One of <strong>NADO</strong>’s long time<br />

participants, Cris Toro was<br />

involved in something unique,<br />

special and exciting this year.<br />

The University of NSW ran a special<br />

event this year called “Contribution, a<br />

Photovoice Gallery Event” where Cris<br />

was invited to display his strengths<br />

of photography, in an event that<br />

celebrated the contributions of<br />

people with an intellectual disability.<br />

The project was run hand-in-hand<br />

with the Endeavour Foundation<br />

Disability Research Fund.<br />

Dr Samuel Arnold, Director of <strong>NADO</strong><br />

and lecturer at UNSW was a key<br />

partner in the development of this<br />

project that aimed to demonstrate<br />

the important contributions that<br />

people with intellectual disability<br />

make to their community and family.<br />

Cris had the opportunity to<br />

photograph important aspects<br />

of his life and showcase the<br />

involvement he has with his<br />

community. The main focus of his<br />

works was around his involvement<br />

with <strong>NADO</strong> Touch Football. Football<br />

plays a large role in Cris’ life, both<br />

socially and physically, the decision<br />

to showcase this was a special one,<br />

as it is part of his identity.<br />

The Contribution, a Photovoice<br />

Gallery Event was held in Kensington<br />

on Thursday 16 June <strong>2022</strong>. Cris was<br />

supported by his mother Gloria, his<br />

<strong>NADO</strong> support worker Peter, Team<br />

You Co-ordinator Anabelle and CEO<br />

of <strong>NADO</strong> Denise Heath.<br />

To make it that bit more special for<br />

Cris and his fellow exhibitors, the<br />

event was showcased on Channel<br />

Nine news, and broadcast across<br />

the country.<br />

An amazing achievement for Cris,<br />

we are all incredibly proud to see<br />

his work elevated on such a broad<br />

range in the public eye.<br />

“Contribution is good for all of<br />

us, and too often people with<br />

intellectual disability aren’t<br />

given the right support that can<br />

maximise their contribution. We<br />

all need support to contribute, we<br />

are all in this together. Supporting<br />

each other makes life better. Many<br />

thanks to <strong>NADO</strong> for supporting<br />

Cris as one of our star photovoice<br />

artists, Cris’s work is essential in<br />

helping our team build a deeper<br />

conceptual basis to understand<br />

and measure contribution”.<br />

- Dr Samuel Arnold, a <strong>NADO</strong> Director<br />

Achieving<br />

Independence<br />

Participants receive supports<br />

through <strong>NADO</strong> for many different<br />

reasons and at times their<br />

circumstances may change<br />

suddenly.<br />

Kenny is well known to the <strong>NADO</strong><br />

team through his participation<br />

in our Day Programs and social<br />

supports.<br />

At 47, he was supported to live at<br />

home by his ageing mother and<br />

brother, however, in July <strong>2021</strong><br />

Kenny’s mother was no longer able<br />

to continue to care for him and the<br />

family reached out to <strong>NADO</strong> staff<br />

for help.<br />

Kenny was happy to move out of<br />

home to live temporarily at our<br />

short term accommodation (STA)<br />

residence in St Marys, where he<br />

enjoyed the extra social opportunities<br />

that came with shared living. Kenny<br />

loves a good hand of UNO and enjoys<br />

a chat, and quickly became a valued<br />

member of the household. Whilst<br />

residing at St Marys STA, Kenny<br />

continued to attend his weekly Day<br />

Program and maintained regular<br />

visits with his family.<br />

It soon became clear that Kenny<br />

was able to confidently transition to<br />

living independently of his mother<br />

and brother and with the help of his<br />

Support Coordinator, Kenny and his<br />

brother George were able to apply<br />

for Supported Independent Living<br />

(SIL) funding under the NDIS. Kenny<br />

was thrilled when this was approved<br />

and received his plan in May <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Along with George, Kenny voiced his<br />

wishes to continue to have supports<br />

with <strong>NADO</strong>, this enabled staff<br />

to start the search and together<br />

view SIL properties. One of our<br />

properties in South Penrith was of<br />

keen interest to him because he had<br />

friends living there and he decided<br />

that this property was the house<br />

that he would like to call home.<br />

Kenny is excited to be moving into<br />

his new home scheduled for later in<br />

the year, and has started purchasing<br />

furniture including a new stereo to<br />

play his favorite tunes.<br />

<strong>NADO</strong>’s staff have played a vital<br />

role, stepping in to support Kenny<br />

when his mother was no longer able<br />

to, ensuring a smooth transition<br />

whilst maintaining his programs,<br />

social activities and family<br />

connections and providing him with<br />

a safe and welcoming home.

34<br />

All-Abilities<br />

National Touch<br />

League<br />

In May <strong>2022</strong> the players from<br />

our <strong>NADO</strong> Touch Football teams<br />

headed to Coffs Harbour for the<br />

<strong>Annual</strong> All-Abilities National Finals<br />

where there was a huge turnout of<br />

15 teams within our division.<br />

The All-Abilities Touch Football<br />

Program is an inclusive program<br />

that provides opportunity for people<br />

with intellectual and/or physical<br />

impairments to learn touch skills<br />

and play the sport with their family<br />

members, carers, friends, elite footy<br />

players and the wider community.<br />

With a total of 25 participants and<br />

support staff, all players played a<br />

fantastic competition and made<br />

memorable sporting achievements.<br />

The team spirit was passionate and<br />

inspirational.<br />

<strong>NADO</strong> was a part of the<br />

competition by setting rules and<br />

regulations in collaboration with<br />

Touch Football Australia which<br />

was an honour. Well done and<br />

congratulations to all those who<br />

participated. We look forward to<br />

another year of competition and<br />

achieving goals.

<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 35<br />

Community<br />

Programs<br />

Participant<br />

Achievement<br />

Over the last few months, a<br />

wonderful young man by the name<br />

of Matthew has been attending<br />

our Penrith Central Day Program.<br />

From a shy young man, he has<br />

now been involved in regular<br />

activities, both with staff and his<br />

fellow participants.<br />

Quote from Matthew: “I really like<br />

my 1:1 support days with <strong>NADO</strong><br />

where I get to do what I like. I like<br />

going to the movies and to zing<br />

or to buy lego and collector cards.<br />

I like telling my staff about them<br />

when they ask”.<br />

Quote from mum – Patricia Collins,<br />

“Since moving Matthew over from<br />

another provider I have watched<br />

Matthew’s confidence grow.<br />

Matthew seems to have come<br />

out of his shell and is confident in<br />

speaking with not only his staff<br />

but his family, he is happily sharing<br />

things on his personal Facebook<br />

page of what he has been doing at<br />

<strong>NADO</strong>, where he didn’t really share<br />

anything previously. Matthew has<br />

shown growth in speaking up for<br />

himself and choosing activities<br />

of his liking, allowing him to have<br />

choice and control over his life,<br />

which is something we as a family<br />

encourage and is always met by<br />

the amazing staff <strong>NADO</strong> has.<br />

Matthew recently started to<br />

purchase gifts for myself or his<br />

dad when out on his 1:1 days<br />

which is something Matthew<br />

has never done previously and I<br />

feel as though it’s because of the<br />

continued positive support from<br />

the <strong>NADO</strong> staff in learning about<br />

everyday emotions and learning<br />

how to show appreciation towards<br />

others.<br />

My confidence in the program<br />

management and the support<br />

staff has allowed me to take a<br />

step back to help Matthew grow<br />

his independence and Matthew is<br />

now supported to his Allied Heath<br />

appointments with staff, which<br />

previously I have had to take time<br />

off work to take Matthew to.<br />

<strong>NADO</strong> has not only helped Matthew<br />

grow and learn, they have helped<br />

me also allow Matthew the chance<br />

to spread his wings and live his life”<br />

We thank Matthew and Patricia for<br />

their kind words, and we believe<br />

Matthew’s experience is one<br />

worthy of sharing with the wider<br />

community. A big thank you to the<br />

staff involved at Penrith Central for<br />

welcoming Matthew into <strong>NADO</strong> and<br />

providing the right support for him<br />

to flourish.


<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 37<br />


38<br />

financial<br />


<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 39<br />

Nepean Area Disabilities Organisation Limited<br />

ABN: 83 188 045 596<br />


FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE <strong>2022</strong><br />

<strong>2022</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

INCOME<br />

Sales Revenue 19,067,492 18,254,557<br />

Profit/(Loss) from Sale of Asset - 7,600<br />

Miscellaneous Income 14,126 8,674<br />

TOTAL INCOME 19,081,618 18,270,831<br />


Employee Expenses 14,893,099 14,193,939<br />

Client-Activities 249,261 261,158<br />

Occupancy 405,683 490,234<br />

Communication and IT Expenses 282,471 241,734<br />

Depreciation Expenses 906,244 620,764<br />

Other Administrative Expenses 1,402,319 1,175,803<br />

TOTAL EXPENSES 18,139,077 16,983,632<br />

OPERATING SURPLUS 942,541 1,287,199<br />

Other Comprehensive Income:<br />


40<br />

Nepean Area Disabilities Organisation Limited<br />

ABN: 83 188 045 596<br />


AS AT 30 JUNE <strong>2022</strong><br />

<strong>2022</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />

ASSETS<br />


Cash and Cash Equivalents 6,305,671 5,958,944<br />

Accounts and Other receivables 1,480,418 985,298<br />

Prepayments 65,574 77,216<br />

Other Assets 18,532 11,764<br />

TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS 7,870,195 7,033,222<br />


Property, Plant and Equipment 5,638,962 4,563,704<br />

Other Financial Asset 40,315 33,324<br />

TOTAL NON-CURRENT ASSETS 5,679,277 4,597,028<br />

TOTAL ASSETS 13,549,472 11,630,250<br />



Trade Creditors and Other Payables 2,644,914 2,094,156<br />

Other Bank Loan - -<br />

Employee Benefits 1,094,420 958,674<br />

Other Provisions 26,275 30,579<br />

TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES 3,765,609 3,083,409<br />


Other Provisions 2,044,728 1,779,793<br />

Other Bank Loan - -<br />

Employee Benefits 209,222 179,676<br />

TOTAL NON CURRENT LIABILITIES 2,253,950 1,959,469<br />

TOTAL LIABILITIES 6,019,559 5,042,878<br />

NET ASSETS 7,529,913 6,587,372<br />

EQUITY<br />

Accumulated Funds Prior Year 6,587,372 5,300,173<br />

Surplus for the Year 942,541 1,287,199<br />

TOTAL EQUITY 7,529,913 6,587,372

<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 41<br />

Nepean Area Disabilities Organisation Limited<br />

ABN: 83 188 045 596<br />


FOR THE YEAR ENDED 30 JUNE <strong>2022</strong><br />

<strong>2022</strong> <strong>2021</strong><br />


Funding from Commonwealth and State 19,534,400 18,943,058<br />

Funding from others 1,366,373 2,042,019<br />

Payments for supplies and employees (18,334,263) (18,603,482)<br />

Donations and Fundraising 121,510 57,334<br />

Interest received 8,583 13,589<br />

Net cash provided by operating activities 2,696,603 2,452,518<br />


Proceeds from sale of property, plant and equipment - 5,129<br />

Right of use asset amortisation (539,781) (239,454)<br />

Purchase of property, plant and equipment (1,810,095) (1,609,871)<br />

Net cash (used in) provided by investing activities (2,349,876) (1,844,196)<br />


Proceeds from Loan<br />

Payment of Loan (0) (374,123)<br />

Net cash (used in) provided by financing activities (0) (374,123)<br />

Net increase in cash held 346,727 234,199<br />

Cash and cash equivalents at beginning of financial year 5,958,944 5,724,745<br />

Cash and cash equivalents at end of financial year 6,305,671 5,958,944


<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 43<br />


44<br />

Friends of <strong>NADO</strong><br />

Charity Golf Day<br />

On Friday 13 May <strong>2022</strong> we held our<br />

fourth Friends of <strong>NADO</strong> Charity<br />

Golf Day at Stonecutters Ridge Golf<br />

Club, proudly supported by Elite<br />

Sand & Soil.<br />

26 sponsors saw both<br />

Sponsorships and Teams sell<br />

out and at full capacity. We were<br />

thrilled that this was our biggest<br />

charity event to date.<br />

With our event falling on Friday<br />

13th, we were not going to let it<br />

stop us from another successful<br />

event, with our attendees helping<br />

us exceed our fundraising goal<br />

of $50,000 for new sensory<br />

experience equipment at Share<br />

My Ability.<br />

With a nervous lead up to the<br />

event due to the unprecedented<br />

weather, the rain thankfully held<br />

off and everyone came back into<br />

the clubhouse with smiles on their<br />

faces, even though the course was<br />

soggy, it was evident all had a<br />

great time.<br />

We welcomed our sponsors with<br />

the majority having been with us<br />

since our first event in 2018, as well<br />

as some new sponsors and teams<br />

that we hope will continue to join us<br />

at this annual event.<br />

Along with our sponsors, we are<br />

grateful for the continued support<br />

from local businesses who have<br />

donated towards our raffles and<br />

auctions over the years. See our<br />

sponsors and donators on pages<br />


<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 45


<strong>NADO</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong> <strong>2021</strong>-22 47

48<br />

Friends of <strong>NADO</strong><br />

Since the Friend of <strong>NADO</strong> business<br />

partner initiative commenced back<br />

in 2014, we have had a total of 26<br />

local businesses become a Friend<br />

of <strong>NADO</strong> over this period. Due to<br />

COVID-19 we unfortunately lost a<br />

number of partners, however, with<br />

the support of all of our Friends<br />

of <strong>NADO</strong> partners, we have been<br />

able to raise just under $115,000<br />

over this period through their kind<br />

donation of $85 per month.<br />

To date, with money raised through<br />

this initiative, we have been able<br />

to purchase two wheelchair<br />

accessible vehicles, quality<br />

white goods for a group home,<br />

contributed towards the fit out of<br />

our short-term accommodation in<br />

Winmalee, as well as contributed<br />

towards the fit out for Share My<br />

Ability – Sensory Activity Centre.<br />

In support of families, we are now<br />

commencing an annual Friends<br />

of <strong>NADO</strong> Caring for Carers event.<br />

This event will be partly funded by<br />

the money raised via our Friends<br />

of <strong>NADO</strong> initiative, acknowledging<br />

the people who care for loved ones<br />

with a disability.<br />

I look forward to sharing the results<br />

of this event with you next year.<br />

We would like to thank the following<br />

<strong>2021</strong>-<strong>2022</strong> Friends of <strong>NADO</strong><br />

business partners.

Changing Lives through Connected Communities<br />

1300 738 229 | info@nado.org.au | www.nado.org.au

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