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Building Aardvark

Building Aardvark #alpha

PFP NFTs 101

DexterlabData #alpha

Hold on!

enneftee runs the numbers #alpha

Solana Staking Alliance

stakingalliancerattles the sabre #alpha

Alpha Callers

NFT_Doctor33 explains #alpha

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GlennHodlNFT analysis


otaku_1996Sol where the money is #alpha

GlennHodlNFT analysis #alpha

whois RHYME?

Rhymedefined on why the new handle


Issue 84

Chicken Little is walking in the woods when she is struck by an acorn falling from one of the trees. Convinced

that this is a sign the sky is falling in, Chicken Little rushes from the woods to go and warn the king.

On her way to see the king, she meets a number of her friends, and tells them that the sky is falling, and that

she has first-hand evidence of this.

And yet, across the Solana ecosystem the true builders are still building. They are not packing up their project

and moving. They are not closing down. Building. Even 1of1 artists are still grinding away trying to score a

sale. Who are you in the fable? Chicken Little screaming that the sky is falling or one of the friends who blindly

follows Little's cries that the end is near? Keep your eyes on the builders. #Justsaying

A whirlwind week for #SHILLzine as we focussed more on stocking the vault than putting this magazine

together! In what was a HUGE surprise, the crew over at GhostKidDAO discovered #SHILLzine. Without

knowing, the team added #SHILLzine to their Boontie platform. The love from this GKD Boontie was immense.

Many thanks to the GKD crew and holders- probably the biggest raiders in the space!

#SHILLzine also secured 15+ pieces.

A couple of auctions lost (thanks to

the timezone 3am auction ending- yes

LowBrowNative, I was waking up as your

auction ended!). All in all, really happy

with the acquisitions. An interesting piece

by F4llenD4mien, Freks keeps pumping

them out, OctavCodrea- I couldn't resist

as it looks great mounted on my wall,

AlexMantesso your photos intrigue me,

keep them coming! JuniDoe's pieces

makes me feel like I didn't miss that other

10k mint, and who doesn't love a y00t

mint when you're $Sol poor! Wrapping the

week up is a douglasrmccurdy finally!

I was thinking that this issue would slim

down a little but, as the week progressed,

the curation of NFTs grew. Over 100 NFTs

featured in this issue! Over 24hrs worth

of scouring marketplaces and Twitter.

Articles? Hell yeah! Enough to keep you

reading all week long. So, flip your device over to landscape mode. Kick off your shoes. Grab your favourite

drink. This issue is going to be a blast!

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I will remember those who stayed here during

the worst of the bear market.

I will remember those twitter handles, those

PFPs and your beautiful vibes.

You are the future Solana OGs. I want you

all to remember this exact tweet.

Thank you. I love you.

Keep your eyes on...

Rejected y00ts


Secret Sphinx Society

Welcome to Aardvark!

We are building the best platform for trusted interactions in Web3. Between communication, trading, NFT holder

verification, and much more, Aardvark is building an ecosystem of tools that will change the way people interact

in the blockchain ecosystem.

Learn more about our company and the team behind Aardvark. Then, check out our first product, Aardvark Messenger,

and learn more about our very first NFT. Use the Links section to find all the important information about

our project.

Aardvark Messenger

Aardvark Messenger is an end-to-end encrypted, platform-agnostic, wallet-based messenger we first launched in

mid-2022. This application creates trusted communication and interaction between parties, regardless of whether

those parties are known to each other.

End-to-End Encryption

Security is one of the core tenants of our company and products. Our messaging platform leverages the most

secure form of communication, end-to-end encryption, which means only the sender and receiver(s) can read


SHILL Issue #83


Aardvark cannot read your messages, services cannot,

and even authorities or government agencies cannot.

Platform Agnostic

Since we believe in a multi-chain future, we do not lock

our products to any single blockchain. We can integrate

with any protocol and currently support Ethereum and

Solana. So now, you can send a message to any wallet

address on a supported blockchain, even if you don’t

have a wallet for it.

Solana wallets can send messages to Ethereum wallets.

Ethereum wallets can send messages to Solana wallets.

The possibilities are endless.

Wallet Based

If wallets are the fundamental aspect of Web3 and

blockchain, why is it so hard to interact with someone

at the wallet level? Our platform finally enables the

ability to initiate chat, peer-to-peer trading, or complex

notifications to users solely based on a wallet address.

Space exploring Aardvarks from all over the universe

A collection of Aardvarks from unique biomes all over

the universe, Aardvark NFTs will take over the ecosystem!

We wouldn’t be a community based Web3 project

without an NFT. We are creating a collection of universe-exploring

Aardvarks from many different factions,

working together to solve the mysteries of the cosmos.

Collection Details

Chain: Solana

Mint Date: TBD - estimated early November 2022

Mint Price: TBA Supply: TBD

Show your support by joining our Discord and getting

yourself whitelisted for our collection! Community links

can be found in the Links section. Aardvark holders will

receive an awesome NFT and amazing utility.

We love our Aardvark holders!

Holders of our NFTs have a special place in our hearts,

and we will keep them in mind in everything we do.

Therefore, we will work hard to keep the list of utilities

growing as our company and products evolve.

Right now, you won’t see cliche utility like NFT staking

rewards and airdrops. We would love to explore these

benefits when the time is right, but we have no intention

of creating something that isn’t sustainable. When

we build a native token economy, it will be made to


This is a growing list of benefits! If you have ideas or

feedback, feel free to provide them at https://roadmap.

aardvark.sh/ or in our Discord server!

Community Benefits

Designated role in the Aardvark Discord. Of course, we

want to have our holders stand out within our Discord


Special user badge in the Aardvark applications. We

want to recognize our holders everywhere! Aardvark

users that are NFT holders will get a special badge within

the messenger and other future applications. This

way, everyone knows who the real Aardvarks are!

SHILL Issue #83


Financial Benefits

Commission-free trading. As we build out more complex

trading features, like cross-chain NFT swaps,

Aardvark will incorporate a small commission. Holders

will never pay these commissions!

Free access to paid or premium features, forever. Aardvark

will continue to build new features, products, and

applications. Holders will always receive these benefits

at no charge.

Early access to new features and applications. Become

a part of our early access community! Aardvark holders

will always be first in line for new features or entirely

new services.

Projects integrating with our platform will be encouraged

to donate one or more NFTs from their collection.

Our holders will be able to participate in raffles and

giveaways for these NFTs at no cost.

Driving Value

We all know creating demand for a collection is key to

making it valuable. As other projects and services integrate

with our platform, to take advantage of notifications

or other features, we will require them to hold at

least one Aardvark NFT. Doing so will increase demand

and reduce the circulating supply of our collection,

thereby driving a higher value for our holders.

Why Should I Buy?

Between partner projects and everyday holders, there

will be extremely limited supply and high demand for

our Aardstronauts collection. Don’t be left behind!

The Aardstronauts are blasting off with or without you

(preferably with you!)


Aardvark Technologies LLC

Aardvark Technologies is a fully registered company in

the United States. Our goal is to build products that improve

the Web3 experience for all users, whether they

are experienced veterans or newly minted members of

the ecosystem.


Aardvark Technologies was started in late 2021 when

founders Joey Richter and Austin Zurfluh experienced

a problem in the web3 ecosystem. They wanted to get

a hold of someone at a given wallet address, but they

had no way to do so. Armed with an idea, they set out

to solve the problem and eventually launched a closed

alpha version of Aardvark Messenger in April 2022.


We are scaling out our applications, team, and capabilities,

targeting new markets, and striving for that

hockey stick growth pattern. We are focused on mobile

application development, partner integration, notification

support, and building towards becoming the

standard Web3 communication and identity platform.


SHILL Issue #83

SHILL Issue #83



Camille Halluin



Easy E

Ikal Laki




















Social media profile pictures have become one of the most popular ways to display NFT ownership and involvement

in the crypto world. So what exactly are PFP NFTs? Let’s find out!


Owning an NFT is seen as rather trendy in today’s world. Having an NFT as your profile picture on social channels

shows that you are very well-informed about the latest technological advancements.

Last year, there was a great rise in the number of PFP NFT projects in the crypto world as people are eager to

experience the metaverse and for this, users need unique avatars representing themselves.

And the hype around PFP NFTs has reached even those not so familiar with the crypto sphere thanks to some

popular projects like The Bored Ape Yacht Club and also due to celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Justin

Bieber, Jimmy Fallon, and many more, displaying their NFTs as avatars on social media.

So, what exactly is a PFP NFT, and what is this fuzz really all about? Let’s dig into it by looking at some of the

perks and popular PFP NFT projects.

What is a PFP NFT?

PFP NFTs, short for Profile Picture Non-Fungible Tokens, are on the borderline of generative digital artworks

and collectibles.

The reason why PFP NFTs can be considered collectibles is that they usually come in large quantities (around

10k) and have various degrees of rarity, which makes some of the NFTs more valuable than others.

A PFP NFT generator creates unique NFTs with each separate artwork displaying the face of the “main characters”

(be it apes, ducks, penguins, humans, goblins, etc.) together with a mix of traits (body type, head

shape, accessories, background color, etc.) that determine the rarity of the NFTs.

Twitter which is huge among crypto enthusiasts, has launched a feature that enables users to connect their

NFTs to their account through their crypto wallet and display the artwork as their avatars.

Why Have PFP NFTs Gained So Much Popularity?

The first ever PFP NFT project, CryptoPunks, paved the way for hundreds of other generative art avatar projects

to come into existence.

But naturally, people are often left to wonder how so many are eager to buy these NFTs and, in some cases,

pay quite a bit of money for them.


SHILL Issue #83

Let’s go over what is the driving force behind the profile picture NFT popularity:

• Focus on community. The owners of PFP NFTs often get voting rights and are encouraged to actively participate in the decisions

regarding the future of the project.

• Real-life and virtual utilities. PFPs often offer exclusive access to events to their holders, enable access to their virtual

worlds and give out vouchers to use for games, physical toys, and even meals.

• Monetizing assets. Many PFP NFT projects have launched their merchandise stores, and some projects also allow NFT holders

to monetize their own assets by creating merch like T-shirts, hoodies, caps, mugs, etc.

So, simply put, the reasons why PFPs are so desired and often surpass other types of NFTs is that they offer

better monetization opportunities and community involvement and provide the chance to showcase your

personality in the virtual world.

Some Of the Top PFP NFT Projects

We have made a list of some high-performing PFP NFT projects that you should know about (except for the

obvious we have already mentioned a few times).


Azuki is an anime themed PFP project that was released on January 12, 2022, and features 10 000 unique


Azuki’s founder emphasized early on that their goal was to create the largest decentralized metaverse brand

that is built and owned by the community. Just after the launch, the sales skyrocketed, and the current floor

price sits just below 10.3 ETH on the OpenSea marketplace.


CloneX is a joint venture between metaverse fashion house RTFKT and the prominent multimedia artist

Takashi Murakami.

The PFP project was released on November 29, 2021, selling out in less than a day. The collection features

20 000 3D NFTs, and they have gained a lot of attention with their numerous Nike integrations.

The initial CloneX collection still receives a lot of attention from new and more advanced NFT collectors alike,

SHILL Issue #83


as they are releasing new virtual and real-world expansions almost monthly.

The current floor price of CloneX on the OpenSea marketplace is 8.5 ETH.


DeGods is easily the hottest PFP NFT collection on the Solana blockchain, with a current floor price of 288


DeGods minted on October 8, 2021, featuring 10 000 colorful virtual gods. The project has been received

very well by the community as they show high interest in the owners of their NFTs.

For instance, a DeGod NFT gives the holder the ability to mine $DUST, have access to DeGods NFT tracking

mobile app DYOR, and many more awesome utilities.

Pudgy Penguins

Pudgy Penguins released on July 22, 2022, featuring 8888 fuzzy penguins that brought a lot of positivity to

the NFT space. Currently, the floor price of the cuddly birdies is at 2.9 ETH.

While the little birds have seen some ups and downs, the great thing about this project is that it truly shows

the power of the community.

After some problems surrounding the founder last year, the community decided to vote him down, and Pudgy

Penguins were sold to Netz Capital for $2.5 million dollars.


SHILL Issue #83

Now, Pudgy Penguins together with their companion collection Lil Pudgies are spreading their wings outside

of the blockchain environment as well with plans to become an entertainment brand.


Goblintown.WTF was launched on May 20, 2022. One of the things that makes this project unique is that

they were one of the first to introduce free-to-mint model allowing users to get their NFTs with no costs except

for gas fees.

Moreover, the collection of 9999 showcasing funny-looking goblins has taken a rather different approach

from many PFP NFT collections. They have stuck to their original plan of not launching a roadmap, and not offering

utility nor Discord for their users. Nonetheless, they have become very successful and desirable among

the NFT community.

To Sum Up

There’s no doubt that PFP NFTs are more than just pieces of generative digital artwork and that they will

have a strong place in the future of the metaverse.

Furthermore, the reason why PFPs have managed to gain the attention of NFT collectors, investors, and traders

are that most PFP NFT projects have a defined roadmap, provide utility, and are backed up by a strong

community who are usually given perks such as being actively involved in the development of the project.

SHILL Issue #83



How long should you hold an nft? short answer is 61-88 days. the specific problem I am looking to tackle is: what

is the maximum length of time you should hold a “bluechip” solana nft, on average, so that you gain bulk of the

profits while reducing your risk?

Let’s define a few things:

1. bulk of the profit = 60-90% of ATH price

2. nfts studied are past and present projects who were all at one point considered “must haves”

3. min: 6 months of fp data

Inspired by a conversation I had with @bored2deathX a few months back.

First, we get historical prices of nfts. in white are prices from @SolanaFloor & @HelloMoon_io, in red are


SHILL Issue #83

missing data that had to be extrapolated from mint price. getting @SolanaMBS & @DeGodsNFT early fp data was

tricky! fortunately the impact of the missing data is low.

Next task is we normalize that fp data from 0-100 (100 being ath price) to compare them with each other. from left

to right = oldest to newest project (cets & okayb uses latest fp to fill the minimum 180 days of data needed).

If we take the average of all 20 projects and plot it out on a line chart, we can see a clearer pattern. We can see

how bulk of the price increase is already achieved on day 61 and holding further provides little benefit.

SHILL Issue #83


Next, we compute for how long it takes for a project to reach bulk of the profits (60+% of ath price) in order to

determine how long should we hold an nft and capture those gains outliers are: @FamousFoxFed @DeGodsNFT

@catalinawhales @degencoinflip

We can see from the chart above that: 1. on average after 61-88 days, nfts have already gained most of the fp

increase 2. after 94 days on average, nfts are past their ath price & are on the decline 3. you will of course miss

outliers like @DeGodsNFT but that is expected.

In case you are curious: floor prices (in sol) 61-88 days after mint. I’m not saying you should sell at the 61-88 days

mark but rather after 61-88 days on average, a project already gained most of the fp value and holding it beyond

increases your risk with lesser benefits.

The idea is, as traders we want to be able to absorb bulk of the gains while reducing risks associated with bag

holding. We want to remain flexible and have our liquidity back as soon as possible to be able to constantly rotate


Disclaimer: this is obviously an imperfect methodology as it relies on averages, but nonetheless a fun thought

experiment to come up with some sort of general guide. Let me know if you have a better idea!


SHILL Issue #83


The Solana Staking Alliance is a community-driven organisation whose goal is to grow and enhance staking

on Solana. Here’s a thread on why we were formed and what our aims are.

On September 30th 2022, the Solana network went down for a period of 8h16 min. The cluster restart

took longer than ideal, because many validators did not have adequate alerting infrastructure. The idea

of a Staking Alliance was sparked off this crisis.

It was clear that there were several issues facing staking.

For eg:

> Lack of good real-time information about validators for stakers.

> Validators lack real-time alerting.

> Centralisation risk of liquid staking solutions.

> Proposed 100 SOL min for stake accounts.

In the light of the FTX debacle, it became even more clear to us that the Solana staking community

needed to be proactive and stand up for the network. The Solana Staking Alliance was thus born.

The Alliance aims to be:

> A community that shares and incubates ideas that advance staking.

> A way for validators to discuss and govern proposed new features that affect staking on Solana.

> A foundation that supports developers and smaller validators.

Further, the Alliance aims to be a collective that builds tools and programs to strengthen staking on

Solana. In this very short time, we already have seen plenty of work. This ranges from article guides, to

feature proposals/PR, to whitepaper of a new liquid staking primitive.

If you are a validator, staker, stake pool operator, or ecosystem member, you are warmly welcomed to

join and contribute to the Alliance!

Check our Discord: https://discord.gg/chqhQ3jSU9

Our Forum: https://forum.stakingalliance.org

Collaborative Whitepaper: https://notion.so/soceanfi/Whitepaper-WIP-8cbcfcb8c0d24eb68913e4de2f95ba04…

For Solana!

SHILL Issue #83

























Ikal Laki


Whenever we have a “bull” market we always see the glorification of some alpha callers and people looking for

“alpha” left and right for the next 10x. But there are several fundamental issues with this behaviour and we are

going the investigate them with this thread.

1) The reasons for pumps

Pumps in NFTs (or any other assets) occur due to unproportional amount of buy pressure when compared to

usual which overwhelms the sell pressure. This generally happens not due to the fundamentals of projects or TA

but happens due to hype.

Starts with one or two influential people shilling projects and others following it, it can snowball quickly because

everyone who follows the calls shares their purchases (bc they are hyped, and they want to get engagement) and

voilà in a few hours your feed is full with tweets from the project.

This causes pumps and dumps because the hype is not sustainable, and this power can be quite dangerous if the

person giving the calls misses certain ethical merits.

2) Ethical Considerations.

The majority of “alpha callers” are hungry for profit. And they will use their power to get easy money. This is the

most prominent with low supply projects with low volume.

You can see lots of random projects being called and here is how it works:

i. The alpha caller finds a bullshit alpha (a new artist joined the team)

ii. Buys from low supply and low volume projects.

iii. Shills it and makes an easy 2-3x profit (sells right after shilling).

This person then would be overly glorified by the NFT community because their call was made 2-3x instantly, but

one needs to think if this person didn’t have the same influence would we still see the same pump. The answer is


Don’t forget! This person doesn’t have to be super influential. They might be a friend of yours talking about a

project in your discord channel just to try look for an exit liq or pump their bags.

84 SHILL Issue #83

3) Publication Bias.

Not all these calls result in success someone sometimes made a call, and that project never moves or goes down. But

the person who made the call never says I was wrong. Instead, whenever their call right we see “I told you so” “I hope u

listened my call”

How can we fix this problem?

For the followers

I. Know your alpha caller. Be careful with their behaviour and even track their wallet. If they are dumping their

bags on you, expose them so that they lose credibility.

II. Look for conflict of interest. Does the alpha caller work for the project? How many do they hold? What is their

entry? What is their exit?

III. Follow fundamentals and logic. Does the alpha makes sense? The shock of supply and more buy pressure

always makes sense but is the provided alpha going to result into this? Or is it just bullshit? “The team is build00rs”

“Big things coming”

For the Alpha callers

i. Make your alpha calls with an entry point. E.g: Enter this project from 1.8-2 This somewhat prevents people

aping in like a mad man and stops pumps and dumps.

ii. Disclose your conflict of interest. Your bags, your connections to the project.

iii. Give bearish alpha! Not all about making a profit, it is also preventing a loss. E.g. “This project pumped hard

could be a good exit” “This utility no longer works exit” etc.

iv. Share your failed calls as much as you share your successful calls. No one can be right every time. I fucked up

many times. But grow up. And take responsibility.

Before ending. Alpha callers are essential there is no way for anyone to follow every project. There are many alpha callers

trying their best to help their community and this thread is not meant to criticise you. I really appreciate all of those

who grind for their community!

If you are one of those who try to make banks via fooling people with your fake alpha fuck you. If you are just a follower

just be extremely careful about who are you following. Cheers and out.


I started learning about ‘Solana’ blockchain in the beginning

of this year On March 2022 , I entered into SOL

NFTs. In this thread I go over every single lesson I learnt

along the way about making money from Solana NFTs:

In this thread I’ll cover: 1. Buying money minters 2.

Passive income plays 3. Targeting good mints 4. Getting

in early 5. Price action trading 6. Arbitrage 7. Providing

liquidity 8. Investing in validators

Buying money minters

These projects grant a way to get upcoming new airdrops

or mints by using its connections Initial investment

is high. But the ROI (Return on investment) is decent

More connections = More mints = More money

Your Network = Networth


@BlocksmithLabs- One of the best money minters. Get

WL for all the projects using it’s mercury tool.

@Trust_Labs_- Get an Airdrop of all projects working

with trust labs.

@ArsensNation- Ghost Trait - WL for all upcoming

@blackmagic_gg mints.

Passive income plays

Projects providing passive income by means of SOL,

USDC or their own native tokens Holding long term

is better than short term profits Select projects with

: - Long term vision - Building multiple income streams -

Potentially high future adoption

Lots of gambling projects pop out as passive income

plays, most of them will die. Invest in proven builders,

soon to be monopolies / oligopolies

@degenfatcats- Weekly SOL payouts based on the revenue

generated from their games

@FloppyLabs- Payout from staking services

Targeting good mints

Find good mints that are “sure hits” Avoid these:

• Building with low hype • High influencer shilling •

Heavy focus on collabs/tokenomics • Founders with

previous rug history • Lack of information (No website/

linktree) • Derivatives

Doing solid research on the founders & team, is like a

“smart hack” to identify good projects. These projects

are eventually going to succeed, irrespective of the mint

conditions. Good leadership can evolve the existing roadmap

to keep pace with upcoming trends.

Case study :

@FamousFoxFed- Struggled to mint out , airdropped left

over NFTs . Currently one of the top projects in SOL

@blxckout_nft- Failed mint, had to give out NFTs almost for

free. Now, built up a name for themselves in the space

Getting in early

The good old-fashioned way of doing your own research

to get into underrated projects early These projects provide

the highest upside for a very low investment But only

a small minority of people do this, due to fear and lack of


Step up your research skills:

• Check out the project activity in discord, twitter. • Talk to

the founders • Look at the website • Read the whitepaper if

any • Check out team’s socials • Get into any alpha DAOs •

Finding Free alpha in twitter threads

I would recommend these for beginners:

- @web3techonly, founded by @gaius1337, a free platform

for doing research on upcoming NFT projects

- @JarpixDao access pass , created by @jarpixNFT for educational

content & alpha calls

- Practice ignoring noise made by influencers.

Price action trading

Making plays from secondary markets like Magic Eden on

statistics like:

- Volume traded - Listed Count - Unique holders - Whale

Holding - NFT inspect ranking - PFP usage Idea: Buy on rumor,

sell on news.

Potential catalysts for secondary plays:

• Airdrops • Art upgrades • New Collabs/Partnerships •

Improved Roadmap • New Gen2 collection • Hiring better

ambassadors, advisors etc..

Price action trading has very high risk and the market sentiment

can change any time.


Buying a same collection from one marketplace and selling

it in another Avoiding royalties / extra marketplace fee is the

main goal. Can be profitable with the right NFT collections.

Arbitrage is something most people don’t research much

about, but the potential is immense. Some marketplaces

you can look at for arbitrage:

- @Yawwwtraders

- @hyperspacexyz

- @coralcubenft

Providing liquidity

Earn by providing liquidity to the following: • DEFI

protocols • NFT AMMs • Loan Providers

In case of DEFI & NFT AMMs u get a portion of the

trading fees as income. Learn about “Impermanent

loss” before investing in any of these.

Good DEFI protocols that you can use to provide

liquidity/stake SOL :

Quote Tweet


Considering portfolio diversification in SOL? Check out

the alternatives in some of the Solid & Innovative DEFI


Investing in validators

Building your own validator has extremely high initial

investment costs.

Better alternatives are projects raising funds to invest

in validators & related services. Essentially betting on

the SOL ecosystem itself. If solana wins you win and vice


Some people can guide you along the right path. All you

must do is watch and observe.

Avoid following: • All big accounts • Engagement Farmers

• Bad influencers • Toxic personalities • Ruggers (yes

!) They cloud your judgement and affect investment


Who to follow?

- Provides valuable tweets at a very early stage without

a huge following - lots of connections including cross

chain like ETH - Improves thought process abt NFTs,

giving different angles to think about - Teaches how to

do research instead of “Pump and dump”.

Most NFT’s are purely a game of hype & attention

Adopt this mindset: “Buy when no one is talking about

it and sell when everyone talks about it” Also keep in

NFT AMMs - @hadeswap- @ElixirNFT

Loan providers - @SharkyFi -@FRAKT_HQ

Important Note: If u don’t understand AMMs & loan

providers, don’t invest. You can make more losses by

investing without knowing.

mind that projects that fully embrace web3 culture

have higher chances to succeed.

SHILL Issue #83


Ilan Derech

Ilan Derech

Inner Peace

Inner Peace


Jonny Jordan

Kirk Englehardt

Kirk Englehardt








Noisy Coyote

Noisy Coyote


Nick Schlax

Nick Schlax









Simple Monster Party





Let’s look at another one of Solana’s top projects, @InfectedMob. These guys are one of the hardest working and

active communities around. Ready to go?

AGAIN, three things up front: (1) I do not hold this NFT! And my analysis is unaffected by any conflict of interests.

(2) We are using the template explained in the below thread (3) The aim of the game to is STANDARDISE our


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Introducing my new NFT evaluatorrrr. A simple template to help us Do Our Own Research into the myriad of

NFT projects out there who want our cash. Want to MAKE MONEY? You have to be smart. Let’s dive in! A thread

about a thread:

To recap, we use 9 headings to structure our research: 1. Vital statistics 2. Founder(s) & Links 3. Genre/ type 4.

Trading potential 5. Holding potential 6. Utility 7. Market resilience 8. USP/ X-factor 9. Conclusion

Let’s dive into the MOB.

126 SHILL Issue #83

1. Vital statistics Name:

Infected Mob Stats at the time of writing:

NB - I don’t normally add notes but here it should be mentioned, Mob Studios (the creators of IM) have produced 5

other collections:

Prior to IM:

Rare Robots Robot Mafia Club

After IM:

Infected Jngl Infected Solympus Infected Bears (Collabs w Primates, DeGods, and Okay Bears)

2. Founder(s) & Links Founders:

@TheGentlemonke @Kenzo_4x @QDomesticated Hal (can’t find twitter!) Art by @DesignicalArt


3. Genre/ type

I would say it is, first and foremost, an art/design project. That is the strength of the project and has been their major

USP to date. Note - parent company @XLabsNFT provide tech services to Web3 clients. Also own @XinDragons @Zenin-

NFT & @BountyHunterNFT

4. Trading potential

Strong here. Lots of sales number consistently since mint with good volatility. Additionally, superb trait variety with sub-

DAOs, so bespoke trading could be lucrative if you know the collection well.

5. Holding potential

Holders were greatly rewarded with art collabs involving @Primatesnft @DeGodsNFT, and @okaybears

Currently awaiting the next major stage of their roadmap, which is called ‘Goo’, and will involve previous collabs. Worth

a hodl if you didn’t already sell.

6. Utility

Lots here: access to art collabs has been the mainstay. There also staking & $MOB token, raffles, competitions, and

more. They run their community really well and there are genuinely active subDAOs.

7. Market resilience

Probably one of their strong suits. Mob Studios provide artwork for other Web3 clients for a premium.

@DesignicalArt has built a large team with a proven record. A strong source of revenue, even if it is Web3 focussed so

beholden to market conditions.

8. USP/ X-factor

The quality and volume of artwork production by Mob Studios to date has been unrivalled in the space, to their credit.

Their Infected JNGL and Solympus series are world class. Community and raiding is also very strong.

9. Conclusion

TL:DR - A prolific Web3 art studio with a proven record of success in the NFT space. I wouldn’t bet against them, ever.


SHILL Issue #83


130 SHILL Issue #83


Who is Rhyme?

Formerly known as Luka, Rhyme is my newest approach to being a web3 artist. Living through this name allows me to

redefine what being a creative means. Inspired by those I met in Lisbon; a name can be much more than just a person.

Why Pixel Art?

As someone who found their feet in illustration/graphic design, pixel art allowed me to further my creativity with an

enjoyable degree of restriction. Having studied @takashipom in school, seeing his interest in pixel art and web 3 only

pushed me more.

Favourite Lisbon Story: Hanging out with @XO12XX is up

there but I can’t believe she missed out on the @MagicEden

event. It was a story of determination, to say the least, but

that determination wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for the @

solBOOGLE event the night before!

Last bits and pieces:

1. Even more inspirational people I mentioned: @degenpoet

@zen0m @marculinopng @Shakespeare

2. HDWMY: A new creation hourly, [Daily], weekly, monthly,

and yearly. I will expand on this in a separate thread.

3. Music Taste: Anything, any time

The Daily Pix & Pixel Junkies:

Inspired by @beeple, TDP is my first ongoing collection that

focuses on creating one piece every day, on the day, in an

hour. PJ is the community group chat that contains all the

amazing people who collected a piece from TDP.

Lastly: I forgot to mention, I started exploring the Solana

1/1 art scene because of @hyblinxx :) A huge thanks to

everyone on the @SolCityRadio team who put up with me

for that hour! Thank you so much for the opportunity and

what an enjoyable time it was!























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Kirk Englehardt


















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