Banner Newsletter | November/December 2022

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NOV<br />

DEC<br />


Rev. Chris Winkler<br />

Senior Pastor<br />

cwinkler@barringtonumc.com<br />

Rev. Matthew Johnson<br />

Associate Pastor<br />

mwhjohnson@barringtonumc.com<br />

Rev. Wendy A. Witt<br />

Senior Pastor<br />

First UMC, West Dundee<br />

wwitt@barringtonumc.com<br />

Luis Vega<br />

Lay Pastor<br />

Comunidad Cristiana<br />

lvega@barringtonumc.com<br />

Patti Mangis<br />

Director of Music & Worship Arts<br />

pmangis@barringtonumc.com<br />

Susan Acosta<br />

Director of Family Ministries and<br />

Noah’s Ark Christian Academy<br />

sbrown@barringtonumc.com<br />

Ana Kelsey-Powell<br />

Director of Youth Ministries<br />

akelsey-powell@barringtonumc.com<br />

Lou Ann Gordon<br />

Director of Finance<br />

lgordon@barringtonumc.com<br />

Sharon Orr<br />

Director of Campus and<br />

Missions Ministries<br />

sorr@barringtonumc.com<br />

Becky Lemna<br />

Director of Communications<br />

blemna@barringtonumc.com<br />

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Barrington United Methodist Church<br />

98 Algonquin Road, Barrington, IL 60010<br />

(847) 836-5540<br />

Office Hours: Monday–Thursday, 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m., Friday, 9:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m.<br />

Worship online | Services are posted each week on Saturday<br />

Enjoy weekly online worship services through our Do.Be.Live channel on Vimeo,<br />

through our mobile app and our website, barringtonumc.com.<br />

Worship in the Sanctuary | Sundays at 9:00 and 10:30 a.m.<br />

Respecting the health and safety of all, masks are optional in the church building.<br />

Sunday School is available for children ages 3 through grade 5<br />

during both worship services.<br />

All students, grades 6 through 12, are invited for fun conversation<br />

and fellowship at 10:30 a.m. in the youth room.<br />

God’s Squad meets most Sundays from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m. Students,<br />

grades 6 through 12, are invited to come for dinner, games, fellowship, and fun.<br />

Got homework? Bring those assignments and projects that aren’t quite finished to<br />

Homework Hangs from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.<br />

Comunidad Cristiana | Christian Community Worship<br />

Sundays at 2:00 p.m. | Bilingual, in-person<br />

Trinity Center<br />

1647 Ravine Lane, Carpentersville IL 60110<br />

You and your neighbors are invited to join this emerging worship. Experience<br />

Hispanic-style worship with a mix of traditional and contemporary worship elements.<br />

Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of every month.<br />

First UMC of West Dundee<br />

318 W. Main Street, West Dundee, IL 60118<br />

Classic Worship, Sundays at 10:00 a.m. | Online and In-person<br />

In-person, socially distanced worship is held in the sanctuary with audio of the<br />

service available in the parking lot through FM radio.<br />

“Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust consume and<br />

where thieves break in and steal; but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where<br />

neither moth nor rust consumes and where thieves do not break in and steal.<br />

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”<br />

Matthew 6:19-21<br />

What are you willing to invest in because it brings you joy or peace or<br />

comfort? What are you willing to support because it feeds the hungry,<br />

visits the sick, clothes the naked and brings hope to those who are<br />

hurting? What are you willing to risk your heart for because it changes lives for the<br />

better—yours and the lives of others?<br />

Over these last nine plus years I have proudly watched the people of Barrington United<br />

Methodist Church give generously and freely to the church’s missions and ministries.<br />

You have provided gifts to families in need; supported agricultural projects that solve<br />

food security shortages in places around the globe; funded and worked on feeding<br />

projects that provide meals to people in our own community; given generously to<br />

disaster relief efforts; collected hygiene kits and provided other resources to newly<br />

released prisoners; donated to shelters for children and mothers in crisis situations;<br />

given funds that make their way to people who need a temporary hand up with rent or<br />

mortgage assistance; built and repaired houses for the working poor; filled backpacks<br />

for children who need them to excel in school; bought gift cards so teenagers in group<br />

homes would feel remembered at Christmas and this is just a partial list of the efforts<br />

and projects you have given your time and talent and treasure to in your support of<br />

the missions and outreach programs of Barrington UMC.<br />

As we come to the end of <strong>2022</strong> and look ahead to 2023, there is one more ministry<br />

that we need to support and it is vital to making all of those efforts listed above<br />

happen. We need to fully fund the operating budget of the church so that we have the<br />

infrastructure, the staff and the facilities needed to make these things happen. For<br />

many years we have operated under a kind of “trickle down” economic model based<br />

on the idea that an extremely effective, vibrant and vital church would inspire people<br />

to give enough extra to fund the operating budget—and yet we continually come up<br />

about ten percent short.<br />

continued<br />


continued from page 1<br />

I have now come to believe that we must do more than hope that there will be<br />

enough left over. I believe you have pastors and a staff and facilities that you can<br />

be proud to generously support. I trust that you will acknowledge the need and<br />

that you will come through for the church just as you have come through for its<br />

missions so often in the past. Please consider making an extra gift this year and<br />

increasing your financial support in 2023. We have so much to be grateful for.<br />

You have demonstrated time and again that you love this church and what it is<br />

doing in the world. Let us now invest our treasures where our hearts are made<br />

full—in this church we love so much.<br />

If you have any questions about the budget and how we use the resources you<br />

give, please reach out to Lou Ann Gordon, our Director of Finance or to Pastor<br />

Chris or Pastor Matthew. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Please<br />

know that every gift is gratefully received.<br />

Rev. Chris Winkler<br />

PRAYER REQUESTS for BUMC We believe in the power of prayer and<br />

have a dedicated prayer team committed to praying your requests. If you have<br />

a prayer request, please contact the church office, (847) 836-5540, Paula Gordon<br />

(pgordon@barringtonumc.com), Julia Hooper (2juliahooper@gmail.com) or use this<br />

QR code. Please also indicate if you would like your request to<br />

be printed in the Sunday bulletin.<br />

Celebration of the Barrington UMC Welcome Statement<br />

On Sunday, October 23, the Barrington UMC congregation engaged in conversation and<br />

celebrated the ways we are working to fulfill the vision of our Welcome Statement. This<br />

statement, affirmed by the BUMC Church Leadership Council in 2019, guides us in all we do<br />

to “embrace and nurture all people at any point in their faith journey.”<br />

The Barrington UMC Welcome Statement says:<br />

“We seek to intentionally and sincerely welcome persons of all ages, nations and races. We<br />

are committed to building a diverse community that values people of all abilities, statuses,<br />

backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender expressions. We believe that God calls us to<br />

vibrant worship that encourages participants to encounter the living God; to grow in faith,<br />

friendship and love as we each seek to live our faith in our daily lives; and to serve God<br />

and our neighbor through acts of charity, kindness, mercy and justice. We embrace and<br />

nurture all people at any point in their faith journey and believe there is room at Christ’s<br />

Table for all.”<br />

Celebración de la declaración de bienvenida<br />

de Barrington UMC<br />

El domingo 23 de octubre, la congregación de la Barrington UMC participó en una<br />

conversación y celebró las formas en que estamos trabajando para cumplir la visión de<br />

nuestra Declaración de Bienvenida. Esta declaración, afirmada por el Consejo de Liderazgo<br />

de la Iglesia BUMC en 2019, nos guía en todo lo que hacemos para “abrazar y nutrir a todas<br />

las personas en cualquier punto de su camino de fe”.<br />

RV<br />

Creemos en el poder de la oración y tenemos una equipo de oración<br />

La Declaración de Bienvenida de Barrington UMC dice:<br />

dedicado y comprometido a orar por sus peticiones. Si tiene una<br />

solicitud de oración, comuníquese con la oficina de la iglesia, (847)<br />

“Buscamos dar la bienvenida a personas de todas las edades, naciones y razas de manera<br />

836-5540, Paula Gordon (pgordon@barringtonumc.com) o Julia<br />

intencional y sincera. Estamos comprometidos con la construcción de una comunidad<br />

Hooper (2juliahooper@gmail.com). Por favor, indique también si desea que su<br />

diversa que valore a las personas de todas las capacidades, estados, antecedentes,<br />

solicitud se imprima en el boletín dominical.<br />

orientaciones sexuales y expresiones de género. Creemos que Dios nos llama a una<br />

adoración vibrante que anima a los participantes a encontrarse con el Dios vivo; crecer<br />

PRAYER REQUESTS for FUMC We have a very active Prayer Team<br />

en la fe, la amistad y el amor mientras buscamos vivir nuestra fe en nuestra vida diaria;<br />

ministry here at FUMC. They believe strongly in the power of prayer and meet<br />

y servir a Dios y al prójimo mediante actos de caridad, bondad, misericordia y justicia.<br />

on a regular basis to pray for those in congregation and community that have<br />

requested prayer. If you have a prayer request that you would like included<br />

Abrazamos y nutrimos a todas las personas en cualquier punto de su camino de fe y<br />

please contact either Marcia Buchs, mkbuchs@sbcglobal.net, or Pr. Wendy,<br />

creemos que hay lugar en la Mesa de Cristo para todos”.<br />

wwitt@barringtonumc.com.<br />

2 3

On Sunday, October 9, Barrington UMC welcomed 26 new members!<br />

Members of Communidad Cristiana in attendence to witness<br />

the Baptism of four members and the joining of new members.<br />

left to right: Dave & Linda Snyder joined by letter of transfer and<br />

Mike & Kathy Jachim, Andrew Jachim and Matthew Jachim joined by profession of faith.<br />


Siblings in Christ -<br />

I want to share a word with you about community. As we seek to grow<br />

- both in number and in connection with our neighbor - it is vital that<br />

we consider the ways we interact with one another, particularly our<br />

youth. Perhaps you recall your own teenage years and the strange<br />

combination of burgeoning confidence and ever-present insecurity it<br />

embodied. Our own youth are no less affected. That is why what we<br />

say to them matters so deeply.<br />

Our own Welcome Statement establishes that Barrington United<br />

Methodist Church “seeks to welcome persons of all ages, nations,<br />

and races” toward the goal of “building a diverse community.” That<br />

diversity must necessarily extend to how we, as individuals, present<br />

ourselves. A person’s sartorial choices are not an indication of their<br />

commitment to Christ, the church, or our community and we should<br />

refrain from assuming so.<br />

It can be difficult to navigate what is appropriate to say to a youth<br />

member of our congregation. You want to engage with them, but<br />

perhaps do not know them very well. Clothing may seem like a safe<br />

and easy topic of conversation. However, that often proves untrue.<br />

The rule of thumb I teach our youth is what we call the “Five Second<br />

Rule.” Basically, if you notice something about an individual that they<br />

cannot change in five seconds, there is no need to comment on it. If<br />

someone has something in their teeth, toilet paper on their shoe, or<br />

a zipper unzipped, please feel free to let them know! That can easily<br />

be adjusted in five seconds. However, if you’re concerned and want to<br />

comment about a person’s new haircut or color, hem length, or holey<br />

clothing, please refrain. Persons of every age struggle with feeling<br />

confident and comfortable, our youth more so than most. Church<br />

should be a place where that is not a concern. The bottom line is, in<br />

a day and age when our youth have the choice about how and where<br />

they spend their time, any opportunity they take to spend with us is a<br />

gift. We should honor that by keeping our opinions to ourselves.<br />

So, let’s keep our youth coming to church. Keep ‘em with kindness.<br />

Instead of commenting on how our youth attend, take the opportunity<br />

to tell them how nice it is to see them in attendance. Take the chance to<br />

tell them how happy you are that they’ve chosen to be active members<br />

of the community. Maybe they’ll even choose to keep coming back!<br />


Experience these classic movies anew this Advent.<br />

Sunday, <strong>November</strong> 27 "It's A Wonderful Life"<br />

Sunday, <strong>December</strong> 4 "Elf"<br />

Sunday, <strong>December</strong> 11 "How The Grinch Stole Christmas"<br />

Sunday, <strong>December</strong> 18 Multigenerational Pageant<br />

Join us in worship for this multigenerational, interactive<br />

Christmas Pageant led by our youth and Youth Director,<br />

Ana Kelsey-Powell. This service will include music by our<br />

Chancel Choir, Exaltation Handbell Choir, and<br />

Crossroads Band. We will have a lively and<br />

memorable hour of worship, celebrating the<br />

coming of Christ into our world.<br />

Ana Kelsey-Powell<br />

Directory of Youth Ministries<br />

6 7

Hanging of the Greens<br />

Sunday, <strong>November</strong> 20, beginning at 11:30 a.m. at BUMC<br />

All ages and stages are invited to attend and participate, light appetizers<br />

will be available in the kitchenette to sustain us while we work.<br />

Family Ministries will provide a variety of crafts for children to create for home<br />

or to help decorate our Family Ministries Christmas Tree.<br />

Our youth will also decorate the<br />

youth room and their tree during this event.<br />

Help decorate from 10:00 a.m. until noon at FUMC<br />

All are invited to help prepare our church for the season of Advent.<br />

Monday, <strong>November</strong> 21<br />

Wednesday, <strong>November</strong> 23<br />

Saturday, <strong>November</strong> 26<br />

10,000 Villages<br />

Throughout the morning on Sunday, <strong>November</strong> 20 at BUMC<br />

The Ten Thousand Villages Fair Trade Pop-Up<br />

market returns this year!<br />

A Thanksgiving Sunday tradition at Barrington UMC,<br />

this is a wonderful chance to shop for stocking stuffers,<br />

hostess gifts, Christmas ornaments, or a<br />

little something for yourself.<br />

Join us for shopping that makes a difference.<br />

Kids Above All<br />

Sunday, <strong>November</strong> 20 and Sunday, <strong>November</strong> 27 at BUMC<br />

Every year, Barrington UMC donates Christmas gifts to children in need through<br />

Kids Above All and the Early Learning Center of District 220.<br />

If you would like to participate, we ask that gifts include<br />

an item of clothing and a toy totaling not more than $50.<br />

Sign up online or in the Lobby on Sunday, <strong>November</strong> 20 or <strong>November</strong> 27.<br />

Once registered, you will receive a response from Rachael Arrogante<br />

within a few days. If you don’t hear from her, please email her directly at<br />

rcn8505@gmail.com. Gifts should be returned by Sunday, <strong>December</strong> 4,<br />

unwrapped in a gift bag with a tag from St. Nicholas and the child’s name.<br />

Heifer Project<br />

Sunday, <strong>November</strong> 20 and Sunday, <strong>November</strong> 27 at BUMC<br />

Our annual Living Gifts Market supports Heifer International’s efforts to eradicate poverty and<br />

hunger through sustainable community development. Heifer works in 21 countries around the<br />

world alongside local farmers and business owners.<br />

Heifer helps farmers and communities mobilize and envision their futures,<br />

provides training so they can improve the quantity and quality of the goods they produce,<br />

and technology connecting them to markets increasing sales and incomes.<br />

Giving an animal gift at the holidays is like giving someone a small business, providing wool,<br />

milk, eggs or honey. Every animal gift comes with a free honor card to let your<br />

gift recipient know their holiday gift is providing families access to medicine, school,<br />

food and a sustainable livelihood.<br />

Look for Linda McGill or another missions team member in the BUMC lobby on<br />

Sundays, <strong>December</strong> 4, 11 and 18, or online. Linda will have Christmas cards for you<br />

to send to family and friends.<br />

8 9

Drop ‘N Shop<br />

is back<br />

Saturday, <strong>December</strong> 3<br />

10 a.m. – 2 p.m.<br />

Blue<br />

Christmas Service<br />

Sunday, <strong>December</strong> 18 at 5:00 at First UMC<br />

Drop the kids off for a day of<br />

games, crafts, movies and more!<br />

Take the day to get a head start<br />

holiday shopping or just to relax<br />

and prepare for the Christmas Season.<br />

The cost is $10 per child<br />

and includes lunch and snacks.<br />

This is a quiet, reflective service. We acknowledge this<br />

time of year is not the happiest time for those who are<br />

grieving or struggling.<br />

This service makes space for those who need to have their pain,<br />

loneliness, or fear acknowledged and to find comfort and hope in<br />

the gathered community.<br />

For more information, please contact Pastor Wendy Witt at<br />

wwitt@barringtonumc.com or revwawitt@gmail.com.<br />

10 11

Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth.<br />

Christmas Bilingual Worship Service at Trinity Center<br />

Sunday, <strong>December</strong> 25 at 2:00 p.m.<br />

1647 Ravine Lane, Carpentersville IL 60110<br />

Christmas Eve Worship at<br />

First United Methodist Church of West Dundee<br />

Saturday, <strong>December</strong> 24 at 5:00 p.m.<br />

Christmas Eve Worship at Barrington United Methodist Church<br />

Saturday, <strong>December</strong> 24<br />

2:00 p.m. Family Focused Service<br />

Enjoy a reading of “Eve & Buddy” by Barrington UMC<br />

member, Kay Williams. Children will receive their own copy of<br />

“Eve & Buddy” to read along during this special service.<br />

4:00 p.m. Family Friendly Service<br />

7:00 p.m. Carols and Candlelight Service<br />

11:00 p.m. Carols and Candlelight Service with Communion<br />

Christmas Day Worship at<br />

Barrington United Methodist Church<br />

Sunday, <strong>December</strong> 31 at 10:00 a.m.<br />

Children will remain with their families during this service and<br />

children’s activity bags will be available.<br />

First UMC of West Dundee will join Barrington UMC for a combined,<br />

multisite service at Barrington UMC on Christmas Day.<br />

Christmas Day Bilingual Worship Service at Trinity Center<br />

Sunday, <strong>December</strong> 25 at 2:00 p.m.<br />

1647 Ravine Lane, Carpentersville IL 60110<br />

New Year’s Eve at First UMC of West Dundee<br />

Saturday, <strong>December</strong> 31 at 5:00 p.m.<br />

All are invited for a time to reflect on the year gone by and to<br />

recommit to living faithfully as Jesus’ disciples in the new year.<br />

There will be no service at FUMC on Sunday, January 1.<br />

You are invited to join with BUMC for their service at 10:00 a.m.<br />

New Year’s Day Worship at Barrington United Methodist Church<br />

Sunday, January 1 at 10:00 a.m.<br />

Children will remain with their families during this service and<br />

children’s activity bags will be available.<br />

New Year’s Day Bilingual Worship Service at Trinity Center<br />

Sunday, January 1 at 2:00 p.m.<br />

1647 Ravine Lane, Carpentersville IL 60110<br />

12 13


Congregational Garden<br />

The BUMC Congregationa Garden yielded approximately 20,000 lbs of produce<br />

this growing season! We are proud to have served nine area pantries plus<br />

our Carpentersville Community Meal. Fresh produce is difficult for our area<br />

pantries to obtain and is very much appreciated by the pantries and their<br />

clients alike.<br />

Kids Above All Backpack Drive<br />

54 backpacks, filled with necessary school supplies, were donated by BUMC<br />

and delivered to Kids Above All. Thank you for your continued support of this<br />

vital ministry.<br />

Nicasa Prison Ministry<br />


Northern Illinois Food Bank<br />

The faithful volunteers at The Northern Illinois Food Bank, including our BUMC team, provide<br />

an important source of nutritious meals for our food-insecure neighbors. Over the last year,<br />

volunteers donated 130,000 hours to distribute 78 million meals to families, seniors, and kids. By<br />

working 1 and 1/2 hours twice a month, our BUMC teams of up to ten members are part of that<br />

essential service. We usually work on the first Tuesday afternoon and the third Tuesday morning at<br />

the west suburban center in Geneva. The work isn’t hard and is quite varied. Sometimes we relabel<br />

donated food with NIFB info; sometimes we pack fresh produce like apples, oranges, potatoes,<br />

or corn. We have also helped fill “backpacks” that go home with school kids to get them through<br />

the weekend and assembled the requested shopping lists of seniors who can then pick up only<br />

what they need. We never know what we’ll be asked to do, which keeps things interesting. Most<br />

likely, during this <strong>November</strong>, we’ll be packing holiday boxes to ensure families can offer thanks in<br />

<strong>November</strong> and cheer in <strong>December</strong>.<br />

Over 60 hygiene kits were packed and delivered to our friends at Nicasa<br />

If you would like, meet at church and carpool down Rt. 59 to the warehouse. Carpooling provides<br />

Behavioral Health Services. Thank you!<br />

a chance to chat and get to know each other better. Adding a few more to our circle of service and<br />

Congregational Garden KAA Backpack Drive<br />

Nicasa Prison Ministry Hygiene Kits<br />

friendship would be great. Please look at your calendars and sign up for an upcoming shift. Use<br />

the QR Code below to register, or contact Pat Ziebart at psziebart@gmail.com to get on the list or<br />

ask for more info. NIFB volunteer coordinators have asked us to get our rosters to them two weeks<br />

before the shift, so it’s important to plan ahead and sign up. It will be easier to remove your name<br />

at the last minute than to add you. When you finish your shift, you get to add your nametag to the<br />

giant ball of all the good folks who give their time to this important effort.<br />

<strong>November</strong> 15, 9:00-11:30 a.m.<br />

<strong>December</strong> 6, 1:00-3:30 p.m.<br />

<strong>December</strong> 20, 9:00-11:30 a.m.<br />

January 3, 1:00-3:30 p.m.<br />

January 17, 9:00-11:30 a.m.<br />

14 15<br />

Our chief bag maker Ron Schneider and Kay Mukomela!


CROP Hunger Walk<br />

Thanks to all who participated in this year’s CROP Walk against hunger. Over<br />

60 people enjoyed a beautiful fall afternoon by walking on October 9 for the<br />

40th Annual Barrington Area CROP Hunger Walk for hungry people here in<br />

Barrington and around the world. Eleven people walked from BUMC, raising<br />

over $5,000. Thanks to walkers and sponsors for “stepping up to end hunger!”<br />

It’s never too late to fight hunger. You can still help us meet a $6,000 goal. The<br />

easiest way is online at: https://events.crophungerwalk.org/<strong>2022</strong>/team/<br />

barrington-united-methodist-church<br />

Twenty-five percent of funds raised in Barrington stays in our area benefiting<br />

the Northern Illinois Food Bank, the FISH Food Pantry—Carpentersville, BACOA<br />

Meals With Wheels, Wauconda-Island Lake Food Pantry, United Partnership<br />

for a Better Community Summer Lunch Program in Wauconda, Project HOPE,<br />

and the People in Need (PIN) program of the Barrington Area Ministerial<br />

Association. This year’s Walk was in memory of Barbara Trumbull, a member of<br />

Presbyterian Church of Barrington and long-time committee member of the<br />

Barrington CROP Walk committee.<br />

JB Livengood<br />

Chris Streed, Linda Osikowicz,<br />

Lynn Grant, Bill West, and Bob Williams.<br />

Not pictured are: Jim Streed, Betty Reed<br />

(who is a “spirit walker”), and Sam Oliver and<br />

Liz Penick.<br />

Nancy and Steve Middleton<br />


Kids Hope USA<br />

We have six mentor/prayer partner teams! Wendy Sibery is now our official<br />

director. She has an excellent relationship with Lakewood, and we were excited<br />

to meet with our mentees for the first time on Friday, <strong>November</strong> 4.<br />

Rummage Sale Success<br />

Thanks for helping make the 88th Annual Rummage Sale a success! We are<br />

grateful for all who donated treasures or helped with sorting, displaying, and<br />

pricing merchandise. We are SO very thankful for the many volunteers who<br />

were able to help us—over 120! Our net profit from the sale appears to be close<br />

to $15,300. The proceeds go to United Women in Faith missions to help women,<br />

children, and youth, here and abroad, as well as many local and Chicago<br />

ministries. Mark your calendar: next year’s sale is scheduled for Oct. 6-7, 2023.<br />

Backpacks for Immigrants<br />

FUMC answered the call for support of newly arriving immigrant families<br />

bussed from Texas to Chicago and from Chicago to the suburbs for safe<br />

housing. Because of your generosity, 60 backpacks for men, women, and<br />

children were filled and delivered to the Northern Illinois Conference.<br />

16 17


Carpentersville Community Meal<br />

Carpentersville Community Meal resumed in-person dining in October<br />

in addition to the monthly “Table to Table” take-home meals! While the<br />

COVID-19 pandemic prevented in-person meals, we were thrilled to welcome<br />

back friends and neighbors for a warm meal and fellowship.<br />

We invite everyone in our congregations to come and EAT WITH US. Our<br />

ministry is to share fellowship and welcome the community (and our food is<br />

very good!) Register your interest at CarpentersvilleCommunityMeal.com or<br />

come between 4:30 and 6:30 on <strong>November</strong> 19 and/or <strong>December</strong> 17. Mark your<br />

calendar—See you there!<br />

Volunteers are always welcomed into this vital ministry. If you would like<br />

to help cook or package meals, serve in the dining room or help clean up<br />

afterward, please contact Sharon Orr at sorr@barringtonumc.com .<br />


Cena Comunitaria de Carpentersville<br />

¡La Cena Comunitaria de Carpentersville reanudó la cena en persona en octubre,<br />

además de la mensual “Mesa a Mesa” comidas para llevar a casa! Mientras que la<br />

pandemia de COVID-19 impidió las comidas en persona, nos encantó dar la bienvenida a<br />

amigos y vecinos para una comida caliente y compañerismo.<br />

Invitamos a todos en nuestras congregaciones a venir y COMER CON NOSOTROS.<br />

Nuestro ministerio es compartir compañerismo y dar la bienvenida a la comunidad (¡y<br />

nuestra comida es muy buena!) Registre su interés a las CarpentersvilleCommunityMeal.<br />

com o venga entre las 4:30 y las 6:30 del 19 de noviembre y / o el 17 de diciembre. Marque<br />

su calendario, ¡nos vemos allí!<br />

Los voluntarios siempre son bienvenidos en este ministerio vital. Si desea ayudar<br />

a cocinar o empacar comidas, servir en el comedor o ayudar a limpiar después,<br />

comuníquese con Sharon Orr en sorr@barringtonumc.com .<br />

18 19

Good Neighbor Team Update<br />

The kids are in school, the kids are in school, thanks be to God! The journey<br />

to get the children into school took twists and turns, hours and weeks,<br />

phone calls, emails and perseverance. The GNT supported the family in<br />

many ways including getting the kids to the appropriate locations for<br />

ESL (English as a Second Language placement tests) on very short notice,<br />

providing documentation to three different schools (think of addresses,<br />

vaccine records, proof of address etc.) figuring out bus schedules for three<br />

different schools, then helping the parents with the logistics. The children<br />

attend three different schools (elementary, junior high and high school) and<br />

are making their way as best they can.<br />

Numerous weekly medical appointments continue to be our focus, in<br />

particular for the father and the mother. We have developed an amazing<br />

strategy that seems to be working well in which we have GNT Members<br />

who focus on the medical needs (scheduling appointments, recruiting<br />

drivers, then summarizing outcomes and next steps as well as an education<br />

focus (writing curriculums based on ESL standards and best practices,<br />

setting up time with the family for tutoring and story times). The kids will<br />

be participating in ESL classes offered through the school district. We are<br />

allowing the kids to get acclimated in school, then plan on figuring out what<br />

additional tutoring and time may be beneficial for them.<br />

It’s A<br />

Wonderful Life<br />

A Live Radio Play<br />

Sunday, <strong>December</strong> 4 at noon in Fellowship Hall<br />

Enjoy an afternoon of delicious food and a showing of It’s A Wonderful Life:<br />

A Live Radio Play. Proceeds from this event will help fund our Youth 2023<br />

Mission Trip.<br />

Tickets: $20 per adult in advance, $25 per adult at the door<br />

$10 per child<br />

Casting Call! If you would like to play a role (or two!) in our reader’s theater<br />

production of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” please let Patti Mangis know,<br />

pmangis@barringtonumc.com. There is only one rehearsal at noon the day before<br />

and you don’t have to memorize a thing! We have plenty of room in the cast for any<br />

and all who are interested, youth or adult. This presentation is a fundraiser for youth<br />

mission trips and includes a soup and salad lunch.<br />

We are pleased to welcome Ron Schneider to the Team. Feel free to<br />

contact any of the GNT Members if you have questions or would like<br />

more information: Gwen Bennett, George Gill, Tim (Team Leader) & Silvia<br />

Grabacki, Julia Hooper, Nancy Middleton, Liz Penick, Mike Rapp or<br />

Sydney Whitley.<br />

We are grateful for your continued prayers. The GNT humbly continues<br />

to pray that we may be in tune with the needs of the family; that we serve<br />

them with compassion, kindness and that our service is received in the<br />

spirit in which it is intended.<br />

20 21

Care Ministries<br />

Care Ministries continues to hold Tea Parties on the 3rd Tuesday of<br />

every month.<br />

Sunday Spins | 5:00–7:00 p.m.<br />

All are invited to experience Pastor Matthew’s vast album library and maybe a dance or two!<br />

Join with Google Meet: meet.google.com/rzj-wsxd-zif<br />

Ladies go in pairs to visit those who cannot get out easily and bring baskets of<br />

tea, tea cups and cookies. Please let the church office or Elaine Anderson<br />

(rneaa@ comcast.net) know if you would like a visit or can be one of the<br />

visitors. The more visitors we have the more people we can visit. Homemade<br />

cookies are also always appreciated.<br />

Kay Williams, as part of the Care Ministry Team, has made several Christmas<br />

gifts to be distributed to those in our congregation who cannot get out easily<br />

or are going through difficult times. Let the church office or Elaine Anderson<br />

(rneaa@comcast.net) know if you are aware of anyone who would like to be<br />

visited with a gift or if you would like to help us distribute some gifts. They will<br />

be distributed starting in mid-<strong>November</strong>.<br />

<strong>November</strong> 13: Bang on the Drum<br />

They weren’t always the best at keeping their<br />

lives together, but the percussionists in this<br />

playlist excelled at keeping the music steady.<br />

<strong>November</strong> 20: OFF AIR<br />

<strong>November</strong> 27: The Lovers, The Dreamers<br />

and Jim - From Sesame Street to Labyrinth,<br />

this playlist will be a musical tribute to<br />

Jim Henson’s creations and creativity.<br />

<strong>December</strong> 4: OFF AIR<br />

<strong>December</strong> 11: Cash in on Christmas<br />

Music pulled from strange holiday compilation<br />

albums, and tracks by other odd and<br />

unlikely artists.<br />

<strong>December</strong> 18: Holiday Request Show<br />

Make your requests so it isn’t just two hours<br />

of Pentatonix. Please.<br />

(https://forms.gle/Z8RfirGFMXc2QbWe6)<br />

22 23

United Methodist Women<br />

United Women in Faith gather once again in <strong>November</strong> via Zoom. Anyone who<br />

would like a chance to “visit” with old or new friends is welcome to join. We<br />

“gather” at 10:00 on Thursday mornings. If you would like to join us, please email<br />

Linda Osikowicz, Lmosikowicz@comcast.net to receive the weekly meeting link.<br />

On <strong>November</strong> 17 we will have a Thanksgiving program.<br />

Our <strong>December</strong> gathering will be in person. <strong>December</strong> 15 we will gather in the<br />

church dining room at 10:00 for coffee and treats to celebrate Christmas.<br />

Watch for more details.<br />

Mission u, January, 2023: Who Can We Be Together?<br />

Mission u is an opportunity to delve into a spiritual growth study sponsored by<br />

United Women in Faith Northern Illinois Conference. It will have a new format<br />

this January: this virtual event will begin on Sunday, Jan. 8. Two-hour classes<br />

will meet once a week and conclude on Sunday, Jan. 29. Registration is $35 ($25<br />

if registered by Dec. 15) and is due Jan. 4. The easiest way to register is via:<br />

https://winter-mission-u.cheddarup.com<br />

Who Can We Be Together? A Biblical Exploration<br />

of Luke 13 explores “a chapter full of rich imagery,<br />

compelling parables, and convicting directives<br />

from Jesus the teacher, spiritual leader, and<br />

organizer. Luke 13 depicts a Jesus who often<br />

is frustrated, concerned--even snarky. He has<br />

a warranted and righteous rage aimed at the<br />

institutions of the day. For followers of Christ<br />

2,000 years later, it’s important for us to sit with<br />

the range of emotions we have in response to<br />

these words.”<br />

Voices From the Field is a podcast which provides an<br />

opportunity to learn about the national and international<br />

initiatives of United Women in Faith. The October 25th podcast<br />

was a Special Ukraine Update: Reporting from Inside Ukraine<br />

and Its Neighbors, featuring speakers from the Women’s<br />

Peace Dialogue Platform. What began as an effort by United<br />

Methodist Women in 2015 to bring Ukrainian and Russian<br />

women together to talk peace, has evolved into a<br />

permanent regional forum called the Women’s Peace<br />

Dialogue Platform. The members spoke about the<br />

situation, support, and actions of this unique<br />

forum at our Voices on Ukraine event in March,<br />

<strong>2022</strong>. These courageous women came together<br />

again sharing how Mission Giving helps the<br />

people of Ukraine persevere under continuous<br />

bombardment and shelling.<br />

The podcast offered firsthand information about<br />

what is happening on the ground, how the Women’s<br />

Peace Dialogue Platform members are helping in a real war<br />

situation, and why women’s inclusion in all peace processes<br />

is more critical than ever. Podcasts are posted to the United<br />

Women in Faith website about 2-3 weeks after airing; look for<br />

it at: https://uwfaith.org/resources/podcasts/<br />

For more information about this or other United<br />

Women in Faith events, please contact Linda Osikowicz,<br />

Lmosikowicz@comcast.net<br />

24 25


Children age 3 through grade 5 are invited to join us during worship each<br />

week for Sunday School with a Twist!<br />

<strong>November</strong> is Pumpkin Parables<br />

<strong>December</strong> is Christmas Classics<br />

January is Snowflakes: God made you special<br />

We had a great time at the Fall Fest, pumpkin picking, and fall parties.<br />

In <strong>November</strong>, we are exploring in the Nature Explore Classroom, conducting<br />

pumpkin experiments, and enjoying our thanksgiving feasts.<br />

Noah’s Ark Poinsettia Sale is back!<br />

Visit the table in the lobby on <strong>November</strong> 13 and 20 to place your order.<br />

Poinsettias will be available for pick up at BUMC Tuesday, <strong>November</strong> 29<br />

through Sunday in <strong>December</strong> 4.<br />

The NACA Christmas program is Thursday, <strong>December</strong> 15 at 10:30 a.m. in<br />

the Sanctuary.<br />

Registration begins in January! Applications for the 2023/2024 school year will<br />

be available by the end of <strong>December</strong>.<br />

26 27

Calling All Youth!<br />

We are looking for youth to help us make Drop ‘N Shop extra fun for<br />

our youngest congregation members. Volunteers are needed and<br />

appreciated from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, <strong>December</strong> 3.<br />

Please contact Susan Acosta or Tammy McKay to say you can help!<br />

God’s Squad Christmas Party<br />

Sunday, <strong>December</strong> 18, 6:00–7:30 p.m.<br />

Let’s Celebrate the season together. Don your iconic or festive<br />

holiday sweater and bring an unwrapped toy for local organizations<br />

supporting children this Christmas.<br />

Our youth enjoyed an afternoon at the world’s largest corn maze on their October “Sunday Funday”<br />

trip to Richardson Adventure Farm.<br />


Sunday, <strong>November</strong> 20<br />

9:00 Sunday School<br />

10:30 Worship<br />

11:30 Hanging of the Greens (decorating<br />

for Advent & Christmas)<br />

1:30 Sunday Funday - Bowling ($10)<br />

4:00 Our Whole Lives (9th +)<br />

Sunday, <strong>November</strong> 13<br />

9:00 Sunday School<br />

10:30 Worship<br />

11:45 Parent Meeting for 2023 Confirmands<br />

4:00 Our Whole Lives (9th +)<br />

Homework Hang (6th +)<br />

6:00 God’s Squad<br />

Sunday, <strong>November</strong> 27<br />

9:00 No Sunday School<br />

10:30 Worship (we will not meet as a group)<br />

4:00 Our Whole Lives (9th +)<br />

Saturday, <strong>December</strong> 3<br />

10:00 Drop & Shop Fundraiser<br />

12:00 It’s a Wonderful Life rehearsal<br />

Sunday, <strong>December</strong> 11<br />

9:00 Sunday School<br />

10:30 Worship<br />

12:00 Sunday Funday - Zoo Lights ($10)<br />

Sunday, <strong>December</strong> 4<br />

9:00 Sunday School<br />

10:30 Worship<br />

12:00 It’s a Wonderful Life Fundraiser<br />

4:00 Our Whole Lives (9th +)<br />

Homework Hang<br />

6:00 God’s Squad<br />

Sunday, <strong>December</strong> 18<br />

9:00 Sunday School<br />

10:30 Worship<br />

4:00 Our Whole Lives (9th +)<br />

Homework Hang<br />

6:00 God’s Squad - Christmas Party!<br />

Winter Break<br />

No Programming <strong>December</strong> 24 - January 7<br />

See you in worship!<br />

Sunday Activities resume January 8!<br />

1:30 p.m., Sunday, <strong>November</strong> 20,<br />

meet at BUMC<br />

God’s Squad & Homework Hangs<br />

will not meet.<br />

Bowling<br />

andLunch!<br />

O.W.L. will meet at 4 p.m. at BUMC<br />

Cost: $10 per youth<br />

28 29

98 Algonquin Road<br />

Barrington, IL 60010-6145<br />

barringtonumc.com<br />

(847) 836-5540<br />

Nonprofit Org.<br />

U.S. POSTAGE<br />

PAID<br />


60010<br />

PERMIT NO. 27<br />

First UMC West Dundee<br />

318 W. Main Street, West Dundee, IL 60118<br />

fumcwd.org<br />

Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth.

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