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<strong>MONDAY</strong><br />

<strong>ARTPOST</strong><br />

<strong>1205</strong>-<strong>2022</strong><br />

ISSN1918-6991<br />

<strong>MONDAY</strong><strong>ARTPOST</strong>.COM<br />

Columns by Artists and Writers<br />

Bob Black / bq / Cem Turgay /<br />

Fiona Smyth / Gary Michael Dault<br />

/ Holly Lee / Kai Chan / Kamelia<br />

Pezeshki/ Shelley Savor / Tamara<br />

Chatterjee / Wilson Tsang / Yam Lau<br />

+ A suite of ten paintings (Ying<br />

Chi TANG)<br />

<strong>MONDAY</strong> <strong>ARTPOST</strong> published on Mondays. Columns by Artists and Writers. All Right Reserved. Published since 2002.<br />

An Ocean and Pounds publication. ISSN 1918-6991. email to: mail@oceanpounds.com

Greenwood<br />

Kai Chan<br />

Study<br />

paper, wire

[2K 4.0] the fourth collaborative exhibition by Kai<br />

Chan and Lee Ka-sing. Exhibition runs thru December<br />

10, <strong>2022</strong>, at 50 Gladstone Avenue artsalon, Toronto<br />

(visit by appointment mail@oceanpounds.com)<br />

(on wall) 16 works (Pairing) by Kai Chan<br />

(on table) an artist book by Lee Ka-sing<br />

View the artist book:<br />

[Songs from the Acid-free Paper Box] (for Holly)<br />


ProTesT<br />

Cem Turgay

Poem a Week<br />

Gary Michael Dault<br />

In one of his Lorca Variations*<br />

Jerome Rothenberg<br />

says of Lorca and his Spain<br />

glass beehive<br />

to which I now wish to add<br />

glass shovel<br />

and<br />

glass bird nest<br />

a spun glass bird nest<br />

still warm<br />

*Jerome Rothenberg, “Lorca Variations VII”,<br />

The Lorca<br />

Variations (New York: New Directions, 1993),<br />

p. 17


Wilson Tsang<br />

White Noise

… 談 笑 間 …<br />

Yam Lau<br />

Tai Chi as Space Clearing<br />

I often think of the practice of Tai Chi as a kind of drawing or making an<br />

energy (qi 氣 ) diagram in space. I feel the movement traces invisible lines<br />

that are intensive and self-generating, not unlike those of a weather map.<br />

One feels the diagram is simultaneously abstract and natural; it forms a<br />

living current of energy in the immediate environment.<br />

Aside from health benefits, I think Tai Chi generates gentle and positive<br />

energy that nurtures and cleanses the space. The practice is a sort of “space<br />

clearing”. My next video project will be about Tai Chi as an act of drawing<br />

or composing energy diagrams that have a subtle, yet palpable impact<br />

on the quality of space. In this new work, I envision Tai Chi will produce<br />

intensive lines that could be read as a visual score. This visual score serves<br />

as a template for meditative contemplation. Last Friday I went to Ka-Sing’s<br />

place to make some test footage. He shot some footage with a film camera.<br />

The work made me very happy.

From the Notebooks<br />

(2010-<strong>2022</strong>)<br />

Gary Michael Dault<br />

From the Notebooks, 2010-<strong>2022</strong><br />

Number 156: Goldflower (October 31, <strong>2022</strong>)

Open/Endedness<br />

bq 不 清<br />

小 古 玩<br />


歷 史 學 家 與 考 古 學 家 把<br />

所 有 的 樂 趣 拿 走 , 像 一 群<br />

好 奇 的 孩 子 走 進 一 間 古 董<br />

瓷 器 店 , 在 野 外 的 蒲 公 英 前<br />

Historians and archeologists take<br />

the fun out of everything like a group of<br />

Curious children walking through an antique<br />

Porcelain store, holding their breath<br />

屏 住 呼 吸 , 直 到<br />

為 時 已 晚 但 同 時 又 為 時 過 早 地<br />

說 出 那 裡 到 底 發 生 了 什 麼 事<br />

一 切 事 情 必 須 緩 慢 地<br />

Before the dandelions in the open until<br />

It’s too late but at the same time too early<br />

To tell what exactly happened there.<br />

Everything must be played out<br />

進 展 如 所 有 交 響 樂 的 第 二<br />

樂 章 —— 嗯 , 幾 乎 所 有 ——<br />

而 到 達 收 結 點 的 時 候<br />

依 照 傳 統 , 我 們 又 不 能 夠<br />

Slowly like all symphonic second<br />

Movements — well, almost all —<br />

And when we get to the end of it<br />

Applauding is not allowed if you believe<br />

鼓 掌 。 我 們 似 乎 喜 歡 好 的 悲 劇<br />

尤 其 那 些 涉 及 某 種 形 式<br />

無 法 把 痛 苦 組 合 起 來 的<br />

折 損 。 那 是 樂 高 積 木 的 作 用<br />

In tradition. We seem to enjoy good tragedies,<br />

Especially those involve in certain form of<br />

Breaking that avoids putting pain<br />

Back together. That’s what Lego are for.

The Photograph<br />

coordinated by<br />

Kamelia Pezeshki<br />

Cake, from Scattered series by Kamelia Pezeshki


Holly Lee<br />

Yma Sumac Live in Moscow 1960 chuncho (video 6 mins.)<br />


CHEEZ<br />

Fiona Smyth

Caffeine Reveries<br />

Shelley Savor<br />

Cloud Rescuers

Travelling Palm<br />

Snapshots<br />

Tamara Chatterjee<br />

Republic of Karakalpakstan (November,<br />

2019) – After our foray into the wild and<br />

wacky tour of remains of the Aral Sea; we<br />

ventured back towards the Mizdarkhan<br />

necropolis. Within the archeological rubble;<br />

remnants of arches, crosses and even piles<br />

of stones can be seen. The site dating back<br />

to the 4th century has undergone much<br />

gentrification, but what remains of the<br />

original Zoroastrian site really was a little<br />

marvel against the monotonous great sands<br />

of the silk road. It appears that superstitious<br />

pilgrims pile stones on the structure ensuring<br />

the world remains standing. Bless them!

Leaving Taichung<br />

Station<br />

Bob Black<br />

紅 燒 肉 and Apple<br />

“the big chore is always the same: how to begin a sentence, how to continue it, how to complete it…”—<br />

Claude Simon<br />

To begin—<br />

suddenly,winter breaks through the window, barking from the deep back den of its throat<br />

night trolls for bite or bicker, a black chinook bitching up a storm<br />

and she is up<br />

and about and cannot outwit the pursuit as dreams pry apart the bones from the fat caging her<br />

heart<br />

and sleep,<br />

who can calculate the distance of the shadows in the meadows from the terrain of longing—<br />

ink splattered on paper or our lives dipping falling below sea level<br />

a Rorschach all the while he sleeps<br />

soundly an ocean and eleven time zones away<br />

unaware and tidily awakening:<br />

lives render, lightening flies hang as tombstone, frontier marker or lantern--<br />

who can conclude?<br />

Long is the day in search of words and the oomph that surrounds<br />

the dew on the knuckle branch<br />

the color exiled from a chipped wall<br />

the stain flowering on the pillow from the imprint of your passage.<br />

the elong line that measures the notebook’s blue-space, white between us.<br />

To continue,<br />

later the morning’s black handle liens into a mortgaged wrist, bowed beneath the tug of hibernal<br />

wind,<br />

she sniffs out food and recipes that will warm and wind her down from the departed<br />

somnambulant conjuring nutrient from the earth and the breeze from the sea settles 九 份

a cool longing downward like rust and ore and peanut-braised crème<br />

she finds in the algebra of 紅 燒 肉 and maple and apple, his voice<br />

and where they were one, oneiric<br />

though he is still<br />

soundly an ocean and eleven time zones away,<br />

scootering off, untied and adrift with to aquatic sleep.<br />

Short the night of making rhyme from beast.<br />

Short the space between the syllables of your name, cutlery and nest.<br />

To continue,<br />

then she marks the wind, minnows teething at her ankles and heart,<br />

marks the way the fork fell and the fat splattered and stained more than just her shirt.<br />

If only your accented words perched closer to me, elliptical upon your thinning lips<br />

she thinks as lentil and laughter and letting-go sways<br />

and language behind her eyes dispatches the winter and the wreck of her sleep<br />

with meal and matter and an Atayal platter--<br />

I am hastening toward you.<br />

To continue,<br />

late he wanders neighborhoods semblant and moonburned<br />

cars caught in the boulevard’s lamplights, streetwalkers spark and deer pivot red in the bright<br />

he speaks to her softly asking questions like spoonnotes into the night<br />

who triangulates an ocean and crews the meal, eleven time zones,<br />

whose organs know neither distance nor space, wiping way<br />

as the pink crumbs of an eraser’s maker swiped from paper, the old conundrum<br />

do we dare or do we dare?<br />

To complete<br />

you in winter full-bellied, I come running wobbly and wicked and wearied of roam,<br />

our hope the chronometer of this, the pace click sweep by click sweep, step<br />

our cuisine and carriage and life carnival carrying us soundly,<br />

an ocean and eleven time zone away<br />

once again toward home.

Ying Chi TANG<br />

Ying Chi TANG<br />

A suite of ten paintings<br />

Ying Chi TANG obtained her bachelor’s degree in<br />

Fine Art from Goldsmiths College of the University<br />

of London in England and master’s and doctoral<br />

degrees in Fine Art from Royal Melbourne Institute<br />

of Technology University in Australia respectively.<br />

She is an active art practitioner who merged various<br />

roles as practicing artist, educator, curator and<br />

writer. She has held over twenty solo exhibitions<br />

and participated in various group exhibitions<br />

internationally She also obtained numerous awards,<br />

such as Professor May-ching Kao Arts Development<br />

Fund (2021), Visiting Fellow at the Hong Kong<br />

Design Institute (2016-17), Artist Residency at<br />

the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence and<br />

Art Quarter Budapest in Hungary (2015), Faculty<br />

of Art of Chiangmai University in Thailand<br />

(2012), Department of Visual Studies of Lingnan<br />

University (2010), and People of the Time at the 60th<br />

Anniversary of the British Council in Hong Kong<br />

(2008), and the Urban Council Fine Arts Award at<br />

the Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial (1996).

Under the management of Ocean and Pounds<br />

Since 2008, INDEXG B&B have served curators, artists,<br />

art-admirers, collectors and professionals from different<br />

cities visiting and working in Toronto.<br />

INDEXG B&B<br />

48 Gladstone Avenue, Toronto<br />

Booking:<br />

mail@indexgbb.com<br />


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