Finishing - November-December 2022

It’s been difficult to keep up with the government at the moment, and hopefully by the time you read this we will have the same prime minister in position! The prime minister finally decided to go to COP 27 and it really does feel that governments around the world have to take climate change seriously. Investment in green infrastructure is vital to create a future for the generations to come and should be at the top of the agenda for any incoming government. Funny thing is, it’s not and maybe it won’t be until it’s too late. In the news we have investment from BASF in Germany and China. Let’s hope some of this comes to the UK. Also, there are the winners of the BCF Awards, plus news of some interesting projects from around the UK. Finally, I’d like to wish you all a merry Christmas and happy new year.

It’s been difficult to keep up with the government at the moment, and hopefully by the time you read this we will have the same prime minister in position!
The prime minister finally decided to go to COP 27 and it really does feel that governments around the world have to take climate change seriously. Investment in green infrastructure is vital to create a future for the generations to come and should be at the top of the agenda for any incoming government. Funny thing is, it’s not and maybe it won’t be until it’s too late.
In the news we have investment from BASF in Germany and China. Let’s hope some of this comes to the UK. Also, there are the winners of the BCF Awards, plus news of some interesting projects from around the UK. Finally, I’d like to wish you all a merry Christmas and happy new year.


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<strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />








GALA DINNER 2023<br />

The eagerly anticipated Surface Engineering Association<br />

Awards and CHTA 50th Anniversary Gala Dinner will<br />

be held at the The Grand Hotel, Birmingham, on<br />

Friday 20th October 2023.<br />

From acknowledging high achievements in areas such<br />

as quality, environmental, marketing and product<br />

innovation, to recognising those companies who have<br />

excelled in the industry, both at home and abroad. The<br />

event aims to bring together major players in the entire<br />

surface engineering industry, including customers,<br />

suppliers and members of the SEA.<br />

This is a must-not-miss event for anyone who has a<br />

vested interest in this important sector, where we will<br />

be continuing on our mission of pushing the importance<br />

of surface engineering to manufacturing.<br />

This year is particularly special as we also celebrate the<br />

Contract Heat Treatment Association’s 50th anniversary.<br />


WILL HELP YOU...<br />

Save money<br />

Save time<br />

Keep a step ahead with<br />

industry updates<br />

Enhance your reputation<br />

Gain political clout and expertise<br />

To register your interest and take full advantage of the<br />

pre-show publicity, discuss any questions, enquire about<br />

sponsorship or find out more, contact:<br />

Michaella Mais<br />

Business Development & Membership Manager<br />

0121 237 1123<br />

or email michaella.mais@sea.org.uk<br />

www.sea.org.uk<br />

Visit the members’ directory<br />

today to find a supplier or<br />

get help with your surface<br />

treatment requirements:<br />

https://www.sea.org.uk/<br />


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<strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong> – Volume 46 Number 6 – ISSN no. 0264 2506<br />

In this issue...<br />

It’s been difficult to keep up with the government at the moment, and hopefully by the<br />

time you read this we will have the same prime minister in position!<br />

The prime minister finally decided to go to COP 27 and it really does feel that<br />

governments around the world have to take climate change seriously. Investment in<br />

green infrastructure is vital to create a future for the generations to come and should be<br />

at the top of the agenda for any incoming government. Funny thing is, it’s not and<br />

maybe it won’t be until it’s too late.<br />

In the news we have investment from BASF in Germany and China. Let’s hope some<br />

of this comes to the UK. Also, there are the winners of the BCF Awards, plus news of<br />

some interesting projects from around the UK. Finally, I’d like to<br />

wish you all a merry christmas and happy new year.<br />

News<br />

Newsdesk . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4<br />

Features<br />

Sustainable titanium . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10<br />

Optimal efficiency . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12<br />

Innovation driven by legislation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16<br />

Slimline tonic . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18<br />

Twin time is here . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20<br />

Contamination prevention . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22<br />

Giving support . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .28<br />

Paint partnership . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .32<br />

Lightning clean up . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .34<br />

Regulars<br />

Installations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26<br />

Workshop . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 46<br />

Classified listings . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 47<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> (formerly <strong>Finishing</strong> Industries) was established in 1947 and incorporates Metal<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> journal, Electroplating & Metal <strong>Finishing</strong>, The Plant Journal, Surface Coatings, and<br />

Industrial <strong>Finishing</strong> & Surface Coatings. <strong>Finishing</strong> is a member of the Metal <strong>Finishing</strong><br />

Association, a sustaining member of the Institute of Metal <strong>Finishing</strong> and the UK representative<br />

of the Groupement International des Revues de Traitements de Surfaces.<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> – <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

4 NEWS www.finishingmagazine.co.uk<br />

New China office opens<br />

The Surface Treatment global<br />

business unit of BASF’s Coatings<br />

division, operating under the<br />

Chemetall brand, opened its first<br />

regional innovation and<br />

technology center for applied<br />

surface treatment technology in<br />

Shanghai, China. The new 2,600<br />

square meter centre will focus<br />

on developing advanced surface<br />

treatment solutions and product<br />

innovations for a wide range of<br />

industries and market segments<br />

in Asia, for Asia.<br />

“The opening of this<br />

Innovation and Technology<br />

Centre is an important pillar of<br />

our growth strategy and<br />

strengthens our technical and<br />

innovation capabilities in Asia<br />

Pacific. It shows our commitment<br />

to further contribute to and<br />

support the long-term success of<br />

our customers in the fastestgrowing<br />

region,” said Christophe<br />

Cazabeau, senior vice president,<br />

surface treatment, coatings<br />

division, BASF.<br />

“Innovation is key to powering<br />

growth for BASF. This new<br />

center’s ability to develop<br />

customized surface treatment<br />

solutions closer to the market<br />

will further underpin our<br />

technology leadership and our<br />

customers’ success,” said Dr.<br />

Jeffrey Lou, president and<br />

chairman, BASF Greater China.<br />

Equipped with multiple<br />

technical capabilities and<br />

operated by a highly<br />

experienced technology team,<br />

the new laboratories can provide<br />

a comprehensive range of tests<br />

and services including analytical,<br />

application, salt spray and<br />

climate testing as well as<br />

development work on a range of<br />

applied surface treatment<br />

technologies and applications for<br />

various market segments<br />

including but not limited to<br />

automotive OEM and<br />

components, coil, general<br />

industry, cold forming,<br />

aerospace, aluminum finishing<br />

and glass.<br />

Net zero report launched<br />

The UK Aluminium Federation<br />

(ALFED) has announced the<br />

release of its Net Zero Report,<br />

which supports the need for<br />

decarbonisation, sustainable<br />

sourcing, and transition to a<br />

circular economy.<br />

These actions were previously<br />

outlined in ALFED’s early<br />

Roadmap and while they<br />

remain crucial, the new report<br />

includes contributions and<br />

challenge from members,<br />

stakeholders, and industry<br />

representatives to present a<br />

bolder and braver vision for<br />

greater collaboration and<br />

increased action.<br />

ALFED’s members ambition<br />

clearly identifies that the work<br />

towards Net Zero is not just a<br />

positive opportunity for change,<br />

but a direction that enables the<br />

UK industry to deliver on a<br />

vision which is in our best<br />

interests.<br />

In compiling the report, all<br />

responses from across industry<br />

were included and the<br />

overwhelming theme focused<br />

on collaboration and taking a<br />

systematic approach to solution<br />

development to realise greater<br />

opportunities for intervention<br />

and investment in the UK.<br />

The sector objectives are<br />

detailed throughout, with an<br />

emerging action plan to support<br />

a Net Zero transformation by<br />

2050, to drive innovation and<br />

develop a Sustain Aluminium<br />

centre in the UK, affiliated with<br />

many UK and Global Academic<br />

institutions.<br />

"This document vision and<br />

outlined action plan represents<br />

the best thinking of the<br />

stakeholders and knowledge<br />

partners involved to date. It is<br />

not the whole story, and we<br />

may not have all the right first<br />

steps, but the possibilities are<br />

endless; from more regular<br />

updates on a particular subject,<br />

through bid development, to<br />

involvement or leadership of an<br />

initiative or project.<br />

“Collaboration is going to be<br />

key within our sector and across<br />

others. We have more in<br />

common with our industry and<br />

manufacturing neighbours than<br />

we have differences, and we will<br />

need to work together to build<br />

bigger conversations and bigger<br />

opportunities for change and<br />

resilience in the UK.<br />

“To achieve this vision, ALFED<br />

will work collaboratively to<br />

maximise the contribution of<br />

the UK aluminium sector in<br />

achieving the transformation,<br />

such that all aluminium<br />

production and recycling will be<br />

Net Zero by 2050,” says<br />

Nadine Bloxsome, membership<br />

& sustainability manager,<br />

ALFED.<br />

New<br />

two at<br />

the<br />

CBA<br />

The Chemical Business<br />

Association (CBA has<br />

announced the recent<br />

appointment of two key team<br />

members.<br />

Douglas Leech, who was the<br />

CBA’s technical director, has<br />

been appointed to the newly<br />

created role of special projects<br />

director, whilst Elaine McGavin<br />

has expanded her remit and is<br />

now the association’s regulatory<br />

and responsible care lead.<br />

Both positions have been<br />

created in response to<br />

membership of the CBA<br />

growing to record levels, with<br />

the appointments being part of<br />

an ongoing structural<br />

reorganisation to ensure<br />

members receive the best<br />

possible value from their<br />

membership. In addition, to<br />

ensure that the CBA can best<br />

deal with current and future<br />

challenges, not to mention<br />

opportunities in the chemical<br />

supply chain.<br />

Leech joined the CBA in<br />

2003 following a 20-year tenure<br />

in the product formulation<br />

sector, where he worked in both<br />

research & development and<br />

health & safety.<br />

As special projects director,<br />

Leech’s focus will also involve<br />

overall strategy and objectives,<br />

and close collaboration with key<br />

stakeholders and organisations.<br />

In particular, he will focus on<br />

working towards an alternative<br />

UK REACH model.<br />

McGavin has been with the<br />

CBA since 2019 and boasts<br />

more than 20 years’ experience<br />

in various sectors, including<br />

research & development, supply<br />

chain and catalysis. In her new<br />

role, her core objectives will<br />

include supporting members<br />

with regulatory and sustainability<br />

issues. McGavin is also a<br />

Dangerous Goods Safety<br />

Advisor (DGSA).<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> – <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

gemapowdercoating.com<br />

High-quality solutions<br />

for powder coating<br />

Gema Europe Srl | Via Goldoni, 29<br />

20090 Trezzano s/N | Italy<br />

T +39 02 48 400 486<br />

Gema Europe Srl – UK Branch<br />

Tel: 0044 1202 763 942<br />

Email: uk.sales@gema.eu.com

6 NEWS www.finishingmagazine.co.uk<br />

The winners of the BCF Awards were announced in a<br />

ceremony last month.<br />

Colour of the year<br />

Colour, performance and protection for the Wild at heart. That’s the<br />

inspiration behind Wild Wonder, the Interpon Colour of the Year for<br />

2023, a colour imagined by an international team of colour experts<br />

and inspired by the rhythms of nature around us.<br />

Wild Wonder is one of a palette of eight new colours influenced by<br />

nature, its shapes, structures and colours. By learning from nature<br />

architects and designers can create even more comfortable, beautiful<br />

spaces in which to live and work.<br />

The unique colours in the palette are intended to help people reflect<br />

and reconsider their relationship with earth’s natural resources, with<br />

the warm, golden tones of the harvest, and the positivity and energy<br />

that flows from the happy promise of a new season and a world<br />

sustained.<br />

Expert colour scientist from around the world and within<br />

AkzoNobel’s Global Aesthetics Centre have accessed more than three<br />

decades of colour research and analysis to ensure the colours are ontrend.<br />

Each of the shades is also available digitally in the AkzoNobel<br />

Design App and the AkzoNobel Connecting Colors App.<br />

Bob Dirks, global segment manager, architecture at AkzoNobel<br />

Powder Coatings, says: “Everyone needs colour. Colours that dazzle<br />

and colours that hide, colours that stand out or blend in, in both 2D<br />

and 3D. Colours you can see and colours you can’t. Colours that<br />

enhance the buildings in which we work and live; the furniture on<br />

which we sit and relax; the everyday household products that integrate<br />

effortlessly and harmoniously with our everyday lives.”<br />

New chairman at the GA<br />

With nearly four decades of galvanizing industry experience,<br />

Galvanizers Association has decided that David Watkins, the current<br />

managing director of Hereford Galvanizers, has the vision to lead their<br />

membership through the current economic environment and help<br />

position galvanized steel as a core material within circular construction.<br />

The new Chairman is also CEO of Zinco International, a global leader<br />

in technical services and products to the galvanizing industry.<br />

Galvanizers Association recently that David Watkins will replace Ed<br />

Byrne, MD Galco Steel, as Chairman of the Board. Mr Watkins began<br />

working for Hereford Galvanizers in 1986 and after a variety of roles<br />

in galvanizing sales, marketing and operations, he became managing<br />

director in 2005. He takes up his position with GA as the industry<br />

faces difficult decisions around energy, inflation, and rising costs.<br />

Speaking recently Mr. Watkins said: “I am honoured to become<br />

chairman of our trade body and would like to give credit to the former<br />

chair for six years of hard work, helping the industry through Brexit<br />

and multiple Covid lockdowns. The challenges facing me today are<br />

somewhat different but by no means less, as we continue operating at<br />

a time of high inflation and amid unprecedented concerns around<br />

rising energy costs.”<br />

The winners of the British Coatings Federation (BCF) Awards <strong>2022</strong><br />

were announced on 13th October at the Forest of Arden Marriott<br />

Hotel & Country Club. Over 150 delegates were there to watch Paul<br />

Sinha (Sinnerman from ITV’s the Chase) hand out the awards over<br />

10 categories.<br />

Tom Bowtell, BCF chief executive said “Given the hugely<br />

challenging times our industry is facing, it was great to come<br />

together face to face and celebrate the many achievements of our<br />

member companies over the last 12 months. It is also exciting to see<br />

so much young talent in our sector, demonstrated particularly in our<br />

Apprentice of the Year and Young Leader of the Year categories.<br />

Many congratulations to all those who were shortlisted, but<br />

especially to the winners”.<br />

The evening opened with the Sustainable Innovation Awards,<br />

split into Manufacturer and Supplier categories due to the record<br />

number of entries. The Sustainable Innovation Manufacturer Award<br />

was won by BASF for AGILIS, and the Sustainable Innovation<br />

Supplier Award was presented to Hexigone Inhibitors for Intelli-ion.<br />

The sustainability theme carried on through the evening with the<br />

Coatings Care Progress Award, and the Coatings Care Overall Best<br />

Performer Award. The Progress Award was given to joint winners<br />

Steyport and PPG Industrial Coatings, and Overall Best Performer<br />

was awarded to Farrow & Ball. The Corporate Social Responsibility<br />

Award was taken home by AkzoNobel for their True Colours<br />

Community Fund initiative.<br />

The Customer Service Award was presented to Sherwin Williams<br />

Consumer Brands Group. For Marketing Campaign of the Year, it<br />

was the ‘Dulux Simply Refresh, with Changing Rooms’ campaign<br />

that took home the award for AkzoNobel.<br />

The evening concluded by celebrating outstanding individual<br />

talent in the industry, recognised in the Apprentice of the Year<br />

Award, won by Andrew Roser from AkzoNobel; Young Leader of<br />

the Year Award, won by Emma Porter from hubergroup UK and<br />

Student of the Year Award, which saw Sam Gumbley from Belzona<br />

win.<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> – <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>




2K Smart<br />

Mixing & dosing unit<br />

• Consistent mixing ratios<br />

• Homogeneous coating results<br />

• High process reliability<br />

wagner-group.com<br />

Contact<br />

Wagner Spraytech (UK) Ltd<br />

a Member of WAGNER GROUP<br />

Telephone: 01327 368410<br />


8 NEWS www.finishingmagazine.co.uk<br />

’Specify BS EN 12206 or QUALICOAT?’ asks Angus Mackie -<br />

QUALICOAT UK & Ireland Chair<br />

German research centre<br />

BASF Coatings has inaugurated a new research centre for<br />

electrophoretic dip coating at its headquarters in Münster-Hiltrup,<br />

Germany. The electrophoretic or cathodic dip coat (e-coat) protects the<br />

surfaces, edges and cavities of a car body against corrosion, and evens<br />

out the roughness of the pre-treated metal surfaces, thus providing the<br />

optimum basis for the application of the subsequent paint layers.<br />

“We invested 15 million euros in the new building at the Münster<br />

site,” said Mathias Schöttke, managing director BASF Coatings GmbH.<br />

“The health and safety of our colleagues is particularly important to us<br />

at BASF. This is why, during the planning stage, we have not only<br />

given high priority to the quality and efficiency of the coating process,<br />

but also to ergonomics and occupational safety right from the start.”<br />

Frank Naber, head of the Automotive OEM Coatings Solutions<br />

EMEA business unit at BASF Coatings emphasized: “In our new e-coat<br />

research centre we can simulate our customers’ processes and paint<br />

systems. We can coat pre-treated original parts of our customers under<br />

the conditions of their individual paint lines in a 2,000-liter dip tank<br />

and bake them in a chamber oven. These parts can be doors, fenders<br />

or hoods.” In addition, the research centre has two ultra-filtration and<br />

filtration stands with which the quality and stability of new e-coats can<br />

be tested under the conditions of the customers already before the<br />

tank is being filled for the first time. “In this way, we can ensure that<br />

the coating quality is at a very high level immediately after having<br />

changed over to a new e-coat material, and that it meets the<br />

customer’s specification. Thanks to these technical conditions, we are<br />

making another significant contribution to the success of our<br />

customers,” said Naber.<br />

Perstop acquired by Petronas<br />

Perstorp has been acquired by<br />

PETRONAS Chemicals Group<br />

Berhad (PCG), Malaysia s leading<br />

integrated chemicals provider<br />

and part of PETRONAS Group.<br />

In May this year, PCG signed<br />

a Securities Purchase Agreement<br />

with Financière Forêt S.à.r.l, a<br />

company under PAI Partners, a<br />

European private equity firm, to<br />

acquire the entire equity interest<br />

in Perstorp, a leading<br />

sustainability-driven global<br />

specialty chemicals company<br />

based in Sweden. With the<br />

completion of the acquisition,<br />

Perstorp is now PCG’s whollyowned<br />

subsidiary.<br />

“This day marks a new<br />

beginning and exciting future for<br />

Perstorp as part of the PCG<br />

family. We are thrilled to explore<br />

the opportunities that can be<br />

unlocked by working closely with<br />

PCG. This will accelerate the next<br />

phase of growth and further<br />

strengthen us as a leading<br />

specialty chemicals company.<br />

Perstorp and PCG form a<br />

stronger business together,” said<br />

Perstorp’s President and CEO Jan<br />

Secher.<br />

During the recent QUALICOAT UK & Ireland conference held at<br />

the Building Centre in London, Chris Mansfield Commercial<br />

Director of Tomburn and licensed QUALICOAT Applicator, offered<br />

delegates an insight into the recently released BS EN 12206 for<br />

coated architectural aluminium having sat on the working group<br />

dealing with the revision.<br />

In the UK we generally specify British Standards or a Euro<br />

Standard (EN) as a minimum requirement for many of our<br />

construction contracts often to the exclusion of lengthy written<br />

specifications. Even though we are out of the EU, the UK remain<br />

members of CEN/CENELEC and has an obligation to implement an<br />

EN Standard as an identical national Standard and withdraw any<br />

conflicting national Standards. These Standards are based on a ‘fit<br />

for purpose’ minimum requirement and form a benchmark to<br />

qualify products and services. Standards are ‘self policed’ in other<br />

words, claimed as meeting the Standard by a producer who supplies<br />

a product.<br />

The revised Standard also expands on the Florida testing for<br />

‘super durable’ and 'hyper durable' powder formulations where<br />

coatings are less flexible ensuring that these high-performance<br />

products now fall within the Standard. Other changes to the<br />

Standard include testing that is required on a finished coated<br />

sample, rather than just referring to a metal Standard. On packaging<br />

the Standard now requires that boxes containing coating powders<br />

are clearly labeled with full details of their contents to further help in<br />

reducing failures.<br />

Current confusion regarding coating thicknesses has now been<br />

taken out of the Standard by removing the ‘average minimum<br />

thickness’ of 50 microns and just stating that the minimum thickness<br />

of coating should be 40 microns. Viewing distances for quality<br />

inspection has also been reduced to 1m from 3m in the previous<br />

Standard. This reduced distance allows for visual inspection to<br />

inclusions and scratches, however, for colour matching this distance<br />

can be increased as required. Furthermore on colour matching the<br />

new Standard also offers the option to use colour metric equipment<br />

to identify colour and variance.<br />

Basically the new BS EN 12206-1:2021 now more closely aligned<br />

to the current QUALICOAT Specification which is constantly being<br />

updated with new methodology and developments, so which should<br />

you specify? There is no reason why you can’t specify both together<br />

if you wish to cover all bases, however should you do so, you could<br />

lose out on what benefit a QUALICOAT specification can bring to<br />

architectural finishes. There are three things that clearly differentiate<br />

a QUALICOAT Specification:<br />

1. BS EN 12206 does offer a testing methodology, but does<br />

not state a frequency of production testing, QUALICOAT specifies<br />

both methodology and frequency of testing.<br />

2. BS EN 12206 is self policing, relying on a suppliers word<br />

that they meet the Standard. QUALICOAT licensed applicators are<br />

subject to twice yearly unannounced inspections by an independent<br />

test house to ensure the QUALICOAT Specification is being<br />

followed. A coater failing an inspection can mean an Applicator<br />

member losing their status as a licence holder.<br />

3. For those companies who work worldwide, BS EN 12206<br />

covers just Europe, QUALICOAT is a worldwide, third party<br />

inspected Specification.<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> – <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


Global Products, Local Service & Advice You Can Rely On<br />

Manual Ion Exchange Treatment &<br />

Regeneration Systems for Trivalent<br />

Chrome Plating<br />

For successful trivalent chromium plating bath<br />

operation, SERFILCO provides simple, cost-effective<br />

equipment to remove copper, nickel and zinc from<br />

the bath without interrupting bath operation. The<br />

benefits gained include the following:<br />

• Copper, zinc and nickel ions are all removed<br />

from the bath smultaneously.<br />

• Treatment can be done during bath operation<br />

(no shutdown time required).<br />

• Treatment can be done continuously or<br />

intermittently depending on need.<br />

• The treatment units are small and usually can<br />

be located right at the plating tank.<br />

• Treatment is simple, consisting of pumping<br />

solution from the tank, through the treatment<br />

unit and back to the tank.<br />

• Regeneration of the ion exchange resin takes<br />

about two hours and occurs about every week<br />

to two weeks for a properly sized treatment<br />

unit.<br />

• Options exist for acid, alkaline and de-min water<br />

feeds for regeneration.<br />

For more information on our complete range of equipment & our competitive service rates,<br />

or to talk to an engineer about your application contact Serfilco International:<br />

+44 (0) 161 775 1910 global@serfilco.com www.serfilco.co.uk

10 COATINGS<br />

Sustainable<br />

titanium<br />

Singulus Technologies has developed a<br />

new layer system with titanium for the<br />

sustainable coating with the Decoline II<br />

production line. The innovative coating<br />

process reduces the necessary production<br />

steps and is therefore significantly more<br />

economical. Substrates made of glass no<br />

longer need to be lacquered with this process<br />

using titanium, as the coloring takes place<br />

during metallization. The coating process<br />

offers a choice of six basic metallic colors and<br />

mixed variants thereof: silver, bronze, gold,<br />

violet, blue and green. These colors can be<br />

individually selected by different parameters<br />

during metallization. Even on plastic<br />

substrates, one of the two coating steps<br />

normally required can be omitted. This<br />

reduces the number of layers and significantly<br />

simplifies the process. Components with a<br />

diameter of up to 68 or 90 mm and a length<br />

of 130 mm can be coated with the Decoline<br />

II.<br />

The process is particularly sustainable,<br />

environmentally friendly, and economical. No<br />

solvents, chemicals or organic coatings are<br />

required for most substrates. The energy<br />

required for the coating process is significantly<br />

lower than for anodizing, painting, or<br />

electroplating. Complex and cost-intensive<br />

painting steps can be completely or partially<br />

eliminated.<br />

The Decoline II by Singulus Technologies<br />

Integrates the vacuum metallization (cathode<br />

sputtering) as well as all lacquering and preprocessing<br />

steps in a single production run.<br />

Due to its high degree of automation a single<br />

employee can operate the system. Not only<br />

components made of plastics, but also glass<br />

and metal can be coated. For the product<br />

design, the clean vacuum coating offers<br />

attractive combination possibilities. The process<br />

of 3D-coating is completely chrome (IV)-free<br />

and energy-efficient. Due its flexibility the<br />

Decoline II offers the opportunity to finish<br />

diverse products made from plastics and glass<br />

with a wide range of different colors to the<br />

cosmetics sector. The DECOLINE II also<br />

provides sustainable coating of 3D parts for<br />

automotive as well as further consumer<br />

applications.<br />

The inline sputtering system Polycoater<br />

works as a central component of the entire<br />

line and is also offered to the market as a<br />

stand-alone product. In comparison to the<br />

production this solution automates the<br />

production process and significantly reduces<br />

production costs with the short cycle times of<br />

around 6 seconds per substrate carrier.<br />

Depending on the product size, a substrate<br />

carrier can transport up to eighteen parts<br />

through all the processing stations at the same<br />

time.<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> - <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Bathing in<br />

non-reflective glory<br />

When you are looking to push the boundaries of light, color and design,<br />

especially with an ultra matt surface, our Précis Ultra Matt range has<br />

the answers. With a finer mica effect that enables an ultra matt surface to<br />

change appearance depending on the way the light reflects on it, you can<br />

create a finish that not only looks amazing, but also offers stunning levels<br />

of superdurability.<br />

With innovative solutions that push the boundaries of what’s possible,<br />

a vast range of sustainable products backed by industry leading<br />

certifications, and the best performing powder coatings on the market<br />

used and respected by architects around the world, your imagination<br />

starts with our finish.<br />


12 CLEANING<br />

Optimal efficiency<br />

The surfaces of parts that are coated or<br />

measured after machining must be<br />

exceptionally clean. To ensure that even<br />

small workpieces such as valve components<br />

and indexable inserts are cleaned reliably,<br />

more and more manufacturers are turning to<br />

the quattroClean snow-jet technology. This<br />

cleans single parts effectively and efficiently in<br />

a fully automated and integrated process.<br />

The demand for precision, process reliability<br />

and high efficiency is causing many<br />

companies to put the processes and<br />

technologies they use to the test and parts<br />

cleaning is no exception. This involves<br />

achieving the necessary level of cleanliness for<br />

the next production step, such as coating or<br />

measuring, reliably yet at reduced operating<br />

costs. At the same time, the trend towards<br />

automating and digitizing processes is playing<br />

an ever-more important role. Consequently,<br />

even where it concerns smaller components,<br />

manufacturers prefer a dry and fully<br />

automated cleaning solution such as the<br />

quattroClean snow-jet technology from acp<br />

systems AG.<br />

Partial cleaning to remove dried<br />

impurities before PVD process<br />

This was also the case with a valve<br />

manufacturer. The valve in question is a<br />

rotationally symmetrical part made of steel<br />

with a diameter of approximately five<br />

millimeters and a length of around five<br />

millimeters, which is partially coated in a PVD<br />

process. After machining, which generates<br />

heat, the surface is soiled with a mixture of<br />

dried-on machining medium (oil) and particles<br />

that is difficult to clean off. Although the<br />

amount of dirt is comparatively small, it is<br />

essential that it is removed from certain areas<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> - <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

continues on page 14




E-Line Plus<br />

• Economical entry into automatic coating<br />

• Optimised powder recovery with Energy Efficiency Package (EEP)<br />

• Easy and fast colour change<br />

• Combination with PXM powder centre: Automatic fresh powder<br />

supply and integrated system control via 15.6 inch touchscreen<br />

wagner-group.com<br />

Contact<br />

Wagner Spraytech (UK) Ltd<br />

a Member of WAGNER GROUP<br />

Telephone: 01327 368410<br />



150 parts to be met.<br />

To optimally integrate the cleaning system<br />

into the existing workflow, buffer that holds<br />

five workpiece carriers is located on the input<br />

and on the output side. The carriers, which are<br />

marked with a digital matrix code to ensure<br />

seamless documentation of the cleaning<br />

process, are fed one at a time into the<br />

cleaning cabin via an appropriately-sized lock.<br />

As soon as the lock is closed, the cleaning<br />

process starts. Using a specific motion<br />

sequence, a robot moves the cleaning unit<br />

with jet nozzle over the valve components at a<br />

defined distance. A sensor system<br />

continuously monitors the consistency of the<br />

jet. Once all parts have been cleaned, the lock<br />

on the output side opens and the workpiece<br />

carrier is advanced to the encapsulated<br />

unloading area.<br />

in order to ensure optimum adhesion and a<br />

long-lasting coating. A wet-chemical cleaning<br />

process was ruled out because of the high<br />

effort, space requirements and energy<br />

consumption associated with drying.<br />

CO2 snow process optimally<br />

prepares surfaces for coating<br />

Extensive cleaning tests in the acp systems<br />

technical center demonstrated that partial<br />

cleaning with the quattroClean snow jet<br />

technology achieves the cleanliness needed to<br />

obtain an optimal coating result. The process<br />

uses liquid carbon dioxide as a medium. CO2<br />

is a by-product of chemical manufacturing<br />

processes and biogas energy generation, thus<br />

making it climate neutral.<br />

In the cleaning process, liquid carbon<br />

dioxide is passed through the inner ring of a<br />

wear-free, two-component ring nozzle and<br />

expands on exiting to form fine CO2 crystals.<br />

This jet of snow is then bundled by a separate<br />

jacket jet of compressed air (outer ring) and<br />

accelerated to supersonic speed. The easy-tofocus<br />

jet of snow and compressed air impacts<br />

on the surface to be cleaned at a temperature<br />

of minus 78.5°C, triggering a combination of<br />

thermal, mechanical, sublimation and solvent<br />

effects. The cleaning action brought about by<br />

the interaction of these four effects removes<br />

the dried-on mixture of machining oil and<br />

particles in a dependable and reproducible<br />

manner. The detached impurities are carried<br />

away by the aerodynamic force of the jet of<br />

compressed air and eliminated from the<br />

cleaning cell together with the sublimated<br />

CO2 in the gaseous phase. This reliably<br />

prevents parts from becoming<br />

recontaminated.<br />

Tailored fully-automated<br />

process<br />

To clean the valve components, acp built the<br />

fully-automated Jetcell cleaning system using<br />

standardized modules, tailoring it to the<br />

application and to the manufacturer’s<br />

production conditions. The workpiece carriers<br />

are used both for the cleaning step and for<br />

the partial PVD coating process. Process<br />

parameters, such as the volume flows for<br />

compressed air and carbon dioxide, type of jet<br />

nozzle, distance of jet away from the part,<br />

cleaning time, as well as the motion sequence,<br />

are appropriately adapted. This enables the<br />

required cycle time of six minutes for cleaning<br />

a fully-loaded workpiece carrier with around<br />

CO2 cleaning process integrated<br />

into measuring cell<br />

Indexable inserts, which are manufactured<br />

in small quantities with individual geometries<br />

and dimensions varying between ten and<br />

twenty five millimeters, have extremely tight<br />

tolerances that may not exceed one to two<br />

micrometers. To ensure this high accuracy, the<br />

entire contour of the carbide parts is<br />

measured at the manufacturer's after grinding.<br />

Since impurities on the surface from<br />

machining residues and grinding dust can<br />

cause measurement errors, in the past the<br />

inserts were cleaned manually at great<br />

expense. The manufacturer wanted to<br />

integrate this process into the automated<br />

production line. Here, again, after cleaning<br />

trials and defining process parameters, the<br />

decision was made in favor of the<br />

quattroClean technology.<br />

In this case, a cleaning module was<br />

integrated into the measuring cell, which is<br />

docked directly to the grinding machine. This<br />

solution allows the existing robot to remove<br />

the inserts from the grinding machine via a<br />

lock, move them in a defined short motion<br />

sequence under the snow jet and then set<br />

them down neatly in the measuring area. The<br />

motion sequences, jet-cleaning times and<br />

respective volume flows for the various<br />

indexable inserts are all stored in the control<br />

system as part-specific programs.<br />

By precisely tailoring the cleaning step to<br />

the application and cycle time specifications, as<br />

well as being able to operate the system as a<br />

stand-alone unit, inline and in interlinked<br />

manufacturing environments, the Industry 4.0-<br />

capable quattroClean snow jet technology can<br />

play a major role when it comes to automating<br />

and digitizing production processes. Thanks to<br />

standardized interfaces, it is no problem to<br />

integrate the cleaning system into higher-level<br />

host computers and control it via these. To<br />

ensure seamless documentation and<br />

traceability, all process parameters are<br />

automatically recorded and transmitted to the<br />

host computer.<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> - <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

PosiTector ® Inspection<br />

Unrivaled probe interchangeability<br />

for all of your inspection needs.<br />

Coating Thickness Probes<br />

n Ferrous n Non-Ferrous n Combination n Ultrasonic<br />

Surface Profile Probes<br />

n Depth Micrometer n Replica Tape Reader<br />

Environmental Conditions Probes<br />

n Integral n Cabled Magnetic Probe n Anemometer Probe<br />

n 1/2” NPT n Infrared<br />

Hardness Probes<br />

n Shore n Barcol<br />

Salt Contamination Probe<br />

n Bresle Method<br />

Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Probes<br />

n Corrosion n Multiple Echo Thru-Paint n Precision<br />

n Low Frequency n Xtreme<br />

NEW<br />

Design and Features<br />

Design and Features<br />

NEW<br />

Customized Inspection Kits...<br />

Build your own kit from a selection of gauge<br />

bodies and probes to suit your needs.<br />

Coating<br />

Thickness<br />

Surface<br />

Profile<br />

Environmental<br />

Conditions<br />

Hardness<br />

Salt<br />

Contamination<br />

Ultrasonic<br />

Wall Thickness<br />

Backwards Compatibility! The redesigned PosiTector gauge body accepts ALL coating thickness<br />

(6000/200), environmental (DPM), surface profile (SPG/RTR), salt contamination (SST), hardness<br />

(SHD/BHI), and ultrasonic wall thickness (UTG) probes manufactured since 2012.<br />

DFT DFT Instruments UK UK LTD LTD<br />

16A 16A Long Long Drive, Meadway, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 HP4 2PN 2PN<br />

t: t: 01442 879494 f: f: 01442 879595<br />

www.dftinstruments.co.uk e: e: sales@dftinstruments.co.uk<br />

Proud supplier of of DeFelsko Inspection Instruments

16 CLEANING<br />

Innovation driven<br />

by legislation<br />

Vapour degreasing, with or with-out<br />

ultrasonics, is the oldest, simplest and<br />

most effective solvent degreasing and<br />

metal cleaning process used today. It has, until<br />

recently, been subject to little change since it<br />

was first invented in the early part of the last<br />

century. In the UK, Europe, United States and<br />

other advanced industrialized economies<br />

increasingly stringent legislation to control<br />

emissions of V02, Global Warming<br />

Compounds, Ozone Depleting Compounds,<br />

and those compounds associated with human<br />

health concerns has led to new formulations<br />

for precision cleaning solvents.<br />

Halogenated hydrocarbons are the solvents<br />

of choice for vapour degreasing and cleaning.<br />

The process is essentially simple. A tank with a<br />

sump to contain the solvent, heaters at the<br />

base and condensation coils around the top<br />

section to control the height of the vapour is<br />

all that is needed. When heated in the sump<br />

halogenated solvents produce, in most cases,<br />

a saturated vapour between 3 and 4 times<br />

heavier than air at a temperature greater than<br />

the ambient temperature of the parts to be<br />

cleaned. This allows the solvent vapour to<br />

condense on the surface of the parts. The<br />

condensate dissolves the contaminants such as<br />

oil, greases, flux, and soils returning the used<br />

solvent into the sump of the machine for<br />

recycling into vapour which continuously<br />

condenses onto the parts until they have<br />

achieved vapour temperature when, with no<br />

further condensation, the process is complete.<br />

Parts removed from the cleaning machines are<br />

very clean, warm and dry.<br />

The most common halogenated solvents, in<br />

use for commercial purposes, are nonflammable<br />

so present no risk in this process.<br />

Perchloroethylene, used mainly for dry<br />

cleaning, methylene chloride previously used<br />

widely in paint strippers, 1,1,1- trichloroethane<br />

and trichloroethylene used for vapour<br />

degreasing were the original materials used<br />

based on chlorine chemistry. However<br />

continuing concern about the environmental<br />

impact and danger to operators by exposure<br />

to chlorine-based solvents, especially<br />

trichloroethylene, has led to a continuing<br />

search for safer alternatives, such as ProSolv<br />

5408e, a trans-1,2-Dichloroethylene based<br />

solvent mixture that is non-flammable.<br />

The ProSolv 5408e vapour degreasing<br />

process gives the highest levels of economical<br />

cleaning with minimum energy usage, low<br />

footprint on the factory floor, safety for the<br />

operator, and high production rates with low<br />

solvent usage or environmental impact. With<br />

the new generation of sealed cleaning<br />

machines its future as the process of choice is<br />

assured.<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> - <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

18 CLEANING<br />

Slimline tonic<br />

Fraser Technologies is now offering the<br />

SlimLine PLW 6011 & PLW 6111 aqueous<br />

cleaning systems from Miele Professional.<br />

The exclusive supplier of this equipment in<br />

the UK, Fraser Technologies works with<br />

customers to create a bespoke cleaning<br />

system and process to meet their individual<br />

needs and standards. These machines are<br />

single chamber aqueous cleaning systems<br />

offering time, energy and cost-saving<br />

efficiencies, and can meet the stringent<br />

cleaning requirements for high-reliability<br />

industrial sectors.<br />

At only 65cm wide, the footprint is very<br />

compact, whilst still providing a large and<br />

flexible internal chamber space. This size,<br />

flexibility and smart load system allows a<br />

variety of components to be cleaned highly<br />

efficiently all at once, whilst utilising much less<br />

space compared with a standard sized<br />

machine.<br />

Suitable for a wide variety of components<br />

and specialist electronics cleaning applications<br />

in the automotive, medical devices and<br />

aerospace industries, the Miele SlimLine PLW<br />

6011 & PLW 6111, combined with the right<br />

chemical combination, are especially effective<br />

for flux removal and for other parts cleaning<br />

and degreasing applications.<br />

Aqueous chemical cleaning solutions,<br />

which can be used in this system, can be<br />

applied to a variety of metals such as copper,<br />

stainless steel, and brass to remove grease,<br />

cutting fluids and general particulate.<br />

Graham Fraser, Managing Director of<br />

Fraser Technologies, said: “The equipment<br />

offers a high level of flexibility with intelligent<br />

controls, including a wide range of load<br />

carriers and accessories. And with the added<br />

value of our custom made chemical isolation<br />

tank, this system can recirculate and reuse the<br />

chemistry, further reducing costs and<br />

environmental impact.<br />

“We have already completed a number of<br />

successful customer trials with the system and<br />

have a fast-growing customer base. This<br />

includes a specialist in the assembly of PCBs,<br />

who were so impressed by the results of the<br />

Miele system in their trials that they placed an<br />

order immediately. We also switched a leading<br />

defence systems manufacturer from an inline<br />

batch cleaning system to the new Miele<br />

system, saving time and space, reducing<br />

energy costs, and increasing efficiency.<br />

“We have a strong relationship with Miele<br />

after years of collaboration, and very much<br />

share their values for high quality, sustainable<br />

and innovative cleaning systems. As the only<br />

UK distributor of this equipment, we have<br />

been really pleased with the results our<br />

customers have seen to date. We’re looking<br />

forward to rolling the system out to more<br />

manufacturers across the country.”<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> - <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Specialists In Surface Treatment Solutions<br />


1947-<strong>2022</strong><br />


1947-<strong>2022</strong><br />


1947-<strong>2022</strong><br />


1947-<strong>2022</strong><br />

Renowned in multiple specialised processes including:<br />

• Non Destructive Testing<br />

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspect,<br />

Magnetic Particle Inspect.<br />

• Etch Inspection<br />

Titanium Etch, Steel components,<br />

Nickel alloys, Nital etch.<br />

• Conversion coatings<br />

Alocrom 1200, SurTec 650<br />

& many more.<br />

• Anodising<br />

Including Chromic anodise,<br />

Sulphuric anodise, Hard anodise &<br />

Tartaric Sulphuric Anodise processes.<br />

Please call us on 01455 637 284<br />

Or email us at Quotes@amfin.co.uk & see how we can help you<br />

www.amfin.co.uk<br />

• Electroplating<br />

Silver plate, Copper plate<br />

• Plasma<br />

Amfin holds many accreditations for<br />

plasma, get in touch to find out more.<br />

• Painting<br />

Dry Film Lubricants, Epoxy coating systems,<br />

Polyurethane systems, Sermetel & many more<br />

• Bonding<br />

Extensive knowledge of many products<br />

including attrition coatings, silicon bonds<br />

& many more.<br />

Did you know Amfin is a PRI qualification approved training provider?<br />

Get in touch to find out how we can help you with your training needs.<br />




When using the Mark of<br />

Conformity (Mark), it shall appear<br />

only as shown.<br />

1. Do not change the font of the<br />

Mark<br />

2. Do not change the size of the<br />

globe or descriptor<br />

Beneath the line, insert the applicable process(es). It is recommended to use Arial font.<br />


NonDestructiveTesting<br />

Chemical Processing<br />


20 CLEANING<br />

Twin time is here<br />

Guyson International, the UK's leading<br />

manufacturer of industrial finishing<br />

equipment has recently manufactured<br />

and installed into a UK manufacturing<br />

company an automated Multiblast RSB twin<br />

spindle blast system for externally blast<br />

etching various sizes of tubular components.<br />

This new blast system incorporates two<br />

rotating blast stations with matching top<br />

clamps, to hold the product securely, whilst<br />

two vertically traversing blast guns produce a<br />

uniform blast etch finish over the length of the<br />

components.<br />

The twin spindle and top clamp design<br />

provide optimum manual process capacity<br />

with an operator being able to easily load and<br />

unload two components simultaneously. Once<br />

the safety interlocked front door is opened the<br />

operator simply centres the components<br />

between two pairs of conical spring-loaded<br />

clamps for processing with one of the stored<br />

pre-programmed recipes for the appropriate<br />

component size. An optional bar-code<br />

scanner can be specified for recipe /<br />

programme selection.<br />

A roof-mounted servo drive vertically raises<br />

and lowers the twin Guyson Model 900 blast<br />

guns, with blasting taking place on the<br />

upwards vertical traverse and a compressed<br />

airwash to remove any residual surface dust or<br />

blast media on the downwards stroke. The<br />

servo drive allows for different speeds to be<br />

programmed for the blast and airwash phases<br />

of the programme, delivering greater<br />

productivity and shorter cycle times.<br />

The blast system is fitted with a large front<br />

opening door allowing easy parts loading and<br />

a side door provides further access for<br />

maintenance and adjustment purposes.<br />

Interior lighting permits a clear view of the<br />

blast etching operation.<br />

After blasting, the used blast media is<br />

extracted via a Guyson CY600/12 cyclone<br />

reclamator. This separates the reusable blast<br />

media from the dust, blast debris and<br />

undersized media, thus reducing the<br />

possibility of contamination in the blast media<br />

which could reduce the consistency of the<br />

surface finish. A media storage hopper (with a<br />

level sensor), for storing the reusable blast<br />

media, is fitted to the bottom of the cyclone<br />

cone and is also the pickup point for the blast<br />

media to be fed into the two blast guns.<br />

The system is completed with a Guyson<br />

model C800 twin cartridge dust collector for<br />

filtering out and collecting the dust-laden air<br />

drawn from the cyclone reclamator. A<br />

Magnehelic differential pressure gauge is<br />

fitted to the C800 to monitor the filter<br />

cartridge condition and indicate when<br />

replacement is required.<br />

Control of the entire blast system is<br />

achieved via a Mitsubishi PLC/ ‘Graphic<br />

Operator Terminal’ (GOT), with a full-colour<br />

display screen, which facilitates repeatable<br />

blast settings to be easily stored and retrieved<br />

in quick access menu systems. The panel also<br />

display control settings, production data and<br />

system feedback such as sensor and fault<br />

indications or maintenance prompts.<br />

Prospective users of Guyson automated<br />

blast systems are encouraged to submit<br />

sample components for free feasibility testing<br />

to the manufacturer's extensive development<br />

workshop situated in Skipton, England.<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> - <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Gloss Meter<br />

Portable gloss measurement for all surface finishes<br />

n<br />

n<br />

n<br />

n<br />

n<br />

Select from 3 probe models;<br />

60°, 20°/60°, 20°/60°/85°<br />

2 Powerful Scan modes for quantifying<br />

large surfaces (Advanced models only)<br />

Automatic Diagnosis and Auto Calibration performed<br />

upon power-on using the protective base plate<br />

with integrated calibration standard (tile)<br />

Compatible with PosiSoft Software Solutions for<br />

managing measurement data and creating<br />

professional custom reports<br />

Conforms to national and international standards<br />

including ISO and ASTM<br />

Award Winning Compatibility!<br />

PosiTector gauge accepts ALL coating thickness (6000/200), environmental (DPM), surface<br />

profile (SPG/RTR), salt contamination (SST), hardness (SHD/BHI), gloss (GLS),<br />

and ultrasonic wall thickness (UTG) probes manufactured since 2012.<br />

t: 01442 879494<br />

n www.dftinstruments.co.uk<br />

n e: sales@dftinstruments.co.uk

22 CLEANING<br />

Contamination<br />

prevention<br />

Due to their chemical properties,<br />

refractory metals have unique<br />

performance characteristics which allow<br />

their use under extreme conditions, for<br />

instance in heat exchangers or other chemical<br />

apparatus engineering. Their material<br />

characteristics make refractory metals essential<br />

for electronic industry applications as well.<br />

However, only limited melting processes are<br />

suitable for the refining of such materials. The<br />

high melting point and chemical reactivity<br />

excludes utilizing ceramic crucibles,<br />

atmospheric melting conditions as well as<br />

most melting techniques. Electron Beam<br />

Melting (EBM), meets the higher temperature<br />

requirements as well as providing inert<br />

melting conditions. Nevertheless, furnace<br />

design and process need to be adapted for<br />

such dedicated requirements to match<br />

material purity and economical requirements.<br />

ALD Vacuum Technologies provides a<br />

specialized EBM service with its own electron<br />

beam gun design that allows for precise<br />

power distribution, process-optimized material<br />

feeding and refining, as well as selected<br />

superheating above 3.500 °C. Thanks to an<br />

independent parameter control including<br />

power profile, melt rate or vacuum level, the<br />

process is highly flexible and cost-efficient. All<br />

parts of the plant in contact with the melt<br />

itself are removable or easy to reach, so<br />

cleaning can be carried out quickly during<br />

material changes. In addition, the company<br />

operates two furnaces for melting refractory<br />

metals for customers who do not have<br />

internal capacity available.<br />

Despite their rarity, refractory metals are<br />

key materials for innovative high-tech<br />

industries that require chemical resistant and<br />

highly conductive parts. “However, such<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> - <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

continues on page 24

24 CLEANING<br />

metals like hafnium, niobium and tantalum<br />

have very high melting points of even over<br />

3.000 °C and therefore require<br />

correspondingly high temperatures, which<br />

many conventional induction furnaces and<br />

refractory crucibles cannot provide,” Jochen<br />

Flinspach, operational manager electron beam<br />

melting service at ALD Vacuum Technologies,<br />

explains. “Reaction of the melt pool with the<br />

crucible made of refractory material like<br />

Zirconium oxide can lead to inclusions of<br />

foreign particles in the melt, which can have<br />

problematic consequences for subsequent<br />

processing, like worse conductive properties or<br />

lower resistance of the fabricated parts.”<br />

Furthermore, these metals are reactive in a<br />

higher temperature range, i.e. above liquidus<br />

temperature. Therefore, even minimal oxygen<br />

input leads to a severe impairment of the<br />

material quality and melting under vacuum or<br />

inert gas conditions is required. In addition,<br />

with conventional melting methods, the gas<br />

value inside the melting chamber can often be<br />

too high, causing the material to become<br />

brittle.<br />

With Electron Beam Melting, not only<br />

required temperatures for the melting process<br />

are achievable. The flexible power distribution<br />

and high vacuum conditions feature unique<br />

refining capabilities. Typically, one or multiple<br />

electron beam guns are connected to the melt<br />

chamber, depending on required power level<br />

and melt surface area to be scanned. ALD<br />

Vacuum Technologies features in-house<br />

process expertise, furnace design and own<br />

gun development resulting in a furnace design<br />

matching the requirements of this specific<br />

industry. The gun control is fully integrated in<br />

the furnace control concept and not an add-on<br />

function as offered by other vendors. Thus,<br />

interactions between individual furnace<br />

functions and implementation of process<br />

related logic is ensured. Modern melting<br />

furnaces offer semi-automated operation<br />

where human interaction is requested for<br />

corrective functions only. High reproducibility<br />

on process results as well as reliable furnace<br />

operation are the benefits of such a<br />

development.<br />

ALD Technologies GmbH has developed<br />

unique EBM plants for various applications<br />

over the years with their own gun and furnace<br />

design. Thanks to their expertise and R&Dcapabilities,<br />

the plant types are suitable for<br />

processing high purity, chemical or thermal<br />

resistant metals. As specific application, the<br />

refining of tantalum or other reactive<br />

refractory metals as alloying agents for<br />

superalloys may be mentioned. “The EBmelting<br />

has been established as a variable<br />

process capable of producing material with<br />

highest purity and gas contents lower than 10<br />

ppm. It is also suitable for mass production of<br />

reactive metals or alloys required for<br />

aerospace or chemical applications,” Flinspach<br />

adds.<br />

Special electron gun allows<br />

precise melting and power<br />

distribution<br />

ALD offers complete EBM solutions for a<br />

wide range of plant configurations, which<br />

differ primarily in terms of customer-specific<br />

material feed or process implementation.<br />

Thanks to decades of know-how, assembly<br />

and operation can be guaranteed by process<br />

support and production assistance from ALD’s<br />

specialized engineers. “The heart of every<br />

system is our electron beam gun, a highperformance<br />

heat source that can reach<br />

temperatures above the melting or even<br />

vaporization point of all materials at the<br />

beam’s point of impact,” Flinspach explains.<br />

Magnetic deflection and fast, high-frequency<br />

scanning processes allow the electron beam to<br />

be precisely directed to work areas of different<br />

shapes while maintaining a strong and<br />

uniform power distribution. The gun and its<br />

operation are tailored to the specific plant<br />

concept. This allows the user to adjust<br />

parameters like the shape of the beam pattern<br />

and dwell-time or the positioning to their<br />

liking, thus avoiding shadow effects that could<br />

negatively impact material quality. In addition,<br />

the plant runs in vacuum conditions typically<br />

below 10-4 mbar down to even 10-6 mbar. In<br />

combination with the deliberate superheating<br />

of the melt through the strong beam, refining<br />

the metal to the highest purity and lowest gas<br />

content is feasible, which facilitates the further<br />

processing of the material.<br />

For maximum beam efficiency, ALD offers<br />

the automated beam control system ECOSYS,<br />

which ensures optimal energy distribution. The<br />

handling is practice-oriented, processes are<br />

largely automated and the operator only<br />

performs a corrective task. Process<br />

visualization provides relevant data clearly<br />

arranged on a screen, while details can be<br />

called up on corresponding pages if required.<br />

“Furthermore, simple and safe cleaning of the<br />

equipment is as important as flexible control,<br />

since the metal to be melted can change<br />

frequently during production schedule,” adds<br />

Ulrich Biebricher, remelting & melting<br />

specialist at ALD Vacuum Technologies.<br />

Therefore, particular attention is paid to easy<br />

maintenance of the equipment. Robust design,<br />

good accessibility and quick replacement of<br />

components in touch with the melt are<br />

features of the plant design. Thus,<br />

maintenance of equipment and EB guns can<br />

be carried out by the operator alone.<br />

Test melts and recovery of<br />

metals from used parts<br />

ALD offers more than just customized EBM<br />

systems to interested parties. In addition, the<br />

company operates two EBM furnaces of<br />

different sizes at their headquarter and can<br />

therefore optimally adapt to customers who do<br />

not have sufficient capacities for processing<br />

refractory metals at their disposal. “Our 60 kW<br />

EB plant is suitable for ingots up to 100 mm<br />

in diameter and 500 mm in length. It is used<br />

for smaller material quantities or laboratory<br />

and research applications as well as precious<br />

metals melting,” Biebricher explains. “Our 600<br />

kW plant was designed for ingots starting at<br />

42 mm up to 300 mm in diameter and 2,000<br />

mm in length.” The range of melting materials<br />

at ALD includes refining high-purity metals for<br />

the electronics industry, preparing refractory or<br />

reactive metals for chemical usage, as well as<br />

consolidating return material from a wide<br />

variety of applications. Test melts for customers<br />

to qualify new process steps are also part of<br />

the portfolio, as is the preparation of metal<br />

samples. “In a recent project, tantalum was<br />

recovered from used capacitors. We processed<br />

it from the scraps into a semi-finished product<br />

and conditioned it further for the customer. In<br />

the end, the product quality was good enough<br />

for reuse in further processing or selling it as<br />

precursor,” Flinspach sums up.<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> - <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


Agreement signed<br />

Daimler Truck and Gehring Technologies have signed an agreement<br />

on a strategic partnership focusing on building up expertise in process<br />

development and prototype construction of commercial vehicle specific<br />

electric motors. The strategic partnership with Gehring covers the<br />

prototypical construction of so-called "truck-e-fied" e-motors as well as<br />

the further development and testing of innovative production<br />

processes.<br />

Gehring will also supply equipment for the technical centre, which is<br />

being set up at the Gaggenau plant, Daimler Truck's competence<br />

centre for electric drive components.<br />

Bernd Nagel, partner and CEO of the Gehring Group: "For a long<br />

time, we have experienced that coordinated development of products<br />

and manufacturing processes at an early stage leads to highperformance<br />

production systems. We are therefore all the more<br />

pleased to be able to work together with Daimler Truck to deepen our<br />

hairpin technologies specifically for the electric powertrain of trucks and<br />

buses. We are convinced that this strategic cooperation will enable us<br />

to significantly advance e-mobility in the heavy-duty vehicle sector."<br />

Slovakian supplies<br />

SECO/WARWICK will supply a heat exchanger manufacturer with a<br />

continuous CAB line for aluminum brazing scheduled to be delivered<br />

to their plant in Slovakia.<br />

The client is a European manufacturer specializing in modern and<br />

efficient heat exchanger production. The solution chosen by the Partner<br />

will meet the production challenges associated with the brazing process<br />

and will enable the company to increase its overall production.<br />

The continuous line for Controlled Atmosphere Brazing (CAB) is the<br />

first SECO/WARWICK system purchased by this client. The CAB<br />

solution will be used for the mass production of various heat<br />

exchangers. The new CAB line is designed with modern technology,<br />

providing both reliability and energy savings, while meeting<br />

environmental requirements. The project is a solution that is<br />

distinguished by full automation and production reliability within a<br />

continuous system. The furnace will be delivered with a gas heating<br />

system; however, the design is flexible and can be adapted to a future<br />

modification to fully electric heating.<br />

“This is another partner from the automotive sector who decided to<br />

purchase our continuous aluminum brazing line. When it comes to<br />

CAB lines for heat exchanger production, we are definitely the<br />

company of the first choice due to our extensive experience as well as<br />

our reputation for performance. CAB lines “made by<br />

SECO/WARWICK” operate on five continents in the most famous<br />

automotive plants. Our cooperation with the largest brands, dynamic<br />

market development, as well as meeting the challenges of future<br />

technologies demonstrate how we remain actively engaged in this<br />

sector growth,“ said Piotr Skarb, SECO/WARWICK Group.<br />

Coating locked down<br />

Staff Ironmongery’s hugely<br />

popular National Key Scheme<br />

lockset is now even better, with a<br />

new BARY Bac coating. BARY<br />

Bac is a form of nanotechnology<br />

which helps reduce the spread of<br />

bacteria and viruses on any<br />

surface it is applied to.<br />

The new BARY Bac National<br />

Key Scheme (NKS) provides<br />

maintenance free anti-bacterial<br />

protection to door handles<br />

without compromising on<br />

security. BARY Bac works by<br />

killing bacteria immediately and<br />

is proven to prevent the<br />

spreading of COVID-19, MRSA,<br />

and E Coli.<br />

BARY Bac acts as an antibacterial<br />

coating for NKS locks<br />

and is immediately effective on<br />

millions of harmful bacteria. The<br />

handle itself is made of stainless<br />

steel and is designed to last in<br />

Forging ahead<br />

high usage environments such as<br />

public toilets.<br />

Toby Staff, MD for Staff<br />

Ironmongery says “BARY Bac is a<br />

game changer, which renders a<br />

crucial contact point for the<br />

spread of viruses and disease to<br />

be neutralised. After washing<br />

their hands, people are still<br />

susceptible to passing on<br />

bacteria. BARY Bac eliminates<br />

risk without the need for<br />

additional cleaning.”<br />

American titanium producer Perryman Company has placed an order<br />

with SMS group for the supply of two new forging machines. The<br />

order comprises a 40/45 MN high-speed open-die forging press in the<br />

pull-down design and an SMX 500/15 MN hydraulic radial forging<br />

machine with two forging manipulators as well as the order and<br />

production control system for the entire forging line.<br />

The open-die forging press will be used to forge cast titanium billets<br />

first to the required size so that, in the next step, they can be finishforged<br />

in the radial forging machine to produce bars – round, square<br />

or flat – up to a maximum length of 14,000 millimeters.<br />

By making this investment, Perryman is able to expand its own<br />

holistically integrated production processes and extend the forged<br />

product portfolio based on its expertise in titanium.<br />

"We supply customers in a wide range of industries. We see strong<br />

growth in the aerospace industry and medical sector in particular. With<br />

this new forging line, we are ideally equipped to meet the growing<br />

demand. This enables us to produce forgings for turbines and safetyrelevant<br />

structures that comply with our high quality standards. What<br />

convinced us was SMS' technological know-how and the impressive<br />

plant concept with fully integrated process and production control<br />

system that is all supplied from a single source," emphasizes Frank<br />

Perryman, president and CEO of Perryman Company.<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> – <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

28 PROFILE<br />

Giving support<br />

As part of its culture of Continuous<br />

Improvement, Fischer Instrumentation<br />

(GB), part of the global Helmut Fischer<br />

Group, set a plan to be more easily accessible<br />

for its customers and more centrally based in<br />

the UK, after being sited previously in the<br />

south of the country, in Hampshire.<br />

The company has now completed a<br />

successful relocation to a new Customer<br />

Applications and Support Centre in Pershore,<br />

Worcestershire.<br />

Darin Enefer, Fischer GB general manager,<br />

explained more:<br />

“We took the opportunity during the<br />

pandemic lockdown to step back from the<br />

business and make decisions that would help<br />

provide optimised customer service, whilst<br />

supporting our business growth ambitions.<br />

We are pleased with our Pershore facility<br />

and welcome new and existing customers to<br />

discuss their measuring requirements and<br />

challenges, evaluate their materials and<br />

samples, try our range of measuring<br />

equipment, and participate in useful ‘handson’<br />

learning workshops.’’<br />

The relocation has helped the company<br />

grow sales and this has been achieved<br />

through supporting clients in Aerospace,<br />

Automotive, Engineering, Electronics and<br />

Precious Metals sectors, with high quality<br />

measuring solutions, supported by pro-active<br />

service and maintenance plans.<br />

‘‘We know from survey feedback how much<br />

our customers like collaborating with a<br />

supplier that has UK based service personnel,<br />

available parts, and country wide support.<br />

Customers can be supported on site or<br />

alternatively use our fully equipped Service<br />

Centre at Pershore.<br />

We hope our new location will help to<br />

continue to support our customers and enable<br />

us to continue our current business uplift’’<br />

As a full-service supplier in the field of<br />

surface testing, Fischer has been developing<br />

instruments for non-destructive material<br />

analysis, coating thickness measurement and<br />

material testing since 1953.<br />

Fischer offer a wide range of measuring<br />

devices for different industries: from simple<br />

handheld devices for quick testing on the go<br />

to fully integrated, high-end systems that<br />

automatically monitor your production.<br />

Darin believes that the company is leading<br />

the way in terms of product quality and<br />

customer service.<br />

“We have a high customer service<br />

orientation and a passion for helping the<br />

customer measure more accurately, more<br />

reliably, and efficiently.<br />

Our core values include Expertise and<br />

Passion, along with Trust and Commitment.<br />

These values help drive our behaviours and<br />

activities.<br />

The whole aim is to make our customer’s<br />

lives easier, underpinned by our Fischer<br />

mantra ‘‘Measuring Made Easy!’’<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> - <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>




Our Pyrolysis ovens provide you with a quick and highly effective<br />

process for the removal of plastic, paints and resins<br />

Longworth’s pyrolysis & burn off ovens are second to none in design and build quality, built to last and have the latest<br />

in technological features. Our ovens provide a quick and highly effective process for the removal of plastics, paints<br />

and resins from jigs, filters, shelving, food trays, motors, automotive parts and a multitude of other components.<br />

Accreditations<br />

BS EN ISO 9001:2008<br />

Call Longworth today for a no obligation meeting on how we can help you and your business<br />

call<br />

01254 680501<br />

email<br />

enquiries@bmlongworth.com<br />

visit<br />


30 PROFILE<br />

Sport support<br />

As part of its environmental, social and<br />

corporate governance (ESG) agenda, Hiline<br />

Industries, a UK-based leader in the<br />

design, manufacture and installation of<br />

energy-efficient compressed air purification<br />

equipment, provides extensive support for the<br />

sporting community in the Burton upon Trent<br />

area. The company is a main sponsor at both<br />

Burton Albion Football Club and Burton<br />

Rugby Football Club.<br />

Hi-line Industries, which has its<br />

headquarters in Burton’s Green Street, is a<br />

member of the British Compressed Air Society<br />

and also supports the ‘Made in Britain’<br />

campaign, highlighting the passion around<br />

British brands and UK manufacturing. The<br />

company’s broad range of energy-efficient<br />

compressed air equipment includes air dryers,<br />

nitrogen/oxygen generators and filtration<br />

equipment.<br />

A local and national success story, Hi-line<br />

showed 27% growth in like-for-like sales at its<br />

recent year-end (31 July <strong>2022</strong>), underpinned<br />

by a record 12 months for the company’s N2<br />

nitrogen generator systems and HPSA<br />

desiccant dryers. Hi line feels it has a<br />

responsibility to return some of its profits to<br />

the local community, and what brings people<br />

together more than sport?<br />

At Burton Albion Football Club, Hi-line is<br />

currently sponsoring defender Tom Hamer,<br />

the club’s highly popular 22-year-old right<br />

back, for the second season in a row. The<br />

company also provides match sponsorships at<br />

Burton Albion, which was formed in 1950 and<br />

currently plays in League One of the Football<br />

League. In addition, Hi-line regularly sponsors<br />

the ‘man of the match’ and takes an executive<br />

hospitality box at the club’s Pirelli Stadium,<br />

providing yet more income for the club.<br />

Hi-line’s extensive sponsorship and support<br />

programme is similar for Burton Rugby<br />

Football Club, which has origins dating back<br />

to 1870 and is currently Staffordshire and<br />

Derbyshire’s highest ranked senior rugby club,<br />

playing in the Midlands Premier division. The<br />

company is the main shirt sponsor for the first<br />

team, a Patron member and has an<br />

advertising board at the club’s Battlestead<br />

Croft ground.<br />

“We take our corporate and social<br />

responsibilities very seriously at Hi-line,” states<br />

Managing Director Steve Smith. “The<br />

company is very proud to be based here in<br />

Burton, which has been the perfect location to<br />

grow our flourishing business. It’s only right,<br />

therefore, to show our gratitude and<br />

commitment to the town by supporting some<br />

of its community treasures. The town’s football<br />

and rugby clubs provide pleasure to<br />

thousands of local people on a weekly basis,<br />

but they need funds. Hopefully our support<br />

goes some way to ensuring that our local<br />

sporting heritage is maintained for many years<br />

to come.”<br />

To keep pace with growing order levels, Hiline<br />

is currently in the process of expanding its<br />

Burton production facility with a new building<br />

extension. The company has several six-figure<br />

projects to complete before year-end. They<br />

also participate in the BCAS apprenticeship<br />

scheme and are currently looking to take on<br />

more apprentices from the local area, with<br />

positions available immediately.<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> - <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

High voltage Holiday Detector<br />

Detects holidays, pinholes, and other discontinuities using pulse DC<br />

n Lightweight, ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue<br />

n Regulated pulse DC voltage output— ±5% accuracy<br />

n Industry-standard connectors and adaptors for compatibility<br />

with nearly all existing electrodes<br />

n Voltage calculator feature—choose one of 11 international<br />

standards and input the coating thickness to automatically<br />

calculate the required test voltage<br />

n Removable lithium-ion batteries provide long-lasting power<br />


PosiTest HHD Basic Kit (HHDKITB)<br />

£1950+VAT<br />

save over £400<br />

Limited time only<br />

In stock<br />

Choose from a wide range of rolling<br />

spring and wire brush electrodes —<br />

custom sizes available<br />

t: 01442 879494<br />

www.dftinstruments.co.uk<br />

t: 01442 879494<br />

n www.dftinstruments.co.uk<br />

n e: sales@dftinstruments.co.uk<br />

Proud supplier of DeFelsko Inspection Instruments

32 PROFILE<br />

Paint partnership<br />

HMG Paints has announced a new<br />

distribution partnership with fellow<br />

family run business Rabart Decorators<br />

Merchants. The partnership will see Rabart<br />

distribute the HMG range across South Wales<br />

and the South West of England. This includes<br />

HMG’s most popular products from 2K<br />

Industrial coatings to specialist UPVC coatings,<br />

C71 and QAD Enamels.<br />

Rabart is an independent family run<br />

merchant, that has been supplying and<br />

distributing paints for over 30 years. This new<br />

partnership will see them expand their<br />

offering with HMG’s market leading industrial<br />

portfolio, including PVC Pro the company’s<br />

popular product for uPVC Windows and<br />

Doors.<br />

“We are looking forward to opening up<br />

new market places for both Rabart and HMG<br />

across South Wales and the South West”<br />

commented Richard Thomas, Rabart Group<br />

Sales and Operations Manager. “HMG have<br />

been very welcoming, and are a key part of<br />

our industrial division plan.”<br />

The partnership launch coincides with the<br />

opening of Rabarts new branch in Plymouth.<br />

Where customers will be able to order and<br />

collect HMG products. A key to this new<br />

partnership is HMG’s UNIT Tinting System<br />

which will allow Rabart customers access to a<br />

library of over 95,000 colour formulations.<br />

Colours available in HMG’s UNIT Tinting<br />

system include RAL, BS, Pantone, Industrial,<br />

OEM, commercial fleet, agricultural machinery<br />

and more.<br />

“We’re really pleased to welcome Rabart to<br />

the HMG family and we look forward to<br />

working with their customers and supporting<br />

their business growth in the South West of<br />

England and South Wales” added Anthony<br />

Beard, HMG Key Account Manager. “We have<br />

already started to build up a strong<br />

relationship with the Rabart team having<br />

visited HMG for product training. Both<br />

companies are focused on providing<br />

customers with the products, support and<br />

service to get the job done.”<br />

HMG products, such as its EP2 Epoxy<br />

Primer, Monothane and Multi-Surface Topcoat<br />

will be stocked at Rabart branches in<br />

Plymouth, Cwmbran and Stroud. They, and<br />

other products from HMG’s extensive<br />

portfolio of paints will also be available for<br />

order and next day collection at Merthyr,<br />

Cardiff, Swansea, Pembroke, Bath, Warminster,<br />

Torquay and Redruth.<br />

In 2021, Rabart acquired S.G Bailey Paints<br />

Ltd, a paint manufacturer and distributor<br />

based in Stroud, Gloucestershire. Bailey Paints<br />

has sold HMG products for over 15 years, and<br />

can provide all HMG single pack synthetic<br />

and cellulose paints in aerosols – now<br />

available to the entire Rabart Group.<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> - <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

actongate - address alts.qxp_Layout 1 20/05/<strong>2022</strong> 12:06 Page 1<br />

Acton Gate Systems Limited - Tel: 01902 249299<br />

1 Nightingale Place, Pendeford Business Park, Wolverhampton WV9 5HF<br />

web: www.actongate.co.uk - email: enquiries@actongate.co.uk

34 COATINGS<br />

Lighting clean up<br />

Adistinctive, English Electric (Lightning)<br />

P1 Fighter has been returned to its<br />

former glory and is now a shining star<br />

in the Boscombe Down Aviation Collection in<br />

Wiltshire. The English Electric Lightning,<br />

which served as an interceptor for the RAF<br />

and other national forces, remains the only<br />

UK-designed-and-built fighter capable of<br />

Mach 2.<br />

Boscombe Down Aviation Collection’s<br />

aircraft – the second prototype of the English<br />

Electric Lightning that first flew from<br />

Boscombe Down – was in a sorry state after<br />

sitting on display as a guest at another<br />

museum for several years. The Collection’s<br />

team of volunteers, who are dedicated to<br />

restoring the past and educating the future,<br />

turned to surface coatings company,<br />

Indestructible Paint, for support. Armed with a<br />

supply of Wadpol – a trusted solution for<br />

cleaning and polishing weathered or corroded<br />

aluminium and painted surfaces – the team<br />

soon had the aircraft gleaming.<br />

Wadpol’s impregnated wadding is<br />

renowned for creating a ‘super shine’ finish<br />

and is so effective that it is still used on aircraft<br />

and helicopters flying around the world today.<br />

The solution is often used for polishing wing<br />

leading edges and removing stains and<br />

exhaust deposits from engine cowlings. It is<br />

also used on aircraft flown by the Red Arrows<br />

aerobatic team and remains popular due to<br />

the long-lasting protection offered by in-built<br />

corrosion inhibitors.<br />

Indestructible’s experts are renowned for<br />

being pioneers of high-performance surface<br />

coatings, providing not just traditional<br />

solutions like Wadpol but developing the<br />

sustainable solutions of tomorrow.<br />

“We’re very grateful for the supply of<br />

Wadpol donated by Indestructible Paint,” said<br />

Graham Horner, Visits Manager, Boscombe<br />

Down Aviation Collection. “One of our<br />

volunteers — who was once an RAF Airframe<br />

Technician (Rigger) — said this would be the<br />

best solution for brightening up our English<br />

Electric Lightning and we’re delighted to<br />

return it to display with such a brilliant result<br />

for visitors to enjoy.”<br />

Visitors wishing to see the aircraft on<br />

display at Boscombe Down Aviation<br />

Collection, based at Old Sarum Airfield, can<br />

find out more at<br />

boscombedownaviationcollection.co.uk<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> - <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

ai165666334911_FNG Advert July<strong>2022</strong>.pdf 1 01/07/<strong>2022</strong> 09:15:53<br />




Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners<br />

Effective cleaning results for all manufacturing,<br />

processing and maintenance applications.<br />

Automated protection tape application for all kind<br />

of profiles or flats in different materials. Single-sided,<br />

double-sided, four-sided, flat or round surfaces<br />

– our machines match all your requirements.<br />

32 - 155 Litre<br />

Capacity<br />

Quickly and effectively<br />

remove contaminants<br />

from crevices and other<br />

hard to reach areas.<br />

The innovative integrated<br />


T +41 44 926 44 88<br />

sales@muller.ch<br />

www.muller.ch<br />

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

filtration and recirculation<br />

system of both the Neon and<br />

Argon Series minimises fluid<br />

contamination after cleaning,<br />

reducing running costs and<br />

improving component<br />

cleanliness.<br />

CMY<br />

K<br />


Spray ! Immersion<br />

! Cascade !<br />

Anodising<br />

Aerospace " Automotive ! Architectural<br />

35 -125 Litre<br />

Capacity<br />

Consultancy<br />

! Advice ! Service<br />


The Neon Series offers multi-stage compatibility<br />

to incorporate wash, rinse and dry.<br />

SurePrep ® SureBond ®<br />

Sure ® Fast<br />

The Argon Series delivers outstanding cleaning performance<br />

with cost saving and environmental benefits for processing<br />

large components or multiple batches.<br />

Providing quality formulations at low cost<br />



250 -1000<br />

Litre<br />

Capacity<br />

+44 (0) 1978 660297!info@almetron.co.uk!almetron.co.uk<br />

Low Energy costs maximum product efficiency.<br />

All manufactured in the UK.<br />

sales@ultrawave.co.uk +44 (0)2920 837337<br />


36 HOISTS<br />

Raising the bar<br />

Supplying, installing, load testing and<br />

LOLER certifying a wide range of<br />

manual and powered hoist units, Hoist &<br />

Winch Ltd has extensive experience and<br />

expertise in all kinds of industrial lifting<br />

operations. However, certain projects require<br />

special know-how, such as the installation of<br />

large-capacity, electric-powered wire-rope<br />

hoists in challenging and restricted access<br />

applications. And yet even in these situations,<br />

Hoist & Winch has a proven methodology to<br />

ensure a high-performance, efficient, safetycertified<br />

outcome for customers.<br />

Every hoist installation is different, and most<br />

generally present some level of challenge to<br />

overcome, typically relating to the dimensional<br />

clearances of the hoist unit or the logistics of<br />

general access conditions.<br />

When the hoist unit’s dimensional<br />

clearances are particularly critical, Hoist &<br />

Winch Ltd carries out a detailed survey prior<br />

to manufacture, ensuring that the complete<br />

installation can perform the required tasks<br />

with sufficient operating clearance.<br />

On some occasions, a pre-installation<br />

survey is required to check site/work area<br />

access conditions. Hoist & Winch Ltd will<br />

subsequently submit its Risk Assessment and<br />

Method Statement (RAMS) for approval by<br />

the customer prior to starting work. These<br />

documents detail the installation procedure,<br />

the equipment intended for use, and the<br />

hazards and risks associated with the various<br />

tasks. In addition, the documents will set out<br />

how it is possible to minimise or negate these<br />

risks.<br />

A recent cement plant project involving<br />

challenging installation access conditions<br />

highlights how the capability and knowledge<br />

of Hoist & Winch Ltd proves extremely useful<br />

in delivering a successful outcome for<br />

customers.<br />

This complex project involved replacing an<br />

obsolete, 10-tonne SWL (safe working load),<br />

electric-powered wire-rope hoist unit with<br />

60m lifting height. The task was required<br />

ahead of the cement production facility<br />

carrying out extensive modification work to its<br />

pre-heater tower. The pre-heater tower is<br />

100m high and the existing hoist unit was<br />

located at the 60m level on a monorail beam<br />

that cantilevers out of the building for<br />

approximately 8m. Both the obsolete hoist<br />

unit and monorail beam had been dormant<br />

for many years, which meant that Hoist &<br />

Winch Ltd’s scope of supply included the load<br />

testing and thorough examination of not just<br />

the new wire-rope hoist unit, but also the<br />

monorail beam.<br />

Among the first tasks was to remove the<br />

existing wire-rope hoist unit, which weighed 3<br />

tonnes. Hoist & Winch Ltd decided to cut this<br />

down in sections using gas-burning<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> - <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

continues on page 38

NEW<br />

Oven Temperature Logger<br />

Measures and records oven<br />

temperature profiles<br />

• 6 K-type thermocouple ports<br />

• High temperature stainless steel barrier box for<br />

long run times<br />

• Download, view, and analyze data using PosiSoft Desktop Software<br />

or export to .CSV<br />

Prices starting at:<br />

Oven Temperature<br />

Logger..........£1895<br />

Temperature<br />

Probes............£100<br />

Wide variety of spring clamp and<br />

magnetic temperature probes available<br />

Customizable PDF Reports<br />

16A Long Drive, Meadway, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 2PN<br />

t: 01442 879494 • www.dftinstruments.co.uk • e: sales@dftinstruments.co.uk<br />

Automated Water & Effluent Ltd have been supplying process control equipment<br />

to the metal finishing and surface finishing industry.<br />

We have an in-house team of qualified engineers able to design and build<br />

control panels and process equipment specific to fit your requirements.<br />

A wide range of our control instrumentation, dosing pumps and chemical process<br />

equipment is available on short delivery.<br />

CALL<br />

TODAY ON<br />

01785 254 597<br />

• Custom Designed & Built Control Panels<br />

• pH & Redox Controllers & Electrodes<br />

• Conductivity Controllers<br />

• Liquid Level Controllers<br />

• Open Chanel & Magnetic Flow Meters<br />

• Data Loggers<br />

• Dosing Pumps & Tanks<br />

Automated Water<br />

& Effluent Ltd<br />

Get in touch for a quote today!<br />

AWE House, Antom Court, Tollgate<br />

Industrial Estate, Stafford, ST16 3AF<br />

awe-ltd.co.uk 01785 254 597

38 HOISTS<br />

equipment as many of the hoist parts were<br />

badly seized and not easy to dismantle in the<br />

conventional way. Initially, the company<br />

removed these sections to a specially<br />

constructed scaffold work platform located<br />

below the hoist installation area. Each piece of<br />

the obsolete hoist was then lowered further to<br />

the nearest adjacent floor level 16m below<br />

using manual chain blocks for movement to<br />

the goods lift access located at that level.<br />

Next, Hoist & Winch Ltd had to install the<br />

new hoist (weighing 2.2 tonnes) in part<br />

dismantled form. The company eased the<br />

difficulty of this task by installing a temporary<br />

3-tonne SWL motor trolley mounted, airpowered<br />

chain-hoist unit on the monorail<br />

beam and raising the new hoist unit the<br />

required 60 m from the outdoor ground-floor<br />

work area. Hoist & Winch Ltd took great care<br />

with the preparation of the chain-hoist unit to<br />

ensure reliability during operation as any<br />

breakdown during the critical 60m lifting<br />

operation would require special access<br />

equipment to help resolve any issues. Hoist &<br />

Winch Ltd also carried out meticulous checks<br />

on the quality, volume and pressure of the air<br />

supply.<br />

The next task was to raise the complete<br />

new hoist unit to the 60m installation level.<br />

From there, Hoist & Winch Ltd used the 3-<br />

tonne SWL motor trolley mounted, airpowered<br />

chain-hoist unit to transport the new<br />

hoist unit into the building and over the<br />

temporary scaffold work platform.…<br />

From this position - after first opening up<br />

the hoist unit trolley wheels wider than the<br />

monorail beam width – the company lifted the<br />

wire-rope hoist unit into position. To facilitate<br />

this task, Hoist & Winch Ltd deployed four 1-<br />

tonne SWL manual chain blocks suspended<br />

from each end of two specially fabricated<br />

lifting frames clipped into position on the top<br />

flange of the monorail beam.<br />

The final tasks included electrical<br />

commissioning, assembling the hoist on to the<br />

monorail beam and the removal of all<br />

temporary lifting equipment. Hoist & Winch<br />

Ltd could then perform dynamic load testing<br />

of the new wire-rope hoist unit and monorail<br />

beam using a skid-mounted, certified 10-tonne<br />

test load prior to issue with a LOLER<br />

Thorough Examination report. As part of the<br />

dynamic load testing procedure, the outdoor<br />

cantilever section of the monorail beam was<br />

deflection-tested in accordance with BS2853<br />

using a special long-range, outdoor-operation<br />

Leica laser mounted to a stable yet precisely<br />

adjustable tripod.<br />

“Manufacturing and process plants tend to<br />

evolve over time, often compromising general<br />

access to existing hoist installations,” explains<br />

Andy Allen, Director of Hoist & Winch Ltd. “In<br />

other instances, legacy hoists fall into disuse<br />

and become obsolete. We’ve seen this on<br />

many occasions over the years, but with our<br />

in-house design, engineering and<br />

manufacturing skills, there is nothing we<br />

cannot overcome. If you are in this situation<br />

and could benefit from the input of an expert<br />

partner, please call for a no-obligation<br />

discussion about the potential solutions.”<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> - <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


• Waterborne • Solventborne • High Solid<br />

• Powder • E-Coat<br />


• General Finishes • Heavy Equipment • Design<br />

• Architectural • Transportation • Energy • Rail<br />

• Furniture • Electronics • Military<br />

Inver® and Syntha Pulvin®<br />

are brands of<br />

The Sherwin-Williams Company<br />


The Sherwin-Williams Company, Goodlass Road, Speke,<br />

Liverpool, L24 9HJ, United Kingdom<br />

T: +44 (0)151 486 0486 | liverpool.sales@sherwin.com<br />

oem.sherwin-williams.com | www.synthapulvin.co.uk


Material gains<br />

Ponticon has introduced its new pE3D<br />

system for Dynamic Material Deposition<br />

(DMD), a process developed for additive<br />

manufacturing, coating and repairing<br />

complex-shaped metallic workpieces. The new<br />

system combines high process speed with<br />

utmost precision and high flexibility in terms<br />

of the choice of alloying elements.<br />

With the Dynamic Material Deposition<br />

process developed by Ponticon alloys of any<br />

elemental compositions can be deposited on<br />

metallic and ceramic components. In contrast<br />

to conventional laser deposition methods, in<br />

the DMD process the metallic powder is<br />

already molten when it reaches the surface of<br />

the substrate which it is deposited on in<br />

successive layers.<br />

Ponticon will showcase a pE3D system of<br />

five-axis design. Its high-speed parallel<br />

kinematic system is equipped with an<br />

additional turning and tilting device to be able<br />

to deal with the most complex of geometries.<br />

In its standard design, the machine can handle<br />

component weights of up to 500 kg.<br />

High-performance components<br />

manufactured at high speed<br />

In additive manufacturing, the DMD<br />

process excels in terms of versatility of<br />

materials it can process and the outstandingly<br />

high feeding rates it achieves. The benefits for<br />

the user: time-saving, high-precision<br />

manufacturing of components for the most<br />

demanding of uses. By flexibly combining the<br />

various materials and alloying elements, the<br />

system ensures that the components produced<br />

or coated have exactly the properties required<br />

for their specific use.<br />

Highly resistant coatings for surfaces of<br />

virtually any shape<br />

The process can also be used to cover<br />

surfaces of metallic components with<br />

metallurgically bonded coatings. Apart from<br />

the great versatility of alloys and elements that<br />

can be used in these applications, the process<br />

provides the benefit that the coatings are<br />

extremely firmly bonded with the substrate<br />

material. Thus, they can fulfill the most<br />

exacting demands in terms of wear, corrosion<br />

and high-temperature resistance.<br />

Back in shape for extreme use<br />

When the system is used for pinpoint<br />

repairs of components damaged as a result of<br />

broken-off metal or worn metallic surfaces, the<br />

sensors initially capture the as-is component<br />

geometry. Based on these data, the CAM<br />

software plans the path for the repair process<br />

that requires the nozzle and the workpiece<br />

carrier to be precisely aligned to one another.<br />

Once in the aligned position, the system starts<br />

to apply the new material onto the workpiece.<br />

The material is specifically adjusted to the<br />

properties of the substrate material. As the<br />

heat transfer into the base material is minimal,<br />

the material properties of the repaired<br />

components are not affected during the<br />

process.<br />

Ponticon will supply the system shown at<br />

the trade fair to the wbk Institute of<br />

Production Science at the Karlsruher Institute<br />

of Technology (KIT). One of the Institute’s<br />

focus is remanufacturing, i.e. reconditioning<br />

high-grade components subjected to extreme<br />

in-service stresses as, for example, in<br />

turbomachinery industry or renewable energy<br />

systems. The entire, fully automatic<br />

manufacturing cell consists of the five-axis<br />

pE3D system complete with comprehensive<br />

sensor equipment, a turning lathe and a<br />

handling robot.<br />

According to Dr. Tobias Stittgen, Managing<br />

Director of ponticon GmbH, the system is<br />

ready for use in industrial series production:<br />

“Our pE3D machines have passed the acid<br />

test in various near-industry-scale projects<br />

performed by several renowned research<br />

institutions. 2023 will see the first machines<br />

go into operation in industry.”<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> - <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

• Dedicated stand-alone unit is ready to measure right out of the box<br />

• Fast measurement speed—ideal for moving lines and swinging parts<br />

• Scan Mode continuously takes measurements—ideal for<br />

analyzing large areas<br />

Powder Checker<br />

Non-contact Uncured Powder Thickness Gauge<br />

Affordably measures uncured powder coatings using<br />

non-contact ultrasonic technology to predict<br />

a cured thickness<br />

• Storage of 999 readings with onscreen averaging. Stored readings<br />

can be downloaded to PosiSoft Desktop Software<br />

Powder Inspection Kits<br />

Complete solutions for measuring<br />

powder coating before and<br />

after cure are available<br />

£1950.00<br />

16A Long Drive, Meadway, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 2PN<br />

t: 01442 879494 • www.dftinstruments.co.uk • e: sales@dftinstruments.co.uk<br />

Leaders in surface engineering<br />

Increasing the performance and life of critical components<br />


l Controlled Shot Peening<br />

l Laser Shock Peening<br />

l Thermal Spray Coatings<br />

l Dry Film Lubricants<br />

l Organic and Inorganic Coatings<br />

l Parylene Ultra-thin Conformal<br />

Coatings<br />

l Superfinishing<br />

l On-site Processing<br />

l Material Testing and Analysis<br />


l NADCAP<br />

l ISO 9001:2008<br />

l ISO 13485<br />

l AS9100 Rev D<br />

www.cwst.co.uk | eurosales@cwst.com | 01635 279621

42 QUALICOAT<br />

Home comforts<br />

Over the last decade members of the<br />

Association have seen a huge rise in<br />

QUALICOAT specifications for powder<br />

coating on a wide range of bespoke<br />

installations across the UK and Ireland. More<br />

wide ranging than BS EN 12206, the<br />

QUALICOAT Specification differs from the<br />

recently updated British Standard, requiring<br />

twice yearly, unannounced, third party<br />

accreditation visits for all its licensed members<br />

which ensures that the latest QUALICOAT<br />

specification is being followed. Any member<br />

failing an inspection will be given a short time<br />

to comply, failure to comply will result in the<br />

coating company losing its QUALICOAT<br />

licence.<br />

A QUALICOAT specification is not just<br />

aimed at commercial projects, the specification<br />

is relevant to all architectural aluminium<br />

powder coating requirements, commercial and<br />

residential. It is crucial therefore that<br />

aluminium used in residential installations<br />

receives the same care when choosing and<br />

specifying its surface treatment. Members now<br />

report that they are coating a growing<br />

number of residential aluminium systems for<br />

home improvement, as the demand for<br />

aluminium windows and doors continues<br />

apace.<br />

Whilst systems companies products will<br />

generally carry a QUALICOAT approved<br />

powder coating applied by a licensed coater,<br />

the Association recommends that if in doubt,<br />

all home improvement companies should seek<br />

confirmation that they are receiving a<br />

QUALICOAT powder coated product. In fact,<br />

the specification should appear in all home<br />

improvement contracts with homeowners,<br />

which it turn, will offer purchasers further<br />

peace of mind when choosing aluminium. It is<br />

important to note here that a QUALICOAT<br />

specification should be no more expensive<br />

that a BS EN 12206 powder coating<br />

specification.<br />

Whilst supplying a standard QUALICOAT<br />

approved coating is suitable for most<br />

residential applications in the UK there are<br />

some some options which we should be<br />

aware of. It is obvious that a colour reference<br />

is required, but there is also gloss levels to<br />

consider, the range reference is generally as<br />

follows:<br />

• ‘Matt Powders’ are usually between 20%<br />

and 30% gloss level<br />

• ‘Semi-gloss Powders’ are usually around<br />

60 to 65% gloss level<br />

• ‘Gloss Powders’ at least 80% but can be<br />

up to 85% gloss level<br />

• Gloss levels are easily checked using a<br />

hand held ‘Gloss Level Meter’, colour can be<br />

measured using a hand held ‘Colour Meter’.<br />

On more complex home improvement<br />

projects it may be necessary to colour/gloss<br />

match different products such as pressed cills,<br />

column casings and spandrel panels. A close<br />

match can be obtained by careful<br />

specification, but any QUALICOAT powder<br />

coater should be able to take a range of<br />

unfinished profiles and pressings from various<br />

providers and powder coat the complete<br />

project in one batch, which ensures a high<br />

quality colour and gloss consistency.<br />

Finally, one important area which has<br />

caught out many a home improvement<br />

installer, is obtaining the correct specification<br />

when powder coated products are installed<br />

close to the coast. Contrary to popular belief, a<br />

powder coating finish is microporous, so if the<br />

pretreatment is not properly applied, corrosion<br />

under the surface can occur which will lead to<br />

premature surface coating failure. A<br />

QUALICOAT Seaside Class of coating ensures<br />

that the pretreatment system is applied in a<br />

more robust way and offers a better adhesion<br />

and life expectancy in these harsh<br />

environments. A quick call to your local<br />

QUALICOAT powder coater, given the<br />

location of the installation, will offer advise and<br />

if needed offer the home improvement<br />

installer a more robust ‘Seaside Class’ coating<br />

specification and warranty for the<br />

homeowners and installers peace of mind.<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> - <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>










Call 01543 675800 or visit our website www.unitechwashers.uk.com<br />

unitech washing systems ltd_half page.indd 1 10/09/2021 11:39<br />

Hi-Tek<br />


2a Dawkins Road Industrial Estate, Hamworthy, Poole, Dorset BH15 4JP<br />

Telephone : 01202 661300<br />

www.hitekproducts.com<br />

jane@hitekproducts.com or kirsty@hitekproducts.com<br />

We are suppliers of masking products across a multitude of industries working closely with metal finishing<br />

and powder coating companies. Established over 50 years ago, we bring a wealth of experience from our<br />

family run firm. No order is too small and samples are available on request. All stocked sizes of tapes,<br />

caps, plugs, bungs and pull throughs can be seen on www.hitekproducts.com. If you have a bespoke size<br />

request, please e-mail kirsty@hitekproducts.com or jane@hitekproducts.com or ring our professional<br />

team on 01202 661300.<br />

We are the sole UK distributor for the Tolber range of masking<br />

lacquers. We also stock PTFE lubricant.<br />

Samples of all lacquers are available on request.


Back for the future<br />

By the end of the third and final day of<br />

the 19th parts2clean, it was abundantly<br />

clear that the requirements for cleaning<br />

industrial parts are becoming increasingly<br />

diverse and demanding, with no end in sight.<br />

One major indicator consisted of the tasks and<br />

projects which some 2,300 visitors (up by<br />

around 15% from 2021) brought with them to<br />

Stuttgart. The share of trade fair attendees<br />

from outside Germany was 25 percent, with<br />

the strongest nations (apart from Germany)<br />

being Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands,<br />

the Czech Republic and Poland. “We are<br />

satisfied with the course of this year's<br />

parts2clean in the face of the prevailing<br />

conditions,” says Hendrik Engelking, Global<br />

Director at Deutsche Messe. “More important<br />

for us, however, is that participating in the<br />

tradeshow was worth it for our exhibitors.”<br />

And indeed it was, as most of the 140<br />

exhibitors from 16 countries who presented<br />

their new, enhanced and established products<br />

and services for industrial parts and surface<br />

cleaning on over 4,300 square meters of<br />

display space, were able to hold highly<br />

detailed discussions. This was confirmed by<br />

Michael Höckh, Managing Director of Höckh<br />

Metall-Reinigungsanlagen GmbH: “For us it<br />

was an acutely interesting trade fair. Our<br />

visitors here were overwhelmingly devoted to<br />

finding solutions to projects they are planning<br />

to implement in the near future. Often, this<br />

involves making replacement investments in<br />

order to meet higher cleanliness<br />

requirements.”<br />

Trade audience with high level of decisionmaking<br />

authority and readiness to invest The<br />

fact that things were so concrete at<br />

parts2clean was due to the exceptionally high<br />

percentage of trade visitors (99%), over 95%<br />

of whom are involved in operational<br />

procurement decisions. Another value that<br />

ensured exhibitor satisfaction at this year’s<br />

parts2clean consisted of investment plans,<br />

which were the decisive factor for around<br />

85% of all attendees. This facilitated a high<br />

number of promising leads, as Dr.-Ing.<br />

Günther Schmauz, CEO of acp systems AG,<br />

reports: “Even though we still have quite a<br />

ways to go to reach the visitor numbers of the<br />

pre-Corona events, this year’s parts2clean<br />

went better than expected for us. This year we<br />

were able to observe shifts in our attendees’<br />

industries. For example, more than 80% of<br />

the discussions at our booth revolved around<br />

tasks from the so-called high-purity area, for<br />

example in the semiconductor supplier<br />

industry, electronics, optics, medical, defense<br />

and sensor technology, as well as high-tech<br />

measurement technology. We were able to<br />

make some really interesting contacts with<br />

domestic and foreign companies here.” Ronald<br />

Holzleitner, Head of New Business at the<br />

Austrian Fronius International GmbH, also<br />

achieved his company’s trade fair goals: “We<br />

met up with a highly qualified trade audience<br />

from different industries here, were able to<br />

optimally present our technologies and<br />

products and, after some excellent discussions,<br />

have already scheduled subsequent talks.” For<br />

Stefanie Borst from the management of BO-<br />

INNO GmbH, parts2clean <strong>2022</strong> also went<br />

well: "We were very satisfied with our<br />

participation at the trade fair and had the<br />

impression that the discussions were even<br />

more concrete and intensive than in years<br />

past. It became clear that many companies<br />

need to meet higher cleanliness requirements.<br />

This enabled us to make many new contacts,<br />

but we also used the tradeshow to intensify<br />

our cooperation with our partners.” This<br />

networking aspect was also appreciated by<br />

Chuck Sexton, Global Product Line Manager,<br />

Industrial at the US cleaning media<br />

manufacturer Kyzen: “We can always generate<br />

first-rate leads at parts2clean. But the<br />

tradeshow is also an excellent opportunity for<br />

us to establish new contacts with partners and<br />

intensify existing ones.”<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> - <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Reach the UK's metal<br />

finishing market<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> magazine is a specialist<br />

bi-monthly for the UK’s metal<br />

finishing community.<br />

Read by decision makers in features<br />

technical papers, news, views and<br />

debate on all aspects of metal<br />

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All the required consumables including<br />

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technical services. Dalic’s unrivalled application<br />

systems including rectifiers and the patented<br />

“closed loop” Dalistick Station for full control<br />

of the application and no exposure to<br />

hazardous metals.<br />


Anodising<br />

Cadmium, Cobalt,Zinc, Nickel<br />

Copper, Tin, Gold, Silver<br />

Turret Group Ltd, Cardinal Point, Park Road,<br />

Rickmansworth, Herts, WD3 1RE, UK.<br />

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46 WORKSHOP<br />

Next generation<br />

Powder perfect<br />

Interpon is helping ESSE to become even more sustainable by<br />

switching from an enamel coating process to a powder coating for its<br />

new range of electric powered cookers.<br />

Finding an alternative to enamel was a challenge and not only driven<br />

with sustainability in mind. The powder coating still had to perform and<br />

protect the cooker at very high temperatures and deliver the same<br />

quality ‘feel’ in line with a premium-priced product.<br />

“The Interpon team excelled,” says ESSE’s production manager,<br />

Andy Pilkington. “Enamel has a reflective quality, and it was important<br />

in switching to a powder coating that it retained the aesthetic<br />

appearance. It was also important that our partner could replicate<br />

existing colours in our range since they prove extremely popular and<br />

have the stand-out appeal people are looking for.”<br />

Mark Blewitt, sales director at ESSE says colour is very important:<br />

“Our products are high value items and are an important part of<br />

kitchen and interior design. The colours, therefore, have to be on-trend<br />

to meet our customers’ expectations.”<br />

On the can<br />

AkzoNobel Packaging Coating’s non-BPA beverage can coating –<br />

Aqualure G1 50 - is now listed as an Evaluated Alternative by<br />

Chemsec on their global online Marketplace. The designation identifies<br />

this coating as a safer alternative which does not contain any materials<br />

on the ChemSec SIN list. In addition, Aqualure G1 50 has already<br />

been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), EU<br />

regulators and other local and regional legislation for use anywhere in<br />

the world based on its established safety profile.<br />

Aqualure G1 50 is a high-performance acrylic-based coating suitable<br />

for use on any beverage can and for most drink types including water,<br />

juice, carbonated soft drinks, beer and energy drinks. Aqualure G1 50<br />

is applied like traditional epoxy coatings, allowing for easy and efficient<br />

transitions between coating technologies.<br />

Aqualure G1 50 offers more choice to can makers and brand<br />

owners who are ready to transition away from traditional bisphenolbased<br />

technologies without sacrificing performance. Customers can<br />

easily comply with changing global food packaging regulations in<br />

response to increased concern surrounding BPA and bisphenol-based<br />

coatings. Ultimately Aqualure G1 50 will protect the current food<br />

supply and the long-term interests of can makers and food<br />

manufacturers.<br />

Phoseon Technology has introduced a new generation of UV LED<br />

curing systems designed primarily for fiber and wire coating<br />

applications, including optical fiber, electrical and structural wire, and<br />

threads for smart fabrics. Phoseon offers complete UV LED systems<br />

that bring many advantages such as fast and more consistent results<br />

around the full diameter of the fiber and wire, reduced operation costs,<br />

higher yields, and energy savings up to 70% compared to traditional<br />

mercury-based UV curing. Both air-cooled and water-cooled lights<br />

sources are available depending on the application requirement.<br />

Both air-cooled and water-cooled lights sources are available<br />

depending on the application requirement<br />

Phoseon’s Fiber Curing System consists of a high intensity UV LED<br />

light source, which cures the coatings protecting the glass fibers, along<br />

with a Fiber Reflector Unit (FRU) to direct the UV energy around the<br />

circumference of the fiber.<br />

Processing productivity<br />

As demand for additive manufacturing processes continues to grow,<br />

BOFA’s filtration technology is now in demand to support the post<br />

processing environment that is key to productivity.<br />

Post-processing in the world of 3D printing is an important step in<br />

the production chain and is vital to transforming the commercial<br />

potential of additive manufacturing into high-quality finished products.<br />

As Luke Ziolkowski, international business development manager,<br />

BOFA International explains: “Post-processing is a catch-all term and<br />

means different things to different manufacturers – but the ultimate<br />

aim is the same… to create a product ready for market. This typically<br />

includes curing, polishing, deburring, mechanical cleaning or air<br />

blasting – all of which emit particles or gases that require BOFA<br />

filtration to help maintain a healthy working environment and to<br />

contribute to a high-quality end product.”<br />

BOFA is responding to demand with a number of 3D print filtrations<br />

systems that are suitable for post processing environments. These<br />

include the FumeCAB enclosure technology which is ideally suited to a<br />

stereolithography system where the off-gassing from the print gets<br />

extracted. It can also help with the off-gassing from a washing station<br />

and contribute to filtration for most other post-processing applications.<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> – <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Products & Services<br />

Stewart Freshwater<br />

mobile: 07746 373 545<br />

email: s.freshwater@turretgroup.com • web: www.turretgroup.com<br />

Leading manufacturers of<br />

Jigs, Racking systems, Baskets, Heaters, Coils and many other<br />

products for the Anodising & Electroplating industry<br />

T: 01283 529314 • E: Sales@Supreme-Eng.com • W: www.supreme-eng.com<br />

abrasive blast cleaning equipment<br />

coating applications<br />

computer systems<br />


Abrasives<br />

Blast Rooms<br />

Blast Cabinets<br />

Portable Blast Machines<br />

Paint Spray Equipment<br />

Abrasive Recovery<br />

Safety Equipment<br />

Dust Collection<br />

Spray Booths<br />

Servicing<br />

Training<br />

Tel: 0114 254 8811<br />

36 Orgreave Drive, Sheffield, S13 9NR<br />

www.hodgeclemco.co.uk<br />

Supplier and manufacturer of<br />

abrasive blast cleaning and surface<br />

treatment equipment since 1959<br />

abrasive blast cleaning equipment<br />













(Est 1971)<br />


Tel: 01924 274887<br />

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M/C Sales 07850 744377 Txt/WhatsApp 24hr<br />

Email: paul@dougbooth.co.uk (machines)<br />

jonny@dougbooth.co.uk (parts & service)<br />

Website: www.dougbooth.co.uk<br />



abrasives<br />

coatings<br />

Delivering highly<br />

engineered, critical<br />

function products<br />

and services to<br />

the commercial,<br />

industrial, defense<br />

and energy markets<br />

n Shot Peening<br />

n Laser Peening<br />

n Coating Services<br />

n Analytical Services<br />

Please contact us on:<br />

01635 279621<br />

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Engineered coating solutions:<br />

● High lubricity/low friction<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

Anti-corrosion<br />

E/M Coating Services<br />

Resistance to erosion/galling<br />

Chemical/environmental<br />

protection<br />

Do you know what your production<br />

line is doing? ORPHEUS DOES!<br />

ORPHEUS... Proven Production<br />

control software<br />

Barcode technology provides<br />



Interested?<br />

Why not give us a call for a<br />

demonstration.<br />

Mark Dimmock<br />

Acton Gate Systems Ltd,<br />

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Overhead Conveyors<br />

& Lifting<br />

Equipment<br />

●<br />

EM/RF shielding<br />

A business unit of Curtiss-Wright Surface Technologies<br />

Please contact us on:<br />

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complete finishing plant<br />

(paint or powder coatings)<br />

abrasives<br />

boilers<br />

R.D.M. Engineering Ltd, Est. 1951<br />

Stakehill Lane, Stakehill,<br />

Middleton,<br />

Manchester M24 2RW<br />

Tel: 0161 643 9333<br />

Fax: 0161 655 3467<br />

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Contact: Mr R. Horwich<br />

spraybooths • rooms • ovens •<br />

conveyors • pretreatment • powder<br />

plant • air replacement units<br />

CALDAN Conveyor Ltd.<br />

Kirkleatham Business Park<br />

Redcar • TS10 5SH<br />

Tel. +44 1642 271118<br />

salesuk@caldan.dk<br />

www.caldan.dk<br />

Caldan Conveyor Solutions -<br />

simply perfect.<br />

High Carbon Steel Shot and Grit.<br />

Medium Carbon Steel Shot and Metal<br />

Bead. Stainless Steel Cr and Cr/Ni.<br />

High Chrome Grit.<br />

Aluminium Oxide.<br />

Full Technical Support.<br />

Tel: 01952 299777 Fax: 01952 299008<br />

Email: sales@pometon.co.uk<br />

Modern Coil Type Steam<br />

Generators & Fire Tube Boilers<br />

• 100Kg/h – 25,000Kg/h<br />

• High efficiency – up to 96%<br />

• Low overall emissions<br />

• Improved safety<br />

• Simplicity of control<br />

• Quiet, clean & cool in operation<br />

Tel: 020 8953 7111<br />

info@babcock-wanson.com<br />

www.babcock-wanson.com<br />

To advertise<br />

please call<br />

Stewart Freshwater<br />

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<strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong> - <strong>Finishing</strong>

48 for all your classified needs call Stewart Freshwater on: 07746 373 545<br />

drying racks & spray tables<br />

effluent treatment plants<br />

laquers<br />




MOBILE<br />


hooks & jigs<br />



...PLUS MUCH MORE!<br />


01920 822 404<br />

www.neutralac.co.uk<br />



electrophoretic coatings supplier and applicator<br />

Polypropylene Tanks<br />

PVC Tanks<br />

PVC/GRP Tanks<br />

Bund Tanks<br />

Tank Linings<br />

Rubber Linings<br />

HDPE Tanks<br />

Established 1976<br />

Fume Scrubbers<br />

Fume extraction<br />

Pipework<br />

Ducting<br />

Repairs & Refurbishment<br />

Flexible PVC Linings<br />

Guards in all materials<br />

One off Fabrications and installation<br />

Tel: 01543 462 802<br />

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Hawking Electrotechnology Ltd<br />

T: +44 (0) 1384 483019<br />

E: sales@hawking.co.uk • W: www.hawking.co.uk<br />

electroplaters<br />





Units 1 & 2, Dawkins Road Industrial Estate, Hamworthy, Poole, Dorset BH15 4JP<br />

Tel: 01202 677939<br />

jane@dorsetware.com<br />

T: 01202 661300 jane@hitekproducts.com<br />

www.hitekproducts.com<br />

Hi-Tek stocks not only an extensive range of<br />

masking products including plugs, tapes, caps and<br />

discs, but also has the distinction of being the<br />

European distributor for the US based TOLBER<br />

range of lacquers and<br />

associated products. Hi-Tek<br />

imports bulk supplies from<br />

Tolber and converts or<br />

decants into commercially<br />

usable volumes for the UK,<br />

and European trade. The<br />

association with Tolber has<br />

evolved over many years.<br />

masking<br />

Hi-Tek Products Ltd<br />

2A Dawkins Road Industrial Estate<br />

Hamworthy, Poole,<br />

Dorset BH15 4JP<br />

Tel: 01202 661300<br />

E-mail: jane@hitekproducts.com<br />

Web Site: www.hitekproducts.com<br />

Contact: Jane McMullen<br />

Masking Caps • Tapes/Discs • Tapered<br />

Plugs • Tubing • Pull-Through Plugs<br />

• Custom Design • Stopping-Off<br />

Lacquers • PTFE Lubricant<br />

To advertise<br />

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finishing systems<br />

jigs & baskets<br />

Masking • Hooks • Jigs<br />

HangOn Ltd<br />

Leintwardine, Craven Arms,<br />

Shropshire, SY7 0NB, UK<br />

Tel. +44 (0) 1547 540 573<br />

Fax. +44 (0 1547 540 412<br />

Email. sales@hangon.co.uk<br />

Web. www.hangon.co.uk<br />

• Water wash spraybooths<br />

• Water treatment chemical additives<br />

• Paint separation solids removal systems<br />

• Dry filter spraybooths<br />

• Fixed or portable spraybooths<br />

• Sprayroom enclosures<br />

• Air replacement systems<br />

• Full installation and commissioning<br />

• After-sales service and maintenance<br />

• Spray process engineering<br />

Product complies fully with current environmental<br />

protection and health and safety legislation<br />

Unit 4 Brook Road Industrial Estate,<br />

Wimborne, Dorset, BH21 2BH<br />

T: 01202 840900 • F: 01202 889477<br />

www.dynaclean.co.uk • sales@dynaclean.co.uk<br />

• Automotive • Aerospace<br />

• Oil & Gas<br />

• Petrochemical<br />

• Defence • Medical<br />

• Precision Engineering<br />

Specialist manufacturers in:<br />

Jigs • Baskets<br />

Coils • Heaters<br />

Fasteners • Tanks<br />

0121 622 3887<br />

info@saltandsadler.co.uk<br />

www.saltandsadler.co.uk<br />

Leading manufacturer of Jigs,<br />

Racking systems, Baskets, Heaters,<br />

Coils and many other products for the<br />

Anodising & Electroplating industry<br />

www.Supreme-Eng.com<br />

Tel: 01283 529314<br />

Fax: 01283 529316<br />

Sales@Supreme-Eng.com<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> - <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

for all your classified needs call Stewart Freshwater on: 07746 373 545<br />

metal plating and polishing<br />

oven stoving & curing<br />

R.D.M. Engineering Ltd, Est. 1951<br />

Stakehill Lane, Stakehill,<br />

Middleton,<br />

Manchester M24 2RW<br />

Tel: 0161 643 9333<br />

Fax: 0161 655 3467<br />

Web: www.rdmengineering.co.uk<br />

E-mail: sales@rdmengineering.co.uk<br />

Contact: Mr R. Horwich<br />

spraybooths • rooms • ovens •<br />

conveyors • pretreatment • powder<br />

plant • air replacement units<br />

nylon colours_3x2_FNGCLASS 17/5/11 16:29 Page 1<br />

nylon coating powders<br />

Tel: +44 12 96 43 37 54<br />

Fax: +44 12 96 39 22 85<br />

Email: sales@nyloncolours.co.uk<br />

precision cleaning & degreasing<br />

rdm_4x1_FNGCLASS 15/7/14 14:06 Page 1<br />

NYLON<br />


Nylon Colours Ltd manufactures<br />

Nylon Coating Powders for<br />

Electrostatic or Fluid Bed.<br />

A wide range of colours including<br />

metallics is available.<br />

Nylon Colours is also the UK distributor<br />

for RILSAN range of Nylon Powders.<br />

ptr treatment<br />

Aqueous Cleaners/Degreasers<br />

Metal Brightening Solutions<br />

Alkaline and Acid Etches<br />

Desmuts/Deoxidisers<br />

Chrome passivates and treatments<br />

Qualicoat Approved Non-Chrome<br />

treatments<br />

Phosphates and Non-phosphate<br />

treatments<br />

Pickling Solutions<br />

Paint Strippers<br />

Special Formulations<br />

and Approved Systems<br />

Supplied with technical support<br />

and advice<br />

Tel: + 44 (0) 1978 660 297<br />

Fax: + 44 (0) 1978 661 104<br />

E-mail: info@almetron.com<br />

Web: www.almetron.co.uk<br />

rectifier equipment<br />

almetron ltd-5x1_FIN_CLAS (v2).i1 1 16/3/12 13:09:20<br />

salt spray environmental<br />

cabinets<br />

49<br />



Supplied in 5Kg and 25Kg Packs<br />

To meet the requirements of:<br />

ASTM B117 • ISO 9227 • DIN 50 021<br />

and all other standards.<br />

Full traceability guaranteed.<br />


Paytoe Lane . Leintwardine . Craven Arms.<br />

Shropshire . SY7 0NB<br />

Telephone: 01547 540573<br />

Email: sales@specialistlabsalt.com<br />

Website: www.specialistlabsalt.com<br />

To advertise email<br />

Stewart Freshwater<br />

s.freshwater@turretgroup.com<br />

spray nozzles<br />

To advertise<br />

please call<br />

Stewart Freshwater<br />

on 07746 373545<br />

or email<br />

s.freshwater<br />

@turretgroup.com<br />

pumps & filters<br />

Switchmode and SCR DC Power Supplies<br />

for any metal finishing process.<br />

Options include:<br />

Local / Remote control.<br />

Constant Current / Constant Voltage.<br />

PLC controllable. Touchscreen control.<br />

Process timer. Ampere hour / minute meter.<br />

Digital meters. Outputs fully recordable.<br />

Outputs from 10 Amp x 6 V to 6000 Amp x 200 V.<br />

Prices available on request<br />

For more information please contact us on:<br />

Tel: +44 (0) 121 526 6847<br />

Fax: +44 (0) 121 568 8161<br />

e-mail: sales@britishelectrical.co.uk<br />

Website: www.britishelectrical.co.uk<br />

powder coating manufacturers<br />

To advertise please call<br />

Stewart Freshwater on<br />

07746 373545 or email<br />

s.freshwater@turretgroup.com<br />

uni-spray_5x2_FNGCLASS 18/1/10 15:22 Page 1<br />

serfilco_5x1_FNGCLASS 18/11/13 12:25 Page 1<br />

spray nozzles<br />

pump & filtration specialists<br />

The Sherwin-Williams Company<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />

●<br />


Pumps, Filters<br />

and Agitation<br />

Systems<br />

TITAN Auto Backwash Filter<br />

Carbon Purification & Cartridges<br />

Premier Washed & Pleated Reusable<br />

Drum and Air Diaphragm Pumps<br />

● Electric Immersion Heaters<br />

Tel: 0161 775 1910<br />

Fax: 0161 775 3696<br />

SERFILCO delivers<br />

clear solutions<br />

E: sales@serfilco-international.com<br />

www.serfilco.co.uk<br />


• Quick Release Nozzles<br />

• Quick Release Stand pipe couplers<br />

• Eductors<br />

• Air Knives<br />

• Pipe Supports<br />

• Complete Pipe Systems<br />

Tel No. 01273 400092 • Fax No. 01273 401220<br />

E-mail. info@beteuk.com<br />

BETE Ltd, PO Box 2748, Lewes, East Sussex, BN8 4HZ<br />

<strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong> - <strong>Finishing</strong>

50 for all your classified needs call Stewart Freshwater on: 07746 373 545<br />

spray booths<br />

thermal fluid<br />

Thermal Fluid<br />

Heating<br />

Technology now<br />

for the future<br />

Excellent surfaces<br />

WAGNER offers a wide range<br />

of systems and products for<br />

perfect coating solutions in<br />

liquid and powder.<br />

Applying<br />

• Up to 50% energy savings<br />

• Compact size<br />

• Easy & safe to use<br />

• Works up to 350°C<br />

• Low exhaust emissions<br />

• High efficiency<br />

• Requires no specialist<br />

knowledge<br />

Tel: 020 8953 7111<br />

info@babcock-wanson.com<br />

www.babcock-wanson.com<br />

tanks & protective linings<br />

Established 1976<br />

Feeding<br />

Mixing<br />

Polypropylene Tanks<br />

PVC Tanks<br />

PVC/GRP Tanks<br />

Bund Tanks<br />

Tank Linings<br />

Rubber Linings<br />

HDPE Tanks<br />

Fume Scrubbers<br />

Fume extraction<br />

Pipework<br />

Ducting<br />

Repairs & Refurbishment<br />

Flexible PVC Linings<br />

Guards in all materials<br />

One off Fabrications and installation<br />

Tel: 01543 462 802<br />

Email: plasbrun.plastics@outlook.com<br />

Web: www.plasbrunplastics.co.uk<br />

Editorial Calendar<br />

Each issue of <strong>Finishing</strong> Magazine includes the following regular columns:<br />

4 News and views 4 Products 4 A-Z company shorts<br />

4 Business and technical issues 4 Personnel changes 4 Company focuses<br />

Controlling<br />

Booths & Systems<br />

4 Questions and answers 4 Special reports 4 Company forecasts 4 Industry comment<br />

4 Plus monthly special features<br />


n Solvent Recovery n Pre-Treatment Chemicals n Conveyors n Mechanical Handling and Jigs n European Legislation<br />

MARCH/APRIL 2023:<br />

n Pre-Treatment n Test and Measurement Equipment n Laboratory Equipment<br />

MARCH/APRIL 2023:<br />

n Powder Coating n Ovens and Curing Equipment n Dust and Fume Extraction<br />

For Editorial enquiries please contact: John Hatcher, EDITOR • E: j.hatcher@turretgroup.com<br />

Find <strong>Finishing</strong> magazine online at finishingmagazine.co.uk<br />

Wagner Spraytech (UK) Ltd.<br />

Tel. 01327 368410<br />

enquiries@wagner-group.com<br />

www.wagner-group.com<br />

<strong>Finishing</strong> - <strong>November</strong>/<strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

The most important guide to the UK surface treatment industry, the <strong>Finishing</strong> Industries<br />

Yearbook 2023 is now published. Now in its 45th year of publication, the <strong>Finishing</strong><br />

Industries Yearbook has evolved to be the comprehensive reference source to this ever<br />

changing market.<br />

For further information on how to obtain your copy, please email<br />



HangOn is a partner who helps customers to find smart solutions to increase<br />

the efficiency in their coating process and improve their profitability.<br />

We develop and produce in own factories. Our products are distributed from<br />

our warehouses into more than 40 countries.<br />

WEB www.hangon.co.uk EMAIL sales@hangon.co.uk TELEPHONE 01547 540 573<br />

HangOn Ltd. Leintwardine, Craven Arms, Shropshire, SY7 0NB

Poison under control.<br />

SLOTOLOY ZN „Generation VX“<br />

The alkaline zinc-nickel processes SLOTOLOY ZN „Generation VX“ are operated with an anode (special anode VX 1)<br />

specially adapted to the process and respective additives. Because of this, the formation of breakdown products and cyanide<br />

on the anode is inhibited. The practical application at customers showed in converted electrolytes that even the cyanide<br />

content is reduced actively.<br />

Advantages of the zinc-nickel<br />

processes „Generation VX”<br />

· No cost-intensive membrane technology necessary.<br />

· Improvement of current efficiency and appearance.<br />

· Simple conversion of existing electrolytes.<br />

· Low additive consumption.<br />

· The formation of cyanide is significantly reduced and<br />

may falls below the detection limit.<br />

· Since there’s less non-active tetracyanonickelate there’s<br />

a lower demand of nickel.<br />

Decrease of the cyanide content after the conversion to<br />

SLOTOLOY ZN „Generation VX“<br />

cyanide content [mg/L]<br />

500<br />

400<br />

300<br />

200<br />

100<br />

0<br />

0 500 1000 1500 2000<br />

bath throughput [Ah/L]<br />

Schloetter Co. Ltd.<br />

Abbey Works<br />

New Road, Pershore<br />

Worcestershire WR10 1BY<br />

United Kingdom<br />

T +44 (0)1386 552 331<br />

info@schloetter.co.uk<br />


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