5852 Leon

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Dear Leon,

Nature is meant to be explored and enjoyed. The southern region of Israel lends itself to exploration and

expeditions for native Israelis and tourists of all ages and physical stamina. Rich in fauna and flora, trekkers and

adventurers relish the challenges of the area. Some hikers become thrill seekers and that is when fun can

become fatal. Aware of the dangers for nature lovers who overstep their bounds, the rescue teams in the south

have honed in and continue to refine their rescue capabilities.

Your rescue vehicle #5852 is an integral part of the emergency medical services provided in the Har HaNegev

region. Its bold versatility allows the vehicle to traverse both the sandy and rocky topography of the southern

region, rescuing victims from remote sites. The significance of having your vehicle in this region cannot be

overestimated. I would like to share with you a sampling of emergency medical rescues that occurred in 2022

utilizing your rescue jeep.

With deepest thanks and warm wishes,



Tearing to the coordinate points in Maale Ramon, both

While the holidays present an opportunity for family and

friend get togethers, it is also prime time for sports

rescue vehicles arrived before the air force helicopter to

find the patient conscious but in excruciating pain. Adam

enthusiasts to venture out to Israel’s amazing nature

offerings. Sometimes, the thrill of the challenge turns

and his colleagues carefully assessed the man, discovering


that in addition to his bloody lacerations and contusions,

he had broken several ribs. After carefully securing the

On the first day of Sukkot, at 7:30 a.m. local police were

patient to a medical backboard, he was airlifted to Soroka

Medical Center.

notified of an off-road crash by a cyclist. While racing

through the rugged and winding desert trails, the bicyclist

lost control rounding a bend and flew off his high-end twowheeler.

The rider was cycling solo, and there was no

cellular service in the area. The outdoors enthusiast lay

hapless and helpless until hikers came along and were able

to run ahead and find cell service.

Veteran United Hatzalah volunteer Adam Sela received

the call and raced to your 5852, contacting the elite 669

rescue unit of the Israeli Air Force for an airborne

medevac. He also contacted the driver for United

Hatzalah rescue jeep vehicle #5853 to help facilitate the



The United Hatzalah medics immobilized his leg

In another coordinated save with the IAF 669

rescue unit, a 72-year-old hiker fell on a trail

then put the patient in a more comfortable

position. Bandaging the wounds, the EMTs

while hiking along Nachal Mamsheet. Your

rescue jeep along with the area’s second United

stabilized the limb and cleansed the open wounds

Hatzalah rescue jeep received the alert to this

along his arm and torso. The duo stayed by the

man’s side monitoring his vitals and reassuring him

emergency and set off to rescue the injured

senior adult. The terrain was difficult, the kind

until the rescue helicopter arrived an hour later.

The patient was medevacked to Soroka Medical

of precipitous path that makes drivers rely on

Center where he underwent several surgeries

their workhorse to get them to the scene. The

vehicle’s powerful engines and the driver’s

during the course of the week before being released

from the hospital.

sense of mission

propelling them forward.

Each vehicle reached the destination, and the

attending medics quickly assessed the pained

gentleman who could not sit up. He had

sustained open fractures to both his tibia and



Your rescue vehicle alongside #5853 were

Ein Eikev is the second largest spring in the

Tzinin cliff, after the nearby Ein Avdat complex.

called on this balmy autumn day to help rescue

the visitor who miscalculated the spring’s rocky

The site is relatively accessible to travelers by

SUV and specialized electric bicycles, so it has


become one of the most popular travel

destinations in the Negev Mountains. On

After expertly bandaging the man’s open head

wound, the United Hatzalah medics carefully

Saturdays and holidays the place may be labeled

as a "swimming pool", although there are no

secured the patient to a medical backboard

which was then loaded onto your rescue jeep.

lifeguards on site and bathing is the sole

responsibility of the travelers. While visitors are

As you know, your specially equipped vehicle is

designed to carry the patient, laying down on

usually aware of the dangers of the site, they are

not always cautious.

the backboard, out of the emergency site. The

vehicle rendezvoused with a MICU (Mobile

A man in his 60’s was enjoying the warm

Intensive Care Unit) on Route 40 to continue

the rescue to Soroka Medical Center.

refreshing waters of the spring when he decided

to dry off in the sun. Exiting the waters, he

misjudged the steepness of the slope and lost his

balance. Falling backwards, the unfortunate

bather banged his head against a jutting rock and

opened a messy wound.


Upon examining the teary-eyed adventurer whose

Nachal Hava, also known as Nachal Achzav, is a

tributary of Nachal Zin. It is also one of the more

leg was now swollen and painful to the touch, they

assessed that the climber had probably broken

enticing and breathtaking areas in the Har

HaNegev region. A 42-year-old woman joined a

both her leg and her ankle. Once again, the rescue

vehicle got as close as it could to the point where

group of friends to explore the area and

experience its mystic appeal. It did not turn out to

she had fallen. The United Hatzalah responders

expertly secured the patient to a medical

be the type of experience she was planning on.

backboard and carried her the distance out the

sandy road where an ambulance was waiting to

As the group traversed the sheer walls surrounding

transport her to Soroka Trauma Unit.

Nachal Hava, the hiker didn’t plant her foot

properly, causing her to slip and fall a significant

distance on very jagged rocks. Her friends tried to

lift her but the pain in her leg was too severe. She

cried out in pain and frustration as no one had the

necessary equipment to properly assist her.

The team driving your rescue car was notified and

in a flash, they were driving to the site of the



April 18, 2022, was smack in the middle of the Passover

Always alert, Adam Sela likewise received the SOS, but

he was at work, conducting a jeep tour for his

holiday. Tourists from all over the country, and in fact from all

over the globe, came to enjoy the splendor and beauty of The

company. As it turns out, his client was a United

Ramon Crater, the world's largest "erosion cirque." Today,

Hatzalah paramedic. Upon hearing the alert, the two

men looked at one another with a fellowship smile that

the area forms Israel's largest national park, the Ramon Nature


is only understood amongst medics, and then came the

agreeing nod. The paramedic’s wife and family had seen

In the early afternoon the driver of your emergency vehicle

that nod many times before and were not surprised

when Adam turned his rescue jeep 180 degrees and

was contacted about a 58-year-old woman who was suffering

from heat stroke. United Hatzalah first responders jumped

headed off to the suffering trekker.

into your rescue vehicle and raced to the location based on

Each adventurer was treated on site by United

the GPS coordinates provided by their United Hatzalah comm


Hatzalah medics and then evacuated for further care at

Soroka Hospital: the first woman by ambulance and the

second by a chopper from IAF 669 rescue unit.

Enroute to rescue the dehydrated hiker, another alert came in

for a second women who was suffering from heat stroke in a

different part of the crater. This time #5852 was dispatched

to give assistance to the 40-year-old trekker.


While your rescue vehicle has the durability and

Your vehicle, along with #5853 were dispatched

and made the arduous journey to the weary men.

toughness to tackle most emergencies that

occur in the Har HaNegev region, some

As they got closer to the hiker’s location, the

accidents occur in places so challenging to

drivers realized their vehicles would not be able

to safely reach the men. Driving the vehicles as

reach, that the responding crew need to trek

along footpaths to complete the rescue.

close as field conditions allowed, the two teams

continued by foot to the beleaguered explorers.

Such an accident occurred on June 11, in the

Connecting the men to IVs for restorative fluids,

the medics then conducted field neurological

Ramon Crater. Two hikers in their mid-30’s

began to feel weak and feeble as the afternoon

exams. When the two men felt reinvigorated, the

medics escorted them on foot to the parked

sun wore on. With much of their water

rescue jeeps and delivered them to a resting site

depleted, they began to fear that they would

not make it safely back to their car. Calling into

from where they could safely continue their


‘1221’ United Hatzalah Command and Control

Center, the duo asked for rescue help.


Your rescue jeep crew was notified of this

With gentle winds blowing through his hair and a

peek-a-boo sun providing some respite from the

misadventure and was soon on its way to rescue

the ragged wanderer. Finding the dehydrated

heat, a tourist in his 30’s was deceived by the

seemingly mild climate in Nachal Hava. The solo

man sitting on the ground, your crew quickly

provided him with restorative fluids, examined

hiker ventured further out than he had planned

and lost track of his intended route. His water

him for external signs of injury, and then drove

him to the nearest medical facility for further

supply was running precariously low. Becoming

examination and treatment.

somewhat anxious he decided nonetheless to

push on, even as the sweat tricked down his

forehead and his extremities began to tingle.

Seeing the sun begin its end-of-day descent, the

man had to admit to his situation. He was lost

without water. Fortunately, he knew who to call

and had the cell phone reception available to

make the call .


and represented Jerusalem as a team in Milan,

Berlin and London. Additionally, RWB teams have

Runners Without Borders (RWB) is a nonprofit

organization which brings together Jews

and Arabs in Jerusalem through the sport of

participated in the Jerusalem Marathon every year

since it was founded.

running. The organization, which was founded

in 2014, aims to reduce conflict and tension in

Given the challenging contours of the route in the

the city. RWB groups, composed of Jews and

Arabs, meet for joint training sessions on a

Jerusalem mountains, both rescue jeeps from the

Har HaNegev region were deployed to provide

weekly basis. In addition to the training

sessions, the groups take part in a social

medical security for this event. The vehicles

activity once a month. Delegations from

provided medical care not only for the participants,

but also for the hundreds of spectators that lined

Runners Without Borders youth teams have

attended international races in Europe,

the route to cheer on the runners.


Upon reaching the mountain’s base, the team

It was the kind of letter that no family wants to

receive. Written carefully and painfully, the

secured the lifeless body onto the stretcher

and in strategic uniformity, hiked up the hill to

father of the household explained to his wife

and children why he decided to end his life.

his awaiting family. Watching the grieving

family, Adam held his son Nadav close, tears

After leaving the note on his desk, the 84-yearold

man drove to a high ridge in the rugged

streaming from their eyes with the

understanding that rescue missions encompass

area, parked his car and then jumped to the

deep ravine below.

a broad range of saves and emotions. The two

remained arm in arm, father and son, each

grateful for the comfort they were able to

The man’s car had a tracker, so it was easy for

provide for the family.

the police to pinpoint the area where the

suicide occurred. Both Har HaNegev rescue

jeeps were alerted to the situation and

requested to assist in retrieving the man’s

remains. The site was not accessible by any

passable roadway and the volunteers, including

the father- son team of Adam and Nadav Sela

carried a stretcher, by foot, down a

treacherous part of the mountain.

"Whoever saves a life it is as if they have saved the whole world"

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