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consequence of

i d n i g h t

Creative Writing 12


Ana Carmela Montejo



Table of Contents

A Lot Can Happen In Ten Minutes — A Vignette

Ribs by Lorde — The Inspiration

You're The Only Friend I Need — A Poem

Heart and Soul — A Short Story

Heart and Soul: The Play — A Playscript






" and i've never felt more alone,

feels so scary getting old "


A Lot Can Happen In Ten Minutes

11:50 pm

—the clock said in blaring red. It, along with the soft moonlight seeping in through her

curtains, was the only light source in the dark room. The soft pitter-patter of the rain against

the window was the only sound that could be heard and it was the perfect soundtrack to go

along with her lamenting.

It’s been almost an hour since she started staring at this clock. A countdown to a dreaded day

—it was almost mocking her. She knows she’s supposed to be happy—they’re going to have

celebrations in her honor and everyone is buzzing with excitement. But still, she couldn’t help

that ache in her chest and the tears welling up in her eyes as if she was mourning a lost loved


11:52 pm

Why couldn’t she just stay here? Why does time have to go by so fast? She’s drowning trying

to catch up.

11:53 pm

Actually, why can’t she just go back in time? At least her past self didn’t feel

this overwhelmed everyday. No, all that mattered to her then was what

game to play during her free time (back when she had free time) or what

color crayon to draw with. She even looked forward to all of this—

grandiose celebrations and all. She’d do anything to have that childhood

innocence back; unscathed, unbothered, and unknowing of the real world.

She figures that, if she were to go back, she could do it better the second

time. Maybe she could change things just enough that she could actually be

happy on this day.

11:56 pm

Okay, there may be one bright side. At least she can say her friendships

stood the test of time; her own ragtag team of the most cheerful people who

are always there to celebrate these milestones with her.

11:57 pm

…But what if it doesn’t last? It’s not a new concept, drifting apart. She’s just been lucky

enough to avoid it all this time. What if once they all move further from each other, they

lose their bond? They would have new friends and celebrate their milestones while she

gets left behind—maybe still laying down on her bed in the dead of night, dreading a

supposedly happy day. The thought scared her, causing a new gush of tears down her


12:00 am

beep beep! beep beep

Just as the clock signaled midnight, her phone

vibrated beside her, notifications rolling in one by

one. She read the sweet messages, dedications,

and well wishes from her friends, the bright light

illuminating her teary face amidst the darkness. It

was all the same two words, maybe paired with a

long letter afterwards or a funny picture, but she

still read with a smile on her face. Who was she

kidding, they’d never leave her. That bittersweet

feeling of growing up will always be there, but

she’s just lucky enough to have the right people

alongside her to brave this new world together.

Sure, everything is changing. But not them. Never


“Happy birthday!”

This dream isn't feeling sweet, we're reeling through the midnight streets

And I've never felt more alone, feels so scary getting old

This dream isn't feeling sweet, we're reeling through the midnight streets

And I've never felt more alone, feels so scary getting old

I want 'em back, I want 'em back

The minds we had, the minds we had

How all the thoughts, how all the thoughts

Moved 'round our heads, moved 'round our heads

I want 'em back, I want 'em back

The minds we had, the minds we had

It's not enough to feel the lack

I want 'em back, I want 'em back, I want 'em


by Lorde

You're the only friend I need (you're the only friend I need)

Sharing beds like little kids (sharing beds like little kids)

And laughing 'til our ribs get tough (laughing 'til our ribs get tough)

But that will never be enough (but that will never be enough)

You're the only friend I need (you're the only friend I need)

Sharing beds like little kids (sharing beds like little kids)

And laughing 'til our ribs get tough (laughing 'til our ribs get tough)

But that will never be enough (but that will never be enough)

" you're the only friend i need

sharing beds like little kids "

You’re The Only

Friend I Need


Come with me, let’s fulfill our whimsical notions;

leaving behind all the majesty and, along with it, the greed that grows rife.

Stay and bathe under the simple sun and feel the plain breeze—our own devotion.

This is the life.

Come with me, let’s explore the easy oceans—

something much better than golden estates, feasts-a-plenty, and all that strife.

Only you, me, and the joy in the little things; high on laughter and emotions.

This is the life.

I need nothing else but these quiet motions.

With no golden grandeur to hold us back, we thrive.

That’s all I need—nothing ornately embellished or fancily woven.

Why yes, this is the life.

a retelling of the myth of Eros and Psyche;

adjusted for modern eyes

Heart and Soul


e x p o s i t i o n

Afraid they would never find a match for their daughter, Psyche’s parents draw

up an arrangement for her to marry some mysterious man—to which Psyche

begrudgingly agrees. She is then whisked away to a magnificent palace and is

treated like a goddess—which she is… kind of; the mysterious man reveals that

he is Eros and that she is a wife to a god. Despite the two of them doing this only

to please their parents, Psyche and Eros have a secret romance—sharing

kisses, time together, and of course, love; however, Psyche still cannot tell

anyone about her marriage to Eros.

r i s i n g a c t i o n

Psyche’s sisters come to visit and, while she is out of the room, they gossip about

Psyche and Eros—not knowing who he truly is, they say Eros is some beast and

make fun of their sister for marrying such a creature. Psyche overhears this and

rashly tells them the truth, to which her sisters are shocked. They then convince

Psyche that she is trapped and miserable here and tell her that she needs to

leave but she should do one thing first, something that would get her riches and

secure her future: she needs to cut of Eros’ wings and steal his bow and arrows

—for who wouldn’t pay a fortune to get what was most precious to the god of


c l i m a x

She could almost hear every single one of them. First, her sisters’ high-pitched voices telling

her to do it—she’s miserable here, she’s trapped here, she only thinks she’s in love. And

then, another deeper and gentler voice, telling her of all the moments she’s spent here;

memories of romantic secrecy, joy, and love fill her head.

She loved him, she didn’t love him, she loved

him, she didn’t love him, she loved him, she

didn’t love him—

All the voices seemed to speak over each

other, louder and louder, until she couldn’t

take it anymore. She looked upon her love

and cursed herself for even thinking about

hurting him. But perhaps her most

careless mistake was not paying attention

to that dripping candle in her hands…

Eros slept soundly, a peaceful look on his

face and he faced Hypnos. That

peacefulness, however, was interrupted

when he felt a seeing pain on his lower

back. He awoke and touched his wound.

Candle wax? Why would there be candle

wax? He turned over, the look of betrayal

immediately creeping up his face.

The image before him was undeniable—his beloved Psyche hovering above him, wideeyed

and visibly anxious, holding a candle in one hand and the sharpest dagger she could

find in the other. She meant to hurt him.

He could almost hear his heart break along with the loud clang of the dagger hitting the

floor. He couldn’t stay here anymore.

Without another word, he ran out the door. “No, please!” Psyche pleaded as she ran after

him. They run through the entire palace, each room now filled with coldness and misery.

The palace’s warmth disappeared the second Eros was betrayed. The small candle in her

hands was now the only source of any light amidst the darkness.

They find themselves in front of the big kitchen window when Psyche finally reaches him.

“Eros! Please. I can explain it all, I promise. Just—”

“No! You betrayed me,” his voice dripped with desperation. “I love you—

I gave you everything I had and I loved you! I- I just figured you loved me


In his distraught state, Eros turns to face her but not before one of his

wings topples over the candle, starting a great fire on the floorboard

beneath them. Psyche gasps as her foot gets burned, reaching down

to try to soothe the wound. With her distracted and the fire acting as a

barrier between them, he flies out of the window. Part of his wing was

burned, too, but he flew away before the damage could settle in.

He flew as fast as he could, relying on Boreas’ violent winds and whatever strength his

broken wings could muster now. She watched as his figure disappeared in the cover of

night, still with tears rolling down her face. She did not succeed in cutting off his wings and

stealing his possessions, no—but the outcome still remains. She hurt him all the same.

Weak, betrayed, and broken-winged. Teary-eyed, dejected, and broken-hearted. The two

mourn the loss of their great love.

f a l l i n g a c t i o n

Psyche leaves the palace as she feels like she doesn’t deserve to be there

anymore; besides, it’s lost all its beauty and warmth anyway—it’s not the same

without him there. Eros, who is also suffering from a broken wing, is equally as

miserable. Quite ironic isn’t it; the god of love is cursed with a broken heart. He

decides that he couldn’t face her—no, not after what she tried to do—and

continues to venture far away from the palace and far away from her.

r i s i n g a c t i o n

On her way, Psyche meets Hermes, the messenger god. He tells her that there

still might be hope for her and Eros, if she’s up for it. She could try to venture up

to Mount Olympus, where Eros is heading as well. But the path to the home of

the gods isn’t an easy one—she would need to go on a great adventure and

overcome a number of conquests for her to reach it. It may be futile, even if she

succeeds there’s no guaranteeing that Eros would forgive her—but she holds

on to hope; if there’s a chance for their love to blossom again, it’s a chance she’s

willing to take.

The End.

— for now

a heart's soul

and a soul's heart

shall return.

Heart and

Soul: The



traitorous soul,

broken heart



Scene 10


The stage is lit in a deep blue, tinting the magnificent palace in a cool tone. There are three

big windows: one in upstage right, in the EROS and PSYCHE’s bedroom in center right; one

in upstage left, in the palace kitchen in center left; and one in upstage center, in the grand

foyer in center stage. Center stage also features a turntable built into the stage floor, and

Greek columns frame the stage.

[In the bedroom center right, EROS is seen sleeping soundly in their bed with his back and wings

to the audience. SISTER #1 and SISTER #2’s voices are heard in quiet whispers, overlapping

each other and getting louder and louder.]


[off-stage, whispering] Psyche, you idiot! You don’t even realize he’s trapped you—


[off-stage, whispering] He doesn’t love you, he never did—

[The voices echo on and a pale yellow spotlight follows PSYCHE as she enters on center right,

into EROS and PSYCHE’s bedroom. She is wearing her nightgown and holds a lit candle in her

left hand and a sharp dagger in her right. She looks like she’s torturously mulling something in

her head.]


[off-stage, whispering] Oh, you’re so miserable here—


[off-stage, whispering] He’s tricked you into loving him. You don’t! You don’t!—

[The voices continue to echo the same sentiments. PSYCHE moves towards EROS’ sleeping

body. PSYCHE gazes upon him deep in thought, when EROS’ voice joins in with SISTER #1

and SISTER #2’s voices, the once-two overlapping voices becoming three.]


[voice off-stage, whispering] Psyche—


[off-stage, whispering] He doesn’t love you, he never did—


[voice off-stage, whispering] Don’t listen to them—


[off-stage, whispering] Don’t listen to him—

[PSYCHE feels trapped. PSYCHE hesitantly raises the dagger with one hand. The echoes of

voices get louder and more chaotic.]


[off-stage, whispering] Don’t be stupid now. Do it, already—

[PSYCHE holds the dagger at its peak now.]


[off-stage, whispering] Do it—


[voice off-stage, whispering] My love, please—


[off-stage, whispering] Do it—


[voice off-stage, whispering] Psyche—


[off-stage, whispering] Psyche—


[voice off-stage, whispering] —please


[off-stage, whispering] —oh, be done with it!


[off-stage, whispering] Do it!

[PSYCHE is about to cut into EROS’ wings, when EROS’ clear voice suddenly cuts through all

the voices.]


[voice off-stage] I love you.

[PSYCHE suddenly stops herself. She covers her mouth in horror for what she was about to do.

Through her panic, however, the lit candle in her hand tips the wrong way and its wax drips onto

EROS’ back.]



[The pale yellow spotlight now expands to cover both EROS and PSYCHE. EROS moves to

touch the small of his back where the wax burned him. He spots PSYCHE, still holding the

dagger and candle. It’s clear to him what she attempted. PSYCHE is frozen in her spot.]


Psy— Psyche?

[It happens so fast: EROS gets up from the bed, leaving a mess of the blankets and pillows, and

quickly leaves the bedroom. This seems to wake PSYCHE up. She drops the dagger, and chases

after him, holding the lit candle. They make their way to the foyer (center stage). The pale yellow

spotlight follows them; the two of them being the only figures washed in warm yellow while the

palace remains a cold blue.]


[pleading] Wait, no. Eros, wait— You have to let me explain!

[EROS and PSYCHE are now on the turntable center stage. PSYCHE trails behind EROS, the

two of them moving towards the kitchen center left, while the turntable rotates clockwise. EROS

and PSYCHE start talking over each other.]


Just listen! I swear to the gods, it was not what it looked like. My love—


[angrily] Don’t you dare—


—it was but a moment of weakness—


[angrily] —how could you even call me that—


—and of stupidity! I just…


[angrily] —after what you did?


[pleading] Eros! Please. I can explain it all, I promise. Just—


[shouting] No! You betrayed me!

[EROS and PSYCHE now hop off the turntable and end up in the palace kitchen, center left. It

is only then EROS and PSYCHE stop. PSYCHE catches her breath.]


[after a beat] I loved you— I gave you everything I had and I loved you! I— I just figured you

loved me too.

[EROS quickly turns to face her, but accidentally knocks over the candle in PSYCHE’s hand. A

fire ignites on the floorboard beneath them. Smoke gathers around them and the pale yellow

light now turns into a violent red. PSYCHE feels her left foot get burnt, and a lower part of

EROS’ wing gets burned too.]




Ow! [reaches to soothe the wound]

[EROS recovers quickly. Using the fire as a distraction and barrier between them, he runs to the

upstage left window and leaves, flying away in the cover of night. PSYCHE is left all alone,

watching EROS disappear.]

[Lights dim.]



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