CORE Response - Annual Report 2021

In 2021, CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort) continued to expand upon life-saving global programs to combat Covid-19 while simultaneously addressing the devastating impact of climate change. With support from generous donors, volunteers and staff, we served vulnerable communities throughout the US, Haiti, Brazil, India and the Bahamas. Our 2021 Annual Report highlights our humanitarian work providing vaccines and testing as well as critical support to communities hard-hit by a multitude of hurricanes. As transparency is paramount to our work, also included are our funding sources as well as impact numbers.

In 2021, CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort) continued to expand upon life-saving global programs to combat Covid-19 while simultaneously addressing the devastating impact of climate change. With support from generous donors, volunteers and staff, we served vulnerable communities throughout the US, Haiti, Brazil, India and the Bahamas. Our 2021 Annual Report highlights our humanitarian work providing vaccines and testing as well as critical support to communities hard-hit by a multitude of hurricanes. As transparency is paramount to our work, also included are our funding sources as well as impact numbers.


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<strong>CORE</strong> <strong>2021</strong> <strong>Annual</strong> <strong>Report</strong><br />


3 www.<strong>CORE</strong>response.org<br />

06<br />


09<br />



12<br />


16<br />


22<br />


24<br />


4 5 www.<strong>CORE</strong>response.org<br />

INTRO<br />


We empower communities<br />

in and beyond crisis.<br />

- OUR VISION<br />

We envision a more equitable world in which underserved communities are<br />

prepared and can effectively respond to crisis from within.<br />

- OUR VALUES<br />

Empathy<br />

We listen, we learn,<br />

and then we act.<br />

Everything we do is<br />

driven by compassion,<br />

respect, inclusion,<br />

diversity, and equity.<br />

Adaptability<br />

We are flexible, nimble, and<br />

innovative. We are resourceful. We<br />

forge creative and collaborative<br />

solutions and are not afraid to<br />

rethink traditional methods to<br />

support those in need.<br />

Community<br />

It begins our name for a reason.<br />

Our efforts revolve around the<br />

community. It’s in our staff,<br />

teamwork, collaboration with<br />

partners, engagement, and our<br />

integrated approach.<br />

Passion<br />

We are hopeful<br />

and optimistic.<br />

We channel our<br />

frustration at<br />

injustice and<br />

inequity into<br />

action to make<br />

positive things<br />

happen.<br />

Resilience<br />

Like the communities<br />

we serve, we are<br />

determined and<br />

resolute. We exceed<br />

challenges to get the<br />

job done.<br />

Preparedness<br />

We are ready to respond at a moment’s<br />

notice and scale rapidly. We support<br />

communities to be prepared for the<br />

future and help them pave a road to<br />

long-term recovery.

6 7 www.<strong>CORE</strong>response.org<br />


When <strong>CORE</strong> jumped into the unknown space<br />

of testing in the beginning of the COVID-19<br />

pandemic, it was with the intention of providing<br />

this life-saving essential service for a few months.<br />

As time progressed, it was apparent that <strong>CORE</strong>’s<br />

COVID-19 relief could not stop, nor delay but<br />

instead expand and rapidly evolve to provide<br />

contact tracing, resource coordination, isolation<br />

shelters, and cash cards to mothers. Soon, we<br />

found ourselves providing the highest number of<br />

tests and vaccines at the largest testing site in the<br />

world at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.<br />

In continued response to the COVID-19 pandemic,<br />

we furthered mobilization efforts in communities<br />

alongside local partners in 10 U.S. states and in<br />

Haiti, Brazil, and India. In <strong>2021</strong> alone, our staff<br />

administered nearly 2 million tests and 2.8 million<br />

vaccines and provided over 1,000 households with<br />

resource coordination. We listened, learned, and<br />

broadened our COVID-19 relief program to equip<br />

marginalized and vulnerable communities with the<br />

resources needed to protect themselves from the<br />

devastation of the virus.<br />

These most challenging times of <strong>2021</strong> were<br />

exacerbated by natural disasters. <strong>CORE</strong> responded<br />

to major climate disasters, including Hurricane<br />

Ida in New Orleans, Hurricane Dorian in The<br />

Bahamas, rare winter tornadoes in Tennessee and<br />

Kentucky, and a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Haiti<br />

that produced a wide array of security challenges.<br />

<strong>CORE</strong> mobilized to do what we do best: provide<br />

support during the greatest times of need, quickly.<br />

Our locally fueled teams distributed over 16,000<br />

hygiene kits and provided over 11,500 families<br />

with cash assistance through vouchers and cash<br />

for work programs, and removed six football fields of debris stacked 10 feet high. In Haiti, we provided<br />

mobile health care and supported the main hospital in the South. We repaired water systems and ensured<br />

thousands of Haitians were able to return safely into their homes by tarping and repairing homes.<br />

It is now mid 2022, as we write this letter, and we have moved into even more complex crises. The illegal<br />

invasion by Russia into Ukraine, displacing millions, called on our organization’s ability to respond quickly.<br />

<strong>CORE</strong> took its lessons on the ground in COVID-19 in different countries and cities, and shape shifted quickly<br />

to provide emergency relief to thousands of displaced persons, through shelter support, water, fuel, food,<br />

blankets, hygiene kits and everything in between. We continue to expand our programs on behalf of both<br />

IDPs in Ukraine, refugees in Poland and Romania, supporting integration for the displaced with longer term<br />

programming and reconstruction. Our commitment is to support these large scale crises from disasters, to<br />

conflicts, and beyond. We are humbled and grateful for your support and trust to continue this work. It is<br />

your passion and dedication that enables <strong>CORE</strong> to remain agile and actualize during evolving landscapes<br />

of crisis. Your generosity and care for underserved communities continue to inspire hope for what we can<br />

accomplish together.<br />

On behalf of all those we serve, we thank you for your steadfast support.<br />

With gratitude,<br />

Sean Penn & Ann Lee<br />

Co-founders, <strong>CORE</strong>

8<br />

9 www.<strong>CORE</strong>response.org<br />


To help address the gap in global healthcare<br />

as the pandemic continued to devastate<br />

vulnerable communities, <strong>CORE</strong> expanded its<br />

COVID-19 relief efforts to Brazil, Haiti, India,<br />

and Puerto Rico. By the end of <strong>2021</strong>, <strong>CORE</strong><br />

had surpassed 6 million tests and 2 million<br />

vaccines administered in marginalized<br />

communities around the world.<br />

When Hurricane Ida made landfall in<br />

Louisiana on August 29, <strong>CORE</strong>’s regional<br />

teams responded to provide direct support<br />

to households in the most impacted<br />

communities in NOLA’s historically<br />

underserved parishes with $65,000 worth<br />

of supplies, 2,000 hot meals, and more<br />

through continual home visits.<br />

To reach the city’s most vulnerable<br />

populations, <strong>CORE</strong> launched a vaccination<br />

awareness and acceptance campaign, “It’s<br />

Time Los Angeles,” alongside community<br />

leaders to help eliminate barriers and<br />

vaccine inequity among the hardest hit<br />

communities, including Latino, Black,<br />

and Asian American and Pacific Islander<br />

populations.<br />

With more than 14,000 migrants living in<br />

squalid conditions beneath the Del Rio<br />

International Bridge, <strong>CORE</strong> mobilized<br />

quickly in September to Del Rio, Texas, to<br />

protect Haitian migrants from COVID-19 and<br />

improve living conditions with food, hygiene<br />

kits, essential resources, and PPE, as they<br />

awaited processing at the U.S. border.<br />

Two years after Hurricane Dorian<br />

devastated The Bahamas, leaving 70,000<br />

people homeless and destroying local<br />

infrastructure, <strong>CORE</strong>’s recovery efforts<br />

continued in <strong>2021</strong>. In addition to community<br />

infrastructure efforts, <strong>CORE</strong> has distributed<br />

$800,000 in grants to 168 local businesses,<br />

83 of which are female-led.<br />

To meet the ever-growing demands of<br />

COVID-19 and support the communities who<br />

needed relief the most, <strong>CORE</strong> scaled up<br />

from less than 10 headquarters employees in<br />

March of 2020 to 2,500 staff by May of <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

<strong>CORE</strong>’s Haitian expert disaster relief staff were cleaning debris<br />

within hours of the devastating 7.2-magnitude earthquake on<br />

August 14 in Haiti, and was one of the first organizations on the<br />

ground in the Sud Department providing emergency medical<br />

support, debris removal, essential resources, and hygiene &<br />

shelter kits. By the end of <strong>2021</strong>, <strong>CORE</strong> had removed 83,000 m³<br />

of debris and cleared 21 km of roads.

10 11 www.<strong>CORE</strong>response.org<br />

IMPACT<br />

<strong>CORE</strong> Internal<br />

Statement of Activities<br />

Your investment helps communities in crisis.<br />


Government Contracts<br />

$47,807,542<br />

39.07%<br />

Contributions and Grants<br />

$74,563,690<br />

60.93%<br />


$122,371,233<br />

100%<br />


Program<br />

$82,020,241<br />

78.09%<br />

Management & General<br />

$14,540,267<br />

13.84%<br />

Fundraising<br />

$8,478,757.00<br />

8.07%<br />


$105,039,265<br />

100%<br />

CHANGE IN NET ASSETS $17,331,968<br />

Total Assets $53,521,457<br />

Total Liabilities $ 7,008,956<br />

Fund Balance $46,512,501

12<br />

13 www.<strong>CORE</strong>response.org<br />


“I’ve lived in Cut Off my entire<br />

life. It’s a unique little town. It’s<br />

country. This is home to me.”<br />

Jeannette Terrebonne was born and raised in Cut Off, Louisiana. “I have my family, I have<br />

church family, I have meeting families, homemaker families, bible group... Each little group is a<br />

family to me, so I will never move from here,” she shared. This small fishing town that stretches<br />

along Louisiana Highway 1 obtained its unique name by early settlers that established a canal<br />

cutoff to connect Bayou Lafourche to New Orleans to make travel easier. Cut Off is in a very<br />

high-risk hurricane zone, with nearly 70 hurricanes recorded hitting the area since 1930.<br />

Coinciding with the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ida’s 170 mph winds tore<br />

through Cut Off on August 29, <strong>2021</strong>.<br />

Jeanette toughed it out in her home and quite literally weathered the storm throughout<br />

Category 4 Hurricane Ida. She lost eight windows, her cars, and her roof suffered severe<br />

damage. Jeanette had to live in her bathroom for weeks following Ida because the rest of her<br />

home had been infested by black mold.

14 15 www.<strong>CORE</strong>response.org<br />

“When y’all came in, I was talking on the<br />

phone and I said, ‘I have three angels<br />

who just showed up on my porch.’ That’s<br />

how I felt. I believe in angels. Y’all are<br />

angels, working to help other people in<br />

need. Thank you so much.”<br />

“I’ve been through Katrina, Rita before that,<br />

and Betsy, but nothing compared to this.<br />

Nothing. I’ve never seen it this bad. It was<br />

terrible,” she said.<br />

and began mobilizing in the hardest-hit<br />

parishes: Lafourche, Terrebonne, Saint<br />

John the Baptist, Saint Charles, Orleans,<br />

and Saint Bernard.<br />

When asked if she was afraid, Jeanette<br />

explained she had no time to think of fear.<br />

“That wind started blowing and we had<br />

rain pouring in the house and all we could<br />

do was empty buckets and mop. And<br />

then when the windows started popping,<br />

that was terrifying. I just put my hands up<br />

and said, ‘It’s out of our hands now.’ I just<br />

prayed for God to help us. He always sees<br />

me through difficulties, and that was a<br />

difficult time. I had five people in here with<br />

me. I’m just thankful that no one was hurt,”<br />

she said.<br />

<strong>CORE</strong>’s New Orleans team responded<br />

immediately after Hurricane Ida, launching<br />

a mobile resource team to supply<br />

homeowners with essential resources,<br />

such as hygiene kits, cleaning supplies,<br />

tarping materials, and school bags. With<br />

the support of local communities, <strong>CORE</strong><br />

emergency response teams identified<br />

From there, <strong>CORE</strong>’s Muck and Gut team<br />

activated their program, removing debris<br />

and non-salvageable items from homes<br />

that have been severely damaged and<br />

exposed to flooding during the disaster.<br />

The muck and gut process is a critical<br />

first step in rebuilding any facility once<br />

it’s weathered a storm.<br />

“When y’all came in, I was talking on the<br />

phone and I said, ‘I have three angels<br />

who just showed up on my porch.’ That’s<br />

how I felt. I believe in angels. Y’all are<br />

angels, working to help other people in<br />

need. Thank you so much,” Jeanette said.<br />

<strong>CORE</strong>’s New Orleans team spent a week<br />

gutting every inch of the mold-infested<br />

drywall and furniture from Jeanette’s home<br />

so she could have a clean foundation<br />

to rebuild and finally move out of her<br />

bathroom and back into normalcy.

16<br />

17 www.<strong>CORE</strong>response.org<br />


“People didn’t know what was<br />

going on. Homes were shaking<br />

and collapsing. We had heard<br />

about earthquakes, but never<br />

experienced one.”<br />

Within hours of the 7.2- magnitude earthquake that shook Haiti’s southern coast on August 14,<br />

<strong>2021</strong>, <strong>CORE</strong> activated its emergency response program to address the most urgent needs of the<br />

communities hit hardest by the disaster.<br />

For <strong>CORE</strong>, (formerly J/P HRO), Haiti is at the heart of our organization, as our mission began in<br />

response to the horrific 2010 earthquake that devastated the nation’s capital. After over a decade<br />

of work in the country, this moment felt very much like déjà vu. As a result of the initial quake and<br />

five subsequent 5.0+ magnitude aftershocks, an estimated 73,000 homes were destroyed and<br />

46,000 suffered damages. Conservative estimates tell us that 2,248 Haitians lost their lives as a<br />

result of this tragedy.<br />

“Everybody was crying because they didn’t know what was going on. All the houses collapsed.<br />

... We saw houses collapsed on people. We were afraid and didn’t know what to do. People died;<br />

cattle died. All our belongings were destroyed,” Pierre said.<br />

<strong>CORE</strong> immediately leveraged its field team, logistical capacity, partnerships, and previous<br />

earthquake expertise to help Haiti meet this moment of crisis. After witnessing the world around,<br />

him collapse, including the walls of his own home, Pierre Pelige registered with <strong>CORE</strong> community<br />

mobilizers to join the Cash for Work team.<br />

Born and raised in Grand’Anse, Pierre was determined to help his community get back on its feet.<br />

<strong>CORE</strong> Cash for Work staff are comprised of individuals from heavily impacted communities who<br />

take on short-term relief work, both in the wake of disaster and throughout crisis recovery. Along<br />

with <strong>CORE</strong> debris removal experts and engineers, Pierre supported individuals in Sud by picking<br />

up the pieces of what was left of their homes following the earthquake.<br />

“We saw houses collapsed on people. We were afraid<br />

and didn’t know what to do. People died; cattle died.<br />

All our belongings were destroyed.”

18<br />

19 www.<strong>CORE</strong>response.org<br />

Pierre cleared out the wreckage of his own home with the debris removal team’s support.<br />

The money he earned by helping others do the same was an essential first step for his family<br />

to rebuild.<br />

In addition to launching the Cash for Work program, <strong>CORE</strong> relief teams installed tarps on<br />

damaged homes for emergency shelter. Pierre’s home was also pre-identified to benefit from<br />

temporary shelter repair. Like many families in the area, after the earthquake hit, Pierre’s had<br />

been living under the shelter of the detached kitchen area common to rural Haitian homes.<br />

Having a tarp over their heads allowed him, his wife, and their three children to move back to<br />

the house proper. Coming up on the end of rainy season, he said that the tarp will help keep<br />

him and his family dry.<br />

“The team came and gave us all their support. A big thanks to <strong>CORE</strong> for all they have<br />

done for the commune. A big thanks for the debris removal because we couldn’t do it by<br />

ourselves. It is the support of the team that makes change happen,” Pierre said.

20 21 www.<strong>CORE</strong>response.org<br />



120,000m³<br />


16,000<br />


11,500<br />



HAITI EARTHQUAKE (<strong>2021</strong>)<br />


HURRICANE DORIAN (recovery)<br />



COVID-19<br />


2,730,000<br />


2,000,000<br />

*Roughly 6 football fields of debris, stacked 10 ft. high<br />

†Through voucher and cash for work programs

22<br />

23 www.<strong>CORE</strong>response.org<br />


“The nurse I am<br />

today is because<br />

of <strong>CORE</strong>.”<br />

With limited government resources to respond to the<br />

pandemic in Brazil, COVID-19 vaccines could not come<br />

fast enough for those that needed protection most. As<br />

of December <strong>2021</strong>, 619,334 lives have been lost in Brazil<br />

from the virus, with 22.28 million cases, surpassing the<br />

U.S. in deaths due to COVID-19 per capita.<br />

In Rio de Janeiro, the virus wreaked a devastating toll. For<br />

Iasmin Cabral, a nurse hopeful, her immunocompromised<br />

parents were at the center of her concern.<br />

Iasmin grew up in a lower income community in<br />

Rio de Janeiro’s north zone. When the first wave<br />

of COVID-19 hit in March 2020, Iasmin was in her<br />

last semester of nursing school. The pandemic<br />

caused a wave of economic hardship in Brazil,<br />

and for Iasmin, financial insecurity meant a hard<br />

stop to taking her licensing exam and completing<br />

her certification.<br />

On top of putting her dreams on hold, Iasmin<br />

was unable to live with her parents due to their<br />

high health risk and finding work to continue to<br />

support her family became her highest priority.<br />

When <strong>CORE</strong> started working in Rio de Janeiro<br />

in April <strong>2021</strong>, Iasmin jumped at the opportunity<br />

to work in COVID-19 relief. Originally joining the<br />

team at <strong>CORE</strong>’s vaccine site at Portela Samba<br />

School as a scribe, Iasmin was able to save<br />

enough over the course of a few months to take<br />

her nursing licensing exam and get back on track<br />

to pursuing her dreams.<br />

When she passed, <strong>CORE</strong> immediately promoted<br />

her to a vaccinator. “<strong>CORE</strong> opened the door for<br />

me. I was finally able to start my professional<br />

career,” she said.<br />

For the first time in over a year, Iasmin was able to<br />

hug her parents after vaccinating them herself.<br />

Iasmin had the opportunity to work at several<br />

<strong>CORE</strong> sites across Rio and participate in special<br />

campaigns to vaccinate entire favelas.<br />

In Brazil, vaccines could only be accessed in<br />

public health clinics, which became extremely<br />

impacted by a huge demand and little supply.<br />

“<strong>CORE</strong>’s work helped so much to relieve the<br />

local health clinics and allow them to function<br />

“I am so grateful for<br />

each patient that I<br />

was able vaccinate.<br />

Each exchange<br />

that we had, every<br />

word said from<br />

tears of happiness<br />

and smiles was<br />

the most priceless<br />

experience.”<br />

normally. I am so grateful to have been<br />

a part of this extremely important work,<br />

which so greatly impacted people’s access<br />

to vaccines in needed areas around Rio,”<br />

Iasmin said.<br />

By the end of the vaccine campaign, with<br />

the help of Iasmin and local staff, <strong>CORE</strong><br />

administered nearly 420,000 vaccines in<br />

some of the most vulnerable areas in Rio<br />

de Janeiro.

24 25 www.<strong>CORE</strong>response.org<br />

DONORS<br />

Thank you<br />


Adam Fakhri<br />

Adam Platzner<br />

Afshin Hatami<br />

Akbar Hamid<br />

Alain and Helene LeBleu<br />

Alison Cooke<br />

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Amanda Werts<br />

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Valerie Davisson<br />

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May Bystricky<br />

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Michael Gately<br />

Michael Hatch<br />

Michael Sacks<br />

Michael Wunderman<br />

Michele Bornheim<br />

Mike DePaola<br />

Mitchel van Berlo<br />

Nancy and Steve<br />

Highburger<br />

Nancy Burnett<br />

Nasrin Falsafi<br />

Nathan Hibler<br />

Nimish Patel<br />

Noah G. Gardner<br />

Pamela Sander<br />

Pat Iavarone<br />

Patricia Arquette<br />

Patricia Hanwright<br />

Patrick Libois<br />

Paula Mello<br />

Peter and Susan Tortorici<br />

Peter Sample<br />

Peter Schwartz and Dana<br />

Nachman<br />

Peter Terpeluk<br />

Rachel Zoe & Rodger<br />

Berman<br />

Rafael A Ginebra<br />

Raymond Dahany<br />

Rebecca Ryan<br />

Regina Drucker<br />

Rhonda Seaton<br />

Richard Roberts<br />

Robert Atkinson<br />

Robert Cardillo<br />

Robert E Morley Jr<br />

Robert Kaczorowski<br />

Robert Nevil<br />

Robert Smahl<br />

Robin Wasserman<br />

Robina Riccitiello<br />

Rodger Berman<br />

Roger Kowalsky<br />

Romito Williams<br />

Ron Conway<br />

Rosaria Locasso<br />

Ross Bagdasarian & Janice<br />

Karman<br />

Roxann Smith<br />

Ryan Challis Jones<br />

Sally Lindenmayer<br />

Sally Sussman<br />

Sandra Speicher<br />

Sandra Suchoff<br />

Sandy Weil<br />

Sapna Abrol<br />

Sara Wasserman<br />

Scott Engle<br />

Sean Lang<br />

Sean Mack<br />

Seth Green<br />

Shahal Ph.D.<br />

Shareef Malnik<br />

Sharon Landy<br />

Sherry Maldonado<br />

Sherryl Hartman<br />

Sheryl Jaquays<br />

Shirley Familian<br />

Sia<br />

Soleil Moon Frye<br />

Stephanie Groff<br />

Stephanie Moore<br />

Stephen Goeller<br />

Steven Beeks<br />

Steven M Hilton<br />

Steven Sarowitz<br />

Stuart Shiff<br />

Susan Denning<br />

Susan Peason<br />

Susan Wheeler<br />

Suzanne Lerner<br />

Sydney Holland<br />

Ted and Susan Garaventa<br />

Ted Elms<br />

Theresa Erickson<br />

Thomas Dalton<br />

Thomas Olbrich<br />

Thomas Watt<br />

Timothy Sullivan<br />

Tipton Family<br />

Traci Martinez<br />

Valerie Sopher<br />

Venugopal Pakanati<br />

Vishakha Gigler<br />

Vito Tanzi<br />

Vivek Khare<br />

Vojtech & Jeanine<br />

Bystricky<br />

Wendy P and Zelda H<br />

William Crain<br />

William Vohsing<br />

Yehuda Barashi<br />

CORP Fdn<br />

A.C. Israel<br />

Foundation, Inc.<br />

Actai Global<br />

AEC Trust<br />

Agenda for Children<br />

Airband<br />

Airbnb.org<br />

All Hands and Hearts<br />

Amazon<br />

- Amazon Web Services<br />

- Disaster Relief by<br />

Amazon<br />

American Endowment<br />

Foundation<br />

American National<br />

Red Cross<br />

American Tower<br />

Foundation<br />

Annenburg Foundation<br />

Anonymous Trust<br />

Anthem Foundation<br />

Ariadne Getty Foundation<br />

Arthur M. Blank<br />

Foundation<br />

Bank of America<br />

Barak Raviv Foundation<br />

Bella+Canvas<br />

Big G Charitable<br />

Foundation<br />

Blaze Pizza<br />

Brotman Foundation<br />

Burger Lounge<br />

California Community<br />

Foundation<br />

Cantor Fitzgerald, L.P. |<br />

BGC Partners, Inc.<br />

Cara Delevingne<br />

Foundation<br />

Carbon Health<br />

Casamigos<br />

CDC Foundation<br />

Center for Disaster<br />

Philanthropy<br />

Chickpea Giving Account<br />

Choate, Hall &<br />

Stewart LLP<br />

Christie’s Inc.<br />

Chu and Chan<br />

Foundation<br />

Clayton Baker Trust<br />

ClearMask<br />

Columbia Sportswear<br />

Community Foundation<br />

for Greater Atlanta<br />

Conrad H. Hilton<br />

Foundation<br />

Creative Artists<br />

Agency Foundation<br />

Cultures of Resistance<br />

Network Foundation<br />

Curative<br />

Curogram<br />

Davidson Family<br />

Foundation<br />

Direct Relief<br />

Drew House<br />

Eden Body Works<br />

Emory University<br />

EOS<br />

Family Fun Brands<br />

Flora Family Foundation<br />

Ford Foundation<br />

Foundation of the<br />

Carolinas<br />

Fulgent Therapeutics<br />

G Fredrick Charitable<br />

Foundation<br />

Gagosian Gallery<br />

Giorgio Mishal<br />

Family Fund<br />

Global Specialty Services<br />

Glossier<br />

Goal Zero<br />

Goldman Sachs<br />

Group SHS LLC<br />

Gucci<br />

H_lloFriend<br />

Hadley Charitable Trust<br />

Hagar Family Foundation<br />

HealthNet, LLC<br />

Heather Taylor Home<br />

Hint Water<br />

Hollywood Foreign Press<br />

Home Depot Store 3626<br />

Humanity Heroes<br />

Ida Alice Ryan<br />

Charitable Trust<br />

In-n-Out<br />

Integrated Medicine<br />

Institute IMI<br />

Inter-American<br />

Development Bank (IDB)<br />

Joe Edmonds & Linda

26 27 www.<strong>CORE</strong>response.org<br />

DONORS<br />

Smith Family Fund<br />

JPMorgan Chase<br />

Kabaki Tea<br />

Kayne Family Gift Fund<br />

Kerr Family Charitable Foundation<br />

Kluth Family Fund<br />

La Colombe Coffee<br />

Laura Frank Family Foundation<br />

Lavido<br />

Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookie<br />

Lever Family Foundation<br />

Liquid IV<br />

Mathiesen Family Charitable Fund<br />

Meta<br />

Miranda Family Fund<br />

MPower<br />


New Orleans Saints<br />

Nunn Hydration<br />

Omidyar Group<br />

Oppenheimer & Co., Inc.<br />

Origin Protocol<br />

Ororo<br />

Panther Fund<br />

Pledgeling Foundation<br />

Porto’s Bakery<br />

Pre War Art, Inc.<br />

Public Health Institute<br />

Radiant Fund<br />

RCF Giving Fund<br />

Reed Smith LLP<br />

Relias LLC<br />

Ren Renco Inc<br />

Resolve to Save Lives<br />

Rhum Barbancourt<br />

Richard J. Erickson Family Giving Fund<br />

Rise Coffee<br />

Robert and Joan Blackman Family Foundation<br />

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines<br />

RTU Charitable Fund<br />

Saints and Pelicans Gulf Coast Renewal Fund<br />

Sakara<br />

Serum Institute of India<br />

Sierra Health Foundation<br />

Siewood Charitable Fund<br />

Silicon Valley Community Foundation<br />

Skechers<br />

Slick Family Foundation<br />

Solights Design<br />

Spindrift Water<br />

Storehouse Foundation<br />

Sydney D Holland Foundation<br />

The Apatow-Mann Family Foundation, Inc.<br />

The Home Depot Foundation<br />

The Horwitz Family Memorial Foundation<br />

The KIND Foundation<br />

The Randolph Foundation<br />

The Rockefeller Foundation<br />

The Rotary Club of Savannah<br />

The S. Kuusinen Charitable Fund<br />

The Tyler Perry Foundation, Inc.<br />

Thunderbird Entertainment<br />

TikTok Inc.<br />

Tony’s Tiny Chocolonelys<br />

Tufts Health Plan Foundation<br />

TUMI<br />

Two All Foundation<br />

Uber<br />

UNICEF<br />

United Way of Greater Atlanta<br />

Urban Zen<br />

Variety Media, Inc.<br />

Vitalogy Foundation<br />

WedBush Securities<br />

WeWork<br />

World Positive Fund<br />

ZenWTR<br />

Government<br />

Alameda County Health Care Services Agency (HCSA)<br />

Atlanta Fulton County Emergency Management Agency<br />

California Volunteers<br />

Centers for Disease Control<br />

City of Atlanta<br />

City of Chicago Department of Health<br />

City of Los Angeles<br />

Cobb & Douglas Public Health<br />

Dekalb County Board of Health<br />

District of Columbia Department of Health<br />

Fulton County Board of Health<br />

Georgia Department of Public Health<br />

Los Angeles Fire Department Foundation<br />

Mayor’s Fund for LA<br />

N.C. Commission on Volunteerism and<br />

Community Service<br />

North Carolina Office of the Governor<br />

United States Department of Health and Human<br />

Services - Health Resources and Services<br />

Administration<br />

USAID Bureau for Humanitarian Affairs

28<br />


Sean Penn<br />

Co-Founder & Chairperson of the Board<br />

Ann Lee<br />

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer<br />


Bryan Lourd<br />

Partner & Managing Director, Creative Artists Agency (CAA)<br />

Soleil Moon Frye<br />

Actor, Director & Author<br />

Fernando Sulichin<br />

Founder of New Element Media, Executive Producer<br />

LT General P.K Ken Keen (Retired)<br />

Leadership Executive, Goizueta Business School at Emory University<br />

Gregory Milne<br />

Chief Metrics and Impact Officer, Clinton Foundation<br />

Patricia Velásquez<br />

Actor, Model, Ambassador for Indigenous Peoples & Founder of The Wayuu Taya Foundation<br />

910 N Hill Los Angeles, CA 90012<br />

323.934.4400<br />

information@coreresponse.org<br />

@<strong>CORE</strong>response<br />


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