December 16th-31th, 2022

DDG Palm Springs, Serving Cathedral City | Coachella | Desert Hot Springs Indian Wells | Indio | La Quinta | Palm Desert | Palm Springs | Rancho Mirage since 1994, Merry Christmas and meet Buff Santa our first officially licensed AI generated caricature of our Publisher, in his early years. Those keeping score Buff Santa will replace Dirty Elf and Pubert.

DDG Palm Springs, Serving Cathedral City | Coachella | Desert Hot Springs Indian Wells | Indio | La Quinta | Palm Desert | Palm Springs | Rancho Mirage since 1994,
Merry Christmas and meet Buff Santa our first officially licensed AI generated caricature of our Publisher, in his early years. Those keeping score Buff Santa will replace Dirty Elf and Pubert.


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<strong>December</strong> 16 th -31 th , <strong>2022</strong> Serving Cathedral City | Coachella | Desert Hot Springs<br />

Indian Wells | Indio | La Quinta | Palm Desert | Palm Springs | Rancho Mirage<br />


Meet DDG Buff Santa

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4 DDG is always FREE only at ddg.gay. Available in print as collector editions at select locations.

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REPORTER: Adam<br />

EMAIL: adamsart@desertdailyguide.com<br />







NEW YEAR TO YOU”. This became the<br />

first Christmas card.<br />

Christmas as a Federal holiday has<br />

been celebrated since the 1870s. It was<br />

celebrated priot to that by the federal<br />

designation gave it a legitimacy which<br />

also instigated the early greeting cards<br />

designs to celebrate the holiday. The<br />

custom of sending greeting cards at the<br />

Christmas holiday began in England in<br />

the early 1800s. Henry Cole a London<br />

socialite in early Victorian England had<br />

many friends. He was concerned about<br />

how to send greetings to his many<br />

friends during the Christmas season.<br />

One of his friends was an artist, J.C.<br />

Horsley, Cole asked Horsley to design an<br />

illustration of a triptych shown a family at<br />

a table and on either side of the center<br />

drawing were to be people helping the<br />

poor. This illustration he had printed on<br />

3”x5” cardboard in a thousand copies.<br />

The greeting on the card was<br />

In the U.S. the first Christmas cards were<br />

made by Currier and Ives, printers out<br />

of New York and Philadelphia. They<br />

created lithographs by illustrators of<br />

winter scenes depicting sentimental<br />

topics such as, horses pulling a sleigh,<br />

ice skating on ponds, etc. These<br />

illustrations were printed on cardboard<br />

similar to the U.K. cards and became<br />

the early Christmas cards in the U.S.<br />

Christmas holiday cards became more<br />

popular and with them the myth of St.<br />

Nickolas, who became Santa Claus.<br />

Santa Claus was transported to the<br />

homes of all children by reindeer pulling<br />

continued on page 17<br />

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D.C. Gets Kinky This MLK Wknd<br />

By James Booth<br />

Mid-Atlantic Leather<br />

Weekend is an annual<br />

festival weekend that attracts<br />

thousands of leather men,<br />

kinksters, fetish-lovers and<br />

curious spectators from all<br />

over the world to<br />

Washington, D.C. over MLK<br />

weekend. This year’s<br />

festivities begin Thursday,<br />

January 12th and run<br />

through Sunday, January 15.<br />

Once again, the KINETIC<br />

team of local DC party<br />

producers - Zach Renovátes,<br />

Dougie Meyer, and Jesus<br />

Quispe - have partnered with<br />

MAL to produce KINK: four<br />

official events headlined by<br />

eight of the world’s leading<br />

festival DJs.<br />

Diego Barros performs at the Bootcamp party<br />

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continued on page 19

In the News<br />

that’s fit to print.<br />

Nationaly<br />

NEW YORK – In a victory for transgender youth, the Second<br />

Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a student athletic policy in<br />

Connecticut allowing transgender students to play on the teams<br />

most consistent with their gender identity.<br />

On behalf of Andraya Yearwood and Terry Miller, two<br />

transgender young women, the American Civil Liberties<br />

Union and the ACLU Foundation of Connecticut defended the<br />

transgender youth participation policy of the Connecticut<br />

Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) in Soule et al v. CT<br />

Association of Schools et al, the nation’s first federal court case<br />

challenging such a policy.<br />

In today’s ruling, the Second Circuit ruled the claims that<br />

cisgender girls were denied opportunities or championships are<br />

moot and unfounded, ultimately ruling they lacked standing to<br />

challenge the CIAC’s policy. The court noted that, on numerous<br />

occasions, the cisgender plaintiffs placed first in various events,<br />

even sometimes when competing against Yearwood and Miller.<br />

The court also affirmed discrimination against transgender<br />

students violates Title IX, the federal law that prohibits sex<br />

discrimination in educational programs, aligning today’s ruling<br />

with the Supreme Court’s ruling on Title VII in Bostock v. Clayton<br />

County.<br />

schools, and all trans youth should be celebrated and protected<br />

for who they are. Today, the courts have once again dismissed<br />

this lawsuit seeking to attack trans student athletes. The record<br />

shows that our clients played by the rules, and the court agreed,”<br />

said Elana Bildner, ACLU Foundation of Connecticut senior staff<br />

attorney.<br />

During their senior year, cisgender girls represented by the<br />

Alliance Defending Freedom – an organization that takes credit<br />

for a record surge in anti-transgender bills introduced by state<br />

legislators in recent years – filed a lawsuit arguing that the<br />

presence of transgender girls on girls’ sports teams violated Title<br />

IX. The federal district court in Connecticut dismissed the case<br />

last year, but the plaintiffs immediately appealed to the Second<br />

Circuit.<br />

The full Second Circuit ruling can be found here: https://www.<br />

aclu.org/soule-v-ciac-ca2-ruling<br />

“Today’s ruling is a critical victory for fairness, equality, and<br />

inclusion” said Joshua Block, senior staff attorney for the ACLU’s<br />

LGBTQ & HIV Project. “The court rejected the baseless zerosum<br />

arguments presented by the opposition to this policy and<br />

ultimately found transgender girls have as much a right to play<br />

as cisgender girls under Title IX. This critical victory strikes at<br />

the heart of political attacks against transgender youth while<br />

helping ensure every young person has the right to play.”<br />

“Trans student athletes belong on our sports teams and in our<br />

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Cover Story<br />

Et lux perpetua luceat ei (eis):<br />

Requiem æternam dona ei (eis),<br />

Domine<br />

Everything ends,<br />

and life evolves.<br />

Recently we had<br />

some fun with AIgenerated<br />

images<br />

on our cover. AI is<br />

like a server that<br />

uses programs<br />

that observe and<br />

mimic data and<br />

patterns. When I was a programmer at<br />

DEC to place CPUs on a board using<br />

robots. Components are wave soldered<br />

(Dipped) and more oversized items are<br />

placed by pin alignment. Using edge<br />

detection and alignment marks. At<br />

AltaVista, we used to could display a<br />

frame with 90% accuracy on the fame<br />

that most represented the contents. We<br />

did this by training an algorithm to follow<br />

Aircraft Search Patterns and plotting<br />

only edges. The plot was matched to<br />

stored plots, and when it was found, it<br />

was placed and dipped in solder. In the<br />

old days, we call our monstrosity Ralph<br />

as it would whirr around lining up, pause,<br />

then whirr around again and again<br />

before it was placed,<br />

Artificial intelligence technology is<br />

publicly available under various opensource<br />

licenses for commercial and<br />

non-commercial use. If you are an<br />

open-source kind of person, there are<br />

a number of API interfaces you can<br />

program.<br />

For example, creating a Buff Santa that<br />

looks like me! As a test of hackable<br />

AI. That is to start AI with an algorithm<br />

trained by millions of photographs<br />

uploaded yearly. Then reimage that AI<br />

into your likeness.<br />

For a python example.<br />

# calling deepai API to create an<br />

image on the fly. A great #security tool<br />

as well. From deepai.org<br />

import requests<br />

r = requests.post(<br />

“https://api.deepai.org/api/text”,<br />

data={<br />

‘text’: ‘Buff Santa’, seed, image(s)<br />

},<br />

headers={‘api-key’: ‘quickstart-<br />

QUdJIGlzIGNvbWluZy4uLi4K’}<br />

)<br />

print(r.json())<br />

Just note your results may differ because<br />

of the image samples it selects. I only<br />

provided some of the code, but what<br />

happens if you start with pictures of<br />

yourself and want to dominate during<br />

the rendering? Resulting in an AI<br />

caricature of you like the cover.<br />

We did a bit of programming to modify<br />

it too. But you can start creating out of<br />

the box, as well:<br />

My next attempt could have gone<br />

https://hotpot.ai?r-id=KLc3ySpOUCZU better. It was supposed to be a smiling<br />

Santa of me shoveling snow.<br />

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Vol 26 Issue 49 Dec. 15<br />

Page 06<br />


13 BAR|FOOD<br />



14 MASSAGE<br />


Page 11<br />

back cover<br />

Page 20<br />

Team DDG<br />

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2021 DDG Media Group , All Rights Reserved. Any likeness of any person living or dead is strictly PARODY!<br />

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Cathedral City<br />


The Barracks<br />

Runway<br />

Sunshine Cafe<br />

AMP Sports<br />

Lounge<br />

Roost<br />

Trunks<br />

Studio One 11<br />

Desert Hot Springs<br />


Playoffs Sports Bar<br />

Palm Springs<br />


Eagle 501 Bar<br />

Rio Azul<br />

Tool Shed<br />

Toucan’s<br />

Streetbar<br />

Oscar’s<br />

Chill bar<br />

Hunters<br />

Stacy’s<br />

BlackBook<br />

QUADZ<br />

RetroRoom<br />

continued on page 14<br />

Resorts<br />

CCBC<br />

Triangle Inn<br />

Descanso<br />

All Worlds Resort<br />

Desert Paradise<br />

Resort<br />


RESORT & SPA<br />



Shopping<br />

Q trading<br />

Gear<br />

Off Ramp Leathers<br />

Gay Mart<br />

Did We Miss<br />

You?<br />

Let us know<br />

For all Gay and Gay<br />

friendly Bars Resorts<br />

and Lodging<br />

Directory<br />

Greg Resha is organizing a fundraiser on<br />

behalf of The Colorado Healing Fund.<br />

https://www.gofundme.com/f/victims-ofclub-q-colorado-springs-mass-shooting<br />




Sands District in central Palm Springs.<br />

600 E Sunny Dunes Rd , PS<br />

TRIANGLE INN 760-322-7993<br />

555 E. San Lorenzo Rd Palm Springs CA<br />

Romantic and relaxing or fun and frisky.<br />

At the Triangle Inn Palm Springs, the<br />

choice is yours. Historic Palm Springs<br />

Resort is a feast for all your senses, with<br />

a special flair for Southern (California)<br />

hospitality. triangle-inn.com<br />

Gear Leather and Fetish 760-322-3363<br />

We carry only the finest quality leather<br />

and fetish goods, gym wear, toys and<br />

furnishings, all designed to get you off<br />

and make you look good while you’re<br />

doing it. gearleather.com<br />

650 E. Sunny Dunes<br />

Off Ramp Leathers 760-778-2798<br />

offrampleathers.com New and used<br />

leather and fetish/BSDM gear.<br />

Alterations and repairs handmade item<br />

by Paul. Great selection of consignment<br />

items. 650 E. Sunny Dunes Rd., Unit 3,Palm<br />

Springs, CA<br />

We thank our advertised that support<br />

all community media!<br />

Please thank them by shopping there<br />

Now Delivering twice every month<br />



DAVE MAY<br />



760-327-4849<br />


MALE KNEADS Exceptional, Sensual,<br />

Soothing, body work for men of all<br />

ages. Outcalls only. Call Adam for an<br />

extraordinary experience in innovative<br />

erotic relaxation. 760-835-0727<br />


Red’s Hauling. We remove trash and<br />

unwanted items. Garage clean outs.<br />

Red 760-288-6956<br />

Directory<br />


Family DeAnza Desert Sun Resort<br />

Starland Community Desert retreat<br />

Sea Mountain Luxury Nude Resort and<br />

Spa Hotel DHS<br />

SOCAL Nude beaches which are also<br />

called “free beach”, or “clothingoptional”.<br />

Blacks Beach Nude Beach in San Diego<br />

is located just north of La Jolla Shores<br />

and beneath the Torrey Pines bluffs.<br />

Pirate’s Cove, Avila Beach<br />

Corona Del Mar is one of California’s<br />

best nude beaches.<br />

Transgender Community Transcc.Org<br />

Palm Springs Gay<br />

Men’s Chorus 760-219-2077<br />

Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert<br />

760 272-5553<br />

Palm Springs Pride<br />

Pspride.Org<br />

Prime Timers of the Desert<br />

760-424-8014.<br />

26620 Saddle Dr.<br />

Idyllwild, CA 92549<br />

(951) 659-2696<br />

Located less than a<br />

mile south of downtown<br />

Idyllwild, Bluebird<br />

Cottage Inn offers cozy<br />

economical rooms, to<br />

independent cabins.<br />

16 DDG is always FREE only at ddg.gay. Available in print as collector editions at select locations. continued on page 22

for 8 candles is similar to the Kwanzaa<br />

kinara, a seven branched candle-holder<br />

used in Kwanzaa celebrations both<br />

represent bringing light to the world as a<br />

cultural and religious symbol.<br />

The LGBTQ community has also been<br />

ignored as unique people within the<br />

(regular) society. The recent attempts<br />

at the new activist Supreme Court to<br />

limit rights in this community has been<br />

halted this past week by the signing<br />

of the Defense of Marriage Act by<br />

President Biden.<br />

The recognition<br />

of gay, lesbian,<br />

bi, and trans<br />

people having<br />

greeting cards<br />

representative of<br />

their uniqueness<br />

has become recognized by the major<br />

greeting cards companies. Hallmark<br />

and American Greetings among other<br />

cards companies are showing cards of<br />

the LGBTQ community. This year also the<br />

Hallmark T.V. channel offers a film titled,<br />

“The Gay Sitter” with LGBTQ characters.<br />

his gift laden sleigh from the snow<br />

banks of the North Pole. The lighted<br />

Christmas tree became a must for all<br />

homes. Christmas became a time to<br />

exchange gifts and merchants found<br />

this an ideal time to sell merchandise<br />

of all types, especially toys for children.<br />

Merchandising developed into a<br />

major theme for Christmas and the<br />

most lucrative time of the year for<br />

many merchants and vendors came<br />

a secular activity especially among<br />

merchants. Some people felt left out<br />

of the commercial holiday scene.<br />

About 50 years ago a new holiday<br />

was developed by a college professor<br />

named, Maulana Kaenga, a professor<br />

of African studies and an author and<br />

activist. Together with the activist, Hakim<br />

Jamal, they together developed the<br />

holiday Kwanzaa. The Kwanzaa holiday<br />

season runs from <strong>December</strong> 26 to<br />

January 1 overlapping the traditional<br />

Christmas holiday season. The Jewish<br />

holiday, Hanukkah is also celebrated<br />

between November 27 and <strong>December</strong> PEACE AND<br />

28 dates depending on the year.<br />


Greeting cards and other holiday icons MERRY CHRISTMAS<br />

are also associated with this holiday. The<br />

AND<br />

Jewish menorah which has branches HAPPY NEW YEAR.<br />

Now Delivering twice every month<br />

continued from page 6<br />

Greetings that are respectful and<br />

inclusive of all<br />

people represent<br />

the true spirit of<br />

Christmas.<br />


Welcome!<br />


SUNDAYS AT 10 AM<br />

3601 E. Mesquite Ave, Palm Springs<br />

Demuth Community Center<br />

God’s Love &<br />

Good Works.<br />

760.327.3802<br />

www.bloominthedesert.org<br />


SUNDAYS AT 10 AM<br />

Facebook<br />

Bloom in the Desert Ministries UCC<br />


YouTube<br />

Bloom in the Desert Ministries UCC<br />

Zoom Mass every Saturday at 4:30.<br />

Call or 442-282-8389 or visit stgilesaltadena.org for more details.<br />

18 DDG is always FREE only at ddg.gay. Available in print as collector editions at select locations.

Alyssa Edwards is dominatrix at the main event.<br />

KINETIC: KINK Weekend kicks off<br />

Thursday, January 12th with the<br />

BOOTCAMP party at Soundcheck.<br />

Here, men will have their first<br />

opportunity to get geared up for the<br />

weekend as Only Fans star Diego<br />

Barros takes on the role of drill<br />

sergeant and readies recruits for the<br />

next three days of sinful debauchery.<br />

Friday night is UNCUT XL, with<br />

superstar DJs Alex Acosta and Onyx<br />

commandeering the three massive<br />

rooms of BLISS Nightclub.<br />

The weekend’s Saturday night Main<br />

Event is KINETIC: KINK. It takes<br />

place at Echostage. DJs GSP and<br />

Ben Bakson headline. RuPaul’s<br />

Drag Race’s Alyssa Edwards will<br />

serve dominatrix lewks that whip the<br />

audience into submission. There will<br />

also be live kink acts and triple X<br />

performances.<br />

KINETIC: KINK closes the festivities<br />

on Sunday with discoVERS XL<br />

headlined by Grammy-nominated DJ<br />

Abel.<br />

Tickets for KINETIC: KINK are available<br />

now at www.kineticpresents.com.<br />

continued from page 8<br />

Now Delivering twice every month<br />



drawing in the color grid<br />

This Virtual Gallery will show the development of a painting i<br />

am calling, “Dancing With Mondrian”. It begins with the initial<br />

sketch through to the final painting. Mondrian is one of my<br />

favorite artists. His art has influenced everything from fashion<br />

to architecture. He divided canvases into various rectangles<br />

which he filled with the primary colors of red, yellow, and blue.<br />

I have used this format only adding the organic element of a<br />

male figure dancing within a field of Mondrian shapes and<br />

colors like a stained glass background. The only deviation I have<br />

made from Mondrian is to add violet a secondary color in some<br />

of the rectangles.<br />

initial sketch<br />

mondrian 5 completed painting<br />

filling figure with wash<br />

Questions?<br />

adamsartexpose@gmail.com<br />

20 DDG is always FREE only at ddg.gay. Available in print as collector editions at select locations.

42West slate for the 2023 Sundance Film<br />

Festival<br />

Imges ‘Courtesy of Sundance<br />

Institute.’ Unauthorized use, alteration,<br />

reproduction or sale of logos and/or<br />

photos is strictly prohibited.<br />

Wasilewski. World Premiere. Available<br />

online.<br />

Magazine Dreams / U.S.A. (Director and<br />

Screenwriter: Elijah Bynum, Producers:<br />

Jennifer Fox, Dan Gilroy, Jeffrey Soros,<br />

Simon Horsman) — An amateur<br />

bodybuilder struggles to find human<br />

connection as his relentless drive for<br />

recognition pushes him to the brink.<br />

Cast: Jonathan Majors, Haley Bennett,<br />

Taylour Paige, Mike O’Hearn, Harrison<br />

Page, Harriet Sansom Harris. World<br />

Premiere. Available online.<br />

Fancy Dance / U.S.A. (Director,<br />

Screenwriter, and Producer: Erica<br />

Tremblay, Screenwriter: Miciana Alise,<br />

Producers: Deidre Backs, Heather Rae,<br />

Nina Yang Bongiovi, Tommy Oliver) —<br />

Following her sister’s disappearance,<br />

a Native American hustler kidnaps<br />

her niece from the child’s white<br />

grandparents and<br />

sets out for the<br />

state powwow in<br />

hopes of keeping<br />

what is left of their<br />

family intact. Cast:<br />

Lily Gladstone,<br />

Isabel Deroy-Olson,<br />

Ryan Begay, Shea<br />

Whigham, Audrey<br />

Now Delivering twice every month<br />

Mutt / U.S.A.<br />

(Director,<br />

Screenwriter,<br />

and Producer:<br />

Vuk Lungulov-<br />

Klotz, Producers:<br />

Alexander<br />

Stegmaier, Stephen<br />

Scott Scarpulla,<br />

Jennifer Kuczaj,<br />

Joel Michaely) — Over the course of<br />

a single hectic day in New York City,<br />

three people from Feña’s past are thrust<br />

back into his life. Having lost touch since<br />

transitioning from female to male, he<br />

navigates the new dynamics of old<br />

relationships while tackling the day-today<br />

challenges of living life in between.<br />

Cast: Lío Mehiel, Cole Doman, MiMi<br />

Ryder, Alejandro Goic. World Premiere.<br />

Available online.<br />



Directory<br />


Thursday nights VILLAGEFEST takes place<br />

in downtown Palm Springs on Palm<br />

Canyon Drive every. villagefest.org<br />

Cabot’s Pueblo Museum<br />

760-329-7610<br />

McCallum Adobe 760-323-8297<br />

Indian Canyons 760-323-6018<br />

Palm Springs Aerial Tram<br />

760-325-1449<br />

Palm Springs Air Museum<br />

760-778-6262<br />

Palm Springs Art Museum<br />

760-325-7186<br />

Sunnylands<br />

760-328-2829<br />

Borrego Health (Stonewall Medical<br />

Center) Cathedral City 760-507-3310<br />

Veterans Records https://vetrecs.<br />

archives.gov/VeteranRequest/home.<br />

html for vet or family or with written<br />

authorization.<br />

Lgbt community center<br />

760-416-7790 thecenterps.org<br />

American cancer society<br />

800-227-2345<br />

Coachella Valley sexual assault<br />

(760) 568-9071<br />

Desert Legal aid: 760-832-9770<br />

Stonewall democrats:<br />

desert-stonewall.org<br />

Desert winds freedom band<br />

760 776-2700Gay artists -760 835 0727<br />

Transgender Community Transcc.org<br />

Patton Memorial Museum 760-227-3483<br />

Joshua Tree National park 760-367-5500<br />


AAP - Food Samaritans (760) 325-8481<br />

Eisenhower HIV Clinic (760) 834-7930<br />

DAP/ DOCK Clinic (760) 992-0492<br />

Palm Springs Gay<br />

Men’s Chorus 760-219-2077<br />

Palm Springs Leather Order of the Desert<br />

760 272-5553<br />

Johnny Costa’s Ristorante will be Open<br />

Christmas Eve & New Year’s Eve. Make<br />

your dining reservations this holiday<br />

season - call us at (760) 325-4556 or visit<br />

our website to book your table online<br />

22 DDG is always FREE only at ddg.gay. Available in print as collector editions at select locations.

Play the Fuck Marry Kill game!<br />

The rules<br />

Be above 18.<br />

Do play and drink.<br />

Don’t be a jerk<br />

important whether there is sex in<br />

marriage or not.<br />

Keep in mind that the Fuck Marry<br />

Kill is supposed to be fun and not to<br />

be taken seriously. Before starting<br />

the game, you need to answer one<br />

question: Is the marriage sexless or<br />

not? For the decision, it is of course<br />

Now Delivering twice every month<br />

Tom Holland, Timothee Chalamet,<br />

Ansel Elgort<br />

Harry Potter, Professor Dumbledore,<br />

Lord Voldemort<br />

Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars<br />


Palm Springs Friends of Philharmonic<br />

to Bring San Diego Symphony to the<br />

McCallum Theatre<br />

(Palm Desert, CA) November 29, <strong>2022</strong>...<br />

The San Diego Symphony returns to the<br />

McCallum Theatre through the efforts of<br />

the Palm Springs Friends of Philharmonic<br />

as part of their <strong>2022</strong>-23 subscription<br />

series. Young Venezuelan conductor<br />

Domingo Hindoyan (pictured below),<br />

who is often compared to the other<br />

great Venezuelan conductor Gustavo<br />

Dudamel, will lead the San Diego<br />

Symphony in its performance on Sunday,<br />

January 8, 2023 at 5:00 PM. Roberta<br />

Holland, Gloria and Michael Scoby and<br />

Douglas G. Stewart have generously<br />

supported this concert.<br />

“We are thrilled to bring back the San<br />

Diego Symphony with its youth and<br />

vitality combined with the astonishing<br />

talents of American violinist Anne Akiko<br />

Meyers who was the top-selling classical<br />

instrumentalist of 2014 on Billboard’s<br />

traditional classical charts. She will<br />

perform a new work by the Mexican<br />

composer Arturo Marquez “Fandango<br />

for Violin and Orchestra,” commented<br />

Marnie Mitze, Executive Director, Palm<br />

Springs Friends of Philharmonic.<br />

develop an understanding and passion<br />

for the arts.<br />

The San Diego Symphony Orchestra<br />

performed its first concert on <strong>December</strong><br />

6, 1910. In the 100-plus years since its<br />

inception, SDSO has become one of<br />

the leading orchestras in the U.S. and<br />

designated a Tier 1 Orchestra by the<br />

League of American Orchestras in 2010.<br />

The Symphony makes music an integral<br />

part of the cultural and intellectual<br />

fabric of Southern California, valued by<br />

and relevant to all its residents.<br />

The Palm Springs Friends of Philharmonic<br />

is considered one of the premiere<br />

presenters of symphony orchestras in the<br />

country. Each season the Philharmonic<br />

brings a series of world-class symphony<br />

concerts to the beautiful 1,127 seat<br />

McCallum Theatre in Palm Desert,<br />

California.<br />

Sunday, January 8, 2023 at 5:00 PM<br />

San Diego Symphony<br />

Domingo Hindoyan, Conductor<br />

Anne Akiko Meyers, Violin<br />

Albert Roussel: Suite No. 2 from Bacchus<br />

et Ariane<br />

Arturo Marquez: Fandango for Violin and<br />

Orchestra<br />

Stravinsky: Petrushka (1947 version)<br />

(Sponsored by Roberta Holland, Gloria<br />

and Michael Scoby and Douglas G.<br />

Stewart)<br />

Through unquestionable commitment<br />

to the highest levels of artistic<br />

achievement, The San Diego Symphony<br />

seeks to elevate human potential by<br />

providing a shared sense of pride and<br />

belonging to something bigger than<br />

any of us can achieve alone. They offer<br />

audiences the wonder of live music and Purchase a Four-Concert Subscription<br />

transformative learning experiences that Only $295 to $440 (Plus Donation)<br />

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Now Delivering twice every month<br />


But it appears<br />

to be a blowup<br />

pillow instead or<br />

a shovel of jingle<br />

bells; wtf? And<br />

what about that<br />

face? Do I make<br />

that face? Bright<br />

flashes cause<br />

me pain, so it<br />

probably does.<br />

“Hotpot helps<br />

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jobs.<br />

Our Buff Santa on the cover looks more<br />

like me 40 years ago and costs me<br />

about eight bucks of AI rendering time.<br />

I paid to own the license, which is the<br />

first step to a single or multi-listing NFT.<br />

If NFT ever survives, mine will be priced<br />

at 5,000 Galactic credits, but star wars<br />

currency is hard to come by. Take the<br />

hint, crypto!<br />

YES, AI, is the future, and long before<br />

a holodeck appears, we will enjoy its<br />

seeds. AI stories and images are already<br />

helping election officials win. It even<br />

gave a badge to Walker for crypto’s<br />

sake.<br />

This is the future, and it will evolve faster<br />

and faster. Here are a few more tries<br />

below, p<br />

Let us know your<br />

successes.<br />

Hotpot is a software-as-a-transaction<br />

(SaaT) model, so you always know<br />

what you are paying for. SaaT is gaining<br />

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But AI Graphic generation is only part<br />

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26 DDG is always FREE only at ddg.gay. Available in print as collector editions at select locations. continued from page 10

Now Delivering twice every month<br />


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