Eco Santa's Diary 2053

A description of a world in the future where Santa is living in Greenland with no snow.

A description of a world in the future where Santa is living in Greenland with no snow.

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<strong>Eco</strong> Santa’s <strong>Diary</strong> <strong>2053</strong> by Guernsey Gwen<br />

<strong>Eco</strong> North Pole Santa<br />

He has patched up his moth-eaten<br />

jacket and made a new pair of<br />

trousers from an old curtain. The<br />

lining of his reversible hat is made<br />

from a tea towel he got when he<br />

went on holiday to Guernsey.<br />

<strong>Eco</strong> Fiji Santa<br />

He took this picture when he went to<br />

visit <strong>Eco</strong> Santa two years ago. His<br />

trousers are made from an old sulu,<br />

and his hat is made from a roll of<br />

material he found in a charity shop.<br />

He normally wears shorts and a Bula<br />

shirt when he is back home.

25th November <strong>2053</strong><br />

Gosh. We moved in a year ago today. It was sad to leave the old cabin at the North pole, but<br />

with the melting ice, it was too dangerous to live there. Greenland is great. I now have air<br />

conditioning and central heating in the new cabin and factory.<br />

Checked on the new pine forest today. It’s looking good. The woodland elves chop down the<br />

bigger trees so that the worker elves can make wooden toys for the children. Don't worry–we<br />

replant tree for tree. It’s much easier to have everything on the doorstep. When I think what it<br />

was like trying to import raw materials with those global supply issues and the air miles of<br />

flying in all the goods. Anyway, the children now demand that their toys have a low carbon<br />

footprint. I don't do plastic anymore either. The children refused to accept presents made of<br />

that nasty stuff. They taught me all about the harm that plastic is doing to wildlife. I saw huge<br />

islands of plastic in the middle of the oceans, and it was awful. I want to be kind to the planet.<br />

I am a plastic free <strong>Eco</strong> Santa.<br />

I must tell you about my garden. Years ago, this land was covered in snow, but due to global<br />

warming, the weather here is now warm, and we have an extended growing season. I have<br />

greenhouses that contain grapes for making wine and distilling for brandy, orchards full of<br />

fruit trees, a fig tree, beehives, and a vegetable plot with poly tunnels. The reindeer poo<br />

makes fabulous fertiliser.<br />

I lit a log fire today in the lounge. The ground heat pump doesn’t quite heat the entire cabin.<br />

The solar panels are useless today because we get no light in the middle of winter and there is<br />

no wind today, so the turbine isn’t generating any electricity.

Mrs Santa made some Christmas puddings earlier. All homemade with ingredients from the<br />

garden. She picked grapes from the greenhouse a couple of months ago and they have been<br />

drying in the sun to make sultanas. With apples, honey, figs, and some home-made distilled<br />

honey brandy, these puddings are going to be delicious. Can’t wait to try some; apparently,<br />

they will be ready in a couple of weeks.<br />

A Guernsey pouque<br />

holding a Christmas<br />

pudding that has had<br />

brandy set alight.<br />

10th December, <strong>2053</strong><br />

Got my suit out today. Would you believe it? The pesky moths have nibbled holes in it. I<br />

took it to Mrs Santa to see if I could mend it. I used the material from one of my old jackets<br />

and she showed me how to patch up the worst of the moth holes.<br />

The trousers were also full of holes. I have used most of my old trousers to cover up the patch<br />

where I sit. My bottom rubs a hole in that area as I wiggle about on the sled. I found a jolly<br />

piece of material to use, but apparently that was the “posh” Christmas tablecloth. Mrs Santa<br />

said I could have her old curtains. Neither of us had ever made a new pair of trousers from<br />

scratch–we have just been patching up the old ones each year. We googled how to make<br />

some, and it was quite easy. It was so slow though, sewing it all by hand. I think I will put a<br />

sewing machine on my Christmas list this year.<br />

Grandma Santa knitted me a soft new woollen hat for this season, but it needed a lining. I<br />

found an old souvenir tea towel and made it into a reversible hat. Go me!!

15th December <strong>2053</strong><br />

Had a zoom call with Fiji Santa today. I send him a Christmas card every year, but we haven't<br />

really spoken for ages. I told him all about the ice melting and my new house. He said his<br />

home island has disappeared under water due to sea level rises. One of the bigger islands had<br />

a vacant mountain, and he now lives halfway up it. He says he has got a magnificent view,<br />

and he also has lots of forest which he uses to make toys from. He said they were short of<br />

workers this year to cover the South Pacific. One hundred vacancies! He has had bring some<br />

worker elves over from Tonga (by boat of course). It’s very hot over there now. They have<br />

increased their forests and planted trees in all the villages for shade. In the principal city,<br />

Suva, they have underground cool rooms for those people who can’t afford air conditioning.<br />

He says they have lots of fierce hurricanes, but the humans don't mind them so much now.<br />

They just go into the shelters and wait for it to pass. They harness the power from the<br />

hurricane and make electricity from it. You know–we should do that with our storms.<br />

Although, with the amount of rain we get, the dams won't dry out anytime soon, so the<br />

hydropower will be fine to make electricity for the town. I suppose I ought to get the house<br />

connected to the mains supply, but it is so much more expensive than generating your own<br />

electricity.<br />

25th December <strong>2053</strong><br />

Oh, my goodness! What a night it has been! I set off in good time to get my sleigh loaded up<br />

with presents to do deliveries. I went to the stables only to find that the reindeer were all<br />

snuffling and sneezing. They had caught COVID from my chief elf. I called the satellite help<br />

line and managed to download the solar array app. Up in space, orbiting the planet, are huge<br />

solar power stations. They send the energy down to Earth as radio waves which then gets<br />

turned into electricity. The Earth Electricity Company (EEC) were able to give me a direct<br />

link into the power station that is providing Europe with power. I have a mini radio device<br />

which captures the radio waves before they hit Earth and converts it to electricity to power<br />

the sleigh. As the power stations are above the atmosphere then they get sunlight<br />


That was not the only problem. There was a huge tropical storm over the Atlantic and I had to<br />

make a detour up into space to avoid it. The new radar is brilliant though. It directs the sat<br />

nav around all the storms, so the ride is not too bumpy.<br />

The children are very tech savvy and most of them have CCTV in their rooms and houses to<br />

try and get a picture of me. Good job my magic makes me invisible to cameras. Most houses<br />

do not have chimneys anymore, but my sonic key is very good at opening any doors. This<br />

year I had to make a delivery to the International Space Station. I had to dock in one of the<br />

rocket ports and then I handed over the presents through an airlock.<br />

There is not much snow around now, so my ground sleigh has adapted runners to move on<br />

any ground.<br />

The Guernsey pouques try out the one-horse open sleigh<br />

Next year there will be some children living on Mars. That is just too far to go, even for my<br />

sleigh. We are recruiting at the moment for a Mars Father Christmas who will be based there<br />

with two elves. He will need to live underground. We are going to get him to Mars on the<br />

Spacex rocket that is doing some deliveries later in the year.<br />

Good news to report anyway. Loads of happy children on Planet Earth, with eco presents that<br />

have not harmed the planet. I’m worn out now. I’m going to roast some chestnuts on the fire,<br />

put my feet up and read a good book. Good night!

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