ESTETICA Magazine USA (4/2022)

Estetica Magazine is the world's leading hairdressing magazine. Founded in Italy in 1946 and published today in over 60 countries around the world, it is a global reference point for professionals working in the hair and beauty industry. Techniques, fashion, education and trends are at the core of every issue of Estetica Magazine. Further information about both the printed and digital versions of the magazine is available at magazines.esteticanetwork.com

Estetica Magazine is the world's leading hairdressing magazine. Founded in Italy in 1946 and published today in over 60 countries around the world, it is a global reference point for professionals working in the hair and beauty industry. Techniques, fashion, education and trends are at the core of every issue of Estetica Magazine. Further information about both the printed and digital versions of the magazine is available at magazines.esteticanetwork.com


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the Hair<strong>Magazine</strong><br />


NYFW SS23, industry<br />

events, and salon design<br />


Focus on men’s trends,<br />

products, tools & more<br />


Cover story, trends,<br />

revivals & innovations







75 YEARS OF<br />




per un capello sano e luminoso<br />

www.echosline.it<br />


editorial<br />

On the verge of bidding farewell to <strong>2022</strong>, this winter issue will be focusing on color<br />

trends as envisioned by Goldwell on our front cover and cover story, as well as the<br />

extensive report on the Goldwell Creative Awards and our Best in <strong>USA</strong> album.<br />

Once again you will find news about how to help insure hair health. Moreover, all the<br />

Creative Direction: John Moroney,<br />

VP Creative & Communication<br />

Kao Salon Division<br />

Hair: Angelo Seminara, Goldwell<br />

Global Ambassador<br />

Color: Agnes Westerman,<br />

William Wilson<br />

Photo: Ralph Mecke<br />

Make-up: Jochen Pahs<br />

Styling: Ingo Nahrwold<br />

beautiful men in our lives will be getting the attention they deserve - including trends,<br />

tools, and products! Even our salon design feature presents a stunning mélange -<br />

something for everyone - especially in what were once “traditional“ barber shops!<br />

Indeed, beauty must also be inclusive,<br />

blind to gender, race, religion, and more.<br />

“To be yourself in a world<br />

that is constantly trying to<br />

make you something else is the<br />

greatest accomplishment.”<br />

Ralph Waldo Emerson<br />

It’s simply up to the individual to find<br />

his or her own “brand” of fashion and<br />

beauty. Maggie Mulhern also explores the eclectic looks found on the<br />

runways in her coverage of New York Fashion Week SS23. After all, variety is<br />

the spice of life... and of hairdressing!<br />

Marie Scarano<br />

Something for everyone at<br />


www.alteregoitaly.com<br />


Estetica n. 4/<strong>2022</strong><br />

contents<br />



Roberto Pissimiglia<br />


Marie Scarano<br />

esteticausa@estetica.it<br />



Laura Castelli<br />

l.castelli@estetica.it<br />



Monica Tessari<br />

m.tessari@estetica.it<br />

LAYOUT<br />

Manuela Artosi<br />

m.artosi@estetica.it<br />

Davide Cardente<br />

d.cardente@estetica.it<br />


Nives Carena<br />

nivescarena@estetica.it<br />

<strong>ESTETICA</strong> <strong>USA</strong><br />


Maggie Mulhern<br />

ESPAÑA<br />

Elisabet Parra,<br />

Cristina Hernández<br />


Michaela Dee<br />

FRANCE<br />

Marie Coccoluto<br />

UK<br />

Gary Kelly<br />

ITALIA<br />

Lucia Preziosi,<br />

Glorianna Vaschetto,<br />

Emanuela Vaser<br />


Erica Balduini,<br />

Erika Marchese,<br />

Stefania Rao,<br />

Alessandro Zanetti<br />

Shoot Cover Story 6<br />

Trends Male Attitude 8<br />

Catwalks Beauty is Back 16<br />

Vision The Magic of Color & Shape 22<br />

Events Best of the Universe 30<br />

Trends Today’s New Men 82<br />

Trends Hair with Attitude 86<br />

Design Vivid Vibes & Atmosphere 90<br />

Interview Angelo Seminara 94<br />

International trends<br />

Punk it all up 33<br />

What’s trending?<br />

Everything! Men’s<br />

looks and curls for<br />

both men and women!<br />

Take your pick!<br />

NYFW coverage and<br />

global events, plus<br />

our international<br />

pages offer plenty of<br />

inspiration!<br />

Salon design is<br />

becoming more<br />

creative and<br />

individualized, just<br />

like hairstyles<br />


Cover Story<br />

The ongoing challenge for any colorist and stylist behind<br />

the chair is to find the ultimate balance: haute couture that<br />

is both trendy yet suited to the client’s everyday lifestyle.<br />

For our winter issue the cover photo features the excellence of Goldwell artists and products with a<br />

spectacular cover-worthy look that can work easily for any woman. It is sophisticated enough for<br />

those in corporate careers to professionals essentially of any age, yet is simple and casual enough for<br />

stay-at-home moms. This is precisely the challenge that so many hairdressers are facing nowadays in<br />

a post-pandemic panorama: finding fashion-forward looks for the very real clients sitting in their<br />

chairs. And with this stunning yet subtle color and impeccable cut, the Goldwell team delivered.<br />

To achieve their vision of<br />

a "Soft Tangerine" hue,<br />

Agnes Westerman and<br />

William Wilson expertly<br />

formulated a<br />

combination of Elumen<br />

and Elumen Play shades.<br />

Angelo Seminara<br />

trimmed the chin-length<br />

bob, added some volume,<br />

and updated the bangs<br />

with some point cutting<br />

just above the eyebrows.

Existing shade: 8NA<br />

Mid-lengths and ends:<br />

Variation of 10N and 10G<br />

“Soft Tangerine”<br />

formula and technique:<br />


• 60ml System Developer<br />

Lotion 12% (40vol.)<br />

• 30ml Topchic HiBlondes 11P<br />

Lightened ends:<br />

• 35ml LightDimensions<br />

SilkLift Conditioning Cream<br />

Developer 3% (10vol.)<br />

• 25g (ml) LightDimensions<br />

SilkLift Zero Ammonia<br />

• 3 Pumps LightDimensions<br />

SilkLift 2in1 Serum<br />

• 4-5 drops System THICKENER<br />

Stretched regrowth:<br />

• 30ml ELUMEN KB@7<br />

• 30ml ELUMEN GB@9<br />

• 10ml ELUMEN PlRose@10<br />

Stretched ends 1:<br />

• 5ml ELUMEN KB@7<br />

• 30ml ELUMEN GB@9<br />

• 5ml ELUMEN PlRose@10<br />

Stretched ends 2:<br />

• 60ml Elumen Play @CLEAR<br />

• 9ml Elumen Play @YELLOW<br />

Stretched ends 3:<br />

• 30ml Elumen Play @PASTEL PEACH<br />

• 30ml Elumen Play @PASTEL PINK<br />

• 1ml Elumen Play @PINK<br />

Creative Direction:<br />

John Moroney,<br />

VP Creative &<br />

Communication Kao<br />

Salon Division<br />

Hair: Angelo Seminara,<br />

Goldwell Global<br />

Ambassador<br />

Color: Agnes Westerman,<br />

William Wilson<br />

Photo: Ralph Mecke<br />

Make-up: Jochen Pahs<br />

Styling: Ingo Nahrwold<br />

John Moroney, Global Vice President of Creative & Communications, Kao Salon<br />

Division commented, “The concept behind this look was create a cut and color that<br />

was classic enough for a professional setting but could be given an edgier, more<br />

modern style for a night out.”<br />

“For Soft Tangerine, our color team wanted to showcase the natural-looking tones of<br />

Elumen, while still making it look modern. Angelo Seminara took the classic bob<br />

shape and gave it an edgy modern look, which when juxtaposed with the natural tones<br />

gives it a future-forward feeling.”<br />

photoshoot<br />


Male Attitude<br />

Male grooming is an ever-evolving craft with its own unique<br />

dynamism. It’s also a huge global business, especially since men<br />

have become so much more experimental about the way they look.<br />

And men’s hair is trending hard, wherever you’re from! Gary Kelly<br />


“With male grooming now bigger than ever, we wanted to create an image which reflected the trends of the present, which also show the<br />

progression of the market and the styles that are both popular and relatable to clients of all ages. The first image is inspired by individuality,<br />

the chance to embrace the flexibility of the hair, working with a much more relaxed feel and allowing the individual to embrace their own<br />

creativity and freedom. Movement was the inspiration for this look. The second look is inspired by the strength of a classic square shape – a<br />

much more structured and uniform look, using an architectural like shape to structure the hair and keep it in check at all times.”<br />

Andy Heasman, International Creative Director, RUSH Hair (UK)<br />

Hair: RUSH Artistic Team/Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis/Clothes Stylist: Robert Morrison/Photo: Jack Eames<br />


“This image challenges the boundaries around men’s hair and colour. I love that this look demonstrates a style and colour placement<br />

that is totally wearable for men. I also enjoy the androgynous feel to this image. It taps into the movement around owning our identity,<br />

self expression and gender fluidity. I think the moody green hue here is perfect, not only to suit the model’s fair skin tone, but to create<br />

mystery around the face while also adding interest to the stylised haircut.” Teri Lowe, Creative Director at The Hair Surgery (UK)<br />

Hair: Teri Lowe/Styling: Rasa Balcuiniate/Make-up: Stacey Ellen Simpson/Photo: James Nicklin<br />

8 trends


“Current trends are inspired by classics such as crops and mullets which are still going strong in<br />

<strong>2022</strong>. Crew cuts are also popular as some men prefer more practical cuts to wash more frequently.<br />

Personally, I love all the possibilities and it has been nice putting some work into changing styles and<br />

working with a lot of hair.” Sindi Devitte, Andis Global Educator (<strong>USA</strong>)<br />

Hair: Sindi Devitte, Andis Global Educator/Photo: Cunha Photography<br />


“The polished elegance of a tight fade will never be off trend. For a fashion forward feel, create a tight<br />

fade at an angle just above the ear, add a hard part and keep the edges clean. Refine further by grooming<br />

eyebrows and any facial hair to complement the face shape and celebrate the wearers personal style.”<br />

Becka Bradshaw at Sam Villa (<strong>USA</strong>)<br />

Hair: Becka Bradshaw at Sam Villa Creative Director: Teresa Romero/Photo: Nico Norsdström/Makeup: Leticia Tapia and Delia Deleon/<br />

Wardrobe: Michi Lafary/Model: Brandon Gonzales


“Throwback to grunge. For a woman this side-parted chin-length bob would be somewhat of a classic.<br />

But this androgynous look with the right attitude can work great for younger men as well.”<br />

Mike Taylor (<strong>USA</strong>)<br />

Hair: Denman Ambassador Mike Taylor @miketayloreducation/Photo: Liam Oakes @liamoakesphoto/Tools: Denman<br />


“Shifting textures and layers, a high and tight undercut, and styling product that enhance the natural<br />

texture of hair come together to create this urban version of an old-school quiff. Today men’s looks<br />

need to be versatile, easy to style into different looks and a means to express their personal vibe.<br />

Depending on the styling products used, this look can easily transform from vintage to modern.”<br />

Teresa Romero at Sam Villa (<strong>USA</strong>)<br />

Hair: Teresa Romero/Creative Director: Sam Villa/Hair Assistant: Sarah Adeleye<br />

Make-up: Teresa Romero and Sarah Adeleye/Photo: Dani Bauer/Tools: Sam Villa<br />

124 trends trends 125


“A fire engine red makes the perfect fashion statement for what is already a disconnected and textured mulllet.<br />

Denman tools are great for getting those crisp lines over the ears and shaping the side-swept bangs close to the head.”<br />

Mike Taylor (<strong>USA</strong>)<br />

Hair: Denman Ambassador Mike Taylor @miketayloreducation/Photo:Liam Oakes @liamoakesphoto/Tools: Denman<br />


“I wanted this haircut to almost have a do-it-yourself feel like it had been cut with a ‘knife and fork’ to enhance and disrupt<br />

the texture of the haircut. The inspiration was taken from the punk era to create this anti-establishment, raw neo-punk feel - a<br />

look that could be rejected by the mainstream. I love this image as it injects a sense of reality with unedited purity to create<br />

this strong statement.” Christian Wiles (UK)<br />

Hair: Matrix Artist Ambassador Christian Wiles from Wiles Studios, Northampton<br />

trends<br />



“To create this image I worked with Jerome Russell. I always keep my looks extremely wearable but also contemporary and<br />

stylish. Not only is this look super on trend, but it also stays true to my signature style – precision cutting and creating<br />

clean, precise hair looks. I used Jerome Russell bblonde bleach to bleach up the hair to this clean, white blonde. For cutting<br />

I did clipper over comb to create a wait line and then point cut the top to create texture throughout the bleached hair.<br />

For styling I used Label M Matte Paste and Volume Foam to create edgy texture and volume in the hair with a matt finish.”<br />

Jim Shaw, Director of TONI&GUY Billericay (UK)<br />

Hair: Jim Shaw for Jerome Russell.<br />

“Jing debuts an eye-catching and bright orange colour, which complements his effortless hairstyle. His flexible look<br />

is perfect for someone who prefers a low maintenance yet put-together appearance. Using Goldwell LightDimensions<br />

and Goldwell Topchic to achieve a glowing orange, Alex also maintains Jing’s length with disconnected layers and hair<br />

texturising - a hairdo that only the likes of K-pop idols would be able to pull off! To maintain this look, Alex recommends<br />

using styling products from the Goldwell StyleSign range such as Creative Texture RoughMan and Texturizer Texturising<br />

Mineral Spray.” Alex Neo (Singapore)<br />

Hair: Alex Neo, Director of The Lawn Hairdressing, Singapore/Products: Goldwell<br />



“A balance between smoothness and angularity with beautiful blending texture creates a flawless<br />

modern look. With subtle blue and purple tones embracing hair, there is a strong emphasis on<br />

character, especially when seen in sunlight. Finally, leaving a heavy-weight feature line on the top<br />

section generates a ‘Yuppie’ look and transfers it into a sophisticated fashion style.”<br />

Eros Eason Chen (Taiwan)<br />

Hair: Eros Eason Chen, Taiwan Model: Samuel<br />


“I set out to create a look that would reflect my model’s personality - Milo is in the music industry /model,<br />

rock ’n’ roll edge that I wanted to magnify. His hair was originally just past his shoulders and all one length<br />

- I wanted to create something more lived-in and touchable, an homage to Mick Jagger without being a<br />

direct copy. I cut the hair with a razor, shaping an oval perimeter and shattering the hair to create layers<br />

and texture that are so versatile to style. The finished look has 1970s influences but with a contemporary<br />

twist that makes it surprisingly wearable.” Darren Ambrose (UK)<br />

Energy Collection by D&J Ambrose/Hair: Darren Ambrose @darrenambrose/Colour: D&J Artistic Team @djambrosehair<br />

Make-up: John Christopher @jcmua/Styling: Jackie Ambrose @jackie.ambrose1/Photo: Chris Bulezuik @chrisbulezuikphotography<br />

trends<br />








16 – 18 MARCH 2023<br />

17 – 20 MARCH 2023<br />


BolognaFiere Cosmoprof S.p.a.<br />

Milan, Italy<br />

P +39 02 796 420<br />

F +39 02 795 036<br />

info@cosmoprof.it<br />




Beauty is<br />

back<br />

The beauty presented at the NYFW<br />

Spring/Summer 2023 runways<br />

highlighted a return to a pro touch.<br />

16 catwalks<br />

Braids, cornrows, afros, mullets, bobs, pixies, simple blowouts, shags and of course<br />

ponytails - the Spring/Summer 2023 beauty offerings presented at the most recent<br />

New York Fashion Week had it all, representing extremes from exaggerated and<br />

dramatic to unforced finishes. While many designers opted for a more uniform and<br />

strong silhouette to accent their collections, others chose the more natural route by<br />

having the hair team enhance the models own texture and shape. Kien Hoang, Oribe<br />

Principal Artist of Global Design, was the lead hairdresser for almost a dozen shows<br />

this past season and worked on looks from extreme structured up styles to softer<br />

and more natural falls. “I love what it takes to make sure every shape is right for<br />

the collection,” says Hoang who frequently researches historic documents to come<br />

up with ideas that suit the era and fashion. “Sometimes that means a powerful<br />

design like the almost floor length braids for the female warriors for the Kim Shui<br />

collection, and sometimes the looks are to be something seemingly effortless. Those<br />

finishes are equally important and difficult, and require just as much skill and ability<br />

from the hairstylists.” No matter the direction, beauty did make a statement on the<br />

catwalk and gave the hair teams, along with nail and make up artists, something to<br />

talk about. It was a winning season for everyone, both front and back of house.

Strong to soft<br />

From the high knotted braided ponytails for Kim Shui (by Oribe’s Kien Hoang) to the simple, gentle bobs for Ella Johnson (by Bob<br />

Recine for Oribe Hair Care), there was something for everyone at the collections presented at the Spring and Summer 2023 NYFW.<br />

Simple short crops and naturally textured coils are perfect for carefree, low-maintenance looks, while a throwback to a 70’s vibe<br />

was found in smooth lengths with a middle part. Groovy!



Glamour was the hero<br />

at the shows, but with<br />

a personalized twist.<br />

Tommy Hilfiger models<br />

featured deep side parts to<br />

create bangs that draped<br />

across the forehead to add<br />

sensuality to luscious lengths.<br />

Spikey Mohawks create an<br />

alluring springtime plumage<br />

for the bolder fashionforward<br />

crowd. Center parts<br />

with chignons, pony tails, or<br />

demure dropped waves and<br />

asymmetrical finishes are<br />

just some of looks expected<br />

to jump from the runway<br />

to the streets this spring<br />

and summer.<br />


18 catwalks


Teams were out in force and just about every backstage was back to 2019 energy, enthusiasm and<br />

chaos. Beauty pros were able to execute comfortably without masks and fear of exposure, and artists<br />

were just happy to get back to work and enjoy the fun and excitement of NYFW. “Working backstage<br />

is very fast paced and can be a stressful adrenaline rush,” says Odete DaSilva, Goldwell NYC Academy<br />

Artist and NYFW Editorial Hair Stylist. “Time is of the essence and often we never have enough of<br />

it. Most times we only have 10 minutes with each model.”<br />

Another key to a bespoken hair look? Accessories! Berets, scarves, beads or original headbands<br />

can also add oomph! to any outfit. Free-style shags of all lengths and pseudo-mullets are all<br />

trending, especially amongst youths seeking a more natural and androgynous look, as they<br />

work for both men and women. Trend forecaster and Global Creative Director for Living Proof<br />

Michael Shawn Corby loves what he calls the “shapeless shapes” that were seen on many catwalks.<br />

Says Corby, “From partial waves to smoothed over straight sweeps, this season was all about<br />

complementing the fun, flirty and barely-there fashions that we are going to see for spring and<br />

summer 2023.”

Ulta Beauty Pro Team - Nick Stenson: @nickstenson, Anna Manukyan: @amanukyan, Sonya Dove: @thesonyadove, Sean Godard: @seangodard, Danielle Keasling: @danielle.keasling, David Lopez: @davidlopezzz, Michelle O’Connor: @michelleoconnorbeauty; Hair Assistants: Ulta Beauty Design Team - Haley Kimble- Valadez: @haleyki, Beto Sanchez: @betoloveshair, Gilad Goldstein: @myguiltycrown, Reva Haga: @reva_danielle, Takeyra Shipps: @hair_bytakeyra,<br />

Laura Gunter: @lauragunterhair, Anthony Negron: @kinganthonyyyy; Hair Assistant: Viktoriya Yeremchuk @viktoriyayeremchuk; Makeup: Deney Adam, Ulta Beauty Pro Team: @deney_adam & Dmitry Potapov: @dmitrymakeup; Nails: Sarah Nguyen: @chrmdbysarah; Wardrobe: Bjorn Van Den Berg: @vandenbergbjorn & Jennifer Daniels: @beforetheflash; Photographer: Richard Monsieurs: @richardmonsieurs.<br />

America’s Beauty Show is a registered trademark of Cosmetologists Chicago.<br />

Celebrating<br />

100 Years!


APRIL 15-17, 2023<br />






americasbeautyshow.com<br />

800.648.2505 | #americasbeautyshow |

The glamorous<br />

assymetrical curly bob<br />

rides the periwinkle<br />

wave, while the tequila<br />

sunrise updo transforms<br />

the model into a<br />

modern-day queen.<br />

Hair: Allen Furlan<br />

Make-up: @Silenceoftheglam<br />

(Ashley Zimmel)<br />

Photo: @jngphoto (John Ng)<br />

The magic of<br />

color & shape

Best of<br />

<strong>USA</strong><br />

“Classic styles with a twist and<br />

awash with brilliant hues - pop<br />

star glam that speaks to you”<br />

vision<br />


“Sunrise hues for<br />

a moon dance vibe -<br />

textured, knotted,<br />

and crimped - wild”<br />

24 vision

Best of<br />

<strong>USA</strong><br />

Inspired by the 90’s supermodel<br />

and Jean Paul Gautier’s bustiers,<br />

this shoot is giving Cindy<br />

Crawford vibes through and<br />

through. Feminine, edgy - this<br />

girl’s got it all.<br />

“Bustier” Collection<br />

Hair Color & Hairstylist: Joan Novak<br />

Photo, Wardrobe & Creative Director:<br />

Joan Novak<br />

Make-up: Jana Bizzarri

With today’s busy<br />

lifestyles, these two<br />

different lengths and<br />

colors lend an effortless<br />

yet fashion-forward<br />

vibe for anyone.<br />

Hair, Color, Styling, Photo:<br />

Charlie Price @charliepricehair<br />

Make-up: Tiaja Pierre @<br />


Best of<br />

<strong>USA</strong><br />

“Simple, shaggy cuts and<br />

inspirational color contrasts<br />

make for carefree style”<br />

vision<br />


R<br />





Hair-Aesthetics-Nails<br />


will be showing the newest inspirations<br />

in Fashion & Competitions.<br />

Save the Date<br />

APRIL 30 - MAY 1, 2023<br />

Online Registration - January 15-20, 2023<br />

www.omchairworld.com<br />

Trainer /Jurors Global Certification fees $500<br />

Includes - Lunches & Sunday Gala Night.<br />

Guest Participation $350 - Lunch and Sunday Gala Dinner.




The OMC Gold Cup is an online competition open to all OMC members across all five<br />

OMC Zones (America, Asia, Western Europe, Central Europe & Eastern Europe) and<br />

offers multiple categories in Ladies, Gents, Junior and Aesthetics & Nails competitions.<br />

ONLINE REGISTRATION FEB. 15th - 20th 2023<br />


Best of<br />

the universe<br />

The extraordinary OMC Hairworld <strong>2022</strong> returns to Paris<br />

with huge success, a monumental live competition and<br />

passionate participants coming from all over the world.<br />

Sergi Bancells<br />

Salvatore Fodera and Gianni Fodera together with Hidetaka Yoshikawa,<br />

Takara Belmont Chairman & CEO. Next OMC <strong>2022</strong> Global Symposium<br />

and the exciting Battle of the Champions are taking place in Yokohama<br />

(Japan), during <strong>2022</strong> Takara World Business Congress.<br />

An enthusiastic global audience enjoyed the live experience of the<br />

World Hairdressing Championships: OMC Hairworld <strong>2022</strong>, held<br />

in Paris during Mondial Coiffure Beauté – MCB by Beauté<br />

Sélection (September 10th-12th) in a specially dedicated area in<br />

the main floor. More than 1,000 participants representing 50<br />

nations competed on the OMC Hairworld <strong>2022</strong> stage in a vibrant<br />

live competition that attracted all eyes all along Sunday, Sep 11th<br />

and Monday, Sep 12th. This awe-inspiring event & competition<br />

was sponsored by Wella Professionals, L’Oréal Professionnel Paris,<br />

Takara Belmont, Aderans and MCB by Beauté Sélection (OMC<br />

Platinum Sponsors); together with Raphaël Perrier, Vitality’s,<br />

Silkey Professional and Cindarella Paris (OMC Gold Sponsors);<br />

and YY Hair, Pivot Point, Calcagni Diffusion and Jinda Hairs<br />

(Mannequin Head OMC Gold Sponsors). OMC Hairworld <strong>2022</strong><br />

was presented by Salvatore Fodera, Chairman/CEO – Founder

,<br />

Inspiration GALORE!<br />

At OMC World<br />

Championships no<br />

matter where you look,<br />

there is a special trick<br />

or secret to learn from<br />

these many competitors<br />

and their creations.<br />

A fabulous environment<br />

where competition<br />

and talent allow your<br />

inspiration to take wing!<br />

OMC & OMC Hairworld; Gianni Fodera, OMC World President; Vincent Fodera, OMC<br />

Hairworld & Marketing Director; and Carmelo Gugliotti, OMC Global Director – Competition.<br />

True artistry dominated the stage in a craft where hair is the medium used to create sculptures<br />

too grandiose for words: the OMC Hairworld <strong>2022</strong> competition demands several practical<br />

trials, giving us a grand number of talent to watch in real time.<br />


During the World Hairdressing Championships in Paris, OMC celebrated its 75th anniversary<br />

as the largest professional hairdressers’ organization in the world with over 50 member<br />

countries and over 1 million individual members worldwide. OMC offers a global platform<br />

to all competitors of the beauty sector to become World Champions in their own field among<br />

competitors from the 5 continents. “Not everyone can be a winner, but just participating is a<br />

winning situation: the experience they gain, the knowledge they take back to their salons... and<br />

then during the year they are training and preparing for this big event. And let’s not forget that<br />

social media connects everybody nowadays: all these connections culminate in this wonderful<br />

platform of OMC”, says Salvatore Fodera, Chairman & CEO. But with so much passion for the<br />

craft, who won? Take a look at www.esteticamagazine.com for the full list of this year’s winners!<br />

Photos by Rose Glen<br />

events<br />


www.ecommerce.estetica.it<br />

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For further info:<br />

<strong>ESTETICA</strong> <strong>USA</strong><br />


MODA<br />

INT’L<br />

Hair Concept, Execution & Dress: Fabrizio Del Buono/Photo: Claudio Gangi/Make-up: Graziano Senesi<br />

PUNK<br />


Hair: Bernadette Beswick<br />

@ Bezaboo<br />

Colour: Stevie English<br />

Photo: Andrew O’Toole<br />

Make-up: Cheriene Waddell

PUNK<br />

IT ALL UP<br />

Hair & Photo: Bill Tsiknaris<br />

Colour: Chris Tsiknaris<br />

Make-up: Brooke Stanley<br />

Styling: Colab X

Hair & Colour: Kristie Kesic<br />

@ Cobelle Creative<br />

Photo: Georgia Wallace<br />

Make-up: Gemma Elaine<br />

Styling: Tamzen Holland<br />

“Punk is the<br />

freedom to create,<br />

freedom to be<br />

successful or not,<br />

freedom to be who<br />

you are. It’s freedom.”<br />

Patti Smith

PUNK<br />

IT ALL UP<br />

Art Direction: Errol Douglas MBE<br />

Hair: F.A.M.E. Team<br />

Photo: Chris Bulezuik<br />

Make-up: Elizabeth Rita<br />

Styling: Anna Latham<br />

Products: Avlon

PUNK<br />

IT ALL UP<br />

Hair: Jude McEwen @ Toni&Guy<br />

Photo: Andrew O’Toole<br />

Make-up: Kylie O’Toole<br />

Styling: Emma Boseley

Hair: E. González & J. Salvador @ Makeover/Photo: David Arnal/Make-up: E. Quílez/Products: Schwarzkopf Professional<br />

Hair: Amy Wardley @ John Oliver’s<br />

Hair: Corta Cabeza Creative Team/Photo: Gabo Boza/Products: Wella<br />

Hair: Shy+Flo/Photo: John Rawson/Make-up: Nicola Fischer

Art Direction: Christophe Gaillet<br />

Hair: Quentin Lafforgue - Team HCF<br />

Photo: Maros Belavy<br />

Make-up: Martyna Molenda<br />

Products: L’Oréal Professionnel, Revlon Professional<br />

“I’d rather be hated for<br />

who I am, than loved<br />

for who I am not.”<br />

Kurt Cobain

PUNK<br />

IT ALL UP<br />

Hair: Attilio Artistic Team @ Lorenzo Marchelle<br />

Photo: Lele Oldrini<br />

Make-up: Rossella Pisani<br />

Styling: Isabella Ingravallo

Hair & Colour: Mark Eubanks<br />

@ Mark Christopher Salon<br />

Photo: John Rawson<br />

Styling: Rose Swift

PUNK<br />

IT ALL UP<br />

Hair & Colour: Mark Eubanks<br />

@ Mark Christopher Salon<br />

Photo: John Rawson<br />

Styling: Rose Swift

Hair: Jacques Moisant Paris Team<br />

Photo: Kei Takeda<br />

Make-up: Yusaku Nakahara<br />


&<br />


Art Direction: Bruno Marc Gianmattei<br />

@ Marc Antoni<br />

Hair: Marcus Giamattei & Dan Spiller<br />

Photo: Jamie Blanshard<br />

Make-up: Katie Moore<br />

Products: Joico<br />

PUNK<br />


PUNK<br />

IT ALL UP<br />

Art Direction & Hair: Eric Maurice/Photo: Pascal Latil/Make-up: Ambre Thomas/Styling: Véronique Suchet<br />

“What is attitude?<br />

It’s a small thing which<br />

always makes a really<br />

big difference.”<br />

Sir Winston Churchill

Art Direction & Hair: Eric Maurice/Photo: Pascal Latil<br />

Art Direction & Hair: Christine Alves/Photo: Imagin’com/M-up: Aline Le<br />

Hair: Giovanni Damiani & Simone Virdis/Photo: Alessandro Dalla Fontana<br />

Hair & Styling: Shae Tsiknaris/Photo: Bill Tsiknaris/Make-up: Brooke Stanley<br />

Hair: Elle Broadhurst/Colour: Kristie Kesic @ Cobelle Creative/Photo: Georgia Wallace

PUNK<br />

IT ALL UP<br />

Hair: Christian Ríos<br />

@ Christian Ríos Hair Couture<br />

Photo: Esteban Roca<br />

Make-up: Gloss Make Up<br />

Styling: SergiDevcia Couture

Hair: Pauline McCabe<br />

@ Rock Paper Scissors<br />

Photo: Andrew O’Toole<br />

Make-up: Hendra Widjaja<br />

Styling: Rochelle Renwick

PUNK<br />

IT ALL UP<br />

“Creativity involves breaking<br />

out of established patterns<br />

in order to look at things in<br />

a different way.” Edward de Bono<br />

Hair: Allan Mckechnie @ Rutherfords Hair<br />

Photo: Lee Howell<br />

Make-up: Stacey Whittaker<br />

Styling: Jacki Clark & Allan Mckechnie

Hair, Colour & Styling: Charlie Price<br />

Photo: EJ Carr<br />

Make-up:Tiaja Pierre

PUNK<br />

IT ALL UP<br />

Hair & Photo: Bill Tsiknaris<br />

Colour: Chris Tsiknaris<br />

Make-up: Brooke Stanley<br />

Styling: Colab X

Hair: David Barron @ Barrons London Salon/Photo: John Rawson/Make-up: M. Austin/Styling: M. Jacobs<br />

Hair: Bernadette Beswick @ Bezaboo/Colour: Stevie English/Photo: Andrew O’Toole/M-up: Cheriene Waddell<br />


&<br />


Left & right: Global Creative Director: Ezio Diaferia @ Cotril/Art Direction: Luca Grillo/Hair: Yuri Napolitano & Consuelo Prignano<br />

Hair: Jude McEwen @ Toni&Guy/Photo: Andrew O’Toole/Make-up: Kylie O’Toole<br />

Hair: Danny van Tuijl @ Ginger|Lemon Hair/Photo: G+K Photo/Make-up: Sophia Gunev

PUNK<br />

IT ALL UP<br />

Hair: F.A.M.E. Team<br />

Photo: Michael Young<br />

Make-up: Maddie Austin<br />

Styling: Bernard Connolly<br />

Products: Schwarzkopf Professional<br />

“It doesn’t matter how long<br />

my hair is, or what colour<br />

my skin is, or whether I’m<br />

a woman or a man.” John Lennon

PUNK<br />

IT ALL UP<br />

Hair: David Corbett<br />

@ David Corbett Hairdressing<br />

Photo: Michael Young<br />

Make-up: Maddie Austin Kelly<br />

Styling: Claire Frith<br />



Hair: Dee Parker Attwood<br />

@ Wieselmann Salon<br />

Colour: Rob Watson<br />

Photo: Andrew O’Toole<br />

Make-up: Kylie O’Toole<br />

Body Tattooing: Liz Mason<br />

Styling: Elaine Marshall

PUNK<br />

IT ALL UP<br />

Hair & Colour: Ann Marie Young<br />

@ Jingles Hair Design<br />

Photo: Fiona Quinn<br />

Make-up: Chanelle Aldridge<br />

Styliing: Fiona Quinn

“Always be yourself,<br />

express yourself, have<br />

faith in yourself, do<br />

not go out and look for<br />

a successful personality<br />

and duplicate it.”<br />

Bruce Lee<br />

Hair: D. Carsidona & F. De Palma<br />

@ Klaus Peter Ochs<br />

Photo: Dan Candler<br />

Make-up: Alice Owens<br />

Styling: Mickael Komer

Hair: Mayte Garrote @ Different Estilistas/Photo: David Arnal/Make up: José Luis Blasco/Styling: Eunnis Mesa<br />

Hair: Attilio Artistic Team @ Lorenzo Marchelle/Photo: Lele Oldrini/Make-up: Rossella Pisani/Styling: Isabella Ingravallo

Art Direction & Hair: Eric Maurice<br />

Photo: Pascal Latil<br />

Make-up: Ambre Thomas<br />

Styling: Véronique Suchet<br />

PUNK<br />

IT ALL UP<br />

Hair: Cicciput Unse Tratem<br />

Photo: Lorem Ipsum Dolor<br />

Make-up: Adusmater Duretraio<br />

Styling: Bauhaus Riputer

PUNK<br />

IT ALL UP<br />

Hair: Giuseppe Stelitano,<br />

Creative Director @ trevorsorbie<br />

Photo: Pascal Latil<br />

Styling: Gumidafe Gutiér<br />

Nails: Jimena Nails

Hair & Colour: Viktoriya Vradii<br />

Photo: Desmond Murray<br />

Make-up: Lauren Mathis<br />

Styling: Jamie Russell

Hair: B- Beswick @ Bezaboo/Colour: S. English/Photo: A. O’Toole<br />

Art Direction & Hair: Marco Iafrate @ Deco Beauty Salon<br />

Photo: Lorenzo Sampaolesi<br />

Art Direction & Hair: Valérie Guillaume/Photo: Elya Kéran<br />

Hair: F.A.M.E. Team/Photo: Michael Young Hair & Colour: Kristie Kesic @ Cobelle Creative/Photo: Georgia Wallace<br />

Art Direction & Hair: Eric Maurice/Photo: Pascal Latil<br />

Hair: Shy+Flo/Photo: John Rawson/Make-up: N. Fischer<br />

Hair: Allan Mckechnie @ Rutherfords Hair/Photo: Lee Howell

Hair: E. Broadhurst/Colour: K. Kesic @ Cobelle Creative/<br />

Photo: G. Wallace<br />

Hair: Jose Urrutia/Photo: Esteban Roca<br />

Art Direction & Hair: Christine Alves/Photo: Maurizio Pighizzin<br />

Hair & Colour: Ann Marie Young @ Jingles Hair Design/Photo: Fiona Quinn<br />

Hair: Alazne Montero @ Punkrose Salon/Photo: Jorge Rastrojo<br />

Hair & Styling: Shae Tsiknaris/Photo: Bill Tsiknaris<br />

Art Direction & Hair: Marco Iafrate @ Deco Beauty Salon/Photo: Lorenzo Sampaolesi

PUNK<br />

IT ALL UP<br />

Hair: Alfredo Valero<br />

@ Blades Hair Studio<br />

Photo: David Arnal<br />

Make-up: Jose Luis Blasco<br />

Products: Goldwell

Art Direction & Hair: Marco Iafrate<br />

@ Deco Beauty Salon<br />

Colour: Mario Giorgetto<br />

Photo: Lorenzo Sampaolesi<br />

Make-up: Massimo Palasciano

PUNK<br />

IT ALL UP<br />

Hair: Darrel Starkey<br />

Photo: Anthony Sheridan<br />

Make-up: Abbie Beautement


Hair: Darrel Starkey<br />

Photo: Anthony Sheridan<br />

Make-up: Abbie Beautement<br />


PUNK<br />

IT ALL UP<br />

Art Direction: David Katchadourian & Pascal Latil<br />

Hair: Team Alexandra Grey<br />

Photo: Pascal Latil<br />

Make-up: Mariana Miteva<br />

Products: Schwarzkopf Professional<br />

“I enjoy looking good<br />

and love experimenting<br />

with my hair colour.<br />

I’ve just gone from<br />

blonde to brunette,<br />

and keep looking in<br />

the mirror and not<br />

recognising myself!”<br />

Katie Piper

Art Direction: Eric Maurice &<br />

Jacques Seban @mydentity<br />

Colour: A. Zachary, E. Belmonte,<br />

E. Maurice, L. Dupont<br />

Photo: Glenn Norwood<br />

Make-up: F. Díaz & F. Milanez

PUNK<br />

IT ALL UP<br />

Hair: Francine Ladrière<br />

Photo: Nicolas Huret<br />

Make-up: Cécile Prat<br />

Styling: Justine Wessels

Hair: Danny van Tuijl<br />

@ Ginger|Lemon Hair<br />

Photo: G+K Photo<br />

Make-up: Sophia Gunev<br />

Styling: Lizzy Lemon

Art Direction & Hair: Valérie Guillaume<br />

@ Salon Kinki Kappers<br />

Photo: Elya Kèran<br />

Make-up: Roberto Godales Del Valle<br />

Styling: Monique Désar<br />



PUNK<br />

IT ALL UP<br />

Creative Direction:<br />

Mauro Galzignato for Kemon<br />

Hair: D. Carlucci, R. Rogari, A. Candido,<br />

P. Baltieri, D. Comandulli, F. Morelli<br />

Photo: Hair: Fernando Lucia McEvoy Gomez<br />

@ Tony @ Wood Aura Photo Hairdressing Agency

Hair: Roberto Dallo Lafuente/Photo: Jose Urrutia<br />

Hair: Shy+Flo/Photo: John Rawson/Make-up: N. Fischer<br />

Hair & Styling: Shae Tsiknaris/Photo: Bill Tsiknaris<br />

Art Direction: Suzie McGill @ Rainbow Room International/Photo: Chris Bulezuik<br />

Hair & Colour: Mark Eubanks @ Mark Christopher Salon/Photo: John Rawson

Hair: The Club<br />

Photo: Vincent Urbani<br />

Make-up: Valentina Achilli<br />

Products: Wella<br />

PUNK<br />


PUNK<br />

IT ALL UP<br />

Hair: Josh Woodman<br />

Photo: Desmond Murray<br />

Make-up: Fatin Hasdo<br />

Products: Denman<br />

Images: FPA

Hair: Marc Thibault<br />

Photo: Steeve Josch<br />

Make-up: Laurent Tonder<br />

“You are your greatest asset. Put your time,<br />

effort and money into training, grooming,<br />

and encouraging your greatest asset.” Tom Hopkins



Heart est la coloration Vitality’s qui renforce les cheveux<br />

tout en les colorant, en améliorant la consistance du cheveu<br />

et en augmentant sa résistance de plus de<br />

+35%<br />

*<br />

*Essai ex vivo de résistance à la casse des cheveux après le soin colorant Heart (avec l’activateur Heart) réalisé<br />

par un laboratoire indépendant externe en comparant des cheveux colorés avec Heart à des cheveux non colorés.<br />


Today’s<br />

New Men<br />

What is dictating men’s fashion nowadays? Mostly the<br />

same influences found in women’s fashion. Retro and<br />

vintage vibes, ethnic and street style – there will always<br />

be classic cuts, but even these looks can work with suits!<br />

Hair: Becka Bradshaw, Sam Villa Ambassador - Creative Director: Teresa Romero - Photo: Nico Norsdström/Obsidian and<br />

Blush - Makeup Artist: Letica Tapia and Delia Deleon - Wardrobe: Michi Lafary/Obsidian and Blus<br />

Hair: Roger Molina, Sam Villa ArTeam - Creative Director: Teresa Romero - Photo: Nico Norsdström/Obsidian and<br />

Blush - Makeup: Delia DeLeon and Leticia Tapia - Wardrobe: Michi Lafary/Obsidian and Blush

Top and below: Denman Ambassador Mike Taylor@miketayloreducation<br />

Photo: Liam Oakes@liamoakesphoto - Tools: Denman<br />

Top right: The Denman Fade<br />

brush has extra-soft bristles<br />

that gently remove cut hair<br />

for a squeaky clean work area<br />

and the sharpest of fades.<br />

While there will always be classic men’s looks à la Cary Grant and other Hollywood hunks<br />

of yesteryear, today’s men are setting new limits and exploring and experimenting with<br />

bespoken looks that better suit their own features, hair type, and - why not? - lifestyle.<br />

What we can safely say is that men’s hair fashions, especially for everyday looks, are increasingly<br />

androgynous. Braids, shags, and mullets abound, with focus on the hair and less on whether a<br />

man is clean-shaven or bearded and the shape and volume of sideburns. Of course there is still<br />

an overall vision of what was once referred to as “manscaping”, but it’s more in terms of the<br />

individual’s personality. Denman Ambassador Alan Beak confirms this, observing, “Employers,<br />

professionals and people in general have become so much more open minded in the last few<br />

years and individualism is celebrated more than ever. This has led to our clients being able to<br />

express their personalities through how they have their haircut, which means we’ve seen a shift<br />

in more creative styles. The hair cut can now have a diverse way in which they style it.”<br />


“With a strong sense of identity, and expression of personal fashion, men’s hair is<br />

becoming longer and more individualized based on natural texture. Creating imperfect<br />

perfection is now the focus from traditional male grooming to non-gendered hairstyles<br />

that break away from societal norms,” explains Teresa Romero, Creative Director for Sam<br />

Villa. To the left, modern classics like these are achieved by creating disconnected layers<br />

and graduation. Think square shape shags with a heavier perimeter. Inspiration for these<br />

looks comes from the polished organic texture and fashion of today’s contemporary<br />

“dandies”. Today’s men feel more comfortable and confident while being creative with<br />

styling. They are more than willing to seek products that enhance texture, hot tools to<br />

refine the style, and ask for advice on how to perfect DIY styling techniques.<br />

trends<br />


How can salon professionals meet the growing needs of a relatively new yet super- savvy<br />

clientele? Knowing how to communicate and using the latest lingo with one of the fastest<br />

growing sectors in recent years means laying a foundation for consolidated success in<br />

terms of dedicated products, services, and trends. Denman’s Alan Beak shares, “I’m always<br />

advising my clients on ways in which they can potentially wear their hair: more creative,<br />

textured and even wilder. But then I also show them the more conservative way it can be<br />

styled. Even a messy cropped mullet has become socially accepted not just in society as a<br />

cool and current look, but also the workplace.” It’s also important to cater to the special<br />

needs that men bring to the salon. After all, men can be sensitive, too! For example, Wahl’s<br />

Nieves Almaraz (@howtofadehair) advises, “With winter comes dry skin that is easily<br />

irritated, and clients deserve a barber that understands how to pamper dry skin and put<br />

client comfort first when using clippers and shavers. Prioritizing client comfort also means<br />

using the best tools that won’t cause irritation or redness when they are getting that close<br />

cut. The Wahl Professional 5 Star Vanish® Shaver provides an ultra-close finish without<br />

irritation thanks to a revolutionary new independent suspension cutting system and<br />

micro-thin gold foils that hug the face, head, and neck for the smoothest shave.”<br />


When collaborating on a HERO runway show, the goal for the Eufora’s Men’s Team was<br />

to sort out the influences currently impacting men’s styling trends. Indeed, many of these<br />

factors are driving the resurgence of looks reminiscent of the late 1960’s and early 70’s.<br />

Team lead, Julie Cross was determined “to instill a feeling of hope and change; sharing the<br />

Wahl<br />

Wahl Professional Educator,<br />

Nieves Almaraz on fading<br />

and ultra-close finishes<br />

Disconnected cuts, regulation cuts, and other popular haircuts<br />

require skill and technique along with the proper tools. The<br />

trend for <strong>2022</strong> and beyond is a clean cut with sharp finishing,<br />

and Wahl Professional Educator, Nieves Almaraz, has tips to<br />

make your fading and finishing look as cool and crisp as the<br />

air outside. The NEW Wahl Professional 5 Star Vanish® Shaver<br />

provides an ultra-close finish thanks to a revolutionary new<br />

independent suspension cutting system and micro-thin gold<br />

foils that hug the face, head, and neck for the smoothest shave.<br />


Cut/Color/Style - Julie Cross, Dana Cash , and Lisa Warren for Eufora<br />

Eufora<br />

realization that great things are possible even in the craziest and most chaotic of times.”<br />

As a result, the looks designed for this show brought to life a rebellious vibe,<br />

personalities ready to push boundaries and embrace change. “Forms were softer and<br />

more rounded, using length and texture to bend traditional expectations. Softened<br />

silhouettes with added volume balanced out hard lines and strong shapes. Clean<br />

barbered details were combined with longer, looser styles so that no one single look<br />

could be stereotyped or considered a flat personality,” says Cross. “Longer hair and<br />

natural texture are still in style; the combination of relaxed yet meticulously styled<br />

looks are on trend; clean sharp “barber” details will never be out of vogue when used<br />

to bring personality to life.” The Eufora Men’s Team had to meet the personalities of<br />

the models to develop a unique vibe and distinct style for each. All models from the<br />

show were cut, colored, and styled to remind us that no one should feel restrained by<br />

what may appear to be the rules or limitations of the times. The message to takeaway<br />

was this. “Longer hair and natural texture are still in style; the combination of relaxed<br />

yet meticulously styled looks are on trend; clean sharp “barber” details will never be<br />

out of vogue when used to bring personality to life.”<br />

“A haircut is about free will and<br />

allowing people to express who<br />

they are. This is exactly where<br />

the world should be right now”<br />

Denman Ambassador Alan Beak<br />

Samson’s Haircare, an artisanal men’s<br />

hair and beard care range, founded<br />

in 2019 by barber Jake Hamlet and<br />

relationship manager, Adam Muncy.<br />

Foster the Curl is a light hold crème that<br />

delivers low shine and holds curls all day<br />

while nourishing hair. Samson’s Beard<br />

Oil is formulated with sweet almond<br />

oil, avocado and jojoba oils, and other<br />

natural ingredients that moisturize<br />

and soften your beard and skin.<br />

Sunup to sundown, Samson’s Hair<br />

Pomade will hold your hair in place.

Curly Cut: Liza Espinoza Achurra @modaliza2/Hair Color: Cherry Petenbrink @hairbycherryp/Hair Assists: Bryce Van Dyke, Reynaldo Achurra, Anavel Barajas<br />

Photo: Nohemi Capetillo @noamyphotographerpro/Makeup: Melissa Musseau @mmusse/Products: Moroccanoil<br />

Hair with<br />

attitude<br />

In today’s world of individualism, curls are meant to be<br />

124<br />

celebrated, trends<br />

not straightened. And if your hair is straight,<br />

there are ways of adding curls, texture, and volume.<br />

86 trends

More and more people, men and women alike, are embracing the natural texture of their hair, whether it be<br />

slightly wavy, curly or the tightest of coils. What is always important, as always, is to keep hair healthy and use<br />

specific products to define curls and add shine. And of course, it helps to use the right tools so that hair is never<br />

stressed by pulling while detangling or heat.<br />

For example, Adrienne Velazquez, Keratin Complex Brand Ambassador shares, “I am blown away by the results of<br />

KCTexture. My curly clients have often shied away from treatments due to the heat involved. KCTexture allows me<br />

to deliver stronger, healthier hair results to all of my curly clients and enhance their natural curls without any heat.<br />

It’s a quick, easy service that is giving the client what they need.”<br />

mop® is another brand that embraces individuality and has created products designed to support diversity. So, no<br />

matter what the color, cut, or style of hair, mop® has got it covered. For example, we're seeing male stars like<br />

Bradley Cooper and Tom Holland with longer, wavy locks. mop® volume whip can help get these looks by creating<br />

moveable volume with a medium hold while adding a touch of moisture and shine resulting in gorgeous hair.<br />

Bellissima<br />

Cali Curl<br />

Calicurl Beach Wave Service is a 45-65 minute professional salon texture service built and developed with innovative and patented waving<br />

tools and liquid technology that achieves beautiful beach waves, volume and results that last 3-6 months. This innovative combination of liquids<br />

can be used on most hair types from color processed to highly resistant to achieve healthy, long-lasting waves with one single formula.<br />

Bellissima’s new Diffon Supreme Curly Dryer with Ceramic Argan Oil technology. This two-in-one hair dryer and diffuser reduces frizz<br />

with heat and airflow options specific to curly hair needs.<br />

Keratin Complex launched their KCTexture Curl Enhancing Keratin System as the ultimate curly keratin treatment that requires NO<br />

HEAT! KCTexture is designed to enhance and define curly, kinky, and coily hair types, while restoring essential moisture to hair. You see,<br />

smoothing doesn’t mean straight hair. It means healthy, strong, controlled, shiny, beautiful, frizz-free hair for every hair type and texture!<br />

Keratin Complex

To complete any textured look, color also plays an important role. In the case of the photo on the first page, Liza<br />

Espinoza and Cherry Petenbrink made up the cut&color dream team. “Our model Bri came in with overgrown cut<br />

and color. It was super dry and frizzy. I executed a freehand dry curly haircut to give her shape and lift, taking off all<br />

those dry ends and enhancing her amazing bone structure! Then Cherry did an accent highlight, root blend and ends<br />

refresh on Bri, toning in shades of silver and gold for a metallic dimensional movement. We then applied products<br />

and diffused to encourage her natural curl formation, finishing with some curling iron on curl to even out and polish<br />

spirals around her face.” To the right, Allen Furlan opted for a statement hue of bright blueberry. Instead, Lisa Vann’s<br />

Disruption collection is a radical change in defining curls. She explains, “With our latest collection I wanted to<br />

change shapes, texture and color to give a different feel on curls, coils and crimps. By simply brushing out highly<br />

texture hair to frizzing out wavy hair also leaving tight curl set hair in the set and only brushing out a section.”<br />

th<br />

Hair: Anna Peters, Sam Villa ArTeam Member and<br />

owner of re:TREAT Color + Hair Design Studio @annas_hair_retreat<br />

Getting a Faux Shag<br />

This texture-forward sculpted style can<br />

work for a variety of occasions. Anna<br />

Peters says, “This is a fun look because<br />

you can create it on almost any hair<br />

length. It’s really all about the pinning of<br />

the texture to create a cool shape,” says<br />

Peters. “If your guest’s hair doesn’t hold<br />

curl well, use a smaller iron for a tighter<br />

curl pattern, it will hold better.”<br />

• Prep the root and mid shaft with a Sam<br />

Villa Signature Series Textur Professional<br />

Texturizing Iron to add volume and<br />

expand hair.<br />

• Curl the prep section by wrapping hair<br />

around a Sam Villa Artist Series 2-in-<br />

1Marcel Iron and Wand 1” in a spiral<br />

fashion. Secure with a clip to cool and set.<br />

• Remove clips and allow curls to fall<br />

freely. Using a Sam Villa Artist Series<br />

Polishing Paddle Brush, brush hair up<br />

and twist on top of head.<br />

• Repeat on opposite side and secure with<br />

bobby pins.<br />

• Once secured, gently separate curls<br />

with fingers.

Hair: Allen Furlan/Photo: @jngphoto (John Ng)<br />

MUA: @Silenceoftheglam (Ashley Zimmel)<br />

Hair: Lisa Vann @Vann Studio Seattle WA; Jill Lietz Boulder CO.; Aspen Day-Flynn Vann Studio Seattle WA<br />

Photo: David Rossa, Denver CO/Styling: Lisa Vann/Make-up Rose Graham & Hannah Vann @Vann Studio Seattle WA<br />

Denman Ambassador Amanda Killen @stylistamandaelaine shares some technical advice when deciding on the<br />

right product for the hair in your chair. “Curly haired clients each have a unique set of haircare and styling needs.<br />

Those needs are dependent on a variety of factors including hair density, curl pattern/overall texture , general<br />

porosity of the hair and lifestyle. Many different types of leave-in conditioners/ primers can be used, but for<br />

maximum absorption and effectiveness, should be applied to squeeze dried but not towel dried hair and then<br />

distributed using a detangling brush like Denman’s Tangle Tamer Ultra. Aside from prepping curls with moisture<br />

on wet hair, add a curl definition enhancing gel on wet hair and sculpt curls with a defining brush like Denman’s<br />

iconic Original 9 Row Styler - is a major game changer.”<br />

MOP also offers a variety of products style all kinds of textures and keep hair healthy. MOP Firm Hold Clay separates, defines and creates<br />

texture while delivering a strong hold with a matte finish that lasts and lasts. MOP Basil Mint Firm Hold Gel tames flyaways or sets the<br />

perfect style with confidence. Any look will be protected from humidity and remain flake-free thanks to this amazing gel. MOP Lemongrass<br />

Volume Whip creates moveable volume with a medium hold. Lemongrass adds volume while grape seed oil adds strength, conditioning and<br />

shine. Natural thermal and UV protectors fight damage from heat styling and help to preserve colour.<br />

L’Oréal Professionnel recommends their Curl Expression line, infused with glycerin for extended hydration, Urea H to protect curls, and<br />

Hibiscus Seed to provide moisture, strength and softness. Routines can be personalized for any type of curl or coil.<br />

L'Oréal Professionnel<br />

trends<br />


Vivid Vibes &<br />

Atmosphere<br />

Say good-bye to boring cookie-cutter salons! Today salons<br />

- whether big & small, modest or upscale - are designed<br />

to reflect lifestyles, personalities, & client demographics.<br />

90 design

Lambs & Wolves is a full service hair salon and beauty boutique in Red Bank, NJ, founded by Glen<br />

Goldbaum, a hairstylist and visionary. Indeed, given its eclectic and “in-your-face” contemporary vibe, it<br />

was no surprise that the salon was a finalist in the 2019 NAHA for best salon design and the Best Salon<br />

Award Best Salon Award – What’s Up In Paris held in Paris as part of MCB by Beauté Sélection <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

In October 2020 the salon was moved and renovated entirely. Belvedere Maletti outfitted the salon with<br />

technical pieces, but the rest is a riotous celebration of beauty and art.<br />

Says Goldbaum, “My belief is that my space should always be more than a hair salon. It should function<br />

as an art gallery. We focus on the art & energy of the space. The design should excite clients and, even<br />

more so, my stylists. If they’re inspired by their surroundings, their art becomes more inspired. We use<br />

our own photography throughout the salon, whiles street artists from around the world have contributed<br />

to our wall space. We always say: “Don’t be boring” – and we don’t think we are.” During these times<br />

when individuality and non-conformists are touted, what better setting to find a bespoken look to match<br />

your personality and lifestyle.<br />

Lambs<br />

and Wolves<br />

Red Bank,<br />

New Jersey<br />

Classic Belvedere Maletti stations and<br />

lemon yellow chairs are understated<br />

complements to the outstanding<br />

photographs and wall art.<br />

design<br />


Zephyr<br />

Barber<br />

Birmingham,<br />

Alabama<br />

When barber Kellen Mataafa felt ready to set out on his own, he reached out to Austin Shirey, the owner<br />

of Greasy Hands Barbershop, to partner with in his new venture. To help bring their vision to life, Kellen<br />

and Austin entrusted Studio Carnley to help develop their brand. Their color palette of dark greens, off<br />

whites and darker tans is somewhere between eco and minimalist. “We wanted to create an aesthetically<br />

neutral barbershop. Something that bridges the gap between women’s salons and traditional men’s<br />

barbershops. Simple yet elegant. We knew the space needed to be calm, gentle and flooded with natural<br />

light. The mirrors, natural wood accents and the skylight really helped add to that aspect,” explains<br />

Kellen. Four classic Takara 225 barber chairs in Oatmeal welcome clients, adding a traditional yet timeless<br />

touch. “Birmingham is an up and coming place,” observes Kellen, “filled with amazing restaurants and<br />

beautiful bars and coffee shops. I’d say we fit right in with what’s happening downtown; taking old<br />

historic buildings/spaces and making them into something new and modern.”<br />

92 design

The overall space was<br />

influenced by different fashion<br />

houses like Saint Laurent,<br />

Givenchy and Tom Ford.<br />

House of<br />

J Henry<br />

Portland,<br />

Maine<br />

Jaison Henry, CEO and co-founder of House of J Henry, decided to undertake the remodelling of<br />

his salon during the pandemic, which complicated everything from finding a contractor to delays in<br />

deliveries and costs doubling. The construction schedule triplicated from six to 18 weeks. Thanks to<br />

expert organization, the salon closed for just one week during the renovation, the rest of the time they<br />

alternated spaces with contractors working on one section of the space at a time. Luckily they were<br />

working with Millard-Kwon. “We decided to work with Millard-Kwon to design our space because<br />

we wanted a space that felt luxurious and elevated while remaining welcoming and highly functional.<br />

The goal was for our guests to enter the front door and immediately feel they were someplace special,”<br />

explains Jaison. “We created a space that we love, clients enjoy, and team members are proud of. Despite<br />

of all the challenges, we wouldn’t change anything if we had do it all over again. It was worth it.”<br />

design<br />


Angelo<br />

Seminara<br />

“<br />





- YOU STILL HAVE TO TRY. by Sergi Bancells & Gary Kelly<br />

”<br />

Estetica had the opportunity to meet with the one and only Angelo Seminara in<br />

Amsterdam. There, the Goldwell Global Ambassador presented his latest hair collection<br />

during the Kao Salon Global Experience <strong>2022</strong>. He combined an inspirational film<br />

presentation with live models on stage to create an exciting, disruptive hairshow.<br />

How did you come up with the idea of reinventing the concept of a hair show?<br />

It’s something I started doing a while ago. I wanted to make shows more sustainable<br />

and at the same time use the content we create in a different way, such as on social<br />

media. The essence of a show is to get together, to have fun and to enjoy the spectacle.<br />

With ‘Hair Every Wear 2.0’ I wanted to create a dialogue as a means to share and<br />

communicate with my colleagues, especially after three years without seeing each other.<br />

I therefore thought we needed to create something special and entertaining, while<br />

keeping it simple at the same time.<br />

You commented that you don’t see yourself as a master, but as an eternal student.<br />

Yes. I always feel like I’m chasing after something. I need to feel I always have new<br />

goals and challenges to achieve, ones which can also enhance and grow my role as<br />

a hairdresser. I therefore feel it’s better to stay always humble and to accept that<br />

sometimes you need to go into a room, lock yourself in and just practice. While I was<br />

Known for his avant-garde, awardwinning<br />

style, Angelo Seminara is one of<br />

the most globally celebrated hairdressers.<br />

Seminara was named Goldwell Global<br />

Ambassador in the Summer of 2020.

working in the salon with Trevor Sorbie, one day he pulled me to one side.<br />

He told me that I needed to understand that in this industry it’s 50/50: you<br />

can’t just be artistic; if you don’t understand business as well, you can’t survive.<br />

It’s important for young hairdressers to think like that, because nowadays<br />

there are so many more opportunities for people to grow than there were in<br />

the past. This doesn’t mean success is guaranteed – you still have to try.<br />

Sometimes it’s good to fail - it pushes you to learn and grow.<br />

I definitely agree. Strangely, I sometimes think it’s better to lose in a hair<br />

competition. I know people who’ve been nominated for years and they never<br />

win. However, if you look at their career, it would probably have stalled if it<br />

wasn’t for their desire to keep competing So it’s not about the destination, for<br />

me it’s the journey that really matters -that is what’s really important in life.<br />

These days you are presenting your new tool, Solage. What is it all about?<br />

I like what this tool Solage can do. It’s able to achieve the most beautiful<br />

results in a really natural way. This is because, as its name suggests, it gives<br />

a really sun-kissed effect. We’re talking about the effects of light and creating<br />

something that looks really natural. If you learn how to use Solage confidently,<br />

you can have great fun creating one color, two colors, three colors, subtle<br />

effects, babylights... whatever you desire. We have created four new<br />

techniques, all based in different lights.<br />

How would you describe it to your colleagues around the world?<br />

Imagine we have two Picasso paintings: I’m going to put one in the dark for<br />

5 years and I’m putting the other one outside for the same time. What do you<br />

think is going to happen? One of the paintings is going to discolor naturally<br />

and that is precisely the beautiful light effect that I wanted to create with hair.<br />

What excites you the most about our industry?<br />

For me, the way we do color and everything about the world of color - it’s<br />

what really interests me. I love working with Goldwell and I am really inspired<br />

by the amazing creative opportunities that Elumen and Elumen Play open<br />

up for me. Color for me is the key - it’s also our main business in the salon.<br />

I remember never, never, never leaving a client without color in their chair.<br />

You do a great haircut but how can you take it to another level? It’s like<br />

turning a light on and you create tridimensionality, texture and volume -<br />

all with color. A beautiful color also makes the hair look healthier.<br />

What is your relationship with fashion and art?<br />

I like to work with installations and fashion curators around the world,<br />

because it really isolates me from what I normally do. It takes me into a world<br />

that I don’t know as well as I might. I’ve been so lucky working in places like<br />

China, Korea, <strong>USA</strong>, Mexico, France, Italy and Austria. I was recently at the<br />

Venice biennale, with the amazing fashion and art curator, Judith Clark.<br />

Wella Professionals<br />

Scan the QR code to watch<br />

the ‘Hair Every Wear 2.0’<br />

film by Angelo Seminara,<br />

launched at KSGE <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

interview<br />


Global Creative<br />

Awards <strong>2022</strong><br />

Winners<br />

The Global Creative Awards evening with the announcement of the new Gold, Silver<br />

and Bronze Winners was one of the numerous highlights of the Kao Salon Global<br />

Experience <strong>2022</strong>. For stylists from all over the world, the Awards offer the chance to<br />

show off their full creativity - without limits. They are an opportunity for stylists to<br />

create their own, unique hair look, showcasing their innovative skills and full creative vision.<br />

Stylists can compete in two different ways - the Technical Awards with three different<br />

categories and the Editorial Awards with four categories.<br />

This year nearly 70 Stylists from 37 countries joined the live competition in Amsterdam<br />

to showcase their creativity in front of an international Jury. Let us introduce you to the<br />

winners of this year‘s Global Creative Awards.<br />


GOLD<br />


Technical<br />

Awards<br />

New Talent<br />

Colorist<br />

of the year<br />

Creative<br />

Colorist<br />

of the year<br />

Creative<br />

Haircutter<br />

of the year<br />


Tiew Pei Yu<br />

The Editor Salon<br />


Junz Loke<br />

Evolve<br />

ITALY<br />

Daniela Farzetti<br />

Daniela Hair Group

Technical<br />

Awards<br />

New Talent<br />

Colorist<br />

of the year<br />

Creative<br />

Colorist<br />

of the year<br />

Creative<br />

Haircutter<br />

of the year<br />

BRONZE<br />

SILVER<br />

CANADA<br />

Emily KooistraThe Salon<br />

Cyan<br />


Ian Lee Jia Pei<br />

The Editor Salon<br />

<strong>USA</strong><br />

Rafael Monzó López<br />

D'Autor by Rafa Monzó<br />


Lucia McEvoy<br />

Tony Wood Hairdressing<br />


Tasha Yip<br />

Red Hill Hair Salon<br />

<strong>USA</strong><br />

Alex Tant<br />

The Upper Hand - River Oaks<br />


Kao Salon<br />

Global Experience<br />

in Chicago!<br />

Be part of the live global creative awards at<br />

the Kao Salon Global Experience in Chicago.<br />

Stylists can compete in two different ways -<br />

the Technical Awards with three different<br />

categories and the Editorial Awards with four<br />

categories:<br />


Creativity that starts with a photoshoot and<br />

ends with a live technical competition.<br />

The participants of the technical categories<br />

have to compete first at the national level in<br />

their country. Afterwards the Gold winners<br />

move on to the international live competition.<br />


Four exciting categories of photo-only global<br />

competition that celebrate the ultimate in<br />

editorial creativity.<br />

The participants of the editorial categories<br />

have to compete globally in this Photo-Only<br />

International Competition.<br />

The Gold Winners of each of the technical<br />

categories deserve the recognition and<br />

reward for all of their creative efforts. In<br />

addition to their trophy, they will receive global<br />

editorial coverage with <strong>ESTETICA</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>s.<br />

Take the chance to show the world what a true<br />

creative does: Imagine, Create and Inspire.<br />

For more information and all of the<br />

requirements, rules and regulations of the<br />

Global Creative Awards, please go to<br />

www.globalcreativeawards.com<br />

The Kao Salon Family is looking forward to seeing<br />

you LIVE again at the Kao Salon Experience 2023<br />

in Chicago on September 24th-25th!

Editorial Colorist of the year<br />


GOLD<br />



Ben Driscoll-Price<br />

Price & Driscoll<br />

Amy Wardley<br />

John Oliver's<br />


www.globalcreativeawards.com<br />

Jack Mead & Lydia Wolfe<br />

Jack & the Wolfe

Avant Garde Stylist of the year<br />

Editorial<br />

Awards<br />



Tom Yek Teng Siong<br />

Decrypt Hairdressing<br />

Manou Grijsen<br />

Twins Hair & Beauty Dalen<br />


GOLD<br />


Abbie Jackson<br />


Salon Team of the year<br />


GOLD<br />


SPAIN<br />

Siew Thiam Kui<br />

Artist Hairdressing<br />

Rafa Monzó López<br />

D'Autor by Rafa Monzó<br />


www.globalcreativeawards.com<br />

Donna Page<br />

Salon Prisma

Men’s Hairstylist of the year<br />

Editorial<br />

Awards<br />



Andrew Plester<br />

Hare & Bone<br />

Jeffrey Den Dikkenboer<br />

Jeffrey Den Dikkenboer<br />


GOLD<br />


Jos Verzijlberg<br />

Kapsalon Jos Verzijlberg

Kao Salon Global<br />

Experience <strong>2022</strong><br />

Amsterdam was the destination for over 2,300 global<br />

hairdressers and industry guests, who united at the Kao Salon<br />

Global Experience <strong>2022</strong> to hear the announcements of this<br />

year’s Global Creative Awards winners. Gary Kelly<br />


For those participating in the competition,<br />

the most highly-anticipated part of the Kao<br />

Salon Global Experience was without doubt<br />

the gala evening held at the Amsterdam<br />

RAI Convention Centre, where the names<br />

of the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards<br />

winners in each of the categories were<br />

announced. The evening also included two<br />

outstanding stage shows by Angelo<br />

Seminara and Mario Krankl, as well as the<br />

presentation of a truly beautiful collection<br />

to herald the exciting relaunch of Kerasilk<br />

in early 2023. “It was a huge pleasure to be<br />

able to do host the event live again this<br />

year,” said John Moroney, VP Creative &<br />

Communication. “Our salon owners and<br />

stylists were thrilled. It’s a place to meet<br />

up with like-minded artists and create<br />

friendships for life. Every type of creativity<br />

was waiting for the guests – from the<br />

contemporary colour and style of Goldwell<br />

to the street style craftsmanship of KMS<br />

and the chic, editorial styling of Oribe.”


Five inspiring Artist Sessions gave guests from<br />

all over the world the opportunity to experience<br />

excellent mastery of their craftmanship. These<br />

were: internationally renowned J.7 Creative<br />

Team from Stuttgart, Germany; EVOLVE, an<br />

award-winning salon based in Singapore;<br />

Oribe Hair Care ambassador, STACEY<br />

CICERON; top international hairstylist HUUB<br />

EYSINK and multi-award winners, TAZ HAIR<br />

CO. The Academy stage in <strong>2022</strong> showcased<br />

five Academy Teams from around the world<br />

sharing the newest trends from their cities.<br />

The best educators & artists joined them live<br />

on stage: Sona Brado & Daniel Bruns,<br />

Agnes Westerman & Sascha Haseloff,<br />

Salome de Wet & Neil Barton, Kylie Bussing<br />

& Jacob Khan and Nicci Welsh. The event<br />

ended with an announcement that the Kao<br />

Salon Global Experience 2023 will be held in<br />

Chicago, <strong>USA</strong>!<br />

GOLD<br />


SILVER<br />


BRONZE<br />




>>> For a full list of all<br />

Gold, Silver and Bronze<br />

winners, please visit<br />


Speed<br />

and color<br />

Johnny Almagno,<br />

a highly experienced<br />

hairdresser, has<br />

created the 4Dcolor<br />

method, that will now<br />

be available in America.<br />

Johnny Almagno,<br />

hairstylist of<br />

international renown,<br />

at work explaining his<br />

exclusive method.<br />

J<br />

ohnny Almagno, a hairdresser<br />

with extensive<br />

experience, talks about<br />

what inspired the idea of<br />

training using the 4Dcolor<br />

method, which will soon<br />

make its debut in the United States.<br />

How did your business start?<br />

I’ve been a hairdresser since I was<br />

15 years old. I attended a professional<br />

school and several courses before<br />

I started working in a salon. When<br />

I was simply working behind the<br />

chair I dedicated all my attention<br />

to the client. I loved the world of<br />

color and all the technical aspects.<br />

So I focused on how to obtain the<br />

best nuances. However, I noticed<br />

that it took too long to achieve<br />

perfection, so I tried to find a<br />

system that would optimise both<br />

my time and the final results.<br />

The 4Dcolor method. What<br />

exactly is it?<br />

4Dcolor is a method for applying<br />

multiple colors and decolorants.<br />

It essentially optimizes on time.<br />

For example, balayage often takes<br />

more than three hours (depending<br />

on the length of the hair) with<br />

multiple steps. Instead, with my<br />

method it is possible to carry out<br />

six color services in just one step<br />

and in only 30 minutes. The client<br />

is rinsed just once. And there is no<br />

need to tone. The advantage of the<br />

4Dcolor method was noticed<br />

outside of our salon as well. When<br />

we began showing it to colleagues,<br />

many companies were impressed<br />

and recognized the validity of the<br />

methods. So they sponsored<br />

4Dcolor training in Europe.<br />

You also studied a method<br />

for applying Hair Extensions.<br />

Tell us more about it.<br />

The second step of our training,<br />

born in 2017, is the application<br />

of extensions. In addition to<br />

guaranteeing length and duration,<br />

we can also intervene to create color<br />

effects that would otherwise be<br />

impossible due to poor hair health.<br />

How can one find out more<br />

about your method?<br />

The 4Dcolor method is a brand<br />

that can be acquired exclusively<br />

during a live course. It is a<br />

registered trademark in Europe<br />

and the United States and is not<br />

available through other channels.<br />

Our method has been selected<br />

by more than 3600 professionals<br />

and 1600 salons in Europe.<br />

To practice this craft, must you<br />

always find new challenges?<br />

Hairdressing is one of those<br />

categories that has problems in<br />

revising their price list. Our<br />

advice, in order to maintain client<br />

loyalty, is to offer new services.<br />

Expand your offer to give them<br />

more choices. Only in this way<br />

can you seek to create balance and<br />

communicate more professionally<br />

and transparently. Our courses<br />

also teach the best method for the<br />

client consultation. The most<br />

common mistake a hairdresser<br />

can make is to increase prices to<br />

lower overhead costs.<br />

Our biggest news is the founding<br />

of 4Dcolor <strong>USA</strong>, with head offices<br />

in Miami, Florida. The Italy<br />

training project is the same one<br />

that we will use in America. Both<br />

projects will go hand and hand,<br />

and we are very proud of them.<br />

For info: 4Dcolor.com<br />


ABS announces the<br />

2023 ABS Global<br />

Image Awards!<br />

The internationally<br />

acclaimed industry<br />

competition<br />

is back!<br />

America’s Beauty Show (ABS)<br />

by Cosmetologists Chicago<br />

proudly announces that the<br />

2023 ABS Global Image<br />

Awards are back. The ABS<br />

Global Image Awards<br />

celebrate the passion<br />

and artistry of professional and<br />

emerging stylists in an image and<br />

video competition featuring<br />

professional and student categories<br />

ABS<br />

from across the globe. This<br />

incredible competition fuels<br />

intense creativity and passion for<br />

hairdressers, colorists, salon teams,<br />

nail technicians, makeup artists,<br />

super stars!<br />

students and more. It culminates in<br />

a dynamic presentation during<br />

America’s Beauty Show on Saturday<br />

evening, April 15th, during which<br />

the winners will be recognized in a<br />

way that’s never been celebrated<br />

before.<br />

The 9 professional categories and 2<br />

student categories are all gender<br />

neutral: Total Transformation;<br />

Collaboration (Professional and<br />

Student); Full Concept; Haircutting;<br />

Texture; Barbering; Creative Color;<br />

Makeup Artistry; and Nail Design.<br />

One submission will be awarded<br />

the prestigious Leo Passage Gold<br />

Trophy Award.<br />

The 100th America’s Beauty Show<br />

(ABS) brings salon professionals the<br />

latest in education, the hottest<br />

trends, and the opportunity to see<br />

and try what’s new in the beauty<br />

industry, April 15 – 17, <strong>2022</strong> at the<br />

Donald E. Stephens Convention<br />

Center, Rosemont, IL.<br />

You’ll get CEU education, access to<br />

top educators and artists, worldclass<br />

runway stages, competitions,<br />

shopping and so much more.<br />

ABS offers an extraordinary lineup<br />

of education for cosmetologists,<br />

colorists, nail pros and estheticians<br />

who are focused on improving their<br />

craft and propelling their careers.<br />

Top industry beauty brands offer<br />

their best and brightest in haircare,<br />

makeup, skincare and nailcare.<br />

For ABS Global Image Awards rules<br />

and regulations or registration for ABS<br />

visit AmericasBeautyShow.com.<br />

The Ulta Beauty Pro Team created the looks<br />

behind the America’s Beauty Show 2023 photo<br />

collection, entitled “The Next 100.”Courtesy of<br />

America's Beauty Show and the Ulta Beauty Pro<br />

Team, including Nick Stenson, Anna Manukyan,<br />

Sonya Dove, Sean Godard, Danielle Keasling,<br />

David Lopez, and Michelle O’Connor.<br />

events<br />


Join the world’s #1 booking<br />

software for salons.<br />

Zero subscriptions.<br />

Unlimited possibilities.<br />

Scheduling. Payments. Marketing.<br />

All within one platform.<br />

Subscription-free.<br />

Join Fresha today<br />


Key Ingredients of<br />

the Scalp Relief Kit<br />

include Aloe Vera for<br />

its anti-inflammatory<br />

properties, to relieve<br />

an itchy scalp, and<br />

Soothex, a unique<br />

formulation that<br />

relieves redness,<br />

itching, and<br />

inflammation.<br />

Fuller hair,<br />

fuller life<br />

Nioxin’s advanced<br />

skin care approach for<br />

better scalp and hair<br />

treatment.<br />

All hairdressers are aware<br />

that thinning hair is a<br />

common issue, affecting<br />

approximately 50% of<br />

both men and women.<br />

While many available<br />

solutions serve to simply<br />

camouflage thinning, the innovative<br />

Nioxin approach inspired by<br />

skincare is different. Nioxin has<br />

found inspiration in premium<br />

skincare to supply advanced care for<br />

thinning hair. As an extension of<br />

facial skin, the scalp requires the<br />

same attention and treatment.<br />

The Nioxin range of products are<br />

designed to strengthen, nourish and<br />

repair thinning hair from its<br />

foundation. Because scalp health<br />

creates hair health, this provides the<br />

perfect foundation for thicker,<br />

fuller-looking hair.<br />

KITS AND<br />


One of the many kits made<br />

available by Nioxin is the brand’s<br />

Scalp Relief System Kit, which<br />

includes Scalp Relief Cleanser to<br />

cleanse gently and effectively while<br />

soothing the scalp immediately.<br />

which includes scalp relief<br />

cleanser; Nioxin Scalp Relief<br />

Conditioner to soothe the scalp<br />

and leave the hair feeling<br />

nourished; Nioxin Scalp Relief<br />

Soothing Serum, a leave-on<br />

treatment that soothes sensitive,<br />

dry and itchy scalp immediately,<br />

while helping to increase the<br />

thickness of each hair strand. All<br />

three are formulated without<br />

parabens and colorants.<br />

In addition to targeted kits for<br />

different types of hair, there are<br />

also complementary products. Like<br />

Nioxin Diamax, Hair Thickening<br />

Treatment, on the far left, which<br />

increases the thickness of each<br />

strand of hair, leaving it fullerlooking.<br />

Using HTX technology,<br />

containing ingredients like<br />

caffeine, niacinamide and<br />

panthenol, Diamax thickens the<br />

hair at the roots, while also<br />

protecting against breakage.<br />

Then Nioxin Night Density<br />

Rescue, a hair density serum<br />

formulated with a powerful blend<br />

of antioxidants known to<br />

neutralize free radicals on the scalp<br />

surface. This antioxidant hair<br />

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10123 Torino (Italy)<br />

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www.estetica.it<br />


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1564 Seabridge Lane,<br />

Oxnard 93035 (<strong>USA</strong>)<br />

Tel. + 1 3104153360<br />

mduron@att.net<br />

4DCOLOR 106<br />

www.4DColor.com<br />


www.alteregoitaly.com<br />

AMERICA’S BEAUTY SHOW 20-21-107<br />

www.americasbeautyshow.com<br />

ANDIS<br />

www.andis.com<br />

110-111-OBC<br />

COSMOPROF 2023 14-15<br />

www.cosmoprof.com<br />


www.echosline.it<br />

FRESHA 108<br />

www.fresha.com<br />

GLOBAL CREATIVE 96/105<br />

AWARDS <strong>2022</strong><br />

www.kaosalondivision.com/globalexperience<br />


www.goldwell.com<br />

FC-IFC-1<br />



www.ihawards.com<br />

NIOXIN 109<br />

www.nioxin.com/en-US<br />

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www.omchairworld.com<br />

VITALITY’S 80<br />

www.vitalitys.it<br />

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online: www.esteticamagazine.com


<strong>ESTETICA</strong>EXPORT.COM<br />

A new digital way to enhance<br />

international business is<br />

now available!<br />

An editorial and digital<br />

service supporting hair & beauty<br />

product manufacturers entering<br />

new international markets.<br />



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