Genelec Premium Presentation - Volume 3 (2023)

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Introduction<br />

Dear Reader,<br />

You’re currently holding in your hands the third volume of our <strong>Premium</strong> <strong>Presentation</strong><br />

book, which highlights some of the latest AV installations that we’ve had the<br />

privilege to be part of.<br />

As well as celebrating these projects and the amazing work of our integrator<br />

partners, we hope that this book will help inspire you, and demonstrate <strong>Genelec</strong>’s<br />

passion and commitment to bringing exceptional quality audio to the world’s most<br />

prestigious installations.<br />

We also hope that you’ll share the joy we get from seeing our loudspeakers become<br />

an essential part of such a diverse and beautiful collection of projects, where quality<br />

sound, reliability, design and sustainability matter.<br />

Best wishes,<br />

Siamäk Naghian,<br />

Managing Director

Contents<br />

About <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

8<br />

Ilmatar Windpower, Helsinki<br />

60<br />

Supercell, Helsinki<br />

18<br />

Cecil Coworking, Stockholm<br />

68<br />

Combo, Venice/Milan/Turin<br />

26<br />

Embassy of Finland, Tokyo<br />

76<br />

Brasserie Astoria, Stockholm<br />

32<br />

World of Wine, Porto<br />

82<br />

Hagius, Berlin<br />

38<br />

Jolie’s, Mumbai<br />

90<br />

K-Supermarket, Helsinki<br />

46<br />

Ästad Vingård, Halland<br />

96<br />

Vasakronan, Stockholm<br />

52<br />

Mikkeller, Shanghai<br />


Farang, Helsinki<br />

110<br />

JNcQUOI, Lisbon<br />

116<br />

The New Children’s Hospital, Helsinki<br />

156<br />

Östermalms Saluhall, Stockholm<br />

162<br />

ABOUT US<br />

Amerikalinjen, Oslo<br />

124<br />

Scandic Grand Central, Helsinki<br />

168<br />

G Livelab, Tampere<br />

130<br />

Hotel Kakola, Turku<br />

176<br />

Naturkraft, Ringkøbing<br />

136<br />

Casino Tampere, Tampere<br />

184<br />

Finnish Sports Museum, Helsinki<br />

142<br />

The Bar, New York City<br />

192<br />

Mida Performance Store, Changsha<br />

150<br />

Product Information<br />


<strong>Genelec</strong><br />




Our Mission<br />

Our premium loudspeakers are designed to produce<br />

the highest quality sound and are manufactured<br />

according to our sustainable philosophy.<br />

Founded in 1978, <strong>Genelec</strong>’s mission is to help you fulfil your dreams by offering<br />

you the most truthful sound reproduction systems available. As the world’s leading<br />

professional loudspeaker brand, all <strong>Genelec</strong> designs remain true to our original<br />

philosophy, offering clear, intelligible audio quality, total reliability, and the ability to<br />

adapt to any acoustic environment.<br />

Designed and manufactured to the highest environmental standards in Iisalmi,<br />

Finland, our solutions will provide you with decades of consistently high<br />

performance – even in the most demanding environments.<br />

For over forty years now, we have led the technological development of active<br />

loudspeaker systems by understanding your needs in order to design the<br />

best solutions. This requires continuous research and innovation, and a deep<br />

commitment to science and design principles. Our success is built on a deep<br />

knowledge of both market and human behaviour, which leads to the creation of<br />

new value for all of our customers.<br />

10<br />



Technology<br />

An outstanding space deserves premium quality audio.<br />

With many years of experience in designing loudspeakers with unrivalled sonic<br />

accuracy and reliability, we offer compact, aesthetically beautiful loudspeaker<br />

models for a wide range of commercial and professional installations. Manufactured<br />

and individually calibrated at our factory, our installation loudspeakers produce<br />

consistently clear, flawless sound, irrespective of playback level. To allow<br />

optimisation on-site to suit all types of interiors and even acoustically challenging<br />

spaces, we provide a range of tools from rear panel room EQ switches through to<br />

powerful management software.<br />

Our range of loudspeaker solutions includes the ultra-modern Smart IP series –<br />

which offers single cable networked convenience and supreme software control<br />

– and the much-loved 4000 series with its familiar analogue connectivity, all<br />

complemented by a wide range of mounting accessories to support your installation.<br />

The active design of our loudspeakers also removes the need for bulky racks<br />

of external amplifiers and their associated cabling. As such, the installation of<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> systems couldn’t be simpler – with each one representing a secure and<br />

long-lasting investment.<br />

12 <strong>Genelec</strong>


Design<br />

Whatever your application, you’ll find there’s a<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeaker model that is perfectly suited<br />

to your needs.<br />

All our designs deliver improved sonic performance, a distinct aesthetic identity,<br />

and a long lifecycle with low environmental impact. Over the decades, the <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

R&D team’s dedication to design has led to the introduction of numerous key<br />

technologies – each one setting a global benchmark for the way modern active<br />

loudspeaker systems perform.<br />

From the outset, we have recognised the value of high-quality design. Internationally<br />

renowned Finnish industrial designer Harri Koskinen has collaborated with us for<br />

many years, bringing a unique aesthetic voice to our loudspeakers. Harri’s subtle<br />

and minimalistic design has a timeless quality that also blends beautifully with many<br />

different types of interiors – making it perfect for installation projects. Harri’s design<br />

expertise is an essential part of <strong>Genelec</strong>’s identity, and his vision has brought so<br />

much to our company.<br />

14<br />



Sustainability<br />

For over 40 years, sustainable development has<br />

been embedded in our thinking.<br />

We are so much more than just a technology manufacturer. While we always strive<br />

to produce the finest loudspeaker solutions, the way we do this involves caring<br />

deeply about people, the environment, the supply chain, and how we create our<br />

designs. Sustainable development has always been embedded in our thinking, and<br />

sustainability is treated with the same importance as profitability and sound quality.<br />

The first priority translates to a long product life cycle, reliability and low power<br />

consumption, which have always been important to us.<br />

16<br />



Since our installation loudspeakers have a dedicated power amplifier for each driver<br />

– and the power amplification is optimised for each driver unit individually – this<br />

results in a balanced design with no wasted amplifier power. Since the amplifiers,<br />

power supply, crossover filter electronics, protection circuits and drivers are all<br />

integrated inside the loudspeaker enclosure, this saves both energy and materials.<br />

But the signs of our approach to sustainability are everywhere – whether it’s the use<br />

of recycled aluminium enclosures, the powering of our factory by renewable energy<br />

sources or the constant drive within the company to reduce waste and our impact<br />

on the enviroment. And all of this is backed up by our adherence to the highest<br />

international environmental standards.<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong><br />


Supercell<br />




Supercell HQ<br />

Finnish game designers’ new Helsinki HQ is bursting<br />

with the latest technology – including <strong>Genelec</strong>’s<br />

Smart IP loudspeaker systems.<br />

From its much-loved Clash of Clans to the family favourite Hay Day and more<br />

recent releases such as Boom Beach and Brawl Stars, Supercell has become one<br />

of the most successful and profitable mobile gaming companies in the world. Now,<br />

Supercell have finally moved into their first custom-built offices in Helsinki – an<br />

impressive building named Wood City that has been designed from the ground up to<br />

represent the company culture and to encourage wellbeing and productivity. Nearly<br />

500 <strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeakers have been integrated across the building, including<br />

some 300 Smart IP networked models.<br />

Markus Haikonen is Head of AV and Broadcast at Supercell. “When we started<br />

to build the company’s new home, we needed to reimagine the spaces where we<br />

work,” he says. “We needed rock-solid AV project management, which is what<br />

Akukon did for us. We also needed a lot of help with the design, which Akukon and<br />

Audico did together.” Akukon are the number one acoustics and AV design experts<br />

in Finland. Akukon collaborated with AV solutions experts, Audico Systems Oy, who<br />

handled the systems design and integration.<br />

“In designing these spaces – especially the<br />

team spaces and the meeting rooms – it was<br />

essential that they are easy to use, easy to<br />

monitor, and fit our needs. It also goes without<br />

saying that quality is really important to us,”<br />

continues Haikonen. “From an audio point of<br />

view, <strong>Genelec</strong> was an ideal choice, especially<br />

the new Smart IP loudspeakers. We’ve always<br />

been great fans of <strong>Genelec</strong> and use their<br />

loudspeakers throughout our offices globally,<br />

so it was a natural choice for this project as<br />

well. When we heard about Smart IP with its<br />

built-in DSP, we immediately saw that it would<br />

20<br />

Supercell HQ





be a great fit for our team space and meeting room designs where there is no<br />

centralised DSP. We also wanted the reliability and flexibility offered by the<br />

Smart IP concept.”<br />

Terhi Salo, technical specialist at Audico takes up the story: “Of the 500 <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

loudspeakers installed all around the building, a little over 300 of them are 4430<br />

Smart IP loudspeakers, while the rest are other <strong>Genelec</strong> active loudspeakers that<br />

have been repurposed from Supercell’s previous offices.<br />

“<strong>Genelec</strong> Smart IP loudspeakers are ideally suited to large, complex installations<br />

like this because all you need to plug into the loudspeaker is one Ethernet cable,”<br />

Salo continues. “With that cable you get power, audio and the ability to control<br />

the loudspeaker and its DSP. Having them networked has been a huge help in<br />

configuring the system, especially during the commissioning phase when it was<br />

super-handy to be able to access the loudspeakers’ DSP remotely. For example,<br />

during the testing period, if anyone reported a problem in a certain area, I usually<br />

already knew what the problem was before my colleague on site got in the room!<br />

“Regarding room setup and configuration, we have a variety of different spaces<br />

which required different approaches,” explains Salo. “For the Team spaces and the<br />

medium-sized Zoom rooms where the audio system is straightforward with just<br />

two <strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeakers, we use the speakers’ in-built DSP for EQ and volume<br />

control. In the larger rooms with more gear, we used Smart IP Manager to update<br />

the firmware of the loudspeakers, while everything audio-related is handled by the<br />

Q-SYS processor from QSC and then sent to the loudspeakers. The IP addresses<br />

were set up with a custom script created by my colleague, and the speakers<br />

were named in Dante Controller. Finally, now that the system is up and running,<br />

monitoring is carried out via the <strong>Genelec</strong> API using a custom Audico software.”<br />

In the two largest meeting rooms, <strong>Genelec</strong>’s ‘The Ones’ coaxial three-way<br />

loudspeakers have been deployed as the main system, with 4430 Smart IP<br />

loudspeakers utilised for Voice Lift and as a delay system for the main speakers.<br />

A Voice Lift system uses a combination of strategically placed microphones and<br />

loudspeakers to subtly amplify speech, so that a person speaking on one side of a<br />

Supercell HQ<br />




large room can be heard at the same level at the opposite side of the room – even<br />

if they’re 30 metres away. <strong>Genelec</strong> systems also grace the main lobby, the gym,<br />

the cafeteria, and the staff entertainment facility. Many of the loudspeakers were<br />

subsequently painted in custom colours to blend seamlessly with the fantastic<br />

Supercell décor.<br />

“It’s been a great project and we’ve been lucky to work with some amazing<br />

partners,” concludes Haikonen. It’s also been a long journey from when <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

gave us a privileged first view of the Smart IP prototype, and then as soon as the<br />

first units were available, we started testing our design concept in our previous<br />

offices, right up to implementing it on a massive scale in our new building. It was a<br />

challenge for everyone involved but the results speak for themselves. We can all be<br />

proud of what we’ve achieved.”<br />


THE KIT<br />

313 x 4430A 38 x AIC25<br />

23 x 4040A<br />

26 x 4030C<br />


36 x 4020C<br />

8 x 7360A<br />

4 x 1237A<br />

2 x 8030C<br />

2 x 8351B<br />

2 x 8361A<br />

1 x 7050B<br />

1 x 7060B<br />

1 x 7270A<br />

Supercell HQ<br />


Combo<br />




Combo<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> delivers crystalline audio experience for<br />

locals, travellers and artists across Italy.<br />

At the risk of sounding like our parents, hostelling just isn’t what it used to be – or<br />

at least, not according to the Italians! Gone are the dodgy dormitories with narrow<br />

bunk beds, lumpy mattresses and dining facilities reminiscent of a ‘70s school<br />

canteen. Instead, welcome to Combo – a philosophy that has materialised into an<br />

ambitious architectural and urban redevelopment project that has already opened<br />

its doors in Venice, Milan and Turin, and is scheduled to extend to other Italian<br />

cities very soon. Here, travellers are greeted by airy common spaces, a trendy<br />

bar and eatery, relaxed work spaces with free wi-fi, as well as several dedicated<br />

event, exposition and meeting spaces. There is also music throughout most of the<br />

common areas, thanks to a <strong>Genelec</strong> sound system. This is Combo, a meeting point<br />

for contemporary globetrotters, or indeed anyone that just fancies dropping in.<br />

Far more than the hostels of old, Combo bills itself as a cultural hub and a meeting<br />

point for citizens of the world, combining hospitality with music. The hostels in Turin<br />

and Milan boast their own radio booths, which broadcast full time in the hostels<br />

and online, and all sites offer rooms equipped with AV technology to host talks,<br />

screenings, live sets, listening sessions, art workshops and more. The AV systems<br />

across all three sites were conceived by Italian AV specialists, ADVICTED, and<br />

supplied by local <strong>Genelec</strong> AV distributor Prase Engineering.<br />

Combo’s reception, restaurant, bar and public areas all boast a <strong>Genelec</strong> sound<br />

system based on the ubiquitous 4000 Series installation loudspeakers. These active<br />

loudspeakers were specifically requested by ADVICTED founder, Salvatore Brigaglia,<br />

for their combination of clean Scandinavian design and characteristic crystal clear<br />

sound and welcomed by architect Ole Sondresen – whose designs are focused on<br />

an all-encompassing, holistic approach to sustainable building – and In order to give<br />



28<br />





the musical soul of Combo’s philosophy an eye-catching visual form, the dozens<br />

of 4030 and 4040 loudspeakers were chosen in black, whilst a number of smaller<br />

4020s were selected in white.<br />

“<strong>Genelec</strong> was an all-round quality choice,” says Salvatore Brigaglia. “The surprisingly<br />

clean and minimalist design, combined with solid construction and impeccable<br />

audio performance, enhances the interior design choices and translates the Combo<br />

philosophy into sound. Moreover, choosing an active speaker translates into<br />

significant cost savings and optimisation of the space in the technical rooms.<br />

These are crucial aspects in a project designed to be replicated in several locations.”<br />

Across the three sites, ADVICTED utilised a total of twenty-three compact 4020s,<br />

fifty-five 4030s and forty-one of the powerful 4040 loudspeakers, all on a dedicated<br />

Dante network infrastructure built on X440-G2 Extreme Networks switches and a<br />

Biamp Tesira SERVER equipped with a Dante card. <strong>Genelec</strong> speakers serve all of<br />

the conference and multi-purpose event rooms, which are equipped with state-ofthe-art<br />

AV presentation technology. They also serve as monitors in the radio booths<br />


in Turin and Milan, where Combo’s<br />

playlist is developed every day by the<br />

radio web team and tailored to the<br />

time, mood and events of the day.<br />

“The entire Combo audio system is<br />

on the Dante network,” clarifies Luigi<br />

Schiavone, Combo Project Manager for<br />

Prase Media Technologies. “The result<br />

is a building capable of continuously<br />

changing shape from a technical point<br />

of view, with future-proof flexibility<br />

and scalability.”<br />


According to Brigaglia, <strong>Genelec</strong> fits<br />

perfectly into the Combo landscape. “Firstly, from a quality point of view, it’s hard<br />

to do better than <strong>Genelec</strong>,” he says. “That goes for audio quality, build quality and<br />

aesthetics. Then there is the issue of sustainability, which is important for Combo.<br />

We know that a <strong>Genelec</strong> solution will last for decades, and still sound as good as<br />

the day it was put in. They are also made from recycled aluminium for a reduced<br />

carbon footprint. As active speakers, they are easy to install, and the 4000 Series<br />

models benefit from onboard room response controls which enable us to optimise<br />

the sound in each space. Finally, they are easy to integrate into a multi-site, multimanufacturer,<br />

networked solution with centralised control and monitoring. Combo<br />

are thrilled with the results and we are looking forward to rolling out new venues in<br />

other Italian cities soon.”<br />

THE KIT<br />

55 x 4040A 41 x 4030C 23 x 4020C<br />

Combo<br />


Brasserie<br />

Astoria<br />



Brasserie Astoria<br />

Nostalgic Swedish bar receives a retro renovation<br />

with <strong>Genelec</strong>.<br />

Brasserie Astoria is part of the Frantzén Group, an internationally renowned<br />

organisation possessing six Michelin stars between its establishments, spread<br />

across Stockholm, Bangkok, Singapore and London. A former cinema, Brasserie<br />

Astoria required a comprehensive sound system with coverage across the site<br />

to ensure clarity and intelligibility throughout. To maintain the sleek aesthetic<br />

and conform with the group’s high standards of quality, <strong>Genelec</strong>’s 4000 Series<br />

loudspeakers were the natural choice.<br />

Systems integrator High Definition and sub-contractor Sound Support worked<br />

with the <strong>Genelec</strong> team to equip the 1,200 sqm establishment with a cutting-edge<br />

audio solution, and Erik Skanderbeck – AV Sales Manager for <strong>Genelec</strong> in Sweden<br />

– explains the mission: “The goal was to cultivate a premium feel throughout the<br />

entire restaurant, since this is probably one of the most high-end establishments<br />

you can visit in Sweden. The coverage is incredible – even the toilets have <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

loudspeakers!” He continues: “The team at Astoria spend a lot of time curating<br />

playlists for the restaurant, hence the impetus to invest in a world-class playback<br />

system. The Frantzén group has already had a positive experience with <strong>Genelec</strong>,<br />

having installed a system in their flagship, three Michelin starred restaurant,<br />

Frantzén, also located in Stockholm.”<br />

Two <strong>Genelec</strong> 4030s are diametrically positioned in the eaves of the foyer. This<br />

sets the tone for the rest of the dining area, as there are 4030s positioned in every<br />

corner and hidden amongst piping in the ceiling. The 4030 is one of the larger<br />

models in the 4000 series, which has become a benchmark of quality in the AV<br />

industry. It’s an ideal choice for medium-sized commercial installations, and the<br />

choice of 120 RAL colour finishes allowed Astoria to find the perfect copper brown<br />



34<br />

Brasserie Astoria




colourway to match the aesthetic of the interior. For additional low frequency<br />

extension and control, three 7040 subwoofers are also deployed in the dining area.<br />

“The attention to detail is simply next level,” remarks High Definition’s Micke<br />

Fröbom. “Just look at the room leading to the wine bar, covered in lacquered gold<br />

leaf. To uphold this aesthetic, we had to implement custom <strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeakers<br />

with a gold leaf finish!” This, combined with the active technology of the<br />

loudspeakers, results in a very discreet and clean audio system that blends<br />

perfectly with its environment.<br />

An ornate spiral staircase descends to the lower floor, a space filled with more<br />

greenery, where one can enjoy a selection of wine and champagne at the bar. There<br />

is a higher concentration of loudspeakers in this area, as it tends to have a more<br />

energetic ambience – so coverage is provided by ten of the larger 4040 models,<br />

complemented with a pair of 7050 subwoofers. High Definition have equipped a DJ<br />

booth on the lower floor, complete with two <strong>Genelec</strong> 8030 studio loudspeakers –<br />

which combine a small footprint with high SPL and excellent low frequency extension.<br />


“The materials used in the construction of the walls; a mixture of metal brick and<br />

steel composite, meant that it was difficult to physically fasten the loudspeakers to<br />

the wall,” notes Fröbom. “Additionally, the fact that the restaurant is situated directly<br />

under eighteen high-class period apartments posed the issue of potential sound<br />

leakage. <strong>Genelec</strong> provides a large array of accessories to choose from to assist<br />

loudspeaker placement and dispersion, allowing us to keep the sound contained<br />

whilst meeting the client’s requirements.”<br />

Being involved with Brasserie Astoria from the early stages of its inception massively<br />

helped to streamline the collaboration and ensure that all stakeholders were on the<br />

same page. The result is clear, intelligible sound with fantastic coverage and the<br />

colours to match. <strong>Genelec</strong> will continue to offer their comprehensive after-sales<br />

care and maintenance package. Should Brasserie Astoria seek to scale up or alter<br />

their system in the future, <strong>Genelec</strong> will provide their full support, upholding a core<br />

philosophy of reliability and futureproofing that has made <strong>Genelec</strong> a benchmark for<br />

sustainability in AV.<br />


THE KIT<br />

36 x 4030C 12 x 4040A<br />

4 x 4020C<br />

2 x 7040A<br />

2 x 7050C<br />

2 x 8030C<br />

Brasserie Astoria<br />


Hagius<br />




Hagius<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong>’s RAW recycled aluminium loudspeakers<br />

blend seamlessly with the existing interior.<br />

Hagius, located in Berlin, is staffed by young professionals that offer classes for<br />

various disciplines such as yoga and boxing with the intention of strengthening and<br />

conditioning both body and mind, incorporating the spectrum of senses in neuroathletic<br />

training. To provide a high-quality audio experience, Hagius has chosen a<br />

complete <strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeaker solution, supplied by local distributor Audio Pro and<br />

integrated by the Berlin acoustic design studio, Studio SPC.<br />

“We wanted to create a space in Berlin where we could offer a different kind of<br />

training experience,” explains co-founder Timothy Hagius. “Physical performance<br />

starts in the mind. Movement is regulated by the central nervous system and<br />

sensory input plays a significant role in this process.” For this reason, staff opt to<br />

work primarily with smaller groups, placing more of the emphasis on the individual’s<br />

multi-sensory journey, following the theory that everyone should be attuned with<br />

their own biorhythm. There are several rooms, each of which use a combination of<br />

the senses to help simulate a certain state. Sound plays an essential role in all of<br />

them, which is why a premium audio solution was required.<br />

40<br />



“The guys from Hagius asked me to offer them something high-end, functional<br />

and aesthetically appealing,” explains Kenan Jan Ibar, from Studio SPC. “After<br />

I introduced them to <strong>Genelec</strong>’s RAW recycled aluminium loudspeakers they<br />

immediately fell in love with the aesthetic, as it blends so seamlessly with their<br />

existing interior, based on greys and stainless-steel elements.”<br />

All that was left was for Timothy Hagius and a select few team members to visit<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong>’s Berlin Experience Centre and let the sound demonstration speak for itself.<br />

Clearly impressed with what they heard; this is where they finalised the specification<br />

for their <strong>Genelec</strong> system.<br />

The room that received the most attention was the course room where the sound<br />

treatment sessions take place. “This is the strongest room in terms of SPL and<br />

clarity, on account of the sheer concentration of loudspeakers,” Kenan Jan Ibar<br />

explains. “It contains eight 4040s supported by a 7380 subwoofer.” In the gym<br />

area, five 4040s were specified, followed by the boxing area which required a<br />

further four 4040s – all of these spaces requiring the higher SPLs delivered by<br />

this loudspeaker model, the largest in the 4000 series. For the changing rooms<br />

and showers as well as the foyer, seven of the more compact 4030s sufficed, as<br />

increased output and extended low frequency response were less of a priority.<br />

The same logic applied to the osteopathy room, which benefitted from two<br />

4020s, perfectly rounding off the intimate setting. Finally, a single AIW25 ceiling<br />

loudspeaker was installed in the relaxation room, intentionally unobtrusive to<br />

remove any visual distraction from the space.<br />

The discussion of audio came after the architectural and interior design had already<br />

been implemented, and therefore acoustics had not been considered in the design.<br />

Therefore, 4000 Series loudspeakers were an ideal choice. Delivering <strong>Genelec</strong>’s<br />

renowned premium sound quality, they pack a punch relative to their compact<br />

form factor, easily filling high-ceilinged rooms. All of the loudspeakers have simple<br />

rear panel room compensation switches, which provide intuitive control of various<br />

adjustable EQ levels, to help integrators tune them to the individual acoustics of<br />

each room.<br />



42<br />





Kenan Jar Ibar explains his specification of <strong>Genelec</strong>: “When it comes to studio<br />

applications and sound installations, <strong>Genelec</strong> is always my personal choice. The<br />

sound is incredibly crisp and full - you feel the whole spectrum in a balanced way.<br />

Beyond this, they are durable and strong loudspeakers with an extremely long<br />

lifespan. In the event that there is a problem, <strong>Genelec</strong>’s service is second to none.”<br />

44<br />


He continues: “From a design perspective, <strong>Genelec</strong>’s wide colour selection and<br />

signature curved enclosures mean they fit well in almost any environment.”<br />

Kenan Jan Ibar is thrilled with the outcome of the installation: “Overall, the Hagius<br />

team are extremely happy with the result. They said that they would certainly go<br />

with <strong>Genelec</strong> again if they did another project in the future.”<br />

Eric Horstmann, the Berlin-based Regional Business Development Manager for<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong>, echoes this sentiment: “It’s been a pleasure working with the Hagius team<br />

so far. They are promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle, bringing a fresh,<br />

naturalistic approach to the industry. We’re honoured to support them with their<br />

vision, and eagerly anticipate the next step of the journey!”<br />

RETAIL<br />

THE KIT<br />

17 x 4040A 7 x 4030C<br />

2 x 4020C<br />

1 x 7380A<br />

1 x AIW25<br />

Hagius<br />


K-Supermarket<br />



K-Supermarket<br />

Sensory marketing creates attractive environment for<br />

Helsinki supermarket.<br />

There aren’t too many supermarkets in the world that can boast <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

loudspeakers, but K-Supermarket Hertta in Helsinki is clearly not your average<br />

supermarket. Part of the K Group, the second-biggest grocery trade operator<br />

in Finland and one of the biggest in Northern Europe, K-Supermarket operates<br />

some 250 stores at the top end of the market, offering customers a high-end instore<br />

experience with a carefully selected range of local produce and specialities.<br />

At K-Supermarket Hertta, Markus Ranne, the independent merchant who runs<br />

the store, decided to elevate the experience still further with the use of sensory<br />

marketing – a combination of scent and sound design to attract customers and<br />

encourage them to linger. He called on Helsinki-based sensory marketing specialists<br />

Sevende Aromas to design the environment – for which they specified <strong>Genelec</strong> 4000<br />

Series installation loudspeakers.<br />

“Sounds can affect people’s comfort and shopping behaviour in most commercial<br />

spaces and environments such as supermarkets, hotels, offices, bars and<br />

restaurants. The sense of hearing is our third most dominant sense,” explains<br />

Sevende Aromas’ founder and CEO, Eero Niskanen. “Studies have shown that the<br />

right kind of sound environment can increase sales by up to 30% and it also has a<br />

positive effect on the work efficiency of employees. When it comes to scent design,<br />

research tells us that customers stay up to 40% longer in a fragrant environment.<br />

Fragrance is therefore an important part of branding. K-Supermarket Hertta was<br />

keen to incorporate both elements as part of their commercial strategy.”<br />

Sound designer Aki Päivärinne explains that the brief was to create a relaxed and<br />

immersive sound space for the newly renovated fresh fruit and vegetable section,<br />

and stereophonic sound for the candy department.<br />



48<br />





“This was an inspiring task since I had also created the previous monophonic sound<br />

design for the store, including the beer and beverages department,” he says.<br />

“In my work I use a variety of computer programs, including electro-acoustic<br />

modelling software. In this instance, as the speaker setup in the fruit & veg<br />

department is not symmetrical, I created a model of the space within the software<br />

to calculate the delay times required for realistic 3D sound images.”<br />

The setup consists of twelve <strong>Genelec</strong> 4030 loudspeakers evenly spaced above the<br />

refrigerator elements or suspended from the ceiling, while eight compact 4020s<br />

grace the drinks section and a further four are deployed in the candy section. These<br />

are complemented by eight strategically placed fragrance machines, which deliver<br />

the scent experience. Control comes courtesy of a QSC Q-SYS Core 110f processor<br />

with a touch screen interface for managing level control across the various zones.<br />

“To develop the soundscape for the fruit and veg area, I started by imagining some<br />

kind of surreal colourful fruit-world,” continues Päivärinne. “I started hearing the lush<br />

forests, distant animals, shifting weather patterns, poetic saxophone phrases, light<br />

and sea and harmonic clouds overhead - creating a relaxing and safe feeling. After<br />

the first listening I made some small adjustments to the dynamics of the material<br />

which now sounds fantastic. I am really happy with the outcome.”<br />


When asked what prompted the decision to specify <strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeakers in<br />

this context, Päivärinne’s reply was straightforward: “I have worked with <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

loudspeakers in various projects over the last ten years or so and have always enjoyed<br />

using them. In this instance the 4000 Series offered a high quality, reliable solution for<br />

creating an immersive soundscape. They also look good, which is a bonus!”<br />

Combined with the scent design provided by Sevende Aromas – who also handled<br />

the systems integration – the results have had a marked impact on sales, as proven<br />

by a recent study conducted by Helsinki University. “The study compared the results<br />

of sensory marketing against those of a similarly-sized supermarket using traditional<br />

marketing techniques,” notes Niskanen. “The supermarket using sensory marketing<br />

was more successful in every respect and customer satisfaction levels were<br />

considerably higher.”<br />


The impact of sensory marketing is not only measured by an immediate increase in<br />

sales. Positive perceptions of where to buy help build a lasting and loyal customer<br />

relationship over the longer term. It is natural to want to do business in pleasant<br />

places, and it has been proven, time and again, that combining fragrance with the<br />

right sound has a positive impact on customer satisfaction.<br />

“We used quality scents and worked with a talented sound designer to create an<br />

alluring soundscape,” Niskanen continues. “The soundscape uses a combination of<br />

natural sounds and musical elements. For it to be truly immersive it’s important that<br />

it sounds realistic; this is why we opted for a high quality audio solution based on<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeakers, which deliver detailed, transparent sound even at low levels.<br />

There is no doubt that <strong>Genelec</strong> played a major role in the outcome.”<br />

THE KIT<br />

12 x 4030C 12 x 4020C<br />

K-Supermarket<br />


Vasakronan<br />




Vasakronan<br />

New coworking space opts for elegance, wellbeing<br />

and sustainability with <strong>Genelec</strong>.<br />

Vasakronan is Sweden’s largest commercial property company with a portfolio<br />

comprising 170 properties with a total area of 2.3M sq. metres. Arena Sergel in the<br />

heart of Stockholm is the company’s most recent project and constitutes one of<br />

Sweden’s most modern and innovative coworking locations. Formerly the premises<br />

of Swedish banking institution SEB, Vasakronan has deliberately retained the lofty<br />

grandeur of a bygone era which combines seamlessly with modern design to<br />

create a feeling of sober luxury throughout. In addition to the coworking spaces,<br />

Vasakronan has reserved the uppermost floor to house its own HQ, thus centralising<br />

their operations and removing the need for satellite offices. To ensure wellbeing at<br />

every level, Efterklang – experts in sound design, acoustics and vibration control –<br />

were called in to design an efficient and attractive sound environment, which was<br />

implemented thanks to a comprehensive <strong>Genelec</strong> Smart IP solution supported by<br />

4000 Series installation loudspeakers.<br />

Efterklang was asked to design a sound<br />

environment that would support the different<br />

needs, functions and flows in Arena Sergel.<br />

Margareta Andersson, sound architect and<br />

section manager at Efterklang, explains: “The<br />

key is a well-balanced interplay between<br />

acoustic measures and psychoacoustically<br />

anchored sound design. Psychoacoustics is<br />

the study of the relationship between sounds<br />

and how sound affects us. The aim is to create<br />

an inviting environment where visitors and coworkers<br />

can relax and feel safe.<br />

“Visual themes have also been enhanced<br />

with sound design – the sound design in the<br />

internal stairwell, which is festooned with<br />

greenery, evokes a forest environment with<br />

54<br />






birdsong. Also, the open fireplace effects have been elevated with the sound of<br />

fires crackling and the scent of woodsmoke,” she continues. “In fact, there is sound<br />

almost everywhere you go, from background music in the social areas to a gradient<br />

soundscape in the working areas – which goes from completely silent focus spaces<br />

to nature-inspired sound masking in the open flex areas. We have even designed<br />

soundscapes for the restrooms for extra wellbeing and privacy.”<br />

Enabling Efterklang’s beautiful sound design is a comprehensive network<br />

of <strong>Genelec</strong> Smart IP loudspeakers supported by 4000 Series installation<br />

loudspeakers. Efterklang worked with AV integration specialists JML-System AB<br />

to define the best components to achieve the right results. Anthony Berry, VC and<br />

Collaboration specialist at JML, explained that it was a joint decision to specify<br />

Smart IP loudspeakers.<br />

“The system covers four levels with over 20 individual zones,” notes Berry. “We<br />

used the compact <strong>Genelec</strong> 4420s in all the main zones – 114 in total – except for<br />

two event zones in which we used the larger 4430s, since those areas required<br />

more power and the extended frequency range provided by 4430s. We opted for<br />

Smart IP loudspeakers for a number of reasons; firstly, they are active speakers<br />

which means that there is no need for amplifiers – this is a huge advantage when<br />

you’re dealing with high numbers of loudspeakers, as we were for this installation.<br />

Secondly, they are powered over Ethernet meaning there were no long speaker<br />

cable runs required and there was also no need to have separate power outlets to<br />

each speaker. This simplifies installation enormously. Furthermore, as the Smart IP<br />

loudspeakers use the Dante protocol and benefit from control via <strong>Genelec</strong>’s Smart<br />

IP Manager software (delivered over the same cable incidentally), we were able to<br />

adjust and tune each individual speaker to create uniform coverage throughout<br />

the office. We were also able to configure which speakers were located in each<br />

zone, or create new zones as needed. This type of flexibility is not possible with<br />

standard 100/70v speaker systems but it’s enormously helpful when configuring<br />

large systems.”<br />

Berry also commented on the challenges and the benefits of a networked audio<br />

system such as this: “As with any network-based system it is of course critical that<br />

Vasakronan<br />




both JML and Vasakronan’s IT provider were on the same page,” he remarked.<br />

“There was a significant amount of coordination required to ensure that we had<br />

the requisite network ports in the right locations, that the network supported the<br />

PoE requirements of the Smart IP loudspeakers, and that all required network<br />

configuration was carried out and tested prior to commissioning. In this particular<br />

network there is a separate VLAN for all Dante devices and the IT team used<br />

dynamic port allocation based on the MAC address profiles of the <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

loudspeakers. This meant that we could connect any speaker to any network switch<br />

port in the building and it would land in the right VLAN, which saved a huge amount<br />

of time in the commissioning phase.”<br />

All parties are delighted with the results. “This was a fascinating project, and many<br />

parties contributed to its success,” says Berry. “Efterklang provided a great sound<br />


design with amazing custom content that is both calming and energising; JML<br />

backed this design with efficient coordination and well-planned implementation<br />

which has brought Efterklang’s design to life – but perhaps most important was<br />

Vasakronan’s willingness and desire to implement such a sophisticated design<br />

throughout their office spaces. There’s no doubt that Arena Sergel is one of the<br />

most innovative and forward-thinking working environments in Sweden.”<br />

Efterklang’s Margareta Andersson agrees. “We’re very proud of this project, and<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong>’s Smart IP technology proved to be the ideal solution for all sorts of<br />

reasons, both aesthetic and technical. As <strong>Genelec</strong> themselves say, ‘beauty and<br />

simplicity on both sides of the wall’ – and they’re absolutely right!”<br />


THE KIT<br />

46 x 4020C 4 x 4040A<br />

45 x 4010A<br />

114 x 4420A<br />

12 x 4430A<br />

1 x Smart IP<br />

Manager Software<br />

Vasakronan<br />


Ilmatar<br />

Windpower<br />




Ilmatar Windpower<br />

Renewable energy experts equip new offices in<br />

Helsinki with premium audio solution.<br />

Ilmatar Windpower is a utility company with a difference. Born of a passion to help<br />

combat climate change and its devastating effects on our lives and environment,<br />

Ilmatar is dedicated to the supply of clean and affordable wind power as part of<br />

the drive to transition to renewable energy sources. The company has recently<br />

made their own transition to magnificent new headquarters in Helsinki, designed<br />

according to sustainable practices with the aim of achieving optimum efficiency<br />

and wellbeing. AV solutions experts 4Business Oy were called in to design and<br />

implement all the AV technologies for the new premises, which included a Smart IP<br />

audio solution from <strong>Genelec</strong>.<br />

One of the biggest issues to be addressed from an audio point of view was auditory<br />

comfort in Ilmatar’s open workspaces - an integral part of any modern, activitybased<br />

office today. However, one of the inherent problems of any open plan<br />

workspace is a lack of privacy and disruptive noise coming from elsewhere in the<br />

environment. Ilmatar was determined to create the most comfortable and efficient<br />

working environment possible in their open plan areas, and so paid great attention<br />

to sound behaviour in these spaces.<br />

62<br />

Ilmatar Windpower


“The lobby and open work areas, as well as the meeting rooms and offices, are<br />

all exceptionally well designed from an acoustic point of view, with excellent<br />

reverberation times,” notes Janne Lankinen of 4Business. “There are also absorbing<br />

screens between the desks, and the background noise caused by ventilation<br />

has been minimized. Nevertheless, while these measures help considerably, they<br />

cannot resolve the issue completely. To achieve optimum results, we designed and<br />

implemented a custom sound masking system – starting with a high quality audio<br />

solution - specifically tailored to Ilmatar’s requirements.”<br />

Based on detailed coverage simulations, 4Business implemented a comprehensive<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> audio system; a total of twenty 4420 Smart IP speakers were distributed<br />

across two separate open plan spaces. “We selected <strong>Genelec</strong>’s Smart IP solution as<br />

it met all of the client’s criteria for quality – both sonically and materially – as well as<br />

being the most sustainable audio solution available,” explains Lankinen. The Smart<br />

IP technology platform delivers power, audio and control over a single CAT cable<br />

across a digital audio network – in this case, Dante – making them exceptionally<br />

easy to install and ensuring that the systems are fully scalable.<br />

“The site-wide loudspeaker system was individually measured with room acoustics<br />

analysis software and adjusted using <strong>Genelec</strong>’s Smart IP Manager software to<br />

ensure the most transparent audio reproduction possible,” continues Lankinen.<br />

“Technical criteria aside, the fact that <strong>Genelec</strong> is a native Finnish brand and<br />

manufactured in Finland according to sustainable principles was also extremely<br />

important for Ilmatar.”<br />

Implementation of the masking signal itself fell to Pyry Survo, sound designer and<br />

composer for WSP, global infrastructure experts. Survo designed the signal to be<br />

as pleasant and even as possible – an ambient background sound that mimics<br />

airflow and is specifically engineered to match the frequencies of human speech<br />

and to sound comfortable. The sound is audible but not intrusive and serves to<br />

reduce speech intelligibility in the surrounding environment. Nearby conversations<br />

or telephone calls are no longer a distraction, ensuring comfort and privacy for<br />

all concerned.<br />



64<br />

Ilmatar Windpower




“A high quality sound system and careful spatial measurement of the audio signal<br />

avoided the ‘whoosh effect’, which is a problem with low quality speakers and the<br />

wrong type of audio signal,” explains Lankinen. “The masking system generates<br />

a multichannel audio signal to avoid the sound distortion caused by differences in<br />

speaker distance that typically occurs with mono sound masking systems.”<br />

66<br />

Ilmatar Windpower

In addition to the sound masking, Ilmatar had another objective; to create a unique<br />

atmosphere that reflects the company ethos of working with nature in order to<br />

preserve it. A generative soundscape emulating a natural marine environment<br />

with sounds of the sea, seagulls, and of course, the wind – was created for the<br />

entrance lobby and implemented using a WSP multichannel soundscape player and<br />

eight <strong>Genelec</strong> 4430 Smart IP active loudspeakers. Virtual nature is created with<br />

algorithms that mimic the mechanisms and the timelines of the natural world so that<br />

the soundscape remains as authentic as possible and avoids playlist-like repetition.<br />

A soothing four-channel forest soundscape was also created for the café area which<br />

is equipped with four <strong>Genelec</strong> 4430s in white.<br />

Mikko Toivanen, VP and co-founder of Ilmatar Windpower Oy is delighted with the<br />

results: “Our goal was to create the best office in Finland for our staff; making full<br />

use of new innovative technologies in terms of comfort and usability was a major<br />

goal. This was achieved by 4Business thanks to their consultative sales methods and<br />

technical expertise, ensuring an excellent end result. We are very pleased with the<br />

outcome and believe that we have one of the most comfortable offices in Finland.”<br />


THE KIT<br />

20 x 4420A 12 x 4430A<br />

2 x 8331A<br />

2 X G Three<br />

1 x Smart IP<br />

Manager Software<br />

Ilmatar Windpower<br />


Cecil<br />

Coworking<br />




Cecil Coworking<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> Smart IP loudspeakers contribute to smart<br />

working in Stockholm.<br />

Cecil Coworking is part of a new breed of office space for professionals and<br />

businesses who want to work smarter. Based in Stockholm’s vibrant Bibliotekstan<br />

district, Cecil Coworking is a stunning example of the new concept which sells<br />

service packages rather than renting office space. The accent throughout is on<br />

design to promote efficiency and wellbeing in an elegant yet inviting environment.<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> Smart IP technology provides a fitting audio solution for this new, smart<br />

working environment.<br />

The audio system, along with the rest of the AV systems throughout the 3,200<br />

square-metre space, was designed, supplied and installed by corporate AV systems<br />

integration specialists, Scan AV Kommunikation AB. “The aim was to provide a<br />

complete background music solution that offered high quality sound over the entire<br />

two floors of the Cecil Coworking location,” describes Magnus Westin, AV systems<br />

design engineer at Scan AV. “The solution had to be widely scalable and fitting<br />

for the premium environment; that meant impeccable sound quality and pleasing<br />

aesthetics with minimum visual impact. However, the solution still needed to remain<br />

cost-effective, easily serviceable, easy to install, and sustainable.<br />

70<br />

Cecil Coworking


That’s a lot of boxes to tick, but <strong>Genelec</strong>’s Smart IP loudspeaker solution was the<br />

obvious answer.”<br />

Smart IP is a recent development from <strong>Genelec</strong> that delivers audio, power and<br />

control over a single network cable. This hugely facilitates installation whilst<br />

maintaining <strong>Genelec</strong>’s signature sound quality. “Delivering the solution over a<br />

planned network proved to be the most cost-effective solution, enabling us to plan<br />

installation and loudspeaker placement down to the last detail,” explains Westin.<br />

“Smart IP technology is an absolute godsend for projects like this – having audio,<br />

power and control delivered over a single cable eliminates the need for additional<br />

power outlets near the speakers and avoids having to install proprietary speaker<br />

cables that might interfere with other installations. This keeps everyone’s blood<br />

pressure at manageable levels and enables us to deliver an accurately costed<br />

project with a very competitive cost per unit.”<br />

It was a challenge finding suitable locations for the loudspeakers that met the<br />

requirements of the architects without impinging on the overall audio experience.<br />

Scan AV had to be quite creative with speaker placement, but careful positioning,<br />

judicious use of mounting accessories and almost invisible cabling has resulted in<br />

a sleek installation that matches and even contributes to the high quality look and<br />

feel of the rest of the project’s fabulous architecture, floor-planning and exquisite<br />

design elements.<br />

“We’ve placed the speakers on shelves, tables, in ceiling recesses as well as more<br />

traditional wall placements,” continues Westin. “We used a variety of mounting<br />

options from <strong>Genelec</strong> including some sleek colour-matched table stands that were<br />

used on top of window sills plus some custom ceiling mounts. The aim was to<br />

create an immersive sound experience in all zones whilst maintaining harmonious<br />

aesthetics. The ability to have the same product throughout, with the only variations<br />

being placement and mounting accessories, was a complete win for this project. It<br />

looks amazing and we used <strong>Genelec</strong> Smart IP Manager software to calibrate each<br />

loudspeaker individually for optimum sound quality throughout.”<br />



72<br />

Cecil Coworking




Scan AV installed a total of 36 Smart IP loudspeakers as part of a distributed<br />

system split into twelve zones over two floors, all connected with fibre-stacked<br />

network switches acting as a single, giant switch. There are 34 compact 4420<br />

loudspeakers spread evenly across the entire office area and all open spaces,<br />

and two slightly more powerful 4430s in the bar area. All control is through a<br />

74<br />

Cecil Coworking

custom-coded AMX system with<br />

touch panels for easy control of<br />

zones, volume, content, presets,<br />

and time/calendar based events.<br />

The system also allows for total<br />

control from a remote location,<br />

keeping costly and intrusive on-site<br />

visits down to a minimum. A total of<br />

five selectable stereo sources can<br />

be distributed to all 36 individual<br />

speakers or assigned to the twelve<br />

pre-defined zones.<br />


“<strong>Genelec</strong>’s Smart IP speakers truly display their awesome strength when used in<br />

these types of projects with high demands on sound quality, even when perhaps<br />

changing a project’s environment or design completely for a particular area,”<br />

concludes Westin. “It’s immensely flexible and allows us to adapt to changing<br />

requirements as we go along. Cecil Coworking is a wonderful space and a fantastic<br />

example of how design and technology work together for the greater good. My only<br />

wish is that in the near future we will see even more Smart IP loudspeaker models,<br />

so we can include them in even more applications!”<br />

THE KIT<br />

34 x 4420A 2 x 4430A<br />

1 x Smart IP<br />

Manager Software<br />

Cecil Coworking<br />


Embassy of<br />

Finland<br />



Embassy of Finland<br />

Government offices in Tokyo enjoy sustainable sound<br />

quality from <strong>Genelec</strong>.<br />

The Finnish Embassy in Japan is located in the chic, cosmopolitan district of Azabu<br />

in Tokyo. The area has a distinctly global feel, due in part to the large number<br />

of foreign embassies that have chosen to make Azabu their home. The Finnish<br />

Embassy has recently renovated part of their buildings to bring them up to the<br />

modern standards that are representative of the best that Finland has to offer. A<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> Smart IP loudspeaker solution was installed as part of the project, to ensure<br />

that the technology matched the exacting standards of the rest of the renovation.<br />

Mikke Kinnari, Vice Consul and 3rd Secretary of Administrative Affairs at the<br />

Embassy was in charge of the renovation project. “We wanted the best possible<br />

experience for our guests, ideally using Finnish products,” he explains. “Having<br />

studied several options from a variety of suppliers, we decided that the <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

Smart IP solution with its easy, single-cable installation and extremely high quality<br />

audio offered the best possible solution for our requirements.”<br />

The buildings of the Finnish Embassy – like many in Japan – are constructed<br />

with very thick reinforced concrete in order to withstand the earthquakes that are<br />

common in the region. Kinnari reveals that the impracticability of drilling any more<br />

holes than necessary in order to run cables was a major factor in the decision<br />

to adopt a Smart IP solution, which delivers audio, power and loudspeaker<br />

management over a single CAT cable. However, he points out that this wasn’t the<br />

only criteria:<br />

“The physical elegance of the solution was also important because we have a lot<br />

of very high level visitors here – we have received the Imperial family of Japan, the<br />

President of Finland, and many other ministerial and high level visits. The elegance<br />



78<br />

Embassy of Finland




of the room, with beautiful Finnish furnishings that project the image of Finland, was<br />

important. The <strong>Genelec</strong> speakers are very aesthetic in their own right, and the fact<br />

that we could totally hide the cabling contributes to the high class feel of the space.”<br />

The Embassy appointed AV integration specialists, Astro Serve Ltd., who installed<br />

a total of nine 4430 and two of the smaller 4420 Smart IP loudspeakers across four<br />

separate zones in the newly renovated guest facility: the entrance, the conference<br />

room, the dining room and an informal lounge area. Astro Serve’s Michinari Sato<br />

notes that the Smart IP concept facilitated a ‘clean’ installation with no compromise<br />

on quality. “We were specifically requested to make the installation as neat as<br />

possible with no visible cables anywhere. Normally, you need a power supply to<br />

set up an active speaker, but the Smart IP concept delivers power over Ethernet<br />

(PoE) and so only one LAN cable is required. This made it much easier to deliver<br />

impeccable results. We were able to precisely tailor the audio response to each<br />

room via the Dante network using <strong>Genelec</strong>’s Smart IP Manager software, which is<br />

a big advantage. Finally, an IP networked solution enables us to easily manage and<br />

reproduce high quality audio across a number of locations seamlessly. Control is<br />


managed via a Crestron touch panel controller that non-technical staff or guests<br />

can easily handle. Alternatively, they can select content from their own devices<br />

connected to the network, or mirrored from the PC.”<br />

Sustainability was another important factor in the decision-making process.<br />

Pekka Orpana, Finnish Ambassador to Japan, relates: “In Finland, sustainability<br />

is important to us. <strong>Genelec</strong>’s speakers are made of 95% recycled aluminium and<br />

produced with renewable energy making them an obvious choice for our renovation.<br />

Not only are they produced in a sustainable way, but they are very long-lasting and<br />

can be easily calibrated to any space again and again if we decide in the future that<br />

we’d like to use them elsewhere. Finally, they are very beautiful. Finnish design is<br />

well known and appreciated in Japan. The grace and natural look of these speakers<br />

fits tremendously well with each room.”<br />


However, whilst design is important, Orpana emphasises that the most important<br />

element is the sound. “The Smart IP solution has made it possible to have perfect<br />

sound quality,” he says. “When I heard them for the first time, it felt as though we<br />

had a live pianist in the room. The sound is really clear and natural.”<br />

Kinnari agrees: “We now have at the Embassy a fantastic loudspeaker system<br />

that brings all our events to a level of quality that we have never had before. This<br />

includes the webinars, teleconferences and virtual events that have become so<br />

essential during the pandemic – from an audio perspective, it really feels as though<br />

the person speaking is right there in the room with you. It was perfect timing for us<br />

to invest in a <strong>Genelec</strong> system and we’re proud to represent the essence of Finland<br />

to our guests.”<br />

THE KIT<br />

9 x 4430A 2 x 4420A 1 x Smart IP<br />

Manager Software<br />

Embassy of Finland<br />


World of Wine<br />




World of Wine<br />

New Portuguese visitor attraction captivates public<br />

with immersive soundscapes.<br />

The beautiful city of Porto, located in Northern Portugal, is steeped in rich history.<br />

The coastal region changed hands multiple times, which was incredibly formative for<br />

the city, with the prosperous wine commerce driving great urban and administrative<br />

development. The fascinating evolution of the city’s Baroque and Neo-classical<br />

architecture is directly intertwined with the success of the wine trade. Building on<br />

this rich heritage, an investment of over 100 million euros has been directed into<br />

The New Cultural District, known as “World of Wine”.<br />

It comprises a cluster of museums, restaurants, and bars that form an immersive<br />

journey through the region’s port production heritage. The management team<br />

decided they wanted to install a comprehensive, premium audio system to guide<br />

people through the various exhibits and deliver the immersive soundscapes that<br />

help make the venue unique. <strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeakers were a natural choice, providing<br />

their trademark combination of studio-quality sound, flexibility, and reliability.<br />

Over 400 <strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeakers are utilized<br />

across all the spaces. The brief was simple;<br />

to build an interactive experience that would<br />

attract, entertain, and educate tourists on<br />

various aspects of Portugal’s cultural history.<br />

Local <strong>Genelec</strong> distributor Garrett Audiovisuais<br />

— experts in delivering complete AV systems<br />

— secured the contract and specified an<br />

extensive list of <strong>Genelec</strong> equipment, working<br />

in tandem with Gema Digital, the company<br />

responsible for the creation of most of the<br />

museum experiences, from inception to<br />

the global project management, including<br />

the storytelling, multimedia production, AV<br />

installation, execution, and maintenance.<br />

Gema Digital specialises in developing<br />

84<br />

World of Wine





pioneering immersive and interactive experiences for events, brand activations<br />

and museums, with a portfolio that combines over 2000 projects in 14 different<br />

countries. At WoW, sound played an instrumental part in creating an engaging<br />

experience that propels the visitor forward.<br />

“In each space, completely different environments are presented, and it was<br />

necessary that the sound design reflects this change in dynamic,” explains Gema<br />

Digital’s Francisco Brandão, highlighting the importance of sound as an immersive<br />

component and its direct effect on the mood of a room. While walking through<br />

World of Wine (WoW), specifically designed soundscapes help immerse visitors in<br />

each part of the journey.<br />

The site includes seven different museum experiences and numerous restaurants,<br />

bars, and shops. Gema Digital designed and developed four museum experiences:<br />

The Wine Experience, Planet Cork, Porto Region Across the Ages, and The<br />

Chocolate Story, all different in shape and size. Nine different models were used<br />

throughout the project, including all variations of the 4000 Series. The <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

loudspeakers were chosen primarily for exhibits where their superior detail and<br />

intelligibility can shine. For example, the 7.1 surround sound systems located in<br />

“Porto Region Across the Ages” and “The Wine Experience” auditoriums consist of<br />

exclusively <strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeakers.<br />

Raul Fernandes, Sales Director at Garrett Audiovisuais, elaborates on the decision:<br />

“When we were consulted by Gema Digital about this project, they made it clear<br />

they required a speaker that would be adaptive to the different types of rooms and<br />

applications, but would look very discreet. <strong>Genelec</strong>’s crystalline sound signature is<br />

ubiquitous across their models, but there are subtle differences in the choices for<br />

each room.” He continues: “It’s why we suggested a combination of Architectural<br />

and 4000 Series models, as they can be adjusted very easily to the acoustics of the<br />

space, bypassing difficulties usually present in older buildings or with materials that<br />

create too much reverberation.”<br />

It was also important that the loudspeakers blend seamlessly with the interior<br />

of their environment. <strong>Genelec</strong>’s ceiling-mounted AIC25 models predominate the<br />

World of Wine<br />




installation; chosen for their subtlety and versatility, Gema Digital installed 192 of<br />

these across the site. Amplification for each AIC25 is supplied via a remote RAM2<br />

amplifier module, which also allowed technicians to adjust the loudspeakers’<br />

frequency response and help the AIC25s blend with their environment in every<br />

sense of the word.<br />

Some of the larger models required a little more creative thinking to ensure they<br />

remained hidden without compromising sonic quality. “In the Civil War section of<br />

‘Porto Region Across the Ages’, we made the decision to hide the <strong>Genelec</strong> 5041A<br />

active in-wall subwoofer in the scenography, in the chimney,” recalls Brandão,<br />

“Likewise, in the jungle of ‘The Chocolate Story’ we made a creative decision to<br />

position the loudspeakers behind the wall of vegetation to provide the feeling that<br />


there are animals hidden along the entire wall, simulating the thriving wildlife of an<br />

actual jungle, and conveying a sense of 360° immersion.”<br />

WoW serves as a shining example of how museums and other similar attractions<br />

can adopt AV technology to enhance the interactivity and immersive element of<br />

their exhibits.<br />

THE KIT<br />


192 x AIC25 6 x 1237A<br />

41 x 4010A<br />

128 x 4020C<br />

18 x 4030C<br />

26 x 4040A<br />

4 x 5041A<br />

1 x 7350A<br />

3 x 7380A<br />

World of Wine<br />


Jolie’s<br />




Jolie’s<br />

<strong>Premium</strong> <strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeaker solution enhances<br />

Mumbai club’s sophisticated atmosphere.<br />

Pretty by name and pretty by nature, Mumbai’s luxury private members-only club,<br />

Jolie’s, which opened last year, is a hidden gem that truly encapsulates the meaning<br />

of its namesake. Sprawling over an impressive 20,000 square feet, the club takes<br />

its members on a journey through the senses with its numerous zones, each<br />

carefully designed to foster its own distinct atmosphere. From the open, bright,<br />

and inspiring design of the breakfast lounge and work area to the exquisite, sultry<br />

lighting of the cigar lounge as well as the art and music spaces, the team at Jolie’s<br />

have considered all the minute details, with the best of artisan cuisine, cocktails,<br />

and culture. To elevate the customer experience further still, the club also boasts a<br />

premium <strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeaker solution, which was integrated by <strong>Genelec</strong>’s local AV<br />

distribution partner Pandam Professional Audio.<br />

With Jolie’s vision to deliver the best to its members in all aspects, Abhishek Bindal,<br />

the Senior Vice President of Jolie’s, approached Pandam’s owner Prashant Damle<br />

for further consultation. In response, Bindal and his team were invited to Pandam’s<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> Experience Centre located in Mahim, Mumbai. They were so impressed by<br />

the sound demonstration that they immediately decided to go with <strong>Genelec</strong>, proving<br />

why the brand is synonymous with both prestige and quality. Furthermore, the ease<br />

of installation and operation of <strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeakers further sweetened the deal.<br />

In situ, the pleasing aesthetic of the loudspeakers’ iconic rounded design blends<br />

seamlessly with the establishment’s sophisticated decor.<br />

Under the guidance of Prashant, the project was intensively planned over a twomonth<br />

period. However, the actual integration was carried out in an extremely<br />

tight 20-day period, leaving no room for error. In total, over 40 loudspeakers<br />

were deployed, with the assistance of Pandam Audio’s installation engineer, Sunil<br />



92<br />




IN JUST 20 DAYS.”<br />

Jambhale. This includes a relatively even split of <strong>Genelec</strong> S360A and 8010A models,<br />

complemented by four 7382A subwoofers to handle low frequency duties. Any<br />

questions or further support that Club Jolie’s required would be directed towards<br />

Nikhil Pagedar, Pandam’s customer support engineer.<br />

Walking us through the installation, Prashant explains the key decisions: “In the<br />

event space area we installed the S360As paired with a 7382A subwoofer. This<br />

combination delivers a class-leading balance of extraordinary SPL output, expansive<br />

dynamic range and an intensely detailed, transparent performance.” It was important<br />

to equip this room with the capacity to satisfy a wide range of different functions,<br />

which is precisely what this <strong>Genelec</strong> pairing achieves.<br />

The club’s bar area also benefits from the performance of the S360As. Although<br />

it preserves an intimate feel, it is an expansive space with high ceilings, which<br />

properly utilises the headroom that the S360As provide. “To ensure that they<br />

blend seamlessly with the environment, and that there are no unwanted vibrations<br />

propagating from the loudspeakers, we positioned them on the wall.<br />


From there, we precisely tilted the<br />

mounting bracket for the best possible<br />

listening angle,” explains Prashant.<br />

In the restaurant, however, Pandam<br />

opted to use the 8010As, which deliver<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong>’s hallmark sound quality in<br />

an ultra-compact format. Additionally,<br />

other smaller rooms like the private<br />

dining area, business lounge, hidden<br />

bar and the cigar lounge were also<br />

equipped with 8010As, primarily<br />

serving as a background music system (BGM). Naturally, the playback volume for all<br />

areas can be individually tuned at the management’s discretion, and this in tandem<br />

with each loudspeaker’s integrated room compensation switches ensures perfect<br />

optimisation for each room environment.<br />


“It was a colossal task, but we endeavoured to provide Jolie’s with the best possible<br />

solution. The team were very happy with the system we delivered,” says Prashant, “It<br />

helped immensely that the team at Jolie’s were so co-operative. Without such clear<br />

communication, it would have been hard to achieve the goal in the limited time frame<br />

we had.”<br />

Manish Rathi, the Senior Vice President at Jolie’s reaffirms the success of this<br />

collaboration: “Working with the team at Pandam Professional Audio was an absolute<br />

pleasure - from start to finish. The team’s professionalism and sensitivity with regards<br />

to this project were both impeccable. We are delighted with the result!”<br />

THE KIT<br />

23 x 8010A 16 x S360A 4 x 7382A<br />

Jolie’s<br />


Ästad Vingård<br />




Ästad Vingård<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> Smart IP enhances sensory experience at<br />

Swedish winery.<br />

Swedish design is famous the world over, but Swedish wine, however, is likely to<br />

raise eyebrows. Yet, a visit to the glorious Ästad Vingård, in Halland county, southern<br />

Sweden, is likely to put paid to certain preconceived ideas. Ästad has created an<br />

entire experience around the vineyard – which is all organic – including a beautiful<br />

hotel complete with a modern conference centre, a sumptuous spa and two<br />

restaurants, one of which has just been awarded a Michelin star. With the accent<br />

very much on the sensory experience, where sound is as important as everything<br />

else, a <strong>Genelec</strong> Smart IP loudspeaker solution has been installe throughout the<br />

newly refurbished Garden rooms and suites, set apart from the main hotel.<br />

Nestled between two lakes in the Akulla beech forests nature reserve, the vineyard<br />

has made the most of its stunning setting, focusing on wellness and relaxation. To<br />

create a holistic experience in keeping with the beautiful natural surroundings, Ästad<br />

brought in Efterklang – experts in sound design, acoustics and vibration control – to<br />

create a sound concept that could be implemented throughout different areas of the<br />

venue, and especially the spa, that would evoke the surrounding natural environment<br />

and harmonise with the other sensory impressions in the various spaces.<br />

98<br />

Ästad Vingård


AV integration firm Special-Elektronik were called in by the project owner and<br />

installation company Granitor (previously known as Midroc Electro), to design the AV<br />

and lighting solution for the recent refurbishment of the Garden rooms and suites.<br />

Henrik Asp, who is in charge of projects at Special-Elektronik, explains that they<br />

were working to an extremely tight timeframe, so it was imperative to find solutions<br />

that would minimise installation time as well as deliver the quality required. The<br />

Smart IP range of loudspeakers from <strong>Genelec</strong> were an obvious solution.<br />

“Our brief from Ästad Vingård was to achieve the same functionality in the<br />

refurbished Garden rooms as in the rooms of the main hotel, a project that we<br />

helped them with a few years earlier,” explains Asp. “As part of that project I had<br />

already specified two rooms with <strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeakers, both of which are highly<br />

appreciated by guests and the owners.<br />

“Knowing that <strong>Genelec</strong> would deliver the quality levels required by the customer,<br />

and mindful of the time constraints involved, I decided that a Smart IP solution using<br />

the compact 4420 models in the beautiful RAW aluminium finish would be ideal,”<br />

he continues. “The single CAT cable which supplies power, audio and control gave<br />

us the freedom and ability to implement all the IP music streams already used in the<br />

main system – including Efterklang’s amazing soundscapes – with excellent sound<br />

quality and a quick and easy installation.”<br />

Special-Elektronik provided twenty-four 4420s – one for each room – which deliver<br />

all the audio in that space, ranging from audio from the TV, streaming from guests’<br />

mobile devices, radio or room ambience sounds, a programmable ‘wake-up’ scene,<br />

and a ‘welcome back’ scene. Audio distribution throughout the venue is managed<br />

by QSC with control by Crestron. Finally, four of the more powerful 4040s from the<br />

4000 Series grace one of the conference rooms in the main hotel and the gym,<br />

located in the luxurious Sinnenas Spa.<br />

Asp notes that the RAW finish and the sustainable ethic that underpins <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

were added benefits to the quality and ease of installation. “Ästad Vingård prides<br />

itself on its nature-inspired, sustainable approach to everything they do. Their wine<br />

is organic and along with a Michelin star for the excellence of the food creation<br />



100<br />

Ästad Vingård




at their ÄNG restaurant, they have also been awarded the guide’s green star for<br />

their meticulous work on sustainability, plus a host of other awards for sustainable<br />

business practices. It therefore stands to reason that they prefer to use suppliers<br />

who share the same ‘green’ mindset – and <strong>Genelec</strong> is a great example of this.<br />

The RAW finish is even better – not only does the natural look of the recycled<br />

102<br />

Ästad Vingård

aluminium enclosure match perfectly with the Ästad aesthetic, but the RAW versions<br />

require no paint and less finishing material – making them an even more ecologically<br />

friendly choice.”<br />

Efterklang’s Alexander Kassberg, one of the sound designers involved in the project,<br />

agrees that <strong>Genelec</strong> was an excellent choice. “Although our role was strictly contentrelated<br />

in this instance, we are of course familiar with <strong>Genelec</strong> and have used their<br />

loudspeakers in several of our projects. In our view, <strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeakers are<br />

extremely well suited for this high-end concept at Ästad Vingård thanks to their high<br />

definition, broad soundfield and overall quality. Smart IP offers integrators a huge<br />

amount of flexibility for their designs and makes installation very straightforward.<br />

Finally, the RAW finish that was used here is a perfect complement to the natural<br />

environment evoked by our soundscapes and Ästad’s beautiful design.”<br />


THE KIT<br />

36 x 4420A<br />

23 x 4040A<br />

Ästad Vingård<br />


Mikkeller<br />

BAR<br />



Mikkeller<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> brings a taste of the Nordics to China at<br />

specialist beer bar in Shanghai.<br />

In their own words, it’s all about the beer. When Mikkel Borg Bjergsø started<br />

experimenting in his kitchen with his childhood friend Kristian Keller in 2003, the<br />

initial thought was to recreate the beer they most enjoyed and save themselves<br />

some money in the process. Today Mikkeller exports craft beer to over 50 countries<br />

and operates an equal number of bars and restaurants around the globe. The<br />

latest venture is Mikkeller Shanghai, the brand’s first bar in China and an exciting<br />

step into a new and developing market. Designed by Mikkeller’s own designer,<br />

Camilla Monsrud, the bar is a beautiful fusion of Chinese architecture with Nordic<br />

minimalism, including a <strong>Genelec</strong> 4000 Series sound system.<br />

The accent throughout the bar is on raw, natural materials. Wooden furniture and<br />

soft lighting contrast with concrete floors and exposed brickwork. The <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

4030 loudspeakers are a perfect match for the quality and aesthetic criteria of<br />

Mikkeller Shanghai. Four 4030s are installed in the main bar area – which comprises<br />

a number of seated areas plus the bar counter itself – and another 4030 covers the<br />

shop space housed in a semi-enclosed mezzanine overlooking the main bar, where<br />

customers can purchase merchandising and bottled beer to take away.<br />

The bar is run by Martin Aamodt, the managing partner of Mikkeller Shanghai.<br />

Aamodt has lived in Shanghai for many years and previously managed a Mikkeller<br />

bar in Copenhagen. He is also a musician, and therefore naturally attaches great<br />

importance to the sound experience of the bar. “I’ve travelled pretty extensively, and<br />

I’ve noticed that <strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeakers are widely used in the upmarket restaurant<br />

and bar sector, as well as in some live clubs,” he reveals. “I was keen to use<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> for Mikkeller Shanghai as I felt that it was a great fit for us, both from a<br />

quality standpoint as well as aesthetically.”<br />



106<br />





<strong>Genelec</strong> sound systems have become a popular option in bars and restaurants<br />

thanks to their crystalline audio delivery at low levels that enables customers to<br />

enjoy the music without it intruding on their conversation. Aamodt agrees. “I think<br />

the mark of a good system for this type of environment is that it goes unnoticed –<br />

people are just enjoying themselves without really realising why. However, anyone<br />

from a music background or with an interest in music notices immediately that we<br />

have good loudspeakers – and that’s cool!”<br />

Aamodt also appreciates the simplicity of the setup. “<strong>Genelec</strong> specialises in active<br />

loudspeakers, which is what we have with the 4030s. This means that there is no<br />

extra expense for amplifiers – including installation time – and we don’t even need<br />

a subwoofer. The 4030 is powerful enough to deliver the SPL I need and still have<br />

plenty left in reserve. It’s a relatively compact loudspeaker, but the sound is really<br />

big. I also like that there are so many different options when it comes to mounting<br />

brackets and other accessories – you know that they’ll have what you need. Finally,<br />

you know that a <strong>Genelec</strong> solution will last a lifetime, so even if the initial outlay may<br />

seem high, not only are you saving money in the long run, but you have the peace<br />


of mind of knowing that you’ve<br />

invested in the best.”<br />

The system was installed by<br />

Nanjing integration specialists<br />

FORCPACE, who made good use<br />

of the adjustable wall brackets<br />

to ensure that each loudspeaker<br />

was optimally angled. The<br />

individual room response controls<br />

on the back of each loudspeaker<br />

completed the acoustic setup.<br />

Each speaker can be individually adjusted for sensitivity and tone, which greatly<br />

facilitates system tuning.<br />


“I wanted a simple, high quality plug-and-play solution that our non-technical staff<br />

could operate easily and that would integrate seamlessly with the environment.<br />

That’s exactly what I’ve got, and I’m delighted with the results,” says Aamodt.<br />

Indeed, the bar has enjoyed great success since its opening, despite the difficulties<br />

caused by the current COVID-19 pandemic. The popularity of Mikkeller in Shanghai<br />

has made Aamodt eager to conceive the next project. “The customised colours<br />

of the <strong>Genelec</strong> 4000 Series are really attractive. We are already considering using<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> speakers that colour-match with our next new bar because it will look<br />

amazing! Perhaps we can even take the colours and location of speakers into<br />

consideration during the design stage so that they form part of the blueprint for the<br />

new bar. This will guarantee us a high quality sound and design experience from<br />

beginning to end.”<br />

THE KIT<br />

5 x 4030C<br />

Mikkeller<br />


Farang<br />




Farang<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> is the magic ingredient in Matti Wikberg’s<br />

recipe for success.<br />

Farang was the first restaurant to be opened a decade ago by BW Restaurants Oy,<br />

a private company owned by well-known Finnish chef, Matti Wikberg. Since their<br />

beginnings in 2009, the company has opened seven more restaurants and a cocktail<br />

bar in the Finnish capital of Helsinki and employs around 200 people. Farang, their<br />

flagship venue, has recently relocated to stunning new premises spread over two<br />

floors offering both public and private dining facilities plus a large bar. A key part of<br />

the overall experience is the soundscape, delivered by a comprehensive 4000 Series<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> sound system, designed and installed by renowned Finnish AV integration<br />

specialists, 4Business Oy.<br />

“The brief from Matti was very clear,” explains 4Business’s Janne Lankinen: “With<br />

the new premises, Farang is set to make even more of an impact on the Helsinki<br />

restaurant scene, so sound quality - along with everything else - had to be absolutely<br />

top notch. <strong>Genelec</strong> was an obvious choice for us as it matched all of the quality<br />

and reliability criteria – and Matti was already familiar with the brand as he’d used<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> almost exclusively for his other restaurant projects.<br />

“The layout and the surfaces of Farang were a bit of a challenge from an audio<br />

perspective,” Lankinen describes. “The feel is quite industrial with lots of exposed<br />

concrete and metalwork. There are no convenient - and sound-absorbing - false<br />

ceilings or wall panels to hide behind, so we had to make sure that all cabling,<br />

mountings and installation were done properly as everything was visible. It also<br />

meant we had to be very careful with our system design in order to minimise<br />

unwanted reflections and reverberations. The restaurant is situated in a building<br />

which also houses newly renovated offices, so we also had to ensure that there was<br />

no sound conduction through the structure to the other premises in the building,<br />



112<br />





especially for the low frequencies. Finally, the restaurant is spread over two floors<br />

with a very large opening between them; not only did we need to design a system<br />

that would cover the whole area evenly with no dead spots or hotspots, but we were<br />

inevitably confronted with problems of sound leakage between the two floors.”<br />

Lankinen and his team conducted exhaustive simulations to determine coverage<br />

before specifying a system comprising a total of 54 active <strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeakers and<br />

subwoofers. “We decided on the analogue 4000 Series loudspeakers - with Symetrix<br />

Prism DSP processors equipped with Dante I/O expanders for matrixing, EQ and<br />

delay - as it was a useful approach to optimise the overall cost,” notes Lankinen.<br />

“Our aim was to ensure that when you move around the space, the audio experience<br />

remains similar throughout, and that the sound pressure would not drop at any point<br />

in a way that you’d feel that the music was disappearing.<br />

“We used a mixture of 4020s, 4030s and the powerful 4040s depending on required<br />

throw and maximum SPL. Every single speaker was meticulously aligned and DSP<br />

was adjusted individually for the best possible results. That, together with acoustic<br />

treatment to minimise leakage between floors has enabled us to achieve a system that<br />

works beautifully at low sound pressure levels throughout the restaurant, and still has<br />

enough power in reserve to be turned up when required for a real party atmosphere.”<br />

For the 7300 Series smart active subwoofers that are mounted in the ceiling,<br />

4Business designed a custom mounting solution that is mechanically isolated from<br />


the structure. This ensures that any vibrations are conducted into Sylomer absorbers<br />

rather than the hollow core slab which might cause unwanted disturbance elsewhere<br />

in the building. When it came to calibrating the subwoofers, 4Business used<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong>’s GLM software with AutoCal to speed up the final adjustment process and<br />

ensure that every element of the system was sounding its best.<br />

“I’m delighted with the results,” reports Lankinen. “The audio system supports<br />

the Farang brand as a top-class, place-to-be venue in Helsinki. What’s more,<br />

responsibility and sustainability are key principles for Farang and BW Restaurants,<br />

and <strong>Genelec</strong> supports and communicates these values consistently, making them<br />

a perfect match. The atmosphere in the restaurant is social and relaxed thanks to<br />

carefully thought-out playlists and high quality sound support.”<br />


Matti Wikberg echoes Lankinen’s sentiments entirely. “All my goals have been<br />

achieved, and frankly, exceeded,” he admits. “Janne and his team identified the<br />

challenges from the outset and solved them beautifully. We have crystal clear audio<br />

throughout that sounds amazing, yet doesn’t get in the way of conversation, whether<br />

you’re two or ten people at the table. The right atmosphere enhances the experience<br />

immeasurably, and that’s what we’ve achieved here.”<br />

THE KIT<br />

11 x 4020C 10 x 4030C<br />

12 x 4040A<br />

4 x AIW25<br />

4 x AIC25<br />

8 x 7050C<br />

1 x 7360A 4 x 7370A<br />

Farang<br />


JNcQUOI<br />




JNcQUOI<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> serves up gourmet audio at JNcQUOI’s new<br />

Asian venture.<br />

Easily the most buzzed-about restaurant opening in Lisbon in recent months,<br />

JNcQUOI Asia continues the trend for high-fashion gastronomy in the Portuguese<br />

capital set by the original ‘très chic’ JNcQUOI in 2017. Like its original<br />

counterpart, JNcQUOI Asia is defined by grand scale, stunning design, multiple<br />

spaces, and a state-of-the-art <strong>Genelec</strong> sound system designed and installed by<br />

Garrett Audiovisuais.<br />

With the capacity to accommodate over 300 people, JNcQUOI Asia is not just<br />

about the food. It’s a place where people come to see and to be seen, either in<br />

the bar, the restaurant, the sushi bar or the outside terrace and garden. Garrett<br />

supplied an extremely high quality, zoned audio solution throughout with full control<br />

via strategically placed wall panels or a mobile phone app.<br />

The first space is the luxurious bar; capable of hosting live bands as well as a DJ,<br />

it comprises three separate zones: the DJ area which utilises a pair of <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

G5s offering professional active loudspeaker performance but with flexible XLR<br />

and RCA connectivity, and a pair of 5041 in-wall subwoofers behind the DJ booth;<br />

118<br />



the main bar area which is equipped with six 4030 and six of the larger 4040<br />

installation loudspeakers plus three 5041 subwoofers hidden in columns; and finally<br />

the toilets – a design haven in themselves – where Garrett installed four AIC25<br />

in-ceiling speakers.<br />

The challenge for the bar area was to provide sufficient coverage for what is a<br />

very open space without sacrificing quality for SPL. The solution also had to be as<br />

discreet and as aesthetically pleasing as possible. “We spent a long time getting<br />

loudspeaker placement absolutely right for optimum results, and then we<br />

fine-tuned the system with the loudspeakers’ own on-board room response<br />

controls plus EQ and delay via a matrix,” recounts Garrett’s sales director, Raul<br />

Fernandes, who also notes that there is an output to each speaker enabling every<br />

speaker to be controlled individually for maximum precision. “When the system was<br />

commissioned, we turned the music up pretty loud and I invited the owner to come<br />

and stand in the middle of the room with me. We could still carry on a conversation<br />

– I told him that this is why we use <strong>Genelec</strong>!”<br />

For the restaurant area, Garrett opted for a total of fourteen 4040s. The biggest<br />

issue here was the acoustics, as the outside wall is mostly glass and there is a<br />

huge glass atrium overhead that houses a rather magnificent dragon. “As there<br />

was no room for subs in the restaurant, the larger 4040s gave us the extended<br />

bass response we required whilst still remaining aesthetically pleasing. The most<br />

challenging aspect was managing the very reflective environment. Fortunately,<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> products excel in that respect, and once again we were able to calibrate<br />

the system very precisely for optimum results – in other words, intelligible,<br />

clean audio at levels where diners can still hold a conversation at normal,<br />

comfortable levels.”<br />

Garrett also went to the trouble of measuring the sound outside the restaurant to<br />

ensure that there was absolutely no issue for the hotel next door, some of whose<br />

rooms border directly onto the bar. “We had to ensure that there was no sound<br />

leakage whatsoever. Once again, <strong>Genelec</strong> is an excellent choice in this respect<br />

because the loudspeakers are extremely efficient with tightly controlled directivity,”<br />

says Garrett’s project manager, Miguel Trigueiros. “Listeners have the impression<br />



120<br />





that the system is loud because intelligibility is high which enables us to keep SPLs<br />

down – which is great for the neighbours!”<br />

Fernandes and Trigueiros are proud of what they have achieved at JNcQUOI Asia.<br />

“It’s another fantastic showcase for both us and <strong>Genelec</strong>,” confirms Trigueiros.<br />

122<br />


“<strong>Genelec</strong> is a very high quality brand, ideally suited to this kind of high-end<br />

environment where failure of any kind, or sub-par performance would not be<br />

tolerated. The active system design is a bonus – firstly because it saves on space<br />

and makes for a much cleaner installation, and secondly, in the unlikely event that<br />

one does go down, it doesn’t compromise the rest of the system. That is very<br />

reassuring for the owners, although we’ve never had a failure yet. The owners<br />

are thrilled with the results and so are we. You only have to look at the reviews to<br />

realise that the concept is a success at every level.”<br />

THE KIT<br />


20 x 4040A 6 x 4030C<br />

5 x 5041A<br />

4 x AIC25<br />

2 x G Five<br />

JNcQUOI<br />


Amerikalinjen<br />

HOTEL<br />



Amerikalinjen<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> steams into action at sophisticated new<br />

boutique hotel.<br />

The Amerikalinjen building located in the most central and vibrant part of Oslo<br />

has a rich and colourful history. It was inaugurated in 1919 as the headquarters of<br />

the Norwegian America Line, a hugely successful passenger and freight shipping<br />

company that opened up the New World for hundreds of thousands of Norwegians.<br />

100 years later the architectural landmark has been reborn as one of Oslo’s premier<br />

urban boutique hotels, complete with a comprehensive <strong>Genelec</strong> sound system<br />

supplied by Norwegian pro audio specialists, Benum. Occupying some of Oslo’s<br />

most prime real estate, Amerikalinjen - owned by the Nordic Choice Hotels group -<br />

has retained all of its authenticity whilst providing today’s travellers with a thoroughly<br />

modern experience.<br />

The remit was clear – Amerikalinjen wanted the best possible sound in all areas of the<br />

hotel, to match the rest of the high quality services and fittings. The requirement was<br />

for four separate areas: reception; the restaurant; the cocktail bar; and the beautifully<br />

luxuriant conservatory at the heart of the hotel. Everything should sound extraordinary.<br />

“<strong>Genelec</strong> was a completely natural choice for this installation,” declares Ronald<br />

Hernes, Benum CEO who oversaw the Amerikalinjen project. “Firstly, the sound<br />

quality is second to none. Secondly, they are active speakers which are therefore<br />

easier to cable and install, and there is no need for an amp rack room. Finally,<br />

you know that once they are in, the client will have trouble-free service for years.<br />

There’s no doubt that, for a project of this calibre, <strong>Genelec</strong> ticks all the boxes.”<br />

Nevertheless, he recalls that the mission was not without its challenges:<br />

“From an architectural point of view, the building is beautiful with lofty ceilings and<br />

large windows,” says Hernes. “It looks wonderful, but it’s not ideal when it comes<br />



126<br />





to speaker placement. Our main concern was achieving the required coverage with<br />

such large volumes of space to cover. In the conservatory, we also had to think<br />

about the reflections off the glass roof. Fortunately there’s quite a lot of greenery<br />

which helps deaden the room a little.”<br />

Benum suggested increasing the amount of loudspeakers in each area in order to<br />

achieve optimal coverage and sound quality even at low levels, yet still conserving<br />

sufficient headroom to be able to turn up the volume when required for a more<br />

party-like ambience.<br />

“We opted for eight of the larger 4030Cs in the cocktail bar to make sure they<br />

had enough power for the late-night crowd. For reception, the restaurant, and the<br />

conservatory ‘garden’ we used lots of 4020Cs. Each area also benefits from a pair<br />

of 7040A subwoofers (except reception which only has one) to provide a subtle,<br />

but critical boost to the low end without being too physically imposing. In total we<br />

installed thirty-eight 4020Cs, eight 4030Cs and seven 7040A subs. Everything is<br />

on a Dante network distributed via an Allen & Heath dLive DM0 MixRack which<br />


is broken out into analogue at each<br />

zone via a Neutrik interface, and<br />

then to the loudspeakers via Sonifex<br />

active balanced splitters. Each zone<br />

is equipped with an A&H IP1 network<br />

controller which gives local operators<br />

access to source selection and<br />

volume. Finally, we put an A&H IP6 in<br />

reception which provides control over<br />

multiple zones.”<br />

Wilhelm Hartwig, Amerikalinjen’s<br />

general manager, is delighted with the<br />

results. “High quality audio, especially<br />

in the common areas, was an early<br />

focus,” he explains. “We chose<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> as a premium Scandinavian<br />

brand and we are incredibly happy with<br />

the results. We are getting positive<br />

feedback on the sound on a weekly<br />

basis. I’ve worked at many hotels<br />

but I can’t ever remember guests<br />

commenting on the sound quality<br />

before! That is really quite something.”<br />


THE KIT<br />

38 x 4030C 8 x 4020C 7 x 7040A<br />

Amerikalinjen<br />


G Livelab<br />




G Livelab<br />

New state-of-the-art live music club in Tampere relies<br />

on <strong>Genelec</strong>.<br />

In the wake of the unmitigated success that is G Livelab Helsinki, the Finnish<br />

Musicians’ Union has opened a brand new – and bigger – venue in the vibrant<br />

city of Tampere, some 200km north of the Finnish capital. The same team was<br />

deployed to realise the Tampere project, which is built according to the same ‘music<br />

first’ philosophy as Helsinki. The result is an extraordinary live music experience<br />

based on quality programming, modern design, and state-of-the-art <strong>Genelec</strong> audio<br />

systems including the ground-breaking new 4430 Smart IP loudspeaker.<br />

Housed in a striking red brick building which was formerly the boiler house of<br />

the Frenckell paper mill in the heart of the city, the venue hosts up to 250 people<br />

and offers a hugely varied programme including jazz, folk, world music, pop/rock,<br />

chamber music, electronic music and more. Akukon Oy designed the acoustics,<br />

electroacoustics, lighting, sound, video, communication systems and basic IT<br />

structure as well as the rigging systems, as they did for Helsinki, and leading Nordic<br />

AV integrator, Bright – another key member of the Helsinki team – brought Akukon’s<br />

vision to life.<br />

“<strong>Genelec</strong> was already a tried and tested solution with the first G Livelab project<br />

in Helsinki which has had great reviews,” explains Bright’s Head of Installation,<br />

Santtu Sipilä. “People really liked what we achieved in Helsinki, so it was an obvious<br />

decision to equip the Tampere club with <strong>Genelec</strong>s as well.”<br />

“We definitely wanted the new 4430s for easier cabling and added control; it’s<br />

opened up a world of possibilities for us,” admits Sipilä. “We have a fully networked<br />

system running on Dante ® - this includes the big loudspeakers used for the main<br />

PA - and any of the 4430s can take any signal from anywhere. This means that we<br />



132<br />

G Livelab




can use the same loudspeakers for virtual acoustics, surround sound, background<br />

music, delays… the possibilities are endless, and it’s enabled us to considerably<br />

reduce the total amount of loudspeakers required in order to achieve what we<br />

wanted. We are able to make art with loudspeakers and we are not limited in any<br />

way in terms of how we can use the system.”<br />

Tapio Ilomäki, the project manager for Akukon, agrees: “The versatility of systems<br />

and spaces was a key element of the design; modern venues need to be multipurpose<br />

and they have to be able to facilitate these changes as quickly and easily<br />

as possible, for optimum functionality and quick return on investment. The use of<br />

the 4430s plays an important role at this level as well as offering extremely musical<br />

sound with very low distortion.”<br />

Sipilä is also extremely impressed with the PoE (Power over Ethernet) capabilities<br />

of the 4430s. “We were astonished by the SPLs and sound quality from this size<br />

of loudspeaker over PoE. The ability to have everything delivered over just a single<br />

cable is every installer’s dream, so I think that <strong>Genelec</strong>’s Smart IP range will be<br />

figuring in a great many of our future designs!”<br />


In addition to the 4430s, the main PA<br />

system comprises a pair of 1236 SAM<br />

studio monitors, the flagship of the<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> range, seventeen S360s for<br />

surround and delay, a pair of 1238s as<br />

the first delay line, and finally a flown<br />

sub array of nine 7380 subwoofers.<br />

“We didn’t have either the height or<br />

the space to include subs in Helsinki,<br />

so this is a welcome addition in<br />

Tampere which gives us some extra headroom in the system and helps add body<br />

and fullness to the sound,” adds Sipalä.<br />


Renowned Finnish singer/songwriter, Markus Nordenstreng of Tuomo & Markus and<br />

the Latebirds considers G Livelab as his favourite venue for intimate performances.<br />

“For me, G Livelab is the ultimate live sound experience. When you come here to<br />

listen to live music, it will most likely sound even better than it did on the record –<br />

you can hear things you never heard before. It would be a great service to mankind<br />

if there was a G Livelab in every city around the world!”<br />

THE KIT<br />

44 x 4430A 5 x 4020C<br />

4 x 8030C<br />

2 x 1236A<br />

17 x S360A<br />

2 x 1238A<br />

9 x 7380A<br />

G Livelab<br />


Naturkraft<br />




Naturkraft<br />

Danish experience centre harnesses the elements<br />

with <strong>Genelec</strong> Smart IP.<br />

Naturkraft is a new experience centre in the Danish town of Ringkøbing, West<br />

Jutland, which aims to increase awareness of nature and the forces that shape our<br />

world as a way of encouraging more sustainable behaviour. Visitors are treated to a<br />

rich array of exhibitions and learning experiences – outside there are eight different<br />

types of natural environment whilst indoors, an iconic 5500 sq metre building<br />

designed to integrate into the flat coastal landscape offers a range of fascinating<br />

exhibitions. Digital experience creators, No Parking, were responsible for the design<br />

and development of the main installations inside the experience centre, including IT<br />

and AV equipment. No Parking selected a Smart IP sound system from <strong>Genelec</strong> as<br />

the ideal audio partner for their designs.<br />

“Our background is AV production and integration with a focus on experience<br />

design,” explains No Parking director, Morten Ranmar. “We were chosen for<br />

this particular task because of the complexity and scale of the project which<br />

required a lot of careful planning to ensure the best visitor experience. From an<br />

audio perspective we decided to use <strong>Genelec</strong>’s Smart IP solution for two of the<br />

installations for the simple reason that it was absolutely perfect for our needs and<br />

we know we can count on great support if it’s required.”<br />

The exhibitions in the main building are dedicated to the forces of nature as they<br />

exist in the local environment of West Jutland. Naturally, the sea plays a huge part<br />

in the lives of West Jutlanders, so one of the main installations is the majestic<br />

recreation of a North Sea wave. Visitors can walk up to the first floor through the<br />

wave accompanied by powerful audio effects triggered by motion sensors and<br />

delivered by eight RAW finish <strong>Genelec</strong> 4430 Smart IP loudspeakers.<br />



138<br />





“The aim was to create the sensation of what it would be like to be in the midst<br />

of the rushing wave, through sound, lighting, video projection and architecture,”<br />

describes Ranmar. “<strong>Genelec</strong> Smart IP was an ideal choice for us for the audio<br />

element thanks to the proven quality of the loudspeakers – you can really hear<br />

every detail, even at low levels – the pleasing form factor, and of course the Smart<br />

IP technology that delivers audio, power and control over a single network cable.<br />

There are no external amplifiers to worry about, and the installation is incredibly<br />

neat and tidy. We can take audio from several sources if required – in this instance<br />

we have a basic ambience mix in eight channels plus sound effects – and the Dante<br />

network means we can re-route the signal as required or change the source when<br />

the installation changes, so it’s an extremely flexible solution that can adapt as<br />

exhibits change and evolve.<br />

“The cherry on the cake was the beautiful RAW finish which perfectly complemented<br />

the architecture for the Wave installation, and of course scores very highly on the<br />

sustainability scale. This is an extremely important factor for Naturkraft for whom<br />

sustainability – along with climate and nature – is one of the key drivers that<br />


prompted its creation. Even <strong>Genelec</strong>’s<br />

non-RAW finished products are made<br />

from recycled aluminium according to<br />

sustainable processes, so they would<br />

have been a perfect choice regardless.”<br />

Indeed, No Parking deployed eight<br />

4420 Smart IP loudspeakers in white for<br />

Naturkraft’s West Jutland and Nature<br />

of Humans exhibits which describe the<br />

different landscapes that can be seen<br />

across West Jutland. Visitors will learn<br />

how the different forces of biology,<br />

geology and cultural history have<br />

interacted together over time to create<br />

the environment we see today.<br />


“Museum and visitor attractions have evolved enormously over the last twenty years<br />

to become rich, interactive experiences that involve all of the senses,” says Ranmar.<br />

“Sound is of course an integral part of the mix, and as integrators, the onus is on us<br />

to select the equipment we need to deliver the best possible experience. <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

ranks very high on the list thanks to the extremely high quality and reliability of their<br />

products, and their Smart IP technology makes them even easier to integrate. I’m<br />

looking forward to seeing even more models in the Smart IP range in the future.”<br />

THE KIT<br />

8 x 4420A 8 x 4430A<br />

Naturkraft<br />


Finnish Sports<br />

Museum<br />



Finnish Sports Museum<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong>’s Smart IP solution cheered to victory at<br />

Olympic Stadium.<br />

The Finnish Sports Museum housed at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki has recently<br />

reopened to the public with a completely revitalised permanent exhibition after<br />

extensive renovations closed the venue for five years. The new exhibitions celebrate<br />

Finnish sport using the best of what modern technology has to offer, including<br />

a state-of-the-art <strong>Genelec</strong> Smart IP audio solution. All audio, video and control<br />

technology was supplied by AV integration specialists Studiotec Oy, with AV and<br />

sound design by building services engineering experts, Granlund Oy.<br />

Granlund’s Aki Päivärinne and Timo Muurinen were responsible for the AV design.<br />

“Our aim was to put the visitor in the middle of the action, to make them feel as if<br />

they are really there,” says Päivärinne. “It’s hard to think of any sport where sound<br />

is not a crucial part of the experience. Sounds from various sports are accompanied<br />

with occasional musical layers specially composed for the exhibition, and UX (User<br />

Experience) sounds. The sound design was realised using object-based sound<br />

design tools – immersive audio is the key to making the experience as complete<br />

as possible.”<br />

144<br />

Finnish Sports Museum


Päivärinne specified <strong>Genelec</strong>’s Smart IP range of loudspeakers for most of the<br />

sound design, as they met all of his criteria for quality and particularly for ease of<br />

deployment. “The ability to use the museum’s existing CAT cabling infrastructure for<br />

both power and audio signal transport simplified the system design and installation<br />

enormously, as we didn’t have to worry about any analogue cables – everything just<br />

sits on the existing network.”<br />

Project manager Pauli Lamsijärvi from Studiotec agrees. “The Smart IP speakers are<br />

definitely the most important element of the audio solution and certainly made life<br />

easier for us in terms of installation,” he notes. “They operate on the Dante network<br />

which carries both audio and control signals. It even delivers power to the speakers<br />

via PoE, which is something of a revolution in the audio world. The audio quality is<br />

what we’re used to hearing from <strong>Genelec</strong> – in other words, world class – so we’re<br />

very pleased with the results.”<br />

One of the largest exhibitions is Finnish sporting heroes across the ages. Visitors<br />

are treated to a massive video projection by Finnish visual artist, Janne Ahola,<br />

combined with a 10-channel immersive sound design using <strong>Genelec</strong> 4430s that<br />

places sound objects in space relative to what is happening on the screen. The<br />

result is a fully immersive experience that truly brings the action to life for the visitor.<br />

Another exhibition is dedicated to winter sports. “Winter sports are important for us<br />

Finns, so this was another area where we wanted to make the experience as real<br />

as possible,” says Päivärinne. “Once again, we have a multichannel sound system<br />

using eight 4430 Smart IP loudspeakers in a stretched diamond layout that works<br />

with a short movie projected onto a 98” LED screen. Visitors will find themselves<br />

amongst children playing in the snow, skating on a frozen lake or even swimming<br />

in the lake – since Finns are a bit mad like that! Another part of the winter sports<br />

section takes us up onto the slopes with skiers and snowboarders. There is even an<br />

authentic double chair lift from 1965 with a huge screen behind it to reinforce the<br />

impression of being out on the slopes. Here I used four 4430s.”<br />

The final area to use a Smart IP solution is the water sports exhibition which is<br />

brought to life using a 4-channel immersive sound system with four 4430s.<br />



146<br />

Finnish Sports Museum




Visitors experience the thrills of scuba diving below the waves to sailing above<br />

them, before being hurled into a canoe to negotiate the rapids.<br />

Where the requirement was for stereo rather than immersive sound, Päivärinne<br />

opted for <strong>Genelec</strong> 8010 and 8030 loudspeakers, as the media players are located<br />

148<br />

Finnish Sports Museum

close to the loudspeakers. The larger installations with immersive multichannel<br />

sound designs all use <strong>Genelec</strong> Smart IP loudspeakers run from dedicated media<br />

servers capable of outputting Dante signals.<br />

All of the museum’s AV equipment is controlled from a single touch screen linked to<br />

the control system. All the projectors and dozens of monitors can be turned on and<br />

off at the touch of a button. It also enables control of all the loudspeakers and the<br />

content fed to them, and the control system also manages signal delay to keep the<br />

pictures and sound in sync.<br />

The museum’s development director Kaisa Laitinen is delighted with the results.<br />

“Through spectacular visuals and a strong world of sound, the museum visitor’s<br />

experience is better than ever,” she declares. “Studiotec and Granlund have done<br />

a great job in bringing our vision to life. The use of the latest technology enables<br />

visitors to share in the adrenalin, the triumphs and the disappointments along with<br />

all the emotions and feelings that sport brings. I’m very proud of what we have<br />

achieved and I’m excited to share it with the public.”<br />


THE KIT<br />

22 x 4430A 4 x 4420A<br />

8 x 8010A<br />

2 x 8030C<br />

1 x 7040A<br />

Finnish Sports Museum<br />


Mida<br />

Performance<br />

Store<br />




Mida Performance Store<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> reveals star talent at high-end karaoke and<br />

performance bar.<br />

The Mida Performance Store in Changsha, the capital city of China’s Hunan<br />

province, is a new concept that offers a high-spec live performance venue, bar<br />

and social media experience for music lovers. It provides an open stage for anyone<br />

wanting to give free rein to their singing talents in front of an appreciative audience<br />

of their peers, and the entire performance space is equipped with <strong>Genelec</strong> 1032C<br />

and 4030C loudspeakers for a high quality audio experience for both performers<br />

and audience members alike.<br />

The concept has proved hugely popular with customer flow reaching 120,000<br />

in the first month of opening followed by 200,000 in the second month. On the<br />

Store Member’s Day, performance waiting time exceeded three hours! Much of the<br />

popularity is attributed to the superlative quality of the <strong>Genelec</strong> audio experience<br />

that forms an integral part of the concept. From the outset the brief was to deliver<br />

the best possible sound, both for the audience and the performers, for which a<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> solution was chosen throughout.<br />

“<strong>Genelec</strong> is widely known throughout the professional audio industry,” remarked<br />

Mr Zhang Hongxu, head of market operations at Mida Performance Store. “A great<br />

many albums are recorded and mixed using <strong>Genelec</strong>. There are vast numbers<br />

of people that secretly harbour the soul of a singer but it’s difficult for ordinary<br />

consumers to experience a professional environment and facilities. Our aim is to<br />

bring a truly professional experience to ordinary people, to allow all music lovers to<br />

enjoy a high-end performance.”<br />

The store covers an area of about 50 square meters including the stage, audience<br />

area and the bar. After careful consideration of the layout, traffic flow, and the<br />



152<br />

Mida Performance Store




crosstalk from other areas in the store, the engineers from Mida and <strong>Genelec</strong> China<br />

selected a pair of <strong>Genelec</strong> 1032Cs as the main loudspeakers flown either side of the<br />

stage, supplemented by five 4030Cs to provide extended coverage across the rest<br />

of the audience and bar area, plus a further four 4030Cs for stage foldback.<br />

The goal was to achieve smooth, even coverage across the designated audience<br />

area, with clear, detailed audio at optimum SPLs, thus avoiding the typical reaction<br />

to low quality audio with poor intelligibility - which is simply to turn up the volume.<br />

“Almost everyone has experienced karaoke with poor sound quality,” says Mr Zhang<br />

Hongxu. “Here, it’s a completely different experience. <strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeakers are<br />

renowned for their transparent reproduction of the original sound source. Anyone<br />

that cares about singing cares about their own vocals and singing technique – if<br />

they are performing in a karaoke bar (KTV) with low quality audio, they can’t hear<br />

the detail in the vocal or distinguish between different techniques. However, with the<br />

system we have in place at the Mida Performance Store, all the subtleties and detail<br />

of each vocal performance are revealed, to the great delight of both the performers<br />

and the audience.”<br />

Yu Huangliang, the Hunan area champion of the reality TV show, Sing China, has<br />

become a frequent visitor to Mida Performance. “I have experienced a variety of<br />

different performance venues, but once I sang on Mida’s stage, I refused to go<br />


anywhere else,” she said. “If you want to enjoy yourself to the full whilst singing, it<br />

has to be at Mida. Not only does it have a particularly good audience atmosphere,<br />

but more importantly, the amazing sound quality allows people to feel the magic of<br />

music at a far more profound level.”<br />

In order to overcome the common challenges of live venues such as uncomfortably<br />

high SPLs, lack of detail, uneven frequency response and coverage, and to<br />

achieve the goal of “singing and enjoying the stage”, the Mida and <strong>Genelec</strong> China<br />

engineering teams put a lot of thought into the position and calibration of the whole<br />

loudspeaker system.<br />

The main 1032C loudspeakers were flown horizontally in order to fit in the<br />

limited space above the stage. The engineers then used <strong>Genelec</strong> GLM software<br />

for automatic measurement and calibration and fine-tuned the results manually<br />

according to feedback from the singers. The 4030Cs that provide the rest of the<br />

coverage of the audience area were calibrated in order to provide an SPL variation<br />

of no more than 2dB across the whole of the listening zone, delivering the same<br />

high quality audio experience to everyone in the audience, regardless of their<br />

distance from the stage.<br />


Mr Zhang Hongxu is thrilled with the results: “Our goal from the outset was to allow<br />

ordinary people to enjoy the same experience as professional singers, and let the<br />

audience enjoy professional quality sound. We’ve achieved all of this thanks to<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong>, and the popularity of the venue since the store opened proves that the<br />

public agrees with us.”<br />

THE KIT<br />

9 x 4030C 2 x 1032C<br />

Mida Performance Store<br />


The New<br />

Children’s<br />

Hospital<br />



The New Children’s Hospital<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> helps create award-winning soundscape in<br />

cutting-edge medical facility.<br />

The New Children’s Hospital (HUS) in Helsinki is one of a kind. Opened in late 2018,<br />

the new €170M state-of-the-art facility uses art and play combined with the latest<br />

digital technology to provide the highest quality medical care in a safe, reassuring<br />

environment for the children and their families. Part of the hospital’s innovative<br />

approach included the development of a building-wide soundscape to create a<br />

soothing sonic environment for patients and staff. The soundscape is fully networked,<br />

thanks in part to the use of 39 <strong>Genelec</strong> 8430A IP loudspeakers. Indeed, the<br />

soundscape design was recently awarded the Grand Prix in the soundscapes and<br />

ambient sound category of the 2019 International Sound Awards (ISA) in Hamburg.<br />

The idea was to create a soundscape based on the visual theme of each of the<br />

hospital’s eight floors. Inspiration was drawn mostly from the natural world as well<br />

as the much-loved Finnish Moomin stories. Antti Ikonen, Head of Sound in New<br />

Media at Aalto university, and ten of his MA students were responsible for the<br />

mammoth task of developing the content.<br />

“Firstly, the sound is generative, not looping, to avoid stress and ear fatigue,”<br />

explains Ikonen. “All the audio material is hosted in a single computer which<br />

generates and renders the soundscapes before feeding them out to each floor and<br />

location via the hospital’s IP network.”<br />

“The design and planning started before the building even existed,” he continues.<br />

“We discussed with the architects, doctors, electrical engineers, IT people, and<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> how to implement this holistic technological system. The idea was not to<br />

fill the building with background music but to create a discreet, low-level ambience<br />

that is pleasurable and soothing for the kids but won’t disturb nurses or other staff.”<br />



158<br />

New Children’s Hospital




A crucial element of the design was speaker placement, which was determined at<br />

the very outset of the project and effectively designed into the building to facilitate<br />

cabling and infrastructure. The soundscape is delivered via 39 <strong>Genelec</strong> 8430A IP<br />

loudspeakers and ten AIC25 in-ceiling loudspeakers distributed throughout the<br />

hospital’s lobbies and corridors from the underground car park all the way up to the<br />

top floor. They are specifically not located in proximity to the nurses’ workstations<br />

so as not to disturb hospital staff, and neither are they found in patients’ rooms,<br />

operating theatres, meeting rooms or any other space that has a specific function.<br />

“The huge advantage of using IP networked loudspeakers is that there’s no need<br />

for traditional audio cables when connecting the loudspeakers to the sound source<br />

(in this case an Apple Mac Pro computer running the audio engine). Without IP<br />

audio, the sound system would have required hundreds of metres of audio cable<br />

and would have been vulnerable to many kinds of interference,” explains Ikonen. “In<br />

an IP audio network, the signal is conveyed as data via the ethernet cables of the<br />

computer network. In other words, the sound system is utilising a network which<br />

exists anyway. This, of course, is a huge cost saving. And last but not least, there’s<br />

no loss in the signal chain and the audio is reproduced perfectly in full quality.”<br />

Jon-Patrik Kuhlefelt, sound technician and digital audio specialist from the Sibelius<br />

Academy at Helsinki’s University of the Arts, also played an important role in the<br />


technical system design and content planning for the soundscape. “The heart of<br />

the system is the Mac Pro running a Max/MSP patch,” he confirms. “A Focusrite<br />

REDNET PCIeR audio interface in the Mac Pro feeds Dante streams to a BSS BLU-<br />

806DA DSP processor that is used mainly for muting all the loudspeakers in case of<br />

a fire alarm. From there, the outputs are fed to the <strong>Genelec</strong> 8430A IP loudspeakers<br />

via AES67. Finally, we have a Focusrite REDNET AM2 feeding the AIC25s.”<br />

Kuhlefelt also highlights the advantage of using active speakers with on-board<br />

amplification: “There are nearly 100 <strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeakers throughout the building<br />

in total – in addition to those used for the soundscape project, there are over fifty<br />

4000 Series loudspeakers [mainly the compact 4020Cs] found in meeting rooms<br />

and conference areas throughout the hospital - that would have been a lot of<br />

amplifiers to house!” he says.<br />


The final word goes to Antti Ikonen: “<strong>Genelec</strong> was an ideal partner for such an ambitious<br />

and challenging project as the New Children’s Hospital soundscape. In addition to<br />

providing the loudspeakers, <strong>Genelec</strong> helped the sound design team to resolve the<br />

technical issues which were inevitable in such pioneering work. We’re all very proud of<br />

what we’ve achieved here and hope it will be the blueprint for many projects to come.”<br />

THE KIT<br />

39 x 8430A 10 x AIC25<br />

48 x 4020C<br />

2 x 4030C<br />

2 x 4040A<br />

1 x 7370A<br />

New Children’s Hospital<br />


Östermalms<br />

Saluhall<br />




Östermalms Saluhall<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong>’s Smart IP embellishes Swedish<br />

gastronomic haven.<br />

Östermalms Saluhall in the Swedish capital of Stockholm is one of the world’s<br />

premier food halls and a cultural institution in its own right. First established in<br />

1888, the beautiful building is classified as a historical monument. It has recently<br />

reopened after the most extensive renovation project in its 130-year history. Four<br />

years on and 130M Euros later, the food hall has regained its former glory and<br />

developed into a modern and sustainable trading venue, complete with a <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

Smart IP loudspeaker solution for the Saluhall’s largest and most prestigious trader,<br />

Lisa Elmqvist.<br />

Having expanded operations considerably over the years to include a gourmet<br />

restaurant as well as the food stall, Lisa Elmqvist now occupies nearly one-third<br />

of the hall’s newly renovated star-shaped space. In order to find a suitable audio<br />

solution to cover the various zones, Lisa Elmqvist turned to Stockholm AV integrator<br />

and pro audio specialist, JAM Stage & Proaudio, who quickly concluded that a<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> Smart IP system was the ideal solution.<br />

“The mission was to supply a high quality audio solution that could cover all of<br />

the various customer areas with ease,” explains JAM’s Dragan Nedeljkovic. “We<br />

needed a system that could deliver a tonal balance with good dispersion and offaxis<br />

response, to counter the noisy environment and create an oasis of calm for the<br />

restaurant diners. We also needed to be able to zone the areas efficiently to cater<br />

for events and other scenarios.”<br />

However, given the extremely tight timescale and the constraints of the building,<br />

JAM’s choices were limited. “It may have taken four years to complete the<br />

renovations, but there is a tendency in these types of projects to allow less than<br />



164<br />

Östermalms Saluhall




a week to worry about sound!” Nedeljkovic says with a wry grin. “This one was no<br />

exception. We only had three days to deliver a complete solution with little or no<br />

information to go on regarding placement, power access, distances, and so on.<br />

Plus, we were working in a classified building where the only accessible space for<br />

racks was in the basement and cabling options overall were extremely limited. The<br />

only truly viable option was to run the entire project over IP. <strong>Genelec</strong>’s new Smart IP<br />

loudspeakers – with audio, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) and control all over a single<br />

standard network cable – were simply the perfect solution.”<br />

Nedeljkovic and his team implemented a Dante network running a total of 19<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> 4430 Smart IP loudspeakers across six zones. A single standard network<br />

cable delivers power, control and the audio signal to each loudspeaker, with<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong>’s sophisticated Smart IP Manager software handling device discovery<br />

on the network, room EQ, calibration, delay and other functions. A cost-effective<br />

Xilica Dante interface and a touch panel facilitate routing, source selection and<br />

zone control.<br />


“Honestly, the Smart IP solution from<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> solved all my problems,”<br />

declares Nedeljkovic. “Despite having<br />

almost no time to design a system,<br />

the client nevertheless had extremely<br />

high standards when it came to<br />

audio quality. However, with <strong>Genelec</strong>,<br />

exceptional audio quality is a given, so<br />

that box was ticked straight away. With<br />

so little space or room for manoeuvre<br />

in installation terms, we required an<br />

active solution at the very least, and ideally something that could run on a Dante<br />

network to reduce cabling. The cherry on the cake with <strong>Genelec</strong>’s Smart IP system<br />

is that the same cable also delivers power, so that’s another problem solved.<br />


“Finally, late in the installation process, the client decided that they’d like to add an<br />

additional zone to the original specification of five zones. In any non-network-based<br />

audio system, this would normally require considerable head-scratching to come<br />

up with a solution, plus additional cost for added amplifiers and possibly some<br />

additional mixers and/or DSP. In this case, all it required was some patching in the<br />

Dante Controller software, a couple of button presses and 25 minutes of configuring<br />

and tinkering to magically solve the problem, and bingo - the desired solution is<br />

delivered to the happy customer! You can also route L/R channels within Dante<br />

Controller as appropriate to achieve the best stereo listening experience in any<br />

given zone, which is a huge advantage. This kind of flexibility is priceless and clearly<br />

a huge advance in the world of AV integration.”<br />

THE KIT<br />

19 x 4430A<br />

1 x Smart IP<br />

Manager Software<br />

Östermalms Saluhall<br />


Scandic Grand<br />

Central<br />

HOTEL<br />



Scandic Grand Central<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> sustains award-winning Nordic hotel brand<br />

with premium audio.<br />

Founded in 1963, Scandic is the Nordic region’s largest hotel operator with a<br />

network of some 280 hotels across six countries. With 70% of their revenues<br />

coming from the business travel and conference sector, Scandic is a pioneer in<br />

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) practices, and the majority of its hotels are<br />

certified according to the Nordic Ecolabel’s new requirements. The chain has also<br />

won numerous awards, recently being recognised as Sweden’s most sustainable<br />

hotel brand for the 11th year in a row by Sustainable Brand Index, Europe’s<br />

largest brand study in sustainability. The latest hotel to open its doors is the<br />

beautiful Scandic Grand Central Helsinki, complete with a comprehensive <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

sound system designed and installed by Finnish AV systems specialists, Murea Oy.<br />

Housed in an imposing Art Nouveau building that was formerly the head office of<br />

Finland’s national railway company, the listed building has undergone a meticulous<br />

two-year transformation that retains much of the glamour and grand proportions of<br />

a bygone age combined with every modern comfort. Scandic Grand Central Helsinki<br />

is now also the first hotel building in the world to achieve the prestigious LEEDv4<br />

Platinum rating for the project phase of its development. The LEED (Leadership<br />

170<br />

Scandic Grand Central


in Energy & Environmental Design) certificate covers a wide range of themes in<br />

sustainable construction, and the platinum rating is the highest possible.<br />

Kristian Sahenkari, Partner and Key Account Manager at Murea, notes that the<br />

historical significance of the building and the preservation of its former glory was a<br />

key element in the transformation from HQ to hotel. “The building has a long history,<br />

and part of our brief was that this should be preserved as much as possible. The<br />

installation therefore had to be planned extremely carefully from the outset as the<br />

Finnish Heritage Agency had to approve all the installation methods.”<br />

Murea installed a total of twenty-eight <strong>Genelec</strong> 4030 installation loudspeakers and<br />

two powerful 4040s across a total of 17 meeting and event facilities of varying sizes,<br />

plus the bar area that required a sound system capable of handling everything from<br />

low level background music to high-energy DJ sets, plus of course the sacred ice<br />

hockey World Championship games!<br />

“<strong>Genelec</strong> was an obvious choice from the start,” continues Sahenkari. “Firstly,<br />

Scandic as a brand appreciates quality, and audio systems are no exception; their<br />

meeting and conference facilities represent an important revenue stream and so<br />

they wanted the best possible equipment for these sophisticated, highly specified<br />

spaces. <strong>Genelec</strong> sound quality is unquestionable and the smooth lines of their<br />

speaker design blend seamlessly with the environment – a perfect combination of<br />

modern technology, design and functionality.”<br />

Scandic deployed a pair of compact 4030 loudspeakers – usually either side of the<br />

screen – in each of the smaller conference rooms whilst the largest event space –<br />

namely the Grand Ballroom - has a pair of the powerful 4040s for music, speech<br />

and presentations.<br />

“We decided on the 4000 Series as they are particularly integrator-friendly,” explains<br />

Sahenkari. “Their active design with on-board amplification removes the need<br />

for bulky external amplifier racks and simplifies cabling for a cleaner installation.<br />

The extensive range of mounting accessories was also a big help when designing<br />

speaker positions, particularly for the meeting facilities situated on the second floor<br />



172<br />

Scandic Grand Central




of the hotel, which have been preserved in their original form. Consequently, they<br />

are all protected by the Finnish Heritage Agency who had to approve every step<br />

of the installation process, along with the interior designers who had to approve<br />

speaker positions from an aesthetic perspective. Working in a listed building adds<br />

an extra layer of complexity as you can’t just drill holes and run cables anywhere<br />

174<br />

Scandic Grand Central

you like! We must have used five<br />

or six different types of mounting<br />

fixture across the various spaces –<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> had the right product for<br />

every situation.”<br />

The entire AV system, which<br />

spreads across three floors, is<br />

centrally managed and processed.<br />

Two auxiliary racks were installed<br />

for the I/Os as the signal paths are<br />

mostly digital via Dante ® .<br />


“<strong>Genelec</strong> definitely ticked all the boxes for this installation,” concludes Sahenkari.<br />

“It’s a high quality Finnish brand built according to sustainable principles; an<br />

extremely important point for Scandic in light of their strong commitment to<br />

sustainability. Additionally, the timeless design of <strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeakers and their<br />

ability to deliver crystalline audio quality for decades to come made them the<br />

perfect choice. Everyone is happy.”<br />

THE KIT<br />

28 x 4030C 2 x 4040A<br />

Scandic Grand Central<br />


Hotel Kakola<br />



Hotel Kakola<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> delivers a RAW experience behind bars in<br />

former prison-turned-hotel.<br />

If you’ve ever had a hankering to find yourself behind bars without actually having<br />

to commit a crime, then now’s your chance: the notorious Kakola prison in the<br />

medieval city of Turku on Finland’s southwestern coast has been converted into an<br />

upmarket boutique hotel complete with sophisticated conference, banqueting and<br />

restaurant facilities, and a <strong>Genelec</strong> sound system. Whilst the food and bedding are<br />

much improved upon its former prison days, much of the original architecture has<br />

been preserved, and there is no shortage of chains and handcuffs dotted around to<br />

remind guests of where they really are…<br />

Rooms aside, Hotel Kakola also offers extensive conference and banqueting<br />

facilities in a unique setting. The company turned to <strong>Genelec</strong> partner and specialist<br />

AV integrator, Hifistudio Esitystekniikka to design and install a comprehensive sound<br />

system across all of the public areas of the hotel.<br />

“The client wanted a high quality audio system capable of handling low level, high<br />

quality background music for the restaurant areas as well as crystal clear vocal<br />

reinforcement for conferencing purposes. The system also had to be capable of<br />

178<br />

Hotel Kakola


handling ‘easy’ live music when required,” explains Antti Vuorilahti, co-owner of<br />

Hifistudio. “It was also important for them to use domestic suppliers where possible<br />

in an effort to support the economy, reduce their carbon footprint and work against<br />

climate change, so the decision to use <strong>Genelec</strong> was a very easy one.”<br />

Vuorilahti specified 24 compact <strong>Genelec</strong> 4020 and two powerful 4040 loudspeakers<br />

in RAW aluminium finish across three separate zones: the reception area; restaurant<br />

Ruben, located in the former prison canteen; and a versatile space known as the<br />

Pavilion which can be rented separately or combined with other restaurant facilities<br />

for larger events. It can also be used as a workspace and even divided into smaller<br />

units with the help of light wall structures.<br />

“The RAW finish is ideal for Kakola,” emphasises Vuorilahti. “The industrial look fits<br />

perfectly into the ‘prison’ ambience and from a sustainability point of view, it ticks<br />

all the boxes as it requires no painting and less finishing material. Like most <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

loudspeakers, the enclosure is made from recycled aluminium, and of course the<br />

sound quality is exceptional.” Another important point was the choice of active<br />

loudspeakers which reduces cabling and removes the need for external amplifier<br />

racks, making installation faster, easier and more discreet.<br />

Symetrix Prism 8x8 digital signal processors provide effortless control over a<br />

Dante network for each of the zones. “Symetrix supplies high quality products that<br />

marry well with a <strong>Genelec</strong> solution,” says Vuorilahti. “They are easy to configure<br />

and – something that was high on the hotel team’s agenda – very easy to use.<br />

Symetrix touch panels in each zone allow hotel staff to select and control the sound<br />

sources in every area and even mix them if necessary. It’s all very neat, tidy and<br />

straightforward and delivers excellent results.”<br />

Kakolanruusu, a restaurant that is also housed in the former prison building but<br />

under separate ownership from the hotel, has likewise been supplied with a <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

4000 Series audio solution, also designed and installed by Hifistudio.<br />

Vuorilahti selected 14 mid-sized <strong>Genelec</strong> 4030 loudspeakers in white to deliver<br />

ambient background music with the ability to adapt to larger events when required.<br />



180<br />

Hotel Kakola




“Kakolanruusu caters for corporate groups as well as for private diners,” explains<br />

Vuorilahti. “Their spaces are fully equipped with screens and video projectors, so<br />

it was crucial that they had a high quality PA system to match. <strong>Genelec</strong> was an<br />

obvious choice for all the same reasons of reliability, sustainability and Finnish<br />

heritage. Like Hotel Kakola, we’ve provided a Symetrix Prism DSP (12x12) and<br />

182<br />

Hotel Kakola

touchscreen that offers the same easy-to-configure, easy-to-operate control for an<br />

efficient system that looks as good as it sounds.<br />

“From an integrator’s point of view, we have complete faith in <strong>Genelec</strong> as a<br />

company as well as in their products,” he continues. “Their service is excellent at<br />

every level, both pre- and post-sales, technical or whatever it is you need – there<br />

is always someone ready to help – and of course the products themselves are<br />

excellent. It’s rare that we have a problem with a <strong>Genelec</strong> installation, but if we do,<br />

it’s never a problem for long.<br />

“Both of these projects – Hotel Kakola and Kakolanruusu – have been thoroughly<br />

enjoyable, even if we were faced with certain time constraints. We’re proud to<br />

have assisted with the transformation of a former prison into what it is today, and<br />

preserved a bit of Finnish history using Finnish products.”<br />


THE KIT<br />

24 x 4020C 6 x 4040A<br />

14 x 4030C<br />

Hotel Kakola<br />


Casino<br />

Tampere<br />



Casino Tampere<br />

Revolutionary casino hits the jackpot with <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

Smart IP.<br />

Casino Tampere is a far cry from the glitz and bling-bling of Las Vegas. Only the<br />

second casino in Finland, it opened in December 2021 at Tampere’s Nokia Arena<br />

and is quite unlike any other casino in the world. Owned and operated by the<br />

Finnish state-owned company Veikkaus, Casino Tampere operates a Responsible<br />

Gaming policy with tools in place to enable players to self-regulate as well as<br />

mandatory loss limits on slot machines. Exuding Finnish style with lots of natural<br />

wood and greenery, Casino Tampere combines Nordic design with the world’s<br />

most advanced casino concepts for a thoroughly modern – and unique – casino<br />

environment. Over 100 <strong>Genelec</strong> Smart IP loudspeakers contribute to a complete<br />

sensory experience that sets Casino Tampere apart from any other gaming venue.<br />

Digital AV solutions experts, Craneworks Oy, won an open tender to design and<br />

supply all of the digital AV solutions for the new casino thanks to their imaginative,<br />

ideas-driven approach combined with solid technical expertise. As Craneworks<br />

managing director, Sami Käyhkö describes, “Our aim was to design the world’s<br />

most advanced casino experience with a<br />

Scandinavian twist and a bit of magic!”<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong>’s Smart IP loudspeakers fitted<br />

perfectly into Craneworks’ vision: “We wanted<br />

all of the casino AV technology to be built on<br />

an IP network with full remote controllability,”<br />

explains Käyhkö. “That includes audio, video,<br />

lighting, digital signage, the AV matrix and<br />

scaler, and even scent control.” The <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

Smart IP loudspeakers made perfect sense<br />

in this context. “Aesthetically, their rounded<br />

form works very well with the casino’s<br />

Finnish-inspired interior – in certain areas we<br />

even have some of the models with the RAW<br />

aluminium finish, which look amazing – and<br />

186<br />

Casino Tampere





of course they are very easy to install with just one Ethernet cable and no external<br />

amplifiers to worry about.<br />

“From a sound quality and durability point of view, you can’t ask for more – <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

stands for quality and we’re pleased to use a Finnish brand,” he continues. “The<br />

other major bonus points were full remote control – our HQ is in Helsinki about 150<br />

km from the casino, so you don’t want to have to drive there just to adjust one<br />

speaker – and easy on-the-fly configuration.”<br />

Part of what makes Casino Tampere unique is a concept called ‘Virta’ or ‘stream’ in<br />

English. Described by Käyhkö as “Scandinavian nature 2.0”, Virta runs through the<br />

whole casino and is an experience in itself. Virta’s architecture brings together the<br />

best in wood construction along with smart lighting and digital signage solutions,<br />

creating around 250 metres of digital screen that are used to display a wide range<br />

of continually updated, seasonally themed content. <strong>Premium</strong> audio is an integral<br />

part of the experience and includes six separate 12.1 surround sound zones<br />

throughout the Virta space. A series of adjoining “bays” serve as lounges and other<br />

seating areas that patrons can use for dining or to play mobile sports games. There<br />

are also large screens for catching up on the latest live sports.<br />

In addition to Virta – which also features sophisticated scent design created by<br />

sensory marketing experts Sevende Aromas – there are several stereo sound areas<br />

in various gaming rooms, lounges, the check-in area and even the rest rooms. In<br />

total, over 100 <strong>Genelec</strong> 4420 Smart IP loudspeakers supported by thirteen 7050<br />

subwoofers deliver the audio experience throughout the casino.<br />

All the audio, video, lighting and scent distribution systems are controlled via a<br />

Crestron server accessed by several touchscreens, both fixed and wireless. “The<br />

customer can change the volume in any sound zone – or even the volume of<br />

an individual speaker – via the touchscreen as well as route different sources to<br />

different zones,” explains Käyhkö. “For example, in certain sports areas, the nearest<br />

IP speakers are normally part of the Virta 12.1 soundscape, but if a customer wants<br />

to see and hear the match at levels greater than the screen will allow, we can mix<br />

the sport sound to the nearest loudspeakers.”<br />

Casino Tampere<br />




Indeed, as part of the 15,000-seat Nokia Arena complex – a premier venue for<br />

national and international ice hockey – sport plays an important role in Casino<br />

Tampere. Whenever there is a major game, sound and video feeds from the arena<br />

can be delivered to any or all loudspeakers and screens in the casino – “It’s as if<br />

you had your own private VIP box!” says Käyhkö. When a goal is scored, it triggers<br />

a ‘goal show’ across the casino’s AV system so that gamers are kept up to speed<br />

with progress from the hockey rink.<br />


Ari Tuuli, project manager for Casino Tampere operators, Veikkaus Oy, is proud of<br />

what has been achieved. “Casino Tampere is an experience,” he declares. “There is<br />

no other casino in the world like it. We have created a lush, inviting environment that<br />

engages all the senses – specially developed soundscapes, video content and scent<br />

design evoke the different seasons, encouraging relaxation and socialising as well<br />

as gaming.”<br />

“This has been a fascinating project at every level,” reflects Käyhkö. “We<br />

develxxoped the multisensory approach as a whole customer experience, of which<br />

audio is an integral part, rather than separate silos of sound, video, lighting etc.<br />

Thanks to the easy on-the-fly configuration of <strong>Genelec</strong> Smart IP loudspeakers,<br />

we can create new sound zones at will and mix easily between different zones,<br />

enabling us to be extremely reactive to changing circumstances or the addition<br />

of new content. Achieving the same functionality with a traditional analogue<br />

loudspeaker setup would have been virtually impossible, but with <strong>Genelec</strong>’s Smart<br />

IP loudspeakers, it was actually very easy to execute, and the results are stunning.<br />

Big thanks to our team of professionals who made this happen!”<br />


THE KIT<br />

101 x 4420A 13 x 7050C<br />

Casino Tampere<br />


The Bar<br />



The Bar<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> Smart IP loudspeaker system chosen for<br />

elegant new bar at NYC’s Penn Station.<br />

Danny McDonald, one of America’s top pub business owners and one of New York<br />

City’s best-known restaurateurs, is known for being adept at the development,<br />

construction and operation of modern pubs. Starting in 1995 with the Swift<br />

Hibernian Lounge, which Crain’s New York contended “revolutionised the Irish Bar<br />

scene” in the city, his portfolio grew to include Puck Fair, Ulysses’ Folkhouse, Pier A<br />

Harbor House, and The Dead Rabbit. Now McDonald’s latest venture, called simply<br />

The Bar and located in Manhattan’s Moynihan Train Hall, continues his string of<br />

successful taverns, this one in the newly renovated Penn Station below the Beaux<br />

Arts-designed James A. Farley Post Office Building. The Bar, an elegant venue in<br />

dark walnut and polished brass, is a centrepiece of the Hall’s food court. In keeping<br />

with McDonald’s consistent quest for the best, he chose loudspeakers from <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

to provide the audio aspect of the establishment’s carefully considered ambience.<br />

These loudspeakers offer power, audio signal and loudspeaker management<br />

via a single standard CAT cable, helping keep the setup simple and the cable<br />

management a breeze.<br />

Specifically, 10 of <strong>Genelec</strong>’s 4430A Smart IP Installation Loudspeakers were<br />

installed at The Bar by Osbee Industries, Inc., a Harrison, NY-based system<br />

integrator that specialises in high-end projects. The <strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeakers are<br />

soffited in the ceiling of the actual bar area, supporting the eight television displays<br />

that make The Bar an elegant sports-watching venue. The AV system, designed<br />

by Osbee, is fully networked, with Crestron control and Symetrix processing, and<br />

4430As are connected to that network via Dante ® . “The <strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeakers,<br />

which Danny has used many times before in his restaurants, were the perfect<br />

choice here,” says Dave Raines, Osbee’s President. “They’re compact and fit into<br />

the wood soffit above the bar in such way that they’re practically invisible, yet<br />



194<br />

The Bar




still have plenty of output power. They’re compatible with Dante, as well as open<br />

streaming standards such as AES67, so they’re able to be networked, and they<br />

also have PoE functionality, which streamlines the system design. Plus, they sound<br />

fantastic, so they really check all the boxes.” In fact, this was Osbee’s first <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

installation, and Raines was duly impressed with the <strong>Genelec</strong>s’ ease of installation<br />


and performance. “It was our first<br />

time using <strong>Genelec</strong>, but I can<br />

assure you it won’t be our last. It’s<br />

a great installation loudspeaker.”<br />

Danny McDonald knows hospitality,<br />

but he also knows it’s not limited<br />

to food and drink. “We’ll want the<br />

atmospheres in the restaurants and<br />

bars to reflect the times and places<br />

and people,” he says. “We’ll want<br />

them curated for the moment.” At<br />

The Bar, across Eighth Avenue from<br />

Madison Square Garden, that means the venue will play music and show videos that<br />

complement what many patrons have come to see, whether it’s a Rangers game<br />

or a Billy Joel concert. “That’s where the <strong>Genelec</strong>s really shine,” he says. “They’re<br />

studio-monitor quality, so the sound is really excellent. We’ll have some acoustic<br />

music in here, such as jazz on Wednesdays, and the <strong>Genelec</strong>s give it elite-level<br />

sound.” But as importantly, the <strong>Genelec</strong>s help encourage the room’s natural social<br />

pace. “We call it ‘choreographed conversation’,” he explains. “If people are shouting<br />

to get the bartender’s attention, they’re doing it to get over the loudness of the<br />

sound system. It’s not supposed to be that way. We space the <strong>Genelec</strong>s out roughly<br />

eight feet apart, and it creates the perfect balance: you’re surrounded by music but<br />

you can talk easily, without having to shout, yet you still get the impact of the music.<br />

That’s the beauty of the <strong>Genelec</strong>s. They let us get the environment right.”<br />


THE KIT<br />

10 x 4430A<br />

The Bar<br />


Product<br />

Information<br />


<strong>Genelec</strong> Smart IP<br />

One shared cable for audio, power and control.<br />

Smart IP is a range of networked active loudspeaker systems that are easy<br />

to install, delivering exceptional audio, power and sophisticated loudspeaker<br />

management via a single CAT cable. The aesthetically beautiful Smart IP range<br />

combines the finest studio-quality loudspeaker performance with all the flexibility<br />

and convenience that networked audio brings.<br />

The growing family of Smart IP loudspeakers serve a wide range of applications,<br />

room sizes and project scales with a sophisticated system management software<br />

and a simple, intuitive controller app for end users. And with a wide range of<br />

mounting accessories and colour finishes, Smart IP blends perfectly into any<br />

environment or colour scheme.<br />

To deliver pristine audio quality, Smart IP loudspeakers utilise the same two-way<br />

active technology that has made <strong>Genelec</strong> the first choice for demanding studio and<br />

broadcast applications for over forty years.<br />

Created for professionals. Smart IP was created for discerning professionals who<br />

demand premium acoustic performance that can integrate quickly and seamlessly<br />

into any AV application, no matter how complex the project.<br />

Featuring our trademark Minimum Diffraction Enclosure and<br />

Directivity Control Waveguide, Smart IP loudspeakers<br />

provide clarity, intelligibility and beautifully uniform<br />

coverage, combined with bulletproof 24/7 reliability.<br />

Powered by PoE and compatible with both Dante<br />

and AES67 IP audio streams, Smart IP also offers<br />

flexible loudspeaker management over IP networks<br />

to provide system designers, integrators and installers<br />

with a scalable, powerful and cost-effective solution.<br />

Whether you’re an installer or an end user, intuitive but<br />

powerful software tools make installing, configuring<br />

and controlling Smart IP loudspeaker systems easy.<br />

200<br />

Product Information

Power to<br />

the speaker.<br />

Power to<br />

the integrator.<br />

Product Information<br />


Complete audio connectivity. A single CAT cable delivers power, speaker<br />

management and Audio over IP (AoIP) using standard Dante or AES67 networking.<br />

Simple to confi gure the audio channel routing using the Dante Controller software. Most<br />

Smart IP loudspeakers also support analogue audio via a standard Euroblock (Phoenix)<br />

connector. Each loudspeaker supports up to eight audio channels of uncompressed<br />

low-latency audio with sample rates of 32 to 96 kHz and 16 to 24 bit resolution.<br />

Power<br />

PoE+ and PoE<br />

Management<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> Smart IP Manager<br />

Open API in loudspeakers<br />

Standard CAT cable<br />

Audio streaming<br />

AES67, Dante plus<br />

Dante Controller<br />

Analogue line in<br />

Euroblock screw<br />

mount connector<br />

Euroblock<br />

Smart Power Management with Sustainable Design. Smart IP utilises<br />

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology that can deliver a significantly higher SPL<br />

than was previously possible via any conventional PoE. In fact, Smart IP can<br />

produce maximum SPL whenever needed, sufficient to power small and medium<br />

sized audio systems - a world first.<br />

Audio Source<br />

PoE Capable IP Switch<br />

202 Product Information

The internal power supply stores power, to enable Smart IP loudspeakers to work<br />

with real audio signals, music and speech. Since audio signals are dynamic, periods<br />

of high peak power typically have finite duration while the effective average power<br />

level, or RMS power, remains much lower.<br />

Fixed<br />

Maximum<br />

Audio<br />

Power Peaks<br />

POWER<br />

POWER<br />

TIME<br />

Time profile of<br />

PoE power availabilty<br />

Power supply inside the<br />

loudspeaker<br />

TIME<br />

Time profile of<br />

power usage<br />

Thanks to its single cable technology and the ability to utilise existing IT<br />

infrastructures, Smart IP provides profitability with sustainable loudspeaker and<br />

system design. Our patented power management technology helps Smart IP<br />

speakers use electricity efficiently. Manufactured sustainably in Finland, Smart IP<br />

loudspeakers feature recycled aluminium enclosures and long term maintenance<br />

free investment with a long life cycle.<br />

2021<br />

AWARDS 2020<br />

WINNER<br />


<strong>Genelec</strong> 4430<br />


Loved by the industry. Over the years, we have solidified our premium status<br />

within the industry, achieving numerous awards relating to our company, our<br />

sustainable practices and innovations, as well as specific projects.<br />

Product Information<br />


Smart IP Manager<br />

Total control, flexible system management,<br />

anywhere, anytime.<br />

Designed to work closely with any Smart IP loudspeaker system, Smart IP Manager<br />

software allows installers to configure an almost unlimited number of rooms, zones,<br />

loudspeakers and audio channels, and includes device discovery, versatile roomequalisation<br />

tools, system organisation and status monitoring.<br />

This enables installers to deploy Smart IP loudspeakers even on highly complex,<br />

acoustically challenging projects, with a public API command set to allow external<br />

control via third-party hardware, software or house automation systems. For<br />

seamless integration with Control4, QSC Q-SYS and AMX systems, we provide a<br />

simple, ready-to-go driver, which can be downloaded and used free of charge.<br />

Single-cable simplicity is only the beginning. <strong>Genelec</strong> Smart IP Manager software<br />

enables flexible system configuration, supervision, management and monitoring<br />

over IP. Manage all loudspeakers as one system. Configure, monitor and maintain<br />

systems to better serve your clients. Control performance, and create loudspeaker<br />

groups for different rooms, spaces and environments. Even operate remotely.<br />

Proven, time-saving software. With an intuitive suite of software tools to solve<br />

installation audio challenges — including device discovery, IP configuration, zone<br />

assignment and status monitoring. With full access to DSP for room equalisation<br />

and delay. Save time and ensure systems perform with outstanding clarity and<br />

speech intelligibility, even in challenging<br />

acoustic environments.<br />

Manage from a single screen, divide your<br />

system into any number of rooms or zones.<br />

Featuring a public API command set for<br />

easy integration with AV control systems.<br />

Give end users instant access to volume,<br />

power on/off, loudspeaker activity or<br />

preprogrammed audio settings.<br />

204<br />

Product Information

Smart IP Controller<br />

Delivering intuitive and streamlined remote control,<br />

at your fingertips.<br />

For smaller, less complex installations, the Smart IP Controller app can be<br />

downloaded to mobile devices and tablets, providing the end user with day-to-day<br />

control of key loudspeaker functions including mute, volume control and power on/<br />

off, plus overall zone control. Once the system has been configured by the installer<br />

using Smart IP Manager software, the Smart IP Controller app provides an intuitive,<br />

low cost alternative to third party AV control systems.<br />

Instant access. Designed to be used after the system has<br />

been configured and optimised by the installer using Smart<br />

IP Manager software, the free Smart IP Controller app can<br />

then be downloaded onto the end user’s smartphone or tablet<br />

(iOS or Android), for day-to-day access to key loudspeaker<br />

functions including mute, volume and power on/off.<br />

Zone control. The Controller app automatically discovers the<br />

loudspeakers on the network, and offers a clean and logical<br />

user interface. Access to some or all of the zones created<br />

during configuration can then be assigned<br />

to the app, giving each individual user the<br />

appropriate levels of control.<br />

Simply download the Smart IP Controller<br />

app to get started.<br />

Product Information<br />


Technical Specifications<br />

4410A Smart IP<br />

SPL:<br />

96 dB<br />

Frequency Response:<br />

67 Hz - 40 kHz (-6 dB)<br />

Amplifier Power:<br />

18 W Bass (Class D) + 18 W Treble<br />

(Class D)<br />

Weight:<br />

1.5 kg / 3.3 lb<br />

Accuracy of Frequency Response:<br />

± 2.5 dB (74 Hz - 20 kHz)<br />

Driver Dimensions:<br />

76 mm Bass + 19 mm Treble<br />

3 in Bass + 3/4 in Treble<br />

Dimensions:<br />

H 181 x W 121 x D 115 mm<br />

H 7 1/8 x W 4 3/4 x D 4 17/32 in<br />

Connections:<br />

1 x RJ45 AES67 / Dante Input<br />

4420A Smart IP<br />

SPL:<br />

100 dB<br />

Frequency Response:<br />

55 Hz - 39 kHz (-6 dB)<br />

Amplifier Power:<br />

50 W Bass (Class D) + 50 W Treble<br />

(Class D)<br />

Weight:<br />

3.1 kg / 6.8 lb<br />

Accuracy of Frequency Response:<br />

± 1.5 dB (62 Hz - 20 kHz)<br />

Driver Dimensions:<br />

105 mm Bass + 19 mm Treble<br />

4 1/8 in Bass + 3/4 in Treble<br />

Dimensions:<br />

H 226 x W 151 x D 142 mm<br />

H 8 29/32 x W 5 15/16 x D 5 19/32 in<br />

Connections:<br />

1 x RJ45 AES67 / Dante Input<br />

1 x Euroblock Analog Input<br />

206<br />

Product Information

4430A Smart IP<br />

SPL:<br />

104 dB<br />

Frequency Response:<br />

45 Hz - 39 kHz (-6 dB)<br />

Amplifier Power:<br />

50 W Bass (Class D) + 50 W Treble<br />

(Class D)<br />

Weight:<br />

5.1 kg / 11.2 lb<br />

Accuracy of Frequency Response:<br />

± 1.5 dB (58 Hz - 20 kHz)<br />

Driver Dimensions:<br />

130 mm Bass + 19 mm Treble<br />

5 1/8 in Bass + 3/4 in Treble<br />

Dimensions:<br />

H 285 x W 189 x D 178 mm<br />

H 11 7/32 x W 7 7/16 x D 7 in<br />

Connections:<br />

1 x RJ45 AES67 / Dante Input<br />

1 x Euroblock Analog Input<br />

Product Information<br />


Technical Specifications<br />

4435A Smart IP<br />

SPL:<br />

104 dB<br />

Frequency Response:<br />

55 Hz – 39 kHz (-6 dB)<br />

Amplifier Power:<br />

50 W Bass (Class D) + 50 W Treble<br />

(Class D)<br />

Weight:<br />

4 kg / 8.8 lb<br />

Accuracy of Frequency Response:<br />

± 2.5 dB (70 Hz - 20 kHz)<br />

Driver Dimensions:<br />

130 mm Bass + 19 mm Treble<br />

5 1/8 in Bass + 3/4 in Treble<br />

Dimensions:<br />

Diam 288 mm x Depth 163,23 mm<br />

Diam 11 11/32 in x Depth 6 7/16 in<br />

Connections:<br />

1 x RJ45 AES67 / Dante Input<br />

1 x Euroblock Analog Input<br />

Flexible form factors. The new 4435A in-ceiling Smart IP model is designed<br />

to integrate seamlessly with any combination of its wall-mounting Smart IP<br />

loudspeaker siblings, making the series suitable for an even more diverse range<br />

of installations.<br />

And rest assured that the family is set to grow further in the future, as we look to<br />

offer Smart IP technology in an even wider range of form factors.<br />

At <strong>Genelec</strong>, we firmly believe that networking is the future of installed audio, so stay<br />

tuned as we look to bring you more Smart IP solutions – helping you to future-proof<br />

all of your AV projects.<br />

208<br />

Product Information

RAW and RAL<br />

Beautiful, elegant and sustainable – <strong>Genelec</strong> offers a<br />

range of finishes to suit every aesthetic.<br />

Sustainable RAW. Part of our ongoing<br />

commitment to sustainability, <strong>Genelec</strong><br />

RAW loudspeakers are the perfect<br />

blend of exceptional sound, aesthetic<br />

beauty and a lower environmental<br />

impact. The natural finish of RAW<br />

models requires no painting and<br />

less finishing material, and this more<br />

environmentally friendly approach allows<br />

each recycled aluminium enclosure to<br />

shine with its own individual elegance.<br />

So, if your project calls for an ultramodern<br />

industrial aesthetic then our<br />

RAW finish is available on a selection of<br />

4000 and Smart IP models.<br />

RAL options. To help you match your<br />

loudspeakers with any type of interior or<br />

colour scheme, we also provide a huge<br />

range of other colour options on most<br />

of our installation models, including<br />

black, white and 120 RAL colour<br />

finishes. Additionally, our frameless<br />

in-wall and in-ceiling speakers have<br />

paintable grilles to allow completely<br />

discreet, unobtrusive installation.<br />

So, not only can <strong>Genelec</strong> loudspeakers<br />

adapt to their acoustic environment,<br />

they can also adapt to their visual<br />

environment too. How flexible is that?<br />

Product Information<br />


Technical Specifications<br />

4010A<br />

SPL:<br />

96 dB<br />

Frequency Response:<br />

67 Hz - 25 kHz (-6 dB)<br />

Amplifier Power:<br />

25 W Bass (Class D) + 25 W Treble<br />

(Class D)<br />

Weight:<br />

1.5 kg / 3.3 lb<br />

Accuracy of Frequency Response:<br />

± 2.5 dB (74 Hz - 20 kHz)<br />

Driver Dimensions:<br />

76 mm Bass + 19 mm Treble<br />

3 in Bass + 3/4 in Treble<br />

Dimensions:<br />

H 181 x W 121 x D 115 mm<br />

H 7 1/8 x W 4 3/4 x D 4 17/32 in<br />

Connections:<br />

1 x Euroblock Analog Input<br />

4020C<br />

SPL:<br />

100 dB<br />

Frequency Response:<br />

56 Hz - 25 kHz (-6 dB)<br />

Amplifier Power:<br />

50 W Bass (Class D) + 50 W Treble<br />

(Class D)<br />

Weight:<br />

3.1 kg / 6.8 lb<br />

Accuracy of Frequency Response:<br />

± 2.5 dB (62 Hz - 20 kHz)<br />

Driver Dimensions:<br />

105 mm Bass + 19 mm Treble<br />

4 1/8 in Bass + 3/4 in Treble<br />

Dimensions:<br />

H 226 x W 151 x D 142 mm<br />

H 8 29/32 x W 5 15/16 x D 5 19/32 in<br />

Connections:<br />

1 x Euroblock Analog Input<br />

210<br />

Product Information

4030C<br />

SPL:<br />

104 dB<br />

Frequency Response:<br />

47 Hz - 25 kHz (-6 dB)<br />

Amplifier Power:<br />

50 W Bass (Class D) + 50 W Treble<br />

(Class D)<br />

Weight:<br />

4.9 kg / 10.8 lb<br />

Accuracy of Frequency Response:<br />

± 2 dB (54 Hz - 20 kHz)<br />

Driver Dimensions:<br />

130 mm Bass + 19 mm Treble<br />

5 1/8 in Bass + 3/4 in Treble<br />

Dimensions:<br />

H 285 x W 189 x D 178 mm<br />

H 11 7/32 x W 7 7/16 x D 7 in<br />

Connections:<br />

1 x Euroblock Analog Input<br />

4040A<br />

SPL:<br />

109 dB<br />

Frequency Response:<br />

50 Hz - 25 kHz (-6 dB)<br />

Amplifier Power:<br />

120 W Bass (Class AB) + 120 W<br />

Treble (Class AB)<br />

Weight:<br />

9.9 kg / 21.8 lb<br />

Accuracy of Frequency Response:<br />

± 3 dB (55 Hz - 20 kHz)<br />

Driver Dimensions:<br />

165 mm Bass + 19 mm Treble<br />

6 1/2 in Bass + 3/4 in Treble<br />

Dimensions:<br />

H 350 x W 237 x D 223 mm<br />

H 13 25/32 x W 9 11/32 x D 8 25/32 in<br />

Connections:<br />

1 x Euroblock Analog Input<br />

Product Information<br />


Technical Specifications<br />

7040A<br />

SPL:<br />

100 dB<br />

Frequency Response:<br />

30 Hz - 90 Hz (-6 dB)<br />

Amplifier Power:<br />

50 W Bass (Class D)<br />

Weight:<br />

11.3 kg / 25 lb<br />

Accuracy of Frequency Response:<br />

± 3 dB (33 Hz - 85 Hz)<br />

Driver Dimensions:<br />

165 mm Bass<br />

6 1/2 in Bass<br />

Dimensions:<br />

H 410 x W 350 x D 205 mm<br />

H 16 5/32 x W 13 25/32 x D 8 1/16 in<br />

Connections:<br />

2 x XLR Analog Input<br />

2 x XLR Analog Input<br />

7050C<br />

SPL:<br />

103 dB<br />

Frequency Response:<br />

24 Hz - 85 Hz (“-6 dB”)<br />

Amplifier Power:<br />

130 W Bass (Class D)<br />

Driver Dimensions:<br />

205 mm Bass<br />

8 1/16 in Bass<br />

Dimensions:<br />

H 410 x W 350 x D 319 mm<br />

16 1/8 x 13 3/4 x 12 9/16 in<br />

Connections:<br />

6 x XLR Analog Input<br />

5 x XLR Analog Output<br />

Weight:<br />

17.3 kg / 38.1 lb<br />

212<br />

Product Information

5041A<br />

SPL:<br />

105 dB<br />

Frequency Response:<br />

35 Hz - 95 Hz (-6 dB)<br />

Amplifier Power:<br />

103 W Bass<br />

Weight:<br />

15 kg / 33.1 lb<br />

Accuracy of Frequency Response:<br />

± 3 dB (35 Hz - 95 Hz)<br />

Driver Dimensions:<br />

2 x 165 mm Bass<br />

2 x 6 1/2 in Bass<br />

Dimensions:<br />

H 1170 x W 346 x D 82 mm<br />

H 46 1/16 x W 13 5/8 x D 3 7/32 in<br />

Connections:<br />

1 x XLR Analog Input<br />

1 x RCA Analog Input<br />

1 x XLR Analog Output<br />

AIW26B<br />

SPL:<br />

110 dB<br />

Frequency Response:<br />

39 Hz - 25 kHz (-6 dB)<br />

Amplifier Power:<br />

120 W Bass (Class AB) + 120 W<br />

Treble (Class AB)<br />

Weight:<br />

8.7 kg / 19.2 lb<br />

Accuracy of Frequency Response:<br />

± 2.5 dB (45 Hz - 21 kHz)<br />

Driver Dimensions:<br />

65 mm Bass + 19 mm Treble<br />

6 1/2 in Bass + 3/4 in Treble<br />

Dimensions:<br />

H 552 x W 303 x D 102 mm<br />

H 21 23/32 x W 11 15/16 x D 4 1/32 in<br />

Connections:<br />

1 x RCA Analog Input<br />

1 x XLR Analog Input<br />

Product Information<br />


Other Featured Models<br />

8010A<br />

8030C<br />

8430A<br />

7060B 7270A 7350A<br />

214<br />

Product Information

8351B<br />

8361A<br />

8331A<br />

7360A<br />

7370A<br />

7380A<br />

Product Information<br />


Other Featured Models<br />

S360A<br />

1236A<br />

1032C<br />

1237A<br />

G Three<br />

G Five<br />

216<br />

Product Information

7382A<br />

1238A<br />

Product Information<br />


ISBN 978-952-65121-0-5<br />

ISBN 978-952-65121-1-2<br />

Photo credits:<br />

Supercell: Peder Carlsson<br />

Combo: Formentini Zanatta, Pepe Fotografia, Claudia Zalla<br />

Brasserie Astoria: Peder Carlsson<br />

Hagius: Robert Rieger<br />

K-Supermarket: Teemu Oksanen<br />

Vasakronan: Peder Carlsson<br />

Ilmatar Windpower: 4Business Oy<br />

Cecil Coworking: Peder Carlsson<br />

World of Wine: Miguel Domínguez<br />

Jolie’s: Prashant Damle<br />

Ästad Vingård: Peder Carlsson<br />

Farang: 4Business Oy<br />

JNcQUOI: Miguel Domínguez<br />

Amerikalinjen: Simen Skari<br />

G Livelab: Peder Carlsson<br />

Naturkraft: Andreas Ryssov<br />

Finnish Sports Museum: Teemu Oksanen<br />

The New Children’s Hospital: Teemu Oksanen<br />

Östermalms Saluhall: Peder Carlsson<br />

Scandic Grand Central: Teemu Oksanen<br />

Hotel Kakola: Teemu Oksanen<br />

Casino Tampere: Teemu Oksanen<br />

The Bar: Eric Daubney<br />

<strong>Genelec</strong> Document BBAGE224. Copyright <strong>Genelec</strong> Oy 01.<strong>2023</strong>. All data subject to change.<br />


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