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All the world’s a stage and aren’t we better for it?

In a shift change from our last production, As You Like It is celebrated as Waterdale’s first Shakespeare

play in over five years. This hilarious comedy has been years in the making for our Director -

Waterdale Alumni Daniel Cooper which has been paired perfectly with original music from Shelley

Dunlop. What was first envisioned as only including a handful of songs has blossomed into a full set,

showing off the talent and versatility of our cast. The infectious joy this production has encompassed

has been an absolute pleasure to watch come together.

The production team have excelled in their creativity, care and commitment to the cast and to each

other. From the vision boards of the costuming to the creation of individualised practise tracks; the

production team have woven a stunning adaptation of this Shakespeare classic. We’re proud to

showcase strong female protagonists and diversity in our cast and production team.

It's rewarding to see great friendships begin, strengthen and blossom. The cast have been a pleasure

to work with and we look forward to the next time they call Waterdale home. We're excited to be able

to provide a platform for first time, returning and seasoned Waterdale performers to build and showoff

their skills and enjoy great experiences.

Thank you to all our volunteers and the Waterdale committee. The amount of work that goes behind

the scenes to make this possible is incredible. You are all superstars! For anyone interested in helping

out - please get in touch, we are a warm, welcoming bunch and would love some extra woman and

man power to put on bigger and more shows!

Thank you and enjoy As You Like It

Fiona Boyle and Matilda O'Riley


As You Like It was not a show I was expecting to direct this year. Shakespeare is rarely done in

amateur theatre and if it is, it’s one of the other (excellent) comedies. Your Twelfth Nights, your

Much Ados or, most likely of all, your Midsummer Night’s Dreams. However, I’ve always wanted to

take a crack at As You Like It. There’s just something special about this comedy of love, foolery and


For example, it has one of, if not the greatest, female characters in a Shakespeare play in Rosalind.

She is one of the cleverest, wittiest and (definitely for the time) subversive characters. Her

transformation into the male disguise of Ganymede is a freeing experience, allowing her to unleash

her true self without having to worry about the rules of a patriarchal society. It is noticeable that

Rosalind not only pursues her own love interest, but also tests to see if he will accept her as the

clever and brilliant woman she is. She is also the only character to both see the ridiculousness of

falling in love and still embrace the joy of doing so. As such, she is the heart and soul of the play.

To highlight these transformative and transgressional themes, our setting for this production is

inspired by 1960’s Australia (although other eras are referenced), a period associated with change,

subversion and progress in civil liberties. We’ve also taken great pride in including original music by

the amazingly talented Shelley Dunlop, which mostly takes inspiration from the folk-rock musicians of

the time, such as Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. It’s always been my belief that Shakespeare’s plays are

incomplete without music and dance.

Lastly, I would like to thank the rest of the incredible team who have worked on this production.

From the hidden but essential hard, behind the scenes work of Waterdale and the crew, to the

wonderful cast and prod team who have had to put up with my eclectic brain. I hope that our As You

Like It is to your liking, and brings you joy in these strange times.

Daniel Cooper


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