Travel Innovation, Design & Technology 2022

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<strong>Travel</strong> <strong>Innovation</strong>,<br />

<strong>Design</strong> &<br />

<strong>Technology</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

4<br />




Workcations<br />

Since the global shakeup caused by<br />

the COVID-19 pandemic, more and<br />

more people are choosing to work<br />

from home – or, even better, from<br />

the comfort of a hotel or holiday<br />

rental. It makes sense for hospitality<br />

businesses to cater to these longterm<br />

guests as they can often make<br />

up for a shortfall in visitor numbers<br />

in the low season. If all you need is<br />

a stable Wi-Fi connection to get on<br />

with your remote job, why not do it<br />

from somewhere more exotic?<br />

QR codes<br />

Say goodbye to tatty paper menus and<br />

hello to a frictionless digital ordering<br />

system. Restaurant customers can<br />

access menus and make contactfree<br />

transactions via their mobile<br />

devices. There’s no need to download<br />

tricky apps; the customer simply<br />

scans the code at their table and the<br />

order goes straight to the kitchen or<br />

bar. Then, from the restaurant side,<br />

customer data is easily captured and<br />

things like past orders are saved.<br />

Streamlined processes like QR code<br />

ordering are easy to set up and can<br />

be beneficial in all sections of a<br />

hospitality business.<br />

AI and robotics<br />

It might sound like something from<br />

the far future, but machine learning<br />

is already shaping the hospitality<br />

industry. Boost your bookings with<br />

automated chat bots that can<br />

take reservations and interact with<br />

customers 24 hours a day, seven<br />

days a week. You can also expect<br />

to see more robots in hospitality<br />

roles, ranging from housekeeping to<br />

security, in the very near future.<br />


Gearco<br />

North America | Hospitality Management Software<br />

A<br />

rapidly changing hospitality market brings some of the best ideas to the fore, and the expansion<br />

of interest in extended stays means that Gearco are the perfect partner for hotels and resorts<br />

around the world.<br />

Purposely built to improve everything from making reservations to taking payments, and all<br />

linked together using cloud technology, makes Gearco one of the best companies to help<br />

offset risk and drive revenue. Not a small thing in a squeezed and competitive market.<br />

With more than a quarter of a century of experience, Gearco are one of the most<br />

experienced hospitality management companies in the industry. And as the<br />

extended stay market grows to meet the demands of guests that want a<br />

home-away-from-home experience when they travel, you need to meet<br />

and exceed expectations.<br />

Harnessing Gearco’s powerful cloud property management system is an<br />

easy way for hospitality businesses to streamline the challenges that<br />

face accommodating long-term guests. The jewel in the Gearco<br />

crown is the True Extended Stay® system. It makes capturing<br />

customer data simple, and cuts through complicated red tape<br />

with inbuilt allowances for things like local tax computations<br />

and automated surcharges.<br />


Because everything is cloud based, you won’t need to invest in tons of<br />

expensive new hardware to facilitate payments either. <strong>Design</strong>ed as an<br />

integrated solution to make taking payments easy, the software works<br />

with everything from traditional chip and pin to Apple Pay and Google<br />

Pay contactless methods.<br />

What sets Gearco apart from other companies in the extended-stay<br />

field is their commitment to excellent customer service. Their dedicated<br />

Management and Development Teams are available to help tailor your<br />

experience and ensure you get the most out of the system. And if<br />

anything goes wrong, the Support Team are ready to help you wherever<br />

you are, 24 hours a day.<br />

300 Satellite Blvd, Suwanee, GA 30024,<br />

United States<br />

Tel +1-866-984-3277<br />



8<br />

THE BEST<br />



Booking your next meal, spa break, or hotel stay online gives you plenty of choice. However, it can<br />

also be a bewildering journey when there are hundreds of sites that all promise great experiences<br />

and the most competitive prices. You might even feel like there are almost too many booking<br />

platforms out there, so finding and using the best one can be hard work.<br />

Going Out to Eat<br />

Do you want to snag a table in the hottest restaurant<br />

in town, or do you simply hate calling up a busy<br />

restaurant only to find that they’ve taken down your<br />

details incorrectly? Hands down, the best way to<br />

make breakfast, lunch, or dinner reservations is<br />

via OpenTable.<br />

Their powerful search function lets you choose<br />

by location, restaurant, or even cuisine. Plus, if<br />

the restaurant isn’t on the site then it’s probably<br />

not worth visiting anyway! Choose from thousands<br />

of great eateries and enjoy one of the easiest booking<br />

processes you can imagine.<br />

Pick a date and time and a list of restaurants will<br />

appear with available booking slots to choose from.<br />

And what’s even better for diners is the points system.<br />

You get points for each booking made, which can be<br />

used on later meals or even online shopping.<br />


Staying in a Hotel<br />

When it comes to accommodation, there’s only one platform that<br />

works as hard for the hotel as it does for the customer. Hoteliers.<br />

com isn’t a travel agency but a comparison site that helps both<br />

customers and hotels avoid high commission fees by connecting<br />

guests directly to hotel websites.<br />

They have made it their goal to connect savvy world<br />

travellers with some of the finest hotels for more than 17<br />

years. By combining a powerful hotel search function<br />

with a booking system that hotels can implant into their<br />

own website, it really is the best of both worlds.<br />

Hoteliers.com have created an ingenious system that<br />

allows customers to avoid steep booking fees and see<br />

exactly what a hotel charges for a room. And, because<br />

it’s a comparison site, they book directly with the hotel.<br />

Doing it this way means that both visitors and venues<br />

save money on commission and get the best rates<br />

possible.<br />

Connecting a customer to a great room is made easy.<br />

The powerful site shows everything you’d expect, including<br />

discounts and room availability. However, there’s also the<br />

opportunity to add extras such as city tours or Ch<strong>amp</strong>agne<br />

delivered to the room.<br />


Booking a Spa Treatment<br />

Can’t decide where to get your next massage, haircut,<br />

or manicure? If you want to find out who does the right<br />

sort of treatment for you and how much it costs, you<br />

might want to try treatwell.co.uk. Their huge list of<br />

salons, spas, and nail bars make this the best and most<br />

powerful booking system for your next treatment.<br />

What makes this the premier spa booking system is<br />

how easy it is to see exactly what treatments are<br />

available at each venue. The comprehensive search<br />

system means you can filter by exact treatments<br />

and even search on the map for the right location<br />

for your next p<strong>amp</strong>er session.<br />


Hoteliers.com<br />

Europe | Hotel Booking Platform<br />

Paying the middleman can make going on holiday more expensive than<br />

it needs to be. Once you know that up to 25% of the price you see on<br />

popular hotel booking websites is reserved as commission, making the<br />

switch to Hoteliers.com is a no-brainer.<br />

Planning your next dream getaway couldn’t be easier too. Although<br />

Hoteliers.com specializes in the Benelux and Dach region, their<br />

booking platform offers a wide range of exciting hotels available<br />

that span the globe, from tropical Curaçao to cosmopolitan<br />

Amsterdam. There’s always an accommodation that’s just<br />

right for every type of stay and budget. Booking directly<br />

with a hotel or resort isn’t just good for your own<br />

pocket − it helps the business out too. Doing away<br />

with massive commission fees means that hard<br />

working hotels get to keep more of their money<br />

to reinvest in customer experience.<br />


Something we really like about Hoteliers.com is how<br />

transparent the whole process is for both hotels as<br />

well as guests. Rather than funneling sales through<br />

their own website, users go straight from the booking<br />

platform to the hotel’s website where the discounted<br />

rate is visible immediately. Gaining more customers<br />

without losing a hefty slice of each room rate sounds<br />

too good to be true, but it’s what Hoteliers.com have<br />

been doing for more than 15 years now. Not limited to<br />

just connecting properties to paying guests, their offer<br />

includes completely designed hotel websites, a stateof-the-art<br />

booking engine, and variety of hospitality<br />

cloud services for owners and front desk workers.<br />

With its hotel- software and marketing solutions,<br />

Hoteliers.com make the day-to-day running of a busy<br />

hotel that much easier – both online as offline. Their<br />

all-in-one package covers everything from booking,<br />

to planning, to invoicing, and their industry-leading<br />

support is available in a range of languages.<br />



GuestTalk<br />

United Kingdom | Innovative Hotel <strong>Technology</strong><br />

<strong>Design</strong>ed especially for hotels and hostels GuestTalk is the ideal tool to<br />

connect hoteliers with their guests. Gone are the days of waiting at<br />

reception or being on hold, with GuestTalk guests can take the reception<br />

with them wherever they go.<br />

A simple, user-friendly application, GuestTalk allows guests to<br />

contact reception, for any purpose, with the click of a button<br />

through their smartphones, tablet or laptops. While at the<br />

same time allowing the hotel to reply, keep track of room<br />

requests, offer extra’s, run surveys, manage staff tasks<br />

and invite past guests to visit again. <strong>Technology</strong> if<br />

used right can improve any industry and this is<br />

certainly the case with GuestTalk.<br />

Features of GuestTalk include a marketing<br />

booster to create and send promotional<br />

emails using an easy-to-use template<br />

builder. The ability to create a prearrival<br />

health survey to screen<br />

guests thereby ensuring safety of<br />

everyone involved.<br />


You can contact your staff via instant team messaging<br />

to pass along guest requests and keep staff in the<br />

loop.<br />

Guests are updated throughout their stay via<br />

automated SMS notifications with important<br />

information and offers, helping you with upselling!<br />

Through GuestTalk’s integration with smart-lock<br />

management systems, guests can easily access their<br />

rooms with automated door codes that send straight<br />

to their mobile.<br />

GuestTalk integrates with a range of property<br />

management systems, so your guests booking<br />

information fluidly transfers to GuestTalk.<br />

Spend a week with GuestTalk, and you’ll wonder how<br />

you ever managed without it.<br />


info@guesttalk.co.uk<br />


16<br />

PLANES,<br />



Anyone going off on holiday will be familiar with hopping on a plane, catching a train, or hiring a car.<br />

But what’s the future for these modes of transport?<br />

Planes<br />

If you’re old enough, you might remember Concorde<br />

streaking through the sky on its way across the Atlantic in<br />

less than four hours. The days of ultra-fast holiday flights<br />

felt like a thing of the past, but aerospace superstars Boom<br />

Supersonic are building the world’s fastest passenger jet<br />

right now. Flying at Mach 1.7, the Overture can carry up to<br />

80 lucky passengers – and they plan to be carbon neutral,<br />

too.<br />

Trains<br />

It’s easy to see why trains make up a large part of a<br />

sustainable future for travel. They carry huge numbers<br />

of passengers in complete comfort and put out fewer<br />

emissions than flying or driving. In the future, a raft of<br />

technological improvements will make trains faster, cleaner,<br />

and able to reach more destinations than ever before.<br />

Quite possibly the most exciting development is in<br />

magnetic levitation or maglev technology, which is making<br />

the traditional limitations of “steel on steel” trains a thing<br />

of the past. Expect to see trains running at up to 363 mph.<br />

Automobiles<br />

It feels like the future of driving is almost here already.<br />

With zero emission cars numbering a quarter of a million<br />

on the UK’s roads right now, the old-fashioned internal<br />

combustion engine is on its way<br />

out. As driverless technology<br />

improves and the road<br />

infrastructure evolves to<br />

meet future demand,<br />

cars will become<br />

safer, more efficient,<br />

and even more<br />

comfortable.<br />


fms/Austrosoft<br />

Europe | Transport and Mobility Solution<br />

Specially engineered to make your next cab ride an easy one, fms/<br />

Austrosoft have made it their mission to utilise cutting edge technology<br />

in the taxi and rental car booking industry.<br />

Investing heavily in AI for automatic speech recognition and<br />

other smartphone-integrated software, it’s improving the lives<br />

of dispatchers and customers across Europe. Connecting<br />

thousands of customers with their drivers every day, if<br />

you’ve booked a taxi recently, you’ve probably already<br />

worked with fms/Austrosoft.<br />

One of the most experienced companies in the<br />

digital booking space, fms/Austrosoft have been<br />

innovating since they burst on to the scene in<br />

the mid-1980’s. Committed to improving the<br />

journey on both client and customer side,<br />

they have specific application in place for<br />

dispatchers, drivers, and passengers.<br />


– For drivers, fms/Austrosoft are just about the only people you’ll need to<br />

stay working. Connecting to a dispatcher and any potential customers via<br />

smartphone, it takes the hard work out of finding the next fare. Combining<br />

traffic data with real-time navigation software and accepting all major<br />

cashless payment methods, the DriverApp is like having a whole backroom<br />

team doing your administration for you.<br />

– And for passengers, the taxi booking process has never been easier or on<br />

as many platforms before. Easily book a ride on a smartphone, tablet, or<br />

computer, watch your driver on a real-time map screen, and take all the<br />

guesswork out of catching a ride. Outside of a dedicated app, passengers<br />

can book with automated chat bots on social media platforms or speak<br />

with a call centre or AI voice.<br />

Robert Abel,<br />

CEO fms/Austrosoft<br />

– For dispatchers, you can guarantee lightningfast<br />

and responsive fleet management<br />

whether you’re controlling five to 10,000<br />

vehicles at a time. fms/Austrosoft’s fmsServer<br />

technology ensures that you can keep your<br />

fleet in the right place at the right time, and<br />

dedicated round-the-clock support means<br />

you’re never left by the side of the road.<br />

Hietzinger Hauptstrasse 33, A-1130<br />

Vienna, Austria and Messendorfgrund<br />

30, A-8042 Graz, Austria<br />

www.fms.at<br />



Pax2Pay<br />

Europe | Digital Payment Platform<br />

Bristol-based travel fintech firm Pax2Pay are the leading light when it<br />

comes to modernising B2B digital payment solutions for the travel<br />

industry. Offering businesses access to their lightning fast and simple<br />

systems, you can set up and process completely secure payments in no<br />

time at all.<br />

Built specifically to reduce friction in payments processes,<br />

one of Pax2pay’s most effective weapons is the virtual card.<br />

Taking advantage of new virtual payment technology,<br />

business owners can integrate safe and secure virtual<br />

card payments directly into their existing API.<br />

The benefits of this type of payment system are far<br />

reaching. Single use virtual card numbers make every<br />

purchase traceable, and they’re virtually impossible<br />

to fake as well. Crucially for travel businesses,<br />

they’re a much more cost-effective solution<br />

as you can do away with expensive card<br />

surcharges too. And the system supports<br />

11 different global currencies, from GBP<br />

to HKD.<br />


One of the biggest challenges facing any business in<br />

the travel sphere is speed and security. As prices and<br />

availability fluctuates, the last thing you want is to leave<br />

your customers behind or vulnerable to fraud. Virtual<br />

card technology can be integrated with automated<br />

payment transactions for a seamless purchase<br />

process that keeps you competitive and gathers useful<br />

passenger data at the same time.<br />

Trusted by some of the biggest players in the market,<br />

including but not limited to On The Beach and <strong>Travel</strong><br />

Republic, Pax2pay is integrated into a whole family<br />

of travel industry solutions. PaxFaB and the awardwinning<br />

PaxShop are two familiar names for anyone<br />

involved with booking flights, accommodation, and<br />

upselling ancillary services to customers.<br />

If you’ve already got a well established online booking<br />

process, or you’re looking to build a better one from<br />

the ground up, we think this is one of the easiest ways<br />

to improve your security and customer experience<br />

throughout the entire payment journey.<br />



22<br />



As the famous Apple slogan went, “there’s an app for that”. Staying in touch with friends or buying<br />

the latest gadget is only a few taps away. But what about a hotel? It might not seem immediately<br />

obvious, but having an app might just be the best way to increase revenue and improve the<br />

customer journey.<br />

There’s no hiding from the fact that building an app is<br />

a serious undertaking. It’s not an overnight solution but<br />

rather a long-term investment in a hospitality business.<br />

It gives guests the opportunity to book in seconds and<br />

unlocks a wealth of valuable data for the hotel as well.<br />

Guest experience is enhanced with a dedicated hotel<br />

app, as it’s a place that they can go for information 24<br />

hours a day, 7 days a week. They can treat it like their very<br />

own concierge in their pocket, with all hotel information<br />

on hand or even a chat function to talk with a hotel staff.<br />

Useful things like room keys, restaurant menus, and even<br />

checking in can all be done via a fully-integrated hotel<br />

app. Take it a step further and allow guests to book stays<br />

directly, buy room service, take advantage of special<br />

offers, and earn rewards for loyalty.<br />

Taking the time to develop an app is worth it. Guests<br />

can access hotel services and local information while<br />

enjoying an optimised booking experience, all through<br />

their mobile devices. Plus, hotels can promote their brand<br />

and increase revenue at the same time.<br />


TripX.Tech<br />

United Kingdom | <strong>Travel</strong> App<br />

TripX Tech enables B2C travel and hospitality providers; including tour<br />

operators, travel agents, destination’s and resorts to provide a good<br />

client experience, promote brand loyalty and generate new revenue<br />

streams from post booking services.<br />

The TripX Tech platform provides flexible and customisable native<br />

mobile and web solutions to meet the digital expectations of<br />

today’s travel consumer.<br />

Powered by a robust, industry specific Content<br />

Management System, each solution is tailored to<br />

meet specific requirements. Key to a successful<br />

implementation is the ability for TripX Tech to<br />

integrate with existing reservations and data<br />

management software.<br />


Core functionality includes but is not limited to:<br />

- Trip/itinerary planning<br />

- The ability to search and book accommodation, day<br />

trips, activities, tours, restaurants<br />

- In destination mapping and directions<br />

- Offline access to booking information and electronic<br />

documents<br />

- Reviews<br />

- Seamless payment management<br />

- Consumer facing functionality backed up by an easy<br />

to use management dashboard<br />

Contact the team at Mayfair <strong>Technology</strong> Partners for a<br />

demo to understand how TripX Tech can benefit your<br />

business.<br />


Tel +44 7722 9999 65<br />


TouchingCode GMBH<br />

Germany | App and Web Development Specialists<br />

TouchingCode is a global technology company specialising in the design<br />

and development of applications for mobile devices. The experienced<br />

team made up of Clemens Grossman, Simone Belfi and Detleft Rupp are<br />

experts in carrying out complex tasks where multifaceted technical<br />

expertise and integration within existing IT processes are crucial.<br />

Customers can expect fast, efficient, dedicated and reliable<br />

app development combined with the flexibility, comfort and<br />

workflow support found in web CMS systems.<br />

The latest development from TouchingCode comes in<br />

the form of an exciting content management system<br />

named Apmato. Apmato is an authoring tool and<br />

content management system for mobile apps.<br />

A so called “App for Apps” designed with the<br />

hospitality industry in mind. Museums,<br />

tourism boards, leisure centres, hotels and<br />

tour companies are more than welcome<br />

to take advantage of Apmato to help<br />

stay in touch with clients and<br />

deliver up to date information.<br />


Apmato is perfect for those looking to create an<br />

app without the hassle of coding or worrying about<br />

complicated updates. It is affordable and allows you to<br />

personalise to your needs, whether that is by yourself<br />

or with the help of a developer. You can create many<br />

different apps while also working on the go anywhere<br />

in the world. Push messages are a great bonus that<br />

allow you to directly reach out to your audience.<br />

It’s a simple 4 step process, first the concept, second<br />

the build, third the test and finally you publish. Through<br />

out the whole process you’re more than welcome<br />

to test run the app as many times as you like and<br />

continually make changes.<br />

Why not check out Apmato for yourself - www.<br />

apmato.com<br />

Or the Devlopers -<br />

www.touchingcode.com<br />


Fidicinstraße 28, 10965<br />

Berlin, Germany<br />

Tel +49 30 55578555<br />


MM+ Interni e Architetture<br />

Italy | Architecture Firm<br />

“Less is More…”<br />

Founded in 2013 MM+ Interni e Architetture has been a mainstay in the<br />

beautiful city of Treviso. With several projects spread across Italy it is no<br />

surprise that this is one of the country’s premier architecture firms.<br />

To better understand MM+ Interni e Architetture one must delve into<br />

the background and experience of the visionary founder, Marco<br />

Marchesi. Born in Bergamo, 1972, Marco’s family moved to<br />

Treviso in 1975, a city renowned for its stunning architecture<br />

and one which Marco still calls home today. Marco’s love<br />

of architecture saw him attned the Iuav University<br />

of Venice, one of Italy’s first and most famous<br />

architecture schools. It is this learning experience<br />

that laid the groundwork for much of Marco’s<br />

career. Immediately after graduating Marco<br />

began freelancing with his work attracting<br />

plaudits from all corners of the community<br />

including Italy’s association of architects.<br />


The next stage of Marco’s career saw the establishment<br />

of Fedro achitetti associati in 2001, a boutique<br />

architecture firm specialising in several projects<br />

including building restoration, designing schools,<br />

industrial design and interior design. During this time<br />

Marco also worked as a teacher from 2003 to 2008 at<br />

his alma Mater, the Iuav University of Venice.<br />

In 2013 Marco branched out on his own his experience<br />

culminated in a philosophy of elegance, contemporary<br />

architecture that is pragmatic, functional and most<br />

of all sustainable. Principles rooted in sustainability,<br />

minimalism, natural light and order are visible in much<br />

of the MM+ Interni e Architetture portfolio.<br />

Popular works include the beautiful RoVo’s house<br />

and Villa Meg. The restoration of Villa Agnolin is a<br />

great ex<strong>amp</strong>le of a modern interior upgrade without<br />

compromising on a building historical exterior.<br />


Via Marzolo 1, 31100<br />

Treviso, Italy<br />

Tel +39 0422 1581715<br />


30<br />

HOTEL<br />


Sometimes, the hotel makes the holiday. Showcasing the most exciting new architectural design,<br />

these are some of the best and most individual hotels around the world.<br />

Sometimes, the hotel makes the<br />

holiday. Showcasing the most<br />

exciting new architectural<br />

design, these are some<br />

of the best and most<br />

individual hotels around<br />

the world.<br />

One of the most stunning<br />

ex<strong>amp</strong>les of modern hotel<br />

design is Casa Silencio.<br />

Found in the desert just<br />

outside Oaxaca, Mexico, it’s<br />

a bold vision from architect<br />

Alejandro D’Acosta. Transforming a<br />

traditional mezcal distillery into a mind-blowing boutique<br />

hotel with the use of industrial materials, it’s a temple to<br />

Mexico’s national drink.<br />

Looking east at some of the most exciting new hotel<br />

architecture must include the spectacular Eclat Beijing,<br />

China. <strong>Design</strong>ed by the Parkview Group, the hotel has a<br />

unique triangular form that rises sharply out of the ground.<br />

The hotel features 100 luxury guest rooms and suites<br />

and is home to China’s largest collection of Salvador Dali<br />

artwork, as well as hosting a variety of restaurants and<br />

other amenities.<br />

Some of the best hotel architecture can blend in with<br />

its natural surroundings while also providing a unique,<br />

luxurious experience for guests. Some of the most<br />

effective hotel designs can be found in locations such as<br />

the Maldives, where the natural beauty of the island can<br />

be enhanced by the addition of a luxurious hotel.<br />

Luxury hotels around the world use some of the same<br />

techniques to wow their guests. On top of impeccable<br />

customer service and opulent décor are statement<br />

architect-designed features that elevate an ordinary<br />

hotel into something special.<br />

Some of the most popular features in luxury hotels<br />

are infinity pools that seemingly flow into the horizon,<br />

dramatic atriums with grand staircases, and lush gardens<br />

with serene water features.<br />


Touch Architect<br />

Thailand | Boutique Architecture<br />

Founded in 2014 by prominent architects, Setthakarn Yangderm and Parpis<br />

Leelaniramol, Touch Architect is a boutique design studio based in<br />

Bangkok. Since 2014 it has grown to become one of the most well-known<br />

studios in Thailand with continued improvements and a comprehensive<br />

approach that fully encompasses various elements such as design,<br />

construction, innovation, and management.<br />

The name “touch” comes from the founder’s values<br />

and philosophy which is to respect client needs and<br />

preferences, to make a client’s imagination a reality with<br />

a touch of their own magic. The approach to design<br />

is multi-layered focusing on basic human needs<br />

combined with culture, environmental concern,<br />

and context experience alongside a dedication<br />

to sustainability. The goal is to create<br />

functional and practical homes, hospitality<br />

spaces and interiors.<br />


The full scope of design services includes handling<br />

a project at all stages starting with client needs<br />

and preferences, project research, concept, design<br />

drawings, regulatory permission, construction,<br />

inspections, and overall technical supervision.<br />

A popular recent project is the work on the lovely<br />

double S café in Bangkok, finished to a high degree<br />

despite building limits on replacing and modifying<br />

the walls, floors, glass doors and windows. Another<br />

is the modern and minimalist Option Coffee Bar<br />

in Udonthani. In the design development phase<br />

currently is the improvements on the Novotel Hua Hin,<br />

a fantastic property in need of a fresh and innovative<br />

perspective.<br />


170/48 Kanchanaphisek Rd., Bangkuvieng,<br />

Bangkruay, Nonthaburi, Thailand, 11130<br />

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First impressions are important. That’s a well-known fact, so the top hotels around the world make<br />

sure you arrive in style. Soaring atriums, stunning design, and exquisite workmanship are just<br />

three ways that make for the most wonderful hotel lobbies.<br />

Aman, Tokyo<br />

Appearing in lists of the greatest hotels in the world, it’s<br />

no surprise that this modernist lobby is nothing short<br />

of spectacular. The cavernous atrium is found on the<br />

33rd floor of the Otemachi Tower, with enormous picture<br />

windows that boast one of the best views in the whole city.<br />

Slate grey walls are neatly contrasted with light-coloured<br />

Japanese woodwork, while a huge oriental screen shapes<br />

the sunlight that floods in.<br />

Claridge’s, London<br />

An icon of the hotel scene, the exclusive Mayfair haunt<br />

Claridge’s caters only to the great and the good of world<br />

travellers. With a classic, opulent lobby that sets the scene<br />

for the rest of the building, you enter through revolving<br />

doors and walk on wide black and white Art Deco tiles.<br />

Guests stroll in underneath a grand chandelier while the<br />

grand piano plays a soft, welcoming tune. It doesn’t get<br />

more luxurious than this.<br />

Raffles, Singapore<br />

One of the world’s great hotels and home of the Singapore<br />

Sling cocktail – The Grand Lobby, as it’s known – is worthy<br />

of its huge reputation. Soaring white Victorian pillars and<br />

acres of marble make this the ideal place to arrive for the<br />

trip of a lifetime. Guests relax on comfortable furniture<br />

while soft sunlight bathes the whole space from the<br />

skylight above.<br />



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