DeKalb Community Service Board FY2022 Annual Report

This is the fiscal year 2022 annual report for DeKalb Community Service Board.

This is the fiscal year 2022 annual report for DeKalb Community Service Board.


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To our Community Partners, Stakeholders, Clients, and Staff,

Over the past year, the DeKalb Community Service Board (CSB) has experienced many

monumental changes as we continue to adjust to the growing mental health needs of the

communities we serve. We have continued to expand the use of telehealth services to connect

clients in a safe and secure environment online, and to provide for better access to care. With

grants from DeKalb County, we’ve expanded our Co-responder Program with the DeKalb

County Police Department and doubled the beds in our Opioid Residential Program. As our

largest funding partner, DBHDD continues to provide additional support for our jail

in-reach services, medication- assisted treatment, and a gambling addiction

program. With our community partners, we have added additional locations for our

Mobile Mental Health vans and serve as a training site for additional local

educational institutions.

The DeKalb CSB was also awarded a Certified Community Behavioral

Health Center (CCBHC) planning grant from SAMSHA, which allows us to

begin our CCBHC certification process at our Clifton Springs Mental

Health Clinic. According to the National Council for Mental Wellbeing,

“CCBHCs have dramatically increased access to mental health and

substance use disorder treatment, expanded states’ capacity to

address the overdose crisis and established innovative

partnerships with law enforcement, schools and hospitals to

improve care, reduce recidivism and prevent hospital

readmissions.” I am very excited to receive this grant from

SAMSHA, as CCBHCs provide for a funding mechanism that will

cover the cost for these critical services.

Our clinical and administrative staff are the backbone of this

organization, serving approximately 9,000 individuals. As an

organization of people serving people, the DeKalb CSB will

continue to invest in facility updates and our Staff

Engagement and Development programs to further

support our staff with the tools that they need to serve the


About Us

Guiding Principles

Program Highlights

Client Community Impact

Our Community Impact

Partner Highlights



The Journey Ahead

I would also like to recognize our community

partners and stakeholders. Your support,

guidance, and willingness to partner, has

allowed for the DeKalb CSB to expand our

clinical services and implement new

programs in our community. Together,

our collaborative efforts help to better

the lives of our citizens. Thank you to all

our staff, board members, and our

partners that make this work possible!

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About Us

The DeKalb Community Service Board (CSB) is an innovative community-based public nonprofit

organization offering behavioral health and developmental disabilities services in DeKalb

County. Last year, we served 8,781 individuals across our 20 locations.

Our mission is to provide the right services, to the right people, at the right time. Our vision is a

community where disabilities no longer limit potential. DeKalb CSB helps make brighter

tomorrows by focusing on mental wellness, recovery, and rehabilitation to help individuals

achieve their fullest participation within the community. We have served the citizens of DeKalb

County and metropolitan Atlanta since 1994.

The values of our organization lie in our Guiding Principles. We have

established five core principles to help in building a thriving culture

amongst our staff and those that we serve.

Our guiding principle of diversity shines through in our

culture where employees of all different ethnicities and

backgrounds interact with each other and our diverse


Learning, Connection, Teamwork, and Goodness are also

a part of our culture as a workplace and are some of our

most important principles. We encourage these by

facilitating collaboration for projects through all

departments and programs, no matter the discipline or

location. Employees are encouraged to seek out new

opportunities to improve both our operations and the clinical

services that we provide.

Prioritizing community, camaraderie,

teamwork, collaboration, and a

family-oriented work environment has

long been the goal of our staff here at

DeKalb CSB.

One way that we have continued to

thrive as a staff community throughout

our time in the pandemic has been

through planning staff events together.

This year, we held our first DeKalb CSB

Day in celebration of all our employees

and their dedication to our clients and

each other. Employees enjoyed a

catered luncheon and participated in

fun activities.

Our Leadership team and Board

members, showed appreciation for

staff by visiting all campuses,

transporting, acting as ambassadors,

assembling staff appreciation

packages, and even assisting in

catering meals.

In addition, we also want to show our

staff appreciation for their service

over the years. Leadership also

distributed Service Awards

for 20-, 25-, and 30-year

service, along with Service

Award Certificates.

Guiding Principles

Learning - We are a Learning

Organization. We work to establish

a culture where staff can take

chances on new ideas; are

provided a safe space for staff to

make mistakes; and where we

learn from each other.

Diversity - We will ensure that we

have an environment that is

inclusive, culturally sensitive, and

provides ample opportunity for all

to succeed.

Teamwork - We are ONE TEAM.

Our ability to persevere and be

successful depends on our ability

to work as a team. We foster a

sense of collaboration with our

staff, clients, and in the community

we serve.

Goodness - Every effort should be

made to ensure that our actions

are doing the “most good” for staff

and for the individuals we serve.

Standing on the firm ground of

“doing good”, you become

steadfast and confident in

weathering any storm that may



Upon my start here, I was so impressed

by the family-oriented culture that

DeKalb CSB has. Coming into work feels

like another home away from home.

There’s a lasting feeling of support and

fellowship that made me happy to be a

part of the mission here.

Connection - As an Agency of

people serving people, finding a

way to create a human connection

when working with staff, clients.

and the community is vital to the

work we do. By investing in making

a human connection, we can

create a bridge to better

understanding, openness, and

mutual respect.


Program Highlights

Our programs at DeKalb CSB are what connects our community needs to a sustainable solution. Our

programs connect clinicians, partners, managers, and citizens together to support the most vulnerable

amongst us in hope of a brighter tomorrow.

The APEX Program offers children in grades K through 12 afterschool and summer camp opportunities

with behavioral health support. This year, we received the System of Care Grant which helps us build

partnerships with other organizations with services that cater to young children and young adults up to

age 26. Since the beginning of 2022, we have managed to offer in-person summer camp again after

implementating it virtually last summer. In addition, we offer telehealth appointments for children and

families that cannot attend appointments in person.

Our Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program is committed to helping clients with serious persistent

mental illness build better habits through recovery-focused assistance. Our Community Support

Services help with skill development and resource needs for clients in areas such as money

management, assertiveness, relationship, and leadership development, and job skills development.

We also offer mobile intake and targeted case management, and group, and peer support.

The Substance Use Disorder Program at DeKalb CSB offers group counseling, skill building,

and family education groups. Our comprehensive, abstinence-based, recovery-oriented

program assists those struggling with Substance Abuse Disorder to develop strengths

to achieve long-term recovery. In the last year, our clients have doubled to nearly 170

patients. Additional American Rescue Plan funding to our HIV program allowed us to

increase both internal and external community testing and education. Since then,

they’ve managed to complete over 150 tests and 50 additional HIV educational


Our Behavioral Health Residential Program hosts the CSB Transitional

Housing Program which aims to assist individuals with mental illness in

reaching independence. For up to three years, clients are supported in

becoming productive citizens and attaining stability. Upon entry,

managers work with clients to develop an exit plan. Here is where they

gauge expectations of improvement in mental stability, increasing

income, and learning psychosocial living skills. In our current fiscal

year, we house nearly 50 clients in the residential program.

Client Community Impact

Since opening in 1994 as a public, not-for-profit corporation in

DeKalb County, our well-trained, talented staff has prioritized our

clients and their quality of life. We pride ourselves on providing

the right services, to the right person, at the right time. We are

fully invested in the recovery of our clients after initial intake and

offer a full-service continuum with a collaborative spirit.

The DeKalb Opioid Residential Program located in our Clifton Springs

site is a recovery-oriented program. Clinicians here focus on the

treatment of the whole person, providing services in the framework of an

abstinence-based model, striving to transition the client to a drug-free


The curriculum walks clients through their substance use disorders while addressing them as illnesses. They

are taught and coached on strategies that reduce symptoms, while developing coping and relapse

prevention skills that will help on the path to reaching and maintaining recovery. Out of 42 clients in this

program 20% have found steady employment since participating, while 18% of those who successfully

completed the program have found permanent housing.

In my time as an addict, I’ve participated in recovery programs before that may

have lasted for three to six months. DeKalb CSB has one of, if not the most

innovative program I’ve been in because they truly believe in the development of

me as a person. It’s not a one size fits all curriculum. Though we all are exposed to

the same strategies and coping skills, I’ve taken on specific outlets like journaling

and taken advantage of the employment program which helps me to maintain

focus on staying clean and pursuing my goals. After the initial time is served in the

program, we are free to pursue an independent lifestyle with support or continue to

work towards rehabilitation here if needed. There’s a very established culture of

wellness here at DeKalb CSB.

Jamel – Opioid Residential Client Impact

The Supported Employment Program assists those with mental

health challenges in achieving their employment goals. Supporting

those struggling with mental health diagnosis, developmental

disabilities or substance use in gaining employment helps establish

a sense of discipline and hope for the future. Referral starts when the

client reaches out to someone on their treatment team. Through the

team an employment specialist is assigned to their case and will

work with the client to obtain meaningful, steady, and competitive

employment. Kirkwood Mental Health Center is our primary location

for the employment program, but specialists meet our clients at

any of our mental health locations, their home, or any community

location that is convenient for the client.

The DeKalb Regional Crisis Center provides crisis intervention and stabilization services to individuals

experiencing mental or behavioral health crises. During the initial intake patients are given

assessments to determine their well-being, state of mind, and health needs. Afterward, an initial

treatment plan is created that establishes goals for treatment and a layout for how the patient and

their treatment team will work together to achieve those goals. As the patient progresses through the

plan and improves, the treatment will review and updated depending on what is needed. In this year

alone we’ve seen and evaluated over 850 clients at our Crisis Center.

When I began my journey with DeKalb CSB’s Crisis Services I was having

trouble with anxiety, communication, overthinking, and focus. My therapist

and I started my recovery by learning coping skills and developing a daily

routine schedule for me to follow, as well concepts like positive thinking and

self-care. Since being consistent with the skills I’ve practiced I’m able to

maintain focus and full-time employment. Being involved and committed

to the Adult PSR program has increased smooth daily functioning in

my life.

5 -Wendy, Crisis Services Client Impact


Our Community Impact

DeKalb CSB truly believes in developing their employees through

encouragement and opportunities to make mistakes and learn from them. In my

few years here I've grown in the skillset of my field but only because my colleagues

helped push me.

- DeKalb CSB Staff

DeKalb CSB has served over

8,781 clients in our current

fiscal year.

85% of our services

performed were mental

health treatment.

Through the System of Care

Grant our APEX Program

received, we have

coordinated over 30,000

services to our patients aged

4 to 26.

We’ve served over 90

individuals with Intellectual

and Developmental

Disabilities in this year.









20% of our clients in our

Opioid Residential Program

have achieved steady


44% of clients in our

Behavioral Health Opioid

Residential program have

found stable housing since


DeKalb CSB has served over

1,700 Substance Outpatient


Our Regional Crisis Center

has served over 1,990

citizens this year.

7 8

Partner Highlights

Our partnerships throughout DeKalb County and the Metro Atlanta Area provide us with a

village to grow and extend our services to those who are in need. They are vital to our

outreach and goal of being an industry leader in public sector service delivery.

Thank you for your collaboration and tireless work beside us.

DeKalb County School District has shared a collaborative

partnership with DeKalb CSB for several years. APEX funding

has allowed us to expand School Based Mental Health

services to students in 12 schools, across all grade levels.

This has provided an increased opportunity for students

to access mental health services, that would otherwise

not receive support, due to transportation issues or

parent work schedules.

- Denise Revels, Ed.S., LCSW Director, Wrap Around &

Support Services

Community and Nonprofit Partners

• Piney Grove Baptist Church

• Greater DeKalb YMCA

• United Way

• Georgia Community Service Board Association

Educational Partnerships

• Emory School of Medicine

• MCG School of Medicine

• UGA School of Medicine

• Mercer Pharmacy School

• UGA Pharmacy School

• Emory School of Nursing

• Decatur City Schools

• DeKalb County Schools

• Perimeter College School of Nursing

• Mercer School of Nursing

• Georgia State School of Nursing

• DeKalb Technical College

• Kennesaw St. University School of Nursing

• UGA School of Social Work

• Georgia State School of Social Work

• DeVry University

The Jail In-Reach program is an amazing idea, DeKalb

CSB was very prepared to administer services upon our

launch of the program. The outreach was very well

thought out and they brought in exceptionally talented


Since working in Inmate Services, I can honestly say that

the results are considerable in and outside of our

population. Families across the county have called to

comment on the good the program has done for those

reintegrating into the public. We are certainly looking to


Governmental Partnerships

• Decatur Housing Authority

• Department of Community Supervision

• Department of Juvenile Justice

• DeKalb County Government

• DeKalb County Police Department

• DeKalb Courts

• DeKalb County Jail

• DeKalb County School System

• Decatur Housing Authority

• GACSB Association

• Department of Community Supervision

Thanks to Jennifer Haines-Pruitt and her team for tying

in ancillary services, developing a productive plan for

medication administering, and so many more Healthcare Partners

innovative changes.

• Emory Decatur Hospital

Thank you to our Sheriff Melody M. Maddox and staff. We

• DeKalb County Board of Health

are proud to partner with DeKalb CSB on this program.

• Fulton-DeKalb Hospital Authority

• Genoa Healthcare

- Eric Moore, Inmate Services

• Georgia Regional Hospital-Atlanta

• Grady Health System

• Mercy Care Federally Qualified Health Centers

9 10



FY2022 Demographics

County Allocation

Contracts Revenue

Other Fees

Client Fees





What I love about DeKalb CSB is the ability to work with people across

different cultures and backgrounds, both in our staff and with clients. In such a

diverse service area, it’s vital to be able to connect with people that are

different from you. Here our impact is greater due to the variety of backgrounds

in our staff.

State Contract Services


Other Income

Total Revenues





Personal Services

Contracted Services



0 - 17 12.34%

18 - 40 49.04%

41 - 65 36.74%

66 & Older 1.87%

Direct Client Benefits







Laboratory Tests

Postage and Handling













MALE 50.62%

FEMALE 49.37%


Repairs & Maintenance







Travel and Training



Other Expenses

Total Operating Expenses


Depreciation and Amortization

Interdepartamental Allocation

Total Expenses











ASIAN .092%







NET Income (Loss)


For the period ended June 30,2022

11 12

Journey Ahead

In the next year ahead, we aim to improve all areas of our operations for clients, employees,

and partners alike. Ensuring the sustainability of our purpose, capabilities, and quality

services is at the center of our future progress. As we expand, we plan to improve in the

following areas.

Stakeholder Experience

To continue our culture of wellness, we will work towards aesthetically pleasing,

welcoming, and recovery-oriented settings for clients and employees that use

these spaces. We will develop Environment of Care (EOC) standards that outline

acceptable standards for all service locations. In addition to streamlining our

evaluation process for homes and community spaces we will enact a

five-year plan to renovate and refresh all DeKalb CSB locations.

Bolstering the recovery-focused, trauma-informed,

person-centered service philosophy that is embedded in our

messaging is also a priority. We want to make sure all policies,

procedures, and other official documentation align with our

values. We also want to make sure we communicate clearly to

our stakeholders, as well as integrate technology that collects

real-time feedback on the quality of our services.

Clinical Services

Strengthening our philosophy within direct care circles is

vital to sustaining our vision and mission of providing

quality care and assisting those with disabilities in

achieving their potential. We are pursuing this by

expanding employee training, implementating

outcome-based evaluation, and embedding this

philosophy in the language of employee and client


Growth & Expansion

Alongside maintaining the quality of our services, we are especially committed to

expanding our outreach to underserved communities by increasing the DeKalb CSB

footprint. In the next year, we are looking to establish outpatient services in East

DeKalb and install more sites for mobile telehealth services. We aim to anticipate the

growing needs of the IDD population and explore alternative programming and other

funding sources to support them. We will continue to grow our current programs

through marketing efforts aimed at new corners of DeKalb and the Metro Atlanta


Lastly, retaining and developing capable staff to support our mission is important,

they help create those better tomorrows. Investing in them by creating a formal

process for development and supplying performance reviews helps sharpen their

expertise in servicing our clients.

Innovative Practices

DeKalb CSB aims to continue its forward-thinking practices by developing an

overarching dashboard that targets clinical and program outcomes, community

impact, and operational targets. This will help in monitoring compliance and

program effectiveness. We are also looking to increase engagement with clients and

their families with the integration of client relationship management and patient

portal technologies.

We also have taken an interest in expanding our

portfolio of evidence-based practices offered to

individuals. This will include formalizing a process

where these methods are consistently reviewed and

adopted. Along with this, we are taking measures to

effectively demonstrate our services producing improved

outcomes for our clients. We will do this through a mixture

of outcome measures, clinical observation, and


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