Inspiring Women February 2023

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Joan Taugher<br />

A woman who never had a “real” job, Joan Taugher worked very hard. Besides<br />

raising three children, she also cared for her brother, who had severe mental<br />

disabilities. Through her sheer determination and love, her brother outlived the<br />

doctors’ predictions that he would die in infancy by 67 years. She was always<br />

involved in working with the Association for Retarded Citizens (ARC) in a career<br />

spanning 40 years, including a stint as president of its California chapter. Her<br />

other volunteer activities included work as a docent at the Oakland Museum,<br />

with the Children’s Hospital Auxiliary and with Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church.<br />

At 94 (in January <strong>2023</strong>), Mom does not let any grass grow under her feet. She still<br />

travels once a year to visit me in Dubai and plans on participating as a guest at<br />

the FAWCO conference in Bratislava this year. A perennial guest at FAWCO<br />

conferences, it was my mom who encouraged me to join the FAWCO Board. Most<br />

recently, she has been my inspiration for creating an NGO in Lebanon with my<br />

husband to address education and livelihood issues amidst the growing crisis<br />

there. I am proud to be Joan’s daughter.<br />

Monica Jubayli, AWC Lebanon<br />

Photograph by Terry Spearman<br />

Dr. Donna Finch Adams<br />

Mary Adams, AWC The Hague<br />

The definition of inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to<br />

do something, usually something creative. There is no one single source of<br />

inspiration. It can be found anywhere and in anything in life. Although we can<br />

position ourselves to be inspired, there is no way we can make inspiration<br />

randomly appear… or is there? Is there an inspiration continuum?<br />

Creating and teaching art have been my mother’s lifelong passion. Early in my<br />

life, she inspired me to be an appreciator of art. Over the years, I realized that<br />

the root source of my inspiration was neither her artwork nor her remarkable<br />

knowledge of color theory. It was watching (in real-time) how being true to<br />

yourself and your passions empowers you to reach beyond your own<br />

potential. At 87 years old, Dr. Donna Finch Adams still pursues her passion<br />

teaching not only art but helping students understand the art of the possible.<br />

She continues to inspire me to be brave enough to be different and to follow<br />

my passions. She inspires me to keep going when inspiration abandons me<br />

and better yet, to know with certainty that when I am inspired, I will act.<br />


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