Inspiring Women February 2023

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more about<br />

this issue<br />

The <strong>Inspiring</strong> <strong>Women</strong> Team<br />

That's<br />

Inspired!<br />

Liz Elsie Karen Michele Haley Kristin<br />

For more information about this magazine, please contact a member of the <strong>Inspiring</strong> <strong>Women</strong> team:<br />

Editor in Chief, Liz MacNIven, inspiringwomen.editor@fawco.org<br />

Advertising and Sponsorship Manager, Elsie Bose, advertising@fawco.org<br />

Distribution Manager, Karen Boeker, iwdistribution@fawco.org<br />

Features Coordinator, Michele Hendrikse Du Bois, inspiringwomenfeatures@fawco.org<br />

Profiles Coordinator, Haley Green, inspiringwomenprofiles@fawco.org<br />

Layout Coordinator, Kristin D. Haanæs, inspiringwomen.layout@fawco.org<br />

Acknowledgements:<br />

Thanks to our profilees (Carol, Claudia, Cynthia, Georgia, Melissa and Suzanne) and our feature<br />

contributors (Beverly, Chelsea, Elsie, Judy, Liz, Mary, Michele, Monica, My-Linh, Rina, Robin, Suzanne<br />

and Tharien) for their work on the articles and also for the use of their photos and those of their<br />

friends and families.<br />

The cover photo is Carol Boren (FAUSA).<br />

Special thanks to the proofreading team of Karen Boeker (AWC Denmark), Mary Stewart Burgher<br />

(AWC Denmark), Sallie Chaballier (AAWE Paris), Janet Davis (AIWC Cologne), Kit Desjacques (AAWE<br />

Paris), Mary Dobrian (AIWC Cologne), Tamar Hudson (AIWC Cologne), Carol-Lyn McKelvey (AIWC<br />

Cologne/FAUSA), and Jenny Taylor (AIWC Cologne and Düsseldorf). The rest of the proofing team<br />

were unavailable for this issue, so a special thanks goes to our stand-in proofers Elsie Bose (AWG<br />

Paris/FAUSA) and Paul MacNiven.<br />

Please note: images used in this publication are either sourced from our team, the authors<br />

themselves, or through canva.com or pixabay.com.<br />

Please post the link for this issue of <strong>Inspiring</strong> <strong>Women</strong>,<br />

"Evolving to Maturity. Fabulous, Fun and Fierce," in your<br />

club publications until "Goodbyes and New Beginnings"<br />

is published on May 11, <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Photo of<br />

Claudia Tessier<br />

participating in<br />

the well-known<br />

bike rally,<br />

Sternfahrt.<br />


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