Inspiring Women February 2023

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profile<br />

Skies, Skis and…Spies<br />

Carol Boren, a member of AWA Rome and FAUSA, experienced so<br />

much in her life abroad. Now, catch her (if you can) as she lives the<br />

next exciting chapter.<br />

Carol Boren.<br />

I<br />

was born and raised in Houston, the<br />

daughter of an eccentric and typically<br />

absent-minded professor of philosophy,<br />

and a drop-dead gorgeous mother – who was<br />

also a professional comedian. Growing up in this<br />

unusual combination of academics and comedy,<br />

my younger sister and I developed a lifelong love<br />

of learning and a great sense of humor.<br />

After graduating from St. John’s School in<br />

Houston, I attended Sophie Newcomb College<br />

at Tulane University, graduating in 1963 with<br />

a degree in Modern European History. New<br />

Orleans was a culture shock for this naïve Texas<br />

girl – and I loved every minute of it! I discovered<br />

the culinary delights of their amazing cuisine –<br />

learning to eat crawfish out of a barrel, stand<br />

at an oyster bar and order six at a time, drink<br />

the famous Hurricane cocktails at Pat O’Brien’s,<br />

savor breakfast at Brennan’s, and all the other<br />

wonders available to me. These people took<br />

food seriously, and I learned that there was<br />

more to good eating than Texas barbecue. I also<br />

enjoyed sailing in Lake Pontchartrain, and<br />

waterskiing in the nearby bayous – never mind<br />

the snakes and alligators. I was a member<br />

of Pi Beta Phi sorority and president of the<br />

Barracuda Synchronized Swimming Club.<br />

“Making the Going Great”<br />

After graduation, I was hired as a stewardess<br />

for Pan American Airlines. They<br />

required a college degree and a<br />

foreign language, and I seemed<br />

to fit the bill. I was transferred<br />

to New York, which would be<br />

my home for the next two years.<br />

One of Carol's<br />

hikes with the<br />

Pikes Peak Over<br />

the Hill Gang.<br />


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