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This is a book about chaos “magick.”

It is not intended for minors or the easily offended.

If you are under 18, please stop reading now.

If you are an open-minded and responsible adult up to

try a rather entertaining and useful trick, please continue.

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We are sleeping dragons.

We dream our lives away,

wasting our short time on

mind-numbing jobs, Facebook,

meaningless entertainment.

Instead of embracing our own

potential, we stay asleep and


There is no conspiracy to keep

you asleep. Nobody else holds

the key to your cage but you.

When will you choose

to wake up?

If the world has gone dark,

it is only because we have

lost our own light.

But we have only begun

to discover our potential.


Webinars designed to help you unlock your full power.

We’ve drawn from the most useful modern techniques for altering

consciousness, as well as classical techniques that were once

considered the province of world religions or of the “occult”—while

discarding the superstitious, hierarchical and secretive nonsense

many of those techniques have been shrouded in.

What’s left is our take on the best techniques of literally thousands

of years of research into unlocking human potential—packaged in a

way that is of most direct benefit to your life.

As a sample of the type of material

we’re offering, here’s a clear, concise and demystified

guide to chaos magick, a method for programming

your unconscious mind using altered states.

Chaos Magick in

Theory and Practice

You want some stuff.

You really, really want some stuff.

You might want a better job,

a better relationship,

maybe even spiritual


But you never quite

Get these things.


Because your mind is a bundle of chaos.

Instead of a mighty river flowing in one

direction, it’s a bunch of channels and

creeks going all over the place,

dispersing energy everywhere.

Most people’s thoughts are

contradictory, self-defeating and wasted.

Your mind is the most powerful force at

your disposal. But if you can’t focus it,

that force works against you, not for you.

While your conscious mind chatters away, however, your

unconscious is hard at work. And it is a powerhouse.

Its programs are deep and instinctual, even hereditary,

and it carries on fulfilling them no matter what

your conscious mind is telling you.

As Carl Jung said, “Until you make

the unconscious conscious, it

will direct your life and you

will call it fate.”

This can be turned to

your advantage.

In order to

reprogram your

unconscious, you’ve

got to break through

the resistance of

your conscious mind.

You’ve got to get it to

go quiet.

Monks meditate for decades

to silence their thoughts,

and it’s likely that they

achieve permanent brain

change and deep happiness

by doing so.

But there are quicker ways to produce altered states. Shamans throughout

history have used drumming, over-breathing, fasting and dozens of other

techniques to shock the nervous system out of the trance of daily reality.

Sex is one of the quickest and most powerful of these methods.

So, to reprogram yourself, get into an altered state of consciousness

and then focus on a symbol that represents what you want to happen.

Here’s how to make

said symbol, or “sigil.”

First, decide what

you want to happen.

For instance:

“I want to meet my soulmate,”

or “I want a new job.”

For this example, we’ll use

“I want to meet

my soulmate.”

Take out

the vowels

from your sentence:

“I want to meet

my soulmate” becomes:


Now take out the repeating letters. You

should have something like:


Take these letters and arrange

them into a symbol, like so:

Take the symbol

and start playing with it and simplifying

it down until you have something that clicks.

What you’re doing is creating a symbol that’s still

linked to your intent in your unconscious,

but that doesn’t directly

suggest its meaning.

Now forget what you wanted in the first place.

Take your sigil and put it somewhere safe for a couple

weeks. Long enough that you forget what the original

intent behind it was—out of sight, out of mind. Your

unconscious will remember. Your conscious mind will

not. And because your conscious mind won’t

remember what it was you wanted, it won’t be able to

nitpick, second-guess, out-smart or otherwise tell you

why you shouldn’t or can’t have the thing you want. It

won’t be able to interrupt the pure Will of your

unconscious self.

Starting to see how this works? There’s nothing really

“magick” or “occult” about it. It’s just a backdoor into

your own nervous system.

A way to trick yourself into getting out of your own way.

Now comes the fun part:

Engineering the break in consciousness.

The simplest way to do this is sexual overload,

either alone or with a partner.

Get into the orgasmic state by whatever means seem best.

At the moment of orgasm, stare unflinchingly at your sigil,

imprinting it deep into your mind.

That’s it.

Now destroy the physical

basis of the sigil, go do something

else and forget anything ever happened.

This method of “mind hacking” can hedge

the stream of your life towards the outcome

you desire, within the bounds of your

circumstances and karma—helping to

harness your unconscious, steer you

through reality and shape what

you think of as “fate.”

Try your hand at it, and see your results.

We hope you enjoyed this short primer.

This is only a short and simple introduction to a much wider world.

Ultraculture University offers tools and training for unlocking

your power, freeing yourself and altering your consciousness.

Read on for a look at just a few of the courses we’re offering.

Attain Peak Mental

& Physical Energy

Supercharge your body and mind by:

• Quickly building immense physical strength

and resilience with compound lifting and yoga

• Hacking your sleep, breathing and hydration

with yogic and Reichian techniques

• Understanding how to construct a real diet

that will supercharge your energy, without

draining your wallet

• Using supplementation to boost mental and

physical performance

(Click to learn more.)

Hardcore Meditation

Master the world’s most important skill by

learning the eight classical limbs of yoga:

1. Yama: Leading a moral life

2. Niyama: Avoiding drama

3. Asana: Postures for meditation

4. Pranayama: The art of breath control

5. Pratyahara: Withdrawing the senses

6. Dharana: Hyper-focusing your mind

7. Dhyana: Single-pointed concentration

8. Samadhi: The ultimate goal of Yoga.

(Click to learn more.)

Master Lucid


Open the dream plane, and learn


• Recall your dreams with ease

• Program the types of dreams

you want to have

• Go lucid: Become fully awake

and aware in your dreams

• Use supplements to

hypercharge lucidity and

dream vividness

(Click to learn more.)

Chaos Magick: Ruling Your Reality

Build on the skills you’ve learned in

this eBook, and:

• Learn the secret history of the

underground occult tradition

• Unlock a whole armory of trance


•Learn how to use magick to

dramatically (and safely) alter your


•Learn how to construct your own

solo and group rituals

And much, much more.

(Click here to learn more.)


I’m Jason Louv.

I made this eBook, and I

teach the online courses. I also

edited Generation Hex, Ultraculture

Journal and Thee Psychick Bible (with

Genesis Breyer P-Orridge).

I’ve spent the last sixteen years of my life

delving into every tradition and technology

for changing human consciousness I could,

traveling the world to learn many

techniques first-hand from other

cultures. Ultraculture University

is my way of giving


A few testimonials from people who have taken the courses:

“Jason is a

gentleman and a scholar.

His clear and lucid instruction ensures

that all of his students grasp the material; his

patience and kindness makes every student—

regardless of experience—feel welcome and at

ease, and his knowledge and command of the

material will leave you in awe. Occulture is

privileged to have someone like Jason who

has the vision of making the material

accessible and the passion to bring it

into manifest reality. For a small

amount of money you can make

REAL CHANGE in your life!”

– A., Glendale, CA

“The Lucid Dreaming

seminar was well worth the time,

and certainly the cost. The discussion

covered plenty of practical approaches

which could be applied immediately, and also

delved into other elements such as further

reading to pursue and dietary supplements

to aid in one’s practice. In the month and a half

since I took the course, my dream recall has

significantly improved (I went from recalling

basically nothing to filling multiple pages in my

dream journal each morning), and I feel like

I’ve gleaned valuable tools from the

experience that will aid me

for years to come.”

– Grant N.

“I’ll admit that at first,

I was skeptical of paying for

an intro video despite how much I

enjoy the Ultraculture blog and the small

bit of Mr. Louv that I’d seen. I was so pleasantly

surprised…! What made the class worth it was

Jason’s knowledgeable insight and personal

touch. What I got to see in the video challenged

some of my previously conceived viewpoints

And provided insight on some topics

that I was not aware of.

Keep it up, Jason.”

– Josh F., New York




This work as a whole & all text is © 2014 Ultraculture Incorporated under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives

4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) license. Read the full license herehttps://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/legalcode

However, all individual images are licensed under their original Creative Commons licenses, as shown in photo credits below, and may be

freely mixed, shared or distributed as appropriate to their original licenses, as linked in photo credits below, including image alterations,

minus any accompanying text from the book itself. To assist in retrieving images if needed, original links to all of them, as well as to their

individual creators and licensing information, have been provided in the credits below.


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