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VISION:<br />

Noun vi· sion<br />

the act or power of seeing or imagination<br />

Camp Alliance is continuously building a better quality of life for<br />

Service Members, Veterans, and their Families (SMVF).<br />

MISSION:<br />

Noun mis· sion<br />

a specific task with which a person or a group is charged<br />

We are committed to strengthening Military readiness and Veteran resiliency<br />

by connecting trusted partners, addressing challenges, and delivering solutions.<br />


Adjective in· ten· tion· al<br />

done by intention or design<br />

Noun pur· pose<br />

an action in course of execution<br />

We drive social good through quality, efficiency, transparency, progressiveness,<br />

and empowerment. Working with our SMVF, communities, and collaborators,<br />

we strive to create a better future by improving communication and connection.<br />

Together, we make Impact.

Team<br />


Noun camp<br />

Noun al· li· ance<br />

a group engaged in promoting or defending a bond or connection between families, states, parties,<br />

a community or group of people<br />

or individuals<br />

The inspiration for Camp Alliance began as a question, “How would I change the world?” Soon<br />

after, our CEO and founder, Jody Bergstrom, changed this question and asked, “How can WE<br />

change the world for the SMVF community?” This important inquiry led her to start Camp<br />

Alliance– the word Camp was chosen because it defines a group of persons engaged in<br />

promoting or defending a community or group of individuals, and Alliance because this was<br />

never a journey for one but a bond or connection between families, states, parties, or individuals.<br />

This has been the binding grit (unyielding courage in the face of hardship) since 2010.<br />

Laura Hopkins serves as the Chief Marketing/Communications Officer. She excels at taking a<br />

complex idea or vision and turning it into a magnificent product showcasing the heart of the<br />

mission, team, and individual call to serve.<br />

Our Chief Operations Officer, Jennifer McCroddan brings high-quality experience, efficacious<br />

passion, and organizational savvy to the team. Her expertise makes her significant in achieving<br />

the objective of the larger interest.<br />

Billy Goldston is the team Strategist and fully embraces unity as the organizational diversifier for<br />

this team of highly talented professionals. He enjoys promoting team engagement and building<br />

network interfaces in support of those who serve.<br />

“Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being.<br />

With freedom comes responsibility.”<br />

-Eleanor Roosevelt<br />

We are honored to invest our passion, experience, and knowledge in a mission true to its purpose<br />

of bettering the Quality of Life for the Service Members, Veterans, and their Families (SMVF).<br />

Impact is witnessed when we work together.<br />

~Team Camp Alliance


Noun pub· lic re· la · tions<br />

the degree of understanding and goodwill achieved<br />

Noun mar· ket· ing<br />

the process or technique of promoting, and distributing a service<br />

Tailor materials to ensure the SMVF community is positively<br />

perceived and positioned<br />

Innovative branding through digital engagement and<br />

strategic communications<br />

Work with partners to improve marketing,<br />

content, and social media<br />


Noun com· mu· ni· ty en· gage· ment<br />

promotes sustainable decisions by recognizing and communicating the needs and<br />

interests of all participants<br />

Identification (connection) of various SMVF stakeholders<br />

including advocates, influencers, and community leaders<br />

Planning, organizing, and implementing strategically effective<br />

engagement and outreach opportunities<br />



Noun proj· ect man· age· ment<br />

a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique project service or result<br />

projects are temporary and close down on the completion of the work they were chartered to deliver<br />

Assist partners with building SMVF structured projects and enabling<br />

milestone development<br />

Provide leadership and structured reporting on project<br />

compliance indicators to assure all goals meet deadlines<br />

Manage and cultivate key relationships to ensure<br />

projects are developed to partner and field standards<br />


Noun com· mu· ni· ty<br />

an interacting population of various kinds<br />

of individuals in a common location<br />


Noun in· for· ma· tion<br />

knowledge obtained from investigation,<br />

study, or instruction<br />

Noun an· a· lyt· ics<br />

detailed examination of<br />

anything complex<br />

Conduct Research and market analysis<br />

for SMVF support<br />

Assist partner in identifying strategic SMVF needs that<br />

leverage community core strengths<br />

Provide SMVF data collection, analytics<br />

system integration and insight reporting



CampConnect is a communication hub that<br />

integrates a web-based interactive platform<br />

with physical kiosk stations<br />

connecting physical/mental health<br />

information, career/employment<br />

opportunities, education/ training, legal,<br />

family/child services, emergency assistance,<br />

discounts, and leisure services. The purpose of<br />

this platform is to better the quality of life and<br />

reduce suicide risk factors.<br />

The DIRECTION platform is a confidential first<br />

step when combating opioid and substance<br />

addiction and seeking trauma treatment.<br />

Reinforcing the overall efforts of substance<br />

abuse and mental health services.<br />

Kids 24/7 Supports the quality of life, family readiness, and resilience of<br />

military families and their kids 24/7. Unlike their civilian counterparts,<br />

children of service members grow up in unique environments and are<br />

often faced with challenges not shared by their peers.<br />

The 21-Mile Salute community event was<br />

founded to honor the sacrifice of the lives<br />

of our Fallen Heroes.<br />

Purple Up is a community-based education and awareness<br />

platform highlighting the commitment and sacrifices of our<br />

Military kids.<br />

Silver Star is a multifaceted platform that supports SMV and Survivor<br />

Families during the holiday season by giving civilians the opportunity<br />

to thank them for their service and sacrifice.

Together WE make the Greatest Impact.<br />


.org<br />

Camp Alliance Inc. 50(c)3 Est. 2010 · P.O. Box 7683 Springdale AR, 72766-7683

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