General Summer Camp 2023 information

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Intro to Summer Camps

Welcome to summer camp at Dovercourt.

We are dedicated to providing safe, memorable, fun camp experiences to children and youth from

across the region. Check out our selection of camp programs online and see why Dovercourt is

THE place to be in the summer.

Each year, about 80-90% of our summer camp staff return and many are former campers

themselves. We are well-known for our high standards when it comes to camp counselors and they

are all carefully chosen for their caring attitudes toward children. Camp Counselors can be spotted

in bright blue shirts and receive training on group facilitation, activity animation, and leadership.

Team members in purple shirts are part of our Inclusion & Integration system, and work hard to

break down barriers to ensure every single child can participate with success. Camp Directors

can be found in navy blue shirts and are responsible for the overall supervision and safety of

each camper in their group and receive additional training on supervision, risk management, and

emergency procedures. Team members in light “baby blue” shirts are Counselors-In-Training and

are volunteering to further develop their skills.

Five great reasons to choose Dovercourt this summer

Our Team:

Best counselors

in town


So many to

choose from


Central location,

inclusion support, etc


Expert instructors

in all disciplines




Value added:

Early / late drop

off and pick up

One-Stop Shop

Our central location and range of specialized programming makes it ideal for families

with children of various ages and interests. Although most of our campers will spend

the day out and about enjoying local parks, school gyms, sports fields, or the river and

forests, all of our campers start and finish the day all together at Dovercourt. This offers

parents a convenient one-stop pick up and drop off spot with optional extended care for

those who have an earlier or later workday.

The Jonas Mitchell Award

Jonas was a very enthusiastic camp

leader who brought positive energy to

camp every single day and inspired an

entire generation of campers and staff.

Sadly, in the summer of 2018 he was

killed by a distracted driver while biking

to work. His lasting legacy is honoured

every summer with the recognition of an

extraordinary camp leader who continues

to bring the positive energy to camp that

Jonas was so well known for. His family

has honoured his contribution to our

camp culture through the establishment

of the Jonas Mitchell fund, to support

families in managing the cost of camp.

The 2022 recipient: John Fallenbuchl

Leaders like John make

sure that camp is a

safe, welcoming,and

fun place for all

children, just as

Jonas always did.

Donate online to

the Jonas Mitchell



So Many Camps


Welcome to the wonderful world of Dovercourt. For many

years, theme camps have been a trademark of our camp

programs. Our programming team works hard all year round

to plan innovative and imaginative age-appropriate themes

that will spark curiosity and intrigue in every camper. Weekly

themes are enhanced with games, crafts, special events, visits from

guests, and out-trips to exciting locations. In 2023, our theme campers will

be grouped according to school grade for maximum friendship building.

Check out our 2023 Themes:

July 3-7 Airborne Adventures (Grade 1-5), Into the Clouds (JK/SK)

July 10-14 Legend of Longbeard (Grade 1-5), Pirate’s Playground (JK/SK)

July 17-21 Jungle Expedition (Grade 1-5), Animal Safari (JK/SK)

July 24-28 Candyland Quest (Grade 1-5), Candyland Craze (JK/SK)

July 31-Aug 4 Extraterrestrial Takeover (Grade 1-5), Alien Adventures (JK/SK)

Aug 8-11 Jurassic Journey (Grade 1-5), Dinosaur Galore (JK/SK)

Aug 14-18 The Colour Scientist (Grade 1-5), Splash of Colour (JK/SK)

Aug 21-25 Magician’s Paradise (Grade 1-5), Magic Mania (JK/SK)

Aug 28-Sept 1 Superhero Academy (Grade 1-5), The Super Squad (JK/SK)

Campers who have outgrown the imagination and

excitement of the theme weeks are ready for Youth

Zone. Youth Zone camps are geared toward

kids entering grade 6 and 7 and offer a full

week of a wide variety of activities especially

for them. Each week include some exciting

out-trips, for example zip-lining, trampolining,

or rock climbing as well as more ‘chill’

activities like enjoying ice cream at the

beach, or a photography lesson.



Dovercourt offers a wide range (more

than 40!) of specialized week-long

programs catered to a specific area

of interest/skill, from Fishing to Band,

or White Water Rafting to Pastry Arts

and everything in between. Some specialty

camps are developed and delivered by talented

Dovercourt team members and others are offered

in partnership with other local experts, instructors, or

organizations. Campers in these programs can expect to

spend at least half the day on focused instruction and the

rest of the day is balanced with other activities.


These camps include Active Start

for our younger campers focused

on coordination and physical

literacy, and Sport Mix for

school-age kids focused

on fundamental sport

skills, tactical awareness,

and teamwork in a noncompetitive


Specialized Sport

Camps include high level

instruction in a specific

sport, featuring talented

coaches and instructors.

These include Paddle Sport,

Parkour, Tennis, Basketball,

Rugby, Ultimate, Road Hockey,

Soccer, and many more. Keep an eye on

this category online as we add more camps in

the spring.



Culinary Camp is a favourite among kids who like to

get creative in the kitchen. Most of the week is spent in

the kitchen creating fresh recipes and visiting local food

venders, and the rest of the time is balanced with outdoor

activities and swimming. For campers with a sweet tooth,

be sure to check out Cake Decorating.


STEM camps are meant to spark

imagination through handson

education with a focus on

guided discovery and practical

experimentations. Ottawa

Robotics Academy offers robotics

and coding, and OrangeSTEM

Education is Ottawa’s leader in

Lego education developed and

delivered by Ian Dudley, mechanical

engineering technologist. Check

out Lego Powered Up and

Lego Robotics and Coding. For

less technical programs, check out

Science Camp, and Eco-Zoo for a fun

educational experience.


Programs like Art Start and Art Mix for our younger

campers offer instruction in a wide range of media

including paint, pencil crayon, papier mache, clay,

fabric, and more. Specialized Art Camps for

older artists offer more focused instruction in a

particular area like Fashion & Jewelry, Pottery,

and Photography.


For campers who enjoy

being in the spotlight, a

variety of performing arts

camps offer the perfect

place to showcase hiddenor

not-so-hidden talents. In

these programs, campers will

work with talented teachers

throughout the week, then take

to the stage for a Friday Talent

Showcase. These programs include

Dance, Singing, Magic, Musical Theatre,

and Band Camp.


The summer is short and should be spent outdoors making the most of

the longer, warmer days. Our popular Adventure Academy program is

jam-packed with activity, offering campers a full week in the outdoors

with swimming, rafting, paddling, hiking, climbing, and so much more.

For campers who love to explore roads and trails by bike, Biking Camp

offers a full week of riding, with workshops on bike maintenance and

road safety. For those who love a more focused activity near the water,

we’re excited to offer Fishing Camp for a third year in partnership with

Ottawa Musky Factory. Finally, we couldn’t make the most of summer

near the Ottawa River without White Water

Rafting camp. Check online for dates

and details.


Leadership &


at Dovercourt

Online registration

in our system is easy!

Filter for type of camp, date range and

age to find camps for all your kids.

The 2023 Counselor-in-Training (CIT) program

is newly renovated and re-structured. This

program is geared toward young leaders who

are ready to join the Dovercourt Camp team.

CITs this summer will receive job-specific

training in program design and delivery,

behaviour management, child development,

and certification in Standard First Aid and

CPR. CITs will work directly with campers and

counselors to practice their skills during incamp

placements with close supervision and

ongoing feedback. CIT graduates can sign up

to volunteer for full weeks of summer camp

and will be invited to apply for counselor

positions during the school year and for the

following summer.

CIT will run Monday-Friday July 10-28 with the option of additional weeks July 31-August 25

and is open to any young leader who is at least 14 yrs old (or turning 14 by the end of the year).

Finished CIT or ready to work?

• Become a junior counselor senior counselor camp director camp programmer

• Become a camp buddy inclusion support inclusion lead

• Become an assistant swim instructor swim instructor/ lifeguard head guard

Reach out to leadership@dovercourt.org



Youth Zone



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