Waikato Business News November/December 2022

Waikato Business News has for a quarter of a century been the voice of the region’s business community, a business community with a very real commitment to innovation and an ethos of co-operation.

Waikato Business News has for a quarter of a century been the voice of the region’s business community, a business community with a very real commitment to innovation and an ethos of co-operation.


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NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong><br />

VOLUME 30<br />

ISSUE 11<br />


http://www.wbn.co.nz<br />

/<strong>Waikato</strong><strong>Business</strong><strong>News</strong><br />

The <strong>Waikato</strong> region’s voice of local business<br />


Pou carved by five tohunga whakairo will mark Te Kōhao<br />

Health’s soon-to-be-built $15M wellness and diagnostic centre<br />

in Enderley.<br />


Transformational programme Community and Enterprise<br />

Leadership Foundation adds another 18 graduates to the<br />

growing CELF Alumni.<br />


<strong>Waikato</strong> secondary school students took home top honours<br />

at the <strong>Waikato</strong>-King Country Lion Foundation Young Enterprise<br />

Scheme Awards.<br />

<strong>Business</strong> Awards<br />

live again,<br />

at last<br />

Celebrating<br />

great success,<br />

resilience and<br />

positivity<br />

A veritable who’s who of <strong>Waikato</strong><br />

celebrated the winners of the annual<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong> Chamber of Commerce<br />

<strong>Business</strong> Awards, supported by Foster<br />

Construction Group, at a glittering sellout<br />

gala dinner at Claudelands Arena.<br />


2<br />


At Bayleys, we believe relationships are<br />

what businesses are built on and how they<br />

succeed. We understand that to maximise<br />

the return on your property you need:<br />

Professional property management<br />

A business partner that understands<br />

your views and goals<br />

Contact the Bayleys <strong>Waikato</strong> Commercial<br />

Property Management team today.<br />

Jan Cooney<br />

Head Commercial Property Management -<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong>, Bay of Plenty and Taranaki<br />

027 408 9339<br />

jan.cooney@bayleys.co.nz<br />

David Cashmore<br />

Bayleys Commercial Manager - <strong>Waikato</strong><br />

021 943 305<br />

david.cashmore@bayleys.co.nz<br />

Gert Maritz<br />

Senior Facilities Manager - <strong>Waikato</strong><br />

027 230 2514<br />

gert.maritz@bayleys.co.nz<br />

Darren Rule<br />

Senior Facilities Manager - Bay of Plenty & Taranaki<br />

027 214 1631<br />

darren.rule@bayleys.co.nz<br />



Residential / Commercial / Rural / Property Services

Profile Group was the<br />

crowned the overall<br />

champion, taking<br />

out the Foster Construction<br />

Group <strong>2022</strong> Supreme Award,<br />

along with the <strong>Business</strong><br />

Growth and Service Excellence<br />

awards.<br />

Chamber chief executive<br />

Don Good said Profile Group<br />

represents a family of powerhouse<br />

businesses that form<br />

New Zealand’s only integrated<br />

supply chain for aluminium<br />

window and door<br />

solutions.<br />

“Profile Group is on a<br />

journey to redesign how<br />

they do business, how they<br />

manufacture even more efficiently,<br />

how they reimagine<br />

and repurpose waste streams,<br />

regenerate the natural world<br />

around us and enable their<br />

people to realise their full<br />

potential across all facets of<br />

the businesses.<br />

“Their success is driven by<br />

an excellence of service ethos.<br />

Their structures, processes,<br />

and more importantly – people<br />

– set the standard for service<br />

excellence both nationally<br />

and internationally.”<br />

Judges said, “Profile<br />

Group are world class role<br />

models around future vision,<br />

long-term strategy, innovation<br />

and product design,<br />

operational execution, ongoing<br />

commitment and an ethos<br />

of genuine care for the people,<br />

WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong> 3<br />

<strong>Business</strong> Awards live again, at last<br />

Celebrating great success, resilience<br />

and positivity<br />

Back Cover (Side A)<br />

community, Aotearoa and the<br />

environment.”<br />

MilktechNZ’s Gustavo<br />

Garza was named CEO of the<br />

Year. MilktechNZ is a leader<br />

in designing electronic milking<br />

cup removers with futureproof<br />

technology and accessories<br />

for herringbone and<br />

rotary cow sheds.<br />

MilktechNZ also took out<br />

Vertex Engineers Ltd<br />

+64 7 849 1638 | info@vertex.co.nz | vertex.co.nz<br />

2 Barnett Place, Te Rapa Park, Hamilton<br />

the Innovation Award.<br />

Judges said about Gustavo,<br />

“His entrepreneurial<br />

spirit, energy and passion for<br />

the business he has created,<br />

and the way he spoke of the<br />

team who have joined him on<br />

his journey, was inspiring.<br />

“Gustavo sets aspirational<br />

goals for his business<br />

as well as high standards<br />

for himself and his team,<br />

including around values and<br />

behaviours.<br />

“He shows a warmth and<br />

care toward his team that is<br />

genuine, and a satisfaction in<br />

progressing and enabling others<br />

that is humbling.”<br />

Aware Group’s Jo Mickleson<br />

was named Emerging<br />

Leader of the Year. Aware<br />

Group is a globally recognised<br />

leader in emerging technologies.<br />

It provides a range of<br />

innovative solutions and services<br />

that focus on artificial<br />

intelligence, big data and<br />

Internet of Things.<br />

Judges said about Jo, “Her<br />

focus on keeping people at<br />

the core of all decisions and<br />

actions is one of the primary<br />

leadership traits her team<br />

greatly respect. “Jo has gone<br />

above and beyond in building<br />

the capabilities of the senior<br />

leadership team with steady<br />

improvements being implemented<br />

that have developed<br />

empathy, business acumen<br />

and broader leadership skillset<br />

in the team.”<br />

Don Good said the quality<br />

of the four Emerging Leader<br />

finalists was exceptionally<br />

high with Jo Mickelson competing<br />

against managing<br />

director / founder of (AGP)<br />

Architectural Glass Products<br />

David Bunting, Young New<br />

Zealander of the Year and<br />

Nau Mai Rā founder Ezra<br />

Hirawani, and Chiefs Rugby<br />

general manager commercial<br />

Kate Rawnsley.<br />

Good said it was great to be<br />

back to the full complement<br />

of 600 people at Claudelands.<br />

“The calibre of entries this<br />

year shows the resilience and<br />

positivity of <strong>Waikato</strong> businesses<br />

as they emerge from<br />

the impacts of Covid.<br />

“It was wonderful to have<br />

finalists and winners from<br />

all over <strong>Waikato</strong>. And while<br />

international headwinds<br />

remain strong, <strong>Waikato</strong> is<br />

in a good place with strong<br />

foundations.<br />

“The region is booming.<br />

You can see wherever you<br />

go that <strong>Waikato</strong> is establishing<br />

itself as New Zealand’s<br />

economic powerhouse behind<br />

Auckland.<br />

“Benefiting from its<br />

proximity to Auckland, its<br />

strong farming foundation,<br />

its booming tech industry,<br />

strong construction sector,<br />

superb educational entities,<br />

its highly efficient and<br />

well-located logistics industry<br />

and the major work being<br />

undertaken in sustainability<br />

are making the region a stunning<br />

and positive place to<br />

live, work and play.”<br />

Wishing you a safe and happy<br />

holiday season<br />

Our offices will be closed from 23 <strong>December</strong> <strong>2022</strong>,<br />

reopening on 9 January 2023.<br />

+64 7 849 1638<br />

info@vertex.co.nz<br />


4 WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong><br />

EarthDiverse enriching<br />

lives through learning<br />

A relative newcomer on the block,<br />

EarthDiverse came up trumps at the<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Hamilton CBD business awards in<br />

the Public Good category.<br />

An adult and community<br />

education provider<br />

and not-for-profit<br />

social enterprise, EarthDiverse<br />

offer a wide range of diversity<br />

education courses in both the<br />

social and natural sciences.<br />

The brainchild of long time<br />

educators Todd Nachowitz<br />

and Nona Morris, their overarching<br />

goal is to provide programmes<br />

designed to broaden<br />

worldviews, which in turn<br />

will mitigate racism, discrimination<br />

and environmental<br />

degradation, and very importantly,<br />

to promote the joys of<br />

following an interest, learning<br />

new things, sharing ideas,<br />

and engaging in meaningful<br />

discussions.<br />

“The idea behind EarthDiverse<br />

is to provide community-based<br />

diversity education<br />

in both the cultural diversity<br />

space and in environmental<br />

diversity. We look at it in terms<br />

of a two-way street so we can<br />

do community education for<br />

the community, but we also<br />

encourage education by the<br />

community,” Nona says.<br />

Now based in Anglesea<br />

Street, like many not-for-profits<br />

EarthDiverse started life<br />

at the couple’s home, moving<br />

around various temporary<br />

locations before settling in the<br />

CBD.<br />

“It was our growth that precipitated<br />

the move. In the last<br />

place we only had two classrooms<br />

and we've grown so<br />

much in the last year that we've<br />

now got six different classrooms<br />

and we have a number<br />

of teachers that are zooming<br />

from their own spaces as well,”<br />

Todd says.<br />

They currently offer over<br />

150 different courses in the<br />

broad categories of language,<br />

culture and nature on a rotating<br />

basis, with new courses<br />

introduced each term.<br />

Courses are open, affordable<br />

and accessible to anyone,<br />

anywhere and they welcome<br />

learners and qualified instructors<br />

from around the globe.<br />

“One of the silver linings<br />

that has come out of the pandemic<br />

is that people are much<br />

more familiar now with using<br />

modern technologies than they<br />

were three years ago. We were<br />

already providing access for<br />

Zoom audiences before Covid<br />

hit, so we were well poised to<br />

continue our courses without<br />

interruption during the lockdowns.<br />

After the lockdowns,<br />

we picked up on that wave of<br />

people saying, ‘you know - it's<br />

a cold, wet, rainy winter night.<br />

I don't feel like going out. I’ll<br />

just log in from the comfort of<br />

my home with a cup of tea and<br />

listen to a great lecture,’” Todd<br />

says.<br />

With learning for the joy<br />

of learning at the forefront of<br />

how the courses are designed,<br />

there are no assignments or<br />

assessments, just a 1.5 hour<br />

class each week that can be<br />

attended in person (depending<br />

on the tutor), online at the time<br />

of the class, or via a recording<br />

of the class if they are unable to<br />

attend at the scheduled course<br />

time.<br />

There are no criteria for<br />

enrolment, so regardless of<br />

prior learning, age or any other<br />

barrier to a pathway to learning,<br />

an EarthDiverse course is<br />

open to all.<br />

“What's unique about what<br />

we're offering is accessibility,<br />

affordability, and learning<br />

without the pressures of<br />

a formal school system. Yes,<br />

you can go to a university and<br />

enrol in papers that discuss<br />

diversity and yes, there are<br />

some great programmes in<br />

the social sciences and in the<br />

languages, but, to access these<br />

courses, you have to apply to<br />

get accepted, pay the university<br />

fees, do the hard work<br />

- assignments, exams, tutorials<br />

- in order to walk out with<br />

the knowledge. What we are<br />

saying is this content should<br />

be accessible to anybody that<br />

wants it. Both of us felt, from<br />

our teaching years, it shouldn’t<br />

be so stressful to learn about<br />

something that interests you.<br />

You should be able to say, ‘I<br />

want to learn this language,’<br />

and, for a low cost and no<br />

assessment pressures, be able<br />

to access the knowledge you<br />

want in a stress-free environment,”<br />

Nona says.<br />

Developing new courses<br />

means two things: listening<br />

to what tutors have to offer in<br />

the subjects that they are passionate<br />

about, and listening to<br />

what the community wants and<br />

finding someone passionate to<br />

teach those particular topics.<br />

While many of the lecturers<br />

are seasoned teachers, Nona<br />

guides and mentors some of<br />

the very knowledgeable individuals<br />

leading the non-language<br />

courses, who perhaps<br />

are less experienced in teaching,<br />

to develop courses that are<br />

Renee delivers 20 years<br />

with Aramex<br />

For more than two<br />

decades, Renee Bennett<br />

has played an integral<br />

part in delivering for Aramex<br />

customers.<br />

First joining the business<br />

when it was still Fastway Couriers<br />

in 1999, Renee found a<br />

passion for the courier industry<br />

and the logistics of moving<br />

freight.<br />

Promoted several times for<br />

an outstanding work ethic and<br />

can-do attitude, Renee made<br />

an essential contribution to the<br />

Aramex Covid response efforts.<br />

Now as head of operations<br />

for Aramex <strong>Waikato</strong>, Renee is<br />

a highly valued member of the<br />

team, recognised for more than<br />

20 years of dedicated service.<br />

“I have loved every step of<br />

my journey at Aramex,” Renee<br />

says. “While there were times<br />

that were challenging, especially<br />

through the Covid-19<br />

pandemic, I really enjoy my<br />

job and my team plays a huge<br />

part in that.”<br />

Fastway Couriers, one of<br />

New Zealand's oldest courier<br />

businesses, adopted the brand<br />

name of its international parent<br />

company Aramex in 2019.<br />

Established in Hawke's Bay<br />

in 1983 by Bill McGowan, Fastway<br />

Couriers New Zealand has<br />

18 regional franchisees with<br />

more than 250 courier franchisees<br />

from the Far North<br />

District to Bluff in the South<br />

Island.<br />

Aramex, a Dubai-based<br />

logistics group, which has<br />

a presence in 72 countries,<br />

transporting nearly 70 million<br />

parcels globally each year,<br />

bought Fastway Couriers New<br />

Renee Bennett<br />

Pepa Torre, Todd Nachowitz, Nona Morris and Eva Bernabe-Bernardo<br />

sometimes quirky but always<br />

interesting. This includes all of<br />

the junior lecturers who are in<br />

their teens and early 20s,<br />

Courses are<br />

open, affordable<br />

and accessible to<br />

anyone<br />

“We have a 20 year old<br />

junior lecturer, Michael Burton<br />

Smith, who loves history<br />

and birds equally. Together,<br />

we created a course called ‘The<br />

Social History of Birds’, looking<br />

at how humans and birds<br />

have interacted over time, in a<br />

number of different contexts.<br />

Then he came up with the<br />

idea for another course called<br />

‘The Birds of World War I’ in<br />

which he veered away from<br />

what happened to the humans<br />

in wartime, and instead asked<br />

what happened to the birds<br />

on the Western Front? It was<br />

a absolutely fascinating exploration<br />

of the impacts of war on<br />

nature,” Nona says.<br />

The same process of<br />

instructor mentoring happens<br />

with the language courses.<br />

Language director Cristina<br />

Schumacher individually<br />

works with the newest language<br />

instructors to use a distinctive<br />

intuitive grammar curriculum<br />

that she has developed, which<br />

emphasises understanding the<br />

patterns in the language rather<br />

than on rote learning.<br />

In the corporate space,<br />

EarthDiverse offers tailor-made<br />

professional development<br />

in cultural diversity for<br />

business.<br />

“Next month we have a<br />

professional development programme<br />

that caters to businesses<br />

called ‘Doing <strong>Business</strong><br />

in China’. And as we move into<br />

next year, we'll be doing a variety<br />

of other ‘doing business’<br />

workshops. But we also cater to<br />

and have done quite a number<br />

of professional development<br />

seminars for individual organisations,<br />

groups, businesses,<br />

associations, who want multicultural<br />

training in any of a<br />

wide variety of subjects,” Todd<br />

says.<br />

With many businesses<br />

staffed by people from different<br />

ethnicities these days,<br />

EarthDiverse can also design<br />

programmes to help breach the<br />

Our team<br />


Warren Gilbertson<br />

studio@dpmedia.co.nz<br />


Ellie Neben<br />

ellie@dpmedia.co.nz<br />


Janine Jackson<br />

editor@dpmedia.co.nz<br />



Joanne Poole<br />

Ph: (07) 838 1333<br />

Mob: (021) 507 991<br />

joanne@dpmedia.co.nz<br />

gaps in understanding.<br />

“We have the academic<br />

resources and the access to<br />

such an incredible range of<br />

teachers. We can design anything<br />

from language workshops<br />

to cultural, historical<br />

and religious diversity courses<br />

to ecology seminars,” Nona<br />

says.<br />

While EarthDiverse sits in<br />

a unique educational space,<br />

Nona says, they are not replicating<br />

what is already on offer<br />

in New Zealand.<br />

“We're not going to compete<br />

for other people's students.<br />

Our goal is to fill the needs that<br />

exist. For example, we partner<br />

with the Talents of the Pacific<br />

Academy (TOPA) . They teach<br />

multiple Pacific language and<br />

cultural classes across Polynesia,<br />

Melanesia and Micronesia,<br />

with an emphasis on gafa<br />

(whakapapa), song, dance and<br />

history. We promote them,<br />

because people need to have<br />

access to their knowledge<br />

and skills. We want to build<br />

this kind of collaborative way<br />

of thinking about education<br />

because ultimately, it benefits<br />

all of our futures.”<br />

To find out more<br />

about EarthDiverse visit<br />

earthdiverse.org.nz.<br />


Deidre Morris<br />

Ph: (07) 838 1333<br />

Mob: 027 228 8442<br />

deidre@dpmedia.co.nz<br />

STUDIO<br />

Copy/Proofs:<br />

studio@dpmedia.co.nz<br />


accounts@dpmedia.co.nz<br />

2/1 Riro Street, Hamilton<br />

Ph: (07) 838 1333<br />

www.wbn.co.nz<br />

-<br />


MilkTechNZ wins Company-X Innovation Award<br />

The <strong>Waikato</strong>’s technology sector is in growth mode and<br />

emerging agri-tech MilkTechNZ just proved it.<br />

INNOVATIVE: MilkTechNZ chief executive Gustavo Garza, left, receives the Company-X<br />

Innovation Award from Company-X co-founder and director Jeremy Hughes. Photo: Barker Photography<br />

MilkTechNZ in Te Rapa,<br />

Hamilton, invented<br />

wireless milking shed<br />

cup removers in the last year,<br />

earning it a double whammy<br />

at the <strong>Waikato</strong> Chamber of<br />

Commerce <strong>Business</strong> Awards on<br />

Virtual reality health and safety training<br />

experience wows roadshow<br />

WorkSafe impresses health and safety<br />

professionals with Company-X VR training aid.<br />

Health and safety<br />

professionals attending<br />

a WorkSafe roadshow<br />

had a virtual reality welding fume<br />

risk management experience<br />

courtesy of Company-X.<br />

“It’s really good,” said PPL<br />

Plastic Solutions Health, Safety,<br />

Environment and Quality<br />

Coordinator Jackie Uy.<br />

Uy donned a Meta Quest 2<br />

Headset to try out the interactive<br />

VR risk identificiation<br />

experience at the Worksafe<br />

Carcinogens and Airborne<br />

Risks roadshow in Hamilton in<br />

September.<br />

“It’s very simple and<br />

effective,” she said. “It is a really<br />

good training aid. It is absolutely<br />

<strong>November</strong> 4.<br />

MilkTechNZ chief executive<br />

Gustavo Garza was presented<br />

with the Chief Executive of the<br />

Year Award after receiving the<br />

Company-X Innovation Award<br />

from Company-X co-founder<br />

going to be a good training tool.”<br />

Uy’s only previous VR<br />

experience was driving a virtual<br />

forklift truck.<br />

Company-X senior<br />

consultant Lance Bauerfeind<br />

said the tool was a unique<br />

creation.<br />

“We really did not know what<br />

we wanted at the start. We knew<br />

we wanted a VR experience, but<br />

we had not come across one, so<br />

we had nothing really to do it<br />

on.”<br />

As the discussions<br />

progressed the requirements<br />

became clear and developer<br />

Sebastian Dusterwald was<br />

involved.<br />

Company-X built the VR<br />

WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong> 5<br />

and director Jeremy Hughes.<br />

“It is great to see MilkTechNZ<br />

win the Company-X Innovation<br />

Award with a digital technology<br />

innovation,” Hughes said.<br />

MilkTechNZ’s CR-1 Electronic<br />

Milking Cup Removers<br />

welding experience for a Meta<br />

Quest 2 headset using the Unity<br />

game engine.<br />

“We wanted to include<br />

learnings on risk identification<br />

and understanding that every<br />

situation has multiple highand<br />

low-level controls. So, we<br />

are hoping to use it for internal<br />

training and engagement for<br />

our new inspectors who may<br />

not have much experience with<br />

welding fumes.”<br />

“The biggest challenge was<br />

getting the interactions right,”<br />

Dusterwald said. “Making them<br />

feel intuitive to users with no<br />

prior VR experience. Little<br />

things, like turning buttons into<br />

objects in the VR world that<br />

the user could press with their<br />

hands, just like they would in the<br />

real world made a big impact.”<br />

There was also some<br />

can be fully customised and<br />

programmed from any Wi-Fi<br />

enabled device and include a<br />

built-in diagnostic system that<br />

alerts dairy farmers to any issues<br />

that arise during the milking<br />

cycle.<br />

"Digital technology innovation<br />

is the area that Company-X<br />

works in and MilkTechNZ’s<br />

innovation and export success is<br />

another strong affirmation that<br />

New Zealand has the capacity<br />

to produce world leading digital<br />

technology,” Hughes said.<br />

“It’s great to see more innovation<br />

companies basing themselves<br />

here in the Mighty<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong>,” said Company-X<br />

co-founder and director David<br />

Hallett.<br />

"The <strong>Waikato</strong> technology<br />

sector's contribution to gross<br />

domestic product (GDP) is<br />

around $1.1 billion and climbing.<br />

New, innovative, companies like<br />

MilkTechNZ show this will continue<br />

to grow as they bring new<br />

innovations to market."<br />

Cultivate Trust chair Erin<br />

Wansbrough said it was great<br />

to see an emerging Hamilton<br />

agri-tech company take out<br />

such a prestigious award for an<br />

challenge in getting this complex<br />

environment working within<br />

the limits of the Meta Quest2<br />

headset. Careful consideration<br />

went into the environment<br />

design, and what graphical<br />

features to use to maintain a<br />

smooth experience for users.<br />

A few ideas were dropped to<br />

keep on time and within budget<br />

but the end solution provided<br />

WorkSafe with a brief yet<br />

comprehensive demonstration<br />

tool with which to engage with<br />

health and safety people across<br />

the country.<br />

Unity allowed Dusterwald<br />

to get early prototype builds out<br />

very quickly to iterate on. This is<br />

a key requirement working with<br />

bleeding edge virtual reality<br />

technology when the best way to<br />

do things is often undefined.<br />

innovative product sold here and<br />

overseas.<br />

“The fact that MilkTechNZ<br />

was able to conceive and deliver<br />

an award-winning product<br />

during such a disruptive time<br />

shows how resilient the tech sector<br />

is, particularly here in the<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong>,” Wansbrough said.<br />

“The future is bright.”<br />

The trust recently launched<br />

the Tech in the Tron initiative<br />

to attract 500 skilled workers<br />

and their families to the <strong>Waikato</strong><br />

from within New Zealand and<br />

overseas to grow the region's<br />

technology sector.<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong> Chamber of Commerce<br />

<strong>Business</strong> Awards Chief<br />

Executive of the Year judges were<br />

inspired by Garza's entrepreneurial<br />

spirit, energy, and passion<br />

for his business.<br />

“Gustavo sets aspirational<br />

goals and high standards. He<br />

shows a warmth and care toward<br />

his team that is genuine, and a<br />

satisfaction in progressing and<br />

enabling others that is humbling,"<br />

the judges said.<br />

“That was insane, it was not<br />

expected,” Garza said of the Chief<br />

Executive of the Year Award.<br />

Although he had his heart<br />

set on his company, founded in<br />

2018, winning the Company-X<br />

Innovation Award.<br />

“Innovation is the DNA of the<br />

company,” he said. “The reason<br />

we have been so successful is that<br />

we are doing something completely<br />

different.”<br />

The Company-X Innovation<br />

Award judges said Garza and<br />

the MilkTechNZ team had taken<br />

deep industry knowledge and<br />

built a business that provided<br />

innovative solutions to meet the<br />

market.<br />

“These solutions were delivered<br />

with rapid succession over<br />

the past 12 months through a<br />

challenging economic backdrop,”<br />

the judges said. “Despite<br />

this MilkTechNZ managed to<br />

drive exceptional growth rates,<br />

their process of developing products<br />

that are scalable, while also<br />

continuing to grow is to be recognized<br />

and commended.”<br />

The judges said they looked<br />

forward to watching MilkTechNZ<br />

continue to evolve and grow.<br />

Previous winners of the<br />

Company-X Innovation Award<br />

include Yardmaster Effluent<br />

Pumps, Montana Group, and the<br />

Spring Sheep Milk Co.<br />

IMPRESSIVE: Jackie Uy tries the WorkSafe VR welding<br />

experience at the WorkSafe roadshow in Hamilton<br />

Navigate the<br />

digital landscape<br />

with us

6 WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong><br />

Purchasing a <strong>Business</strong>:<br />

Due Diligence Considerations<br />

New Zealand is a country that has embraced the<br />

entrepreneurial spirit, and this is evident in the numerous<br />

successful Kiwi businesses operating on the world stage.<br />

Jack Sullivan, Senior Solicitor at DTI Lawyers<br />

Embarking in business is<br />

exciting, but the process<br />

of getting there can be<br />

stressful and potentially risky<br />

if you are not well-informed<br />

and do not understand what is<br />

required.<br />

There are many important<br />

matters to consider if you<br />

are thinking of purchasing a<br />

business. Your lawyer should<br />

play a large part in the process,<br />

advising you throughout. Their<br />

knowledge and experience in<br />

this area is abundant, and they<br />

know how to foresee and deal<br />

with problems, assist with due<br />

diligence, and help coordinate<br />

any finance required.<br />

Regardless of the type of<br />

business you are looking to<br />

buy, your lawyer’s job is to<br />

protect you against risk, and to<br />

assist you in making informed<br />

decisions while minimising<br />

stress. Your lawyer needs to be<br />

one of the first professionals<br />

you contact to provide initial<br />

guidance on the process.<br />

This article summarises<br />

some important considerations<br />

that may be relevant to the<br />

business you are looking<br />

at purchasing. Please note<br />

that this article does not<br />

provide an exhaustive list of<br />

considerations, and it is also<br />

important to consult with a<br />

number of other professionals<br />

to provide guidance throughout<br />

the purchase process.<br />

Some important due<br />

diligence considerations when<br />

purchasing a business include:<br />

• Assessing business records,<br />

accounts receivable and<br />

payable etc., to determine<br />

what income the business<br />

has generated in the past.<br />

• Determining the ownership<br />

structure of the business<br />

(for example, will you<br />

own the business as a<br />

limited liability company,<br />

trading trust, sole trader,<br />

partnership).<br />

• Assessing the age,<br />

condition, and functionality<br />

of the plant, equipment,<br />

and stock included in the<br />

purchase.<br />

• Assessing any commercial<br />

risks to the business,<br />

including competitors,<br />

suppliers and customer<br />

contracts and relationships,<br />

products, services, and<br />

markets.<br />

• Determining whether any<br />

rezoning or redevelopment<br />

is planned in the area where<br />

the business is located.<br />

• Assessing litigation and<br />

insurance risks, and any<br />

risks to the reputation and<br />

goodwill of the business.<br />

• Assessing the legal<br />

framework of the business,<br />

including regulatory<br />

approvals and licences (for<br />

example, many businesses<br />

require certain licences or<br />

approvals and can only be<br />

operated by people with<br />

certain qualifications).<br />

• Determining the ability of<br />

the vendor to comply with<br />

pre-settlement and postsettlement<br />

obligations.<br />

• Assessing staff<br />

relationships, staff<br />

performance, compliance<br />

by staff and the vendor<br />

with respect to legal and<br />

contractual obligations.<br />

It is very important to<br />

complete thorough due<br />

diligence and consult with<br />

your professional advisors<br />

prior to entering into an<br />

unconditional agreement to<br />

purchase a business. DTI can<br />

provide advice on the proposed<br />

ownership structure for the<br />

business and recommend other<br />

professionals with appropriate<br />

expertise to provide you with<br />

advice on matters such as<br />

tax and finance (for example,<br />

accountants, finance brokers,<br />

insurance brokers, banks).<br />

As lawyers, we can review<br />

or prepare the documentation<br />

required including the<br />

agreement for sale and<br />

purchase of business, lease<br />

documents, employment<br />

agreements, franchise<br />

agreements (if relevant), and<br />

terms of trade.<br />

At DTI, we have a team of<br />

specialist lawyers commercial<br />

and employment lawyers<br />

available to assist you with your<br />

business purchase. Contact us<br />

at reception@dtilawyers.co.nz.<br />




For Lease<br />

Directly opposite the new <strong>Waikato</strong> Regional Theatre<br />

development, this newly renovated, character filled<br />

commercial property is surrounded by award winning<br />

hospitality with spectacular views over the south end of<br />

Victoria Street. Close to excellent parking options and the<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong> Museum – Te Whare Taonga O <strong>Waikato</strong>.<br />

This impressive vacancy is a blank canvas for a new tenant<br />

wanting to locate amongst the action of Hamilton’s nightlife<br />

and zoned for City Centre under the Hamilton City Council<br />

Operative Plan. 120 sqm of office space with a small<br />

kitchenette area located at the rear of the building. This<br />

property is available now.<br />


027 451 5133<br />

mike.neale@naiharcourts.co.nz<br />


021 838 887<br />

ra.piripi@naiharcourts.co.nz<br />



Cnr Victoria & London Streets, Hamilton 07 850 5252<br />

Further Information Available - Enquire now

WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong> 7<br />

ICONS<br />



The 2023 RX continues to raise the bar with an all-hybrid range.<br />

The RX 500h F SPORT Performance combines a new advanced 2.4-litre<br />

turbocharged hybrid powertrain, six-speed automatic transmission and DIRECT4 allwheel<br />

drive system with a driver-focused Tazuna interior.<br />

While the RX 350h brings unparalleled efficiency, refined comfort, and nimble<br />

handling for an amazing experience.<br />

Register your interest today.<br />

07 9741778 | lexusofhamilton.co.nz | 5 Kahu Crescent, Te Rapa Park, Hamilton

8 WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong><br />

Eye-catching ‘Pā’ Perimeter of Pou<br />

Marks Start of $15M Build<br />

No ordinary fence will wrap around a soonto-be-built<br />

$15M wellness and diagnostic<br />

centre in Enderley (Papanui Hamilton).<br />

A<br />

team of five industrious<br />

carvers from<br />

Te Kōhao Health have<br />

custom made 28 pou to stand<br />

tall marking out the Tennyson<br />

Road construction site ahead<br />

of bulk earthworks officially<br />

starting.<br />

Kaumatua and board<br />

member, Koroneihana Cooper<br />

with Archbishop Emeritus,<br />

Tā David Moxon blessed and<br />

named the Pou in accordance<br />

with tikanga.<br />

“In March we had the turning<br />

of the sod with Minister<br />

Mahuta and the Mayor – now<br />

our Pou will stand all along<br />

the perimeter of the security<br />

fence,” Lady Tureiti Moxon,<br />

Te Kōhao Health managing<br />

director says.<br />

The kaupapa of having the<br />

pou is so everyone visiting<br />

knows that this is a community<br />

project.<br />

“It’s not Te Kōhao Health’s<br />

project, it’s the Enderley community’s<br />

project,” Moxon<br />

says. “This is about living our<br />

tino rangatiratanga through<br />

strong, healthy, vibrant and<br />

prosperous whānau.”<br />

Head carver Rei Mihaere,<br />

Pene Campbell, Steve Rankin,<br />

Wiremu Tonga, Ammon<br />

Tarawhiti and Hakopa Parker<br />

started carving back in September<br />

at Te Whare Maui in<br />

their dedicated carving studio.<br />

Mihaere says the idea for<br />

Artist Impression<br />

the quantum of pou that range<br />

in size from 2.4metres and<br />

3metres at ground level came<br />

from the intention to bring the<br />

site back to a te ao Māori view.<br />

“We thought we’d take a<br />

different approach from a typical<br />

construction fence. When<br />

you get here and see all the<br />

This is about<br />

living our tino<br />

rangatiratanga<br />

through strong,<br />

healthy, vibrant<br />

and prosperous<br />

whānau<br />

says.<br />

The wellness and diagnostic<br />

centre aims to reduce<br />

inequality, offer Whānau Ora,<br />

mental health and addictions<br />

support to health services.<br />

Key partners in the build<br />

include: Kirikiriroa Marae,<br />

Pacific Radiology, Chibnall<br />

Buckell Team Architects, ECS<br />

Group surveyors, Condair<br />

Air Conditioning and Fiesst<br />

Electrical.<br />

“No government funding<br />

has been received to date<br />

however we would like that.<br />

We have been very blessed<br />

to have the wonderful support<br />

of philanthropic trusts<br />

including The Bryant Trust<br />

that very generously granted<br />

of $1M, Trust <strong>Waikato</strong> that<br />

granted $2M and the Lottery<br />

Significant Fund that granted<br />

$5,651,821.00,” Lady Tureiti<br />

says.<br />

The development secured<br />

building and resource management<br />

consent and will be<br />

completed by Christmas 2023.<br />

pou lined up, it reminds you of<br />

a pā site,” he says.<br />

“The majority of the neighbourhood<br />

here are whānau<br />

Māori, so we hope that they<br />

feel included. Many have<br />

been asking questions about<br />

what’s happening and saying<br />

‘awesome’.”<br />

Moxon shares the same<br />

view about the project belonging<br />

to community.<br />

“Everything here will be<br />

for our community and we’re<br />

working with Kāinga Ora,<br />

the community centre and<br />

whānau that live here,” she<br />

Fastlane Fitness heart of the city gym<br />

Don’t look further than Fastlane Fitness<br />

to take care of all your health and fitness<br />

needs. A big gym with a big heart,<br />

Fastlane Fitness is an award-winning<br />

facility located in Hamilton central.<br />

The family owned and<br />

run facility houses<br />

some of New Zealand’s<br />

leading brands in fitness equipment<br />

including a crossfit rig, a<br />

30-metre lunge track, a separate<br />

strength area, air-conditioning,<br />

a pool and a café and<br />

some great motivating trainers,<br />

all designed to ensure a safe<br />

and welcoming environment.<br />

For group fitness fans there<br />

are three separate studios<br />

for boxing, stretch, HIIT and<br />

crank, Yoga, Pilates, Barre and<br />

cycling classes.<br />

Fastlane Fitness is the<br />

only gym in Hamilton with a<br />

purpose-built 25m pool with 10<br />

lanes of crystal clear water for<br />

training, swimming lessons and<br />

rehabilitation.<br />

The pool is designed to eliminate<br />

surge and waves that slow<br />

swimmers down, with air cushioning<br />

systems that soften the<br />

impact when diving into the<br />

pool and provide a clearer line<br />

of sight.<br />

Fastlane also run a swim<br />

school for school aged children<br />

and adults. They are passionate<br />

about every aspect of swimming<br />

and safe activity in water. The<br />

team provide a fun and enjoyable<br />

learning environment for<br />

swimmers to build their confidence<br />

and develop lifelong<br />

water skills.<br />

Lessons run Monday<br />

through to Saturday offering<br />

both group and private lessons.<br />

Owner Susie Vincent says<br />

they wanted to create a facility<br />

that was so much more than<br />

just a gym.<br />

“We know that people looking<br />

for a gym have a variety of<br />

wellbeing and health needs and<br />

goals. We believe that there is<br />

something for everyone at Fastlane<br />

no matter what their level<br />

of fitness is.”<br />

Catering to all budgets, Fastlane<br />

have a variety of membership<br />

options; from separate<br />

gym and swim plans to combo<br />

gym and swim and concession<br />

entry for a variety of classes.<br />

They can also tailor corporate<br />

packages for businesses<br />

wanting to offer membership to<br />

their staff.<br />

“We enjoy working alongside<br />

local businesses to support<br />

their employees’ positive health<br />

and wellbeing experiences, we<br />

can tailor packages to suit different<br />

needs. This has been<br />

proven to increase productivity,<br />

and staff retention amongst<br />

many other benefits," Susie<br />

says.<br />

Fastlane’s very own café<br />

Feedzone has a variety of balanced<br />

dining options including<br />

salads, wraps, slices and gourmet<br />

sandwiches. They also provide<br />

healthy lunches to several<br />

local schools.<br />

Kickstart your day with a<br />

freshly brewed Mojo coffee or<br />

try out some of the best protein<br />

shakes and smoothies in town.<br />

“Feedzone also caters for<br />

corporate events providing<br />

healthy and delicious options<br />

for business meetings, staff celebrations,<br />

client catch-ups and<br />

everything in-between,” she<br />

says.<br />

Led by Kelly in the gym, Stevie<br />

in the pool, Alex taking care<br />

of customer service needs, and<br />

Leonard and catering team in<br />

the kitchen, the Fastlane team<br />

are passionate about wellbeing.<br />

“We’ve got a great team of<br />

wellbeing educators who can<br />

tailor the ideal programme<br />

to suit the needs of anybody<br />

– from absolute beginners<br />

to gym-goers with a bit more<br />

experience.”<br />

Gym bunnies back in the<br />

early 2000s might remember<br />

the first incantation of Fastlane<br />

when it was in an old building<br />

on the same site and was called<br />

Club Cardio.<br />

Susie’s uncle, a consummate<br />

salesman, had been inspired<br />

to get into the gym business<br />

after seeing a gym in action in<br />

Auckland.<br />

Several years later he convinced<br />

Susie’s parent to become<br />

shareholders.<br />

“Neither my uncle or my<br />

parents had been in a gym<br />

before they bought Club Cardio,”<br />

she laughs.<br />

Around 2007 Susie and former<br />

husband Shane took over<br />

the business running it for several<br />

years before earthquake<br />

strengthening requirements<br />

saw the demise of the original<br />

building.<br />

It was a blessing in disguise,<br />

and plans went ahead for a purpose-built<br />

facility on the same<br />

site.<br />

Built in stages, the gym was<br />

completed in 2014 and the<br />

pool opened the following year<br />

on the same spot as the old<br />

building.<br />

There are plans to build<br />

another Fastlane in Rototuna<br />

with Hamilton City Council<br />

backing in the near future.<br />

To find out more visit www.<br />


WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong> 9<br />

Get connected to Electric<br />

Vehicles – the smart way.<br />

<strong>News</strong><br />

If you’re out and about on any<br />

New Zealand road these days, and<br />

you’ll likely see Electric Vehicles<br />

(EVs). They’re becoming quite<br />

commonplace on our roads,<br />

and there’s a good chance that<br />

we may have helped a few of<br />

those get up and running!<br />

That’s because as the world shifts to using<br />

more sustainable energy sources, we’re<br />

using our energy experience and practical<br />

insights to help businesses make the move<br />

to EVs – for good. Using our experience<br />

and smart infrastructure ideas, we help put<br />

businesses on the road to sustainability<br />

faster, smarter and at just the right price.<br />

Because of this We.EV has seized the<br />

opportunity to lead the way in supporting<br />

businesses to transition their fleets to EVs<br />

by investigating, designing, installing and<br />

provide an end-to-end solution to meet the<br />

customers’ needs to minimise costs now<br />

and into the future. Community owned,<br />

our vision is simple; to help businesses<br />

shape a better, more renewable future<br />

We guide and support businesses who<br />

want to make the shift to EVs with specific<br />

plans and infrastructure that’s flexible, costeffective,<br />

and can expand as your EV fleet<br />

does. From accurate advice to on-the-ground<br />

planning, every customer we work with has<br />

unique needs and goals. So whether your<br />

fleet of EVs is large or small, or you’re even<br />

just at the early stages of thinking about<br />

it – it pays to talk to the local experts first.<br />

How to get started on<br />

your EV transformation<br />

So, you can make the change once, and<br />

do it properly, there are a number of things<br />

you’ll need to look at, says Craig Marshall,<br />

Head of We.EV. He explains it should start<br />

with good advice before you start laying<br />

cables. “There are a lot of people out there<br />

who are keen to help with suggestions<br />

and hardware. But it all starts with solid<br />

advice that simply comes from handson<br />

experience. We’ve been working with<br />

energy for decades. And we’ve seen cases<br />

where clients were told to invest hundreds<br />

of thousands of dollars, when in fact they<br />

needed nothing of the sort for their usage.”<br />

So, if you’re ready to make the smarter<br />

EV infrastructure choice and you’re ready<br />

to take your sustainability goals up a<br />

gear – get in touch with the EV experts.<br />

0800 800 935 | we-ev.co.nz<br />

Driving<br />

brighter<br />

business<br />

futures.<br />

From advice and planning<br />

to design and build, We.EV<br />

helps businesses become<br />

future-ready with their<br />

Electric Vehicle charging<br />

infrastructure. So whether<br />

your fleet of EVs is large or<br />

small, or you’re even just<br />

thinking about it – it pays to<br />

talk to the local experts first.<br />


10 WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong><br />



Just Received A Notice?<br />

Earthquake-Prone Buildings<br />

Hamilton City Council have just<br />

issued notices to owners of buildings<br />

deemed to be earthquake<br />

prone (EPB Methodology), as is required by<br />

government legislation under section 133AL<br />

of the Building Act 2004. These notices are<br />

required to be displayed in a prominent position<br />

on the building.<br />

Hamilton is currently classified as a<br />

Medium Risk area and buildings below 34%<br />

NBS (New Building Standard) are deemed<br />

to be earthquake-prone. Under the Building<br />

Act 2004 legislation, Councils around<br />

New Zealand are required to identify earthquake-prone<br />

buildings that fall within the<br />

following criteria<br />

A) Unreinforced Masonry Buildings<br />

B) Pre-1976 buildings that are either<br />

three or more storeys or 12 metres or greater<br />

in height above the lowest ground level<br />

(other than unreinforced masonry buildings<br />

in Category A)<br />

C) Pre-1935 buildings that are one or two<br />

storeys (other than unreinforced masonry<br />

buildings in Category A)<br />

HOWEVER, if an owner has previously<br />

provided a seismic or engineering report to<br />

Hamilton City Council that confirms a building<br />

is earthquake prone (below 34% NBS),<br />

even if it does not fall within the above criteria,<br />

then Hamilton City Council also has an<br />

obligation to issue a notice relating it being<br />

an Earthquake-Prone Building.<br />

Timeframe to Remedy or Demolish<br />

Buildings that that been identified by the<br />

relevant authorities as Earthquake-Prone,<br />

generally have 25 years from the date of the<br />

notice or remedy to demolish.<br />

HOWEVER, should it be deemed a Priority<br />

Building, then an owner would only<br />

have 12.5 years to remedy or demolish. A Priority<br />

Building is defined under 133AE of the<br />

Building Act 2004 and are buildings situated<br />

on a Priority Route, such as those having the<br />

potential to impede a transport route of strategic<br />

importance (in terms of an emergency<br />

response) if the building were to collapse<br />

in an earthquake. This will apply to unreinforced<br />

masonry buildings on main thoroughfares<br />

and high pedestrian routes, along with<br />

hospitals, emergency response services and<br />

education facilities occupied by at least 20<br />

people.<br />

The onus of proof appears to lie with the<br />

owner, as there will be buildings at 34% NBS<br />

or marginally higher, where the relevant<br />

local authority may seek a peer review of<br />

the seismic report that they have been supplied<br />

with, due to the figure potentially being<br />

within a margin of error.<br />

MBIE (Ministry of Building, Innovation<br />

and Employment) now holds a register,<br />

supplied by the local authority, of all of<br />

Hamilton’s buildings deemed to be earthquake-prone:<br />

epbr.building.govt.nz<br />

There is also a very useful satellite map<br />

which enables you to zoom in, which specifically<br />

identifies buildings from a birds eye<br />

view, including the address.<br />

If one searches, it currently shows for<br />

Hamilton (although this may increase if<br />

more buildings are identified) the number of<br />

such buildings within an area:<br />

Claudelands 3<br />

Frankton 58<br />

Hamilton Central 51<br />

Hamilton East 21<br />

Hamilton Lake 9<br />

Hillcrest 13<br />

Te Rapa 4<br />

We have also seen some <strong>Waikato</strong> towns<br />

identify theirs:<br />

Cambridge 42<br />

Te Awamutu 20<br />

Note: a number of other towns have not<br />

as yet uploaded their register of earthquake-prone<br />

buildings.<br />

The fact that a building is deemed earthquake<br />

prone, having a defined timeframe<br />

to remedy or demolish, does not mean that<br />

it must be immediately vacated and remain<br />

so until this work is completed. There is<br />

no legal requirement to close a building<br />

because of a low NBS rating.<br />

No need to vacate earthquake-prone<br />

buildings, MBIE says<br />

Stuff: Justin Wong, Jul 04 <strong>2022</strong><br />

MBIE published new seismic risk guidance<br />

for buildings on Monday, saying earthquake-prone<br />

structures don’t need to be<br />

vacated. Instead, their owners should mitigate<br />

earthquakes risks through emergency<br />

planning and training.<br />

MBIE’s Building Performance and Engineering<br />

Manager Dr Dave Gittings said there<br />

was a need to provide guidance on how to<br />

interpret seismic assessments, and earthquakes<br />

are low probability compared to<br />

other risks.<br />

He also said the NBS was not a predictor<br />

of building failure in an earthquake, and<br />

buildings with low NBS scores were not in<br />

imminent danger.<br />

Old becomes new<br />

During the last two years members<br />

of our practice have been fortunate<br />

enough to make trips to Christchurch<br />

and Dunedin, the kaupapa on each<br />

occasion being to tour the architecture<br />

of the city. One of the highlights for<br />

me of both excursions was the clever<br />

adaption and reuse of previously<br />

neglected buildings.<br />

In Christchurch, the<br />

rebuild of the city has<br />

seen the creation of<br />

some award-winning new<br />

architecture, but I was most<br />

taken by the businesses that<br />

had sprung up and created<br />

compelling spaces in often<br />

unassuming or simply<br />

functional buildings. The<br />

Welder, previously a group of<br />

industrial warehouses used<br />

by a welder, blacksmith and<br />

engineer, is now an urban<br />

oasis, home to professional<br />

offices, boutique eateries and<br />

food producers, a plant shop,<br />

event space and yoga and<br />

wellness studio, all focused<br />

around a shared indoor<br />

garden space. Architecture<br />

practice Fabric has fitted out<br />

their own former warehouse<br />

with a surprising mix of old<br />

oil drums, plants, a shipping<br />

container, and the installation<br />

of several glasshouses,<br />

to create a space far more<br />

inviting and cohesive than it<br />

might sound.<br />

More recently I read of<br />

the example of Marian College,<br />

which, having searched<br />

nearly a decade for a new<br />

home after the Christchurch<br />

earthquakes, has found an<br />

innovative solution by building<br />

a new school in a former<br />

Foodstuffs distribution<br />

centre building. Two-storey<br />

classroom blocks, as well as<br />

gym and other facilities, will<br />

be built within the existing<br />

structure, while some parts<br />

will be opened up to bring<br />

in the outdoors and provide<br />

natural light.<br />

In Dunedin, heritage<br />

architect Mark Mawdsley<br />

gave a tour of the warehouse<br />

precinct, where Dunedin<br />

City Council, together with<br />

enthusiastic building owners,<br />

is working to revitalise<br />

buildings that date to the<br />

gold rush era when the city<br />

was the largest and richest in<br />

New Zealand. Concentrated<br />

in one area, the buildings,<br />

with a little TLC, have character<br />

and personality that<br />

spills over into the eateries,<br />

bars, shops and offices that<br />

now inhabit them, in a way<br />

that new buildings seldom<br />

do.<br />

While locally we have<br />

developers like Stark Property<br />

providing excellent<br />

examples of this kind of rejuvenation,<br />

I remain hopeful<br />

that more and more property<br />

owners will take note of the<br />

value to be created by investing<br />

in existing buildings. As<br />

well as the attractive character<br />

of adaptive reuse and<br />

cost-saving potential of using<br />

an existing structure, there’s<br />

good evidence that upgrading<br />

environmental and<br />

energy performance leads to<br />

improved occupancy rates.<br />

The initial carbon<br />



Phil Mackay is <strong>Business</strong><br />

Devolpment Manger at<br />

Hamilton-based PAUA,<br />

Procuta Associates Urban +<br />

Architecture<br />

footprint is also significantly<br />

reduced compared to a new<br />

build. At a recent conference<br />

architect Fiona Short of<br />

Warren and Mahoney shared<br />

an example of a project in<br />

which the decision to retain<br />

an existing concrete structure<br />

had saved 1400 tonnes<br />

of CO2 emissions per square<br />

metre. In a carbon constrained<br />

world that should<br />

already be a consideration for<br />

every building owner, though<br />

it’s likely only a few years<br />

until such carbon emissions<br />

will carry a more tangible<br />

cost imposed by government<br />

or international obligations.<br />

At a time when good staff<br />

are more precious than ever<br />

and encouraging teams back<br />

to the office, at least for a<br />

few days a week, is challenging,<br />

creating interesting,<br />

engaging and healthy spaces<br />

to work seems like a sound<br />

investment. Repurposing<br />

an existing building offers<br />

a cost- and carbon-effective<br />

way to achieve this and an<br />

opportunity to contribute<br />

to the re-invigoration of our<br />

city.<br />

NAI Harcourts Hamilton<br />

Monarch Commercial Ltd MREINZ Licensed<br />

Agent REAA 2008<br />

Cnr Victoria & London Streets, HAMILTON<br />

07 850 5252 | hamilton@naiharcourts.co.nz<br />


WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong> 11<br />


Tailored innovative approach<br />

to build business leaders<br />

Yashili paves the way for new industry leaders to learn management skills<br />

Leadership capability is<br />

quite often learnt on<br />

the job. However, many<br />

businesses are now reaping<br />

the benefits of investing time<br />

and resources into their people<br />

of all levels, with the help of<br />

Wintec, a business division of<br />

Te Pūkenga.<br />

Today’s<br />

business<br />

environment requires<br />

resilience, adaptability and<br />

practical skill sets around<br />

business topics such as<br />

communication, dealing<br />

with change and conflict,<br />

and strategies for developing<br />

teams.<br />

For four years, Wintec has<br />

offered tailored professional<br />

development programmes for<br />

businesses.<br />

Some of the epic<br />

testimonials coming from<br />

this space were featured in a<br />

previous edition of <strong>Waikato</strong><br />

<strong>Business</strong> <strong>News</strong>. This last<br />

article, features Yashili NZ<br />

Dairy Co Ltd, the business<br />

that catapulted Wintec’s<br />

Professional Programmes’<br />

popularity.<br />

Tina Yakas, General<br />

Manager People and Capability<br />

at Yashili NZ Dairy Co Ltd,<br />

approached Michelle Pearse,<br />

one of Wintec’s Training<br />

Consultants, four years ago<br />

to see if Wintec might be able<br />

to help create a programme<br />

to help shape Yashili’s future<br />

leaders.<br />

Yakas shared that “We were<br />

targeting an audience that<br />

we really wanted to develop<br />

into emerging leaders. In a<br />

manufacturing plant you can<br />

have a lot of senior operators<br />

with super technical skills as<br />

well as a great work ethic and<br />

we wanted to get them ready<br />

to go into a role where they<br />

have direct reports. It’s a big<br />

change going from working<br />

beside someone as a co-worker<br />

to becoming their supervisor.”<br />

Fast forward to now and the<br />

programme is in full swing. Not<br />

only has Yashili made it part of<br />

its yearly operations, but it’s<br />

also being used by the likes of<br />

Foster Group <strong>Waikato</strong>, Vestas<br />

New Zealand Wind Technology<br />

and Kalós Windows & Doors.<br />

Yakas said the course<br />

had been adapted along the<br />

way, but the reason for it had<br />

remained the same.<br />

“Throughout my career I’ve<br />

seen many people with great<br />

technical skills promoted to<br />

a supervisory or managers<br />

role without having developed<br />

any people management<br />

or managerial skills. That’s<br />

where this course comes<br />

in. It really develops those<br />

people management skills.<br />

The learnings are practical<br />

and easily applied to day-today<br />

work, thanks to the course<br />

we’ve created with Wintec.<br />

“I wanted our staff to be<br />

confident in managing change,<br />

coaching and developing<br />

their people, and be sure of<br />

themselves in situations of<br />

conflict.”<br />

She said the whole<br />

programme was designed<br />

around giving people the<br />

confidence to be able to manage<br />

others, and still be work<br />

friends with them. It was about<br />

giving them the tools to be able<br />

to gain respect and to be able to<br />

have any conversations, tough<br />

and easy alike, that they need<br />

to as a manager of people who<br />

used to be their co-workers.<br />

Yashili call it the Emerging<br />

Leadership Programme.<br />

“A big part of the value in<br />

this programme is that they get<br />

taken away from the business<br />

and actually get to work on<br />

themselves.”<br />

Yakas said the course has<br />

helped staff learn to manage<br />

up as well as down, which<br />

is important for middle<br />

management roles. She said<br />

their course has a presentation<br />

element where, at the end<br />

of the programme, each<br />

member of the cohort must<br />

do a presentation to Yashili’s<br />

senior management. This is a<br />

game changer for the cohort’s<br />

confidence.<br />

Yashili nominate people to<br />

go through these courses.<br />

“The senior management<br />

team have a talent review<br />

meeting twice every year<br />

where we discuss all staff<br />

and identify performance as<br />

well as potential. Those that<br />

are in the top bracket for<br />

high potential are selected to<br />

attend the Emerging Leaders<br />

Programme for their individual<br />

development.<br />

“Those who have completed<br />

our first cohorts (way back<br />

when we first started this) have<br />

gone through to lead and then<br />

to manager positions.”<br />

She said another benefit<br />

which they didn’t see coming<br />

from this course was the<br />

network they created.<br />

“When you have six to eight<br />

people in a cohort you are<br />

creating your own network of<br />

people. They will often reach<br />

out to their colleagues and<br />

work on issues together, which<br />

is really amazing,” Yakas said.<br />

Peter Huntley the senior<br />

Professional Programmes<br />

Facilitator who led the team<br />

who worked with Yashili<br />

initially on these emerging<br />

leaders’ programmes shared<br />

his vast experience as one<br />

of only a few generalist HR<br />

practitioners in the country,<br />

and he’s kept his finger on the<br />

pulse since.<br />

Peter believes these Wintec<br />

Professional Programmes<br />

courses are just what the<br />

industry needs and loves that<br />

they are being facilitated by<br />

people who have years of<br />

experience.<br />

“I enjoy training people,<br />

seeing the lights go on,<br />

and seeing them grasp the<br />

principles and process of what<br />

we’re talking about while in the<br />

workshops. If people are doing<br />

something because they’re<br />

passionate about it, then they’ll<br />

do it when it needs to be done,<br />

they won’t do it just 9-5.”<br />

Wintec in-house current<br />

Supporting<br />

leaders to<br />

transition<br />

upward, is<br />

key to future<br />

growth and<br />

development.<br />

facilitator, Delia Beuker, has<br />

an extensive background<br />

in people development and<br />

communications, having<br />

worked with a large range<br />

of industries – from small<br />

business to corporate<br />

environments for over 25<br />

years.<br />

Delia said the Leadership<br />

Programmes have helped so<br />

many people to uncover their<br />

personal strengths through<br />

self-awareness.<br />

“We have seen vast<br />

improvements in confidence<br />

and motivation from<br />

participants. They have<br />

demonstrated a deeper<br />

understanding of what is<br />

required to lead themselves<br />

and others to higher levels of<br />

performance. This includes<br />

having the ability to think<br />

on their feet and adapt to<br />

changing situations. It has<br />

helped people to build stronger<br />

relationships and to become<br />

more effective in decisionmaking,<br />

resulting in increased<br />

productivity within their roles.<br />

“Supporting leaders<br />

to transition upward, is<br />

key to future growth and<br />

development. We are seeing<br />

increased capabilities<br />

from participants, and an<br />

improved customer-focused<br />

collaboration with other areas<br />

of the business too.”<br />

Leadership training options<br />

now available for smaller<br />

businesses<br />

Marty Lowry, Wintec<br />

Training Consultant, said<br />

companies had seen great<br />

results when it came to<br />

developing their people,<br />

with a number of single day<br />

courses and follow up courses<br />

scheduled over a number of<br />

months to embed the learning<br />

in the workplace.<br />

“Professional Programmes<br />

is now extending this<br />

opportunity for smaller<br />

businesses to enrol managers,<br />

and potential managers, into<br />

learning options that best suits<br />

the needs of each business.”<br />

My Pathway to Leadership<br />

is an open programme which<br />

offers four different learning<br />

suites, all of which focus<br />

on business strategies as<br />

well as personal growth and<br />

development skills.<br />

· Accelerate – the foundation<br />

learning suite<br />

· Elevate – the Intermediate<br />

learning suite<br />

· Master – the advanced<br />

learning suite<br />

· Recall – post programme<br />

coaching/mentoring<br />

“Participants will join other<br />

like-minded organisations<br />

to collaborate ideas and gain<br />

valuable skills, tools, and<br />

strategies to gain greater<br />

learning outcomes during<br />

these face-to-face, interactive<br />

workshops,” Lowry said.<br />

Right now is the perfect time<br />

to take your business forward<br />

into the future. To talk to our<br />

Professional Programmes<br />

team about your business goals<br />

and how a tailored Leadership<br />

Programme can work for you,<br />

contact: Michelle Pearse:<br />

michelle.pearse@wintec.ac.nz<br />

or Marty Lowry: marty.lowry@<br />


12 WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong><br />

Success for Young Entrepreneurs<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong> secondary school students took<br />

home top honours at the <strong>Waikato</strong>-King<br />

Country Lion Foundation Young Enterprise<br />

Scheme (YES) Awards.<br />

Bliss Enterprises,<br />

founded by <strong>Waikato</strong><br />

Diocesan School<br />

for Girls’ students Emma<br />

Bartram, Beth Steele and<br />

Tessa Smyth was named the<br />

Wintec Te Pūkenga Company<br />

of the Year at the awards,<br />

managed in the region by<br />

Smart <strong>Waikato</strong> Trust.<br />

Bliss Enterprises look to<br />

give customers a moment of<br />

‘bliss’ and help them to create<br />

a more balanced lifestyle<br />

with their healthy bliss ball<br />

mixes. Their popular product<br />

line nearly completely sold<br />

out, with their last two units<br />

donated to their local food<br />

bank, and leftover ingredients<br />

made into baked goods gifted<br />

to their community. Bliss<br />

Enterprises attended the YES<br />

National<br />

Finals in Wellington. Other<br />

winners on the night were:<br />

Foster Construction’s<br />

Runner Up – Wheelie Tyred,<br />

Hauraki Plains College<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong> Chamber of<br />

Commerce’s Excellence in<br />

Financial Management Award<br />

– Floti, St Peter’s Cambridge<br />

EMA’s Excellence in Production<br />

Award – Wheelie<br />

Tyred, Hauraki Plains College<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong> Pacific <strong>Business</strong><br />

Network’s Pasifika Enterprise<br />

Award – Case C, Sacred Heart<br />

Girls’ College Hamilton<br />

Smart <strong>Waikato</strong>’s Best<br />

Trade Fair Presence – Baking<br />

Memories, Fraser High<br />

School<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong> <strong>Business</strong> <strong>News</strong>’<br />

Excellence in Sales and Marketing<br />

Award – Bliss Enterprises,<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong> Diocesan<br />

School for Girls’<br />

Smart <strong>Waikato</strong>’s Excellence<br />

in Sustainability Award<br />

– Love Eco, Hauraki Plains<br />

College<br />

CAL Isuzu’s Excellence in<br />

Innovation Award - Fly Away,<br />

Sacred Heart Girls’ College<br />

Hamilton<br />

The University of <strong>Waikato</strong>’s<br />

Excellence in Leadership<br />

Award – Tina Hille-Taylor,<br />

Fraser High School<br />

Smart <strong>Waikato</strong>’s Sole<br />

Wintec Te Pūkenga’s Company of the Year and<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong> <strong>Business</strong> <strong>News</strong>’ Excellence in Sales and<br />

Marketing – Bliss Enterprises (<strong>Waikato</strong> Diocesan<br />

School for Girls’) presented by Martin Brock<br />

Trader of the Year – Astro-<br />

Soup, Paeroa College<br />

Smart <strong>Waikato</strong>’s Commitment<br />

to <strong>Business</strong> Award –<br />

Reclaimed, Rototuna Senior<br />

High School<br />

More than 300 Year 12<br />

and 13 students participated<br />

in YES in <strong>2022</strong>, setting up<br />

and operating their own<br />

businesses, creating, promoting<br />

and selling a product<br />

or service, conducting market<br />

research, planning, budgeting,<br />

managing risk and<br />

turning problems into opportunities.<br />

YES helps students<br />

develop knowledge in operating<br />

a small business, team<br />

building, relationship management,<br />

meeting procedures,<br />

record keeping, the legal<br />

requirements for running a<br />

business and the process of<br />

reporting company performance.<br />

Its value is far-reaching,<br />

providing students with<br />

skills to equip them for life<br />

after school. The YES experience<br />

also adds depth to a<br />

Foster Construction’s Runner Up and EMA’s Excellence<br />

in Production recipient – Wheelie Tyred (Hauraki Plains<br />

College) presented by Sharon Robertson<br />

curriculum vitae when seeking<br />

employment.<br />

All teams at the regional<br />

awards were standout performers<br />

in the YES competition<br />

throughout the year and<br />

pitched to a panel of judges.<br />

YES <strong>Waikato</strong> co-ordinator<br />

Maddie Walker, of Smart<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong> Trust, was impressed<br />

with the creativity and resilience<br />

of this year’s teams.<br />

“It’s been a challenging few<br />

years for all business in New<br />

Zealand, and our young people<br />

have really stepped up and<br />

embraced these challenges.<br />

These awards are a reflection<br />

of the very talented young<br />

entrepreneurs we have here<br />

in <strong>Waikato</strong>,” Maddie says.<br />

YES is sponsored in<br />

the <strong>Waikato</strong> by Wintec Te<br />

Pūkenga, <strong>Waikato</strong> Pacific<br />

<strong>Business</strong> Network, the University<br />

of <strong>Waikato</strong>, EMA,<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong> Chamber of Commerce,<br />

CAL Isuzu, Foster<br />

Construction, and <strong>Waikato</strong><br />

<strong>Business</strong> <strong>News</strong>.<br />

Battle it out for Movember<br />

Raising money for<br />

charity can take a more<br />

creative approach,<br />

Aware has designed the first<br />

iteration of its ‘Battle Mo’<br />

units that use AI to scan your<br />

“Moustache”, compare it to<br />

the style and give it a rating.<br />

“By encouraging people to<br />

donate and receive something<br />

in return, we aim to encourage<br />

a greater social participation<br />

in the Movember Challenge,”<br />

Aware Group CEO<br />

Brandon Hutcheson says.<br />

The first unit was<br />

deployed outside renowned<br />

Mr Pickles in Hamilton’s CBD<br />

on the <strong>Waikato</strong> River and is<br />

being used to scan the final<br />

Moustaches after the close<br />

of Movember, likely through<br />

to Xmas.<br />

The goal is to use this<br />

technology to draw attention<br />

and raise funds for Movember<br />

by each ‘Battle Mo’<br />

card printed with ‘Moustache’<br />

information and competing<br />

values. It will contribute<br />

$5 directly to the Movember<br />

charity to raise funding<br />

and awareness of mental<br />

health, suicide prevention,<br />

prostate cancer, and testicular<br />

cancer. These issues are<br />

critical to men globally, but<br />

especially in New Zealand<br />

where we suffer from one<br />

of the highest youth suicide<br />

rates in the OECD.<br />

Local sponsors in Aware<br />

Group, ASB Bank Hamilton,<br />

Tompkins Wake and Stark<br />

Property have facilitated<br />

this becoming a possibility<br />

through their donations.<br />

The interactive booth<br />

uses computer vision to measure<br />

the attributes of users’<br />

moustaches and generates a<br />

unique photobooth print out<br />

styled like popular trading<br />

cards.<br />

The stats, names and<br />

descriptions of the cards are<br />

all unique and allow visitors<br />

of the booth to compare<br />

their Battle Mo’s in a friendly<br />

competition.<br />

The next goal is for<br />

2023 to have around 50-60<br />

of these Battle Mo units<br />

deployed around New Zealand<br />

encouraging a giant ‘Mo’<br />

battle-off, allowing Movember<br />

participants from around<br />

the country to compete.<br />

Procuta Associates<br />

Urban + Architecture<br />

Contact us 07 839 6521<br />

www.pauaarchitects.co.nz<br />

“<br />

HOME.<br />

Architecture takes you to a place you are<br />

unlikely to arrive at on your own. It is the<br />

ultimate opportunity to make your home or<br />

work environment personal and purposeful.

Let’s get digital<br />

Most businesses understand the importance of fostering<br />

great relationships and protecting their reputation. This<br />

is an important strategy that helps any organisation<br />

achieve its business goals.<br />

Good public relations<br />

(PR) builds, maintains<br />

and protects<br />

your brand image through<br />

putting your business in<br />

front of your audience at the<br />

right place, at the right time,<br />

and with the right messaging.<br />

The PR industry is undergoing<br />

some huge changes.<br />

The digital space is pushing<br />

professionals into a new<br />

space, forcing practitioners<br />

Retrain to retain:<br />

the importance of professional<br />

development for staff retention<br />

In an ever-tightening labour market, professional<br />

development has never been more important for staff<br />

retention. Judy Davison, Asset Recruitment’s Permanent<br />

and Executive Recruitment Specialist, explains why now’s<br />

the time to retrain to retain.<br />

From professional<br />

certifications to<br />

management and<br />

leadership training, upskilling<br />

of technical skills to<br />

teamwork and interpersonal<br />

communication tools,<br />

professional development<br />

opportunities come in an array<br />

of forms.<br />

In recent decades, the<br />

training and upskilling of staff<br />

has become recognised as an<br />

integral part of a company’s<br />

culture, recruitment policy,<br />

and retention strategy…<br />

and then COVID-19 hit. As<br />

businesses and organisations<br />

were faced with a myriad<br />

of challenges operating in a<br />

pandemic-inflicted world,<br />

investment in professional<br />

development started to wane.<br />

Then, came the tightening of<br />

the labour market.<br />

“Employers simply<br />

cannot afford to lose staff<br />

and are therefore needing to<br />

to think outside the traditional<br />

understanding of strategic<br />

communications. The<br />

channels we use are increasingly<br />

becoming digitised –<br />

resulting in the emergence of<br />

‘digital PR’ a few short years<br />

ago.<br />

In many ways, however,<br />

digital PR is simply an extension<br />

of traditional PR. The<br />

concept of ‘digital PR’ may<br />

have you scratching your<br />

look at what they can offer<br />

employees to keep them<br />

interested, stimulated, and<br />

financially secure. Professional<br />

development is an integral<br />

part of,” explains Judy<br />

Davison, Asset Recruitment’s<br />

Permanent and Executive<br />

Recruitment Specialist.<br />

Retraining existing staff<br />

through a variety of courses,<br />

either online or face-to-face,<br />

establishing an in-house<br />

mentorship programme, and<br />

fostering the interests of staff<br />

wishing to extend their skillset<br />

will be advantageous for<br />

businesses in the long run.<br />

But with the current<br />

growth many businesses<br />

are experiencing, retraining<br />

existing staff members won’t<br />

necessarily alleviate the<br />

labour requirements of an<br />

organisation.<br />

“We support our clients in<br />

scoping their roles and look<br />

at how we can provide those<br />

WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong> 13<br />

head, but in reality it is no<br />

longer a distinct discipline.<br />

It has merged with traditional<br />

communications practices<br />

such as media relations<br />

and stakeholder engagement.<br />

It allows businesses<br />

the opportunity to connect<br />

with its audiences in the<br />

broadest sense, which will<br />

improve an organisation’s<br />

visibility and reputation.<br />

Every organisation<br />

should have a communications<br />

strategy sitting alongside<br />

its business plan, and<br />

to ensure you will achieve<br />

maximum impact, be sure<br />

to include both online and<br />

offline tactics.<br />

Here are some good reasons<br />

why your organisation<br />

needs a thoughtful and strategic<br />

digital presence:<br />

People are searching –<br />

be found<br />

Building a thoughtful Google. Are you selling or<br />

Utilising digital channels digital PR strategy that is working with business professionals<br />

gives your business a modern true to your brand allows<br />

over 40? Then,<br />

platform. You can position you to connect with a specific<br />

Google and Facebook are<br />

yourself as a thought leader<br />

niche of people – your likely the most important<br />

in your field through sharing customers, your community, channels where you need to<br />

your valuable expertise in a industry peers and even your be found.<br />


Employers simply<br />

cannot afford to<br />

lose staff.<br />

extra added incentives to<br />

attract excellent candidates,”<br />

explains Judy. “Opportunity<br />

for and investment in ongoing<br />

training and both personal<br />

and professional development<br />

is highly sought after by job<br />

seekers. They want to feel<br />

valued within an organisation<br />

and seek a position where they<br />

can grow in their role as much<br />

as they can contribute to the<br />

growth of their organisation.<br />

Professional development<br />

encourages that.”<br />

Looking to improve your<br />

staff retention? Speak to the<br />

Asset Recruitment team today.<br />

They’ve been positioning<br />

excellence in <strong>Waikato</strong> for more<br />

than 30 years.<br />

range of digital ways.<br />

And it all starts with the<br />

question, “What is your<br />

audience searching for?” Do<br />

some research to find the<br />

answer. Then, create web<br />

stories, blogs, videos, a podcast<br />

and other types of content<br />

that gives your audience<br />

what it is looking for and<br />

leads people straight to you.<br />

Online - accessible and<br />

trustworthy<br />

Being online on multiple<br />

channels, saying the same<br />

consistent messaging, allows<br />

the people searching for you<br />

to find you with ease. And<br />

most importantly, when you<br />

are consistent and providing<br />

lots of useful, timely information<br />

they want, then they<br />

will trust you above your<br />

competition.<br />

Showing up online in a<br />

consistent way allows your<br />

business to more intimately<br />

connect with your audience,<br />

encouraging trust, likeability<br />

and recommendations.<br />

Community and<br />

connection<br />

staff.<br />

We are increasingly ‘digital<br />

creatures’ and we are getting<br />

to know people and companies<br />

in a virtual way. If<br />

you haven’t thought through<br />

how you can create multiple<br />

touchpoints for your audiences<br />

to get to know you,<br />

you are missing out on an<br />

important component of how<br />

you build brand loyalty and<br />

trust in our modern world.<br />

Channels are as<br />

important as your words<br />

Not only is what you say<br />

important, but the way you<br />

package your messages and<br />

where you put them has a<br />

huge impact on your digital<br />

image. This is because consumers<br />

are searching and<br />

researching online in a fast<br />

manner and attention spans<br />

are short. Again, you want<br />

to meet them where they are<br />

and stop them in their tracks.<br />

And what channels you<br />

use go back to how your target<br />

audiences search. Are<br />

you selling to 20-somethings?<br />

Then, they are probably<br />

searching questions<br />

on Tik Tok or YouTube, not<br />

For more than 30 years, we’ve been aligning<br />

great For more candidates than 30 with years, great we’ve opportunities, been aligningand<br />

‘positioning great candidates excellence’ with great throughout opportunities, <strong>Waikato</strong>. and<br />

‘positioning excellence’ throughout <strong>Waikato</strong>.<br />

We strive for excellence and quality in all we do. As part of<br />

our We commitment strive for excellence to excellence, and quality we’re in focussed all we do. on As part finding of<br />

the<br />

our<br />

right<br />

commitment<br />

fit for both<br />

to<br />

job-seeker<br />

excellence,<br />

and<br />

we’re<br />

employer.<br />

focussed on finding<br />

the right fit for both job-seeker and employer.<br />

So, if you’re currently looking to hire or would like to<br />

So, if you’re currently looking to hire or would like to<br />

discuss your career opportunities, get in touch with our<br />

discuss your career opportunities, get in touch with our<br />

team. team.<br />

Temporary| Permanent|Executive|Industrial<br />

07 07 839 839 3685 | | www.assetrec.co.nz<br />

PR AND<br />



Heather Claycomb is director<br />

of HMC, a Hamilton-based,<br />

award-winning public<br />

relations agency.<br />

So, how can you shape<br />

up your digital PR skills to<br />

strengthen your reputation<br />

and relationships in 2023?<br />

Ask yourself these critical<br />

questions and then formulate<br />

a plan: What do you<br />

want to be known for? What<br />

is your audience searching<br />

for online? Does what<br />

you look like on your digital<br />

channels match what you<br />

look like in-person?<br />

And finally, the best thing<br />

about growing your relationships<br />

and reputation online,<br />

is that you can track and<br />

measure every action you<br />

take to see if it’s creating<br />

impact. Don’t forget to set<br />

some SMART objectives and<br />

measure, measure, measure<br />

along the way.<br />

Supporters Supporters of of the the <strong>Waikato</strong> Breast Cancer Research Trust Trust

14 WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong><br />

<strong>Business</strong> analysis<br />

is like photography<br />

Tiaki – mighty local<br />

business events sector<br />

doing the mahi<br />

Three greedy little pigs are amongst the helpers<br />

assisting to make the business events sector in<br />

the <strong>Waikato</strong> region more sustainable. True story.<br />

Being a senior business<br />

analyst is like<br />

being an accomplished<br />

photographer. You<br />

get to see the big picture<br />

and focus in on what really<br />

matters.<br />

I started working as a<br />

business analyst in 2001,<br />

documenting business<br />

processes and software<br />

through analysis of data.<br />

I have 32 years of photography<br />

experience and<br />

elevated my photography<br />

skillset to a professional<br />

level 12 years ago.<br />

Capturing the relevant<br />

requirements for a software<br />

development project<br />

is like pointing the camera<br />

to focus on the action of a<br />

bird of prey approaching<br />

its target. You treat your<br />

interactions with wildlife<br />

with healthy respect to get<br />

the best results. I embrace<br />

that same principle with my<br />

clients.<br />

Mother Nature gives<br />

us two eyes, two ears, and<br />

one mouth. To maximise<br />

our life’s experience and to<br />

interact well with others, we<br />

should observe and listen<br />

twice as much as we speak.<br />

My observations of wildlife<br />

confirm this. Animals only<br />

make noise when it is necessary.<br />

Hours of observation<br />

of birds of prey flight<br />

taught me to watch the<br />

bird’s pectoral muscles and<br />

not merely track the bird’s<br />



A business analyst at <strong>Waikato</strong><br />

software specialist Company-X<br />

motion. Understanding the<br />

bird’s pectoral muscle angle<br />

tells me the bird’s intended<br />

flight pattern, giving me<br />

precious microseconds to<br />

react and better track the<br />

bird and, ultimately, taking<br />

a better photograph.<br />

The same behaviour is<br />

applied to my clients and<br />

how, as a business analyst,<br />

I can ensure I understand<br />

what they are really asking<br />

for. Was the statement<br />

they just made a basis for<br />

their problem, a statement<br />

of frustration about their<br />

problem, a nice to have,<br />

or something else? Understanding<br />

the demeanour<br />

of how the message is conveyed<br />

to me gives a good<br />

indication of what the client<br />

is expecting. <strong>Business</strong><br />

requirements are drafted<br />

at a level the client understands<br />

then at a level the<br />

developer understands.<br />

The two versions convey<br />

the same message.<br />

A good wildlife photographer<br />

projects trust. The<br />

wild animal senses you<br />

mean no harm and comes<br />

closer. The same reassurance<br />

is conveyed to the<br />

client who feels assured<br />

that the job that I perform<br />

for them will be done with<br />

due diligence and to their<br />

satisfaction.<br />

To maximise<br />

our life’s<br />

experience and<br />

to interact well<br />

with others, we<br />

should observe<br />

and listen twice<br />

as much as we<br />

speak<br />

In photography I enjoy<br />

framing the image and guiding<br />

the viewer to see exactly<br />

what I am trying to convey.<br />

Several people could stand<br />

at a waterfall and describe<br />

it differently. When I point<br />

my camera at the waterfall<br />

and frame the picture<br />

others see the same as me.<br />

That is the power of photography.<br />

Using that same<br />

visual principle, I show my<br />

clients what I have captured<br />

from the documented<br />

business requirements,<br />

including illustrations. The<br />

visual presentation provides<br />

an excellent starting<br />

point for the client. A visual<br />

confirmation avoids customer<br />

differences during<br />

the lifecycle of the project.<br />

It is a win-win for both the<br />

customer and Company-X.<br />

The pigs are part of the<br />

sustainability programme<br />

at the Accor Novotel and<br />

Ibis Tainui hotels in Hamilton.<br />

Owned by the hotels, they live<br />

happily on a farm outside the<br />

city and eagerly help out by<br />

devouring food scraps.<br />

I share this delightful story<br />

with you for two reasons.<br />

Firstly, it is a great practical<br />

sustainability step by these<br />

hotels, both major entities in the<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong> business events sector,<br />

to reduce food waste – and<br />

it’s a way of keeping food out<br />

of the landfill (food in landfills<br />

generates greenhouse gases as it<br />

decays).<br />

Also, this seemingly minor<br />

initiative truly represents what<br />

many of us here in the <strong>Waikato</strong><br />

believe regenerative tourism is all<br />

about, and that rather than having<br />

a one-size-fits-all approach,<br />

it’s the culmination of a number<br />

of various sustainability initiatives,<br />

however large or small, that<br />

is having a positive impact on our<br />

sector’s carbon footprint.<br />

<strong>Business</strong>es and individuals<br />

across the tourism and business<br />

events sectors are enthusiastically<br />

embracing the Tiaki Promise,<br />

a set of guiding principles for<br />

the care and protection of people<br />

and place.<br />

They are putting their commitment<br />

into action with initiatives<br />

like installing solar panels<br />

to generate electricity, eliminating<br />

single-use plastic, recycling,<br />

moving towards electric vehicles,<br />

using environmentally friendly<br />

products, including for cleaning<br />

and garden maintenance, and<br />

getting involved in community<br />

projects to plant trees, trap predators<br />

and weed-bust pest plants.<br />

As we look back on a year that<br />

has delivered us a mixed bag of<br />

challenges and successes – and<br />

look forward to a promising new<br />

year – it’s important we celebrate<br />

the Tiaki Promise being made by<br />

some of the major players in our<br />

business events sector, a sector<br />

that continues to drive enormous<br />

benefits for our region, both economically<br />

and socially.<br />

Of course, there are way too<br />

many great initiatives to include<br />

in this column, but the following<br />

are some of the efforts that<br />

have piqued our organisation’s<br />

interest.<br />

Along with the three little<br />

pigs, the Novotel and Ibis Tainui<br />

hotels are fierce about removing<br />

as much plastic as possible.<br />

In guest rooms the customary<br />

small plastic bottles of toiletries<br />

have been replaced with<br />

larger refillable options. Single-use<br />

plastic-encased amenities<br />

(dental kit etc) are also now<br />

plastic-free with eco-friendly<br />

welcome gifts including shower<br />

bombs and local chocolates.<br />

Like many accommodation<br />

providers, the hotels invite guests<br />

to re-use their towels and linen,<br />

rather than having them changed<br />

daily, using the savings made to<br />

help fund tree planting.<br />

It’s about being plastic-free<br />

in the restaurants too with the<br />

little plastic containers of spreads<br />

like butter, jams and peanut butter<br />

replaced with jars for guests<br />

to help themselves.<br />

Menus hero local food products<br />

and seasonal produce while<br />

in the kitchens there are milk<br />

kegs, saving the recycling of<br />

about 90 plastic bottles a week.<br />

The hotels also provide free<br />

charging stations for electric<br />

vehicles (EVs), donate products<br />

they no longer use (towels,<br />

sheets, etc) to charities and use<br />

energy efficient lightbulbs.<br />

Being sustainable is important<br />

across Hamilton’s premier<br />

event venues – Claudelands Conference<br />

and Exhibition Centre<br />

where there are honey-producing<br />

beehives on the roof, at FMG<br />

Stadium <strong>Waikato</strong> and Seddon<br />

Park. All are managed by Hamilton<br />

City Council’s H3 group.<br />

Environmentally friendly<br />

features were incorporated into<br />

the design and construction of<br />

the world-class Claudelands,<br />

including recycling of rainwater<br />

for toilet flushing, energy-efficient<br />

building management<br />

systems and the creation of an<br />

onsite wetland for stormwater<br />

management.<br />

Recycling is a crucial part<br />

of H3’s ongoing sustainability<br />

commitment including recycling<br />

plastic pallet wrap, as well<br />

as e-waste (phones, computers,<br />

and other office equipment) and<br />

batteries.<br />

EV charging stations are<br />

being installed at Claudelands<br />

while the venue’s catering partner,<br />

Montana Food & Events,<br />

also embraces sustainability<br />

choosing compostable packaging<br />

for food items and reducing food<br />

waste.<br />

Tiaki-minded event planners<br />

and organisers are impressed<br />

when they learn Montana’s<br />

attention to reducing food waste<br />

where leftover food that is consumable<br />

goes to Kaivolution, the<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong> food rescue charity supporting<br />

needy families.<br />

At HobbitonTM Movie Set<br />

the commitment to sustainability<br />

includes the continuing<br />

restoration and protection of<br />

this special environment that<br />

attracts over half a million visitors<br />

annually.<br />

Maintaining diversity is a key<br />

focus at this attraction which is<br />

just as popular with business visitors<br />

as it is with the leisure market.<br />

Hobbiton’s gardeners have<br />

planted some 3,000 native seedlings<br />

around the movie set and<br />

on surrounding farmland. The<br />

gardens flourish with plants that<br />




General Manager, Hamilton<br />

& <strong>Waikato</strong> Tourism<br />

attract birdlife, bees, and butterflies<br />

– all playing essential roles<br />

in supporting the ecosystem.<br />

Waste reduction is another<br />

focus. An on-site waste facility<br />

turns food and green waste in to<br />

compost to be used on the gardens<br />

along with the compostable<br />

drink and food containers and<br />

packaging Hobbiton has used<br />

for a number of years – this eco<br />

packaging has a carbon footprint<br />

of up to 75 percent less than traditional<br />

packaging.<br />

Water management is a top<br />

sustainability priority at the<br />

internationally acclaimed Hamilton<br />

Gardens, an attraction that<br />

pleases both business and leisure<br />

visitors with its stunning gardens<br />

and event facilities.<br />

The individual gardens are<br />

watered early in the morning to<br />

ensure watering efficiency while<br />

extensive mulching minimises<br />

evaporation, the high-quality<br />

mulch being made on-site from<br />

garden waste.<br />

A new water management<br />

system being developed includes<br />

a retention pond, a wetland and<br />

filter planting,<br />

Owned and managed by<br />

Hamilton City Council, Hamilton<br />

Gardens recycles glass, plastic,<br />

aluminium cans, paper/cardboard<br />

and even the metal blades<br />

from the lawn mowers, working<br />

closely with the organisers of<br />

events staged in the gardens to<br />

ensure they are sustainable too.<br />

Good progress is being made<br />

to achieve the aim of being carbon<br />

neutral by 2030, including<br />

replacing petrol fuelled handheld<br />

equipment with electric<br />

devices and moving to EVs.<br />

An important natural feature<br />

of Hamilton Gardens, the Eco<br />

Bank Bush, is one of the most<br />

significant seed sources in the<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong>. It is carefully maintained<br />

with exotic plants eradicated<br />

and fresh plantings of<br />

local species grown in the on-site<br />

nursery.<br />

Being a significant part of<br />

the <strong>Waikato</strong> River wildlife corridor<br />

through the city, Hamilton<br />

Gardens’ planting programmes<br />

are also geared to provide food<br />

sources for native species including<br />

birds and the long-tailed bats<br />

inhabiting trees in the gardens.<br />

Our mighty <strong>Waikato</strong> business<br />

events sector is willingly<br />

and wonderfully doing the Tiaki<br />

mahi.<br />

Ka ora te whenua, ka ora te<br />

tangata – when the land is well,<br />

the people are well.

WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong> 15<br />

Better together<br />

coworking provides the opportunity to share costs, intellectual smarts and collaboration<br />


The Crate flexible office space becomes your<br />

place when you join The Crate. Feed on the<br />

vibe of collective productivity, form valuable<br />

connections and work your way in our<br />

premium coworking space.<br />

Ditch traditional fixed term leases and create<br />

your own ideal coworking space. Choose from<br />

dedicated or hybrid desks, private suites,<br />

or rent by desk offers, and also gain access<br />

to our events spaces, meeting rooms, and<br />

onsite barista!<br />

See video tour<br />

07 444 4800 | www.thecrate.co.nz | 526 Victoria Street, Hamilton Central 3204<br />

TheCrate Hamilton Full page ad.indd 1<br />

1/12/22 3:31 PM

16 WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong><br />

We need to get our<br />

immigration act<br />

together!<br />

When most overseas workers think about coming to work<br />

in New Zealand one of the key factors they consider is<br />

their ability to obtain residence and to be able to live<br />

here permanently.<br />

This is understandable given that New<br />

Zealand is probably the furthest<br />

country from their home, and the cost<br />

of relocation will be higher than with other<br />

countries who are also competing for their<br />

skills. It therefore flows that New Zealand’s<br />

residence policy settings play a critical role<br />

in the attraction of many migrant workers.<br />

A resident visa is also required to be able to<br />

buy a house here.<br />

With the re-opening of the Skilled<br />

Migrant Category (SMC) in <strong>November</strong>,<br />

after a hiatus of 20 months due to Covid,<br />

there are now two residence categories that<br />

migrant workers can rely on to apply for residence.<br />

The other category is for roles on Tier<br />

1 of the Green List. These roles comprise<br />

mainly construction management, engineering,<br />

health and IT roles and applicants<br />

must have the specific credentials such as<br />

particular qualifications, professional registration<br />

or a minimum salary level. While<br />

there are many health professional roles<br />

listed there are a significant number of<br />

in-demand roles which are not (eg; Dentist,<br />

Physiotherapist, Pharmacist etc). It has<br />

been reported that a list of 30 additional<br />

health roles has been promoted for immediate<br />

inclusion on the Tier 1 list. While this<br />

list is not due for review until May 2023 it<br />

is very much hoped that the reality of New<br />

Zealand’s current health crises will prevail,<br />

and these roles are urgently added.<br />

Registered Nurse is also on the Green<br />

List but falls within Tier 2, which does not<br />

enable a straight-to-residence application<br />

to be made, but rather for a residence application<br />

to be made after working as a nurse<br />

for 2 years in New Zealand. The Government<br />

has dug a hole for itself in continuing<br />

to insist that it wants nurses to work<br />

for these 2 years before they can apply for<br />

residence. What the Government is failing<br />

to comprehend is that these much-needed<br />

nurses are in high demand all over the<br />

world and, with New Zealand pay and conditions<br />

below what is offered elsewhere, we<br />

only have the “residence card” to play – and,<br />

currently, we are just not playing this game!<br />

The SMC is a points-based residence category<br />

with points awarded for age, qualifications,<br />

NZ employment, work experience<br />

etc. Applicants initially submit an Expression<br />

of Interest (EOI) and in the recent<br />

selection draw some 6,500 EOIs (representing<br />

14,700 people) achieved the required<br />

160 points, and may now be invited to apply<br />

for residence. One third of these applicants<br />

are currently offshore. This high level<br />

of selections reflects the demand that has<br />

accrued while the SMC has been suspended.<br />

The selection mark will be increased to 180<br />

points in the next draw scheduled for 18<br />

January and this will remain in place until<br />

the SMC is fully reviewed mid-2024.<br />

While Green List residence applications<br />

are prioritised (with some approvals within<br />

just a few days) there is no visibility on processing<br />

times for the new SMC applications.<br />

With 40,000 applications under the (now<br />

closed) 2021 Resident Visa category still to<br />

be processed, and now another 6,500 potential<br />

applications under the SMC, applicants<br />

can expect a long wait for their application<br />

to be decided…<br />

If New Zealand is serious about attracting<br />

the skills we need, then we better get our<br />

act together – sooner rather than later!<br />

Is your marketing<br />

brave or safe?<br />

Taking risks with your marketing<br />

messaging is a no-go zone for many<br />

because the potential impact on our<br />

businesses is scary. But should we be<br />

pushing our comfort zones more?<br />

We’ve become quite<br />

cautious souls<br />

these days. And<br />

there are clearly reasons<br />

outside the control of<br />

marketing departments for<br />

that shift.<br />

I hate the over-prevalence<br />

of derogatory use of<br />

the word ‘woke’. But the risk<br />

of creating the perception of<br />

a political or social position<br />

has made advertisers play<br />

safe, to avoid possible misinterpretation<br />

and criticism.<br />

We have become increasingly<br />

wary about upsetting<br />

anyone, as, fair enough, we<br />

should be. Instead, we find<br />

ourselves taking the riskfree<br />

middle ground to avoid<br />

the danger at the edges,<br />

where we might be misunderstood,<br />

wrongly labelled,<br />

and ‘cancelled’.<br />

<strong>Business</strong>es can often<br />

worry so much about being<br />

judged for not being smart<br />

enough, funny enough, current<br />

enough or creative<br />

enough in their marketing<br />

that they attempt to be none<br />

of those things at all.<br />

We often used to think<br />

about possible negative<br />

press coverage and ask ourselves<br />

‘what will the headline<br />

be?’ before sticking our<br />

heads above the marketing<br />

parapets with anything that<br />

might be a little bit different.<br />

Today we’d be thinking<br />

about the Facebook comment<br />

or tweet that might<br />

derail our campaigns and<br />

undermine our brands.<br />

So, my observation on<br />

the marketing world at the<br />

moment is that we’re taking<br />

the easy path. Advertising<br />

campaigns and general<br />

marketing messages all over<br />

are tending to focus on telling<br />

us the facts rather than<br />

challenging our reactions.<br />

Don’t get me wrong,<br />

there’s still plenty of creativity<br />

happening – marketing<br />

departments haven’t totally<br />

given up the ghost. But if<br />

you’re one of those members<br />

of the target audience<br />

that likes to expect the unexpected,<br />

you could find yourself<br />

waiting for a less restrictive<br />

environment.<br />

Combine an uncertain<br />

economy with a crippling<br />

fear of getting it wrong, you<br />

may end up making yourself<br />

hamstrung and irrelevant.<br />

Whatever the current<br />

mindset of the people you’re<br />

aiming your marketing messages<br />

towards, it’s more<br />

important than ever to try<br />

and understand what they<br />

will react best to. Build up<br />

a picture of what they care<br />

about.<br />

Taking a<br />

different<br />

approach might<br />

simply be in the<br />

tone of voice you<br />

employ in your<br />

marketing<br />

Yes, that calls for some<br />

sweeping generalisations<br />

but analysis of previous<br />

behaviours, particularly<br />

online, can give you useful<br />

insights. If you want to try<br />

something new, even common-sense<br />

assumptions<br />

informed by your previous<br />

experience are better than<br />


STORY<br />


Vicki Jones is director of<br />

Dugmore Jones, Hamilton-based<br />

brand management consultancy.<br />

vicki@dugmorejones.co.nz<br />

no consideration at all, and<br />

will steer you away from the<br />

real danger zones with some<br />

level of reassurance.<br />

Think about the scale of<br />

the impact if you choose to<br />

do something that might<br />

be a little away from the<br />

norm. If I mention the Toyota<br />

ad with the dog that<br />

ends up face down in the<br />

mud, you’ll remember it for<br />

the expletive, I’m sure. Yes,<br />

that ad got 120 complaints<br />

for the ‘bad’ language, but<br />

it undoubtedly stuck in the<br />

minds of countless others<br />

because of it.<br />

I’m not saying that<br />

swearing your way through<br />

life will help your marketing<br />

get traction, of course! Nor<br />

am I suggesting that being<br />

cheeky or disrespectful is<br />

going to be a great idea for<br />

every brand.<br />

Taking a different<br />

approach might simply be in<br />

the tone of voice you employ<br />

in your marketing, or the<br />

creative style. Wasn’t it<br />

Henry Ford that said, “if you<br />

always do what you always<br />

did, you'll always get what<br />

you always got”?<br />

Trying something new<br />

and being just that little<br />

bit braver may be the only<br />

way that you can stand out<br />

amongst the clutter.<br />

Level 2<br />

586 Victoria Street<br />

Hamilton 3204<br />

Level 3<br />

50 Manners Street<br />

Wellington 6011<br />

07 834 9222<br />

enquiries@pathwaysnz.com<br />

Level 2<br />

586 Victoria Street<br />

pathwaysnz.com<br />

Level 3<br />

50 Manners Street

Supreme Award Winner -<br />

Profile Group<br />

If you’ve driven along the <strong>Waikato</strong><br />

Expressway heading south, you’ll no<br />

doubt have noticed a sprawling building<br />

on the left-hand side at Hautapu,<br />

on the outskirts of Cambridge.<br />

That is the manufacturing<br />

facility and<br />

headquarters of Profile<br />

Group – a family of powerhouse<br />

businesses that form<br />

New Zealand’s only integrated<br />

supply chain for aluminium<br />

windows and doors. It is the<br />

first stage of their new campus<br />

that will consolidate multiple<br />

Hamilton sites to one fully<br />

self-serviced location. But you<br />

wouldn’t know that the simple,<br />

yet striking building was home<br />

to Profile Group because its<br />

name is not emblazoned on the<br />

building.<br />

Profile Group’s HQ is a<br />

physical manifestation of the<br />

way they do business: quietly,<br />

just getting on with it without<br />

making a fuss. And yet, like<br />

their building, Profile Group is<br />

an award winner.<br />

While the building won two<br />

Excellence and Best in Category<br />

Awards at this year’s Property<br />

Council Industry Awards,<br />

Profile Group has taken out<br />

three awards at the <strong>Waikato</strong><br />

Chamber of Commerce <strong>Business</strong><br />

Awards – Service Excellence,<br />

<strong>Business</strong> Growth, and,<br />

fittingly, the Foster Construction<br />

Group Supreme Award.<br />

CEO Craig Vincent says it’s<br />

been a journey of more than<br />

three decades to grow the business<br />

from the 12 staff who were<br />

there when he began working<br />

alongside, managing director<br />

and his good friend, Mitch<br />

Plaw.<br />

Looking back at those early<br />

days, Craig says it was a simple<br />

philosophy that has driven the<br />

Group’s success.<br />

“Our philosophy has always<br />

been that if we could be the<br />

easiest supplier our customers<br />

deal with, we will all naturally<br />

grow together.”<br />

And it was that philosophy<br />

that saw Craig spend a great<br />

deal of time assisting their customers’<br />

businesses back then,<br />

to ensure they understood<br />

their customers’ obstacles and<br />

challenges.<br />

“That meant we really<br />


developed and nurtured the<br />

relationships too. We basically<br />

went and lived in their<br />

businesses. By going out and<br />

learning we worked out how to<br />

take the obstacles away, supply<br />

great quality product and end<br />

up with a great result.”<br />

It was those early learnings<br />

that not only set up the lifelong<br />

relationships with their<br />

customers – “a large portion<br />

of them are personal friends<br />

today. – but set in motion the<br />

vertical integration of the business<br />

over the next 30 years.<br />

“The pivotal move for us<br />

was taking away all the obstacles<br />

in terms of supply, manufacturing<br />

and delivery. By<br />

taking our reliance away<br />

from external suppliers… it<br />

now means we control our<br />

own with extrusions, powder<br />

coating, anodising, glass and<br />

transport.”<br />

And it’s not just the relationships<br />

with their customers<br />

that Profile Group places great<br />

importance on. “Our staff are<br />

key to our success. Because,<br />

while Profile Group’s growth<br />

has been enormous, at the<br />

end of the day it is still family<br />

owned and operated and those<br />

family values are an incredibly<br />

strong part of the culture.”<br />

There are many, many people<br />

who come to work every day<br />

who feel they are part of a big<br />

family and we like to believe<br />

they are treated that way. For<br />

example, we’ve just opened a<br />

wellness centre where a nurse<br />

provides care. We’ve got more<br />

to achieve but it’s about being<br />

able to provide a great environment,<br />

being able to take care of<br />

our people.”<br />

That extends to staff<br />

members’ families too. They<br />

recently held a Christmas function<br />

for 600 people – that’s<br />

staff and partners – and there<br />

will be another Christmas<br />

party for the kids to attend.<br />

Profile Group does a lot<br />

in the wider community too.<br />

Mitch and Kate (Plaw) are<br />

extremely generous individuals.<br />

“The philosophy<br />

for us is about how we build<br />

better communities. We’ve<br />

been thinking this way for a<br />

long time, but I think it’s even<br />

more so now since Mikayla<br />

[Mitch and Kate’s daughter]<br />

has come on board. She has<br />

brought a different vision into<br />

the business that we’ve built<br />

on – sustainability, wellbeing,<br />

and the circular economy, for<br />

example.”<br />

The business awards judges<br />

said Profile Group’s success<br />

was driven by an excellence of<br />

service ethos.<br />

“Their structures, processes,<br />

and more importantly<br />

– people – set the standard for<br />

service excellence both nationally<br />

and internationally. The<br />

customer and their care is the<br />

centre of their world.”<br />

And they recognised that<br />

Profile Group is on a journey<br />

to redesign how they do<br />

business, how they manufacture<br />

even more efficiently, how<br />

they reimagine and repurpose<br />

waste streams, regenerate<br />

the natural world and enable<br />

their people to realise their full<br />

potential across all facets of the<br />

businesses.<br />

“Profile Group are world<br />

class roles models around<br />

future vision, long-term strategy,<br />

innovation and product<br />

design, operational execution,<br />

ongoing commitment and an<br />

ethos of genuine care for the<br />

people, community, Aotearoa<br />

and the environment.” Craig<br />

said the Supreme Award was<br />

“for the staff”.z<br />

“It’s not for us [the executive<br />

team]. These awards<br />

are recognition of the effort<br />

of everyone who is here<br />

daily, their commitment and<br />

dedication.”<br />




AWARDS<br />

Connect - Grow - Inspire - Represent<br />



Connect - Grow - Inspire - Represent




Emerging leader Jo Mickleson’s<br />

focus is people<br />

You sometimes wonder<br />

about the accuracy of<br />

a person’s LinkedIn<br />

profile. Jo Mickleson’s description<br />

beneath her name captures<br />

who she is perfectly. She calls<br />

herself a business enabler, leadership<br />

coach, process designer,<br />

lifelong learner, and human<br />

being fanatic. It is that last term<br />

that is perhaps most fitting and<br />

is abundantly evident when you<br />

talk to her.<br />

Named Emerging Leader of<br />

the Year at the <strong>Waikato</strong> Chamber<br />

of Commerce <strong>Business</strong><br />

Awards, Jo lights up when she<br />

talks about her role, her team at<br />

Aware Group, and her plans for<br />

the future.<br />

Jo started off as an HR<br />

advisor and sales coordinator<br />

at Aware Group – a globally<br />

recognised leader in emerging<br />

technologies. It provides a range<br />

of innovative solutions and services<br />

that focus on artificial<br />

intelligence, big data and Internet<br />

of Things.<br />

With plans to travel around<br />

Europe riding a motorcycle<br />

alongside her partner, Jo initially<br />

took on a short, fixedterm<br />

contract as an HR advisor<br />

and sales coordinator.<br />

She impressed Aware Group<br />

throughout this time and they<br />

asked her to stay on.<br />

“Being a relatively new company<br />

then, I helped get systems<br />

in place. And with my background<br />

in HR I brought that to<br />

the table, helping strengthen<br />

processes, put strategy in place<br />

around people and culture.”<br />

Jo stuck around for a bit longer<br />

before heading to Europe<br />

where she continued to work<br />

remotely. When she got back,<br />

she moved into a full-time role<br />

implementing what she’d put in<br />

place while she was overseas.<br />

Now director of strategy and<br />

growth, Jo’s laser focused on<br />

Aware Group’s people.<br />

“Your people are your biggest<br />

assets and given Aware Group<br />

is relatively young and small,<br />

developing a strong layer of<br />

leaders coming up from within<br />

is really important. I love that<br />

we’ve put a structure in place<br />

to build both soft and technical<br />

skills in our existing leaders who<br />

can then welcome the next generation<br />

of people to the business<br />

and build them up.”<br />

Jo’s philosophy – and one<br />

shared by others at Aware Group<br />

– is that the role of a leader isn’t<br />

necessarily that of someone in a<br />

senior leadership team. Rather,<br />

anyone can be a leader.<br />

“I’ve always said leadership<br />

isn’t a role, it’s a behaviour.”<br />

Jo has helped foster a<br />

healthy culture at Aware Group<br />

where people are enabled to try<br />

new things, push boundaries,<br />

and shine.<br />

“We’re very much about<br />

stepping back and letting people<br />

do what they’re good at. I’ve had<br />

the opportunity to try a bunch<br />

of things from a leadership and<br />

culture perspective. There have<br />

been lessons along the way, and<br />

those have brought a lot to the<br />

business.”<br />

And being given the space<br />

to try new things means people<br />

learn new skills.<br />

“I think of a skill set as a<br />

quiver of arrows. Some we might<br />

add are blunt, some might be<br />

super sharp, but it’s about adding<br />

arrows to that quiver that we<br />

can draw on and sharpen later<br />

as we practice them. That’s the<br />

kind of vision that I share with<br />

our team when we’re working to<br />

upskill them.”<br />

And it was the wider Aware<br />

Group team who contributed to<br />

Jo’s nomination for the Emerging<br />

Leader of the Year award.<br />

“My colleague Jeffrey Brown<br />

wrote the nomination and when<br />

he got to the last question,<br />

which was ‘what would people<br />

say about Jo’s leadership?’ he<br />

decided to let others speak for<br />

themselves. So he went out and<br />

got quotes from about 12 staff<br />

about the impact I’ve had and<br />

how they see me as a leader.”<br />

Jo was ecstatic to win the<br />

award but says reading what her<br />

colleagues said about her was<br />

the icing on the cake.<br />

“They talked about me being<br />

inspiring, building trust in our<br />

team, motivating, being honest,<br />

being candid and challenging<br />

people… that I congratulate<br />

them on their success but that I<br />

also challenge them to continue<br />

as well.”<br />

And Jo takes her own advice<br />

on the latter. Not one to sit on<br />

her laurels, she has her sights<br />

set on what future success looks<br />

like.<br />

“Ultimately my key goal is<br />

having an impact on people.<br />

Let’s not dance around the bush<br />

– we all go to work to get paid.<br />

But by creating a stable, successful<br />

business you provide job<br />

security for people which flows<br />

on to their family, their community,<br />

and the economy.”<br />

Looking back at Jo’s LinkedIn<br />

description as a lifelong<br />

learner, and that’s evident when<br />

she talks about the lessons she<br />

took from the judging process<br />

and the support network she has<br />

in place.<br />

“The interview with the<br />

judges was great and it was great<br />

to meet and learn from people<br />

who brought a different perspective.<br />

They challenged me<br />

to be more direct and also to try<br />

asking well-placed questions.<br />

Those can be more impactful<br />

than sharing your opinion. That<br />

goes against my being as I’m an<br />

extrovert and can talk all day but<br />

I’m trying to catch myself on that<br />

and asking questions instead of<br />

proffering my opinion.”<br />

And it’s enjoying different<br />

perspectives that sees Jo<br />

working with friend and mentor<br />

Steve McNae, as well as a<br />

psychologist, both of whom Jo<br />

credits with helping her grow as<br />

a leader.<br />

No doubt Jo will continue to<br />

flourish in parallel with Aware<br />

Group. With teams in Hamilton,<br />

Wellington, Singapore and Seattle,<br />

the company specialises in<br />

leveraging emerging technology<br />

to solve problems and unlock<br />

valuable data in an ethical and<br />

sustainable way.<br />

“Emerging technology is<br />

such a vague thing, but ultimately<br />

we help people harness<br />

data to get good outcomes and<br />

insights.”<br />

Indeed, Jo Mickleson’s<br />

LinkedIn profile offers great<br />

insight into who she as a person<br />

– and as a leader.<br />

Old school butchery<br />

techniques gets a win<br />

Award-winning business<br />

The Chopping<br />

Block has developed<br />

a sausage that could claim to<br />

be a world first. Who would<br />

think of grabbing a tasty pork<br />

sausage and adding seaweed?<br />

Well, according to business<br />

owner Matt Colvin, it’s a winner<br />

on a grand scale.<br />

The win<br />

confirms that<br />

the hard work<br />

we do is<br />

paying off<br />

“A local bloke who farms<br />

the seaweed and sends it all<br />

over the world, came in one<br />

day and suggested we put some<br />

in a run of pork sausages,” said<br />

Matt. “We’re always up for a<br />

challenge so we added the seaweed<br />

and the sausages are now<br />

our best seller.<br />

“We all know a good sausage<br />

sells, but this one is a<br />

star.”<br />

The Chopping Block, a<br />

family-run business based in<br />

Coromandel, put its name in<br />

the hat for the recent <strong>Waikato</strong><br />

Chamber of Commerce <strong>Business</strong><br />

Awards.<br />

They were entered in the<br />

Micro <strong>Business</strong> category sponsored<br />

by Sleepyhead.<br />

“The whole team is thankful<br />

we put our name forward<br />

as we are always striving to<br />

offer the best products for the<br />

community.<br />

“The win confirms that the<br />

hard work we do is paying off,”<br />

said Matt.<br />

“It has put a spring in our<br />

step.” The butchery itself was<br />

built in the late 1930s as a<br />

butcher shop. So it has been<br />

running as a butchery since<br />

then.<br />

“I bought it two years ago,<br />

employed my brother Stephen,<br />

and we haven’t looked back,”<br />

said Matt. “We turned the<br />

whole place up-side down and<br />

got straight to business.<br />

“Ours is a small family-run<br />

butchery with a goal<br />

of providing our community<br />

with a wide variety of the finest<br />

quality gluten free meat<br />

in an affordable and innovative<br />

way, using old school<br />

butchery techniques.”<br />

The Chopping Block also<br />

offers homekill and wild game<br />

processing. With a paddockto-plate<br />

approach and a sharp<br />

eye for quality, Matt and his<br />

team pride themselves on<br />

putting 110 percent into the<br />

business.<br />

Contact the winning<br />

butchery at: thechoppingblockltd@gmail.com<br />

Phone: 07 866 8838

WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong> 19<br />

Proud Sponsors<br />

Happy Off-Season<br />

From Hamilton’s # 1 Real Estate Team<br />


Nationally Awarded, Individually Focused<br />

At Urban Homes, taking ownership is key. Building quality homes with integrity is what we do.<br />

Building meaningful relationships and world-class experiences that our clients remember<br />

for generations, is who we are.<br />

This year, it was a privilege to receive the Registered Master Builders Platinum Award for consistently achieving<br />

outstanding excellence across five or more National Category Titles and, we are proud to be the first home builder<br />

in the <strong>Waikato</strong> to achieve this.<br />

“The Registered Master Builders House of the Year competition has played a big part in our commitment to<br />

excellence and continual improvement over the years,” says Founder and Managing Director, Daniel Klinkenberg.<br />

“Joining the elite group of Platinum Award winners, I feel that Urban Homes has forged its place at the forefront<br />

of the New Zealand housing and residential building market.”<br />

To find out more about us and our award-winning homes, visit urban.co.nz/awards


<strong>Waikato</strong>-based home builder Urban Homes<br />

takes home prestigious National Platinum<br />

Registered Master Builders Award<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong>-based home builder, Urban Homes, was<br />

awarded the prestigious National Platinum Award at<br />

the <strong>2022</strong> Registered Master Builders National House of<br />

the Year Awards, held in Auckland in <strong>November</strong>.<br />

The Platinum Award<br />

is given to a New<br />

Zealand builder who<br />

has achieved outstanding<br />

building excellence across<br />

five or more National Category<br />

titles. Urban Homes<br />

is the first <strong>Waikato</strong>-based<br />

builder to receive this prestigious<br />

award, and the mostawarded<br />

builder in the region.<br />

Urban Homes Managing<br />

Director, Daniel Klinkenberg,<br />

has no doubt that<br />

receiving this award is an<br />

honour, and comes down to<br />

the hard work of the Urban<br />

team on a day-to-day basis.<br />

“At Urban Homes, we<br />

treat every home we build<br />

as our own. The Registered<br />

Master Builders House of the<br />

Year competition has played<br />

a big part in our commitment<br />

to excellence and continual<br />

improvement over the years.<br />

“Each year the competition<br />

gets tougher. Winning<br />

regional categories against<br />

our industry peers is not<br />

easy, so I’m proud that we<br />

have achieved steady success<br />

over the years at a national<br />

level,” says Klinkenberg.<br />

Klinkenberg founded<br />

Urban Homes in Hamilton<br />

in 2004 with his wife Bronwyn,<br />

and utilising his background<br />

as a trade-qualified<br />

builder and high quality<br />

standards the business has<br />

grown to now build over 150<br />

new homes each year across<br />

the <strong>Waikato</strong>, South Auckland<br />

and Coromandel. While<br />

much has changed over the<br />

last 18 years, their goal of<br />

building with integrity has<br />

never wavered.<br />

“I believe we occupy our<br />

own niche, taking the qualities<br />

of an independent building<br />

company but combining<br />

them with the robust systems<br />

and processes of a volume-based<br />

builder,” says<br />

Klinkenberg.<br />

“With the option to build<br />

from our current house plans<br />

or go bespoke, we never build<br />

the same house twice for our<br />

clients. It’s a partnership,<br />

and our aim is that clients<br />

enjoy the home-building process.<br />

Our team is clear that<br />

without our clients, we do<br />

not exist.”<br />

It’s no secret that the past<br />

couple of years have been<br />

challenging for those in the<br />

construction industry, facing<br />

material shortages and rising<br />

costs due to dramatic market<br />

shifts. Klinkenberg notes<br />

that like any other builder,<br />

Urban Homes has adapted to<br />

these market forces.<br />

“I have experienced all the<br />

highs and lows of running a<br />

construction business, and a<br />

smart company knows how to<br />

react to each end of the spectrum.<br />

For us, it’s about maintaining<br />

our core values and<br />

providing the best service to<br />

our clients. There’s nothing<br />

better than attending a client<br />

handover and seeing the end<br />

product ready to be enjoyed<br />

for years to come.”<br />

It would be hard to argue<br />

against Urban Homes’ consistency,<br />

achieving Gold awards<br />

every year since 2010, and<br />

collecting multiple supreme,<br />

category and lifestyle awards<br />

over the past decade.<br />

“Joining the elite group<br />

of Platinum Award winners,<br />

I feel that Urban Homes has<br />

forged its place at the forefront<br />

of the New Zealand volume<br />

housing and residential<br />

building market.”<br />

This win is certainly not an<br />

end point for Urban Homes,<br />

with Klinkenberg’s current<br />

work focused on developing<br />

the company’s franchise<br />

system, with opportunities<br />

going out to market soon<br />

across South Auckland, Bay<br />

of Plenty and Coromandel.<br />

“We’re looking to speak<br />

with like-minded, driven<br />

business people ready to<br />

share and expand our blueprint<br />

outside of our <strong>Waikato</strong><br />

Bronwyn and Daniel Klinkenberg, Chris Foy, Andrew South, Brad Conning.<br />

base, with franchisees given<br />

all the tools to succeed<br />

including access to all software<br />

and systems with extensive<br />

head office support.<br />

“I have no doubt the<br />

future looks exciting, and<br />

while we have solid foundations<br />

and supports, we’re<br />

always ready to take a leap<br />

of faith to move the business<br />

forward.”<br />

Registered Master Builders <strong>2022</strong><br />

apprentice of the year announced<br />

Chris Foy, 21, from the <strong>Waikato</strong> took<br />

out third place at this year’s Registered<br />

Master Builders CARTERS <strong>2022</strong> behind<br />

Apprentice of the Year Dane Schnell,<br />

23, from Auckland and runner-up Paulo<br />

Oliveira, 29, from the Northern Region.<br />

The top eight apprentices<br />

from around Aotearoa<br />

came together in Auckland<br />

to compete in the final<br />

stages of the competition. Across<br />

a two-day event, the apprentices<br />

undertook a 45-minute<br />

interview with the national<br />

judging panel and a six-hour<br />

practical skills test. This year’s<br />

practical component challenged<br />

the apprentices to each create<br />

a rocket ship to donate to early<br />

learning centres through Evolve<br />

Education Group.<br />

Before qualifying for the<br />

national competition, each of<br />

the top eight apprentices competed<br />

against other apprentices<br />

in their region. This involved<br />

a written project submission,<br />

a two-hour regional practical<br />

challenge, and an interview and<br />

site visit.<br />

It is promising<br />

to see a steady<br />

increase in<br />

diversity in the<br />

Apprentice of the<br />

Year competition<br />

Registered Master Builders<br />

chief executive David Kelly<br />

was impressed with the group’s<br />

talent and their commitment<br />

to being the best in their field,<br />

especially during our current<br />

environment.<br />

“Learning new skills and<br />

applying oneself is challenging<br />

at the best of times but doing so<br />

under the conditions of the past<br />

two years is a testament to their<br />

dedication and commitment.<br />

“Leadership in our industry<br />

matters. We look at our<br />

up-and-coming apprentices and<br />

asses their aspirations to see<br />

how we can provide fulfilling<br />

career pathways, within the sector,”<br />

Kelly says.<br />

Every year the high level of<br />

talent in the competition grows,<br />

and at the same time diversity in<br />

the sector continues to improve.<br />

The Master Builders State of<br />

the Sector survey reported that<br />

nearly 60 percent of builders<br />

found that diversity in their businesses<br />

improved during the last<br />

year. This was supported by a<br />

recent MBIE report that showed<br />

increased diversity is being<br />

driven at the apprenticeship<br />

level, with the Government’s<br />

Apprenticeship Boost Scheme<br />

reporting that 19 percent of the<br />

over 50,000 apprentices in the<br />

scheme identifying as Māori and<br />

eight percent identify as Pacifica.<br />

“It is promising to see a<br />

steady increase in diversity in<br />

the Apprentice of the Year competition.<br />

Year-on-year the competition<br />

has seen an increase in<br />

diverse entrants. This year, we<br />

saw 20 percent of regional finalist<br />

from non-European backgrounds,<br />

as well as a quarter<br />

of our finalists. While we have<br />

more to do, it is encouraging to<br />

see good progress being made,”<br />

Kelly says.<br />

The sector has also seen<br />

an increase in females, with<br />

the recent MBIE report stating<br />

that the number of female<br />

workers employed in the sector<br />

has nearly doubled in the last<br />

decade.<br />

“Although there is still work<br />

to do in this area, the number<br />

of females increasing across the<br />

sector are very promising to see.<br />

It was also fantastic to see more<br />

females enter the competition<br />

this year and even place in the<br />

regional competition,” he says.<br />

The national competition<br />

was celebrated with the finalists<br />

Chris Foy, Apprentice. Urban Homes<br />

and their employers, family, and<br />

friends at a gala awards dinner<br />

in Auckland.<br />

Committed to standing<br />

behind all apprentices as they<br />

start their careers, CARTERS<br />

chief executive, Mike Guy is<br />

impressed with the talent the<br />

competition brings together<br />

year-on-year.<br />

“We have been sponsoring<br />

the Apprentice of the Year<br />

competition for 19 years now,<br />

and that’s something we are<br />

incredibly proud of. It’s great to<br />

be able to watch these talented<br />

apprentices giving their all in the<br />

competition and then going on<br />

to have successful careers.<br />

“CARTERS remains committed<br />

to supporting apprentices<br />

from across the country as they<br />

build their future in the construction<br />

industry. Partnering<br />

with the competition is a great<br />

way to celebrate emerging talent<br />

and our future industry leaders,”<br />

Guy says.

22 WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong><br />




WINNER<br />

Karl Kampenhout Builders Ltd is a<br />

proven team of craftsmen, providing<br />

very high quality workmanship with a<br />

strong focus on attention to detail and<br />

exceptional customer service.<br />


P: 0800 875 555 | info@karlkampenhout.co.nz<br />


Raglan Food Co doubles<br />

community fund to $10,000<br />

After getting their start<br />

on Facebook on the<br />

Raglan Community<br />

Noticeboard in <strong>December</strong> 2014,<br />

Raglan Food Co credit much<br />

of their success to the enthusiastic<br />

support and backing from<br />

locals. That’s why it seemed only<br />

natural to give back by launching<br />

their RFC Community Fund last<br />

year.<br />

“We wanted to make it easy<br />

for local groups who align with<br />

our social and environmental<br />

values to ask for support,”<br />

co-founder Tesh Randall says.<br />

“Last year we gave out<br />

$5,000 in grants to organisations<br />

doing all kinds of wonderful<br />

things in our community –<br />

protecting endangered Oi birds,<br />

planting trees, rescuing fruit,<br />

teaching tamariki about gardening,<br />

and raising mental health<br />

awareness.”<br />

This year, with over $5,000<br />

paid out already, they’ve<br />

announced plans to double the<br />

fund to $10,000.<br />

“We’re seeing some great<br />

project applications come<br />

through and want to continue<br />

backing more initiatives in our<br />

local community,” she says.<br />

Feedback from the organisations<br />

who have already received<br />

funding has been positive.<br />

“Funding from Raglan Food<br />

Co has allowed us to build a<br />

‘Community Foodbowl’ at Waitetuna<br />

School,” principal Amanda<br />

Nasilasila says. “The children<br />

have been loving planting seedlings<br />

in the greenhouse and garden<br />

beds, and eating vegetables<br />

they’ve grown themselves! So far<br />

we’ve harvested kumara, spinach,<br />

tomatoes, have set up potatoes<br />

and will be planting other<br />

summer vegetables in term 4.<br />

WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong> 23<br />

It’s great to see them so engaged<br />

in learning about gardening.”<br />

“We were able to pay for the<br />

print costs of our Mental Health<br />

Toolbox with Raglan Food Co’s<br />

funding,” Ruby Gibbs says. “It’s<br />

been made freely available to the<br />

whole community as a resource<br />

to prompt conversations about<br />

mental wellbeing – since we put<br />

it together as volunteers, this<br />

financial support was hugely<br />

appreciated.”<br />

“Seeing perfectly good fruit<br />

go to waste seemed like such<br />

a tragedy,” says Jono Hutson<br />

from Community Fruit Harvest.<br />

“With the fuel vouchers from<br />

Raglan Food Co, our volunteers<br />

have been able to arrange collecting<br />

and donating it to the<br />

Feed the Kids program at the<br />

Raglan Area School – providing<br />

students with nutritious kai.”<br />

Visit raglanfoodco.com/<br />

doing-good/<br />

rfc-community-fund for<br />

more<br />

information.<br />

We love to<br />

warm up winter<br />

Grassroots support for<br />

our community is<br />

part of the everyday<br />

at Ebbett Volkswagen. On<br />

a cold crisp winter’s day in<br />

July, the WE LOVE VW team<br />

supplied the mighty Amarok<br />

BBQ for the Cambridge<br />

Primary School’s winter<br />

sports day lunch. There were<br />

multiple primary schools<br />

all competing at the event,<br />

held at Tom Voyle Park in<br />

Cambridge. Cambridge High<br />

School senior PE students<br />

helped run this successful<br />

day. Cambridge East School<br />

organised a hot lunch for the<br />

dedicated young athletes.<br />

Hundreds of hot sausages<br />

were cooked on the BBQ<br />

for the kids, teachers and<br />

supporting parents.<br />

If your school or workplace<br />

would like to use our<br />

Amarok BBQ for FREE at an<br />

event, get in contact with the<br />

WE LOVE VW team.<br />

Catering for all occasions<br />

Weddings, wedding platters,<br />

birthdays, corporates plus many more.<br />

We bring the restaurant to you!<br />

Professional buffet catering<br />

for 60-5000 guests.<br />

www.southernspitroast.co.nz<br />

E: graham@ssbbq.co.nz | 0800 2 SPITROAST

24 WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong><br />

Celebrating<br />

Leadership in the<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong><br />

The Community and Enterprise Leadership Foundation (CELF)<br />

celebrated the graduation of the Class of <strong>2022</strong> at the Gallagher<br />

Academy of Performing Arts, University of <strong>Waikato</strong> in <strong>November</strong>.<br />

Another 18 graduates<br />

joined the growing<br />

CELF Alumni.<br />

In its seventh year and with<br />

132 CELF Alumni active in the<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong> Community we are<br />

seeing increased impact of the<br />

ripple effect these leaders and<br />

their leadership are having on<br />

their organisations and their<br />

communities.<br />

This programme (like the<br />

foundation itself) is guided<br />

by the conviction that socially<br />

responsible leadership will<br />

always have a positive impact<br />

on the community around<br />

them.<br />

CELF Graduates <strong>2022</strong>: Back - Brett Fleming, John Adams, Kent Holdsworth, Dr Jeremy Mayall, Matt<br />

Nugent, Megan West and Anton Waller, Desarae Frisk, Gerald van der Broek. Front- Shannon Clarke,<br />

Riikka Anderson and David Wiles (WEL) Vani Mills (NZ Diversity Counselling), Rachel Rabarts (BNZ),<br />

Kathy Harward (CCS Disability), Anna Ellis (Prolife Foods). Not Pictured: Marty Emmett (YWAM Ships<br />

Aotearoa) & Fraser Bell (Foster Construction)<br />

WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, XXX/XXX <strong>2022</strong> 1<br />

Kent Holdsworth (Te<br />

Whatu Ora <strong>Waikato</strong>) and<br />

Rachel Rabarts (BNZ), Class<br />

of <strong>2022</strong> graduates, expressed<br />

their thanks on behalf of their<br />

cohort, for the opportunity to<br />

participate in such a life changing<br />

and transformational leadership<br />

programme.<br />

CELF Alumni Leader of<br />

the Year <strong>2022</strong><br />

Kylie Leonard was chosen<br />

as the CELF Alumni<br />

Leader of the Year<br />

<strong>2022</strong>. Kylie was sponsored onto<br />

the CELF Elevate Leadership<br />

Programme by Tompkins Wake,<br />

as NZ Dairy Woman Network<br />

Community Leader of the<br />

Year in 2018. Since graduating<br />

from The Elevate Leadership<br />

Programme in 2019, Kylie has<br />

been on a leadership trajectory.<br />

Kylie is a dedicated mum,<br />

wife, and community leader.<br />

She is an experienced director,<br />

rural professional, a farmer,<br />

governance specialist leader<br />

and mentor. A member and<br />

chair of multiple boards in the<br />

CELF recognises founder<br />

Dr Peter Sun<br />

As part of the evening’s<br />

events, Dr Peter Sun<br />

was recognised by<br />

the Community and Enterprise<br />

Leadership Foundation’s<br />

Board and wider<br />

CELF Alumni for his significant<br />

contribution to the<br />

formation of CELF alongside<br />

co-founders Bernie<br />

Crosby (Prolife Foods) and<br />

David Irving (Icehouse). As<br />

CELF’s founding programme<br />

director, he has shaped<br />

community, providing guidance<br />

and leadership., Kylie was<br />

a finalist in this year’s Women<br />

on Boards, retained her seat as<br />

the programme, content<br />

and format that constantly<br />

evolves to meet the changing<br />

needs of leadership and the<br />

environment.<br />

Accepting the acknowledgment<br />

Peter says, “As I<br />

reflect on the times past<br />

and present, and reflect<br />

on what lies ahead, I’m<br />

more than convinced of<br />

the impact that CELF has<br />

and the impact on the<br />

community.”<br />

Taupo district a counsellor and<br />

just announced a recipient of a<br />

Nuffield Scholarship.<br />

” if I want to see change it is<br />

up to me to be part of making<br />

that change happen,” Kylie says<br />

David Irving (Co-Founder CELF) and<br />

Dr Peter Sun (Co-Founder CELF/<br />

Founding Programme Director)<br />

Confidence in continued growth<br />

Frank Risk Management’s decision to raise its footprint<br />

and profile reflects the firm’s confidence in the <strong>Waikato</strong><br />

business sector. It’s a big jump for the firm founded in 2008<br />

by CEO Andrew Newman and Director Rene Swindley in a<br />

residential Cambridge garage.<br />

Frank Risk Management<br />

now employs 32 staff<br />

across four offices;<br />

Hamilton, Matamata,<br />

Auckland, and Wellington,<br />

and was the first broker<br />

in NZ to offer the fully<br />

disclosed, transparent fee<br />

business model. The growth<br />

in staff necessitated the<br />

need for larger premises;<br />

however, co-founder Rene<br />

Swindley strongly believed<br />

that Frank needed something<br />

unique and a space that<br />

staff and clients enjoyed<br />

using. “In these times, you<br />

want to support flexibility,<br />

but if everyone wants to<br />

be in the office, you get<br />

the collaboration upside<br />

while still giving everyone a<br />

choice”.<br />

Regardless of the<br />

immediate economic<br />

outlook, the management<br />

team at Frank feel confident<br />

that the firm will continue to<br />

see solid growth. They think<br />

the <strong>Waikato</strong>, underpinned by<br />

its diverse economic base, is<br />

the best place to be located.<br />

Frank Group’s General<br />

Manager, Emma Haugh,<br />

says, “Standing still wasn’t<br />

an option. Frank is filling a<br />

place in the risk management<br />

market, and approaches<br />

are not only coming from<br />

within the <strong>Waikato</strong> but also<br />

nationally”.<br />

An upside of having the<br />

additional space is that Frank<br />

can support clients who<br />

need space for meetings or<br />

a boardroom. This was very<br />

much in mind when planning<br />

the re-development, and<br />

it’s working well. Haugh<br />

says, “It’s great that we see<br />

clients, not just when they<br />

want to talk about insurance<br />

or risk management”. It’s<br />

also a good space for clients<br />

to meet with providers that<br />

support Frank’s proposition.<br />

Frank worked closely with<br />

Fosters Construction and<br />

Edwards White Architects<br />

throughout the development<br />

of 630 Victoria Street. The<br />

Frank team are pleased to<br />

have the project behind<br />

them, and Haugh says, “we’ll<br />

never look back, the move<br />

has been a giant leap forward<br />

and Fosters & Edwards<br />

White were brilliant to work<br />

with. We couldn’t be happier<br />

with the result”.<br />

630 Victoria Street, Hamilton 3204<br />

07 903 5000 | info@frankrisk.co.nz | ww.frankrisk.co.nz

Set a 2023 resolution<br />

to get data security<br />

and privacy right<br />

Cybersecurity, data security and privacy are all intertwined. As businesses<br />

move towards digital business models, exponentially more data is<br />

generated and shared, both within the business and with partners and<br />

customers through interconnected systems/technology. This digital<br />

information has become the lifeblood of this interconnected business<br />

ecosystem and is increasingly valuable to businesses - and to threat actors<br />

(cyber criminals, competitors, foreign states).<br />

PwC’s 2023 Global Digital<br />

Trust Insights survey<br />

highlights that two-thirds<br />

of organisations consider cyberattacks<br />

their most significant<br />

threat in the coming year. Cybercriminals<br />

are increasingly using<br />

off-the-shelf tools to perpetrate<br />

and orchestrate a variety of<br />

attacks. And yet, many of the<br />

breaches we’re seeing are still<br />

preventable with sound cyber<br />

practices and strong controls.<br />

A business’s key stakeholders<br />

- customers, employees,<br />

business partners - are increasingly<br />

equating any security<br />

breach to a breach of trust.<br />

Governments and regulators<br />

are becoming increasingly<br />

concerned about the theft<br />

of personal information from<br />

organisations. Looking overseas,<br />

the Australian government<br />

has introduced a bill that would<br />

increase the maximum penalty<br />

for serious or repeated privacy<br />

breaches to AUD$50 million<br />

or 30% of turnover for all businesses<br />

that operate in Australia,<br />

including foreign companies.<br />

These penalties have<br />

increased substantially from<br />

the initial proposal of AUD$10<br />

million or 10% of turnover. This<br />

is due to several recent major<br />

breaches of customer data in<br />

Australia including names, dates<br />

of birth, email addresses, drivers<br />

license numbers, passport numbers<br />

and medical claims data for<br />

millions of people.<br />

Australian Attorney General<br />

Mark Dreyfus said that “We<br />

need better laws to regulate how<br />

companies manage the huge<br />

amount of data they collect,<br />

and bigger penalties to incentivise<br />

better behaviour.” This is<br />

essential “to ensure Australia’s<br />

privacy framework is able to<br />

respond to new challenges in the<br />

digital era.”<br />

In the UK, the construction<br />

group Interserve has recently<br />

been fined £4.4m after a cyber<br />

attack that enabled hackers to<br />

steal the personal and financial<br />

information of up to 113,000<br />

employees.<br />

Current NZ privacy legislation<br />

only came into force in<br />

<strong>December</strong> 2020 and introduced<br />

mandatory disclosure for serious<br />

data breaches. However, it<br />

has a maximum penalty of only<br />

$10,000. Given where international<br />

legislation is heading, this<br />

level of penalty is significantly<br />

lighter than other jurisdictions<br />

and will likely come under<br />

pressure if further serious data<br />

breaches occur in New Zealand.<br />

The recently released Draft<br />

National Security Long-term<br />

Insights Briefing (DNSLIB)<br />

shows that New Zealanders feel<br />

particularly at risk of a cyber-attack,<br />

with 81% of respondents<br />

to the National Security Public<br />

Survey saying that there is a real<br />

threat of hacking into information<br />

systems happening in the<br />

next 12 months (compared to<br />

a global average of 75%). The<br />

Computer Emergency Response<br />

Team (CERT NZ) reports that in<br />

2021, incidents rose by 13% for<br />

individuals and businesses, with<br />

an estimated direct cost of $16.8<br />

million.<br />

Looking ahead the DNSLIB<br />

expects to see:<br />

● A growth in more<br />

complex and frequent<br />

cyber crime challenging<br />

our collective ability to<br />

respond<br />

● More cyber attacks<br />

targeting technology<br />

critical for businesses,<br />

including supply chains.<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong> organisations are<br />

not immune with the 2021 DHB<br />

cyber attack and, more recently,<br />

the Pinnacle Health cyber attack<br />

in September <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

In a world that is increasingly<br />

technology focussed and complex,<br />

how do you improve your<br />

cyber security and data trust?<br />

Technology, in itself is not the<br />

answer to simplified security.<br />

Security needs to be a concern<br />

for the entire business. Ask<br />

yourself these four questions:<br />

1. How involved/<br />

engaged is your CEO in cyber?<br />

2. How complex are<br />

your organisations’ operations?<br />

3. How do you know if<br />

you’re securing your organisation<br />

against the most important<br />

risks to your business?<br />

WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong> 25<br />




Director, Risk Assurance, PwC<br />

4. How well do you<br />

know your third-party and supply<br />

chain risks?<br />

Results of our Digital Trust<br />

Insights survey show that those<br />

organisations that had the best<br />

cybersecurity outcomes are:<br />

● 14x more likely to<br />

have CEOs that provide significant<br />

and broad support to<br />

cybersecurity.<br />

● 5x more likely to<br />

have streamlined operations<br />

enterprise-wide.<br />

● 18x more likely to<br />

say data and threat intelligence<br />

are integral to their operating<br />

model, especially in relation<br />

to cybersecurity and data<br />

governance.<br />

● 11x more likely to<br />

understand their third-party<br />

cyber and privacy risks. (At<br />

best only 40% of respondents<br />

say they thoroughly understand<br />

these risks).<br />

Sound cyber practices<br />

and strong controls<br />

For all organisations, there<br />

are some key foundational<br />

cybersecurity practices that<br />

provide a solid baseline. These<br />

are the essential eight recommended<br />

by the Australian<br />

Government Cyber Security<br />

Centre (https://www.cyber.<br />

gov.au/acsc/view-all-content/<br />

essential-eight):<br />

1. Application control<br />

2. Patching applications<br />

3. Microsoft Office macro<br />

settings<br />

4. User application hardening<br />

5. Restricting administrative<br />

privileges<br />

6. Patching operating systems<br />

7. Multi-factor authentication<br />

8. Regular backups.<br />

About<br />

PwC’s community of solvers<br />

works with businesses to understand<br />

digital risk within their<br />

business context, providing<br />

insightful advice and innovative<br />

solutions,to build confidence<br />

and trust in their technology,<br />

data and security.<br />

Whatever Happened to<br />

the CBD?<br />

Guest article by Brian Squair<br />

of Chamber member<br />

Chow:Hill Architects.<br />

The Central <strong>Business</strong> District, as we have<br />

known it, is quite probably a thing of<br />

the past. The Covid-19 pandemic has<br />

merely accelerated the changing character<br />

of downtowns amidst poorly rented lowergrade<br />

commercial buildings, infrastructure<br />

under-investment, cheaper land elsewhere<br />

and remote working practices. Prior to the<br />

pandemic we were seeing an increase in work<br />

mobility, (planned) residential sprawl to the<br />

fringe (requiring services and amenities), but<br />

we also experienced the redevelopment of<br />

some key buildings in the Central City by a few<br />

well-funded developers.<br />

I recall the 1980s when we would all “go<br />

to town” on a Friday night or Saturday morning<br />

and it was an excursion with mum or dad<br />

and latterly a hang-out with school mates.<br />

Mid-week the CBD was primarily for business,<br />

banking, post office and occasional scoping-out<br />

for a new piece of furniture that would<br />

be purchased on the Saturday morning.<br />

Over the last 20 years or so, and through<br />

a couple of recessions, we have witnessed the<br />

increasing number of poor quality or poorly<br />

maintained commercial buildings, the decentralisation<br />

of large retail outlets, the rise of<br />

online purchasing and the move to remote<br />

working. These changes have placed great<br />

pressure on sustainable city centres.<br />

If we haven’t yet, we need to reconsider<br />

the way the Central City works in the light of<br />

change.<br />

Rather than predict CBD doom, there is, I<br />

believe, an incredible opportunity for a reset<br />

of the Central City and its relationship to the<br />

city at large. It is time to imagine a new model<br />

for growth, one that is more inclusive, resilient,<br />

sustainable and healthy. The foundations<br />

of this reset include the issues of affordability,<br />

talent, workplace, public realm, built environment<br />

and the economics of real estate.<br />

Affordability<br />

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic we had<br />

witnessed a number of businesses choosing<br />

WHAT’S<br />

ON<br />


to relocate out of the Central City to fringe<br />

and outer suburbs primarily for cost saving<br />

reasons. There is certainly cheaper land elsewhere.<br />

Anecdotally, the chickens are coming<br />

home to roost in that many decentralised businesses<br />

are finding a loss in accessibility and<br />

network effects. They no longer experience<br />

the efficiencies and productivity gains of the<br />

agglomeration resulting from the density and<br />

proximity that Central City locations provide.<br />

Cheaper rent may, in fact, be a false economy.<br />

The answer to the affordability crisis is<br />

found in sweating the assets through mixed<br />

use developments and repurposing of lower<br />

grade buildings. For example, I predict more<br />

flexibility – multi-use spaces that are part<br />

office, part education, part retail for example –<br />

we will see more city-centre residential and on<br />

the back of that, an uplift in retail and services<br />

to accommodate the needs of city residents.<br />

Workplace<br />

It would appear that many post-pandemic<br />

workers are returning to the office for the sake<br />

of in-person connectivity and collaboration<br />

with colleagues. At the same time, the benefits<br />

of working remotely are clung to, including<br />

the flexible elements, the transport saving,<br />

the ease of performing concentration activities.<br />

The workplace in the city centre needs to<br />

embrace a hybrid work model.<br />

At Chow:Hill, our research indicates that<br />

30% of our work could comfortably be done<br />

remotely. Acknowledging that Chow:Hill staff<br />

are engaged in collaborative creative work,<br />

then one can assume that staff in a more process-type<br />

business could easily perform their<br />

roles remotely to a greater proportion.<br />

The potential for a distributed workforce<br />

to weaken social capital is real, so it is important<br />

to leverage the power of good workplace<br />

design and amenity to strengthen internal culture.<br />

<strong>Business</strong>es will need to be intentional<br />

about this if they want an environment that<br />

attracts staff to the ‘mothership’.<br />

Read the full article here:<br />

www.waikatochamber.<br />

co.nz/opinion-pieces.<br />

Written by<br />

Brian Squair,<br />

Senior Principal,<br />

Chow:Hill Architects.<br />

EMERGE: With Thomas Nabbs<br />

from The Waterboy Monday<br />

<strong>December</strong> 5, 5:00 – 6:30PM at<br />

McCaw Lewis Lawyers, Victoria St,<br />

Hamilton.<br />

BA4: With Torpedo7 Te Rapa Wednesday <strong>December</strong> 7,<br />

4:00 – 6:00PM. If you are a non member and would like to attend,<br />

please email jenny.macgregor@waikatochamber.co.nz.<br />


Find out more about the benets of a Chamber membership, in addition<br />

to the 60+ events we hold each year, at www.waikatochamber.co.nz.<br />

TO REGISTER: www.waikatochamber.co.nz/events<br />

FOR MORE INFORMATION: info@waikatochamber.co.nz, 07 839 5895<br />

Connect - Grow - Inspire - Represent

26 MOTORING<br />



e-Power tech a viable alternative to hybrids<br />


Dean Taylor<br />

In 2016, Nissan launched<br />

anew type of engine that<br />

blends hybrid and electric<br />

capabilities. Last year it<br />

was announced it was coming<br />

to Australia, and this month<br />

Nissan said the new X-Trail<br />

and Qashqai for New Zealand<br />

in 2023 with have e-Power.<br />

But e-Power is already<br />

available here—electric car<br />

specialists Hamilton EV<br />

imports the Nissan e-Note and<br />

Nissan Kicks.<br />

e-Power is an electric<br />

motor charged by a 1.2-litre,<br />

three cylinder petrol-fuelled<br />

engine, effectively a generator<br />

merging the driving experience<br />

of an electric car with a petrol<br />

machine’s ease of ownership.<br />

Nissan claims “e-Power is a<br />

true EV solution”.<br />

At its core is the same<br />

100 per cent electric motordriven<br />

technology used in the<br />

Nissan Leaf to deliver instant<br />

torque, power, efficiency and<br />

excitement.<br />

In high-power-demand<br />

situations, such as strong<br />

acceleration, the petrol engine<br />

and generator are used to keep<br />

the battery pack charged and<br />

can directly power the electric<br />

motor.<br />

The new option is popular<br />

in Japan, where it is commonly<br />

found in small cars such as the<br />

Nissan Note.<br />

It was a low-mileage 2021<br />

Nissan e-Note I drove—a<br />

completely capable hatch, with<br />

amazing power, smoothness<br />

and quietness, without the<br />

worry of “going flat”.<br />

Unlike a conventional<br />

hybrid, there is no mechanical<br />

link between the petrol engine<br />

and the wheels.<br />

Owners refuel the car at<br />

conventional petrol service<br />

stations as opposed to electric<br />

car charging points.<br />

I joked I was driving a<br />

Datsun 1200—the car that<br />

served my wife and me well<br />

when we were first married.<br />

But this new “Datsun<br />

1200” was no comparison<br />

to a standard ICE vehicle,<br />

especially an old-school one.<br />

For a start, even though<br />

modern ICE cars are pretty<br />

fuel efficient, it is pretty hard<br />

to beat 20-30km/litre of fuel<br />

in a vehicle with so much get<br />

up and go. To be fair, if you<br />

use that get up and go too<br />

much, the fuel goes as well. But<br />

drive properly and economy is<br />

fantastic.<br />

I averaged about 26km/<br />

litre over three days—that’s<br />

3.8l/100km in today’s fuel<br />

efficiency language. My best<br />

was a trip at 3l/100km.<br />

And that was with climate<br />

control and sounds operating—<br />

nothing special to save fuel.<br />

Hamilton EV describes the<br />

technology as Series Electric<br />

and agree it is a way to get<br />

into EV driving, without range<br />

anxiety.<br />

For some,who might live<br />

remotely, travel long distances<br />

or not want to be held up<br />

at charging stations, it is a<br />

completely viable alternative<br />

to hybrid—and possibly a<br />

better drive.<br />

There is no plug-in option,<br />

but I guess that adds weight<br />

and cost.<br />

The e-Note itself is a handysized<br />

vehicle and good looking.<br />

It probably wouldn’t serve<br />

as a people mover, but for<br />

two people, a small amount<br />

of luggage, shopping trips<br />

or the around-town car it is<br />

completely perfect.<br />

My one also had a sports<br />

package—mostly about the<br />

looks I’m guessing, so it did<br />

look cool in some eyes, but<br />

wasn’t completely practical as<br />

the front spoiler was ground<br />

hugging.<br />

But Hamilton EV has a<br />

good range of the e-Note and<br />

Kicks in store—there’s one that<br />

would suit.<br />

As part of the deal, Hamilton<br />

EV has comprehensive car<br />

manuals translated into<br />

English, and also update<br />

software in the vehicles for<br />

Kiwi conditions.<br />

0800 31 32 33<br />



Call us first for<br />

• Emergency services<br />

• Heavy equipment specialists<br />

Kennards<br />

• Insurance claims<br />

• Windscreens<br />

• Mobile service<br />

• Stone chip repairs<br />

07 849 2818<br />

All major credit cards accepted<br />



712 Te Rapa Road, Hamilton | www.hamiltonwindscreen.co.nz | info@hamiltonwindscreen.co.nz

WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong> 29<br />



$39,990 +ORC*<br />

THE<br />

BIG<br />

1<br />

%<br />



36 MONTH TERM*<br />

NAVARA SL-450 FROM<br />

$49,990 +ORC*<br />

*Finance offer available on new Nissan Navara and SUVs registered between 01/10/2021 and 31/01/<strong>2022</strong>. Approved applicants of Nissan Financial Services New Zealand Pty Ltd (Nissan) only. Fixed Interest Rate 1% available on loans with a 36 month<br />

term. No deposit required. Terms and conditions apply. This offer includes an establishment fee of $375, PPSR fee of $8.05 and$10 per month account keeping fee. All lease and some fleet purchasers excluded. X-TRAIL ORC of $990 includes initial<br />

12 month registration & WOF, fuel and vehicle delivery. Navara ORC of $1,240 includes initial 12 month registration & WOF, fuel and vehicle delivery. This finance offer does not extend to Nissan Leaf, GTR & Patrol. Nissan reserves the right to vary,<br />

extend or withdraw this offer. Not available in conjunction with any other offer. Additional terms and conditions apply and can be viewed at www.nissan.co.nz<br />

1050 Te Rapa Road, Hamilton - 07 839 0777 - 0800 647 726 - sales@jwn.co.nz<br />

16 Huiputea Drive, Otorohanga. 07 873 8066 - merv@jwn.co.nz

30 WAIKATO BUSINESS NEWS, NOVEMBER/DECEMBER <strong>2022</strong><br />


A unique 8-week experience, over 8-months<br />

with established leaders from across<br />

multiple organisations<br />

Class of 2023 Intake Now Open<br />

Enquire now<br />

https://www.celf.org.nz/what-we-do/<br />

Everyone’s investment<br />

story is different,<br />

we can help you with yours.<br />

Speak with the Hamilton Branch today.<br />

E: hamilton@craigsip.com | P: 07 838 1818<br />

craigsip.com<br />

Turn to page 31 to read about our exciting new space<br />

Craigs Investment Partners Limited is a NZX Participant firm. The Craigs Investment Partners Limited Financial Advice Provider Disclosure Statement can be viewed<br />

at craigsip.com/tcs. Please visit craigsip.com.



Craigs commits to<br />

Union Square<br />

Fosters latest development project in central Hamilton,<br />

Union Square is changing the face of Hamilton’s CBD and<br />

will be a notable business hub for the <strong>Waikato</strong> region.<br />

Craigs Investment Partners<br />

(Craigs) will join<br />

other blue-chip organisations<br />

such as Rabobank<br />

and AA Insurance Service<br />

Centre, BBO and Baker Tilly<br />

Staples Rodway, by moving<br />

its operation to the last of the<br />

office spaces currently available<br />

in the recently completed<br />

Building F.<br />

As one of New Zealand’s<br />

leading investment advisory<br />

firms, Craigs has 19 offices<br />

across New Zealand and has<br />

been based in Hamilton for<br />

over 26 years. Craigs Investment<br />

Adviser Stuart Anderson<br />

and Area Manager Hayley<br />

Nelson note that they began<br />

searching for a new premises<br />

in the CBD back in 2018.<br />

“Our current premises have<br />

served us well but with a team<br />

of over 35 advisers and assistants<br />

we need more space to<br />

accommodate further growth”<br />

explains Stuart.<br />

“Our team is passionate<br />

We want to do<br />

more communityfocused<br />

activity,<br />

so having extra<br />

space will enable<br />

us to step up<br />

our involvement<br />

with charitable<br />

organisations in a<br />

variety of ways.<br />

about supporting the local<br />

communities in which we live<br />

and operate. We are actively<br />

involved with a range of community<br />

organisation and charities<br />

and provide regular educational<br />

seminars from our<br />

offices – our aim being to<br />

develop a ‘centre of excellence’<br />

for investing.”<br />

Level 2 of Building F, on the<br />

corner of Anglesea and Hood<br />

Streets, provides the perfect<br />

location and a good amount of<br />

space.<br />

“Union Square already has<br />

great community profile” Stuart<br />

continues. “Being here will<br />

help us raise the flag for Craigs<br />

and show the <strong>Waikato</strong> the<br />

strength of our brand and our<br />

long-term commitment to the<br />

Hamilton CBD.”<br />

Hayley adds that whilst<br />

the Hamilton team have well<br />

established relationships in<br />

Hamilton and Cambridge, the<br />

team works right across the<br />

region, from Pukekohe in the<br />

north, Raglan to the west, Coromandel<br />

to the east and Taumarunui<br />

to the south. With<br />

that, their community involvement<br />

– supporting education,<br />

welfare, health, sport, and the<br />

arts – is extensive.<br />

Craigs have fully embraced<br />

Fosters’ vision of creating a<br />

business hub that will encour-<br />

Members of the Craigs team (L to R) Don Jones, Kay Green, Hayley Nelson and Stuart<br />

Anderson stand in the empty floor of Union Square Building F, soon to be Craigs Hamilton<br />

office. With consent in place, Project Manager Don says the new office will be “modern, bright,<br />

flexible and worth boasting about – a truly exciting space for our staff and clients alike.”<br />

age business back to Hamilton’s<br />

CBD.<br />

“We can clearly see the<br />

future of this precinct,” says<br />

Stuart, “and the future development<br />

of the south end of<br />

town as the new <strong>Waikato</strong><br />

Regional Theatre takes shape.<br />

Combined with the unique<br />

people-focused experience that<br />

Fosters are creating, it makes<br />

for an attractive proposition<br />

for our business, our staff, and<br />

our clients.<br />

“We look forward to<br />

entrenching ourselves within<br />

the growing community at<br />

Union Square and look forward<br />

to welcoming clients and<br />

guests to our new premises<br />

very soon.”<br />

With the fitout consent<br />

now in place and the works<br />

sched-uled to commence in<br />

the com-ing days, the<br />

company is antic-ipating<br />

moving in early March 2023.<br />

Take control of your future.<br />

Buy your own business.<br />

0800 225 999<br />


Portable Cabins/Homes Rentals<br />

$EOI<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong> Surrounds<br />

· Excellent tangible assets ($6.3m)<br />

· Profits/earnings on par with commercial<br />

property yields<br />

· Great growth opportunities ahead<br />

· Central <strong>Waikato</strong> location<br />

linkbusiness.co.nz/WK00257<br />

Rick Johnson 021 911 485<br />

rick.johnson@linkbusiness.co.nz<br />

Import/Wholesale/Distribution<br />

$EOI<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong><br />

· Designed, imports & distributes B2B<br />

· Exceptional systems, well est CRM & customer<br />

relationships<br />

· Impressive sales & profits, minimal<br />

normilisations<br />

· Secure lease in place until 2028<br />

linkbusiness.co.nz/WK00274<br />

Therese Bailey 021 707 641<br />

therese.bailey@linkbusiness.co.nz<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong> Electrical <strong>Business</strong> $1,550,000<br />

SOLD<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong><br />

· Operating 25+ years, wide range of clients<br />

· Experienced, qualified staff & apprentices<br />

· Cash surplus to working owner over $600k p.a.<br />

average over last 3 yrs<br />

· Fantastic reputation, many years of high<br />

profitability<br />

linkbusiness.co.nz/WK00239<br />

Successful Engineering<br />

$EOI<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong><br />

· Established <strong>Waikato</strong> brand for 60+ years<br />

· Management Team in place<br />

· Impressive profitability to working owner<br />

· Good forward workload<br />

· “Blue chip” customers<br />

· Purpose-built offices and workshop<br />

linkbusiness.co.nz/WK00256<br />

Rick Johnson 021 911 485<br />

rick.johnson@linkbusiness.co.nz<br />

Floating Restaurant $950,000<br />

Rotorua<br />

· Asset value over $1M<br />

· 30+ years of history<br />

· $500k surplus pre-covid<br />

· Reinstate or reinvent the business<br />

· Unique opportunity to relaunch this iconic<br />

floating restaurant!<br />

linkbusiness.co.nz/WK00288<br />

Theresa Eagle 021 289 0949<br />

theresa.eagle@linkbusiness.co.nz<br />

Liquor Store, CBD Location $1,470,000<br />

SOLD<br />

Hamilton<br />

· Spacious store 500m2<br />

· Plenty of storage and large chiller space<br />

· Great location close by the FMG stadium<br />

· Excellent fit-out<br />

linkbusiness.co.nz/WK00243<br />

Civil Engineering Practise $595,000<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong><br />

· Great reputation and brand, established clients<br />

· Knowledgable & experienced staff<br />

· $250k ave earnings to 1 working owner<br />

· Opportunities for further growth<br />

linkbusiness.co.nz/WK00292<br />

Rick Johnson 021 911 485<br />

rick.johnson@linkbusiness.co.nz<br />

Busy Café on Highway $275,000<br />

Hauraki<br />

· Café with accommodation onsite<br />

· 7 days a week, sales averaging $18-19k<br />

· Secure lease & rental agreement<br />

· Loyal Client base, prime location<br />

linkbusiness.co.nz/WK00309<br />

Therese Bailey 021 707 641<br />

therese.bailey@linkbusiness.co.nz<br />

Funeral Home $350,000<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong> Surrounds<br />

· Current FDANZ Member<br />

· Large premises with Chapel & Mortuary<br />

· 3 Hearses, vehicle storage & workshop area<br />

· Earned $190k+ to 2 working owners in FY22<br />

· Located in Mid-North Island<br />

· Services a wide geographical area<br />

linkbusiness.co.nz/WK00301<br />

Reuben Silby 021 133 0624<br />

reuben.silby@linkbusiness.co.nz<br />

A Little Bit Different $190,000<br />

Otorohanga<br />

· Beautiful boutique clothing business<br />

· Well established, on-point branding<br />

· Good online & in-store sales split<br />

· SDE $94k, Sales Revenue $517k<br />

linkbusiness.co.nz/WK00308<br />

Therese Bailey 021 707 641<br />

therese.bailey@linkbusiness.co.nz<br />

Fun Family <strong>Business</strong> $949,000<br />

SOLD<br />

Electrical Contractor $695,000<br />

SOLD<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong><br />

· Multiple income streams<br />

· Reliable team of over 10<br />

· Great systems in place<br />

· Strong cash flow & good profit<br />

linkbusiness.co.nz/WK00265<br />

<strong>Waikato</strong><br />

· Established 20+ years, impressive sales &<br />

profits<br />

· Strong processes & systems already in place<br />

· Solid financial performance, $312k profit<br />

· Future growth plans already in motion<br />

linkbusiness.co.nz/WK00208<br />

All LINK NZ offices are licensed REAA 2008

“We had a vision for what the new<br />

office would look like; what we<br />

have is even better.”<br />

Jaden Hatwell, Frank Risk Management Director<br />

Jaden Hatwell<br />

630 Victoria Street, once built for Newton King<br />

stock and station agents, has been repurposed and<br />

retrofitted for Frank Risk Management. Director<br />

Jaden Hatwell says they chose Fosters for the job<br />

based on their reputation in the region firstly, but also<br />

because Fosters promised delivery on a very tight<br />

timeline.<br />

The project ran from <strong>November</strong> 2021 through to June<br />

<strong>2022</strong>.<br />

“Our main objective was to create an awesome<br />

space for Frank Risk Management to call home, a<br />

space where our team would really enjoy coming to<br />

work” says Jaden.<br />

“At a time when materials were hard to get and<br />

working to a set deadline for the business to move in,<br />

we also needed to work with a good team to make it<br />

happen.<br />

“Fosters made it happen. They got involved in the<br />

design process with Edwards White, securing<br />

materials straight away. The process was smooth<br />

and easy; we were in constant communication with<br />

the site managers and any changes we made were<br />

easily accommodated.”<br />

Initially divided into three tenancies, the area is<br />

now one big open and modern space. A third of the<br />

original wooden floor was repurposed into a kitchen<br />

island unit, bookshelves, door handles and other<br />

fittings. “Recycling the wood was not only a nice<br />

touch, but it also feels good to know we have been<br />

able to reuse the native timber” notes Jaden.<br />

And would Jaden use Fosters again? “Absolutely” is<br />

his response. “Timeliness, cost being as expected,<br />

and great communications are all the reasons I<br />

would use Fosters again.<br />

“We had a vision for what the new office would look<br />

like; what we have is even better. Coming back from<br />

a time when a lot of people worked from home, we<br />

have created a space that everyone appreciates and<br />

wants to work in. The result is exactly what we were<br />

hoping for.”<br />

FOSTERS.CO.NZ . 07 849 3849

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