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Established 1967 Week 12 2023




Cost of Living Crisis

Guidance and Advice


For students and families all across the UK, the ongoing

cost of living crisis is affecting how we live our lives.

Throughout this edition we look how you have been

affected and what help is available, from LUSU, fellow

students, and what you can do yourself. We have

student-budget friendly Birthday party ideas, Valentine’s

Day inspiration, and ways to eat good, despite any dietry

requirements with the help from fellow students.


Your Guide

To All The


And Events

Of This Term




Everyone has had issues with student

housing, faulty internet, broken

shower, or the house being nothing

like what you signed up for. However,

tennants of Bailrigg’s newest student

accomodation have struggled for over

a year with terrible living conditions.

The start of the new academic year is

just weeks away, and

you’re looking forward

to moving into your

new home. You

received an email

the day before to say that the gym and

the cinema were not yet open. It’s a

new build so this isn’t a huge surprise –

you’re sure everything else will be fine.

When you arrive at the block of flats

that you will be calling home for the

next year, you discover that the gym

and the cinema are not the only things

yet to be completed. You will be living

on a building site.

For the last two months, life for

residents at Bailrigg Student Living

has been far from easy. One resident

described it as “the worst living

situation I’ve ever had.”

For one resident, the problems with

Bailrigg Student Living became

apparent almost immediately. Not

only was their bathroom floor stained

concrete, but their toilet had no seat.

Whilst a bathroom floor has now been

fitted, it is just one of a number of

examples of rooms being unfinished

upon moving in.

Some residents were initially

without kitchen bins. They were


Swith Up

Your Music

Taste in














Arts &













Ami Clement



Maria Hill & Amy Brook




Will Henderson



John Whittaker







Daniel Tham



Caitlyn Taft & Jess Hasson



Will Doe & Megan Hargeaves



James Wilson



Alex Oswald & Harriet Shillito



Amelia Daniels & Sky Fong



Tom Jeffreys & Josh Perrett



Charlie Coleman

The Editorial Committee above is responsible for

all content and production of SCAN. Compliments,

comments and complaints to be addressed to

Editor in Chief in the first instance. VP Societies &

Media, Danny Goodwin, is responsible for all legal

matters and significant reputational harm and can be

contacted at su.vp.societiesandmedia@lancaster.


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A Letter From The Editor

We are back for another term, following

the Michaelmas deadlines, Christmas, and

New Years, there hasn’t been much rest

over this break.

With spreadsheets, post-it notes, and one

hundred different windows open on my

computer, we managed to piece together

another fantastic issue. Between snow,

broken internet, and cancelled trains,

everything has come together even better

than I could have pictured, right on schedule.

Fueled by Greggs and leftover Christmas

chocolate, (thanks Mum and Dad) with 27

contributors, we did it!

My favourite part of this entire

edition, is the amount of work

from new writers, many of

whom had only been with

SCAN a few weeks before

pulling together some

fantastic articles.

I don’t know how I would have managed

without my editors frantically getting me

images, or writing up spontaneous columns.

Organising and editing their sections, the hard

bit is over now, and we can all focus on brining

Lancaster the news and stories they want to

see over Lent term.

The next items on our agenda is the Student

Publication Awards and National Conference,

with our Regional Award nominations

submitted, we are preparing our best work to

put forward for national recognition. Last year

we were shortlisted for Best Publication, and

this year, I’m hoping we can come home with

an award.

Shortly after the SPA’s, we have Roses, my

second Roses, and first away, myself and a

small team will head over to York, sleep on

the floors of lecture halls, and watch a months

worth of tournaments in just one weekend.

I have learned more about graphic design this

week than I ever thought I would, and learned

to hate photoshop even more. However, all of

the late nights, and editing articles on the bus,

was worth it to see this issue come together.

I really hope you enjoy this

edition of SCAN, and I really

appreciate your continued

support. Every like on our

socials, and every story we

publish means something,

we are growing and we are

only getting stronger.

Join the team by messaging us on

Instagram @SCANLancaster

or email me at


Ami Clement (@amiclement)

Uni News at a Glance


Go burrito

Branch Closes

One of the staples of campus,

Goburrito (or GoBo for short)

has been forced to close it’s doors

after three years of Burritos

and Loaded Fries, due to ‘rising

costs and the impact of various


We will miss the indie bangers

and guacamole, but don’t fear, the

Goburrito branch in lancaster City

Centre on Lower Church Street is still

openuntil 10pm.

Week eleven also marked the start

of Goburrito’s delivery service to

the university, so town and campus

inhabitants alike can get their

mexican fix.

The ‘Northern Burrito

Monkeys’ want to

thank all students

for their support

over the years,

and hope that

students still

enjoy wraps

from the town


And for those

of you that

will miss the

GoBo vibes too

much, the spotify

playlist is public. Search

‘Goburrito UK’ for over

twenty-four hours of indie and funk



Writing Club

The first Wendnesday of every

month, not only is Sugar open,

but Holm Nordic Cafe and

Grocery Store on King Street

host a brand new writing club.

Starting at the end of 2022, from

5:15-6:30 budding writers, poets,

and scholars alike are invited

to grab a Coffee and a cake to

sustain them as they tackle their

nect project.

In the cosy and quaint

atmosphere of Holm, the cafe

open up their doors ro provide a

supportive and respectful change

of scenery from the library floors.

Whether you’re a freelance

journalist, nearing the finish

line of some coursework, or

privaetly working on

the next bestseller,

relocate from your

bedroom and

pull up a chair

at Holm.

Find some


a m o n g s t

the unique


art, and

g r o c e r y


With gorgeous

homemade cakes

(with vegan and gluten

free options of course) and

handcrafted coffee, take a quick

photo, and get writing!




February marks

the beginning


H i s t o r y

Month, and

b e t w e e n

the nine


there are

plenty of


and events

taking place.

From film


showing educational

films on the history

and key figures of the LGBTQ+

community, to quizes and crafts.

The first film is showing is ‘Pride’

on Thursday 2nd February in

the Lonsdale TV room. This

2014 film recounts the group of

LGBTQ+ activists in the early

eighties, rushing to the aid of

miners, following Thatcher’s


For those of you that prefer to

keep yourself busy and fidgeting,

in Furness on Thursday 23rd

February, the college is hosting

mandala stone painting and

bracelet making.

All events are open to members

of every college.


Fair: What to


With the start of the lent

term now here, next

on the agenda:

Refreshers Fair.

An email was

sent to all



of all sports

and society

execs asking

if they would

like a stall at

the upcoming

refreshers fair,

set to be held on

Wednesday 25th

January in the LICA event


Expect demonstrations, freebies,

and plenty of opportunities to try

your hand at something new. With

displays, music, and mini taster

sessions, the Students Union are

giving students from every year of

study a chance to find their next


With something for everyone, from

dance to media, forums to films, why

not try something new? With most

teams and societies offering a free

introductory session, be brave and

pop down, even if you’re just a little

bit curious. You never know, these

people could become your closest

friends, housemates, or found family.

scan.lancastersu.co.uk SCANLU SCANLancaster


N e w s


John Whittaker

Bailrigg Student Living allow Lancaster

Students to Live on a Building Site


supplied eventually, but tenants must leave

full bags in the corridor as there is nowhere

else to put them. People also complained

that their flats were generally dusty and

untidy when they moved in.

One of the more concerning issues for

residents, though, is the lack of security. One

resident told SCAN:

“Our door to the outside

is never locked. There’s

a lot of people coming in

and out all the time so you

don’t know who’s meant to

be there and who’s not.”

Builders wandering into flats without

warning has its own problems, especially for

those who are required to wear items such as

the hijab when in the presence of unrelated


Because work is still being carried out at

Bailrigg Student Living, dust has frequently

set off the fire alarms – a major distraction

for people trying to sleep, pray, or study for

their degree. The current system for knowing

when a fire is setting the alarm off consists of

security sounding an air horn.

The university has offered some support

for these residents in terms of signposting

resources, but all of this has made living

at Bailrigg Student Living very difficult for

many residents.

One of them explained to us: “I wanted a

stress free environment… but that’s not the

case.” One Bailrigg Student Living resident

told us:

“There’s no one for us to

talk to that will actually take

us seriously.”

Another resident described their

experiences: “When I moved in it was not too

bad, I had a couple of broken drawers in my

room, but I thought, it’s a small thing.

There’s also something that

hasn’t been sealed in

the ceiling, but I

didn’t think it

was too bad.

“It was

w h e n

I was


to live

there for

longer than

a week and

talking to other

people, I’ve been

quite lucky with how

finished my room is.”

Initially, students were meant to move in in

September 2021. When it became apparent

the rooms wouldn’t be ready, students were

put up in a local hotel. One such student,

Amy Traynor, told SCAN:

“The lack of facilities [at

the hotel] meant we were

barely eating, and we had

to pay for the bus every

day, as we had no idea

how long we’d be in there.”

Amy eventually moved out of the hotel,

choosing instead to stay at home. By the

end of the year she was paying £60 a week in

petrol to commute to University.

There is hope that their situation will start

to improve, as of 2nd of November, there

were two investigations being conducted,

one by Building Control, and another from

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Services with

support from Housing Standards. There will

also be inspections at regular intervals until

the building has been signed off by the local


When speaking to SCAN, Lancaster

University Head of Accommodation,

Candace Davies explained the support

available to any student living off-campus.

Students can contact SU Advice or LUHomes,

the University’s housing accreditation

scheme, who will “always offer advice and

guidance if we can,” regardless of whether

their accommodation is accredited by the


or not.

Tenants also

have a number

of rights.







told SCAN

that tenants

should be

given 24 hours’

notice before

someone enters

their home, except in

emergencies. Residents also have

the right to a habitable home.

Speaking about Bailrigg Student Living

Mx O’Reilly-Kime was keen to express that

“this isn’t just a problem for the people that

are living there, it’s a problem all of us as

students need to recognise and support each

other [with].

“Unless we as a student community take

a stance on not allowing ourselves to be

exploited, not allowing our friends, our

peers to be exploited, we could see a whole

lot more of these blocks popping up, people

being moved into them prematurely.’’

“This isn’t an individual

problem, there is a societal

problem where students

are being exploited

because they’re seen as

cash cows.”

When asked for comment by SCAN,

Bailrigg Student Living said: “During the

construction process at Bailrigg, we have

been dealing with unprecedented disruption

to construction across the UK (and globally)

which has been impossible to avoid and

extremely difficult to navigate with certainty.

Bailrigg Student Living state: “However while

external works were ongoing, the communal

areas were unavoidably continually made

dirty by tradespeople coming in and out of

the building all while the weather had turned

and was often raining and muddy on site.”

They praised the hard work of the labourers

who helped ensure flats were ready by

September, and stressed that residents were

given the option to opt-out of their contract

for no charge. Those who remained received

a 50% rent reduction. They added that there

is 24/7 security on the site. The statement


“We feel we have been

honest and transparent

with the students and most

importantly given them

choice about whether they

wanted to take up the

room they had booked –

and given considerable

financial compensation to

those who did.”

For residents at Bailrigg Student Living,

life goes on. Building works continue as

the site edges closer to completion. With

the watchful eyes of the council looking

over the works, tenants can but hope the

work is completed soon, so that they can

finally enjoy the accommodation they were


Image Credit: Sam Hedges

Front page story photo credit: Amy Brooks, Ami Clement,

Spanish Soc, Love Lancaster BID via Facebook



SCANLU SCANLancaster scan.lancastersu.co.uk

‘I thought it was something

people in the Victorian age

got’: Scabies in Lancaster

Ami Clement


Common in care homes,

nurseries, and student

accommodation, cases of

scabies in Lancaster have

been on the rise, and at

other universities too, so

why haven’t we heard about


Scabies is a common disease

that anyone is susceptible

to, categorised by intense

itching and a raised rash or

spots. Very small mites lay

eggs in the skin, leaving dotted

lines behind them. These can

spread across your entire

body and, for more vulnerable

victims, even up to their head

and neck.

One Lancs student reached

out to us and described their

experience, starting from when

they noticed a small, scaly,

circle on their shoulder in late

October that they dismissed

as weather-related eczema.

However, a week later, they

noticed strange bumps form

on their chest and stomach,

followed by a red rash across

their front and back as they

started to itch.

When the rash progressed,

the student called Lancaster

Medical Practice to make an

appointment, and when they

revealed that they were at

university, the GP concluded it

to be scabies.

The GP said it

‘makes sense’

that it’s scabies,

given how

most students

live in shared


be that a house

or a flat, as the

disease is highly


One measure this student took

to improve their condition

was to wash all of their

bedding and clothes, as well

as hoovering their mattress

and deep cleaning their entire

room. This was advised on

the NHS website to prevent

reinfection, following the

student’s own initiative to look

into their condition, rather

than the information being

provided by the GP upon their


As Scabies is transferred

from contact with the skin,

this Lancs student reported

that ‘every single thing that

[they] had touched had to be


Although scabies is not usually

categorised as a serious

condition, it is still vital that it

is treated as soon as possible.

The treatment for scabies is

a prescribed lotion or cream,

accompanied by vigilance

regarding hygiene, and

refraining from sexual activity.

‘What the doctor

didn’t tell me

was that once

I’ve applied the

cream, I have

to isolate for 24


Further let down by the care

received, the student was open

with their housemates.

Despite the treatment taking

only 24 hours, the itching and

discomfort of the condition

can last for up to eight weeks,

which is unfortunately

what this Lancs student has

experienced. But this isn’t

new, not for this country, or

for the world.

According to The Metro, in

2019 Oxford University issued

a ‘close contact warning’

following a scabies outbreak,

and students on TikTok from

Holland to America, have

been sharing details of

their experience with the

former ‘poor mans disease.’

One British creator @

thinkmunch comments that

‘If I ever smell

scabies cream

again, I will just

peacefully pass


But still scabies doesn’t

receive the same

forewarning of freshers flu

and flat-cest.

Following their openness with

the university, the student

was hoping that the students’

union would do something.

The student encouraged the

university to provide some

form of information and

support for other students,

even if it was just an email.

‘A lot of people

will be too


to talk about

it, because

it is quite


But in order for people to look

after themselves, they need to

know the unpleasant details.

The best way to avoid catching

scabies is good hygiene. Wash

your sheets, clothes, and

towels regularly, as well as

keep your room, and common

rooms clean (not just a sweep

of crumbs on to the floor). Use

antibacterial wipes and spray,

as well as laundry detergent

and fabric softener.

If you believe you are

experiencing any symptoms of

scabies, such as itches, rashes,

dotted bumps under the skin,

and redness: distance yourself

from your flatmates and other

people until you have made a

GP appointment.

Call Lancaster

Medical Practice

on 01524 551 551

Image Credits: NHS.UK, Amelia Daniels and

Megan Hargreaves

LUSU’s “Supper Club”

Serves up Free Meals

for Students During

Cost of Living Crisis

Megan Hargreaves


Lancaster is its own little world, which

means if you’re new here, you aren’t going

to be as familiar with the language, so here

is your own personal Lancs Dictionary.

I knew that I should have left my flat earlier

almost as soon as I got outside. During the short

walk from my Furness College accommodation

to the Student Union Welcome Zone, I passed

scores of people tucking into trays of delicious

looking food. My worries were confirmed when

I arrived at the Welcome Zone and found people

literally queuing out of the door – yep, should

have come sooner.

We were all queuing for “Supper Club,” an event

run by LUSU that has occurred every Thursday

evening throughout the latter half of the first

term. During these events, students are provided

with a hot meal completely free of charge.

LUSU began hosting Supper Club in response to

the ongoing cost of living crisis – and with many

students feeling the strain of the rising prices

– it was comforting to know that this food was

available for free.

And it was delicious too! The week I attended

Supper Club, I was served up a generous portion

of chilli and nachos, with a variety of extra

toppings on offer. Members of the Student Union

were also present, handing out extra freebies

such as free drinks and sanitary products.

The atmosphere at Supper Club was cosy,

friendly, and warm – students tucked into their

meals, staff served up the food with a smile, and

familiar Christmas tunes played softly in the

background. It was a lovely reprieve from the

bitingly cold weather of the day.

I really hope that Supper Club is something that

is continued into the new year and beyond –

it’s clearly very popular, the food was delicious,

and the whole experience was very comforting.

I highly recommend that you check it out for

yourself. Though, try to get there early so you

don’t end up at the back of a long queue like me!

scan.lancastersu.co.uk SCANLU SCANLancaster


Jess Hasson


92% of students feel personally impacted

by the cost-of-living crisis

This cost-of-living crisis is hitting students

particularly hard. On top of the pressures

of student debt, accommodation costs,

and financial instability, many students

are struggling to afford the cost of their

heating, groceries, and transport.

In a survey conducted by SCAN, 92% of

Lancaster students feel that the cost-ofliving

crisis has affected them – a staggering

statistic that shows how devastating the

crisis has been.

Students contacted by SCAN have

explained that, even in freezing weather

conditions, they cannot afford heating. One

of them said:

“It was 2 [degrees] last

night but I can’t afford to

have the heating on.“

Another student commented on how the

cost of food has impacted their education,


“Sometimes I feel myself skipping

afternoons [or] mornings so I can eat at


One student also agreed that worries

around the cost of food is a problem,

explaining how the increase in cost has

affected their weekly shop.

“I’d managed to spend around £20 per

week on shopping. Last week

was nearly £50. I can’t afford


This extra stress impacts

students’ mental health,

as they have to deal with

the extra worry of whether

they’re going to be able to

afford the cost of their next

meal, or heating for the next

cold snap.

One third year student who

wishes to remain anonymous

told us:

‘‘In my first

year, due to

COVID, I was

barely spending

anything other

than groceries

and my bus fare

to work. Now everything

is back, and I can’t enjoy it

because my student loan

is less than last years, for

no reason.’’

With costs rising, landlords sending

constant email reminders about energy

consumption, and students feeling like

they’ve missed the years

they were told are the ‘best

of their lives.’ Going out

on a Friday seems like the

last thing to worry about,

when grocery prices are

increasing, and the best

way to stay warm is to

huddle up in the library.

For students living off

campus, you may notice

an increase in properties

excluding bills OR asking

for money more to cover

‘over-usage’ once contracts

have been signed and

you have moved in. It is

important to note that

the agency could likely be

basing this of monetary

usage, and not amount

of gas or electricity used.

So your financial cap may

have stayed the same, while

prices soar higher.

For those who feel that they are unable to

cope, Lancaster University are providing



How is the Cost of Living Crisis

Affecting Students?

The University are offering an Emergency

Funds Loan which students can access. It

covers the cost of necessities like food and

basic travel, and is a quick solution to an

emergency. Applications should be sent

directly to the Funding team.

There is also the Lancaster Opportunity and

Access Fund (LOAF) available to students

who are struggling with longer term

financial problems. This does not have to

be paid back and all students can apply. It

is designed to cover situations where costs

exceed your income for the academic year,

or in financial emergencies. This loan can

take up to three weeks to process, so the

Emergency Funds Loan is recommended if

you need immediate help.

Colleges offer emergency loans and

financial help, which you can get more

information about by contacting your

College Manager.

To find out more information about these

loans you can go to the emergency financial

support page on the online portal.

ASK have also created a new cost-of-living

support website, which can provide more

details about the support available.

To students who are struggling with costs

right now, remember you are not alone, and

help is available.

UCU Strikes and Potential Power Outages

Expected to Cause Disruption for Students

John Whittaker


Lancaster Students will face more

disruption this term after members

of the University and College Union

(UCU) voted to escalate strike action.

Potential power outages may also hit

in the coming term.

On 12th January, the UCU’s Higher

Education Committee agreed 18 days of

strike action in February and March this


Of the new wave of action, UCU general

secretary, Jo Grady, said on their website:

“University staff dedicate their lives to

higher education and they want to get

back to work, but that will only happen if

university vice-chancellors use the vast

wealth of the sector to address over a

decade of falling pay; rampant, insecure

employment practices; and devastating

pension cuts. The choice is theirs.”

The UCU strikes are part of an ongoing

dispute over pay and conditions, and

pension schemes. University staff up and

down the country walked out on three days

last November as they tried to increase the

pressure on their employers to come up

with an offer that the UCU find acceptable.

The University and College Union demand

at least a 12% pay increase, as well as an

end to gender, ethnic, and disability pay

gaps. The Union also demands a reversal of

the cuts to the University Superannuation

Scheme (USS), which has seen staff

pensions slashed by up to 35%.

On 11th January, the Universities and

Colleges Employers Association (UCEA)

made the UCU an offer of a 4% to 5% pay

rise, but this was firmly rejected by the


As part of their continued strike action,

members will also take part in a Marking

and Assessment Boycott proposed for

April. This will mean all end of year

summative assessments taking place in

April will go unmarked should the dispute

be unresolved.

Lancaster University student, Beth-Train

Brown, offered support for the latest wave

of action. “It’s ridiculous that university

employers think it’s okay to give staff a

measly 3% income rise in the middle of

an inflation peak currently at 11.2-11.8%.

And then, in response to proposed strikes,

to pathetically offer a 4-5% increase? It’s

insulting to our lecturers who have spent

decades bending over backwards for

Lancaster University.”

Other disruption Lancaster Students may

face this term is with potential power

outages. The head of the National Grid,

John Pettigrew, indicated late last year that

the UK may face blackouts between 4pm

and 7pm if Europe cuts gas exports.

Whilst the National Grid expects there will

be enough electricity and gas to get through

the winter, power outages remain a worstcase


As a precaution, Lancaster University

has asked all departments to ensure

coursework deadlines are not during midafternoon,

when the outages are most likely

to occur. Other contingency plans include

having a backup power supply so that key

areas of campus can remain operational.

The University have asked all students to

ensure that their contact details are upto-date

on the Student Portal so that they

can contact students in case of emergency.

Anyone who is suffering from anxiety as a

result of the potential outages can speak to

the University’s student wellbeing support


Image Credits: Amelia Daniels and Beth Train-Brown

6 N E W S

SCANLU SCANLancaster scan.lancastersu.co.uk

Meet The Forums

Amelia Daniels


There are currently five forums that are linked to your six LCOs, the exception

being Mature Students. Here’s a little bit about each forum and why you might

want to join them. It is free to join these groups, as they are run by the Student’s

Union. Therefore, all events, unless stated, require no financial cost on your part

to attend. All groups aim to offer a safe and welcoming environment to those who

need it.



This forum is for anyone, whether you are outwardly

LQBTQ+, or an ally wanting to support your queer

friends. You may have heard of their legendary quiz

nights, which can get quite intense when the results come

in. They hold regular coffee evenings where you can go to

socialise, work and relax in a friendly environment. This

month in particular, the forum will be hosting events to coincide with

LGBTQ+ History month. These events include movie nights, quizzes, and craft

sessions. Your officers connected to this society are Josh Newsham (he/him) and

Raen Nelson (any pronouns). Both are dedicated to improving your experience as

an LQBTQ+ student and allowing you to be yourself here at Lancaster.

SCAN Puzzles:










This forum offers a community to all REM students.

They work alongside other university groups to offer

opportunities to people of colour and teach others about

inclusion. Their Liberation Campaign Officer is Alvin Ngo (he/

him). He aims to tackle racism and discrimination across campus to make the

university a safer space for people of colour. He encourages witnesses or victims

of discrimination to get in contact, so that inclusivity, rather than hate, can

flourish. Currently, this forum is somewhat inactive. If you’re passionate about

making change and establishing communities, SCAN recommends contacting

your LCO to revitalise the REM Forum. Note, the forum and LCO position used to

be namd BAME, so some socials and material are still under the old name.

Thinking of joining a Forum? Find more information

on their socials or visit lancastersu.co.uk




This forum offers a cosy space every week to students. They host

games nights, crafting, wellbeing and support spaces. Event s take

place on the same day of the week, in the same space, so they become


regular part of your routine. Moving away from home can mean that

your primary care network changes, and that can be challenging alongside university

life. Cerys Evans (she/her) , your LCO has been working to improve accessibility across

campus, educational learning tools, and services so that there is support in place for

those that need it. For society exec members, the forum offers some great tools on how

to make your groups more accessible. They include information about your social media

and communications, to mental health and welfare support, and how you make people

aware of your accessibility.



Women’s + is open to women and non-binary students. They

host a diverse range of events from terrarium making, paint and

pass, and bingo. The group often team up with the university’s

martial arts societies to offer women’s self-defence classes.

Usually there’s a cost, but these sessions are a good way to teach

yourself a new skill, or have some fun in a friendly environment. Their

LCO, Hana Dodsworth (she/her) aims to “create a stronger community

for women+ students” and is keen to know what you want from her as an officer to make

the relationship between LCOs and their community more mutually beneficial. She says

‘let me know if there’s any more ways I can facilitate change’.




Moving away from home is hard, but moving across the world it can

be even harder. This forum offers drop-in sessions and quizzes for

international students looking to find a family away from home. It is

not always easy to adapt to a new culture or environment, but the forum

hopes to help you settle into your new life. The post as officer for this forum is currently

open, however previous officers have prioritised safety and inclusion for international

students. The forum put together an assortment of resources to help international

students acclimatise to Lancaster and university life, these cover anything from travel

documents you need, to how to make your day-to-day run smoothly.

scan.lancastersu.co.uk SCANLU SCANLancaster


C o m m e n t


Daniel Tham

Trying to Plan for the

Future when the Present

is Hard Enough

Daniel Tham and Amelia Daniels



As a new year begins, we look to the future,

which for many students means what lies

beyond university. The common response –

stress and anxiety.

University is often touted as the place for

those who either know exactly what they

want to do with their life, or those that

really don’t. It is an educational limbo which

gives you three years to make a decision

you still aren’t ready to face. But how easy

is it to think about the future when you

are burdened with final-year deadlines, a

dissertation, and the hopes of your parents

occupying your headspace and time?

Lancaster University’s homepage opens its

section on student life with the following;

Lancaster has so much to offer. On

our campus, in our city and in our

community, you’ll find your place,

whoever you are.

Lancaster offers plenty of opportunities to

for you to build up your CV, hone your

skills and achieve the academic

qualifications you desire.

And for those who know

what they want to do

next, this is great.

They will leave

Lancaster with

everything they

need to step


But even with

‘so much to

offer’, many

feel that their



limit them from

taking part in


activities that

require a regular

commitment, let alone

find the time to looking

ahead. This is especially

terrifying when in this final stretch,

where dissertations, deadlines and exams

take up all of your energy.

For those that don’t have future plans, it

feels difficult to know where to look for


That is not to say that university doesn’t offer

a good range of support and opportunities

for further education or employment. There

are jobs fairs, and the careers connect

service is always available to help you find

a job you might not have considered. But

this rarely solves the underlying problem:

the existential dread one faces when forced

to decide their future.

Life is not a game, or a story,

where there are finite options and


There’s jobs to look for, a panic masters to

consider, and the most difficult question of

all, do you move back in with your parents?

Of the many paths open to students, perhaps

the most obvious is to just keep studying.

At first glance, continuing from an

undergraduate to a masters degree seems

like a logical progression, but there are

some large caveats.

Primarily price. The average price of an

MA course is around £8,500, but can

jump to nearly £13,000!

This is no small sum, even after any

scholarships or student loans. Plus, you will

need to find accommodation and part-time

work to support yourself.

Things only become harder if you want

to seek financial support in a humanities

subject, anything from English to

Art. In the end some students

find that:

“I feel like I’m

saving up to just

avoid getting a


This doesn’t

even take

into account

the rates for



The next option

is perhaps most

daunting yet;

getting a job. It

takes students up

to 18 months to find

a job out of university.

And more often than not,

this is in a field unrelated to

their degree.

Just because you know everything about

Game Theory or Romanticism, doesn’t

mean you know anything when it comes to

the world of work, or the experience they

expect you to have in an entry level job.

How many times, even in retail, have you

heard you need experience in retail, just to

get experience in retail?

A range of degrees attempt to handle this

problem from 2nd year, offering lessons or

even whole modules on employability. But

how is a single course meant to cover all the

options available?

Biomedicine and Computer Science

students are asked to create LinkedIn

profiles. These help to build a network of

support, and bolster their online presence

to any potential employers. However,

LinkedIn seems like an awfully flimsy

lifeline to offer a student spending 3+ years

of their life on specialised training that will

prove useless in the vast majority of careers.

“It’s no good. It doesn’t help and wastes

my time.”

Internships and part-time job offers

hang tantalisingly as a way to both gain

experience and buy time to make decisions.

However, when compared to the rest of

your future, several months or even a year

as an intern can seem vanishingly short and


For many, stepping out

of the

world of academia



final movement i n t o

adulthood. It i s

something no amount

of advice can make


You must think

of how your

decisions will

impact your

family, your


and most



Perhaps the

most anyone

can offer is

a degree of


Many of us will

have to fight

for the future

we want.

No matter

how firm


plan may

seem there

is always

doubt in taking

the final step.


Credits: Will


How You Are

Planning For

The Future

Based On Your

Zodiac Sign

Ami Clement


Like every good magazine, we love a

horoscope. With your time being eaten up

more and more as we start Lent term, let’s

see how you are going tackle the next step

Aries Panic Masters

Hot-headed, you didn’t think you

needed a plan, but now it’s almost

graduation and that masters doesn’t

look too bad.

Taurus Coffee and a Browse

Keeping your head screwed on and

taking it easy with a latte, cake, and a

light browse.

Gemini Library All-Nighter

The duality of man, just because you

spend a lot of time doing it, doesn’t

mean it’s any good, get some sleep.

Cancer Blanket Cave

Cosy up in your PJ’s with a blanket, a

laptop, and a dream, you will figure it

out when you’re ready.

Leo No Plan, Just Vibes

Last minute is your middle name,

going with the flow and seeing where

the wind takes you. Good Luck.

Virgo Spreadsheet

Colour-coded and dated, every email,

application, and pros and cons list is

neatly tabbed, but it doesn’t make the

choice easier

Libra Email Frenzy

The websites only say so much and

you aren’t afraid to ask questions,

constantly. Day or night.

Scorpio Call in the Parents

Why have a back-up if you’re not

gonna use it? Mum and Dad will set

you straight.

Sagittarius Early Applications

You’ve been ready to spread your

wings since you got here, go get ‘em!

Capricorn Planned since 2016

The Leader, showing your freinds

what’s what since day one. You’re

ready for every interview, application,

and call.

Aquarius Night Out

Friends don’t have a deadline,

so a night at Sugar will set your

head straight and serve as a good


Pisces Plan with Friends

Get yourself a table, a meal deal and

your mates together. We are planning

the next step together or not at all.



How To Make The Most

Out Of Your


Amelia Daniels

long relationship

couples on the rocks of all the

took place alongside

It may have


reasons they dislike each other.

Valentine’s Day,

originally come

children would bring

from the martyrdom

Valentine’s Day is a con, love each other gifts.

of Valentine, but Instead of spending

is a lie, stop wasting your There would be teddy

over the years

money and focus on yourself!

money on overpriced

bears with big eyes

it has become

holding glittery hearts

commercialised to “seasonal” goods,

I’ve never had a normal exchanging hands like

guilt trip us into spend some time

Valentine’s Day and I can’t say I Pokémon cards. It was

either extravagant

have any interest in one. Every as if that stuffed toy

or lacklustre with the most

year I become more and more could express all the

performances of important person in

baffled by the bizarre tradition of love you couldn’t put


buying affection.

your life… yourself.

into words because you

were eight and you only

I don’t want

In primary school, if your week-

knew how it felt to love

chocolates or an

Even if you have a partner, or your

potato smileys.

expensive meal

friends want to do something, use

in an overpriced

the day to focus on you.

restaurant. I’d like

s o m e


but I’d take them on

any day of the week.

Is there even anything

Thankfully, I’ve never

had to experience this

level of embarrassment

and I hope I’m now past the

point where I ever could. If I ever

received a bear matching that

description, I know someone who

would be very willing to have it.

Personally, I think

Valentine’s Day is a big

business con to scam us

out of our hard-earned

cash in the name of

tradition and love.

particularly romantic

about this time of year?

February is a miserable

month. We’re all

waiting for the Spring

sunshine to melt our

frozen hearts, before

we suffocate in the

heat of summer. So,

I’m not surprised that

this holiday reminds

SCANLU SCANLancaster scan.lancastersu.co.uk

Have a day to reset, clear

your head and think

about how you are going

to love yourself better.

If you are looking to

do something, then I

suggest cooking yourself

a nice meal or getting

a takeaway (whichever

floats your one-person

canoe), then build

yourself a blanket fort

and watch a comfort

film. Two’s company,

but one is comfort.

Burning and Bleeding to be Beautiful

Ami Clement


As beauty and attraction trends

come and go, and medicine,

industry, and science advances,

the products on the market

advertised to make women match

up with the current trends have

gotten fiery.

This year, affordable drugstore

company Essence Cosmetics

released a plumping lip filler with

chilli extract, to make your lips

appear ‘visibly fuller’, mimicking

the effects of cosmetic surgery.

Named ‘What the Fake! Extreme’,

it costs only £3 at Wilkos.

Though the product description

details the item meets PETA

regulations and reacts with

the natural PH levels of your

lips, it also ‘ensures extra sharp

tingling on the lips’ to provide the

plumping effect.

The lip gloss itself is a lovely pink

shade, quite subtle, and has a

really nice shimmer to it, however,

I can’t say the whole experience

was a positive one.

Although the

description warns of

a tingling sensation,

I can comfortably

say that was

underplayed. It


From the moment the brush

touched my lips, and for an hour

later, my lips felt hot and irritated,

definitely plumper, as the product

intends, but the taste of chilli and

the stabbing pain in my lips lasted

a few hours after application.

The next beauty product

resembling a Victorian torture

device: the derma roller or, as it’s

commonly known, microneedling.

Needles have been used for health

purposes for centuries, dating

back to the holistic practices of

acupuncture and dry needling,

and the beauty industry has

caught on.

Though the

research and


circling the

benefits of


is vast and


reliable, the



we live in

means cheaper, and less effective

alternatives are hitting the


I purchased a plastic, wobbly,

derma roller from eBay for about

£2. As suggested online, not by the

item’s packaging, you should start

by using the tool only once a week

and increase to potentially three

times a week.

Following this advice, for about

two weeks I experienced irritation,

redness, bleeding, and scratches

across my face. Using google as

my aesthetician, I can’t report any

positive results, as advertised with

the more expensive, safe products.

As a grown woman, relatively

well versed in the beauty industry

and privy to their

tricks, I fear

how young girls

would react to

such products,

and how far they

would b e

willing to go to fit into the

influencers’ standard of beauty.

With price and quality dropping,

unhindered by age restrictions

or suitable safety warnings, how

far is the industry willing to go

to get a couple of quid from

impressionable teenagers?

As TikTok and Instagram reels

become more and more popular,

as more and more people post on

them, tutorial and how-to videos

show up in your feed much more

frequently. From DIY acryllic

nails, to waxing tips, although not

all of these videos are harmful, in

fact many are people genuinely

wanting to share their knowledge

and help with the world. This just

means, that as well as seeing all

the safe and useful videos, kids

and teens alike are also seeing the

extreme side of the scale too. And

what’s worse is that the health

and beauty industry are using that

to turn a proffit.

If lip plumping and facials is

something that intrests you,

and something that makes you

feel good about yourself, then


Do what makes you


BUT, research what you are using

or planning on doing, because

heaven knows those who sell

it to you, won’t tell you how it

really is.


and Original

Ideas on How

to Spend your


Day in 2023

Amelia Daniels



This list involves activities

that you could do solo, with

a partner, or with a group of

friends, it is entirely up to you.

You don’t even have to do

them around Valentine’s Day,

but Term Two is a big one, it’s

your last bit of time before

exams start in Term Three

so it is the perfect time to be

making some time to take

care of yourself.

Lancaster Walks

The weather may be

temperamental, but even if

it is raining, I encourage you

to go for a walk. It’s great

for your metal health, when

you’re feeling stuck with work.

The blisters aren’t great, but

wear comfortable shoes, not

your pristine new Nikes. Take

yourself for a walk, make it

somewhere you haven’t been

before, 30 minutes is plenty

and it will make you feel


£2 Single

You can get to Preston for £2

on the bus until March 31st.

I would highly recommend

taking advantage of the £2

single bus tickets and going

somewhere for a cheap

adventure, or just for a change

of scenery. Pack a sandwich

and a water bottle, or a trusty

meal deal and take a break

from Lancaster.

Bedroom Picnic

Bedroom picnics are great.

You don’t have to lug a massive

basket of food all the way up to

the monument at Williamson

Park. Lay your blanket on the

floor, pick out a cheesy Julia

Roberts film, and enjoy some

finger food in the comfort of

your own space. Or grab a

Sultans, and watch the footy,

whatever floats your boat.


Something New

Even if you don’t think you

can cook, trying to is always

a memorable experience.

Challenge your housemates

to a bake-off style competition

and see what chaos you can

create in 90 minutes. Even if

it doesn’t taste good, the fire

alarm will be cheering you on,

and besides, everyone knows

brownie batter tastes better

than the cake itself.

Boxing Day

Sales, Making

Retail Staff


Ami Clement


Despite many major UK retailers closing

on Boxing Day to ‘give staff a break’, the

post-Christmas and New Year sales rush

still forces minimum wage workers to

slave away over discounted products.

During the pandemic, supermarket and

retail workers were praised as essential

staff, branded key workers, and in 2020,

some stores made the decision to close

for Boxing Day to allow staff a well-earned


However, what many customers won’t

understand is the amount of preparation

and work that goes into meeting the

demand of Boxing Day sales. From hours

spent covering the checkouts or restocking

shelves as they run empty, to changing the

entire layout of a shop before reverting

it back to regular format, and manually

reducing deranged items, it is a gruelling


Conflict and rudeness are expected in any

service industry, but following a financial

crisis, coming out of the biggest national

holiday which places stress on many

professions at Christmastime, retail staff

face the brunt of it all. With long and busy

shifts, the weeks leading up to Christmas

are marked with the same sort of conflict,

if not worse. The bare minimum given to

retail workers would be Christmas off.

With most big stores no longer offering

bank holiday pay, Christmas rates, or

offering bonuses in the form of store

vouchers, the Christmas rush stretches

far past the 25th, and for what purpose?

To buy lazy gift sets to store for birthdays

all year round, or to save a few quid on

already overpriced biscuit tins?

Even though many recieved Boxing Day

as an unpaid day-off, the January sales

and changeover earn more than just the

one day off. I can guarantee we wouldn’t

decline a raise either.


scan.lancastersu.co.uk SCANLU SCANLancaster


Government Scheme to Tackle

Obesity Causing More Harm

Than Good?

Ami Clement

the menu, only a 4% decrease in the number


of calories per order was observed, showing

that this method is largely ineffective

proving that ‘labels do not have the desired

Following the government implementing effect in reducing total calories ordered’

a rule that all restaurants and food chains, according to the Journal of Community

with more than 250 members of staff, Health.

must display calorie information on their

menu, many are questioning whether this is

affects me, and will either order for me, or

not let me see at all’

actually helping the UK’s obesity crisis.

According to an NHS health survey, two

thirds of adults in the UK are obese or

overweight, the Department of Health and

Social Care decided that from April 6th,

2022, calories would have to be included on


For some chains like Wetherspoons and

McDonalds, customers wouldn’t

notice a change, and for

many other corporations,

nutritional information

is available on

websites and

the store apps.

H o w e v e r ,

now on the


website you

can sort menu

items by


However, an

estimated 1.25

million Brits

suffer with an

eating disorder,

and the inclusion

of calories on every

standard menu for

restaurant chains only

promotes restrictive or

avoidant behaviour when it

comes to food. With the highest rates

amongst under twenty five’s, making

students the most susceptible.

With little evidence that

the disclosure of calories

on menus will provide

improvement of the

population’s diet, a strong

argument is made that this

change is doing far more

harm than it is good.

In America, after the inclusion of calories on

Following this change, one third year

student who wishes to remain anonymous

got in touch with us to share their


‘I was diagnosed with an eating disorder

two years ago but was definitely engaging

in those sorts of behaviours for years prior

to that.

Now that they have added

calories to the menu,

I have been so

anxious to go

out to places

with my


I find it hard to

sit and explain

why this is so

difficult for

me, especially

when there are

new people or

people I don’t

know so well

coming with us’

The increase

in anxiety and


surrounding this

implementation has affected

thousands across the country.

Now faced with the numbers on every

visit to Nando’s or KFC, many people will

either opt for the choice which is the least

calorific, or neglect ordering anything at all.

‘Looking at the numbers

on the menu is sometimes

unbearable, I can

have panic attacks, or

meltdowns, or spiral and

then not eat for a day


‘I’m lucky I have some people

close to me that know how this

Calories have been criticised in recent

media for not portraying a balanced

diet accurately. A calorie is a unit used

to measure energy, and that is the same

despite what food it comes from, the greater

your intake, the more you should burn off

with exercise.

The average recommended intake for an

adult to function in a day is 2000 calories,

but these numbers don’t tell you what sort

of foods will keep you full or will nourish


‘I used to log every single

thing I ate into my fitness

app, I would weigh out all

my food, replace meals

with coffee or water, and

I still never buy the ‘full

fat’ version of anything.

I’m recovering, but I’m not


The waiting list, as with most

NHS and free charity

services, for eating

disorder support, is

long, with budget cuts

and understaffing



the wait time.

Turning to

friends, family,

and university


for help, one

student told us

what they are

doing to aid their


‘I almost exclusively

go to independent

places now, and I don’t

mean all swanky healthy

places, but the kebab shops,

or small café bars and coffee shops. They

tend to be nice anyway, and often cheaper

too if you know where to go. It’s just easier

for me to avoid the stress of it all’

Another flaw in this approach, as

highlighted by MasterChef Winner Simon

Wood is that restaurants and chains have

to ‘adapt [their] menu on the fly’ therefore

the nutritional information would need

‘rewritten every day’ to keep up with

emergencies or changes in suppliers.

Following the increase in groceries in lieu

of the cost-of-living crisis, restaurants

are searching for new suppliers that can

provide quality goods, at an affordable

price, therefore there will be less fixed deals

with trading, as owners try and find the best


Almost a year after the change was

implemented, those suffering with

disordered eating are finding ways to adapt,

while little to no improvement in terms

of obesity rates have been recorded and

publicised by the government.

It is clear following this nationwide change,

that more harm is being done than good,

specifically for those battling eating

disorders, many of which are in the

student population.

For further support with

an eating disorder you

can contact your GP or

visit www.



Image Credits: Ami Clement,

Harry Clement and Amelia




SCANLU SCANLancaster scan.lancastersu.co.uk

The Value of Veganuary

Emilie Jarrett


As January begins, why not

consider choosing veganism for

the month?

Veganuary is a non-profit British

charity motivating people to

become vegan for the entire month

of January each year.

Being vegan involves not

consuming any animal products.

This includes the obvious, such as

meat and dairy, to the less obvious,

such as honey or purchasing

leather products.

Many see veganism as a mammoth

task, however, for those looking

to widen their plant-based food

horizons, Veganuary could be a

perfect trial run.

There are a multitude of benefits to

veganism, and after speaking with

some of Lancaster’s students, they

shared their own reasons for being


For many, becoming vegan is

an ethical decision surrounding

the treatment of animals during

the processes of transportation

and slaughter. The traumatising

breeding practices and upbringing

animals go through due to the

demand of the meat and dairy

industry is also heavily criticised.

One vegan lancs student told SCAN

their reason for going vegan.

“I’m vegan for animal

welfare, I have yet

to be provided a

good argument that I

shouldn’t be vegan”

For others, the environment

and health are big factors

for choosing veganism.

Unsustainable cattle

ranching has gained

notable attraction

in the media in

recent years. 80%

of deforestation

in the Amazon

Rainforest is

to create land

for cattle to

graze and this is

responsible for

3.4% of all global

emissions (wwf.


Students also shared

their opinions on

Veganuary as a trend…

“It’s a good method of

spreading veganism…

But I fear that people

may do it and feel

they’ve done their bit”

Some argue that there could be a

risk of ‘making up’ for the lack of

meat in January by subconsciously,

or intentionally, eating more

meat throughout the rest of the

year. However, hopefully the

habits made during Veganuary

stick around through the rest

of the year, ultimately lowering

our consumption of

animal products.

The aim of


isn’t to



someone to a full

vegan, but to introduce new

food practices into our lives that we

may adopt after Veganuary ends.

“I love that it

encourages people

to try out this lifestyle…

hopefully makes them

see the benefits and

moral side”

Whilst some may criticise veganism

as a loss of protein and nutrients,

there are many plant-based foods

equally packed, that can be eaten

alone or incorporated into your

favourite meals:

Meat substitutes, including tofu

and Quorn, often have a lot of

protein For anyone less interested

in replicating meat, beans and

pulses, such as tins of chickpeas or

a bag of lentils, are great substitutes

and can be much cheaper than


However, it also worth noting that

in January, many supermarkets

including Aldi, Sainsbury’s, and

Asda, do promotions on Vegan meat

and dairy substitutes, meals, and

condiments. With supermarketown

brands, as well as big names

such as Heinz, Richmond, and

Linda McCartney.

Image Credits: Megan Bousfield

Your Vegan


Emilie Jarrett


So, as January rolls around,

here are some great vegan

restaurants and takeaways in

Lancaster to get you started

for Veganuary:

- KFC vegan burger

- Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll

- Dominos Chick-Ain’t

- McDonalds McPlant

- Bob and Berts

- Starbucks Plant Based Wrap

- Costa Vegan Me’tball Wrap

- Holm

- Go Burrito

- Juicafe Soup

- The Whail Tail (LA1 1XN)

- The Herbarium (LA1 1NQ)

- Pure Vegan (LA1 1XU)

Seasonal Depression and How it

affects students in Lancaster

Maria Hill


For 2 million people living in the UK, the

season of scarfs and hot chocolate is not

as cosy as it sounds. These are people

who suffer from Seasonal Depression, but

what is it and how does it affect students at

Lancaster University?

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is ‘a

type of depression that comes and goes in

a seasonal pattern’, according to the NHS.

Anyone can experience SAD, although SAD

is four times more likely to occur in women.

Location, age, and family history also factor

into the likelihood of developing it. A recent

pilot study has suggested that vegetarianism

may also influence SAD.

It’s possible to experience SAD during any

season, although it’s most often referred to

as “winter depression” when the symptoms

are most commonly felt due to different

reasons from a change in the body clock to

production of melatonin.

How it’s affecting Lancaster students

I interviewed several Lancaster University

students who suffer from SAD. They wish

to remain anonymous. There are trigger

warnings for self-harm, suicidal thoughts,

eating disorders, and substance abuse.

A common occurrence in those with SAD is

exhaustion. A psychology student said that

seasonal depression makes it ‘impossible

to fall asleep before even 5am, obliterating

any chance of making it to my earlier

classes’. Another student confessed that ‘the

exhaustion makes it so hard to find joy in


SAD makes it hard for these students to

look after themselves with one interviewee


‘Things I know I’m supposed

to do for my health and

well-being just becomes a


Three other students explained how SAD

massively affecting their eating habits. ‘I

didn’t eat for three days because it hurt to

think about the activity of eating or trying to

achieve it.”

Substance abuse is another unhealthy

mechanism that a male student disclosed

turning to. ‘I use weed a lot more in the

winter and since being at uni I haven’t spent

a single night sober […] I don’t find joy in

anything when I’m sober.’

Studies have found that stress can heighten

symptoms of SAD, and with deadlines

looming, symptoms in students heighten.

‘I go on autopilot mode just

to get through my day so I

can finish assignments and

attend classes,’

a second-year student stated, ‘But when I

come off autopilot, I often feel so low that

I turn to minor forms of self-harm and

suicidal idealisation.’

Support given by the University

Mental Health support team

What is the University Mental Health support

system doing to help students suffering from

SAD and other mental illnesses?

After nearly getting expelled due to mentalhealth-related

drinking, a student was

‘threatened with expulsion unless [he]

went to counselling’, a third year student


Two female students were given insufficient

support when telling the University that

they didn’t have immediate plans to take

their own lives. This happened at the start of

term one in 2021. Both had to send multiple

follow up emails and received only a few

counselling sessions at the end of the last


One of these students states ‘they pretty

much said that I was too much to deal with

[…] I had two counselling appointments


Small ways to help someone in need

It’s not your job, and quite frankly it’s

impossible, to try and ‘fix’ someone you love

who is depressed. However you can take

comfort in the knowledge that letting them

know that you’re there for them and they are

loved can soothe. Lend a listening ear, offer

to make them a cup of tea, and don’t make

them feel guilty if they leave some washing


Not being judgemental towards those who

are already judging themselves is important.

‘It’s my mental health and I’m not stupid or

lazy. I’m trying as hard as I can,” said one


Not degrading their suffering is important,

too. ‘Depression does no equal sadness

[…] I wish there wasn’t a glamorisation of


Some ways to ease the affects of seasonal

depression are investing in a UV lamp,

taking vitamin D tablets, and exercising

regularly. Curving sugar cravings and eating

fruit and veg has also been proven to help.

The students I interviewed suggest trying to

keep to a regular schedule, making time for

hobbies and friends, and watching comfort

shows mollifies them somewhat.

‘Scheduling things with people really helps,’

said a second year student, ‘it gives you

something to look forward to and get excited

about […] finding a good balance between

socialising and alone time is also really vital


I hope winter is being kind to everyone. If

you are struggling and need some support,

some contact details are:

Samaritans 0330 094 5717

Mind 0300 123 3393

CALM 0800 58 58 58

Text SHOUT to 85258

scan.lancastersu.co.uk SCANLU SCANLancaster


Arts & Culture


Jess Hasson

& Caitlyn Taft

The Origins of Chinese New Year

and How to Celebrate

Caitlyn Taft


From January 22nd to February 5th, Lancaster city

centre will be filled with amazing events and parades

showcasing Chinese culture to celebrate the new

year. Alongside this are celebrations that students

can do to embrace the Lunar New Year.

The Origin of Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year, also called Lunar New Year, is an annual

15-day festival which begins with the new moon. This year, it

falls on January 22nd. This marks the transition of the Year

of the Rabbit, as the Lunar calendar follows the Chinese

zodiac signs. The 12 animal signs are Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit,

Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig.

Chinese New Year is important as it brings Chinese

communities together and is routed in legend. One such

myth states that, thousands of years ago, a monster named

Nian (“Year”) would attack villagers at the beginning of

the new year. This monster was afraid of bright colours,

especially the colour red, and loud noises. These became a

vital part of Chinese New Year celebrations.

The celebration was also created for farmers and workers so

they could have a rest after a year of labour. It’s important

for the families as they’re able to reunite together through

various celebrations over the course of the festival.

From the 23rd to the 29th of the 12th lunar month, the

house is cleaned to symbolise a fresh new start, and on New

Years Eve the homes are decorated and a reunion dinner is

held. Red envelopes symbolising good luck and good health

are given out at the dinner.

On the last day of the festival, the 5th of February, there’ll

be a Chinese Lantern Festival marking the end of the Spring

Festival. The lanterns symbolise people letting go of the past

year, in order to welcome good fortune into the new year.

Lighting the lanterns also represents the hope of a bright

future. After the festival, all Chinese New Year taboos

(for example, saying certain taboo words like death, pain,

sickness, etc, and avoiding breaking things as they can bring

bad luck) are no longer in effect, whilst people take down all

the New Year decorations. You may also see red, gold, and

rabbit themed decorations in some business windows as

you walk through the highstreet.

1. What are you

choosing for Brekkie

I’m making something

warm and filling to keep

me fuelled for the day

Maybe some cereal,

or toast, or leftovers,

whatever I fancy

I’ll use up whatever’s in,

waste not want not

How can Lancaster students

celebrate it?

Create your own decorations

Duì lián (also known as chun lián or rhyming couplets)

are poetry couplets where two lines contrast each other.

These are pasted on both sides of the front door and a fourcharacter

horizontal scroll above the doorframe.

These lines contain complimentary words about good

festivity and fortune to your home, or university flat, in the

coming year. All you will need is red paper, black paint, a

paint brush, and a saying related to the festivity.

Make homemade dumplings (jiaozi) for your


If you want to show off your cooking skills

to your housemates, make homemade

dumplings using an online recipe. If you can’t

cook, you can buy them from the Oriental

Food Supermarket on Common Garden

Street, and the brand new Taste The Orient

supermarket on Penny Street.

Get involved in societies

celebrating the Lunar New Year

Keep an eye out for any societies that will

be hosting Chinese New Year socials. Some

societies that are involved in Chinese culture

are Chinese Christian Fellowship, Chinese

Students and Scholars Associations (CSSA),

Karate, and Wing Chun. Or, if you are a societies

exec member, why not plan a social for you and

your members!

Call your family or spend a night-in

with your closest friends

The core of the celebrations are to spend time with

your loved ones, although some of us are miles

away from home and can’t spend time with family

in person. You could call your family and update

them on your busy university life or arrange a

night-in with your friends as family isn’t always

blood related. So gather the flat, and have an

evening together amongst all the business that is to

follow this term.

2. What is top of your

To-Do list

Which Lent term

Festival Are You?

I need to clean! The

kitchen, my room, the

bathoom- everywhere

I’ve got a creative project

I’ve been working on

Probably some work, and

maybe an all-nighter

Mostly A’s -

Chinese New Year

Start the new year right by

spending your time working on


3. What’s your go-to

coffee order

I always like to try

something new

A fancy flavoured coffee

with whipped cream

A flat white, keep it




in Lancaster

From traditional

street food to feast on

to a parade showcasing

traditional lion and dragon

dances, there will be events that


Chinese culture throughout Lancaster city centre.

There’ll be a massive variety show in Lancaster Grand on

Thursday 26th January at 7pm. The performances will

showcase Chinese dancing, puppet performances, Kung Fu,

and Chinese musical instruments. Prices ranging from £10

for adults to £8 for students and only £5 for children. They’re

available on the Lancaster Grand website.

Mostly B’s -

Valentine’s Day

You’re heart is bigger than your

head, you little romantic

The festival is hosted by POPBER, two

Lancaster University graduates, Percy and

Josh. They share a goal of helping the

Lancaster community develop and grow.

After organising the Year of the Tiger

festival in 2022, they were greeted with

overwhelming enthusiasm from the

Lancaster community. This has allowed

them to organise the festival for this year.

The festival and the variety show have

been adored by the Lancaster community,

so be sure to take a walk into the city

centre or buy a ticket to see traditional

Chinese performances.

Market Square will be the scene of an

afternoon of martial arts, traditional

dance, music and magic by

professional performers and local

schoolchildren. There will also be

a market with a variety of Chinesethemed

stalls selling food, drink

and other gifts. With a free

photo booth to create your

own souvenir of the day, and

a Fai Chun writing workshop,

Lunar New Year only comes

around once a year, so be sure

not to miss out.

Image Credit: LOVE Lancaster BID on


4. Weekend


I want to be productive,

work, chores, or


Spending it with my

people or special person

Lazing in bed with Netflix,

snacks, and my pyjamaas

Mostly C’s -

Pancake Day

Get comfy and fill your tummy,

whaen else can you eat pancakes

for every meal?


A R T S & C U L T U R E

BolSoc: Bonding

Over Bolognese

Hannah Cochrane


One of Lancaster’s brand-new societies,

BolSoc, is all about bolognese and

students’ shared love of it. Not only is

bolognese a fairly cheap meal to make,

fitting in perfectly with the student budget,

but it is also a simple comfort meal.

What brought BolSoc together was as

simple as the love of bolognese, after two

of the founders struggled to find a society

they both wanted to join. While this is a

self-proclaimed ‘unconventional society’,

BolSoc is all about having fun and enjoying

bolognese – and they have many events

planned to do just


‘Getting lost in the sauce.


The ongoing BolCup 2022 involves students

submitting pictures of their bolognese and

other students voting on it – the first of

many social events to come.

The final vote will be held this term and

the society will host a social to reveal

the winners and hand out other awards.

BolSoc is also planning a mix of both sober

and drinking future socials, as they aim to

accommodate everyone. One social event

they have in mind is holding ‘eat and meets’,

secretary Charlie’s idea, where members

and newcomers alike eat bolognese and get

to know one another.

As many students are aware, the cost of

living crisis is impacting student meals,

with students sometimes having to choose

between bus travel and lunch. However,

BolSoc aims to ease this strain through

cost-effective bolognese recipes that they

will be releasing via their Instagram @

lubolsoc with impressive graphic design

and fun theming.

Editing their logo and the Bol Cup banner

on to the screen at Alexandra square, on to

football shirts, and jars of bolognese sauce,

LU bolsoc have one of the most impressive

social media accounts in terms of design.

‘The best dish to unite

students: bolognese’

In the wider community, BolSoc also wants

to raise money for local food banks and hold

food drives to help those in need. Avoiding

food waste is also on BolSoc’s radar, as

they released a pumpkin bolognese recipe

around Halloween, encouraging students

to use ingredients from leftover pumpkins

to create a seasonal bol. Using up leftovers

is a brilliant way to live more sustainably,

and to save some pennies.

Another fantastic feature of bolognese

is it stores, refrigirates and freezes well.

Meaning any leftovers can be reheated

for another day’s dinner. Bolognese ready

meals are also on the cheaper side of the

scale, with Aldi and Iceland selling their

own branded meal at £1 or sometimes less,

proving it to be very affordable too.

Currently, there’s no joining fee for BolSoc,

unlike most societies, as they are currently

unofficial. You can join the society through

a short Google Form which can be found

on the society’s Instagram page.

Here’s the Soup Scoop:

Meet SoupSoc

Lexi Joyce


I’ve taken my love of soup to inspire me

to ask the exec over at the non-affiliated

SoupSoc about the function and aspirations

of their society. They’re focused on

donating to Morecombe food bank during

the difficult times of the cost-of-living

crisis- this new society has warming values

at heart and it’s important to share their

agenda with fellow students.

Erin (president) and Jess (Vice President)

have shared their story with me. So, grab a

spoon and let’s dive in together. We firstly

spoke on the humble origins of SoupSoc, in

which their exec bonded over a fondness of

soup, enjoying sharing recipes as a group.

Keen on sharing cheap, easy, and nutritious

recipes to help their peers during this tough

time- but why soup?

“Soup is incredibly easy

to customise with very

minimal prep/cooking”

They hope to inspire students to cook

or collect an easy, warming meal to help

relieve the stress of cooking to lighten the


SoupSoc have just celebrated their onemonth

anniversary and their ambitions

run high. This society is hugely versatile,

recently hosting a social with the theme of

“dress as your favourite soup” which saw

a handful of students spreading the soup

love throughout the city.

Their future socials are exciting as they

aim to create a “franken-soup” helping to

reduce food waste and use up that old veg

at the back of the fridge. They are also keen

to collaborate with Edible Campus to keep

their ingredients homegrown.

These incredible efforts have been

contributed to keeping our campus green

and their aims to “work more directly

with the Students Union on their free food

events” will provide our campus with relief

from tight budgets and full bellies.

Whether you’re Veggie, Vegan, or an

Omnivore, SoupSoc cater to all, with two

options of homemade soup every week.

The cost-of-living crisis is hitting us

hard, and SoupSoc want to help with the

“profound impact on diet and heath, and

even not having time to cook nutritiously”.

Their donations to food bank collections

can provide Lancaster with the chance

to overcome these difficulties. Whilst

SoupSoc started small with two flatmates,

their support is constantly growing. So,

keep an eye out for their next soup drives

and online recipes. I’ve been given the top

secret to a good soup to share:

“The key to a good soup

is in the stock! A delicious

stock can improve even

the worst soups”

I strongly encourage

looking out for what

SoupSoc have to offer on

their Instagram

@lusoupsoc and

getting involved in

spreading some soupful

love during these

cold times.

Image Credits: Erin


SCANLU SCANLancaster scan.lancastersu.co.uk

Image Credits: @lancsyuckorfuck

@lubolsoc via Instagram

Food Socieites

On Campus

Maria Hill


Going against the stereotype of students

living solely off of pot noodles and frozen

chips, Lancaster University is home to a

wide range of food societies. Amongst

these, three stand out amongst the

plethora of foodies on campus.

Lancaster University

Baking Society


The most popular food society at Lancaster

University is the Baking Society with 1,147

followers on their Instagram. They bake

every Sunday from 10.30am – 3pm in Fylde

Common Room.

Alongside these baking sessions, the

society arranges a host of events such as

cross-college baking competitions, cooking

tutorials, and general outings. “We bake a

range of sweet and savory treats, try out

new cafes around Lancaster, watch Great

British Bakeoff together, and have lots of

relaxed socials!” the society states.

Lancaster Vegetarian and

Vegan Society


The Vegetarian Society is open to everyone

from vegans to veggies. Even if you’re not a

practicing vegetarian but are curious, you

can join.

A multitude of events are run by the society

including weekly potlucks where members

bring and share food and they have

outings to vegetarian-friendly restaurants.

Alongside this, they sometimes have guest

speakers and film and documentary nights.

Their Union profile highlights their aim

to connect and educate. ‘Our purpose

is to give veggies and non-veggies alike

opportunities to socialize, eat good food,

have a great time, and sometimes even

learn new skills from cooking-demos to


Lancaster Real Ale and

Cider Society


Okay I know, it isn’t food, but you need

something to wash down all these carbs

with, right? Every Tuesday the Real Ale

and Cider Society visit a different pub or

bar in town as a social, but also as a way to

get to know one another, and express their

love for a drink. From Lancaster Brewery,

to the ‘old-man’ likes of Jailors Barrell, with

the occasional campus bar visit, you won’t

get bored here!

To change things up a bit, and to get out

of our little corner of Lancashire they

also run trips to other cities and town.

Recently they have explored Manchester

and Kendal, with plans to run more trips

this term.

scan.lancastersu.co.uk SCANLU SCANLancaster


Ethica – Why You Should

Write for Lancaster’s


Philosophy Journal

Megan Hargreaves


Ethica is Lancaster

University’s Undergraduate

Philosophy Journal, created

and run entirely by students.

We are currently looking for

budding student writers to

submit their work! Our latest

submissions period will begin

December 1st 2022, and

remain open until February

1st 2023, so there’s still

plenty of time to apply. Ethica

consists of our journal and

our blog, and students are

welcome to submit to either.

Why should students

write for Ethica?

Being a published author in

an undergraduate philosophy

journal carries a lot of academic

prestige, meaning it impressive

to put on your CV!

Not only that, but no matter

your submission status, the

Editors at Ethica provide each

author with detailed feedback

— therefore, submitting a

piece of work is a great way to

improve your writing! Writing

a philosophical paper or review

is a brilliant way of exploring

a topic you are fascinated by,

without being constrained by

the formulaic requirements of

school or university.

What type of writing

can students submit for


Students can either submit

something towards to the

journal or the blog.

We accept two forms of

submission for the journal:

Papers- The purpose of these

submissions is to make an

argument. Strong papers

will demonstrate clarity,

accuracy of thought

and intellectual


Exceptional papers

will display a grasp of the

literature and be able to situate

themselves within it.

Reviews: Reviews are a

summary of a particular

philosophical work, followed

by a description of what

contribution it made towards

the field (if any). The aim of a

review is to enable readers to

decide whether to read a piece

of work (and if they do read it,

how to get the most out of it).

We also accept two forms of

submission for the blog:

Evergreen content – this could

be anything from study tips,

degree related pieces, book/

media recommendations, etc.

Philosophical posts – this

could be anything from a short

philosophical book/paper

review, an introduction

to a philosophical

idea or


that you


interesting, a

brief discussion

on a fascinating

philosophical concept

or area, etc.

For more detail on submissions

visit our website at


What topics can students

write about?

As long as the submission

has a philosophical focus,

you can submit a piece of

work on any topic you find

interesting. These topics could

include but are not limited to:

philosophy of logic, philosophy

of maths, philosophy of mind,

epistemology, philosophy of

language, and metaphysics.

What kind of feedback

can you get on your


All our editors have undergone

training in order to give

constructive, detailed feedback

to our authors. The feedback

will be transferable to any

academic essays you will write

in the future so it is a very

useful process to undergo. It

will also provide specific details

on how to improve the essay

or review you have submitted

and hopefully will resubmit for


What upcoming projects

are you working on that

you are excited about?

/ What can we look

forward to in the future?

We have recently established

the Ethica blog (ethicajournal.

com/blog), an engaging and

accessible addition to the

academic journal founded last

year. We are currently working

on getting as much interesting

and useful content out there as

we possibly can! We have also

recently discussed releasing

special editions of the journal

at the end of the academic year

and holding conferences for

authors to speak at. Those are

definitely things to look forward


If you have any more questions

about Ethica, you can visit our

website at ethicajournal.com,

or feel free to send us an email

at ethicajournal@gmail.com

A R T S & C U L T U R E

LUDanS Presents “ICONS”: Their Biggest Show Yet

Caitlyn Taft

and some dances that are exclusive to


the show.

To mark the start of 2023, Lancaster

University Dance Society, more

commonly known as LUDanS, will

be presenting a show based on the

theme “ICONS”.

The show’s coordinator, Eleanor

McFarlane, revealed that “you’ll hear

plenty of iconic music including songs by

Harry Styles, Beyonce, and even Vivaldi!”

Along with this, she has announced that

“this will be [their] biggest show yet, with

over 100 dancers involved!”

There will be various dances from their

competition teams, performance squad,

The society is raising money for two

charities: SEED Eating Disorder Support

Service and Mind. As a £1 donation from

each ticket will go towards their chosen

charities. LUDanS has previously raised

money for the two charities, with their

12-hour dance-a-thon that happened on

5th November.

There will be three performances,

located in the Nuffield Theatre in the

Great Hall Complex, across the two


Friday 17th February at 7pm (doors

will be open at 6:30pm).

Saturday 18th February at 1:30pm

(doors open at 1pm) and 6:30pm (doors

open at 6pm)

“All the dancers are working

so, so hard and I can’t wait

to see it come to life on


Eleanor says. If you want to support

Lancaster talented dancers and help them

raise money for two important causes,

tickets are £6 and are available on the

Student Union website.

Follow @ludansuk to see their progress!

SCAN Puzzles:




































Image Credits: LU Dance Society and Crawford



scan.lancastersu.co.uk SCANLU SCANLancaster


M u s i c


Will Doe &

Megan Hargeaves

Unbearable or

Beautiful? An Insight

Into The Earthshaking

World of Harsh Noise

Will Doe


Expanding your music taste is a

slow process. Genres take time to

be understood and make sense to a

listener-a bit like a rather pretentious

piece of modern art. I’ve experienced

this myself- in the past I could

appreciate experimental music, but I

kept it at arms reach as it sounded too

off-kilter to fully enjoy.

Nowadays, I can listen to the likes of

JPEGMAFIA, Death Grips, and SOPHIE

like it’s bubblegum pop music. Despite the

chaos these artists inject into their sound,

there’s always an element of familiarity

that allows me to indulge in the

energy of what they create.

But there’s one genre that I

have not dared to engage

with. I’ve dipped my toe

in the water from time to

time, but this isn’t water,

this is like a large vat

of acid that somehow

also has piranhas in


If you haven’t heard

of the harsh noise

genre I don’t blame

you. It is one of the

most niche chasms

of music that is

rarely talked about

in the mainstream. To

summarise the sound

of the harsh noise

genre, think about why

it’s called ‘noise’.

Many artists in

the field ignore the

rules of rhythm, beat,

melody, or anything

that defines the notion of

music, instead they create

a wall of distorted sound

which takes abrasiveness

and mutilates it into

something much more


The genre’s origins firstly came from the

Italian futurist movement in the 1910s

(major fascists, I know, but created some

cool stuff). Luigi Russolo saw noise as a

replacement to melody, which he found to

be confining, he created a number of noisegenerating

devices called “intonarumori”

and assembled a noise orchestra to

perform with them. ‘Noise’ music would

then be experimented with in the art world

by the likes of John Cage and the Bauhaus

movement over the earlier parts of the 20th


The rudiments of harsh noise were also

used on tracks by The Beatles, Suicide, and,

The Velvet Underground, labelled by many

as ‘noise rock’.

Harsh noise is widely agreed to have been

developed in Japan during the 1980s, and it

continues to be the hub of the genre to this

day. The most famous artists of the genre;

Merzbow, Masonna, Government Alpha,

all sprouted from the Japanese movement.

These are the artists that closest represent

harsh noise in its purest form.

The wall of


screams and

chaos is something

I can appreciate,

but my ears continue to


I can’t say I react positively to all the sounds,

but my interest has certainly not waned.

I wanted to understand the fan base- to

understand how people can listen to full

albums of harsh noise and not fall into

insanity. So, I took to the music community

of instagram and asked for fans of the genre

to discuss and explain their enjoyment of it.

Many agree that harsh noise is

something that’s impossible to

just jump into, it takes hours of

listening to acclimatise to the

hellish sounds. I had multiple

fans explaining to me how

they eventually found the

abrasiveness to actually

be calming, a bit like

the audible version

of a punching bag,

or screaming into a

pillow, the hyperabrasiveness


like a release of

frustration for a lot of

these people.

One fan in particular

explained to me how

harsh noise allows

them to appreciate

their environment

more, explaining how

there was ‘a new beauty

in the silence’ after they

finish noise projects. Some

others revel in the chaos,

finding interest in how far the

boundaries of ‘music’ can be


Another subject that commonly appeared

was the most famous artist in the genre,


Normally within genres of

music, the biggest artists

are the most accessible.

This is far from the case

with Merzbow, who

pushes harsh noise to its…

well… harshest.





occurrence to

other mediums of

entertainment. Let’s say you want a movie

with a gory shock-factor, you don’t go for

the PG/13 ‘no blood and cut away from the

violence’ films,or even the 15-rated shootem

ups. No, you go for the Saw series,

or god-forbid, The Human Centipede. If

a category is already brutal, then we’re

always drawn to the worst of what that

category has to offer.

One person who responded to me actually

made harsh noise music himself, and

gave me first- hand insight on how such

sounds of distortion are created. One of

the most common instruments for creating

harsh noise is a pedal chain. Pedals are

traditionally used with electric guitars,

allowing the player to easily modify their

instrument’s sound whilst recording or

playing live.

Connecting a chain of pedals together

through leads and wiring creates an

increasingly distorted feedback, which

can be modified in the same way one can

modify a guitar’s sound. Guitars themselves

can be used alongside this, often distorted

or echoed beyond recognition.

Another common feature

is the artist’s voice, where

barbaric screams, wails

and growls can become

the main contributor to a


If you’re interested in experiencing the

furthest music has ever been pushed, I was

told the bands Dreamcrusher or Yellow

Swans are good starting points, as their

music does contain some semblance of a

rhythm. I personally found the latter to have

some well-textured and hypnotic sounds,

am I actually becoming accustomed to this

genre now?

This is certainly the most terrifying, chaotic,

and for some people calming, genre in all of

music. It may not yet be for me, or probably

you either, but it is admittedly fascinating.

Enter at your own peril, with the volume

probably turned down a bit.

Image Credit: Amaud DG, Shinjuku Loft

16 M U S I C

SCANLU SCANLancaster scan.lancastersu.co.uk

scan.lancastersu.co.uk SCANLU SCANLancaster

M U S I C 17

Happy 40th Birthday

The Best

Songs of

lRising to fame in recent years,

MOTHICA, has all your witchy

anthems for all you sirens and

godesses. Stunning vocals, as



always, a song with instrumental

twists and turns straight out of a

Megan Hargreaves



Will Doe


On Friday the 2nd of December, The

Sugarhouse, Lancaster’s beloved student

nightclub, turned 40! Such a special

what the Student’s Union will put on for the

A full twelve months, 365 days,

milestone birthday deserved an equally

big five-O. Who knows, some of you may

525,600 minutes has passed,

special celebration, and Sugar had a lot in

even still be here, deep in to a PhD, or maybe

which means we have an entire


even teaching.

years worth of tunes to bring in to


Bastille members, keyboardist Kyle

Simmons and drummer Chris “Woody”

Wood, were booked to perform a DJ set in the

club’s main room. This announcement was

met with huge excitement from students

and, though the event was scheduled to

take place right in the middle of deadline

season, by the time the night rolled around,

tickets were completely sold out.






Will Doe


It’s not quite the time for Calvin Harris and Lana Del Ray

remixes, but we are definetely done listening to the same

playlist of Christmas songs, here are my favourite albums

to keep out that winter chill.


itself had

dressed for the


A huge balloon arc decorated the front

doorway, and inside there was a large

table offering party hats and gift bags to

guests (which quickly ran out to many

late comers’ dismay). The Sugar Mouse

themselves even made an appearance

to hand out gifts and join in with the


SCAN spoke to an attendee of the 40th

birthday celebrations who told us she

had a fantastic time. The second-year

student told SCAN that the atmosphere

was her favourite part of the nightexplaining

that people seemed like they

were excited and having fun- and the club

felt busy, without feeling too crowded.

Fleet Foxes- Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes debut is the

equivalent to a walk

through unblemished,

snowy fields with no map or

planned route. It’s as if this

album was literally made

with snow in mind, it’s a

‘must listen’ for any winter


Phoebe Bridgers-


Everything in this album is

performed with the gentlest

pluck, and Phoebe’s voice

is like a light stroke down

your spine, but the climatic

areas of this record hit like

an icy gust.

Fishmans- Long Season

I had to put this one in

here. It’s simply one of the

best experiences you can

have with music. Consisting

of one track at a massive

When we asked about the guest

DJ themselves, she admitted the

set was a little haphazard. Kyle

and Woody did not play much

Bastille, and a lot of their set felt

quite experimental- with some

mixes working well and some


She recalled that she

had just as much fun when

regular DJ Juxtapose took the

stage, after the Bastille members

finished their set.

One comment made by our music editor

Will Doe, also comments on how the

lead singer and most famous member

of Bastille, Dan Smith, did not join his

bandmates on stage to celebrate this

big birthday for Lancaster’s beloved


Overall, it appears that Sugar’s 40th

birthday celebrations were a success. Even

if it would have been nice to hear more

Bastille songs from Kyle and Woody, the

atmosphere was vibrant, and students had

a jubilant time.

For future Lancaster students, we wonder

35 minutes of length, Long

Season is a journey through

joy, hardship, and ultimately

facing one’s fears.

Black Country New Road-

Ants From Up Here

Ants From Up Here is a

difficult listen at times.

Lead singer Isaac Wood

announced his departure

from the band citing

struggles with his mental

health. This struggle is

laid bare in his harrowing

performance and lyrical

prowess on this beautiful


yeule- Serotonin II

yeule’s use of vocal

manipulation alongside vast

soundscapes of icy synths

seems to draw you into a

whole new world, one where

the dead trees glitch and the

puddles open pathways to

new dimensions.

The Sugarhouse has been a staple of the

Lancaster University student experience

for four decades and will hopefully remain

so for many more. Whether you go once a

week or once a term, it is hard to imagine



The Avalanches- Since I

Left You

Since I Left You is a record

claimed to have almost 3500

samples used within its run

time, in fact, the whole thing

is made from samples. It

wraps you up in the warmth

of times gone by on one

particularly dark winter day.

Parapunte- The Best Of

Parapunte (2013-2015)

Chiming guitars, synthetic



sometimes just goes haywire

in spectacular fashion), and

Parapunte’s airy echoing

voice make for a blissful

experience that you can

totally get lost in.

Cocteau Twins- Heaven Or

Las Vegas

Heaven Or Las Vegas is a

shoegaze classic with layers

without its iconic


Image Credits: The Sugarhouse, Ami

Clement and Spotify

upon layers of reverbing

guitars, and I’d recommend

the genre as a whole to

anyone who wants that

wintry feel.

Wu Tang Clan- Enter the

Wu Tang (36 Chambers)

I think there’s something

about the eerie echoing of

this album’s production

that revels in darker

surroundings. If you want

something to pump you up

when the weather is trying

to drag you down, try this


Pure Comedy- Father John


Poking critique at basically

everything about modern

life, all whilst cheekily

nodding to the unavoidable

certainty of death. It’s

beautifully crafted, witty, and

oh, did I say pretentious? on

a chilly night.

Low-key and vibey, Mitski, as

always gives us ‘Stay Soft’ which is

the perfect way to start your day

and give you that burst of energy.

With a nice outift to make you feel

like you own the roads, ready to

take on the world.

Olly Alexander does not miss, hit

after hit, even this album track

will make you feel sexy as you’re

getting ready for a night out, and

choreographing your own dance

routine. I could sing along all day,

or at least try my best.

Unlike Pluto deliver on the

instrumental side with Reset

Rewind. I will warn you, this one

will get stuck in your head all day

long, from their 2022 album ‘Cherry

Blossom Nightmare.’

LoFi synth master Tame Impala

team up with Gorillaz, what’s not to

love. There’s something so strange

and unique, but also exciting about

hearing rap verses besides the

iconic sound of Tame Impala.

I have a soft spot for singers singing

in their accent in their songs,

and I don’t mean like Oasis. This

Irish band have the raw emotion

and gorgeous riffs to have you

emotional as you revise.

One of the heavier and more

emotional songs on the list, Bad

Omens make a comeback with this

fantatsic title track from their new

album, it’s angry, it’s heartbreak,

and now my throat aches too.

Being Funny in a

Foreign Language:

Fun, Focused and The

1975 at Their Very Best

Megan Hargreaves


A shorter, more focused, return

to form for the band- an album

that is quintessentially “The


I first listened to The 1975 when

I was 15, and almost instantly

I was hooked. I adored these

two records, I listened to them

countless school bus journeys,

I spent my free time watching

interviews with the charismatic

frontman Matty Healy and I

knew every word to every song

(admittedly, I probably still do).

For a long time, The 1975 were

seen as a teen-girls band, making

music for the fangirls and the

slightly alternative, ‘quirky’

indie kids. But with this new

album, I believe they are moving

in to a more serious sphere of

music, which will hopefully

allow them to capture more

listeners of a different audience.

I enjoyed the change of direction

the band explored with their

third album, A Brief Inquiry into

Online Relationships, and then

came the fourth album: Notes

on a Conditional Form. The

album was a whopping 22

tracks long and was also

quite experimental.

Whilst I


that the band

was trying


new, for me,

the eclectic

mix of genres,

coupled with

the 80 minute run

time, left the album

feeling bloated and


So going into The 1975’s fifth

studio album, Being Funny in a

Foreign Language, I really didn’t

know what to expect. In the

years since Notes was released,

I’d slowly moved away from the

band and so I went into their

new album pretty much blind.

Turns out I had

nothing to worry

about, it’s a shorter,

more focused,

return to form

for the band- an

album that is


“The 1975”.

Songs such as the bright, catchy

Happiness, and the warm and

endearing I’m in Love with You,

sound like tracks from the band’s

very first album- whilst still

managing to sound fresh.

Though this album leans

heavily into the band’s classic

sound, there are some flashes

of experimentation; like on

the song, About You, where

a light and almost ethereal

bridge is sung by Carly Holt,

professional singer and wife

of band member Adam Hann.

In an interview with Vulture,

Healy spoke of the first break

from touring The 1975 had

experienced in almost a decade,

due to the onset of the pandemic.

He notes that this extra

time allowed for a lot of selfreflection,

and this put the band

in a great place, “philosophically,

intellectually and creatively,”

to work on their new record.

This break from

touring and the

increased amount

of time to selfreflect

may be part

of the reason why

Being Funny in a

Foreign Language

is so clear and


especially when

compared to the band’s

last album- and I think

this is something that

really works in their

favour. Gone is the bloat

and confusion of Notes

and in its place is a far

more focused record, that

showcases the very best

that The 1975 has to offer.

Image Credits: Jennifer McCord / @

jrcmccord on Instagram

There isn’t a chance I would ignore

our 2022 Eurovision winner,

KALUSH Orchestra stunned

crowds in Turin last May with

STEFANIA, a Ukrainian Folk-Rock-

Rap song to lift everyone’s spirits,

and maybe even teach you a thing

or two in Ukranian.

Don’t worry, your spotify isn’t

broken, the intro just sounds like

a broken record. Story tellers with

guitars and a mic, reading like a

poem, black midi will engage you,

while also simultaneously frazzling

your brain.

Soon to visit the UK on his European

tour, bbno$ and his witty rap and

rhyme is back, although there is no

yung Gravy on this track, the Bag or

Die album has plenty to offer, who

doesn’t love a movie parody?

A relaxing, almost acoustic tune

to help you unwind after a full day

battling the bustling streets and

busy buses. Although the title looks

threatening, the track itself comes

from the heart and reminds me of

campfire scenes from movies.

Subwolfer, the Norewigen Banana

Wolf duo didn’t rest after their

Eurovision experience and Tik Tok

fame. Get ready to dance, howl, and

everything imbetween, don’t let

the gimick fool you, these dogs can

sing! Accompanied by the beautiful

soft voice of the mysterious Luna


With an eighies sound to it, I can

imagine this being slow montage

music for a young couple in love.

Over ten years in the game, why is

nobody listening to Wayes Blood?

Listen to all the artists

mentioned in our Music

Section Here!


S c r e e n

Amy Brook

Scarlet and Violet:



Whether it is in good

company or in the

comfort of their rooms, there are now

millions of people playing Pokémon Scarlet

and Violet.

With generally mixed reviews coupled with

a ground-breaking storyline, the game has

plenty of room for improvement but shows

promise for future iterations. Created by

Satoshi Tajiri, Pokémon is one of Nintendo’s

highest grossing assets to date.

Its first two games, Red and

Blue, were sold as cards for the

Nintendo Gameboy back in 1996.

They took place in a fantastical region

called Kanto, based on an area of the same

name in Japan. Players would be gifted

one of three baby Pokémon to begin their

adventure with whilst being encouraged to

train them through battling other creatures

and their trainers.

The concept has remained fairly consistent

with Tajiri’s original vision, even up to 2022.

It has continued to accumulate a growing

number of followers – all ages – with every

subsequential release.

Pokémon GO was a large

contributor in bringing older and

Due to its real-world accessibility and

the addition of the beloved original

151 Pokémon that were created for the

Kanto region to our phone screens using

augmented reality. It had 500 million users

in 2016 and bolstered Nintendo’s market

value by $9 billion dollars within

five days of being available

for download. Scarlet

and Violet have

been the most

successful, yet



Selling 10


copies in

just three

days when

it hit the

stores was

a notable


Fans were

eager to get

their hands on

either Sprigatito:

the grass cat,

Quaxly: the water duck,

or Fuecoco: the fire lizard,

and start their adventure in the

Paldea region.

SCANLU SCANLancaster scan.lancastersu.co.uk

laden with glitches in a manner The Outer

Haven describes as:

“Broken yet beautiful”

Understandably, this has led some players

to doubt the quality of future

Pokémon games despite

the positives it had to

offer. Dan, a member


James Wilson

But, contrary to their expectations, they

new fans back to the community. were met with a surprise: the game was

The Pokémon Company Image Credits: Daniel Tham

The Uncertain Future of the Pokémon Franchise





Society, was

happy to

share his


“To start,

I want to

say that I

have really


the new


games and

have already

played a lot of

hours in Violet.”

he said. “The game

has done a lot of things

right—I like the different

storylines and the new Terastalising

mechanic, and there are some really good

new Pokémon designs.”

“However, this generation

has not come without bugs

[...] The games could have

done with a lot more time in


“I think they have tried to do too

much too fast, to the point where

they don’t even feel like finished


Some fans have chosen to ignore the

glitches in favour of the overall enjoyability

of the game.

“People make far too big a deal of the bugs.”

says Daniel Tham. “For the most part they’re

just funny, there’s nothing game-breaking. It

feels like Pokémon has finally fulfilled the

promise made in Sword and Shield and

Legends Arceus; an open world adventure

which you can actually share with your


With a retail price of upwards

of £50, we can’t exactly say this

game is student- budget friendly

Despite the classic love and nostalgia that

comes with every Pokemon game. Lucky for

some, the game was released in the latter

half of the year, so this was definetely on my

Christmas list.

Despite Losses, Netflix Churn Out the Hits

What DoesThis Mean for the Future?

James Wilson


The commercial cinema has such a tenuous

economic hold over its audiences that

it is in practice forced to seek them out,

capture them either by an intensity of

emotional involvement that is unavailable

to television – a dramaturgy of suspense,

spectacle and violence – or by an

anticipation of favoured emotional antistances,

such as world-wise cynicism, or

the detached cool of a certain machismo.’

Written by Thomas Elsaesser in 1975, this

quote details the relationship between New

Hollywood and contemporary television,

and perhaps summarises the difference

between approaches then and now.

The 1970s was simultaneously

a rare decade of consistent

innovation and ideological

bravery in TV and film.

The 1970s was the birthplace of its current

stagnation as a mainstream artform.

During the ‘50s and ‘60s when the Old

Hollywood decayed, profits fell and

audiences dwindled, television debuted

in the household and offered viable

competition for viewership.

Hollywood was left with no choice but to

experiment and handed the reigns to the

likes of Scorsese, Coppola, Spielberg and

Lucas whose Jaws and Star Wars paved

the way for the blockbuster

and, above all else, hypermarketable


The ubiquity of

streaming is

essentially the

second, maybe

third, wave of

viral living room

entertainment and

threatens its glossier

cousin yet again,

though the response

will now be spearheaded

by corporates,



Netflix lost almost a million

subscribers between April and

July, but has still managed string

hits together: Squid Game,

Stranger Things, Dahmer and

Wednesday all set various

viewership records in the last

year or so.

With so many hours taken

by streaming, cinemas can

only compete by screening

guaranteed moneymakers

like MCU entries, sequels

and blockbusters. Many

people say that there

are no good films made

anymore, which only

seems true because they

exist exclusively on the


Marvel is a perfect example

of the ‘death of cinema’,

churning out multiple films a

year with the same formula, raking in their

profits, without the quality to back it up.

Lancaster is lucky to have The Dukes as this

year’s best films are being shown.

These include Aftersun, The Banshees of

Inisherrin, and Triangle of Sadness have

only been screened there, not at Vue. Even

television has suffered losses – The Capture,

which I would suggest is one of the best

series out this year, has been camouflaged

by thousands of other dots on the radar.

Hollywood’s response to a similar situation

at the back end of the ‘60s was a Hail Mary

that came off for the studios and exposed a

formula for financial health which they will

not drop lightly, less so now their hegemony

is under threat.

Go to dukeslancaster.org

for more information on film


Image Credits: @wednesdaynetflix on Instagram

scan.lancastersu.co.uk SCANLU SCANLancaster


Festivals, Shorts and Societies:

How Lancaster University’s

Filmmaking Community is

Sky Fong & James Wilson




A filmmaking community

is growing at Lancaster

University, where creative

individuals have come

together to create short films

on courses and with societies.

The interest from students

taking the Short Film

Production module (a highspeed

introduction to the

craft, training students

on all elements of film

production from pre to postproduction,

preparing them

to produce a short film as

a graded project) has never

been higher, with a record

105-strong cohort, according

to course coordinator Dr

Maryam Ghorbankarimi.

Film student, Maria Hill, worked

as Director of Photography

on the experimental short

film ‘Platform’, exploring

healing after a breakup,

finding it an “exhausting yet

rewarding” experience. She

also found seeing the group’s

vision coming to life on set

fulfilling, but explained how

It is crucial to

“keep a cool head,

think quickly, and


when facing issues on set: when

she is filming at the train station,

dialogues get interrupted by

announcements, and the group

has to adapt to the challenge.

Students have to take part

in another short film in a

minor role apart from their

project. Hill worked on the

sexual comedy ‘It’s Just a

Parcel’ as a behind-the-scenes

photographer. She is more

relaxed on the set, but it’s

“equally as rewarding“.

The two

contrasting themes

of the shorts

give her a range

of experiences

and insight into


Last year, the course produced

a current festival hit, ‘Girls

Night’, an exploration of the

fear and anxiety experienced


by women walking home alone

at night. It has since been

selected for 12 film festivals,

including an award for Best

Student Film in the Do It Zero

festival, and a 3rd place Pre-

College Student Actress award

at the Student World Impact

Film Festival for lead Jasmine


“There were over

5000 submissions

to the festival

and we were

nominated for

numerous awards

including; Short

Film, Drama, and

the Global Impact

Grand Prize,”

writer, director and co-editor

Lorna Brierly told SCAN.

Brierly based her script

and directorial choices on

“many friends’ experiences of

walking home alone at night,”

continuing “I think women’s

safety when walking home

alone at night is a recognised

issue but I don’t think many

people realise the extent of

the issue. The ‘Girls Night In’

movement in October 2021

in universities across the UK

only added fuel to the idea and

made it even more significant,

as this was around the time we

were developing and shooting

the film.”

The film depicts ‘Girl’ (Gray), on

a drawn-out, tense walk home,

threatened by the vulnerability

of the night, and visually aims

to evoke “the feeling of anxiety

and fear of what might happen

to the girl during the film,

making the audience feel what

she feels.”

It has been over

a year since the

inception of the

film, and Brierly

admits that “it’s

really difficult to

choose the most

exciting moment

because we didn’t

expect any of this,”

but highlighted two standout

memories: watching Girls

Night in a public screening at

HOME in Manchester amongst

a “completely immersed”

audience, and shooting around

Lancaster and Morecambe on

an exclusive Stagecoach bus.

“It felt like a proper film shoot

and we were so lucky and

are so grateful to Stagecoach

(Lancaster and Morecambe)

for helping our film come to


“I had no idea that Girls Night

would have the impact it’s

currently having and every

time someone mentions it

to me I’m still shocked that it

has reached and spoken to so

many people.

Knowing that it’s

inspiring other

people is amazing,

whether just in

general or within

filmmaking, and I


that it’s given

others the belief

that you can

make it happen,”

Brierly concluded.

Students’ enthusiasm for

filmmaking is also present

in the Filmmaking Society

established last year. It was

founded as its predecessor,

Lancaster University Film

Production, became dormant

after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Co-founder of the Filmmaking

Society Freya Stoodley tried

to find people to collaborate

with by starting the society.

She finds it “much easier

to come together and

make films” by establishing

networks with one another.

The society has been running

workshops on scriptwriting,

camera, and editing in the last

term, preparing members to

start working on a short film.

They have also held a film

screening and pub golf socials.

They will produce their horror

short ‘Just Dial That Number’,

the winner of their scriptwriting

competition penned by

Janine Lanek, in late January.

The society is still

currently looking

for actors in their

short film and

welcome anyone

with an interest in

filmmaking to take

part in their events

and production.

After making their first

film, the society is hopeful

of becoming a hub for

filmmakers and expanding

the organisation further to

produce several shorts a term.

Maybe one day you will see

these young filmmakers on the

silver screen.

Follow @platformshortfilm


@girlsnightlu and

@filmmakinglu on Instagram

to follow their journeys.

Image Credits: Girls’ Night still,

provided by Lorna Brierly,

Universal Pictures

James Wilson



2022 has been a year of relatively lowkey,

polished films. The blockbusters

held the fort over Summer before

the arthouse Oscar hopefuls took up

the talk into Winter. 2023 is quite the

opposite proposition and looks set to

lurch around the corner with a host of

huge UK releases and star names in


Early 2023

Steven Spielberg’s The Fabelmans, Damien

Chazelle’s Babylon, Darren Aronofsky’s The

Whale and Todd Field’s Tár have been available

to the American public since mid-December, but

begin their UK runs in January with the fanfare of

either critical acclaim or intrigue behind them.

Amongst the 2022 latecomers is Sam Mendes’

Empire of Light, like Spielberg and Chazelle’s

entries a somewhat self-reflexive look at cinema.

Then January gives way to an eclectic February

mix featuring Florian Zeller’s The Son and Ray

Liotta’s posthumous Cocaine Bear.


March is bookended by franchise sequels

Creed III and John Wick: Chapter 4, followed

by Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 in May, not to

gloss over April, which contains Taika Waititi’s

Next Goal Wins and the preemptively maligned

The Super Mario Bros Movie. Martin Scorsese’s

Western crime drama Killers of the Flower Moon

is estimated to release in May.


And that’s even before the summer explodes into

life with a host of hotly anticipated blockbusters:

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse opens in

June, which is closed by Indiana Jones and the

Dial of Destiny. Three huge entries populate July,

firstly the repeatedly delayed Mission Impossible:

Dead Reckoning – Part One, then Greta Gerwig’s

Barbie and Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer

are currently scheduled to release on the same


Films to

Watch Out

for in the

New Year


Kenneth Branagh’s Poirot films become a trilogy

in September with A Haunting in Venice, Dune:

Part Two arrives in November and Wonka, Paul

King’s musical take on the fictitious chocolatier

is the biggest Christmas fixture.

20 S C R E E N

Take 2


Term 2


Amy Brook


Another term means another

ten weeks to catch some new

releases, and some cult classics at

Take 2 Cinema

The Farewell (2019)

Kicking off term with a Chinese-

American Family Drama staring


The Pianist (2002)

Based on the Autobiography of a

Polish-Jewish Musician during the

Holocaust, follow Adrien Brody’s


The Menu (2022)

Gaining a lot of attention online,

can you handle the heat of this

kitchen drama?

Women Talking (2023)

As Lancaster offers gender studies,

Take 2 have been given exclusive

permission to preview this film

almost a week before general


Ratatouille (2007)

A special for Valentine’s weekend,

on Sunday get 2-4-1 tickets for

you and a loved one to enjoy some

wholesome Pixar adventure.

The Cornetto Trilogy


A staple of British cinema, buy

your snacks and strap in for the

marathon of a lifetime.

Top Gun Maverick


Tom Cruise is back as Captain

Mitchell, almost fourty years since

the 1986 original Top Gun.

Bones & all (2022)

Luca Guadagnino and Timothee

Chalamet reunite following hit

2018 Call Me By Your Name.

The Woman King


Eighteenth-century African action

inspired by true events, you’ll be

on the edge of your seat.

Aftersun (2022)

Concluding the term we have this

father-daughter vacation drama.

Don’t Hug Me I’m

Scared Season Two:

“You Still Can’t See the

Funny Side, Can You?”

Amy Brook


Regarded as one of the best web series of

all time, Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared (DHMIS),

garnered millions of views on YouTube and

provoked widespread theorising through its

exploration of philosophy and surrealism.

Creators Becky Sloan and Joe Pelling truly

outdid themselves and DHMIS has returned

this year for a second series.

Fans of characters Yellow

Guy, Red Guy and Duck have

experienced an exciting year.

After its initial release from 2011 to 2016,

DHMIS returned to screens, TV this time, in

September 2022 with entirely new content

airing on Channel 4. The six episodes are

each 22 minutes long and weave new themes

with new background characters.

DHMIS is similar in both structure and

genre to Sesame Street or The Roly Mo Show,

revolving around a cast of anthropomorphic

plush puppets who aim to teach an unseen

audience, whom we assume is ourselves,

about a variety of life experiences.

SCANLU SCANLancaster scan.lancastersu.co.uk

The episodes begin in a normal, child-friendly

way, utilising vibrant, solid colours on the set

and neutral language.

However, as the episode progresses, the tone

and lighting darken. It shifts from its original

U-rated setup to scenes of horrifying imagery

and topics, such as parasitic infliction,

existentialism and manipulation.

The set adopts a 90s aesthetic with frequent

appearances from primal synthesizers and

box televisions, sure to evoke a debased

sense of nostalgia in adult viewers.

Just like the original, the show excels when

teaching strange lessons to its viewers and

encouraging fan speculation of overarching

mysteries: families “die on the same day in

the same style but in different locations”, and

the show hints that there is a chance that the

protagonists are inexistent, ghosts stemming

from the unresolved trauma of a strange

woman living in the attic. Make sense of

what you will.

Interestingly, we have recently

seen an expansion within the

children’s horror genre.


new style of unsettling imagery repurposes

the childhood memories of watching shows

on Cbeebies or Milkshake, lulling you into a

false feeling of security before introducing

an uncanny undertone. By subverting

your inner child’s ingrained expectations,

introduced horror elements evoke longerlasting

unsettlement. Somehow, DHMIS

manages to balance that with a fantastic

sense of humour which will have you

beautifully torn between whether to laugh or


Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared is a fantastic

addition to this growing subgenre; waiting

to see what other creative indie artists add

to is just as thrilling.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Alexander Oswald


After an underwhelming fourth phase of the

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ryan Coogler’s

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever triumphs as

a stirringly heartfelt entry into the franchise,

a beautiful tribute to the legacy of the late

Chadwick Boseman.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever follows

Shuri (Letitia Wright), Okoye (Danai Gurira),

Queen Ramonda (Angela Bassett) and Nakia

(Lupita Nyong’o), facing a new threat from

the depths of the ocean whilst grieving

the loss of their beloved King T’Challa.

Coogler’s screenplay was completed

before Boseman’s passing and, despite the

unimaginably difficult task of translating this

devastating loss to the screen, he ingeniously

transformed his script into a tale about grief,

its destructive potential, and how to honour

a far-reaching legacy.

Wakanda Forever creates a

powerful relationship between

actor and character as the

anguish over the loss of Chadwick

Boseman traverses in front of and

behind the camera, undoubtedly

a fictionalised extension of the

cast and crew’s heartbreak.

Additionally, the primary antagonist of

the film, Namor (Tenoch Huerta), makes

a profound big-screen debut, offering a

horrifically violent yet justified solution to

hundreds of years of marginalisation.

Coogler’s choice to linger on intimate and

sentimental moments between characters

rather than bloat this run time with action

was a fantastic choice, keeping the legacy of

the Black Panther at the centre of the story

whilst allowing audience members to mourn

this loss with the characters.

Wright and Bassett in particular

bring so much heartbreak to

their roles and in my opinion, are

deserving of Oscar nominations.

The bursts of action in Wakanda Forever are

given the utmost attention to detail and are

some of the MCU’s most thrilling. Okoye’s

fight on a bridge, where she duels several

powerful aggressors, is particularly striking;

the choreography, lighting, editing and lack

of orchestral score made for a nail-biting

watch. Never before in an MCU project has

there been such a palpable sense of danger.

Image Credits: Amy Brook

work as T’Challa in 2018’s Black Panther,

and several other Marvel projects have had

a profound impact on popular culture and

allowed people of colour to see themselves in

stories of heroes.

The first film’s themes of racial injustice

and the duty of those in power to address

this have only grown in significance, and

Wakanda Forever continues this legacy by

being the first superhero film to be led by

four women of colour as well as upholding

the voice of marginalised peoples.

Image Credits: @marvelstudios via Instagram

Chadwick Boseman’s legacy as the star of

the first all-black superhero film. Boseman’s

Honouring a True Hero

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L i f e s t y l e

at Uni

Ami Clement


It’s hard leaving the family dog behind in September

after spending the summer months together

frolicking in the sun, but after rekindling that bond

over the Christmas break, leaving in January is just

as hard. Here are some ways to spend time with local

pups without splashing out the cash for a train ticket

back home.

Borrow My Doggy

Finally, I let the ads get the better of me and downloaded

what essentially acts as Tinder for dogs. On this app you

can sign up as either a pet owner or pet borrower and scroll

through profiles of pups with information such as their

breed, age, favourite things to do and when they are looking

for company. Only £12 for the year, I messaged Jean and her

six-month old cocker spaniel Leo and organised to spend

the morning with him.

I chose Leo, as he reminded me of my own cocker back home

when she was a puppy, and I can


say he brightened my day. A little bundle of

energy and kisses, he stayed for an hour in

my student house, exploring and


to make himself at home before a long

walk up to Williamson Park. He was such

a friendly little chap, greeting m e

at my front door on first

meet with a hind-legs hug

and a smile, and he also

greeted everyone we cam

across in the park the

same way.

Animal Care

Located just a

short distance

from campus

on Blea Tarn

Road, Animal

Care is a local

Lancastrian charity that

helps those pets in need,

from cats to reptiles.


the shelter is always very full of pets

that have been surrendered by their

owners or have been rescued. This means

the charity is very reliant on volunteers to

help care for these animals in numerous


positions, such as handymen,

fundraisers, or the most unique

ones, dog walkers and cat


Volunteering to help take

some of the dogs out for

a play and run around

not only benefits

the pooches, but

also it provides a

lovely afternoon

learning more

about the charity,

spending some

time outdoors,

and getting

attention from

some dogs with

lots of love to

give. To find out

more call 01524

65495 or email



However, it is worth

noting that there

may be waiting lists to

work with the animals,

so best call sooner rather

than later!

Local dog


Facebook isn’t just for businesses and

mums, join a bunch of local Lancaster

groups and pages to see what’s happening

in the area. I posted one status in ‘Lancaster Past

and Present’ asking if anyone would be open to students

spending some time with their pooches, and the response

was largely positive.

Many owners offered their pet as company, just asking

anyone interested to shoot them a message. If you’re too

nervous to take the dog by yourself, or can’t have it at your

flat, this is a great activity to do with friends if you’re bored

of the same walk up the canal, or same old pubs.

Most owners will only offer their dog if they are

well trained, vaccinated, and friendly, but if

you’re nervous, just ask. Parents love talking

about their kids.

Dog Soc

One of the most wholesome societies

on campus, Dog Soc has links to local

charities, guide dogs, and a great

community of likeminded dog-lovers to

spend time with. Dog Soc plan to

run even more events this term

which allow members or nonmembers

alike to come and

spend some time with the local

SCANLU SCANLancaster scan.lancastersu.co.uk

Missing Your Pooch?

How to Get That Quality

Dog-Time While



a n d

girls of


All dogs brought

on to campus

are friendly and welltrained,

all organised in a

space deemed to be the most accessible

and relaxing for the dogs, their owners or trainers, and their

new friends. Make sure to follow @ludogsoc to find out


Take a Trip Home


Alexander Oswald

Harriet Shillito

You don’t need a birthday or term break to go home,

you don’t need an excuse. If you just want to see your

puppy pal you go see them, you know for a fact they

would love to see you. Time with pets is proven to

improve our mental health, whether that’s due to

the physical activity of long walks, or just having

someone to cuddle with.

If you’re struggling in the middle of term, still weeks

away from your planned home time, Google the rail

strike dates and hop on a train home (but maybe

pick up a few treats before you get there.) Have fun

on your walkies!

Image Credits: Ami Clement and Claire Nicholls


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Healthy and Unhealthy

New Year’s Resolutions

Alexander Oswald


The New Year’s Resolution

is a tradition on the minds of

most people at this time of

year, meant to challenge us

as individuals to achieve the

things we’ve been putting off

and pushing back. But why

is it that, despite the annual

effort to better ourselves,

most of us abandon our

resolutions before February


To answer that question, it is

important to look inwards, asking

ourselves whether the goals we are

setting are in good faith and with

kindness, or whether they’re set

out of shame and embarrassment

for the way we’re currently living

our lives. Given the society we

live in, it’s safe to assume that the

latter is often the case and, if so,

it’s obvious why so many of us

forget about our resolutions so


Anything that is done

from a place of selfloathing

is destined

to fail!

In this article, I’ll be listing two

common New Year’s Resolutions

that are regularly failing, why

they’re unhealthy and offering

alternatives that reshape the way

we think about self-improvement.

Lose Weight

Every January, gyms up and

down the country rack in more

customers than any other time

of year. Everyone seems keen to

get in shape. On the surface, this

seems like a perfectly healthy and

reasonable goal to set oneself

and it definitely can be if pursued

the right way if the intentions

come from a place of positivity.

However, when pursuing a

healthier lifestyle, many do it out

of the belief that the way they look

is something to be ashamed of

rather than for the joy that can be

found in exercise.


Find a physical activity that fully

engages your mind and body.

Yes, of course that could be the

gym, but it could also be running,

mountain-climbing, karate,

skiing, pole fitness, swimming,

parkour and so much more.

The best way to find success in

exercise is by finding something

that you love to participate in.

Naturally, you’ll want to invest

lots of time into it.

Improve Diet

Once again, the premise of

improving our diets and

taking care of our bodies is

very admirable, however, this

fails for similar reasons to the

previous resolution. By framing

this resolution as a means to

eradicate shame, we set ourselves

up to fail. Every January,

dieting programmes that have

proven time and time again to

be ineffective long-term gain

thousands of new customers who

they encourage to eat less meals

in a day and deprive themselves

of the foods they enjoy.


Browse the shelves of your local

charity shop for a cookbook full

of exciting and healthy recipes

and get cooking. Diet culture is

predicated on the assumption

that to be healthy is to eat less.

Nothing could be further from

the truth. Often, the cause of an

unhealthy diet has little to do

with quantity and everything to

do with quality. That is to say, the

key to healthier diet isn’t to starve

A Bounty-less Christmas:

The Horror of Food Waste

Georgina England


This Christmas, the place of

the Bounty in Celebrations

tubs has been up for debate,

after a vote organised by Mars

Wrigley showed that around

40% of chocolate lovers

wanted the bar banned.

While many have happily waved

the coconut confectionary

goodbye, the debate has sparked

outrage in others, with celebrities

including Piers Morgan and

Richard Osman claiming on

Twitter that to remove it would be

cause for a “mutiny” and that the

manufacturers would have “killed


But this revelation comes at a

time of extreme food waste, and

extreme food poverty: while 9.5

million tonnes of food is wasted

each year in the UK, according to

Wasted Managed Ltd,

The government reported

4.2 million people to be in

food poverty last year.

Christmas only adds fuel to the

fire – it is a time of treats, of joy,

but also of excess and waste.

Where do all of those

unwanted Bounties

end up?

Though many councils provide

food waste bins, to turn excess into

energy or compost, thousands of

tonnes of food waste is deserted

in landfill and releases methane,

which is extremely harmful to the


As the cost-ofliving

continues to

skyrocket, we must

ask ourselves: how

can we stop this?

Luckily, large food suppliers

are taking strides to tackle food

waste. Numerous supermarkets

have now removed “best before”

dates from fruit and vegetables, to

prevent customers from binning

them before their time.

Many also have paired with

homeless charities or food banks

to distribute

s u r p l u s

food: Asda

have been

working with

food charity


since 2013

and, as of 2021,

have donated

enough surplus

food to prove 27.3

million meals to those


Meanwhile, infamous

chicken restaurant

Nando’s donate any

uneaten cooked chicken

to one of their 387 local

charity partners across the

UK, after every single day

of service.

Greenpeace UK suggest that a

reduction in the market is the

only way that food waste will be

reduced. With the trade laws in

tatters following recent politics,

this already seems inevitable.

So, though this Christmas may


Rather, it’s about

balancing what’s on your plate

better. You can still have delicious

meals that are packed with

everything you need for a healthy

mind and body.

The important takeaway is to

choose commitments which

resonate with your core values.

So, take up that obscure sport

you admire from afar, even if it

isn’t as strenuous as going to the

gym. Replicate the healthy, but

delicious, dish you ate at that

restaurant last month.

By experiencing what you find

pleasurable rather than what

society tells us is right, you’ll

feel much more capable of

maintaining your resolutions

and perhaps find a sense of peace

within yourself.



a Bountyless

one, the

jury is still out to see if the

coconut bar will be returning to

the Celebrations box.

With 18% of customers claiming

that Bounty is their favourite bar,

who knows? Perhaps binning

Bounties off will save the planet,

but absence does make the heart

grow fonder.

Image Credits: Will Doe and Harriet


SCAN’s New



Ami Clement


To give you some inspiration, I

asked the team at SCAN what

their resolutions are for 2023.

Not Leaving

Deadlines Until The

Last Minute

We have all been there, an invite

to a social on a Wednesday night

means Thursday is for recovering,

and Friday is a frenzy getting 3000

words done by 12pm

Read More

For many, our courses demand

extra and set reading, so much so

that you can’t remember when the

last time was you read for fun.

Order Less


A post-night out takeaway doesn’t

really count if you can’t remember

it, but cutting back on fast food is

a great way to save money.

Play More Sport

Whether it’s your Sunday Five-a-

Side, or you are part of a team here

at Lancaster, getting stuck in and

keeping active is a great way to

make friends and keep fit.

Learn To Cook

Pesto pasta and frozen pizza just

doesn’t hit the same as a homecooked

caserole. Starting small

with an omlette, stay tuned to

see if I manage to cook Christmas


Write More

And we are 100% not talking about

essays. Write more articles, poetry,

stories, or even food reviews for a


Eat More Fruit and


Instant noodles and toast is

good, but eating nicer foods like

fruit and veg will make you feel

healthier and keep you fuller.

Wake Up Earlier

On weekdays, weekends are still

for 1pm ‘mornings.’ But, by starting

your day earlier, you can fit more

in and be more productive

Make it to 2024

The best promise to make yourself

is that you will finish the year.

Things can be tough, and if

surviving 2023 is all you do, then

that’s enough.





are you on a

Night Out?

Harriet Shillito


A staple of every household

at Christmastime, every flat,

every staffroom, every office

has a box on the go as soon as

December hits. But which one

are you on a night out?


Drained cocktail glasses and a

cheeky flirt with everyone, you

are the one to keep an eye on!

You’ll happily go to any club,

though more prone to Vibe or

Generations, and love the two-fortwelve

pitchers at Spoons.


On a night out, everyone wants

to either be you, or be with you.

Probably a pre-drink and a dance

at Greens – you can actually dance

before the shots kick in– before

heading to the club. With that

amount of energy, you’re likely

a first year who just discovered

college bingo, so Sultans at 3am is

definitely an essential.

Galaxy Caramel

The night is never what you

thought it would be. There’s always

some drama – possibly Tinder

related – and what begins as a

vengeful distraction twists into

a messy and awkward disaster!

Doesn’t really matter which bar

you’re in, as you’re probably in

the toilets or the smoking area



The messiest nights out are with a

Mars! You’re always at Sugar on a

Wednesday, probably in a hideous

costume. Bar crawls beforehand,

many chugged draughts and

questionable mixers. Will you

be refused entry? Very probably.

Always a Maccies on the

w a y


The Ultimate

Birthday Bash:

A Lancs Guide

Harriet Shillito


Some say it’s expensive, some say there’s

no time: but a new term rolls around, a new

lease of life for birthday celebrations.

With constant deadlines and tight purses, uni

birthdays can be stressful. Many shy away from

celebrating, arguing they don’t have the energy or

time to even consider their birthday. But it’s not

every day that these milestones happen. Here is

everything you need for your uni birthday to be a

night to remember – without breaking the bank!



A beloved venue of the student

population, Kanteena’s indie

warehouse vibe is a perfect

birthday venue! It has four

possible spaces to hire

out, so the invites are

limitless. Throughout the

year, there are different

food vans stationed in

the outdoor yard, to spice

up their eating options,

and Kanteena staff also

barbecue for summer

events. There are multiple

bars across the venue, so the

drinks just keep on flowing; what

begins as a chilled gathering could

be a rave by the end of the night!

The Herbarium

Fancy a more twinkly, wholesome gathering with

friends? The Herbarium’s function room is all fairy

lights and rustic décor for that warm, cosy

feeling. The bar specialises in gorgeous

cocktails, and food is served until

9pm – all deliciously vegan! The

room can take up to forty

people, which lends itself

beautifully to lighter

drinkers, and those

who fancy a more

chilled party with a

close-knit group.

The Royal

Kings Arms

Build your own club

in The Crypt, the

hotel’s atmospheric

underground function

room! In a great location

right beside the train station

in the middle of town, you have

the transport links for your friends

back home, and a takeaway after you hit

up Sugar.

Image Credits: Ami Clement

SCANLU SCANLancaster scan.lancastersu.co.uk

Ways to improve a flat


If you’re lucky enough to have landlords (or

housemates) that won’t throw you out for a bit of

noise and energy, a flat party is a great alternative.

But aren’t birthday parties expensive? Here are

some top tips on how to party, for less:


Birthday banners, balloons, and badges! Make

sure you keep the birthday banners from one flat

birthday, to use for the next one: it saves

money and plastic! In the meantime,

places like Poundland and The

Works are great for cheap,

one-night wonders. Bring

your LEDs or fairy lights

from your room, to

instantly transform the

drab student kitchen.

Hilarious warning:

you need your ID to

buy party poppers,

as they’re technically



If students have a drink

in their hand and good

company, it doesn’t take

much to keep them entertained.

But, a couple of games go a long way,

particularly if there are newbies in the mix. Beer

pong and karaoke are classics: but why not get

creative with what you have! Use frying pans as

table tennis bats! Dig out that novelty hat, or pair

of sunglasses you bought for a dressing up

costume once and try to get a picture

of everyone wearing it over the

night! These are the memories

you’ll treasure.


Get people hyped

for your party

by pulling an

awesome dress

code, that

reflects what you

love! Whether

it be characterbased

– mythical

c r e a t u r e s ,

superheroes – or

clothing-based –

colour co-ords, charity

shop hauls – it’ll get

your guests in the party

mood before you’ve even


Taking time to relax and making

memories are an absolute must at university.

Whether it’s a drinks night in, or a wild night out,

your birthday should never be missed.


You’ve been refusing to go out

all week, but when it reaches

Friday night and your flatmates

are having pres in the kitchen,

can you really resist? Obviously

not. Flash forward three hours

and you are in the Sugar queue,

already dancing and getting the

Snapchats of absolute strangers

you won’t remember tomorrow.

With make-up running down your

face and heels in bits, you swear

off nights-out ‘forever.’ Sure.


You’re happiest in a pub, possibly

Fylde Bar, with a couple of drinks

and a chill vibe. The intention was

Sugar, but you’ve got coursework

to do tomorrow, so after some

bar sports, and maybe a trip to

Crafties for some dinner. You’ll

head home for a cosy night in,

loving the warm tipsy feeling and

no hangover, ready to tackle that


Milky Way

The biggest lightweights around!

You have a few VKs over a game

of Ring of Fire and are already

reeling. At first, you’re hilarious,

but you pique early and retreat

into a spinning silence pretty

fast. You’ll sober up a little in

Generations, after some stolen

Flames chips and losing your ID.

Do us all a favour and apologise

to your housemates for throwing

up everywhere, maybe even buy

them some chocolate.


Remember them? Probably not!

These guys dipped before the party

even begun, too tired to even make

it out the front door. Your friends

know you’re safe tucked away in

bed with toast, a glass of water,

and your yjamas on. A vibe at pres

but probably because you’re still

pretty sober, maybe next time. RIP

truffles. Sorely missed.


You are the reason your flat has a

chunder chart. Enough said.

scan.lancastersu.co.uk SCANLU SCANLancaster


Creative Writing


Amelia Daniels

& Sky Fong

Writing Competition

‘A new’Results




Today, we dance anew in the spring.

We balter on each flower and herb on Earth’s dark chest,

We parade in golden beams of light,

We stand knee deep in soil and swelling at the hips,

We listen to aubades, surrendering our innocence to druxy hearts,

Tomorrow, we are worn.

We are exanimated, running from those who promised haven,

Without viridity, our swell tears instead of captures,

We collapse to tunes of tapestries ripping, bleeding out painted electricity,

Winter’s breath fogs the pond and obscures any recollection of spring,

We sit, searching for a lover of rain.


The toilets are damned within all creations

As there was a time when mankind made an effort

To either hide away to release where its


Or to acknowledge their exploding fowl intentions

Or at the very least carry them elsewhere

Where they would serve a better purpose.

Now they help people turn their faces purple

In a place to alleviate their forceful descension

They allow to forget disgraces and contentions

As every flush is the gateway for anew perception

That people can take a shit that is inconsequential.

Felipe Sanches-Burgos

Note to Self

when you buy a 35cm × 45cm canvas

from this new market,

why do you still paint everything that scraped

the scarlet rosemallow flowers

blooming on your collarbone?

Maria Smith

dip your brush in every shade of yellow color palette

and paint everyone that are rooting for you—

your best friend who doesn’t get your metaphors

but is proud of how far you’ve come.

And your mother’s glistening eyes and her new cacti


and the dawn that you wake up to

when you buy a 35cm × 45cm canvas from this new


don’t fear to paint something anew,

something fuchsia pink or wild green or warm toffee


something, anything but for yourself.

Sahana Mira

Comments from

the Editor

Sky Fong


Anew paints a picture of spring

that you are fully immersed in.

I’m obsessed with the diction

throughout the poem, some

very beautiful and detailed

descriptions. I also adore how

the poem’s first and second parts

contrast and interact. The last line,

“We sit, searching for a lover

of rain”, wraps the poem

to an end perfectly.

Our Arts Associate

Editor Amy Brook

has taken the time

to illustrate the

works of both

our poetry and

prose winners.


Comments from

the Editor

Sky Fong


TOILETS: This witty poem uses

toilets as a metaphor to say

something so profound — Be

proud of your shit!

NOTE TO SELF: Brings in

a positive message of trying

something new. These colours on

the canvas are vividly portrayed,

and I also love the self-awareness

of the poem with the line “your

best friend who doesn’t get your

metaphors” I can definitely

relate to that!

There is a strong focus on reading as selfcare.

‘We know first hand how stressful

University life can be […] Reading, in our

opinion, is a great form of escapism from

this, and a lovely form of practicing self-

26 C R E A T I V E W R I T I N G

SCANLU SCANLancaster scan.lancastersu.co.uk

scan.lancastersu.co.uk SCANLU SCANLancaster

C R E A T I V E W R I T I N G 27

Pizza Night

Lancaster: The Home

of Literature

Maria Hill

community there’s


divisions’, they

continue, pointing

out the founding

Wolfgang von Goethe once said that

of the LGB Alliance

‘The decline of literature indicates the which opposes the

decline of a nation’. Luckily, Lancaster policies of LGBT


is home to a range of spaces and

stench of garlic flooded the weeks on end, desperately awaiting anyone else I’d have rather spent my life without me.

rights charity

events to appease your appetite for Stonewall on

room and embedded itself your arrival. Eventually you would all with. Thank you, Ellie.”

great literature. But where and what transgender issues. Especially in today’s


to create ‘a place where writers can feel

into every surface, how could return, carrying large bags filled with

are these organisations, and how can current political climate, it’s ‘scary’ and

motivated,’ alongside connecting writers

I forget, Friday night is pizza what seemed to be endless amounts of I’ve seen all of it, the fights, the fall outs,

you get involved?

‘exhausting’ to be trans.

on campus who aren’t taking it as a degree.



brightly coloured fridge magnets.

the intimacy everything that could


The founder of the Creative Writing

possibly be thrown at a relationship,

Queer by Gum Lancaster Book Society

Society, Radhiya strives to ‘create a

2005. Just you two, alone together again. you and Ellie have stayed together



welcoming environment for all writers to

throughout the rollercoaster that is life.

work towards their writing degree and to


As it has been for the past thirty-four

years, the same old routine week in week

out. I hear you sing the same old songs,

dancing around the kitchen with that

tired apron carefully tied around your

somewhat round stomach. I remember

when your stomach wasn’t so round

and your songs weren’t so old, when you

were wide eyed and eager to take on life,

just you and Ellie.

1988. Oh, what a year that was, you and

Ellie took your first steps into this new

life you had crafted. The looks on your

faces were priceless, gasps and whispers

of what could only be described as pure

shock could be heard in every single


“This is all ours?” Ellie repeatedly

questioned, all you could do was answer

with a nod, I don’t think you could quite

believe it either.

As you began to decorate the empty

rooms I noticed the common theme

of your, let’s say, creative choices.

Sprawling patterns of what can only

be described as a beige rainbow with

the occasional deep red and mustard

thrown in. I can’t be one to judge, after

all I’m just bricks and mortar.

1995. Ouch! Yet another family portrait

is haphazardly hung up.

The chaotic screams of your two young

children could be heard within a fivemile

radius, of course they were always

screams of joy and laughter. I always

knew that you would be great parents,

especially Ellie. She would have done

anything for those kids.

In the summer I would be left for

As your kids left to get on with their

own lives. It took a while for you both

to figure out how to communicate and

be a couple again. There were many

arguments of course, the repetitive back

and forth about wanting to get a quaint

bungalow in the countryside, but there

was just something about me you kept

coming back to.

2022. The severe smell of garlic has finally

dissipated; I watch you shuffle your over

to the battered old arm chair you refuse

to get rid of despite its dated look and

dishevelled seems. Ellie always told you

to throw it away, the reality is you can’t

quite bring yourself to do it. A lonesome

pizza sits on the fold out mahogany TV

table, I was hoping we wouldn’t get to

this part.

Throughout all the years I have

witnessed many lives, the good and

the bad, run their course within my

four walls. However, out of all of those

people, I have grown quite attached to

you and Ellie.

I observe you delicately run your fingers

across an old picture of her, your eyes

becoming dewy with tears as all of

the memories come flooding back.

Her empty chair sits beside you along

with countless amounts of cardboard

boxes filled with the souvenirs you have

collected through the years. I’m sure

that Blackpool rock Is older than me by


You raise your glass,

“To us. All that we achieved and all

the memories made, I couldn’t think of

With that the final Friday night pizza is

eaten, I will miss that garlic smell and

your music, the way you and her slow

danced in the living room just as the

sun transformed the sky into a pool

of warmth and love, its light gently

caressing you both as you held each

other. The kind of light that leaves your

soul wanting more.

As you walk out of the door I feel a sense

of loss but this time your story continues

2023. Emptiness can be overwhelming

sometimes; the lack of furniture and

colour creates a lifeless feeling inside.

Grief is something you wouldn’t expect

something like myself to experience, I

like to think of it as a way of showing the

unexpressed love so I can stay close to

those whos’ lives have passed me by and

moved on.

Time is the one thing that can’t be

stopped, as much as you’d like it too.

I can hear an abrupt jingle at the door

followed by tiny footsteps pattering

down the hallway, the cool autumnal air

dilutes my dust filled atmosphere,

bringing a sense of life anew, I can finally

be a home again.

Queer By Gum is a literary and art zine

based in the North of England. It aims to

create a sanctuary where non-cisgender

and non-heterosexual people can gather.

By running a weekly craft session at the

Gregson on Sunday from 6-9pm, and with

the hopes of starting a book club and

film night, ‘Queer By Gum seeks to create

spaces where there’s mutual respect and

community, where people can simply exist

without fear of being judged, misnamed

and misgendered.’

‘Our aim is to create different safe

spaces that are centred around queer

people […] spaces where we can have

fun, meet new people, and celebrate

being queer,’

Vaz, the founder of Queer By Gum explains.

Vaz stresses the importance of having safe

spaces for queer communities. ‘With so

much transphobia and negative press in

mainstream news and online, it’s easy to

feel overwhelmed and depressed’.

‘Even within

the queer

A recent and as of yet unaffiliated society,

Lancaster Book Society was founded

this year after students noticed a lack

of reading clubs on campus. Since this

decision, their society has

gained over 500 followers

on their Instagram.


Society aims to

spread literature

and encourage


lovers to

g a t h e r



‘Our society


that there’s

a book for

everyone. If you

don’t like

reading, you

just haven’t found


right book yet!’

The society host a range of events

from outings to see adaptations of

books to arranging Book of The Months.

Their most popular event so far has been

the reading sessions where members

gather to read for two hours.

This session where ‘no small talk

is necessary’ is a very relaxed

environment. ‘We believed it’s

important for us to provide this

safe but social space for people who

are more introverted and don’t feel

as comfortable in social situations’,

Lancaster Book Society states.

Lancaster Literature Festival (Litfest) is

a registered charity that runs the third

oldest literary festival in the country.

These events occur twice a year with a

week-long festival in autumn and a longer

spring festival during March. A range of

guest speakers talk at Litfest, a recent

speaker being Poet of the Year,

Kim Moore.

Litfest also runs a

monthly international

fiction book club

and runs open mic

events. The Officer

Manager for Litfest,

expresses how

precious to her the

November poetry

night was.

‘[The poetry night]

was my baby […]

a published

student Beth

Train- B r o w n ,

and two published

poets and lecturers P a u l

Farley and Eoghan Walls, read

some of their work and opened a

little Q and A. We also had an

open mic’. Litfest aspires to

‘show the community what great

authors are out there, and how

they can enjoy all different types of


Any money from ticket sails goes

straight back into the charity to fund

their festivals and keep running events

for the Lancaster community.

Creative Writing Society


At university, it’s often difficult for a

creative writing student to find time to

write for fun, but Radihya Jabed aims

They run hourly Thursday writing sessions

weekly, consisting mainly of writing

individually but together. If members are

comfortable, sharing their work. Their

focus is on any form of non-fiction writing.

The writing society encourages all writers

across campus, armature or otherwise, to

gather together.

‘Currently, unless you’re on a writing

course, it seems difficult to connect

with other writers,’

Radhiya says. ‘We aim to foster an

environment that’s about relaxing and

having fun writing and learning!’

Future plans for the society include

providing time slots where you can get

critique from your work, and book-related

movie socials are also on the agenda.


this, there

i s hope

for a termly

showcase of members’


Comments from the Editor

Amelia Daniels


Pizza Night is a heartwarming story of a life well lived. The

narrative takes us on a journey through the significant years of a

couple’s life told from the perspective of their closest friend – their

house. Olivia’s writing is thoughtful and witty, depicting a life full

of joy, grief and garlic, what’s not to love?


by Olivia Helm




Ami Clement


For many writers, university is

when they start submitting to

journals, competitions, and even

workshops for class. Rejection

can be hard, until you get

used to it, it isn’t as defeatist,

and depressing as it sounds, I


The first step is trying, putting your

work out there for the judgement of

strangers, professionals, and friends

is scary if you have never done it

before. So you should recognise that

by submitting, sending the email,

filling out the form.

Look at what they want, if you’re

submitting a horror story for a

children’s fiction competition

you won’t win, so save yourself

the hassle. Read the submission

guidelines, look at their website,

their Instagram, and find what they

want, what they like, if they have a

geographical or age catchment. You

won’t be taken seriously if you don’t

look at what they provide you.

Next, and one of the most important

parts is coming to terms that no one

likes everything. The same way some

people like mushrooms and some

don’t, not every person is going to

like your work, and that’s okay, there

could be millions of people who

would like it, you have just found

one of the many who won’t.

Most journals and magazines

will send a polite, copy and paste

rejection letter, you will rarely get

free feedback. But, sometimes you

can request feedback, maybe even

pay for it, or, bring it to workshops,

community meets, anything like


Shoot your shot, try loads in one

sitting, don’t put all your eggs in one

basket. There are plenty of places

that will take you and your lovely

work, you just need to watch for

mature themes, language, content


If you want to see

your work in SCAN

be sure to contact us




S p o r t s

Shots Fired!

Summer Hamilton


Lancaster University Shooting Society

makes an impressive comeback with

well-organised taster sessions!

I attended a taster session ran by Lancaster

University Shooting Society, with the

intention of writing an honest review

of the day. As someone who had

never even held a shotgun

before – and never thought

I would – I was pleasantly

surprised at how much I

enjoyed the afternoon.

The day began at

Crabtree Clay Shoot,

a scenic family run

shooting ground about

twenty minutes north

of Lancaster University.

Upon arrival, we split into

smaller groups of 3-4 people

with an experienced member

of the exec assigned to each.

Then, after a quick safety briefing,

we were shown how to correctly hold,

load, aim and shoot a Browning Twelve Bore

Over and Under shotgun with 1-2-1 tutelage

from club captain Harvey Toffolo.

Once we learnt the basics, we were able

to begin shooting at clay disks. A clay disk

would be launched from a trap into the air

about twenty feet from us.

The task seemed simple:

aim for the disk and shoot.

However, real focus was

needed, and it was not as

easy as initially appeared.

Still, this only made eventually hitting one

more exciting. Luckily, we had plenty of

cartridges to practice with.

The rest of the afternoon was spent moving

around the site, shooting at different targets

of varying difficulties. All throughout we

were accompanied by Harvey, who, with

twelve years of shooting experience, was

able to offer extensive advice to allow for

genuine improvement. The challenge was

what made the experience enjoyable and the

exec’s organisation allowed for the day to run


I was not the only one who

enjoyed the day. One said

it was their “first time on

clays but [they’d] definitely

be trying it again.”

The taster day alone is enticing enough

to convince one to join the club, but full

membership offers even more perks,

including the opportunity to accompany

the club to different shooting grounds. Club

captain Harvey commented that

“It lets us see different

scenery, targets and


to ensure that members don’t get bored of

attending the same places. As well as this,

members can compete in competitions with

other universities.

The current exec have

had the difficult job

of building the

club back up from

the ground.

President Will

Smith pointed

out that they

had inherited

the club with

“no members

separate to the

exec and very

little money”. This

was mainly because

of the Covid-19

pandemic which

prevented shooting.

Now, the club can boast twenty-one

consistent members with around 50% of

individuals who took part in taster sessions

returning to join the club. After the day I was

able to ask Will some questions about the


What direction would you take the club?

“As President, the direction I wanted to

go in was just to leave subsequent years a

club that had an active membership base,

provide some foundation to work with

financially, and a formula for running

sessions and general admin associated

with it.”

He also stressed that a

large part of achieving

this goal is “to try and

make the society

as welcoming and

accessible as


I was then curious to find

out what made Will want to

continue shooting:

“What makes shooting enjoyable

for me is the social aspect, it’s all about

doing it with a bunch of people you can

get along with and enjoy an afternoon

in their company, the shooting is just to

get people together.”

I then asked if there were any

preconceptions about shooting that

Will believed were wrong:

“I should state that our society is

solely placed around clay pigeon

shooting, meaning that live

SCANLU SCANLancaster scan.lancastersu.co.uk

animals aren’t targeted.” Which has been the

subject of criticism outside of the University

looking at the debate if hunting of small

animals such as rabbits, birds, and foxes,

should be legal or not.

“The biggest single

preconception that I think

is wrong is that it is a rich

white man’s sport.”

He admitted. “Whilst yes, money does play in

a role in how much you can shoot, it does not

outright prohibit people and certainly does

not discriminate by race or gender. People

often fear what they don’t understand and it

is easy to pass comment without ever having

tried it.”

Even if it is difficult for

you to shake off the poor

reputation that shooting

has, it is unfair to assign the

same mindset to the club.

After the day I spent with them, I could see

the club has done a fantastic job at providing

a welcoming, safe, and friendly atmosphere

for people who have never taken part in

shooting before and for those didn’t believe

they had a place in the sport. If shooting is

something you would like to try, I can only

recommend the club as an excellent place to


Follow @lushooting for more!


Josh Perrett

& Tom Jeffreys





Tom Jeffreys


With one term down, there’s only

one to go until Roses, and two

until the champions of college

sports are crowned.

Carter Shield

1st - - - Bowland

2nd - - - Cartmel

3rd - - - County


1st - - - Bowland

2nd - - - Cartmel

3rd - - - County


1st - - - Bowland

2nd - - - Cartmel

3rd - - - County

Men’s Bar Sports

1st - - - Bowland

2nd - - - Cartmel

3rd - - - County

Women’s Bar


1st - - - Bowland

2nd - - - Cartmel

3rd - - - County

As you can see Bowland are

dominating this term, rising up

through the table in every sport,

knocking Cartmel out of the top

spot. County have been a stable

presence in the third spot, hoping to

knock Cartmel further down.

Pendle and Lonsdale are getting

comfortable in eighth and nineth

position, not moving from the

bottom of the table. Shortly behind

them is Grizedale falling to seventh

as Graduate, Fylde, and Furness rise

up to sixth, fifth, and fourth place.

Image Credits: Harvey Toffolo, Summer

Hamilton, Will Doe and LUSWP

scan.lancastersu.co.uk SCANLU SCANLancaster


Sports Teams Embrace

Welfare Revolution

Tom Jeffreys

the wellbeing of students falls to each


and every person within the university


Lancaster University’s sports teams

kicked off the 2022/23 academic year by

harnessing the VP Sport’s aim to increase

welfare amongst sports teams.

The VP Sports, Megan Homburg, was the

first sports officer to signpost welfare as a

primary target in a campaign for the role,

and a wealth of sports teams have helped

achieve this goal in first term.

Perhaps none more so than the Men’s

Cricket team and their new welfare

secretary, Shahzaib Khan. Khan has

epitomised Homburg and

The Cricket Club’s aim

to “build a culture where

we’re all looking out for

each other.”

This is an important reminder, and one

that Khan’s welfare push in the Cricket

Club is acknowledging of:

“We’ve had a few ‘welfare

sessions’ where we’ve

spoken about some pretty

difficult things, and we’ll

look to keep them going

next term, before getting

some experts to talk to

us going into our

playing season

in the summer.”

With sports and

exercise often being

recommended to

reduce stress, and

to talk to their fellow sportspeople, sports

is a welcoming platform at Lancaster, with

help available for any who wish to access


LU Swimming and Waterpolo (LUSWP)

have also pioneered a priority in welfare,

with their society hosting “weekly drop in

sessions, where anyone can go and discuss

anything on their mind. We have also

started welfare walks and talks!

“Our number one priority

is and always will be

the well-being of our


LUSWP are similarly aware

of the need to spread

the responsibility

of welfare, and an

effective approach

to this is the use of

experts and external

talks: “Our previous

talks were from the

Whilst Khan has, like many other welfare improve mental

secretaries and sports execs, been leading wellbeing, many

Oddballs Foundation

the charge, Homburg is careful to make clubs and teams

[with University

sure that welfare is a shared responsibility: have taken the time

Ambassador Josh

“Whilst the role of the welfare officer is in Michaelmas term to

Pike], and Lancaster

extremely important it is also crucial to put together a program


note that these officers are just students, to help those struggling

and should not be responsible for the task the most. Whether that’s

Nonetheless, Homburg has

of counselling their peers. I believe that signposting, or taking the time

led an effort on behalf of the SU

‘Dangerously Overcrowded’

University Gym Causes Upset

Josh Perrett

its always full”


Over Covid during my first year at

Lancaster university I remember joining

the gym, I believed it had a fair price

accompanied by the quietness and

accessibility offered, but post Covid,

myself and many other gym goers have

felt left disappointed with the lack of

equipment and inadequate space that the

facility provides.

SCAN put out a poll on Instagram and

found that 89% of gym users thought the

gym was overcrowded. Making it a struggle

to use the extremely limited equipment

that there is and also making an already

hard decision for some to go to the gym,

even more difficult.

This insufficient amount of equipment is

not only a deterrent for gym newbies, but

is a large frustration for frequent gym goes,

one student vented:

”I have been trying to get in

the free weights rooms but

no matter the time or day

Some students have stated that the lack

of equipment makes the gym an unsafe

place to lift weights due to the large ques

that develop as students eagerly await for

certain machines and sections of the gym

to become free.

“Its dangerously overcrowded at points,

especially when there’s free weights”

Others finding that they can not get access

to certain weights “can never get a squat


While some may see an overcrowded gym

as a minor issue it can have a major impact

on student mental health issues. One stated

“I’m really into the gym

I try and go every day

to recover from Eating


With many other students struggling to

achieve the desired workout due to the lack

of correct equipment “I’ve not been able to

train anything I want to”.

Many students put forward ideas about

what could be done about the issue and

two emerging camps became apparent,

many students suggested just buying

more equipment and refurbishing another

less used room in the gym to accommodate

more students.

Whilst others suggested making the gym

open for longer hours, with some even

suggesting making the gym a 24hr facility,

but until there is change many students

will seem to be left unsatisfied with the

university gym and potentially be looking

elsewhere in Lancaster centre for their


The gym also has been broadcasting tannoy

announcements saying that the gym is full,

and that only people for the sports hall or

pool will be allowed in.

This is of course unfair for students,

especially during the cost of living crisis,

many can’t afford the current bronze

gym membership, never mind a private

membership at a public gym.

One student recounts talking to friends from

Edge Hill University in Ormskirk, where

students get four weeks free at the uni gym,

to increase welfare in sport: “Student

wellbeing has been central to my work.

Myself and other FTOs ran three “exec

crash course” sessions at the beginning of

the academic year, with a large emphasise

on welfare and safeguarding. She also

hosted a session about being a woman

in sport which was open to any women+

members of sports clubs.

“Furthermore, I have

been spending a lot of

time creating constitution

templates for college

sports clubs which will

ensure that each group

has a welfare officer.”

Despite all of this, it is unarguable that

progress such as this needs to be built

upon. LUSWP intend to “plan to host more

talks, continue the drop ins, and welcome

any new ideas!”

This is echoed by Homburg, who is

“next term planning a huge push on

support for welfare officers. This support

will be delivered in a variety of ways,

with the largest being through a full

and comprehensive set

of training sessions for






only have to pay £80 for the rest of the term.

This student asks

‘Where is my nine grand

going? I don’t get free

books, transport, or a gym


VP Sports Megan Homburg states:

The SU work closely with

the Sports Centre, and we

are aware that the team are

working on initiatives that

will help make the gyms

less busy, including plans

to extend opening hours.

To read Megan’s full statement on the

overcrowding of the university gym, visit



S P O R T S SCANLU SCANLancaster scan.lancastersu.co.uk


The GOAT: Messi Leads

Argentina to Greatness

James Rist


After twelve years, the 2022 Qatar

World Cup came and went, beginning

with a slow burn of the host nation

losing its opening game against

Ecuador and ending with an explosive

final between two of the game’s best.

And twenty other fellers.

With corruption and human rights

violations dominating the build up, it

was easy to forget that games were to be

played. There was, despite the whirlwind

of controversy, a lot of anticipation and an

expectation that the competition would

deliver its usual, goals, underdogs, bottle

jobs, and of course an England knockout

round exit.

There were frontrunners early on – Brazil

looked to have a very capable first eleven

with a fair amount of squad depth to boot,

France had their young superstar ready to

challenge for the first consecutive win of the

tournament since 1962,

Argentina had Messi and

England had hope, which

has always ended well for


However, the tournament did not

start so well for Argentina,

losing 2-1 to minnows Saudi

Arabia despite a Messi

penalty. David had

taken down Goliath

and the reward was

a rumoured Rolls

Royce for the squad

and a public holiday.

They ended the

tournament with

three points and

were bottom of the


The first round of

knockouts commenced

after a hugely entertaining

group stage – who will ever

forget the bliss of the 1pm, 4pm, 7pm

schedule? Morocco, the surprise package of

the group stage having surpassed Belgium

and Croatia, continued their astonishing

form by holding Spain to a goalless draw

before beating them on penalties. Japan

and Croatia played out an intense one

hundred and twenty minutes of endto-end

football that ended with a

Croatian victory on penalties.

There were no other

major surprises so for

your ease I will just list

the other sides that

pushed on through

to the quarter-finals:

Holland, Argentina,

Brazil, France,

Portugal, and yes,




began with

the familiar sight of

another penalty victory for

Croatia, surprising favourites

Brazil with a strong goalkeeping

performance from Dominik Livakovic

to ensure Luka Modric’s name will be

enshrined amongst the pantheon of World

Cup legends.

Another thrilling penalty shootout was to

take place later that night with Holland and

Argentina in a hotly contested two-all draw

where tempers flared throughout the game

as late sub, Wout Weghorst scored two late

goals to draw the game level.



would be

either France

Heroics from Emi Martinez

in the shootout meant that

Argentina were on their

way to face Croatia in

the semis.

The rigid defense of

Morocco allowed

them to hold a onegoal

lead against

Portugal in ninety

minutes, making

them the first

African side to make

it to the final four of the


or England. Who do you

think went through?

Although Brits love nothing more

than a 1pm piss-up in a busy

pub on a Monday, despite

all our red and white face

paint, chants, and three

lions on our shirts,

we narrowly missed

out on the glory of a

World Cup.

A r g e n t i n a

dispatched Croatia

in convincing style

with a classy threegoal

win, with the

final finish from Julian

Alvarez masterfully

crafted from a weaving

Messi run.

A valiant effort from a fighting Moroccan side

was not enough to take down Deschamps’

Les Bleus, going down in a two-goal defeat

after an extraordinary tournament. Samuel

Eto’o was laughed at for his prediction of

a Morocco and Cameroon final, was owed

an apology before the game, and then went

back to being laughed at after it. It’s a

cruel world, Samuel.

The stage was set, the

Lusail Stadium would

play host to France vs

Argentina, Mbappe

vs Messi, Deschamps

vs Scaloni, blue

vs slightly lighter

shade of blue.


would start

strong, a

Lionel Messi

penalty (yes,

again – his fourth

in seven games)

and a sharp counterattack finished off by

Angel Di Maria gave La Albiceleste a two-

Best World Cup Ever?

goal lead. Argentina looked to be coasting

to a comfortable win before two quick-fire

Mbappe goals brought France level to take

the game to extra time.

Messi’s men had once again bottled a twogoal

cushion in the knockouts and needed

the quality of their talisman to pull ahead

after a save from Lloris was converted on the

rebound. With only a couple of minutes to

go before Argentinian celebrations ensued,

a rattling shot from Mbappe was given as a

handball against the unfortunate Gonzalo

Montiel. Mbappe claimed his hattrick from

the spot and the tournament would be

decided by the drama of a penalty shootout.

To cut a long story short,

Argentina scored all their

penalties. They won.

Despite Mbappe’s heroics, Messi received

all the plaudits, which is fair enough really,

he’s getting old now. A career of relentless

successes crowned with the ultimate prize,

it’s hard to find many faults in his argument

as the greatest ever.

It was a truly memorable World Cup,

cementing Messi’s place alongside the late

Pele and Maradona, who would have

loved to have watched him lift

the game’s most prized

international honour for

his nation.

Even without pints

in a beer garden,

the World Cup

brought us a nice

winter break from

Christmas and

the plummeting


never failing to

bring us together.

Image Credits: Ercin Erturk

retrieved from Flickr, Ami

Clement and Josh Perrett

The Movember

Money Raisers –

How Much Have

Our Sports Clubs

Managed to Raise?

Maisie Otterburn


A huge congratulations to the students at

Lancaster University for raising £32,807 for


For many sports teams, it’s their biggest

month of charity for the year, so a

particularly big congratulations to our top

three contributors: Lancaster University

Men’s Rugby Union (£11,123), Lancaster

University Men’s Cricket Club (£4,337),

and Lancaster Bombers American Football

(£2,134). Our Lancaster Rugby club has even

ranked 27th for all teams across the UK!

Movember funds critical research for

testicular prostate cancer and Men’s

Mental Health services through some fun

challenges and competitions. One team that

has participated in multiple events in order

to raise money for Movember is Lancaster’s

Men’s Cricket team, led by Ollie and James.

40 members of the club took part in growing

moustaches throughout the month, as well

as a challenge titled ‘Lune Road to Lords’

in which members cycled, ran and walked

400km combined. Over the month the

Cricket club managed to raise an amazing

£4,337 which beat their total last year by

over £300!

Despite the hugely impressive individual

efforts from each of the 35 teams involved,

none of the University’s effort would

have been possible without the efforts

of Lancaster Movember’s Andy Roberts

and Alex Man. Andy was delighted with

the effort, saying “together we raised a

staggering amount and have saved several

lives. The determination of individuals and

societies has been great to see.”

Andy and Alex’s efforts also mustn’t go

unnoticed; the two helped run events and

orchestrate fundraising to ensure Lancaster

finished 15th out of all UK universities. Andy

is now looking forward to next year, where

he is sure the momentum will continue: “We

may be a small university but the charitable

spirit is incredible. Onto next year, keep mowing









1- A tool put to use (9)

8- Make a sound

complete (5)

9- Expert confused

about Charlie’s initial

extract (7)

10- Permeate through

him, Bueno (5)

11-A music player,

initially (3)

13- Stop an era (6)

16- Split a lease (4)

18- Attempts to sell

gutted fish (5)



1-Pace up iceberg’s

base (6)

2- Purse in and pierce


3- In hearing range,

ears burning? (7)

4- More extravagant

start (5)

5- Flower is lit up

haphazardly (5)

6- Bleats about animal

pen (6)

7- Father enquires

before tea starts (6)

12- Team restructured

for friend (4)

14- Demurely holding

a bird (3)

20- Squid short for

cash (4)

22- Our ape amok on

Jupiter moon (6)

25- Sat on pewter

bench (3)

27- Sing sly oboe, odd

ice house (5)

28) Thwarting,

wrapping in tin (9)

29- Hike apparently

opens poem (5)

30- Continue ever

inside, per se (9)

15- A bird leapt! (4)

17- Pin up, go quick (3)

19- Brilliant fruit

under sandwich (7)

20- Quick, last out

before he makes a tart


21- Dial-in disrupted

imbedded material

23- Workspace not on

frozen water (6)

24- Gee, after a post

office starts its

culmination (6)

25- Burst skyward,

temporary store (3-2)

26- Drink has change

of heart, becomes a

biscuit (5)

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All Puzzles By Dan Power

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