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Bounce back

& be healthy



From rock bottom

to mountain top



The unselfish act of saying NO




we love



A luxe bushveld safari






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book club

04 Wine with a story, romance, thrillers, and,

it being Valentine’s month ... how to recognise a cad!


06 Our favourite stylish picks this month


08 Each time life knocked her down, design stylist Teresa le Grange

simply got back up and fought harder


10 Make this a fabulously fragrance-filled February

health & Wellness

12 Set boundaries, prioritise yourself and your own energy and healing

18 Four delicious pick-me-up smoothies that will get you on your way

food & wine

20 An air fryer romance and the finest wines

Decor & gardening

23 We are passionate about curated homeware

and bespoke decor

24 Keep your garden beautiful with shades of violet, pink and purple


26 We want to be driving the all new Proton X70


32 A perfect bush experience


34 A luxurious soy Circa candle

Cover look

Personality: Teresa le Grange

Photographer: Jaco Bothma

Details: Facebook -

@ EmpirePhotography.co.za

Make-up & hair artist: Antoinette

de Beer

Details: Facebook -


Venue: Ana Paula’s Coffee Shop

Details: 071-249-4965 34

February 2023 Get It Magazine 03

Book club

First book club of the year ... wine with a story, romance, thrillers, and,

it being Valentine’s month ... how to recognise a cad!

Oh ... bliss. A new Taylor Jenkins Reid.

In Forever, Interrupted we meet Elsie

Porter, an average twentysomething

who, one rainy New Year’s Day, heads

out to pick up a pizza for one. She

isn’t expecting to see anyone else in

the shop, much less the adorable and

charming Ben Ross. Their chemistry is

instant and electric. Within weeks, the

two are head over heels in love.

Within months, they’ve eloped. Only

nine days later, Ben is out riding his

bike when he is hit by a truck and

killed on impact. Elsie hears the sirens

outside her apartment, but

by the time she gets downstairs, he

has already been whisked off to the

emergency room, where she must

face the mother-in-law she has never

met, and who doesn’t even know Elsie

exists. Simon Schuster

04 Get It Magazine February 2023

Journey’s End ... wines with a story on every label

We love a wine with a story, and Journey’s End, the boutique estate on the

mountain slopes above Sir Lowry’s Pass Village in the Helderberg basin, have

released their rebranded new-vintage Tales Series range of wines ... new classic

labels but still with the tales behind the wine. This February we’ll be trying

Journey’s End Weather Station Sauvignon Blanc 2022. The Tale .... This wine is

named after the famed SB11 Weerstasie Kloon (Weather Station clone) which is

one of the core components used in this wine. First propagated in Stellenbosch

in the 1920s, it made a huge resurgence in the late 1970s. The clone is nicknamed

‘The Weather Station’ as the original plantings were made beside an old weather

station, which proved invaluable in enabling the farms to spot upcoming

changes in the weather and thus pick their fruit at its optimum condition.

The vegan-friendly wine is a refreshing aperitif but also enjoy with fresh oysters,

asparagus, smoked salmon, mussels, tempura prawns or seared tuna.

You’ll find it for between R100 and R120 from shop.journeysend.co.za

One minute Lou is happily employed, with a perfect flat. The next, her home

and job have gone. The last thing she wants is to move to a tiny Cotswolds village,

and she certainly doesn’t intend to work for curmudgeonly eighty-year-old

Edgar Allsopp. But Edgar is about to make her the kind of promise nobody could

ignore. In return, she secretly vows to help him fall in love with life again. Then

there’s Remy, whose charm and charisma are proving hard to ignore. But Lou

hasn’t recovered from the last time she fell for a charmer. She needs a distraction

and luckily one’s about to turn up. Promise Me is Jill Mansell’s latest chick-lit read.

Headline • Every day, The Housemaid (by Freida McFadden) cleans the Winchesters’

beautiful house. She collects their daughter from school, and cooks a delicious

meal for the whole family before heading up to eat alone in her tiny room

on the top floor. She tries to ignore how Nina Winchester makes a mess just to

watch her clean it up, how she tells strange lies about her own daughter, and

how her husband seems more broken every day. It’s hard not to imagine what it

would be like to live Nina’s life. The walk-in closet, the fancy car, the perfect husband.

But she reassures herself that the Winchesters don’t know who she really is.

They don’t know what she’s capable of. Little Brown

Nobody sits us down and teaches us

how to love. We’re often thrown into

relationships with nothing but romantic

movies and pop culture to help us

muddle through. Until now. In 8 Rules

of Love, instead of presenting love as

an ethereal concept or a collection

of cliches, Jay Shetty lays out specific,

actionable steps to help you develop

the skills to practice and nurture love.

He shares insights on how to win or

lose together, how to define love, and

why you don’t break in a break-up. Inspired

by Vedic wisdom and modern

science, he tackles the entire relationship

cycle, from first dates to moving

in together to breaking up and

starting over. And he shows us how

to avoid falling for false promises and

unfulfilling partners. Harper Collins

Are you dating Boring Bert (he wears

quilted anoraks and his mancave has

a trainset from his boyhood)? Or a

Tradie Ted (he drives a bakkie, calls

you his woman and slaps your arse

as he walks past you). Are there red

flags in your relationship ... he asks to

borrow money, delays and evades,

sulks, withdraws and stonewalls you?

If there’s a resounding yes anywhere

here, it’s probably time to pick up a

copy of Caroline Hurry’s Flow - 21

secrets to refresh your relationship.

Full of hysterical descriptions

of Drunken Duncans, Stingy Steves

and Slobber Stans (his breath is beery,

and feels damp), Caroline doesn’t shy

away from nasty truths ... manipulation

and gaslighting, blame shifting

and abuse. She talks about dating

duds (don’t overinvest, or stalk him on

social media) and relationship flows.

All very tongue-in-cheek ... which

doesn’t mean she doesn’t get it spot

on! It’s not, she firmly points out,

another find-a-husband book (she did

that in Handbook for the Huntress),

but ‘more of an outstretched hand to

those who slipped on the treacherous

rocks of romance and need a little

help getting up again’. Hygge Books

Compiled by: KYM ARGO

February 2023 Get It Magazine 05

Wish list

Love. Lust. Longings. Here’s our list!

Longing, after the hectic festive season, for some quiet time and a cup of tea. So

let’s hear it for the (tea) girls. Tlou Tea is a 100 per cent female owned business ...

making hand-blended teas that aid mental and physical well-being. Herbs, spices

and carefully selected adaptogens (plants, herbs and functional mushrooms

which are known to assist the body’s natural performance against daily stress

and fatigue) ... the Tlou (Sepedi for elephant) range includes half a dozen options.

We’re drinking Sweet Sleep - with ashwagandha, chamomile, passionflower root,

blue butterfly pea flowers and lavender. Available from tloutea.co.za

The first locally-inspired

Birkenstock summer campaign

blends German heritage with

South African flair ... resulting in a

sizzling collection. If you haven’t yet

embraced this iconic global brand,

it’s time! Details: bashafrica.com

Have you little darlings discovered

JoyJoys? Interchangeable sneakers

that allow them to swap out their

looks at a whim. There’s a starter

box with a pair of white sneakers,

three velcro snaps of your choice,

and two mystery snaps. Then you

can add extra snaps as you find

more you love. R799 for the starter

box, then R179 for extra snaps sold

in sets of three. Details: joyjoy.co.za

06 Get It Magazine February 2023

Shake. Strike a pose. Raise a glass!

Step into the sparkling streets of Hollywood

and be transported back in time with Michael

O’Mara’s Hollywood Cocktails, a gorgeous

collection of more than 200 classic cocktail

recipes from the 1930s. Discover the exclusive

rendezvous frequented by the biggest stars of

the silver screen, from The Embassy Club to the

Zanzibar, the Clover Club to the Palm Springs,

and learn how to mix the perfect nightcap and

master classic recipes such as the Old Fashioned.

No gimmicks here ... great cocktails stand the

test of time and this is the essential collection.

Entertain, impress, shake well, strike a pose and

raise a glass to the golden age of glamour.

30 Valentine’s kisses ... in 30 shades of beautiful

It’s been top of beauty’s

wish list for years ... the

L’Absolu Rouge lipstick

by Lancôme. Now

reimagined as L’Absolu

Rouge Cream and

L’Absolu Drama Matte,

infused with extracts

from roses harvested by

hand, freshly picked early

mornings in late spring,

there are 30 shades with

pure pigments that dress

your lips in intense, crisp

colour. R530 from Edgars,

Woolies, Truworths,

Foschini and Superbalist.

Compiled by: KYM ARGO

February 2023 Get It Magazine 07

No rain, no f lowers

Each time life knocked her down, design stylist Teresa le Grange simply got back up

and fought harder. From hitting rock bottom to a close brush with death, she refused to

let this keep her from achieving her goals. And gosh ... is she thriving!

Text: ALANICKA LOTRIET. • Photographer: JACO BOTHMA. • Make-up & hair: ANTOINETTE


Teresa le Grange has always had an eye for

tasteful décor - frequently rearranging the

furniture in her childhood home and later

upcycling the hand-me-downs she and her

husband received as newlyweds.

“Our family soon realised that I had a love for

decor and asked me to decorate their homes.

My confidence grew and I started to invest in

‘fixer upper’ properties. I soon found a great

love for the restoration of older, characterfilled


“This eventually led to more and more

decorating opportunities and before I knew

it, doors opened for me to embark on even

bigger projects. The result? The birth of Coast

to Country Interior Design.”

By now, Teresa was consuming decor for

breakfast, lunch and dinner. When she wasn’t

attending an interior decorating course,

she could be found engulfed in books and

magazines about the craft. Little did she

know that her life would take a turn for the

worse a few years down the line.

Due to a series of unfortunate events,

her husband lost his business ... and

everything it supported. They eventually

found themselves in a low-cost motel

room with only a bed, chair and small

ensuite bathroom.

It was, obviously, a dark time in their lives,

and although Teresa almost gave up on

decorating, she kept on posting work she

did for clients on her Coast to Country

Facebook page. Then one day she received

a life-changing phone call. A couple wanted

her to decorate their entire home.

Needless to say, she grabbed the

opportunity with both hands ... this was

going to be the start of a promising new

chapter. However, as life was returning

to normal again, Teresa experienced a

horrifyingly close call with death.

“I was staying over at a friend’s house and

was cooking a meal in her newly upgraded

kitchen. While enjoying the lovely aromas

of the food I was preparing, gas was leaking

from a faulty valve and filling the house. The

08 Get It Magazine February 2023

next thing I knew – the gas stove exploded

in my face.”

Teresa not only sustained second- and thirddegree

burns, she also lost her sight. While

doctors predicted the worst for Teresa, she

proved them wrong and made a complete

recovery within two weeks of the explosion.

“They took X-rays and scans and were

completely stunned that no trace of soot or

burn injuries could be found in my airway.

Yes, my hair was singed, face burnt and my

head was covered in soot, but I regained

full use of my eyes within just three days! An

absolute miracle.”

These life-altering events just made Teresa

appreciate life, and the opportunities she

receives, so much more. Since then, she’s

been pouring her heart and soul into Coast

to Country adding that she will ‘always love

the way this beautiful career touches and

changes people’s lives for the better’.

Over the years her farm and coastal style

decor has become somewhat of a trademark

as the name suggests and can be found in

homes and guest houses across the country,

as well as in Botswana.

“To upcycle and incorporate a client’s

existing furniture into a decor scheme will

probably always be the perfect canvas for

me and what inspires me most. Every piece

of furniture has its own character and older

pieces all tell their own story.

“Incorporating these pieces into a more

upgraded, modern setting gets my creativity

going. For me it’s about using them to

bring new life into a room. I work with these

pieces to create good flow and to add

interest in a home.”

Apart from the basic interior decorating,

Coast to Country also offers its own

decorative paint techniques, rugs, custommade

curtains, blinds and upholstery. For

Teresa these are the key elements for a

successful and sophisticated decor scheme.

It’s all about making a house a home, right?

That’s why she will always strive to create

flow, functionality and comfort for a peaceful

home atmosphere.

“The most satisfying part of being a decorator

is when a client phones after the completion

of a project to tell me how they love

spending all their time at home and how

they don’t even want to leave their living

space anymore.”

It’s no secret that this devoted designer

has proven time and time again that with a

little faith and determination, it is possible

to bounce back from any setback life might

throw at you – and still flourish.

Details: Follow Coast to Country Interior Design

on Facebook and Insta.

The 2023 Pantone colour,

Viva Magenta, a hot-pink

hue is a bold and vibrant

shade that will turn heads.

Teresa suggests a few ways

you can make your home

pop with this vibrant colour:

• Use it on an accent wall.

• Deck you floor with a rich

Viva Magenta rug.

• Decorate your couch or

bed with Viva Magenta

scatter cushions.

• Upholster the occasional

chair with the colour.

• Go bold by using the

colour as curtains to

highlight windows.

• Hang kitchen and bathroom

towels out in this colour.

• Incorporate more of this

colour in smaller decorative

items to create interest.

Limited space? Here’s how you can make any small space

appear bigger:

• Use only splashes of a strong colour.

• Light and bright wall colours reflect light. Try to avoid dark shades as it

tends to absorb light, making rooms feel smaller.

• Accent walls are a great way to make a room feel larger.

• Any form of light is always a good idea, so you might want to invest in

good lighting.

• Remove the clutter. Less is still more.

• Don’t group a collection of small images on your walls. Rather opt for one

big piece.

• Focal points in a room can also help. In the bedroom for instance, make

the bed the focal point. Arrange the furniture, bed and bedroom linen

in such a way that the eye will be drawn to the bed. Keep the rest of the

furniture and decor in the room to a minimum.

Easy home decor hacks to save you money:

• Always work from the floor up. If your budget doesn’t allow for the floors

to be changed then look at the colours of your existing floors and then

pull those shades out into the room. Also paint the walls a colour that will

complement the floor.

• Reuse and repurpose your furniture and goods.

• Use paint to upcycle your furniture.

• Grow your own plants from stems and incorporate easy growing

greenery into your home.

• Visit shops that offer good deals on furniture and find bargains on

Facebook Marketplace.

• Do proper colour planning before you start your project by using tester

pots to create your perfect colour scheme and build on a budget friendly

interior from there.

February 2023 Get It Magazine 09

For you ...

Kate Spade Chérie, R1399 from Truworths,

Dis-Chem and Clicks. Oscar de la Renta Bella

Rosa, R1399 from takealot.com. Berdoues

Pivoine & Rhubarbe Eau de Toilette,

R525 from orleanscosmetics.co.za

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia, R2415

from Woolworths.


Make this a fabulously fragrance-filled February

For your home ...

Kate Sunley peony and rose scented soy wax candles

(R340) and room spray, R340 and R180 from katesunley.

com. Charlotte Rhys Rose large rose fragrance sachet

R133.50 from Woolworths. Glasshouse A Tahaa Affair

triple scented soy candle, R899 from Woolworths

10 Get It Magazine February 2023

God Is A Woman. . Ariana Grande’s new

fragrance is described as empowered,

breathtaking, natural. It’s vegan, clean,

cruelty-free, and with notes of juice pear,

Turkish rose petals and Madagascar

vanilla, is simply glorious. R1099 from

Edgars, Clicks, Foschini and Truworths

Compiled by: KYM ARGO

February 2023 Get It Magazine 11


Set boundaries, prioritise yourself and your own energy and healing

Text: Kerry Rudman from Brain Harmonics

hat if you declined

a dinner invite or

said no to an event

your ex would be at,

or even just said no

to anything. This might

leave you feeling a little

selfish or guilty.

It doesn’t matter that you’re

emotionally and physically exhausted,

or that your mental health is suffering.

You might lie awake in bed, thinking

about how you should have done

something differently or been better

in some other way. Saying no feels

like a failure, like you’re incompetent

or unequipped to handle the

situation, you might worry about

how it affects the other person.

But if saying NO helps you prioritise

yourself and your own energy and

healing, are you really being selfish?

Even though it’s defined as being

concerned with only your own

personal pleasure and profit, as

well as lacking consideration for

others, we still think of selfish as the

times when we’re simply putting

ourselves first.

We’re told we need to adjust our own

oxygen masks first before helping

others in a plane emergency. Or to

make sure the scene is safe for you

before helping anyone who’s hurt. No

one would call us selfish for following

those instructions.

Sometimes the right thing is to be

‘selfish’. Don’t define your actions on

other people’s judgements.

12 Get It Magazine February 2023

Be selfish when:



You need help in any way

Don’t avoid asking for it! If getting help from a co-worker, psychologist,

friend or companion helps you stress less or feel better, this is going to

be good for your stress levels and ultimately your mental health.

You need to rest

When you’re feeling tired — it doesn’t matter if it’s emotionally, mentally,

or physically — it’s time to rest. Sometimes, that just comes down to

sleep. Lack of sleep can cause trouble focusing, a weakened immune

system, and memory issues, headaches. We often feel like we have to

keep going. Sometimes sleep isn’t at the top of our priorities. Forcing yourself to

be with others when you’re exhausted is also tiring.

3You just need alone time

Social interactions can be exhausting for some people. There’s no

shame in taking time for yourself.

If you’ve been going nonstop, your mood is all out of whack, or you

need to re-evaluate your relationships, now may be a good time to

plan some alone time.

4It’s time to end a relationship, job, or living situation

It’s never easy breaking up with a significant other, moving to a new

city, or quitting a job. If you feel bad when you interact with someone or

dread encountering them again, it’s time to rethink your relationship.

We often stay in friendships or relationships because we’re scared

of hurting someone. But when it comes to relationships that are damaging,

sometimes you need to put yourself first.

It’s not self-sustaining to continue a relationship — or job or anything, especially

one that’s in any way abusive — that no longer makes you happy. If something is

affecting your well-being, it might be time to say goodbye.

The balance of give-and-take is especially important when living with someone.

Do you find yourself doing all the errands and chores when you get home

from work while they come home and put their feet up? It’s important to have

balance to avoid both resentment and fatigue.

Depending on the situation, you may choose to talk to them, take a short

break to recharge, find a way to schedule or delegate chores or cut them out

completely. It’s not selfish to prioritise your own needs over others if the act of

giving is causing you more harm.

5To avoid burnout, after work or in your personal life

Everyone is susceptible to burnout or work exhaustion. Certain

professions can be exceptionally draining. When burnout occurs, it can

hurt both your professional and personal life.

So when clocking-out time comes, truly clock out. No matter what

you do, make sure you have time to separate yourself from work. Creating this

work-life balance can help you avoid burnout and bring more happiness to your

personal life.

Take care of yourself

Don’t neglect yourself and your health to avoid feeling selfish.

You can reduce your stress by being a little selfish now and then and practising

some good old self-care.

Here are some ways to set

boundaries in a healthy way:

• First analyse if you want to do the

thing suggested or not. If you’re not

sure – tell the person you will get

back to them.

• You don’t have to answer anyone

immediately – If you don’t know what

to say - I tell them I have to rush to

the loo and will chat when I get back,

then I can think it through without

any pressure.

• Take the word ‘You’ away when

answering – make everything about

yourself instead ... so instead of saying

something like you’ve left dishes

everywhere, choose I need dishes to

be done, or that doesn’t work for me. I

think, I want, I feel.

• Give the other person options that

work for you – people are quite lazy

and usually go with one option, it’s

not often that they will ask for more

alternatives. So l can’t meet you tonight

but I could have coffee with you

on Monday or lunch next Sat – what

works for you? What do you think?

• Do some neurofeedback sessions to

handle boundaries better, de-stress,

get better sleep and recoup from this

hectic year and family stresses over

the festive season.

Whatever you do, remember to take

care of yourself. And don’t forget, it’s

never selfish to do so.

For more info about Brain Harmonics

and Neurofeedback Training, visit


February 2023 Get It Magazine 13



Life Wilgeheuwel Hospital is excited to introduce their new obstetrician and gynaecologist,

Dr Pelisa Jafta to their team of specialists. Passionate about female reproductive health,

she aims to offer top notch care, hope and solutions to a range of conditions, from common to complex.

Each woman vividly remembers her very first visit to a

gynaecologist - no matter how much we’d might like to forget.

With a meticulous and holistic approach, Life Wilgeheuwel

Hospital’s new ob-gyn, Dr Pelisa Jafta strives to lift the stigma

associated with the routine visit by providing each of her

patients with a pleasant experience.

However, her skills are not limited to the often-dreaded


“As an obstetrician, I manage pregnant women and all

pregnancy-related complications. This will be from the time of

conception, through the delivery process and up to six weeks

postpartum. I also manage any medical, surgical and even

psychological conditions that may complicate a pregnancy.

“As a gynaecologist, I manage any other condition relating

to the female genital tract. This includes diseases specific

to the female reproductive system such as the ovaries,

uterus and cervix.”

Although quiet, her inviting smile and subtle sense of humour

is enough to make any patient feel at ease. And so, there’s no

excuse for women to skip their annual visit. That’s right! Dr

Pelisa recommends women older than 21 to visit their ob-gyn

every year for a regular exam, and of course, any time before

that should an issue arise.

She also urges mothers to schedule an appointment for their

daughters after their first menstrual cycle.

“Even though this is a physiological phenomenon, information

and knowledge will help guide the adolescent through

puberty. It is also very important to note that such visits

shouldn’t be one-sided, but rather an interaction reflecting a

relationship between the doctor and the patient. She should

ideally be able to verbalise her concerns and expectations.

“The young patient can expect extensive inquiring into her

medical, sexual and family history. Each visit thereafter will be

similar for the most part but will differ slightly depending on

the concerns of the patient.”

While she has always been fascinated with female health, Dr

Pelisa is most enthusiastic about pregnancy with a special

interest in Maternal Fetal Medicine.

“The uterine environment, genetic disease (inherited and

non inherited), environmental factors may at times be a harsh

environment for development and growth of the fetus, and I

pay extra attention in looking out for those. I absolutely love

putting a smile on a mother’s face and helping her overcome

a difficult pregnancy. I’m a firm believer that no mother should

go through the loss of her baby and that’s why I will go above

and beyond for my patients.”

Although a mother might be bearing a perfectly healthy

baby, many recall the unexpected arrival of negative mental

side-effects often followed by the baby blues.

Dr Pelisa explains that during pregnancy, hormone changes

can affect brain chemicals and cause depression and

anxiety. Even though it’s natural to feel emotional when

you’re expectant, you might want to seek help if you’re

feeling sad more than you’re feeling happy.

An important strategy to alleviate the

negative effects of mental symptoms is

screening for depression itself. This should

ideally be done during each visit and most

importantly, during the postnatal visits.

“A validated screening test simply consists of a couple of

questions which has proven to be very cost-effective. If the

screening test is positive, assistance should ideally be made

available in the form of a psychologist or psychiatrist and

medication if need be. Family support and exercise will be

encouraged as well.”

In light of Pregnancy Awareness Week from 12 to 16

February, the mom of a seven-year-old son and nine-yearold

daughter hopes to promote the benefits of healthy

habits during pregnancy.

“I firmly believe that the well-being of the child is affected

by the habits of the mother. Every patient should strive to

achieve the best possible state of their health so her baby

may also benefit.”

Dr Pelisa is available for consultation at Life Wilgeheuwel

Hospital where she will be establishing an obstetric and

gynaecological practice.


Tips for a healthy


Before you can take care of your

new baby, you need to take care

of yourself and your unborn child.

Dr Pelisa shares a few simple

tips to stay healthy and safe

throughout your nine-month

pregnancy journey:

• Preconception care and advice

is self-empowerment. A lot of

adverse outcomes in pregnancy

occur because of co-morbidities

specific to the patient and might

be potentially preventable.

• Eating for two is a myth. There

are recommended limits for total

weight gain during the entire

course of pregnancy. These limits

are usually broken down into

three parts representative of the

first, second and third trimesters.

• Beware of exposure to certain

teratogens, especially during the

first trimester of pregnancy. A

teratogen is defined as anything

with the potential to cause an

abnormality in the fetal growth

or fetal structure. This can be

anything from medication to

infections and so forth.

• Medicine evolves. What was true

yesterday may not necessarily

be true today. With advancing

technologies and research studies,

many conditions that were initially

associated with poor outcomes

have now become manageable

with favourable outcomes. Always

do thorough research!

For more information on Life Wilgeheuwel Hospital’s facilities and services, contact 011-796-6544

or email Natasha.Griffin@lifehealthcare.co.za or visit www.lifehealthcare.co.za.

Leaner, fitter,


Many of us are very mindful of the need to exercise, but somehow, we keep putting it off.

Sounds familiar? A simple explanation could be that you merely don’t know where to start!


hat’s where Brian Jansen from VG Evolution Body and Fitness

comes to the rescue. A health and fitness guru and multiaward-winning

bodybuilder, Brian offers a range of services

that will help you get your bod into tip-top shape and smash those

almost long-forgotten New Year’s resolutions.

Not only does he offer one on one personal training in a tranquil,

safe and judge-free environment, but also gives valuable dietary

guidelines because “your diet is much more important than the

actual workout. The first thing that comes to mind when someone

is considering losing weight is to hit the gym! But a lot of people

do not manage to shed any significant weight by doing months of

gymming and wonder what they might be doing wrong.

“Many people misunderstand the relationship that exists between food and

exercise, but the fact remains that the former is an underlying fuel source

that drives the latter. Without the right caloric intake, energy, and nutrients in

your body, it is impossible to exercise effectively and achieve the weight loss

that you desire.”

Another quite impressive service that Brian offers is Electro Muscle Stimulation

(EMS) training. A form of training that has become increasingly popular in

the past few years. And it is not hard to see why. You only need to put in 20

minutes - which is equivalent to about three hours in the gym - once a week to

see real results. Tell us more!

How it works

EMS training is an innovative way to exercise that stimulates your muscles

using a high-tech training suit. With strategically placed electrodes to target

each of your major muscle groups, small electrical impulses are then sent to

your muscles which mimic the action of the central nervous system, activating

the muscles and contracting them in the same way, but using external

impulses. These impulses reach deep muscle layers, which are harder to

activate through normal training. The effect of the impulses causes the muscles

to work harder than they would in a conventional training session but with

much less work completed.

The average person uses around 30 per cent of muscle fibres during a regular

workout, but with a full-body EMS workout, up to 90 per cent of your muscles

are activated, making your workouts more intense and delivering better results.

It is high-intensity training, so do expect to break out into a sweat!

The training doesn’t hurt and is best described as a tingly deep tissue massage.

A few benefits of EMS training

“EMS training is safe and effective for people of all ages and fitness levels. It’s

gentle on your joints, making it perfect for older people. But it’s also ideal for

professional athletes and sports people. The best part is, I can tailor your EMS

workout according to your age group, fitness level and goals.”

• Tones your body • Produces endorphins • Relieves joint pain • Improves

postural control • Relieves stress and tension • Strengthens back´s muscles •

Perfect for muscle recovery • Strengthens the pelvic floor • Increase muscle

strength and endurance

We all know that we shouldn’t take our health and body for granted. So, this

year, you have no option but to prioritise your health, and what better way than

having a professional like Brian helping and motivating you along the way?

“I really care about my clients so I will go above and beyond to help them

achieve the results they aim for. If I need to be a bit of a drill sergeant or

cheerleader to get you motivated, then I’ll do so with a smile.”

Great news, VG Evolution Body and Fitness operates during loadshedding!

Situated at 5 Carlow Road, Kenmare, Krugersdorp. Appointment only.

Details: Phone Brian at 076 577 9425, vgevolutionbodyandfitness@gmail.com or

follow @VGEvolutionBodyandFitness on Facebook.

Why exercise is wise

• Helps maintain strong muscles

and bones

• Reduces risk of chronic disease

• Gives you more energy

• Makes you feel happier

• Reduce stress

• Improve your mental health

• Boosts your confidence

• Can help lower blood pressure

Simple and affordable ways to

improve our health and fitness

• Take the dog for a walk

• Play with your kids

• Clean the house

• Take the stairs instead of the elevator

or escalator whenever you can

• Remember to start small - small bouts

of activity are better than knocking

yourself out with a workout that will be

hard to replicate.

• Be consistent and try to get any form

of exercise three to four days a week

• Reduce sitting and screen time

• Get to bed earlier

• Make a few dietary substitutions:

Swap white bread, rice, crackers and

pasta for healthier whole-grain versions.

Use skinless chicken in your recipes

instead of skin-on, and leaner cuts of

other meats such as beef or pork.

Replace one sugary drink (soda, juice,

etc.) each day with a tall glass of water.

If you get hungry between meals,

snack on a handful of almonds or

cashews, a piece of whole fruit, or carrot

sticks dipped in hummus rather than

reaching for candy bars or potato chips.

• Portion each meal

• Eat more fruits and vegetables

• Be patient when it comes to reaching

your physical goals

Smoothie goodness

Four delicious pick-me-up smoothies packed with vitamins to get you on your way

Pineapple and cucumber smoothie

A fresh fast-morning smoothie packed with greens and vitamins. Makes four.

You’ll need: 1 whole cucumber, 1 x 440 g can Rhodes Quality Pineapple

Pieces in Syrup, drained, 250 ml (1 cup) Rhodes Quality 100% Pineapple

Juice, chilled, 250 ml (1 cup) coconut water, chilled, 2.5 ml (½ tsp) Hinds

Spices Pure Ground Ginger

To make: Place the cucumber, pineapple pieces, pineapple juice,

coconut water and ground ginger into a blender. Blend until smooth and

serve immediately.

18 Get It Magazine February 2023

Peach and ginger smoothie

Fast and fresh breakfast smoothie. Add

a little ginger to smoothies for its antiinflammatory

and immune boosting

properties. Makes 1.

You’ll need: 1 x 410 g can Rhodes Quality

Peach Halves in Syrup, drained, 5 to10 ml

(1-2 tsp) fresh ginger, peeled and finely

grated, 5 ml (1 tsp) honey, 190 ml coconut

milk, ice cubes

To make: Place the peach halves in a

blender. Add the ginger, honey and

coconut milk. Blend until smooth. Pour the

smoothie over the ice cubes and serve.

Spinach and orange

juice smoothie

A fresh fast-morning smoothie packed

with greens and vitamins. Serves 2.

You’ll need: 375ml (1½ cups) Rhodes

Quality Orange 100% Fruit Juice Blend,

1 small cucumber, chopped, 500ml (2

cups) fresh spinach, washed, 1 large


To make: Place the orange juice into a

blender. Add the remaining ingredients

and blend on high until smooth and

creamy. Serve immediately.

Carrot, apple, ginger,

and orange juice

An everyday immune boosting juice.

Serves 8.

You’ll need: 250ml (1 cup) Rhodes Quality

Apple 100% Fruit Juice, chilled, 250ml (1

cup) Rhodes Quality Orange 100% Fruit

Juice, chilled, 2.5ml (½ tsp) Hinds Ground

Ginger, 2 carrots, 1 cup ice

To make: Place the apple juice and the

orange juice into a liquidiser. Add the

ground ginger, carrots and ice. Process

until smooth. Serve well chilled.

Visit rhodesquality.co.za or follow @rhodesquality #GoWithGoodness for more Summer inspiration.

Healthy habits

Six steps, and one recipe, towards better health!

Let’s be honest. Loads of us made some positive, and pretty substantial, New

Year’s resolutions. How’s that going? Yip ... us too. The stress of day-to-day life

set in, the resolutions fell by the wayside leaving behind feelings of guilt and

failure. Let’s start again, with small steps. Little, positive changes. Here are half

a dozen we think are doable. And there’s a lovely healthy recipe, too.

Layered Tetley Green Tea Spring Smoothie

You’ll need: 2 x thinly sliced frozen bananas, 1 cup each of frozen strawberries

and frozen pineapple, 1/2 teaspoon of grated ginger, 1 teaspoon of beetroot

powder, 1x Tetley + Peach & Orange flavoured Green teabag

To make: Steep the green tea in a cup of boiling water and set it aside to

cool. Add 1 frozen banana (sliced), 1 teaspoon of beetroot powder and 1

cup of frozen Strawberries into a high-power blender. Add half a cup of

the green tea into the blender and process until it’s a smooth thick puree.

Pour the smoothie evenly into two glasses until it’s half full, then place

in the fridge. Rinse the blender. Combine the leftover green tea, frozen

banana, pineapple and grated ginger in the blender and blend until smooth.

Remove the glasses from the fridge and pour the pineapple layer on top.

Garnish as desired and enjoy!

Tetley has launched two new Green teas that are fortified with added

vitamins. These variants merge popular, fresh flavours and added vitamins

to offer even more reasons to drink green tea. The new Tetley + Mango

flavoured green tea is fortified with Vitamin B5, while the Tetley+ Peach &

Orange flavoured version contains added Vitamin C.

Visit www.joekels.co.za and @TetleyTeaSA for more health tips as well as healthy

recipes and ideas for the whole family.

1. Get walking

There’s no need to start running

marathons, but exercise is an important

part of a healthy lifestyle. This can be as

simple as opting to take the stairs instead

of the lift, or joining a neighbourhood

walking group. This is also a great

opportunity to socialise with friends,

making it good for body and soul!

2. Get some sleep

Aim to get at least seven hours of

sleep a day to improve one’s mood,

appearance, and health! There has been

lots of research done on sleep, and

insufficient sleep has been linked to

several health problems, from Type 2

diabetes to cancer.

3 Avoid over-eating

A simple trick to avoid eating too much

in one sitting is to drink a glass of water

or Tetley Green Tea before each meal.

Other ways to decrease overeating

include using a smaller plate to avoid

taking too much food, and waiting

at least 10 minutes after eating. This

gives the stomach time to tell the

brain that there is sufficient food – no

seconds needed!

4. Stay hydrated

It’s important to get into the habit

of staying hydrated, rather than just

drinking water when it’s hot, as the

body requires around 2 litres a day.

This means keeping a bottle of water

or a homemade Tetley Green iced tea

or smoothie close at hand throughout

the day.

5. Include a cup of Green Tea

Just a single cup of Tetley Green Tea

can make a massive difference to one’s

well-being, as it comes with an amazing

number of health benefits. In fact, one

cup has at least double the number of

antioxidants than an apple. These are the

damage-fighting elements that clean out

the system!

6. Digital detox

Too much time on devices and catching

up on social media can be harmful for

your mental health. Ditch the phone

or tablet and relax in a bubble bath, or

read a good book. Let the mind wander

and take a break from comparisons with

curated and filtered feeds!

February 2023 Get It Magazine 19


True love story ... an air fryer romance!

Brownies in less than half an hour

Brownies. The universal fave. Bake in a

Vortex ClearCook air fryer, watch them

turn into the perfect treat, allow them

to cool and serve with vanilla ice

cream. Joy, right there!

Prep time 15 mins, cook time 15 mins,

serves 9

You’ll need: 1 1/2 cups chopped dark

chocolate; 1/2 cup butter at room

temperature; 1/4 cup cocoa powder;

3/4 cup flour; 2 large eggs at room

temperature; 1 cup light brown sugar;

1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract; 1/4 tsp salt;

and for serving, vanilla ice-cream.

To make: Line a 20cm x 20cm

brownie pan with baking paper. Melt

chocolate and butter together and

mix until fully combined. Sift in the

cocoa powder and stir to mix. In a

separate large bowl, beat the eggs,

sugar and vanilla extract with an

electric beater until light in colour

and frothy, about 3-5 minutes. Add

the warm chocolate mixture and stir

to combine. Sieve in the flour and

salt and mix gently to ensure all the

flour is incorporated. Spoon into a

prepared pan and spread evenly.

Turn on the Vortex Plus ClearCook, set

to bake, 170 C and 15 minutes.

Place the pan into the preheated air

fryer and bake until the top is set and

a toothpick inserted into the centre

has a few moist crumbs on.

Remove and allow to cool completely

in the dish before cutting. Enjoy with

a scoop of your favourite ice cream.

Recipe from instantpot.co.za

Don’t judge. But we’re really late with this air fryer romance ... indifferent to the

wooing over the last couple of years. Who needs a new gadget - no matter

how sexy and sleek, we asked. We have a great relationship with our handsome,

steady oven. But then the smugness of those who were dishing up crunchy

roasted pork belly, fresh doughnuts, crispy chicken schnitzels ... we admit, it

got to us. So we thought we’d have a clandestine try. Well. Did we have to

eat (well cooked) humble pie. Fell head over heels with the Instant Vortex Air

Fryer - designed to incorporate all those features we’d heard about ... super fast

cooking times, large enough for a family of four (5.7L so you can fit in a decent

sized chicken), easy to clean and really simple, user-friendly controls. The Instant

Vortex incorporates Instant Pot’s smart program technology to deliver great

results, the stylish design takes up minimal countertop space and the intelligent

touch screen and dial controls makes it an absolute pleasure to use. It air fry’s,

roasts, bakes and reheats, and is quicker, easier and healthier than cooking in

with oil in the oven. Win, win and win! While we have no intention of cheating

or double dating, there are others to choose from ... depending on your needs

and budget. Like the Instant Vortex Plus ClearCook range, with six smart

cooking programmes (air fry, roast, grill, bake, reheat and dehydrate) and the

revolutionary ClearCook window with internal light, which allows you to check

on cooking progress without continuously opening the drawer and losing heat.

Even snazzier - the Instant Vortex ClearCook DUAL air fryer, with two drawers to

allow you to cook two different dishes at the same time. Whichever catches your

eye and steals your heart ... you’ll find them at @Home stores, Yuppiechef and

Hirsch’s Homestores.

20 Get It Magazine February 2023


Let this be the year of fine wine

If we’re looking for fine wine, we take advice from

Platter’s South African Wine Guide 2023 - where we

found it’s been a star-studded year for Steenberg

Vineyards. And in particular for their flagship Sauvignon

Blanc, The Black Swan. Acclaimed as one of the country’s

top Sauvignon Blancs, this 5-star wine is fresh, with

scents of lime zest, white blossom, elderflower and

persimmon supported on the palate by bursts of fresh

grapefruit and subtle hints of nectarine and mange tout.

This wonderful food wine pairs well with Asian-style

grilled line fish, calamari with an apple and sumac salad

or a tomato salad with ricotta and basil. You’ll find it for

R255 at steenbergfarm.com.

A year of drinking only fine

wines. Not necessarily the

most expensive, but definitely

the best in their class. So we’ll

be keeping our wine bible

- Platter’s South African

Wine Guide 2023 - on hand.

This is the 43rd edition of the

authoritative South African

wine guide - and it features

the Five Star wines out

of the more than 8000

reviewed (nice job!).

There are descriptions

of producers across the

wine regions of South

Africa and has useful info

for learning about and

travelling in our gorgeous

winelands. R399 from

Exclusive Books.

Another one topping the Platter’s charts ... the guide honoured

Trade Winds Wine with one of the highest accolades ... that of

Platter’s 2023 Newcomer Winery of the Year. So this month we’ll be

trying the Trade Winds Sauvignon Blanc 2021, , described in the

guide as “a Melange of ripe tropical flavours mingle with bright,

zingy acid & citrus vivacity. Light lees contact in tank adds structure

& length”, and the Trade Winds Cabernet Sauvignon 2019 ...

“Confident debut of 2019. Fruitcake-toned body given spice from

18 months in seasoned French oak. Inky depth & concentration

delivered without loss of refinement, 18 months mellowing in

bottle at cellar adding to the elegance.” Details: tradewindswine.com

Compiled by: KYM ARGO

February 2023 Get It Magazine 21

A passion for decor

We’re passionate about our

homes, about unusual and

beautiful pieces, and about

quality. So it’s no surprise we’re

having a love affair with Ethos -

an online interior and homeware

store with a focus on high-end

quality and an eclectic mix of

carefully curated homeware

and bespoke decor (with some

jolly stylish extras - think bags,

ponchos and darling baby

accessories - thrown in, too).

We have our eyes on these

Galangal wooden bowls, the

coconut-inspired Assam set of

white-enamelled bowls with

a tray, and textured scatters.

Ethos delivers for free across

South Africa, and all products

are wrapped in beautiful earthfriendly

packaging with a gift

card. Details: ethos-store.co.za

Compiled by: KYM ARGO

February 2023 Get It Magazine 23

Plant pretty

Keep your garden beautiful with love(ly) shades of violet, pink and purple

Veggie of the month

It is worth making space to sow

globe artichokes. These beautiful

plants are a feature in any garden,

and not just the veggie garden. Plants

need at least 1m by 1m to thrive and

should be planted in full sun, in rich,

fertile soil that drains well. Artichoke

Violet de Provence from RAW seed

is an heirloom variety with large,

serrated silvery leaves and purple

buds. Water deeply, especially when

the buds are forming. At the end of

the first year, the plant will produce

small buds which can be picked

and eaten or left to flower. From the

second year, many more buds will be

produced and will be larger. The best

harvests are from the second and

third year. Details: rawliving.co.za


24 Get It Magazine February 2023

Indoor plant of the month

For a Valentine’s treat, drop hints or spoil yourself to Curcuma

Sweet, a soft pink lily, or Curcuma purple Splash. This lush, tropical

lily, aka Siamese tulip, will flower indoors for the next month or

more. Display it as a coffee table beauty, or anywhere with bright,

indirect light. Keep the soil lightly moist but not soggy. Curcuma

is a perennial that can be transplanted into a frost free garden

in partial shade or in a pot on the patio. However, it does go

dormant after flowering. When the leaves start to go yellow, stop

watering, cut off the leaves and let the potting mix dry out. Store

the pot in a cool place during winter and sprinkle with water

occasionally. In spring, plant out the tubers in the garden or leave

them in the pot to sprout. Details: lvgplant.co.za

We’re planting …

Bidens Pretty in Pink - because it’s

one of the failsafe plants that copes

with dry or wet conditions, grows in

ordinary garden soil and is tolerant of

urban pollution. It produces masses of

beautiful hot pink daisy flowers with

gold eyes and creamy white tips at

the ends of the stems from late spring

to mid-autumn. The plants are bushy,

low growing and compact and the

tiny, fernlike green leaves add a fine

and delicate texture to the garden.

Pretty in Pink grows in sun or partial

shade and is a versatile garden flower

for mass planting, rockeries or borders,

as well as filling pots and hanging

baskets. Details: ballstraathof.co.za

Garden tasks for February

• Water in the morning or late afternoon.

• Mulch all beds to keep the soil cool

and moist for longer. • Remove dead

blooms to extend the flowering period

of your summer annuals and perennials.

• Lightly trim lavender, pelargoniums,

and other bushy plants that need tidying

up, as well as topiaries and hedges. •

Divide agapanthus and irises. • Water

containers daily and feed with a liquid

fertiliser at half strength every second

week. • Water lawns and mow weekly. If

it is very hot don’t cut the lawn too low. •

Pick fast maturing vegetables like beans,

cucumbers, chillies, and tomatoes at least

twice a week. • Watch out for red spiders

on your herbs, vegetables and flowers

and spray with an organic insecticide like

Ludwig’s Insect Spray.

February 2023 Get It Magazine 25

We love a little


Jaguar Classic Black - seductive, high-class and charismatic.

• Bentley Intense boasts excellent staying power and offers a

long-lasting, truly intense and daring fragrance experience.

R1049 • Dunhill Driven Black is old-school charming and

seductive. R979. All from Clicks.

This limited edition gold car diffuser attaches to the

aircon vents of your car and releases a consistent fine

fragrance. R475 from wickfragrances.com

An intoxicating and masculine

blend of musk, patchouli, sage

and mahogany cologne for your

car. Midsummer’s Night is one

of the Yankee Candles Ultimate

Car Jar options ... if your car’s

the love of your life, give it a

signature scent. R120 from


Attach this

Diptyque Perfumed

Car Diffuser

to your car’s ventilation

grill and your car will be awash

with the tart, exuberant scent of

blackcurrant leaves, accented with

rose blossoms. The adjustable metal

grill allows you to control the intensity

of the fragrance in the car, and if used

correctly the cartridges can be kept for

up to three months. R2600 from skins.co.za

26 Get It Magazine February 2023

If life is a highway ... we want to be driving the all new Proton X70

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey.

Does that still stand if the destination is a first class,

luxurious, been-dying-to-visit spot? To be honest, we didn’t

think so. But then we jumped into the Proton X70 and my

heaven ... we could have driven for days!

Massive, comfy, soft Nappa leather power seats, which went

waaaay back for passengers needing a snooze (those early

morning departures are a bugger). Loads and loads of leg

room and space for coolers and coffee and padkos (we’re

all for too-many-snacks on any journey). A really impressive,

six speaker sound system for the 70s Road Tripping playlist.

Add the voice command (“Hi Proton - roll down the

windows”) and touch screen monitor infotainment system

which has smart phone and Bluetooth connectivity, and

USB ports ... so all those necessary boxes are firmly ticked.

Our route included a freeway (so a chance to open up

and feel the power, and to test the cruise control), detours

through rural towns with pothole-strewn roads (and here

we use the word roads in the loosest possible way) as well

as a short stretch of gravel and dust ... so we could really

experience the car every which way. Add to that drizzle and

downpours (hello auto-sensing wipers) followed by the

sweltering heat and dust of the Kruger area (so a massive

welcome to the Proton Intelligent Air Purification System

– a combination of N95 cabin filter which is incorporated

into the air-conditioning, and air purifier system ... combined

these work twice as efficiently to improve the air quality

inside the cabin).

A big plus on a long trip is the excellent fuel consumption

- 7.8l per 100km in the Proton X70 (and 6.5l in the smaller

Proton X50) ... certainly a lot more impressive than some

of the other SUVs on the market. In fact, affordability was

a major influence in the decision by Combined Motor

Holdings and Geely when bringing Proton back into

the country from Malaysia. With so many luxury brands

launching SUVs, there was a massive gap, they felt, for a

quality SUV within an affordable price bracket.

Another long-distance journey plus is the five-year roadside

assistance which comes standard - as, by the way, does the

five-year, unlimited mileage (yay to many long road trips)

and transferrable warranty, the five year/80 000 km service

plan and the five-star ratings in financial packages ... so a bit

of a high-five all round, here, too.

Talking about the safety of knowing road-side assistance is

just a call away, other safety and security benefits are the

six airbags and the advanced driver assist system, which

includes blind spot info, lane departure warning, adaptive

cruise control and forward collision warning (jolly helpful

when the driver ahead of you suddenly reduces speed).

Add to that the traction control, hill hold assist and hill

descent control, electronic and anti-lock braking systems

with brake assist and auto brake hold. There are also

daytime running lamps, which means greater visibility in all

weather conditions.

We’re not, we admit, the best reverse-parkers in the

forecourt, so the 360 degree camera and parking sensors

were a jolly useful addition for us (and no doubt for others

in the area!).

Stops at padstals along the way drew loads of envious

glances from fellow travellers ... and stepping back to

admire our ride, we knew why. From the chrome finishing

on the front and rear bumpers to the rear diffuser with dual

exhaust outlets to the alloy wheels to the power tailgate

with foot sensor (oh my, how we loved that ... bought extra

goodies just so we had an excuse to open (and fill) the

enormously spacious boot).

The Proton comes in six rather dashing colour choices -

Snow White and Armour Silver, a dark and dashing Jet Gray

and look-at-me Ruby Red, Space Grey and our favourite

Cinnamon Brown.

There are, obviously, kilometre-long technical specifications

... none of which mean a single thing to us (we’re all for

the ride, not the deets) ... so best you download the Digital

Brochure on proton.cars, navigate your way around that,

and then once you’re revved up, it’s all ready, steady, go and

book a test drive.

Compiled by: KYM ARGO

February 2023 Get It Magazine 27


To advertise here call 011 955 1130


To advertise here call 011 955 1130

Dry Eye and Blepharitis

Introducing The Latest Technology

Watery eye

Tightening of the upper eyelids

Wrinkles and fine lines

Dry Eye and Skin Rejuvenation

Sun damaged skin


Skin discolouration



Cnr. Christiaan de Wet Rd &

Beverley Dr, Constantia Kloof,

Roodepoort, 1709

011 201 4625



011 675 1747 | info@drkatie.co.za



63 Malcolm Rd, Poortview

011 100 5377

4 March


To advertise here call 011 955 1130


To advertise here call 011 955 1130

Cover make-up & hair by

Antoinette de Beer

We specialise in professional mobile make-up,

hairstyling, microblading, airbrush make up,

eyelash extensions, nails, facials, waxing,

massages, laser treatments, etc.

We also do one-on-one make-up teaching

classes, MUD make-up distribution &

make-up short courses. Special bridal

packages available.



Elaine Boshoff @ 082 885 3577,


Antoinette de Beer @ 073 681 9516,


EA.indd 1 2023/01/18 16:33:01

Love a safari

Luxurious rooms + impressive meals + a massive roar = a perfect bush experience

Room with a view

The invigorating feeling of the unknown, not

knowing what’s around that very next bend,

what sounds and smells will trigger your

senses … this is what makes us fall in love with

the bushveld over and over again.

So, when we arrived at the newly opened

Letamo Lodge at Qwabi Private Game

Reserve in Waterberg of Limpopo, we knew

we were going to be catching all the feels that

wildlife brings ... paired with an indulgent stay.

With 11 000-hectares of Big Five land to

explore, divided by wide-open paths and

lush terrain, we were relieved to be with the

fabulous guide Brendan - always cracking a

joke, an impressive knowledge of both rhino

and birdlife and he makes a decent cup of

Amarula coffee!

We’d hardly even set out on the first drive for

a minute when we had our very first sighting

… three hippos, the bull with his mouth wide

open showing off his dominance. And as

much as it was captivating to view from the

4x4 game vehicle, it’s a sight that can easily be

viewed from the lodge’s large rim-flow pool

which overlooks the river. And the sightings

on our drives just kept getting better and

better. Even the pouring rain didn’t keep

the animals away ... we spotted a cheetah

gracefully walking along, crossing our path

into the bush, a rather drenched wildebeest,

a rare sighting of foam-nest tree frogs going

about their business. Highlight, if we had to

choose, was a close encounter with a lion ...

who gave a warning roar so fearful that one

The African wild cat that let out a roar

Qwabi 4X4 game vehicle

Stripes among the wild daisies

32 Get It Magazine February 2023

Letamo Lodge’s rim-flow pool overlooking the river

guest (could have been from Get It ... we’d never tell!) dropped her camera in fright.

A perfect ending to the final game drive, since Qwabi means ‘African wild cat’ in the

local Sesotho language.

Back to the lodge ... G&T firmly in hand, we chatted to the General Manager of

Qwabi Private Game Reserve Dr André Uys who told us the reserve is a conservation

stronghold which is committed to preserve, protect and populate the African

species. You can appreciate the passion behind their anti-poaching efforts and

admire the focus on genetic management.

It’s a large lodge ... a whopping 58 rooms, which has standard rooms (still jolly

spacious with a king size bed, lovely white cotton linen and a private patio), as well

as inter-linking room for families, and luxury suites with private plunge pools. It’s all

very natural with calm tones and an Afri-chic vibe.

For those who’re looking for a little hedonistic luxury, there’s an incredible wellness

spa ... the perfect place to get pampered and feel re-energised and our ideal spot

to be spending our leisure time, but those with more energy can also hit the gym

or padel court. For parents looking for some down time while they laze by the pool,

there’s a really cool junior conservation ‘HQ’ where the staff will care for your little

ones. They have set activities, arts and crafts, a jungle gym, PlayStation, swingball and

so much more. What’s more Letamo offers thoughtfully curated child-friendly safaris

and a Junior Conservationists Programme designed to instil a passion for nature at a

young age.

And on the menu. Glorious indulgent breakfasts, light lunch-come-tea mid

afternoon, bush dinners outdoors if the weather plays fair or in the lodge restaurant

overlooking the bush. Loads of African-inspired dishes (we tucked into a hearty

oxtail potjie with polenta followed by the most delicious malva pudding) and an

award-winning selection of Southern African wines.

This lodge is a part of the Newmark Hotels & Reserves group, and they’re currently

renovating two additional lodges on the grounds. Letamo Lodge, where we

stayed is the perfect spot for a luxury family bush vacay, but if you are looking for

something more intimate, Babohi Lodge will be opening soon and is exclusively for

adults. The third lodge to open will be Semela, and promises to be the ideal spot for

corporate getaways.

The rates at Lemato start at R6650 per person sharing, per night for full board,

including daily game drives. For more details, visit newmarkhotels.com/

accommodation/qwabi-private-game-reserve or follow them on

social media @qwabiprivategamereserve

First sighting of a

bull showing off

Cheetah gracefully crossing

February 2023 Get It Magazine 33

Compiled by: MEGAN BRETT



Get into the

CIRCA fragrance zone

Our Feb Spoil ... to win a Circa candle, simply pop over

to GetItJoburgWest on Instagram or Facebook and

follow the prompts. Entries close Feb 20.

No matter how chaotic your day may be, the ritual

of lighting a candle gives you back a moment of

peace. Allowing your breathing to slow down,

recharging your senses and calming the soul. Circa,

the Australian home fragrance brand, is an artisanal

range of simple, uncomplicated products to elevate

your everyday. We’re besotted with the Soy Candle

in a luxurious faceted glass jar with gold lid ... 70

hours of glorious burn time. Exclusive to Dis-Chem.

34 Get It Magazine February 2023


The Ear Institute, a family-owned business with 27 branches throughout South Africa and

Namibia, now has a branch in Roodepoort.

We have world-class facilities and adhere to international best practice protocols to help

you or your loved one to make an informed decision about your hearing. In fact, we

guarantee your hearing will improve or we will gladly refund your money.*

At the Ear Institute, we offer:

Hearing Tests | Hearing Aids | Hearing Aid Batteries & Accessories | Hearing Protection

Our business hours are:

Weekdays: 08:00 to 16:30

Closed on Weekends & Public Holidays


Contact us at:

(011) 746-0100


297 Ontdekkers Rd, Carenvale, Roodepoort, 1724





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