Salida Resource and Travel Guide 2023

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S a l i d a , C O<br />

2 0 2 3 G U I D E<br />



A R E S O U R C E & T R A V E L G U I D E T O S A L I D A , C O A N D T H E S U R R O U N D I N G A R E A S


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ATV Rentals <strong>and</strong> Tours with All<br />

Season Adventures<br />

Rocky Mountain Jeep Rentals<br />

One of the most fun <strong>and</strong> easiest ways to<br />

see the backcountry is by way of ATV. With<br />

All Season Adventures, you’ll have the<br />

option of taking a guided ATV tour or<br />

renting one of their ATVs <strong>and</strong> heading out<br />

on your own. If you choose an ATV tour,<br />

you’ll enjoy a ride that’s customized to your<br />

tastes with a guide who can tell you<br />

everything you want to know about the<br />

area. Tours last from two to six hours. If<br />

you decide to rent an ATV, the backcountry<br />

is your oyster. The pros at All Season<br />

Adventures can help you find the perfect<br />

trail <strong>and</strong> they can even transport your ATVs<br />

if you don’t have a trailer.<br />

If you want to explore some of the lesser<br />

seen areas of the mountains<br />

surrounding <strong>Salida</strong>, you should definitely<br />

rent a Jeep or take a guided Jeep tour. At<br />

Rocky Mountain Jeep Rentals, you’ll have<br />

your pick of several different models <strong>and</strong><br />

you can rely on the amazing staff to<br />

guide you to the best trails in the area.<br />

Rather leave the driving to someone<br />

else? Book a Jeep tour so you can sit<br />

back, relax, <strong>and</strong> enjoy the stunning<br />

mountain scenery. Reservations are<br />

recommended as their Jeeps <strong>and</strong> tours<br />

book quickly during the peak summer<br />

months.<br />

Try driving up to the North Fork Reservoir on County Road 240- which is adjacent to our propertyto<br />

explore the Reservoir, Billings Lake, <strong>and</strong> Isl<strong>and</strong> Lake!<br />


Captain Zipline<br />

Come <strong>and</strong> Play in Our Canyon. Really Play. And we mean that!<br />

Colorado can once again claim bragging rights for having a<br />

cutting-edge outdoors activity like none other in the United States! Captain Zipline, the first zipline tour in the state of<br />

Colorado, just got bigger <strong>and</strong> badder…er, better! And the adventure outfitters have exp<strong>and</strong>ed their name to<br />

accommodate their new activities, namely a monster-sized aerial adventure park <strong>and</strong> several via ferrata courses.<br />

Now known as Captain Zipline Aerial Adventure Park, the complex offers activities for just about all age groups (8<br />

<strong>and</strong> up) <strong>and</strong> for guests with a wide spectrum of physical abilities. The premier attraction—an aerial park with more<br />

than 120 ‘elements’—will keep visitors playing <strong>and</strong> staying in this Arkansas River Valley corridor as they become<br />

‘Nature Ninjas’ in the Captain’s Lost Canyon.<br />

The park is built in a gorgeous rugged canyon <strong>and</strong> on 60-ft. telephone poles <strong>and</strong> cliff-side platforms. Platforms are<br />

interconnected by challenge elements such as tightropes, ladders, swinging bridges, trapezes, cargo nets, ziplines,<br />

<strong>and</strong> just about anything else that can be dreamed up! There are 9 different courses, color-coded similar to ski<br />

difficulty levels. Guests pick their challenge, plan their attack, <strong>and</strong> then off they go…running, jumping, swinging…<strong>and</strong><br />

laughing while having the time of their life!<br />

Many guests enjoy the technical component of the various challenge elements, while others use the activity to<br />

develop balance <strong>and</strong> coordination, build core strength, <strong>and</strong> amp up their confidence level. Of course, the<br />

opportunity to explore this cool adventure <strong>and</strong> connect with nature is a plus as well.<br />

The aerial adventure park is built to industry st<strong>and</strong>ards, uses equipment that has top-of-the-line safety features, <strong>and</strong><br />

employs well-trained staff. Guests get geared up in a full body climbing harness <strong>and</strong> then are given a safety briefing<br />

<strong>and</strong> instruction session. From there, the tour is self-guided. Vigilant guides are on site for the entire tour to supervise<br />

<strong>and</strong> encourage <strong>and</strong> the guest is continuously attached to a safety line.<br />

Reservations can be made online with Captain Zipline Adventure Tours. Or call (719) 207-4947.<br />

So get on out there <strong>and</strong> play along the cliffs… This is 100 percent Colorado Adventure!<br />

Looking for the next big Colorado experience? Take off cliffside <strong>and</strong> fly over canyons along the Arkansas river on<br />

Colorado’s first zipline <strong>and</strong> largest challenge course. Captain Zipline is open year round <strong>and</strong> proud to offer all<br />

Creekside Chalet guests 10% off any of our tours. Call 877- ZIPLINE or visit us online at captainzipline.com <strong>and</strong> use<br />

promo code Chalet10 to book your next adventure!<br />


Horseback Riding<br />

You’re sure to have an amazing experience<br />

when you go horseback riding at Granite<br />

Mountain Outfitters. Located just about a 20-<br />

minute drive from Creekside Chalets & Cabins,<br />

they offer one- <strong>and</strong> two-hour rides as well as<br />

half- <strong>and</strong> full-day rides. Their expert wranglers<br />

will get you matched up with the perfect horse<br />

for your experience level <strong>and</strong> then you’ll set off<br />

to explore the Colorado wilderness. It will be a<br />

great time complete with amazing horses,<br />

guides, <strong>and</strong> views.<br />

Whitewater Rafting<br />

with Performance Tours Rafting<br />

The Arkansas River is one of the most popular<br />

whitewater rafting destinations in America,<br />

<strong>and</strong> it’s right out your backdoor! Performance<br />

Tours Rafting has been bringing guests down<br />

the river since 1986, <strong>and</strong> offers eight trip<br />

options on the Arkansas River for all ages <strong>and</strong><br />

abilities. Choose from a mild & scenic float<br />

trip, exciting & family-friendly paddling<br />

through Browns Canyon National Monument,<br />

or an action-packed adventure navigating<br />

class 4+ rapids. Performance Tours Rafting<br />

has half day tours <strong>and</strong> full day trip options<br />

that include a riverside lunch.<br />

Fishing on the Arkansas River<br />

The Arkansas River provides some of the best fishing<br />

opportunities in the state with both brown <strong>and</strong> rainbow<br />

trout in its waters. The river features many miles of<br />

public access, which are easily identifiable thanks to<br />

green signs placed along its banks. If you need gear or<br />

you’d like to take a guided trip along the river, head to<br />

ArkAnglers in <strong>Salida</strong>. Not only are they a full-service fly<br />

shop but they offer a variety of walk <strong>and</strong> wade trips, float<br />

trips, <strong>and</strong> fly fishing lessons. A guided fly fishing trip with<br />

ArkAnglers ensures that you <strong>and</strong> yours don’t miss out on<br />

some of the area’s best fishing spots. They offer walk <strong>and</strong><br />

wade trips as well as float trips, combinations of the two,<br />

<strong>and</strong> trips that take you up to high mountain lakes.<br />

The guides at ArkAnglers are professionals through <strong>and</strong><br />

through, so whether you decide to spend half a day in<br />

their company or a whole day, you’re sure to have an<br />

incredible time.<br />

UpRiver Fly Fishing specializes in float <strong>and</strong> walk-wade<br />

trout fishing adventures based out of Buena Vista <strong>and</strong><br />

<strong>Salida</strong>, Colorado- a short drive from Colorado Springs &<br />

Denver! All of their excursions are suitable for beginners<br />

<strong>and</strong> experts alike. Expert guides, high-quality equipment,<br />

<strong>and</strong> an exceptional meal add to the exhilaration of<br />

l<strong>and</strong>ing beautiful browns, rainbows <strong>and</strong> cutthroat!<br />


Independent Whitewater<br />

Independent Whitewater is <strong>Salida</strong>’s local river connection. Our history dates back to 1979 <strong>and</strong> owners<br />

Mike Whittington <strong>and</strong> Wiley Ledwith have over 50 years of guiding experience between them. They’re<br />

dedicated to providing the perfect rafting trip for you <strong>and</strong> your crew. IW specializes in all areas of The<br />

Arkansas, including the area’s most popular trip: Browns Canyon. This stretch through the recently<br />

designated Browns Canyon National Monument offers a classic rafting experience with fun, splashy<br />

waves, <strong>and</strong> a deep, scenic canyon. Our Browns Canyon adventure also offers more miles than other<br />

companies thanks to our private property <strong>and</strong> all at very competitive prices. We also offer trips on<br />

other sections of the Arkansas River including the Royal Gorge <strong>and</strong> The Numbers, both class IV/IV+<br />

stretches that dish out excitement for experienced rafters. Also, our specialized <strong>Salida</strong> Scenic Float<br />

provides a great option for those looking for a relaxing time <strong>and</strong> beautiful views.<br />

Our location also lets folks driving from <strong>Salida</strong> <strong>and</strong> Poncha Springs spend less time on the road <strong>and</strong><br />

more time on the river. We offer camping on our beautiful riverside property, <strong>and</strong> a bar <strong>and</strong> grill for<br />

lunch <strong>and</strong> early dinner. If you love fishing, let us help you spend more time on the river by shuttling<br />

your vehicle. Whatever your pleasure, give us a call <strong>and</strong> come raft with us—we think you’ll love IW!<br />

04<br />

Drift In<br />

<br />

10830 CO Rd. 165, <strong>Salida</strong> - $$$$<br />

<br />

Visit the Drift In Bar <strong>and</strong> Grill for a taste of beach bar culture right here in the<br />

Rocky Mountains. Located next to Independent Whitewater, <strong>Salida</strong>’s favorite<br />

rafting company, <strong>and</strong> directly on the Arkansas River, local rafters <strong>and</strong> kaykers<br />

frequently "drift in" after a day on the water, but feel free to arrive by car, bike,<br />

or any form of transport that suits your fancy. The Drift offers delicious food,<br />

cold beer <strong>and</strong> beautiful scenery in an open air setting from Memorial Day<br />

through the end of summer rafting season. This small-yet-mighty food truck<br />

serves up delicious burgers, tacos, s<strong>and</strong>wiches, salads, fries <strong>and</strong> what might<br />

possibly be the best tater tots in the known universe. Enjoy the simplicity of<br />

delicious food on a picnic table by the river or belly up to the palapa-style bar<br />

for a local beer or sunny cocktail. Either way, you can't go wrong with the laid<br />

back feel <strong>and</strong> friendly atmosphere at this riverside hangout.

Waterdog Lakes Trail<br />

The Waterdog Lakes Trail is perfect for those who<br />

don’t mind a bit of a challenge <strong>and</strong> who want to<br />

see some stunning scenery. The trail itself is<br />

moderately strenuous with some steep <strong>and</strong> rocky<br />

sections. It’s three miles long roundtrip <strong>and</strong> at a<br />

pretty high elevation - the trail ends at 11,394 feet<br />

above sea level with a gain of about 1,180 feet. So<br />

make sure to bring water, snacks, <strong>and</strong> go at your<br />

own pace. Along the way, you’ll travel through<br />

some beautiful forests <strong>and</strong> over streams before<br />

arriving at the picture-perfect lakes. Depending on<br />

when you hike the trail, you may even see some<br />

snow or bountiful wildflowers. To get to the<br />

trailhead from Creekside Chalets & Cabins, head<br />

west on Highway 50 (toward Monarch Mountain).<br />

After you pass Monarch Mountain Lodge, continue<br />

on for 2.3 miles. You’ll see a dirt pullout on the left<br />

side of the highway <strong>and</strong> the trailhead begins<br />

across the highway from the pullout. If you get to<br />

Monarch Mountain, you’ve gone too far.<br />

HIKING<br />

Little Rainbow Trail<br />

The Little Rainbow Trail is part of the Methodist Mountain trail system<br />

<strong>and</strong> it offers some lovely views of <strong>Salida</strong> <strong>and</strong> the mountains with all<br />

sections being less than 8,000 feet above sea level. While the entire<br />

point-to-point trail spans 4.7 miles, we opt to hike the section between<br />

County Roads 108 <strong>and</strong> 110, which is 3 miles point to point or 6 miles<br />

round-trip. To get to the parking area, head east on Highway 50. Once<br />

in <strong>Salida</strong>, take a right on County Road 107, which will turn into Country<br />

Road 108. Continue for 1.8 miles <strong>and</strong> you’ll see dirt pullout parking<br />

areas on both sides of the road. Follow the trail on the west side. This<br />

section of trail has an elevation gain of 220 feet with few steep<br />

sections. But if you take it out <strong>and</strong> back, it’s almost all downhill on the<br />

way back to County Road 108. This trail is a great starter hike<br />

especially if you’re still getting used to the elevation.<br />

Additionally, trails have been added that spur off of Little Rainbow<br />

called Spartan East <strong>and</strong> West. A large, designated trailhead parking<br />

area can be found on CR 110 to access not only the Spartan East <strong>and</strong><br />

West trails, but Little Rainbow as well. This is a great area to enjoy a<br />

hike or bike ride, that is easy to navigate <strong>and</strong> has big valley views!<br />


Boss Lake Reservoir<br />

To find the trailhead for Boss Lake Reservoir, head<br />

west on Highway 50 for about 6 miles <strong>and</strong> then turn<br />

right on Forest Road 230. Continue on for 1.5 miles.<br />

You’ll see a snowmobile shop where you can park <strong>and</strong><br />

begin the hike to the trailhead. Alternatively, if you<br />

have a high clearance 4x4 vehicle, you can drive up to<br />

the trailhead. If you hike to the trailhead, the hike will<br />

be 4.6 miles out <strong>and</strong> back. If you drive to the trailhead,<br />

it’s 2.4 miles long. There’s an elevation gain of about<br />

500 feet with a few steep trail sections. As with most<br />

alpine lakes, Boss Lake is beautiful <strong>and</strong> peaceful. You’ll<br />

be treated to some lovely valley views once you arrive,<br />

which makes it a great spot for an afternoon picnic. If<br />

you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can<br />

continue on the trail for approximately one more mile<br />

to arrive at the equally lovely Hunts Lake.<br />

Browns Creek Waterfall Trail<br />

You just can’t go wrong with a waterfall hike. This trail is a little<br />

further away than some of the others (30-minute drive), but it will<br />

be well worth it. To get to the trailhead, head east on Highway 50<br />

<strong>and</strong> in Poncha Springs, turn left on US-285 N. After about 12 miles,<br />

turn left on County Road 270 <strong>and</strong> then continue straight on<br />

County Road 272. After 2 miles, you’ll need to turn left to stay on<br />

County Road 272 <strong>and</strong> the clearly marked trailhead will be 1.6 miles<br />

down the road. This trail is rated as moderate to difficult as there<br />

some steep switchbacks in the first 1.5 miles of the trail. Overall,<br />

the trail is 6.2 miles roundtrip with an elevation gain of 984 feet.<br />

Along the trail, there are meadows, pine <strong>and</strong> aspen forests, lovely<br />

views of the valley <strong>and</strong> Mt. Antero, wildflowers, <strong>and</strong> several creek<br />

crossings. At the top you’ll be rewarded with the picture-perfect<br />

waterfalls. It’s a great way to spend a morning or an afternoon!<br />

Fooses Trail<br />

06<br />

Fooses Trail off CR 225 is only a few miles from the chalets <strong>and</strong> has beautiful<br />

aspens <strong>and</strong> a creek that flows next to the trail. The route leads from just<br />

below Fooses Lake to the junction of North <strong>and</strong> South Fooses Creeks. The<br />

trail holds good snow for most of the winter <strong>and</strong> passes through forests of<br />

pine <strong>and</strong> open meadows. Trailhead Access: From the intersection of<br />

Highways 50 <strong>and</strong> 285 in Poncha Springs, drive west on US 50 for 9.6 miles.<br />

Turn left on CR 225, drive 0.7 miles <strong>and</strong> park at a plowed lot. This road is<br />

often snowy, so passenger cars need to use caution or you may get stuck. If<br />

it’s too snowy, park on the side of the highway <strong>and</strong> ski/hike the extra<br />

distance in.


Methodist Mountain<br />

Methodist Mountain is located<br />

south of downtown <strong>Salida</strong> <strong>and</strong> it<br />

boasts 8 biking trails that cover<br />

almost 20 miles. Four of the trails<br />

are rated as easy, while the<br />

remaining four are rated as more<br />

difficult. If you’re looking for a fun<br />

ride that’s not technical, many of<br />

the trails on the mountain will fit<br />

the bill. As these trails are easily<br />

accessible, they’re perfect if you<br />

want to take a quick trip <strong>and</strong> then<br />

head back for lunch. You’ll find a<br />

map of these trails on the <strong>Salida</strong><br />

Mountain Trails website.<br />

Methodist Mountain has also<br />

added all new trails, Spartan East,<br />

Spartan West, as well as Sol Train<br />

East <strong>and</strong> West off the Little<br />

Rainbow Trail <strong>and</strong> above Race<br />

Trackswhich connect with the<br />

Rainbow Trail.<br />

Arkansas Hills Trail<br />

System<br />

Across the Arkansas River from<br />

downtown <strong>Salida</strong>, you’ll find about<br />

23 miles of biking trails, which are<br />

easily accessible via the F Street<br />

bridge. These trails are fun, wellmarked,<br />

<strong>and</strong> perfect for a variety<br />

of skill levels. It’s very easy to mix<br />

<strong>and</strong> match different trails for an<br />

invigorating ride. Many of these<br />

trails are out in the open on<br />

sunbaked hills, so if it’s going to be<br />

a warm day, opt for a ride in the<br />

morning or the late afternoon. A<br />

map of these trails is available on<br />

the <strong>Salida</strong> Mountain Trails website.<br />

Monarch Crest Trail<br />

This ride is considered to be one<br />

of the best in the entire country!<br />

Not only does it offer stunning<br />

scenery but it allows for a number<br />

of variations that allow you to ride<br />

up to 36 miles of high altitude<br />

single-track if you so desire. When<br />

we say high altitude - we mean it!<br />

There’s plenty of mileage at or<br />

over 11,000 feet above sea level.<br />

The trails are best suited for<br />

advanced riders <strong>and</strong> depending on<br />

conditions, the trails might not be<br />

completely free of snow until July<br />

or August. It’s recommended that<br />

you get an early start as afternoon<br />

thunderstorms are common in the<br />

summer months. Make sure you<br />

come prepared with plenty of food<br />

<strong>and</strong> water as well as any necessary<br />

bike tools <strong>and</strong> extra layers of<br />

clothes.<br />

For the ultimate in convenience,<br />

you can take a shuttle from<br />

Poncha Springs to the Monarch<br />

Pass Summit with High Valley Bike<br />

Shuttle. Once the season begins,<br />

they offer daily shuttle rides at 8<br />

<strong>and</strong> 10 a.m. It’s quick, easy, <strong>and</strong><br />

affordable - just be sure to make a<br />

reservation as they can fill up<br />

quickly.<br />

Absolute Bikes runs guided tours<br />

on all three of these trail systems.<br />

Additionally, they offer a shuttle<br />

service for both Monarch Crest Trail<br />

<strong>and</strong> Cottonwood Trail!<br />



<strong>Salida</strong> Hot Springs Aquatic Center<br />

The <strong>Salida</strong> Aquatic Center is a wonderful place to spend some time<br />

whether you’re looking for relaxation or a little bit of exercise.<br />

There’s a zero-depth entry soaking pool that ranges from 97 to 100<br />

degrees Fahrenheit. There’s also a 25-meter lap pool that ranges in<br />

temperature from 84 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Open swim hours<br />

are available daily as are various fitness classes. The center also<br />

features a number of private soaking pools, which are ideal for two<br />

to three people. If you’ve been doing a lot of hiking, biking, or other<br />

outdoor activities, some time spent in these pools are sure to help<br />

any aching muscles.<br />

Located right next to the Aquatic Center is br<strong>and</strong> new <strong>Salida</strong><br />

Skatepark. Come check out this newly built, <strong>and</strong> HUGE, skatepark!<br />

Riverside Park<br />

<strong>Salida</strong> Walking Tours<br />

Looking for things to do in <strong>Salida</strong>? How about chasing ghosts? Or<br />

traveling back in time to the 1880s wild west Colorado? With<br />

<strong>Salida</strong> Walking Tours, we have fun, knowledgeable, costumed<br />

guides who are master storytellers. They create treasured<br />

memories <strong>and</strong> bring the past to life.Ghost tours. History tours.<br />

Private tours. Brewery tours. Cemetery tours. Audio tours.<br />

A 20% OFF coupon is available for Creekside Chalet guests. Book<br />

now, <strong>and</strong> save! Not sure of your schedule? Reserve a spot now<br />

<strong>and</strong> reschedule later. At checkout, enter code: CHALET<br />

You’ll definitely love spending some time in Riverside<br />

Park. Located along the banks of the Arkansas River, it<br />

provides a picture-perfect location for leisurely strolls,<br />

afternoon picnics, <strong>and</strong> live music. If you’re visiting with<br />

little ones, take some time to enjoy the new playground<br />

that was completed in October 2016. Throughout the<br />

summer months, you’ll be able to take advantage of<br />

free concerts in the park. On Thursday evenings from<br />

June until August, the park hosts the Thursdays @ 6<br />

Concert Series. Feel free to bring a picnic <strong>and</strong> enjoy the<br />

free music. You’ll also be able to catch free concerts on<br />

Sunday afternoons. Most of the town’s summer<br />

festivals also feature live music in the park.<br />




Monarch Snowmobile<br />

Tours<br />


MST offers 10% OFF on all tours for guests<br />

of Creekside Chalets!<br />

Experience the beauty of a winter<br />

wonderl<strong>and</strong> from the back of a<br />

snowmobile when you book with Monarch<br />

Snowmobile Tours. You’ll have your choice<br />

of five different guided tours, lasting from<br />

two to five hours. Our preferred ride is the<br />

Local’s Favorite Tour, which lasts five hours<br />

<strong>and</strong> takes you to silver <strong>and</strong> gold mines,<br />

quarries, as well as high elevations where<br />

you can take in some gorgeous views. If<br />

you’re already an experienced<br />

snowmobiler, you can rent a snowmobile<br />

<strong>and</strong> explore the backcountry at your own<br />

pace.<br />

Snowmobile Rentals <strong>and</strong> Tours<br />

with All Season Adventures<br />

All Season Adventures is another<br />

snowmobile tour <strong>and</strong> rental provider in<br />

the area. Their guided tours last two to<br />

three hours <strong>and</strong> will take you up along<br />

the Continental Divide. You’ll be treated<br />

to scenic views <strong>and</strong> a memorable<br />

experience. If you choose instead to rent<br />

a snowmobile, they can help you out<br />

with transportation if you’re unable to<br />

tow a trailer. Their friendly staff always<br />

has some great suggestions for<br />

snowmobiling destinations that are sure<br />

to be a perfect fit for you <strong>and</strong> yours.<br />


Skiing <strong>and</strong> Snowboarding<br />

at Monarch Mountain<br />

Monarch Mountain is an<br />

independent ski area with a unique<br />

local charm. It features 800 skiable<br />

acres with another 1600 acres of<br />

guided backcountry terrain. One of<br />

the more unique aspects of<br />

Monarch is that they operate on all<br />

natural snow. What you see on the<br />

slopes is exactly what Mother<br />

Nature has provided - which, on<br />

average, is 350 inches of snow each<br />

year. It’s much more affordable<br />

than the larger resorts, plus the lift<br />

lines are shorter <strong>and</strong> the slopes are<br />

less crowded. If you’re new to skiing<br />

or snowboarding, Monarch is a<br />

fantastic place to learn.<br />

<strong>Salida</strong> Mountain Sports<br />

At <strong>Salida</strong> Mountain Sports, you’ll find an awesome selection of skis<br />

available for purchase <strong>and</strong> for rent. They carry a number of top<br />

br<strong>and</strong>s, including K2, Voile, Rossignol, Black Diamond, <strong>and</strong> more. If<br />

you’ve noticed a bit of discomfort while you’re skiing, stop in for a<br />

custom boot fitting session. You’ll be glad you did! <strong>Salida</strong> Mountain<br />

Sports also rents cross-country skis, snowshoes, <strong>and</strong> sleds.<br />

Mt. Shavano Ski Shop<br />

Mt. Shavano Ski <strong>and</strong> Snowboard Shop is another great option if<br />

you’re in need of some rental gear. They offer ski <strong>and</strong> snowboard<br />

packages for kids <strong>and</strong> adults. You can also rent cross-country skis,<br />

snowshoes, <strong>and</strong> GoPro cameras. If you’re looking to buy, they<br />

offer a nice selection of demo skis so you can easily choose which<br />

one suits you best.<br />


Monarch Dog Sled Rides<br />

Add a dog sled tour to your winter<br />

vacation to make it that much<br />

more unique. At Monarch Dog Sled<br />

Rides, you can explore the San<br />

Isabel Forest with the help of a<br />

team of Alaskan Huskies. Three<br />

tours are available, lasting an hour<br />

<strong>and</strong> a half each. During your<br />

tour you’ll have the opportunity to<br />

meet each of the dogs, learn more<br />

about the sport of mushing,<br />

harness a few dogs, <strong>and</strong> go on a<br />

sled ride through some amazing<br />

scenery.<br />

SteamPlant Event<br />

Center<br />

If you find yourself in town on a<br />

day that’s perhaps too cold to be<br />

outside, take a look the<br />

SteamPlant Event Center’s<br />

calendar. Throughout the winter<br />

months, the center hosts movie<br />

nights, plays, concerts, holiday<br />

events, art exhibitions, <strong>and</strong> much<br />

more.<br />

Riveting Experience<br />

Jewelry<br />

Fun Street Arcade<br />

Riveting Experience Jewelry is a<br />

make you own jewelry studio.<br />

You'll have three ways for fun: you<br />

design it, they make it (or you<br />

make it), or buy one of their<br />

beautiful samples! They will walk<br />

you through 5 easy tools anyone<br />

can use, so it's simple, easy <strong>and</strong><br />

fun!. This can be a perfect thing to<br />

do while visiting <strong>Salida</strong> - bridal<br />

showers, bachelor parties,<br />

birthdays, etc... Join Riveting<br />

Experience Jewelry as they share<br />

their passion for making beautiful<br />

things by h<strong>and</strong>.<br />

Looking for something fun to do<br />

with the whole family no matter<br />

how cold it is outside? Fun Street<br />

Arcade is a small town arcade with<br />

plenty of exciting games to play.<br />

They have all your favorite classic<br />

arcade games as well as ticketed<br />

games to win prizes. If you want<br />

to plan an event, they offer party<br />

rooms as well!<br />



Browns Canyon National Monument<br />

Browns Canyon National Monument covers just about 22,000<br />

acres of l<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> a wide variety of terrains. Here, you’ll find<br />

aspen <strong>and</strong> pine forests, towering rock spires, subalpine<br />

grassl<strong>and</strong>s, <strong>and</strong> much more. It’s some of the most beautiful<br />

country that Colorado has to offer. Backcountry hiking is one<br />

of the more popular activities in the monument. Not only is<br />

there amazing scenery but there are plenty of opportunities<br />

for wildlife viewing. The Arkansas River is a popular choice for<br />

local <strong>and</strong> visiting anglers. The canyon is also a popular<br />

destination for whitewater rafting tours. You won’t have to go<br />

too far if you decide to spend some time exploring the<br />

monument - it’s just about a 40-minute drive away. To access<br />

the primary trailhead in the park, head east on Highway 50<br />

<strong>and</strong> then turn left onto 285. Continue on for almost 18 miles<br />

<strong>and</strong> then turn right onto County Road 301. After about a half<br />

mile, turn right onto County Road 300, which will take you to<br />

the parking lot <strong>and</strong> trailhead. Printed maps are available on<br />

the northern side of the parking lot.<br />


St. Elmo Ghost Town<br />

You’ll find the St. Elmo ghost town about an hour’s<br />

drive from Creekside Chalets & Cabins. As with<br />

many towns in the Colorado mountains, St. Elmo<br />

got its start thanks to gold <strong>and</strong> silver mining in the<br />

area. But, just like many of those other towns, St.<br />

Elmo fell victim to the rapid decline of the mining<br />

industry. Now, it’s considered to be one of the<br />

state’s best preserved ghost towns (despite the fact<br />

that there are still a few inhabitants). We<br />

recommend visiting during the warmer months as<br />

you won’t have to worry about snow packed roads<br />

<strong>and</strong> you’ll be able to check out the town’s general<br />

store, which is open from Mother’s Day until<br />

September or October. To get to St. Elmo from<br />

Creekside, head east on Highway 50. At Poncha<br />

Springs, turn left on 285. Continue on for 15.5 miles<br />

<strong>and</strong> then take a left on County Road 162 (Chalk<br />

Creek Drive). You’ll find the ghost town about 16<br />

miles down the road.<br />

Royal Gorge Bridge & Park<br />

The Royal Gorge Bridge is the highest suspension bridge<br />

in the country. It sits at almost 1,000 feet over the<br />

Arkansas River with a total length of almost 1,300 feet.<br />

While it’s a thrill just to walk over the bridge <strong>and</strong> gaze at<br />

the canyon <strong>and</strong> river below, the park is full of fun<br />

activities. Since a wildfire in 2013, the park has been<br />

almost completely rebuilt <strong>and</strong> now includes a new<br />

gondola, zip line, skycoaster, children’s play area, water<br />

clock, <strong>and</strong> visitor’s center. There’s something fun for all<br />

ages. The park is open daily from 7 a.m. to dusk,<br />

weather permitting. It’s about an hour <strong>and</strong> 20 minutes<br />

from Creekside Chalets <strong>and</strong> Cabins. To get there, head<br />

east on Highway 50 <strong>and</strong> continue for about 59 miles.<br />

Turn right on County Road 3A, which will take you to the<br />

park entrance about 4.5 miles away.<br />


Royal Gorge Route Railroad<br />

While you can experience the splendor of the<br />

Royal Gorge from above thanks to the bridge, the<br />

Royal Gorge Route Railroad will give you a closeup<br />

view of this stunning area. There are a number<br />

of ticket options available, each of which gives you<br />

the opportunity to enjoy not only breathtaking<br />

views but delectable menu items. The railroad<br />

hosts special events throughout the year,<br />

including those for holidays as well as unique<br />

experiences like Murder Mystery Dinners. To get<br />

to the depot from Creekside, head east on<br />

Highway 50 for about 67 miles. Turn right on 3rd<br />

Street <strong>and</strong> continue on until you see signs<br />

directing you to the parking area.<br />

Cottonwood Lake<br />

Cottonwood Lake is a beautiful mountain<br />

lake that’s not too far from Buena Vista. It’s<br />

a lovely spot for a relaxed afternoon of<br />

hiking, fishing, or picnicking. To get there,<br />

head east on Highway 50 to Poncha<br />

Springs, where you’ll take a left on 285.<br />

After about 21 miles, you’ll continue<br />

straight onto Highway 24, which will take<br />

you into Buena Vista. Turn left onto Main<br />

Street, which turns into County Road 306.<br />

Continue on for approximately 6 miles <strong>and</strong><br />

then turn left on County Road 344 (there<br />

will be a sign for Cottonwood Lake, too).<br />


Great S<strong>and</strong> Dunes<br />

National Park<br />

The Great S<strong>and</strong> Dunes are truly a sight<br />

to behold as they seem completely<br />

out of place in their surroundings.<br />

They are the tallest s<strong>and</strong> dunes in<br />

North America, but you’ll also be able<br />

to experience a wide variety of<br />

ecosystems while in the park. There<br />

are opportunities for hiking, s<strong>and</strong><br />

sledding, horseback riding, <strong>and</strong> many<br />

other outdoor activities.<br />

A couple notes to help you plan<br />

ahead: If you visit in the spring or fall,<br />

there is a seasonal creek that flows at<br />

the base of the dunes that you’ll have<br />

to cross in order to get to them. You<br />

may want to bring water shoes if you<br />

plan on crossing it. The creek draws a<br />

lot of visitors on weekends in late May<br />

<strong>and</strong> early June. To avoid the crowds,<br />

plan on visiting on a weekday. In the<br />

summer, the s<strong>and</strong> can heat up to 150<br />

degrees Fahrenheit during the hottest<br />

part of the day. Walking barefoot on<br />

the s<strong>and</strong> can result in burns. Plan on<br />

exploring the dunes in the early<br />

morning or late afternoon. Be<br />

prepared for afternoon<br />

thunderstorms, which are very<br />

common in July <strong>and</strong> August.<br />

You’ll find the S<strong>and</strong> Dunes about an<br />

hour <strong>and</strong> a half away. Head east on<br />

Highway 50 <strong>and</strong> then take a right on<br />

285. Stay on 285 for about 26 miles<br />

<strong>and</strong> then turn left onto Colorado<br />

Highway 17. After 36 miles, you’ll turn<br />

left onto Lane 6. Follow that for 16<br />

miles <strong>and</strong> then you’ll turn left on<br />

Highway 150, which will take you into<br />

the park.<br />


Turquoise Lake<br />

A day trip to Turquoise Lake is sure to be a<br />

wonderful addition to your <strong>Salida</strong> vacation. Located<br />

about an hour <strong>and</strong> 20 minutes away, you can get to<br />

the lake by heading east on Highway 50. Turn left<br />

on 285 <strong>and</strong> after about 21 miles you’ll continue<br />

straight on Highway 24. After about 32.5 miles, turn<br />

left on Colorado Highway 300 <strong>and</strong> then right on<br />

Road 5A. Continue to County Road 4 where you’ll<br />

take a left. This is also known as Turquoise Lake<br />

Road <strong>and</strong> it encircles the entire lake.<br />

The lake is a prime spot for fishing, hiking, boating,<br />

<strong>and</strong> mountain biking. One of our favorite trails,<br />

aptly named the Turquoise Lake Trail, starts from<br />

the Sugar Loaf Dam, which you’ll approach shortly<br />

after turning onto Country Road 4. It’s 6.4 miles<br />

long <strong>and</strong> will take you to the May Queen<br />

Campground. There are plenty of areas around the<br />

lake where you can pull off <strong>and</strong> take in the lovely<br />

sights. You’ll notice that beautiful scenery is not<br />

hard to come by in this area especially as two of<br />

the state’s highest mountains, Mount Elbert <strong>and</strong><br />

Mount Massive, provide the backdrop for<br />

Turquoise Lake.<br />

16<br />

Penitente Canyon<br />

At Penitente Canyon, there’s a little something<br />

for everyone. Whether you want to go hiking<br />

or mountain biking, climb up the 100-foot tall<br />

cliff faces, conquer some of the boulders in<br />

the area, or just find some picture-perfect<br />

scenery, you won’t be disappointed. The<br />

canyon is part of the La Garita Caldera, which<br />

was formed about 30 million years ago due to<br />

a huge volcanic eruption. The unique rock<br />

formations that developed over time have<br />

long attracted visitors. Two thous<strong>and</strong> years<br />

ago, indigenous people of the area used the<br />

canyon walls to document their lives through<br />

pictographs. This collection of pictographs is<br />

the largest in the San Luis Valley. The canyon<br />

is about an hour <strong>and</strong> 15 minutes from<br />

Creekside. To get there, head east on Highway<br />

50. At Poncha Springs, turn right on 285 <strong>and</strong><br />

continue for about 64 miles. Turn right onto<br />

County Road G <strong>and</strong> continue for 6 miles.<br />

Follow County Road 38A <strong>and</strong> you’ll see the<br />

turn off for the canyon.


Valley View Hot Springs<br />

64393 County Road GG, Moffat, CO 81143<br />

You’ll find the Valley View Hot Springs located<br />

about 45 minutes southeast of Creekside<br />

Chalets. There are six ponds on site, each of<br />

which has a different temperature <strong>and</strong> its own<br />

unique personality. There are amazing views<br />

from almost every pond <strong>and</strong> sunsets are<br />

especially beautiful as you soak in the warm<br />

water. When you purchase a day pass, you’ll<br />

have access to the swimming pool <strong>and</strong> hot tub<br />

as well. Reservations are highly recommended.<br />

One final note, just so you’re not shocked upon<br />

your arrival - these are one of the few hot<br />

springs in the state that are clothing optional.<br />

Mt. Princeton Hot Springs<br />

15870 Co Rd 162, Nathrop, CO 81236<br />

These hot springs are located in Nathrop, which<br />

is about a 30-minute drive away. You’ll find a<br />

soaking pool that’s about 105 degrees<br />

Fahrenheit <strong>and</strong> an exercise pool that’s 95<br />

degrees Fahrenheit. While both of these pools<br />

are wonderful, make sure you take some time to<br />

lounge in the hot springs that sit on the banks of<br />

Chalk Creek. By rearranging or removing the<br />

river stones, you can create the perfect lounging<br />

pool for you. Day passes are available.<br />

Cottonwood Hot Springs<br />

Joyful Journey Hot Springs<br />

28640 County Rd 58EE, Moffat, CO 81143<br />

The Joyful Journey Hot Springs are a 35-minute<br />

drive southeast of the cabins. Day passes are<br />

available as are passes for multiple soaks. There<br />

are three pools from which you can choose,<br />

ranging in temperature from 98 to 108 degrees<br />

Fahrenheit. Take in the beautiful mountain<br />

views as you soak <strong>and</strong> enjoy a relaxing<br />

experience.<br />

18999 Co Rd 306, Buena Vista, CO 81211<br />

You’ll have your choice of several natural hot<br />

springs when you visit the Cottonwood Hot<br />

Springs. The pools range in temperature from 94<br />

to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll find these<br />

springs about 40 minutes away, just west of<br />

Buena Vista. They’re open 365 days a year <strong>and</strong><br />

day passes are available that include use of the<br />

dry sauna in addition to the pools.<br />


Breakfast Lunch/Dinner FF Family Friendly Drinks Only<br />


Think that a small town like <strong>Salida</strong> doesn't have a lot to offer in the way of<br />

restaurants? You’re going to pleasantly surprised!<br />

50 Burger<br />

FF<br />

445 East Highway 50 - $$$$<br />

At 50 Burger, treat yourself to<br />

some delightfully delectable<br />

burgers that feature creative<br />

combinations of ingredients.<br />

Among our favorites are the<br />

Shavano, which includes bacon, a<br />

fried egg, <strong>and</strong> garlic mayo <strong>and</strong> the<br />

Bonfire, which includes onion<br />

rings, fried jalapenos, garlic mayo,<br />

<strong>and</strong> spicy red chili sauce. If you’re<br />

not in the mood for a burger, they<br />

also serve a variety of s<strong>and</strong>wiches,<br />

salads, <strong>and</strong> noodle bowls.<br />

The Fritz<br />

FF<br />

113 East Sackett Avenue - $$$$<br />

There’s no shortage of unique<br />

flavor combinations at The Fritz.<br />

They have an extensive tapas<br />

menu, which is great for those<br />

diners who want to try a little bit<br />

of everything. Large plates<br />

(including their incredible burger)<br />

<strong>and</strong> salads are also available on<br />

the dinner menu. The lunch menu<br />

includes small plates, salads, <strong>and</strong><br />

s<strong>and</strong>wiches. During the warmer<br />

months, opt to dine on the patio<br />

for a lovely experience.<br />


Amica's Pizza &<br />

Microbrewery<br />

FF<br />

127 F Street - $$$$<br />

At Amica’s, you’ll have your choice<br />

of delectable wood-fired pizzas as<br />

well as salads, paninis, <strong>and</strong><br />

calzones. It boasts a welcoming<br />

<strong>and</strong> friendly atmosphere as well<br />

as great service! It can get pretty<br />

busy on weekend nights, so keep<br />

in mind that there may be a bit of<br />

a wait.<br />

Mo Burrito<br />

FF<br />

311 H Street - $$$$<br />

For fast, fresh cuisine with southof-the-border<br />

flavor, head to Mo<br />

Burrito. Here, you’ll have your<br />

choice of tacos, nachos,<br />

quesadillas, salads, <strong>and</strong> of course<br />

burritos made exactly to your<br />

specifications. They serve a variety<br />

of ingredients you can choose to<br />

customize your meal along with<br />

options like making your burrito<br />

California-style (meaning it comes<br />

with fries inside). If you’re in the<br />

mood, opt for one of their<br />

specialty cocktails during their<br />

daily happy hour from 3 to 5 p.m.<br />

Robins in <strong>Salida</strong><br />

$$$$<br />

FF<br />

A cozy restaurant serving<br />

breakfast <strong>and</strong> lunch with a bakery<br />

<strong>and</strong> creamery inside! They have<br />

great patio seating along the river<br />

with unique drinks <strong>and</strong> food that<br />

will satisfy you no matter what diet<br />

you’re on!<br />

Little Red Hen Bakery<br />

FF<br />

302 G Street - $$$$<br />

As soon as you walk into the Little<br />

Red Hen Bakery, you’ll be greeted<br />

with the delicious smell of fresh<br />

baked bread, friendly service, <strong>and</strong><br />

a sample of warm bread. They<br />

bake different types of bread daily<br />

with a wonderful assortment of<br />

flavors, from cranberry orange<br />

braided bread to chili cheddar<br />

bread. They also offer a different<br />

Grab ‘n’ Go Breakfast item each<br />

day. You’ll be able to find various<br />

french bread loaves, cinnamon<br />

rolls, muffins, cookies, brownies,<br />

<strong>and</strong> much more.<br />


FF<br />

Sweetie's S<strong>and</strong>wich<br />

Shop<br />

129 W Sackett Avenue St. - $$$$<br />

You’re sure to be impressed by all<br />

the different types of s<strong>and</strong>wiches<br />

available at Sweetie’s S<strong>and</strong>wich<br />

Shop. At last count, they serve 3<br />

dozen different s<strong>and</strong>wiches of both<br />

the hot <strong>and</strong> cold variety made with<br />

fresh-baked bread <strong>and</strong> delectable<br />

ingredients. They’re perfect if you’re<br />

looking to fuel up before or after a<br />

long day of outdoor adventures.<br />

Regardless of what you choose, we<br />

recommend leaving some room for<br />

dessert. Their baked goods,<br />

especially their brownies, are<br />

wonderful.<br />

The Biker & The Baker<br />

129 W Sackett Avenue St. - $$$$<br />

The Biker <strong>and</strong> The Baker is one of<br />

the most recent additions to<br />

<strong>Salida</strong>’s food scene <strong>and</strong> we<br />

couldn’t be happier that it’s here.<br />

Open from 4 to 10 p.m. Thursday<br />

through Sunday, this<br />

establishment is perfect if you’re<br />

looking to enjoy a lovely date night<br />

with that special someone. While<br />

they bill themselves as a wine <strong>and</strong><br />

dessert bar, they also serve a<br />

variety of beers as well as cheese<br />

<strong>and</strong> charcuterie boards.<br />


Wood's Distillery<br />

144 West 1st Street - $$$$<br />

Elevation Beer<br />

Company<br />

115 Pahlone Parkway - $$$$<br />

Located in Poncha Springs, the<br />

Elevation Beer Company brews<br />

<strong>and</strong> serves a variety of quality craft<br />

beers. With their selection, you’ll<br />

have your choice of beers in the<br />

Green Series at 5% ABV to beers in<br />

the Double Black Series at up to<br />

11% ABV. Their tasting room is<br />

open daily <strong>and</strong> it offers incredible<br />

mountain views. You'll be able to<br />

pair your pint with offerings from<br />

their food truck outside.<br />

“It doesn't matter if there is snow or<br />

sunshine during your spring<br />

getaway, there will definitely be a<br />

cold beer for you at the end of your<br />

adventure.”<br />

If you’re in the mood to sample<br />

some small-batch, h<strong>and</strong>crafted<br />

spirits, you’ll want to head to<br />

Wood’s High Mountain Distillery.<br />

They serve an amazing lineup of<br />

specialty cocktails that are sure to<br />

please. We highly recommend<br />

their Bloody Marys <strong>and</strong> they have<br />

a Bloody Bar on weekend<br />

mornings from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. It<br />

boasts a nice <strong>and</strong> relaxed<br />

atmosphere that will entice you to<br />

linger for a while.<br />

Soulcraft Brewing<br />

248 West Rainbow Blvd - $$$$<br />

You’ll have the opportunity to<br />

enjoy even more delicious craft<br />

brews at Soulcraft Brewing. They<br />

serve over a dozen different<br />

varieties of beer, with something<br />

to please every palate. The tasting<br />

room offers a relaxed venue<br />

where you can enjoy your beer<br />

<strong>and</strong> maybe challenge your friends<br />

to a board game. If you get<br />

hungry, you can grab a bite from<br />

their food truck outside, which is<br />

open every day of the week!<br />


SHOPS<br />

S A L I D A M O U N T A I N<br />

S P O R T S<br />

110 North F Street<br />

For summer <strong>and</strong> winter adventures alike,<br />

<strong>Salida</strong> Mountain Sports has the gear you need<br />

for a great mountain experience. They’re<br />

stocked with all the apparel <strong>and</strong> footwear you<br />

might need as well as knowledgeable staff<br />

members who can help you get the perfect<br />

boot fit for a great day on the slopes.<br />

In the summer they specialize in clothing,<br />

footwear, general camping gear, rock<br />

climbing, packs, sleeping bags, tents.<br />

Additionally, they carry accessories like maps,<br />

books, water bottles, socks.<br />

O P A L B O U T I Q U E<br />

128 F Street<br />

Update your wardrobe with some of the<br />

stylish <strong>and</strong> affordable women’s clothing,<br />

shoes, <strong>and</strong> accessories at Opal Boutique.<br />

This wonderful store offers a great<br />

selection of styles <strong>and</strong> fashions. They’re<br />

open seven days a week <strong>and</strong> personal<br />

stylists are on h<strong>and</strong> to help you find the<br />

perfect look or gift.<br />


A B S O L U T E B I K E S<br />

330 West Sackett Avenue<br />

Whether you want to rent a bike, repair a<br />

bike, buy a new bike, or book a guided bike<br />

ride - the professionals at Absolute Bikes will<br />

not disappoint. They rent a large selection of<br />

bikes including townies, kids bikes, mountain<br />

bikes, <strong>and</strong> ebikes. If you're looking for a new<br />

bike they carry seven br<strong>and</strong>s <strong>and</strong> have rentals<br />

or demos for nearly everything. They have<br />

guided rides for all skill levels, including<br />

guided trips on the Monarch Crest, as well as<br />

a shuttle service for the Monarch Crest <strong>and</strong><br />

other area rides.<br />

M T . S H A V A N O S K I <br />

S H O P<br />

16101 West Highway 50<br />

Rent the Best from Mt. Shavano Ski <strong>and</strong><br />

Snowboard Shop! Located less than 5<br />

minutes from Creekside Chalets, Mt. Shavano<br />

is the area’s largest ski shop. We offer ski <strong>and</strong><br />

snowboard rentals for the whole family.<br />

Cross-country skis <strong>and</strong> snowshoes are also<br />

available for rent. Shop the largest, best<br />

selection of winter apparel <strong>and</strong> accessories in<br />

the area. We have a large retail selection of<br />

ski boots <strong>and</strong> offer custom boot fitting with<br />

every pair we sell. We also offer expert tuning<br />

for skis <strong>and</strong> snowboards <strong>and</strong> we can edge<br />

<strong>and</strong> wax your skis or snowboard while you<br />

wait. Save time <strong>and</strong> money by reserving your<br />

equipment ahead of time. Visit us at<br />

www.mtshavanoskishop.com or call us at<br />

719-539- 3240.<br />


A R K V A L L E Y B A B Y<br />

R E N T A L S<br />

7705 Co Rd 154<br />

Ark Valley Baby Rentals makes traveling<br />

easier for families with infants <strong>and</strong> small<br />

children. There’s no longer any need for you<br />

to have to struggle with heavy <strong>and</strong> bulky<br />

children’s items when you take your Arkansas<br />

Valley vacation. Instead, you can simply rent<br />

what you need from Ark Valley. They have<br />

products like cribs, high chairs, car seats, toys,<br />

<strong>and</strong> much more. Even better, they’ll deliver<br />

your equipment right to your vacation rental<br />

so you don’t miss out on enjoying any of your<br />

valuable vacation time.<br />

T H E B E E K E E P E R ' S<br />

H O N E Y B O U T I Q U E<br />

209 West 3rd Street<br />

At the Beekeeper’s Honey Boutique, you’ll find<br />

an amazing selection of honey <strong>and</strong> honeybased<br />

products. Their honey is frequently<br />

touted as the best <strong>and</strong> you’re sure to agree<br />

once you have a taste. They sell pure<br />

Colorado <strong>and</strong> California honey as well as<br />

creamed honey, raw honey, honey sticks,<br />

honey c<strong>and</strong>y, <strong>and</strong> honey stirrers. There are<br />

also beeswax c<strong>and</strong>le <strong>and</strong> a number of<br />

luxurious beauty products.<br />


SPA & YOGA<br />

Y o g a O l a s<br />

229 F Street<br />

At Yoga Olas, you’ll enjoy invigorating yoga<br />

classes taught by wonderful instructors.<br />

With classes available every day of the<br />

week, you won’t have any problem finding<br />

one that fits your schedule. (Pre-registration<br />

is recommended <strong>and</strong> you can easily do that<br />

online.) They also offer classes at different<br />

intensity levels, so whether you’re new to<br />

yoga or an expert, you’ll be good to go.<br />

Yoga Olas offers $5 OFF drop-in rates for<br />

guests of Creekside Chalets!<br />

A n u p a W e l l n e s s<br />

130 W Sackett Ave, #C<br />

Anupa Wellness provides Floatation<br />

Therapy, Reflexology, <strong>and</strong> Traditional<br />

Chinese Medicine to pets <strong>and</strong> people.<br />

Community Acupuncture is offered 3<br />

to 5 days a week in their community<br />

space where Laura provides<br />

individualized acupuncture<br />

treatments in a group setting. Laura<br />

also offers private acupuncture<br />

treatments, Chinese Herbal Therapy,<br />

Fire Cupping, Gua Sha, Moxabustion<br />

<strong>and</strong> Laser Therapy.<br />




129 East Highway 50<br />

Has your time in <strong>Salida</strong> convinced you that it’s<br />

a place you want to call home? The real estate<br />

professionals at Pinon Real Estate Group can<br />

help you find the mountain home of your<br />

dreams. They’re extraordinarily familiar with<br />

the Upper Arkansas Valley <strong>and</strong> will be happy<br />

to help you determine what will be the best fit<br />

for you.<br />

Wendy Rombold<br />

Broker Associate<br />

wrombold@pinonrealestate.com<br />

(719) 221-4662<br />


26<br />

135 F Street, <strong>Salida</strong>, CO 81201<br />

<br />

At Colorado Summit Realty, we believe that the best way to<br />

ensure responsible growth is to educate potential locals on<br />

what life is really like here; both the good <strong>and</strong> the bad. If a<br />

realtor tells you that some place is “perfect”, be wary. Every<br />

location has it own beauty <strong>and</strong> quirks; The Upper Arkansas<br />

Valley just has fewer quirks than most areas. It is truly an<br />

amazing place to live <strong>and</strong> we love it. So, come <strong>and</strong> explore,<br />

wave hello <strong>and</strong> get involved. If you are looking to move here,<br />

don’t be afraid to ask the difficult questions. This is a unique<br />

area <strong>and</strong> we want to make sure it is the right fit for you. Feel<br />

free to call anytime. We are friendly locals first, sales people<br />

second.<br />

<br />

Gay Dewberry-Hahn<br />

Broker Associate<br />

gay@coloradosummitrealty.com<br />




US-50, <strong>Salida</strong>, CO 81201<br />

Creekside Chalets would be delighted to host your wedding party <strong>and</strong> guests! Our cabins’<br />

sleeping accommodations are very versatile, making them a great choice for a variety of<br />

groups.<br />

So, whether you’re interested in renting just a cabin or two or all of our cabins, we can help<br />

you get set up with the lodging that you want <strong>and</strong> need for your special day.<br />


GROUPS<br />


Colorado Adventure Tours is proud to offer charter service transportation as well as vacation planning<br />

to <strong>and</strong> throughout <strong>Salida</strong>, Buena Vista, <strong>and</strong> the Central Colorado Rocky Mountains.<br />

<br />

Take the road less traveled <strong>and</strong> come discover what the beautiful Arkansas River Valley has to offer!<br />


127 F Street<br />

Let Amica's make your event or meeting effortless <strong>and</strong> delicious! They<br />

can deliver <strong>and</strong> serve or you can pick it up. Order from their catering<br />

menu, regular menu, or they will personalize one just for you!<br />


117 W 4th St, <strong>Salida</strong>, CO 81201<br />

<br />

Settings Event Rental in <strong>Salida</strong>, Colorado has everything you need to elegantly equip a wedding, dinner<br />

banquet, cocktail party, special event or festival. We specialize in destination weddings <strong>and</strong> know how<br />

difficult it is to plan a large event which is even more difficult from afar. With years of experience<br />

behind us we assist with all the items you need, right down to the last fork, knife <strong>and</strong> spoon.<br />


P H Y T O L O G Y F L O W E R S<br />

<strong>Salida</strong>, CO 81201<br />

Phytology Flowers is a sustainable wedding florist <strong>and</strong><br />

flower farm in <strong>Salida</strong>, Colorado. Hannah, owner <strong>and</strong><br />

designer, uses her background in horticulture, art, flower<br />

design <strong>and</strong> counseling to help couples choose unique ecoconscious<br />

(or sustainable) wedding flowers <strong>and</strong> have a fun<br />

enjoyable experience in their wedding flower planning.<br />

Whenever possible they use locally grown flowers <strong>and</strong><br />

growing plant arrangements (though they do supplement<br />

with flowers from our wholesalers as well). They also try to<br />

use thrift <strong>and</strong> recycled containers, do offer some rentals,<br />

<strong>and</strong> compost all plant waste.<br />

L U N A L I B A T I O N S<br />

A unique mobile catering service specializing<br />

in craft cocktails, coffee, <strong>and</strong> non-alcoholics.<br />

Luna Libations proudly serves Chaffee<br />

County, CO <strong>and</strong> surrounding areas. They love<br />

to travel, they love to make delicious drinks,<br />

<strong>and</strong> they love to meet <strong>and</strong> serve new people!<br />

SOL Catering &<br />

Bartending<br />

<strong>Salida</strong>, Co 81201<br />

SOL Catering & Bartending is an experience driven catering<br />

& bartending company offering full service experiences,<br />

<strong>and</strong> they put an emphasis on natural, locally sourced, high<br />

quality ingredients, <strong>and</strong> offer Gluten<br />

Free/Vegan/Vegetarian options upon request. They try<br />

their best to use minimally processed fresh food, USDA<br />

hormone <strong>and</strong> antibiotic free meats, locally sourced<br />

produce <strong>and</strong> goods, <strong>and</strong> as much organic <strong>and</strong> all natural<br />

ingredients as possible.<br />


SALIDA<br />

EVENTS<br />

There’s always<br />

something interesting<br />

going on in <strong>Salida</strong>!<br />

We’ve highlighted<br />

some of the best<br />

events in town<br />

throughout the year.<br />



New Year’s Day 5K<br />

210 E Sackett Ave, <strong>Salida</strong>, CO 81201<br />

Every year, <strong>Salida</strong> Recreation hosts the New<br />

Year’s Day 5K Fun Run/Walk, which kicks off at<br />

10 a.m. Start off your new year with a little<br />

exercise <strong>and</strong> when you’re finished, mingle<br />

with the other racers as you warm up with<br />

some hot drinks. If you’re interested, the race<br />

starts <strong>and</strong> ends at the <strong>Salida</strong> Scout Hut. Preregistration<br />

is recommended <strong>and</strong> the<br />

necessary forms can be found on the <strong>Salida</strong><br />

Recreation website.<br />

Heart of the Rockies Annual<br />

Bridal Show<br />

220 W Sackett Ave, <strong>Salida</strong>, CO 81201<br />

Anyone who’s planning on getting married in<br />

or around <strong>Salida</strong> will be able to meet with<br />

local vendors during this annual bridal show.<br />

It’s set up to feel like a mock wedding<br />

reception, allowing attendees to easily see<br />

floral arrangements, sample food, <strong>and</strong> more.<br />

Admission to the event is FREE. The show is<br />

typically held in late January at the SteamPlant<br />

Event Center, but location may vary.<br />



Second Saturday Art<br />

Walk<br />

The second Saturday of each<br />

month, <strong>Salida</strong> Artists host the<br />

Second Saturday Gallery Tour in<br />

the <strong>Salida</strong> Creative District in<br />

Downtown <strong>Salida</strong>. With 20<br />

galleries <strong>and</strong> artists' studios<br />

opening their doors to the public<br />

you are sure to see something<br />

that strikes your fancy.<br />

Mardi Gras<br />

Enjoy a mountain-inspired<br />

Mardi Gras at venues<br />

throughout town. There will<br />

be costumes, masks, beads,<br />

<strong>and</strong> giveaways galore - so get<br />

ready for an incredible<br />

celebration! And keep in mind<br />

that while Mardi Gras is often<br />

in February, it may happen as<br />

late as March 9th.<br />


33<br />

MARCH<br />

Ski With A Naturalist<br />

23715 US-50, <strong>Salida</strong>, CO 81201<br />

Starting in front of the ski patrol<br />

headquarters this free, on-hill tour<br />

offers guests (all ages <strong>and</strong> abilities are<br />

welcome) the chance to learn about<br />

forest ecology, wildlife in the winter, the<br />

history of recreation on Monarch Pass,<br />

ski area-USFS partnership, Monarch<br />

Mountain’s green mission, <strong>and</strong> more.<br />

Vino <strong>Salida</strong><br />

FREE Concert Series<br />

10495 Co Rd 120, Poncha Springs,<br />

CO 81242<br />

Enjoy your favorite local musicians,<br />

delightful wines, tasty appetizers,<br />

<strong>and</strong> sweet treats while relaxing in<br />

the wine bar lounge.

APRIL<br />

Kayaks on the Snow<br />

23715 US-50, <strong>Salida</strong>, CO 81201<br />

Close out the ski season at Monarch<br />

Mountain with a little something<br />

unique. This annual event features<br />

participants in kayaks racing down<br />

Freeway Trail <strong>and</strong> into an icy pond.<br />

The trail’s been specially designed<br />

to include berms, bumps, <strong>and</strong><br />

more, making it that much more<br />

challenging for racers.<br />

The Chaffee Home &<br />

Garden Show<br />

<br />

Chaffee County Fairgrounds<br />

10165 Co Rd 120, <strong>Salida</strong>, CO<br />

<br />

Usually held at the end of April, the<br />

Chaffee Home <strong>and</strong> Garden Show<br />

features dozens of local vendors as<br />

well as a number of seminars <strong>and</strong><br />

demonstrations. Attendees will be<br />

able to learn about topics like<br />

gardening <strong>and</strong> home improvement<br />

projects. A variety of food vendors<br />

are also on-h<strong>and</strong> so you can easily<br />

sample the local cuisine.<br />


MAY<br />

<strong>Salida</strong> Chamber Golf<br />

Scramble<br />

411 Crestone Ave, <strong>Salida</strong>, CO 81201<br />

Held at the <strong>Salida</strong> Golf Club, the golf<br />

scramble is a fun event that draws a<br />

number of local teams. After the<br />

competition, stick around for the<br />

Business After Hours event for food,<br />

drinks, <strong>and</strong> mingling.<br />

Bluegrass on the<br />

Arkansas Festival<br />

<br />

Riverside Park, <strong>Salida</strong>, CO 81201<br />

<br />

Memorial Day weekend is even better<br />

with the Bluegrass on the Arkansas<br />

Festival. Every year, this FREE event<br />

features an amazing lineup of<br />

musicians as well as food <strong>and</strong> drink<br />

vendors, games for the kids, <strong>and</strong><br />

more. The performances are held in<br />

Riverside Park <strong>and</strong> all proceeds go to<br />

provide local youth with vocational<br />

<strong>and</strong> scholastic scholarships.<br />


JUNE<br />

FIBArk<br />

Riverside Park, <strong>Salida</strong>, CO 81201<br />

FIBArk, which st<strong>and</strong>s for First in Boating on<br />

the Arkansas River, has been a longst<strong>and</strong>ing<br />

<strong>Salida</strong> tradition. The event began in 1948<br />

<strong>and</strong> every year, it brings almost 20,000<br />

visitors to town. Over Father’s Day weekend,<br />

spectators can watch raft, kayak, <strong>and</strong> canoe<br />

races as well as SUP competitions, bike<br />

races, <strong>and</strong> more. There’s also a carnival in<br />

downtown <strong>Salida</strong> with games, rides, food<br />

<strong>and</strong> drink vendors, <strong>and</strong> music.<br />

<strong>Salida</strong> ArtWalk<br />

At the end of June, local <strong>and</strong> regional artists,<br />

as well as street performers <strong>and</strong> musicians,<br />

come to <strong>Salida</strong> for the traditional ArtWalk. All<br />

types of artistic mediums will be on display,<br />

including photography, jewelry, painting,<br />

<strong>and</strong> sculpture. You can also enjoy<br />

demonstrations, live music, <strong>and</strong> art<br />

receptions during the event.<br />

Harriet Alex<strong>and</strong>er Airport<br />

Fly-In & Airshow<br />

9255 CR 140 <strong>Salida</strong>, CO 81201<br />

Typically held in late June to mid-July, this<br />

event lasts an entire weekend. The airshow<br />

includes fly-bys, demonstrations, <strong>and</strong> other<br />

amazing displays. There are also vintage<br />

aircraft <strong>and</strong> car shows.<br />


JULY<br />

<strong>Salida</strong> Riverside Fine<br />

Arts Festival<br />

Held in conjunction with the<br />

airshow, the Fine Arts Festival<br />

is a premier juried festival<br />

that features artists from<br />

across the country. In<br />

addition to seeing some<br />

amazing works of art, you’ll<br />

also be able to enjoy a variety<br />

of live music, activities for the<br />

kids, <strong>and</strong> food from local<br />

restaurants.<br />

July Fourth Hometown<br />

Parade<br />

Independence Day is<br />

celebrated in a big way in<br />

<strong>Salida</strong>. Starting with a<br />

pancake breakfast, the day’s<br />

festivities also include live<br />

music, lots of activities at<br />

Riverside Park, a kids fishing<br />

derby, a parade through<br />

town, <strong>and</strong> a fireworks show<br />

(weather permitting) over “S”<br />

Mountain.<br />

Chaffee County Fair &<br />

Rodeo<br />

Chaffee County Fairgrounds<br />

10165 Co Rd 120, <strong>Salida</strong>, CO<br />

Colorado Brewers<br />

Rendezvous<br />

146 East Sackett Street<br />

Riverside Park<br />

<strong>Salida</strong>, CO 81201<br />

Beer lovers won’t want to<br />

miss out on the Brewers<br />

Rendezvous in Riverside Park<br />

in early July. With over 75<br />

breweries in attendance,<br />

more than 200 beer samples<br />

available, food vendors, <strong>and</strong><br />

live music, it’s a great way to<br />

spend a day.<br />

The Chaffee County Fair &<br />

Rodeo offers a great<br />

opportunity to see some of<br />

the county’s most talented<br />

cowboys <strong>and</strong> cowgirls. It<br />

features a number of exciting<br />

competitions as well as<br />

contests, demonstrations,<br />

live music, food, <strong>and</strong> fun<br />

that’s perfect for the whole<br />

family. It’s a great way to<br />

immerse yourself in the<br />

Western spirit of the area<br />

<strong>and</strong> meet some of our<br />

friendly community<br />

members.<br />


AUGUST<br />

Angel of Shavano<br />

Car Show<br />

Check out dozens of classic cars<br />

at Riverside Park in early August<br />

at the Angel of Shavano Car<br />

Show. The show features all<br />

types of cars, from hot rods to<br />

vintage trucks. This early August<br />

event is the major fundraiser for<br />

the Chaffee County Search <strong>and</strong><br />

Rescue South.<br />



<strong>Salida</strong> WineFest<br />

Enjoy samples from<br />

Colorado wineries at the<br />

<strong>Salida</strong> WineFest. Held in<br />

early September in<br />

Riverside Park, attendees<br />

will also be able to listen to<br />

live music <strong>and</strong> enjoy food<br />

from local vendors.<br />

Crest Crank Bike Ride<br />

The Crest Crank Bike Ride<br />

happens at the end the<br />

<strong>Salida</strong> Bike Festival. In it,<br />

participants take on the<br />

Monarch Crest Trail starting<br />

at the top of Monarch Pass<br />

<strong>and</strong> climbing up the<br />

Continental Divide before<br />

dropping back into the<br />

forest. The ride is about 25<br />

miles <strong>and</strong> best suited for<br />

advanced riders.<br />

Afterwards, there’s a party<br />

in Riverside Park with food,<br />

drinks, live music, <strong>and</strong> a<br />

silent auction. All proceeds<br />

benefit the Alliance Against<br />

Domestic Abuse.<br />

Fiber Arts Festival<br />

At the Fiber Arts Festival,<br />

you’ll find an amazing<br />

variety of h<strong>and</strong>crafted<br />

goods, including hats,<br />

scarves, mittens, <strong>and</strong> more.<br />

If you love working with<br />

fibers, you won’t be<br />

disappointed with all the<br />

different vendors <strong>and</strong> their<br />

selection of yarns <strong>and</strong> tools.<br />

The festival also includes an<br />

Activity Tent, where<br />

everyone can try their h<strong>and</strong><br />

at different fiber projects,<br />

<strong>and</strong> a Beer Garden, which<br />

features beers, wines, <strong>and</strong><br />

spirits from local<br />

establishments.<br />

<strong>Salida</strong> Bike Festival<br />

Held in mid-September, the<br />

<strong>Salida</strong> Bike Festival is perfect<br />

for cycling enthusiasts of all<br />

ages. The festivities last four<br />

days <strong>and</strong> include group<br />

rides, a bike parade, parties,<br />

races, <strong>and</strong> more. It’s a fun,<br />

family-friendly event that’s<br />

sure to please.<br />



Heart of Colorado FiberArts<br />

Guild Fashion Show<br />

The Heart of Colorado FiberArts Guild’s<br />

Annual Wearable Art Fashion Show<br />

opens <strong>and</strong> closes with a boutique in<br />

the SteamPlant Annex where guild<br />

members offer for sale h<strong>and</strong>made<br />

garments, bags, jewelry, purses, wall<br />

hangings, weavings – displaying an<br />

amazing array of original creations.<br />

<strong>Guide</strong>stone Pumpkin<br />

Patch<br />

Autumn in the Upper Arkansas Valley<br />

is a wonderful time to celebrate the<br />

region <strong>and</strong> its abundant harvest. One<br />

great event for children <strong>and</strong> families<br />

is <strong>Guide</strong>stone’s Annual Pumpkin<br />

Patch & Harvest Festival at the<br />

Hutchinson Ranch in <strong>Salida</strong>,<br />

Colorado. This beloved community<br />

event provides 3 days of family fun<br />

for hundreds of festival-goers from<br />

Chaffee County <strong>and</strong> surrounding<br />

communities with horse-drawn<br />

wagon rides to the pumpkin patch,<br />

pony rides, field games, crafts, face<br />

painting, food, music <strong>and</strong> more!<br />

friends-pumpkins<br />

The Pumpkin Patch takes place in<br />

early to mid-October.<br />



Christmas Mountain Lighting<br />

& Parade of Lights<br />

On the day after Thanksgiving,<br />

Riverside Park becomes<br />

Holiday Park <strong>and</strong> “S” Mountain<br />

transforms into Christmas<br />

Mountain <strong>and</strong> it’s lit up to look<br />

like a giant Christmas tree.<br />

There’s a parade down F Street<br />

<strong>and</strong> then, at the SteamPlant<br />

Event Center, you can enjoy<br />

free cookies, hot chocolate,<br />

<strong>and</strong> entertainment.<br />



Santa Skis Monarch<br />

On Christmas Eve, head to<br />

Monarch Mountain for your<br />

chance to ski or snowboard<br />

with Santa.<br />

Don’t see any events for when you’re coming to town?<br />

Check out the <strong>Salida</strong> Chamber of Commerce Events<br />

Calendar for a full rundown of all the area’s activities. You<br />

can find even more events, like concerts, movie<br />

presentations, <strong>and</strong> other performances, by taking a look at<br />

the SteamPlant’s Event Calendar.<br />

Monarch Torchlight<br />

Parade<br />

<br />

On New Year’s Eve, celebrate<br />

with a torchlight parade at<br />

Monarch Mountain as well as<br />

music, food, <strong>and</strong> drinks.<br />


Do I Need to Worry About Altitude Sickness?<br />

Most people will not experience symptoms of altitude sickness until<br />

they go higher than 8,000 feet above sea level. So, while <strong>Salida</strong> is<br />

located at just about 7,080 feet above sea level <strong>and</strong> much of the<br />

Arkansas River Valley stays below 8,000, any mountain excursions<br />

will take you to higher elevations where you may experience<br />

symptoms.<br />

FAQs<br />

Symptoms of altitude sickness are usually mild, if uncomfortable.<br />

They may include headaches, difficulty sleeping, nausea, <strong>and</strong> loss of<br />

appetite. Over-the-counter medicine like aspirin or ibuprofen can<br />

help lessen the symptoms. Symptoms usually go away within 24 to<br />

36 hours of arrival.<br />

To prevent symptoms, you’ll want to drink lots of water before <strong>and</strong><br />

after you arrive. Also, limit your intake of alcohol <strong>and</strong> salty food.<br />

Dehydration can make symptoms worse. Spending a day at lower<br />

elevations before hitting the mountains can also make the<br />

adjustment process easier.<br />

While uncommon, altitude sickness can come in more severe forms.<br />

So if you or someone in your group develops a fever, is excessively<br />

drowsy or confused, or coughing up frothy saliva, you should seek<br />

medical attention immediately.<br />

Breathe Easier at High Altitude<br />

As altitude increases, air becomes less compressed <strong>and</strong> consequently thinner. This means increasing breathing to increase<br />

oxygen intake. Having to take more breaths to get the same amount of oxygen can be difficult for some. Low oxygen can lead<br />

to fatigue, nausea, headache, dizziness, <strong>and</strong> shortness of breath to name a few. Reserving a portable oxygen concentrator<br />

with High Altitude Portable Oxygen can make a tremendous impact. A concentrator takes in air, compresses it <strong>and</strong> reduces<br />

the nitrogen, thereby delivering 90-95% oxygen <strong>and</strong> 5-10% nitrogen. This compressed air comes out purified <strong>and</strong><br />

concentrated. So come enjoy the mountains! Enjoy better sleep, less shortness of breath <strong>and</strong> less fatigue with your own<br />

portable oxygen concentrator!<br />

<br />

Email: highaltitudeportableoxygen@gmail.com<br />

Site: www.highaltitudeportableoxygen.com<br />

What Should I Expect Weather-Wise?<br />

In <strong>Salida</strong> during the winter, high temperatures average in the 40s with about 50 inches of snowfall every year. While in the<br />

summer, high temperatures average in the 80s. In both fall <strong>and</strong> spring, you’re likely to see temperatures in the 60s <strong>and</strong> 70s.<br />

During the fall <strong>and</strong> spring, however, the weather can vary widely from cold one day to warm the next. Humidity stays relatively<br />

low throughout the year.<br />

Keep in mind that the higher you go in elevation, the cooler temperatures will be. So plan accordingly whether you’re going<br />

skiing, hiking, biking, or engaging in any other outdoor activities. Mountain weather can also change very quickly <strong>and</strong> storms<br />

can be on you before you know it - especially summer thunderstorms. Pay attention to weather forecasts before you head<br />

into the mountains <strong>and</strong> be ready to act quickly in the event of severe weather.<br />


How Far is Creekside Chalets from <strong>Salida</strong>? From Monarch Mountain?<br />

Creekside Chalets is located about 11 miles west of <strong>Salida</strong>, which is about a 15-minute drive. Monarch<br />

Mountain is about 10 miles west of Creekside Chalets, which is about a 10-minute drive. Drive times will<br />

depend on current weather conditions <strong>and</strong> traffic.<br />

How Do I Get to Creekside Chalets & Cabins?<br />

From Denver (downtown): Take 6th Avenue (sometimes referred to as Highway 6 or US 6) west <strong>and</strong> merge<br />

onto I-70 W. Then merge onto C-470 E. Take the US-285 S exit for Fairplay. Continue on 285 for about 110<br />

miles until you come to US-50 W, where you will turn right. Continue on Highway 50 for about 6 miles <strong>and</strong><br />

Creekside Chalets & Cabins will be on your right. Drive time will be be approximately 2 hours, 40 minutes<br />

depending on traffic <strong>and</strong> weather.<br />

From Colorado Springs: Take US-24 W <strong>and</strong> continue on for about 75 miles. In Antero Junction, take a left on<br />

US-285 S <strong>and</strong> continue for about 35 miles. Turn right on US-50 W <strong>and</strong> Creekside Chalets & Cabins will be<br />

about 6 miles away on your right. Drive time will be approximately 2 hours, 15 minutes depending on<br />

traffic <strong>and</strong> weather.<br />

From Gr<strong>and</strong> Junction: Take US-50 E for about 175 miles. You’ll know you’re getting close when you pass by<br />

Monarch Mountain as Creekside Chalets will be just another 10 minutes down the road on your left.<br />

Drive time will be approximately 3 hours, 15 minutes depending on traffic <strong>and</strong> weather.<br />


Where can I find supplies for my stay?<br />

Nearby Grocery Stores, Butchers, <strong>and</strong> Liquor Stores...<br />

Address:<br />

232 G St, <strong>Salida</strong>, CO 81201<br />

Address:<br />

200 F St, <strong>Salida</strong>, CO 81201<br />

Address:<br />

7865 W US-50, <strong>Salida</strong>, CO 81201<br />

Scanga<br />

Meat<br />

Company<br />

Address:<br />

9250 Co Rd 156<br />

<strong>Salida</strong>, CO 81201<br />

Address:<br />

10100 US-50<br />

Poncha Springs, CO<br />

81242<br />

Address:<br />

9250 Co Rd 156<br />

<strong>Salida</strong>, CO 81201<br />

Discovery Pass<br />

Score over $600 in savings with your Discovery Pass! Get yours<br />

today <strong>and</strong> save while you discover local businesses in Buena<br />

Vista <strong>and</strong> <strong>Salida</strong>, Colorado.<br />

Valid through April 30, 2020<br />

Get yours at: www.discoverypass.co<br />

Enjoy Perks Such As...<br />

2 for 1 Entrées at Amicas Pizza.<br />

✓<br />

Half-price bottle of wine from Wesley & Rose.<br />

✓<br />

2 for 1 Baked Goods at Robin's in <strong>Salida</strong>.<br />

✓<br />

FIRE PIT<br />

RENTAL<br />

$25/DAY*<br />

CALL<br />

46<br />

EMAIL<br />

(719) 539-6953<br />

reservations@creeksidechalets.com<br />

*rental fee includes a Creekside Mallow S’mores kit<br />

for six! 45



Trip Insurance<br />

<strong>Travel</strong> is one of life’s great joys… Even<br />

the most carefully planned trip can be<br />

complicated by unforeseen events.<br />

Whether it’s lost luggage, canceled<br />

flights, or a medical emergency, an<br />

unexpected mishap can turn your trip<br />

into a taxing experience. Our travel <strong>and</strong><br />

rental protection services are designed<br />

to protect you.<br />

OUR GOAL IS TO...<br />

Save you money<br />

Safeguard your journey<br />

Make your stay memorable for<br />

all the right reasons!<br />

Visit Creeksidechalets.com/trip-insurance/ for more information<br />


Housekeeping & Procedures<br />

to Keep Guests <strong>and</strong> Staff Safe<br />

Creekside Chalets values your safety while enjoying our property <strong>and</strong> we have<br />

implemented numerous cleaning <strong>and</strong> disinfection procedures to help protect you<br />

while enjoying your stay. To ensure our staff <strong>and</strong> guest safety, we enlist professional<br />

cleaning companies to service the chalets <strong>and</strong> all employees are wearing protective<br />

masks <strong>and</strong> gloves while cleaning the chalets. Proper disinfecting solutions are being<br />

used that are at least 70% alcohol or bleach that are believed to be effective against the<br />

spread of coronavirus. All frequently touched surfaces have been thoroughly wiped<br />

down <strong>and</strong> disinfected. To help reduce the guests risk of infection, Creekside Chalets<br />

offers self check-in <strong>and</strong> check-out. To avoid person to person contact, all routine<br />

maintenance will be performed prior to the guests stay. Alsco Linen Service, a<br />

professional commercial linen service with the highest sanitation st<strong>and</strong>ards provides all<br />

our towels <strong>and</strong> linens for the property.<br />

The Chaffee County community social <strong>and</strong> health st<strong>and</strong>ards are recommending<br />

wearing a mask while visiting businesses. It is important to keep a six foot social<br />

distance from others while in public <strong>and</strong> enjoying the property grounds at Creekside<br />

Chalets. Most importantly, wash your h<strong>and</strong>s thoroughly <strong>and</strong> avoid touching your<br />

face. We appreciate your respect while visiting our community. If you think you have<br />

been exposed to COVID-19 <strong>and</strong> develop a fever <strong>and</strong> symptoms, such as cough or<br />

difficulty breathing, call your healthcare provider for medical advice. If you need<br />

assistance, please contact Public Health at (719) 539-4510. ChaffeeCounty.org/Public-<br />

Health<br />

Heart of the Rockies Regional Medical Center<br />

1000 Rush Drive | <strong>Salida</strong>, CO | 81201<br />

(719) 530-2200<br />

To help guests maintain a higher st<strong>and</strong>ard of cleanliness <strong>and</strong> hygiene, each unit at<br />

Creekside Chalets will be well-stocked with:<br />

✔ H<strong>and</strong> soap<br />

✔ Paper towels<br />

✔ Tissues<br />

✔ Toilet Paper<br />

✔ Disinfecting wipes<br />

✔ Disinfecting spray<br />

✔ Disposable towels<br />

✔ H<strong>and</strong> sanitizer<br />

✔ A red bag will be provided to place all used<br />

towels <strong>and</strong> linens in prior to departure.<br />


Welcome To <strong>Salida</strong>!<br />

And Thank You for Choosing<br />


16724 West US Hwy 50<br />

<strong>Salida</strong>, CO 81201<br />

CreeksideChalets.com | (719) 539-6953

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