Beauty NZ Magazine Summer 2023

BeautyNZ magazine is a professional beauty trade magazine published on behalf of the New Zealand Association of Registered Beauty Professionals Inc. The NZARBP is recognised as the premier industry organisation with a 50 year history of supporting members, regulating the industry and promoting a qualified workforce. The non-profit group educates, informs, provides advice and keeps the industry up to date with the latest information through its magazine.

BeautyNZ magazine is a professional beauty trade magazine published on behalf of the New Zealand
Association of Registered Beauty Professionals Inc. The NZARBP is recognised as the premier industry
organisation with a 50 year history of supporting members, regulating the industry and promoting a qualified workforce. The non-profit group educates, informs, provides advice and keeps the
industry up to date with the latest information through its magazine.


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SUMMER <strong>2023</strong><br />

SUMMER<br />




WOMEN<br />

SKIN<br />



BRAND<br />

BEAUTY<br />

NEWS &<br />


TIPS<br />

Carla Oates:<br />

The <strong>Beauty</strong> Chef

Change the way you treat skin.<br />

Customisable solutions for your client’s skincare needs using groundbreaking technology<br />

alongside the purest of ingredients to treat all skin types and conditions.<br />

Visit dermaviduals.co.nz/for-clinics<br />

by derma aesthetics<br />




Visibly reduce wrinkles and acne scarring to<br />

improve overall skin structure.<br />


• Adjustable needle speed and depth<br />

• Low vibration and quiet running<br />

• Engineered and manufactured in Germany<br />

• Tilting needle plate for minimal epidermal trauma,<br />

increasing client comfort<br />

• 2 year warranty (optional extension)<br />


• Patented safety membrane to prevent back flow<br />

of liquid and ensure no risk of contamination<br />

• Medical device certification (CEO123)<br />

according to MDD and DIN EN ICO 13485 standard<br />

• TGA listed (ARTG: 315425)<br />

• FDA approved<br />

• Medsafe listed<br />

ARTG 315425, ARTG 338345<br />

0800 SKIN00<br />

enquiries@skincorrection.co.nz<br />

Scan to become a<br />

microneedling expert<br />

by derma aesthetics

Editor's LETTER<br />


Lisa Potter<br />

Editor, Associate<br />

Publisher<br />

Warren Gilbertson<br />

Graphic Designer,<br />

DP Media<br />

Clarity Without<br />

Compromise<br />



Farewell 2022<br />

It’s always difficult to adequately sum up an entire year in just a few words,<br />

especially in these times where life really is, to borrow that overused phrase –<br />

a roller coaster ride. It’s certainly been a year of ups and downs, particularly for<br />

beauty industry business owners and their teams.<br />

With this in mind, we’re taking the opportunity to celebrate and showcase<br />

inspiring women in this issue, across several facets of the industry: spanning<br />

beauty professionals, business owners, distributors, and creators of brands<br />

and products.<br />

Deidre Morris<br />

DP Media Director,<br />

Publisher<br />


editor@beautynzmagazine.co.nz<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong> magazine is a professional beauty trade<br />

magazine published on behalf of the New Zealand<br />

Association of Registered <strong>Beauty</strong> Professionals Inc.<br />

The <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP is recognised as the premier industry<br />

organisation with a 50 year history of supporting<br />

members, regulating the industry and the promotion<br />

of a qualified workforce. The non-profit group<br />

educates, informs, provides advice and keeps the<br />

industry up to date with the latest information<br />

through its magazine.<br />

DISTRIBUTION: Nationwide to businesses via print<br />

and digital copy<br />

WITH<br />




While their individual backgrounds and areas of focus are hugely diverse, we’ve<br />

noticed that each of these innovators share two things in common – a genuine<br />

passion for the sector and a desire to see it continue evolving.<br />

These stories are also a valuable reminder to continue to pursue your dreams.<br />

Brianne West of Ethique is the ultimate example - from making solid shampoo<br />

bars in her Uni flat, to being one of 12 women around the world named as an<br />

official Barbie Role Model 2022! It’s quite the journey – not to mention the role<br />

Ethique has played in highlighting how a brand can make a positive impact<br />

sustainably.<br />

COPYRIGHT: <strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong> magazine is subject to<br />

copyright. No part of <strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong> may be reproduced<br />

in whole or in part without written permission<br />

from the publisher. Neither opinions expressed by<br />

contributing and in-house writers, nor facts stated in<br />

advertisements, are necessarily those of DP Media,<br />

the editor or staff of <strong>Beauty</strong> <strong>NZ</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>, or the<br />

<strong>NZ</strong> Association of Registered <strong>Beauty</strong> Professionals<br />

Inc. Whilst all efforts are made to ensure accuracy,<br />

no responsibility will be taken by the publishers or<br />

Association for inaccurate information, or for any<br />

consequence of reliance on this information. All<br />

articles and images are covered by copyright.<br />

Clinically Proven<br />

Suitable for<br />

Sensitive Skin<br />

Dermatologically<br />

Tested<br />

100% Vegan<br />

Meeting these leaders has also accentuated the importance of the support crew<br />

we choose to surround ourselves with. <strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong> is proud to play a small role in<br />

helping highlight and promote your businesses, brands and skillsets and we look<br />

forward to continuing to evolve together in <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

As readers and advertisers who primarily<br />

focus on giving to others, now is a good<br />

time to flip the narrative and hopefully<br />

enjoy a little self-care, pampering and<br />

indulgence. Here’s to a relaxing and<br />

reinvigorating holiday season and looking<br />

forward to a successful <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

FRONT COVER PHOTO CREDIT: Luke Schuetrumpf<br />

Lisa Potter<br />

COMPETITION TERMS & CONDITIONS: <strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong><br />

<strong>Magazine</strong> competitions are open to all current<br />

members of the <strong>NZ</strong> Association of Registered <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Professionals. In the event that an ineligible entry is<br />

selected or we are unable to contact a winner within<br />

one week of the prize draw, having made reasonable<br />

attempts to do so, we may deem that winner’s entry<br />

invalid and select a new winner on the same terms<br />

as the original prize selection. Entrants may only<br />

enter once per prize draw. No prize is transferable,<br />

changeable, or redeemable for cash. All decisions<br />

made are final and no correspondence will be<br />

entered into. Good luck!<br />

PRINTING: Ovato <strong>NZ</strong> Limited<br />

ISSN: 1178-5802<br />

WEBSITE: beautynz.org.nz<br />


www.medik8.com.au<br />

@medik8anz<br />

4<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

+61 8 9409 5433 cs@advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au

FROM THE<br />



NAILS<br />

Be in to Win!<br />

8 President’s message<br />

10 Executive Committee<br />

11 Spotlight On: Elysa Sollis<br />

12 Office Report<br />

14 Area Representatives<br />

15 Spotlight On: Larissa Whitman<br />

16 Association News<br />


18 The <strong>Beauty</strong> Chef: Carla Oates<br />


22 The Industry Awards 2022<br />

24 Profile: Sarah Manning<br />

26 <strong>NZ</strong> brand RAAIE makes history<br />

26 New dermaviduals ambassador<br />

27 New Tronque product launch<br />

28 Technology profile: Elysion-Pro<br />

18<br />

28 Environ’s award-winning year<br />

29 JUARA launches in <strong>NZ</strong><br />

30 Event: Sisterhood <strong>Beauty</strong> Curtis<br />

Collection<br />

31 House of Camille adds CANGro<br />

to its range<br />

32 Nimue International Conference<br />

34 PSB award winners<br />

35 Osmosis <strong>Beauty</strong> wins global<br />

recognition<br />

36 New Medik8 launch<br />

38 EmpowerHER campaign<br />

launches<br />

38 ICONA team and Enbio steriliser<br />

40 Treatment Spotlight: WiQo<br />

Lifting & Brightening Programme<br />

42 Event: RevitaLash Eat Drink Pink<br />

54 FACE | Body & <strong>Beauty</strong> Clinic<br />


56 Brianne West & Ethique<br />

58 Tracey Friend & Pure Source<br />

60 Ashleigh Scott & The Facialist<br />


62 Elizabeth Barbalich & Antipodes<br />


66 Professional Pre-nups<br />

68 Office Space Inspo<br />

69 <strong>2023</strong> Business Trends<br />

70 Online Booking Systems<br />

72 Sustainable Salon Advice<br />

74 Tips For Filling Empty Rooms<br />

75 Social Media Advice<br />

84<br />


76 Finding The Natural Joy<br />

78 Book Corner<br />

79 Recipe Inspiration<br />

88 Nail Trends<br />

90 Nail Products<br />

90 Profile: Gelish<br />


92 <strong>Beauty</strong> With Kylie Bax<br />

TRAINING &<br />


93 The Lost Art Of Epilation<br />

94 Training Calendar<br />


96 Olivia Savidan<br />

Premium skincare brand JUARA has launched in<br />

New Zealand. To celebrate we have a JUARA prize<br />

pack up for grabs.<br />

The JUARA collection is based around a luxurious<br />

range of skin and body care products, inspired<br />

by Jamu, Indonesia’s ancient herbal medicine<br />

practice.<br />

JUARA brings together herbal tradition and<br />

botanical science, with products packed with<br />

nutrients and rich ingredients sourced from<br />

Indonesia, such as turmeric, candlenut oil, ginger<br />

and other highly active botanicals.<br />

All JUARA products are 100% vegetarian, free<br />

of parabens, mineral oil, phthalates and artificial<br />

colourants. The range is PETA certified as cruelty<br />

free.<br />


Enter for the chance to win the JUARA prize<br />

pack of JUARA Candlenut Body Creme, JUARA<br />

Invigorating Coffee Scrub, JUARA Radiance<br />

Enzyme Scrub and JUARA Rice Facial Cleanser.<br />

To enter, email your name and contact details<br />

to editor@beautynzmagazine.co.nz with JUARA<br />

PRIZE in the subject line. Entries close February<br />

10 <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Terms and conditions can be found on page 4.<br />

84<br />


56<br />

BEAUTY &<br />


44 What’s New<br />

65 Things We Love<br />

81 <strong>Summer</strong> Skincare<br />

80 Ingredient Spotlight:<br />

Rosewater<br />

82 <strong>Summer</strong> Skin Advice<br />


MAKEUP<br />

50 Rosacea Advice<br />

52 The Importance Of Skin<br />

Education<br />

84 Profile: Victoria Curtis<br />

86 Makeup Products<br />

58<br />

6<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Association NEWS<br />

Message<br />


Hi everyone and welcome to our <strong>Summer</strong> magazine,<br />

unbelievably the last issue for 2022.<br />

This year has been a time of<br />

circumnavigating the ‘new normal’.<br />

While it has meant some adjustments<br />

were required for businesses to<br />

continue, we have had more certainty<br />

in relation to the pandemic where life<br />

was able to return to the ‘new normal’<br />

without lockdowns.<br />

This year has been challenging for many<br />

of us, as the financial impacts of the last<br />

few years were felt harder than ever.<br />

It has been a time of reflection and<br />

resilience, and has taught us a lot about<br />

coping mechanisms as well as inner<br />

strength and determination.<br />

As an Association, the changes to how<br />

we operate included continuing to offer<br />

our AGM on zoom. This was in particular<br />

a cost saving measure for our members<br />

to be able to attend without having to<br />

travel. It was very well attended and<br />

thank you for being available on that<br />

day.<br />

The bi-annual St Johns First Aid<br />

training month in August was held at<br />

various locations around New Zealand.<br />

However with COVID restrictions and<br />

required numbers, not all locations<br />

could be serviced, therefore we are<br />

investigating how we can best offer<br />

First Aid training in the future to more<br />

people. Congratulations to all who<br />

attended and gained their First Aid<br />

certificates.<br />

During 2022 we have worked hard on<br />

our new Health, Hygiene and Safety<br />

Standards. This is a fantastic resource<br />

for all beauty professionals to follow.<br />

It provides clear detail, guidelines<br />

and expectations for businesses as<br />

well as individuals to implement;<br />

demonstrating a qualified, strong,<br />

professional industry while enabling our<br />

clients to know they are in safe hands.<br />

This year we made a decision to move<br />

our <strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong> Awards to March 2024<br />

so we can provide an extravaganza of<br />

celebration for all beauty professionals.<br />

There are key dates and information<br />

included in this issue so make sure you<br />

take note, mark it in your diary and start<br />

planning for what categories you will<br />

enter.<br />

Planning is well underway to ensure you<br />

have an amazing event and it’s a great<br />

opportunity to meet and chat with<br />

other like minded professionals - and<br />

of course, celebrate how fantastic we<br />

all are.<br />

Thank you for your continued support<br />

and loyalty to the <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP throughout<br />

2022. We appreciate each and every<br />

one of you, because without your<br />

commitment to us, we would not be<br />

able to provide the support you require.<br />

On behalf of your Executive Committee,<br />

I wish you all a very safe and happy<br />

festive season and we look forward to a<br />

positive and rewarding <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Take care, look after one another.<br />

Kia kaha<br />

Emma<br />

8<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE

Association NEWS<br />

Spotlight<br />

ON<br />


Committee<br />


President and Nail<br />

Technology Manager<br />


Documentation Manager<br />


Vice President and<br />

Complaints Manager<br />


Cosmetic Tattoo Manager<br />


Area Representative<br />

Manager<br />

KIM RYAN<br />

Government Regulations<br />

Manager<br />

Become a member of the<br />

New Zealand Association<br />

of Registered <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Professionals; the<br />

membership organisation<br />

for the beauty industry in<br />

New Zealand.<br />

Dedicated to supporting<br />

members, regulating the<br />

industry and achieving a<br />

highly organised, qualified<br />

and professional workforce,<br />

the Association is a non-profit<br />

organisation.<br />

To become a member and<br />

find out more about member<br />

benefits, call: 021 062 4597 or<br />

email info@beautynz.org.nz<br />

Q. What career you hoped to<br />

pursue when you were younger?<br />

A. I have been a competitive horse<br />

rider for most of my life and<br />

always had a passion and love<br />

for horses and animals. I always<br />

wanted to become a vet nurse.<br />

Q. What first sparked your interest<br />

in the beauty industry?<br />

A. I’ve always been into makeup,<br />

skincare and everything related<br />

to beauty. During my teenage<br />

years I suffered from severe acne<br />

and saw a beauty therapist to<br />

help treat my skin; this became<br />

a turning point. Her caring<br />

approach, knowledge of the skin<br />

and the results I saw in my skin<br />

really sparked my interest.<br />

Q. When and why you first got<br />

involved with <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP?<br />

A. I joined the Association in 2021<br />

so I could have support and<br />

resources to run a successful and<br />

safe business. Later that year I<br />

joined the EC team. I knew my<br />

10+ years in the beauty industry<br />

as a beauty therapist along with<br />

my registered nurse experience<br />

would be immensely beneficial<br />

and could help positively impact<br />

our industry.<br />

Q. Why being a member is<br />

important?<br />

A. I love belonging to a professional<br />

body that places high importance<br />

on safe practices, as this aligns<br />

with my personal and business<br />

philosophy. It's also a feeling<br />

of connectedness with other<br />

like-minded professionals<br />

where we can share and grow<br />

together. I also believe in a<br />

Elysa Sollis<br />

From competitive horse riding and martial arts to nursing, hairdressing<br />

and beauty, Elysa Sollis has no inhibitions about pursuing what she<br />

is passionate about. The multi-talented beauty professional boasts<br />

diverse experience in the industry and is a member of the <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP<br />

Executive Committee (Documentation and Membership Manager).<br />

unified industry where we<br />

strive towards the Association’s<br />

commitments of high standards<br />

and professionalism. An industry<br />

where we all follow best practice<br />

guidelines, an industry where we<br />

support each other and lastly an<br />

industry that is regulated.<br />

Q. How you got started in the<br />

industry and how you are still<br />

involved today?<br />

A. In 2011 I graduated at The<br />

National School of Aesthetics<br />

with a <strong>NZ</strong> and international<br />

Diploma in <strong>Beauty</strong> Therapy and<br />

Applied Aesthetics. I always<br />

dreamed of working in the<br />

cosmetic industry, so I studied<br />

nursing and became a registered<br />

nurse. I worked in the nursing<br />

industry for a couple years, later<br />

specialising in plastic surgery<br />

and gynaecology. It wasn't until<br />

we were pregnant with our first<br />

child that I really contemplated<br />

the idea of working for myself.<br />

It’s now been two years since<br />

I opened my own clinic. I offer<br />

specialist treatments as a beauty<br />

specialist and as a cosmetic<br />

nurse injector I offer anti-wrinkle<br />

injections at Daisy by Elysa.<br />

Q. Some info on your time in the<br />

industry?<br />

A. I’ve been blessed to have worked<br />

in some of the top beauty salons<br />

in the South Island and also<br />

some of the top private and<br />

public hospitals in New Zealand.<br />

I’ve been in the beauty industry<br />

for 10+ years and have gained a<br />

lot of experience and skills that<br />

continue to serve me well. I also<br />

have a wealth of knowledge from<br />

being in the nursing sector for 5<br />

years.<br />

Q. Some info on your time in the<br />

industry?<br />

A. I’ve been blessed to have worked<br />

in some of the top beauty salons<br />

in the South Island and also some<br />

of the top private and public<br />

hospitals in New Zealand. I’ve<br />

been in the beauty industry for<br />

10+ years and have gained a lot of<br />

experience and skills that continue<br />

to serve me well. I also have a<br />

wealth of knowledge from being<br />

in the nursing sector for 5 years.<br />

Q. Other career paths/interests you<br />

have pursued?<br />

A. I believe in the importance<br />

of continuous learning and<br />

upskilling especially in the latest<br />

techniques and treatments. I<br />

have specialised in lash lifting,<br />

dermaplaning and Brazilian<br />

waxing and have a strong passion<br />

for brows.<br />

Q. What’s the best piece of skincare<br />

advice you’ve learned over the<br />

years?<br />

A. There are so many to choose<br />

from so I'll pick my top three:<br />

Double cleansing at night;<br />

Apply products to damp skin (in<br />

particular hyaluronic acid); and<br />

always wear SPF regardless of the<br />

season or weather.<br />

Q.<br />

What is something people might<br />

be surprised to know about you?<br />

A. I have two black belts. One in<br />

mixed martial arts and one in<br />

Taekwondo. I haven't practiced<br />

in quite a while, but these<br />

skills have given me so much<br />

confidence in myself and in life.<br />

It is definitely something I will<br />

encourage my children to learn.<br />

10 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Association NEWS<br />

OFFICE<br />


Report<br />

Spotlight<br />


ON<br />

Kia ora from the Association office. At this time of year I always<br />

feel that the past 12 months have gone so fast. I am enjoying the warmer weather<br />

and looking forward to the Christmas break to spend with family and friends.<br />

<strong>2023</strong> will be an exciting year for us as we will be<br />

organising our <strong>NZ</strong> <strong>Beauty</strong> Association Awards<br />

event for a summer celebration.<br />

You will see our notice of the date in this issue<br />

and more information will be sent out in the<br />

new year.<br />

Our revised hygiene guidelines - titled Health &<br />

Hygiene Safety Standards – are now available.<br />

You can find these on our website.<br />

I wish you all a happy and joy filled Christmas<br />

and the warmest of wishes for a fantastic <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Thank you for your support of the <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP.<br />

We have welcomed 13 new members, 2 re-joining members, and 24 student<br />

members since our last issue.<br />

<strong>NZ</strong>ARPB Office Manager<br />


Karola Somme<br />

Jessica Whiting<br />


Boutique <strong>Beauty</strong> Brands<br />


Alana Hutchings<br />


Emma James<br />

Molly Hobbs<br />


Kandi Francois<br />

Breanna Gowland<br />

Isabella Roigard<br />

Karen Tolin<br />

Laura Wilson<br />



Leah Fagan<br />

Monique Jones-Clark<br />

Dee Clothier<br />

P: 021 062 4597<br />

E: info@beautynz.org.nz<br />



12 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />

INFO@HOLISTICAESTHETICS.CO.<strong>NZ</strong><br />

HOLISTICAESTHETICS.CO.<strong>NZ</strong><br />

13<br />

0800 676 6747

Association NEWS<br />

Spotlight<br />

ON<br />

AREA<br />



Northland<br />

021 455 019<br />

amanda@masteracademy.co.nz<br />


Christchurch<br />

027 692 3456<br />

larissa.whitman@ara.ac.nz<br />


Taranaki<br />

027 282 9668<br />

accounts@urbanbeautyspa.co.nz<br />


Northland<br />

021 437 558<br />

michaella@masteracademy.co.nz<br />


Otago<br />

020 4122 4525<br />

shellzbellz13@yahoo.co.nz<br />


Nelson/Marlborough<br />

021 181 9023<br />

kellyrosegosling@hotmail.com<br />


Waikato<br />

021 817 990<br />

skincraftbeautytherapy@gmail.com<br />


Southland<br />

027 362 3244<br />

tonimooloo@gmail.com<br />

Larissa Whitman is a long-time<br />

member of <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP and is an area<br />

representative, as well as holding the<br />

role of Area Representative Manager on<br />

the Executive Committee.<br />

One of the things Larissa enjoys most<br />

about the role is the people she gets to<br />

meet and work with everyday.<br />

“It’s always about the people – in<br />

particular reconnecting and confirming<br />

long lasting relationships between<br />

colleagues and clients. I enjoy meeting<br />

new people, building and installing<br />

confidence and watching people soar to<br />

new heights with a new look or skill.”<br />

Q. Why you think being a <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP<br />

member is important?<br />

A. Belonging to an Association<br />

that represents best practice<br />

in industry is important, as it<br />

confirms that you are operating<br />

within health and safety hygiene<br />

guidelines required from a<br />

trained beauty professional.<br />

With the industry currently not<br />

formally regulated, educating all<br />

therapists to understand scope<br />

of practice ensures that clients<br />

are in safe hands. Receiving<br />

treatments from professionals<br />

with recognised qualifications<br />

is of the utmost importance.<br />

Being a member of the <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP<br />

helps the general public make<br />

an informed choice, as well as<br />

helping support members with<br />

any issues that may arise.<br />

Q. Some information around your<br />

journey in the industry?<br />

Larissa Whitman<br />

A. I’ve been in the beauty industry<br />

in one form or another since<br />

working part-time at a pharmacy<br />

while still at school. I gained<br />

administration skills working in<br />

a family earthmoving business<br />

before a small stint at an<br />

Advertising Agency. I missed the<br />

connection with customers and<br />

much to everyone’s surprise, I<br />

committed to training as a <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Therapist at the International<br />

College of Camille in 1996. Today<br />

I am a <strong>Beauty</strong> Therapy Tutor<br />

inspiring the next generation of<br />

therapists.<br />

Q.What is your area of specialty in<br />

this industry and why you love<br />

this focus?<br />

A. I have always enjoyed electrology<br />

permanent hair removal and<br />

continue to train and educate<br />

others in this field. I love seeing<br />

progressive results and the<br />

confidence clients gain in<br />

their appearance. My specialty<br />

would be in lymphatic drainage<br />

massage. I trained in the Vodda<br />

method in Melbourne after being<br />

introduced to lymphatic drainage<br />

during post grad skin care<br />

training. I love stimulating the<br />

circulation and have had some<br />

amazing opportunities to work<br />

not only with skin response but<br />

also pre and post-surgery with<br />

clients.<br />

Q.What’s the best piece of skincare<br />

advice you’ve learned?<br />

A. Spend as much on your skin a<br />

season as you would on a pair<br />

of shoes (or two), or your skin<br />

could well end up looking like<br />

leather. Less is more except<br />

when it comes to SPF. Drink<br />

enough water and get adequate<br />

restorative sleep and nutrition.<br />

Use the correct skin care for the<br />

climate or environment you are<br />

going to be in.<br />

Q. What is your favorite way to treat<br />

yourself?<br />

A. To indulge in an Epsom salt<br />

flotation at Cloud 9 Float Club - to<br />

relax my mind and body.<br />

Q. What’s one of your guilty<br />

pleasures?<br />

A. Anything chocolate!<br />

Q. What’s something people may be<br />

surprised to learn about you?<br />

A. After relocating from Auckland<br />

to Darfield I opened a <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Therapy business and built a<br />

client base in the small rural<br />

town which was very different<br />

to city life where the clients<br />

commitments revolved around<br />

the farming calendar of lambing,<br />

shearing or harvest time on the<br />

farm. I can often be found in a<br />

paddock with full hair and make<br />

up before work feeding out hay or<br />

moving a fence. You will always<br />

find a pair of gumboots in the<br />

boot of my car!<br />

Q. What’s the most important life or<br />

business lesson you’ve learned<br />

this year?<br />

A. The importance of patience.<br />

When you apply patience to<br />

your daily life personally and<br />

professionally you instantly<br />

become less irritated and<br />

frustrated and less defensive -<br />

allowing yourself to be calmer,<br />

more focused and open minded.<br />

14<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Association NEWS<br />

Welcome<br />

New Executive Committee member – Larissa Whitman<br />

NOW AVAILABLE IN <strong>NZ</strong><br />

Our team is growing and we would like to officially welcome Larissa to the Executive Committee<br />

of the Association. Larissa is on board and already active in her Area Rep portfolio.<br />

Her personal objectives for the Association are to support the upcoming activities, increase<br />

member numbers, keep salon owners updated, break down barriers among members, and<br />

encourage them to get involved in activities. With her resilience, determination, and passion to<br />

lead, we know that Larissa is an asset to the Association.<br />

We are thrilled that you've joined us, Larissa! Welcome aboard!<br />

New Southland Area Rep - Toni Davis<br />

The <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP welcomes Toni Davis as the new Southland Area Rep. Toni studied at SIT Invercargill<br />

in 2016 and has been working at <strong>Beauty</strong> and Beyond Urban Retreat in Invercargill for almost four<br />

years.<br />

“I've worked my way up from Junior <strong>Beauty</strong> Therapist to Senior <strong>Beauty</strong> Therapist Manager, and<br />

now direct and train the girls where needed, as well as creating plans around how to keep the<br />

salon organised and tidy, whilst also looking for new treatments and products to experience.<br />





ARA Institute of Canterbury visit<br />

I recently visited with some of the Graduating<br />

Diploma class from ARA institute of Canterbury<br />

2022, who were very smart and well presented<br />

for their photograph.<br />

“I look forward to meeting members and non-members alike in my role as Area Rep for the<br />

Southland region.”.<br />

By<br />

Larissa Whitman<br />

Some of the strategies they have found helpful while studying are to incorporate beauty<br />

into their spare time, whether it’s looking over PowerPoints or practicing treatments, so<br />

they can work to the best of their ability, managing their time effectively.<br />

Their favourite treatments are learning hot stone massage and microneedling, advance<br />

skin and mastering permanent hair removal electrolysis.<br />

Career goals are to work in high end skin clinics; gaining as much experience as they<br />

can while building a loyal client base and working on their skin journey, sharing and<br />

gaining knowledge and growing their skillset to one day be salon managers and/or run<br />

their own beauty business, while helping people to feel comfortable in their own skin.<br />

They are all passionate beauty professionals who love being in the beauty industry.<br />

They also enjoy the opportunity to help make clients feel whole, as well as feel like they<br />

are being listened to, help them relax and leave with healthy glowing skin.<br />

Hamilton Elite<br />

School Visit<br />

Eden Gaudin, Jayden Brown, Opal Tahana, Tilly Gray,<br />

Kaylee Holmes, Brittany Blackburn-Priddy, Renee Keer,<br />

Ella Stewart Monarch, Tyla Smart.<br />

By<br />

Sarah Fletcher<br />

A revolution in needle-free biorevitalisation that<br />

stimulates the skin’s natural restorative processes like<br />

never before.<br />

The 3-step approach combines an innovative, patentpending<br />

formulation applied in-clinic, with a home<br />

care protocol to deliver immediate and progressive<br />

results with minimal downtime.<br />

The skin is visibly firmer, brighter and smoother from<br />

the very first treatment.<br />

Before<br />

After 3 sessions<br />

All ages | All areas | All skin types | All year-round<br />

In September I visited Level 4 <strong>Beauty</strong> students at Elite in Hamilton. They are currently<br />

working towards completing their level 4 with a number wanting to complete level<br />

5 and area a well presented group of students who are excited about their future in<br />

beauty therapy . The Elite Level 5 students were in work placemen, where they do 10<br />

weeks placement as part of their Level 5 completion.<br />

+61 8 9409 5433<br />

cs@advancedcosmeceuticals.com.au<br />

@wiqoanz<br />

www.wiqo.com.au<br />

16 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Cover<br />

STORY<br />

Cover<br />

STORY<br />

The <strong>Beauty</strong> Chef:<br />

Carla Oates<br />

Following her gut instinct has always served Carla Oates<br />

well. Long before ‘inner beauty’ was a buzzword, Carla knew<br />

the importance of fostering beauty from the inside out. Her<br />

innate curiosity and desire for knowledge has proved pivotal<br />

in forging new pathways around the power of the gut-skin<br />

connection.<br />

The result of her fascination with nutrition, gut and skin health<br />

led to the creation of The <strong>Beauty</strong> Chef, a business which has<br />

rocketed to success in just over a decade. The <strong>Beauty</strong> Chef is<br />

based around the belief that ‘beauty begins in the belly’ – and<br />

having launched in 2009 with GLOW, the brand’s first inner<br />

beauty powder, it has continued to pioneer in the inner beauty<br />

category.<br />

It’s hard to comprehend that this now globally successful<br />

business started with just $3000 and Carla working out of her<br />

kitchen and bedroom office space. Her own unwavering belief<br />

in her product carried her through unchartered waters; despite<br />

being ahead of her time with no real consumer understanding<br />

around inner beauty.<br />

“There literally wasn’t a place for it in the market,” she says,<br />

“people didn’t know where to put it as there was no inner beauty<br />

category in stores.”<br />

Education has been a large component of The <strong>Beauty</strong> Chef’s<br />

development. Fortunately, able to draw on her experience as a<br />

journalist, Carla’s natural abilities around messaging proved an<br />

enormous asset.<br />

A former fashion stylist and beauty<br />

writer, Carla’s fascination with the<br />

immune system and healthy skin<br />

has been a lifetime in the making.<br />

Having suffered from eczema and skin<br />

conditions as a child, it wasn’t until she<br />

had her own family and her daughter<br />

started having skin issues that she<br />

seriously turned her focus to probioticrich<br />

and lacto-fermented whole foods.<br />

Putting the entire household on a<br />

gut-healing protocol a made rapid and<br />

profound difference to her daughter’s<br />

skin as well as improved wellbeing and<br />

overall health of the whole family. After<br />

friends and family began asking why<br />

her skin looked so ‘glowy’, Carla delved<br />

further into the power of the gut-skin<br />

connection and began experimenting<br />

with skin-loving superfoods in her Bondi<br />

kitchen.<br />

“I was growing bacteria everywhere in<br />

jars in my kitchen,” she recalls, “with<br />

kombucha, kefir and sauerkraut – and<br />

friends and neighbours couldn’t get<br />

enough of it – the difference to our skin<br />

was incredible, and to how we felt, down<br />

to energy levels, nail and hair health.<br />

From such authentic beginnings came<br />

GLOW, The <strong>Beauty</strong> Chef’s first inner<br />

beauty powder—which led the charge<br />

as a living, bio-fermented, probiotic<br />

inner beauty product and kickstarted a<br />

whole new category of ingestible beauty<br />

products.<br />

“GLOW feeds the skin super charged<br />

nutrition from the inside as well as<br />

helping to improve digestion at the same<br />

time - two of the most important things<br />

for glowing, healthy skin. The skin, hair<br />

and nails are the last places to receive<br />

nutrients that go to more important<br />

organs first, so nutrition is important<br />

for glowing skin and fermented foods<br />

give you dense, super charged nutrition.<br />

There is more and more scientific<br />

research to show that digestive health<br />

and probiotics play a huge role in skin<br />

health.”<br />

The <strong>Beauty</strong> Chef was also the first<br />

beauty brand to focus on cultivating<br />

good gut health for healthy skin – and<br />

while in those early years this concept<br />

was considered left of the field, it<br />

has since become widely accepted,<br />

appreciated and mainstream.<br />

These days Carla continues working<br />

on unique formulas with a team of<br />

leading microbiologists, naturopaths<br />

and nutritionists, employing cuttingedge<br />

research to develop products that<br />

support gut health and glowing skin.<br />

She has also written three books, all<br />

designed to equip readers with tools,<br />

knowledge and advice around gut health.<br />

“<br />

I was growing bacteria<br />

everywhere in jars in<br />

my kitchen.<br />

“Basically where there’s gut<br />

inflammation, there will be skin<br />

inflammation. Inflammation is really<br />

implicated in most skin issues from acne,<br />

rosacea and autoimmune skin issues like<br />

psoriasis and eczema.<br />

“People ask me what the best things<br />

are they can do for gut health. It doesn’t<br />

sound very glamorous but the answer<br />

is to care for your gut microbiome - an<br />

ecosystem of microorganisms that live in<br />

our gut and are absolutely instrumental<br />

to our gut health.”<br />

“Clear, glowing skin occurs when you<br />

feed your body nutrient-dense food and<br />

cultivate a healthy gut microbiome—the<br />

mini ecosystem that lives inside each<br />

one of us and is home to trillions of<br />

microorganisms and over 1000 different<br />

species of bacteria.”<br />

Having experienced a rapid evolution<br />

from jars of homemade fermented<br />

goodies, to a multi-million dollar global<br />

brand, the core essence of The <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Chef remains as true today as it did 13<br />

years ago.<br />

“Right from the start we pioneered<br />

the inner beauty industry—setting the<br />

standard for products that delivered<br />

real, tangible results. The <strong>Beauty</strong> Chef<br />

has always created powerful probiotic<br />

“There has definitely been a paradigm shift in thinking - I<br />

just love that people will create a GLOW, kale and coconut<br />

smoothie in the morning before they even think about their<br />

skincare routine. The level to which people now understand<br />

the importance of nutrition and gut health to healthy and<br />

robust skin is incredibly heartening.”<br />

Fast forward to 2022, and the Australian-based business<br />

is hugely popular in New Zealand beauty salons and<br />

businesses for its range of bio-fermented, probiotic-rich<br />

wholefood supplements and organic topical skincare<br />

products.<br />

It also boasts its own state of the art fermentation<br />

plant in Sydney, where impeccable attention is<br />

paid to bio-fermented ingredients – an astonishing<br />

achievement considering the brand’s origins began in<br />

the home kitchen.<br />

Photos by Luke Schuetrumpf<br />

18 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Cover<br />

STORY<br />

formulas but now, in our new<br />

purpose-built plant in Sydney, we<br />

have a greater level of control of the<br />

process—from start to finish.<br />

“Our team of microbiologists<br />

can integrate the latest scientific<br />

research into every step and ferment<br />

probiotic bacteria to their peak<br />

concentrations, retain the beneficial<br />

bacterial metabolites (postbiotics)<br />

and use the enzymes produced<br />

by the bacteria to improve the<br />

digestibility and available nutrition<br />

of the wholefoods being fermented<br />

even further.<br />

“Because we can essentially ‘hold<br />

the hands’ of our bacteria at every<br />

point along the fermentation<br />

journey, we can therefore influence,<br />

tweak and refine the process to<br />

truly supercharge our formulas—<br />

controlling everything from the<br />

temperature, oxygen and pH of each<br />

fermentation, even checking in on it<br />

in the middle of the night to ensure<br />

we’re getting the optimal potency<br />

and benefits from every single<br />

ingredient.”<br />

Such attention to detail is in the<br />

very DNA of The <strong>Beauty</strong> Chef, and<br />

with 2022 marking the launch of<br />

two exciting new products: GLOW<br />

F.A.C.E. oil and GLOW Ageless<br />

(specifically formulated for those<br />

aged 50+), Carla is now also enjoying<br />

turning her attention to skincare<br />

“Skincare is something I’ve been<br />

working on for about four years<br />

and it’s proving really exciting, with<br />

some really incredible innovations<br />

happening which hopefully will be<br />

unveiled in <strong>2023</strong>.”<br />

Thebeautychef.co.nz<br />

Nine Skin Loving Infusions<br />

to choose from –<br />

Mojave Moon • Cactus Blossom<br />

Acacia Honey • Sonoran Sky<br />

Kabosu Sea Salt • Coconut<br />

Lemongrass • Modern Lavender<br />

Pomegranate<br />

Call or<br />

email now for a<br />

Whish information/<br />

sample pack *<br />

(*limited sample packs<br />

available – be quick!)<br />

BODY<br />





The <strong>Beauty</strong> Chef Glow Blueberry<br />

& Cinnamon Smoothie<br />

The <strong>Beauty</strong> Chef Cleanse<br />

& Reset Smoothie<br />

SERVES 2<br />


2 cups of frozen blueberries<br />

1/4 tsp cinnamon<br />

1 banana<br />

2 tsp of GLOW Inner <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Essential or GLOW AGELESS Inner<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> Essential<br />

2 tsp of chia seeds (ideally soaked<br />

overnight, or for at least one hour<br />

2 cups of almond milk<br />

With antioxidant-rich blueberries,<br />

chia seeds for protein and our<br />

The <strong>Beauty</strong> Chef’s wholefood skin<br />

supplement, GLOW Inner <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Essential or GLOW AGELESS, this<br />

delicious smoothie is packed with<br />

nutrients that will feed your skin<br />

from the inside out.<br />

METHOD<br />

Place all the ingredients in a<br />

blender and blitz to combine.<br />

SERVES 1<br />


½ firm pear, cored<br />

¼ small-medium ripe avocado<br />

½ cup (80ml) coconut water<br />

¼ 3 cup (60ml) coconut yoghurt<br />

1 large handful baby spinach<br />

1 large handful mint leaves<br />

2 ice cubes<br />

Freshly squeezed juice of ¼ lime<br />

½ teaspoon finely grated ginger<br />

2 teaspoons CLEANSE Inner <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Support<br />

A refreshing morning<br />

(or anytime) blend full of<br />

detoxifying ingredients, this<br />

smoothie combines healthy<br />

fats, gut-nourishing fibre<br />

and The <strong>Beauty</strong> Chef’s biofermented<br />

super-greens powder<br />

to help the body realign.<br />

METHOD<br />

Place all the ingredients in a<br />

high-speed blender. Blend until<br />

smooth.<br />

Luxury mixed with health and wellbeing<br />

Stunning retail options including gift packs and candles<br />

www.sisterhoodbeauty.co.nz<br />

021 472 352 | info@sisterhoodbeauty.co.nz<br />

sB<br />

Sisterhood<br />

20 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />

Clinically proven Retail and Professional Treatments<br />


Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

The Industry<br />

Awards 2022<br />

Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

The Industry Awards recognise the best business,<br />

training and creative talent in New Zealand’s hair,<br />

beauty, and barbering industries. Delivered by<br />

Kitomba Salon & Spa Software, HITO and Hair &<br />

Barber New Zealand, these coveted awards celebrate<br />

both individual and team success.<br />

Hairdressing Apprentice of the Year finalists: Shania<br />

Hales, Gemma Dowse, Shaniah Kelly, Sadie Ellen<br />

Joshua Clayton, Editorial Barber of the Year –<br />

Next Generation<br />

Heidi Christian,<br />

Industry Assessor of<br />

the Year, and Abby<br />

Christian<br />

Patrick Cameron<br />

MBE<br />

The Industry Awards 2022<br />

With awards for business success,<br />

exceptional training, great workplaces,<br />

HITO apprentices and creative styling,<br />

there’s a category for every beauty<br />

therapist, hairdresser or barber to enter.<br />

Angela Enoka, Patrick Cameron MBE, Sadie Ellen<br />

Sarah and Matt Brown M<strong>NZ</strong>M, My Fathers Barbers<br />

The Industry Awards 2022 were held<br />

on Sunday 6 November at Te Pae<br />

Christchurch. This was the 13th year<br />

of the awards, and the biggest event<br />

yet, with 440 attendees, and a record<br />

number of entrants in the training,<br />

business and creative categories.<br />

Radiance Skin and Day Spa<br />

Crèmebrûlée Hair and <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Annaliese Miles, Editorial Stylist of the Year<br />

The Industry Awards 2022<br />

Training Award Winners<br />

The Industry Awards 2022, Te Pae Christchurch<br />

Convention Centre<br />

Hairdressing Apprentice of the Year –<br />

Sadie Ellen, Nspyre Red (Christchurch)<br />

Top Performing Stylist of the Year –<br />

Krystle Anderson, Dream Hair (Mosgiel)<br />

Editorial Stylist of the Year – Derek Elvy<br />

Visionary Award – Natasha King<br />

Louise Gray and Sarah Manning, <strong>Beauty</strong> Therapy<br />

Apprentice of the Year 2022<br />

Berry <strong>Beauty</strong> Co.<br />

Barbering Apprentice of the Year –<br />

James Harrington, The Barber Lounge<br />

(Christchurch)<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> Therapy Apprentice of the Year<br />

– Sarah Manning, Radiance Skin and Day<br />

Spa (Cromwell)<br />

Jasmine McBeth Memorial Scholarship –<br />

Alyssah Swann, CK & Co. (Gisborne)<br />

Excellence in Marketing – MANE Salon<br />

(Wellington)<br />

Best Salon Design – Surreal Hair<br />

(Christchurch)<br />

Sustainable Salon of the Year – Hair Art<br />

and <strong>Beauty</strong> (Christchurch)<br />

Creative Award Winners<br />

Patrick Cameron Instagram Challenge<br />

– Next Generation – Sadie Ellen, Nspyre<br />

Red (Christchurch)<br />

Patrick Cameron Instagram Challenge –<br />

Senior – Angela Enoka<br />

Editorial Barber of the Year – Gina<br />

Eparaima, BHB Academy (Palmerston<br />

North)<br />

The Industry Awards 2022 trophies<br />

MANE Salon and Janine Simons, Workplace of the Year<br />

2022 and Industry Trainer of the Year 2022<br />

Aimee Dobson and Diana Kingi,<br />

Massage Me and Beautify You<br />

Skin and Beauté, <strong>Beauty</strong> Salon of the Year 2022<br />

Puravida <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Denise and Murray McBeth, Alyssah Swann (center),<br />

Jasmine McBeth Memorial Scholarship recipent<br />

Workplace of the Year – MANE Salon<br />

(Wellington)<br />

Industry Assessor of the Year – Heidi<br />

Christian, Heidi Christian Hair (Hamilton)<br />

Industry Trainer of the Year – Janine<br />

Simons, MANE Salon (Wellington)<br />

Business Award Winners<br />

New Zealand Hair Salon of the Year –<br />

Dream Hair (Mosgiel)<br />

New Zealand <strong>Beauty</strong> Salon of the Year –<br />

Skin and Beauté (Dunedin)<br />

Editorial Stylist of the Year – Annaliese<br />

Miles, Blaze Hair (Auckland)<br />

Editorial Stylist of the Year – Colour<br />

Concept – Liana King-Biddulph, Zen Hair<br />

(Dunedin)<br />

Editorial Stylist of the Year – Cover Shot<br />

– Annaliese Miles, Blaze Hair (Auckland)<br />

Editorial Stylist of the Year – Hot Shot<br />

– New Talent – Hannah Culpan, Moha<br />

Hairdressing (Dunedin)<br />

Editorial Stylist of the Year – Next<br />

Generation – Bella Goeres, MANE Salon<br />

(Wellington)<br />

Editorial Stylist of the Year – Hot Shot –<br />

New Talent – Teancum Matekeua, ARA<br />

Institute of Canterbury (Christchurch)<br />

Editorial Barber of the Year – Next<br />

Generation – Joshua Clayton, Kirkwoods<br />

Barbers (Auckland)<br />

Barber HAIRT Instagram Challenge –<br />

Next Generation – James Harrington,<br />

The Barber Lounge (Christchurch)<br />

Barber HAIRT Instagram Challenge<br />

– Senior – Hauwhenua Kirkwood,<br />

Kirkwoods Barbers (Auckland)<br />

22 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

Sarah<br />

Manning<br />

Advanced Cosmeceuticals<br />

is at the forefront in Australia & New<br />

Zealand offering Sinclair’s leading devices<br />

Making people feel beautiful and<br />

confident is second nature to beauty<br />

therapy apprentice Sarah Manning. Her<br />

passion for the industry has seen her<br />

awarded the prestigious title of 2022<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> Therapy Apprentice of the Year<br />

at the recent The Industry Awards.<br />

After completing a hairdressing<br />

apprenticeship and working as a qualified<br />

hairdresser for a number of years, Sarah<br />

was wanting more from her career. While<br />

the hairdressing industry taught her<br />

valuable skills and experience, her heart<br />

was somewhere else.<br />

“I wanted to feel a more personal<br />

connection to my clients – I really enjoy<br />

looking after people and making them<br />

feel wonderful inside and out. Helping<br />

my clients feel amazing and building their<br />

confidence and self-esteem is the best<br />

feeling,” she says.<br />

Sarah followed her heart and moved into<br />

the beauty industry, starting her career<br />

in nails, before going on to complete<br />

training as a cosmetic tattoo artist.<br />

“I have a real passion for eyebrows! They<br />

enhance facial features and balance the<br />

face. I love creating my clients dream<br />

brows.”<br />

Wanting to continue to grow her skills as<br />

a beauty therapist and continue training,<br />

Sarah signed into a HITO apprenticeship<br />

at Radiance Skin and Day Spa in<br />

Cromwell.<br />

As a mum of three young children,<br />

working full time in the industry<br />

while also working towards a Level-4<br />

qualification through an apprenticeship<br />

made it possible for Sarah to take the<br />

leap in to her dream career.<br />

Sarah believes being qualified shows you<br />

know how to work hard and that you<br />

have dedication to your industry.<br />

“It reassures clients, colleagues and<br />

employers you have the skills and meet<br />

industry standards.”<br />

During a professional development<br />

session with her boss, Jo Thomas,<br />

Sarah set herself a goal of becoming the<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> Therapy Apprentice of the Year.<br />

While this goal pushed her out of her<br />

comfort zone, it also allowed her to<br />

reflect on her journey so far, and where<br />

she hopes the future will take her.<br />

After reading her entry, the judges<br />

commended Sarah for her real love of<br />

the beauty industry. They noted she was<br />

not afraid to work hard, upskill, and do<br />

what it takes to become a successful<br />

beauty therapist. These qualities earned<br />

her the well-deserved title of <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Therapy Apprentice of the Year at The<br />

Industry Awards 2022.<br />

“What I love most about being a<br />

beauty therapy apprentice is that I am<br />

practicing what I love every day, and<br />

forever challenging what I can achieve<br />

creatively,” says Sarah. “I have an<br />

abundance of support in my workplace,<br />

and so much knowledge available to me<br />

from our team of highly trained beauty<br />

therapists.”<br />

To future beauty therapy apprentices,<br />

Sarah says it’s all about mindset.<br />

“Positive thinking<br />

gives you the<br />

confidence you need<br />

to put everything in to<br />

making your dreams<br />

happen, which is so<br />

rewarding.<br />




Low consumable costs<br />

360° cooling plates<br />

4 applicators working in unison<br />

9 applicator shapes & templates<br />

for ease of use<br />

1 massager hand piece<br />

Gel pad to protect skin up to -50°<br />

Distributed by Advanced Cosmeceuticals AU|<strong>NZ</strong><br />



Versatility: 4 wavelengths (755, 810,<br />

940 and 1060nm)<br />

Effectiveness on all areas, small<br />

and large<br />

High power (up to 2,000W) with<br />

all spot sizes<br />

USP: Ultra short pulse technology<br />

(3ms) exclusive for hair removal<br />

Crystal Freeze safety system for<br />

maximum safety and comfort<br />

+61 8 9409 5433 | sinclairmedical.com.au<br />

24 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

Global win for <strong>NZ</strong><br />

brand RAAIE<br />

A history making moment for RAAIE and its founder Katey<br />

Mandy, gaining global recognition after winning two covetable<br />

titles at the Pure <strong>Beauty</strong> Awards (UK).<br />

The first <strong>NZ</strong> brand to win a Pure <strong>Beauty</strong> UK award; RAAIE’s<br />

Morning Dew Vitamin C Serum took out the Best New Serum<br />

title. The win is additionally impressive given that the New<br />

Zealand botanically rich beauty brand only launched earlier this<br />

year – plus it initially sold out just 10 days after launching, whilst<br />

garnering incredible feedback and reviews.<br />

RAAIE also took home gold for Best New Skincare Brand title, up<br />

against global market players including The Ordinary, Lancôme,<br />

Guinot, The Inkey List, Rose Inc., Revision Skincare, Gatineau,<br />

and iS Clinical.<br />

Known as the ‘Oscars of the beauty industry’, the Pure <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Awards are considered one of the biggest beauty awards -<br />

celebrating and recognising the best in international beauty<br />

each year.<br />

Pure <strong>Beauty</strong> Editor Emma Reinhold comments, “each entry<br />

is scrutinised by our expert judging panel so that an award<br />

represents a truly leading brand in its field.”<br />

RAAIE Morning Dew Vitamin C Serum is one of the first two<br />

essential products RAAIE produced, alongside its the Yellow<br />

Moonbeam Retinal Elixir.<br />

Each product combines science-backed, highly-effective active<br />

ingredients like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and retinal, with<br />

powerful, locally-grown plant antioxidants.<br />

“We are thrilled to have won two gold awards at one of the most<br />

prestigious events in the beauty world. For a little Kiwi brand to<br />

have picked up the award for Best New Skincare Brand and Best<br />

New Serum is astounding and such an honour”, says Katey.<br />

With a childhood spent surrounded by native botanicals and<br />

re-wilding her family farm in Northland, Katey has a deep<br />

understanding of just how fortunate we are to have access to<br />

unique, botanical ingredients in New Zealand.<br />

“What makes us most happy about winning is knowing that<br />

the amazing botanicals of our home, Aotearoa, are getting the<br />

recognition they deserve on the global stage.”<br />

Plans to launch the following additions to RAAIE’s luminous<br />

product stable are already underway, with two cleansers, a barrier<br />

cream, an active botanical oil and an SPF launching in early <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Natalie Barr<br />

Internationally acclaimed journalist<br />

and Sunrise co-host Natalie Barr is<br />

Australasia’s first brand ambassador for<br />

dermaviduals.<br />

Born and raised in the small West<br />

Australian city of Bunbury, Natalie Barr<br />

has led a stellar career in journalism, TV<br />

and news presenting.<br />

Natalie studied journalism at Curtin<br />

University before undertaking a cadetship<br />

with a local newspaper, but not long<br />

after took up regional opportunities in<br />

television and breakfast radio. In the<br />

following years, she was offered roles in<br />

Los Angeles where she went on to win<br />

a Golden Mic for best newscast writing<br />

and was nominated for a Los Angeles<br />

area Emmy Award for her work on the<br />

infamous OJ Simpson car chase.<br />

Since returning home to Australia, Natalie<br />

has worked for 25 years with the Seven<br />

Network as a reporter and presenter, now<br />

co-hosting Sunrise.<br />

Natalie has featured in a new integrated<br />

campaign for dermaviduals as part of her<br />

role of brand ambassador.<br />

“Relatable, open, honest, and funny,<br />

Natalie shares the same values we<br />

live by here at dermaviduals. We are<br />

honoured to have Natalie working<br />

with us as she has been a long-time<br />

supporter and advocate of the brand,<br />

having used it for several years,” says<br />

derma aesthetics co-founder Reika<br />

Roberts.<br />

“dermaviduals understands everyone’s<br />

skin is unique, hence their individual<br />

approach to bespoke skincare. The brand<br />

wants everyone to feel good in their<br />

skin and believes Natalie is the perfect<br />

ambassador whom many will relate to,<br />

as she openly shares her skin journey<br />

from the sensitivity, to the flareups, the<br />

simplicity and most importantly the<br />

results.<br />

Tanné Snowden<br />

An indulgent, vitamin-rich lightweight<br />

body oil for all-over nourishment and<br />

glow, Tronque’s Fully Ripe combines<br />

three skin-perfecting heavyweight<br />

ingredients with luscious, highly<br />

efficacious plant oils to help slow ageing<br />

and protect the skin's natural moisture<br />

barrier against irritation and dehydration<br />

– all while delivering a radiant silk finish.<br />

Vitamin C THD is the jewel of Fully Ripe’s<br />

all-natural ingredient list – penetrating<br />

the epidermis to the dermis to restore<br />

radiance, prevent fine lines, tackle<br />

pigmentation, and slow skin ageing.<br />

Advanced patented ceramides deliver<br />

lasting epidermal moisture and skin<br />

plumping, for smooth, healthy, even<br />

texture; and with daily use, pores and<br />

sun damage appear reduced. And a<br />

revolutionary lipid complex helps boost<br />

skin elasticity, firmness, and hydration.<br />

It further enhances skin barrier recovery<br />

while banishing dryness and dullness,<br />

leaving skin soft and supple.<br />

Complemented by plant oils including<br />

apricot, avocado, and kiwifruit oils, along<br />

with nutrients like essential fatty acids,<br />

Omegas 3 and 6, squalane, Vitamins<br />

A and B, and magnesium, this dry oil<br />

absorbs beautifully while it nourishes,<br />

without leaving skin greasy or tacky.<br />

A clean, 100% certified natural citrusy<br />

fresh scent of bergamot, sweet orange,<br />

grapefruit, lemon Italy, spearmint and<br />

rock fennel is a sensory finale.<br />

“Fully Ripe has been carefully formulated<br />

to deliver precious all over body<br />

nourishment,“ says Tronque founder,<br />

Tanné Snowden.<br />

“Nourishing your body with this liquid<br />

gold-like formula will leave your skin<br />

thanking you for a beautiful silk finish,<br />

moisture, and a glow that takes you from<br />

sunrise to long beyond sundown.”<br />

Fully Ripe Vitamin C Body Oil joins<br />

Tronque’s Rich as Croesus Firming Body<br />

Industry<br />

Tronque<br />

launches Fully<br />

NEWS<br />

Ripe Vitamin C<br />

Body Oil<br />

New Zealand clean beauty brand Tronque has introduced its new and luxurious<br />

Fully Ripe Vitamin C Body Oil to its line-up of skincare for the body.<br />

Butter, Soft Focus Scar Concentrate, and<br />

Everyday Revelation Exoliating Refining<br />

Serum, which have been embraced by<br />

beauty lovers since Tronque launched in<br />

November 2021.<br />

Tanné founded Tronque after recovering<br />

from her second endometriosis surgery,<br />

and discovering that her daily skincare<br />

products contained toxic ingredients<br />

proven to disrupt hormones and the<br />

human endocrine system.<br />

The revelation saw her set out to create<br />

her very own product range guided<br />

by a philosophy of total transparency<br />

and sustainability; resulting in a range<br />

of Delivering Bio-Cleanical® bodycare<br />

made from non-toxic, minimally<br />

processed, plant-based, organic<br />

ingredients.<br />

“My vision was to create a range<br />

that allows you to treat your body as<br />

beautifully as your face, with clean, highperformance<br />

formulations free from<br />

harmful ingredients,” says Tanné.<br />

“The skin of the body is 85% of your<br />

largest organ, and every body deserves<br />

to be looked after with ingredients that<br />

nourish and protect.”.<br />

26 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

JUARA launches in New Zealand<br />

Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

Techology<br />

Profile:<br />

Elysion-Pro<br />

Elysion-Pro is a cutting-edge diode<br />

laser based on the latest advances in<br />

the aesthetic field.<br />

This versatile portable platform laser<br />

delivers the ability to offer an array<br />

of treatments all year round – across<br />

permanent hair reduction, pigmented<br />

lesions, acne and skin rejuvenation.<br />

Delivering maximum efficacy and<br />

safety in every shot, the 2000W high<br />

power delivers outstanding results with<br />

all spot sizes; ensuring effectiveness,<br />

profitability and impressive platform<br />

performance.<br />

Offering four wavelengths to treat<br />

all phototypes and hair types, even<br />

residual hair and darker skin types<br />

during summer.<br />

European Medical Certificate and<br />

FDA tested and proved, Elysion-Pro<br />

enables an increase in ROI due to its<br />

effectiveness of treating all types of<br />

patients. The versatile laser platform<br />

treats each patient as uniquely with each<br />

treatment.<br />

Alongside offering different applicators,<br />

the Elysion-Pro is the only dynamic<br />

platform on the market with ultra short<br />

pulses (3ms) to help minimise pain and<br />

provide maximum effectiveness, even<br />

on thin hair from the first session. The ST<br />

mode allows fast treatments by applying<br />

large amounts of energy per shot even<br />

with short pulses. This offers maximum<br />

effectiveness and maximum speed.<br />

Elysion-Pro is a unique system offering<br />

multiple treatments for:<br />

REJUVENATION: Blend exclusive<br />

wavelengths technology causes a<br />

homogenous warming of the epidermis<br />

and the dermis, due to the fact that it<br />

heats the melanin first and water and<br />

blood in the second.<br />

PIGMENTED LESIONS: The short<br />

wavelength (755nm or 810nm) is<br />

easily absorbed by the lentigos’<br />

melanin, while the ultra short pulse<br />

(USP technology) guarantees that it<br />

is quickly heated without affecting<br />

the surrounding skin tissue. Thus, sun<br />

spots can be easily removed in fewer<br />

sessions.<br />


Thanks to USP Technology (Ultra<br />

Short Pulse) and the versatility of its<br />

wavelengths (755nm, 810nm, 940nm<br />

and 1060nm), Elysion-Pro is able to<br />

eliminate any kind of hair and in any<br />

skin type, including residual hair.<br />

ACNE: 755nm, 810nm and Blend Laser<br />

technology is an excellent method<br />

for treating active acne due to its<br />

bactericidal effect, and also because<br />

it is a non-invasive, non-ablative,<br />

effective and reliable technique.<br />

Elysion-Pro is available in New Zealand<br />

through Advanced Cosmeceuticals.<br />

Award-winning premium skincare brand<br />

JUARA has launched in New Zealand, with the<br />

standout collection based on eastern botanical<br />

remedies and western science.<br />

The range revolves around soul nourishing<br />

ancient beauty rituals and has risen to<br />

popularity around the globe - becoming a<br />

favourite of actress Drew Barrymore as well<br />

as featuring in Intercontinental and Langham<br />

hotel spas in Indonesia.<br />

Inspired by Jamu, Indonesia's age old tradition<br />

involving beauty rituals combined with<br />

formulas made from natural ingredients such<br />

as herbs, flora and fauna native to Indonesia,<br />

the birthplace of spa tradition.<br />

All products are packed with nutrients and rich<br />

ingredients, such as turmeric, known for its anti<br />

inflammatory properties, and candlenut oil,<br />

rich in Omega 3 and 6 and known for easy skin<br />

absorption and moisturisation.<br />

Also featured are ingredients like ginger, rice<br />

bran oil and other highly active botanicals. The<br />

range includes natural moisturisers, body oils,<br />

toners, serums, eye creams, enzyme scrubs<br />

and masks.<br />

The JUARA skincare line is not only about<br />

maintaining health through tradition but<br />

also about the importance of infusing a<br />

beauty ritual as an act of self-care and<br />

healing.<br />

JUARA was founded in New York in<br />

2006 by Metta Murdaya, Jill Sung and<br />

Yoshiko Roth-Hidalgo; three creative,<br />

culturally diverse women who had a<br />

vision to build a life full of health and<br />

joy through global traditions.<br />

“We wanted to make something<br />

that would feel good, work well,<br />

and remind us that our own<br />

wellness deserves daily time<br />

and attention. We sought<br />

out to brew natural and<br />

nourishing ingredient based<br />

products that would chip<br />

away at the signs of aging and<br />

our everyday stress,” says Metta.<br />

All JUARA products are 100% vegetarian,<br />

free of parabens, mineral oil, phthalates and<br />

artificial colourants. The range is PETA certified<br />

as cruelty free.<br />

juaraskincare.co.nz<br />

Longevity and awards<br />

for Environ<br />


[ with the Face Fitness Rollers ]<br />

Lifting and Firming . Fill-in Wrinkles . Refreshed Complexion<br />

Environ’s award-winning streak for<br />

its popular Body EssentiA range has<br />

quadrupled in 2022, cementing the<br />

brand's role as a trailblazer in the<br />

professional skincare industry.<br />

highly regarded – as 28 years later,<br />

Environ’s Body EssentiA Body Oil has<br />

been voted ‘Best Repairing Body Oil’<br />

in the 2022 Best in <strong>Beauty</strong> Awards by<br />

Australia’s Prevention <strong>Magazine</strong>.<br />

In an industry which sees an<br />

unprecedented number of new<br />

launches every year, it’s not often that a<br />

long-established formulation with more<br />

than a two-decade track record still<br />

earns current industry recognition as<br />

best-in-class.<br />

Environ’s Body Oil was first launched<br />

to the world in 1994 and updated in<br />

2003 to expand its armory of potent<br />

antioxidants.<br />

Impressively it is still relevant and still<br />

This alongside the triple award-winning<br />

revolutionary innovation, Body EssentiA<br />

Contouring Cream, quadruples the<br />

awards for the range in 2022.<br />

These important awards recognise that<br />

Environ’s scientific skincare philosophy<br />

remains as effective today as ever.<br />

The annual competition is judged<br />

by an esteemed panel of experts,<br />

including aesthetic doctors, skincare<br />

professionals, makeup artists and<br />

Prevention <strong>Magazine</strong>’s own <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Editor, drawing on their industry<br />

knowledge and expertise to test and<br />

distinguish excellence across many<br />

beauty categories.<br />

Environ is a globally recognised and<br />

respected professional skincare brand<br />

that is built on science, beauty and<br />

care.<br />

Vegan Formulas . Jars with Eco-Refills<br />

Professional Facial . Home Care Range<br />

Inspired by Face Fitness to help lift and firm the<br />

skin, fill-in wrinkles and refresh the complexion.<br />

Become a Thalgo Partner,<br />

a brand committed to safe beauty<br />

and a more beautiful sea.<br />

Exclusive Distributor for Thalgo in New Zealand<br />

09 362 0882 | info@infinisea.co.nz | www.infinisea.nz | www.thalgo.co.nz<br />

28 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

Sisterhood <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

and Victoria Curtis<br />


Leanne Radka, Victoria Curtis and Haley Asbridge,<br />

owner of Salon of the Year winner, Mooi Skin<br />

HOUSE OF<br />


welcomes<br />

CANGro<br />

to its range<br />

Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

The much anticipated Sisterhood<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> and Victoria Curtis Collection<br />

Celebratory Conference delivered all<br />

that it promised - and more. Held at the<br />

QT Hotel in Queenstown, the event was<br />

hosted by Sisterhood <strong>Beauty</strong> founder<br />

Leanne Radka and Victoria Curtis<br />

Collection founder Victoria Curtis.<br />

Stockists from throughout New<br />

Zealand, from Auckland to Invercargill,<br />

attended and enjoyed the opportunity<br />

to spend time with other inspiring<br />

women, be brought up to date on the<br />

newest products, innovations and<br />

techniques and spend time with Victoria<br />

and Leanne.<br />

The event was previously held annually<br />

(pre-Covid).<br />

“It’s a great opportunity to get together<br />

and all the stockists adore Victoria -<br />

she is infectious with her passion and<br />

generous with her knowledge,” says<br />

Leanne.<br />

“Everyone was so happy to finally be<br />

able to get together and celebrate 10<br />

years of the Victoria Curtis Collection. It<br />

was incredibly upbeat; the enthusiasm<br />

flowed freely and I have since received<br />

so many lovely emails from stockists<br />

thanking us for a wonderfully fun and<br />

educational day.”<br />

Undoubtedly a highlight of the event<br />

was the awards ceremony, celebrating<br />

stockists and their achievements:<br />

Victoria Curtis Cosmetics Salon of the<br />

Year 2022: Mooi Skin, Auckland.<br />

Victoria Curtis Cosmetics Runner up<br />

Salon of the Year 2022: The <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Depot, Gisborne.<br />

Victoria Curtis Cosmetics Exceptional<br />

Growth for 2022: Spoilt <strong>Beauty</strong>,<br />

Palmerston North.<br />

Victoria Curtis Cosmetics Rising Star<br />

2022: Skin and Beauté, Dunedin.<br />

As this was a special celebration of<br />

10 years of Victoria Curtis Cosmetics,<br />

awards were made to the top three<br />

salons who have been with the brand<br />

since the beginning.<br />

Victoria Curtis Cosmetics, 1st place<br />

Loyalty & Longevity: D’or Hair,<br />

Arrowtown.<br />

Victoria Curtis Cosmetics, 2nd place<br />

Loyalty & Longevity: Bella Salu,<br />

Geraldine.<br />

Victoria Curtis Cosmetics, 3rd place<br />

Loyalty & Longevity: Nude Skin and<br />

Body, Dunedin.<br />

Leanne Radka, Victoria Curtis and Juana Vincent,<br />

owner of Runner Up Salon of the Year, The<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> Depot<br />

Victoria Curtis and D'Or Salon owner<br />

Rosemary Chalmers<br />

The newest addition to<br />

House of Camille’s impressive<br />

beauty range is CanGro, is<br />

an Australian owned (and<br />

made) company created by<br />

Felecia Tappenden and Belinda<br />

Robinson, two friends with<br />

(formerly) lousy lashes.<br />

After endless hours and money spent on lash extensions and<br />

various lash enhancement products that made their eyes<br />

sensitive, red and had very little effect, they enlisted the help of<br />

a cosmetic chemist to develop their own eyelash enhancer to<br />

nourish, nurture and help grow their lashes.<br />

After research and testing, the team developed an Australian<br />

Made eyelash enhancer, named Long Lashes, designed to repair<br />

and strengthen lashes, leaving lashes looking longer and fuller in<br />

8-12 weeks.<br />

Following their success with Long Lashes, Felecia and Belinda<br />

launched other new products including Bold Brows eyebrow<br />

enhancer and Hero Hair growth serum - both Australian Made,<br />

vegan and nasty free.<br />

House of Camille’s summer must-haves from CANGro:<br />

• Long Lashes Eyelash Enhancer: This eyelash serum contains<br />

vitamins, peptides and antioxidants designed to help<br />

stimulate, strengthen and condition eyelashes.<br />

• Long Lashes Tubular Mascara: With polymers that wrap<br />

around each strand, this mascara creates individual tubes<br />

around each lash. The water-resistant mascara is a long-lasting<br />

clump-free formula.<br />

• Bold Brows Eyebrow Gel: Designed to tame unruly eyebrows<br />

and set them in place with a fluffy, full, laminated look (without<br />

chemicals). This extreme hold formula is easy to apply and<br />

gives an instant, long-lasting full brow effect without any<br />

stiffness or flaking.<br />

• Hero Hair Growth Booster: This clinically proven leave-in<br />

formula helps to reduce hair loss and grow new hair, as well as<br />

improve scalp circulation and hair thickness.<br />

• Nourished Nails Cuticle Pen: Formulated to restore and<br />

strengthen nails while keeping cuticles moisturised. The vegan<br />

blend of nano-encapsulated essential oils promotes elasticity<br />

to the nail plate and helps eliminate leukonychia (white spots),<br />

whilst hardening nails by repairing, nourishing and hydrating.<br />

www.houseofcamille.co.nz<br />

0800 406 416<br />

The D'Or Salon (Arrowtown) team, winners of the Longevity & Loyalty Award: Maryke Van Schalkwyk,<br />

Leanne Radka, Rosemary Chalmers, Victoria Curtis, Lucy Tall, Debbie McGregor and Lisa Sharpe<br />

Leanne Radka, Victoria Curtis, Melanie Te Puni,<br />

Charlotte Taylor<br />

Houseofcamille.co.nz<br />

30 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

Africa<br />

Nimue conference to<br />

This year Nimue International, in conjunction with its distributors,<br />

ran a competition amongst all Nimue therapists, with the<br />

opportunity to win an all expenses paid trip to South Africa.<br />

Entitled Where the Stars Align, this was part of the Nimue<br />

International Conference 2022, offering the once in a lifetime<br />

opportunity to experience South Africa, the home of Nimue Skin<br />

Technology as part of the inspiring Nimue International team.<br />

To enter each therapist had to complete three tasks:<br />

• Sell a certain amount of Nimue product within an allocated<br />

time frame<br />

• Show how they live the Nimue brand each day in clinic<br />

• Complete a detailed case study using Nimue retail and<br />

professional products only<br />

In the end New Zealand submitted the top 14 entries which were<br />

judged by the Nimue International Education team.<br />

Two candidates were chosen from New Zealand: Keicha Daniels<br />

from Keicha Daniels <strong>Beauty</strong> in Wellington and Nicola Austin from<br />

Merivale Health and <strong>Beauty</strong> in Christchurch (both members of<br />

the <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP).<br />

The two winners flew to South Africa with Grace <strong>Beauty</strong> founder<br />

Terri Grace, where they were joined by 70 other therapists from<br />

all parts of the world.<br />

The trio were treated to a unique African experience glamping in<br />

the bush at Monate Game Lodge in the Limpopo region of South<br />

Africa.<br />

“From early morning game drives to find the big five, to wine<br />

making classes, dinners in caves, lounging around the pool and<br />

inspirational meetings, we all had an amazing time,” says Terri.<br />


scenes<br />

“The big finale involved the winners on the last evening, where<br />

we were all spoiled with dinner under the stars out in the bush.<br />

There were winners for each section. I am proud to say that<br />

Keicha Daniels won Best Case Study.<br />

“For me as the Nimue distributor, the best part was the<br />

camaraderie and connections the therapists made with each<br />

other. We all arrived as strangers, but left as best of friends;<br />

motivated and with our cups full. It was wonderful to spend time<br />

with like minded people.”<br />

Become a HITO<br />

Industry Assessor<br />

Support future beauty<br />

professionals<br />

If you hold a recognised<br />

qualification, are working<br />

in industry, and have a<br />

wealth of experience,<br />

contact us today to find<br />

out more.<br />

info@hito.org.nz<br />

(04) 499 1180<br />

www.hito.org.nz<br />



Nimue general manager Leanne Herbst, Best Case Study winner<br />

Keicha Daniels, Nimue International Sales Manager Shane Franck<br />

32 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

PSB announces<br />

stockist partner<br />

Winners<br />

Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

New award for Osmosis<br />

Osmosis <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

PSB has announced the stockist partner winners of its hotly contested Environ 12 Week<br />

Skin Challenge and jane iredale Clean <strong>Beauty</strong> Transitional Makeup Challenge.<br />

Winner Environ 12 Week Skin Challenge:<br />

Ellie Yousefi<br />

Acacia Skin Health & <strong>Beauty</strong>, Christchurch<br />

Client: Philippa<br />

Dr Des Fernandes, Environ Founder and Scientific<br />

Director, and Solé Joubert, Environ Brand<br />

Education Manager, were highly impressed with<br />

the entries. After much debating, Ellie Yuselfi<br />

from Acacia <strong>Beauty</strong> in Christchurch with her client<br />

Philippa was selected as the client showing the<br />

most improvement in areas highlighted as the<br />

key concerns.<br />

“The improvement in the eye and lip area are<br />

clearly visible. These areas are not easy to<br />

improve, and this shows how powerful the DF<br />

Machine professional treatments are when<br />

combined with the correct home care routine,”<br />

says (name and title please).<br />

“In general, the quality and health of the skin<br />

and the visible sun damage shows great<br />

improvement, and we believe it will continue to<br />

improve along Philippa’s Environ journey – we are<br />

excited to congratulate Ellie and Philippa with this<br />

A-mazing entry.”<br />

Therapist Ellie Yousefi completed 5 x Focus-On<br />

Filler salon treatments and used a home care<br />

regime of Youth EssentiA Cleansing Lotion, Youth<br />

EssentiA Toner, Focus Care C-Boost, Serience<br />

Night Serum, Youth EssentiA Eye Gel, AVST 1,<br />

Avance Moisturiser and Revival Masque.<br />

Winner jane<br />

iredale Clean<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> Transitional<br />

Makeup Challenge:<br />

Christine Parkinson<br />

Blush <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Lounge, Matakana<br />

Client: Nina<br />

Theresa Robison,<br />

Senior Vice<br />

President & General<br />

Manager, jane<br />

iredale International<br />

says:<br />

‘I just couldn’t<br />

get over the<br />

transformation of<br />

this model! The day<br />

look was perfect;<br />

subtle and youthful,<br />

yet the makeup<br />

artist concealed<br />

her blemishes and<br />

redness without<br />

the makeup<br />

looking heavy.<br />

And the evening<br />

look was stunning.<br />

The choice of eye<br />

shadow colours really enhanced her eyes.<br />

And her foundation looked like it was<br />

airbrushed; just flawless. Extra points for<br />

showcasing two different foundations.<br />

Dr Ben Johnson<br />

International recognition continues<br />

for beauty brand Osmosis. The results<br />

have been announced for the 2022<br />

American Spa Professional's Choice<br />

Awards and Osmosis was all over the<br />

list; taking top honours ahead of top<br />

medical skincare brands and voted<br />

Favourite Medical Spa Line by the<br />

professionals!<br />

“This is an amazing achievement for<br />

the brand and for Dr Ben Johnson’s<br />

commitment to aestheticians<br />

worldwide,” says New Zealand Osmosis<br />

distributor Kay Roby.<br />

Osmosis won two categories outright<br />

at the 2022 Professional Choice<br />

Awards, winning both Favorite Vitamin/<br />

Supplement Line and Favorite Medical<br />

Spa Line.<br />

Osmosis was also a finalist in: Favorite<br />

Skincare Line, Favorite Natural Line,<br />

Favorite Cosmetics Line, Favorite<br />

Company for Product Education,<br />

Favorite Anti-Aging Line and Favorite<br />

Sensitive Skin Line.<br />

Osmosis <strong>Beauty</strong> has created patented,<br />

exclusive skincare and wellness<br />

technology that holistically restores<br />

the skin to a youthful and toxinfree<br />

environment. Osmosis offers<br />

impressive results across skin issues<br />

from aging and rosacea to blemishprone<br />

skin.<br />

The unique Osmosis philosophy is<br />

based on analysing the skin and body as<br />

a whole, treating skin conditions at the<br />

source to restore beauty and wellness.<br />

Osmosis provides the tools needed<br />

to create the ideal environment to<br />

encourage real results, while teaching<br />

the most important causes of skin<br />

decline to help guide prevention for the<br />

future.<br />

More than 15 years ago, Osmosis<br />

founder, Ben Johnson, MD, created nontoxic<br />

skincare products and treatments<br />

that combine the purity of naturally<br />

sourced ingredients with revolutionary,<br />

doctor-developed, and scientifically<br />

validated formulas that deliver on his<br />

promise of permanent change.<br />

“For too long the quest for youthful skin<br />

has usually meant using harsh, harmful<br />

ingredients that result in temporary<br />

benefits and often age the skin faster. I<br />

created Osmosis to help people move<br />

away from the old idea of wounding the<br />

skin and instead embrace the science-<br />


2022 Professional’s Choice Award<br />

Favorite Medical Spa Line<br />

based reality that even better results<br />

can be had by empowering the skin’s<br />

innate ability to heal itself,” says Dr Ben<br />

Johnson.<br />

“Equally as exciting is our discovery that<br />

most skin and health issues come from<br />

internal imbalances related to toxins,<br />

pathogens and/or emotions. Our<br />

targeted wellness strategies provide<br />

the solutions for many of the skin and<br />

health problems we face. In reality,<br />

most ‘anti-aging’ ingredients like AHA’s<br />

and retinols and most ‘rejuvenating’<br />

procedures that involve trauma to the<br />

skin actually age the skin faster. Holistic<br />

medical approaches, methods used<br />

exclusively by Osmosis, are creating<br />

much better results with less irritation<br />

and down-time.”.<br />

Osmosis is distributed in New Zealand<br />

by Holistic Aesthetics.<br />


2022 Professional’s Choice Award<br />

Favorite Supplement Line<br />

Skin Candy <strong>NZ</strong><br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> Supplier • Sugaring Training<br />

The Candy Girls welcome you to the <strong>NZ</strong> Hair and<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> Expo. Visit us at Stand 65 for your free 'Lolly' Bag.<br />

Distributed by LuciLou 0274867065<br />

@skincandyfamilynz | leisa@lucilounz.com<br />

Wellspa 360 Awards<br />

Wellspa 360 Readers Choice Awards<br />

2022 also shone the spotlight on<br />

Osmosis, with Osmosis Regenerate a<br />

winner in the Best Ingestibles category;<br />

Osmosis Rescue a finalist in the Best<br />

Sensitive Skin Product category, and<br />

Osmosis Epic Skin Tool a finalist in the<br />

“Best Facial Tool” category as well.<br />

34 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Industry<br />

NEWS<br />

Industry®<br />

NEWS<br />

Clarity<br />

without<br />

compromise<br />

For Skin, For Hair<br />

For In-Between<br />

Appointments<br />




SISTERHOODBEAUTY.CO.<strong>NZ</strong><br />

@SISTERHOODBEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong><br />

From the innovators in retinal comes<br />

another breakthrough formula that<br />

promises to revolutionise the BHA<br />

skincare game. Medik8 Press & Clear is<br />

a 2% salicylic acid tonic which features<br />

unique, slow-release encapsulation<br />

technology and a barrier-friendly pH<br />

~5.5, to ensure the formula is as gentle<br />

on the skin as it is effective in providing<br />

proven, triple-action blemish care:<br />

before, during and after breakouts occur.<br />

While high-strength treatments and<br />

the promise of fast-acting results can<br />

be alluring to those battling blemishes,<br />

combinations of such high % actives can<br />

easily overload the complexion. This can<br />

cause the natural barrier to dismantle,<br />

leaving the skin more susceptible to<br />

damage, inflammation and further<br />

breakouts while worsening the look and<br />

feel of existing blemishes<br />

The team at Medik8 like to break down<br />

barriers - but not when it comes to skin.<br />

A cutting-edge approach has been taken<br />

to formulating Press & Clear, recognising<br />

that blemish-prone skin is sensitive skin -<br />

and should therefore be treated as such.<br />

“In fact, every aspect of Press & Clear is<br />

designed to avoid these downsides; from<br />

the pH itself and delivery technology, to<br />

the experience-enhancing texture and<br />

expertly-combined ingredients. This is a<br />

BHA, but better.”<br />

‘’A true innovation within the BHA<br />

skincare space, Press & Clear recognises<br />

that blemish-prone skin is sensitive skin,<br />

and that it needs to be treated kindly<br />

to achieve the best, long-term results,’’<br />

says Daniel.<br />

Maximum strength (2%) salicylic acid is<br />

oil soluble and able to penetrate deep<br />

into the pores to break down blockages<br />

which can lead to blemishes and<br />

congestion. The system slowly releases<br />

the salicylic acid to avoid causing any<br />

discomfort to sensitive, vulnerable skins<br />

while maintaining ongoing effectiveness.<br />

This combined with the pH of ~5.5<br />

means Press & Clear ensures a skin<br />

barrier-friendly experience which can be<br />

enjoyed up to twice per day.<br />

With sustainability as a key priority within<br />

Medik8’s ongoing company mission,<br />

Press & Clear’s packaging is designed<br />

to help reduce plastic waste with a<br />

recyclable bottle and refillable option to<br />

accompany the reusable pump.<br />

As with all Medik8 formulas, Press &<br />

Clear is also 100% cruelty-free and<br />

vegan.<br />

“While there’s a common misconception<br />

that salicylic acid needs to be at a low pH<br />

to be effective on the skin, our research<br />

shows it is just as efficient at a more<br />

neutral pH of ~5.5 - and this alleviates<br />

the common pain points of BHAs such<br />

as dryness, general irritation and greasy<br />

textures,” says Medik8 Director of<br />

Research Daniel Isaacs.<br />

For a Free Sample<br />

and Information<br />

Email<br />

info@sisterhood<br />

beauty.co.nz<br />

36 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


BE<br />

inspired<br />


focus<br />

Enbio steriliser offers a<br />

clean solution<br />

The ICONA team is passionate about bringing the latest in technology<br />

solutions to New Zealand and having a dedicated staff to keep that<br />

technology working for its clients.<br />

In times<br />

where hygiene<br />

is high priority, ICONA is confident<br />

that the Enbio steriliser will be a point<br />

of difference in salons around New<br />

Zealand, as it has shown to be in Europe<br />

and North America.<br />

Being able to quietly sterilise equipment<br />

in front of clients also helps reassure<br />

them that their health and wellbeing is<br />

protected.<br />

Designed in Switzerland, the sleek<br />

and stylish design of the Enbio will<br />

compliment any beauty therapy centre.<br />

The LED side lights are customisable<br />

and the unit has a small footprint in<br />

valuable workspace.<br />

Faster sterilisation times also means the<br />

need for less tools, and less wear and<br />

tear on tools as they are not exposed<br />

to high temperatures for as<br />

long as the typical autoclave<br />

steriliser.<br />

The Enbio steriliser is<br />

a complex and highperformance<br />

machine, but<br />

simple to install and operate.<br />

From installation to maintenance,<br />

ICONA stands by the Enbio and offers<br />

its extensive technical experience<br />

to help your business become more<br />

efficient and productive.<br />

Smart thinking and finding custom<br />

solutions for salons and other<br />

businesses by producing creative,<br />

resourceful ways of using technology<br />

has helped see ICONA grow from a<br />

small operation in a backyard shed to a<br />

thriving business across Australasia.<br />

During its impressive 20-year history,<br />

the scope of ICONA has grown<br />

significantly and the dedicated team<br />

now serve clients throughout New<br />

Zealand, across a variety of sectors<br />

from medical (including salons and<br />

beauty businesses), dental and<br />

veterinary.<br />

While ICONA has a long history with<br />

sterilisers in medical and dental fields,<br />

the introduction of the Enbio Autoclave<br />

Steriliser is an exciting step into the<br />

beauty industry.<br />

No matter which field, founder Richard<br />

Tankersley’s focus remains the same:<br />

‘ensuring that ICONA delivers not only<br />

on our client’s immediate needs, but<br />

that we develop solutions that continue<br />

to serve our clients in the long term’.<br />

“<br />

We combine in-depth,<br />

extensive technical<br />

expertise with a<br />

passion for building<br />

relationships with<br />

our clients – they’re<br />

the two strands to our<br />

solutions focus.<br />

Women EmpowHERing women<br />

The shared business philosophy of<br />

empowering and celebrating women in<br />

business has brought two iconic brands<br />

together - Dermalogica and Saben - in<br />

partnership to help emerging femalefounded<br />

Kiwi businesses.<br />

Powered by The Icehouse, the<br />

Dermalogica and Saben’s EmpowHER<br />

scholarship for business acceleration is<br />

set to launch on International Women’s<br />

Day, 8 March <strong>2023</strong>, when submissions<br />

will open for emerging female-founded<br />

businesses to apply via https://fq.co.<br />

nz for three grants collectively valued<br />

at $15,000, plus money-can’t-buy<br />

mentoring within the Dermalogica <strong>NZ</strong><br />

and Saben head offices.<br />

“We are delighted to partner with our<br />

friends at Saben, with the support of The<br />

Icehouse to help three up-and-coming<br />

New Zealand women in business scale<br />

their businesses further,” says Natasha<br />

Bourke, Founder of Skintopia and<br />

the CEO for Two Hundred Doors (<strong>NZ</strong><br />

distributors of Dermalogica).<br />

“With our companies purposes so<br />

closely aligned, Saben (and The<br />

Icehouse) felt like the perfect partners<br />

to take this idea and turn it into reality –<br />

something we’ve been working together<br />

on over the last year.”<br />

The recipient of the EmpowHER<br />

$10,000+ scholarship will be announced<br />

on April 24 <strong>2023</strong>; and will receive a<br />

$5000 financial cash boost; a tailored<br />

mentoring course at Saben and<br />

Dermalogica’s head office; a The<br />

Icehouse ‘Taking Your Business Forward’<br />

3-month course plus Dermalogica skin<br />

care and a Saben hand bag.<br />

Two runners up will receive a $2500<br />

valued grant each, and either The<br />

Icehouses’ Knowing Your Numbers or<br />

Building Sales Skills workshop (valued<br />

at $2007 each) plus Dermalogica and<br />

Saben products.<br />

Roanne Jacobson, Founder of Saben<br />

comments, “I’m incredibly excited to<br />

work alongside Natasha and Liz, sharing<br />

our combined knowledge throughout<br />

this tailored mentoring programme as<br />

we support a female founder at the start<br />

of her business journey. Celebrating and<br />

supporting women in business as we<br />

‘leave the ladder down’ is not only at the<br />

core of the Saben brand but immensely<br />

important to me personally.”<br />

The overall grant winner will receive 12<br />

one-hour monthly mentoring sessions<br />

with both Dermalogica and Saben CEOs,<br />

Natasha Bourke and Roanne Jacobson,<br />

as well as their team of experts via<br />

a tailored mentoring course. This<br />

money can’t buy opportunity allows<br />

the entrepreneur to tap into different<br />

aspects of each business’s expertise<br />

specific to their business needs.<br />

Roanne adds, “Not everyone is given the<br />

same opportunities in life, and this grant<br />

might be a game-changer for someone<br />

with the drive and passion to succeed,<br />

giving them the right tools and financial<br />

boost to take their business to the next<br />

level.”<br />

38 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />



Spotlight<br />

WiQo One<br />

Lifting and Brightening<br />

Programme<br />

The global WiQo brand is developed<br />

and produced in Italy, and distributed<br />

to 40 countries around the world,<br />

including New Zealand.<br />

Boasting an impressive history of<br />

innovation, products from the WiQo line<br />

are created based on the knowledge and<br />

experience of a dermatologist, with skin<br />

health and wellbeing (particularly around<br />

protection, prevention, nourishment and<br />

stimulation) the primary objective.<br />

Recently arrived in New Zealand, the<br />

WiQo ONE Lifting and Brightening<br />

Programme offers immediate visible<br />

improvement in the appearance of<br />

photodamaged, aged skin on the face<br />

and body – without invasive needles and<br />

with little to no downtime.<br />

The unique formula helps stimulate the<br />

skin’s natural revitalisation processes<br />

with a proprietary interaction between<br />

homocysteic acid and ammonium<br />

trichloroacetate in the presence of low<br />

concentration hydrogen peroxide.<br />

The percutaneous absorption technique<br />

used to apply WiQo ONE promotes<br />

Dr Zunaid Alli<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong> chats with Dr Zunaid<br />

Alli International Key Opinion<br />

Leader and trainer for WiQo, about<br />

this breakthrough in needle-free<br />

biorevitalisation:<br />

Q. What were the key factors that<br />

inspired you to become a WiQo KOL<br />

and trainer?<br />

A. I was invited to a presentation<br />

of WiQo in the UK in early 2015,<br />

where the portfolio of products was<br />

presented. I am a firm believer in the<br />

50% rule in medical aesthetics – that<br />

is, 50% of good skin condition and<br />

anti-ageing comes from medical<br />

grade skincare. The other 50% is<br />

accomplished by injectables, laser<br />

and devices. I was really interested<br />

in their ethos and the clever way<br />

that their products are designed<br />

and manufactured. The founder<br />

of the company is a consultant<br />

dermatologist, Dr Rosanna<br />

Castellana, who knows skin acids<br />

better than anyone. Following this, I<br />

incorporated their entire portfolio of<br />

products and aftercare into my clinic<br />

and my patients loved it. I haven’t<br />

looked back since. In 2017 I was<br />

asked to take over training for the UK<br />

and Ireland for the brand and have<br />

taught over 200 practitioners in WiQo<br />

treatments and products.<br />

Q. What makes the WiQo ONE Lifting &<br />

Brightening Programme so unique?<br />

A. Clinical efficacy = clinical effectiveness<br />

is my first answer! There are many<br />

brands that overpromise and<br />

underdeliver. I am extremely cautious<br />

about introducing skincare into my<br />

clinic. I choose brands based on<br />

their clinical research, complication<br />

rates and most importantly value for<br />

the patients. I set the bar very high,<br />

and this immediately removes any<br />

skincare ranges that don’t produce<br />

results. Simply, if it is not good<br />

enough to go onto my face it will<br />

most certainly never be used on my<br />

patients.<br />

Also WiQo ONE allows me to treat<br />

multiple indications and skin concerns<br />

using one targeted treatment. My<br />

patients are busy people and want<br />

the best and most effective treatment<br />

with minimal downtime. WiQo One<br />

also allows me to use it as a primer<br />

before other treatments so that I can<br />

tailor-make treatments plans for each<br />

individual patient.<br />

Q. What sort of results have you seen?<br />

A. My patients love the results that they<br />

obtain from WiQo treatments. Their<br />

skins have become tighter, brighter,<br />

with less textural imperfections and<br />

a reduction in the appearance of fine<br />

lines and wrinkles. The treatments<br />

are quick to perform, and patients<br />

frequently mention how they<br />

enjoy the ‘massage’ aspect of the<br />

application.<br />


Spotlight<br />

Q. Key reasons you would recommend<br />

clinics to be WiQo stockists?<br />

A. The product is reliable, the treatment<br />

is straight forward to perform and<br />

the results are visible fairly quickly,<br />

even after the first treatment. WiQo<br />

One is very versatile and can fit into<br />

many treatment combinations as<br />

a primer, which helps aesthetics<br />

practitioners to add significant and<br />

clinically effective treatments to<br />

their treatment offering with a single<br />

product.<br />

Q. What impresses you most about<br />

WiQo ONE?<br />

A. By far it is the minimal downtime.<br />

Most patients have busy lives, and<br />

they don’t really want to have skin<br />

fluffing and peeling. With WiQo<br />

ONE, you are capable of an effective<br />

treatment with minimal downtime.<br />

There is a little flaking, but it is easily<br />

covered up and only lasts about 48-72<br />

hours. Most importantly, my patients<br />

are happy with the results.<br />

advancedcosmeceuticals.co.nz<br />

firmer, brighter and smoother skin while<br />

ensuring no damage to the epidermal<br />

layers. It provides an immediate lifting<br />

effect which persists after five sessions.<br />

The WiQo ONE Lifting & Brightening<br />

Programme combines its exclusive<br />

formulation that is applied in-clinic with<br />

a complementary home care protocol<br />

of WiQo Cosmeceuticals to help deliver<br />

instant and progressive results with<br />

minimal downtime.<br />

40 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Event REPORT<br />

Eat, Drink,<br />

Pink<br />

RevitaLash® Cosmetics New Zealand held its annual ‘Eat<br />

Drink Pink’ Fundraising Event on October 30 at Aucklands<br />

Harbourside Ocean Bar Grill to fundraise for local charity Pinc<br />

& Steel who provide support to people affected by cancer with<br />

their cancer treatment rehabilitation programmes.<br />

RevitaLash are excited to share their total<br />

donation for Pinc & Steel raised from the<br />

event is $21,844.<br />

For every $150 raised, a cancer sufferer<br />

can have a one-on-one session with a<br />

physiotherapist. For every $200 raised,<br />

the foundation can fund 20 group<br />

sessions.<br />

RevitaLash® Cosmetics also fundraise for<br />

Breast Cancer Awareness month each<br />

October in association with Look Good<br />

Feel Better, a New Zealand charity which<br />

runs a free program and workshops<br />

to support people navigating cancer<br />

treatment.<br />

For every pink product sold throughout<br />

the month of October, a one-month<br />

supply of RevitaLash® Advanced Eyelash<br />

Conditioner, RevitaBrow® Advanced<br />

Eyebrow Conditioner, or their new<br />

RevitaLash® Advanced Sensitive Eyelash<br />

Conditioner is donated to Look Good<br />

Feel Better <strong>NZ</strong>. This Pink October saw<br />

3111 units donated to Look Good Feel<br />

Better <strong>NZ</strong>.<br />

More information on Pinc & Steel and the<br />

amazing work they do can be found here:<br />

pincandsteel.com<br />

42 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


What’s New<br />

Say hello to some of the newest beauty<br />

and skincare products on the market<br />

COOLA<br />

Dew Good<br />

Illuminating<br />

Serum<br />

An organic serum<br />

powered by probiotics,<br />

that illuminates, helps<br />

mitigate the effects<br />

of skin stressors, and<br />

improve moisture<br />

retention for a dewy<br />

hydrated look.<br />

Probiotic sunscreen<br />

SPF30<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong>care.co.nz<br />

Antipodes<br />

Credo Probiotic<br />

Ferment<br />

RevitaliseSerum<br />

CANGro<br />

Hero Hair<br />

Growth Booster<br />

A nourishing leave-in<br />

formula designed to<br />

help reduce hair loss<br />

and encourage new hair<br />

growth, as well as help<br />

improve scalp circulation<br />

and hair thickness.<br />

Vegan formula.<br />

houseofcamille.co.nz<br />

The Facialist Glow<br />

Gehwol Fusskraft BLUE<br />

This limited edition star performer is designed to help rebalance<br />

hydration levels in feet, help improve surface appearance, and<br />

maintain softer, more supple skin. Also recommended for an<br />

uplifting sensation for tired feet.<br />

infinisea.nz<br />

A multi-tasking hero designed to support the skin’s natural<br />

healing process. High in natural vitamins A, C and E to assist<br />

cell renewal and help repair and revitalise skin. This lightweight<br />

but potent formula is house-blended by The Facialist.<br />

Thefacialist.co.nz<br />

What’s New<br />

CND Pro Skincare<br />

A professional range of skincare-inspired spa<br />

products, co-developed with skincare experts<br />

and nail professionals. Enriched with a natural<br />

origin prebiotic complex, the vegan, ecofriendly<br />

range is designed to help strengthen<br />

the skin’s natural defences<br />

Creativenails.co.nz<br />

This anti blemish serum features<br />

high-tech ferments for healthy<br />

clear skin. The lightwear<br />

gel formulation is certified<br />

vegan and features innovative<br />

probiotic Kalibiome AGE, as<br />

well as kombucha and plant<br />

hyaluronic acid.<br />

bswnz.co.nz<br />

Esthemax Collagen<br />

Massage Cream<br />

Featuring the patented technology<br />

of hydrolyzed collagen which breaks<br />

down the collagen super-molecule<br />

into tiny nano-sized collagen<br />

peptides, as well as Vitamin E, a<br />

powerful antioxidant. Designed<br />

to help reduce signs of aging<br />

by enhancing skin firmness and<br />

elasticity. <strong>Beauty</strong>care.co.nz<br />

Blinc Lash Extension<br />

Tubing Mascara<br />

Clean, vegan and buildable,<br />

create ultra-longwearing,<br />

striking length and extreme<br />

definition for a lash extensions<br />

effect in a semi-matte finish.<br />

Infused with biotin, Shea<br />

butter and castor seed oil, it<br />

also provides nourishment<br />

and treatment for lashes.<br />

Gracebeauty.co.nz<br />

Dermaviduals 100% Mulberry Silk<br />

Pillowcases<br />

Protect your hair and skin with the highest quality<br />

100% Mulberry silk pillowcases. Wake up with<br />

fewer skin creases and no more hair frizz.<br />

• Retains skin moisture<br />

• Cools and soothes<br />

• Naturally hypoallergic<br />

• 22 Momme silk<br />

dermaviduals.com.au<br />

44 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


What’s New<br />

Say hello to some of the newest beauty<br />

and skincare products on the market<br />

Gehwol Gerlasan Hand Cream Lavender<br />

jane iredale hydropure<br />

An ultra-hydrating tinted serum with hyaluronic<br />

acid to help plump, soothe, blur lines and even<br />

skin tone. Plus offers sheer coverage for a<br />

dewy youthful look. Available in seven shades.<br />

Psb.net.nz<br />

What’s Wellbeing New<br />

Nourishing daily care for hands; offering premium<br />

ingredients of jojoba, tapioca, bisabolol and panthenol<br />

that work to soothe, protect and moisturise skin, while<br />

lavender offers a relaxing, calming effect. Infinisea.nz<br />

Knowrish Well<br />

Karen Murrell Island<br />

Goddess collection<br />

Karen Murrell’s first range of lip<br />

tints captures the nourishing<br />

benefits of her beloved<br />

moisture stick, infused with<br />

a hint of buildable colour.<br />

Plus the collection includes<br />

two new lip scrubs in mint or<br />

watermelon.<br />

karenmurrell.com<br />

JUARA Skincare<br />

This award-winning premium skincare brand<br />

has launched in New Zealand. Based on eastern<br />

botanical remedies and western science, the<br />

range revolves around soul-nourishing ancient<br />

beauty rituals with formulas made from natural<br />

ingredients such as herbs, flora and fauna native<br />

to Indonesia.<br />

Juaraskincare.co.nz<br />

Based around superfood and high quality<br />

ingredients, this naturopathically crafted<br />

range is totally vegan, gluten and dairy<br />

free. The range of super essentials<br />

includes Gut Hero, Lady Love, <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Nectar and Self Defence Immunity.<br />

Bswnz.co.nz<br />

pHformula L.I.P<br />

Hydrate SPF15<br />

Scientifically formulated with Shea butter and SPF15, this<br />

moisture enriched L.I.P. hydrate helps soothe and condition dry<br />

lips, keeping them healthy looking. Vegan friendly, formulated<br />

with high quality ingredients. Boutiquebeautybrands.co.nz<br />

ManukaRx<br />

Rejuvenating Mānuka<br />

Oil Exfoliant<br />

Flora Probiotic Skin-<br />

Rescue Hyaluronic Mask<br />

Calming and clearing; this vegan formula features<br />

innovative probiotic Kalibiome Sensitive. Designed to<br />

harness good bacteria to balance the skin’s delicate<br />

microflora, help reduce redness and itching, and<br />

encourage a blemish-free complexion. bswnz.co.nz<br />

Luxworks Masque 5:55<br />

Radiant Skin Aloe + <strong>NZ</strong> Glacial Mask<br />

made in New Zealand, from <strong>NZ</strong> grown<br />

raw materials. 100% natural skincare<br />

designed to help clear and brighten skin,<br />

restore skin balance and regulate sebum<br />

production.<br />

Luxworks.co.nz<br />

Multi-tasking and rejuvenating, this new<br />

plant-based formula offers a unique<br />

mix of both chemical and physical<br />

exfoliants. Made of 99% natural<br />

ingredients including ManukaRx’s<br />

hardworking East Cape mānuka oil,<br />

jojoba beads, lactic acid and rosehip oil.<br />

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SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


What’s New<br />

Say hello to some of the newest beauty<br />

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Osmosis Perfection<br />

Pigment Corrector<br />

Delivering two formulas in one product - one via a copper<br />

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Skinbetter Science Alto Advanced<br />

Defense and Repair Cream<br />

This powerful serum is designed to address intrinsic<br />

and extrinsic stressors. Offering all the benefits found<br />

in Skinbetter Science’s popular Alto Defense Serum, but<br />

bolstered with ground-breaking patented WEL and TAP<br />

Technologies. The powerful combination provides advanced<br />

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What’s Wellbeing New<br />

Mukti Organics Queen of<br />

the Night Crème<br />

A night time moisturiser that delivers<br />

sumptuous hydration while you sleep.<br />

Loaded with antioxidants, ceramide<br />

complex and plant-based collagen, this<br />

Creme rejuvenates and strengthens<br />

skin while protecting it from external<br />

aggressors.<br />

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Emma Lewisham Skin<br />

Shield SPF 30<br />

Ultra-protective with a triple-action<br />

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this reformulated Skin Shield SPF 30<br />

delivers enhanced results. Five years<br />

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sunscreen has 98% natural filters.<br />

emmalewisham.com<br />

pHformula H20 Flash<br />

A refreshing and restorative spray which can be used after<br />

cleansing to soothe sensitive skin, comfort and refresh the<br />

skin. The mineral-rich thermal water spray can also be used<br />

as a refreshing boost and extra hydration in hot weather<br />

and to set make-up. boutiquebeautybrands.co.nz<br />

Skinsmiths<br />

Powered by nature, enhanced by science and boasting new<br />

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Tronque Fully Ripe<br />

Vitamin C Body Oil<br />

A vitamin-rich lightweight body<br />

oil for all-over nourishment<br />

and glow. Combining three<br />

skin-perfecting heavyweight<br />

ingredients with highly<br />

efficacious plant oils to<br />

help slow aging and protect<br />

the skin's natural moisture<br />

barrier against irritation and<br />

dehydration.Tronque.com<br />

PCA Skin<br />

Pigment Gel Pro<br />

Dermatologically tested and<br />

hydroquinone-free, this brightening<br />

serum is suitable for all skin types.<br />

The breakthrough formula is powered<br />

by the proprietary SynerPro Complex.<br />

The ground-breaking formula also<br />

helps combat the appearance of new<br />

dark spots, leaving the skin looking<br />

more even, brighter, and radiant.<br />

advancedskin.co.nz<br />

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Skin<br />

CARE<br />

Rosacea:<br />



Rosacea is a skin condition that is characterised<br />

by symptoms of erythema (redness), telangiectasia<br />

(thread-like red broken veins that scatter on the skin),<br />

inflammation and breakout that looks like acne.<br />

Doctors do not know exactly what<br />

causes rosacea but genetics can play<br />

a role and it usually affects women<br />

between the ages of 30-50. Other<br />

factors that may worsen the condition<br />

are heat, sunlight, spicy food and<br />

alcohol.<br />

There are four different types of<br />

rosacea, these are listed below.<br />

TYPE 1 (Erythematotelangiectatic)<br />

rosacea<br />

This presents as persistent redness with<br />

some broken capillaries that are visible<br />

especially over the cheeks and nose.<br />

TYPE 2 (Papulopustular) rosacea<br />

Visible redness with bumpiness on the<br />

skin which can include pustular lesions.<br />

This type of rosacea looks similar to acne<br />

which is why it is often mistaken as such.<br />

TYPE 3 (Phymatous) rosacea<br />

This is an extreme type of Rosacea<br />

where the skin becomes thick, especially<br />

seen around the nose, which becomes<br />

enlarged and bulbous.<br />

TYPE 4 (Ocular) rosacea<br />

A rosacea that affects the eyes.<br />

Symptoms include dry or watery eyes,<br />

burning, swollen eyelids and styes. If left<br />

untreated it can cause blindness.<br />

Rosacea is best treated by a medical<br />

professional who understands the<br />

needs of this type of skin. Many people<br />

misunderstand the condition and treat<br />

the skin with products that could be<br />

prescribed to treat an acne concern,<br />

which is the opposite of what you want<br />

to do with a condition like this. Your<br />

treatment plan will be based on your<br />

doctor’s diagnosis. Knowing that you<br />

have Rosacea will also make it easier for<br />

skin care professionals to make product<br />

suggestions to treat your red and<br />

extremely sensitive skin.<br />

As a rosacea sufferer you will find that<br />

there are a number of professional salon<br />

treatments available that can help to<br />

improve the condition. Always do your<br />

research before going into any salon<br />

to make sure the therapist is properly<br />

qualified and has an understanding<br />

of how to treat your skin condition.<br />

Seeking out a skin professional with<br />

knowledge of the best ingredients and<br />

products to use is advised. Follow your<br />

skin therapist’s advice and avoid using<br />

any products and ingredients that may<br />

irritate your skin condition.<br />

One treatment that has been found<br />

to help in controlling rosacea’s visible<br />

symptoms: redness, flushing and<br />

bumpiness, is micro-needling. While it<br />

may seem counterintuitive to stimulate<br />

redness in the skin with tiny needles,<br />

this treatment serves to increase blood<br />

flow, stimulate collagen production in<br />

the dermis and aid in thickening both<br />

dermal and epidermal layers of the skin.<br />

This in turn builds up the skin’s resistance<br />

to triggers that would cause the redness<br />

and irritation and leaves the skin calm<br />

and healthy.<br />

A course of six treatments, performed<br />

by a skin care professional is<br />

recommended, 28 days apart. Additional<br />

improvements that can be seen during<br />

the course of treatments includes a<br />

reduction in rough or bumpy skin texture<br />

that can be associated with rosacea.<br />

A homecare plan will be prescribed for<br />

you by your skin care therapist to use<br />

between your sessions to compliment<br />

the treatment and further improve the<br />

health of your skin.<br />

Even though a needling session can<br />

be beneficial to rosacea skins, it is not<br />

advisable to undergo any needling<br />

session should your skin be going<br />

through an active flare up and should<br />

rather be postponed.<br />

LED light therapy may be included after<br />

the micro-needling session. This is very<br />

beneficial for rosacea prone skin as it<br />

will assist in further healing the skin and<br />

combat inflammation. It will usually<br />

be used on a red or blue setting or a<br />

combination of both, creating purple<br />

light. Purple light helps to rid the skin<br />

of toxins, reduces inflammation and<br />

improves blood circulation as well as<br />

being very healing.<br />

Mild Alpha Hydroxy Acid peels are also<br />

beneficial. Mandelic acid is a good<br />

option for sensitive skin as it treats<br />

skin concerns gently and effectively.<br />

It exfoliates the skin by increasing<br />

cell turnover thus improving the<br />

skin's texture and tone. With its large<br />

molecular structure, it doesn’t penetrate<br />

as quickly or as deeply therefore irritation<br />

in the skin is lowered.<br />

DermaFix DermaBright contains<br />

this AHA and is a good addition to a<br />

home care plan for a rosacea sufferer<br />

planning to have their first in salon<br />

peel treatment. It would be used, as<br />

prescribed, in the evening home care<br />

routine. A few drops will be added into<br />

the cleanser every other night for a week<br />

or two. Once a tolerance level is reached,<br />

these drops can be switched to the<br />

evening moisturiser, this works as a slow<br />

release of the acid into the skin which<br />

will also help to stimulate collagen and<br />

strengthen the skin's resistance. Usually,<br />

6 in salon peeling treatments would be<br />

recommended as a treatment plan. This<br />

is often combined with micro-needling<br />

sessions as mentioned above.<br />

Here are some active ingredients that<br />

can assist in the treatment of rosacea:<br />

Hyaluronic Acid is a humectant with<br />

incredible hydration benefits. A molecule<br />

can hold up to 1000 times its own weight<br />

in water, therefore, helping to keep skin<br />

hydration levels optimal. A major sign<br />

that hydration levels have dropped is<br />

rough skin. It also offers remarkable antiinflammatory<br />

and anti-oxidant benefits<br />

that will repair red, irritated skin giving<br />

back your skin’s natural glow. Found in<br />

a range of products including DermaFix<br />

HydraSilk Cleanser, DermaFix ACC<br />

Hyaluronic Gel, DermaFix Bio-Hydrating<br />

Cream, DermaFix ACC Copper, DermaFix<br />

Hyalu7 Boost, DermaFix Eyeluronic Gel,<br />

DermaFix Ceramide Complex, DermaFix<br />

HydraSooth SOS.<br />

Vitamin C contains anti-inflammatory<br />

bioflavonoids that support weakened<br />

blood vessels. Researchers have found<br />

that Rosacea may be caused by blood<br />

vessels that dilate more easily than<br />

normal and the use of Vitamin C based<br />

products can help to combat this. It<br />

is recommended to start with a lower<br />

concentration of Vitamin C and build up<br />

a tolerance in the skin to avoid irritation,<br />

working your way up to a higher<br />

concentration. Vitamin C is a key active<br />

ingredient in the following DermaFix<br />

products: DermaFix Vitamin B Cream,<br />

DermaFix Vitaplex C Cream, DermaFix<br />

Bio-Effective Cream, DermaFix Skin<br />

ResQ, DermaFix Vitamin C Complex,<br />

DermaFix Acc Vitamin C, DermaFix<br />

Acc Retinol, DermaFix Ferulic + C + E,<br />

DermaFix Brightening Wipes.<br />

Vitamin K, usually in the form of<br />

Phytonadione an anti-inflammatory<br />

oil soluble form of Vitamin K helps to<br />

reduce inflammation by stimulating<br />

blood flow. It also aids in the speed up of<br />

natural wound repair processes. Vitamin<br />

K has blood clotting abilities and thereby<br />

prevents leaking from the veins avoiding<br />

discoloration of surrounding skin, as well<br />

as improving spider veins and broken<br />

capillaries. DermaFix Vitamin K rich<br />

products are: DermaFix Regenerate Rx.<br />

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) helps to<br />

stabilise a rosacea prone skin by<br />

assisting with the increase of natural<br />

Skin<br />

CARE<br />

ceramide levels in the skin helping to<br />

strengthen the skin's barrier. It also has<br />

strong anti-inflammatory properties<br />

and can improve hydration levels of the<br />

skin. DermaFix Niacinamide champions<br />

are: DermaFix Brightening Cleanser,<br />

DermaFix Vitamin B Cream, DermaFix<br />

Vitaplex C Cream, DermaFix Bio-<br />

Effective Cream, DermaFix ACC Vitamin<br />

C, DermaFix B3 Boost, DermaFix<br />

PowerDerm, DermaFix MD Mandelic<br />

Cleanser, DermaFix MD Mandelic Toner,<br />

DermaFix MD Vitamin A Propionate,<br />

DermaFix MD Acne Solutions.<br />

Zinc is used to heal the skin and<br />

minimise the flushing or breakout often<br />

associated with rosacea. It is found in<br />

many sunscreens as Zinc Oxide. Around<br />

81% of rosacea sufferers see a flare up<br />

of their condition after UV exposure so,<br />

using a zinc-based sunscreen will not<br />

only help to calm the irritated skin but<br />

will also protect you from the sun’s rays.<br />

Zinc is active in the following products:<br />

DermaFix DermaShield SPF50, DermaFix<br />

MD SPF50.<br />

If you or someone you know suffers<br />

from rosacea and would like more<br />

assistance, please contact the DermaFix<br />

<strong>NZ</strong> Education Team on education@<br />

houseofcamille.co.nz.<br />

50 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Skin Education<br />


OF SKIN<br />


By<br />

Lisa Paone<br />

Wellbeing<br />

Effective in-clinic and home care<br />

recommendations are essential in<br />

the management of skin conditions<br />

and concerns. Pivotal to your<br />

recommendation is the advanced<br />

education you provide your clients,<br />

along with ongoing coaching as they<br />

are taken on a journey to optimal skin<br />

health.<br />

At Derma Aesthetics, education<br />

is at the core of everything we do.<br />

We are constantly working towards<br />

advancing knowledge in cosmetic<br />

chemistry, advanced skin analysis<br />

and Corneotherapy for aesthetic<br />

professionals throughout Australasia.<br />

We are proud to be known as<br />

a provider of quality education<br />

designed for enhancing post-graduate<br />

knowledge and in doing so ensuring<br />

best practices and training of a new<br />

generation of engaged and inspired<br />

industry professionals.<br />

The way we deliver education is<br />

continually adapting and an exciting<br />

initiative, the Education Hub, which<br />

was the brainchild of Derma Aesthetics<br />

co-founder Simone Vescio, has<br />

provided the opportunity for continued<br />

growth for our partners via online selfpaced<br />

educational courses to advance<br />

knowledge through the highest<br />

standard of education. The incredible<br />

success of the Education Hub will see<br />

an extension to this platform in <strong>2023</strong><br />

with the launch of the Australasian<br />

Academy of Corneotherapy portal.<br />

First launched in New Zealand in<br />

2019, the Australasian Academy<br />

of Corneotherapy provided an<br />

opportunity for aesthetic professionals<br />

to expand their knowledge on the<br />

principles of Corneotherapy with nonproduct-aligned<br />

educational content.<br />

Our new online platform goes even<br />

further with the launch of a NEW<br />

course encompassing 15 modules of<br />

learning.<br />

Practitioner’s Guide to Clinical Success<br />

has been created for skin treatment<br />

therapists, naturopaths, nutritionists,<br />

nurses, doctors, and dermatologists<br />

who want to elevate their skin<br />

knowledge, with the most up-to-date<br />

research surrounding skin structure<br />

and function, cosmetic chemistry and<br />

treatment modalities, while following<br />

the principle methodologies of<br />

Corneotherapy.<br />

Corneotherapy is a progressive and<br />

remedial skin treatment methodology<br />

that follows an individualised approach<br />

to the management of skin, following<br />

a logical pathway that investigates and<br />

defines the triggers and causes of skin<br />

barrier conditions or disorders thus<br />

ensuring the selection of appropriate<br />

topical formulations are directed to<br />

the correction and restoration of the<br />

stratum corneum and barrier defence<br />

systems.<br />

Practitioner’s Guide to Advanced<br />

Clinical Success has been founded<br />

on the principle methodologies<br />

of Corneotherapy and will feature<br />

modules of learning such as: Cell<br />

organelles, cells of the epidermis, cells<br />

of the dermis, advanced skin analysis,<br />

corneotherapy, essential fatty acids,<br />

ageing skin and melanogenesis just to<br />

name a few.<br />

We are currently experiencing a shift<br />

in the skincare and aesthetics industry<br />

whereby invasive, ablative or abrasive<br />

treatments are being replaced by<br />

restorative treatments that focus on<br />

the replenishment and strengthening<br />

of the skin's first lines of barrier<br />

defence.<br />

‘It is truly inspiring to see how our<br />

industry has changed. Initially, we saw<br />

invasive treatments being popular<br />

amongst clients but now we are<br />

seeing a big shift with most product<br />

companies changing their strategies to<br />

try to encompass the methodology of<br />

Lisa is head of Education at<br />

Derma Aesthetics and boasts<br />

more than two decades of<br />

progressive experience in<br />

the skincare and aesthetics<br />

industry.<br />

caring for the first 3 lines of skin barrier<br />

defence’ says Simone.<br />

Working with dermaviduals, the world's<br />

best corneotherapeutic skincare<br />

range, provides aesthetic professionals<br />

with the opportunity to effectively<br />

target common skin conditions<br />

such as acne, pigmentation and age<br />

management while also widening their<br />

scope of practice to manage more<br />

challenging inflammatory skin barrier<br />

disorders such as perioral dermatitis,<br />

rosacea and eczema. dermaviduals<br />

dermatological skincare is formulated<br />

free from conventional emulsifiers,<br />

conventional preservatives, colours,<br />

fragrances, silicones and mineral oils<br />

and with a selection of over 40 actives,<br />

allows for ultimate customisation<br />

based on the skin presentation.<br />

The launch of our NEW Practitioner’s<br />

Guide to Advanced Clinical Success<br />

course is set for April <strong>2023</strong> and we are<br />

excited to share our advanced skin<br />

science education with professionals<br />

within the skincare and aesthetics<br />

industry.<br />

To learn more about the courses<br />

we currently have available, head to<br />

education.dermaviduals.com.au/ to<br />

see our catalogue of courses that are<br />

ready to view.<br />

52<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Member<br />



OUT<br />

FROM<br />

It’s been an entirely unexpected, but hugely successful,<br />

end to 2022 for <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP member Annalysse Mitchell;<br />

notching up a swag of awards - personally, for her team<br />

and for her business FACE | Body & <strong>Beauty</strong> Clinic.<br />

The multi-award success is testament to<br />

Annalysse’s dedication and passion for<br />

the industry. At the recent dermaviduals<br />

New Zealand Clinic Awards 2022,<br />

Annalysse was a familiar face on stage<br />

throughout the evening: winning Clinic<br />

of the Year title for Face |Body & <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Clinic; Corneotherapist of The Year; with<br />

her team member Zoe McLevie from<br />

Face | Body & <strong>Beauty</strong> taking Runner<br />

Up Junior Corneotherapist of The Year;<br />

and her business also winning both the<br />

Social Media Stand Out award and the<br />

Consumer’s Choice Award.<br />

Competing against other high<br />

performing businesses around the<br />

country, the annual award ceremony<br />

provides important recognition for<br />

business owners and beauty therapists<br />

around New Zealand.<br />

Annalysse admits to being honoured by<br />

the recognition, as well as inspired to<br />

keep achieving, and encouraging those<br />

around her to continue excelling also.<br />

The hard-working beauty professional<br />

made her start in the industry when she<br />

founded a smaller mobile version of<br />

today’s business. Offering her services<br />

for events and weddings, FACE | Mobile<br />

the crowd<br />

Makeup and Hair was her platform into<br />

learning the skills around running her<br />

own business and the importance of<br />

caring for each and every customer.<br />

After moving from Christchurch to<br />

South Otago, it didn’t take long for<br />

Annalysse to spot a gap in Clutha<br />

District for high quality beauty therapy<br />

and skin treatments – and so FACE |<br />

Body & <strong>Beauty</strong> Clinic was created.<br />

That was 10 years ago and her business<br />

is now well established and respected<br />

in the community, boasting a team of<br />

seven, with five treatment rooms. It’s a<br />

far cry from the tiny space it started in,<br />

with Annalysse (who was also working<br />

as a teacher at the time) and another<br />

therapist working pretty much around<br />

the clock to meet demand.<br />

These days she continues honing her<br />

skills as a corneotherapist, as well as<br />

sharpening her business acumen,<br />

motivating her team and finessing her<br />

social media and marketing game. It’s<br />

a busy schedule, and one the mum<br />

of two takes in her stride with years<br />

of experience juggling multi-faceted<br />

demands. She also strongly supports<br />

and encourages apprenticeships within<br />

the industry, striving to help encourage<br />

and motivate the next generation<br />

coming through.<br />

“As an employer, I’ve seen a range<br />

of therapist abilities come into our<br />

industry across various qualification<br />

providers, and apprenticeships have<br />

shown positive industry experience and<br />

knowledge for learners.<br />

“And as a registered teacher, I love<br />

teaching and sharing my passion, so<br />

apprenticeships are a perfect union of<br />

my qualifications and experience.”<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong> finds out more:<br />

Q.What sparked your interest in<br />

the industry?<br />

A. I’ve always admired and had huge<br />

respect for my mother’s beauty<br />

therapist Mary-Elizabeth who is a<br />

special family friend. Now in her<br />

70s, she only retired last year. She<br />

was always so passionate about<br />

skin, and holistic wellness. Mary-<br />

Elizabeth was the first person<br />

to take care of my teenage skin,<br />

and I always felt encouraged<br />

and valued as a person when<br />

spending time with her. I also<br />

have a love for skin science and<br />

people, so being a Skin Therapist<br />

is the perfect mix.<br />

Q.What is some background on<br />

your training and areas of<br />

expertise?<br />

A. Once I became passionate<br />

about skin, I sought out further<br />

training and expertise. I love<br />

performing facials, but also love<br />

designing treatments, programs,<br />

and homecare to take clients<br />

skin to the next level. I’ve been<br />

training in skin therapy since<br />

2012, and hands down the best<br />

training I’ve received is through<br />

Derma Aesthetics (who stock<br />

dermaviduals, Exceed and<br />

EpiNouvelle). Dermaviduals is<br />

a medical, corneotherapeutic<br />

range, and being able to<br />

customise treatments and<br />

homecare for clients is fantastic.<br />

The range is second to none in<br />

this industry and I’ve learned<br />

so much about cosmetic<br />

chemistry and treating advanced<br />

skin conditions. Other skin<br />

training I have loved is through<br />

Skin Education International<br />

and Oncology Aesthetics<br />

International.<br />

Q.Some background info on your<br />

earlier career path?<br />

A. I always was interested in being<br />

a beauty therapist, but it wasn't<br />

encouraged for me straight out of<br />

school, so I went to university to<br />

complete a BCAppSc and spent<br />

some time working as a flight<br />

attendant.<br />

Q.An overview of your business<br />

today and the range of services<br />

you offer?<br />

A. Although we specialise in skin and<br />

IPL, we also offer a full treatment<br />

menu from lash extensions to<br />

extensive brows services, lifts,<br />

nails, makeup and tanning. We<br />

also love the spa treatments<br />

and are proud to be a Pure Fiji<br />

platinum stockist.<br />

Q.What winning the recent<br />

dermaviduals Clinic of the Year<br />

award meant for your business?<br />

A. As well as being an important<br />

goal achieved, it was an absolute<br />

honour as I have so much respect<br />

for the other finalists. It also acts<br />

as inspiration to keep on top of<br />

what we do in terms of culture,<br />

growth and expertise.<br />

Q.What the Corneotherapist of<br />

the Year award means to your<br />

personally?<br />

A. It has encouraged me to promote<br />

my skill set and experience as a<br />

skin therapist both currently but<br />

also into the future. I have a lot of<br />

goals still, and the Corneotherapy<br />

of the Year Award has definitely<br />

given me the inspiration to reach<br />

even higher. It has positively<br />

increased my confidence and I<br />

am excited to use the award over<br />

the next few years to encourage<br />

others in the industry.<br />

Q.How social media plays a role in<br />

promoting your business and<br />

services?<br />

A. We all have a personal<br />

relationship with social media<br />

and know that it influences us<br />

in different ways - both health<br />

and unhealthy. It is an essential<br />

tool, and we use it to promote a<br />

healthy influence from our clinic,<br />

not only for the promotion of<br />

products and treatments, but<br />

also around educating clients on<br />

how to best look after themselves<br />

and make healthier/wiser choices<br />

when it comes to their self care<br />

and skin routines. We like to keep<br />

our social media personal to<br />

our clients, followers and down<br />

to earth. Feedback has been<br />

that clients like seeing us in our<br />

forums. However, we are all quite<br />

camera shy so this is a work in<br />

progress as we get in front more.<br />

Live videos and reels are effective<br />

– I always think ‘10 seconds of<br />

courage’ and then just get on with<br />

it. We use instagram, snapchat<br />

and of course facebook. Linked in<br />

I joined personally and have found<br />

that great so far too.<br />

Q.How you adapted to Covid<br />

times and how this shaped your<br />

business?<br />

A. Covid has had a huge impact on<br />

business, and our personal lives<br />

too. Clients have navigated this<br />

change with us, and most have<br />

adapted to online or virtual insults<br />

and home facial kits as required.<br />

In particular, dermaviduals made<br />

this easy by releasing new home<br />

facial kits, and online consultation<br />

forms during Covid to help get us<br />

started. It’s hard to bounce back,<br />

but nothing dampers passion.<br />

Q.How long you have been<br />

<strong>NZ</strong>ARBP member and why<br />

you think belonging to<br />

an Association like this is<br />

important?<br />

A. I’ve been a member for almost<br />

and decade. I think collective<br />

groups in industries are important<br />

when it comes to having support<br />

from those doing what we love<br />

too. Stronger individuals create<br />

stronger groups. I also like the<br />

Member<br />


security of networks, backup and<br />

services if required at all, which is<br />

especially important when having<br />

employees. It’s also important<br />

for our clients to see we are<br />

registered with appropriate<br />

associations.<br />

Q.How important is the<br />

relationship you have with the<br />

brand you represent?<br />

A. We are long time stockists of<br />

dermaviduals; a brand I love and<br />

respect. There are extensive<br />

reasons why; outstanding<br />

medical product, customisable,<br />

elite and advanced education,<br />

support within New Zealand –<br />

and there is a strong emphasis<br />

on working therapists and clinics<br />

at an advanced level of skin and<br />

cosmetic chemistry knowledge.<br />

The results prove the worth of the<br />

skincare alone, but in business,<br />

that is not the only one part of<br />

what makes a brand worthwhile<br />

having in clinic, and dermaviduals<br />

offers beyond results. I am certain<br />

I would not be the skin therapist<br />

I am today if I had not taken on<br />

dermaviduals.<br />

Q.What’s some of the best advice<br />

you’ve received over the years?<br />

A. Value people, there is something<br />

to love about everyone. Take<br />

healthy risks. Servant leadership<br />

is effective. Keep, build and<br />

strengthen the integrity of the<br />

skin barrier! Take holidays.<br />

54 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Inspiring Women<br />

Inspiring Women<br />

Becoming a<br />

What do you think younger<br />

Q. Brianne would think of being a<br />

Barbie Role Model?<br />

Barbie Role Model<br />

When Brianne West began quietly making<br />

solid shampoo bars in her uni flat kitchen more<br />

than a decade ago, she had no inkling of the<br />

global phenomenon she was setting in motion.<br />

Not only has her brand Ethique gone on to become a global<br />

beauty brand, but she was recently chosen as one of 12<br />

women from around the world to be an official Barbie Role<br />

Model 2022.<br />

That makes Brianne the inspiration and model for an actual<br />

Barbie Role Model doll as part of a focus from Barbie (and<br />

Mattel Inc) to inspire the next generation of leaders and<br />

dreamers.<br />

This year Barbie honoured global female role models with<br />

dolls in their likeness to remind girls they can be anything.<br />

The chosen women, including Brianne, are leaders in their<br />

respective industries and in recognition, a one-of-a-kind Barbie<br />

doll is made in their likeness.<br />

Joining Brianne in the line-up of women is Shonda Rhimes<br />

(United States), founder of American television production<br />

company, Shondaland, and Pat McGrath (United Kingdom),<br />

makeup artist and founder of Pat McGrath labs.<br />

“It’s a real honour,” says Brianne, “and to be alongside women<br />

around the world doing incredible things. Also, having role<br />

models across all industries that are as diverse as the real<br />

world is, is enormously important.”<br />

Also this year, Brianne’s <strong>NZ</strong> conscious beauty brand Ethique<br />

celebrates 10 years in business along with the milestone of<br />

saving 25 million single-use plastic containers from ending<br />

up in landfills and oceans, thanks to Ethique’s 100% plastic<br />

free, home-compostable, vegan, cruelty-free, palm-oil free<br />

and sustainably sourced, regeneratively farmed and directly<br />

traded ingredients.<br />

Specialising in the creation of plastic-free beauty products,<br />

the Ethique range gave the beauty industry a little nudge this<br />

year also; launching an award-winning collection of lipsticks,<br />

and a range of innovative powder to liquid concentrates.<br />

However, it’s the original super sudsy shampoo bars which<br />

continue to shine as the hero, even 10 years on.<br />

Now available in 24 countries and more than 6500 retailers<br />

worldwide, Ethique stands by its early mission to leave the<br />

planet and its people better than they found it. As well as<br />

being climate positive, at least two percent of Ethique’s sales<br />

are donated annually to key partners who work to make a<br />

difference in the world of animal welfare, biodiversity and<br />

conservation globally.<br />

Probably pretty overwhelmed and<br />

A. surprised – but very honoured I<br />

would imagine!<br />

What aspect of this is the most<br />

Q. meaningful?<br />

Whilst the doll is amazing, and<br />

A. such a cool memento, it’s more<br />

the idea that celebrating and<br />

showing women doing well in<br />

their chosen careers can really<br />

change a young girl’s outlook.<br />

That’s an amazing feeling to know<br />

that I am hopefully helping in even<br />

a small way.<br />

Why are the Barbie Role Models<br />

Q. important?<br />

There is a very sad fact, that girls<br />

A. as young as five start to question<br />

their abilities in comparison to<br />

the boys in their class – due to<br />

societal cues and unconscious<br />

bias we all carry. This is what<br />

Barbie have called the Dream<br />

Gap, because it prevents girls<br />

from dreaming big, or striving to<br />

do what they really want to. The<br />

Barbie Role Models program is a<br />

key part in showing girls that they<br />

can do anything by showing them<br />

women who are doing just that. If<br />

you can see it, you can be it.<br />

Who were your female role<br />

Q. models growing up and why?<br />

All the role models I remember<br />

A. having were male, and I think that<br />

shows just how important this<br />

program is. I do remember being<br />

fascinated with Amelia Earhart.<br />

Who are your female role models<br />

Q. now and why?<br />

Rose Marcario – former CEO<br />

A. of Patagonia and now impact<br />

investor, for showing that<br />

business is the way to change the<br />

world. Gwynne Shotwell – COO<br />

of SpaceX, because she is in an<br />

incredible position of leadership<br />

in a male dominated environment<br />

and absolutely nailing it. Greta<br />

Thunberg – for having the<br />

absolute courage of conviction to<br />

do what is right, even when it is<br />

unrelentingly difficult.<br />

What female role models have<br />

Q. influenced or shaped your path?<br />

So many. To name a few, Amanda<br />

A. Ellis, who introduced me to a<br />

reporter which culminated in<br />

Britney Spears posting about<br />

Ethique but who has championed<br />

me and Ethique since she met me<br />

and has taught me so much. Dr.<br />

Sylvia Earle, who awakened my<br />

love for the ocean and is a true<br />

inspiration. All of the women on<br />

my team, past and present, who<br />

have all taught me something and<br />

had an impact on Ethique.!<br />

Are there words of wisdom from<br />

Q. anyone in your life which you<br />

carry with you?<br />

How do you eat an Elephant? One<br />

A. bite at a time. Not condoning<br />

eating actual elephants of course,<br />

but illustrative of how you tackle<br />

an overwhelming problem – stepby-step.<br />

Were you a Barbie dolls girl when<br />

Q. you were younger?<br />

I was animal obsessed as a kid, so<br />

A. I captured and played with a lot of<br />

insects, pestered my parents for<br />

pets and read a LOT of books. I<br />

did have a couple of Barbies, and<br />

predominantly used them as a<br />

way to craft elaborate adventures<br />

that the ‘explorer Barbie’ was<br />

having.<br />

What was your reaction to this<br />

Q. news initially?<br />

Honestly, disbelief that they chose<br />

A. me (was it a prank?) then surprise<br />

and feeling really honoured.<br />

What has been the reaction of<br />

Q. friends and family around you?<br />

They have almost been more<br />

A. excited for me! It’s been really<br />

sweet to see how excited and<br />

supportive both friends and family<br />

have been about it. And they’ve<br />

enjoyed learning more about the<br />

mission behind Barbie I think too!<br />

What has been the most<br />

Q. enjoyable part of this experience<br />

on a personal level?<br />

Sounds twee, but feeling like I<br />

A. might help a girl out there feel<br />

a little more confident, and that<br />

she can dream big and work for<br />

what she wants, because she can<br />

absolutely achieve it.<br />

56 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Inspiring Women<br />

Mud, Mud,<br />

Rotorua<br />

“<br />

glorious<br />

Mud<br />

Celebrating New Zealand ingredients across a diverse range of (New<br />

Zealand made) products is something of a family legacy for Pure<br />

Source managing director Tracey Friend.<br />

The experienced skincare brand distributor grew up surrounded<br />

by knowledgeable and innovative thinkers, aka her parents –<br />

who shared a passion for New Zealand developed and made<br />

skincare products.<br />

Tracey’s father Mel Friend founded Friend Wholesale<br />

back in 1980, with a clear vision of finding and<br />

manufacturing the absolute best New Zealand<br />

could offer, and to supply these products to retailers<br />

around the country.<br />

At the core of the business success is ‘mud, mud,<br />

glorious Rotorua mud’, delivering the uniqueness<br />

of New Zealand as part of a daily skincare regime<br />

through the Pure Source collection: from thermal<br />

bath salts and manuka honey skincare, to classic<br />

lanolin skincare and of course that distinctive<br />

skincare wonder – Rotorua Thermal Mud.<br />

That original legacy for excellence<br />

remains, although Tracey is now<br />

the owner of Pure Source and<br />

continues to treasure and grow<br />

her father’s dream. She started<br />

in the business when she was<br />

just 12, working every school<br />

holiday and not even realising<br />

she was learning a strong<br />

work ethic handed down<br />

through the generations.<br />

“My family had always<br />

worked seven days, so it<br />

never seemed odd to me to<br />

not have many days off. The<br />

bonus is that if you enjoy<br />

what you are doing and<br />

the people you are doing it<br />

with, then it’s not work.”<br />

Puresource.co.nz<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong> finds out more:<br />

What keeps you passionate<br />

Q. about this industry?<br />

I love the passion of people<br />

A. involved in the industry. It’s like no<br />

other industry I’ve been involved<br />

with - people care so much<br />

about others and they seem to<br />

treat their jobs as a calling. After<br />

the last two years, we all need<br />

pampering and destressing to<br />

help our immune and mental<br />

health. I think we underestimate<br />

the power of being pampered<br />

on our general health.I also love<br />

the New Zealand ingredients I<br />

can work with. I’ve always been<br />

passionate about New Zealand<br />

and its bush – I think there are lots<br />

of hidden gems out there to find!<br />

What are some of the biggest<br />

Q. challenges of the industry?<br />

Becoming more of an everyday<br />

A. part of a client’s routine rather<br />

than a special treat. This is<br />

changing as more people start<br />

understanding the concept of<br />

wellness and Covid has probably<br />

helped that idea of self-care as a<br />

valid form of medicine.<br />

What products are you most<br />

Q. proud of?<br />

I love our Pure Source Mud<br />

A. and Manuka honey. It’s my two<br />

favourite ingredients combined.<br />

I love that everyone now<br />

recognises the power of Manuka<br />

honey. We made a Manuka honey<br />

cream 30 years ago and no one<br />

knew what it was – it did not sell. I<br />

am so happy that it is recognised<br />

now for the treasure it is.<br />

Q.What is so unique about Rotorua<br />

Thermal Mud?<br />

The minerals – over 20 minerals<br />

A. and also it is very high in<br />

Silica which does wonders for<br />

antiaging. Also zinc, calcium and<br />

sulphur. Rotorua mud is special<br />

as it’s formed when thermal<br />

water passes at high temperature<br />

through clay soil.<br />

Q.Describe your family history with<br />

Rotorua mud?<br />

My father, who previously<br />

A. managed Rainbow Springs,<br />

bought a business called <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Spa in the early eighties after<br />

connecting with a man who was<br />

selling little packets of ground<br />

mud - that he’d collected from<br />

local mud pools, dried and<br />

crushed in a concrete mixer,<br />

before putting into snaplock bags<br />

to sell. This company name was<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> Spa and after my dad<br />

bought it, I remember childhood<br />

trips deep into the bush to dig<br />

up mud from the edge of pools<br />

under manuka bushes. Now our<br />

mud is sustainably mined from an<br />

old source on private land.<br />

The brand grew and evolved, and<br />

eventually changed names as day<br />

spa businesses started appearing.<br />

Our name caused some<br />

confusion as we weren’t a spa, so<br />

changed to Pure Source. Some<br />

of our older products are still sold<br />

under the <strong>Beauty</strong> Spa banner.<br />

Dad was always interested<br />

in bush and nature and was<br />

probably an environmentalist<br />

long before anyone knew what<br />

that was. He spent a lot of time<br />

in the sun and on boats, so was<br />

always interested is products that<br />

made his skin feel better, while<br />

also respecting his environmental<br />

side and his love of nature.<br />

The benefits of mud stirred his<br />

interest in skincare initially.<br />

Lanolin was another core focus<br />

– he’d been trout fishing in the<br />

South Island and came across<br />

some locally-made lanolin<br />

creams. He loved this idea and<br />

after returning home developed<br />

our first lanolin cream which we<br />

still sell today (it’s particularly<br />

popular with our Chinese and<br />

Taiwanese customers).<br />

How has the business weathered<br />

Q. the many business challenges<br />

and adapted?<br />

We’ve been through many<br />

A. changes and challenges over the<br />

years and evolved from a tourism<br />

wholesale business to a cosmetic<br />

company. Although, I still can’t<br />

quiet let go and still have a few of<br />

our traditional tourist products -<br />

but these probably only take up<br />

three shelves in our warehouse<br />

now!<br />

Q.Who are your products aimed at:<br />

I think you always subconsciously<br />

A. make products for yourself. I have<br />

Inspiring Women<br />

very sensitive, dry and eczemaprone<br />

skin. All our products are<br />

tested on my skin (instead of<br />

animals!) so I know our range is<br />

great for sensitive skin.<br />

What advice would you offer<br />

Q. other businesses?<br />

Be true to yourself and try and<br />

A. talk with a voice that is authentic.<br />

If you try to be something you are<br />

not, you won’t last the long haul.<br />

Don’t overthink what you think<br />

other people want your brand<br />

to be. This particularly relates to<br />

social media where you can get<br />

carried away with a look or trend<br />

that isn’t going to pay your bills<br />

in the long run. I’ve always played<br />

the long game. I might not win<br />

today, but I’m not going anywhere<br />

and will be back.<br />

What are some of the greatest<br />

Q. lessons from over the past two<br />

challenging Covid-affected<br />

years?<br />

Look after yourself! You are<br />

A. only as good as your health<br />

so try and keep fit and healthy<br />

and sometimes don’t read the<br />

news for a couple of days. If you<br />

survived the last two years in<br />

business then it is only up from<br />

here. And if something doesn’t<br />

work then move on.<br />

58<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Women<br />


Women<br />




Ashleigh Scott<br />

When it comes to forging her own path in the business of<br />

beauty, Ashleigh Scott brings a hard-earned but winning<br />

formula of combining smart, considered thinking without<br />

ever diluting her innate understanding of skincare,<br />

wellness and healing.<br />

As founder of The Facialist in Auckland,<br />

Ashleigh has seen her business evolve<br />

dramatically, even through tough<br />

Covid-times. She has also successfully<br />

surrounded herself with an impressive<br />

team who specialise in offering bespoke<br />

skincare treatments.<br />

Having originally opened The Facialist<br />

in 2014, today the business has<br />

something of a cult-like following.<br />

Ashleigh has fearlessly innovated<br />

experiences such as her own Yoga Facial<br />

treatment (an intensive facial massage<br />

to lift and tone face muscles – think a<br />

gym workout for your face), through<br />

to the recent launch of The Facialist<br />

Glow Oil (with other products under<br />

development).<br />

It’s an impressive journey from her early<br />

days working as a beauty therapist in<br />

Auckland (doing treatments like waxing,<br />

nails and facials, as well as lasers and<br />

peels), followed by a stint in London<br />

before returning to New Zealand with a<br />

desire to create her own boutique facial<br />

spa. Say hello to The Facialist. Mission<br />

accomplished.<br />

Specialising in all natural and organic<br />

skincare, Ashleigh’s philosophy is keenly<br />

focused around working with the skin<br />

and feeding it with plant botanicals<br />

as part of a holistic experience. The<br />

Facialist restful and nurturing ambience<br />

is part of a considered approach to a full<br />

and complete experience, as well as the<br />

treatments being provided.<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong> finds out more about the<br />

multi award-winning business (including<br />

the World Spa Awards):<br />

What motivated you to open The<br />

Q. Facialist and what was your original<br />

focus?<br />

A.<br />

I had just moved home from London<br />

and was planning on getting a job<br />

in a salon, but I had always wanted<br />

to start my own business and it just<br />

seemed like a good time to start<br />

fresh! I had a real passion for facials,<br />

I didn’t really enjoy other aspects<br />

of <strong>Beauty</strong> Therapy and at the time<br />

there were no salons just specialising<br />

in facials and skin. I guess it really<br />

started as creating a job for myself<br />

and has slowly grown to employ<br />

others with the same passion as me.<br />

Q.<br />

A.<br />

How<br />

Q. has the business<br />

evolved over the years?<br />

When I started it was just<br />

me for the first year or<br />

so. I slowly built up the<br />

business and hired staff as<br />

I was able to. The business<br />

hasn’t changed much<br />

from my original plan and<br />

concept except to grow!<br />

Three years after opening<br />

we moved into a larger<br />

space and took on more<br />

staff. We have brought in<br />

new product ranges as<br />

well as creating our own.<br />

But the philosophy of our<br />

business and the core of<br />

our facials remains the<br />

same.<br />

What has been the<br />

Q. greatest business<br />

challenge over the past<br />

two years?<br />

A.<br />

So many in the last few<br />

years - it’s been a hard time<br />

to run a business! This year<br />

we really struggled with<br />

hiring. We have recently<br />

made three hires, but that<br />

was after six months of<br />

advertising.<br />

Q.<br />

A.<br />

What<br />

Q. sets your business<br />

apart?<br />

Q. A.<br />

Q. A.<br />

Everything! I deliberately<br />

wanted to create a space<br />

that was different to any<br />

other beauty salon in<br />

New Zealand. We source<br />

the best products from<br />

all over the world, and<br />

we have an amazing<br />

selection of organic,<br />

natural and scientificallybacked<br />

products. Our<br />

treatments are bespoke,<br />

and we have also created<br />

a unique atmosphere in<br />

our space. Our salon is<br />

housed inside an industrial<br />

concrete building. We have<br />

really worked with the raw<br />

concrete, steel, exposed<br />

pipes and softened it<br />

with beautiful textiles and<br />

furniture. It’s a very iconic<br />

and beautiful space.<br />

How big is your team and<br />

what makes it special?<br />

We are a team of 10<br />

currently. I have a salon<br />

manager who leads our<br />

team of five therapists.<br />

Then the admin side<br />

of our team consists of<br />

our marketing manager,<br />

ecommerce and wholesale<br />

manager and my husband<br />

and I also both work full<br />

time in the business. Our<br />

team are all passionate<br />

about what they do.<br />

How you strive to achieve<br />

a great team atmosphere?<br />

I pride myself on having<br />

created a really positive<br />

and enjoyable working<br />

environment for my team.<br />

I hire on personality first.<br />

Our team is very close and<br />

it’s really important we<br />

don’t bring in the wrong<br />

personality who can really<br />

throw that off. We really<br />

value our staff and put<br />

them first in all business<br />

decisions.<br />

Some highlights of 2022<br />

Q. in terms of business<br />

development?<br />

A.<br />

We have seen big growth<br />

in the ecommerce side<br />

of our business. We<br />

deliberately invested<br />

significantly into this side<br />

of the business in the<br />

last year and it’s great to<br />

see that gaining traction.<br />

We also launched our<br />

first product under The<br />

Facialist name. We have<br />

been working on a range<br />

of skincare and tools and<br />

Glow is the first product in<br />

our range of The Facialist<br />

skincare – a multi-tasking<br />

oil designed to sit into any<br />

skincare regime. We also<br />

have our tools like our Ice<br />

Globes, Gua Sha and The<br />

Sculpter which is a facial<br />

massage tool, designed<br />

to mimic our facial with<br />

simple intuitive upward<br />

and outward strokes.<br />

What treatments have<br />

Q. been most popular in<br />

2022?<br />

A.<br />

People have really been<br />

craving touch and human<br />

connection. After spending<br />

the best part of two years<br />

in isolation and working<br />

from home, I find people<br />

are seeking longer, more<br />

hands on treatments. The<br />

beauty of our facials is they<br />

are all massage based and<br />

beautifully combine results<br />

with relaxation for our<br />

customers really get the<br />

best of both worlds.<br />

Q. A.<br />

How do you choose the<br />

brands you align with?<br />

We’re fiercely passionate<br />

about every single brand<br />

we stock: Janesce,<br />

Emma Lewisham, Tata<br />

Harper, Josh Rosebrook,<br />

MV Skincare, Mukti,<br />

Synergie Skin, Biologi,<br />

Raaie, The <strong>Beauty</strong> Chef,<br />

Sans Ceuticals and other<br />

brands covering body, hair,<br />

fragrance and ingestible<br />

beauty.<br />

I really like to mix and<br />

match between our brands<br />

so we can create a really<br />

bespoke regime for our<br />

clients. It’s not realistic to<br />

use everything from one<br />

range. I have yet to find<br />

a single range that has<br />

something for everyone<br />

in every product category.<br />

We want our customers to<br />

have the best skin of their<br />

lives, and as such we pride<br />

our self on non-bias, multibranded<br />

skin prescriptions<br />

to help achieve their skin<br />

goals.<br />

Thefacialist.co.nz<br />

60 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />



brand<br />


brand<br />

Antipodes:<br />

Scientific green beauty<br />

both oily and dry skin. It helps balance<br />

oil, but it also nourishes the skin and<br />

doesn’t dry it out. It’s a beautiful soft<br />

cleanser and highly effective at lifting<br />

impurities, including eye makeup.<br />

It’s also a brilliant morning cleanser<br />

to help remove excess sebum that<br />

accumulates on the skin overnight.<br />

Shortly after Hallelujah came Avocado<br />

Pear Nourishing Night Cream, Divine<br />

Face Oil, and Rejoice Light Facial Day<br />

Cream. Now, 18 years later, we are<br />

stocked in more than 40 markets<br />

worldwide.<br />

Antipodes is a green beauty success<br />

story – the evolution of a brand that<br />

was passionate about a sustainable<br />

approach to beauty and skincare<br />

long before it became ‘a trend’. This<br />

authentic drive has seen Antipodes<br />

become a globally significant brand,<br />

which still stays true to its humble New<br />

Zealand roots.<br />

It all began when Elizabeth Barbalich<br />

(Antipodes CEO & founder), armed with<br />

a biology degree and deep interest in<br />

both science and nature, was searching<br />

for natural skincare that offered the<br />

same benefits as prestige brands.<br />

With an impressive scientific<br />

background, including playing a role in<br />

pioneering technology for laparoscopic<br />

surgery, Elizabeth was raising three<br />

children and on a family quest for<br />

improved health and wellbeing.<br />

By combining her love and knowledge<br />

of science and nature, Antipodes was<br />

born – a cutting edge brand that’s<br />

good for both skin and the planet,<br />

but also gets results. Right from the<br />

beginning, Elizabeth was set on using<br />

pure New Zealand ingredients that were<br />

independently tested and scientifically<br />

validated.<br />

Antipodes chooses to use clean New<br />

Zealand ingredients, partner with<br />

suppliers who align with its values,<br />

and retains its manufacturing in<br />

New Zealand. The business also has<br />

ambitious sustainability goals for <strong>2023</strong>:<br />

100% plastic-free packaging, 100%<br />

kerbside recyclable in New Zealand<br />

and Australia, and 100% traceable<br />

ingredients.<br />

Elizabeth<br />

Barbalich<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong> caught up with Elizabeth to<br />

find out more:<br />

Q. In the beauty industry, skincare is<br />

a key component of many salon<br />

businesses. As beauty professionals<br />

will know, the correct skincare<br />

regime for clients is essential. What<br />

are clients looking for today in a<br />

skincare regime?<br />

A. Results. Efficacy is everything – clients<br />

want evidence that a product will<br />

do what it claims. Our customers<br />

are smart. They read the ingredients<br />

list and seek out information to fully<br />

understand what they are putting on<br />

their skin. They expect to have all the<br />

information at their fingertips, and<br />

rightly so.<br />

I’m incredibly proud of the<br />

independent testing that our<br />

products and ingredients undergo –<br />

it’s rare to find natural skincare with<br />

scientific backing. We are one of just<br />

a few brands internationally who<br />

strive to create 100% natural-origin<br />

formulations, that also achieve the allimportant<br />

scientific efficacy, through<br />

independent in-vitro testing and<br />

clinical trials.<br />

Q. Apart from skincare results, what<br />

other attributes are clients looking<br />

for?<br />

A. A brand that shares their values, that<br />

is committed to minimising its impact<br />

on the environment. Since day one,<br />

sustainability has been at the heart<br />

of everything we do at Antipodes<br />

– we’re 100% family-owned and all<br />

our products are created and made<br />

in New Zealand. We source the<br />

purest ingredients to go into our<br />

formulations, which are all grown<br />

using sustainable farming, without<br />

chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers.<br />

Our entire skincare range is certified<br />

vegan, vegetarian, or organic.<br />

Our green ethos also spreads to<br />

our eco-friendly packaging. We’ve<br />

used glass and aluminium as our<br />

core packaging for 18 years. These<br />

materials are incredibly high quality<br />

– which is important to us as a<br />

premium skincare brand – but they<br />

have the added benefit of preserving<br />

the integrity of our formulas, they<br />

are fully recyclable and endlessly<br />

reusable. So from our perspective,<br />

these materials are superior to plastic<br />

in every way and we wouldn’t have it<br />

any other way.<br />

On a more personal note, clients are<br />

more and more focused on skincare<br />

as self-care, taking a moment in their<br />

day to turn the application of their<br />

skincare into a self-care ritual. Each<br />

evening I always take the time to<br />

pause and take a few deep breaths<br />

as I massage in my serum and night<br />

cream, to soothe my skin and my<br />

soul at the same time. That’s why the<br />

sensory aspects of the range are so<br />

important to me – the fragrance, the<br />

texture, the feel on my skin.<br />

Q. How has your background in<br />

science influenced your approach to<br />

developing Antipodes?<br />

A. I studied biology at university,<br />

which helped enormously when<br />

I decided to launch Antipodes,<br />

because science plays a critical<br />

part in the development of every<br />

formulation. I started the business<br />

because I couldn’t find premium,<br />

natural skincare that was scientifically<br />

validated. I’m really passionate about<br />

uniting potent natural ingredients<br />

with independent scientific and<br />

clinical trials to create skincare that<br />

gives enviable results.<br />

Q. What sparked your initial passion in<br />

the industry?<br />

A. After I’d had my three children, I<br />

began paying closer attention to my<br />

health, and that included both what<br />

I put in my body and what I put on<br />

my body. I went searching for highquality<br />

natural skincare that was free<br />

from chemical nasties, but I couldn’t<br />

find premium, natural products<br />

that offered the same benefits as<br />

the conventional skincare that I’d<br />

previously used, so the idea for<br />

Antipodes came from there.<br />

I started mixing and testing skincare<br />

formulations in my kitchen, and soon<br />

found some excellent local ingredient<br />

suppliers that we still work with today<br />

– for our avocado oil, kiwi seed oil,<br />

manuka honey, and Vinanza® Grape<br />

extract, which is a byproduct of the<br />

Marlborough wine industry. At that<br />

stage Antipodes was just me, so I was<br />

travelling up and down New Zealand,<br />

trying to convince stores to stock my<br />

products, and then training the store<br />

staff myself.<br />

Q. What were the first products to be<br />

developed and how has the brand<br />

evolved?<br />

A. Antipodes’ very first product was<br />

Hallelujah Lime & Patchouli Cleanser<br />

& Makeup Remover. Combination<br />

skin is the most common skin type,<br />

so I developed a cream cleanser for<br />

Q. Is there a specific focus around<br />

Antipodes as a professional skincare<br />

brand and why?<br />

A. Antipodes occupies a rare niche<br />

in natural skincare. Our unique<br />

difference is the focus on scientific<br />

validation, such as the gold standard:<br />

in-vitro testing, which shows the<br />

ability of key products to stimulate<br />

collagen and protect from oxidative<br />

stress.<br />

Q. Has there been any change in<br />

product development around mature<br />

skins and what does this mean for<br />

the professional therapists?<br />

A. The core products in our anti-ageing<br />

range are scientifically proven in-vitro<br />

to stimulate collagen production<br />

in human fibroblast skin cells.<br />

Our hero product, Avocado Pear<br />

Nourishing Night Cream has our most<br />

exceptional result: boosting collagen<br />

by up to 92%. We have an exciting<br />

new release for mature skin coming<br />

in early <strong>2023</strong> that will cement our<br />

position as an innovator in the natural<br />

skincare space.<br />

On top of in-vitro or clinical testing,<br />

our new products also undergo<br />

in-vivo trials – impartial feedback<br />

from independent testers who<br />

trial a product in their own homes<br />

for several weeks, and then leave<br />

62 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />



brand<br />

Abel Pause<br />

objective feedback, which reveals a<br />

product’s most significant features.<br />

Together, this scientific testing gives<br />

therapists the ability to target specific<br />

skin concerns much more accurately,<br />

and to be confident that a client will<br />

see the benefits.<br />

Q. What are your summer skincare<br />

essentials?<br />

A. As the seasons change, so does<br />

our skin – in the hotter months skin<br />

can become more irritated, more<br />

blemished, more dehydrated, and<br />

more prone to signs of ageing. The<br />

two new probiotic products in<br />

our Calming & Clearing range can<br />

help: Flora Probiotic Skin-Rescue<br />

Hyaluronic Mask and Credo Probiotic<br />

Ferment Revitalise Serum.<br />

Extensive research went into the<br />

creation of the range, which features<br />

a world-class probiotic called<br />

Kalibiome. Flora features a strain<br />

specially formulated for sensitive<br />

skin, while Credo’s strain focuses on<br />

rejuvenation, to address blemishes<br />

and wrinkles.<br />

Flora is a twice-weekly mask,<br />

dermatologically tested, to de-stress<br />

and freshen skin that is sensitive or<br />

inflamed. It is cooling and soothing,<br />

and an ideal skin-recovery mask to<br />

reduce any redness or discomfort<br />

following salon treatments.<br />

Credo is a daily serum that features<br />

high-tech fermented ingredients<br />

(kombucha, bamboo, and plant<br />

hyaluronic) to target breakouts and<br />

signs of ageing, to reveal skin that is<br />

calm, clear, and healthy.<br />

Q. What is your personal favourite<br />

product?<br />

A. The one Antipodes product that<br />

is always in my handbag, on my<br />

desk, on my bedside table, and in<br />

my bathroom cabinet is Ananda<br />

Antioxidant-Rich Gentle Toner. I have<br />

dehydrated, sensitive skin, and the<br />

100% natural formula is wonderfully<br />

soothing. It’s also great for a quick<br />

spritz through the day over makeup,<br />

to keep my skin calm and hydrated. I<br />

can’t live without it!<br />

Indulgent and expertly curated scented body oils that perfectly<br />

merge and modernise skincare and perfume. Seductively<br />

packaged, the nutrient-rich formulas work as a body oil, perfume,<br />

hair oil, hair mask and cuticle oil. Asriq.com.au<br />


LOVE<br />

We’re passionate about discovering and showcasing<br />

new brands and products, so here are some of our<br />

recent favourite discoveries<br />

Pause is the impressive newest release from renowned New Zealandbased<br />

natural fragrance house Abel. A functional fragrance to help<br />

support hormonal harmony during perimenopause, Pause features<br />

carefully selected essential oils including Mimosa (for its mood stabilising<br />

properties); Narcissus (for its ability to support sleep) and Violet Leaf (to aid<br />

in stress reduction). Abelodor.com<br />

Asriq<br />

Synergie Skin<br />

Active cosmeceutical products<br />

without questionable<br />

ingredients are at the heart of<br />

Synergie Skin’s three ranges<br />

- all dedicated to improving<br />

the long-term health of skin.<br />

Clean science with scientifically<br />

backed formulas and a focus on<br />

education. synergieskin.co.nz<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> Spa Wellbeing<br />

Providing a splendour of essentials to the <strong>NZ</strong> beauty industry.<br />

Clémence Organics<br />

Biobod<br />

Designed to help achieve strong<br />

healthy skin, with a particular focus<br />

around being kind to sensitive skin.<br />

Biobod’s naturally active formulations<br />

are scientifically designed to work<br />

with the body, not against it, by<br />

restoring the natural mechanisms of<br />

skin health. Biobod.com.au<br />

Organic skincare at its finest, this multi-award<br />

winning brand encompasses exquisite certified<br />

organic and naturopathically formulated products,<br />

designed to help provide solutions for a range of<br />

skin concerns. Clemenceorganics.com<br />

Skin Proud Frozen Over<br />

Dew Lab<br />

Superfood skincare which is proudly 100% New<br />

Zealand owned, operated and made. Specialising<br />

in locally sourced ingredients and sustainable<br />

manufacturing, Dew Lab’s impressive collection<br />

includes oils and serums, moisturisers, cleansers,<br />

masks and more. Dewlabbeauty.com<br />

The ultimate cooling skincare for<br />

summer. This cryotherapy gel<br />

moisturiser is a uniquely cooling<br />

skincare product like no other we’ve<br />

tried. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, it<br />

can be used at room temperature or<br />

applied straight from the freezer as an<br />

icy soothing skin saviour for tired and<br />

puffy skin. Iamproud.com<br />

64 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Business BITES<br />

Professional<br />

pre-nups -<br />

why your<br />

business<br />

needs one<br />

Intellectual Property and<br />

Copyright<br />

While it may not be bricks and mortar,<br />

Intellectual Property is a business asset.<br />

It can be bought, sold and licensed, so it<br />

needs to be protected like you would any<br />

other asset.<br />

It covers anything invented, developed or<br />

created by an employee as part of their<br />

job, or in the employer’s time.<br />

This includes signs, slogans, logos,<br />

inventions, new products and processes,<br />

designs and original works, such as<br />

writing, drawings, filming and recordings.<br />

As a starting point:<br />

• If IP is the lifeblood of your business,<br />

seek specialist advice<br />

• Be clear with new employees (and<br />

those leaving) that the business owns<br />

all IP<br />

• If you’re working with overseas<br />

employees you may need specialist<br />

help<br />

By law, present and former employees<br />

cannot disclose trade secrets and<br />

highly confidential information, if it<br />

would cause significant harm to the<br />

employer’s business.<br />

If an employee knowingly takes or<br />

copies trade secrets for monetary<br />

benefit, or to cause an<br />

employer or former<br />

employer loss, they can<br />

face criminal charges.<br />

Much like a marriage,<br />

when a new<br />

employee signs<br />

on the dotted line<br />

you hope that it<br />

will be the start of<br />

a long and happy<br />

relationship.<br />

And in most cases,<br />

you will won’t need to<br />

call in these clauses.<br />

But setting clear<br />

boundaries from the<br />

outset will give you<br />

peace of mind and<br />

security for you both to<br />

set off on the right foot.<br />

Taking on a new employee is like entering into any<br />

new relationship. Until you get to know each other,<br />

it’s a case of building up mutual trust.<br />

Employment agreements protect both<br />

of you, should things not work out. A<br />

professional ‘pre-nup’ if you like.<br />

While you don’t want to set out fearing<br />

the worst, it’s important that you put<br />

measures in place to protect you and<br />

your business.<br />

An employment agreement not only<br />

sets out expectations, it safeguards<br />

the trade secrets that make your<br />

business unique. Intellectual property<br />

and confidential information should<br />

always be taken into consideration when<br />

drafting employment agreements.<br />

Confidentiality<br />

Always include a confidentiality clause if<br />

an employee has access to confidential<br />

information as part of their work.<br />

Confidential information is that which<br />

is not in the public domain, including<br />

commercial agreements, trade secrets,<br />

financial affairs, methods and systems,<br />

business strategies (merchandising,<br />

budgeting, pricing, advertising, products<br />

and services), computer software and<br />

data, and client, supplier and employee<br />

records.<br />

When including a confidentiality clause<br />

in an employment agreement:<br />

• Specify what information is considered<br />

confidential and private<br />

• Include confidentiality in your Code of<br />

Conduct<br />

• Think about what you will do if<br />

confidentiality is broken<br />

• Remind employees when they leave<br />

that the clause continues<br />

By<br />

Kellie Hamlett<br />

Talent ID director and HR<br />

recruitment specialist.<br />

Talent ID are recruitment<br />

specialists, who can support<br />

with professional, hassle-free<br />

recruitment and human resource<br />

solutions. Find out more at<br />

talentid.co.nz or discuss directly<br />

by calling 0800 850080 or<br />

emailing kellie@talentid.co.nz<br />

TALENTID.CO.<strong>NZ</strong><br />

After careful consideration your Association has aligned themselves with Maurice Trapp<br />

Group to provide our members, with a discounted group scheme for your insurance.<br />

For further details please contact Dee directly on 021 062 4597<br />

www.beautynz.org.nz<br />



66<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Business BITES<br />

Office INSPO<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />


Business<br />

<strong>2023</strong><br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> Business Trends<br />

BITES<br />

focus<br />

Transform your workspace by adding some pieces which help<br />

shape your mindset into a positive space. We’ve gathered some<br />

of our favourite pieces as inspiration.<br />


The perfect solution for beautiful office fragrance without the risk of spilling<br />

liquid on your desk. This new CIRCA liquidless diffuser uses innovative dry<br />

diffusion technology. Each individual Scent Stem is infused with delicious<br />

fragrance, and you can mix and match to create your own unique blend. Our<br />

current faves: Oceanique and Jasmine & Magnolia. nz.circa.com.au<br />


The perfect sachet of goodness for a quick energy boost. My Morning Mantra<br />

is a Kiwi lifestyle brand striving to serve your body and mind with its range<br />

of simple, clean products. The delicious Fizz Sticks (available in raspberry,<br />

strawberry and mandarin) are designed to help increase energy levels with<br />

essential vitamins and minerals as part of your daily routine. Just add water<br />

and enjoy. mymorningmantra.co.nz<br />


These nifty Ice Globes are the perfect secret tool to keep in your office<br />

desk for a quick fix. Just pop them in the office fridge for 10 minutes before<br />

starting, then glide or roll over the face and neck, pausing on the eye area.<br />

Cooling and calming, they help reduce under-eye puffiness and refine skin.<br />

Thefacialist.co.nz<br />


These glorious journals are the perfect distraction when it’s time for a quick<br />

mind reset. Keep your favourite journal handy in your office and dip into it<br />

when you have a spare moment. You’re not only recording special memories,<br />

but also creating a perfect treasured heirloom to hand on through the<br />

generations. Each journal has prompts to help inspire you to start today, to<br />

record for tomorrow. Forgetmenotjournals.com<br />


Every office should have some visual points of beauty and this New Zealand<br />

vase merges the practical with the beautiful. A collaboration between second<br />

generation master glass artist Luke Jacomb and iconic designer Karen Walker,<br />

each vase is individually mouth-blown and unique. Karenwalker.com<br />


Whether you’re typing on a keyboard or spending time in an air conditioned<br />

workspace, your hard working hands deserve a little daily attention. We love<br />

this Linden Leaves collection of three natural hand creams (and the rest of the<br />

office will likely enjoy the fragrance also). Plus the tin is handy storage for all<br />

sorts of office knick knacks. lindenleaves.co.nz<br />


There’s something soothing about flickering candlelight and it’s the perfect<br />

stress reducer during work time. New Zealand brand Nevé delivers a<br />

mesmerising collection of scented candles with wood wicks. And with<br />

sustainability a key focus, the sleek vessel is a keepsake, with candle refills<br />

allowing you to enjoy new fragrances each time. Neve.co.nz<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

As you prepare your beauty business<br />

plan for <strong>2023</strong>, first congratulate<br />

yourself on having overcome the many<br />

significant challenges and changes that<br />

continue developing your resilience.<br />

Your beauty business exists to serve<br />

others and make profit.<br />

You are in the business of finding,<br />

satisfying and keeping clients.<br />

Allocate a couple of hours on a chosen<br />

day of the week to work on your plan of<br />

increasing new clients. New clients are<br />

everywhere.<br />

First determine your specific target<br />

market. For example, if you desire to<br />

build a profitable facial business and<br />

specialise in specific treatments, your<br />

target market could be a woman in<br />

business who wants to look and feel<br />

good about herself, has the need<br />

to maintain her appearance in her<br />

workplace, has time to visit your salon<br />

on a regular basis, uses home care and<br />

has disposable income. She will appear<br />

when word of mouth about your passion<br />

for beauty and results reach her via<br />

existing clients, or your pictures and<br />

success stories on social media reach<br />

her.<br />

If you are new in business, invite<br />

two or three local businesspeople to<br />

your salon to watch a new innovative<br />

facial experience which could be<br />

demonstrated over a morning or<br />

afternoon refreshment or on a chosen<br />

evening. Offer each an introductory<br />

experience. For example, a facial with<br />

a hand treatment. Always add value to<br />

your services, discounting is unwise if<br />

you want to remain in business.<br />

With more women working from home,<br />

this assists in rebuilding business<br />

relationships fractured during lockdowns<br />

and helps rebuilds community.<br />

Aim for 10 new clients weekly – once you<br />

build a regular habit of finding clients,<br />

you become even more creative in<br />

finding clients to replace those who may<br />

have moved to a new location or can no<br />

longer afford beauty services.<br />

The value of your business is based upon<br />

your profit, annual client numbers and<br />

dollar per average each client invests into<br />

facial or other beauty services in your<br />

business.<br />

Satisfying clients includes upskilling<br />

yourself and introducing two or three<br />

new immersive facial experiences<br />

including innovative technology.<br />

Customers crave EXPERIENCE more than<br />

anything else.<br />

Review your salon menu two or three<br />

times annually. Keep it simple with focus<br />

on six or seven effective facials. Feature<br />

new innovative facials at the beginning<br />

of your menu and talk about the benefits<br />

and innovative technology involved,<br />

then update this offering quarterly. Use<br />

pictures.<br />

Keep clients by providing service<br />

excellence on every occasion: package<br />

a selection of three facials with a retail<br />

give away, one facial is an expense, a<br />

course of three offers a very tangible<br />

result. Remain fresh by visiting a fellow<br />

beauty professional for your beauty<br />

treatments and sharing mutual business<br />

experiences. Other beauty professionals<br />

are not your competitors ...technology,<br />

shoe and fashion stores are.<br />

Factor into your <strong>2023</strong> written plan:<br />

• Accelerated digital transformation<br />

such as artificial intelligence (AI)<br />

• Preview your technology ensuring<br />

you have effective technology<br />

throughout your processes<br />

• Inflation and supply chain security<br />

– severe shortage of materials is<br />

impacting beauty supplies<br />

• More immersive customer<br />

experiences. Customers crave<br />

experience more than anything else<br />

All around us people are reskilling and<br />

upskilling. There will be more workplace<br />

automation impacting every aspect of<br />

work, as we increasingly share our work<br />

with intelligent machines and smart<br />

robots.<br />

“<br />

Your beauty business<br />

exists to serve others<br />

and make profit.<br />

You are in the business<br />

of finding, satisfying<br />

and keeping clients.<br />

We must recruit and develop new<br />

people who have the beauty and<br />

technology skills required for the future<br />

development of our New Zealand beauty<br />

industry.<br />

As this rapid change occurs, how<br />

blessed we are working in our own<br />

beauty businesses serving others who<br />

have even greater need for the peace,<br />

tranquillity and beauty results we have<br />

on offer for <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

By<br />

Rosemary Currie<br />

Founder and director of Infinisea,<br />

director of Thalgo <strong>NZ</strong><br />

Rosemary is a fully qualified<br />

beauty therapist and founder of<br />

Infinisea, a business advancing<br />

body care solutions to spa, beauty<br />

therapy and podiatry professionals<br />

throughout New Zealand.<br />

INFINISEA.<strong>NZ</strong><br />

68 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />

68<br />


Business BITES<br />

How an online<br />

booking<br />

system can<br />

be a game<br />

changer<br />

Whether your business is a salon, spa or<br />

clinic; there’s no doubt that an effective<br />

and properly managed online booking<br />

system can be a total gamechanger in<br />

terms of management and organisation.<br />

An online booking system is like having<br />

a receptionist 24/7. It works in the<br />

background, explains what your services<br />

entail and gives customers the ability to<br />

choose exactly when they want to visit<br />

your business.<br />

It can also collect deposits (reducing<br />

cancellations and no-shows) and can<br />

even allow clients to manage their own<br />

bookings, view their history and add in<br />

reference photos for their upcoming<br />

appointment.<br />

If you don’t have an online booking<br />

system, or don’t think you’re using it<br />

to its full advantage; keep reading to<br />

learn how an online booking system can<br />

change the game for your business.<br />

Provide total convenience<br />

for your clients<br />

One of the most important reasons<br />

around why you should invest in an<br />

online booking system is first and<br />

foremost, that it's convenient for your<br />

clients. They’re able to see all available<br />

times for their preferred therapist, so<br />

can choose exactly when they want to<br />

book in. This can save repeated phone<br />

calls and conversations around time<br />

availability.<br />

Clients can log in to view their upcoming<br />

appointments and reschedule if needed.<br />

They can even upload reference photos<br />

or before photos to make consultations<br />

a breeze when they arrive for their<br />

appointment.<br />

Many clients don’t have time in their busy<br />

schedule, and so if they have to jump<br />

through hoops to make a booking at your<br />

business, you could be missing out on<br />

potential bookings. Make it as accessible<br />

as possible to your clients by promoting<br />

it everywhere:<br />

Fill your appointment<br />

book<br />

As mentioned before, an online booking<br />

system is like having a receptionist<br />

24/7 and that’s important - our data<br />

shows that 50% of online bookings<br />

are made outside of standard business<br />

hours, which means people want the<br />

freedom to book in their own time. Not<br />

only that, but when your staff are busy<br />

with clients during the day, your online<br />

booking system is still there filling your<br />

appointment book and keeping you away<br />

from your phone.<br />

If you tend to have a full appointment<br />

book and don't think you need an<br />

online booking system, think again! An<br />

online booking system is a perfect tool<br />

to use when you have an unexpected<br />

cancellation or no-show and you<br />

need to fill a space on the day, which<br />

is something nearly every business<br />

experiences.<br />

If you have a client cancel, head over<br />

to your social media and promote that<br />

empty space. Remember to include a link<br />

to your online booking system so your<br />

followers can easily go to your site and<br />

book in.<br />

Reduce no-shows and<br />

cancellations<br />

Every time that a client cancels last<br />

minute or doesn't show up for their<br />

appointment, and you can’t fill that<br />

space, you and your business lose<br />

out on that revenue. Because of this,<br />

many businesses are implementing a<br />

deposit system, as it’s proven to reduce<br />

cancellations and no-shows.<br />

Your online booking system should allow<br />

you to take a deposit, so you can be<br />

assured that even if a client cancels last<br />

minute, and you aren’t able to fill that<br />

space, you can at least recoup some of<br />

the cost. Look for a system that allows<br />

you to completely customise the deposit<br />

amount requested so it works well for<br />

your business and clients.<br />

An online booking system is an incredible<br />

tool for any business in the hair and<br />

beauty industry, and once you’ve<br />

implemented it and start promoting in<br />

online, you should be wowed at all the<br />

bookings coming in.<br />

Business<br />

By<br />

Kamrin Hira<br />

Kamrin Hira is a marketer<br />

at Kitomba Salon and Spa<br />

Software. Kitomba has an<br />

impressive and reputable<br />

focus around the business of<br />

hair and beauty, and for two<br />

decades has continued to<br />

develop and support industry<br />

specific software features,<br />

backed up by free support.<br />


BITES<br />

• Include a link to your online booking<br />

system in all marketing materials. You<br />

can use a URL shortener to add it into<br />

your text messages.<br />

• Make sure you've added your online<br />

booking site to your Google Business<br />

Profile so that when potential clients<br />

search up salons in their area on<br />

Google Maps, they can go directly to<br />

your online booking system.<br />

• Integrate your online booking site with<br />

social media platforms, like Facebook<br />

and Instagram, so clients can click<br />

on a 'Book Now' button to take them<br />

directly to the booking page.<br />

70 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Sustainability<br />

greener world<br />

Sustainable swaps<br />

for a<br />

These statistics clearly show that<br />

consumers are no longer just looking for<br />

the best deal for their wallets; they’re also<br />

after the best deal for the planet. Making<br />

sustainable swaps is a great opportunity<br />

to attract new clients who are committed<br />

to leaving behind a cleaner and greener<br />

world.<br />

Sustainability<br />

By<br />

Sunny Coombes<br />

Across New Zealand, beauty salons are trying their best to<br />

build sustainability into their everyday business practices and<br />

choosing sustainable replacements for the tools they need.<br />

Some tools, however, simply can’t be replaced due to safety<br />

regulations or a lack of sustainable alternatives.<br />

The Face Place (Auckland and Takapuna) with<br />

Sharps Container<br />

• 56% of salon visitors wondered where<br />

all the waste went and hoped it was<br />

going somewhere enviro-friendly.<br />

• 92% of survey participants said<br />

they were likely or very likely to visit<br />

a Sustainable Salon for their next<br />

appointment<br />

As summer gets into full swing and<br />

people flock to salons for tans, waxing,<br />

and other beauty services to get them<br />

looking and feeling their best, salons<br />

have a unique opportunity to present<br />

themselves as the sustainable choice.<br />

From wax strips to spoolies, there's a<br />

more sustainable option if salons are keen<br />

to make the switch.<br />

Contact us to find out how your business<br />

can join the network of salons working to<br />

make sustainability a reality, one beauty<br />

treatment at a time..<br />

Sunny is a former stylist who has<br />

worked with leading haircare<br />

brands and salons throughout<br />

New Zealand for more than 20<br />

years. Her skills, extensive industry<br />

knowledge and enthusiasm for<br />

sustainability are ideal for her role<br />

as Sustainable Salons National<br />

Sales Manager (New Zealand)<br />

This is where we come in. Sustainable<br />

Salons was founded in 2015 by Paul<br />

Frasca and Ewelina Soroko, and since<br />

then, we’ve grown from humble roots<br />

to social enterprise. Our mission<br />

is simple - minimise salon waste.<br />

To do this, we’ve set up innovative<br />

recycling solutions that divert 95% of<br />

salon waste from landfill. Since our<br />

conception, over 1400 businesses have<br />

joined the Sustainable Salons network<br />

across New Zealand and Australia.<br />

For salons and clinics wanting to start<br />

small, there are plenty of sustainable<br />

substitutes for common salon waste.<br />

For example, a large bottle of alcohol<br />

and a paper towel can replace individual<br />

alcohol swabs, and the paper towel can<br />

be thrown in the Sustainable Salons<br />

paper bin. Bamboo cotton buds work just<br />

as well as cotton tips with plastic, and<br />

biodegradable or microfibre rounds are<br />

an excellent replacement for traditional<br />

cotton pads.<br />

In the dermal and aesthetics industries<br />

we have recently launched our Sharps<br />

Program, providing members with the<br />

ability to dispose of these materials<br />

ethically and responsibly in their clinic<br />

using our Sharps Collection Containers.<br />

With increasing consumer demand for<br />

cosmetic injectables, the Sustainable<br />

Salons Sharps Program helps prevent<br />

these materials from entering landfill.<br />

If businesses are asking themselves why<br />

they should make this switch, the answer<br />

is simple - the market demands it.<br />

Juve Skin and Body (Gisborne) with Sustainable<br />

Salons bins<br />

We recently commissioned Junkee Media<br />

to ask over 800 consumers about their<br />

sustainable spending habits, and the<br />

results speak for themselves:<br />

• 91% of clients said they were happy to<br />

pay a small sustainability fee at their<br />

next appointment<br />

Honeycomb House of Hair (Tauranga) with client<br />

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash<br />

72<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Business<br />

BITES<br />

This recruitment challenge is echoed<br />

internationally, leaving treatment rooms<br />

empty and profits affected. Across the<br />

industry, we’re seeing a huge increase in<br />

spas now looking for new and exciting<br />

therapies that they can offer their guests<br />

which require minimal therapist and staff<br />

time.<br />

Empty treatment rooms lose your<br />

business money. There are ways to fill<br />

them, to not only avoid the headache<br />

of recruitment, but to enhance your<br />

customer’s wellbeing journey.<br />

Here are four ways to solve this problem<br />

and cure empty treatment room<br />

syndrome:<br />

How to Cure<br />

‘Empty Treatment<br />

Room Syndrome’<br />

One of the biggest challenges in running a<br />

profitable and successful spa or salon business<br />

is the difficulty of recruiting therapists.<br />

1 Think outside of the box. Our industry<br />

is changing and so are our customers.<br />

People are looking for exciting, new<br />

and ‘out there’ treatments that<br />

they can talk about and share with<br />

their community. You can use your<br />

empty treatment room as a way of<br />

incorporating technology into your<br />

spa.<br />

2 Look at the space available and<br />

identify what’s missing. Are you a<br />

high-street salon or a small spa with<br />

little or no water facilities? Did you<br />

know that you don’t need a huge<br />

space to provide your guests with<br />

‘sanitas per aquam’ experience? See<br />

your empty treatment room as a<br />

By<br />

Tim Strudwick<br />



means to incorporate something<br />

different into your spa such as a<br />

small water experience.Floatation<br />

can give your guests an interesting<br />

and results-driven treatment, while<br />

adding to profit and saleability of<br />

your packages. You’ll be surprised<br />

at what you can do with a small<br />

treatment room. In fact, at i-sopod<br />

we recommend a minimum room<br />

size of approximately 4mx3.5m,<br />

which can comfortably house a float<br />

tank, shower and changing area.<br />

3 Don’t see this as temporary. An<br />

empty treatment room should be<br />

seen as an opportunity to deliver<br />

wellness to your guests in a different<br />

way. Think facility, rather than<br />

treatment menu. Invest in your space<br />

to see a profitable return.<br />

4 Look at the science. It is easy to<br />

be swayed by new and exciting<br />

treatments which may not deliver on<br />

benefits, so be careful when planning<br />

your new facility. This could be<br />

positioned as an ‘add on’ experience<br />

where it is proven that you can<br />

further your guest’s wellness journey.<br />

Therapies such as floatation are born<br />

out of centuries of bathing in the<br />

Dead Sea and the positive effects of<br />

the minerals in the water and backed<br />

by scientific fact.<br />

Train the<br />

Instagram<br />

algorithm<br />

Having a strong social media presence<br />

is essential to attracting clients to your<br />

salon and increasing sales. You need<br />

to get your social media posts seen by<br />

a lot of people–and most importantly,<br />

the right people.<br />

One thing you need to know is that the<br />

Instagram algorithm reads everything<br />

on a post–the image, colours, text,<br />

post caption, call to action, and the<br />

hashtags–then distributes it to what<br />

it believes is the right audience. For<br />

example, if a post contains a picture of<br />

a laptop, the algorithm will distribute<br />

it to the audience segment who is<br />

interested in technology or gadget.<br />

The Instagram algorithm uses Artificial<br />

Intelligence (AI) and a human review<br />

team. There are AI models designed<br />

to recognise different things within a<br />

post. Then they determine if any action<br />

should be taken, for example removing<br />

it or limiting its distribution. When<br />

further review is needed, a human<br />

review team will reexamine and make<br />

the final decision. This technology is<br />

always evolving, as the AI models get<br />

better in analysing. So, to get your post<br />

distributed to the right audience, you<br />

need to train the algorithm.<br />

What image is in your post? Is<br />

it showing what you want to<br />

communicate to your audience? What’s<br />

in the caption? If your post is not in<br />

alignment with your message and<br />

branding, it might be distributed to the<br />

wrong audience, therefore reducing<br />

to work for you<br />

the chance of potential clients finding<br />

you.<br />

Here is a simple checklist of things to<br />

do:<br />

• Ensure you have a consistent theme<br />

to your posts - be sure that every<br />

post is on brand with your colours,<br />

fonts and logo<br />

• Ensure the images you use are not<br />

showing too much skin or medical<br />

procedures (i.e., needles) and are<br />

relevant to your target audience<br />

• Consider the text on the images<br />

- whether this is text in the image<br />

Business<br />

BITES<br />

By<br />

Kirsten McHarg<br />

Kirsten is a beauty therapist, social<br />

media strategist and business coach, as<br />

well as founder of Savvy Salon Marketing;<br />

specialising in social media and digital<br />

marketing for beauty salons.<br />


itself and/or text your overlay onto<br />

the image. Be sure that everything<br />

written is relevant to your post and<br />

target audience<br />

• Use keywords in your post captions<br />

that are significant to the post and<br />

your salon and what your target<br />

audience might be searching<br />

• Ensure your hashtags are specific to<br />

the post itself in terms of the topic<br />

of the post, as well as your salon and<br />

your target audience.<br />

So, create the right social media posts<br />

for your salon and make the Instagram<br />

algorithm work for you.<br />

74 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION 75

Wellbeing<br />


THE<br />


JOY<br />

A study came out of the<br />

UK recently proving that<br />

serotonin levels are not<br />

connected to depression.<br />

Why does that matter?<br />

Because more than half a million Kiwis*<br />

take antidepressants every day, and the<br />

most common type of antidepressants<br />

sold by the pharmaceutical industry<br />

are based on the principal that if you<br />

are suffering from depression then you<br />

must be low in serotonin.<br />

The logic of the pharma companies<br />

being that increasing your serotonin<br />

levels will reduce your feelings of<br />

depression.<br />

The study from University College<br />

London covered decades of data.<br />

The proof was conclusive. There is<br />

no link between serotonin levels and<br />

depression.<br />

There’s a saying, that the<br />

pharmaceutical industry creates<br />

customers, not cures. And this is surely<br />

the greatest example of that I’ve come<br />

across.<br />

So what does that mean?<br />

Well, if you, or anyone you know<br />

and love has ever been prescribed<br />

antidepressants you'll know they come<br />

with a tonne of side effects, and some<br />

of them can be extreme.<br />

But we accept the side effects because<br />

we're hoping to cure our poor mental<br />

state and find our old selves again.<br />

As a therapist I was outraged by the<br />

results of this study for two reasons:<br />

• On behalf of my clients, some of<br />

whom are addicted to their ‘little blue<br />

pill’ but choose to live with the side<br />

effects for fear of what life might be<br />

like without them<br />

• My own mother was addicted to<br />

antidepressants through a large<br />

chunk of my childhood… which is<br />

probably part of the reason why I am<br />

therapist today<br />

What University College London proved<br />

is that serotonin based antidepressants<br />

(SSRIs) do nothing to help to get out of<br />

depression.<br />

So what can we do<br />

about this?<br />

Because of the chemical chains that<br />

antidepressants leave behind in our<br />

brain it’s not as simple, or advisable,<br />

to just stop taking them and go cold<br />

turkey. It’s not like smoking or dieting<br />

and you have to manage your departure<br />

from antidepressants with your doctor<br />

over time.<br />

But when we understand what causes<br />

the depression in the first place, then it<br />

can be much easier to make changes in<br />

our life, which will naturally lift us out of<br />

our depressed state.<br />

Doing this, gives you the very best<br />

chance of getting off the pills and<br />

getting your life back.<br />

There are three main factors which<br />

usually contribute to depression:<br />

• Having a lack of connection to other<br />

people in your life<br />

• Having harsh critical words that we<br />

say to ourselves over and over, on<br />

repeat in our mind<br />

• Having regret for not following your<br />

life’s purpose – be that in love, career,<br />

travel, family, health… Regret is one<br />

of the most destructive emotions<br />

because we just can’t change the past<br />

When we are depressed we tend<br />

to ruminate over things that have<br />

happened to us in the past; stressful<br />

events, or things where the outcome<br />

has been unfair to us. Things we should<br />

have done, or opportunities we didn’t<br />

take. And it’s so natural.<br />

What we need to be careful over is<br />

becoming stuck in these events.<br />

This can often cause us to withdraw,<br />

whilst we try and process what has<br />

happened, and this then builds into<br />

that lack of connection. The more you<br />

withdraw, the harder it becomes to<br />

reconnect to the outside world again<br />

and the louder those harsh words you’re<br />

saying to yourself become in your mind.<br />

And so the cycle goes round and round.<br />

So how do we get<br />

past this?<br />

It’s all about purpose. Once you have<br />

found a purpose, your purpose, your<br />

life suddenly adopts more meaning. It is<br />

a really vital catalyst in pulling yourself<br />

out of depression.<br />

Purpose doesn’t need to be anything<br />

lofty – you don’t need to save the<br />

rainforests or start a charity – it can be<br />

as simple as making the decision to put<br />

yourself first.<br />

Starting really small with one good meal<br />

a day, a little bit of exercise, or making<br />

a promise to yourself to get more or<br />

better sleep. This trifactor of sleep,<br />

food and exercise will do more good<br />

for you than any serotonin based antidepressant<br />

ever can.<br />

Exercise plays a massive part in our<br />

mental health, it stimulates all the<br />

great drugs that we do want swimming<br />

around our system; endorphins,<br />

dopamine and endocannabinoids which<br />

all work towards lifting your mood,<br />

helping you feel calm again, and lifting<br />

you out of the brain fog that comes<br />

when we’re feeling down.<br />

The most important thing is to<br />

recognise and to call out that you are<br />

going to make this time for yourself,<br />

you are important enough to do this,<br />

and you matter.<br />

Once you’ve started moving your body,<br />

then it’s time to connect with people<br />

again, because when we’re in the spiral<br />

of sadness it’s easy to feel like we don’t<br />

matter.<br />

Wellbeing<br />

By<br />

Helen Cartwright<br />

A therapist, business mentor<br />

and coach, Helen is on a<br />

mission to help women harness<br />

the power of their minds and<br />

make their dreams come true.<br />

HELENCARTWRIGHT.CO.<strong>NZ</strong><br />

When we’ve taken ourselves out of<br />

social situations and there’s no one<br />

there to ask how your day was or give<br />

you a hug hello. And this is where<br />

you have to take a big deep breath<br />

of bravery, and say yes to that BBQ<br />

invitation, or stay for work drinks, or<br />

even just stop sitting in your room<br />

alone and go downstairs to see your<br />

flatmates.<br />

The final phase of depression is the<br />

regret over things that have passed.<br />

Sometimes it just takes time to<br />

process and heal what has happened.<br />

Sometimes we need to actively be<br />

kind to ourselves, forgive ourselves<br />

for mistakes we have made, and if and<br />

when those harsh words are swimming<br />

round in your mind, you need to ask<br />

yourself – would you say this to your<br />

best friend? Of course not, so please<br />

don’t say them to yourself.<br />

The small steps can make the biggest<br />

impact, there’s so much to gain and so<br />

little to lose by trying.<br />

Recovery from depression is an<br />

incremental process, tiny changes<br />

happen every day, but over the course<br />

of a week and then a month you will be<br />

able to look back and see how much<br />

progress you have made.<br />

There is no miracle cure, but it all starts<br />

with the decision to put yourself first.<br />

*Source: Ministry of Health,<br />

Pharmaceutical Collection 2020.<br />

76 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />



Greek Stuffed Chicken Thigh with Tzatziki<br />

Try this twist on a stuffed chicken breast. Pepper & Me Rock The Za’atar is a great seasoning to base a<br />

meal around. Serve this delicious juicy chicken with my greek salad (see page 80), tabbouleh (see page<br />

112), grilled zucchini (see page 100) and salt and vinegar potatoes (see page 88).<br />

Immerse yourself in a good read and enjoy some time relaxing within<br />

the pages of a book. We’ve chosen a few of our favourite new releases.<br />

Reviewed by Karen Philipsen Brown and Lisa Potter<br />

METHOD<br />

Preheat oven to 180°C (350°F) fan bake.<br />

Lay chicken thighs out and butterfly the thick side so you have<br />

a nice flat inside surface. Sprinkle most of the Rock The Za’atar<br />

all over chicken.<br />

Arrange sun-dried tomatoes and olives down the centre of<br />

each thigh.<br />

SERVES 4<br />


6 boneless, skin-on chicken thighs<br />

2 Tbsp Pepper & Me Rock The<br />

Za’atar seasoning (or see page 18)<br />

20 sun-dried tomatoes, chopped<br />

The Green Thumb,<br />

by Craig Miller-Randle<br />

RRP $44.99<br />

A fabulous page by page A-Z of plants with<br />

photo identification and step by step projects,<br />

from care required focusing on lighting, location,<br />

watering, fertilising, pests and diseases and<br />

even soil mix compositions with recipes and<br />

temperature preference. This book is perfect for<br />

those at the beginning of their newfound love<br />

affair with plants right through to who already<br />

own a vast collection. Green Thumb will enable<br />

you to care and propagate plants to grow your<br />

own lush indoor jungle.<br />

Houseplants and Design,<br />

A New Zealand Guide<br />

by Liz Carlson<br />

RRP $45<br />

A modern approach to tending to our beloved<br />

indoor gardens. Liz Carlson gives a beautiful<br />

intro to how houseplants saved her and how she<br />

mindfully watched leaves unfurl and learned to<br />

nurture her indoor green family. Houseplants<br />

and Design, A New Zealand Guide gives<br />

catalogue details of the most loved and rare <strong>NZ</strong><br />

indoor plants, from tropicals to succulents and<br />

cacti; where best to source them, how to care<br />

for them and even better how to style them.<br />

Madly, Deeply The Alan<br />

Rickman Diaries.<br />

Alan Rickman<br />

(edited by Alan Taylor)<br />

RRP $55<br />

There’s a certain nostalgia about dipping into the<br />

diary of beloved world-class actor Alan Rickman,<br />

and much of it is due to being offered such<br />

an unexpected insight into his most personal<br />

thoughts. Taken from a selection of his early<br />

diaries, when his acting life first began dating<br />

from 1974, it’s a fascinating journey - and almost<br />

impossible to read this without adopting Alan’s<br />

unique sonorous voice and tone. It’s a strangely<br />

personal read but utterly memorable and<br />

enjoyable.<br />


(Food for Sharing)<br />

By Cherie Metcalfe,<br />

Allen&Unwin<br />

RRP $45<br />

There’s a layered appreciation to food that<br />

extends further than taste and nutrition.<br />

Many life memories are wrapped up in meals<br />

shared with friends and family, and all of the<br />

associated sensory triggers that were part of<br />

that experience – from taste and aroma, through<br />

to laughter and enjoyment.<br />

It’s obvious that chef Cherie Metcalfe has a deep<br />

understanding of the emotional connections<br />

involved with sharing meals. Together is<br />

designed around meals best shared – and the<br />

array of recipes is truly inspiring. If you’ve lost<br />

your cooking mojo or just want to reignite your<br />

foodie passion with some exciting new recipes,<br />

find your fave spot this summer and settle in to<br />

enjoy this mouth-watering read.<br />

Recipe extract from Together by Cherie Metcalfe.<br />

Allen & Unwin, $45<br />

Cut feta into nice long slices and lay down the centre of each<br />

thigh.<br />

Roll each thigh up into a parcel, tucking the skin over the edges<br />

if possible. Season the outsides with remaining Rock The<br />

Za’atar.<br />

Heat a splash of oil in an ovenproof pan on medium-high heat.<br />

Add chicken thigh parcels and sear for 2 minutes on each side.<br />

Pop pan in oven for 15 minutes until chicken is cooked through.<br />

While chicken is cooking, make Tzatziki. Peel cucumber, grate<br />

flesh into a sieve and allow to drain. Transfer to a small bowl<br />

and stir in yoghurt and Get Freaky Tzatziki Dip Mix. Pop in the<br />

fridge until ready to serve.<br />

Allow cooked chicken to rest for 5 minutes before slicing each<br />

thigh into 3 pieces and serving with Tzatziki.<br />

½ cup pitted olives, chopped<br />

200 g (7 oz) feta<br />

a splash of cooking oil, for frying<br />

Tzatziki<br />

¼ cucumber<br />

1 cup greek yoghurt<br />

2 tsp Pepper & Me Get Freaky<br />

Tzatziki Dip Mix (or see page 14)<br />

Better, Bolder, Different,<br />

Inspiration for Sustainable<br />

Living by Ethically Kate<br />

(Kate Hall)<br />

RRP $39.99<br />

Author Kate Hall has rocketed to fame across<br />

social media, sharing the thought processes<br />

around her everyday life decisions, and along<br />

the way encouraging others to mull over soe of<br />

their decisions. Better, Bolder, Different follows<br />

the same parallels – it’s an intriguing inside into<br />

Kate’s life and why she feels so strongly about<br />

sustainable living. It resonates on many levels<br />

– and will likely resonate differently with every<br />

reader. It’s a nice easy read with manageable<br />

steps to consider around tweaking the decisions<br />

we make about clothes, food, transport,<br />

sleep , stuff, wellbeing and relationships. It’s<br />

a fun and inspirational read that shares clever<br />

consumption tips and thought provoking<br />

wellbeing ideas that can flip things around. It’s<br />

worth a place in your bookshelf.<br />

Grit Before Grace,<br />

by Annah Stretton<br />

and Natalie Pearce<br />

RRP $29.99<br />

A highly empowering book that leaves you with<br />

the feeling that ‘you’ve got this’. Grit Before Grace<br />

is full of personal insights, tools and learned<br />

wisdom which Annah generously shares. It offers<br />

a window into her own journeys and personality,<br />

with plenty of learnings to draw on and apply to<br />

your own life and attitude. It’s also a mesmerising<br />

read no matter where you choose to dip into<br />

it. Packed with thought-provoking words of<br />

wisdom, along with questions to ask yourself and<br />

useful guidance on how to navigate through life’s<br />

challenges.<br />

What’s for Dessert by Claire Saffitz<br />

RRP $59.99<br />

If we’ve learned anything during Covid, it’s the appeal of dessert ideas and this is the book to<br />

inspire, serving up quick and easy recipes, along with handy hints around difficulty level, time<br />

required and any special equipment required. Author Claire Saffitz even lays out the pitfalls (if any)<br />

to watch for, and includes prompted questions such as “can I make it ahead?” or “Can I halve the<br />

recipe?”. Recipes range from flambés and souffles to simple loaf cakes. We’re a little smitten with<br />

the Mango Yoghurt Mousse, No Bake Grapefruit Bars, Flourless Chocolate Meringue Cake, Fried<br />

Sour Cherry Pies and the Crème Brulee and Crème Caramel. Need we say more?<br />

78 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Makeup<br />

TIPS<br />

The Queen<br />

of Flowers<br />

For me, rosewater is the<br />

perfect addition to a<br />

summer skin regime.<br />

Rosewater dates back centuries to<br />

when the Romans dropped petals into<br />

water and wine, to further connect to<br />

Venus, the goddess of love.<br />

Cleopatra the Queen, often regarded<br />

as one of the most beautiful women in<br />

history, was reportedly known to bathe<br />

in rosewater with milk and honey, used<br />

to soften and purify her skin. History<br />

suggests that Cleopatra also used roses<br />

throughout her day, ritualistically filling<br />

the space around her with the aroma of<br />

roses. It has even been suggested that<br />

one of the keys to Cleopatra’s eternal<br />

beauty was the daily use of roses in her<br />

life.<br />

The mystery and appeal of roses has<br />

never waned throughout history.<br />

Rosewater is an ingredient that I<br />

particularly love working with, not just<br />

because of the beauty of the ingredient,<br />

but for the benefits it offers also.<br />

The plant components in rosewater<br />

(made from steeping rose petals) offer<br />

powerful herbal therapeutic agents<br />

for skin. Some benefits that could be<br />

gained by including rosewater into your<br />

skin routine:<br />

• If you have irritated skin like acne,<br />

rosacea or eczema, rosewater can<br />

help ease and calm the skin with its<br />

anti-inflammatory properties. It has a<br />

cooling effect, which instantly helps<br />

skin feel nourished and calm – perfect<br />

for the summer months if you happen<br />

to get sunburnt.<br />

• It offers cell protection through<br />

the high concentration of phenolic<br />

compounds. This helps with aging skin<br />

and protects the cells from free radical<br />

damage. These outside elements<br />

that stress the skin are what cause<br />

premature aging and damaged skin.<br />

• Rosewater is widely known for its<br />

hydrating properties. Once spritzed<br />

over the face it absorbs fast, leaving<br />

skin feeling refreshed. It also helps<br />

plump the skin, leaving it feeling<br />

smooth and supple.<br />

• Rosewater has astringent,<br />

antibacterial and anti-inflammatory<br />

properties, which help stimulate,<br />

tighten and firm up skin.<br />

There are many rosewater products<br />

on the market and each one smells<br />

and feels so different. Why is that?<br />

What differentiates rosewater comes<br />

down to what variety of rose was used,<br />

geographic growing conditions and<br />

preparation.<br />

My favourite by a long shot is definitely<br />

the discovery of New Zealand grown<br />

spray free rosewater from Whakatane.<br />

This product is next level beautiful and<br />

blew me away with the gorgeous scent<br />

of rose, and how it made my face feel<br />

so hydrated. As creator of my own<br />

brand, I’m firmly committed to proudly<br />

supporting Kiwi farmers and growers.<br />

There’s something special about this<br />

home-grown raw ingredient. I have tried,<br />

and used, a lot of different rosewaters<br />

and hydrosols. Some leave you feeling<br />

sticky, some sting the face, and some<br />

have lots of other ingredients mixed it.<br />

So when I found this particular rosewater<br />

and learned that it was <strong>NZ</strong> grown – I was<br />

beyond excited to create a Rosewater<br />

Toner out of it.<br />

I use Luxworks <strong>Beauty</strong>’s Rose + Gold 2:22<br />

Tone every day and to be completely<br />

honest, I use it about six times a day.<br />

I have it sitting on my desk to refresh<br />

from the computer rays I sit in front of<br />

all day. Rosewater softens skin, giving<br />

a natural healthy glow, and maintaining<br />

By<br />

Keri McKenzie<br />

Keri is co-founder of Luxworks<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong>, a Hawke's Bay brand<br />

specialising in clean, conscious<br />

skincare, quartz infused room<br />

sprays and events in the health<br />

and wellbeing space. Keri is<br />

passionate about supporting<br />

New Zealand farmers and<br />

growers for her product<br />

ingredients.<br />

luxworks.co.nz<br />

the pH balance of your skin. I also have<br />

one in my car to spritz before meetings.<br />

It instantly enhances my mood, which<br />

should come as no surprise as studies<br />

show rose petals (and products made<br />

from them) help relax the central<br />

nervous system.<br />

Preparation nowadays (compared to<br />

historically) has adapted and changed<br />

slightly to what people originally called<br />

rosewater to today’s modern version.<br />

There are different methods of preparing<br />

rosewater; such as distilling, simmering<br />

and using essential oils. That is why<br />

there is so much difference in quality<br />

and experience when testing different<br />

rosewater products. If you have tried one<br />

and not liked it, I suggest you keep trying<br />

until you find one you LOVE, because<br />

when you find the sweet-scented perfect<br />

rosewater - it is a memorable experience.<br />

Many rosewater products on the market<br />

are synthetic or artificial and they will<br />

not have the therapeutic benefits as<br />

discussed above. The most obvious<br />

way to always know what the product<br />

actually is, is to read the label for the<br />

ingredients. For rosewater, generally<br />

speaking the less ingredients on the<br />

label, the better.<br />

Rosewater not only offers healthgiving<br />

benefits to skin, but can also<br />

help improve your mood thanks to the<br />

therapeutic components of the plant,<br />

making it the ultimate product to have<br />

by your side coming into the summer.<br />


Protect your skin this summer<br />

with a little help from the experts<br />


Providing invisible mineral protection, the ZINC<br />

Mineral range from Bondi Sands is universally<br />

transparent for an invisible finish, making it<br />

perfect for everyday wear. Formulated with<br />

Zinc Oxide as a physical barrier, and suitable<br />

for sensitive skin types looking for low-irritant,<br />

lightweight, physical sun protection.<br />


Providing SPF30 Broad Spectrum protection in<br />

a translucent mineral powder, the easy brushon<br />

application means you’ll use often, re-apply<br />

with ease, and take everywhere for effortless<br />

on-the-go sun protection. Contains naturallyoccurring<br />

active sunscreen ingredients<br />

titanium dioxide (15%) and zinc oxide (12%), to<br />

provide full-coverage. Invisible, natural mineral<br />

sun protection that you simply brush on.<br />


High protection UVA/UVB sunscreen for all skin<br />

types. A scientifically advanced sun protection<br />

product that is PABA and fragrance-free , with<br />

a proprietary blend of sunscreen ingredients<br />

to help protect skin from damaging UVA/UVB<br />

rays that are associated with sun related skin<br />

damage and premature aging.<br />

4. DR K DAY SHIELD<br />

Designed to help repair and protect day and<br />

night shields, and offer protection against<br />

UVR, IRR and HEV. This advanced technology<br />

helps provide a shield to ward off pollutants<br />

and oxidative stress.<br />


A complete-spectrum protection of UVA/UVB/<br />

HEV & IR-A. Contains the latest ingredients<br />

including antioxidants, vitamin C and E. Cream<br />

gel leaves an invisible shield on the skin and<br />

also has anti-pollution benefits with a dry<br />

touch, non-greasy application. The solar<br />

defence liquid is water-resistant and will not<br />

burn eyes.<br />



UVA & UVB, Blue Light & Pollution Protection,<br />

with advanced photo-aging technology.<br />

Formulated with Active DNA Defence Enzymes<br />

which defend and repair DNA from damage<br />

caused by all weather conditions, including<br />

the cold and, as well as pollution and blue light<br />

(emitted from smart phones and computers).<br />


An exclusive multifunctional tinted sunscreen<br />

for use on the face. Provides a total protective<br />

system for skin, with the addition of an<br />

advanced anti-oxidant complex, moisturising<br />

factors and colour pigments to compliment the<br />

Nimue Skin Health Programme.<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

7.<br />

80 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


FOCUS<br />

Skin<br />

<strong>Summer</strong><br />

Antioxidants<br />

Skin<br />

FOCUS<br />

SKIN<br />

switch up<br />

Free radical damage is increased in the<br />

skin during summer. Hello UV rays,<br />

visible light, pollution & heat to name a<br />

few. Over exposure to these generate<br />

Reactive Oxygen Species (or ROS) in<br />

the skin, going on to cause oxidative<br />

stress, premature ageing, pigmentation,<br />

inflammation and increased capillary<br />

activity. Although for most of these,<br />

the effects of this damage isn’t visible<br />

immediately; using antioxidants daily<br />

(and especially during summer) is your<br />

insurance policy about how your skin will<br />

fare later on. Antioxidants like Vitamin<br />

C, Ferulic Acid and Resveratrol work by<br />

neutralising free radicals and stopping<br />

the chain reaction they cause to do their<br />

damage.<br />

As the days get longer and the nights get warmer, now is the<br />

time to switch up skincare routines for lighter formulations<br />

and with focus on hydration, protection and prevention.<br />

The winter months and less sunlight<br />

hours give us the opportunity to<br />

target specific concerns with the likes<br />

of advanced skin treatments such as<br />

peels, laser and IPL, but it’s true that<br />

summer glowing skin is created in<br />

winter.<br />

Come summertime, your skin is reaping<br />

those rewards. Now is the time to give<br />

back to the skin and maintain all your<br />

hard work. Less is more with summer<br />

skincare as the skin is often feeling a<br />

little oilier, while at the same time more<br />

dehydrated. Think about replacing<br />

complex routines and thicker textures<br />

with multipurpose products and less<br />

layers.<br />

Protect, protect, protect!<br />

Aside from going full vampire mode<br />

and only coming out at night in order<br />

to protect your precious skin from the<br />

summer elements, these treatments<br />

below will help ensure your skin doesn’t<br />

end up back to square one come winter.<br />

Pigment inhibitors<br />

These ingredients help manage and<br />

normalise melanin production. During<br />

warmer months (not just with direct sun<br />

exposure), these protective pigment<br />

inducing cells can go into overdrive.<br />

Freckles become more evident, melasma<br />

reappears and the skin is generally darker<br />

in complexion. Used in conjunction with<br />

SPF in the daytime, pigment inhibitors<br />

such as Arbutin, Licorice Root & Azelaic<br />

Acid (to name a few) reduce the amount<br />

of pigment popping up to the surface by<br />

interrupting the pathway to the surface<br />

of the skin, whilst helping to regulate<br />

the process. When combined with other<br />

ingredients (antioxidants and exfoliants)<br />

some will help reduce the already visible<br />

effects of sun damage.<br />

Hydration<br />

Skin generally increases oil flow with the<br />

warmer months, yet hydration levels<br />

can drop. It is a good time of year to<br />

switch out rich, oil-based moisturisers<br />

and serums for something lighter and<br />

By<br />

Laura Townsend<br />

Laura is the founder of Skin<br />

Depot and Hamilton’s first LED<br />

Light Lounge. She specialises<br />

in bespoke skin treatment and<br />

plans to help people achieve<br />

glowing healthy skin.<br />

skindepot.nz<br />

water based. There is nothing worse<br />

than feeling a thick layer of product on<br />

your skin when you are already hot and<br />

clammy. Have a look at your routines and<br />

recommendations and see where they<br />

can be condensed. Offering less steps<br />

and layers of products is a welcome<br />

change for your clients over the summer<br />

months.<br />

Fun fact; when antioxidants are<br />

combined with sunscreen, their SPF<br />

rating increases. That is why most<br />

sunscreens add Vitamin E in their<br />

formulas. It is the kind of ingredient<br />

you can’t have too much of, so look for<br />

sophisticated skincare formulas that add<br />

the goodies in to each step you apply.<br />

Sunscreen<br />

Hopefully in 2022 anyone who is skin<br />

savvy is using sunscreen as part of<br />

their everyday routine. We know this is<br />

our number one defence against skin<br />

ageing, pigmentation and skin cancer. It<br />

works like a shield over your skin to keep<br />

in the other active ingredients you feed<br />

your skin and to block out damaging UVA<br />

and UVB rays.<br />

When it comes to summer, a one<br />

size SPF doesn’t fit all, so a sunscreen<br />

selection is what you need in your<br />

skincare toolbox;<br />

Daily SPF - the one that probably has a<br />

moisturiser and antioxidants in it too.<br />

For day to day use, you can easily apply<br />

makeup over the top, but it won’t be<br />

‘hard elements’ protective.<br />

Outside - the one you need in your<br />

‘beach bag’ for any outdoor specific<br />

activity - gardening, walking, biking,<br />

beaching. This one will have less of the<br />

‘cosmetic’ factors like moisturiser and<br />

more water and sweat resistant factors<br />

to protect you when you are in the surf<br />

or sweating.<br />

Top up - with all of this extra outdoor<br />

time, you need something to top up<br />

and reapply every two hours. Yes, you<br />

can use the other ones from above, or<br />

for ease of application, grab a spray or<br />

powder to touch up. It’s easy on the<br />

go and you don’t need to worry about<br />

rubbing some sand in as an unintentional<br />

exfoliation!<br />

Body - body sunscreens are a little<br />

different in texture and generally<br />

formulated with slightly higher molecular<br />

weights which are not ideal for the face.<br />

Choose something you love to apply in<br />

a cream or spray and which is suitable<br />

for the whole family. Ideally this is water<br />

and sweat resistant also to see you from<br />

sand to surf.<br />

With SPF, the amount being used is<br />

key. The recommended amount is 1/2<br />

teaspoon for face neck and ears, and 1<br />

teaspoon per limb on the body.<br />

The change of season is the perfect<br />

time to reassess routines and think<br />

about the why of each product you are<br />

recommending to clients. Sticking to<br />

the ones that make the most difference<br />

means happy clients and happy skin.<br />

82<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Makeup<br />


BEAUTY:<br />

84 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />

Designed to protect and illuminate skin, the formulations Key to the brand’s success is its relationships with every<br />

powerful light reflective minerals recreate flattering light team member, from the immediate Curtis Collection<br />

on the complexion. Capturing, diffusing and softening team in Australia through to her New Zealand distributor,<br />

surrounding light, the Curtis Collection Airbrush Minerals Sisterhood <strong>Beauty</strong>, where she works closely with Leanne<br />

create the illusion of complexion perfection.<br />

Radka.<br />

The formula has proved a winning one for Victoria, with “The friendships I’ve made are another aspect of the<br />

more than 100 stockists of Curtis Collection in New<br />

business that I really value,” says Victoria. “When I was<br />

Zealand alone, and a huge following in Australia and<br />

focused on starting the business and incredibly detail<br />

around the world. Her collection is the brand of choice orientated around the formulations, making sure I had a<br />

for everything from high profile fashion events to beauty luxury brand and defining my own lane, I hadn’t factored in<br />

looks for photo shoots and celebrity endorsements.<br />

just how important those relationships would be. I’m very<br />

grateful for them.”<br />

While her extensive product collection focuses on<br />

makeup, Victoria is equally passionate about skin.<br />

One of the main business lessons Victoria has learned,<br />

and would pass on, is the have the belief in your business<br />

“Skin is everything and having makeup that is kind to your to stay firm in your lane.<br />

skin and enhances it is important.”<br />

“At the start, I had a lot of close friends and family who<br />

Developing and growing her luxurious collection hasn’t kept asking me ‘what are you doing in such a competitive<br />

been all smooth sailing but thanks to strong and well<br />

industry, why would you even think to enter an industry<br />

nurtured personal relationships with salon and spa<br />

full of such major cosmetics players?’. But I just stayed in<br />

Victoria Curtis embodies the definition of<br />

business dynamo. The hard-working founder of<br />

Curtis Collection by Victoria hasn’t taken her foot<br />

off the gas professionally since launching her<br />

makeup brand 10 years ago.<br />

owners, she’s been able to navigate difficult Covid times,<br />

recently visiting New Zealand to reconnect with her<br />

community here.<br />

“It’s so important to make sure that our brand is well<br />

represented with people who are knowledgeable about<br />

my lane. I didn’t look left or right, I didn’t get distracted<br />

by what other people were doing. And I thought if I could<br />

disrupt the market even a little bit, that’s all I want”<br />

Mission well accomplished – Victoria has gone on to be<br />

an industry trailblazer in her own right and her brand has<br />

Despite venturing into a crowded and fiercely<br />

competitive marketplace, even at a young age,<br />

the entrepreneur in Victoria was fearless about the<br />

risk of launching her range of designer cosmetics,<br />

specifically tailored to the salon and spa industry.<br />

it. Women spend a lot of time, effort and money on their<br />

skincare and treatments, and having the reassurance that<br />

the makeup they use on a daily basis is also a beneficial<br />

part of that routine is so important.”<br />

Juggling motherhood and all the working components of<br />

received widespread acclaim around the globe.<br />

As well as being confident about her collection, she also<br />

credits some of this success to knowing what her niche<br />

was in the market right from the beginning and staying<br />

true to it.<br />

It’s a risk that paid off. The Curtis Collection by<br />

Victoria brand now has an impressively loyal<br />

and educated following. And it’s the educational<br />

component that delights Victoria the most.<br />

“I always wanted my brand to empower women<br />

and part of that was around developing an<br />

informed understanding of makeup and makeup<br />

products.<br />

“That’s a really important part of the Curtis<br />

Collection partnerships we have with salons, spas<br />

and make up artists. We want to really develop<br />

the understanding of what’s behind our products<br />

and how they can be best used to ensure each<br />

client has the make up that’s perfect for their exact<br />

preferences.”<br />

The prestigious Curtis Collection range features a<br />

dedicated mineral collection, designed to pamper<br />

and protect, while treating the skin with powerful<br />

natural ingredients. Victoria is her own brand’s best<br />

ambassador –her skin glowing with good health<br />

and her complexion looking flawless.<br />

There’s something of a cult following around<br />

that flawless Curtis Collection signature glow<br />

– achieved within the brands innovative multi<br />

mineral formulations.<br />

running a beauty business, as well as ongoing research<br />

and product developments requires Victoria’s full<br />

attention, but somehow she still manages to make time to<br />

keep involved in training and educating stockists.<br />

“We’re offering the beauty of make up with benefits – with<br />

our hybrid cosmetics designed to act as the final step in a<br />

client’s skin care routine and treatment plan.”<br />

Victoria Curtis<br />

Makeup<br />


Nail<br />

DESIGN<br />

Lily Lilo Lip and<br />

Cheek Creams<br />

A floral-inspired splash of<br />

<strong>Summer</strong> colour. The collection<br />

offers four shades including<br />

soft peach, petal pink, deep<br />

pink and poppy red. Dual<br />

product with buildable<br />

pigment for cheeks and lips.<br />

info@dsc.co.nz<br />

Mellow Cosmetics<br />

Stardust Glow Palette<br />

Take your glow to the next<br />

level with this versatile face<br />

palette of buttery, rich and<br />

highly pigmented ingredients<br />

(a little goes a long way) -<br />

use as bronzer, blush and<br />

highlighter.<br />

mellowcosmetics.com<br />

Make Up<br />

Revitalise your makeup<br />

collection with these<br />

hero products<br />

Sothys Limited Edition<br />

makeup collection<br />

A glamorous new collection for the summer<br />

season featuring metallic liquid eyeshadows,<br />

intense eyeliner, brow mascara, blush and<br />

rouge satin lipstick. info@dsc.nz<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> by Mellow Cosmetics<br />

Aleph Hybrid Eye Pigment - Atmos<br />

Line it. Smudge it. Blend it. A nude base with a<br />

coconut-ice reflect, this is a true hybrid that offers a<br />

consistency between a powder, a creme and an eye<br />

pencil, allowing you the creativity to wear it your way.<br />

Alephbeauty.com<br />

Curtis Collection Radiant<br />

Glow Illuminator<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> by jane iredale<br />

Bring your skin to life with this radiance<br />

boosting, skin perfecting illuminator. Mix<br />

into your foundation and apply to skin.<br />

Sisterhoodbeauty.co.nz<br />

Karen Murrell Kera Kisses<br />

Continuing the Karen Murrell legacy of lipstick<br />

innovation, Kera Kisses is a one-of-its-kind ultra<br />

hydrating lipstick in the ultimate summer shade,<br />

using ground-breaking keratin infused technology.<br />

Karenmurrell.com<br />

Peachy Lip Co. Lip Gloss<br />

Lush looking lips are all yours this<br />

summer (and beyond) with a helping<br />

hand from Peachy Lip Co’s new lip<br />

gloss range. Five fantastic shades,<br />

non sticky, long lasting and vegan -<br />

delivering everything you need for<br />

the ultimate lip glow.<br />

peachy-lipco.com<br />

86 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION 87<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> by Curtis Collection

Nail<br />


Nail trends for <strong>2023</strong><br />

Nail<br />


What nail art trends will <strong>2023</strong><br />

bring us? Nail art has become an<br />

increasingly sharp focal point in our<br />

beauty industry, and the planning of<br />

designs has changed the way we think<br />

about our appointments at the nail<br />

salon.<br />

By<br />

Melissa Smith<br />

This year was the year of the glazed<br />

donut trend, among others. As new<br />

trends emerge and fan favourites hold<br />

steady, I’m predicting just what the new<br />

year’s nail trends are going to be.<br />

As I write this, the ‘Comic Book’ nail<br />

trend is happening in New Zealand and<br />

there are so many talented nail artists<br />

producing these, which is wonderful to<br />

see.<br />

With raceday and event fashion seeing<br />

shops bursting wonderful pops of colours,<br />

I expect people will carry that through to<br />

their nail colours this summer. After some<br />

gloomy years and colder months, bright<br />

colours lift our spirits so go with it, I say.<br />

As for nail shapes, the elegant almond<br />

shape is holding a strong top place, and<br />

it’s easier than ever to achieve with all<br />

the amazing soft gel extensions on the<br />

market.<br />

After the Hayley Bieber ‘Glazed Donut’<br />

trend, more chromes will likely come<br />

from that. They are so beautiful and such<br />

an easy way to create a gorgeous look,<br />

either bold or subtle - the BEST part is that<br />

over any colour you get a different effect.<br />

Will we see a Chocolate Glazed Donut<br />

coming in our cooler months?<br />

In the wake of New York fashion week, I<br />

predict olive green, milky white shades<br />

Melissa is founder and manager<br />

of Miss Bliss Nails & <strong>Beauty</strong> Ltd,<br />

with a passion for nail design,<br />

educating, and sourcing and<br />

distributing quality professional<br />

beauty products. Melissa is also<br />

a member of <strong>NZ</strong>ARBP.<br />

MISSBLISS.CO.<strong>NZ</strong><br />

and yes, this is very 90s - but also<br />

terracotta. Are we ready for terracotta to<br />

make a comeback? I’m a little sceptical –<br />

but pottery has, so anything can happen,<br />

right?<br />

Personally I would love to see more<br />

creativity on the classic French. There<br />

are so many ways to recreate that classic<br />

trend and it’s so classy. Almond and<br />

zhuzhed up French has my vote.<br />

If you ask any professional qualified nail<br />

tech for advice on how to care for your<br />

nails, you will most likely get ‘cuticle oil’<br />

and ‘jewels not tools’ as an answer, in<br />

terms of how to get the most from your<br />

service.<br />

I am really excited to get creative this<br />

summer, having your nails done makes<br />

you feel so put together and I love to<br />

pass this feeling forward.<br />

Happy Nailing!<br />

88 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Nail Industry<br />

Nailing It.<br />

CANGRO<br />

Nourished Nails<br />

Cuticle Pen<br />

(Houseofcamille.co.nz)<br />

PAUME<br />

Cuticle Cream<br />

(Holisticaesthetics.co.nz)<br />

Sustainability<br />

(Some of our fave products)<br />


(Missbliss.co.nz)<br />

CND<br />


Hand Washes<br />

(Creativenails.co.nz)<br />



I Wanna Dance<br />

Collection<br />

(gracebeauty.co.nz)<br />

LOLA LEE<br />

Dura Gel<br />

(Belush.co.nz)<br />

K ESTER<br />

Black Aquarius<br />

Nail Polish<br />

(nz.kesterblack.com)<br />

New<br />

Gelish<br />

Foundation<br />

Flex<br />

breaks and snaps a thing of the past.<br />

Foundation Flex comes in a Gelish bottle<br />

for easy, no-fuss brush-on application.<br />

Made in the USA and 10-FREE,<br />

Foundation Flex is vegan, cruelty-free,<br />

fortified with Vitamin A and Biotin and<br />

contains a bio-sourced light-activated<br />

bonder.<br />

Foundation Flex comes in four natural<br />

looking shades (Clear, Light Pink, Light<br />

Nude, Cover Beige) to help deliver clients<br />

their most flawless nails.<br />

Like many industries and professions<br />

around the globe, the world of nail<br />

product technology and innovation<br />

continues advancing.<br />

Gelish has recently expanded its<br />

Foundation family, with the arrival of the<br />

Foundation Flex Soak-Off Rubber Base<br />

Nail Gel.<br />

Foundation Flex works as a base coat<br />

with the Gelish adhesion - and it also<br />

does so much more. It can be used to<br />

provide perfecting volume to uneven<br />

nails, conceal discolored nails, or even as<br />

a ridge-filling base coat underneath gel<br />

polish.<br />

This is all possible as Foundation Flex<br />

cures with flexibility due to its rubber<br />

base.<br />

The unique pliability of Rubber Base<br />

Technology is an impressive addition to<br />

the Foundation product family. Created<br />

with the Gelish advanced Foundation<br />

Base adhesion, Foundation Flex virtually<br />

cocoons nails in the unique rubberized<br />

gel system.<br />

A bio-sourced light activated bonder<br />

gives nails supernatural flexibility making<br />

Gelish Foundation Flex Soak-Off Rubber<br />

Base Nail Gel is available now through<br />

Grace <strong>Beauty</strong>.<br />

Gracebeauty.co.nz<br />

We offer classes throughout <strong>NZ</strong> along with<br />

in-salon training so your staff can produce their<br />

best work for your clientele.<br />

Backed up by distribution of Artistic Nail Design,<br />

Famous Names, Glitter Gloss, Brow Code and<br />

many more professional only brands.<br />

Gain your Internationally Recognised<br />

Qualifications with us<br />

www.missbliss.co.nz<br />


Quality Nail Training &<br />

Professional Nail Supplies<br />

90 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


Special Feature<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong> with<br />

Kylie Bax<br />

Kylie Bax is a familiar face around the globe. Having risen<br />

to fame in the era of the 80s supermodel, despite her<br />

international globetrotting and having worked with some<br />

of the biggest brands and designers in the world, Kylie still<br />

retains that down-to-earth Kiwi approach to life.<br />

Her trademark glowing skin and megawatt smile have<br />

remained through the decades and are testament to the<br />

power of caring for your skin.<br />

While she’s most commonly found these days looking after an<br />

impressive team of young horses , as well as spending time<br />

with her three daughters, she still remains passionate about<br />

all things fashion and beauty.<br />

In this regular <strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong> segment, we catch up with Kylie<br />

around some of her favourite new products, as well as some<br />

of her favourite New Zealand brands.<br />

These are a few of my favourite things .. with Kylie Bax<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong> catches up with Kylie for the first in a regular<br />

series, looking at some of her favourite beauty products and<br />

treatments.<br />

The Lost Art<br />

With more than 20 years of<br />

the beauty therapy market<br />

being increasingly flooded<br />

with Laser and IPL machines,<br />

we have certainly seen the<br />

‘lost art’ of education and<br />

practitioners in our industry<br />

when it comes to electrical<br />

epilation services.<br />

However, in my humble<br />

opinion, there is still a great<br />

need for this therapy to be<br />

included in our service menu.<br />

So who is your target market<br />

for this half a century old<br />

service? There are so many<br />

Electrolysis treatment on facial area<br />

By<br />

Michaella Messenger<br />

indications for this therapy<br />

to be your chosen treatment<br />

modality, but in particular<br />

those hairs that are left<br />

untreated by laser or those<br />

scattered pesky terminal hairs<br />

that can be found on our<br />

breast/areola and facial areas.<br />

I know I’m one of those<br />

women who suffer from both<br />

of these hair growth issues.<br />

I’m certainly glad that my<br />

husband is losing his close up<br />

eyesight on those occasions<br />

that I get a good look in the<br />

mirror or examine my breasts!<br />

Electrolysis is also a perfect<br />

treatment option for those<br />

tough grey hairs or ‘blond’<br />

hairs that have no colour that<br />

cannot be treated by light<br />

therapy .<br />

The different types of<br />

electrology methods are:<br />

electrolysis, diathermy and<br />

thermolysis (often called the<br />

blend method).<br />

Electrolysis – is the use of a<br />

direct current plus the salt<br />

water naturally found in<br />

the skin turning to sodium<br />

hydroxide. This alkaline<br />

chemical destroys the cell<br />

around the needle tip and<br />

up the needle, exactly where<br />

those hair germs cells are<br />

found in the hair follicle. The<br />

downfall with electrolysis<br />

or direct current on its own<br />

is that it takes a long time<br />

to treat each hair, but the<br />

regrowth, ie where not all<br />

hairgerm cells were destroyed,<br />

is minimal.<br />

Diathermy – uses alternating<br />

current or high frequency to<br />

heat the tip of the electrolysis<br />

probe and destroy the<br />

hairgerm cells. The downfall<br />

with this treatment is that<br />

there can be more regrowth<br />

Cosmetic<br />

TATTOO<br />

than electrolysis on its own,<br />

but it is much faster.<br />

Thermolysis or The Blend<br />

method – This method uses<br />

the both alternating and<br />

direct current as a treatment<br />

modality, so therefore your<br />

client receives both less<br />

regrowth and faster treatment<br />

of each individual hair, offering<br />

the best of both worlds.<br />

So let’s bring back this lost art<br />

for eyebrow hair reduction,<br />

stubborn grey hairs, scattered<br />

hairgrowth and those hairs<br />

that are left untreated by light<br />

therapies.<br />

Electrolysis probing hair follicle<br />

92<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />



Kylie is the first to acknowledge that iconic hair stylist Sam<br />

McKnight is a genius. And she would know, having worked<br />

with the hair legend throughout her international modelling<br />

career. So there’s a sense of things having gone full circle in<br />

the fact that her latest hair product discovery is actually Cool<br />

Girl Barely There Texture Mist, by none other than her old<br />

friend Sam McKnight. Now available in New Zealand (mecca.<br />

co.nz), this ultra-lightweight hair mist has something of a cult<br />

following for those who rate it as ‘signature Sam McKnight<br />

style in a bottle’. Kylie is quick to agree.<br />

“It’s definitely my new hair go-to because I can use it if I’m<br />

creating a formal look and want really sleek or ‘done’ looking<br />

hair, and I also turn to it for a relaxed and tousled ‘undone’<br />

look. It’s incredibly light to use in your hair and a great<br />

manipulator for hair.”<br />


Kylie says: I work out religiously and pretty hard, and<br />

as I’ve been getting older I noticed that I needed<br />

something a little extra as my body wasn’t getting<br />

enough out of the foods I eat. I’m really picky about<br />

what I put into my body and this Nothing Naughty<br />

range of protein and collagen powders (made right<br />

here in <strong>NZ</strong> – in Tirau actually which is unexpected) has<br />

been a gamechanger – for my energy levels, and also<br />

I’ve noticed a huge difference in my skin, nails and<br />

hair. It’s also really helped me look much more cut – I<br />

can see abs! I feel like it gives me an edge – I have it<br />

twice a day and blend it with fresh berries.<br />



Kylie says: “I’ve been using this Savvy Touch<br />

sunscreen for years. I’m particularly fussy<br />

about sunscreen and this one is it for me. It’s<br />

created locally here in Cambridge too which<br />

is an added bonus, but I’ve been a fan since I<br />

first tried it. So many sunscreens are greasy<br />

or thick when you apply them, or too oily to<br />

apply makeup over. This one I use as both<br />

a sunscreen and a moisturiser – it’s really<br />

hydrating and I love that it has calendula and<br />

active manuka honey, and that the zinc rubs<br />

in really effortlessly to my skin. I pretty much<br />

take the smaller bottle everywhere with me<br />

so I always have reliable sun protection on<br />

hand, and the large bottle is my daily go-to.<br />

Having lived all over the world, I can honestly<br />

say that New Zealand really is quite unique<br />

in terms of how the sun affects skin, so it’s<br />

important to have confidence that my skin is<br />

properly protected.<br />

We educate in Microblading,<br />

Cosmetic Tattooing, Plasma Pen,<br />

Microneedling, Tattoo Removal<br />

and <strong>NZ</strong>QA Electrolysis hair and<br />

red vein removal.<br />

Distributors of Phi products, all cosmetic<br />

and advanced skin treatment needs.<br />

P: 021 834 444<br />

E: students@masteracademy.co.nz<br />

www.masteracademy.co.nz<br />

47 Cameron Street, Whangarei<br />

Registered<br />

Private Training<br />

Establishment<br />

with <strong>NZ</strong>QA<br />

SUMMER <strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />


94<br />


&<br />

BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />



Lola Lee Training<br />


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For more information or to book,<br />

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Feb 10: <strong>NZ</strong>QA Eyeliner & Lip Cosmetic<br />

Tattooing Technique online start. Feb<br />

20-21: Live Workshop (4 months online)<br />

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Cosmetic Tattooing Technique online<br />

start. Feb 22-23: Live workshop (4<br />

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Technique online start. Feb 27-28: Live<br />

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& Non Laser, online start. March 30-<br />

31:Live workshop (4 months online)<br />

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Tattooing Technique online start. May<br />

1-2: Live Workshop (4 months online)<br />

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Cosmetic Tattooing Technique online<br />

start. May 3-4: Live workshop (4<br />

months online)<br />

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Tattooing Technique. May 8-9: Live<br />

workshop (4 months online)<br />

For more information,<br />

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<strong>2023</strong> will see a brand-new revamped Gel<br />

Polish Beginner Course being rolled out<br />

by Miss Bliss Education. Now more than<br />

ever it’s so important to have thorough,<br />

high-quality training with all you must<br />

know when entering the industry.<br />

Extended now over two days we have<br />

added more to help set you up for<br />

success. Bookings can be made from<br />

December for the new year’s intake.<br />

For more information. missbliss.co.nz<br />

or melissa@missbliss.co.nz<br />

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Training (9.30am-3pm)<br />

March 6th: Technology Discovery Day<br />

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Training (9.30am-4pm)<br />

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Training (9.30am-4pm)<br />

March 27th: DermaFIX level 1 (9.30am-<br />

4pm)<br />

March 28th: DermaFIX level 2<br />

(9.30am-4pm)<br />

For more information,<br />

houseofcamille.co.nz<br />

Environ & Jane Iredale<br />

Education<br />

Training Courses for all levels, from<br />

new graduates to Advanced Skin<br />

Therapists. PSB remains committed to<br />

harnessing the most innovative industry<br />

developments and upholding standards<br />

of excellence in both education and<br />

products. In <strong>2023</strong> both our Environ<br />

educators and jane iredale makeup<br />

experts will present the latest, most<br />

updated educational programs, which<br />

include:<br />

Introductory Trainings, Masterclasses<br />

and New Training material and Product<br />

Launches.<br />

For Quarter 1 <strong>2023</strong> trainings please<br />

contact info@psb.net.nz for more<br />

details.<br />


&<br />


OBSERV 520x & 320<br />

demonstrations:<br />

These visits are designed for clinics<br />

purchasing or upgrading an OBSERV<br />

and are an opportunity to complete<br />

due diligence on OBSERV for future<br />

purchase throughout <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

March 7-9<br />

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For more information or to book,<br />

observ.co.nz or<br />

enquiries@observ.co.nz<br />


THE<br />

Last<br />

WORD<br />

When it comes to nurturing a family<br />

legacy, Olivia Savidan has more than<br />

proved her worth.<br />

The laser sharp business woman<br />

stepped into her first role at <strong>Beauty</strong><br />

Care when she was still in her 20s, to<br />

work alongside her mother Frances<br />

Jeffery. At the time Olivia was taking<br />

a break from overseas working in<br />

marketing and finance. It’s now 17<br />

years later and she is still in the family<br />

business, which she and her mother coown.<br />

It’s a wonderful partnership, and<br />

the pair’s skills perfectly complement<br />

each other - Olivia taking care of sales,<br />

marketing and training and Frances<br />

overseeing operations, finance and<br />

logistics. It’s a far cry from working as<br />

a stockbroker and private banker; but<br />

Olivia’s passion for the industry still<br />

burns bright and she has learned to<br />

strive for balance between her life as a<br />

mother and wife, and business owner.<br />

<strong>Beauty</strong><strong>NZ</strong> finds out more:<br />

Your current involvement in the<br />

Q. beauty industry?<br />

We are a wholesaler/distributor<br />

A. to the industry and our client’s<br />

source of new, innovative<br />

products sourced globally to bring<br />

to market here.<br />

Olivia Savidan<br />

What keeps you inspired about<br />

Q. the beauty industry?<br />

100% skincare – both internal and<br />

A. external approach to skin health.<br />

It’s not just about topical skincare,<br />

but internal supplements to<br />

maintain and improve skin health<br />

as your skin is a two-sided organ!<br />

I love getting this message out<br />

and bringing in brands that<br />

complement this philosophy. I’m<br />

also inspired about health and<br />

wellness as a whole.<br />

What products/treatments are<br />

Q. you loving right now and why?<br />

Skin supplements and topical<br />

A. skincare with a simple regime is<br />

the path I’ve taken for the past<br />

few years and my skin has been<br />

the best it has been. Active<br />

ageing and overall wellness is my<br />

way of life so I like to incorporate<br />

facials, LED light therapy as<br />

well as exercise and infrared<br />

saunas to keep my skin hydrated<br />

and nourished. Our biggest<br />

growth this year has been our<br />

Hydrojelly Masks from Esthemax<br />

– electrolyte infused peel off<br />

masks, which smell amazing<br />

and give you the most dewy and<br />

hydrated skin.<br />

Q.How do you unwind/relax?<br />

Head to the gym as nothing<br />

A. beats those endorphins, infrared<br />

saunas, reading my kindle<br />

and just hanging with my family.<br />

Catching up with girlfriends is also<br />

so good for my soul.<br />

Q.<strong>Beauty</strong> products you can’t live<br />

without and why?<br />

COOLA Tinted Moisturiser SPF30<br />

A. Bronzed Goddess – the best<br />

product I have ever used and have<br />

every girlfriend of mine using it.<br />

A dewy, illuminating, sunscreen<br />

with no need to wear foundation<br />

so it’s great for your skin. Also<br />

Nurture natural perfume from<br />

Abel – I wear it every day.<br />

Greatest business learnings from<br />

Q. the last two years:<br />

My mum and I never stand still<br />

A. in business. We adapt quickly,<br />

we enhance and transform<br />

and we roll up our sleeves and<br />

get the work done. Hard work<br />

and forever looking for better<br />

processes to make our business<br />

more efficient has helped us<br />

over the past few years with<br />

COVID. Launching a new brand,<br />

getting our clients/consumers<br />

excited re new brands/products,<br />

new technology with revamped<br />

website and being a digitally<br />

focused business has allowed us<br />

to keep moving forward. Our love<br />

for the industry, being family run<br />

and always on the look out for a<br />

new opportunity is what keeps<br />

us turning up to work each day.<br />

In my personal life, I’ve learnt<br />

material things don’t matter.<br />

What does is your health, keeping<br />

your kids happy and on track and<br />

being grateful for what you have<br />

today.<br />

Forecast for <strong>2023</strong> beauty/business/<br />

product trends: Active ageing rather<br />

than anti ageing. Clients want to<br />

embrace their ageing journey this<br />

follows the 100% skincare philosophy of<br />

both internal supplements and topical<br />

skincare.<br />

Advice for businesses for <strong>2023</strong>: Hold<br />

tight. With interest rates continuing to<br />

increase and the cost of living so high<br />

every dollar spent by consumers will be<br />

very thought out. Keep your customers<br />

happy, keep up the promotions and<br />

customer loyalty programmes and<br />

introduce new products/brands as<br />

consumers love new things.<br />


Favourite drink: POLKA sparkling (same<br />

great taste just no nasty hangover)<br />

Favourite destination: Bali (weather,<br />

wellness, restaurants and family)<br />

Favourite book: The Seven Sister series<br />

by Lucinda Riley (got me through the<br />

lockdowns)<br />

Favourite Instagram/podcast: @miss_<br />

pollys_kitchen (great meal inspo)<br />

Fave movie: Love Actually (watch every<br />

year with my daughter at Xmas).<br />

You’re unique.<br />

Your insurance advice<br />

should be too.<br />

Getting the right insurance solutions<br />

for your business can be complicated.<br />

Our Hair and <strong>Beauty</strong> Plus package is<br />

designed for you.<br />



John Barnfield<br />

Senior Commercial Broker<br />

P: 021 449 096<br />

E: john.barnfield@rothbury.co.nz<br />

96 BEAUTY<strong>NZ</strong> MAGAZINE<br />

97<br />






TUELSKINCARE.CO.<strong>NZ</strong>/PRO<br />

100% VEGAN<br />



Available from Cosmetologists <strong>NZ</strong><br />

www.cosmetologists.co.nz | orders@cosmetologists.co.nz

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