Hydroponic Lettuce & Herbs Scandinavia

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Hydroponic Lettuce & Herbs

Scandinavia 2023


Hydroponic Lettuce



Caipira is a main variety, which performs excellent year-round offering attractive

fresh- green colour and a sweet taste. Caipira stays compact in the summer with

good leaf size.


Slightly blonder Caipira type offering more speed and size.



Fresh green Butterhead well-suited for hydroponic. Strong against tipping.



Casey is medium fast growing and gives excellent weights. It has a flat, clean and

nice closed base.

Crispy frilled


Crispy dark green variety, strong against tipburn and bolting. The variety has

excellent taste with a distinct sweetness and crispy, juicy texture. Crispyano offers a

small cutting surface, good base and a shelf life above average.



Reliable crispy standard with attractive 3D-leaves. Cristabel is very productive and

offers a sweet taste combined with the crispy bite.

Peter Conijn,

Senior Breeder

Leafy Vegetable Breeding

Crismina (E01C.11866)

New crispy introduction, that can be compared with Crispyano, but with more

narrow leaf-shape and extra speed. Distinct sweet taste. Should not be grown too

warm in winter.


2 | Enza Zaden

Enza Zaden | 3

Hydroponic Lettuce


Veery (E01L.30616)

Lolla Rossa


Triple red Lollo / Batavia with thick, crunchy and tasty leaves, round shaped and has

a nice medium size with 3D-structure.

Litska (E01C.10904)

Litska is a triple red Lollo type, with attractive internal green colour in good contrast

to the red. Litska is strong against tipburn. Well-suited for Multicolour Trio Lettuce.

Lollo Bionda

Veery (E01L.30616)

Lollo Bionda type with strong serrated leaf and an attractive green colour. Good

speed and strong against ITB.

Midi Romaine


Flexible, medium fast, dark green Crispy Romaine variety, closed base, medium

bolting tolerance. Upright shape, good size and flat ribs.

Red Oakleaf

Saralyn (E01C.11403)

Red Oak Leaf with deep penetration of intense dark red colour. Fast growth and

upright firm leaves.

Adalyn (E01C.11517)

Adalyn is a compact triple red Oakleaf, which is very strong against tipburn. Open

head, slow bolting.




Caipira Batavia Bl:16–26,28,32EU/Nr:0/TBSV LMV:1




Compact to



Year round

Vaidosa Batavia Bl:16-32,34,36EU/Nr:0/TBSV LMV:1/Fol:1 Medium Year round

Fairly Butterhead Bl:16-34,36EU/Nr:0/TBSV Medium Year round

Casey Butterhead Bl:16-37EU/Nr:0/Pb Medium Year round

Crispyano Crispy frilled Bl:16-27,29,31,32,34,36EU/TBSV LMV:1 Medium Year round

Cristabel Crispy frilled Nr:0/TBSV LMV:1 Medium Year round

Crismina (E01C.11866) Crispy frilled Bl:16-37EU/Nr:0 LMV:1 Medium Year round

Azirka Lolla Rossa Bl:16-36EU/Nr:0/TBSV LMV:1 Medium Mid-winter till autumn

Litska (E01C.10904) Lolla Rossa Bl:16-26,28,30-33EU/TBSV Medium Year round

Veery (E01L.30616) Lolla Bionda Bl:16-33EU/Nr:0/TBSV LMV:1 Medium Year round

Cospenza Midi Romaine Bl:16-37EU/Nr:0/TBSV Ss Medium Year round

Saralyn (E01C.11403) Red Oakleaf Bl:16-37EU/Nr:0/TBSV Medium Year round

Adalyn (E01C.11517) Red Oakleaf Bl:16-33EU/Nr:0 LMV:1 Medium Year round

Alzevir (E01L.30443) Green Oakleaf Bl:16-36EU/Nr:0 LMV:1 Medium Year round

4 | Enza Zaden

Saralyn (E01C.11403)

Green Oakleaf

Alzevir (E01L.30443)

Very productive, fast and slow bolting shiny green Oakleaf offering quality


Organic seeds by Vitalis. | HR: High Resistance | IR: Intermediate Resistance | For explanation of the codes of resistances, see the table on page 11 of this brochure.

Current information concerning the resistances is available on www.enzazaden.com.

Enza Zaden | 5


Pot and hydroponic basil


Genovese type with strong, compact plants and very dark leaf colour. Strong

against tipburn, leaf burning and black spots from cold. Excellent performance in

hydroponic crops. The standard quality basil.


Piamia is a little larger and faster compared to Marian, which can benefit a shorter

production time. The intermediate resistance offers a good protection towards

Downey Mildew.


Compact growing, small leaved basil with an intense strong aroma.



Rosie offers an intense red colour without green imbreds. Fast, upright growth.


Fine leaved and quick growing with the charracteristic spicy flavour.

Pot and hydroponic chive


The appeciated standard offering extra thick leaves for both direct sowing and




6 | Enza Zaden

Enza Zaden | 7


Pot and hydroponic dill

Pot and hydroponic lemon balm


The apperciated very dark standard with short hypotycyl for a sturdy plant.

Citrina |

Improved selection with good upright growth and aroma.


Ella-type offering extra broad leaf-tips and a high density of mid-green leaves. Need

a little extra irrigation due to larger leaf surface.

Pot and hydroponic sage

Fanni |

Quality sage with good aroma and attractive grey-green foliage.


Pot and hydroponic coriander


Thickly featherred, fine stalked leaf coriander. Quite late bolting.

Pot and hydroponic parsley

Pot and hydroponic watercress


Our selection offering good fast growth, shiny green leaves with the attractive

peppery aroma.




Fast growing moss-curled parsley producing high number of dark-green leaves

offering nice early volume.


Improved Gigante d' Italia type offering dark colour, large leaf-surface and upright


Pot and hydroponic rucola


Grazia offers well serrated dark-green quality leaves. Also available in Multi Pills

with 14-16 seeds for easier sowing.


Pot and hydroponic thyme

German Winter

Our selection quality thyme.

German Winter


8 | Enza Zaden

Enza Zaden | 9








Marian Pot and hydroponic basil Compact to medium The entire season

Piamia Pot and hydroponic basil Hp Medium The entire season

Piccolino Pot and hydroponic basil Compact to medium The entire season

Rosie Pot and hydroponic basil Medium The entire season

Thai Pot and hydroponic basil medium The entire season

Staro Pot and hydroponic chive Medium thick The entire season

Ella Pot and hydroponic dill Compact The entire season


Resistances in varieties of our crops will be coded (see for

explanation our coding list at www.enzazaden.com.), unless

indicated otherwise. In case a variety is resistant to more than one

pathogen, the individual resistance codes will be separated by the

symbol “/”.

• If in a resistance code of a certain variety reference is made to

certain strains for which the resistance is claimed this means that no

resistance is claimed to other strains of the same pathogen.

• If in a resistance code no reference is made to strains of the

pathogen for which the resistance is claimed this means that

resistance is claimed only to certain not further specified strains of

the pathogen and herewith disclaiming any guarantee that the variety

will not be infected by the said pathogen.

High resistance (HR) - plant varieties that highly restrict the growth

and development of the specified pest or pathogen under normal

pest or pathogen pressure when compared to susceptible varieties.

These plant varieties may, however, exhibit some symptoms or

damage under heavy pest or pathogen pressure.

Intermediate resistance (IR) - plant varieties that restrict the growth

and development of the specified pest or pathogen, but may exhibit

a greater range of symptoms or damage compared to highly resistant

plant varieties. Intermediate resistant plant varieties will still show

less severe symptoms or damage than susceptible plant varieties

when grown under similar environmental conditions and/or pest or

pathogen pressure.

Tolerance (T) - the ability of a plant variety to endure abiotic stress

without serious consequences for growth, appearance and yield.

Teddy Pot and hydroponic dill Compact The entire season

Marino Pot and hydroponic coriander Medium The entire season

Explanation of used abbreviations

Katinka Pot and hydroponic parsley Compact to medium The entire season

Lettuce Code English name Scientific name pathogen ISF Races/Strains Level of resistance

Peione Pot and hydroponic parsley Pb Compact to medium The entire season


LMV Lettuce mosaic Lettuce mosaic virus 1 IR

TBSV Lettuce die-back Tomato bushy stunt virus HR

German Winter Pot and hydroponic thyme Medium The entire season

Bacteria Ss Corky root

Sphingomonas suberifaciens (ex Rhizomonas



Citrina Pot and hydroponic lemon balm Medium The entire season

Fanni Pot and hydroponic sage Medium The entire season

Avona Pot and hydroponic watercress Medium The entire season



Bl Downy mildew Bremia lactucae 16-37EU HR

Fol Fusarium wilt Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. lactucae 1-4 IR/HR

Nr Lettuce leaf aphid Nasonovia ribisnigri 0 HR

Me Potato aphid Macrosiphum euphorbiae IR

Pb Lettuce root aphid Pemphigus bursarius HR

Grazia Pot and hydroponic Rucola Medium The entire season

Organic seeds by Vitalis. | HR: High Resistance | IR: Intermediate Resistance | For explanation of the codes of resistances, see the table on page 11 of this brochure.

Current information concerning the resistances is available on www.enzazaden.com.

Herbs Code English name Scientific name pathogen ISF Races/Strains Level of resistance

Fungi Rucola Hp Downy mildew Hyaloperonospora parasitica IR

Fungi Basil Pb Downy mildew Peronospora belbahrii IR

10 | Enza Zaden

Enza Zaden | 11


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Descriptions, recommendations and illustrations in brochures and leaflets shall correspond as closely as possible to tests and practical experience and are subject

to typographical and/or printing errors. This information shall be provided to assist professional growers and users, whereby variable local conditions must be taken

into account. Under no circumstances shall Enza Zaden accept liability based on such information for deviating results in the cultivated product. Current information

concerning the resistances is available on www.enzazaden.com. © Enza Zaden | Enkhuizen | The Netherlands | January 2023

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