Travel & Hospitality Awards - Restaurant 2022

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<strong>Restaurant</strong><br />





Sponsor and<br />


Team<br />

CEO<br />

Robert Bruce<br />

Editor-In-Chief<br />

Katherine Lozell<br />

Art Director<br />

Marcs Bacera<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> Director<br />

Brian Anson<br />

Editorial Liaison Manager<br />

David Hyde<br />

Director Of Marketing<br />

Azim Aftab<br />

Social Media Manager<br />

Apple Gatus<br />

Senior Writers<br />

Tasmai Dave & Zavier Zulfqar<br />

Contributing Writer<br />

Harry Duncton<br />

Senior Designers<br />

Maria Fernandes & Ashwin Ramesh<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> Managers<br />

Adam Cole, Alice Smith,<br />

& Stanley Lucas<br />

Research Managers<br />

Peter Clement & Mukul<br />

Contributing Writers<br />

Joseph Malabanan,<br />

& Michael Popoola<br />

Contents<br />

Sponsor and Partners ...................................................................................6<br />

Team ................................................................................................................. 8<br />

Contents .......................................................................................................... 8<br />

Criteria .............................................................................................................10<br />

Canada12<br />

The Undiscovered Home of<br />

Beautiful Wine ...............................................................................................14<br />

Home Block at CedarCreek ........................................................................18<br />

Guatemala 20<br />

Hidden Gem Guatemala ............................................................................ 22<br />

<strong>Restaurant</strong>e Giratorio, S.A. ........................................................................ 26<br />

Mexico 28<br />

Culinary Elysium .......................................................................................... 30<br />

Mexko Cocina Regional de Autor ............................................................. 34<br />

United Kingdom 36<br />

National Dishes ............................................................................................38<br />

Welsh Bwyd ...................................................................................................40<br />

Leicester’s <strong>Restaurant</strong> ............................................................................... 42

Germany 44<br />

Eight Must Try German Foods ........................ 46<br />

Thiet’s <strong>Restaurant</strong> ............................................. 48<br />

Iconic German Desserts .................................. 50<br />

Pfortenhaus by dufner catering .....................52<br />

France 54<br />

When in France .................................................. 56<br />

Hotel de La Poste .............................................. 60<br />

UAE 62<br />

Dubai: A Foodie Capital .................................... 64<br />

Dubai: Three Unmissable <strong>Restaurant</strong>s ........ 66<br />

Bagatelle Dubai .................................................. 68<br />

Indian Traditions ..................................................70<br />

B-Town Restro Bar .............................................72<br />

Japan74<br />

Unique Dining ......................................................76<br />

Australia 80<br />

Modern Australian Cuisine .............................. 82





Excellence in Service is an It is no question that style and While the ambience and services<br />

important category, as customer design is key factor in selecting of a restaurant are important, what<br />

service can often responsible our award winners. A guest will really defines it is its menu and the<br />

for repeat diners. We look for<br />

restaurants where staff go out of<br />

their way to please their guests,<br />

form an opinion about a restaurant<br />

as soon as they arrive, so it is<br />

important to us that all our winners<br />

dishes in it. We pay special attention<br />

to the courses that are available in<br />

the menu and even look into how<br />

those that provide a personal level make those first impressions it’s set up. Balance of the menu is<br />

of service and take the time to<br />

get to know each visitor so that<br />

they might anticipate their every<br />

need. This can be something as<br />

simple as a friendly conversation,<br />

a manager who offers a personal<br />

greeting or a chef who is happy<br />

to adjust based on dietary needs<br />

– but whatever it is, we are always<br />

pleased when we encounter staff<br />

that have been trained in the art of<br />

customer satisfaction.<br />

count. We’re certainly not partial<br />

to a specific period of architecture<br />

– but whether we’re judging a<br />

gothic castle or an environmentally<br />

friendly lodge, the criteria remains<br />

the same. We consider factors<br />

such as architectural features, use<br />

of materials, creation of spaces,<br />

décor and the overall feel. We love<br />

it when we find a restaurant that<br />

tells a story though its interior and<br />

exterior features or offers a design<br />

that is sympathetic to the natural<br />

especially important. A restaurant<br />

that serves multiple dishes that<br />

balance each other out to give<br />

the customers a perfect meal<br />

experience is seen as an authority.<br />

The cuisine options are taken into<br />

consideration too; be it a local<br />

cuisine or an international one. The<br />

sourcing of the ingredients is an<br />

important factor as well.<br />

Criteria<br />

surroundings of its location.<br />

In today’s modern age, a<br />

restaurant cannot rely on word of<br />

mouth to get their message out<br />

into the world. As social media has<br />

become a vital part of everyday<br />

life, we like to see companies that<br />

go the extra mile to engage with<br />

their customers, both past and<br />

future. Attractive and informative<br />

websites and engaging and<br />

honest content are what we look<br />

for when judging a company’s<br />

use of marketing; how well they<br />

display their services, how up-todate<br />

their content is, how well they<br />

get their brand message across,<br />

and, most importantly, how well<br />

their marketing can tempt us to go<br />

and see what they have to offer for<br />

ourselves.<br />




Diversity is one important aspect<br />

that needs to be taken into<br />

consideration when in the travel<br />

and hospitality industry. It is<br />

essential to have staff that has<br />

varying diversity to ensure that the<br />

organization can properly connect<br />

with their guests. Diversity is taken<br />

into account in terms of gender,<br />

nationality as well as languages<br />

spoken among other factors. Not<br />

only do we take the diversity of the<br />

staff into account but even that of<br />

the facilities and services offered;<br />

a hotel or tour operator providing<br />

a better range of services is<br />

preferred over those that do not.<br />

Location is one of the most<br />

important factors, but also one of<br />

the most subjective, as the ‘ideal’<br />

is very much determined by the<br />

type of visitor and the type of<br />

restaurant itself. However, there<br />

are a few factors we take into<br />

consideration when determining<br />

the winners of location-based<br />

awards. The first is convenience;<br />

that is, restaurants that are easy<br />

to travel to. Many of our winners<br />

in this category are in convenient<br />

locations, such as adjacent to<br />

popular attractions, close to<br />

beaches or found in the heart<br />

of easy-to-navigate cities. We’re<br />

always excited to come across<br />

a restaurant that is, to use a<br />

familiar phrase, off-the-beatentrack.<br />

A restaurant that can offer<br />

something a little different, in<br />

terms of natural surroundings,<br />

can make the difference between<br />

a good dining experience and an<br />

incredible one.<br />

What better way is there to know<br />

about an organization than<br />

by getting first hand reviews?<br />

Customers are the best judges of<br />

any service as they are the ones<br />

who experience them and can<br />

assess whether they were up to the<br />

mark or not. Considering reviews<br />

from hundreds of customers over<br />

a set period gives us a fair idea<br />

about the general pros and cons of<br />

any organization while also giving<br />

us valuable inputs for the other<br />

criteria as well.<br />

The approach taken by the<br />

restaurant whether it be<br />

Innovative, traditional or anything<br />

else are considered when deciding<br />

winners. Values and approach<br />

illustrate the dedication of the<br />

restaurant to deliver a specific<br />

type of experience for their diners.<br />

This is evident in the food, source<br />

menu, presentation, the staff and<br />


000 Canada<br />


thawards.com<br />

Poutine<br />

000<br />


14<br />

THE<br />


HOME OF<br />



The rich and productive lands of the planet’s second-largest country lend it the nickname of The<br />

Breadbasket of the World, but it also produces an impressive range of wines.<br />

Canadian Wine<br />

Since before the turn of the 20th Century, Canadian winemakers<br />

have made good use of the country’s temperate southwest<br />

to grow a huge variety of grapes. Commercial winemaking<br />

operations can be found in four of Canada’s provinces: Nova<br />

Scotia, Ontario, Québec, and, of course, British Columbia.<br />

Ice Wine<br />

Something that Canada is famous for is ice wine. They’re<br />

the world’s premier producers of it – and it’s no surprise,<br />

really, seeing as it’s a country that’s no stranger to cold<br />

weather. The frigid temperatures don’t put off Canadian<br />

wine makers, as they take full advantage of reliably<br />

boreal cold weather to create a frozen speciality drink.<br />

The secret to creating a good ice wine is to leave the<br />

grape on the vine to freeze before harvesting and turning<br />

it into wine. Red and white varieties are available, but the<br />

most popular grape used for Canadian ice wine is the vidal.<br />


The Okanagan Valley<br />

If you’re lucky enough to visit Canada, you’ll marvel at<br />

its abundant natural beauty, friendly inhabitants, and<br />

excellent food. A place that captures all three of these<br />

elements is the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia.<br />

Home of Canadian wine, this area has an abundance of<br />

vineyards to visit.<br />

Heading to a vineyard isn’t just about tasting wine, though.<br />

There’s a lot more to try as the best vineyards often have<br />

restaurants attached to them. Understanding flavour and<br />

great local produce is what winemakers do best, after all.<br />

And because British Columbia is rich in great-quality,<br />

local ingredients, you can expect to be wowed by dishes<br />

like fresh local seafood, juicy beef steaks, and wild Pacific<br />

salmon. Chefs are spoiled by all this great local food, so<br />

expect menus to focus on what’s in season and what has<br />

the highest welfare standards.<br />

The Okanagan valley area is verdant and home to<br />

fertile soils that are as bountiful as they are beautiful.<br />

It’s renowned for being one of Canada’s premier wineproducing<br />

regions and the CedarCreek Estate Winery is a<br />

fine example. Tucked in the pretty countryside just south<br />

of the city of Kelowna, CedarCreek enjoys commanding<br />

views across the majestic lake Okanagan and produces<br />

an impressive range of red and white wines.<br />

With vintages coming from their vineyard like the organic<br />

Block 3 Riesling, winner of the National Wine <strong>Awards</strong> of<br />

Canada <strong>2022</strong>, CedarCreek are serious about making the<br />

best Canadian wines possible. But it’s not all about the<br />

art of making spectacular wines – CedarCreek’s on-site<br />

Home Block restaurant is also worth a visit, regardless of<br />

whether you’re a wine connoisseur.<br />


The Okanagan Valley<br />


Home Block at<br />

CedarCreek<br />

Canada | <strong>Restaurant</strong><br />

If you want a genuine restaurant that explores colourful comfort food and<br />

excellent home-grown produce within the stunning setting of a prestigious<br />

winery, then Home Block is the place to be.<br />

Discover fine modern Canadian haute cuisine and pair it with some of the<br />

most delicious wines that CedarCreek Winery has to offer.<br />

Head chef Neil Taylor is committed to showcasing the best of local<br />

British Columbian produce. In a menu that shows off the natural<br />

abundance of brilliant ingredients found in the Okangan Valley;<br />

he and the team have created something exciting and truly<br />

authentic.<br />

The restaurant lies just off the shores of the majestic<br />

Okanangan Lake, just south of Kelowna in the<br />

Okangan Valley. It’s a land of unrivalled beauty<br />

within the interior of British Columbia, with skiing<br />

in the winter and water sports in the summer.<br />

The area’s probably best known for being<br />

home to more than forty wineries though.<br />


One of the most prestigious vineyards in the region is<br />

CedarCreek, winner of Winery of the Year <strong>2022</strong>. They<br />

produce a fabulous selection of cool climate wines<br />

such as Reisling and organic pinot noir, and the on site<br />

restaurant is a hidden gem for serious foodies.<br />

With a constantly changing line-up of delightful dishes<br />

to suit the season, the menu focuses on the plentiful<br />

farming, hunting, and fishing produce that the local<br />

area has to offer.<br />

Being so close to the northern Pacific Ocean means<br />

you could be treated to ruddy red sockeye salmon, or<br />

a sumptuous dry aged steak from local legends 63<br />

Acres Beef. Well known for their commitment to raising<br />

the best Canadian cattle, their farm to plate approach<br />

makes for the tastiest ribs, sirloins, and tenderloins.<br />

For a truly unforgettable Canadian gastronomical<br />

adventure, nothing comes close to the experience of<br />

pairing fine local foods with wines grown and made<br />

right outside in the CedarCreek vineyard.<br />


5445 Lakeshore Road<br />

Kelowna, British Columbia<br />

Canada, V1W 4S5<br />

Tel +(250) 980-4663<br />


Guatemala<br />


thawards.com<br />

Bulevar Villa Deportiva, Guatemala<br />


22<br />



“The Land of Eternal Spring”, Guatemala, is known for its mysterious jungles, Mayan ruins, and<br />

fabulous jade jewellery. But what about the food? This central American country also boasts a<br />

culinary culture begging to be tried.<br />

The Best Kept Secret of Central America?<br />

You might want to visit Guatemala to discover the ancient<br />

Mayan civilisation, swim in the Caribbean or Pacific Oceans,<br />

or visit bustling Guatemala City. However, the vibrant food<br />

scene is one of the best reasons to visit the country.<br />

Guatemalans are passionate about their food and, thanks<br />

to the brilliant produce available, seriously-good eating is<br />

found everywhere. You’ll see thick stews that have their<br />

roots in Mayan cultures alongside dishes with European<br />

influence that came with the Spanish Conquest in the 16th<br />

Century.<br />

If you like your Guatemalteco food vibrant, spicy, and meaty,<br />

you’re in the right place. Don’t worry if you’re a vegetarian,<br />

though – there’s plenty to eat if meat’s not your thing.<br />

Pepián – the Guatemalan National Dish<br />

Central American food – or at least the versions that have<br />

been taken abroad by ex-pats – is eaten globally. Think of<br />

Mexican foods like chilli or tacos. But Pepián is something<br />

completely different. To a British palate, it’s probably closer<br />

to a curry than anything else.<br />

In Guatemala, it’s the sort of meal that you learn to make by<br />

watching your grandmother cook. Take local, dried guajillo<br />

and ancho peppers, onions, garlic, excellent tomatoes, and<br />

a handful each of roasted pumpkin and sesame seeds. It’s<br />

usually made with a whole boiled chicken but other recipes<br />

are vegetarian.<br />

This sumptuous, hearty meal is the sort of thing enjoyed by<br />

everyone, whether rich or poor.<br />


Street Food<br />

One of the great things about visiting<br />

Guatemala is the incredible street food<br />

found throughout the country. It’s<br />

colourful, tasty, and takes equally from its<br />

Mayan ancestors and colonial past.<br />

You might see brightly coloured tostadas,<br />

a type of taco shell stuffed with avocado,<br />

zingy salsa, and radishes, or get drawn in<br />

by pupusas, a traditional fried corn fritter<br />

with creamy refried beans and fresh cheese.<br />

And don’t forget to check out fermented<br />

vegetable curtido, a staple of Central<br />

American and Guatemalan food. It’s usually<br />

made from a mixture of cabbage, carrots,<br />

beetroot, beans, cauliflower, onion, and<br />

herbs. It goes on the side with absolutely<br />

everything and is incredibly good for you.<br />


Sweet Eats<br />

Not everything on the menu is spicy or savoury. If you’ve<br />

got a sweet tooth, Guatemala has got you covered. You<br />

can’t miss the crispy, crumbly, and delicious taste of<br />

polvorosas, a type of sweet biscuit made simply with<br />

flour, butter, sugar, and cinnamon powder.<br />

Something a little more complicated to make is pastel de<br />

tres leches, literally translated to “three milks”. This light<br />

and fluffy sponge cake is soaked in cream, condensed<br />

milk, and evaporated milk, then topped with more cream<br />

and either strawberries or cherries.<br />


Title <strong>Restaurant</strong>e<br />

Giratorio, S.A.<br />

Country | Award<br />

Guatemala Simagnis esto | <strong>Restaurant</strong> blab ius. Uptatium harioreium que consed utatibe rspedit<br />

empori blaut exerestrum et pos aut recti aut harcius es reperovidit<br />

eserunt.<br />

High in the sky above the hustle and bustle of downtown Guatemala<br />

Nequam,<br />

City,<br />

odi<br />

the<br />

dit<br />

<strong>Restaurant</strong>e<br />

hil iderit atibus<br />

Giratorio<br />

maximusam<br />

perches<br />

adicien<br />

on the top<br />

dignis<br />

of the<br />

sequis<br />

Vista<br />

Quince<br />

esequate<br />

Hotel.<br />

int deliquis<br />

It’s the<br />

earum<br />

perfect<br />

lab<br />

place<br />

ipictibusam<br />

to celebrate<br />

landand<br />

with<br />

enisti<br />

your loved<br />

dipis<br />

ones<br />

ea<br />

and<br />

esti<br />

take<br />

volut<br />

in<br />

pedis<br />

the best<br />

enet<br />

view<br />

quibusani<br />

in the whole<br />

officta<br />

city.<br />

temporerro omnis eatus<br />

estia con cus aut molupture volo debitat.<br />

This elegant and modern restaurant offers something unique<br />

in Guatemala; the opportunity to view the entire 360°<br />

skyline without leaving your comfortable seat. This slowly<br />

revolving restaurant means you can enjoy the delicious<br />

menu and not argue about who gets the best view!<br />

And what a view it is. Surrounded by four<br />

volcanoes, the Agua, Fuego, Acatenango,<br />

and Pacaya, you can take in the stunning<br />

surrounding landscape of Guatemala City<br />

while you relax with friends and family.<br />


The team in the kitchen have created an exciting<br />

international menu that showcases barbecue and<br />

seafood while catering for all tastes and diets.<br />

Guests can expect to be wowed by the incredible<br />

fish dishes on the menu. Delicately cooked salmon<br />

carpaccio or robust sea bass paired with crisp white<br />

wine are favourites, and the whole lobster served with<br />

garlic mayonnaise is an exquisite meal for a special<br />

occasion.<br />

Meat eaters are also spoiled for choice at the <strong>Restaurant</strong><br />

Giratorio as well. A fine selection of expertly grilled<br />

meat is on offer, from succulent beef tenderloins to<br />

showstoppers like the giant tomahawk steak.<br />

And because the restaurant is on top of one of<br />

Guatemala City’s best new hotels, the Vista Quince, you<br />

don’t need to go home once your feast has finished.<br />

Boasting a range of suites that are all decorated in a<br />

contemporary style but with all creature comforts, you<br />

can make the most of the busy Zone 15 area around the<br />

hotel. Calidá!<br />



2 Calle 20-23 Zona 15 VH1<br />

Lorem<br />

Guatemala, 01015, Guatemala<br />

Tel +50222275151<br />


Mexico<br />


thawards.com<br />

Tacos<br />


30<br />



Mexican cuisine has made its way into kitchens around the world for one great reason: it’s delicious!<br />

The fiery flavours and vivid colours are a global phenomenon, but the food scene in Mexico itself is<br />

on a completely different level.<br />

The history of Mexico is as colourful as its famous foods. Sitting on the isthmus between two great<br />

continents, home to ancient civilisations including the Mayans and the Aztecs, and subject to<br />

conquest at the hands of the Spanish, it’s the melting pot of cultural melting pots.<br />

The Heart of the Home<br />

For Mexicans, eating with friends and family isn’t just<br />

important; it’s a way of life. Whether marking one of the<br />

many feast days in the calendar like Cinco de Mayo or<br />

celebrating a wedding, the action starts in the kitchen<br />

and always ends up around a big table groaning with food.<br />

It’s so important to the Mexican people (and the world in<br />

general) that it’s one of the four national cuisines protected<br />

by UNESCO as an Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The<br />

rich history and proud culinary traditions of Mexico are<br />

really that good.<br />

Traditional Mexican Dishes<br />

Traditional Mexican cuisine still contains traces of<br />

Mesoamerican ingredients that the Aztecs or Mayans<br />

would recognise. Use of honey, corn, avocados, tomatoes,<br />

and quinoa have their roots in these ancient societies.<br />

Taking inspiration from European colonists, the nowfamiliar<br />

sights of garlic, rice, and onions in turned<br />

Mesoamerican food into something closer to what we eat<br />

now. What we might recognise as typical Mexican food,<br />

though, is probably closer to “Tex-Mex”. Originating in the<br />

borderlands between Mexico and the United States, it’s<br />

not particularly ancient either.<br />

Famous dishes like chili con carne, nachos, and burritos<br />

are relatively recent additions to Mexico’s centuries-old<br />

culinary traditions. If you want the real stuff, you need<br />

to look for hearty dishes like pozole, a soup made with<br />

hominy corn, or chiles en nogada, a complex dish made<br />

from poblano peppers stuffed with meat and slathered in<br />

a creamy walnut sauce.<br />


Mexican Fine Dining<br />

The international reputation of Mexican food is excellent, but it’s usually<br />

considered a fill-your-boots kind of event. Where you might expect<br />

white tablecloths and the finest silverware for a French restaurant<br />

gastronomique, you might also expect to eat cochinita pibil prepared by<br />

mamá in a homely cantina.<br />

Luckily, this isn’t the case anymore. Even though the best chefs in the<br />

Americas are arguably the Latin ones, it’s only recently that Mexican fine<br />

dining is getting the attention it deserves. Rather than being resigned to<br />

casual meals and snacking, authentic and regional Mexican food is making<br />

its way into the best establishments.<br />

One of the best examples of the new-found excellence in<br />

authentic Mexican cuisine is in Tlaxcala, a region in East-<br />

Central Mexico. Known simply as Mexco, this restaurant<br />

has redefined what it means to eat regional Mexican<br />

food. Showcasing local ingredients, the fiercelyproud<br />

head chef Ivan del Razo has combined<br />

traditional ingredients with contemporary<br />

techniques in a beautiful setting.<br />



Mexko<br />

Cocina Regional de Autor<br />

Mexico | Fine Dining Experience<br />

East of Mexico City and at the foot of the majestic Centro Vacacional La<br />

Trinidad, the state of Tlaxcala in Santa Cruz Tlaxcala is home to one<br />

of the most exciting restaurants in the country. Mexko was Founded in<br />

2017, Noma-trained head chef is turning heads with its modern version<br />

of Mexican gastronomy.<br />

Mexko is located within El Centro Vacacional La Trinidad, a family<br />

cozy complex that has a hotel, a large swimming pool and<br />

Peaceful grounds to explore. The restaurant’s high woodpaneled<br />

ceilings rise above the diners below and make the<br />

the whole experience feels like a cathedral dedicated to<br />

the the best of Mexican food.<br />

The raw talent found in the team behind Mexko<br />

is amazing. Under the watchful eye of the chef<br />

Ivan Fernando Del Razo have become one<br />

of the best restaurants in the country.<br />

Influencing the entire gastronomic scene<br />

in Mexico, its artisanal approach to the<br />

kitchen asks to be experienced.<br />


Fiercely proud of their Tlaxcalteca roots, the team<br />

at Mexko have created a menu that highlights the<br />

best of traditional regional food, but in a fine dining<br />

setting. The classic colours and flavours you might<br />

expect to find in a real Mexican restaurant are there,<br />

with a focus on hyper-local and traditional ingredients<br />

from the Tlaxcala and México region. Collaborating<br />

with local farmers and producers means the team<br />

can source the best possible ingredients for their<br />

guests. The menu is constantly evolving and led by<br />

what’s available fresh that day. You might expect to<br />

taste taco al pastor, a tuna dish spiced and coloured<br />

with achiote and served with traditional creamed<br />

corn. More adventurous diners might try the Mexican<br />

delicacy of Tuétano con escamoles, or bone marrow<br />

accompanied with “Mexican caviar,” the edible larvae<br />

of ants. Make sure to add Mexko to your bucket list<br />

of great restaurants to try out. It’s a hidden gem that<br />

won’t stay secret for long.<br />


Del Trabajo s/n, Centro Vacacional<br />

La Trinidad, Centro, 90640<br />

Santa Cruz Tlaxcala, Tlax., Mexico<br />

Tel +52 2462161953<br />


United Kingdom<br />


thawards.com<br />

England, UK Market<br />


38<br />



England<br />

You can’t beat good fish and chips.<br />

The fish, fried to a perfect golden<br />

hue, is crunchy and delicious.<br />

Married to the humble potato, cut<br />

into fat chips and elevated to crisp<br />

and pillowy greatness, makes for one<br />

of life’s great pleasures. Whether you opt<br />

for lashings of salt and vinegar or eat them<br />

as they come, they’re the perfect antidote to a<br />

miserable day.<br />

Scotland<br />

Wednesday 25th January celebrates the iconic Scottish<br />

poet Robbie Burns. Customarily marked with a night of<br />

poetry readings and traditional Scottish food, the bestknown<br />

dish is haggis. The original recipe makes the most<br />

of sheep’s heart, liver, and lungs, all stuffed inside the<br />

animal’s stomach. Modern, less adventurous versions are<br />

also available, though.<br />

Wales<br />

The national dish of Wales is slightly different to its<br />

neighbours. Rather than large or complicated dishes that<br />

take hours of preparation, the cheese on toast-like Welsh<br />

Rarebit is something you<br />

could probably knock up for<br />

lunch.<br />

It’s a delicious mixture of<br />

excellent Welsh ingredients<br />

that combines cheese,<br />

mustard, milk, spices, and beer<br />

to make an incredible topping for<br />

crumpets or toast.<br />

Northern Ireland<br />

Another hearty dish that’s ideal for recharging after a<br />

night out, the Ulster Fry is close to a full English breakfast<br />

but with the addition of some special<br />

Northern Irish ingredients. Plump<br />

sausages, a pair of fried eggs,<br />

back bacon, black and white<br />

puddings, and a fried tomato<br />

are familiar, but it’s not an<br />

Ulster fry without a slab<br />

each of soda bread and<br />

potato bread.<br />


40<br />

WELSH<br />


The ancient and bountiful country of Wales is packed full of delicious home-grown bwyd, or food to<br />

non-Welsh speakers. From laverbread to some of the best seafood that’s sought across the world,<br />

a trip to Wales is a journey into the senses.<br />

Picau ar y maen<br />

Why not start with a sweet treat? Known outside Wales<br />

simply as “Welsh cakes” or “bakestones”, they’re best<br />

eaten straight from the cast-iron griddle. Made simply<br />

with flour, fat, sugar, currants, and spices, you won’t be<br />

able to eat just one.<br />

Laverbread<br />

Bara lawr, as it’s known to the locals, is something of a<br />

Welsh delicacy. However, it’s nothing like the bread you<br />

buy<br />

from the bakers. It’s made from<br />

laver, an edible seaweed<br />

that’s like spinach when<br />

boiled. Roll it in oats and<br />

fry it up for a delicious<br />

and nutritious<br />

national dish.<br />

Welsh Rarebit<br />

It’s not just cheese on toast! Although the Welsh name<br />

caws pobi literally translates to that, the proper version<br />

takes a few more steps. To make an authentic rarebit, you<br />

need excellent Welsh cheese, a good glug of dark beer,<br />

and some strong mustard. Cook it all together and pour it<br />

on toast for an indulgent lunch.<br />

Conwy Mussels<br />

The Welsh coast is a haven for<br />

seafood and mussels are a<br />

real favourite. They grow to<br />

a huge size in the waters off<br />

the river Conwy in northern<br />

Wales and are renowned<br />

for their delicate flavour.<br />

Steamed to perfection and<br />

accompanied by a white<br />

wine sauce is the classic, but<br />

smoked bacon and cider is a<br />

worthy alternative.<br />


Leicester’s <strong>Restaurant</strong><br />

United Kingdom | Boutique <strong>Restaurant</strong><br />

Based inside the award winning Great House Hotel in Laleston, Bridgend,<br />

Leicester’s <strong>Restaurant</strong> is an exciting way to experience modern<br />

Welsh food.<br />

The luxury Great House Hotel is located just outside the southern<br />

Welsh town of Bridgend. Nestled in the beautiful green countryside<br />

between Swansea and Cardiff, the traditional stone walls are<br />

inviting for anyone who wants a little piece of Welsh paradise.<br />

Featuring 13 characterful bedrooms and suites that are<br />

tastefully furnished with comfortable furnishings and<br />

even four poster beds, the Grade II listed hotel is<br />

home to the exquisite double AA Rosette winning<br />

Leicester’s <strong>Restaurant</strong>.<br />

The focus is on local and sustainable produce<br />

that shows off what incredible food Wales<br />

has to offer. From crowd-pleasing Black<br />

Mountain lamb to locally caught<br />

monkfish, it’s easy to see why the<br />

restaurant is so popular.<br />


The a la carte menu is changed seasonally, so you<br />

can expect to find exciting new takes on modern<br />

British and Welsh cuisine. Some menu highlights<br />

include a pork belly with watermelon, maple, and soy<br />

starter, crispy squid with tequila aioli. For vegans, the<br />

Vietnamese spring rolls with kimchi and mushroom<br />

yuzu is a delight.<br />

If you’re lucky enough to visit Leicester’s on a Sunday,<br />

be prepared for one of the best roast dinners on the<br />

planet. The classic flavour of Herefordshire Angus<br />

beef, served with garlic Yorkshire puddings and port<br />

gravy, are enough to elevate a Sunday staple into a<br />

culinary work of art. And for vegetarians and vegans,<br />

the restaurant has you covered. The house made nut<br />

roast is served with garlic and herb roast potatoes,<br />

with a homemade veggie gravy.<br />

So, if you’re looking for a way to experience the luxury<br />

side of South Wales, the best restaurant for everything<br />

from delicious cream teas to surprisingly affordable<br />

lunch menus is Leicester’s.<br />


High St, Laleston,<br />

Bridgend CF32 0HP<br />

Tel +01656657644<br />


Germany<br />


thawards.com<br />

German Sausages<br />


46<br />




1. Currywurst is a Berlin classic. It marries two<br />

seemingly unrelated foods: a simple German pork<br />

sausage and mild curry sauce. Put them together and<br />

you have a food fit for kings.<br />

2. Döner kebab. Yes, really, the “elephant leg” type of<br />

kebab favoured by the post-pub crowd was invented<br />

by Turkish immigrants to Berlin in the 1960s.<br />

3. Sauerkraut has undergone a renaissance in recent<br />

years thanks to a renewed interest in fermented foods.<br />

Raw white cabbage is salted and mixed with caraway,<br />

then left to develop. It’s incredibly delicious and rather<br />

good for you, too.<br />

4. Lebkuchen are a festive sweet treat that can be<br />

enjoyed all year round. Like gingerbread but made with<br />

a special blend of spices called Lebkuchengewurz,<br />

they’re phenomenal.<br />

5. Wiener Schnitzel is another simple but delicious<br />

German food (that came via Austria). A slice of meat,<br />

usually pork or chicken, is pounded flat, dipped in egg<br />

and breadcrumbs, and then deep fried. Köstlich!<br />

6. Schweinshaxe, a traditional and extremely hearty<br />

dish, is a whole pork knuckle roasted until the skin is<br />

crispy and the meat literally falls off the bone. It’s a<br />

crime to serve it without a good German beer.<br />

7. Kartoffelpuffer, or potato pancake, is a golden and<br />

crispy slice of heaven. Made from shredded potato<br />

and onion, they’re usually served with sour cream or<br />

apple sauce.<br />

8. Brezeln. Known elsewhere as pretzels, they’re one<br />

of Germany’s most easily-recognised snacks. The<br />

characteristic nut-brown crust and fluffy white interior<br />

are delicious dipped in mustard.<br />


Thiet’s <strong>Restaurant</strong><br />

Germany | Family <strong>Restaurant</strong><br />

Tucked away in the far north-west of Germany, on the edge of the spectacular<br />

Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer National Park, is a fabulous local eatery.<br />

Thiet’s <strong>Restaurant</strong> is a modern German bistro that gives a deserving<br />

platform to great food, drink, and hospitality in the Leer District.<br />

Founded by master chef Jonas Thiet back in 2018, this smartly<br />

decorated restaurant is a stone’s throw from the water and<br />

the handsome windmill that makes the small town of<br />

Ditzum famous. Now in the safe hands of restauranteur<br />

Karsten Stockhecker, Thiet’s policy of sourcing excellent<br />

ingredients and making everything from scratch is what<br />

makes the place tick.<br />

The team at Thiet’s are fiercely proud of the brilliant<br />

produce available locally. They don’t need to<br />

import ingredients from across the world,<br />

because some of the best German food is<br />

found right on the restaurant’s doorstep.<br />


You can expect to find hyper-local and seasonal<br />

dishes including scallops in white wine sauce or even<br />

all-you-can-eat mussels caught close by in the Ems<br />

estuary. Classic German fare is on the menu as well,<br />

with firm favourites like crispy schnitzel served with<br />

shrimp and quail eggs.<br />

A visit to Thiet’s isn’t just about the great food though.<br />

It’s one of the best family restaurants in the area<br />

thanks to the warm welcome and regular live events<br />

they put on. Everything from live music to magic<br />

shows make this the ideal place to celebrate with your<br />

nearest and dearest.<br />

And even if you don’t have the time to sit down for<br />

a delicious three-course meal, the restaurant sells its<br />

homemade ice creams, cakes, and other sweet treats<br />

to anyone in the know.<br />


Sielstrasse 17, 26844 Ditzum<br />

Tel +04902 915 882 9<br />


50<br />

ICONIC<br />

GERMAN<br />


Black Forest Gateau<br />

One of Germany’s most<br />

famous dessert exports,<br />

Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte,<br />

is a wonderfully indulgent<br />

and boozy way to finish up a<br />

traditional German meal. The<br />

cake takes its name and gets<br />

its signature taste from kirsch<br />

wasser, a black cherry brandy from<br />

the Schwarzwäld region of Southern<br />

Germany.<br />

Made from layers of decadent chocolate cake sandwiched<br />

with luscious, whipped cream, sweet cherries, and<br />

dark chocolate shavings, it’s a powerful dessert for any<br />

occasion.<br />

Doughnuts<br />

Deep fried balls of dough, often filled with jam or cream<br />

and highly decorated, have been supercharged by big<br />

chains in the USA. However, they originated hundreds of<br />

years ago in Germany. Collectively known as krapfen, the<br />

most famous is the Berliner, a hole-free doughnut usually<br />

filled with fruit jam. There’s a familiar version in the UK as<br />

well, known simply as a jam doughnut.<br />

Similar in appearance to a doughnut is the popular<br />

Spritzkuchen. With a more delicate texture than<br />

the Berliner and a ring shape that’s reminiscent<br />

of an American-style doughnut, what it lacks<br />

in jam it makes up for in toppings. Dusted with<br />

sugar or drizzled with a vanilla glaze are two of<br />

the most popular.<br />

Plum Cake<br />

The wonderfully-named zwetschgenkuchen makes<br />

use of one of Germany’s favourite fruits, the plum.<br />

Variations of the cake can be found throughout the<br />

different regions of the country. Some<br />

varieties have a yeasted dough base<br />

and others prefer a pastry bottom,<br />

but they’re all delicious!<br />

Some plum cakes showcase a<br />

particularly delicious topping<br />

found throughout German<br />

dessert cuisine called<br />

streusel. Remarkably similar<br />

to the top half of an apple<br />

crumble, it improves just about<br />

anything it touches.<br />


Pfortenhaus by<br />

dufner catering<br />

Germany | The Award for Excellence in Vegan Cuisine<br />

Where the mighty river Rhine snakes its way across the land in<br />

the west of Germany, the oldest spa town of Wiesbaden can<br />

be found. This ancient city is home to the fabulous Baroque Schloss<br />

Biebrich, and in the former gatehouse is Pfortenhaus, catering<br />

business and brainchild of chef Enrico P. Dufner.<br />

Always searching for the best in local produce, the Dufner<br />

Catering group specialises in delicious vegan dishes<br />

that will change the way you look at plant-based<br />

food. With dairy-free patisserie delights that boast<br />

exquisite flavours to seasonal fare like delicate<br />

wild mushroom croquettes and sweet potato<br />

dumplings, there are dishes to satisfy every<br />

palate.<br />


The flamboyant and dazzling personality of founder<br />

Enrico P. Dufner can be found throughout the venue.<br />

His eye for great design is evident as soon as the<br />

gatehouse’s heavy front doors are flung open, and the<br />

stunning interior is revealed.<br />

The 18 th Century gatehouse has been loving converted<br />

into a light and welcoming place, with antique furnishings<br />

and comfortable seating options for any size group.<br />

The multi-purpose space inside is perfect for private<br />

gatherings and luxurious gastronomical celebrations.<br />

Comfortably seating up to 33 guests indoors, or more<br />

than 100 with the use of the pretty outdoor terrace, it’s<br />

ideal for weddings or even corporate functions.<br />

What makes the Pfortenhaus so special is how the<br />

space can transform itself to cater for different groups,<br />

events, and seasons. Whether it’s for an Easter brunch,<br />

a spectacular wedding, a special client dinner, or a<br />

Abenbrot – a very unique interpretation of a german<br />

ritual, you can be guaranteed to find Enrico P. Dufner’s<br />

gastronomic excellence in everything that they do.<br />


Äppelallee 18, 65203 Wiesbaden,<br />

Germany<br />

Tel - 0611 205 47 73<br />


France<br />


thawards.com<br />

Paris, France<br />


56<br />

WHEN IN<br />


Le Savoir-Vivre, or “knowing how to live”, is an essential concept in French society. You can think of<br />

it not so much as a rulebook, but as an encouragement of good lifestyle choices that encompass<br />

everything from table manners to dress-sense. As food plays such an important part in French<br />

culture, there are customs and traditions you ought to know before sitting down to eat while on<br />

your next holiday there.<br />

Eating Etiquette<br />

There’s a good reason we use the French word etiquette, or<br />

“rules for polite behaviour”, when it comes to behaving well<br />

– and especially when it comes to the dinner table. French<br />

people can seem quite formal when eating compared with<br />

other cultures.<br />

It’s derived from bien se tenir, or simply “good behaviour”,<br />

which is something that French children are taught and<br />

means mutual respect and politeness for others at the<br />

table. Don’t be scared, though – you won’t be expected to<br />

know all the ins and outs of formal French eating straight<br />

away!<br />

Cheese<br />

Is it any surprise that there’s a right (and a wrong) way to<br />

cut, serve, and eat cheese in France? Imagine a trip across<br />

the Channel and you’ll think of all the incredible cheeses for<br />

which France is famous. But how can you enjoy a delicious<br />

brie or Roquefort without making a faux pas?<br />

There’s an art to cutting whole wheels<br />

of fine French cheese into suitable<br />

serving portions, but it’s probably<br />

not something you’ll be doing on<br />

your next trip. However, if you<br />

share a cheese with French<br />

friends, watch them closely to<br />

see how it’s done.<br />

Here are some cheese tips:<br />

- Don’t use a fork to steady the<br />

cheese when cutting – use a<br />

knife only and never touch the<br />

cheese with your hands<br />

- Cut a round cheese like you would a cake.<br />

Slice towards the centre from the edge and take a wedge<br />

- Cheese should be served with good bread. Tear off a small<br />

piece and place the cheese on top<br />


At the <strong>Restaurant</strong><br />

There’s no doubt that the French take eating<br />

very seriously. It’s still considered to be some<br />

of the best cuisine in the world and a trip to a<br />

real restaurant gastronomique should be an<br />

exciting affair. If you want to make sure to make<br />

the right impression, however, then there are a<br />

few things you should think carefully about.<br />

A waiter in a French restaurant is a far cry from<br />

the over-attentive types you might meet in<br />

chain restaurants in the UK, for example. They<br />

are complete professionals and won’t hesitate<br />

to tell you if you have made the right food or<br />

drink choice.<br />

When you’re in a restaurant, you should never<br />

ask to change a menu or ask for substitutions<br />

– unless, of course, you have allergies. It’s not<br />

the done thing and you could get in trouble<br />

with the waiter.<br />

Above all, relax and enjoy a meal in the company<br />

of good friends, family, or your lover. A good<br />

French meal is enjoyed with a glass or two of<br />

wine and is never rushed. Bon appétit!<br />



Hotel de La Poste<br />

France | Family <strong>Restaurant</strong><br />

Found deep within France’s internationally renowned wine producing<br />

region of Burgundy is the pretty town of Beaune. Surrounded by<br />

stunning countryside and more than a few vineyards, it’s a picture<br />

perfect French town with cobbled streets and an historic market<br />

square.<br />

The 17 th Century Hotel de la Poste is found right on the edge<br />

of the old town centre, with high white walls and pretty<br />

green shutters across the windows. The stunning<br />

interior is decorated in rich dark reds and boasts<br />

spectacular wooden parquet floors.<br />

Inside the hotel is the family friendly and<br />

extremely comfortable restaurant. Complete<br />

with crisp white tablecloths and tall<br />

windows that look out over the terrace,<br />

you can even dine outside when the<br />

weather is fine.<br />


The classic French menu changes with the seasons and<br />

stages the best possible ingredients from the Burgundy<br />

territory, a part of France with a rich foodie heritage.<br />

What could be more delightful than a dish of escargot de<br />

Bourgogne, or Burgundy snails in a rich garlic butter? Or<br />

succulent beef Bourguinon gently simmered in a rich red<br />

wine sauce and fresh tagliatelle?<br />

You can also make the most of the hotel’s position in the<br />

middle of fantastic wine country by pairing your meal with<br />

a selection of fantastic local Burgundy wine. The reds and<br />

whites of the region are world famous, and the Hotel de la<br />

Poste is proud of its very own well-stocked wine cellar.<br />

A fabulous meal calls for an equally special dessert. Start with<br />

a selection of regional cheeses that showcase the region’s<br />

excellent milk production, then move on to a delightful plate<br />

of baked apple and Breton shortbread with salted butter<br />

caramel.<br />

Visiting this part of la belle France is always a joy, but in the<br />

Burgundy region, a brilliant meal at the Hotel de la Poste<br />

really shows off why people visit again and again.<br />


3-5 Boulevard Clémenceau<br />

21200 Beaune<br />

Tel +33 03 80 22 08 11<br />


UAE<br />


thawards.com<br />

Dubai <strong>Restaurant</strong>, UAE<br />


64<br />



One of Dubai’s achievements is having become an incredible melting pot for world cultures. People<br />

from across the Earth have moved there to seek their fortune – which means they brought with<br />

them an impressive range of cuisines.<br />

Heading to The Jewel of the Desert is to be wowed by<br />

the glittering hotels, the soaring skyscrapers, and the<br />

unbelievable gastronomic adventures you might head<br />

out on. Currently home to 11 Michelin Star restaurants,<br />

including the remarkable two-starred STAY by Yannick<br />

Alleno, there’s nowhere quite like Dubai for luxury and<br />

excellence.<br />

If you want a fine dining experience, Dubai is one of the<br />

world’s premier destinations. Top chefs from around the<br />

globe have made the city their home – and for good<br />

reason. Take Hakkasan, for example. With restaurants<br />

in foodie hotspots such as London, Shanghai, and<br />

Miami, their brand of luxury Chinese dining needs to be<br />

experienced to be believed.<br />

For something quite different and which quite literally<br />

feels like a desert oasis, you can’t get much better than<br />

The Farm. Based in Al Barari, which is just a half hour<br />

ride from the centre of Jumeirah City, it’s light years<br />

away from the hotel restaurants that are half-way up a<br />

50-floor skyscraper. Nestled beneath lush palms and soft,<br />

waving grasses, the restaurant promotes a wholesome<br />

atmosphere and menu.<br />

Whether you visit Dubai just once or plan to return time<br />

and again, you can’t miss the unbelievable food on offer.<br />

From family-run restaurants to exclusive seven-star<br />

exclusive resorts, you won’t forget it any time soon.<br />


66<br />

3<br />



Bagatelle Dubai<br />

If fine dining is your thing, the best French restaurant with<br />

a Mediterranean twist is the stunning Bagatelle. Based on<br />

the first floor of the towering five-star Fairmont Hotel, it<br />

brings a sense of French joie de vivre to the city and every<br />

meal it serves.<br />

Led by the innovative and experienced hand of head chef<br />

Rocco Seminara, carnivores can enjoy dishes including<br />

truffle-roasted chicken and foie<br />

gras or Wagyu striploin steak,<br />

while vegetarians can opt<br />

for delicious courgette<br />

flowers stuffed with<br />

goat’s cheese.<br />

B-Town <strong>Restaurant</strong> & Bar<br />

A restaurant as colourful as the spices used in its Indian<br />

fusion menu, B-Town is the place to be. Inspired by some<br />

of the world’s biggest Bollywood stars, you can eat with<br />

friends, have a drink, and then dance the night away.<br />

The extensive Bombay-style menu is full of authentic<br />

flavours of the Asian subcontinent. Choose from a range<br />

of dishes straight from the tandoori oven or your favourite<br />

vegetable or chicken delicacy in a delicate, fragrant sauce.<br />

Kohantei Japanese Wagyu <strong>Restaurant</strong><br />

Situated inside the stunning Dubai Opera House in<br />

downtown Dubai is Kohantei. The UAE’s first authentic<br />

Japanese kaiseki dining experience, it takes multi-course<br />

feasting to a whole new level. Their intimate and attentive<br />

meals can last for 2 – 3 hours but the experience will stay<br />

with you forever.<br />

There are five different kaiseki menus to choose from<br />

that all showcase a particular parts of Japanese cuisine,<br />

which might include A5-grade Japanese beef steak or<br />

fish nigiri sushi, amongst other delicacies.<br />


Bagatelle Dubai<br />

UAE | The Award for Excellence in French Cuisine<br />

Bagatelle, the upscale French restaurant concept by brand essence,<br />

is located at The Fairmont Dubai. The towering 34-storey hotel is<br />

impressively luxurious, even in a city that’s used to the finer things in life.<br />

The restaurant features a signature style of classic French Mediterranean<br />

cuisine, chic décor, and upbeat music, adding that extra element of fun.<br />

Known worldwide for its famous “Champagne brunch” and<br />

reminiscent of the “Joie de Vivre” lifestyle of the south of France,<br />

Bagatelle is a favourite international celebrity hotspot and the<br />

perfect addition to the glamorous Dubai dining scene.<br />

If you desire a sensory trip into the heart of the gorgeous<br />

French riviera, then Group Executive Chef Timothy<br />

Newton is the master of your adventure. With more<br />

than a decade of experience in some of the world’s<br />

finest restaurants in Europe, his expert hands<br />

weave gastronomic delights for guests of Bistro<br />

Bagatelle.<br />


With signature dishes that include smoked seabass with a<br />

cherry tomato and piquillo pepper fondue and sumptuous<br />

duck breast cooked with blood orange and whipped foie<br />

gras, you’re truly spoiled for choice. For a taste of classic<br />

luxury, you can order Kaviari caviar, and pair it with a fine<br />

Louis XIII Cognac for the ultimate indulgence.<br />

Bagatelle boasts a luxurious environment with superior<br />

service and unparalleled ambience. An early glass of<br />

Provencal rosé at the bar, a great dinner with fantastic<br />

fresh produce, superb background music to accompany<br />

your meal, and all followed up by popping bottles of<br />

bubbly Champagne to carry you into the night.<br />

For an unforgettable taste of fine French dining in the<br />

heart of Dubai, nothing quite beats a visit to the Bagatelle.<br />

Whether it’s for an intimate dinner for two or a special<br />

celebration, it’s quite simply magical. Sante!<br />

Timings: 8.00pm till late<br />


To book:<br />

Call +971 04 354 5035<br />

The Fairmont Dubai, First floor, Sheikh<br />

Zayed Road, 97555, Dubai, UAE<br />

Reservations:<br />

Call +971 4 354 5035<br />

email: dubai@bagatelle.com<br />


70<br />

INDIAN<br />


AT HOME IN<br />


With an Indian population of more than three million, its easy to see why Dubai’s gastronomic heart<br />

has the flavour of the Asian subcontinent in its DNA.<br />

Indians have moved to the Emirates in large numbers<br />

thanks to its booming economy and work opportunities.<br />

These expats have brought with them a fabulous history,<br />

passion, and talent for making delicious food. It’s no<br />

surprise, then, that some of the best Indian restaurants in<br />

the Gulf States are found in Dubai.<br />

From family-orientated neighbourhood joints to luxurious<br />

fine dining experiences, you can find any type of Indian<br />

cuisine that your heart desires. Just looking at a list of<br />

the top places to eat in Dubai will lead you to fabulous<br />

Indian gastronomy. Whether it’s fish-focused Bengali fare<br />

such as Maach Kalia or fragrant dishes from Kerala like idi<br />

sambar,<br />

the influence of regional<br />

Indian cuisine is<br />

everywhere.<br />

It’s well worth<br />

checking out<br />

at least one of<br />

the many spectacular Indian<br />

restaurants in Dubai. Not<br />

only is the food good,<br />

but the legendary<br />

hospitality that<br />

Indian restaurants<br />

are famous for is<br />

there in spades.<br />

Most people don’t<br />

need an excuse to<br />

try the flavourful and<br />

often spicy food for<br />

which India is known. It’s<br />

not a coincidence that you can<br />

find Indian food in all its many guises in countries around<br />

the world, after all. So, when so many Indians have made<br />

Dubai their home, you know the food’s going to be top<br />

notch.<br />


B-Town Restro Bar<br />

UAE | <strong>Restaurant</strong> & Bar<br />

The city on the edge of the desert, a tourist playground for lovers of luxury,<br />

Dubai is the jewel in the United Arab Emirates’ crown. Unbelievable hotels,<br />

fantastic shopping, and incredible hospitality is what the futuristic city is<br />

all about.<br />

Found on the ground floor of the luxurious Grand Excelsior Hotel,<br />

B-Town Restro Bar is a colourful Bollywood inspired restaurant<br />

with an exciting and extensive menu to match. Exotic<br />

Bombay style chicken, paneer, and fish dishes are cooked to<br />

perfection in the special tandoori oven, and the vegetable<br />

seekh kebab platter is a firm favourite with guests.<br />

For a taste of something other than authentic Indian<br />

food, guests can choose from a selection of<br />

Chinese inspired dishes including fiery Szechuan<br />

chicken and even teriyaki fish. Everyone is<br />

catered for, no matter what your appetite or<br />

palate feels like on the night!<br />


The walls are decorated with posters of the world’s<br />

favourite Bollywood stars and the ambient lighting<br />

makes it the ideal place to start with a meal and end<br />

with a few drinks. You can even catch up on the latest<br />

cricket matches being played on big TVs, or shoot a<br />

game of pool with your friends.<br />

Don’t forget the extensive drinks menu on offer<br />

either. Guests can choose from a huge selection of<br />

beers, wines, spirits, and some sensational cocktails<br />

too. The lively atmosphere makes B-Town a favourite<br />

destination for anyone who wants to let their hair<br />

down in Dubai.<br />

One of the best ways to relax after a delicious meal<br />

is with a traditional sheesha, the famous water pipe<br />

beloved around the middle East and beyond. You can<br />

enjoy this typical after dinner treat either indoors or<br />

outdoors, close to the poolside.<br />


Ground Floor, Grand ExcelsiorHotel,<br />

Mankhool Dubai, PO.BOX: 1234<br />

Tel +(971) 43203332<br />


Japan<br />


thawards.com<br />

Taito, Japan<br />


76<br />

UNIQUE<br />


One of Japan’s biggest exports is not just their food but the way it’s cooked and served. From<br />

intricate sushi to theatrical teppanyaki cooking, these are five Japanese dining experiences you<br />

should try.<br />

Kaiseki Ryori<br />

Starting with Japan’s most intricate and elegant form<br />

of dining, kaiseki is a traditional multi-course meal.<br />

Showcasing technical skill and presented in an elegant<br />

fashion, it’s the epitome of what you might think about<br />

formal Japanese dining culture.<br />

The multi-course nature of kaiseki resembles the sort<br />

of experience you could expect at a contemporary fine<br />

dining establishment. Small portions of food are brought<br />

in with a flourish, one after the other. Although modern<br />

kaiseki restaurants have changed around the number of<br />

courses and content, it almost<br />

always finishes with a<br />

traditional matcha tea<br />

ceremony.<br />

Teppanyaki<br />

A far cry from the quiet and<br />

reverent kaiseki feast, the<br />

relatively modern idea of<br />

teppanyaki only started<br />

after the end of the Second<br />

World War. The central<br />

piece of this flamboyant<br />

way of cooking is the flat<br />

iron cooking grill, while it is<br />

the skill of the chef to turn<br />

cooking into a performance<br />

art. Diners usually sit around<br />

the large hot plate and are<br />

treated to a range of Japanese<br />

foods prepared right in front of them.<br />

Incredibly popular in the USA, teppanyaki-style dining<br />

is usually prepared with special spatulas and involves<br />

tricks undertaken by the chef. The famous “flaming<br />

onion volcano” is the perfect example of this type of<br />

performance cooking – it’s fun as well as delicious.<br />


Sushi<br />

Probably the most well-known<br />

Japanese food export, sushi has<br />

made its way into restaurants<br />

and supermarkets across the<br />

globe. You might think that<br />

it means raw fish, but that’s<br />

actually sashimi. Sushi refers<br />

to the special short grain rice<br />

that is prepared with vinegar.<br />

The most recognisable form is<br />

nigiri-sushi, the hand-prepared<br />

blob of rice with a topping of raw<br />

fish, seafood, or tofu. It’s another<br />

performative Japanese dining<br />

experience – especially if you opt<br />

for omakase sushi, where the chef<br />

is in complete control of what you<br />

eat!<br />


Ramen-ya<br />

Incredibly popular in Japan, these usually informal<br />

types of restaurants are ideal for a warming<br />

meal on a cold evening. Famous for their<br />

wheat noodle dishes, ramen-ya restaurants<br />

can cater to just about any taste and budget<br />

in their steaming kitchen.<br />

The basis of a good ramen is the broth.<br />

Traditionally made with pork bones, there are<br />

vegetarian ones available, too. What goes into the<br />

broth is another story, as anything from tofu to chicken<br />

or seafood make their home in the bowl.<br />

Izakaya<br />

The final type of dining experience on the list is also one of the most relaxed. The<br />

Japanese version of the gastropub, izakaya is the sort of place that will satisfy your<br />

thirst alongside your hunger. Specialising in sharing dishes and the sort of fried food<br />

that goes perfectly with a freshly-poured glass of beer or saké, they’re informal<br />

places to unwind.<br />

The small dishes of food are probably more like tapas than anything else. There’s a<br />

huge range of typical dishes, but you can expect to find yakitori chicken skewers,<br />

grilled fish, or steamed gyoza dumplings.<br />


Australia<br />


thawards.com<br />

Roast lamb<br />


82<br />

MODERN<br />



Most people are familiar with some of the fantastic produce that comes from The Land Down<br />

Under. Their excellent and award-winning wines are an accustomed sight on shelves and wine<br />

cellars across the world. However, Australian cuisine isn’t quite as familiar – and it isn’t at all about<br />

barbecued shrimp and stodgy meat pies.<br />

Modern Australian cuisine, or Mod Oz as it’s known in some<br />

circles, is a far cry from the image a lot of people have of<br />

the continent-sized country. Although Mod Oz is less easy<br />

to define than other international foods like French or<br />

Spanish, it has its own place as a fusion of familiar styles.<br />

Like other countries with a recent history of mass<br />

immigration from other parts of the world, Australia is a<br />

melting pot of cultures, traditions, and foods. Its place in<br />

the world, close to the incredible gastronomic destinations<br />

across the Asia-Pacific region, make for seriously exciting<br />

eating.<br />

This fusion of arguably the most delicious foods in<br />

the world has worked so well in Australia thanks to its<br />

abundance of fantastic fresh produce. With thousands<br />

of miles of bountiful coastline, rich fishing waters, and a<br />

phenomenal amount of farmland, there’s not much that<br />

inventive Australian chefs can’t get hold of locally.<br />

Next time you find yourself down under, check out what<br />

the best Australian restaurants have to offer. Whether it’s<br />

sashimi made from local fish, Vietnamese-style stews,<br />

or pan-Asian tapas, the high standards of Australian<br />

ingredients and chefs really stand out.<br />







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