NJR Digital is an online magazine created to Uplift, Motivate, and Encourage you on your journey. Enjoy this month's recipes from the Cajun Crooner and Reflections from Mayberry. The contributing writers have some real heart felt messages to encourage you along the way. Enjoy!

NJR Digital is an online magazine created to Uplift, Motivate, and Encourage you on your journey. Enjoy this month's recipes from the Cajun Crooner and Reflections from Mayberry. The contributing writers have some real heart felt messages to encourage you along the way. Enjoy!


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ISSUE 10, <strong>FEBRUARY</strong> <strong>2023</strong><br />

Never Fails!<br />



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r e s e r v e d . N o p a r t o f t h i s m a g a z i n e m a y b e r e p r o d u c e d o r t r a n s m i t t e d i n a n y f o r m o r b y<br />

a n y m e a n s e l e c t r o n i c , m e c h a n i c a l , p h o t o c o p y , r e c o r d i n g o r a n y o t h e r w i t h o u t w r i t t e n<br />

p e r m i s s i o n f r o m t h e p u b l i s h e r o f N J R D i g i t a l . P a r t s o f t h i s m a g a z i n e r e a d ‘ l i v e ’ o n t h e<br />

a i r i s a l l o w e d w i t h o u t p r i o r w r i t t e n p e r m i s s i o n b y n o t i n g t h e s o u r c e o f i n f o r m a t i o n .

EDITOR'S<br />

LETTER<br />

"Seeing Is Believing"...<br />

"When I See It, I'll Believe It.".....<br />

John 10:27, My sheep hear My voice, and I<br />

know them, and they follow Me.<br />

The Lord's voice is mentioned more than<br />

650 times in Scripture<br />


03 <strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong><br />

Anybody here ever say that?<br />

Author and evangelist G. Campbell<br />

Morgan said, “Seeing is not believing;<br />

seeing is seeing. Believing is being<br />

confident without seeing”. That is the<br />

essence of faith!"<br />

That's the part that faith plays in our lives<br />

– we need to believe for it, BEFORE we see<br />

it.<br />

That's why Paul exhorts us in 2<br />

Corinthians 5:7 to “live by faith and not by<br />

sight” Romans 10:17 — "faith comes from<br />

hearing, and hearing by the word of<br />

Christ."<br />

So what Paul is telling us is FAITH, for the<br />

Believer, IS (not should be)..is the MAIN<br />

source of Believing.<br />

"So faith comes from what is heard, and<br />

what is heard comes THROUGH the word<br />

of Christ." Not through the news cast or<br />

your favorite televangelist, "THROUGH<br />


Faith only comes by hearing God's Word,<br />

and believing it - no matter what - without<br />

a shadow of a doubt - without needing<br />

constant visual proof.

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05 <strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

Reflections from<br />

Mayberry<br />

/ by Greg & Donna Journey<br />

1 John 4:7<br />

I went through a situation that came<br />

up several years ago that hurt me so<br />

“Beloved, let us love one another: for badly that I truly believed that I felt<br />

love is of God; and every one that<br />

hate not love in my heart. It scared me<br />

loveth is born of God, and knoweth<br />

and I asked God to forgive me and<br />

God.”<br />

help me through the hurt and pain. A<br />

dear friend of mine helped me see<br />

February is often called the month of that it wasn’t hate, but deep hurt for<br />

love. One of the many scriptures in the what that person had done to my<br />

Bible that speaks of love is 1st John<br />

family that I was feeling. Hurt is real<br />

4:7. As I read this verse, I thought<br />

and sometimes it can quickly turn into<br />

about how very different this world<br />

hate if we don’t keep God close and<br />

would be if we would love like God<br />

ask him to help us show love no<br />

does. I’ll be the first to let you know<br />

matter the situation. Don’t let the devil<br />

that I don’t always do that. I try my<br />

creep in when these situations arise in<br />

best but face it…… some folks make it your life. That is when he can rear his<br />

very hard to love them. However, God ugly head and when hurt can overtake<br />

tells us to love our neighbors as<br />

you and turn into sin. Be strong, stay<br />

ourselves. If we have the love of God in God’s word and ask Him to help you<br />

in our heart it makes it SO much easier love like He does. Pray for<br />

to love.<br />

understanding, comfort, and the<br />

human ability to love as God does.

07<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

08<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

2022 was a great year and God truly Blessed me and Christian<br />

Cross Roads. "The Not So Late Show" Monday and Wednesday<br />

Evening from 9 until 11 Eastern time is my favorite time of the<br />

week. I am amazed each week that people from all of the USA and<br />

literally around the world Join me each week on the " Not So Late<br />

Show".<br />

Life brings many twists and turns along the road and my journey<br />

has been very interesting to say the least.<br />

Christian Cross Roads was formed in 2014 and during that time<br />

we recorded and released 4 projects. Thanks to Bobby<br />

Richardson giving our songs a chance on New Journey Radio<br />

some of the songs became fan favorites " The Bloodline" and<br />

"Natural Reaction" and "Anybody wanna have a little Church<br />

Today" . I could never have imagined that our music would be imagined that our music<br />

would be so well received and I am truly grateful to all of you!<br />

Things have changed just a bit as we start <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Christina and Susan have felt led to move on<br />

from Christian Cross Roads and pursue other<br />

avenues of ministry and I wish them well in their<br />

endeavors. I still feel God's call on my life and to<br />

share the love of Jesus through the songs He has<br />

given me to sing and the Christian Cross Roads<br />

ministry is continuing but with a different look.<br />

Before I was a part of the New Journey Family, I listened<br />

on the App and watched "Third cup of Joe" every morning on Facebook or YouTube and I<br />

loved all the music I was hearing. One artist in particular made an impression on me and<br />

the was Bonita Eileen.<br />

Several years after hearing her sing " Mountain" I was able to<br />

meet her and then two years later we began to date each other<br />

and fell in Love and now I am happy to say that Bonita is my<br />

fiance! Yes, God is good.<br />

Bonita and I have prayed and feel that God would have us join<br />

"Christian Cross Roads" and " in His Time Ministries" together<br />

and minister and share Jesus with the world through our music<br />

and testimony. We have been Blessed to have several bookings<br />

already and God truly moved in the services and Blessed the<br />

congregations as well as blessed Bonita and myself.<br />

09<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

We are currently booking dates and would love to come to your church or event and share<br />

our ministry with you. Bonita will sing the songs that you love to hear from her and I will do<br />

some of the Christian Cross Roads songs and we do some newer songs together and our<br />

Sound Man Jay Howard may even sing a few but most of all we will worship Jesus and tell<br />

you about His love for all Mankind!<br />

I have a few new songs that I have recorded and I would like to share them with you so Be<br />

listening for the first release on New Journey Radio. It's a song called " Moving On" . It was<br />

written by Joshua Jordan and it is a barn burner and a toe tapper for sure and I think it<br />

shows my fun side and definitely my country side.<br />

I hope you will enjoy the song and hopefully<br />

request to hear it . One day we all are going to<br />

move on from this world and I believe Jesus is<br />

coming to get us soon!<br />

Please pray for Bonita and Me that God would<br />

open up doors for us to sing and to minister<br />

.We both write songs and are working on a few<br />

even now and hopefully we will record our first<br />

project together in <strong>2023</strong>.<br />

Pray for God's Guidance and Anointing on our<br />

lives as we " Move On" together.<br />

to Book Chris and Bonita contact us via:<br />

Facebook: Christian Cross Roads / In His Time<br />

Ministry<br />

Chris Jones or Bonita Eileen Via Messenger<br />

Chris Jones 843-254-1234<br />

<br />

Christian Crossroads<br />

and<br />

In His Time Ministries<br />

join their ministries together to sing<br />

and share the love of Jesus Christ!<br />

10<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

Greg<br />

Sullivan<br />

Ministries<br />

11 <strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong><br />

Now at Radio<br />

I Know<br />

He Can

Don't be<br />

that Kid!<br />

When I was kid, I wanted my parents to<br />

say yes to everything. But no amount of<br />

tantrums, tears, bargaining, or bossing<br />

could sway my parents from sometimes<br />

telling me “no”. I didn’t like it, I didn’t<br />

understand it, and it took a whole lot of<br />

whoopings before I could accept it, but<br />

their “no”s taught me the kind of lessons<br />

only disappointment and surrender can<br />

teach.<br />

I must be a bit of a stubborn gal though,<br />

because I had to learn the same lessons<br />

all over again when I became a child of<br />

God.<br />

I used to believe with an unshakeable<br />

certainty that God would answer my<br />

prayers according to my faith. If I<br />

believed He could, He would. All I had to<br />

do was ask.<br />

One frosty morning in January, my<br />

husband woke up sick and stayed sick all<br />

day. God had always answered me<br />

Those painful months yawned into<br />

December, and two weeks before<br />

Christmas, my husband laid in the<br />

hospital, dying. It had been an entire<br />

year, and he was still sick despite<br />

dogged, faith-filled prayers, desperate<br />

pleading, trusting, and believing.<br />

I had been through every emotion on the<br />

wheel: anger, frustration, fear, and grief;<br />

but I had never stopped praying for<br />

healing. I was frantic, but fervent. I was<br />

confused, but confident. God would<br />

answer my prayer. He would heal my<br />

husband. He was a good and faithful God<br />

and He answers prayer according to our<br />

faith, right?<br />

But God was silent. He stayed His healing<br />

hand. And it seemed the more I prayed,<br />

the worse the illness progressed.<br />

That night in the hospital, I looked at my<br />

weak and gray-faced husband, withered<br />

and exhausted from months of fighting<br />

12<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

an illness that no doctor could name or<br />

cure, and I realized I was not going to get<br />

what I wanted. He was not going to<br />

miraculously improve. He was not going<br />

to get any better. It was time to face the<br />

facts. God was saying, “no”.<br />

I could not demand God heal him. I could<br />

not pitch a fit and have it my way. I could<br />

not wear Him down with asking, or<br />

persuade His mind with tears. I could not<br />

threaten Him or bribe Him or make Him<br />

act according to my will. I had tried all<br />

those things and nothing had worked.<br />

And standing outside that hospital room,<br />

I was finally able to see my error. I had<br />

been praying wrong.<br />

It wasn’t that I needed more faith; I knew<br />

what God could do. And it wasn’t that I<br />

needed to pray more. Trust me, I had<br />

wearied and worn the Judge’s door. What<br />

I really needed to do was change my<br />

prayer. And not just my words, but my<br />

attitude.<br />

As I drove home from the hospital that<br />

night, I prayed a different kind of prayer.<br />

One that was worthy of the God I offered<br />

it to.<br />

“Heavenly Father, thank You for saving my<br />

husband’s soul. And thank You for saving<br />

me. Thank You for preparing a place for us<br />

in heaven so we can be together again one<br />

day. It is okay if you do not heal my<br />

husband. I will love you either way.”<br />

I prayed that prayer a very long time<br />

ago, and God was gracious to me. He let<br />

my husband live. But not because I<br />

asked for it. He simply blessed us with<br />

more time together according to His will.<br />

And I thank Him for it every day.<br />

This is not a popular truth, but it is a<br />

truth we must all accept: We cannot<br />

move the heart of God to act according<br />

to our will. We cannot demand from Him<br />

what we want and pour enough faith<br />

into it to make Him give us what we<br />

want. A child may believe if he wants<br />

something bad enough, and acts a<br />

certain way to manipulate his mother<br />

into giving it to him, that she will…But<br />

God is not a parent who does not say no.<br />

We cannot control Him with prayer. No<br />

amount of faith or fervor will command<br />

the hand of the Almighty. What we can<br />

do is ask Him with reverence, with<br />

respect to His authority, humbly<br />

accepting that no matter what He does,<br />

it will be in our best interest.<br />

We are God’s children. We are not in<br />

control. But our heavenly Father always<br />

knows best. We can ask Him for His<br />

favor in all things, but we must<br />

surrender our wants to His will first. God<br />

will not move mountains for us<br />

according to our faith (although “without<br />

faith it is impossible to please Him” Heb<br />

11:6); He will move mountains for us<br />

according to His will and His good<br />

pleasure to dote on His sons and<br />

13<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

daughters. Our part then, is to be good<br />

sons and daughters, not demanding of<br />

His grace, but dependent on it.<br />

“And this is the confidence that we have in<br />

him, that, if we ask anything according to<br />

his will, he heareth us:” 1 John 5:14<br />

Elise<br />

Ingle<br />

My sheep<br />

hear my<br />

voice.<br />

John 10:27<br />

Editor's Letter Continued.....<br />

Think about this: We encounter<br />

Christ in the same place the<br />

disciples did, in the time of our<br />

greatest need, in the sadness of life<br />

when we are hurting and grieving.<br />

When we lock everyone out<br />

because we just don’t know how we<br />

can continue on because we are so<br />

scared that we are next, or that the<br />

whole world is against us and that<br />

no one really cares. That’s the place<br />

that most of us encounter Jesus.<br />

When we are in the midst of pain,<br />

we cry out to Jesus, when we are<br />

hurting –<br />

We cry out to Jesus, when we have<br />

nowhere else to turn –<br />

We cry out to Jesus. When we are at<br />

our lowest, when we think we just<br />

can’t go on, Jesus appears and says<br />

“Peace be with you” and somehow<br />

we know that everything is going to<br />

be ok. So we get up and He washes<br />

our face and dries our tears and<br />

we rest in His presence and<br />

continue on.<br />

/Bobby Richardson<br />

14<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>


Submit your own Made Up Holiday<br />

to office@richardsonllc.org or the<br />

contact page on New Journey Radio<br />

website by February 25 to be<br />

featured in our March magazine!<br />

15<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

Todd Baker Steps Away<br />

From Cross Anchored<br />

I had the opportunity to speak with<br />

Todd about his decision and the<br />

ministry of Cross Anchored.<br />

Myron Waddell and Todd started<br />

Cross Anchored 15 years ago sitting<br />

at a dinner table in a restaurant in<br />

Elkin, NC.<br />

heard about and personally dealt with<br />

through the years in gospel music.<br />

We did just that. As my Papa always<br />

said, "I love you all and you can’t do<br />

anything about it!"<br />

Todd says they have traveled<br />

thousands of miles and have seen<br />

GOD’s awesome power touch the<br />

lives of many during the last 15 years.<br />

"I knew GOD had great things in<br />

store for us if we kept him first and<br />

focused on true ministry instead of<br />

some of the other things I had<br />

Contact Cross Anchored:<br />

crossanchored<br />

( 336) 374-0484<br />

contact@crossanchored.com<br />

crossanchored.com/epk<br />

16<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

D E C E M B E R<br />

1 Dixie Revival - Beautiful Messes<br />

2 Masters Voice - Whose Hand You're In<br />

3 Brian Free & Assurance - Liar, Liar<br />

4 The Sound - Never Not God<br />

5 Galloway & Company - Just Sing<br />

6 Greater Vision - Older People<br />

7 Steeles - A Hundred Different Altars<br />

8 Guardians _ Not For Long<br />

9 Rivers Edge _ My Hope Is In the Blood<br />

10 Kramers - Sing Me There<br />

11 KT & T - Mended By the Potter<br />

12 LeFeure QT - God's Been Good<br />

13 Hyssongs - When You Believe In God<br />

14 Hebron Road - Every Other Throne<br />

15 Ashley Franks - Tear Down the Walls<br />

16 Old Paths - Music To Your Ears<br />

17 Perry's - Tell the Grave<br />

18 The Bates Family - Shepherd of My Valley<br />

19 Gold City - Once and For All<br />

20 Justified Quartet - Turn Your Back<br />

21 Phillips & Banks - Find My Hallelujah<br />

22 Emily Ann Roberts - The Building<br />

23 Mylon Hays Family - Just As Sure<br />

24 Zane & Donna King - Every Miracle and Mystery<br />

25 The Journeys - Grace Said Yes<br />

26 Billy Walker - He's Still Here<br />

27 Lore Family - You Love, I'll Judge<br />

28 Legacy Five - Testify<br />

29 Joy Holden - Carry It All<br />

30 Southbound - Lost and Found<br />

ONLINE<br />


Let <strong>NJR</strong> Digital<br />

advertise your group,<br />

next event or concert,<br />

or your business. We<br />

are affordable digital<br />

advertising with many<br />

ways to advertise<br />

which includes New<br />

Journey Radio and our<br />

website. Call 662-223-<br />

3234 for a quote.<br />

17 <strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

18<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>


PLACE<br />

When she came to, she realized that<br />

something was terribly wrong. The last<br />

thing she really remembered was that she,<br />

and her husband, Dan, had stopped by<br />

her sister’s house for a quick dinner on<br />

their way home from a weekend get-a-way<br />

to the mountains. Now, she was sitting in<br />

a recliner – and two weeks had passed. As<br />

her sister Debra tried to explain the<br />

situation to her, overwhelming pain, and<br />

an intense feeling of fear and uncertainty,<br />

gripped her lifeless body, as the horrible<br />

story unfolded.<br />

She had suffered multiple grand mal<br />

epileptic seizures. There had been too<br />

many to calculate, and the family had even<br />

stopped counting, after the first hundred.<br />

The violent shaking and jerking had left<br />

her unconscious, and she had no control<br />

over her body whatsoever. There was no<br />

recollection of the numerous visits to the<br />

doctor’s offices and hospitals or of the<br />

continuous care given by her loving family<br />

over the last fourteen days. She was<br />

rendered unable to feed, bathe or dress<br />

herself. Her memory had all but been<br />

erased. Her speech was gone. Her mind<br />

raced uncontrollably. Silently, she<br />

questioned, “Who is taking care of my two<br />

boys? What about Dan? And why am I in<br />

this recliner?”<br />

/ By Charlie Sexton<br />

For the next six, long years, this woman<br />

lived in this condition, if you can really call<br />

that living. During the day, while Dan was<br />

at work, she read the Bible. It not only<br />

helped pass the time, it literally became a<br />

special place for her to hide from the<br />

terrible things that was going on inside her<br />

sick body. She read it through eleven times<br />

during that long, six-year period. She<br />

literally fell in love with Jesus and His<br />

blessed Word. It was her only source of<br />

strength during these dark, lonely days.<br />

The seizures typically started about 8 pm,<br />

and lasted into the early morning hours.<br />

Rest seldom came to her or the cast of her<br />

supportive caretakers.<br />

Because of some previous health issues,<br />

and because Dan had recently changed<br />

jobs, they had no medical insurance.<br />

Pharmacy bills were nearly $400 each<br />

month. In no time at all, the doctor and<br />

hospital bills mounted to over $100,000.00.<br />

Financially, things were growing as bleak as<br />

the health situation. Still yet, they clung to<br />

God’s Word, and like King David of old,<br />

they made God their pavilion and hiding<br />

place.<br />

Even though they were going through<br />

some of the most tragic things imaginable,<br />

they felt God’s divine call upon their lives.<br />

19<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

They attended church as often as possible<br />

and started building a singing and<br />

preaching ministry. Because of their<br />

situation, they were met with constant<br />

opposition – even from so-called<br />

Christians. But, they were sure of their<br />

Calling, and they applied the Bible<br />

Principles that they had learned in their<br />

daily lives.<br />

One Friday, after Dan had put back their<br />

tithe money, he took the remainder of his<br />

meager paycheck to purchase much<br />

needed seizure medication. That left no<br />

money for groceries, and there was almost<br />

no food in the pantry. That night, four<br />

hungry people bowed their heads, and<br />

asked God to bless their little meal that<br />

consisted of a can of “pork-n-beans”, a<br />

pack of crackers, and four pieces of<br />

sandwich bread. The next morning, a<br />

knock at the door came, and there stood a<br />

sweet, little lady from their home church.<br />

She said “Sister Brenda, about suppertime<br />

last night, I felt impressed to do something<br />

for you. Now, I don’t even know if you need<br />

‘em or not – and if my visit offends you, I’ll<br />

take my van load of groceries, and be<br />

along on my way- I just know that I heard<br />

The Voice of God.” Needless to say, that<br />

evening they had a feast complete with<br />

fried chicken and homemade biscuits that<br />

would rival that of any North Georgia<br />

Baptist Church Homecoming!<br />

God had once again shown Himself<br />

faithful. They had learned to be content in<br />

whatever state they were in. They knew<br />

that God was able to heal and restore.<br />

They had often prayed that it would<br />

happen, but they had also resolved in their<br />

hearts that no matter what, they would serve<br />

Him no matter what. In time, they took their<br />

eyes off the healing, and placed them on The<br />

Healer. That’s when things really began to<br />

happen.<br />

Some days were a little better than others,<br />

but on one blustery February morning in<br />

1991, the Holy Ghost just seemed to literally<br />

permeate their home. It was about 12:30 pm.<br />

This was a designated time when the lady<br />

faithfully prayed for others. As she went into<br />

her prayer closet, she took her list, and<br />

began calling the familiar litany of names. In<br />

closing, she said, “Lord, I pray for my healing<br />

in your time, but until then, use these<br />

seizures for your Glory!” As she stepped out<br />

of the little chamber, she heard a voice say,<br />

“You are healed. You can serve me now.”<br />

Thinking that maybe someone may have<br />

entered the house unnoticed, she headed<br />

into the living room. She heard the voice<br />

again, and recognized it as The Voice of<br />

God. She began to scream and shout.<br />

Shortly, the telephone rang, and it was her<br />

sister, Dolly, who lived close by. “What’s<br />

goin’ on up there? Are you havin’ a seizure?”<br />

The reply came back, “No! God just told me I<br />

was healed! PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!”<br />

Many years have now passed since her<br />

healing came. But within just a few years of<br />

it, they had repaid every last penny that they<br />

owed. That itself is nothing short of a miracle.<br />

Since that time, this special woman has<br />

written and recorded hundreds of songs,<br />

traveled thousands of miles singing and<br />

teaching at Women’s Conferences all over<br />

the world. She has penned many best-selling<br />

books, including her latest effort, which has<br />

been released through LifeWay Bookstores.<br />

20<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

Ever pursuing academic excellence, she has<br />

received a Doctorate Degree from a leading<br />

theological institute. Her name is Brenda<br />

Robinson. She and ‘Brother Dan’ are the cofounders<br />

of New Desire Christian Ministries.<br />

They spearhead a multifaceted ministry that<br />

includes singing, teaching, preaching,<br />

mentoring and sharing The Love of Christ<br />

with the World. They also oversee a highly<br />

successful International Ministry, having built<br />

several churches, schools and feeding<br />

centers in Honduras, where they spend a<br />

goodly amount of time each year.<br />

I know how they live. I traveled with them for<br />

two years as pianist. They are quick to<br />

acknowledge that they’ve been truly blessed<br />

by God. Why? Not because they are really<br />

anything special. They just chose to make<br />

Him their hiding place…<br />

Charlie Sexton<br />

21<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>


WITH US<br />

Mary<br />

Burke<br />

Ministries<br />

Thanks DJs for<br />

playing my<br />

new release<br />

Testimony Without a Test<br />

I Talk to God Album<br />

maryburkeonline.com<br />

22<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

For everything there is a season....<br />

For well over 20 years I have had the privilege of<br />

traveling and singing with Mississipp's oldest<br />

quartet,The Bibletones. No, I was not one of the<br />

original members, but probably could have been.<br />

Actually, I was retired from the Bibletones when Jack<br />

Armstrong stepped into the picture and asked me if I<br />

would help out and do a few dates until he got his feet<br />

on the Ground, that was 7.5 years ago..takes him a<br />

while to get his feet on the ground.. It's been a blessing<br />

to be with the fine men I had the privilege of singing<br />

with. We have seen God work and open many doors<br />

Charley grew up in church and enjoyed for us to minister in that I never thought would be<br />

singing in the choir. In early 2017, possible. What a Joy !! What a God !!<br />

Charley shares the time that the Isaacs<br />

came to his church and asked him to sing My thanks and appreciation goes out to all who made<br />

bass on a couple of songs with<br />

this possible like Amy and Bobby Richardson of New<br />

them. "I was hooked, that lit a fire within Journey Radio, Great Friends. Thank you for all you<br />

me to travel, sing and lead people to guys have done and are still doing, not only for the<br />

Christ."<br />

Bibletones but countless others. My prayer has been<br />

that God would continue to lead me down the paths<br />

In 2017, Charley joined Crossing Jordan that I should trod and use me to point others to Jesus<br />

Quartet from Covington, TN. In 2018, he and be a Blessing in what ever way He sees fit. Just a<br />

felt led to start his solo career. Charley few days after we announced that I was retiring from<br />

tells the experience he gained from the Bibletones, I received a call from Greg Sullivan with<br />

singing with Master’s Quartet, Solo 4 Solo4 Quartet asking me if I would consider singing<br />

Quartet and The Dixie Echoes on<br />

with their group. I have known Greg for quite some time<br />

occasions. In December 2022, Charley and have grown to admire him more and more. Lance<br />

was offered and accepted the<br />

Driskell is fairly new to the Gospel Industry but has one<br />

bass vocalist position with The Bibletones of the best voices in Gospel Music. Ed Meadows and I<br />

Quartet.<br />

have sung together for years, both with the Bibletones<br />

and Newlife Qt. I am so excited to be working with him<br />

"I am a Quartet man at heart and this again. People love my Little Buddy... So as we read in<br />

makes my heart explode." For many the Bible in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 we find," For everything<br />

years, Charley says he struggled with self there is a season, and a time for every matter under<br />

doubt. God definitely has a plan, and<br />

Heaven", so with Joy and<br />

Charley says "I trust in God with all my<br />

anticipation we start a<br />

heart and He hasn’t nor will He ever let<br />

new Journey to see what<br />

me down. I look forward to traveling with<br />

God has in store. Thank<br />

The Bibletones Quartet, sharing my<br />

you in advance for your<br />

testimony and my love for Christ, and<br />

prayers and support as I<br />

leading the lost to Christ."<br />

join hands with Solo4<br />

/ Charley Lucas<br />

open to the will of God.<br />

/ Thanks, Glen Floyd<br />

23 <strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

McKay Project<br />

24<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong><br />

www.studio115a.com<br />

662.889.2829<br />


J A N U A R Y<br />

1 The Sound - Never Not God<br />

2 Greater Vision - Older People<br />

3 Steeles - A Hundred Different Altars<br />

4 Rivers Edge - My Hope is in the Blood<br />

5 Hebron Road - Every Other Throne<br />

6 Emily Ann Roberts - The Building<br />

7 Ashley Franks - Tear Down the Walls<br />

8 The Bates Family - Shepherd of My Valley<br />

9 Brian Free & Assurance - Liar, Liar<br />

10 The Mylon Hayes Family - Just as Sure<br />

11 Dixie Revival - Beautiful Messes<br />

12 Old Paths - Music to Your Ears<br />

13 Legacy Five - Testify<br />

14 The Whisnants - He Won't Stay Gone<br />

15 Southbound - Lost and Found<br />

16 The Williamsons - The King Eternal<br />

17 Wilburn and Wilburn - He Could Love What Was Left of Me<br />

18 Zane and Donna King - Every Miracle and Mystery<br />

19 Justified Quartet - Turn Your Back<br />

20 Endless Highway - Love Carried the Cross<br />

21 Galloway and Company - Just Sing<br />

22 Kramers - Sing Me There<br />

23 Gold City - Once and For All<br />

24 The Browns - Breakthrough<br />

25 The Wisecarvers - Stay Home<br />

26 The Booth Brothers - Room Full of Stories<br />

27 The Guardians - Not For Long<br />

28 Ethan & Austin Whisnant - I'm Not Alone<br />

29 The Perrys - Tell the Grave<br />

30 The Matthews Family - Amazed by Grace<br />

25 <strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

Celebrating<br />

6 years<br />

February 16<br />

26 <strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

27 <strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong> 24 / 7

28<br />

<strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong>

29 <strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong> 4:00 pm-6:00 pm<br />




http://partners.konnectmd.com/322718/15652<br />

30<br />

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<strong>NJR</strong> Top 5<br />

Most<br />

Requested<br />

1. The Steeles - A Hundred Different Altars<br />

2. Rivers Edge - My Hope is in the Blood<br />

3. Emily Ann Roberts - The Building<br />

4. The Bates Family - Shepherd of My Valley<br />

5. Southbound - Lost and Found<br />

Sponsored By<br />


<br />

Email: projectrepurposemk@gmail.com<br />

31 <strong>NJR</strong> <strong>DIGITAL</strong> <strong>MAGAZINE</strong> www.newjourneyradio.com/prayer


Mayberry Mornings with Donna<br />

6-8am Mon & Fri (CST)<br />

Mondays and Wednesdays<br />

@ 3:00pm CST<br />

<br />

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Mondays and Wednesdays<br />

@ 6:00pm CST<br />

Mondays and Wednesdays<br />

@ 8:00pm CST<br />

Thursdays 8-10pm (CST)<br />

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Seasons Greetings<br />

from<br />


Exceed Technologies is your full-service<br />

information technology company. We provide<br />

unmatched technical expertise alongside<br />

unparalleled technical support. Whether you’re a<br />

small retail business in need of phone systems, a<br />

multi-site production facility needing security<br />

systems, or a small business with data backup<br />

needs, Exceed Technologies is here to help.<br />

<br />

Computer/Printer Sales & Service<br />

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Web filtering<br />

I.T.<br />

Networking<br />

Email<br />

Alarm Systems<br />

<br />

Locations in<br />

Columbus, MS & Tupelo, MS<br />

<br />

800-845-7748<br />

www.newjourneyradio.com/prayer<br />


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