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Spotlight<br />

The magazine for the supporters of<br />

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity<br />

Autumn/Winter 2022<br />

Issue 14<br />

Christmas<br />

is coming...<br />

This issue<br />

Spotlight on Cardio-Oncology<br />

Our Estates Department's Busy Summer<br />

Is there an Echo in here?<br />

What you’ve been up to<br />

Hometime<br />

And much, much more ……

It's the end of an era!<br />

Welcome<br />

Well, what an amazing few<br />

months it’s been, the long<br />

Platinum Jubilee weekend with<br />

all the fantastic events. Wimbledon<br />

back to full courts and the magnificent<br />

Paul McCartney at 80 years of age thrilling<br />

the crowds at Glastonbury.<br />

We have also been rather busy since we were last in contact.<br />

Now that we are allowed to meet up again our events calendar<br />

is opening up and 10 brave souls abseiled down the Anglican<br />

Cathedral in Liverpool in July to raise funds for the charity. See<br />

what other things our supporters have been up to on Page 16.<br />

Looking ahead we are also enclosing with this newsletter our<br />

Christmas Catalogue packed with some really lovely cards and<br />

goodies. Last year we were completely overwhelmed by the<br />

response and ran out of stock very early so we have ordered<br />

more this year - but you had best get your order in quickly to<br />

avoid disappointment!<br />

Until next time have a wonderful Autumn and Winter and<br />

see you again when the nights start getting lighter again.<br />

After 20 years plus of supporting<br />

LHCH patients who have heart<br />

disease, we said a sad farewell to<br />

the Broadgreen Heart Support<br />

Group, who felt that this was the<br />

right time for them to step back<br />

after so many years of service.<br />

Generous to the end though they<br />

decided that the funds that<br />

remained unspent should be<br />

donated to LHCH Charity.<br />

Elaine Gossage, Clinical Business<br />

Manager who was involved in<br />

helping to set up the group was<br />

happy to accept a cheque for<br />

£3,900 along with Sharon Faulkner,<br />

Matron Community CVD Service<br />

We can’t thank you enough for all<br />

that you have done for us over the<br />

years and for this final magnificent<br />

donation which is very much<br />

appreciated.<br />

With best wishes and thanks<br />

Mary & Robyn<br />

The LHCH Charity Team<br />

Get in touch<br />

2 - Spotlight Autumn 2022<br />

Call the LHCH Charity Office on 0151 600 1409<br />

Email: enquiries@lhchcharity.org.uk<br />

Follow us: Facebook @TheLHCHCharity<br />

Twitter & Instagram @lhchcharity<br />

Or visit our website at www.lhchcharity.org.uk<br />

Charity Registration Number 1052813<br />

Elaine Gossage - Clinical Business Manager<br />

Mr Brian Perry - Chairman<br />

Mrs Olga Perry - Assistant Treasurer<br />

Edna Stott – Treasurer<br />

Sharon Faulkner - Matron Community CVD Service<br />

Spotlight Autumn 2022 - 3

Spotlight on...<br />

Cancer rates are increasing<br />

globally with a rise of 33% over<br />

the last 20 years.<br />

Thankfully, this has been<br />

matched by advances in<br />

treatment. In the UK alone<br />

cancer survival has doubled<br />

in the past 40 years.<br />

Cardio Oncology<br />

However, many cancer<br />

treatments are cardio-toxic<br />

meaning that they can directly<br />

affect the heart in either the<br />

short or long term – or even both.<br />

As a specialist heart hospital,<br />

LHCH introduced its<br />

cardio-oncology service in 2019,<br />

one of only a handful of such<br />

specialist units in the UK.<br />

During the 3 years of operation<br />

demand has grown substantially,<br />

going from one clinic a fortnight<br />

to 2 a week. Cardio-oncology<br />

now helps over 600 people a year<br />

and numbers continue to<br />

increase.<br />

We talked to Dr Rebecca Dobson,<br />

the Consultant Cardiologist who<br />

leads our Cardio-Oncology<br />

service about this new branch of<br />

heart care and what it involves.<br />

Dr Rebecca<br />

Dobson<br />

"All patients seen in clinics<br />

have cancer” Rebecca says.<br />

“The majority have breast<br />

cancer, but we also treat<br />

those with lymphoma,<br />

leukaemia, bowel cancer,<br />

melanoma and renal cell<br />

carcinoma.<br />

Some of our patients have<br />

pre-existing heart problems<br />

which means that they need<br />

to be screened before cancer<br />

therapy can begin, others<br />

develop a cardiac problem as<br />

a direct result of cancer<br />

treatment and then there are<br />

those who require long term<br />

screening for the effects of<br />

cancer therapy – which can<br />

occur up to 20 years later.”<br />

Deborah's Story<br />

“I was just 52 when I was first diagnosed with an aggressive<br />

form of breast cancer. Despite having my breast removed,<br />

as well as undergoing chemo and radiotherapy, the cancer<br />

spread to my lymph nodes. I needed further chemotherapy<br />

treatment.<br />

After the latest round of chemo,<br />

I noticed that my heart was<br />

beating so fast, I thought it<br />

would burst out of my chest.<br />

I had an ECG and was<br />

immediately referred to<br />

Liverpool Heart and Chest<br />

Hospital, where I met<br />

Dr Dobson who gave me<br />

a heart monitor to wear<br />

for 24 hours.<br />

Just a few hours later, she<br />

rang me and said that I had to<br />

come to the hospital at once.<br />

My heart was working at just<br />

33% capacity. To be honest, I had<br />

been feeling so poorly for such a long time,<br />

I put it all down to the cancer treatments. It was an<br />

enormous shock to discover that my heart had been<br />

affected like this.<br />

Honestly, I am lucky to be alive and it’s because of the skill<br />

of the team at this amazing hospital that I am.<br />

Without them, I might not have been here to care for my<br />

own family or to see my little granddaughter grow up.”<br />

4 - Spotlight Autumn 2022<br />

Spotlight Autumn 2022 - 5

Rebecca goes on: “The key to<br />

effective cardio-oncology care<br />

is monitoring those undergoing<br />

cancer treatments particularly<br />

when using the more toxic<br />

chemotherapy drugs.<br />

This is done by using 3D<br />

Echocardiography (a three<br />

dimensional scan of the heart)<br />

to measure any changes in how<br />

well your heart pumps blood or<br />

changes in the structure of the<br />

heart itself.<br />

By using 3D Echo, we can<br />

carefully and accurately<br />

reproduce the measurements<br />

that are so crucial in planning<br />

further care, even on<br />

occasion, whether or not to<br />

stop further cancer treatment.”<br />

Rebecca sees the growth of<br />

good research as a key to<br />

ensuring that in the future we<br />

can provide better care.<br />

She says:<br />

“LHCH is dedicated to<br />

contributing to research in this<br />

field but in order to do so we<br />

need a dedicated echo machine<br />

for use in the cardio-oncology<br />

department. This would help us<br />

not only meet the increasing<br />

demand for our service but also<br />

allow us to undertake high<br />

quality research which, in the<br />

long run, will directly benefit<br />

our patients.”<br />

LHCH Charity is<br />

keen to help by raising<br />

funds to allow us to<br />

purchase this<br />

additional machine. If<br />

you would like to help<br />

there are three ways<br />

you can, please see<br />

below.<br />

Whatever you do you will be<br />

making a difference to the<br />

lives of hundreds of people<br />

who are not only fighting<br />

cancer but also dealing with<br />

heart disease as well.<br />

Thank You!<br />

As a fairly new medical<br />

discipline, research is relatively<br />

scant. In addition, many cancer<br />

patients are excluded from<br />

cardiovascular trials and<br />

cardiovascular patients are<br />

excluded from oncology trials.<br />

Use the form at the back of<br />

this newsletter to send<br />

your donation<br />

Visit our website at<br />

www.lhchcharity.org.uk<br />

to make a donation online<br />

Scan the QR Code here using<br />

your smartphone to make a<br />

donation straightaway.<br />

6 - Spotlight Autumn 2022<br />

Spotlight Autumn 2022 - 7

Your Winter Quiz!<br />

See how much you know about when the weather<br />

turns colder!<br />

Hometime<br />

Spiced Pumpkin Muffins<br />

Prep: 15 mins Cook: 15 Mins<br />

1. Heat the oven to<br />

200C/180C fan/gas 6.<br />

Line a 12-hole muffin tin<br />

with muffin cases. Mix the<br />

flour, baking powder, cinnamon and<br />

both sugars together in a large<br />

bowl. Break up any lumps of brown<br />

sugar by rubbing them between<br />

your fingers.<br />

2. Whisk the purée and eggs<br />

together in a jug, then add to the<br />

dry ingredients with the melted<br />

butter. Whisk for 1-2 mins with an<br />

electric hand whisk until just<br />

combined.<br />

3. Bake for 15 mins until golden and<br />

risen and a skewer inserted comes<br />

out clean. Lift onto a wire rack to<br />

cool completely.<br />

Ingredients<br />

• 225g plain flour<br />

• 2 tsp baking powder<br />

• 1 tbsp ground cinnamon<br />

(or 2 tsp pumpkin spice)<br />

• 100g caster sugar<br />

• 50g soft light brown<br />

sugar<br />

• 200g pumpkin purée<br />

(from a can or<br />

homemade)<br />

• 2 large eggs<br />

• 125g slightly salted<br />

butter, melted<br />

Will keep for<br />

three days in<br />

an airtight<br />

container.<br />

1.What is the record coldest<br />

temperature in the United<br />

Kingdom?<br />

A. – 35.6 degrees C<br />

B. -27.2 degrees C<br />

C. -19.3 degrees C<br />

2. How much money can a<br />

policeman fine a driver for driving<br />

a car with snow on the roof in the<br />

UK?<br />

A. £30 B. £60 C. £90<br />

3.What do we call the condition<br />

characterised by an extreme fear<br />

of snow?<br />

A. Chinophobia<br />

B. Coulrophobia<br />

C. Pogonophobia<br />

Answers on<br />

page 22<br />

Did you know …<br />

4.In the winter of 1620 when<br />

the River Thames in London<br />

became frozen, a fair was<br />

held on the water. What was<br />

its name?<br />

A. Frozen Fair<br />

B. Frost Fair<br />

C. Winter Fair<br />

5.On February 2, 2007, an<br />

area of 1,500 square<br />

kilometres in Siberia was<br />

covered by snow in which<br />

colour?<br />

A. Orange B. Red C. Black<br />

6.How many sides are there in<br />

typical snowflakes?<br />

A. 5 sides<br />

B. 6 sides<br />

C. 7 sides<br />

Grapes will set alight in the microwave<br />

The name for an individual piece of spaghetti is spaghetto<br />

Chewing gum is banned in Singapore<br />

Shakespeare invented more than 1,700 words including<br />

moonbeam, laughable, eyeball, champion and bedroom!<br />

It’s illegal to own just one guinea pig in Switzerland<br />

8 - Spotlight Autumn 2022<br />

Spotlight Autumn 2022 - 9

The Estates Department at<br />

Liverpool Heart and Chest<br />

Hospital do an amazing job<br />

year in, year out.<br />

Not only do they keep the<br />

hospital well maintained<br />

and safe, but they also take<br />

on the huge responsibility<br />

of overseeing the<br />

construction projects that<br />

help keep LHCH<br />

at the forefront of care for<br />

our patients – like our Cath<br />

Lab redevelopment which<br />

will give us state of the art<br />

facilities for<br />

catheterisation.<br />

So, when they take on the additional job<br />

of fundraising for LHCH Charity you know<br />

that they are going to make a huge<br />

success of it and, being the type of guys<br />

they are, they chose not one but two<br />

fundraising projects.<br />

Building up<br />

a storm …<br />

As if that wasn’t enough,<br />

they then decided they<br />

were going to conquer the<br />

Three Peaks Challenge in<br />

24 hours on Saturday, 20th<br />

August.<br />

At the time of writing, they<br />

are well on the way to<br />

smashing their target of<br />

£5,000 but if you would like<br />

to give them a little extra<br />

support then just scan the<br />

QR code below!<br />

Scan to<br />

support<br />

the team<br />

today!<br />

We can’t thank them enough not only for all they do for<br />

the hospital, behind the scenes day in and day out but<br />

for going the extra mile to support LHCH Charity.<br />

Thanks guys, we think you are AMAZING!<br />

Firstly, they decided to join us at our<br />

Anglican Cathedral Abseil on 9th July<br />

when 7 brave souls from the department<br />

abseiled down the 150 ft of this iconic<br />

building – raising £1,765 in the process!<br />

10 - Spotlight Autumn 2022<br />

Spotlight Autumn 2022 - 11

Theatre Staff Room<br />

Refurbishment<br />

Our 9 theatres operate 7 days<br />

a week 24 hours a day so you<br />

can imagine how demanding<br />

and tiring a schedule like that<br />

can be for our theatre staff.<br />

When they approached us<br />

asking if we could support the<br />

refurbishment of their existing<br />

staff room, we were more than<br />

happy to help.<br />

This wonderful new facility<br />

provides theatre staff<br />

with a place to rest, refuel,<br />

rehydrate and grab some<br />

much needed relaxation<br />

time. It also gives the chance<br />

for staff to get together and<br />

reinforce the wonderful team<br />

spirit that already exists there<br />

– especially after the dark<br />

days of Covid!<br />

Christmas<br />

is coming....<br />

Yes, its that time again when all our thoughts start<br />

turning to darker nights, colder days, turkey and<br />

mince pies!<br />

This is your chance to get ahead of the game with<br />

the cards and goodies available from our lovely<br />

Christmas Catalogue which is enclosed with this<br />

newsletter.<br />

There's a large range of different cards to choose<br />

from there’s something to please everyone. If that<br />

isn’t enough, take a look at our lovely new gifts<br />

including the gorgeous Cuddle Star – ideal for<br />

children and adults alike!<br />

12 - Spotlight Autumn 2022<br />

Spotlight Autumn 2022 - 13

Brand<br />

New!<br />

Mobile Lottery<br />

We like to think of ourselves as keeping up with the times here<br />

at LHCH Charity. So, we are thrilled to say that we are now<br />

using new technology to offer our donors different ways to<br />

support.<br />

As well as updating the giving pages on our website to<br />

make it easier to use we are also working<br />

with Donr to launch our brand-new<br />

Mobile Lottery.<br />

Costing just £2 a week it’s so easy to<br />

play, just scan the QR code using your<br />

smart phone and choose how many<br />

lines you want to play. You are, of<br />

course, also in with the chance of<br />

winning some fantastic prizes<br />

including a top prize of £10,000!<br />

So, what are you waiting<br />

for, scan that code now<br />

and take part in the lottery<br />

where everyone wins!<br />

Only<br />

£2 a<br />

week<br />

Keeping on the theme of<br />

all things new-fangled you<br />

can find our most up to<br />

date news on all of our<br />

social media channels!<br />

For Instagram<br />

follow us at:<br />

www.instagram.com<br />

/lhchcharity<br />

@lhchcharity<br />

For Facebook follow us at:<br />

www.facebook.com<br />

/theLHCHCharity<br />

@TheLHCHCharity<br />

For our website visit:<br />

www.lhchcharity.org.uk<br />

For Twitter<br />

follow us at:<br />

www.twitter.com<br />

/lhchcharity<br />

@lhchcharity<br />

Scan to<br />

join<br />

today!<br />

You can also like and share our news which<br />

helps raise awareness of LHCH Charity and<br />

all our work. So, just pop along next time<br />

you’re on your Facebook/Twitter or<br />

Instagram account and say hello!<br />

14 - Spotlight Autumn 2022<br />

Spotlight Autumn 2022 - 15

Supporters<br />

Extraordinary!<br />

We are in awe of our<br />

supporters and all the<br />

things they do to raise<br />

funds for LHCH<br />

Charity – these are<br />

just a few of the many<br />

hundreds of stories<br />

we could tell!<br />

All a bit fishy!<br />

Roger Farr and a group of his fishing<br />

fanatic friends got together to hold a<br />

charity fishing match. After a wonderful<br />

day with many fish caught – the group<br />

also managed to net a £600 donation<br />

to LHCH Charity.<br />

Hollys Easter Eggs-travaganza!<br />

Holly Barlow wanted to say thank<br />

you after one of her family<br />

members was treated here at<br />

LHCH. So, she held a little tuck<br />

shop in her school just before<br />

Easter raising an amazing £60.50.<br />

Well done Holly, what a wonderful<br />

young lady!<br />

These are just some of the amazing people who have<br />

supported us recently - to see more stories like this<br />

visit the 'Latest News' on our website<br />

www.lhchcharity.org.uk.<br />

Alternatively, if you would like to do your own event,<br />

just give the team a call on 0151 600 1409.<br />

Only Fools and Sonny.<br />

Sonny Lee James held a charity<br />

night at the Only Fools bar at the<br />

beginning of June. Sonny says:<br />

“LHCH has the most amazing<br />

team of staff who go above,<br />

beyond and back again to support<br />

people – so I just wanted to say<br />

thank you.” Sonny raised a<br />

fantastic £156 on the night and a<br />

wonderful time was had by all!<br />

Harriet’s Half Marathon in<br />

memory of John.<br />

Harriet Hill from Cheshire ran the<br />

Bath half-marathon in May to remember<br />

her dear friend John Nesbitt who passed<br />

away at only 18 years of age from Sudden<br />

Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS). She<br />

admits it was a real challenge for her as<br />

before she started her training she could<br />

barely run for a bus! All her hard work and<br />

effort paid off though and she raised<br />

nearly £1,500 for the research being<br />

undertaken at LHCH to help identify<br />

markers in young people who may be at<br />

risk of SADS.<br />

16 - Spotlight Autumn 2022<br />

Spotlight Autumn 2022 - 17

Is there an Echo<br />

in here?<br />

Thanks to you and your support we have been able to do so<br />

much during the past few months – particularly in the field of<br />

Echo-Cardiology, which is vital in helping diagnose and manage<br />

serious heart conditions.<br />

Creating<br />

space<br />

Around 4,000 in-patients every<br />

year need an Echocardiogram<br />

during their stay – and many<br />

patients cannot be discharged<br />

without having had an echo<br />

performed. With rising<br />

numbers of patients needing<br />

Echocardiography, especially in<br />

both our Acute Cardiac Unit<br />

and Birch Ward, LHCH Charity<br />

was asked if we could fund the<br />

establishment of a dedicated<br />

Echocardiology area.<br />

This new facility will bring so<br />

many benefits both to our<br />

patients and staff. For patients<br />

they will be able to undergo<br />

timely examination without<br />

having to travel long distances<br />

across the hospital, it will also<br />

speed the time of their<br />

discharge – relieving pressure<br />

on bed numbers.<br />

For staff the nearness of the<br />

Echo Room will improve<br />

communication between Ward<br />

and Echo teams and remove<br />

the reliance on porters to move<br />

patients as ward staff will be<br />

able to accompany them.<br />

All in all, a fantastic idea which<br />

will make such a difference to<br />

those being treated and<br />

working in some of the busiest<br />

areas of the hospital and one<br />

we were happy to support!<br />

Navigating into the future...<br />

Structural intervention for heart<br />

disease is a rapidly growing field and<br />

pre-procedural Echocardiography is<br />

key to ensuring the successful<br />

completion of many complex heart<br />

procedures. So, when our<br />

consultants approached us to<br />

support the purchase of a new<br />

piece of equipment which would<br />

assist them to position heart<br />

devices with more accuracy<br />

and efficiency we wanted<br />

to help.<br />

The new machine includes<br />

Echo-Navigator Software<br />

which provides a fusion of<br />

both 3D echo images and<br />

X-ray for guidance in<br />

catheterisation especially<br />

when crossing difficult<br />

lesions on the heart.<br />

In addition, it will make<br />

procedures faster and increase<br />

the success rate of placement of<br />

devices – reducing the need for<br />

patients to return.<br />

Scan<br />

here<br />

More wonderful innovations<br />

brought to our patients thanks to<br />

your support.<br />

<br />

If you would like to hear some of<br />

the staff talk about the<br />

difference this will make visit our<br />

website and see the video at<br />

www.lhchcharity.org.uk or scan<br />

the QR Code on the left.<br />

18 - Spotlight Autumn 2022<br />

Spotlight Autumn 2022 - 19

Businesses get busy in<br />

support of LHCH Charity<br />

In the past few months, we have had some incredible support from<br />

our business community who wanted to help LHCH as we care for<br />

so many of their workforce and, of course, their customers. These<br />

are just a few of the companies who have given their assistance.<br />

If you would like to get your workforce involved just give us a call<br />

on 0151 600 1409 and we will be happy to help!<br />

Amazon<br />

Amazing Amazon workers nominated<br />

LHCH Charity for a grant of £1,000 in<br />

recognition of International Nurses Day<br />

back in May.<br />

Their donation helped us to provide goodie<br />

bags of treats (such as hand cream and<br />

yes, chocolate!) for our<br />

nearly 600 nurses who<br />

give so much to the<br />

patients in our care.<br />

Home Financial Services<br />

The lovely people at Home<br />

Financial Services hit on a novel<br />

way of raising funds during<br />

June, donating £10 for every<br />

mortgage they arranged during<br />

the month.<br />

What busy bees they must have<br />

been because they donated a<br />

fantastic £320!<br />

DoES Liverpool<br />

This hive of activity where people can come<br />

together to work on projects in shared<br />

spaces turned their attention to supporting<br />

our NHS during covid – making thousands of<br />

items of PPE to protect staff during some of<br />

the most difficult times in their working lives.<br />

The surplus funds they raised (£1,123) they<br />

decided to donate to LHCH Charity to thank<br />

us for caring for those most affected by<br />

Covid.<br />

NFU Mutual<br />

When Andy Brown and his father were treated by LHCH, he wanted<br />

to say thank you for the care he received. So, when the opportunity<br />

came up to nominate a charity at his<br />

workplace, he was straight on it!<br />

Andy says: “When I suggested LHCH Charity,<br />

I thought about all the lives that the hospital<br />

touches and I was thrilled when NFU Mutual<br />

said they were making a donation of £6,500".<br />

We were pretty pleased too and we want to<br />

say a huge thank you to everyone at<br />

NFU Mutual at Tatton Hall for their support.<br />

Hodge Jones & Allen<br />

Hodge Jones & Allen, a specialist firm<br />

of solicitors who help people most<br />

affected by asbestos during their<br />

working lives, have nominated LHCH<br />

Charity as their Charity of the Year.<br />

At the launch of their new offices in<br />

May they raised an amazing £1,000<br />

and they have many more plans in<br />

place for the rest of the year!<br />

20 - Spotlight Autumn 2022<br />

Spotlight Autumn 2022 - 21

You look different …<br />

The eagle eyed among you<br />

might have spotted a difference<br />

in the LHCH Charity logo in this<br />

edition.<br />

How a gift in your will can make a<br />

difference for future generations<br />

You can help make heart and lung diseases a<br />

thing of the past by supporting one of our<br />

legacy programmes<br />

After 6 years of the former one<br />

serving us well, we felt that it<br />

was in need of a bit of a refresh.<br />

We wanted to make it cleaner<br />

and simpler with an easier to<br />

read font – which I hope you will<br />

agree is now the case.<br />

Next time you’re in the hospital<br />

have a look around and you will<br />

see lots of examples of our<br />

updated logo including our very<br />

nifty new Charity Office sign<br />

and do let us know what you<br />

think!<br />

Quiz Answers from page<br />

1. B -27.2 degrees C 2. C £90 3. A Chinophobia<br />

4. B Frost Fair 5. A Orange 6. B 6 sides<br />

22 - Spotlight Autumn 2022<br />

For those who<br />

want our<br />

dedicated staff<br />

to have the<br />

latest and best<br />

equipment<br />

I was so grateful for all the<br />

time and effort they gave<br />

to saving my life, it felt like<br />

it was the least I could do<br />

to ensure that they can<br />

continue to help when I<br />

have gone.<br />

Mr B of Merseyside<br />

For those who<br />

want us to be<br />

able to provide<br />

additional<br />

amenities for our<br />

patients and their<br />

families<br />

For those who<br />

want to support<br />

our researchers<br />

find new ways of<br />

treating and<br />

curing heart and<br />

lung diseases<br />

If you would like to find out more -<br />

including how you can access our<br />

Free will writing service<br />

contact the Charity Office on<br />

0151 600 1409<br />

or email us at<br />

enquiries@lhchcharity.org.uk<br />

and we can send you all the<br />

information you need.<br />

Spotlight Autumn 2022 - 23

Your support makes all the difference<br />

I would like to make a SINGLE donation of<br />

£5 £10 £20 £50 Other _____<br />

Please make all cheques payable to<br />

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity<br />

Please return this form to:<br />

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital Charity,<br />

Freepost RRLL-KSHT-ZLKE, Thomas Drive,<br />

Liverpool L14 3PE<br />

Your details (Please print)<br />

Title<br />

First name<br />

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Account No.<br />

Barclays Bank<br />

48B to 50 Lord Street<br />

Liverpool, L2 1TD<br />

Liverpool Heart and Chest<br />

Hospital Charity<br />

20-51-43<br />

10147745<br />

Address<br />

Postcode<br />

Telephone No.<br />

I give you permission to call me (please tick box) about this donation<br />

with information about LHCH Charity and its work.<br />

I would like to support the work of<br />

If you would like to support a particular area of the<br />

hospital’s work then please say so here.<br />

Gift Aid it and make more of your<br />

donation!<br />

I want to Gift Aid my donation of £___<br />

and any donations I make in the future<br />

or have made in the past 4 years to the<br />

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital<br />

Charity.<br />


I am a UK tax payer and understand<br />

that if I pay lessIncome Tax or Capital<br />

Gains Tax in the current tax year than<br />

the amount of Gift Aid claimed on all<br />

my donations it is my responsibility to<br />

pay any difference<br />

or<br />

I am NOT a UK taxpayer<br />

Signed<br />

Date<br />

Keep a copy for your records<br />

The funds you have donated will be used for the purposes you have indicated. If for any<br />

unforeseen reason we are unable to complete your request or there are surplus funds,<br />

we will use the donations for the benefit of the Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital.<br />

LHCH Charity values your privacy and we never share your details with outside<br />

organisations. Your information will only be used to fulfill your request and keep you up to<br />

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